Gruntly Bogwell
Greetings one and all…I just had to let those of you who give a shit…no pun intended, know that I was still around. In fact, I had such a phenomenal peeping session this past weekend, I just had to share it with you. I was visiting down on the Carolina coast and stopped in one of those gift and specialty shop mini-malls with all sorts of beach and maritime related items. I was early, about ten, not many people around…mostly women shopping while their husbands were playing golf along the Carolina Coast. I felt a post-breakfast bog working its way into position for release…so I went looking for the restroom. Around back of the shops was an outhouse looking thing made of white painted plywood and set up against the back wall of one of the shops. I went in, flipped on the light, latched the hook and proceeded to unbuckle my pants, sliding down my brown corduroys and white briefs, pushing he back of my tan turtleneck sweater up out of the way of my descending butt and seat! ed myself on the commode. There was a full-length mirror directly across from the toilet, so I had an excellent view of my seated self on the commode. My balls hung down in the coolness above the toilet water of this unheated restroom…my rectum soon twitched open and a healthy log began working its way out with a minimum of grunting…it befouled the cool air with the digested aroma of steamed oysters. The turd contacted the water with a slight fizz and then broke loose from my bowels and FLOOMPED into the toilet…I added a copious pee from my hanging dingle to the mixture. I spread my legs and looked past my equipment to view the medium-brown 12inch floater I had just produced, a good 1.5 inches in diameter, which gave my bowels that ummm… Just let a big one feeling. They soon convulsed again and I dropped three mushy and gassy, last evening's beer poos into the toilet and began the job of wiping. A bit messy at first, six passes did it, each time rolling up on my left ha! unch and reaching under to cleanse my hole with the rough institutional paper, generously provided by the merchants of the gift shops.

Just then, there was activity in the adjacent women's room and I hear a woman say through the plywood walls "Thank God these are clean, Cindy!" As the light switch flipped on., there was bustling and shuffling, and the toilet seat creaked…"Didn't think I'd make it here, with this mornings coffee and orange juice acting uuuuppppPPP….uuunnhhhgggnnnnhhgaahh. Naturally I popped off the toilet, pulled up my pants and switched off my light, knowing full-well the drill as an experienced peeper. Sure enough there was light coming from under the sink. I crouched down, and saw that the plumbing under the back to back sinks had been worked on and the plywood was missing leaving an unintended viewing gap between the restrooms. I did not expect what I then witnessed…I had an excellent look through the splintered wood straight into the full length mirror opposite the women's commode and of course of the grunting toilet user, who in this case was a ???? and pretty fifty year o! ld with red hair and with wire rimmed glasses and blue eyes which were squinched up in full grunt….an UUUMMMM…aaaahhhh, was followed by the PLOWMP, PLUUUMP of falling turds. She wore a white blouse and black cloth jacket, she had her matching black slacks and pink panties just below her knees, giving me a look all the way up her ???? white thighs which hung somewhat over the commode seat to the reddish brown fuzz of her public vee. Her ???? ???? tensed again and she grunted again, apologizing to Cindy for the smell. Cindy said "That's all-right Aunt Emma, I haven't been in three days, no telling what it will smell like in here when I'm through." Aunt Emma, who was peeing vociferously by now, laughed and strained, then nnnhhh, aahhed and PLIP, PLOP, PLIPPED three more turdlets, while she was peeing. She then rolled off a wad of tp and spread her legs and dabbed at her moist frontal area, folded it and reached way under herself to wipe her nether hole. Cindy, whom I! couldn't see dropped something like a hair brush. When she bent over to pick it up, she blocked my view of Aunt Emma who was finishing her wiping. She heaved herself off the toilet with an effort and began tugging her pink panties up over her ???? thighs and lower belly. She got her pants in place and stepped aside, saying "Your turn sweetie." The two women changed positions, Aunt Emma began washing her hands, while this tall, gorgeous 20 year-old redhead wearing horned rimmed glasses, with bright blue eyes, like her aunt, and a bulky, cream colored, cable knit sweater, stepped in front of the mirror and began unbuckling her tight blue jeans and tugging them down over her voluptuous ass, complete with lime green thong panties stuffed up her butt crack. She seated herself, her creamy white butt oozing out over the commode seat as I nearly passed out, my eye watered. Cindy began a long gurgling pee, while Aunt Emma dried her hands…Cindy leaned forward and crossed her ! arms on her knees. Soon her face went pink with a strain..she looked down at the floor as she reddened…then ahhed. Aunt Emma hummed a bit as she fiddled by the sink…I couldn't see her. I watched though the plywood splintered hole under the sink as Cindy strained and grunted again with no result. Aunt Emma intoned… "Poor dear, are you having trouble…what did you say? Backed up three days?" "Yes, I guess I am, Auntie Emma and the car ride over here didn't help…travel can be upsetting to the system." "You don't have to tell me, honey…you're Uncle Fred has the same problem, said Aunt Emma, then she laughed and said, If he knew I'd told you he'd have a cow!" Cindy laughed too and farted. She began to get red in the face again, then came a BRRR, BRRRRTTTT, echoing into the bowl below Cindy's well proportioned bottom. "Good for you, honey, maybe that will get things started," said Emma. Cindy replied, "Aunt Emma, you don't have to wait for me, I'll just sit here awh! ile and see if I can do something…Why don't you go to the Friendly Pelican and do some shopping." "Well, OK dear," Aunt Emma said and slipped out of the restroom. Cindy got off the seat and latched the door, then shuffled back to reseat herself, giving me another look at her rounded bottom. This time she straightened up and looked at herself in the mirror, giving me a view to her red fuzz pubic vee. Soon she leaned forward and began to grunt loudly and in earnest, her face getting very pink UUUNNNNGGGHHHH……
NNNGGGHHHH….NNNGGGHHHHHNNTTTTah. Nothing happened, Cindy sat back panting and her face color lightened. Then came another round of grunting NNGGGHHHH, NGGGHHNNNGH, NNGGGHHHH… "Oh Yes" NNNGGGHHH, pant, pant, pant…. NNNGGHHHHAAAAHHHHHH…whew…then and ominous "Oh No"… "darn" UMMMMM…nnngggghhh…NNNGGGHHHHH. By this time Cindy was nearly in tears from straining. She raised up on her left cheek and I could see this ugly, bark bulbous looking turd with bits of peanuts lodged in it sticking three inches out of her brown eye, which was looking puffy. "Oh no, oh darn" Cindy kept saying…then she lowered her bottom back on to the commode and let out a frazzled NNNGGGHHHH, NGGHHGGHGHG, pant, pant, pant., NNNNNNGGGGGHHHH. Just then there was a knock on her restroom door. "Its taken!" Cindy said exasperated. "It's me, Aunt Emma, are you alright!" "NO." said Cindy. "What's the problem honey,?" came Emma's voice. "I'm having trouble, Aunt Emma, Cindy whimpe! red. "Well let me in and I'll see if I can help." Emma whispered back.

Cindy, eased herself off the toilet and shuffled over to undo the door latch, giving me a side view of the turd sticking beyond the crack of her firm ass. Emma, bustled through the door and latched it as Cindy backed her ass, turd and all, over the toilet and reseated herself. By this time I was beside myself with watching the activities unfold next door. I still hadn't flushed my toilet, and the smell was getting ripe to say the least. Meanwhile, Aunt Emma was telling Cindy to relax and try again…this was followed by another round of painful grunting by Cindy to no avail. Aunt Emma then asked for some toilet paper, saying, "Looks like I'll have to take matters into hand." "What do you mean?" Cindy whispered. Emma told her she was going to have to pull the poo out of her, if she couldn't pass it. This produced another series of grunting struggles before Cindy, (panting), agreed. Emma told Cindy to get off the toilet and bend way over. Cindy did as she was told! and I could see her lodged turd and red swollen anus as Emma gently wrapped the tp around the poo and began to tug. OOOHHH,
OWWWW, OHHH went Cindy with Emma pulling. "Now strain dear," Emma ordered and Cindy obliged….uuummUUMMMMM, UUNNGGHH, UUUMMMGGGHHHah and out popped the stuck fat end of the dark and wrinkled beast, with a THUCKKK. Emma dropped the poo into the toilet and Cindy reseated herself on the commode whimpering, but not before I had another gander at her swollen brown eye. Emma flushed. Getting the lodged poo out seemed to have opened the gates, as Cindy thanked her aunt and the KRICKLE of an oozing turd resounded throughout the little outhouse-like restroom and the look of relief on Cindy's face was very apparent as she leaned forward, forearms folded across her knees. She reached back and flushed. She must have continued relieving her bowels because as soon as the water noise subsided she flushed again. As the water noise of flushing ended, Aunt Emma, said, "Getting cleaned out dear?" "Oh yes, Aunt Emma, thanks again for the help." "It's the least I could do for my f! avorite niece," said Emma and her hand came into view and patted Cindy on the shoulder, as she release a Phut, PHUT, SSQUISH, gas and mush load from her hunched over self and then said. "Phew, I told you it would get rank in here!" Emma just chucked and rubbed Cindy's shoulders. Cindy responded, with more squidgy mush and an aaahhhh and a few more squirts of pee, then reached for the toilet paper and very gently began to clean herself, raising up on her left cheek again and wiping just behind the red-haired darkness of her female equipment. Just then there was a jerk on my restroom door and a male voice said "Damn someone's in there!" I bumped my head on the pipes under the sink, just as Cindy pulled a messy brown stained wad of toilet paper from under her. "Just a minute," I was forced to say as I quickly flushed the toilet and start washing my hands. I opened the door to find a fat, balding red-faced man, in tan Bermuda shorts, red polo shirt and an Atlanta Brave! s baseball cap with bright white sneakers and black socks, standing outside, edgily shifting from one foot to another. He rushed past me, slammed the door, soon the toilet seat in the men's room creaked loudly as his heavy butt hit the commode, quickly followed by a loud and gassy discharge of poo and the loud groaning sound of a butt-hole being turned inside out by a rushing, wet turd letting. "Oh dear," came from the women's side, as the door opened and Cindy and Emma emerged. Another loud spasm of groaning and wet pooing came from the men's side, followed by a "Whoa Nelly!" I was standing there not having had time to move away and looked like I was waiting to use the restroom. Cindy leaned over to her aunt and said, just loud enough for me to hear, "Aunt Emma! You don't suppose the person on the other side could here us?!" "I hope not dear, I didn't think anyone was in there when we were going." They both looked around furtively, and disappeared into the Frie! ndly Pelican. I just grinned wickedly and walked away as the spluttering poo sounds in the men's outhouse continued…

To Sally: I like to give myself an enema the same way you do. I do it about twice a week and feel so clean afterwards. And yes, the feeling of the evacuation is so intense.

Mark B
ROSS, My theory is that its just a fetish, and for me, and obviously for lots of others who post on this site, it is in some way or other partly a sexual feeling. Just like some people have other fetishes (like feet) which turn them on. Thinking of a hunky guy who is sitting on the toilet and taking a dump tends to turn me on. So does watching myself in a mirror doing a poo, or pooing in my pants. I can't explain any of this but it's harmless and I enjoy it.

Changing the subject slightly...

When I am in a cubicle I can sometimes hear guys in the next cubicles farting, then splashes or plops as the turds drop, then wiping. But I don't think I have ever heard the crackling sound as the poo leaves someone's arse. I guess you have to be very close to hear that. Has anyone ever been in a cubicle and actually heard the crackling sound from someone next door?

regards to everyone,


Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Ross: You are, absolutely-right, man! That is exactly what I am talking-about. It is something that is so hidden/forbidden. That is what makes it so appealing/exciting. Especially, when it is a woman who is doing the pooping. I, especially, love to watch hot-women eat, knowing that they will be passing all of that food out, sooner or later, in the form of poop. I just wish that I was the person lucky-enough to be around to see them do it. so far, I have not-been. I hope my luck-changes, though.


For what it's worth, I am a gay-male. About 30yrs old. Today, @ about 8:35Cst, I felt the urge to crap. Therefore; I went straight to the toilet. Which is about 10 feet away from where I am, right-now. I sat down, and the hard-knobbly turd came out, w/ almost no effort. Took all of about two-seconds! Now that, is what a turd should-be!

That's all, for now.


American Pie 1 was on fox last night..any one see that? and see the part where they say, wheres finch...he went home to take a dump then a few min later they say he shouldn't have a problem dumping at school cause they put some kind of exlax(rx i think) in his coffee. Funny part..even though i've seen this before.

I went to sleep and i woke up just now(its the middle of the night) and i decided to get back on. I had some weird peeing dream(usally its about pooping). I dreamed i was at some restaurant with my family and they didn't want to stay cause it was all a no smoking restaurant. Then there was a pool and outside was a bus. I get on this school bus..walk up the steps and theres a kid over there and i say excuse me. No bathroom so i walk out.then i find a bathroom over by the other side of this pool...i think i was at a hotel too. Then my family says hury up cause they were leaving on a boat....I went into the restroom and i couldn't even pee...i was afrade they were leaving me so i came out jumped in this pool...and swam to the other side and started to get on this boat. Thats when i woke up and i went to pee and decided to get online.

To the unnamed poster: intresting story..i thought that was funny that it was dark in your bathroom and you got up to wipe and screemed cause you saw your log in the bowl LOL

To Gabbie: Have any stories about you and your boyfriend using the bathroom..i liked this one

Gotta run...heading back to bed

To: Louise: Thanks for the comments- no, actually, my wife is only 5'4", and @ 140(lbs) Not a very large or lanky woman,but, as you read in my story, she has quite the bladder capacity. Her 2 older sisters have the same abilities, although I have only heard them thorough slatted bathroom doors. My niece and nephew , who are children of one of my wife's sister's seemed to have inherited the family bladder!

Someone had mentioned video taping a wee. My wife and I have done that for about a year or so on occasion. I keep teasing her that I will be submitting the tape to some sort of " Pee Olympics" judges for review! She has several on there that are truly remarkable.

Louise, you and my wife sound like you would be quite the pair to watch aand listen to after large beverage consumption! As I had said in my story, I found it quite fascinating as well to watch my teenage niece, and the amount and pressure she was able to produce.. Yes, granted, she was bursting at the time, but for 17, it was a sight to see!

As far as the privacy factor that some of you had mentioned, our familys have been going to clothing optional family beaches for several years. Of course, there is no sexual activity amongst the family, but we have had the occasion many times to be comfortable nude around each other. My niece and nephew grew up in a fairly comfortable atmosphere regarding nudity, so seeing each other on the roadside was no real shock,

Thanks again all for the comments. I will share more long, hard pee stories as they come to mind. I also grew up with 2 sisters, and neither one of them is a slouch when whizzing either!

Enjoy the weekend, and happy holding! Mickey

Hi Andrew thanks for your last post I'm glad Ellen is beter now.
Please tell Kendal that a poo on her side of the bargain would be nice if she doesn't mind and ill call my old freind carol not Jill to save confusion in future.Hope Kendal finishes her load of homework ok I too used to get alot but rarley bothered doing it naughty yes but me and school never got on.There's another story below I hope you both enjoy it.
To Jill thanks for posting it's a sham i'm not doing the work commuting anymore as i don't work any more so i'll miss the chance to see your poo's dorning the Balham tracks. I read your story about the time you were on the throne when your hubby answered the door I like the way you left them in it ( the smell i mean). Do you have any other out and about story's not involving work commuting a day trip or something please.
Here's another story about Carol ( formally Jill )Kendal just pretend it was Carol all along ok sweety.
When Carol and I were about 7 or 8 years old we liked playing water games in the bathroom. Now due too my mother's death a few years earlier, my dad worked late so he's nephew's wife collected me from school and Carol sometimes came over as she didn't live far.On one of these occassins we were flooding the bathroom water going everywhere
i cant remember exactely what we played when she said can you go downstairs for a few minuets please? so i said why?I had a fare idea and was hoping it was to allow her to go. Carol said never mind ill call you so i said but what for? I need the loo she whispered so i said why do you want me to go downstairs? I like privacy she said too which i replied there's a door that actually shuts believe it or not.
Carol but i make you know
me no
Carol embarrassing noises
well what will i do downstairs?
Carol Iwont be that long
me How long?
Carol Ok just stay in here ( she didn't answer my question)
off she went I didn't her any poo noises but plenty of trumps and a complete stink that could have been smelt at the bottom of the stairs as i noticed going down to get the drinks. I did see her on the toilet
as i went down to which he kicked up a merry fuss but was told to shut the door' she never did'she said it was embarrrasing because she pop's alot when she does a biggy as she put it.She took 8-10 minuets.
Well thats it from me take care all.
London Lad

Traveling Guy
Hi, all! Today's masthead girl is the one getting ready to use the little kids' potty chair. My guess is that she might be able to hover over it, but if she actually tries to sit down on it, those side walls are really going to pinch her lovely butt. Ouch!

I'm doing a short term job now with a group of people who are actually a lot less tame than they seemed at first. But then I guess lots of people are like that, aren't they? Anyway, a recent lunchtime conversation featured a couple of male workers teasing a tiny-girl female (someone they apparently know very well) about how badly she stinks it up when she takes a dump. The next day, that same young woman told about a Valentine card that, she said, would be just perfect for her boyfriend. She says it shows a guy with a dialogue baloon - shaped the same way you would draw exhaust coming from a car's tailpipe - that points to his ass, with the words, "Love is in the air!" I'm definitely going to keep my ear to the ground with this group. Nothing to report on the restrooms at that place, at least not yet. One is a uni and the the other two sets are marked "M" & "W," but all with only one toilet apiece. Love to all - TG

Annie and Robby
Hi Friends!
Meghan had to go back to school early so we decided to post today. Hope everyone is tip top! This is recent experience.
Robby- Yesterday morning I got up and was doing my usual wees and poos. I heard a shout from Annie. Fortunately I had finished so I wiped and high-tailed it downstairs. She was in the downstairs loo hunched over with a frown on her face. She said;"I'm all backed up". I sat beside her and started rubbing her ????. She let out a huge trump and a skinny log started moving out of her bum. She started a wee and the log moved a little more. She grunted and said;"It must have been that chicken fried steak I ate last night". We Texans eat a lot of chicken fried steak. I kept rubbing and saying;"Come on out, come on out!" She gave me this funny look and said;"You sound like we are at a football match". I laughed and she did,too. This released the long log and it CULLOMPTED into the bowl. Several smaller logs followed and she weed a bunch. She wiped and gave me a big kiss. She said;"Robby, it has been a dreadfully long time since we had an experience like this. I am so glad"! I a! m, too!

DEAR ELLEN: You poor dear. We read that you had been feeling very poorly lately. Your brother and cousin were right there to assist you. That is a blessing. We are glad you are feeling better. Hope you have a good week at the carers. Take care! Lovexxx and a big hug from Annie and Robby(also Meghan)

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi there! What a wonderful pair you are. The care you have for dear Ellen. Andrew, with my 5 children and Robby's 2 we have had our share of runny bottoms and vomiting children. This should give you some practice until you have children of your own. We know Kendal would be a caring nurse and she WILL be a wonderful Mum. We do feel for you, though. The fact you stayed at your "post" says a lot! Kendal, fancy you having loud trumps and cullompted poos! I guess when an emergency arises one can't be too dainty about it! I have had the same problem in the past with my girls when one didn't want Mummy to leave and the other one needed to poo! Robby- I do have the pleasure of knowing John Rutter. I have sung many times with him and his Cambridge group. I really enjoy his music. Kendal- I would love to hear you sing. Also your school choir. Sarah sends her love. She is working so hard. I hope this doesn't make her go a little mental,LOL. Well, we a! re glad to hear from you and hope you post soon! Lovexxxx and big hugs from Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Hello dear friend! Robby- I would gladly send you a video tape if I could get Meghan on the loo with her cello and Sarah armed with a recorder. I don't think that will happen soon! Sarah mentioned to me that she would like to do some post grad law studies at Cambridge or Oxford if she can get in. It is in the back of her mind. She has this vision of being an British barrister. I told her just to pass the lawyer license exam in this country first. Oh, I have to tell you. My next door neighbour came by while I was outside and asked when I was going to have another wee by the car. I offered to do a demonstration right then and there,LOL! He fell out laughing. He is a riot! Hope you are doing fine and your wife, also! We all hope to hear from you, soon! Lovexxx from Robby and Annie

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie! Not much to tell this week. Our story is at the first. Hope you are pooing regularly and it doesn't hurt. We are concerned about you. We know you are busy designing. Please write us when you can! Lovexxxx and a big hug! Robby and Annie

DEAR STEVE AND LOUISE: Annie- Louise, we have to do a virtual wee for all of the gents. Steve is so generous to us. I haven't ventured into a gents loo again. I have had my jollys. Robby is at this moment sitting in the downstairs loo having a go. He couldn't wait. Oh my, he has just ripped a huge trump! There goes a grunt! I can't hear the plops. He just said something I can't repeat here,LOL! There goes another grunt. I should be with him but this too good not to tell. PLOP,PLOP! There they go! I hear him getting up. I don't know of anyone of us that would want to attend a Robby poo,LOL! He is coming back! He has just seen this and is starting to laugh. We enjoy you both! Take care. Lovexx, Annie and Robby

DEAR PV: Hi gal! If you read the above reply you will be in on Robby's virtual online poo,LOL! How are things in Aussieland? Sarah sends her love and wants to tell that she is trying to wee in the shower every day. I think her law books are starting to invade her natural functions. Take care!! Lovexx from Annie and Robby

TODD AND DIANA: We are thrilled to see you back. We were wondering about you. We really enjoyed your return story. Please write when you can. Lovexxx Annie and Robby

We welcome all of the new posters here!!!! Stay with us!!

SPECIAL HELLOS: Jane and Gary-hi there, Rjogger and Kathy-hi folks, Dear Carmalita and Jake-hope eveyone is ok, Pat, Renee, Nu, Kim and Scott, Ephermal, Adrian, Mere and MANDY, Alana, LindaGS, David and Niki, Diva-glad to see you back, Marianne, Adele-where are you, Tim and Sarah, Noel, Upstate Dave, Buzzy, Plunging Plop Guy, Erin, Jeff A, Amy(coed), Bryian, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Sarsen, Jacob G, Arthur, Mina, Donny, DianeNY, Muggs, Jill, Julie, Pico Tamale, Uncle Allen, Spy, jim,
Elena, Melanie, Ellie and Little Lou-please write us! and all of the other wonderful posters. We love you all!



kim and scott
greetings all!
TO LOUISE-hello girl! how are you and that future husband of yours steve? I hope that you are well.and yes my boyfriend scott would love to see the video of you weeing but I think he would prefer a video of you banging out a great big log even maybe you and me on the pot crashing out great big logs for him and steve would be right up his alley. scott just loves to see BEAUTIFUL gals like yourself pee or crash out big logs!haha.well until scott gets one of your peeing videos or you showing him a performance in person sometime. he just has to settle with me doing my thing on the bowl I guess. I dont think hes complaining. do you! thanks for calling scott a nice guy. he really is a big teddybear at heart.and we already know that steve and jake ,robby,tim,rjogger,jeff A and others here are nice guys as well. be well my friend. lotsa love from kimmie and scott.

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Hi guys thanks for the interest in my post. Another thing i like to do is give myself enemas. I do this with one of those shower things you conect to the bath tap to wash your hair/ I remove the shower head and adjust the water to a warm slow flow. I then slip the hose into my ass and enjoy the feeling as my bowel slowly fills with warm water. when feel full a sit on the toilet and release my load, the feeling of all the water and shit coming out is unbeleiveable. do any other girls or guys enjoy this practise?
cya soon luv Sally

Hi I this is my first time posting on this site and I want to tell you about a time when I went to the crapper.

One night I had to take a dump wile every one else was sleep.the house was dark so I didn't turn on the light in the bathroom.I went to the toilet, pulled down my boxers, and sat.After about 10 minuets I got up to wipe my butt.As I was wiping i saw somthing move in the toilet(a log of shit)!I scremed
and woke up my dad.He tured on the light and saw me standing there with my boxers down to my ankels.So he said " WAT DA HELL IS GOIN ON IN HERE!"I told him what hapened and he laughed so from then on I have always taken a dump with the light on! p.s I have a strange fetish of seeing women in knee-high stockings and seeing them use the bathroom.If anybody has any stories could you pleasepost them thanks

I like todays picture..looks like shes peeing in a trash can

To Mayla: I liked your story about you and your friend having to poop while out!

To Scarlet: I liked that story about your family having to pull over so your cousin could poop. Then i see the part where your uncle had it on him and im like ooh yuck. Intresting story.

To Zip: Awesome story about aiming your video camera so you could view the guys in the other stalls. Did you see their faces or privates or any thing?

To Mickey: I liked your story about that trip you went on and all of you had to pee together. I couldn't see doing that but i guess it would be diffrent if i was that desparate to go.

Gotta run bye

Hi I am Gabbie I am 16 and me and my boyfriend Thomas loves using the bathroom he loves to watch me and I love to watch him. My most memorable story..

When I first met Thomas when I was 12 he was real shy I'm not but anyway I went to the roilet to openly relieve myself when he walked in I said wanna watch and in shock he just shook his head yes so I spread my legs a little by the time I was done you could see a really really big buldge in his pants.

Punk Rock Girl: Hi I read what you wrote to Jasta the other day and I can relate to both of you in your point of view having a penis is a bit of a pain my friend had a rubber one and dared me to wear it for 24 hours it drove me crazy! but to Jasta's point of view the birth thing it is a big deal having already gave birth at 14 it was really painful my little girl Madison I dunno if it was my age or what but I had 3rd degree tears but luckily my mom and Thomas (who is Madison's dad) wuz there for me in the delivery room but I am 8 months pregnant again with Thomas and mom is not going to be there this time because she is super mad that I am preg. again I am super scared!!!

Also has anyone ever peed like in the car I have a volkswagon 01 Thomas had to go bad so he peed in the flower vase of my beetle

ok i dont have alot of stories but i have some.ok so this one time me and my friend go mountian biking and i usily pe in the bush but this time i diddent have to pee i had to poop .so i said i got to b home soon so we make are way outa the woods the it hit me hard i started to poop my pants i felt my pantes gettin heaver and heaver i got home i was happy and i cleaned up :) just to say my parents dont punish me when i do that they laugh at me its mean :'(

Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
It has been a while since we were on here. We have been really busy lately. Diana is really excitied about the twins being born in August. Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day.

Well last night I took Diana out to the Olive Garden. We had a nice romantic outing. We had gotten home we both had the urge to take a dump. So we both had took magazines and headed into the bathroom. For those that remember we have two toilets that sit side by side. So we sit down for a good read when I pull out 2 dozen roses and hand them to her and gave her a good long kiss. After 20 minutes we finished and went out and watched DVD's all night. She said that was the best Valentines Day ever. Well that's it for now and we will be back. We love you all!

Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

POOPER--I fold the paper, and wipe with my right hand until the paper wipes clean. I've never stuck my finger or the paper into my butthole. I personally don't want anything stuck in there, but I guess it just depends on what you prefer.

CD--I don't have a preference of which stall I use, but I usually choose the one with no one next to it, if there is one available. Being clean is a must.

Another story for you guys!
When I was 14, my entire class went on a fieldtrip to Washington DC. One the long drive home, over 10 hours, we stopped at a rest stop and by then many of us really needed it. One of the female chaperones went into the handicapped stall, though she wasn't handicapped. The toilet was taller than usual and she was about 5'5" and very tired from the trip, so she had some trouble getting on the toilet and actually fell off! Within an hour, the entire class had heard about her fall from the toilet. Luckily, she's a very outgoing woman, so it didn't bother her the least bit!


Some reminiscing...

When I was in junior high, there was this girl I really didn't like because I thought she was a rich snob. One day after class I had to pee badly and rushed to the bathroom as fast as I could. There was a lineup in front and behind me. All of us stood there making small talk and shifting around. Finally, it was my turn to go and in the midst of my long pee, I heard this girl I didn't like saying "Hurry up, hurry up, I'm bursting." When I was done, she hadn't got to a stall yet and was saying, "Hurry up, people, or the floor's going to be wet!" Some perverse part of me made me stay sitting there for a while to see what would happen, and she started shouting, "Diva, you've been in there a while, hurry up! Are you taking a dump?" I just laughed to myself and stayed put. When I finally came out, she was standing back in the line grabbing herself, and I remember thinking, "Ha, ha, you're desperate and I'm not anymore."
That was mean I know.
I'd share more stories but I'm in the midst of rehearsing "Abduction" and there is much work to be done.
Take care everyone!

ALANA: 12 bowls wow I can’t even begin to imagine the stink in there. Must have been pretty bad though

NICOLE: That must suck that you got the shits. Hope you nailed that girl really bad

RINGSTRETCHER: Sounds like me sometimes enjoying my own defecation habits. Must have been one hell of a log too

AMY (CO-ED): Sounds like a big shit you took that day. Similar to some of my shits that I take. Maybe we have something in common ;)

The school shit I wanted to tell you guys about. Well here it is.

Its was just an average normal shit just that each time the main washroom door opened, I farted so everyone outside could hear my loud vibrating asshole pass smelly gas. It all started during the last thirty minutes of class in our infamous 70 minute periods. I felt an urge so excused myself. I headed for the washroom quickly and as I entered it could already smell a light stench. It was after lunch hour so I suppose regulation of the bowels was during this time of day. Anyway I chose 1 of the 3 stalls, bolted the door and pulled down my flannels and black thong at the same time for I was dying for a major shit. As I sat on the rather warm and comfortable toilet seat, my ass sank deeper and spread wider allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of defecation more. Almost immediately a smooth log began to exit with almost no pushing. I was crackling really loudly and was also taking its own time. Since it was doing so, I decided to adjust my hair and let it hang loose. I also pop! ped a piece of gum in my mouth. In about 5 minutes I felt my log touch the water. At this point I started to inspect my finger nails and my pubic hair. I was just thinking that it needed shaving when I realized that my poop was actually coiling. I had to break it off. I farted loudly as the main door opened leaving me slightly embarrassed but as something was knocking on my backdoor, I pushed slightly and another smooth log inched out slowly. It eventually plopped silently in the can. The main door opened again as I BPPPPRRRTTTT again. I let out a few golf balls which plopped in the water loudly. After a finally fart, I wiped about 4 times, flushed and left. Upon returning to the classroom, I noticed that I was gone for about 20 minutes and some of the guys’ faces had a curious look on them. I wonder why. The teacher Miss Jackson just winked at me for at the end of class I saw her heading towards the washroom with a bunch of paperwork and a coffee.

I had a great poop today too. It wasn’t as big as the usual ones but it did however involve my sister somehow. I had just finished a class seminar presentation and I felt a small urge in my stomach. It was lunch time but the lunch times in our school are separated due to the smallness of our cafeteria. I decided to wait for my sister since her lunch hour is after mine. I was sitting on the floor in my butt hugging jeans and white shirt when suddenly I started farting like crazy. Since I was on the floor, the sound was vibrating against my butt cheeks and the floor and was making my sister laugh. I was laughing too until I smelled it. I decided to go for a shit since I did have a feeling. Mandy said she’ll join me just when she finds the right pair of pants. So I was shitting alone for about 5 minutes and then she came. Choosing the stall next to me she passed a loud fart. I heard the tinkle of her piss and a loud crackle of her poop. I was done surprisingly in 5 minutes.! There wasn’t much in the bowl so I went to wash my hands and wait by the sink area. I was also trying to look beautiful but it was hard because there were ugly noises behind me. Mandy must have dropped at least 6 turds and farted about 20 times. She finished finally after about 15 minutes and came out of the stall stinking really badly. I went to open the bathroom windows for ventilation and exited. Mandy joined me after washing up and we left for the cafeteria preparing ourselves for another big smelly bathroom break.

Hope everyone is enjoying their toilet business


Mayla, it sounds as though your friend Alley was well and truly backed up and needed to poo big time. I think we all get constipated from time to time but most of us prefer it when the contents of our bowels don't want to liberate themselves quite so forcibly or urgently when it comes to an end.

Rex. Moistening TP with saliva prior to wiping isn't unknown and some people do it. Others prefer to use moist wipes specially designed for the purpose. I remember my doctor once told me that wiping with dry paper - which is what most of do - is actually the worst possible thing to do as it's abrasive and doesn't get us as clean as we could be.

Karen. Piles or soreness in the anal region can be (and often is) very uncomfortable. For this reason it's important to get advice from your doctor or pharmacist about measures you can take and products that can be used to ease your discomfort. In treating the condition it goes without saying that your comfort and wellbeing should take precedence over any other considerations.

Christine. I enjoyed your post about being taken short at work and nearly pooing yourself. Have you had any other similar experiences? Also, do you have a regular bowel habit or do you just go to poo when the urge hits you?

Mickey. I can well understand your nephew being mesmerised by his aunt peeing such an enormous stream. My Aunt Anne can pee big time (I've heard but never seen her do it) but it's more because her bladder fills fairly quickly than because she can hold it for any great length of time. There have been exceptions but 3 to 4 hours tends to be her absolute maximum as a general rule.

Best wishes to all posters



Annie & Robby. I enjoyed your latest post. Best wishes.

Hey Arthur,

I don't agree with your "vulnerability" theory. People are also vulnerable when they are asleep or when they are very ill or when they are in a cast, and none of those situations provokes the same kind of interest as seeing them go to the bathroom.

I don't think there's any great mystery about why it's so interesting to see someone go to the bathroom -- particularly someone of the opposite sex. It is because it's not something you normally see. It's something that people usually do in private. As a man, I do get to occasionally see or hear other men go to the bathroom. But rarely, rarely do I ever get a chance to see a woman go to the bathroom. That's why it is so special. Even watching someone have sex isn't quite as appealing since we see a lot of sex scenes in movies. But we rarely see true bathroom scenes in movies. Oh, there are occasional odd movies where a woman will be shown sitting on the toilet, usually peeing, though occasional movies do have fart or poop sounds. But it's not the same as seeing and smelling it in person. And the best poop scenes in movies generally don't actually show the poop. One thing that is really interesting to me when I see a person go to the bathroom (especially a fema! le and especially pooping) is to compare how she does it to how I do it. When I see a woman poop, I listen to the noises she makes and I compare her noises and smells with the noises I make and my smells. It's very interesting. The best part is watching a woman wipe her butt. I think everyone wipes a little differently, and I love to watch a woman wipe and compare the amount of paper she uses to what I use, and whether she clumps the paper or folds, etc, and whether she just wipes a couple of times or if she digs into the hole (as someone mentioned in a post). Another thing is to actually see the poop itself. It's rare that I have actually gotten to see a woman's poop, but it does happen sometimes. One thing that has always amazed me is that a woman's poop generally looks just like mine. Oh it might have a slightly different color or shape, but then my own poop often varies from day to day. To be honest, if you took a woman's poop and put it in front of me, I would ! have no idea if it were someone else's or my own. Everyone's poop BASICALLY looks and smells about the same. These things are absolutely fascinating if you've never seen someone else do them.

My theory is that if people became as open about peeing and pooping as they are about eating and sleeping, it would stop being so appealing. I really think the appeal is in the fact that we are seeing something we don't usually see. Anyone agree with this?

Meghan(Sarah S's Sis)
Hi gang!!
I am back home. Poor Sarah is still at school. She is getting so snippy and pouty. I deal with it. Hope everyones week has been great!
This weeek I was at school and was running to a class. I thought I had time to jump into the toilet for a quick poo. I ran to the stall, whipped off my jeans and panties. I sat down and ripped a big trump! It resounded through the bathroom. Another girl came in and sat down. She started grunting and I grunted. It sounded horrible. I dropped a large log and it splashed into the bowl. I heard my neighbor plop a big one, too. She sighed and started to wipe. I wasn't finished. I bent over and a load of soft poo came out and I weed for about a minute. I took the tissue and wiped. I dressed and ran to class. I was 5 minutes late and my friend gave me a crazy smile and said;"I think I know what you have been doing"! I chuckled and nodded! Sarah says hi to everyone. Her poos are very regular but she gets constipated a lot! She hopes to be back, soon. Some replies.

DEAR ELLEN: Hi Ellen! Sarah and I are so thrilled to see you posting on this forum. Welcome!! We are also glad you enjoy having fun in the toidy with your brother and cousin. Sarah and I are online cousins to Kendal and Andrew. We are so honoured and we think they are really cool. Hope you come by again to say hello! Lovexx and hugs from Meghan and Sarah

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hi cousins!! Just got through talking to little Ellen. Now, Sarah and I had a cute little adventure a couple of nights ago. We were out to a club so Sari could unwind. We took a couple a friends with us. We had what is called in American, Buffalo wings. We ate, drank and had a great time. Sari and I had to go to the loo and there were two stalls. We went in and we weed and poor Sarah didn't have any tissue so I threw my role over the top of the stall. It missed and went under the stall. Sarah had to crawl under the door with her pants around her ankles to get the role. As fate would have it another girl came in the saw Sari laying on the floor, her bum hanging out, and her hand on the tissue role. It was a sight to see!! Of course I had to tell it to our friends at the table. Even Sarah thinks it is funny, now. Hope to hear from you, soon. We know you have some adventures to tell!! Take care!! Lovexxx and bigs hugs from Cousins Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR RIZZO: Glad to hear from you!! Yes, I have played the Largo but I am not familiar with the edition. I would like to try to play the cello while I am weeing or pooing. Thats an idea. My legs are long enough!!
Sarah is in a pout about not being able to come home. She is 3 months from graduation. Her poos are very regular. She has a dump at least 2 times a day. I can't say whether she poos at school. I have my usual cullompted poos. Sari says hello!! Take care!! Hope you are fine! Lots of Love and hugs, Meghan and Sarah

DEAR INA: Hi dear! There is not much to tell. Thank you for thinking about our Mum. She would have loved all of this! We are slaving through school and don't have time to do much more. We always think about you. Are your poos ok, now? Ours are pretty regular. Do you eat fish and chicken? We are trying to adjust our eating somewhat. Hope you hear frome you, soon! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: OOOOOOOOHHHH Steve! That description of your wee was so cool! We would be agog watching you.(don't get jealous, Louise,LOL). We have been so busy that we haven't been able wee standing up for awhile! It has been something else. We think you are so nice. Thank you for thinking about Mum. She would have had a blast on this forum. Dad would have had trouble keeping her off! Louise, you have a great catch, there! When is the wedding? Take care! Lovexxx from Meghan and Sarah.

DEAR PV: Hi gal! Hope everything is great in Aus! Sari and I don't have that much time for weeing in the shower. I hope we can get going. We don't want to lose our WSPC cards!! Lovexxx and hugs, Meghan and Sarah

DEAR Ephermal, Mere and MANDY, Amy(coed), Alana, Kim and Scott, and Melanie: Hope your poos and wees are regular during the school rat race! Good luck to all of you from Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Thank you for your sweet words. We are thrilled to have you on here. Sarah, Sari knows the hardships of lawschool. She is seeing that it is hard but she is perservering. Tim, we hope you are well and are able to go back work. We were moved about your honeymoon and your love for each other. Take care, Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah S


SPECIAL HELLOS: Rjogger and Kathy, Dear Carmalita and Jake, Pat, Renee,
Nu, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Jeff A, Dear Jane and Gary, Bryian, Jill, Julie, Althea, Adrian, Elena, LindaGS, Noel, Gina, Buzzy, Dear Eleanor-hope you will come back! Ellie and Little Lou!



Lawn Dogs Kid
MICK B: I watched the BBC Choice program on toilets as well. Actually I videoed it. I never noticed any specific reference or any pictorial showing of this site, and unfortunately, I've videoed over the program now, so I can't go back to look !! However, while Kendal was watching it with me, she was fascinated by all the stats they keep coming out with. The best this week was that an average human will eat around 50 tonnes of food in a lifetime, and produce three tonnes of poo ! Doesn't seem much really, especially when we can all read here about the amount of poo the girls like Alana and Kim produce in a sitting !!

LONDON LAD: Kendal and I enjoyed your latest story about "Jill". Maybe you can give her another name so we don't confuse your friend from a long time ago with the Jill who posts here now. Kendal has been dumped with a load of homework, so she is too busy right now to post. But she says she will uphold her end of the bargain, and will post especially to you about one of her toilet visits. She says she'll write it so it is like you are actually there, you lucky chap !! She will also answer the questions you asked about her. I could tell you myself, but I suspect you'd rather she did ! Anyway, she says to help her decide when she should go to the toilet just for you, she wants to know if she should just have a wee, or are you expecting a poo as well ?

RIZZO: Good to see that you are still around, although I see that you are about to take-off on your travels again soon. Ellen was simply thrilled to bits to read a message from you that was just to her. And she was able to read it all by herself, we didn't have to tell her what it said !! She said "Is that Uncle Rizzo writing to me ?" ! (She only knows you as Uncle Rizzo ! ). Well, we'll get her to write again soon. And Kendal sends a big soft hug, not a squeezy one, so she doesn't hurt your back. Take care my friend, love from Andrew.

JANE: My, that was SOME soft poop that you had, and having to flush so many times while seated as well. Thats not something I can do, unless I want my bits washed at the same time !! Love from Andrew ( & Kendal )

ELEANOR: Kendal and I are so very happy that you have managed to work things out with your brother. Hopefully you can now enjoy private wees and poos like you want to. We hope you will continue to post here, Kendal especially, now that she knows about your singing ! Love from Andrew x

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Hi folks ! I don't sing, but Kendal does have a sweet little voice ! She is so taken aback that you know John Rutter. She says she doesn't know about the blessing you wrote, but she does know "The Lord Bless you and Keep you", by Mr Rutter. And also his "Candlelight Carol". Meghan, I haven't experienced an occasion when I needed to wee so bad that I couldn't go. I've experienced pain while trying to go because I needed to go bad, but never not being able to go. Love to Sarah. Hope she is doing fine. And Ellen said to say a very big thank you for writing just to her. The poor little thing has not been well recently. She picked up a bug from school. When Kendal and I picked her up from the carers house on our way home from school, she was complaining of ???? ache. When we got home, all hell broke loose. Firstly she only wanted Kendal to take her to the toilet. That was fine, but as usual, Kendal was ready for her own poo. I could here! everything going on from my room. Poor Ellen, it was like niagra falls from her bottom ! She was crying, and Kendal was comforting her as best she could. Then after about 15 minutes of trumping and runny bottoms, Kendal's voice took on more urgency.
"Ellen, I really do have to poo myself. Please will you let Andrew come in to look after you" ?
"Ellen please, I'll poo my pampies"
"Oh God, Andrew, you'll have to come in whether she likes it or not, or I'll poo myself" !

This was then followed by loud tears of decension from Ellen, who wouldn't let go of her, but between us, we prised her off Kendal, and Kendal ran faster to the downstairs toilet than I saw her run on sports day even ! Within seemingly a second, there was a huge explosive trump followed immediately by two enormous plops ! So unlike Kendal, and I was missing out on seeing that. But my little sister needed me more than Kendal needed me to watch her !

The old Andrew magic finally managed to calm Ellen down, and it was awful to see her little face grimace with each trump and wave of watery poo. I was holding her around her ????, and I could feel all the spasming going on. It was then it happened. I felt her ???? take on a much different movement, sort of upwards, and she vomited, projectile like, all over me. It was all I could do to stop myself from vomiting back all over her ! I shouted for Kendal, who was taking an unusually long poo herself ! But before she could get up to me to help, I was covered in more vomit ! I kind of got the feeling that someone somewhere was telling me off for coming into the toilet when Ellen didn't want me to !! Anyway, Kendal would make a fine nurse, and cleaned up Ellen and me very well !

Ellen is doing much better now. No more vomiting or runny poos, but she has taken to the opposite extreme, spending almost three quarters of an hour to have a hard poo. And that was with Kendal only as well !! Poor Kendal and me have been waiting for our turn to catch this bug. But so far nothing, thank goodness.

Hope you're all keeping well, and love to you all, from Andrew ( and Kendal ) xxxx

Last, but far from least...

LINDA GS: How's my babe doing ? Been wearing those favourite blue pampies recently ? ( favourites of mine anyway ). Its been a while, and thats no good. I'm losing all the muscles in my arm from the lack of hair brushing ! Please write again soon. Kendal and I look forward to your excellent stories about using the old toidy. Hope you're still happy with life, and have had more adventures with your two school friends (peeing in the fountain !!). Love to Cousin and Elena, and Kendal and Lynda, and of course, special smoochies to you ! XOSXOS.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Well Steve said it would be something else
if he used a camcorder to record me having a pee. I do not think it
is at the top of his list of things he has to do though. It is a bit
of a shame I can not give Scott, Jeff A, Rizzo, Robby and a few
of the other nice guys on here a copy because I bet they would like
that. I know PV would. Jeff A would like to see me doing a log and
he would like to see diarrhoea if I had that, but I have not had that
for a long time now.
Love Louise xx

MICKEY - Hi! I liked your story of how you, your wife, your nephew
and niece all stopped for a big pee. I bet my fiance Steve will like
it when he gets to see it.
My biggest wee I have measured was 1.2 litres and like your wife I
do big streams with a lot of hissing. I am like my mum, we both
hiss loud when we have a wee. I think my 1.2 litre wee lasted over
100 seconds or something like that. I think I have a big flow rate,
it was measured at about 40 millilitres a second.
Is your wife a large woman? Well I am 5 feet 9 and when I was 19
I was a swimwear model so I think my figure is quite nice, and I
have just done more modelling as well. I looked at the pictures and
I think I still look very young and I think I have inherited my
mum's flat stomach. It may be my bladder is a bit big for my size
though, I wondered if it was like that with your wife.
Love Louise xx

LOUIS - Hi guy! Are you still reading? Or are you still sitting
with your legs crossed after Steve's letter about bad foreskins? LOL

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! I liked Steve's story of his wee too. I
always love to watch him do it, it does make me get a bit excited.
Yeah your story about using the urinals in the gents was funny but
Robby is right really, it may be better if you do not go in there
again for a bit. I mean I have been in the gents at work but I know
not a lot of guys use the room I like.

SARSEN - Thank you for telling us all about the news story about
the mobile urinals in London. I like how that looks.


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