John's gal
I'm back. I like the girl in the picture. She passed a lovely log.

When I was little I used to have to poop really bad at recess. But the gym teacher who was recess monitor was really creepy and mean, so I was afraid to ask him to go to the bathroom. So I used to pass these mushy turds in my pants, then sneak off behind the school and get rid of them in the bushes. Or I'd do he "underwear to the side" kind of shit and just ploppity plop in the bushes. Then after recess I'd come in and wipe. Nobody ever found out. Not even the creepy gym teacher.

alley cat
once when i in 3rd grade (i'm 21 now) i had to pee really badly. i was getting ready to walk home from school and was all geared up in my snowsuit. i didn't want to take it off so i decided to hold it until i got home. about halfway home i started to run, the urge was now so bad my stomach hurt, and although it wasn't a full fledged accident yet i could feel that my panties were a little damp. i ran as fast as i could and got home just in time (or so i thought) i told my mother about the emergency and she began to help me remove my winter gear. i got off the gloves and hat but as soon as she took off the coat i lost it. i began to cry as warm feeling of relief came over me and i could feel the hot wet rush as it ran down my legs, ruining my panties. because i still had my snow pants on my soaked pants clung to me and there was no puddle, all my pee went right into my boots. my mom was upset that i had ruined my new boots. i have been looking at this sight for awile but this ! is my first post. you guys seem really cool and i love your stories. i have had a few other accidents and bathroom stories that i would like to share, if you guys want to hear them.

Hey everyone it is me again... Today has not been to good of a day for me... My boyfriend broke up with me and I got upset, and when I get scared or upset I always get diareah. Well that is what is what my day was. Most of the day at school I spent on the toilet... Well I was in there a cheerleader walked into the stall next to me... She started grunting real loud and then there was a huge fart. And a lot of splashing into water. Then she when ahhhhh. Wiped three times and walked out. When she had left the bathroom I found that she had blown diareah all over the bowl and the seat. And that came out of a pretty chearleader.

I have just discovered this site and am about 7 months pregnant, does anyone have any stories of pooping expieriences while pregnant?

The other night I had the most amazing shitting experience of my life. I had eaten a big dinner the night before (I digest very very slowly) and I hadn't gone in 2 or 3 days (not unusual). I got home from dinner this particular night with a painfully full stomach. I knew I had to have a bm but it just didn't seem quite time. I layed down on the couch with my fiance and my stomach was gurgling away. I told him I had to take a shower and went upstairs to give myself an enema. I turned on the water and inserted the tinyest bit before my intestines felt as if they would explode (not even 1/10 of what I would normally take). The pain was amazing. I sat on the toilet and forced out a skinny 6 inch rope of pooh. The pressure was still there and I knew there was more to come. Next came a couple nugget chunks and then another 6 inch rope. I just kept going, I lost all control. A couple more chunks came out and I looked into the toilet which was now full. I thought to myself that I am! ill because I still felt full. My stomach grumbled very loudly and a wave of a mushy diarrhea mixture came pouring out of me. Stomach cramps started to get very bad and I released another wave of now completely diarrhea. I honestly felt tired at this point. I thought I was done and took my shower. I no more than got my hair wet before the desire hit again. I sat on the toilet and released 2 more small waves of liquid poop, had a wet fart. There the story ends. It was the best experience of my life.

I had a NPMPE today (Nearly Pooed My Pants Experience). I had a job interview at 9:00am which meant I had to get up a bit earlier, two or three hours than I usually do. Because of this I thought I might have to go later but I felt fine when I got up. However as I got into my car I realised that a poo would be on the agenda but it felt ok for now.

Halfway through my journey to the interview place I got a bad feeling in my bowels. If I were anywhere near a toilet I would have had no trouble going but this was not the case. I decided to stop at the next public toilet but the feeling went away for a while so I hung on. The interview was at a large shopping centre and this came into view as the feeling came back, worse than before. The poo was aching to come out and I could feel it just wanting to exit but I had to hang on.

I drove into the carpark and parked my car and got out. I know this shopping centre well so I knew exactly where I would seek relief. I walked in and made my way to the toilets. It was empty so I took the end stall and sat. I noticed they had toilet seat covers which I've never seen here in Australia before. I was too much in a hurry to use one and I sat down and let myself go. A whole lot of soft poo came out as I sat there in relief and also a bit of loud farting. I sat there for a while as I could still feel some left inside but it didn't see the light of day at this point. I thought I'd be late for the interview but fortunatly I had a few minutes to spare. I cleaned up and made my way upto the interview feeling relieved. I think the fact that my attention was grabbed by the need to relieve myself stopped me from feeling nervous.

Have great toilet experiences everyone :)

unhappy brother-in-law: Senna is good. But, it is dangerous in some cases.

Jane, Meghan, Meredith and Amy (Coed)and all the gang: I am regular. I made a salad of grapes, plums, bananas, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots. I have been eating salads daily in the morning and I have been evacuating good. I am off from work. So, I am at home.

Outhouse Scott
Hey, all.

I had to take a shit the other day at a gas station, and only one of the bathrooms was open. I went in and the toilet was clogged and almost overflowing. It was repulsive, there was shit, paper and piss piled about an inch beneath the seat. I was about to shit my pants and almost considered going on the floor. I figured I could squat above the seat, but I was afraid it would splash, and that would have been really gross. I finally decided to very carefully sit down.

I pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat, very gently, on the seat, hoping to God I wouldn't feel my ass touching the ten pounds of sludge. Luckily, I was okay, and went ahead and pushed. A pretty good log squeezed out, and one thing I didn't count on was it not having anywhere to go. It stayed floating right at the top, pressing against my ass. I'd much rather have my own shit touching my ass than fifty other people's. When I was done, I stood, and checked my ass in the mirror. It was clean, except for the shit smeared between my cheeks. I wiped and dropped the paper on top of my dump (a ten or eleven inch curled up log), then almost made the catastophic mistake of flushing the toilet. I stopped myself just in time.

I left the bathroom and told the guy the toilet was badly clogged. He said it had been like that for almost a week, and if I though it was bad, I should see the other bathroom. Yuck.

That was pretty gross. I think I'd rather have shit my pants than sit in a week's worth of people's shit and piss.

Anyone have a grosser bathroom experience than that? I'm quite sure somebody must.



hello, my friend asked me if he could come over on saturday and bring his little brother, i said ok and we played outside a long time and my mom called us in and it was dark out and joey my friends brother wet his pants, i saw it when we walked in the light and i said dude you peed your pants and he said so and i said why and he said cause he didnt want to ask, i said its ok to go if you want to, i do it sometimes. he said really and i said yeah. we went to my room and he squated down and went nnnug, i said what are you doing, he said pooin. i watched his but get real big, my friend said oh he does it all the time and he started playing nintendo, i felt his but and it was squishy. he said dont mash it. he stood up and he was stinky, i new my mom would smell it when she came up so i come on and i pulled his pants down and the poop fell on the floor, it splaterd and it was gros. i tried toclean it and i couldnt, my mom came up and saw us and she spanked me hard and yelled at j! oey. she made them both go home, she pulled his dirty pants back up and buttoned his wet pants and said go home. she made me help clean the mess, i told her i was trying to help and she said i heard you telling him it was ok to go in his pants. and i said oh. i got grounded, and i am mad cause i tried to help him. so i am sitting here in wet pj's. i just held my pee the rest of the night and i just let it out in my chair, it felt good, i am going to bed now, i will make my mom clean me up in the morning. bye

The other day I was unluckily surprised to find that all of the toilets in the university fine arts building were locked! I had fallen asleep in one of the practice rooms after working on a piece of music for an upcoming performance most of the evening. I had been on a trend of pooping late in the evening and at 1:30am, it was right on schedule.
I raced around the empty building looking for an open restroom to no avail. The tip of the very intent turd was pushing its way into my underpants and walking stiffly with clenched cheeks was all I could do to keep the rest from coming out!
At the final hallway near the Art department side of the building I came upon a lighted room (probably a door left open with the lights still on I thought). I walked up to the door and peered in, hoping there might have been a bathroom attached to it, but as I made my way around a corner, a was startled by a woman lying on a small sofa, asleep. I jumped back and the poop slid immediately into my underpants, very soft and heavy, making a muffled crackle as it sagged the seat of my pants.
The woman didn't wake, thank god, and I quickly waddled away and outside to some bushes where I flipped the mess on the ground with a dull thud, leaving me to drive home with a messy, sticky ass in need of a shower!

embarassed little boy
I had a major accident in front of my sister and two of her friends. My mom had given me a very strong laxative. I was at the mall with my sister and her friends. We were playing around, when all of a sudden I had to go. Two of the girls were younger than me and I didn't want to go in front of them. I didn't know this particular mall and asked about the bathrooms. The girls began to tease me, giving different directions. I couldn't hold it any longer and begged them for help. The youngest told me she would help if I dropped my pants and begged. I said no way and continued my search. About this time the urge became overpowering and I had to give in. I dropped my pants and begged to know where the bathrooms were. It was too late. My briefs suddenly filled with poop which was oozing down my legs. They were all laughing at me as I waddled up the stairs to the bathroom with globs dropping behind me all the way.

A quick follow-up to my last story about the time I was late for class because of a massive poop session I had. After I left the stall and washed my hands, Sara happened to walk into the ladies room. We said hi, and she asked, "What are you doing?" I asked, "What do you mean?" She said, "Do you intend to show off your undies all over campus?" I looked down and saw that I did not pull down my short blue denim skirt after sitting on the toilet, leaving my white high-cut panties in full view. I pulled the skirt down and said, "Thank goodness you came in. Gotta run, late for class. See you later, Sara."

Back to the present. Gary and I were away for the weekend, and I was back at my alma mater, my undergraduate school. We went to the women's basketball game. It was a very close game in the first half. I went to the ladies room at halftime and had to wait a little bit in line before a stall was available. I took my time, but I pushed out a few long thick pieces of solid poop. By the time I finished, the second half was just starting. As I was washing my hands, one of the cheerleaders on our team ran into the ladies room and into a stall. Suddenly I heard a cascade of plops and farts. As I was drying my hands I heard her flush the toilet while seated. As I left the ladies room, I heard her push out another nasty wave of poop. It was halfway through the second half when I saw that cheerleader walk back to the sidelines. By the way, my team won the game on a last-second shot.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Ive been busy with work as of late thats why I have not been posting so much. I have been reading the posts each day though. I would like to say welcome to the new posters. I have a camping story to tell.

Back in the mid 1970s My wife and I along with my friend Tony and Terry and Marty and his wife Nachelle went for a long weekend camping trip to Port Henery in the Adirondecks. Tony had land that he now has a retirement place built on that at this time we camped on. I followed Tony up to the land and us four got camp set up. Tony and Terry had the trailer and Myself and Jeannine set our tent up. Marty and his wife came up later that day.

We had a big dinner that night. Ham,corn on the cob,baked potatos along with plenty of beer and wine. We built a nice campfire after dark and played a couple of card games and everyone was still enjoying the beer and wine. My wife asked me if I would go with her to pee because she does not see well in the dark. So we left the group and went into the brush out of the firelight and we both peed. My wife let go with a long hisser of a pee. I took a long gusher myself.

We finished and walked back to the campfire and Tony and Terry went off into the brush to do the same thing. Before they left Terry said was there a snake over in the bushes? We heard alot of hissing sounds. Both myself and Jeannine laughed. Those two laughed and walked off. A few minutes later they came back. I commented they must of came across the snake to because we could hear it hissing too! That brought more laughter.

Marty piped up; What is so specail about going together in the woods to go piss? Both Tony and I replied back for the enjoyment of it. Marty said that he and Nachelle had never done that together. Well she spoke up and said that you never asked me! She grabed his hand and she pulled him up and they went into the brush. A short time later they came back and Marty had a big smile on his face. He goes thats amazing! I did not know that so much pee could come out of such a tiny hole. Now I also know why you guys enjoy doing that together. Nachelle with a smile said; See I knew you would enjoy that. See what you have been missing all this time! So after that night Marty got to enjoy and be a little more intament with his wife in a new way.

Hi everyone, I'm back! I loved all the other stories, and I can post another now.
After the incident with the laxatives, Bridget decided to stay away from them and just watch what she was eating. But I think she might have slipped up once in the past week, b/c of what happened after I saw her at the gym.
I walked in and noticed her on a stairmaster-type deal. So I went over to her.
"Hi, Jason," she said. "What are you doing here?"
"I usually come here earlier in the week, but I decided to come now this week," I replied.
"Building up that muscle, huh?" she asked, smiling. I nodded as she turned off her machine and got off. Grabbing her towel, she turned back to me. "Been practicing those scales?" she asked. "Of course," I said. "That's good, since we sometimes don't get that much done on those," she said, winking at me. "Speaking of which, I've been pretty backed up these last few days. I was just going to head back to the house and unload. Wanna come?"
"My bike's outside," I said, since I usually bike to wherever I want to go.
"Oh, I'm sure it'll fit in the car," Bridget replied, which it probably would, since she drives an SUV. So I agreed and loaded the bike into the car. Then we hopped in in front, and she drove back to her house. Then when we got in, she looked back at me and said, "Now for our toilet session."
"Lead the way," I said, smiling. I really loved this part, because seeing such a beautiful woman on the toilet is sometimes not even as good as the anticipation of seeing a beautiful woman in the toilet. Then we went into the bathroom and I closed the door.
"Time to break out the gas masks," she joked, farting loudly and hissing into the bowl. I was almost immediately bowled over by the smell. "What did you eat?" I asked, astonished. "I've been eating at this cute little Mexican restaurant for a while now, and by the ripeness of that one I just let off, I guess it's true what they say about Mexican food," she said. "Especially beans." The timing was perfect, because she immediately let off another loud and smelly one. "Getting lightheaded?" she asked, giggling. I was, but for more than one reason. "Okay, here it comes," she said excitedly, scooching forward on the seat to give me a good view. I went behind her, and saw her nether eye open to reveal a brown jobbie, about the width of a 20 oz. bottle of soda, smooth and solid. "Mmmm," Bridget moaned with apparent pleasure as this baby made its way out from between her succulent spread orbs. Then, after going for about nine inches, it tapered off and dropped into the bowl. A s! econd one started up. "So, how was your weekend?" Bridget asked, making small talk as she pushed out another log, almost identical to the first. "Okay, I guess," I said, my eyes still transfixed on her anus, which was working away as she talked. "Do you like my show?" Bridget asked in between pushes. "It's pretty good," I said. "'Pretty good,' he says," Bridget remarked jokingly. "You know you'd watch 24-7 if I could give it." I smiled. "That's probably true." After her fifth jobbie, which looked a lot like the first four, she was just about finished. Then she pulled out a Wet Wipe and handed it to me. There wasn't much of a cleaning job to do, as the jobs were mostly pretty solid, so I just went up and down her cleft, making sure to get around her hole, but not going too far down as to reach some "other" parts. Then I took another wipe and went about an inch into her hole, and she let me, which was pretty surprising. "Do you like making these as much as I like watching you ! make them?" I asked out of the blue as I went in. "Probably more," she said, looking back at me. "And it's even better that someone can watch me. I remember when I was a teenager how much I wanted someone to watch, but couldn't get the nerve to ask anyone. So you're actually fulfilling a childhood dream of mine," she said, getting up and pulling up her panties. She beheld her "work of art", as I called it, then said, "Goodbye, massive load," and flushed it all down the toilet. We both washed up and she drove me home.
LINDA-GS: Nice post! I enjoyed picturing you having to go in the trash can. Keep going at it!
ALANA: Amazing. Twelve bowls full. That has got to be some sort of a world record.
U.B.I.L.: Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident.
LING: You sound like a cool person. As far as size goes, I've read some of the old posts on the site, and there doesn't seem to be that much of a difference btwn the size of Caucasian and Asian poops. Being neither (I'm African-American) I wouldn't be too much of an expert though. I'd love to hear about some of your jobs.
GRUNTLY: I don't even think I have to say anything except, what a time. You are pretty lucky, but then again, I know about being able to watch women...
To everyone else, have a cool time on your "toidies" and happy pooing and peeing!

humiliating revenge
I was 39 years old and in the hospital to check out a colon problem.When I awoke after the first night I was greeted by a nurse who looked strangely familiar. Turns out my wife and I baby-sat for her on and off from the time she was 6 until she was 13. I talked to her for awhile and we reminiced and she remembered very well those baby-sitting days.Her name was Helen. Helen had endured a number of embarassing incidents while under our care and I know she remembered each and every one. But I was about to remember even more.
My problem had caused me to become incontinent. That morning after breakfast I had my first accident. Helen cmae in to check my vital signs and discovered my predicament. There was no bathroom in the room so she told me I would have to be changed. I was mortified. It was not only the humiliation of having soiled myself but my genitals are very small and i knew I would feel like a baby. I had no choice. Helen pulled down my sheets and began changing my diaper asking a younger nurse to give her a hand. By the time they were done I looked and felt like a little baby boy.
Later that day, while my wife and two of her friends were there, I again let go. Helen came in to check me and announced I would require a change. I turned beet red but accepted the change without further argument. What else could I do?
The next day I had to be prepared for my colonic testing. At about the same time as my wife,her mother and sister and two friends showed up to visit Helen showed up with an enema bag and notice that I had to be prepared.
The family waited outside and Helen and her helper gave me what I thought was the longest enema of my life. When it was complete I was in dire need of a bed-pan. I begged Helen for a bed-pan but found mine had been removed from the cabinet next to my bed. Helen and her helper rushed out to locate a bed-pan but family and friends mistook their actions as an indication that they were finished. They all came back to visit. I was bent over in the enema position praying for help. Then it happened. I lost it. There were 5 women staring at my total humiliation and giggling. Helen came back with lots of rags. She proceeded to clean me up and asked if I recalled when something similar had happened to her.
There were a number of occaisions when Helen had to clean me up over the next week and there were many when she made it a point to let my wife and friends know that it was no worse than cleaning up a little, little baby boy.

Lilly Moon
The other day at work, my boss and I went to eat an Italian restaurant and when we got back to the office, she went to the ladies' room, which has only one toilet. When she emerged, I entered---only to find a patty-shaped, smooth brown disc floating in the toilet water. Obviously, there had actually been more to it, since the gurgling sound from the commode indicated that she had indeed flushed. But the buoyant disc failed to exit. It actually resembled a small hamburger, perhaps a 1/2"-thick Krystal burger, to be exact. I think "the patty shit" to a shit list based on this experience.

Lilly Moon


I do not know if the dude got in trouble. We had temporarily left
as the police were going ( presumably) in his direction.

The logs were rather large 2 at least were 8 inches long and 2 inches wide and knotty and a smaller one at its side

We laughed at the event and the logs when we walked back 10
minutes after he did it...It even prompted one of my pals to say he
need to do same so we found a department store for him

The guy looked like a normal dude German of course I imagine
and in T shirt jeans and blondish hair very attractive..and very drunk

Ring Stretcher
GRUNTLY: Wow! Cool story. So glad you made a post. you have some of the best stories! I keep wondering what that poor girl would have done if nobody had helped pull that big constipated log out of her.

BRYIAN: Thanks for liking my story. You have good stories yourself. I've also had crapping dreams.

Yesterday I shit and it was greenish in color! I don't recall eating anything with alot of food coloring in it. Later that night I had to go again, at 1 am. It was soft, smelly but somewhat shaped like a log.

This morning I woke up and let outseveral loud popping farts. Not long after I scurried into the bathroom and shit diarrhea. Something must have upset my stomach and I hope it goes away soon.
Is there a stomach bug going around?


If you still think it's due to vulnerability, ask yourself this question. If you could choose one of the two following situations to watch what would it be:

1) Woman sits on toilet in hotel room taking a shit.

2) Naked woman accidentally locks herself out of her hotel room with nothing to cover herself.

For me, I would much prefer to see event #1, because it's rare I get to see a girl taking a shit. Event number 2 might be interesting in its own way, but we say so many naked girls in the movies nowadays, that the mere fact of a naked woman locked out of her hotel room wouldn't be nearly as appealing.

Who is more vulnerable? Well clearly the girl taking a shit is vulnerable. But if someone broke in on her, she could nevertheless pull her pants up fairly quickly or grab a towel and cover herself. She might make a little mess in the process, but she could still do it to cover her nudity.

On the other hand, the naked girl in the hotel corridor is absolutely helpless. She is locked out of her room and is absolutely naked. I can't think of any more helpless and vulnerable situation to be in. She
has no real choice but to try to find a hotel employee or perhaps knock on another guest's room and beg a towel from them to cover herself. Whatever she does, she is going to be very very embarrassed.

You can't tell me the girl in situation number one is more vulnerable than the girl in the second situation. Yet I am sure 99% of the people who post here would rather see the first person.

I like that picture...of that girl going in the sink...maybe shes cleaning her self after having a nice huge dump :). I do all that sometimes.

To jere: I liked your story...that place must have been very croweded and there probably weren't enough of those porto potties if a bunch of people crapped them selfs. Maybe it was all that beer people drank too?

To the unnamed poster: About the video your friend took...i liked your story. Why doesn't he just dump right in front of you so you can see..just ask him i guess

To Zip: Ok i see...the other day in the public mens room i was shitting and i was trying to take the back of my pocket watch to see if i could get a view....i didn't really work and i was afrade they might know what im doing.

Annie and Robby
Hi dear Friends!
Robby is at work and I have taken a break from studies.
Since Sarah can't be here, she asked me to give you a story.
When Robby's girls were in highschool Sarah was on the cheerleading squad. Their school was a private one. They had a small football(American) team and played other private schools around the state. When the team was playing an away game the cheerleaders went with them. This trip took about an hour. The girls had eaten at a hamburger shop before they left. During the journey many of the girls started having stomach pains. Sarah was one of them. Before long all of the girls needed to poo badly. The bus driver told them to hold it but it was obvious they couldn't. Finally the bus pulled over and all the cheerleaders scrambled out, raised their skirts, and squatted all in a line. The poo excited their bums at a dizzying speed. There was a lot of moaning and panting. Finally they were through and one by one they staggered back on the bus. Throughout the game the cheerleaders couldn't jump up and down because they were afraid of shitting their knickers. Also a continual journ! ey from the field to the loos were the norm. Sarah came back and was sick for 2 days. Sarah says hi to all!

GRUNTLY BOGWELL: The master is back. The story was one of your best. We want you to stay. Keep them coming! Annie and Robby

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi there! Hope everone is ok! There is not much to tell from our side. Frightfully boring!! When Meghan was 8 years old she told him she loved her Daddy and then promptly thew up all over him. Robby remembered this and so did she. She said that was a sealing of her love,LOL! Well, I don't know! Hope dear Ellen is ok. Your cousins Sarah and Meghan send their love. Take care and have fun! Lots of Lovexxx and a big hug, Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR ELLEN: Hi there! Hope you are feeling fine. Here you are all of 5 years old and writing very well. You keep Kendal and Andrew in line, ok! Lots of Lovexxxx and a squeezy hug, Annie and Robby

JANE AND GARY: So what if you don't have big dumps! Small, easy poos are much easier to handle,LOL. We enjoy you so much! Lovexx Annie and Robby

LINDAGS: Glad you are writing again. We really enjoyed your toilet story. Hope you are ok in southern Texas!! Lovexx, Annie and Robby

DEAR CARMALITA: Hope you are recovering ok. We think about you a lot! Hope those dumps are the devastating kind,LOL!! Give our best to Jake and the rest of the gang! Lots of Lovexx Annie and Robby

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Not much to tell. Hope your toilet experiences are improving. We so enjoy you and your postings. Lots of Lovexxx Annie and Robby
Well I've got to go!! School is calling.


SPECIAL HELLOS: Dear Rizzo-hi dear friend, Dear Louise and Steve-talk to you next time, Dear Ina- hi sweetheart,hope you are ok!, Dear PV- hope you are weeing on the beaches, Rjogger and Kathy-hi folks, Todd and Diana-what are you reading in the toilet?, Kim and Scott, Jeff A- hope you are with us!, Pat, Renee, Nu, Erin, Adele-hope you come back, Gopweller, Buzzy, David and Niki, Plunging Plop Guy, Upstate Dave, Diva, Outhouse Scott, Meredith and MANDY, Ephermal, Noel, Lancs Lad, London Lad, Melanie, Mindy, Punk Rock Girl, Ring Stretcher, Jasta, Bryian, Adrian, Amy(coed), Nicole, Lorraine, Sarsen, Pica Tamale, Uncle Allen, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you are reading this! and all of the other wonderful posters here!



Oh my gosh ! I can't get over that picture ! I think that must be one of the best pictures I've seen on this site, the one with the girl sitting her bottom over the sink with her legs hanging down in front, her panties round her ankles, and the tap running, no doubt helping to wash away her wee while she is doing it !!

Well, we are all on half term holidays down here in Devon, so I've a little more time than normal, and dear Andrew, bless his heart, has taken Ellen out for a walk so I could get some piece and quiet to perform my duty, that is to uphold my end of the bargain to London Lad ! But you'll have to be patient, London Lad, because I really should say a few hellos first !

LINDA GS: My goodness, Linda !!! Andrew is going to be so thrilled when he reads your story. That was so good, and you are dead right on both counts. One, I would want you to be a good friend to Andrew and make it up to him after what he suffered. And two, you were right about why my poo took so long as well !!! (Hope Cousin isn't going too red !!). We are very lucky in Andrew's house. There is actually three toilets !!! One in the normal bathroom, another downstairs, and a third en-suite to Andrew's Mum and Dad's bedroom. So in virtually all emergency circumstances, such as a bug going round meaning we all want the toilet at the same time, we are usually covered. Fancy having to poo in a trash can, and such an enormous one as well. Now you can tell me. You didn't do a Kim did you and get your tape measure out ?!! Seeing as you have been such a good friend to me, and especially to Andrew with your story just for him, I'll make sure us girls include you when we have a b! ig toilet sesh tomorrow. Charlotte is coming and bringing her younger sister Rachel with her, and Kirsty will be here as well. After that, Kate and Emily are coming from the lake district for a few days. So if Andrew and I don't have any adventures to tell after that, then it will have been a boring holiday !! Take care my dear on-line sister, and you know that I will always be happy that you look after Andrew ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO, AUNTY PV, UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: I'll write to you altogether because I have a feeling that Ellen will not want to stay out too long as it is a bit cold today, and I must be good and play fair with London Lad. Uncle Rizzo, I hope your back is better soon. I'm missing being swept off my feet with one of your prickly hugs ! Big kiss and gentle hug for you. I also hope that Sarah is doing ok during her enforced absence. Andrew and I send lots of love to her. And not forgetting lots of love to Meghan, Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie and Aunty PV as well. Hope you all enjoy the story I'll be telling London Lad below.

JANE & SARSEN: Hellos, and happy toidying to you two as well xxxxxxxx

DEAR LONDON LAD: Well, I think you've been patient enough. So here goes ! Now all of this happened a little while ago, but I'm going to write like it is happening now. Just to set the scene, I got changed especially, into my favourite sky blue dress. Well, a girl does like to look her best on such occasions, don't we ?! O.k. So I'm walking into the bathroom, making sure to leave the door wide open, just like Carol does (loved the story, thanks). However, unlike Carol, this girl isn't going to make a fuss if you look !! Right, now I've got to the toidy, and Ellen, the good girl, has put the toidy lid down, so I'll just have to lift that up. Now I'm turning round to face the doorway, and I lift up my blue dress to get at my pampies (panties, knickers as you will, pampies is Linda GS's name for them, which I am pleased to adopt in her honour !) I'm getting my thumbs inside the elastic, and I'm sliding them off my bottom, and beginning to pull them down my legs, but onl! y a little bit. Now I'm sliding my hand down the front of them to make sure the material is away from my bits, and I'm going to leave them there, right at the top of my legs. Well a girl has to protect her modesty !! Now I'm flipping up the back of my dress and gathering the material round to the front of me so I can bunch it together and keep it from hanging down behind me and getting in the way. Now I'm sitting on the toidy seat, right on the edge of it. My pampies are shielding my legs from the cold of the seat. And now having settled comfortably, I gather the material of my dress together once again to lift it all right up above my ????. Now I know I can't possibly wee on it, and also that the back of it won't droop behind me into the toidy ! Now I really am ready. So with a little sigh of contentment, I'm now concentrating on having a wee. Yep, here it comes, sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, I'm making a gentle hissing noise. Well, I'm not in any hurry ! ! There's no tinkling, because sat this far forward, my wee is all running down the front of the toilet bowl. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, oh thats lovely ! My wee is beginning to tail off now. Are you listening carefully ? You'll know when I've reached the end, because the last sprinkles always tinkle very gently as they run off my bottom... tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, drip, drip, drip ! There ! Now, do I need a poo or not. Let's see. My ???? isn't really telling me that I do, but it certainly isn't feeling empty. So I'm going to try for you. Right, I'm breathing in, and I'm giving an exploratory push. UHHHHHH. Now I don't normally grunt. I might just give breathy pants once in a while, but usually when its poo time, I don't have to make any particularly special efforts. I'm lucky like that. But seeing as you're waiting expectantly, I thought I'd grunt a little bit, just so you know that I'm really trying for you ! UHHHHHHH... nothing yet ! UHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Ahhh, yes. I ! think you're in luck ! Now, you'll have to do me a favour. I'm not sitting prepared for a poo. When I poo, I like to sit a different way. That is how Andrew always knows when he watches me whether I'm going to wee or poo. So close your eyes like a good boy while I re-arrange myself ! I can tell you what I'll be doing while your eyes are shut. I shall pull my pampies further down my legs. I like to sit back a bit for a poo, and pulling my pampies down a bit means they can still shield me from the seat, not that its cold anymore mind ! However, it means I won't be able to shield my modesty anymore, so I'll be gathering my dress around me and I'll have it sitting on top of my legs. There, you can look again now ( I bet you sneeked a peek anyway !! ). Right, now seeing as my poo isn't really ready to come out of its own accord yet, this might take a bit longer than normal. And I'm not going to tell you what is happening, so you can enjoy the anticipation of it all. Andrew lov! es it when I do that for him !! So here goes. Deep breath in, ffffffffffff ........................ pffffffft ( Strained voice: ooo, pardon me ! ) .................... pant ! Couple of easy breaths, then ffffffffffff ................... UHHHHH ........ plip...........flop...flop/flup. Pant ! sniff, sniff. Just a bit of a pooey smell today. I don't usually make much of a smell. I think thats why Andrew finds watching me poo such a nice experience, because he doesn't have to put up with bad smells too often, just the very odd time !! fffffffffffffff .......................................................... plooop. Ahhhhhhhhh (breathy) ........ (???? goes gurgle, gurgle)..... ffffffffff......... BBBRRRRRRRRRRTTTT ( ooo, now I'm really embarrassed, I've gone all red that you heard that !! ). You're a lucky boy, this is taking me longer than normal, but I'm convinced there's some more poo still in my ????. Its not ready yet, but you just know its there waiting, know what! I mean ?! Well, I'm not pushing anymore. Don't want you to see me with a bright red face, so I'm just going to sit here and wait for it to move naturally ! (two minutes go by, during which time ...... tinkle, tinkle, tinkle sssssssss, tinkle tinkle drip drip ( a seven second wee, all tinkly because I'm sat well over the water now ! ) Then, ...........flop....flup..plup. Right then London Lad, thats the end of the road, I'm all done now, and I hope you'll respect my wishes to be allowed to wipe in private !! Otherwise I'll set Linda GS onto you. And you wouldn't want that, GRRRRRRR !! Love from Kendal xxxx
PS: Total time taken, about eight minutes. I'm usually done in only three or four !

ELEANOR: I'm with Andrew. I really hope you don't go away. I've loved talking to you, and although your stories have been very harrowing, they were so well written that I couldn't help but enjoy reading them, if you can understand what I mean. And I'm sure lots of other people here would love you to stay as well. Please let us know that you're brother is continuing to be good and respecting you again in the way that he should. Lots of love from Kendal xx
PS: Happy singing !

Brenda. Awkwards situations happen and it was better out than in although it would have been even better if you'd been able to make it to a toilet. For the sake of your pants it might be a good idea to make sure you carry a sachet of tissues or moist wipes with you at all times in future, just so that you've got something to wipe with in an emergency.

Unhappy brother-in-law. The way your wife and sister in law treated you when you had that big, unavoidable accident was, in my opinion, totally inexcusable. You need to make it clear to your sister in law that if such an incident happens again or she's deliberately mean to you it will be THE LAST time you give her a lift to the chemist's - or anywhere else for that matter. You're a driver and she isn't so that gives you a 'trump' card so to speak! Also, your wife needs to understand that if you need privacy to use the toilet or get cleaned up after having an accident, that is a basic right to which you are entitled. If you wanted her to watch or help you that would be a different matter but it would be up to you to give her the necessary permission. This is an area where we are all entitled to be firm and lay the law down.

Jim. Welcome. Glad you enjoy the forum. Look forward to seeing more of your stories sometime.

Lancs Lad. I'm glad to hear that you're producing good, firm regular motions at the moment.

Best Wishes to all regular and not so regular (deliberate pun definitely intended) posters!


sorry to hear that you lost your knickers
on that occasion you didn,t say what sort of knickers
you were wearing do you wear your knickers over your stockings or do you put them on
first ? me I usually wear those stay ups but I still like to wear stockings I find that wearing french knickers , more comfortable as they are easier to pull down if you are in a hurry
to poop hope that helps


Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back -- all kinds of stuff to do, and the weather turned hot at last...

I was *wondering* about the size and shape of your bathtub! Ha! Four would juuuust fit, and it must have been a deliciously squeezy jumble of bodyparts in there, with close-up fascination when it came time to unburdon yourselves!

I hadn't really thought about the height problem for young girls using urinals, but you're absolutely right -- the way the bathrooms at the local mall are set up, I found that two or three of them must have been designed for tall men, because even with heels on I could only "reach" the single unit mounted low for boys, the disabled -- or short men! But for the most part, and until later years here in Aus, I think the continuous wall style has been far the predomiant type, and is still made here, albeit in the floor-grid/bars style, which is great if you're wearing flat shoes but impossible to use in heels! (I find I have to stand with one foot on the floor, the toes of the other perched on the grid, so I'm using it at a slightly oblique angle.)

Yeah, I've noticed the little puddles under individual urinals, and I have to wonder where blokes point their equipment at times, or if it slips out of their grip and sprays around at will... I mean, if *we* can hit the target, surely those with a directable "spout" can too!

"What would a boy be like if he was next to a lady with skirt raised, panties to the side? Well if I just guessed I bet he would just be like curious about what we are like down there?"

Sure, but that's part of the whole sex-ed thig, isn't it? *When* that curiosity is satisfied, and *how* are points that adults seem to value highly, and for a child of either sex to be able to casually observe the opposite's privates -- well, they cease to be private, and you get an effect where the curiosity bred by the social mores of our culture would basically cease to exist as soon as one generation had grow up with unisex bathrooms, ad particularly unisex urinals. For myself, so log as it happened in a safe and non-threatening atmosphere, I'd have to say it was a good thing! The nude beach incident of course circumvents this, as everyone is butt-nekid, young and old alike, and the kids of naturists grow up without the burning curiosity that others find rules their early days until that first ellicit glimpse of a frontal nude...

"It was an Aussie programme, a drama about firefighters that was on late at night. I can not remember what its name was, but it had these scenes of lady firefighters sharing the same shower rooms as the men. Do you know if it is really like that? So open? I just imagined a lot more you know, like would the girls use urinals with guys there and stuff? I just thought it was a bit of an exciting thought, you know."

Absolutely! The show, if I recall, was titled "Fire," and was made here a few years ago, an evening drama, though at times Aussie drama and soap are so close they're hard to tell apart. I didn't watch it, but I'm delighted to know they had co-ed showers. They may indeed have had co-ed toilets too, but whether that was real or the device of the show I'm not sure. More than likely an Ally-McBeal-ism for the show, the Aussie establishment is still very hidebound, I can't see them venturing toward, say, the Dutch Army situation, of total integration. I think if anyone even suggested it, the church would be denouncing them on the airwaves the same day for "moral turpitude." Hmph!



"Mixed compay"? Did that "n" key get stuck again? LOL"


Oh, dear, re that boxer in the pub, I can imagine how it must be, to be so plastered you wet your clothes and don't even notice! I've never done it, though I have come back from the bathroom with a few splashes where they didn't belong...

Well we went to other bars for a while, but we were not late and we were going home. I needed a wee, and I was in a short black dress. Well Steve did not need a wee, so he held my g string and my knickers for me while I stood in front of the alley wall and had a good wee down it. LOL Steve said he liked what he saw! I bet you would look good in a dress like mine. Can you think what wall would be safe if we were together? LOL"

I can see you in my mind's eye! I have one not too dissimilar, more a chemise than a dress, but it sure does service as same... What wall would be safe for two sprightly lasses together to unburdon themselves of an evening's intake of cider and whatever? Well, the proverbial alley is always a goody, but we have very few of them her in Aus -- but for the city center and inner suburbs the cities date from later than the ally-style of city planning. Side streets, carparks, parking space behind buildings... Tough to know. We'd not want too much light, but still need enough to see by. Walls are a good question! Train stations can be fairly deserted after dark, but can also be dangerous. Maybe it's a case of pick the spot that looks best when you get there. What would your pick be? My ideal choice would be something with old-world rustic brick or stonework, something with plenty of texture for the rivers to splatter against and run amongst on their way south to the sea!

PS: You've been modelling again? Do tell! :-)



CC -- Haven't spotted those other adds you mentioned, but I'll keep an eye open, and be sure to report any new ones that come along!

Sighting -- on a recent Simpsons re-run, the school inspector was visiting Spirgfield Elementary, touring the grounds with Principle Skinner. They stopped at the sandpit in the play area, the inspected knelt down, swiped up a fingerful of sand and tasted it. "Well done, Seymour. Not a trace of urine."

SWOLLEN SHUT SID -- I'm a sport diver from way back, and have discussed the commercial form with pros, so I knew everything you were describing. I meant to write back ages ago but got sidetracked -- and wanted to say that such an incident really, really encourages the use of fine-mesh filters on the seawater intake to the heating unit!

SALLY -- that's an interesting method of stimulating stubborn motions you described. I've not had quite that experience, though memory swims back from my childhood constipation days of something pretty similar... Reaching inside to encourage movement... In my teen years I used to get a severe pain near my tailbone before passing a log, and I used to press against the base of the bone from outside, where it's right up against the rectal wall, to ease the often severe discomfort and allow the log to move through. That troubled me for years, but then simple disappeared and I've not felt it in half my life...

MICKEY -- stunning group relief for your family! I was very impressed firstly that your neice and nephew, brother and sister, had no inhibitions about urinating together, siblings can sometimes be touchy that way. And your wife's relief was truly amazing, I can well understand the lad's preoccupation!

SARSEN -- I must say, I'm intrigued by these urinals on the streets, and sure see the need for them. Here in Adelaide, South Australia, a few years ago the same probem was in the media -- there were no public toilets available within the entire of the nightclub district of the city, and it turned out Parliament House was being used as the night-time urinal for revellers... The entire frontage was getting doused and it really stank! We could do with a few of the mobile units around here... Most pubs have the same problem, after closing time gardens and walls around about get liberally doused every night.

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN -- a wonderful roundup of poops and whizzers from all points of the family compass -- I appreciate you all sooo much! (And your kind words to Kendal and Andrew now they have a little one to look after -- no, I've not forgotten you, my dear neice!) The virtual Robby performance was excellent, and I loved the backed-up Annie as well (and your expedition to urinal-land with that other gal recently -- magnificent!)

Oh, and last but not least, it's great to see the name of GRUNTLY BOGWELL back with some more fabulous memoires!

Cheers all,


Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,

Annie and Robby- Hey It has been a long time since we talked last. So what's new? How about Sarah S. and Meghan? We are doing okay. Diana is really excitied about the twins being born. Do you still read in the bathroom? Well Diana and I are feeling the need to go to the bathroom and read magazines now so talk to you later, bye!!!!

Lots of Lovexxxx,
Todd and Diana

MICKEY - Hi guy! Your wife is only 5 feet 4 inches tall and wees
like that? Well it may be she is a bit like my friend in our
netball team who is shorter than your wife but who still does
a real fierce wee. My fiance wrote about it when he saw her
doing it. I think your family is a bit like mine is with big
bladders. My mum and my sister are like me and we all look almost
the same. My mum beat me in a distance peeing contest when it was
expected I would win it, and when she just lets rip with a wee
she does a big gusher too.
I was talking about getting Steve to film one of my wees but we
do not have anything to do that with just now.
Thank you for saying I would be as good to watch weeing with your
wife after having a drink. There are a few guys who write letters
here who I would not mind 'performing' for if they wanted to see.
You know I think I will add you on that list because I think you
do sound nice. Hey how about you find my posts when I have had a
wee with my imaginary virtual audience watching me? I bet you
will like that. To help you think of me I am 5 feet 9 inches tall
36D-24-36, I look a little bit tanned all the time and I have
long blonde hair. I am English and live in England but my
darling fiance Steve said to me I look like a Californian beach
babe, and that is very nice of him to say.
There are some alleys where we live that I have squatted in, or
stood in, and washed with big hissy wees a lot of times when we
have been walking home after a night out. Does your wife do that?
When I wee outside wearing a little dress it kind of gets me
going, do you know what I mean?
I have been going to nudist beaches in Spain for years with Steve
and it took me a bit to be brave enough to have a wee there.
When I was 15 my mum, my sister and me, we were on this beach.
I surprised myself a bit really because I was brave enough to
go topless there. Well when we had a chance we all pulled down
our thongs and had a good piss in the sand. It was very exciting
for us to do.
Love Louise xxx

ANNIE - Hi girl! Yeah, I bet Steve and the other gentlemen would
like reading about you having a virtual wee. I have done some
and I think some other girls should do it too. Yeah, I like
Steve's virtual wees but I like seeing him do them more than
just reading. All of Steve is worth looking at, not just one
not so little part of him. LOL
I liked how you wrote about Robby going plop in the downstairs
toilet. It was like a live commentary. LOL
Will you say hello to Robby for me?
Love Louise xx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! Steve is very well but I think he is a
bit tired just now. He had to be away all weekend so I do not
have any good stories really. My mum was around and we had a
beer in the bath, and we weed into the water a few times.
Yeah, well maybe one day Steve will film me crashing a log, but
do you not think my little tiddly 6 to 12 inch logs would be a
disappointment for Scott? I mean I could take a while just
holding the log half way out of my bum. You know, a brown tail?
Hey please say hi to Scott for me and give him a kiss. Thank you.
You know Scott is one guy in a little list I would do a live
toilet performance for, but it is a shame it is not allowed. LOL
I know Steve would be happy to see you do a log. Hey did I ask
if you get bits of your logs dropping off because of their weight
and being soft? I do not know if somebody else asked you that.
I mean sometimes but not a lot, I do a log that just stretches
and breaks off near to my bumhole. Does that ever happen to you
as well?
Love Louise. xx

MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi! Yeah Steve's wee story was good. He is
good at writing things like that and I knew just what he did and
how he stood because of course I know him well. It was an
exciting thing to read. No I am not jealous LOL and you are right,
he is very good to watch when he is weeing. My best friend Jackie
was impressed when she saw him wee LOL and she wishes she had a
guy just like him.
Yeah, he is very nice and you know he will like you saying that
about him. I am going to marry him at the start of June and I
just can not wait. It is less than 4 months away!
Yeah it is sad your mum is not around to write letters here, I
bet she would have been really well liked here.
Well Steve has just come home.
Steve speaking. Hi, you two. Glad you enjoyed the description of my performance. I take it you are referring to my solitary standing wee in the bath. There is also the time when I joined Louise and two of her friends in the bath at home after her netball match. You may enjoy that one as well, if you have not already seen it.
Me? Very Nice? Well, thank you for the lovely compliment, I do appreciate it very much, and I hope I can live up to it. Take care, you two, send greetings to Robby and Annie, and have a hug each from me.
This is Louise here again.
Well I will make Steve his meal now like I should have done
already (oh no) and I hope I can enjoy a wee with him later
before I get him in my clutches. Hehehehehe.
Hey maybe I will put on my shades and hang my bum over the sink
like today's picture girl who is having a wee in the sink and
copy her.



kim and scott
greetings all!
last weekend night my parents were gone visiting friends so I decided to call my boyfriend scott over my house. when scott came over I fixed us a mammoth spaghetti dinner to eat. when we were done we each felt like squeezing out a huge log. so we decided to buddy dump together. as soon as we entered the bathroom we both stripped nude. scott sat on the bowl first while I sat on his lap facing him directly eye to eye.I put my arms around his neck while he put his hands on my waist. we then kissed briefly as we both started to push our logs we were pushing scott had low manly groans while I had high female cries. I then heard scott groan again as I saw a big brown torpedo coming out of his was growing bigger and bigger buy the second."wow honey! Im impressed " I cooed as I stared at scotts fast growing turd.I had some work to do myself as I pushed real hard as my ass quivered excitedly and ring stretched real wide as a big,thick piece of brown dynamite came z! ooming from my ass."oohh!" I moaned in pleasure as my once big log grew into a gigantic log."wow!kimmie! spectacular log!" scott said excitedly as I pushed harder as my log grew to just a ridiculous size1"awesome baby!" scott said very turned on. I smiled my thanks as I heard scott groan again as he blasted his log into the bowl. I then looked down and saw a big brown log floating in the bowl."oohh wow baby! great log!" I cooed again to scott.'thanks honey!' scott replied as I then closed my eyes and squeezed very hard. I then looked down at my immense sausage with gigantic beast was quivering madly.It looked like a enormous brown rocketship ready for take-off. I just had to blast this thing to the f-ing moon!as I looked up at my boyfriend with a huge smile on my face as I pushed really hard. instantly I felt a lightning bolt of pure pleasure zap my butt making it quiver like crazy"OMIGOD BABY!' I moaned thru quivering lips as I felt another thunderbolt of lightning! zap my butt as I exploded an enormous log into the bowl. my log landed with such a splash it splashed both our butts! scott and I then got off the bowl and checked out our logs. we saw that we overloaded the bowl with gigantic shit ! just like we did last time we buddy dumped together. well what did we expect?haha.scott then got the measuring tape from my room and measured his log at 17 inches long. 2 inches thick. and my log at 24 1/2 inches long. 3 inches thick.scott then chopped up our logs so that they could flush. after this we had great fun wiping each others butts clean.we then threw the paper in the bowl flushed,washed our hands and put back on our exercise clothes. as we then went downstairs to my basement to lift weights. scott and I wanted to turn all the food from the huge spaghetti dinner we ate into powerful muscle and thats exactly what we did!so long now!
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-hello. liked your post.
TO CARMALITA-hello girl. we miss you on this site. post when you can.
TO AUSTIN-hello sweetie!I liked your post.maybe I can be one of those hotties on your boat?. I would just pull down my tight blue jeans,hunch my ass over the side of the boat and squeeze out a spectacular log. and for an encore I would squeeze out another spectacular log!which wouldnt be unusual for me!!haha.I think we would both feel good after I have done this!haha. be well all! love,kimmie and scott

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

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