Well I am new on here…. I am a 16year old female. The other day I was out shopping with a few of my friends when Alley said that she had to use the bathroom, and asked where we wanted to meet her. I said well I have to use that bathroom too, although I had to take a shit. So we told my other two friends where to meet us and we went back to the bathroom. When we walked in we were hit by a wave of very smelly shit. Of the 12 stalls 9 of them were taken, I believe 6 of them were shitting… Alley walked passed me and quickly into an open stall… I walked into a stall two down from her so she didn’t know that I was shitting, but when I walked in there was shit everywhere and the toilet was almost overflowing. So I walked into the stall next to Alley and herd her rustling around, then I seen were white paints and pink thong drop…. Then I herd her covering the seat and she sat while ripping a wet fart. I covered my seat and lifted up my skirt and dropped my thong. Once I was! seated I farted a loud one that lasted for about 20seconds, and Alley said thank gosh you have to go I thought I was going to have to meet them back their by myself. I told her no, I would be a while so we could walk back together… I was straining hard while I was saying this. Then I pushed out a piece of shit that was about 2.5 inches around that hurt so bad to come out, it was about 9inches long and floated. Then I started to relax to strain some more when I herd Alley let out a huge fart, which was obviously releasing a hell of an amount of diarrhea. Well I asked her if she was ok and I began pushing out waves of soft gooey which lasted for about 5min. Then I asked Alley is she was almost done… she said I don’t think so are you. I told you no so she wouldn’t hurry and not finish. So I figured that I would sit and make sure that I was done. By now 17 min had gone by. While I was sitting there I herd Alley have at least 4 more waves of diarrhea, which stunk reall! y bad. Now another 8 min had gone by and she said I think that I am done. Let me sit for a min more and make sure. Well she was so she started to wipe. She took huge wads up tp to wipe with, I lost count because I was trying to wipe too but she wiped at least 9 times and flushed 3times. As for me I fold the tp nice and neet and only had to wipe 5times with 2 flushes… One would have done it but I didn’t want to plug it with Alley next to me. Then Alley asked me to come into her stall so I could see her tattoo that she had gotoen. When I did I was amazed at how much shit was still left in the bowl. The water was quite discolored, although you could still see into it. She had left quite a few chucks floating and had marked up the bowl quite well and that was after three flushes. As for the tattoo that was the least of what was on my mind, it was the sight of the toilet. When we were walking out she said she was sorry if she had made it smell real bad and taken a whil! e. She hadn’t been able to shit for 3 days, and then all of the sudden got the urge.

I have a theory on why some people find going to the bathroom or seeing others in the bathroom attractive.I think it's the vunerability.When your sitting on the tiolet no matter who you are whether your a begger or the president you are vunerable.Your basically at the mercy of anyone who finds you cause let's face it,you can't really just get up and leave.Everyone is equal in the bathroom.

Hey people! I know I haven't posted in awhile, so forgive me. I've been busy. So, I'm trying to catch up.

NOEL--you said you had a map and you put a pin in for all your online friends. I'm in Kentucky, USA, so put a pin in for me! :)

JANE--Thanks for the welcome.

To anybody I didn't respond to, I'm sorry. I really got way behind.

Okay. I have a few stories on my cousins. My aunt and uncle have 3 very, um, active kids, who have lots of bathroom stories...

Every year, we have a family get together. One year, when my cousins were very young, my uncle was driving the car on the way home from the reunion when my little cousin said she had to poop really bad. She was probably about 4 at the time. My uncle pulled over, and because they were on a winding road in the mountains, there was no flat land on the side of the road, only steep mountain side, so my young cousin couldn't very well squat. So, my uncle pulled her pants and panties down and held her around the waist with one hand and used the other arm to hold her legs up, to make it almost like sitting on a toilet. My cousin peed and pooped alot, got cleaned up and got back in the car. After driving a few miles, my aunt noticed a bad smell in the car and asked my uncle what it was. Well, my uncle looked down and noticed that my cousin had pooped all down the front of my uncle's shirt. They had to stop again so he could change. No wonder it takes them twice as long to! travel the same distance as my family...

More to come later!

When I wipe after pooping, I moisten the toilet paper with some saliva first. This allows me to get much cleaner than using dry toilet paper. I have found that if you just use dry toilet paper until you think you are clean, and then wet the toilet paper and wipe, you will find that there is always more poop to be cleaned off your anus. Try it and you will see. Does anybody else wet the toilet paper?

this has probably been asked before, but how does everyone wipe their butt? do you just pull the paper up your crack or do you stick the paper inside your hole? i wad the paper and place it against my butt and then push the paper into my hole using my little finger. i can stick it about a half inch in and i always get more poop than if i just wipe the crack. does anyone here do that? i always keep wiping until the paper is clean. does anyone not keep doing it until the paper is clean? these are things no one ever talks about, so i've always wondered how everyone does it.


It's good to know that someone else uses their finger in their ass to
help get things out. I thought I might be the only one. This method is also great when you are traveling and get constipated. Even if you
don't have a log, you can put your finger in and move it around for about 5 minutes. Usually by that time, a small or maybe large log will come down. You can then help it out. This is a wonderful way to stay regular when you are on the road.

I also enjoy very much the feeling of pushing logs out. Share more of what you feel. Tell me more about how you use your finger.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-Sorry it to so long to respond to your post. I responded before, but my computer dumped me off before I could submit! As for the tall partitions, it isn't that easy to see the thighs of the guy in the next stall, since you are actually closer to the stall wall and you have to lean over a bit to see his thighs. It is actually pretty cool to see a guy in this situation, especially if he's willing to show off his bare legs and underwear. I don't get to see many guys doing that.

At an airport, I had my video camera out (videotaping friends) and when I went into a stall with my bags, I aimed it towards the row of stalls next to me. I DIDN'T videotape, but I could see the legs of the guys in the view screen. Everyone had their pants and underwear at their ankles. Alot of guys keep their clothes around their thighs. They all finished up pretty quick. Only one guy was wearing boxers, the rest wore white briefs, one with gray briefs. The stalls all had regular sized partitions.

JacobG in Florida
Hello everyone. Welcome back BrentC. I finally have another story to post. Plunging Plop Guy, you may like this story.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a classic car/swap meet at an old air force base. I?ve written before about this place. It is huge. Best of all, it has a huge, and I mean huge, restroom. A friend and I had driven a few hours to get there, so one of the first things we did upon arrival was to hit the restroom. It?s easy to find because they have this huge sign on top of a tall tower that says ?RESTROOMS.? You can see it from everywhere. When you walk in, one large handicapped stall is to the left, followed by a long row of urinals, then a long, long row of toilet stalls, another long row of urinals, and finally, another large handicapped stall. The stalls are constructed of plywood. The bottoms of the stalls are just below the top of the toilet seat so you can?t see the person?s thighs. However, the stall's are not as high as most. When standing close to the stall, you can see the top part of the person?s head who is sitting on the toilet. When I walked in, t! he place was packed. I saw coats thrown over most of the stall doors, so I knew it was a full house. Guys stood in line to pee at the first row of urinals. I walked past the first row of urinals, then past the toilet stalls, then on to the next row of urinals. I took the very first urinal next to the last stall. As I was peeing, I could see that someone with a red cap was sitting on the toilet. I didn?t stare, but I could see that red cap out of my peripheral vision. Every now and then, it would move forward, then go back, move forward, then go back. I went outside and started looking at cars. About 30 minutes later, I got sun block lotion in my right eye and it burned like fire. I couldn?t open it at all, so I told my friend I was going back to the restroom to rinse my eye. The restroom was still packed. I walked down to one of the last sinks, directly across from the toilet stalls, and started rinsing my eye. Every now and then, I would stop and dry the area a! round my eye with a paper towel. As I did that, I could look in the mirror and see that most every stall was full. I saw a huge assortment of shoes ? tennis shoes, boots, loafers, and sandals. Some jeans were pushed all the way to the floor, while others were at knee level. Some guys were up on their tows. Some feet were not touching the floor at all. Others had their feet spread, while others had their feet tightly together. I?ve always found this sort of thing interesting. But one thing surprised me. Most everyone who came in looked over the top of the stalls - instead of under the stalls - to see if they were occupied. I?ve never seen anything like that before. In my experience, most people look under the stalls, but these guys walked right up to the door and looked over. Since most stalls were occupied, you?d see guys look over the top, then move on down the row until they found a vacant stall. Then I?d watch that person?s shoes and jeans as they positioned! themselves on the toilet. Occasionally, a few guys would just open the stall door, since the doors did not have locks. Then, you?d hear ?oh, excuse me.? They would move on down the line opening the doors until they found a vacant stall. After watching this, I decided that the next time I had to pee, I?d look over the top of the stalls too. That afternoon, when I had to pee again, I went back. It was still very crowded. I saw people looking over the top of the stalls, so I walked right up to one stall at random, looked over the top, and saw . . . . . . . . an empty toilet stall. Oh well. I walked into that stall to pee. As I was peeing, I could see the top part of someone?s head on either side of me. Fortunately, huge fans, which lined the outer wall, kept the smells to a minimum. Unfortunately, the fans were loud, so I could not hear the grunts and kerplops, that I love to hear so much.

I have another story to tell, but will wait until another time. Hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day.

I was curious to know if anyone here has a favourite toilet cubicle at work that you simply MUST sit in to feel comfortable? You know, to get things moving properly... Or are you a person who doesn't care - just as long as the thing is clean & working?

Personally, I sit in the 1st catagory. At the office I have got to sit in the cubicle next to the wall - the one for people with wheelchairs. What I like most about it is the height. When I'm forced to set down in another cubicle, I allways feel nervous. Mostly because the 'regular' tolets in the office are quite low. Frankly, they frighten me because I feel like I'm going to fall into it as I'm sitting down! I always take a look back to make sure my butt's going to land on the seat - even though I know logically that it IS there and I WON'T fall.

My name is Karen. Although I've lurked here
from time to time, this is my first post. I'm
40 y/o, live with my fiance and work at a very
busy office with many others (DMV). I've also
delt with painful hemoroids for years and found
it nearly impossible to properly clean myself
after a #2 (it hurts!). (My rear end sometimes
itches terribly as you can probably imagine).
I always try and make sure no one is watching
if I must itch my rear. After years of working
all day in smelly poopy underwear all day, I
now place a pad in the seat of my panties and
girdles, much to the disapointment of my
fiance. (He claims to be "turned on" by my
skidmarked underwear). I still have a poopy,
itchy bottom but the pads tend to absorb some
of the soil and keep my bottom drier and of
course my panties cleaner. One day after
finding a particularly dirty pair of my fiances
underpants I suggested that "maybe you need
to take some pads to work with you too!" lol.
Just thought I'd share this secret of mine.

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)
Sally: so, it looks like someone has discovered Dr. DRE's "colon-gagging" technique.Works great, doesn't it, Sal? I have been preaching this technique, for about two years now. I swear by it. Can't beat it. It is safe and all-natural! The rest of you who have tried this should open up to us about this. We would love to hear your success-stories!

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)

Some Guy
PRG- Living in the dorms was my only coed bathroom experience, I tried to avoid dumping in there, and the girls sure as hell avoided pooping in there. Thanks for the story.

Batfinch- Hovering in general is higher than squatting. When you squat your thighs are about touching the backs of your ankles. When you hover, your butt can be 3 feet in the air. So you can't squat over a conventional US toilet, unless your feet are on the seat. Which is not a good idea.

some guy

To Nicole: I liked your story about that camper

To Jarod: Liked your story..sounds cool :0

To Noel: Thanks for telling me about your sons...I think your right when i get that feeling im gonna shit my pants again its a phychological feeling. I only feel like that sometimes in the morning when my accident happened. Well im in Maryland usa. Where are you from??

I did poop this morning at work. I had just eaten breakfast and i felt a slight urge and im like i better go poop before it gets worse and i can't get to the bathroom. It was kinda soft and it was a floater. I wiped alot.
gotta run bye

i was watching the program "toilets" on bbc choich the other night here in the uk and at one point the show was focusing on websites realted to toilet fetishes as the screen was flicking through the internet they actually showed some clips from this site did any one else in the uk see this

wow what a poop by ALANA! 11 to 12 bowls. Whats that all in the same bowl with flushing or did you waddle to 11 bowls? I wondered if you'd ever been caught waddling between stalls and what would happen if you had to use a single staller! I could imagine a big queue forming up behind you :)

I'd love to see you post your photo's.

I had a nice poo today. It was almost poking when i got home. But rather than do it in the loo I did into a bucket and watched it come out from via my big mirror. I like watching myself poo although my turds often break off and are never very big

Infantry PFC
Hello every one. I've got conference championships for indoor track & field on saturday. That means that I'll be peeing alot between now and my event. It is always important to stay hydrated when in warm enviroments or when exercisizing. I myself try to lighten my self up with a pre race dump. it's never much but it helps. Hopefully if all goes well my school will be conference champs.

Althea: That is good advice. When ever I have to go when I'm in uniform (especially fatigues) I take off the jacket and hang it up. that way it keeps its well pressed form, and it isn't in the way. I hate having to go while I am on duty (no pun intended!)take care and keep on givin' out the advice as well as informing us of all your functions. Later every body...

kim and scott
TO BRYIAN-hello there. thanks for liking my latest story. that log I had while sitting on the bathroom countertop felt great coming out of me. I dont take metamucil but I always shit like I do! be well sweetie.
TO BUZZY-hello. thanks for liking my story and printing it out.I guess when the weather gets warmer we will hear more of your dumping in woods stories?. at least I hope so. be well.
TO LOUISE-hello girl.thanks for liking my post. and thats good steve took some close up pictures of you peeing. he just took pictures of what you do boyfriend scott has a camcorder and a stand for it. we may set up the stand in the bathroom one day and film us buddy dumping or maybe scott picking me up and I dumping or something like that maybe soon. haha stay tuned my long now all!love,kimmie and scotty

from anon

hi there!! has anyone witnessed true public pooping accidents of middle-aged well-dressed ladies? Some incident where it has been very embarrassing for the lady in question & where she has entirely pooped in her pants/dress (e.g. during a long journey, in the midst of a movie or on a busy road in full view of everyone please let me know I would also like to know the feelings of such unfortunate victims at that particular moment when this happens.

Also how does a male who has pooped his pants completely in front of middle-aged or old ladies feel about it?

My wife has always had the great ability to pee large quantities, and is always very loud and hissy... She works in a small office in an old building. The Ladie's is centrally located in the middle of the building, and does not have much in the way of sound insulation. She can go for well over a minute at a time, and as I had mentioned, is usually very loud! I think she is part of the daily entertainment for the 12 guys who work there- at the last holiday party, she got a fun award for the Biggest Bladder in the office- her hissing and long sprays are no secret!!

One incident that was interesting to watch was on a trip to a family reunion. We had taken our 20 year old nephew and 17 year old niece with us on this trip. It was about a 6 hour destination by car. We left early in the morning, and as I drove, the other 3 slept . We had a cooler along with 20oz drinks for the ride. We had all had at least one of these before leaving. As we were about 2 hours into the trip, my niece statred to fidget, and casually mention that she would need a pee soon. We were on an open expressway with no side pull offs, or rest facilities in sight. My wife and nephew continued to sleep for about another 1/2 hour. By this point, my niece, Kara, was bursting! She was pleading with me to just stop anywhere so she could empty her now very swollen bladder.

By this time, the other 2 were awake, and Tim, my nephew started to indicate his need for a whizz soon as well. I was also about ready to go myself, so we started to keep a sharp lookout for a pull off area. About another mile or so was a rough area that was technically not a rest stop, but, with the desperate crowd I had on board, it would certainly have to do.

We pulled over, and the 4 of us got out of the car- my niece had already pulled her shorts and panties down, and was loudly hissing into the dirt. Her brother was right beside her enjoying a long much needed pee. I joined them as my wife went around to get something out of the trunk of the car.

I had a wonderful vantage point to be able to see directly between my niece's legs, and watch the thick, powerful stream leave her young genital area- my, how she had grown since my days of bathing her as a child!! She and her brother and I were finishing up our pees. Kara then reached over into the car, grabbed some tissue, and wiped herself, all the time sighing from relief!

Then the show began- We were all still outside the vehicle taking a needed stretch when my wife decided to take advantage of the stop herself.

She stayed right by the side of the car, and proceeded to drop her shorts and panties. You can not imagine the look of sheer fascination with which my nephew was watching her start to relieve herself! She had to have peed for a good 2 minutes...full, open , wide, hissing stream! Just when you would think the stream would slow down, she would push, and start a noisy hiss all over again!
Hhe also had a wonderful view between his aunt's legs. Here's this grown woman, panties down , exposing herself to a young man. He was floored!

When she finally finished after many pushes to ensure emptyness, she also wiped, again in plain view of us, and got back into the car-

The stimulation to our nephew was quite obvious. He was actually shaking, and sported a huge bulge in his shorts. He said to my wife that it was the longest, most powerful pee he had ever seen or heard! He was absolutely beside himself!

Any other women with this kind of huge capacity and prowess out there???? let us know- In the meantime, my wife gets to keep her Biggest Bladder of the office award!


i had to poo bably so i went behind a three then a group of school kids came by they all giggled at the site of my bare bum and poos

Thursday, February 14, 2002

I used to be a camp counseler. One year I had to give a girl punishment for a problem she caused. So of course she hated me for it and got really mad. About 2 days later I found a small box of chocolate on my desk and a note from the girl saying sorry about what she said to me when she was mad. I of course wondered how she got her hands on chocolate but didn't really care. I am a chocolate lover so I ate all the chocolate in no time. About a half an hour later I was walking around camp just patrolling for mischief when I was hit by a sudden urge to poop. Since the nearest bathroom was a little walk away I ran into the woods and barely had my pants down before the liquid diarreha flushed out my butt. I was pooping for a straight 15 minutes. I was finally able to stand up and leave the massive mess behind me. I still felt bad so I walked back to my cabin. As soon as I stepped in the door I was hit by another wave And I charged for the toilet. I just sat there for a! long time flushing out poop every few seconds. Sadly I had a counseler meeting in an hour so I hoped it would pass. An hour later I walked in the counseler meeting cabin with the idea that it might be quick and I coul leave soon and use the bathroom. 30 minutes into the meeting I started letting silent gassy farts by and new I was about to poop. I held on for 15 more minutes and by that time I really had to go. I was holding my butt with my hands(i was sitting down so noone could see me). I finally got over my embarressment and quickly said I need to use the bathroom. Just then I was hit by an un-controllable urge an I began filling my pants with a loud fart. I ran to the bathroom with poo gushing down my legs and riped my pants and sat on the toilet seat which was covered with my poop. I left the meeting saying I was ill and spent the night on the toilet. I didn't feel better for 4 days. Then another counseler came in and said she found an empty Chocolated Ex-la! x container in the girl I'd punished's bed. So did she get he.. for that!

Melanie: You will have watery bowel movements for days after a virus. I had them in grammar school. I had to stay home for the duration of a week.

Dawn: Some may do and some may don't.

Victoria: I had a diarreah in N.Y. International Airport, while waiting for a flight to arrive with a new cousin. I kept running to the ladies room 3 times. On the third, I sat on the toilet and let my bowels run out. I was six and frightened by the stomach cramps that went up to my head.

sarah: I do not know the circumstances. If you were no where near a toilet, why should you be punished? Sometimes you get caught short when you suddenly get sick. I have never messed myself at the age of reason. From the time I was toilet trained, my parents said I was never afraid to tell I had to go.

jge: In Girl Scout camp, we had to line up at the latrine after a bad meal. But, I hated the food. I rarely ate. So, I did not have to evacuate immediately. But, many of my cabin mates did. I laaaaaughed!

susan: Your old man had that Norwalk Virus. It knocked down a few people in New York like ten pins. I was sick like that in grammar school. I do not want to experience such a thing again

Megan: That was Dulcolax, the doctor gave you. I had it in college and in my 20's. No more.

Aeriana: In your case, take the laxative and be done with it. Just be ready at school to leave your class at the first urge or stay home.

your name Whizzer
to twentysomething:

As to peeing with an erecttion, i can with a morning erection. this erection is not as hard as some erections and with those it is impossible to pee.

i was reading todays posts and did not go yesterday and felt the urge. I did ont about 15" long and maybe 1 1/2 inches thick. wiped couple of times and came back.

the thing with an erection is something you girls shoudl be glad you don't have to deal with but you have enough with cramps and the souch.

Punk Rock Girl

Yesterday at work I took the biggest, loudest dump I've had in a while. We have two unisex bathrooms in the office where I work. They both have two stalls and two urinals, and neither have locks on the doors. Basically there's a general understanding that both are interchangeable unless there's a client in the office, when we're only supposed to use the one downstairs. It was just us yesterday.

Anyway, I go in the bathroom, and there's a guy at one of the urinals, and someone in one of the stalls. It turned out to be my friend, and I said hello to both of them. I went in the free stall, pulled down my pants and thong and sat. I was expecting a nice, big, but quiet BM, but that wasn't the case. I pushed just a little, and this huge load exploded into the toilet with a really loud splash, and I let out a loud fart. Normally, I don't get self conscious, but I was mortified. It was SOOOOOOO loud! It reverberated through the entire bathroom. I thought it would be more uncomfortable to keep quiet, so I said, "Whoa, sorry about that." My friend in the next stall said, "Hey, what can you do?" I squeezed out a few more little poops and then wiped my ass. I flushed and walked out. My friend was still on the john, but the guy had left. I don't know if he heard me or not. I washed my hands and said, "See you later." She said, "Later," and I left.

I don't remember the last time I took such a loud and massive dump. I didn't look in the toilet afterwards, but it felt big. Anyone else have a unisex bathroom at work or school? I don't mind it most of the time, but when I'm taking a shit like that, I prefer a little more privacy!



Hi im Sally and im 19. when i have a hard log that wont come out I slip my finger indside my ass and push the front wall of my ass (towards my vagina) this creates instant convultons inside my ass and my stubbon turds start to move straigh away. I also feel great please passing big hard turds. Has anyone else experienced this method of moving stubbon logs?
cya soon Sal

TWENTY SOMETHING IN ATLANTA - that sounds like a hell of a story you've got to tell, about a college freshman wetting his pants in class - please enlighten us, as well as details of your own accident!

John: Good to hear from you. Yes, I have had the same slime results, and do have to be careful after using it not to fart carelessly. And, yes a couple friends of mine have disscussed it with me too..their constipation problem. Most of them didn't use anything at all, but started to use the suppositories, and like the results as well. I really haven't found any pills that don't make me loose or that I can time well. The suppositories have been the best thing here. Let me know how you are making out man. Talk to you again soon.

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