John's gal
I'm back again with another story from my younger days.

My sister is 8 years older than I am, so when she was in high school playing sports, I was very small like second or third grade. Once in second grade I was at one of her volleyball games, and I always used to go play in the balconey and stuff while my mom watched the game. One day in the balconey I felt a fart coming on and I let fly, pbbbbttttt, good fart. Ahh. Anyway, as soon as I did that, I felt a warm mass expanding into my panties, and I thought ohhhh, shit. (Literally)! So I told my mom I had to go to the bathroom, and soon as I did, I saw the mass of bubbly stuff in my panties that looked like mustard. It was so beautiful--yellowish green, and it wasn't even crushed into my panties--it was this dollop--like angel shit!! Seriously!! Anyway, I ended up telling my mom I had diarrhea in my pants, and I had a lot more diarrhea that night. So I got to miss school for a few days so I could stay home and shit. My mom still makes fun of me years later "Once upo! n a volleyball game....."

To Christine the receptionist:

That was certainly a close one! I'm curious- what did you do for underwear for the rest of the day? Were your undies wearable? Were they cotton or nylon? It seems to me that nylon would be easier to loosen, but maybe I'm wrong!

Hi. I used to post here a long time ago. I have a friend named Chuck who likes to have company when he's taking a mean dump. This is how I first starting getting into watching Chuck shit. I wasn’t always so open about talking about farting and shitting. It wasn’t until I met Chuck in college and we became roomates that this occurred. At first, I was a little shy about shitting in front of Chuck and being around Chuck when he was taking a dump. Chuck was never shy. In the morning when when we were getting ready for class whenever he had to fart, he would let me know ("Hey dude, check this one out.") and then stick his ass out and blast out the longest loudest farts I've ever heard. "How'dja like that one," he would say. I used to lock our bathroom door whenever he was in the room. One day when I was in the bathroom with the door locked, shaving, Chuck pounded on the door and yelled, “Hey man, ya gotta let me in, I gotta shit NOW!.” I unlocked the door and let Chu! ck in. “Chuck, I got shaving cream all over my face right now, can’t you wait?” I said. “I gotta go NOW!” Chuck replied. “And you need to get over being embarassed around me when I shit, it’s no big deal.” Chuck then proceeded to pull down his pants sit on the toilet and with a big groan, unloads a whole bunch of turds during an outrageous bowel explosion. I blushed a little and said, “Wow, you really aren’t holding back, are you?” I said laughing. “I never do, dude, and if we’re going to be roomates, you’ll need to deal with that.” Chuck then proceeded to grunt out a few more turds that made big time plopping and splashing sounds and then began to wipe (his big ass would always get splashed from his big turds so he would always wipe his cheeks off first). So as time went on I became more comfortable taking a dump when Chuck was in the bathroom and vice-versa. The first time he actually asked me if I wanted to watch him take a shit was at the gym. We were in the ! gym café having protein shakes and Chuck starts saying how the protein shake is going to make him “drop a serious load.” So a little later, he tells me that he needs to take a shit. Then he looks at me and says, “Do you want to watch?” I was really surprised to hear him ask me so directly but I said, “Sure.” He says, “Have you ever seen it coming out of the hole?” I said no, but that would be cool.” He laughed and said that I should come with him. There is a private bathroom in one of the Aerobics rooms that no one ever uses, so we went there. As soon as we locked the door Chuck pulled down his workout shorts and sat. “Ok, dude, it’s just going to be a few seconds before I get started.” So he starts grunting and rips off several huge wet farts. After a few seconds he lifts one side of his ass and says, “Lean over and check it out, man.” So I lean over and peek under his lifted ass cheek and I see a turd starting to crackle out of his hole. “I see it.” I said. ! Chuck laughs and says, “Well you’re about to see a whole lot more.” And with one quick inhale, Chuck’s expression changes to intense determination and all of a sudden I see this turd move really fast out of Chuck’s hole, It’s really long and fat and he is really grunting it along. Finally it exits his hole with some significant gaseous noise. Chuck grunted loudly when the turd finally exited, it was almost like a dog barking. Then he sat his ass back down on the toilet and I could hear some softer shit starting to crackle-ooze out of his asshole. It just kept coming and coming and then he took a sharp intake of breath and exploded with a super-loud bowel explosion that propelled a whole bunch of small turds out of his ass reall hard like a machine gun (plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop). This was followed by another fart that changed pitch and tone about 5 times. A few more turds plipped out and he signed heavily, and was done. We both started laughing at his intensenes! s. Then he got up to wipe and I watched very closely as he did so. Afterwards, we checked to make sure no one was around and we slipped out of the bathroom. After that, the rest of the time we were there, every time I passed by Chuck, he would smile and nod. It was really cool.

Christine:: First thing I do, reach under and unhitch stocking suspenders, then raise dress/skirt and petticoat, while bringing down panties.

Curiosity: If I am wearing my best clothes, I will take them off to sit on the toilet. Jeans, denims, old clothes, sports clothes: I will keep them on.

euro hiker: I use senna as a last resort. I take herbal tablet laxatives. Your friend, "P" has that nasty Norwalk virus.

Dawn: I flush after all is done. When I was in elementary school a few times I was afraid to hear my bowels evacuate or to see my bowel movement so I would flush while I was sitting.

Batfinch: I put paper in the seat if I am in doubt of a public toilet.

To jim: I liked your camp story

To SanD: Liked that!

To kim and scott: good story i liked it

I gotta run bye

Uncle Allen
Hi everyone. I have a little story to post. I may have mentioned that I teach Elementary School, but I will say it again just in case I forgot. Well I am working on my house a bit this winter- new floors, paint, kitchen, etc. So on my lunch hour, I went to a Home Depot which is right near where I work. I wanted to browse and get home improvement indeas. While I was there I got one of my loose poop attacks. I asked a girl working there to please tell me where the nearest bathrooms were. I made my way to the toilet, which was pretty far in the back of the store. When I got there some of the workers were standing in there looking in the mirror and talking. One man said hello in a friendly way to me- that was because he is the father of one of the students in my class. I realized this and said hello in as politea tone as possible and how are you. without anymore delay I pulled open a stall door, closed it, locked it, wiped the seat, covered the seat, and sat. The pe! ople were still in there so I just had to let out a gassy loose, semi liquidy poop in the toilet for a few extended minutes. I knew they could hear it and they soon left. I felt kind of embaressed, but not as much as usual. having IBS is helping me to feel a bit more comfortable with going aroung others. I really feel I made the right choice? Should I feel embaressed? Should I have waited and gone alone? I don't think so. I really do not think I had a choice. Jsut wanted to know what you all thought. I do think maybe I should have said out loud to the man that I know something like "Excuse me I'm sorry, I must have an upset stomach" or something like that. Once in the stall though I just pretended noone else existed. what do you think?

John -- Like Me, I use suppositories when I need help, but I use dulcolax insteaad of glycerin. My constipation tends to be pretty bad and the stimulant laxative in the dulcolax suppositories is stronger. It stimulates the lower colon to contract. They usually produce a movement in about 30 to 40 minutes. I usually take them in the morning. I relax and have a cup of coffee and shave while I am waiting for the suppository to take effect.

I know what you mean about the slimy farts later. I have ruined more than one pair of underwear that way. I prefer the suppository method to oral stimaulant laxatives, which are very unpredicatble for me. Sometimes they don't work at all, and sometimes they work at the worst possible time. I think posted a few years back about a laxative induced accident I had in college. I definitely try to avoid senna based laxatives. They give me awful cramps.

On several occasions, my constipation has been bad enough to require an enema. I have posted about a few of those experiences, too. Warm water enemas given with an enema bag are very effective. Have you tried that?

There used to be a number of guys with constipation that posted here. We shared experiences and advice. Several of the guys were suppository users. I don't wee their posts anymore. Thom, Carlos and others, are you guys still around?

A few of my really close buddies know about my constipation problems. That is not an easy thing to share. But I think a lot of otherwise healthy guys have problems with this at least occasionally.

Ring Stretcher
AMY (Co-Ed): I really liked that story of you having a massive dump in the dorm bathroom. Quite often, a dorm bathroom is the first time alot of girls have ever dumped in a public restroom. Virgin Public dumpers are often so nervous they can't get their anus to relax enough to open and will sit there for long periods of time straining their brains out.

BRYIAN: Thanks for liking my story! Glad you are feeling much better.

The other day Jared and I were using his broher's truck to drive out of town to pick up a huge box(the company wouldn't deliver to the house). I had had two small attacks of diarrhea in the morning, but they appeared to be from bad nerves. Not 15 minutes into the trip I grimaced and said I felt like I was going to be sick. He begged me not to get the runs on the seat, and sped up. As soon as we pulled up to the mall I made a beeline to the restroom. As soon as I got there I pushed out some smelly squigglies. I wiped and flushed, but felt much better!

I was at work today...and this morning around 10am i had to pee(hadn't peed since 5am) and im on the first floor and the bathrooms there are single person bathrooms and i walked in on some one. Im not sure who it was..i said im sorry and i ran upstairs to the other bathroom that is not single bathrooms and peed. I was too embarssed to wait. Now that i think of it i went back and saw who was missing. I think i may have walked in on this new guy(young guy) not sure cause i didn't see his face. I noticed he was gone for a while. Then i thought well maybe he was peeing then he had to dump. Then while thinking about it i got an urge to poop. I held on and the urge went away. Then this after noon back at this same single person bathroom, i had to pee and i decided to knock on the door to see if someone was in there(i usally don't knock) and then i knocked and some guy from another dept was in there. That could have been twice in 1 day that i walked in on someone. This is like the ! 3-4th thats happened here.
gotta run bye

prues poos
my name is prue its my first time here and im 22 yrs old and very atractive im tall have brown hair blue eyes and wear glasses.
any way heres my painful story.
iwas going for a walk one afternoon and i needed to do a poo and there was only a porta potty around. so i had no other option.

i went into the building site and asked a work man to use the loo and not only it was embarrasing to ask, i went in the loo and surprisingly the bowl was clean so i pulled my panties down and hoping it was going to be a hard and clean poo. but i was more than what i usually expected
it was a struggle to push it all out and it all came out at once and as i heard all my poo hitting the waterless base of the bowl then i had a look and there were poos sitting in a bowl in shapes of brown rocks and stones and didnt need to wipe my ass.
the worst part was i didnt know how to flush and how these toilets worked so i had to ask the workman how to flush so he walked over in to the portapotty and pulled a red lever on the side with a sink with a water pump and the bottom of the bowl had a trapdoor flush and all were gone except 2 solid lookin little poos got stuck but after flushin again 3 times they fell.

Punk Rock Girl, I love the way you write. So fluidly. So lyrically. Your last two posts were so nice I read each one twice. I like your insights too in your note to Jasta. Peace!


Hi there!

Just found this site and its really cool that people talk about this stuff. I'm 16, still at school and live in the uk.

Today I nearly got into an embarrassing situation. I was a bit late leaving home and didnt have a chance to have my morning wee. We have lessons all through morning until 11 o clock. I was ok until about 10.00 but then could feel a need for a wee. Our teachers are really strict and wont let us out to go to the toilet so I just had to hold it. By 10.30 I was getting really desperate and kept my legs really tightly crossed to try and stop weeing my knickers. The time then proceeded to go really slowly. I wispered to Lucy, my best friend who was next to me that I needed to go and had to slip one hand up my skirt to hold myself through my knickers. I dribbled a little bit and finally the bell went.

I must have barged past everyone to get to the girls toilets which luckily werent far away. I managed to beat the rush and went running into a stall, hitched my grey uniform skirt up and yanked my knickers down and started weeing. I was going for ages. When I finished, I wiped a couple of times. When I came out the stall there was quite a long line, of mostly desperate girls as its a long time to go without a wee.

Hello ELLEN, isn't it wonderful that Andrew and Kendal let you join in the fun on the loo! And it is wonderful to see you post here for the first time! Welcome to the forum! Hugs from Rizzo.

Hi everyone!Well it finally happened,I took the biggest,meanest,shit of my entire life.I shit a total of two times since christmas and have been constipated ever since.I have been eating like a hippopotamus,and before my mega shit I was up to 304lbs.from 237.Thats a total of 67lbs. gained,I am back down to I figure a good 42lbs.of the healthiest shit I could muster up was cleaned up by some poor soul who has chosen janitorial work as a career.
It started when I figured I would have to use intestinal dynamite to unclog my stuffed to capacity bowels.I found this syllium stuff that is supposed to grow eight times it's size in order to make wour bowels move,it didn't work right away so I helped it along with e-lax and dolcalax.Yesterday after work I was on the way home from work on the bus,when mother load came down,and my stomach began to cramp violently,I really didn't know the bus route because I usually drive but my car broke down and was in the shop,so I asked the bus driver if there was any where to shop along the route He said "yeah there's a Wallmart right up here".I could barely stand up as I felt a HUGE BM comming on,and I mean H U G E!!!!!my bowels had to move so badly I swear I could taste it.I made it off the bus and had to walk across the big parking lot to get into the store.I had to stop every 20 feet or so to squeeze my big butt cheeks together so I didn't have an accident.finally,I made it,as ! you all know the washrooms in wall mart are usually located near the front of the store.I bolted for the washroom and when I got inside there was a small line.I was seconds away from the wonderful commode holding with all my might my straining bowels.finally it was my turn to go into the stall,anxiously I went in turned around and slammed the door shut,pulling my slacks down along with my girdle and panties to just above my knees.I sat down and pushed ever so slightly and an ripping fart followed by an ENORMUS coil of excrement began to run out of me it kept comming and comming and was about two inches thick but ridiclously long.It broke off and then came some big stuff,really big stuff thick like fifteen inches at a time and I would snap it off then another one and another and another.These things had to be caused by that syllium stuff.a monsterous snapping fart followed by a huge rope of shit finished off this commode,as I pulled up my girdle and slacks and he! ld them around my waist I turned to look into the toilet and it was stuffed with an enormous amount of excrement.I ran into the next empty stall sat down and with another long snapping loud violent fart an enormous wave of the most vile smelling shit blurted out of me and just kept comming,it smelled like rotten eggs,and rotten meat,mixed with hot sulfer,and burning rubber ugggghhhh... GOD my bowels were finally moving after almost two months!I was able to flush this load down in time to literally pump another huge load of stuff into the toilet my bowels were way out of control.I got up to look in the toilet and could see what looked like 10 or 12 had gone to the bathroom on top of a huge bm.every color from a deep creamy brown,to a golden tan to bright yellow gold was represented.I counted 11 bowls of shit 12 including the first one and I was in there shitting for three hours total,wow wha a load...Love you everyone bye,ALANA

This is my first post, after reading some of the great posts on this forum! I just wanted to say that I think it's great that so many people seem to be into bathroom stuff. I myself am only interested in pee, namely watching women pee. Ever since a young age, I have been fascinated with it. You might say my first "sexual" experience involved pee, which is why I probably associate it with sex today. I was playing in the street with a friend and his pesky younger sister. I was about 6-7. Anyways, we were telling her to go away, play with the girls, but you know how little sisters can be! So we thought... hmmm.. take advantage of this! My friend says "ok if you want to hang out with us you have to.... pee on that bug!" She promply did. That was the first time I saw female genitals, and got a dirty/excited feeling. Ever since then, I've loved it when my girlfriends pee outdoors and/or in naughty places! So guys, keep the stories coming, and I'll share a few of my ow! n in the future! My current g/f is not overly excited by the idea of watersports, but has several times peed outdoors for me and said it was surprisingly fun and daring (I had to dare her, then she got this wicked gleam in her eye!) Oh well, it's a start!

Hello,all-some responces-TO JANE-Nice dump after all the pizza and popcorn-I liked it so much that I printed it and took it to the bowl as I let out my morning BM-it was fun to read as I pushed out my turds and felt like we were pooing together-good stuff,honey!
TO DAWN-welcome to the forum-to answer your question,Sometimes I flush after the 1st wave of poo most of the time if i'm in a public toilet.I call this flushing with manners-don't want to stink other people out,but when i'm home i uaually wait till i'm done cause theres something kinda cool to look at my load after i'm done esp if it's a really big one-if i'm at the gym i uauslly flush after each load i do-which sometimes could be 2-3 times
TO KIM & SCOTT-Yeah,kim baby! that was a great dump you did on the paper-i really enjoyed reading that one-wish I could see the "movie" version-I also printed yours too to take to the bowl-good one<KIM!!
TO JOHN_ First,i myself NEVER use laxatives and you shouldn't also!Try some citrocil or metameucil-it's much better.You have nice ,easy, big ,soft BM's cause all this stuff has natural senna in it.I too like you some years agao tried suppositories (Dulcolax) and it sting like hell and I also did lots of loose slime and had the feeling for hours after that I had to go more and I did stain my underwear-Never again!Just watch your diet and eats lots of fiber,believe me you'll really enjoy doing some great feeling soft BM's! TRy it!
TO FURBALL-Yes,i really enjoy the feeling of sitting on the bowl every morning and letting out my ropes of poop.My anus does tingle after a really good load-nothing like it!!
TO CURIOSITY-Yes, a lot of times i poop i the nude-I don't know why,but it feels better that way.I do it mostly in the warmer weather-somtimes it's just too cold in the winter and yes i shower about 95% of the time after i poop and I feel so clean that way-this way I'm clean both inside and out!
I had a "JANE' type of BM this a.m after i went to the supermarket and I had to rush home and I as sat on the bowl,i was already letting loose with a hissing fart and my anus opened up with a real long rope of soft,smooth turds which felt great and ended with a long fart.I knew i was going to be there for a bit so I got up(after a small wipe)and got some of the peinted stories of the forum and went back and read them as i sat on the bowl and I farted again and did some more long turds as I read some your stories.Then i was finished reading ,but still had to go more as I pushed my anus out and did a lot of pudding that ended in 2 wet farts and i pushed out my anus a few times and looked in the bowl and saw 3 10 inch pythons with a pile of pudding in the middle-Good load.Then did a good wipe and them jumped into the shower-nice way to start the day.It was a good dump much like yours,JANE Great stuff everyone!BYE

Hi, This is my first posting. I'm now 46, and married with two great kids. I remember the first time I got into poops was when I was 16. I was working away from home, and walking home one night, I needed a pee. So, I went into the public toilets and couldn't understand why there was no urinals placed along the wall. I realised that I'd gone into the ladies by mistake. Since it was very late ( about 1am) I thought what the hell and went into one of the stalls for a pee. I looked into the toilet, and lo and behold a HUGE jobbie was staring out at me. Halfway out of the water. It must have been about 18ins. long, and 3 ins thick. It hadn't been there for too long, as it still had that fresh poop smell from it. I touched it and it was still warm. I looked into the waste bin beside the toilet bowl, and there was a pad in it, which had a very slight trace of blood on it, but also, towards the rear of the pad, was a big glob of poop. That was me hooked, I just wish my wife was as o! pen about toilet habits as some of the wonderful women on this site. I used to think I was weird till I went on to the internet and saw how many others were also into pooping in a BIG way if you know what I mean. I love reading all the pooping stories that are dotted accross the internet. However, I respect my wifes wishes and would never force her to indulge in something she doesn't want to. On the odd occassion that she's taken a really huge dump, she's called me through to the toilet to let me see it ! She does know that I'd love to watch her poop, but she won't let me, and I respect her for that. I reckon she must be curious herself, but old fashioned upbringing is stopping her from going any further. I havn't told her about my reading all the stories, as I reckon she'd really blow her top at me. Some things are best kept to yourself. At least, I've remained faithful over our 25 yr. marraige as has she, and I'd hate to hurt her in any way.

Hello! It's good to be back again. I've had serveral days without my computer. Had problems with it. So I'm catching up with emails, etc, and also catching up with postings on this site. It's difficult when you miss out on the posts to catch up and take them all in.

Since my diarrhoea recently my bowels are getting back to normal. Yesterday I had a fantastic dump. I pushed out two huge golden brown logs. One was about 9" long and curled up the front of the toilet out of the water. The other was about 7" long and laid beside it, but not breaking the surface of the water. I was ecstatic at what I'd produced as all I had been doing of late was soft mushy poo. These logs just looked to beautiful. They were lovely and smooth. After a few minutes I finished off my BM with a few squigglies on top of my beautiful logs. I only had to wipe twice, as it was not at all messy. Need to save on TP after all I've used in recent weeks!!

Bryian: Good to catch up on your recent posts. Your ask me about whether I hear or see my sons go to the toilet. The answer is no. They are both rather reserved when it comes to such matters. Actually, Craig, my oldest (20, going on 21), went through a bad time when my wife (his mum) was terminally ill. The nature of Huntington's Disease makes those who suffer it lose interest in things and people. He was always very close to his mum and thought she did not care about him anymore. He began to have many accidents when I think he pooped his pants to get attention. He must have done this literally dozens and dozens of times. Now I think having shit his pants so often in front of all sorts of people, family and friends alike, he's turned very private about his peeing and pooing habits. His underwear put out for the wash rarely even has even a slight skid mark in it. Jason, although only 2-years younger, had no more accidents than an average boy in school might have. On one o! ccasion he was up during the night throwing up into the toilet. He sounded so rough that I went to him. He was wearing just his boxers (all he ever wears in bed). Suddenly as he heaved a load more sick into the bowel, he let go a load of diarrhoea into his boxers - which then flowed all over the floor as he knelt there. I was able to tell him not to worry about that. At that time we fortunately had a tiled floor in our bathroom, not carpet as now. So it was easy (though not nice) to clean up. He was then 14 and was embarassed. I said, "Don't be. You're sick. It's OK." He had a shower. As he made his way back to his bedroom in clean underwear, I gave him a big, big hug. He said later that that big hug had meant so much during a bad night.
You've been mentioning that you get that feeling as if you're going to shit your pants again. It's similar to the feelings I had for several weeks after I had diarrhoea in my pants in Glasgow. I think it's just sort of a phychological thing. When you and me have both been soooo embarassed as we were, there's a natural fear of it happening again. That will gradually diminish I can assure you. Maybe you will have another accident sometime. I just hope it is not diarrhoea and something more managable. Yes, the two accidents I posted about recently were within the space of about a week. Thankfully, it was soft mushy poo that was contained in my underwear and not diarrhoea (apart from it squishing out of my briefs into my sports shorts when I squatted in the shower to undo the laces in my trainers).
Just a lighter note to finish. I went to a trade exhibition with Dave (who works with me). We went to two lectures there. The second was so boring. Dave suddenly started trying to supress laughter, so much so, that he was shaking his chair as well as mine and others in the row. They were individual plastic chairs clipped together. Asking him after what he found amusing, he said, "That guy was so boring. My mind was wandering and I suddenly throught of your cyber friend Bryian in America whose co-worker thought he'd had an accident in his car when he'd actually had an accident in his pants!" Your accident brought some light relief to Dave as we endured that terribly boring lecture! By the way, Bryian, where do you actually live. I have a small world map above my computer desk. I put coloured pins in of people I know. I would like to put pins in for those I post to on this site, so it would be good to start with you. Just helps me visualise where people actually are.

Well, must rush off. Bye for now.


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

To BATFINCH, As far as I would use the terms squatting and hovering;
Squatting means to get in a position where your thighs are lower than your knees such as you would need or want to do when using a squat toilet, hovering just means slightly bending the knees such as you might want to do to avoid sitting on a toilet seat, and so stand over it and let the shit drop into the pan.

FERNANDO, Thanks for info. about toilets with lots of visibility of the guy sitting there. I love reading about such toilets and would prefer to use one with minimal screening like you described, rather than one with no partition at all. That way you can se another guy sitting on, or be seen yourself without the awkwardness of such observation being obvious!
I've yet to find any public toilets in Britain with such big gaps apart from one I found once in a department store where the doors had huge gaps under them and I sat there with my thighs on full view as a guy stood at the urinals and who must have noticed me and my lack of inhibitions in sitting there. Wished I'd been farting, grunting and plopping at the time though!

ELEANOR, Great news about your healed relationship with your brother, the lack of any outside interference, and a very bitter conflict melting into love and respect!
If only international disputes and bitterness could resolve themselves by the parties concerned really understanding their motives and misunderstandings as happened with you two.
It seems the fact that you apologised to him for your intrusion on him softened his extreme disrepect for you and paved the way for him to really open up and see you as someone he loves and not a figure of ridicule as he'd wanted you to be.
I think your determination and defiance as he once again invaded your privacy showed him you weren't going to put up with any more of his and his friends' behaviour, and as in any case of bullying, the moment the victim decides he or she has had enough, that way of thinking often affects the bully as he realises he's losing control of the situation.
It would be good to know how things continue with you two, and that the bathroom is once more a refuge and sanctuary for what you wish to do on your own. Also that you don't feel embarrassed if you should meet any of the other boys who were probably feeling awkward themselves at seeing you in such distress. Best wishes!

Regarding the problems of the male anatomy that several people have been discussing.
I've always regarded it very convenient as a man to be able to piss with the minimum of undressing, and never having known anything different, am quite happy with the way I'm made. However, I do agree it is in a vulnerable place, and that the testicles are very sensitive, such that by slightly touching them with the sleeve of a pullover when getting dressed makes me instantly aware of their sensitivity.
As for the danger of zipping up after urinating, I've noticed some guys when finishing off after a piss seem to pull up their zips as though it's got to be done like lightening! Why? Part of macho culture?
I personally zip up slowly, and place my thumb in front of the zip as it zips up so as to avoid accidents!
Clothing manufacturers could make life much safer by doing away with zips in trousers and jeans, and going back to buttons instead.
No one would be in danger of getting anything caught in a button!

When I was 16, I often used to see a guyin his 20s whom I virtually hero-worshipped. Hw was well-built, wore very tight-fitting jeans with very muscular thighs, was good-looking, and rode a motor bike. I'd often see him as he bought a mid-morning snack, and he always had a workmate with him, less goodlooking, less muscle and less personality who, it seemed to me, looked up to his mate and probably saw him as a male role model as I did. They worked as labourers, and were probably very healthy and certainly looked physically fit.
I used to fantasize about him doing the ultimate act of healthy masculine activity, and imagined him at work during his break going to the toilets, pulling down these tight jeans, covering the toilet seat with his big muscular buttocks and thighs, and grunting as he pushed out his solid bum-splashing turds, farting and contorting his handsome face with the determination and resolve to push out these whoppers with loud plops, and the possibility his mate by waiting outside the door as he hears and smells all this as he admires this demonstration of overt and healthy bodily functions from his friend's most personal and sacred part of his young healthy and attractive body.
Once, a few years later, when I rarely saw this guy apart from occasionally on his motor bike showing off his thighs in his familiar tight jeans in his "sitting-on-the-toilet" posture; I met his friend, someone I'd never spoken to before, and we chatted as though we were old friends, and it was great to have such a friendly chat with someone I hardly knew, but I also felt good knowing he was the friend of this other guy I used to worship, as though by association with him, I was close to his friend.
Well' who knows the extent of their friendship, or which of the two was more proficient at using the toilet, or enjoying shitting, I used to fantasize about this biker who whether he was heterosexual or not, was often surrounded by girls in the evening as he sat on his motor bike being admired and he must have felt terrific when he sat on the toilet, knowing how admired he was, such that the turds that dropped from his arse would be admired by someone!
Anyway, I never got the chance of getting to knowhim or his mate, I didn't work with them, nor have a motor bike, and all I've said is just about my crush on this guy, and about the idea of him having a shit. It actualy seemed impossible that someone like that would sit on a toilet- the idea was TOO exciting to imagine!
Such can be the problems of seeing the same person every working day, and having unresolved fantasies about them, with the inevitable frustration of not being able to do anything about it.
This is the first time I've ever mentioned this person, and to know there are people herewho can relate to it and understand how much the idea of him shitting on the toilet was a passion with me is truly great, and on behalf of anyone else who has felt so strongly about someone at one point in their life, using the toilet; Thanks for allowing these opportunities of sharing.

Have a good one, everyone, P. Plop Guy

To London Lad: Thanks for mentioning me again. Yes I am fairly quiet on the toilet, but like your "Jill" I do tend to stink the place up. When I go for a poo at home, my husband prefers me to use our downstairs loo because the flush is better, and I have been known to clog up the upstairs loo. The problem I have with the downstairs loo is that it is right next to the front door, and the smell is very obvious to anyone stood at the front door! More than once I have been sat there using the loo and my husband has answered the doorbell. They stand there talking, and I just know they can smell what I am doing!

To PPG: I still use the word "lavatory". It is a bit old fashioned, but I was brought up to use that word, and we used it when I was at boarding school. I think some of the trains on our line still say "lavatory" on the loo door.

I was watching a stand up comedy show and they had a female comic on. The first thing she talked about was her visit to the loo before the show. She said she went into the first cubicle but there was a big poo in it so she went to the next one and "did a small wee" as she put it. She then said that when she was washing her hands a girl came in and went into the first cubicle and saw the poo so she went into the next one. The comdedian said to the girl "I did that".

(ie Went into the next stall not the poo!) :)

Robby and Annie
Hi Toidyteers!
Annie's last post didn't make it in and we think we know why. We carry on! Now Annie told a story last time and
Annie- Robby and I were still in school. We went on a school trip to Brighton. We stayed in a small hotel. I was rooming with a girl by the name of Livy. One morning she called to me from the loo. She said she was stuck. I looked in on her and she was sitting on the toilet and had a devilish grin on her face. I heard plop, plop, plop! She laughed and farted. I was rather embarrassed. Mind you, I was only 13 at the time. She bore down and a stream of wee came out. She took the tissue and wiped. She then smile and said;"Annie,dear, don't you have to sit straight away?" I had to admit I did. I slowly walked over to the toilet, pulled my knickers down and started a slow wee. Livy just smiled. I didn't need to poo so I wiped and got up. Live said;"Wasn't that fun?" I just mumbled something. I told Robby later and he thought it was a hoot. When we got home I watched him poo. I rather did like doing this so our loo bonding was nearly a daily thing from then on.

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi dears, The above story was written for you. Hope you and little Ellen are tip top. Robby had an experience with his assistant Barb the other day. She was in the loo and poor Robby had to go. He banged on the door and she told him she wasn't through so he had to wee in a waste basket. I just rolled in the floor when he told me that. Well, we look forward to your return! We are going to post a little message to Ellen after yours. We miss you. Take care!!! Lots of Lovexxxxx and big hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR LITTLE ELLEN: Hi sweetheart! Welcome to the forum. We really enjoyed your post. We hope you will come back and say hello. We think highly of your brother Andrew and your cousin Kendal. We know you are in good hands. Take care! Lots of Lovexx and a squeezy hug from Annie, Robby, Meghan and Sarah

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie! Thank you for your kind words! We are glad that you are doing ok. Alan was my husband. Robby and I lost our spouses within 8 months of each other. This is one of the reasons why we are so close now. Are you designing anything now? How are your poos? We hope they are Cullompted! Mine are regular and Robby helps me sometimes by rubbing my ????. We have done this for many years. We hope you will find someone that enjoys this forum. Keep practicing your standup wees! I know that Sue would have loved talking to you here! Take care! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs. Annie and Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Welcome back dear friend!!! We are glad you enjoyed the poo and wee story about Nessie! Sue was a free spirit so we have loads of stories to tell. You are going though central Europe in March? My oldest daughter is taking a business spin around, too. She is working on the British end of the euro money. Robby remembers Heather. He was lurking on this site then and also remembers Cancer cousin. Death of a dear one is never an easy thing to get over. That is why we are glad we have friends like you and others on this site. My handling of Robby's willie is an art. He is the one who moves and the wee splashes all about,LOL! Take care! Lots of Love from Annie and Robby

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: Well, yesterday at school I saw a women go into the gents loo and I walked in after her. She pulled down her jeans and weed into the urinal. She saw me and tried to stop. I told her don't worry about it. In the U.S. you don't do stuff like this. At least not legally. Two gents came in and I thought their teeth would fall out. I hiked up my skirt and had a go. We both ran out giggling. Robby said that while he thought it was funny I shouldn't do that again for awhile. Steve, your telling of your virtual wee was outstanding. Take care! Lovexx Annie and Robby

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends. Tim, we hope you will be able to go to work, soon. We know it is frustrating. Sarah, you are a wonderful wife. We hope you will stay with us! Love and hugs, Annie and Robby

DEAR CARMALITA: HOLA!! Hope those poos are huge!! Hope eveyone is getting on fine. We think about you and the whole gang! Take care, Lovexxx Annie and Robby

SPECIAL HELLOS: Jane and Gary, Dear PV, Kim and Scott, Rjogger and Kathy, LindaGS, Mere and MANDY, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Christina-welcome, Jeff A-where are you?, Adrian, Bryian, Gopweller, Adele, Jasta, Punk Rock Girl, jim, Ephermal, Amy(coed), Melanie, Noel, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Erin, Dear Eleanor, Ring Stretcher, Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, Elena, Pico Tamale, Ashley, Buzzy, Ellie and Little Lou-please come back!


I read this on the BBC's news website (complete with photographs) today:

It seems there is almost no end to bathroom activities which have gone public, with even the taboo of open air urination crumbling in cities across the UK. Unshielded urinals are being deployed in London, Bristol and Manchester to stem the tide of micturating (male) miscreants.

Though councils such as Westminster - where the toilets were trialled - are not keen to encourage the public passing of water, many reason it is better to collect fluids rather than allow them to be expelled more furtively.

Aside from the smell and health hazards caused by inappropriate bladder evacuations (often post pub closing time), such venerable public institutions as London's National Gallery were suffering more obvious damage.

It was noticed the stone walls of the city landmark were beginning to erode under the watery onslaught.

RIZZO - Hi guy!
Yeah I thought you would like the urinal story. I bet you would
have liked to have been standing behind me or at the side of me!
It was a bit shocking for me when I felt a draught under my
skirt, and then I realised I had not put my knickers back on. LOL
Our bath is a corner bath, not a long tub and it is just big
enough to squeeze the 4 of us in but we were squashed in like
sardines in a tin. It was a bit hard to find a place to put my
legs. Steve thought it was cosy.
I am still not a good girl, so I think I will have more to write
about and tell you soon.
Love Louise xxxxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi girl! I bet Steve likes your latest letter.
I bet Scott likes the video of you pushing out that log. Steve
took some good close up digital pictures of me having a wee but
none of me shitting. Hey what an idea.
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi! Well when I wee in a urinal and I draw a little venis
symbol on the wall, it is just me saying that I have been there.
Hehehe I have not really looked at it as like keeping score!
Yeah you are so right about problems little girls would have
trying using wall mounted urinals. I was not too tall when I was
about 9, I was average, but I bet I would have been able to wee
in urinals. Any younger than that and I bet it would be harder.
It would be really easy to do it in the steel wall one like at
our pool, but it would be same for them as it is for us when we
go. When I am at the urinal at the pool I do not stand in those
places where it is wet on the floor because some guy has been
there and weed a bit on it. That is a problem with the steel
wall type urinals but I have seen it happen under the other wall
mounted ones as well in the men's rooms. Men have dicks and
some can not wee properly with them. Tut! Steve is good enough
with his though. What would a boy be like if he was next to a
lady with skirt raised, panties to the side? Well if I just
guessed I bet he would just be like curious about what we are
like down there? Me and mum did have that at least once when we
weed standing on the beach in Spain. I mean I remember getting
looked at by little boys who went running past us and I bet they
were thinking how we were weeing like that? We did not mean to
get looked at by them you know, they just came near but I bet
they thought how are they weeing without willies.
Hey about what I said about us maybe getting a urinal in our
bathroom, it made me think of this tv programme that was on ages
ago now. It was an Aussie programme, a drama about firefighters
that was on late at night. I can not remember what its name
was, but it had these scenes of lady firefighters sharing the
same shower rooms as the men. Do you know if it is really like
that? So open? I just imagined a lot more you know, like would
the girls use urinals with guys there and stuff? I just thought
it was a bit of an exciting thought, you know.
Yeah, the Shitites in modern day Turdestan. I thought of that
one too, those words are really close to that aren't they? I
have other ones that I can not remember just now.
Hey I liked the adverts you talked about, and yeah it is like
whoever has made them thinks we are just observers of guys
weeing. I mean, girls wee too! "Mixed compay"? Did that "n"
key get stuck again? LOL I do not think they would make an advert
showing guys and girls weeing together in a big group like that
gang we saw on our first visit to Spain. LOL
On Friday Steve and I were in this bar. It was not one we have
been to before and I got chatted up by this man who I bet was
about 70 years old. He had a boxer's bashed in nose and I do
not remember how it started but he talked about when he was a boxer.
Well he was a bit of a pest really but I knew he was no harm and
I did not want to hurt his feelings so I listened. Steve was
there with me and the man looked Steve up and down and asked if
he was a boxer then he changed his mind and said no, he must be
a judo man or something. Steve just said what he did and the man
just said Steve would not beat a boxer. Steve just shook his
head and smiled a bit just agreeing with him LOL. Then the man
went to the gents. When he came back out, he had a long wet
streak down the right leg of his cream trousers! Oh no I thought,
and it was hard not to laugh at his big wet patch. I looked at
Steve and he had a straight face and he looked at me, trying to
make me laugh. Oh it was a shame really for the man, but he was
a bit too drunk to realise he had pissed his pants a bit. It is
like Steve said, men have to get empty or they will leak in
their pants.
Well we went to other bars for a while, but we were not late and
we were going home. I needed a wee, and I was in a short black
dress. Well Steve did not need a wee, so he held my g string and
my knickers for me while I stood in front of the alley wall and
had a good wee down it. LOL Steve said he liked what he saw!
I bet you would look good in a dress like mine. Can you think
what wall would be safe if we were together? LOL



Hi all, hope your all shitting well.
Rizzo I used to use the victoria line via streatham hill but have now lost my job so i don,t use this anymore. I occassionally use coastal routes i'm heading down cornwall way the end of march, but none of these trips are commuting. I have only used a foriegn train toilet in namimbia , they are regular suction toilets like on plains but are small and often smelly, just pissing made you gag and run out, after i'd finished of course but i did not need a BM luckily. Any more more travell related stories would be appreciated please, thanks for posting.
Hi Dawn (in response to your flushing queery)I flush at the end only but have read here about people flushing between dumping and wiping do you do this because you drop big logs or alot of logs if you dont mind me asking? would you clog if you did'nt flush in between? I don't often clog the bog but have done a few times but can't be arsed to get up to flush before wipeing, lifting the log with a toilet brush will normally
break it and a tip for the big loggers of this site(ok lumberjacks listen up) i find pouring bleach down and letting it soak helpfull, if you can, as the bleach breaks down organic matter(i.e shit) so softening it.Heres a topic for discussion forgive me if it,s been mentioned already but what about flushing the toilet during going to drown out noises, apparantely in japan they have or are trying to invent a machine to drown out noises with music or something,that is activated when you lift the lid or drop the sit or whatever any comments please about noise drownage. I know thats not good grammer but I'm not able to stay long tonight and am trying to type as little as i can but i shall return if you all want.
Bye for now too you all, my new friends, please keep well. Londonlad

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

I am getting confused What is the difference between hovering and squating.

I know that toilets in the far east are such that you need to squat.

I can well understand you ladies being reluctant to sit on public toilet seats. Being a male and working at home its not an issue.

Is hovering more a term used when using a toilet and squarting when in the open air? Or are the terms interchangable?

Does it make any difference if you are peeing or pooing?

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