Punk Rock Girl

Bryian -- When I got my butt stuck in the outhouse I was nine. I'm 23 now. The closest I've come to something like that lately, was when I was a first year in college, I sat on a toilet seat that had just been painted and got paint allover my ass and legs. Luckily I didn't get stuck, but I did end up walking back to my room with my pants down, covering myself with my shirt pulled down. I didn't want to get paint on my pants.

Jasta-- I think it was Outhouse Scott that talked about the disadvantages of having a penis. But I think you misunderstood him. He didn't say it was BETTER to be a girl, just that there are equal disadvantages either way. I think I agree with that to some extent. First of all, I have never thought it was a big deal to have to sit down to pee. So what? It takes five extra seconds. I'll admit periods and PMS are the worst, but I can't imagine what it's like having a thing sticking out and hanging between your legs all day everyday. It would drive me nuts. Finally, as far as getting pregnant goes, a guy will never have to go through the pain and agony of carrying the baby and finally squeezing it out, but they will also never know the joy and beauty of physically bringing a new life into the world. I think overall, everything evens out.

Regardless, it's an unbelievably stupid thing to obssess over. It's like complaining about having to breathe. It's just the way it is!



Twentysomething in Atlanta ‰
Just a quick answer to those who asked about guys peeing with an erection. The simple answer is, some can, and some can't. I always could. First thing in the morning, when you wake up in that condition and you have to pee, the shower is the obvious solution. I'll bet I peed a few hundred gallons down the shower drain (well, a bank shot off the glass) in my bathroom at home from ages 10 to 18. Had to be more discreet in the dorm and the frat house in college. When it came time to get a condo of my own, the first thing I looked for was a good shower stall, since I hate taking a shower standing in a tub.

As you can tell, I'm much more interested in liquids than solids. I'd like to hear more from guys on teenage accidents, in school or wherever, how they happened, what you did afterwards, and what reactions you got. I wet my pants in school at age 14, which I thought was pretty bad, but I know a guy who did it in class as a college freshman!

Punk Rock Girl

Almost forgot to tell a poop story! Once when I was in college, I was at a friend's apartment while he was doing a photo shoot. He had all these lights up, and one of the light stands was halfway inside the bathroom, so the door couldn't close, even partially. I had to take a crap and asked if I could move the light, he said he'd prefer if I didn't, he promised no one would look. I said okay, but I'm pooping. I went in, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down. I started crapping, when three guys came in from getting everyone food. They walked into the living room and got a full, unobstructed view of me on the shitter. Luckily, I knew all of them, or it would have been much more embarrassing. I just smiled and said, "I didn't want to screw up your lighting." They said thanks, and one of them just kind of stared at me. I smiled at him, and he started talking to me, probably thinking that college was great--you get to talk to girls while they're on the to! ilet! I tried to be polite and said, can you leave me alone for a second, I'm pooping. He turned red and said, "Oh God, sorry" and walked away. I quickly finished, wiped and flushed. I pulled my pants up and said, okay! They all came back in. The one guy was far more embarrassed than me!

Even though I have no problem peeing in front of other people, sometimes I can't bring myself to crap in front of people. And even if I'm just peeing, if someone comes in the room while I'm on the toilet (it's happened a few times in my life) I panic just for a second, and automatically tense up. I guess part of me is still a little bashful, but hey, we all shit!



Like furball, I am also coming out of my shell-and it feels great!

Does anyone else like to take off as much clothing as they can before they go poop?

Does anyone else take a shower after they poop, in the interest of hygeine? I usually make this a daily ritual.....

Thanks 'ME' for the advice on jumpstarting the system with glycerin suppositories. Since you ask I'm 35.

I'd be very interested to know what the other pills were that you tried besides senna. Weren't some of them better thanm others as regards timing and the looseness they created?

The difficulty seems to be knowing which laxative to take, how much and when to take it. Could it be worked out from how constipated you are, how much you passed and when? Do you ever discuss your constipation with other male friends?

Sometimes a laxative has given me really runny bowels and sometimes they haven't seemed to work at all. I prefer to be made fairly loose by a laxative because I always feel a lot better after a laxative-induced big sloppy clear-out but not too much.

I have bought and used glycerin suppositories in the past and they're certainly extremely effective in moving my bowels for me. They make my bowels exude loads of slime and the desire to go is really intense. The constipated load certainly slips out quickly and easily after using the suppository but the feeling of needing to go persists horribly even after no more will come out.Worse, an hour or so afterwards, a careless fart will put a load of clear slime into my underpants. DId you ever get any problems of that sort?

So, I don't find that suppositories are altogether the perfect solution to my constipation. ALso, I suspect that they don't clear me out quite as well as a dose of laxative. What do you find?

Any other guys got any advice or suggestions for effective laxative use?

hi, i got back from camp yesterday, it was only two days. on the first day we got to camp i had to pee and we all loaded off the van and they told us to line up for a picture in front of the camp sign, and i was in the midle row i had to stand, the kids in front of me were squated down so they could see my front. i was trying to hold it and i heard the camera clicking, i was wearing sweatpants and i pulled them real tight up my stomach and it didnt work, i started going. i dont think the guy taking pictures could see what i was doing cause he was looking through the little hole. but the camera was clicking more pictures while i was peeing my self, the kid in front of me head my pee hissing out and he looked up and said ooo your wetting yourself, everyone heard him and looked over at me. i couldnt stop going yet, i had to go so bad and was holding it all the way there. we started setting up camp after the pictures were done. i was trying to find my bag so i could change but t! hey were in a big pile and they said they will sort them later after the tents get up. so i had towear the wet pants till they dried. we were sitting around the fire at night and i needed to poop. we were sitting on logs around the fire, it was dark except for the fire light. i squatted in front of the log instead of sitting on it and went in my pants. i went alot and my but was big now. i thought i could just empty it on the way to the tent. but then we had to do a skit. i had to lay on my back while other kids jumped over us. the poop smashed in my but. i had peed a little when i pooped so i covered my front up with my hands while i was laying there. then i had tojump and the other kids were laying down. i ran and jumped and landed on the otherside, when my feet hit the groung my poop started sliding down my leg, it came out of my underware. i still had on my sweatpants and there was a big ball of poop at the bottom of my leg, the elastic stoped it from coming out. i got ! back to the tent and emptied the poo out in the woods. i peed and then changed and went to bed. i woke up in the middle of the night, almost morning and had to pee bad again. it was pitch black out and i didnt have a flashlight. i tried to find the zipper to open the tent and i started peeing. i was just wearing briefs and a tshirt. it ran down my legs and went everywhere, i ran back to my sleeping bag and just stood there peeing. my friend woke up and said whats that sound. i was splattering when it dripped. i got back in my wet sleeping bag and went back to sleep. i woke in the morning and found the tent floor in front of the door was wet, there was a small puddle. and my scooby sleeping back was wet. i couldnt take my underware off in front of everyone so i pulled my pants on to wear for the last day. i was still soaked so it soaked through a little on my but. no one noticed. i didnt have anymore accidents until the ride home. i had to poop again and it hurt real bad. i h! ad to push my but off the seat so it could come out. my friend sitting next to me knew what i was doing, he whispered are you pooing and i said yeah i couldnt hold it. he said i have to go too. he lifted off the seat and went too, i heard the crackling sounds coming from his but, i looked at his but and i saw it get bigger, he must have had to go cause it just kept getting bigger and bigger, it reached over and felt it, it was mushy, he said hey stop that. mine as hard. he sat back down and i heard it mash, it was gross. he was going to have a mees to clean later. bye

PV: You mentioned some ad's that involved people going to the toilet). I thought I'd mention a couple more. A few weeks ago in the Advertiser (local paper here) there was an ad for a place that was having a sale. It had a picture of a guy sitting on the loo with a laptop computer on his lap with the words "Theres no excuse to miss the sale" or something to that effect.

There's another one which is for some insurance agency, it has that Australian actor guy (I think he was in Seachange or something). They have a few different ads and one features the talking about insurance in front of some cubicles in some asian country. You see women's feet under the stall and she cries out for help (ie toilet paper). The bloke taps a roll of paper under the door and the woman says "Thankyou!". The guys says something like "We'll support you". (I imagine the woman then proceeds to wipe up after a nice big poo. Hey, I can imagine right!?)

My name is Ellen. I am 5. Andrew is my brother and Kendal is my cusin. I like it when I wee wee and poo and Andrew and Kendal look at me. They let me look at them. Andrew wants a poo now. I going to wach. Bye. Love from Ellen xxxxxxxxx

I agree with Pico Tamale!!! I love to go to a public restroom and be in a stall next to a woman who is taking a dump. There is just something about the sound of the grunting, the sigh of relief, and the turds hitting the water. I love to hear it!!!!

To Max: I liked your story

To Ring Stretcher: I liked your story...i feel better...i had a nice soild dump last night and to day..see my story below!

To Scarlet: I see about making the band...i may have watched it 1 time

I had a huge dump last night...I sat down and pushed out a huge 9" log and it was reddish/light brown with pieces of corn in it. I sat a while cause i thought there was more inside of me...nothing happened so i wiped about 3 times then i went to bed. Then i get up this morning i go to work and in the middle of working i feel an urge come on again(im like i knew i still had more in me last night) and im farting a bit. I was temped to go to the bathroom and not wait till my break. I decided to hold on so during break i went to poop. I had several not sure how big they were. I couldn't see well cause there wasn;t too much light in that old bathroom. Then i wiped about 10x and i flushed and finished my break.
Gotta run bye

I went to use the toilet at the local taco shop again, the one with the door vent kicked in and ended up giving a couple of people a sighting of me on the can. I was taking a nice dump, when I heard some people talking outside of the door. I had locked the door, so I figured that they would just try the door and then either knock or leave. To my surprise, the door opened and a girl about 20 years old was standing there. She was wearing a Taco Shop uniform and used her key to open the door. Apparently, the guy who was with her left some glasses in the restroom and came back for them. She just gasped and ran back inside the restaurant. The guy just laughed and yelled to her, "hey, here's your keys". He then opened the door a crack and asked if his glasses were in there. I said sure, and got up to hand them to him. Unfortunately, the door was on the other side of the room and I had to shuffle across the floor with my pants and grey briefs around my ankles. I was also wearing a! sweatshirt, so my "equipment" was pretty much hanging out for all to see. The guy opened the door and I handed him his glasses. He apologized, but I told him not to worry. As he opened the door, though, the car waiting in line at the drive through was able to catch a good quick glimpse of me standing there naked from the waist down. It was a pretty cool inadvertant sighting. As I left the restroom, I saw that the people in line at the drive thru were two girls, also in their 20's. It was the first time I gave a sighting like that!

Hi everybody,
I have been very busy lately and have hardly had time to snatch a few peeks at the posts.

In between I have jotted down some remarks to post later. It is good to see new posters with “fresh material”. Welcome to you all!

Hi AUSTIN, glad to see you back! I liked your story of your dump being entered into the statistics of recreational activities by two pretty young women. Cheers from Rizzo!

LONDON LAD, I am not familiar with the train line you use. I have not commuted in and out of London on a regular basis; but I have used trains in the directons of and/or to Norwich, Kings Lynn, Reading, Portsmouth and Dover. On continental Europe my trips by train were, well, all over the place. Many years ago from Zuerich to Vienna by night train in an ancient sleeper, I experienced the toilet arrangements as follows: beneath the washbasin console was a locker with a fold out type lid, its hinges along the bottom. Opening this revealed a chamber pot with a spout. The method was to place the chamber pot after use into the fixture on the inside the locker lid and then to shut the latter. The potty would then automatically tip its contents via the spout into a drain pipe leading directly on to the tracks. It was really neat, and the whole family used it with gusto!

JASON, that was a really cool piano lesson of yours! I see that your pretty teacher knows how to motivate you to keep going there for her lessons! LOL.

TIM and SARAH, you two dears, it was very touching to read about the two of you in front of your screen, Sarah on your lap, Tim, tears running from your eyes. I think it is super that you two have had a second honeymoon, and that you are discovering new loveable facets in each other – namely, enjoying to have a wee in company!
I am planning a trip which will take me and my beloved wife to Belgium, southern Germany (your region, I believe), and Switzerland. Love to you both from Rizzo.

JANE, dear, that was some awesome load you got rid of after the gooey pizza, buttered popcorn at the movies, and to top it off, a Macdonald’s breakfast. No wonder! Hugs!

ROBBY and ANNIE, you two dears, I laughed so much at Annie’s story of Nessie scaring the shits out of Susan! And Annie, you seem to be enjoying to help Robby in aiming his stream! Ahem! Love to both of you from Rizzo

Dear SARAH S. I do hope your runs are over! Probably the steady and implacable approach of the finals has made you go all jittery inside, and thus very prone to the attack of any stomach bug! I hope that we will soon see you well and with good results! Love to you from Rizzo

Hi MEGHAN dear, during the first days of February I played the Largo in G by J.S.Bach in memoriam for Heather, who died a year ago from her injuries from a car crash. Actually the largo is arranged in C-clef for violoncello. Arrangement by Harold Craxton, cello part edited by Sheridan Russel; Oxford University Press, London. This just in case you would like to know. Maybe you already have it. Of course I have to play it in another register with my flute. You know, you could even play the cello on the toilet! In theory at least. I wouldn’t, because it might get wet. Hugs from Rizzo.

SWOLLEN SHUT SID, now that was a funny story of yours! It was not funny for you though, with the possibility to turn into a life threatening situation. But still, I couldn’t help laughing. Thanks for sharing your story with us!! Cheers!

LOUISE (of Steve), dear, I liked your wee at the urinal, the one when you did not forget to put your knickers back on again! Then there was that hilarious story of you adding to Steve’s bath water in a very stimulating way, perfectly tempered and bath salts included!
And your foresome in the tub, with Jackie an Pia! I just marvel at the size of your tub, because you are not exactly midgets! He, he! You are really one of my Pee Queens! Love to you and to Steve from Rizzo!

Hello KENDAL, dear on-line niece, thanks for the story of you, Kirsty and Charlotte in the loo togehter! Yes, I can imagine that you are a little frustrated to find that some of your posts did not make it past the moderators. You then end up having to re-write them, thereby whittling away the bits you believe were found to be offensive or off topic, and the result is not as satisfactory as the first effort! You just have to be careful when you describe Ellen, she is still very much a child, and what is OK for adults, may be enterpreted as child porn. Even so I can imagine some readers drooling on to their keyboards when they read on this forum with their eyes glued to the screen. Good for the keyboard manufacturers. Otherwise you sound happy, downright chirpy in effect! And that is a good sign. So I can go on with planning that trip in March, which will take me once around central Europe.
Good to see that ELEANOR seems to have solved her problem. For your sake I do hope that she posts again though; she gave the impression that she would like to have you and Andrew as her special friends.
Give Andrew a hug from me, and here is yours for today! (Sorry, I can’t lift you up at the moment, hurt my back manhandling a heavy hydraulic jack into the boot of the car.) Love from your Uncle Rizzo!

KIM, dear, I saw your question if your bladder is abnormally small, because you have to pee much more frequently than your friends. Look, we are all different. Bladder sizes are different, but they do not differ so much in the fully distended size. If you are healthy, that is, if you do not suffer from diabetes mellitus, then it could have several reasons. Either your kidneys do not reabsorb enough of the processed waste liquid which makes you pee larger amounts per day, making you have to go more often per day – that has to do with the hormone vaso pressin (experts please correct me if I am wrong); or your stretch receptors in the bladder wall signal a “full bladder” to your nervous system at an earlier stage than in others. Here the differences can be significant from person to person. I know a woman who had to find a toilet every hour or so. If there was none within reach for two hours, she became very desperate. It was a great nuisance for her. She had herself check! ed by an urologist – everything was OK. It was just “nerves”. Then she married, had a baby; and since the birth of her child she does not need a toilet more often than the average person. She told me that she could now easily hold it as long as anyone else! Now don’t get any funny ideas about having a child! Ah,yes, the marriage broke up not very much later, which makes me wonder if her having to pee so often had been THE thing about her that her ex-husband loved in her the most! Ssorry for being a bit cynical here.
Begin by taking notes on a note pad when during the day you have to pee; and as you cannot carry a measuring flask with you all the time, measure once how long it takes you in seconds to pee a known amount, and then use that to compare the time it takes in other peeing sessions to get an estimate for the volume. Compare that to how much you drink, so that you have something to go on when you go and get your systems checked by a doctor. I hope it’s just “nerves”, a harmless but annoying condition! Cheers from Rizzo

So that’s that for today, hellos to everyone I have missed!

MEGHAN - Hi!!! Yeah, we have had wind and rain for a few days now you
know, but it is getting better now. It has not been too bad for us but
my friend in Scotland said it has been bad up there. Hey thank you for
thinking about us.
Thank you for saying I am the master of the stand up wee. Well I think
I need to get the wee through the zipper of my jeans mastered before I
can really say that. I think that is hard to do but I am going to do it,
you know, but yeah I think I am good at doing things like a nude standing
wee or a knickers to one side standing wee or out of the side of my
shorts standing wee.
Hey maybe we will have to get Steve to have a wee to get Sarah into a
better mood. LOL

PV - Hi girl! Yeah the WSPC presidential sash should be the right shade
of yellow. Hey do you think it should be 'twisty' like Steve would say?
LOL Well I am happy to be the senior technical advisor. I have done that
a few times. LOL I am imagining myself talking and demoing technique in
front of a class of pupils in a line like Steve does with his classes.
Yeah, I bet my childhood was a lot more open than yours was, weeing with
my mum and sister. Did I write and tell you I used to sometimes have
squatting wees as well with the gym teacher? Jackie was there with me in
that class and she sometimes weed with us too.
You know it is a funny thing thinking the teacher being Steve's
girlfriend back then. You know we would wee facing each other and not
just in a line so she was not shy about us seeing between her legs when
she was pissing. I had got so I wasn't shy either then. I still did not
get hair down there until I was about 12 and a half and I did not feel
grown up at first like I saw she was but it was fun pissing together.
Hey I will have to write again to you tomorrow and answer the rest of
your letter. I have to go now and get Steve's meal ready.
Hey tomorrow I will write about last Friday night. It was a bit funny!



euro hiker
ALTHEA AND JOHN, on the subject of laxatives, you both mentioned senna recently. If you search the web for medical advice on laxatives, it seems that stimulants such as senna are not well regarded. Bulking agents such as Metamucil are good for preventing constipation but you need to drink plenty fluid as it retains water. If you do need a laxative, a dose of Lactulose liquid is preferable to senna.

UN-NAMED POSTER (UK), you say that your wife is quite interested in your bowel habits and asks whether this is normal. In my experience, it varies a lot between women. In general women seem more likely than men to discuss this subject with their friends or family. Many women who have brought up children seem to be less inhibited about discussing toilet matters. My wife is rather inhibited about such matters, which is probably due to her upbringing (we don't have any children - yet) although I once saw her pooping close-up when we were out hiking. My advice is that if you are interested in the subject, why not encourage your wife's interest? Tell when you are about to go, see whether she wants to join you or try leaving the door open.

We also have a woman friend, let's call her 'P'. She is nearly 50 with a grown-up son and used to be a nurse. Since 'P' split up with her man, she and I have become rather close but she knows my wife well and we are not lovers. She treats me like one of her close woman friends and talks to me about all sorts of things including her toilet habits. She is more open with me about this than my wife is.

A few years ago a group of us were away on a hiking trip and 'P' announced to the group "Hey, I've got 'the runs' everyone - I'm sure you all wanted to know that!". Afterwards, she told my wife that she had been constipated and had taken some Ex-Lax but it had given her quite bad 'runs' for several days. That was in the days when Ex-Lax was based on phenolpthalein whereas nowadays it has been changed to senna.

More recently, we were near the end of a day's hike and 'P' was walking slowly and awkwardly. "Are you OK?", I asked. "Yes but I need a good poo" she said. When we got back to where we were staying, she was in the toilet for about 30 minutes so it must have been a very good poo.

A few weeks ago, 'P' had the dreaded 'gastric flu' or 'winter vomiting virus' that has been quite common in the UK this winter. ('Small round structured viruses' according to a microbioligist I know). 'P' lives alone and when I phoned her, she told me how she had been sitting on the toilet and that fortunately the wash basin is right next to the toilet as it had been "coming out of both ends at once".

I work as a receptionist in a training centre in northern England. I'm 45. I rarely get a chance to visit the loo, given the nature of my job. Yesterday, I had a very close call indeed! I could feel the need for a shit coming on, but the counter was so busy that just couldn't get away. My bottom was aching for relief and I was letting off fart after fart. I hoped that my trumps wouldn't be noticed by my colleague, Keith (I've got the hots for him). I finally got a chance to go to the ladies' and practically ran! I could feel my turd pressing against my bumhole as I entered the ladies. I locked the cubicle door behind me and whipped my skirt and petticoat up. I pulled down my knickers but to my dismay they got tangled in my suspenders. I struggled for what seemed like ages to free my knickers from my sussies until I could take the strain no more and snapped my knicker elastic to free my panties and relieve my straining bumhole. I sat there, shitting blissfully for two minute! s. As I wiped my bum and flushed the loo, I realised that one of my very best pairs of knickers had gone to that Great Marks and Spencers Ladies' Underwear Department in the Sky. So, a warning to you girls who wear stockings and suspenders - make sure your drawers come down quickly when you need to "go"!

Love, Christine XXX

kim and scott
hello all!
recently my boyfriend scott and I finished our college classes and went back to my house to do some house was empty since my parents were still at work. after studying I made scott and I some huge bologna sandwiches to eat. we each had a glass of milk to go along with it.scott and I were so hungry we each had two sandwiches. after I finished my second sandwich I felt a massive motion building up inside of me. I told my boyfriend that I had to push out a horse sized log as I then told him my plans as we put newspaper on the bathroom floor as I then got nude and sat on the bathroom countertop facing scott. I wanted to have a log facing scott and have my log fall onto the newspapered floor below. I told scott to please get the camcorder to film the event.when scott came back he aimed the camcorder on me."fire when ready kimmie!" he said smiling. "ok scotty!" I replied as I raised my legs up and bent my knees up to my chin as I held it there with my hands underne! ath my legs as I took a deep breath and started to push. Instantly my ass quivered excitedly asI let rip a great long fart as a big brown log appeared from my ass. I pushed harder as my ass quivered excitedly again as my log grew larger and larger and ring grew wider and wider!"oohh!" I moaned in pleasure as my log continued to grow. scott was so turned on by filming the gigantic beast that was coming out of my ass that he was having trouble holding the camcorder steady.I then tossed my head back.closed my eyes and squeezed real hard as my super brown missile went straight as an arrow towards scott. my log must of been coming out at scott like a 3-D movie!"oohh baby!how huge is this log big boy?' I said to scott teasingly as I waved my rock hard monstrosity in his face."super huge kimmie! the gigantic bowel movements that you consistently bang out of your ass is amazing!' scott said excitedly. indeed I did feel like one of the lady queens of huge turds blasting this torpedo! out as I looked over my court!I then took a final deep breath and pushed real hard. "omigod!' I moaned in unbelievable pleasure as my pussy twitched excitedly and ass shuddered mightily as I exploded a massive log onto the newspapered floor.scott and I then admired my log for a bit before scott got the measuring tape and measured my log at 25 inches long. a little over 3 inches thick.scott then took the newspaper with my log on top and dumped it into the bowl. then he chopped my log up so that it could flush. I then rewarded scott for doing this by letting him wipe my ass!!!after this scott threw the tissue in the bowl and flushed.. I then put on my clothes as scott and I then watched the videotape of me blasting out a huge log . it was fun seeing my ass quiver madly as a super log came out right at the viewer.after this scott left for his house. hoped you enjoyed the post all!
TO ELEANORE-hello. scott and I are sooo happy you worked things out with your brother.steve and louise,pv, adrian,and others are wonderful protecters on this site arent they?be well and please stay on this site!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello. yes I do have dierrhea. everyone does. but mine comes only once in a blue logs are usually HUGE,THICK,LONG and ROCK HARD. I tell you it gives me and my boyfriend a major buzz when I push out one of my monster logs from my throbbing ass. it feels like dynamite girl. be well love your stories!
TO DESPERATE CATWOMAN POSTER-hello. loved your post. what you did with catwoman is like a male fantasy come true! does she like to dress sexy anyway?I DO!!haha... just curious! be well all. love,kimmie and scotty.

Monday, February 11, 2002

Thanx everyone for caring for me but i didnt really get any better. i have the stomach virus and kept pooping out liquid for days. occasionally throwing up. i just pooped a stream of liquid poop when i walked my dog in the park and i got the cramps so i just squatted behind a bush and peed from my butt. unfortunatly my friend saw that.

gotta go now again cyaz later!!

Sparkle Girl,
Which part of the U.S. are you from? Your pee stories are cool.... keep them coming please. Also, anyone ever used a sitz bath? I just bought one tonight and they are the most awesome thing for a good cleaning of one's ass. They also treat hemherroids. I don't much have a problem with those because I eat lots of fiber, bran, fruits and ????, etc.


your name Todd/Minnesota
I would like to know if there is any people that put their poop stained underwear or panties in the toilet to get them cleaned?

I would like to know if any budy after they poop their underwear or panties do they put their poopy underwear or panties in the toilet and just leave them there?

Hi, I'm a 23 y/o white female w brown hair, blue eyes and average build.
Like everyone else I have to go to the bathroom, hee hee.

My question is about wiping afterwards. For as long as I can remember, I always flush the toilet after I go poop but before I wipe. I flush again after I wipe my butt. I haven't read or heard anything "scientific" about this, but I think most people flush down both their poop and toilet paper at the same time.

I usually poop once or twice every day and do not usually clog the toilet. Also, when I only have to pee I will flush everything at once, unless I'm on my period, but that's another matter.

What does everyone think about this? Thanks!

Hello. This is my first post and I would like to introduce myself. I am a mexican guy who has a interest in toilet matters. I´ve been reading your posts and I want to post something you might be interested. Someone recently posted about stalls which give you a view of the tighs of the guy in the toilet. Well, in Mexico City there is a particular toilet in a famous museum (Frida Kahlo museum) which has a men´s toilet which affords an interesting view of the guy sitting in the crapper from the outside so that anyone who happens to look in the right direction can see the guys feet with his pants all the way down to his ankles. The stall´s door is also very high (not high enough to see the guys tighs but almost) and positioned at the side so I thought it would be interesting for anyone who is fascinated with bizarre toilet arrangements to know.

Hey everyone, I was wonderinf if there is anything you can take to make your poop not smell bad.

Heres a story that happened to me about a week ago...

It was a friday afternoon and I decided to go to the mall to get this cool shirt i saw at a store called hot topic and a Ludacris CD. I was getting into my car and I had the urge to poop but i decided to just hold it off for a while. So I am driving for a while and its getting harder and harder to hold it. Finally I get to the mall and go to the bathrooms only to find that its out of order and the only open bathroom is the womans one. I was so ticked but I decided I could hold it. I went and bought my CD (but not before listening to like half the songs on this thing they had set up where you could listen to the CD.) So I am walking to hot topic and it gets really bad. I let go a fart and just kept walking. As I was walking I was occasionally farting (good thing mine are usually silent). I was about half way to hot topic when I went right in my pants. I ran to my car, hopped inside, drove home, and got cleaned off. Needless to say, I didnt get the shirt.

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