Hi folks! I have very little free time these days. I barely have time to read the posts, let alone post. Quick hellos to Carmalita and the gang, Kendal & Andrew, RJogger & Kathy, Jeff A., Buzzy, Althea, Sarah S. (good luck with your studies!), Meghan, Robbie & Annie, Rizzo, Ephermal, Ring Stretcher, Pico Tamale, Kim & Scott, Meredith, Tim & Sarah, and everyone else. Quick welcome to the many new posters who are becoming regulars, such as Ina, Noel, Scarlet, Punk Rock Girl.

Anyway, my quiet period has been rudely interrupted. Friday night was a girls night out, when I went out with my best buddies Carrie & Sara. Were were joined by Marilyn, who roomed with us for a short time in college but left school because of personal problems. We went to a pizza place and shared an especially gooey and greasy pizza, then went to the movies and saw A Beautiful Mind. I got a large soda, big tub of popcorn with extra butter, and some Goobers, just like a kid. Toward the end of the movie I was busting to pee and ran off to the ladies room as soon as the credits started rolling. I made it before a line started to form and peed for several minutes. I paused and let go another stream for an additional minute before I was done.

The next day I got up early to go to work and catch up on some work. I skipped my usual morning poop and took out breakfast at McDonald's before going to the office. After a few hours, when it was close to lunch time, I started to feel an urge to poop. Suddenly I had a stomach cramp and I became desperate to poop. I made a dash to the ladies room and was glad to make it to a stall.

I pulled down my jeans and white panties and sat. I pushed out two very large globs of soft poop that plopped loudly into the toilet. I felt a cramp and let go a massive wave of soft poop that lasted 20 seconds and ended in a loud thud. I flushed the toilet while seated, but the poop smell was very strong. I let go another massive wave of poop that was even nastier than the previous one, again lasting 20 seconds, and ending with a booming fart. I flushed the toilet again while seated. My stomach continued to hurt, and I pushed out two more waves of soft poop before I had to flush the toilet again. Two more waves of soft poop, and another flush. By this time I was pushing out soft poop like a soft serve ice cream dispenser, but it kept coming out in one continuous solid motion. After a minute the bowl was filled, and I flushed the toilet while seated. Another minute passed by as I continued to push out poop, and I had to flush again. I pushed out some soft poop! , then felt another stomach cramp and released another nasty wave of soft poop that nearly displaced all of the water. I flushed the toilet while seated. At this point I stopped pooping, but my stomach was still very unsettled. I sat for a couple of minutes. Finally I started to push out a piece of soft poop, then unleashed a small wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet and started to wipe. It took more wipes than usual, and I flushed in the middle to keep the TP from clogging. I flushed the toilet a final time and saw a skidmark and a few brown stains in the toilet. I felt much better after that.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First of all Im going to comment on bladder size. It does varey. For the average adult the capacity is 16oz or a pint. My general capacity is average though sometimes I haved gone 21 22 ounces. On the erection peeing issue its a pain to be that way when your sitting down to take a poop. A number of times Ive peed on myself when the stream goes between the bowl and seat.

Elenor Im glad to read that it looks like the problem with your brother may be over. Hopefully now it will stay resolved. Good luck and keep posting. Punk Rock Girl I loved your outhouse story. I got a good laugh out of that story. I know of stories that I have been told by our paramedics here that they have had to free people from their indoor plumbing.

Two days ago I had quite the experience as far as an exploding poop! I was here at the computer working and the urge hit me quickly. The bathroom is upstairs so I quickly went up to the bathroom. By the time I got my jeans and briefs down I had a three inch piece poking out between my cheeks. Before I could get seated the rest of it came shooting out along with right after a explosion of soft stuff. It completely filled my crack beween my cheeks. What a mess! None got on the seat. But I had to use a half roll off tp to get myself cleaned up. Boy it stunk the bathroom right up too. Then to top it all off when I flushed the toilet my hard turd jamed and I had to plunge it down to unplug the toilet. Anyone else here ever have one that went like that?

Well thats all for now. Catch you guys later. Upstate Dave.

your name Todd/Minnesota
I would like to know if there is any people that put their poop stained underwear or panties in the toilet to get them cleaned?

Meredith, I just wanted to say that i love hearing all your stories, you sound so cool....can't wait to hear more.

i was a college 2day and really had to poo be we were have a talk from some1 so i had to wait.
After the talk i ran to the toilet an took of my white shorts and panties and i was there for about 15 mins crapping really big bits of poop i mean really big and smelly so then i go to wipe and there is no TP in any of the stalls so i just put up my shorts and sort my hair.and leave and way there was a big poo stain in my shorts all day but i did not care
loada luv


ps i luv the site

Last night I watched 'American Pie' for the first time which has a scene where it shows that guy on the toilet after been given some laxatives. Coincidentally I had a similar experience although it didn't involve laxatives. As soon as the movie started I felt a cramp which I knew was the occasional 'loose poo iminent' cramps. It went away and only surfaced slightly once or twice during the movie until the end. I now had to wee very badly but the end of the movie was near and I didn't want to miss it. As soon as the credits appeared I made my way out to the back bathroom but then my Mum asked for some help with the computer. I obliged and went and helped her, all the time craving relief. It finally came a few agonising minutes later when I sat down, my wee going on forever as I did a prime time fart followed by loose poo. Man did I feel better after that. I wiped several times and went and did something else for a couple of hours. After a couple of glasses of red wine I felt ! like I had to have another poo so I took my unfinished glass in with me. I sat down and more loose poo evacuated my anus as I sipped cheap red wine. I guess it wasn't very hygenic to take my drink in there but I didn't touch the glass while wiping and until I had washed my hands.

This may have been mentioned already but in the new clip for 'Cherry Lips' by Garbage there is a standing up pee scene right at the end. Unfortunatly Shirly Manson is invisible (as are the rest of the band, cool effect though!) and you see a glove with her invisible hand lift up the toilet seat and lid. You then catch a glimpse of the toilet water as if pee was going into but the pee is invisible too. I've got a feeling that Shirly put this part in the clip because I have heard on radio that apparently if she was looking for a partner, she'd want a man who wouldn't mind 'peeing into her belly button'.

Ring Stretcher
Yesterday my boyfriend Jared and I went to an antique store. We walked up the stairs and were looking around. As I stood near some clothes I smelled the strong whiff of crap. It was so strong I had to walk away from that little nook. Before I left I searched to see if someone had taken a dump on the floor, inside clothes or boxes but found nothing. As we were walking out two young guys walked up the stairs. One was about 16 and wearing his girlfriend's ring on a chain around his neck. The other was about 14 and both were wearing really baggy cutoff jeans. The youngest one checked me out, LOL. Once they got to the end of the room by the clothing nook one of them yelled, "It smells like shit over here!"
Jared kept joking with me in the car that they probably thought I had taken a dump up there, haha.

SPARKLE GIRL: Yes, it sometimes is hard to start when my bladder is very full. Once I get it going it feels heavenly!

BRYIAN: Hope you are feeling better. It sounds like you had a Rotavirus(sp?) but once you have that you will never get it again. I once had an intestional infection where my symptons lasted 2 months!! I had two months of squishy mush before I had a good, healthy solid dump.

KIM and SCOTT: Hey girl! Keep up the stories. Do you ever get diarrhea?

SARAH: Your mom should not have spanked you for accidentally crapping your pants. It wasn't like you did that on purpose, plus you are too old IMO to be spanked. Poor thing.

MEREDITH and MANDY: Is one of you involved in gymnastics? Has anyone ever had an accident while performing?

Hi, I am a member of our local volleyball team. Today I was in a game with them. I must have drunk too much tea before the game, as after 10 minutes I felt a very strong urge to pee. The urge got stronger and stronger. In the middle of the game, I realised that I had to leave for the toilet. After a few more minutes, I knew there was no way avoiding an accident. I excused myself and ran to the toilet as fast as I could. I lowered my volleyball short and slip and let flow the longest pee in my life. It took exactly four minutes non-stop, so desperate was I! Does anyone have similar experience to have to pee so badly while doing sports?

i am having real problem pooping. i havent pooped for 1 week now and i dont want my parents to know or else they would give me real nasty laxatives which always makes me poop gallons of brown water in my pants at school. so i want you people to please tell me how to have very bad diarrhea in a few minutes after consuming something(i would use laxatives but it takes a very long time for them to work). i had milk mixed with coke(it was an idea my friend told me but it didnt work).ive heard about prune juice but do i need to drink abottle or two to work.

i need some suggestions plz.

What guy said it would be better to be a girl it is so not true girls have to do so much more
1. sit on the toilet to piss or poop
2. have periods & pms
3. have to be pregnant and give birth

Now see my pov (point of view) ok on occasions guy miss the toilet and in rare cases sometimes Mark would zip his penis while zipping his pants (ouch!) but that's about it.

SPARKLE GIRL: I only have that feeling while I'm pregnant could u be pregnant you might alt to do a test but also it happened to me when I was having appendix pain but when I got them taken out it quit until the first of my pregnancies.


I have a subject I havent seen talked about here that I know of. I have worked at a number of jobs, especially when I was younger. Several steel mills, assembly lines and even one plastic toy manufacturer among others.
Some places you work, they actually have people, sometimes foremen on the shift go and time you when you leave your post to take a shit or pee. I have seen these people actually take a stop watch and see how many minutes you were gone from the job..
Ok, so to make things worse, some of the mills had toilets that were along the wall, like 6 in a row, open and no dividers or privacy.. But the kicker is the SEAT had raised humps instead of the slight depression where your buns (or asscheeks) would sort of fit into. These raised humps would hit right on your pelvic bone in you ass an hurt like hell after sitting there for a while.
So if you had to shit, you sat down, shit and got going pretty quick.
It just wasnt one Steel Mill that had these toilet seats, I had run into
those at several job sites.
Its seemed to be a way to discourage anyone from sitting down, taking a long slow dump or like many, read a book or newspaper while shitting.
I thought this to be a disgrace. I sorta think that its also illegal too due to the work and labor laws thru out the country.
At any rate, when you get a job, take a look at the crappers and the seats, if they have raised humps instead of a little depression-Id get the hell out of there fast and quit that joint.
I found that those companies were also very hard to work for baving a sort of a slave driver atmosphere.
Has anyone run into this sort of thing at a workplace? it would be interesting to hear about the experiences.

I saw the WORST bathroom-related incident on the way home from an "antiques" show today. After I got off the #307 bus at the Westlake Station inside Seattle's bus tunnel, I headed for the elevator to go topside. While I was waiting for it, a woman and a small child of perhaps 2 or 3 came into the shallow alcove which held the elevator, and the woman was screaming to the kid. It had something to do with the kid having to go potty and that he should have done it earlier because they had a bus to catch.

Then I witnessed the most shocking "motherly" behavior I've ever seen: she spanked the child hard several times on his clothed butt, slammed him to the floor (feet first, thank god!) and then very sternly ordered him to "go to the f???ing bathroom on the wall!!!". At that time the elevator opened, and I looked back again briefly in time to see the child was indeed pissing on the wall. I entered the elevator and turned my wheelchair around inside, and just as the door started to close I got faced outward in time to see the mother HOLDING THE CHILD SEVERAL FEET IN THE AIR by his midsection while piss was just flying everywhere!! She was screaming "Are you done?!!?" while piss was still spraying all over the place, dribbling down the kid's legs, around the bottom of his bare butt, and all over the mother's pants legs, shoes, the walls, and two dozen square feet of the floor around the "incident". Remember, this kid couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 years old!!

And people wonder why paruresis is such a problem. This undoubtedly traumatic pee incident will probably end up being the root cause of this kid's "bashful bladder" when he goes into his teens.

I've never seen a more shocking, apalling "urinary incident" in my life!

I'm 28 male here and need the system jumpstart too sometimes. The problem I've had with senna and other pills is the timing and the really loose bowels it creates. I use glycerin suppositories. They work right away, in like 15 min or so. The seem to be better for me as the relief is right away and a normal bm, not loose. Plus, better than going to bed or work feeling that way. I use the store brand glycerin ones. You might give them a try. Also, how old are you buddy? Keep in to know how you make out if you try them.

i piss on the seat while crapping(not deliberate) is this normal im a guy ....i also put heaps of paper in the crapper to stop this normal

Help me please. I am a bit freaked out. Last night I was at a friend's house with a group of people. We ate pizza, drank a few beers, played cards, watched a movie, etc. I drank far less than usual only2 or 3 all night. Well, when it was getting to be time to go I started to feel some severe stomach cramps- I mean serious pain that precedes diarrhea. I did not want to literally explode at the house with all those people there so I opted to tell a buddy of mine who I drove with that I had to go it was late and my stomach ached so we should get moving. We left and I could have sworn I was going to have an accident on the way home during the 15 minute trip. Thankfully I made it and completely exploded diarrhea in the toilet. I twas the worst I have ever had it in my life. I was exploding liquid out of my rear forever. Then I went to bed very tired. Here is where the problem came in. It might not be what you all expect, but...
I woke up at about 5:00 A.M. just a bit groggy. I rolled over and thought I felt something cold or wet. Well, it turns out that I peed in my bed while sleeeping and it was absolutely everywhere. I could not truley believe it. I never do that and I am not one of those types who would enjoying going anywhere other than a toilet. I am a 26 year old man. I don't fo rthe life of me know how this could have happened. I am scared that there is something wrong with me. Could there be a medical condition? Any other etime I will wake up during the night if I have to pee and then just get up pee in the bathroom. Also, after I did wake up, I peed in the toilet for a long time- more than usual. The I peed when I woke up at around eight. I haven't peed since and it is 2:00 in the afternoon now. What is wrong with me? Does anyone think I need to see a doctor. Is this something that happens to anyone else by mistake. Could the bad diarrhea that night have had some king ! of effect on it? Please tell me what you think.

I have a ? has anypne ever heard of this after a gave birth to Tyler I had a lot of accidents like I didn't feel I had to pee then all of a sudden pee started coming out of me I am scared that this will happen again I didn't go to the doc becuase I was so tired of dr offices should I discuss this with my dr?

OUTHOUSE SCOTT--I heard the rumor about Britney's accident, too, but I don't know if it's true or not. As for her mooning ppl, I have it on video, but she was wearing tan pants and didn't pull them down. I would guess that the bare butt pics are fake, but I haven't seen them, so I can't say.

SARAH--I've haerd of several ppl saying their moms punished them for having accidents. I totally don't understand it. I mean, if you've never done it before and you didn't mean to, why punish? Don't parents think it was bad enough to suffer the embarrassment without punishment???? I asked my mom what she'd do if I had an accident, and she said nothing b/c ppl have accidents and you can't help it. I know if I ever have children, I'll never punish them for things beyond their control.

BRYIAN--Making the band comes on MTV Saturday nights at 9:00pm. I recorded that episode, and when I went back to watch it, I noticed Trevor saying, "I DID NOT fart in the hot tub! Bottom line--I did not fart!" But Ashley swore that he did, so I think I'll believe Ashley, as any guy trying to impress a girl as Trevor was would deny he farted. :P

Okay, so today I learned that my professor isn't interested in pooping habits. lol We were talking about people and bad habits and how even if you love someone, things they do can really turn you off. He said he was having lunch with two other professors and everybody is quiet, when all of a sudden, the other professor says, "I've been really constipated for awhile." Just out of nowhere! lol So, my professor sits there, stunned, then points to the guy's sandwich and says, "Maybe you shouldn't be eating cheese sandwiches." LOL My professor said he won't eat lunch with this guy anymore...I think he needs to loosen up and realize that EVERYBODY POOPS! (Which, by the way, "Everybody Poops" is the title of a children's book on the subject...seems like there is a pic of an elephant's backside on the front....)


Hey everyone, I'm back. I posted a little while ago but the post gt deleted somehow. Rather than have to try and post it again, i am just going to tell you a brief synopsis of what happened, then go on to the more recent story. Basically, Bridget (who is built more like a fitness model, incase you were wondering, Pico) was caught by some major constipation while I was there. She let me come in with her (!!!) and I was quite happy about this, since I really wanted to see this close up. She really pushed out a huge whopper, with me helping her out by rubbing her back for her. Anyway, the more recent story. I had to go to hre house for a lesson on Thursday, and when I got there, she was wearing this really cool outfit, a white tanktop and a knee length plaid skirt. We went over a bunch of scales, and then the piece I am working on. Then we decided to check out the "piece she was working on." (wink wink). I knew it was giving her grief because of the occasional farts she was let ting out. She told me she had taken some laxatives to help out, and she certainly had. We went in together, and she pulled down her panties and sat down. Almost immediately she let loose a wave of wet farts. The smell was unbelieveable. She said, "I'm sorry about that." I said, "no problem." Then she started unloading a mix of wet sounding farts and a bunch of sloppy poo. She said "I'm sorry" again, then she started up a conversation. We talked amidst the sounds of splashing and farts, and although we were both on the verge of passing out, we managed to keep everything going. Then she was done, finally, after about twenty minutes. She wiped twice, but then, seeing my expression, handed me a piece of toilet paper. "My treat," she said. I stopped my mild heart attack and took the paper before she could change her mind. I went front to back, once, twice, three times. Then I dropped the paper in the bowl. She said "thank you" and I shrugged, but in my mind I was rejoicing. After she flushed, she said "Well, that was a good experience, wasn't it? I'll try not to go overboard on the laxatives, or at least buy us some gas masks." We both laughed at that. It was a truly good time!
MALITA: Glad to see that you're back! Keep on wowing us with those stories.
ELEANOR: I'm glad that the ordeal with your brother has ended. I hope you two get through this well.
To everyone else, happy movements!

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I was constipated. My mother, my friend, and I were out for a day of shopping after I had a gone to the doctor about the constipation. He prescribed some gentle laxative pills to make me regular. We went to the drugist to have it filled and then we went to go shopping at the mall. I took one of the pills when I got them, because they said they take 8 hours to take affect. I figured 12 PM until 8 PM would be alright. And my doctor didn't mention anything about only taking them at night. We went shopping for well over two hours and decided to head for home. Along the way, my mother decided to treat us with lunch at the local mom-n-pop in town. After we entered, we stood and I started feeling gasy, even releasing a few SBDs. We sat down and ordered food.

Now, just a note, I was constipated for six days, and I eat a lot. During the previous three weeks, I had on again/off again bouts with diarrhea. Now, I'm backed up. During my diarrhea bouts, I was constantly hungry, and put on some weight. I was wearing a brand new pair of khakis that were loose. We sat down, and I ordered a meal, ate most of the appetizer sampler, and even had a sundae. Needless to say, that started pushing down on my bowels. And the laxative helped loosen them up. My stomach started rumbling, and I immediately felt the urge to poop.

I got up, and walked as quickly, and cautiously, as I could to the bathroom. I pulled on the Women's door, but it was locked in use. So I pulled on the Men's door. It was open, Thank God. I went in, reached up to push the lock shut, and got hit hard with cramps. Not diarrhea cramps, either. Just 'I HAVE TO POOP NOW' cramps. I stood still, using the door for support as I crossed my legs and breathed in calmly. I was only five feet from the toilet. I couldn't reach down to unbuckle my belt, I just kept holding the door. Finally, I felt I could use the sink opposite the door to work my way to the toilet. So I pushed off the door and tipped over towards the sink without losing control. The cramps and urges, along with the tremendous pressure, were not going away. I stood there, my face scrunched, staring in the mirror, praying. No, no, no. It just didn't seem to end, only to get worse.

Then, my cramps lightened up, and I did the mistake of loosening my grip. I stood there, staring at my white face, as I felt a soft warm mess push my pants out. I didn't even think of going to the toilet. I just gripped the porcelain sink, white knuckles, tears running down, looking at myself. I was so mortified. The problem was, it was still coming out. My cheeks were covered, and I could feel that my tight underwear weren't holding it in. The good news, of all this in retrospect, is that it was diarrhea. Instead, it was like thick soft-serve. So it held close to my butt. But, it didn't help, as more and more kept coming. Right when it was stopping, I just closed my eyes and repeated to myself, "That did not just happen." But, my ass was warm and my pants felt extremely tight in the seat.

I stood there, and stood there, and stood there. I couldn't even conceive of how I would clean myself up. I was too mortified. Then, a knock on the door, "Megan." It was my friend. I just choked out, "just a second." I opened the door for her, and she came in, with an odd 'oh my god' expression. She was really understanding about it. She knew that I had diarrhea and constipation problems in the past, and sometimes have had close calls, but never actually made a mess (at least not when anyone else was there, or more importantly, out in public). She went to get my mother to tell her and have her help devise a remedy.

She came back, and I was standing there, when I turned around, and she just gave me a big hug. The funny thing was I let out a huge watery fart with a lot of liquid shit right while we were hugging. I was so disgusted with what had happened, that I didn't care. I was already a mess. She ended up getting some of my new clothes, and we took about an hour in the bathroom cleaning up. The second problem, though, was that I never sat on the toilet. The last poop was the watery fart, and I had assumed, and even felt, that I was done.

Finally, we all left the bathroom, and we went to the car, where we still had a good ten minute ride to get home in the rural area around town. I was sitting in the backseat, wearing a new pair of loose jeans. About midway, my stomach emitted the loudest gurgle I had ever heard, and I just looked up at mirror at my mother like a deer in the headlights. I just panicked as I felt another load building up. I straightened my legs and lifted my butt off the seat and clenched as tight as possible. I had my face bunched up and started shaking my head slowly from side to side, saying "No, no, no..." My friend just sat beside me, watching. Then the snapping sounds as it started pushing its way into my jeans. My friend grabbed my hand and held it, and I instantly relaxed. I felt two more logs push out and form a bulge in the seat of my pants. Then, just as before, I started getting very wet farts with some diarrhea mixed in. When I got home, I took a shower. It was the worst poopi! ng experience ever. But at the same time, it really shows how strong your friendship is and how much your mother loves you to help clean up your own poop.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Is it just-me, or is it true that women seem to enjoy hearing/seeing other women on the toilet, pooping, than do guys enjoy seeing/hearing other guys pooping? If this is true, I think that it has got a lot to do w/ the ridiculous myth that is perpetuated in American society, and a lot of the rest of the world, I believe, that women just don't poop! And when a women is "caught in the act", then it is a lot more of a big-thing, than when a guy is heard or listened to, simply because it is something that women are not supposed to do, according to what is deemed as "ladylike". Personally, I think that that is all just a bunch of B.S., and that a lot of women can poop just as well as men can, and can stink up the place, just as well as men can. Trust me, I have been a witness to that part. Just have not been lucky-enough to have one who actually allowed me to watch her, yet. But from what I am reading here, a lot of you women are equally-excited about when you are,! for example, in a public-restroom, and a woman walks in and takes the stall next to you, and you are hoping that they have to go #2, rather than just #1. I have been-reading about how some of you say that your "heart skipped a beat, etc.", when this actually-occurs. Just wanted to let you know that that is really-cool w/ me.


I was reading posts here about the subject of boys and penis erections and the concern of this nomal znc natural thing.
I can bet every male here, especially the younger fellows can say they would have go get up in front of a class in school with a raging boner.
Really embarassing, but due to the hormones in the boys system you cant really predict when this might happen. Of course sexual situations can cause an arousal. but other times its just an unexpected thing.
Of course you can pee with an erectionj! It takes a few seconds to get it started so you cant be in a hurry or sometimes pee shy at urnals next to another guy.
I can remember getting on a bus on sundays to go to the movies, sit down and bingo, got it. Make you so mad, when you get up to get off the bus you want to walk bent over or hand in pocket or hold you coat over your front.
In many cases in the younger teens and guys, those hormones are really raging. In many cases the act of (hope it dont get zapped here) masturbation will lessen these, or the absence of doing this will cause this quite a bit.
Then peeing with this erection is not a problem. Just takes a few seconds longer to relax and concentrate on the job. Yep, pointing the tool in the right direction can be a problem, but with some effort you can contol this. Also peeing with an erection does not hurt.
Taking a dump sometimes causes it also due to the pressure you put on your lower body and groin - causes blood to fill the spongy cavity in the penis for a few minutes.
So I hope this clears up a few questions, its normal and nothing to worry about.
The old joke goes, when you are young, you put your pee pee Under a fence rail to keep from peeing in you face.
When you are old, you hang it over the rail to keep from peeing in your shoe.
Hope this all gets thru the censors ")

Amy (Co-ed)
Hi to all my friends!!!! As usual I have enjoyed reading up on what everyone has been up to! There has been some great posts lately, hope everyone continues to keep pooping and peeing to their heart's delight! Yesterday (Saturday) was one of my best poops in a long time. I had been kinda constipated which is not a big deal, because I typically only have to shit about once every 2 or 3 days. This week however I had not gone since Tuesday. I remember that I took a small dump after a class on Tuesday, it was not remarkable since it only took about 5 min and only produced 3 small logs and a lot of farting! Yesterday morning however I woke up with a big need to go. I was laying in bed in my dorm room, until about 10am and kept farting alot under my sheets, and it did stink! I could tell by experience that I needed to take a big dump, so I got up. My roommate was still asleep so I took off my pj's and dressed quietly in some short shorts and a t-shirt, put on my sandles ! and trotted off to the girl's restroom down the hall. In case ya'll don't remember I live in the dorms at my college and each floor shares a big restroom. As I went in several other girls were doing their morning ritual of make-up, fixing their hair etc. I walked past them to the area where all of the toilet stalls are. We have about a dozen per restroom. Several were occupied and I picked one near the end. I locked my door and lowered my shorts and panties to my ankles. It felt good to sit down on the comfy seat again, as my butt sank down into the toilet, my cheeks were slowly pulled open. When I have to take a big dump I usually spread my legs wider, it seems to help. I had been sitting for about 30 seconds when I felt a urge to push, as I did I ripped a very loud fart that lasted about 5 seconds! It smelled very bad too. After about another minute, I started dropping a lot of "golf ball" sized poops, each was firm and floated on top of the water. It was kinda! embarassing because I ended up dropping about 15 little poop balls, each making a audible splash. Everyone must have thought I was shitting my brains out. Finally after about 2 minutes of this I could feel a big log pushing against my asshole. I farted again and spread my legs very wide, my knees were touching each of the walls of my stall. I leaned forward and pushed as hard as I could, grunting in the process. Very slowly, I could feel my hole open wider and wider until I could hear the crackle of my log sliding out. I sighed out loud and muttered "oh man this is big." Somebody must have heard me because I heard a slight giggle, must have been a freshman! My eyes must have been rolling back in my head at this point, because this turd was HUGE. I looked down between my legs and saw that it was partly in the water and still coming out! It was nearly 3 inches wide and very hard and knobby. I just sat and let it do it's own thing. About 2 minutes later it finally ! dropped, it was well over a foot long and was probably not going to be flushed. To my surprise I still had a big need to go. I was quite certain that my anus was still gaping wide open. I farted a few more times and felt another log begin to slide out. It was smaller and dropped with another splash. It was about 7 inches long and still about 2 inches thick. I pushed again with a grunt and another turd began to slide out of my butt, it was big as well. After several minutes it dropped. It was also 7 inches long and about as big around as my big log. I sat for several more minutes and finally felt that it was safe to wipe. It took about 5 wipes, each of which hurt my poor butthole. I got up and pulled my panties and shorts back up. I tried to flush but as expected the water only rose and the only thing I accomplished was to firmly lodge my big log into the hole. Oh well that will be someone else's problem to fix. Happy pooping, see everyone later!!! Amy

I finally found time to make another post! It's funny how you put off the important things. As I promised in my first post, I thought everyone would enjoy some of the stories I have been lucky enough to experience in the past (not to mention the present, when I run across one!) One story I have been wanting to share happened in 1995. I was in college then and it was the spring sememster. I had a mid-term to study for, and this very cute sorority girl who was in my class had invited me over to study on Sunday afternoon. I was very glad for this opportunity and I showed up as we had planned at her apartment. We studied for a while, then decided it was time for something to eat. We took her car and went to McDonald's got something and came back to her place. As we finished eating and started studying again, she kept remarking how she did not think her food was agreeing with her. About 30 minutes later she excused herself to her restroom which was just on the other sid! e of the living room we were studying in. I have pretty much always been the curious kind when a female enters a restroom, so I was very curious now, especially since she had been complaining about her stomach hurting. For about a minute I was straining to hear what she was doing but I heard nothing, which told me for sure that she was not peeing. She suddenly spoke to me from behind the closed door and said "whatever I ate is not agreeing with me." I could not believe my luck that such a beautiful girl was taking such a big dump just behind that door. A little while later she ripped a loud echoing fart into her toilet, followed by a couple more. She spoke out again and said "it's really really not agreeing with me!" She then turned on the water faucet to drown out the sounds of her dump. That was really the only bad thing about it. A little while later I went it to pee and it still smelled pretty rank with a pretty big stain in the bottom of the toilet. Hope you al! l enjoy this, I will try to post again sooner than last time. Take care everyone.

TO VICTORIA: I doubt the airlines regard it as a "cleaning service". Otherwise, they would shamelessly charge passengers extra $$$ for it!

(Gee... I hope I haven't given any lurking airline execs any ideas.)

Hello To Susan In The UK!!
I read your story of your sick husband with great interest. It was inspiring to see the sweetness and depth of your love for him. You were wonderful to him during a very embarrasing time for him. You are a really great lady. My best to you both

I went out to dinner last night and before the dinner came i had to go to the bathroom to pee. The bathroom was in this hallway(the restaurant is in a building with some offices etc so you the bathroom is out in the hall). I take the last stall and i noticed someone wrote on the stall wall.. "Hey I gotta go poopie" i thought this was funny.

I haven't had to shit in about 2 days...i ate alot today so im sure im gonna have a huge log next time!

These bathroom dreams are starting to get more frquent...guess im obsessed with bathrooms etc...
this dream was about i saw a black little boy maybe 10 or so go into the bathroom. i thought maybe he was gonna poop or something so i follow him and i see he is peeing. Then some how i peeed my self..i woke up dry! maybe i had this dream cause last night when i went to the bathroom there was a boy peeing in the first stall.
gotta run bye

Did anypne catch the interveiw with the young military officer
who, working in the Pentagon on 9/11 said on CNN "luckily my morning
coffee had just kicked in and I had walked down the hall to the mensroom
when the plane destroyed my office"

He was burned badly, but apptly his bowels saved his life and he had to find a tactful way to say that on national TV!

I remember a week ago I had a dream that I was in the car with actress Julia Stiles and strangely she had on that ballet uniform that she had on in "Save the last dance". Her hair was up and she had on those pink ballet shoes. We were riding and Julia told me she had to poop and told me to hurry up. To make a long story short we ran into a traffic jam and Julia began to cry and poop and wet her pants. It stunk so much we had to let all the windows down. Then I woke up. Weird dream.

Don't you love the feeling inside your butthole after you have taken a big poop? I love the tingling sensation as well as the empty feeling I have that lasts for about twenty minutes after.

It's also nice to know that I am not alone in the fact I like to strip my clothes when taking a dump in a public stall.

I've been a long time browser of this site and am finally coming out of my shell. Althea, Meredith, and Amy Co-ed, you have great styles of writing.

I like that picture today
I had a weird dream last night that i was on an old wooden boat and i had to use the bathroom(pee) and the bathroom was all glass with mini blinds so no one could see in. I started to pee and i had to stop cause i couldn't finish cause i didn't feel comfortable going in there so i left to find another bathroom.

I notice sometimes(latly) that when im at work i feel like i have to poop and i like to try and hold on till break time and latly haven't been able to hold it in and i feel like its starting to come out in my pants(this is ever since i had that accident at work and had to leave early)i think its just my nerves sometimes. Is any one else like that??

To Outhouse Scott: Im not sure if thats true...i thought i remember hearing that britney spears had the flu(don't know if she had diahreah) and had to cancel her tours and stuff. That was a while back.

To the Unnamed poster: About pooping at that fast food restuarant. I liked your story and i thought it was intresting what you did. I think i would have done the same if i was that desperate to go(or go outside somewhere).

To Victoria: I remember eating airplane food and comeing home and going to bed and waking up in the middle of the night throwing up. thats it...never had diahreaha. I liked your story...about having diahreaha in your pants. I think the only reason why i would have diahreaha on a plane is because of nervousness. Is that why you had it? See i haven't flown in such along time maybe 7 years or so

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked that story..i thought it was funny. How old were you then and how old are you now?

To Toylet: I liked your story. I thought it was funny that you didn't know any better and took a shit in a urinal. Did any one see you do it? I pooped in one before but it was on purpose

To Ryan: Funny dream!

To jim: I liked your story...especially the part where your friend steped on his brothers butt and mushed it in and when you guys all started wrestling. Cool!

To Coprologist: I like that. Where did you hear that? and is that true?

To kim and scott: I bet you do love having such a huge log coming out. I haven't had one like that in such along time!

To the unnamed poster: about being home sick and pooping and peeing your self. I liked that. Are you a male or female?

To Susan: Liked your story. I can imagine your husband coughing and pooping his pants

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