Unwedded Jasta
Hey everybody I have a story fro ya I'm living with mu sister and she only has one toilet and her husband Ricky was in there fixing the shower but he had to get it done soon because it was leaking badly when I felt the urge to pee. My sister told me just to go while he was in there that he wouldn't mind so I went in there but I didn't have the courage so I just ki da danced around and talked to Rick He noticed I was at my wits end and said hey Jasta if you gotta go just go I don't care afterall what could you possibly have that yours sister doesen't so I wnet it felt great I went for about 2 minutes and he said gosh you really had to go didnya yep I replied with much relief

I got a question that has been bothering me my cousin called and talked to me the other day and commented that she puts her daughter in the shower to bathe her while her and her husband are intimate in the shower is that ok for a child to see she is 3 I would never let my child watch that she claims that when the chuld gets older and understands she will stop.


Yes, as strange as it sounds, there is actually a benefit to all those
strange fetishists that like to play dirtier than we were all taught was ok
behavior. It is a well known fact that homeless people donate some of the
highest quality blood. This is because their immune system is constantly
being exercised by the amount of germs that they are exposed to by
eating dumpster food. The same can be said of people who never
outgrew their playing with poo poo stage as children. I am not condoning
this behavior, as it is obviously very much a health hazard. I am only
stating the fact that those who survive this kind of behavior may have a
leg up on things if we ever are under a biological attack. So if you are
one of those people, just remember this fact the next time someone says
you are hopelessly insane and have absolutely no value to society.
Although no one is invincible to biological warfare, you may be one of
your society's best chances at bouncing back from an assault.


A lot of you have aready heard this one, but I'll put it here again
so the new people won't think I'm reckless about it. First of all, all woods
and trail poopers should know the proper field technique taught by the
forest service. It is that you should poop at least 100 ft away from any
water source such as a creek or pond, and it should be buried 6 inches
deep, to prevent barefooted people from stepping in it during the few
weeks it takes to break down. It admit, I don't always bury it, since I
don't think very many people go shoeless in the winter, and I usually
poop in remote places that see little foot traffic at all, and the odds of
someone leaving the trail to step on the exact spot I pooped on are very
low. I also know that modern medicine is much more effective in treating
infections than it has been in the past. I'm relatively certain I'm not
carrying any of the few diseases that might cause someone a problem.
And last, just remember that all our social customs concerning bathroom
behavior were made up by people before the microscope was invented.
Yes, our customs can be improved upon, which is what I think we do
here on this forum.


I'll keep it short but sweet since I've already rambled on and on.
This one is a quicky about the birthday clown. She was really cute in her
little clown outfit at the park. I was sitting in the men's side, gearing up
for my plopping session, when I heard her enter the ladie's side. I knew it
was her because of all the tussling and bussling sounds from her getting
out of her outfit. That was the cutist clown trick I ever heard! She finally
sat down with a loud sigh. A few seconds elapsed before the start of her
trickle. It gradually faded away, and a few dainty plops were heard.
About this time, I added my own thunks and plunks. We tinkled and
plopped away until we finally wiped and flushed. Another nice shit at the

P.S. I have to go to Denver again for a few days, so it may be awhile
before I can post again!

Meghan (Sarah S's sis)
Hi Everyone,
I am back home. Sarah is still at school and is in a real pouty mood. She has her head in the books almost constantly. She sends a hello to everyone. Now for the experience of the week.
On Tuesday Sari and I sent out for Mexican food. We both were on the books. We ate chicken and beef fajitas, rice, beans and queso. We ate and then studied some more. Later we took a break to watch a sitcom. We were sitting there and Sari lifted her butt to fart(trump) She let out this monster;BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRR! It started stinking up the place. She farted some more and her eyes got big and she ran to the toilet. I followed close behind. She ripped down her panties and sat down. She farted and grunted. It reeked in there. I put my shirt over my face. The logs started tumbling out of her ass. I counted at least 6 large plops. She finally was finished. She peed a bunch, too! She wiped and we went back to the T.V. Later it was my turn. I was hunched over on the toilet and I had enough gas to power the Exxon Valdiz. I farted and trumped. Sari was sitting on the tub rim giving me these disgusted looks. I said'Well, you stunk up the place"! She nodded, yes. I pushed out ! a thick log that was about 12" long. Then I let out some little plops. I wiped and we both were glad that was over. We studied until 4am in the morning. Now for some replies.

Dear ELEANOR: Our family is so glad you finally stood up to your brother. It brought me to tears to read his reaction. Family is family. He never knew what he was doing to you. I am so glad he has come to his senses. We would love for you to stay here but we understand if this is the final chapter on this forum. God Bless you, sweetheart. Meghan and the rest of the family.

Dear KENDAL and LAWN DOGS KID: We are thrilled to see you are back with us. We are sorry that your posts aren't making it. You are so caring for Ellen. We cried loads when we read about the Irish Blessing. This is because it is so beautiful and our Mum gave us a framed picture of the Irish coast and the blessing is in the middle. We have put that on our living room wall in our apartment. Mum always said to look to that when we left the house. It is Dad's favourte, too. Kendal, you sing in the choir? You must have a nice voice. Andrew, do you sing, too! We aren't good vocalists. We would love to hear your experiences in the toilet with Andrew, Kirsty, Charlotte, and Rachel. We did enjoy your story of Ellen weeing and falling asleep on Andrew's knee. That was so sweet. Sari and I have had some wierd toilet experiences at school. Have you been at school and had to wee desperatly and then couldn't. It drove us crazy this week. Andrew, do males have this problem, too. We cou! ldn't bring ourselves to ask Dad! BLUSH! Well, I will have other things to tell next time. Andrew, how are you doing on your "A" levels? We read that the English coast was getting battered by wind and rain. We hope you are ok. Take care, dear cousins!! Lots of Lovexx and a big hug! Cousins Meghan and (Sarah)

Dear PV: Hi gal!! We would love to take a spin in the car with you, Kendal, Louise, Ina and all other WSPC members. Sarah said she would ride the hood and let out a wee stream! I don't know about that. We have both weed in the shower this week so we are practicing somewhat. Sari would like to wee on her school books, LOL! Take care in Aussieland!! Lovexxx Meghan and (Sarah)

PUNK ROCK GIRL: LOL!! That is a fuunnnnnny story. We have had several experiences like that. I bet your ass was scratchy!! Enjoy your posts!
Meghan and (Sarah S)

EPHERMAL: Hi girl! Glad you are getting over the flu! I know that was a real bitch. Sarah has been pretty regular in the poop department this week. So have I. I asked Kendal this and I'll ask you. Have you had to pee so desparatly that you have run to the toilet and then couldn't do a damn thing? That happened to both of us this week. Good luck on the studies!!! Meghan and (Sarah S)

MEREDITH AND MANDY: Glad you are back and thrilled that MANDY is going to your school. That is what we do. That was a monster dump you and your sister did. No wonder you had to call the plumber,LOL! Yes, please tell us about the school dump!! Take care, you two! Meghan and (Sarah S)

Dear INA: Hi sweetheart!! Both of us enjoyed your story about your weeing standup style!! You are a rebel!! We have been so busy at our studies. Have YOU had trouble weeing when you finally got to the toilet and then couldn't? We are asking our girlfriends on here. Take care, dear!! Lovexxx and hugs!! Meghan and (Sarah S)

LOUISE AND STEVE: Now, we would be in the front row when Steve wees.LOL!
Louise, you are the master of the standup wee. We all look to you for guidance and instruction. That was a wonderful wee you did in the shower!! What expertise. Have you had wind and rain. We are concerned with our British cousins and friends! Take care, Lovexxx Meghan and (Sarah)

SUSAN: We are so sorry you and your husband had the intestinal flu. Is this going all over the UK? We have cousins and friends living in the UK? Hope you are better now!! Meghan and (Sarah S)

Dear RIZZO: Just a note to tell you that we are having cullumpted poos and are looking forward to your return! Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and (Sarah)

Dear CARMALITA: Hi doll! Hope you are recovering slowly. We know this is not easy. We are here for you. We enjoyed the mega dump you did!!! WOW! That must have broken the toilet,LOL! Take care, Lovexxx Meghan and (Sarah S)

This is a long post(sorry). We want to say WELCOME to: Christine, Victoria, John, Sarah14yrs and UK.
SPECIAL HELLOS: Rjogger and Kathy, Kimmie and Scott, Jane and Gary, LindaGS, Bryian, Adrian, Althea, Adele, Ring Stretcher, Jeff A, London Lad, Lancs Lad, CD, Diva, Jasta, Mindy, Mandy, Erin, Buzzy, Renee, Pat, Nu, Tim and Sarah, Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, Gopweller, Sarsen, Noel, Amy(coed), Melanie, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Flaxie, Elena, Donny, Pico Tamale, DianeNY, Alana, Jill, Julie, and all of the great posters here.



To Eleanor,
Hello, sweetheart. I don't know if you will see this post, but I hope you do and I'm very glad you have written again. I am also very glad that you have found a positive solution to your problem. It was not quite the way I saw it happening, I have to say.
You are quite right - I knew it would not be easy, and it helps if you are feeling prepared. As you say, in times of pressure it can be desperately hard to find the right words, or any words at all come to that. Sometimes, as it was for you, to use no words or to speak very quietly is actually more powerful than to start shouting, and your brother and his friends got the message loud and clear from the look on your face. I'm sure you must have looked ready to explode in rage. Good for you!
The outcome is far better than Louise and I dared hope for. I thought the most likely result was that you would have confronted your brother and an uneasy, non-speaking 'peace' would follow once he realised he would be in real trouble had he continued with his 'attacks'.
The best thing about this was the way your brother was not merely put in his place by you turning the tables on him and invading his privacy the way he invaded yours. He has learned his lesson in what must have been quite a difficult way for him. I am also sorry you had to go through such traumatic experiences before reaching this point.
I do hope that you can both put the last month behind you, and you can continue this new, friendly and understanding attitude to each other. Hopefully your brother has learned there is much more to gain by giving respect.
Louise and I are very glad we could help you. It is obvious from your postings that you are a lovely, intelligent and compassionate young girl. Some young guy is going to be very lucky to meet you. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Take care, and have a hug from me.
This is Louise speaking.
Eleanor, I am happy it is all made right now. I know what
you mean, I get a lot of strength from Steve encouraging
me. He is lovely because he is very confident without
being all arrogant, you know? He's right, you deserve a
boyfriend like that. I will give Steve a big kiss for you.
Hey if you need to write a letter to us again please do!
I was a bit like PV and I wished I was there to get in
the way to stop you getting picked on by your brother
and his friends. I do not think I would have kept my
temper with them though!
Lots of Love from Steve and Louise xx

To Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan,
That was another interesting story about Sue. She was certainly very open about such things in her own characteristic way. She must have been a fascinating lady, to say the very least. You all must miss her very much.
Sarah S and Meghan, indeed I would be very happy if you were there in my virtual audience while I was having a wee. I certainly would not exclude you.
This morning I was having a bath, and I had not urinated. I considered doing it in the bathwater. Why not indeed?
I was standing, having washed my legs, and I allowed my penis to hang naturally. There was no need to hold it, as the bath water was quite a large target to aim at. My foreskin was closed, and I decided to allow myself the luxury of not caring if my stream was tidy or not, so I did not partly draw my foreskin back as I normally would.
I released control over my bladder as I looked down at myself. Soapy water also ran down my stomach and dripped off me into the bathwater as I felt an intensifying feeling of the inevitable. A few drops of urine leaked from my penis, and there was an untidy splutter that deviated to the right. The pressure built, balooning the end of my foreskin slightly, and the untidy stream that squirted from my penis was actually quite stable but sprayed slightly with a considerable deviation to the right. I considered my virtual audience of Annie, Sarah S, Meghan, PV, Kim, Scarlet, Louise's friends Jackie, Emma and Pia etc. My stream eventually slackened off, and the emission became much more ragged and generally ran out and wet the underside of my foreskin before dripping into the bathwater. With the last drops having run out, I retracted my foreskin fully so I could wash under it.
I hope you enjoyed that story. Cheers All.

To PV,
Eleanor's story was one was really twisted my guts. Though I couldn't be there in person to do something about it, to give her some advice was the least I could do.
Louise's sports teacher (my ex-girlfriend) was quite a character, I can tell you. The picture has made me remember quite a great deal about her. There are some things that I will write up for the forum in due course, but there are many other things I've remembered that are very much X rated and would not be at all appropriate! <snicker>
Yep, I was indeed lucky to have been able to share some marvellous bathtime wees with Louise and her mother. Perhaps you read how I was pressed into sharing the bath with Louise and her two friends, when the same sort of thing happened. I must say, I really do _like_ that feminine urine smell. I think it must be a subliminal thing, subconsciously advertising the presence of a female (or females) in the area. A primitive way for nature to assist men and women to get together, perhaps?
I have to go and get ready to go out now. It wouldn't do for me to take longer to prepare than Louise takes, would it? <snicker>
Take care, and I look forward to talking to you again soon!



ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Thank you for your very kind words. Do not worry please, my problems are not as bad as it may sound. I am a bit embarrassed about it, but I thought considering the other stuff we talk about here... Strange as it may sound, coming to this site, also helps a lot. When you got an eating disorder you always try to fight your own body, especially the digestion. It's good to develope more of a sense of a healthy digestion and to enjoy it's effects. It also helps to feel less disgusted about yourself. Of course, getting some wonderful nice words from you kind people is a wonderful support as well. I appreciate it so much. What a nice story about Sue. May I ask who Alan is? Sue sounds like a fantastic gal. I am always suprised how many woman mastered the art of standing wees, as I never heard about it before until recently. Has Sue teached the girls? Having been a student in England, I certainly had bangers and mash ; I can't recall any special effects though. I re! call baked beans and Newcastle Brown Ale as potentially dangerous...LOL Annie, tell Robbie to give you more chance for practise, if he teases you about not aimimg properly...Tehe. I had a standing wee into an orange juice bottle on the floor recently. I filled up the whole 0.75 litre bottle (one and a half pints!). How about that aim? Grin.
Lots of love to you both XXX from Ina and give a Hug from me to SARAH AND MEGHAN (sob, I'll miss you Sarah, but be a good girl and work hard...don't forget about some fun now and then though...)

PV: Hi, my gorgeous Aussie fried! Shame I am not French otherwise I could be you French fry...LOL. Thinking about you letting it rip in your garden is definately one of my favourite thoughts at the moment when I get the oportunity to hold my face in the sun and dream a bit. I am red cause of your sweet words..I loved the idea if doing a whizzer from the railing of a sighting place! You know I saw "Pricilla, queen of the desert" the other day (remember the ABBA turd? LOL). I could just picture us in such a bus driving over the country and instead of climbing on rocks in drag, we could make rainbows in famous places. Great thought! Did you hear about this woman, whose art it is to do standing pees onto famous landmarks and sights and exhibits the photos. I have not seen the exhibition, but sounds great...I always wanted to pee off a bridge, I don't know if I'll ever dare, I guess together with you I would...I have to go. Lots of loveXXX from Ina

greetings and hugs to RIZZO, CARMELITA and LOUISE as well as TIM AND SARAH

Best wishes to all

I like the picture on today's masthead (Sunday). It looks as though the lady in question is smiling, relaxed and thoroughly enjoying a good poo. How many of us often have a really pleasurable poo that we can describe as a truly relaxing, wonderful experience?

John. It's best to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg to keep yourself regular. Artificial laxatives can make the bowels sluggish and are best avoided.

Robby and Annie. I enjoyed the story about Annie and Sue's "Loch Ness poo." It was great. Keep them coming.

To the person who asked about the normality or otherwise of his wife's interest in his motions. She may well be 'turned on' by you needing to go but I think it's just as likely (if not likelier) that she's only looking out for you and concerned for your wellbeing.

Susan. I'm sure you're husband realises that you were only looking after him when he was sick and had an accident in bed. It may have dented his pride for a while though but I'm sure he'll get over it. Accidents happen. I trust that you made sure he'd been toileted in both senses before coming back to bed though. Does he ever wet the bed?

sarah. I think your mother was wrong to punish you for having an accident which you clearly couldn't help. It amazes me that there are still parents around who punish their offspring for clearly unavoidable accidents. That's something I would NEVER EVER do.

Eleanor. I'm pleased to hear that your problems appear to have resolved themselves. However, should they recur or you have cause to be anxious about anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask for advice. It's important that you remember that. Good luck.

Greetings to all new and regular posters.



Hi all,

First of all I'd like to reply to ELEANOR -- in the hopes you'll look back at the boards a time or two and know that a lot of people here have been very touched by everything you've been through, and indeed by the way it turned out. I read your post with a sense of change, and with a feeling that perhaps my initial reactions were wrong, that they might have hindered more than helped. In the end it was simple human feeling that carried the day, not threats, not tricks, and you settled it without your parents becoming involved.

My first impulse was simply to protect you at any cost, but such confrontation may have had the wrong results, I don't know... What's important is that your brother has realized the error of his ways and is genuinely sorry, and nothing matters beyond that. He's going to carry the memory of what he put his sister through for the rest of his life, and that's no lightweight. In the end perhaps it's a heavier burden than any that could have been placed on him in the short term, it's a penalty that carries its own built-in barbs.

Worse than simply the looking, to me, was the foul verbal accompaniment. Those are words that will never go away, no matter how much he might wish he could erase them. But the whole thing is a result of peer presure, the pressure to become a juvenile sexual predator to rise in the esteem of others who think sexual predator is the right way to live. (Not all of them, clearly, and his off-colour fun backfired on him with those very peers.) Profanity, verbal abuse, calculatedly hurtful vulgarity, is part of the repertoire, and understanding that makes it no less lousy a thing to do. And yet, we are all allowed mistakes, and he has made his, and it's over. He is bitterly ashamed, and in the end he loves his sister more than he wants to conform to the pressures of his pecking order. It's one of life's harder lessons, and I think we can all be thankful it's turned out well in the end.

Eleanor, I know you don't mean to use the site in future, but I hope you'll remember all the folks here who spread a wing for you, and know you're welcome here anytime.

LOUISE -- hi sweetie.

"Well for you I would have held my shit until you could have properly watched me do it, and not just from the side."

I'm honored and smiling! Gee, that would be so delightful, and I'd do my very best to return the compliment! I've been having some fairly solid motions lately, not large in overall size but quite compact and satisfying to pass.

Yes, I remember you mentioning your gym teacher letting loose with a volcanic stand-up fountain next to you once -- it set me thinking back, as when I was a kid female toileting was virtually a taboo subject, and the concept of the female stand-up was totally alien. I'd never have guessed anything like that was possible -- I never had PE at any school which actually had shower facilties, so "gettin' nekid" in a school environment never happened. No wonder I never had any experiences to relate to -- and in any case the AP problem would have locked me up rigid anyway...

How well I know the art of listening -- listening for footsteps, and for the sound/creak of the outer door being opened, giving you seconds to retreat into a stall for cover! I've rarely had to, but the impulse is always there, along with the heart-pounding feeling! :-) Oh, with regard to Venus symbols, when I first started that, with some American ladies on other boards, we would "mark our territory" every *time* we used a urinal, not just to indicate which ones we'd used, it was sort of like carving notches on your gun-butt... GRIN! It's great to know the marks are still there -- there are Venus symbols proliferating in mens' rooms in England, Australia and the United States!

I agree entirely on the thrill aspect of using urinals. If it became absolutely commonplace, well, having a wee would have become as thrilling as, well, having a wee! And yet ... there's also something to be said for that. Casual, no stress, no heart attacks, just front up to the wall and go... And if it came to that, common unisex bathrooms might be a step closer. However, one can't always be comfortable around members of the opposite sex, and what about the age factor? Can little girls use the same urinal as some mature guy with his equipment in his hand? Obviously not! There are all sorts of problems with the idea, attractive is it is in theory. And what about the other way around? A little boy who has absolutely no clue as to female anatomy, he's years away from his "sex-talk," how will he handle finding himself standing next to a lady with her skirt raised, panties aside, and producing a healthy stream from ... "whatever *that* is?"

However, as we well know, amongst adults, friends and intimate companions, it can be a wonderful thing. Ah well, all I can say for the moment is that those urinals better watch out when you and I are around (and the rest of the WSPC!)

Speaking of which, (fanfare!) I bow low to accept the yellow sash of president, founder and elected leader of our esteemed group, and declare to our constituency that I shall strive always to advance the cause of female peeing rights and to raise awareness of the adaptive flexibility of the female anatomy! I second your election to position of senior technical advisor, and recognize your Mom as Grand Mistress, a position of weeing wisdom that carries with it the trust and respect of all members everywhere!

Hmmm, I think you're right, we're not really *good* girls at all, are we? CHUCKLE! Yes we are, as a matter of fact, some of the best (polishing my halo...)

Hey, I once considered installing a urinal in my laundry, or making something, a sheet-galvanized steel thing to go on the wall... Let me know if you do! I know what you mean about seeing it every day, the thrill would go out the window because familiarity breeds contempt... Yet we woman have to decide what we want, here! (Imagine that -- in one of those endless psych manuals, "What do women really want?" Urinals in their bathrooms!!!! Yeah, swallow that, macho man! Hee-hee!) Sigh...

Part 2 coming...


Part 2...

Continuing my commentary to LOUISE:

Mm, that out-the-leg of your shorts pish in the shower would have been a nice one to see, one-handed too -- very rustic, very outdoorsy -- reminds me of when I gushed down the rock I was sitting on when I went to the beach last year. I really enjoyed the back garden pish! Oh, and I squat-weed on my bathroom floor for fun a few days ago -- the drain ponged a bit afterward.

"I liked how you hear the name Paypal and you think "Peepal". I think of some things like that as well. I just can not think of them just now. Hey did you know there are towns called "Shit" in Ethiopia and Iran?"

Yikes! Makes me think of the way you can play on words -- I'm not sure if I ever posted this before, but as an archeologist it jumped out at me... "The impact on regional history made by the ancient Shitites may be adjudged when it is remembered their territory lies in what is modern-day Turdestan..." GUFFAW!

And what about -- musical bathroom cleaner, "Mary Poopings," or a search engine for toilety matters, "Alta Pista." Hahahahaha!!!!

I've been meaning to tell some stories about just how lavatory humor-oriented Australia is, and this is my chance. Lately we've had a whole swag of commercials that feature male urination in one context or another.

One that's been playing on TV and on the big screen is an add for a medical insurance company. It's set in a really grotty, grafiti-vandalized mens'room with a continuous steel wall urinal. A young man is standing there, relieving himself. No stream is seen and sounds are very muted. We actually see him full length from a distance of about ten feet, though his equipment is not visible. Into the place comes this gigantic bear of a man with tattoos and piercings, and proceeds to stand next to the other guy and start to pish as well. The young man is terrified he's going to be worked over, and the commentary is listing all the things he's wishing his medical plan covered -- dental work, broken bones, traction, loss of income... The big punk finishes, zips up and stalks out with his boots thudding on the tiles, and the young guy breathes a sigh of relief, then is so preoccupied he zips up and catches his dick in the zipper and goes staggering all over the place in agony... ! Yes, this is for real, it's been playing all year! It's fairly tasteless when you've seen it thirty times...

A couple of nights ago I saw a new one, an add for Virgin Blue, an Aussie cut-price domestic airline. A businessman comes into this emaculate bathroom, fronts up to a wall-mounted white urinal and starts to relieve himself (sound effects only of course). His mobile phone rings in his pocket and he can't pish one-handed to answer it: a cleaner or attendant comes over, fishes out his phone and answers it for him. The slogan -- "You don't get Virgin Blue service everywhere!"

One from earlier this year was an add for either photo-finish swipe cards, memory wafers for digital cameras or something like that, as it featured small cards with photos of grinning women on them. They were plastered on the walls over the urinals in a bathroom, and a guy was trying to have a wee but the exuberant, guffaw-ing faces of the women on the cards appeared to be laughing at his willie, and no matter which urinal he went to the pictures only put him off more, and he ended up leaving unrelieved. That was a wierdie!

A recent one, a mens'wear chain store had a summer casuals sale, and the add featured a group of sexy twenty-somethings cavorting on the beach, a mixed group of guys and gals. The gals were in bikini tops and shorts, the men were in the stuff actually on sale. They were larking around, playing beach-cricket and so on. Well, at one point, one of the men is seen from behind, quite obviously urinating high on the beach in broad daylight and mixed compay, even thrusting his hips to get more reach from the stream! I couldn't believe it, what the hey has that to do with selling shirts?!

A current add for Toyota commercial pickups features a runaway vehcile that careers through an estate and in the process demolishes a workman's privy that collapses on all sides around a bloke sitting on the pot, reading a paper. In the back of the pickup are a guy and a dog, and when the pickup hits a tree they go straight up in the air. The guy in the wrecked dunney gets up and pulls his pants up, and behind him the dog lands in the loo...

You gotta ask yourself, where in heavens' name the Australian mentality is in all this? You notice, absolutely none of these adds features women in more than an observer capacity, and usually not at all, as if female toileting remains taboo here, at least in the media...

That's all for now, looking forward to your next posting,

Love & hugs from your ethusiastic Aussie Pee-Pal,


Tim and Sarah
Hi, itís Tim. I feel like a real jerk at the moment cause I am off work again as I have got a heavy flu. I worked for five days after being sick for months and now this.... how embarrassing... My boss is ok though, in fact he sent me home.
Funny story that happened on Tuesday: We had buisness partners over from Japan. The morning was an endless conference and I was feeling so tired and exhausted. On the one hand I am not used to a full working day any more, on the other hand the flu was already in my bones. Towards noon I could hardly keep my eyes open and had a terrible headache. In the beginning of the lunch break my boss asked how I was, as I must have looked rather pale. I said ok, but would be very grateful if I could drop out of the buisness lunch as I still had the whole afternoon with our partners in front of us. He agreed that it could be a good idea if I tried to get some rest. I laid down on the couch in my office after a quick soup and fell deeply asleep. I had the soup and lots of tea and water in the morning and woke up from a big ! urge to pee. I slowly got up and looked on my watch and was fully awake the next second from the big shock: I was already 30 minutes late for my appointment with ! the partners. I ran like mad, no more time for a pee. I arrived at the meeting point and got really annoyed looks and apologised again and again. We then got on with the buisness and I did not dare to let them stand there (we were in a big, cold factory hall, looking at our machinery) another five minutes to go for a pee. So I just pressed everything together and went through one and a half ours talking about machinery and dreaming about a chance of relieve. Finally we went into the direction of the conference room again and I had to keep the conversation up while we walked quite slowly. My thoughts were like "donít talk Ė mooove, I am wetting my pants" . Finally!!! A gentís! I excused myself and two others of the group went in before me. There were three urinals and like men do, they took the two outside ones. I had to take the middle one. You have to picture me being really tall and two Japanese guys, each about half my size on each side. I guess we looked rather funny f! rom behind. I got it out as casual as possible and after a small prelude stream started pissing like a racehorce, excuse me, there was no other description. A thick, powerfull stream gushed out of me and hit the porcelain with a noisy splatter. It took a while till the pain went over into relieve, but then it just was overwhelming pleasure with goosebumps all over my body. I really had to contain myself not to start moaning and to round it off with a big fart, LOL, sorry girls, man can be like that ( I guess woman as well...). I was going for ages, still pissing when the other two had already finished washing their hands. They kept on a conversation in Japanese, which I am not so good at, while I noticed them grinning a bit. I also had the impression they left quite slowly to hear how much longer I was going, Just joking! It took many squirts before I felt empty and I am sure it was one of the longest pees in my life. I just stood there dribbling and enjoying the moment, wh! en I realised I was now on my own. I looked round to make sure and then with great pleasure let a very relieving fart go. The pressing forced another little stream of pee out. Now I was finally empty. Phew, what a glorious moment that made me forget about feeling miserable for a while....
Later I told Sarah and she told me about the longest pee she remebers having had. It was after hours being stuck inside a coach without a toilet and nowhere to stop. She said, she and her girlfriends finally had to squat at the edge of a carpark, leaving lakesize puddles on the concrete. Wow! What a thought! I loved that story, but again itís the greatest to be able to share stuff like that with her. Sorry guys, I guess you would have prefered her story...but thatís my wifeís choice. She quite likes watching me pee now...:-). Itís not so much the act as she likes to watch me holding my penis. She is very much into my hands (donít ask me why?) and says she likes to watch me unzipping and everything. LOL, I guess everyone has their own preferences. Itís great she is dicovering her fun in it as well now, which makes me feel better about wanting to watch her. Just some quick replies now then I have to slip under the cover ( I am in bed anyway...).

INA, sweetie, we were so sorry to read about your problems. Itís difficult to help this way, but we feel with you. Sarah wants to say a few words to you. All I can say is that I know the pain Sarah went through and it makes me sad you are experiencing something like it. You are a great lady and so many people like you here and I am sure also outside of this forum. Concentrate on the fun in life and donít make it a misery for yourself by thinking you are not good enough. I am absolutely positive you are! I mean it. You write so nice stories and funny comments. Please, donít let your personal stress overwhelm you. We hope you find a way out of it. Please take good care, dear. Oh, I loved the story about the wee with your boss. I before had to pee into bushes or behind a building on buisness trips but as it is usually with male partners or drivers itís not so exciting for me...Lol. You know, I can understand very well what it feels like to beat yourself up over things and ! thatís what usually leads to such problems you are having, but I personally learned to appreciate life even more recently: And one of the things that makes life great is meeting wonderful people like you, even if it is just in cyberspace! So for all of us, take good care of yourself and look after your health. Love from Tim

SARAH S AND MEGHAN: How sad to hear you are leaving us for a while, Sarah. I can understand you though; I canít predict either how much time I might have, once I hopefully get finally fully into the work again. Good to year you are feeling better again. Thank you for your sweet words. We indeed had a very romantic time. We were really as cuddly, silly and giggly as if we met recently. We met a very young couple there. They also asked us if we were on our honeymoon. They were really suprised when they heard that we are married since seven years and have got two kids. I guess the seventh year itch was covered by other problems in our case. I do not want to sound too cheesy though, of course we have problems like every other couple. Itís always good to find someone you feel you can talk with though. Hope you two will one day also meet some lovely and loving partners. I am sure you will, you sound like so great gals. Good luck with your studies Sarah, you know its funny, bu! t my Sarah also studied law! Love to both of you and of course ANNIE AND ROBBIE.

Stay well, all, Tim

Hi, itís Sarah now. Yes, my poor sweetie is sick again and I donít feel too great either. So we brought the kids into Kindergarten and are hiding from the world in bed now....

INA: Hi dear, I am so sorry to hear about your problems. As you know, I know the pain very well. I think Tim already said a lot of what I wanted to say. I donít know you very well, but in my case and with many woman, I met through therapie, itís often about thinking not to be good enough. I do not want to go into too much depth here, as itís probably not the right place, but remember you are worth a lot and have got a right to live a life without hurting yourself physically or emotionally...Give it a quiet thought and see how you can deal with it. I wish you all the strength and power you might need. Lotís of love from Sarah.
Oh, and see, you already seem to know things I am still learning, that there is nothing to be ashamed about, having to pee or poop and maybe even really enjoy it.
Iíll tell you a bit about the fun we had on our trip to prove to you, I am learning;-):
The surprise trip was indeed such a romantic idea and we had so much fun. We behaved a bit like teenagers as we were without the kids and did not have to act responsible, great fun! When we arrived at the hotel we both needed to pee urgently after a long car trip. So as soon as the guy, who brought our luggage up, left the room we raced to the bathroom door. Tim beat me to it but, being a gentleman, let me go first and opened the door for me. I went in and while pulling my pants down, I saw there was also a urinal in the bathroom. So I told him he did not have to wait. He used that and we gave a duet of tinkling and sighing together in relieve. Lotís of giggling as well....
Next morning I woke up and found Tim in the bathroom doing a big poop. I kissed him good morning and sat on the bathtub. We both just grinned at each other. He apologised for the smell and asked if I wanted to have a quick wee as he might still need a while. I just told him to take his time. Then I just had a funny idea and went for it . We were both not dressed yet, so I went to the urinal and placed myself over it. I said: "Letís see how it works..." and tried the finger method to wee into it. I had a good start and, yuck, finished rather messy...It was lots of fun though and again we giggled like mad. I cleaned myself and Tim went "Thanks, sweetie, now I canít pee anymore..." LOL. So after he finished we took care of his problem...
In the evening we went to a wonderful violin concert, another surprise for me (!), and had a few glasses of wine afterwards. I watched him pee into the urinal back at the hotel. As he said, I love to watch him holding his penis. He has got so sexy hands, I always loved.
(Hey MEGHAN and SARAH, I donít know your taste but you might like Tim, heís a hunk...LOL) He could make a great piano player with his hands, if only he would give it a try. Anyway, he asked if wanted to give it another try, weeing into the urinal. I was not too keen on it. He asked very tenderly if he could give it a try. As it was the right mood, I agreed. I took of my underwear and pushed up my dress. He huged my from behind and we cuddled. He tenderly directed me in the right position and very carefully positioned his fingers. He just whispered "ok?!" and after a few seconds I let go. You will not believe it, but apart from a few dribbles and squirts it was a neat and tidy job into the urinal, especially after I gained confidence and let go full stream. He knew so well how to direct it, I could not believe, he did it for the first time. I egged him into confession and he admitted he had a girlfriend many years ago, who showed him the skill. Rascal! But he could teach ! me I guess, how funny! He was surprised himself it still worked so well, but altough he does not want to admit it, I am sure they had lotís of practise...Oh, well, that cute, innocent looking husband of mine seems to have more skills than I have discovered, yet, although I knew he is good with his hands LOL... I have to say, I prefer sitting down for everyday use but we had lots of fun!

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi, as Tim stated I also studied law for while. I personally hated it though, as I was forced into it; my father is a judge and I was supposed to follow his career. The fact that my husband supported me when I dropped out off it and changed into studying music did not add to his popularity with my parents... I am very grateful though. I sincerely hope you are enjoying it much more, Sarah and wish you all the best with your studies and your future career! Best wishes, you great girls!

ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi dear friends! Hope you are fine. I had a laugh when I read about your little encounter with the neighbours, Robbie. I think our neighbours would be shocked! I guess, I would be as well, to be honest...LOL. Do you have a garden as well? My three kids (including Tim) like peeing in ours...Last weekend we had wonderful spring weather over here. Tim and I did a bit of gardening and the kids were playing and running around. Suddenly there were suspiously quiet. Being parents, you will know, itís always a sign there are up to something. We saw them Ďhidingí behind low pinetrees, watching each other weeing. We just laughed. When they came out of the bushes I laughingly shouted: "Donít you think we have not noticed...". They just screamed and giggled and ran away...When they later where in bed we enjoyed a bit of the mild evening outside. I was sitting on Timís legs. He asked me to let him get up, as he needed to wee. I told him I really needed the toilet m! yself for a private moment, quiet bad. I said "Iíll take the bathroom and you can pee into my roses, as I know you are doing that anyway sometimes...." . They are in a good spot, where you are sheltered from any view, but I still noticed before, somebody likes to peepee there now and then. Tim went deep red and grinned embarrassed...So we both went for relieve how we like it: I had a nice, quiet motion in the bathroom and my country kid watered the plants. I know he likes to go outside, itís the way he grew up...By the way he told me a very sweet story: When his little brother came to stay sometimes during holidays at the farm, he had problems wetting the bed, cause he would not wake up or was scared to go on his own. So Tim tried to make sure to drink a lot as well, so he would wake up at night. He then woke up his brother and they went to wee together. Him and his sister and his cousins often went to the toilet together when they were scared or just liked the company. I gu! ess thatís where his interests come from... Take care, dear fri endsand warm hugs from both of us.

HI RIZZO: Who would have thought I end up writing long stories here, giggle. Tim is already asleep again, since I am typing here for hours, LOL. He is quietly snorring away as he has got a blocked nose and fever. Poor thing, he will be embarrassed about it...Hope you are ok, dear friend. A warm hug from me and Tim to you as well...

Best wishes, Sarah

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Peeping Tom
Why do people poop on the restroom floor I use to think kids couldn't hold it and went on the floor. Now I think people do it for fun.
Who here going on the floor in public?

Sparkle Girl
Hi everyone. I have a question. Do any women ever have the feeling when you have to pee really bad and when you are getting ready to go you cant and it hurts really bad?

Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone.

A few weeks ago there was some discussion about celebrities who had supposedly shit their pants or pissed themselves onstage. I have heard a rumor that Britney Spears shit her pants or had diarrhea or something while performing. Anyone know if that is true?

Off the subject of pooping for a moment (sorry, moderator), I've seen pics of Britney mooning some fans from her limo. I some of these, she's just pulled her pants but not her underpants down. In others, her ass is bare. Are the bare-assed pics doctored, or is that really her ass? Does anyone know?

Just curious.


Hi everyone.Well here's my story.Once my friends and I were going on a day.After we started on our way I felt my stomach churning and bubbling.I knew wha that meant.I tried to see if I could hold myself where the feeling would go away.When we got close to a fast food resturant,I asked if we could stop so I could pee.Yea right.I didn't want them to know I had to take a dump.So everyone got out and and get some coffee.At this point my bowels were about to burst!.So slowly I walked towards the back were the restrooms were.As soon as I was out of their sight,I dashed in the mens room.In there was a urinal and a handicap accessable stall.To my surprise on the stall door were the dreaded words"Out of Order".Then I thought if no one was in the ladies room I could go there.Ladies use the mens room all the time in emergencies right.It was very early in the morning no one was in the resturant but us.No,that would be too risky.What if one of my friends seen me coming out of there.So! then I opened the door and,OH MY G--!.The seat had pee and poop smears and the toilet was almost to the rim with tons of TP and turds.I was out of options.I had no choice but to go.I hastily unbuckled and dropped my pants feeling the trickle of poop coming out as I was positioning myself over the bowl.I grasped both of the handicap wall handles and bent over without sitting.I tried to push my poop out slowly but to no avail.My but exploded in the commode with crackling,farting and liquidy sound.Then there was a long soft turd sliding out with a thud.The sound of the turd dropping on the previous mound.I gave one more good push to make sure I was through.By now my friends must have been woundering what was taking too long.Hoping no one would come to get me,I quickly unrolled a big wad of TP and wiped my but and turned around.I thought to myself."Did I do that?".M load covered most all the other poop.Not wasting more time I quickly got myself together and went to the sink to! wash my hands.Looking back I was hoping the wad of TP would finish soaking into the waste.If someone or one of my friends walked in they would have thought I had broke the toilet.Leaving the restroom I caught up with the guys going to the car.They were carrying on a conversation when I noticed the driver was still inside.Probably still waiting for his food.Thinking I was home free about a minute later he got in the car.He looked in the reaview mirror at me in the back seat and said,"You had to go bad didn't you?".
I wonder if any women had a similer experience with a broke bathroom? Thank You.Laterrrrrrrrr! signed FYI.


i'm a 21 girl, spanish background, quite petite and dark...
i wonder if any of you has had bowel problems as a result of airplane food... i donn't mean food poisoning, just a "lightning ???? upset", as it happened to me. always on long long flights (from ny to spain or portugal) i remember having some kind of diarrhea at the end of the flight or right the hours/day after landing.

My first time is a very clear childhood memory: i was like 6 and flew to madrid with my mom. she slept for a long while (it was my 1st flight and i was too excited to sleep), so i profited from her sleep to devour a huge bag of candy my mom had bought me like a greedy pig in just a few minutes.
well, later on we had breakfast and the plane got ready to land, when i started to feel the well-deserved gurgling in my belly... first i did not want to tell my mom, i was scared of she finding out i had eaten all the stuff and getting punished, so i kept silent, and then we had to buclke off... soon as the plane was descending i told mom i needed to go potty, and she told it was too late, i had to hold it tll we landed.
well, it's hard to describe how a little 6-old girl felt, first time plane landing -and 1st diarrhea i remember too- with big cramps and gurgles which soon gave way to sbds and later on to shy wet farts
i thought i was going to make it, but land was further than i thought, and one wet fart turned into a splattering half-explosive thing (nobody heard cuz of the plane engine),... my mom by then was noticing the smell and thought i was just farting... i was sitting on my brown mush/liquid till my mom suspected i was not well... she told me if i had to puke, i said no, but went on farting wet
well, my mom took care of me with a big coat and hid me till we got to the first toilets... that's one weird flash-runs, the kind you only get when a child

later on i went on with my flights, as a teen,and later. i've not stuffed myself with sweets, just standard plane menu, and -i suspect, plane orange juice and tomato bloodymary mix-... the result is that, one or two hours before landing i get small gurglings. then, some time between 1/2 hour and half a day, a big cramp will seize me and i'll shit my brains out for like 10 minutes, flushing all the plane stuff out of my system.., then i go back to normal

i wonder if this "cleansing service" is part of the airline's services...


Hey guys. I am participating in a medical study. I am consuming flax seed daily for 3 months. Flax seed is good for cholesterol and it is good fiber. I will let you know my progess.

I like the girl on the masthead. The picture probably was taken at work. She is smartly dressed and probably having a routine afternoon after lunch bowel movement that could not wait. It could be me or one of my co-workers. I am partial to skirts, slips and pantyhose. Panties are always a given. A girl where I work had her first summer office job, she had to go the first morning for the women's toilet and asked me for the toilet. She said her name was Leeann. I was going to take a piss. We both were wearing skirts that day. She was holding her abdomen. We took adjoining stalls. She complained her slip and panty hose were constricting. I was wearing panties and a slip under my skirt. As I urinated, the girl said, "I hate slips." She sat down and I heard a series of farty chunks hit the water. She said she was relieved. I reached for toilet paper to wipe between my legs after my 30 second piss, then pulled my panties from my ankles and flushed the bowl. Leeann reached for ! her roll to wipe. It took her over 6 wipes to clean. She stood up, flushed fixed her clothes. When she came out of the stall, she said her slip was kinked under her waistband. I told her next time take off your skirt and maybe your slip like I do so there would be no kinks.

Furball: If the bathroom is room temperature, like where I work, I will take off my dress clothes. I might leave on the slip. Sometimes I will sit on the toilet in my bra and panties. Sometimes I wear a t-shirt with my skirt. So I will take off the skirt and leave on the shirt. We are very informal at work. So I wear simple jeans and dresses and skirts, I could leave on when I sit on the toilet. I do not like to wrinkle my best clothing while seated on the bowl.

Cory: I used to baby sit a 10 y/o boy when I was 18. I was making money like a thief from different jobs. He was at my house and no trouble. We were cuddled up on the floor on my girl scout sleeping bag. I told him I was going to the toilet. I did not want to break wind on him. I went to the toilet, lifted my skirt and slip, pulled down my Carter's white cotton briefs. I was wearing the largest I had from eighth grade. They still fit my black butt. I forgot to push the door shut; it was ajar. I evacuated five thick pieces of doo-doo, slowly. The splashes were heard. My stomach evacuated gas in after the third and fifth piece. Plus, I urinated in the end. The boy kept sneaking looks from the living room down the hallway to the bathroom. I eventually cleaned up with toilet paper and fixed my clothes. The toilet was flushed as I left the room. He told me, "You were making doo-doo. I heard and saw you." I told him it is something we all have to do normally.

This cover girl looks like she is evacuating heavily. I guess it is early in the morning after eating and drinking at a party the night before.

candace: You must go to an urban public high school. I only used the high school cafeteria toilet in emergencies. One day a new oriental girl followed me in. We had a shortage of toilet paper. So, it was spread out in small quantities to every bathroom. She asked me if there was paper as she went from stall to stall. She found a stall, slammed the door shut, lifted her dress, slip and pulled her panty hose and briefs quick. This girl evacuated a wave of diarreah like Niagara Falls. She breathed heavy then another wave happened. I asked her if she was hurting. She said she had to break down and go. This was loose and she could not hold back until she went home. I thought the girl took a bottle of magnesia.

I rarely stripped my clothes in high school to use the toilet.

What a trip! I was constipated today. BAD! I ate 2 lbs of cheese in the last two days. I was worried. So, I drank a tea of hot water and senna. I kept running to the toilet to evacuate. I could not. Finally about 30 minutes ago, I felt the urge good and a thick ship's rope of doo-doo evacuated from me. My rectum hurts good. It was a 18 inches long coiled up. I will not drink anymore. That stuff is brutal. I have a presentation in the morning. I do not want to be caught short like other posters.

I like this cover girl: dress disheveled showing her matching bra from her bra/panty set, panty hose and panties at her knees.

candace: My friend Patricia and I had gassy bowel movements in high school and college. One day before cheerleader practice, there was a single toilet stall near the college gym. Patty went before me. She pulled down her jeans and blue cheerleader briefs to her ankles and was evacuating a storm. Along with the plops were the ker-chunks. When she finished and wiped, she flushed leaving a small piece of doo-doo in the water. I flushed again, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panty hose and blue nylon cheerleader briefs like our friend. I released three pieces 6 inches long, with urination and gas continously. Another girl came in and asked who was in there. Patty told her it was me. the girl said, "Althea, I should have known it was you. You have rythymn in your farts."

I play tennis. There is a girl, Joyce about 35 who plays me sometimes. Last week, after a practice, she told me she had to move her bowels. She took a toilet stall in the locker room. Her racquet was on the floor and her tennis dress was up white tennis panties were at her ankles. Joyce was pushing out piece after piece. I heard them crackle and the buzzing wind she was breaking. When it was over, the room was silent. She called out to me as I was making ready for a shower. She told me we would shower together and then have dinner.


ok iam 14 today i accidently pooped my panties and my mom spanked me
and grounded me for a week i mean it was a accident i never had one before do you guys out there think this was right

Ring Stretcher
The other night I was out with my man at Winston's, this really cool restaurant that specializes in seafood. I had ???? crab legs and he ate salmon steak. As I was finishing I told him I had the the urge to crap was coming on and excused myself to go to the ladies room. I slinked through the restaurant in my 3" heels, black dress cut very low in front and black stockings.
When I walked in the restroom with black and white tiled floor, there were three other women. One was pissing, one fixing her hair and one dumping. Cool, I thought. There were 6 stalls; as soon as a short blond pisser walked out I walked in and removed my shoes and dress. As I sat down I let out a moan as the turd pressed anxiously against the hole holding it back. This was going to be a whopper! The lady fixing her hair glanced at my stal in the mirror but left. After pissing I immediately began to push and my domed ring stretched wider and wider as the tip of a huge turd snaked its way out of my gorgeous ass. The gal next to me was also taking a healthy smelling dump, too. She let out a soft grunt followed by loud kersplonks!
My log stopped and I caught my breath for a second, let out a loud grunt and bore down hard to get it to budge. As my ring stretched open even more I moaned, gripped my thighs and said "ohmygod!"
My stall partner asked if I was ok; I told her I was trying to pass a huge log. She said she knew the feeling. I moaned loud with intense pleasure and effort as the log rubbed against my vibrating stretched hole. With one loud grunt I leaned back, shuddered and shot the monster out of my impossibly stretched hole.
When I stood up I was shocked at the size. It was about 22 inches long, 3 inches thick and pretty smooth!!!
My stallmate and I wiped about the same time and exited the stalls together. She told me not to flush because she wanted to see how big my log was. I tell you her eyeballs almost flew out of their sockets!
"Holy s??t!" she said. "Didn't that hurt like hell?"
"This one didn't," I said smiling and looking proud. "It was smooth but the lumpy ones this size can."
We washed our hands and exited together. When I told my man about what I had produced he got pretty turned on but was bummed he couldn't see it. As we were leaving we saw a worker going into the ladies room with unplunging equipment; my mega log had evidentally clogged the toilet when someone flushed after admiring it, haha!.

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