Punk Rock Girl
Hey everyone!

Here's something that happened when I was nine. I was on a camping trip at a friend's family's farm and we were camping in a big field about a half mile from his house. I was the only girl there (even when I was a kid, most of my friends were boys). I didn't mind going to the bathroom outside, but that wasn't an issue because there was an outhouse. One night it started raining. We decided not to go back to the house and tough it out in the tent. I had to pee, so I walked to the outhouse. By now it was pouring down rain. I opened the door and stepped in. It was an old wooden one, and it was leaking a little and the floor was wet. The "toilet" was just a round hole with no seat. I turned around and as I pulled down my jeans and underpants I slipped and fell backwards, and my ass got stuck in the hole! I tried to pull myself free, but I was wedged in there from the small of my back to my thighs. There was nothing to grab on to, so I had no leverage. I finally ! started yelling for help, but they couldn't hear me. After about a half hour, my friend finally knocked on the door. By this time I was crying, both out of frustration and pain. I yelled "I'm stuck!!!" He asked if he could open the door and I said yes. Thank God there was no lock, because I would have never been able to reach it. He opened the door, saw me with my ass jammed down the hole and my pants and underwear around my ankles and burst out laughing. This, of course, pissed me off. I yelled at him, "Just help me out." He grabbed my arms and pulled. I didn't budge. He put his foot against the bottom of the outhouse and pulled as hard as he could. I popped out and we both fell out onto the grass, me with my pants still down. I scrambled to my feet and pulled my pants up in the front to cover my groin. He asked if I was okay and I said I thought so. My thighs and back hurt. I asked him if I was skinned or scraped back there. He looked (which I'm sure he wa! sn't too unhappy about) and said I was red, but not scraped. I pulled my pants and underwear up and then realized I still haden't peed! I went back in and very carefully sat down and peed. We went back to the tent. I was so mortified but the guys didn't tease me too much. Later it became one of my funniest memories and they tease me relentlessly now when I talk to them.

Anyone have a similar event happen to them, or any other funny bathroom experiences? They're fun to read about.



Piggy Poop
SARSEN: It was a twin-box (two pone boxes together) and we went into (and messed) only one... It is not a great excuse, but the phone box was more secluded, than the open alley. I wouldn't shit in phone boxes every day either (this was the first time :). But I don't want to write "ordinary" stories (as so many people do in this topic), because I think these are not too interesting for other persons.

I have one more short bathroom-related story to add.

When I was first enrolled in kindergarten, I had just arrived at the school one frosty September morning and found I really, *really* needed to poop. The toilet stalls were full, leaving only a wall full of urinators open. Nobody else was in the bathroom other than the several kids locked in their toilet stalls doing their business. Since I honestly didn't know any better at the time (having only seen regular toilet bowls up until my first day in school a few days earlier), I sat on one of the urinators ad took a big fat dump in it. I hopped off the pisscan and with my pants still around my ankles, scuttled over to the sink and wiped with paper towels, and threw the towels in the garbage can. Then I dressed and left to join my classmates in the kindergarten room.

During recess, I went back to the bathroom to take a whiz, and saw some poor schmuck janitor scooping my poop out of the fixture I'd sullied earlier, and putting it in a big tin bucket. He was cussing like a sailor, and muttering something to himself about a toilet. :-O

I believe that was the only time I've shat in a bathroom fixture other than a toilet. Though I have pissed in a few sinks and wastebaskets over the years. :)

I forgot to mention the other day...I went up to bed and i watched tv and i was flipping around and i saw some movie on ABC Family(formaly known as Fox Family and the Family channel). There was some movie on where this father and his son and daugther were gonna stay at this beach house with another family(a mother and 2 sons) and they get out of their car and start un packing the car, to go up stairs. The boy, problbly about 13 or so starts dancing around and he says, dad hurry up i really gotta go, hes like hurry. Then he couldn't wait and ran up the stairs and he sees a potted plant(a tall tree) and he runs to it and unzips his pants and starts peeing. The potted plant was right near an open window...then he says something like ahhhhh and this boy inside the house hears him and he sees him peeing and it scared every one. I thought it was an intresting sceen peeing wise and funny too. I forgot what it was called. I didn't watch the whole movie cause i had to go to sleep. It! was on like 9 or 10pm i think maybe sunday night?
Then the other night i had a dream that i was in a restaurant and i went to go to the bathroom and the mens room was in the dinning room and it was in an open area and every one could see in. There were all these toilets and urinals out in the open. I didn't have to poop or pee or any thing.
Well i gotta run bye

To Sparkle girl: I liked your story. By any chance did you get in trouble at school. I know how going back to school must be. I had that same trouble last week when i messed in my pants, i didn't want to go back to work.

To John's gal: I liked your story

To Jason: I liked your story

To Scarlet: I liked your story about what happened on "Making the Band" sounds cool. What channel does that come on? I don't watch that show

To Althea: I liked that story about all those boys you brought home who had to use the toilet

To NOEL: Going back to work has been just fine. I'm glad you liked my little story of the co-worker who thought i had an accident in the car. I wasn't gonna tell her the truth. My poop isn't still that mushy...well the other day i had a huge log then 2 hrs later i pooped more and it was softer floter pieces. Is that a 2nd "accident" with in a week or 2?? Bowels are back to normal i think.

To Aaron: I liked your story...i never heard the word term

To Zip: I liked your story about that swap meet and those 2 brothers. Were the stalls doorless??

There was alot to catch up after no updates for several days(2-3 pages to read) took such along time, such along post so im going now..1 more thing
i think the flu or something is going around cause alot of people are out sick at work and i've read several stories on here about people having diahreah. This one lady i work with was out sick for 2 days and she told me that she was on the toilet and it was coming out both ends. I hate that kind. Well gotta run see ya!

To cory
The girl is interested definately..Give her a good show and she will give you a nice show back...good luck...

When I was little kid, I had a dream that I went to the restroom and then all of my turds jumped out of my toilet and chased after me screaming. It was horrible. Thank you.

hi, i went to my friends house yesterday after i ate dinner, he lives next door and i was just seeing if he wanted to play. he opened the door and he had a big wet spot on his pants he was wearing jeans. i didnt say anything, i went in and his little brother was playing video games and it smelled like poop in there. i sat down on the coutch behind his brother, he was on his stomac playing and he had no shirt on but had light blue shorts, i saw a big bump on his but. he pooped his pants. my friend said his mom and dad had to leave and they trusted him tobe by himself and watch his brother. he is ten like me and his brother is 8. i asked my friend if he peed his pants and he said yeah i didnt make it to the toilet. then i wispered, did your brother poop his pants. and he said i dont think so, i said look at his but and dont you smell it. he said he had a cold and couldnt smell nothing. he walked over and mashed his foot on his brothers but. and his brother got up and jumped on! him. i looked at where he was laying and it was wet, he peed to. so they were fighting each other i had to pee to so i just let a little out in my pants i could see a small wet spot about baseball size. they stoped wrestling and came over and sat next to me. his brother was all wet on his front i said did you pee and poop and he said yeah i just had to go. and he looked at me and said you peed to i said yeah i just had to go and we laughed. we all started wrestling each other and i was laughing so hard i peed my pants more i couldnt stop going and i was on top of my friends brother holding him down and i got his but wet now. i felt his but and it was mushy those underwares were ruined i knew. its fun when other people go in there pants so i can just go to. bye

NOEL--Thanks for describing yourself! Now reading your stories will make them easier to imagine. :) Yeah, I know how it is that men aren't supposed to cry. I think that's so stupid. Men should be allowed to cry when they need to, whenever and whereever they are, just as women can. Personally, I'd never make fun of a guy for crying or think he's less of a man.

PUNK ROCK GIRL--I don't want to be a conformist either. I just do whatever makes mne happy, which can greatly vary from day to day.

Sorry this is short, but I have class in a few minutes. I apologise to anyone I didn't reply many posts, so little time...

Well, the other night, I had been watching TV with my family, then headed up to bed. I had to pee really bad, so I stopped in the bathroom without closing the door. The pee just came out real fast with a SSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssSSSSSSSSSS hissing noise. mY sister walked in on me and said, "Revving your engine up?" Then laughed like a maniac....Last time SHE comes in while I'm peeing! lol


TO THE UNIDENTIFIED POSTER: It is usually difficult to urinate if you have a good, hard erection. It's a matter of male internal plumbing... (I'm sure you can find info on the Net or with your family doctor about the specifics.)
Aiming for the can isn't easy when you've got an erection (for me anyway...). I usually end up soaking the back & sides of the toilet instead of inside it. After cleaning up as best I can, I invariably miss something & the bathroom starts smelling after a while - especially in the hot summer. To prevent this, I try to wait until it subsides before releasing my 1st day's piss. If I can feel that it'll be up for a while & I can't wait, I usually head stright into the shower so I can let it all go without worrying about making a mess.

All you people seem to have great pooping stories, my girlfriend wouldnt let anyone ever watch her shit. She has held in her poop for days because somebody was around and she was too eshamed to go. She waits until she is alone before she takes a shit.

Hi, I'm new to putting a message on this site and I'd like to know if there are any guys out there with any advice on stuff for making you go. Sometimes I get constipated and need something to get things moving. Last week, I needed a couple of senna tablets at bedtime to restart my system. Felt it working inside me when I woke up next morning and knew it was going to make me go. When I got sitting down on the bog it was so easy. First a constipated lump slid out and then I followed it up with two medium soft long pieces. Then four loads of mush spurted out. Went again later in the day, long piece in soft lumps. Next day had three very easy soft BMs. Was pleased I'd taken the senna. Any guys out there got any big brother advice as to when to take a laxative and what works best? Great to have a pal to supervize and tell me what I should take.

I work around a lot of shit every day. I'm a cna and i have a co worker that likes to talk about it. I like one day she was farting a lot and the nurse told her to check the resident but it was her who had farted and made the smell. I have other friends who like to talk about and fart and shit I know some go like 3 times a day while i only go once a day. Well some of those stories for later. Like a camping one where after lunch there was a line at the bathroom of about 7 or 8 teens and young adult males waiting to shit. While others were in there plopping and farting some were asking them to hurry because they were standing in line for 15 min. a least needing to go bad. It was making it worse earing those on the pot. Most of my guy friends spend a t least 7 or more min shitting while i've seen some for more then 20.

Kim - the usual range for bladder capacity is anywhere from 8 oz. to 16 oz. or more. Bladder size depends on your physical size, for one thing, but there is a wide range. If you really wanted to, you could see a urologist. They do a complete study and can tell you if anything is physically wrong. You are still young enough to practice stretching your bladder by holding it as long as you can; just don't hold it for too many hours or you will put too much back pressure on your kidneys. How yellow is your peepee when you tinkle? If it's clear or only slightly yellow, then your just drinking a LOT. The most I ever peed at one time, through practice, was over a quart, maybe 35 oz, but I have a big bladder, made bigger by beer drinking and stretching.

Candace - Thats' cool about your taking a shit at school. That's what I used to do during lunch.

CANDACE: Thats really interesting. I used to be like that once but once i heard people with diarreah i kinda got turned off. I really like listending to other girls though. Turns me on.

CORY: Sounds like you took a massive poop over at Mellisa's place. Glad to hear that the both of you are even closer than ever before.

CARMALITA: Great to hear from you again. That must have been a hell of a dump you took with Nu spying on you. How I wished I was there too...

AUSTIN: Great show you must have put on out in the open for those young people. I wonder what the stats were like. :)

Im not dead yet. Just been helping my sis settle into school and helping her adjust to things. Man its been a hectic 6 day break too. My internet was down for 5 of those 6 days too. Couldn't post nothing. Had a wonderful incredible dump at home and one when I got back to school. Can't even wait to start telling you guys.

It was my first night back home and I had had a huge burger and quesadillas at the RAinforest Cafe along with my mom. My sister was also there to greet me and she had like the exact same thing as I did too. Man did we stink bad that night. On the car ride back home all three of us were farting up a storm that mom had to actually open all the windows in the car. Yet the thing was it was like -2 outside. We were literally freezing. As soon as we got home, all three of house headed straight for the toilet. mom went in the one right next to the front door while me and Amanda mad upstairs and raced for OUR toilet. We ended up budy dumping again just like our first time in the mall (which was quite an experience). Man did we have to shit BIG. in no less than 5 seconds the air in the bathroom was putrid and so disgusting, Amanda began to choke. I could hear Amanda's poop crackling out of here ass as she must have dropped about 5 heavy loads into the toilet. I myself dropped abo! ut 3 before we needed to flush just to make sure it wont plug. Once the bowl filled, we started pushing and crapping out at least another 5 turds each. I heard MAndy fart really load and announce that she was done as she got off the toilet, squatted and began to wipe. I therefore took over the seat and pushed my final long turd out which took about 5 minutes. Before finishing, my ass told me I was done by gassing up the room even more. At this time Mandy was taking off her makeup (she doesn't wear much) And I was wiping. About 6 wipes later I got off the pot and looked in. Motioning Mandy over, we were speechless since the bowl was half filled with 2 different colour turds. We cou'dnt even see the bottom yet it was above water level. We took 15 minutes in there, but mom was still busy ;)

A plumber came the next day and looked at the both of us in a weird way
I'll tell you about my school dump in another post.

Greetz to the whole forum and happy poops and pees to all


I was sent a wonderul Powerpoint document yesterday. Since I cannot post it here or post a link,I'll tell you about it.

How Eskimos Really Catch Fish

The eskimo finds a suitable place on the ice. He pulls down his pants,
squats down and shits, dropping a heap of steaming hot turds on the ice. The ice
melts, making a hole and the turds fall through. A fish, indignant at the
pollution of its habitat, sticks its head up through the hole in the ice.
The eskimo spits. The saliva freezes into a hard ball of ice which
hits the fish on the head, stunning it. The eskimo then pulls out his
cock, and pees into the hole. The stream of piss freezes to a rod of
ice, which the eskimo then uses to fish out the stunned fish.

End of Story.
(It was better with pictures).

Mornin',all-some responses-On this thing about morning erections-I get them from time to time and they are quite distracting when one has to pee-I just have to wait till it subsides a bit and then i can pee-i also sometime have them when I have to poop too and it doesn't stop me from dumping if I have to go bad,it just constricts my anus a bit and the turds are a bit thinner than normal,but quite a bit longer.To the guys-Do any of you have problems with waking up with erections when you have to poop?
TO RJOGGER & KATHY-Looking foreward to the super bowl story with Noreen-just love your stories,guys!
Well i'm outta her-all quiet on the poop front with nothing much to report-some really cool stories the last few days!Good stuff,all!BYE

Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone.

Any Stephen King fans in here? King is never shy about having bathroom scenes in his books. In fact he has a short story about a haunted toilet stall! It's called SNEAKERS, if anyone's interested. In one of his more recent books, THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON, there's a great pooping scene. It's about this girl who gets lost in the woods while hiking with her mother and brother. At one point she gets sick from drinking water from a pond and has diarrhea. She manages to get her pants and underwear down just in time and shits her brains out on the ground. But then she loses her balance and falls, and her ass lands right in the pile of diarrhea. She has to wash her ass off in a stream. Very well written book overall, but that scene stuck in my head.

My aunt told me one time when she was a teenager, she and her boyfriend were making out even though she had the flu. In the middle of their make out session, she shit her pants! How about that for a first time! She said he was really cool about it and helped her clean up. That's the kind of guy to hold onto.

More later.


kim and scott
hello all!
TO ELEANORE-Hello. I hope you have straightened out that problem with your brother bothering you on the toilet. write back when you can. from your caring friend kim.
TO RIZZO-hello my friend. thanks for liking my posts.
TO TONY-hello. its good to see you back after a while. welcome!
TO BRYIAN-hello bryian. thanks for liking my stories.I tell you I love having an enormous log and leaving it in the bowl unflushed for others to well.
TO RICH and KATHY-hello you wonderful couple. thanks for liking my stories.scott and I like yours too. I tell you I love squeezing out my monsterous logs! they feel sooo good coming out of my quivering hole.I tell you my logs are getting so gigantic the toilet bowl can barely hold em in!haha. I might as well dump in the woods in back of my house! seriously! be well you two!so long for now all!love,kimmie and scotty

Kim. If you're genuinely worried I'd make a point of visiting to your doctor to discuss your weak bladder. Certainly if you've recently started having to wee much more than you used to and been thirsty with it too I'd definetly get checked out just to make sure diabetes isn't causing the problem. That said, it's not uncommon for people to have weak bladders and have to wee a lot whilst being otherwise perfectly healthy. Whilst the average bladder capacity is around a pint it can often hold several times that amount. Also, whilst the average for lasting without going for a wee is perhaps 2 to 4 hours, everyone's different. Some people can last all day whilst others (like me) are lucky if they can last an hour or two. There's no fixed norm as to what is and isn't normal.

filup. Some guys can wee with an erection (although strictly speaking you shoouldn't be able to) and some guys can't. I didn't used to be able to at one time but I can now (usually). If you're at all worried though I'd talk it over with your doctor.

Francis. I enjoyed your story about having to take an urgent poo at the end of your shift and barely making it. Nurses really are angels, the heroines of medicine. However, I've often suspected that it's not uncommon for nurses to be taken short, especially at the end of a long shift during which they've had few or possibly no opportunities to go to the loo. I've often though they'd be desperate for a pee but I can well imagine some nurses (and other professionals) needing to poo badly at the end of a shift.

RJogger & Kathy (Rich & Wife). I'm glad to hear that Mike's better and Anne is now out of hospital. I really enjoyed the posting about Anne's big poo in hospital. It sounds as though she's getting much better. Give her my best wishes though.

Greetings to all regular and new posters!



Robby and Annie
Hi Toidyteers!!

We finally have time to sit down and write something. The girls are back in school and so is Annie. We read Sarah's post and we agree with her. She is getting so busy and dodgy. We will let her know about your responses and hellos. Well, on to the subject at hand.
This is an Annie and Sue story. Annie- We were staying on Loch Ness(Yes, that one). Alan and I had rented a cottage on the Loch with Robbie and Sue. We had one loo. That was an adventure in itself. One morning Sue and I were walking on the banks talking and picking up wood. Sue turned to me and said;"I've got to pee!" She parked her bum behind a tree and squatted. I took down my knickers to keep her company. She started weeing up a strong stream. I started weeing, too. Suddenly Sue pointed toward the water and we saw a strong ripple start forming. She raised up and started to pull up her knickers and pants. She said;"Oh bloody hell" and squatted again. She started pushing and grunting to beat the band. Mind you, our eyes were still on the water. I felt a big piece start to make its way out of my arse. We must have sounded like bulls in heat the way we were straining and panting. The boys just happened to walk toward us when Alan screamed;"Its Nessie,its Nessie!" That did! it. Our logs shot out of our bums with lightning speed. We didn't even wipe. We pulled our knickers and trousers up and ran to where Alan and Robbie were. They pointed and the ripple had practically ceased. Sue shouted'WHERE?" Robbie looked at her and said;"Where were you,two?" She pulled her trousers and knickers down and said;"We had to pee and shit and I haven't finished, yet, you bawmy git!!" She squatted right there next to the road and finished her poo. Alan was exremely embarrassed and I had the greatest fit of laughter. Robbie just stalked away in a sulk. Oh, Robbie has just made it to his chair and fallen into it. He is laughing so hard. Hope you enjoyed.

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW: It is so wonderful to hear from you!! The little story about Ellen's knees wees was superb. That story got in so you probably will not be able to be so descriptive about Ellen's toidy adventures for now. You CAN tell us about you and Andrew, Charlotte, Rachel, and Kirsty. We enjoyed the adventure you told Uncle Rizzo. Charlotte must have had the most CULLOMPTED POO!! Sarah was in tears when she wrote her last post. She will miss both of you! Also both of us were in tears when we read your reply to dear Eleanore. The Irish blessing is one of our favourites. We didn't know you sang, Kendal? Uncle Robbie- I bet it is a beautiful voice. Do you also sing, Andrew? I have a friend, John Rutter, who put another Irish blessing into a piece called "A Gaelic Blessing". It is one of the most beautiful choral pieces I have every heard! Well, one the other subject Meghan had a huge poo this morning. She called to tell us. How about that? We must close. Be caref! ul of what you put into your posts. We will talk, soon. Aunty Annie and I wish this "Gaelic Blessing" for our dear niece Kendal, dear"nephew" Andrew and dear little Ellen;"Deep peace of the earth to you, Deep peace of the stars to you, Deep peace of night to you, Moon and stars pour light to you, Deep peace of Christ to you".

DEAR PV: What a post!!! Hey, girl!! That car ride would be a ripper!! We would have a gas of a time! I have to start practicing the wees again. Hope you read the Sue story above. Not much to tell otherwise. Stay safe in Aus and sassy, too!!! Lovexxxx Annie and Robbie

JANE AND GARY: Hey folks! That was a wonderful tale of the Gary fart or trump. We guess it must have sounded like an elephant call,LOL! Take care! Lovexx Robbie and Annie

DEAR INA: Hi sweetheart! Thanks for always speaking to us! Robbie- I loved the story of the student film. The girl did have a poo, huh! Wish I could have seen that. You are a girl after all of our hearts. The standup wee and be damned where it is was a staple of my wife's philosophy. By-the-way, the main story is about Sue. We are proud to tell about her. She is always in our hearts. Have you ever had bangers and mash? It really does the job for us, if you know what we mean,LOL! We are so glad that your poo problem is not serious. However, in another reply you stated you had a problem with bulimia. We are most concerned. We are glad you are trying to fight it. Please do, dear! Annie- I play piano and sing in the church choir. That is about the extent of it. I leave the professionalism to Robbie. Robbie- my little wee outside on the street was a sudden thing. I have know those neighbours for years so they weren't suprised or shocked by my behaviour. They know I am half me! ntal anyway,LOL! Take care, dear! Lovexxxx and hugs from Robbie and Annie

DEAR ELEANORE: How are you, sweetie? We hope you have got that git of a brother off your back. We want you to stay on here if you can. God be with you. Lots of Lovexxxx Annie and Robbie

DEAR LOUISE AND STEVE: A Sue story is at the top. There is no adventure in our lives right now. Not even another willie squeezing adventure. Oh well! Take care, Lovexxxx Annie and Robbie

DEAR RIZZO; Hi, dear friend! Annie came in Saturday and asked if she could hold my willie whilest I weed. She held it and the wee started. It ran all over the back of the toidy and then on the floor. I said;"good God woman, can't you aim properly?" She gave me a well known two fingered sign and I shut up. She wiped it off and shook it. We need more adventure in our lives without doing something real naughty. Hope you and your wife are ok. Lovexx from Robbie and Annie

EPHERMAL: Hi there! We hope you find someone that will help you with your trials and toilet problems. We are sorry you feel alone in this way. We are glad your poos are getting better. We think Sarah's trouble was caused by stress and tension. She is leaving the forum for awhile. Take care and good luck with your studies. Love, Annie and Robbie

We have had a LONG post. SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy, Carmilita and Jake-Love ya!, Pat, Renee, Nu, Adele, Bryian, Aaron, Adrian, Jasta and Mark-sorry about the divorce but happy about the baby, Jeff A- where are you!, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Gopweller, Upstate Dave, Plunging Plop Guy, Sarsen, Noel, Flaxie, Erin, LindaGS, Mindy, Mere and MANDY, Outhouse Scott, Diva, Marianne, Punk Rock Girl, Althea, Buzzy, Tim and Sarah-hi dear friends, Muggs, Amy(coed), Melanie, Mina, Serian, Lala, Nicole, Mandy, Gina, Ring Stretcher, Bridget, London Lad, Lancs Lad, DianeNY, Tina, Jill, Moira, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou and all of the great posters here.



Well, today, I had the day off because I was sick. I decided that as soon as my parents left I would pee in my pants for the first time in about 7 or 8 years. They left sooner than I had anticipated and I got up right away. I had had some water the night before so I really had to pee badly. I decided that maybe It wasn't such a good idea to do this so I began to walk to the bathroom. Before I got there I realized I was not going to make it. I figured there was no point in trying to I just let my bladder muscles loosen. I CANT BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT FELT!!! The warm pee gushed out of me, soaking my sweatpants. I walked around in them for a litte while. Then an idea came into my head. "Why not try pooping in my pants as well?" I wondered. I thought this was an incredible idea so I stood up from my sitting position and pushed and pushed. It plopped into my pants at the same time a horendos smell reached my nostrils. The large amount of poop I had made caused my p! ants so sag. I walked around a little more until I totally forgot about what I had done. i sat down and sank into the cushion of poop. It was absolute heaven. Then getting up, I took of my pants, cleaned them and threw them in the washing machine. I was never cauht.

Hi all. To Kendal thanks for replying to my post firstly i ment to say end of March not May sorry my falt and secondly i,m sorry the weather down there is so bad if it's any consolation London's getting battered
pretty hard too but today wednesday i actually saw some sun (not likely to last). I was not suppossed to peek at Jill thats not her real name
I named her after Jill from this forum Jill seems to be cool with this,
any way i'm babbling she did not mind when i had a peek most of the time depending what mood she was in.As regards your proposal for a swap
here,s another story about jill i'm going back about 22years so this is not easy to remember so i'll see if i can remember a better one for next time We was 9 or 10 yeah ok i know i'm old being this age that far back but apart from the schools the 70's early 80's were cool appalling fasions asides (on that you will have to trust me)we were playing schools in her room funny considering i hated school with a passion
but i went with the hosts idea, after a while i noticed her fidgeting
from cheek to cheek her room was opposite the toilet (which was seperate and next to the bathroom) next to the toilet on the other side was her older brother's much larger room(he was out)i noticed her hold her bottom with her hand occassionally,(do you ever do that?) pulling faces you know obviously needs a dump face,she did'nt admit when she needed a poo so she was being shy(are you?) about it trying to hide it.
I asked if she was alright (knowing full well what it was) she kept saying yes fine through a worsenning strained voice.After a while she excussed her self so i asked where she was going here the old grey matter gets fuzzy so i can't remember if she lied or toled me to mind my own business but she got adgitated so i left it and off she went.
I knew where she was going and hoped she would'nt close the door, she didn't i could hear a gush of urine like a bath running and clangers being dropped that could knock a saterlite off course so i went out she just smiled, we talked with me going into her brothers room just not to stare at her. Dropping clangers is an old expression for breaking wind incase you did'nt know in your youth not that i remember youth 21yrs old is getting fuzzy (either age or large amounts of celebratory drink well actually both)so these clangers that would be measured in decibelles(measure of sound) well actualy centibelles i.e 10 times louder but not droping logs were all i could hear.After about 15 mins (if you don't mind me asking kendal how long do you take?) she was done although the noises were quiet the stink was unbearable this was normall for her, god if this girl got bali belly (the runs) she would stink the whole block out as it was the house would do well to around the bottom of ! the stairs. As you are quiet too like Jill on this site and my Jill do you have problems with smell if you don't mind me asking?
Her face cheeks were rosy and she looked so much better smiling she must of felt 2 stone lighter.More later my rusty noggin needs jogging a bit more but i'm sure i can delve back to the dark ages (certainly dark when the bay-city rollers played)again. By the way is your quietness due to small or big poo's Jills must have been big judging by the smell.
Any way must run my elderly father probably wants feeding by now take care sweet little Kendal and Andrew of course i look forward to your side of the deal a nice story bye! for now to you all. p.s i took the toilet survey well designed good luck to moderators i hope you get response you need
London Lad

PV - Hi girl! Here I am again to answer the rest of your letter.
Well it is like I have said once before, the cold weather does
not stop lots of girls from wearing mini-dresses and little tops
with short skirts. A lot of girls then expect their men to give
them their jackets, but I think that is unfair so I will not
expect Steve to give his jacket up and I take responsibility for
if I am cold or not.
That night was not cold when I wore the blue mini-dress and I
was quite comfortable really.
Hehehehe yeah it was fun to have shocked the girls by weeing
standing up. That is just it. They were a bit drunk so having a
go at it was an idea. LOL I wonder if they have tried it since
then in the bath or shower or something like that night? LOL
You know I have always listened a lot for sounds outside when I
have been in the men's at work. I have been in quite a few times
now and I have not marked each and every urinal with venus
symbols. I do not want to be that systematic, you know? I mean I
could have marked all 3 urinals in that room but I have just
done 2 even though I have weed in all. There is the middle one
which I prefer and the one on the left of that. I have marked 2
more with venuses in the men's where Steve works. And they are
all still there! LOL
Well if urinals where there in ladies' rooms I think it would be
a little bit of all the things you said. I mean when men's
urinals were designed they were done for people with dicks, so
there is the thrill of us weeing in a way that good girls are not
meant to! Well it may be we are not good girls! giggle
If they were there in the ladies the thrill of trespass would not
be there unless we still went in the mens' anyway. You know I
would still do that when I was with Steve, so there would still
be a bit of that. There is that threat of being found in the
wrong room. You know for a bit it would be really really great
fun just to be with other girls, because a lot of girls would
still go in the stalls and sit down and be so boring! Then we
could stand with pride at the urinals and give them a good
yellow washing, and we could see the reactions. I bet it would
be a bit like it was when I have weed in the sinks. I bet some
adventurous women would start using them but it would take ages.
But yeah we could sure relax. I am thinking of getting Steve to
get a urinal fitted in our bathroom at home, but I can not make
up my mind if I want to see it every day. It may be it would make
it not as exciting when I do use urinals.
Me the leader of the WSPC? Well I thought you were like, the
founder, so yeah I think it is you who is the leader. I am like
a technical director and instructor. And Steve says my mum is
the Grand Mistress! LOL
Co-ed's letter made me laugh. Humping the urinal? LOL
Hey I liked the out of the leg of the shorts wee you had in the
back garden. I will have to do something a bit like it. Well I
did last night actually late on before I had a bath with Steve.
I have some denim cutoffs, and I went in the shower and Steve
watched me. I pulled the shorts over to the right side and I just
used the one hand to do it all like you did. I opened my lips up
a bit like you did and I pissed a big gusher on the shower floor.
It was fun!
I liked how you hear the name Paypal and you think "Peepal". I
think of some things like that as well. I just can not think of
them just now. Hey did you know there are towns called "Shit" in
Ethiopia and Iran?

Love and Big Hugs from your fried,


KENDAL - Hi girl! You have not been writing much lately have
you? I know you will have been busy with Ellen and getting
to know her better and stuff.
Yeah, I am happy with how we have advised poor Eleanor. Steve
is right about it, she needs to stand up to her brother and
stop his bullying ways. It may be he does not think very much
of himself so he tries to make himself feel better by bullying
his sister when she is in the toilet.
Steve told me that once when he was at school some bigger boys
tried pushing him and his best friend around. Well Steve and
his friend gave them a bit of a nasty shock and no bullies
would go near them again.
I know Steve would say it is best to warn the bully off and
then tell somebody else who can do something about it. Steve
and his best friend can really look after themselves and they
take care of each other as well, you know, so they could solve
their own trouble. It is not like that for everybody though.
Hey have you been practicing your standing wees? I do not know
if you will have had much chance for that with Ellen there.
Love Louise x

EPHERMAL - Hi!!! I hope you are getting better after your flu.
It is not good when you can not eat properly, and after a
big liquid shit like that you will be dehydrated, yeah.
After that it may be you will go for a long time before needing
a proper shit. Hey I know what you mean about passing monster
turds. I do not know how Kim does such huge logs. She does
massive ones. My biggest ones are about a foot long and
sometimes it is hard work pushing them out.
I hope your conspitation does not bug you a lot. You know I
think worrying will make it worse.
It was a very nice story about being in the bath, yeah, but
Steve was a bit shy. LOL Our youngest team mate was a bit
pee shy when we were all in the bath but she gushed a huge
one when she was standing in it alone. When Steve watched her
doing it she blushed and giggled. She is not any competition
for me though! Yeah we were open about doing that. I think we
are like that because of the netball team being open.
Love Louise x

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi girls!!! Yeah, I bet Steve thought
about you in a virtual audience while he was weeing in the
bath. I have not asked him, but I bet he thought about that.
There was a bit of room outside the bath so you would have
been able to see. I bet you would like what you saw! He has
a great 6-pack stomach and is really nicely muscled, but not
muscle-bound, you know how I mean?
I bet it made it harder for him starting weeing because he
was being watched by us 3 and his virtual audience too.
Love Louise xx

INA - Hi! I am your fried as well! giggle
Well I have never had a bath with Steve and my friends at the
same time before. LOL It was just a fun thing to do and it
just sort of happened. And we are very open after netball like
you know. It was just that Steve was there as well so we could
tease him.
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl!!!!!! Long time no write!!!
Steve does love that digital picture of me standing on the edge
of the pool and weeing into it. It is very good! Did I tell
you I took one of him as well?
Oh when the little boy opened the bathroom door I had not used
the little bolt that was on it. It was very sticky and I was
afraid I would not be able to open it again if I used it. So
the door just came open and I was there with my turd sticking
out of my bum. It did feel good because it stretched me open
very nice. I bet his dad was liking being in that bathroom
with me just in that small towel. I bet he was hoping it
would fall off. I did feel a little bit vulnerable really
because I did not know that guy and Steve was a long way away
really where the pool was.
Well for you I would have held my shit until you could have
properly watched me do it, and not just from the side. Steve
says it is a good view watching me like that.
Steve really loved my last wee in Scotland when I had my bum
bent over the side of the pool. He was watching from the back
and it had an effect on him. LOL
That picture Steve talked about was really like our teacher.
It made me remember a lot when I saw that. She was very
pretty and her body was really gorgeous. Yeah, when she had
showers with us it was like she was just one of us, and there
was this time she showered next to me and she let rip a
big gushing wee standing up. Did I tell you that? I think I did.
We knew she was sleeping with someone really nice, and I know
why she was happy!
Hey girl I have to go to my Aikido practice now. Steve will
not be happy if I am late. I will tell him you have written,
he will be very pleased, and I will reply to the rest of your
letter tomorrow!

Lotsa Hugs from your fried,


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

Good to hear from you again, ZIP with further details of toilets with high-off-the-floor partitions. I'm FASCINATED by such design that allows such a view of guys on the toilet, and really admire such guys who sit there with the knowledge they can be seen!!
Someone else reported similar layouts this week,and I'll ask you the same; When you sit on the toilet, can you see the other guy's thighs on his toilet without you obviously leaning forward?
The idea of being able to walk into the toilets, and to be able from a walking position to be able to see a guy sitting on the toilet would suggest that sitting down you should be able to see quite clearly, so I'd apreciate as MUCH detail as anyone can give! It's so rare here in Britain to see so much, and I love the way American guys seem so uninhibited about it all!

For those interested in films with such scenes; On British TV on Tuesday, 12th Feb, on Channel 4 at 12.05AM,(technically Wednesday) is the film "The Basketball Diaries" which apparently has a scene with a guy on the toilet.

I recently heard a well-spoken elderly lady asking where the lavatories were. That rare word, used only by more genteel or more formal people. What a pity such a strong sounding word is not in common usage by most people, it sounds so important and dramatic! I'd love to hear a young guy announce that he wanted to sit on the lavatory! (Although in the North of England, lav or lavvy are said by ordinary people.)
I think the fact that the first part of Toilet suggests it's a "toy" rather than a "real" let might be a reason that toilet has caught on, as it sounds less important, and thus doesn't convey the seriousness of lavatory. I've heard landladies in old films mention the whereabouts of "The Necessary" in hushed tones or even "Auntie" in efforts to disguise what it actually is!

Good efforts on your shit receptacles, everyone! P. Plop Guy

im 18 female from the uk ant i was a college in my IT class when i really had 2 shit so i leave the class and go to the nearest toilet which is closed so i go to another toilet and unload loads of big shits that stink bad the i wipe and tru to flush but cant so i just leave it there for some1 else to find.

the 2nd time about 2 years ago i was still at skool i wanted to go home as i had maths wich i hateso i go to the toilet and take a dump but dont wipe so it look like ive got a bad ???? and i got sent home
loads of luv to u all


What does this mean?
I have been lurking for a while. This is my first post. My wife seems to enjoy about asking about me pooping. She is always asking about whether I have pooped that day, or not, whether I am constipated, and if I have hemorrhoids. I don't know, I have been married, for less than a year. Is this a normal thing for married people to ask each-other? I mean, whenever she actually-goes, she closes the door, and tells me to stay @ least 10 feet away from it. What is that all about? Do any of you think that I should start asking her about her pooping? Because she makes no mention of what she, obviously, just did, whenever she gets out. I don't think that it is fair. What do all of you think? Or, @ least those who are-willing to share your opinion? I mean my fantasy, or @ least the biggest one that I can think of, is her allowing me to join her in the bathroom, while she poops, and inviting me to sit on her lap, until she is done, and wiping her, afterwards. I would be,! positively in Heaven, suffice it to say. Coincidentally, the girl on the masthead, on 2-7-02, who has also been up @ least one time, before, looks a lot like my wife. Please let me know what all of this means. Or, @ least, do the best that you can. I would appreciate-it.




My husband and I have both had the horrible flu virus that has hit the UK. We were in bed the other night and he was coughing his heart out, the poor love. He coughed so hard that he broke wind and then said ‘Oh Christ, I’ve shit myself’. I told him not to worry, to lie still and I would sort him out. I put the light on, pulled the duvet back and he’s sprayed a little onto the bottom sheet, and between his cheeks was brown and sticky. He couldn’t stop coughing, he was nearly sick. I went to the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper and a handtowel. When I got back to the bedroom he was leaning over the side of the bed trying to be sick, and poo was seeping out of his arse. I threw the towel on the floor by his head and pulled off some tissue and held it to his arse. He started to cough and vomit, and with each retch, a stream of diarrhoea pumped out of him. I just held on to him, rubbing his back and telling him it was ok, as he was pooing I was trying to catch it b! ut the paper was getting all wound up. Wave after wave of poisonous smelling shit bubbled out of his anus, and I just tried my best to collect it in the toilet paper but there was too much.

Eventually, it all subsided. He was covered in sweat, shivering, and the bedroom was just a mess. He was so embarrassed, and I said don’t be silly, you’d clean me if I was ill. I made him lie still and I ran to the bathroom for more towels, and wiped up the mess as best I could. The sheet was destroyed, I’d managed to throw the duvet off and that was ok. He’d been sick on the towel and that wasn’t too bad, it was mostly watery stuff that he’d thrown up, so I just picked that up and put it straight into the washing machine. I wiped his bottom off with another towel, and helped him to the bathroom so he could shower. When he was in there, I stripped the sheet off and put it in a bin bag and threw it away, there’s no way the stains would have come out. I opened the windows and changed the bedsheet, got him some water and went to the bathroom to see how he was doing. He was slumped against the wall in the shower looking completely drained.

My poor baby. I soaped his bottom for him and rinsed him off, then helped him out and dried him off. He was weak as a kitten. I got him some clean underpants and helped him into them, and walked him back to the bedroom. I asked him if he still felt sick and he said no, just tired. He slept for nearly 24 hours after that, and won’t stop apologising for being so ill. I feel so sorry for him. I’d take care of him no matter what.

People here are so cool and kind to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Well I'm here to update everybody, and shaking while I'm doing it. Does wobbly fingers on a keyboard make the type written writing wobbly like it would if I was handwriting this ?!

SIMON: I want to thank you for your idea about using a doorwedge. I nicked one from school. I know that was bad of me, but in my mind I wanted to feel safe, and besides, it was holding open a firedoor, which is dangerous and illegal ! You'll see what happened in the rest of my post.

KENDAL: I know I said I like to keep things private, but the more I read your stories and Lawn Dogs Kid, the more I wish I was in your shoes. Maybe, just maybe, I'd feel much more comfortable "going" with you two watching, because it would be a consenting experience. And I cried loads when I read the Irish Blessing. Do you know why ? Because I really could hear you singing it to me. And thats because I'm in my school choir as well, and we are learning to sing it too. I'm learning that we have so much in common. How I wish I could have a friend like you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Eleanor x

STEVE: I hope Louise will allow me to heap more compliments on you. Your lessons on being assertive really did give me strength in the end. You'll see when you read my story below. Thank you both very much, You are like the older brother and sister that I don't have (nice ones). Love from Eleanor.

I didn't have time to post last time I came here, but I saw what Steve had to say, and also Simon's idea. I'm not assertive, so I wimped out and chose Simon's idea, and pinched a door stop from school. That night, I confidently walked into the house, straight up to the bathroom, stared at my brother and two of his friends (both of whom had seen me, not new ones) and went in and locked the door. I shoved the stopper in place. And then I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my undies and sat to have a safe and relaxing poo. But it wasn't really relaxing. As I did my wee and poo, I spent the whole time staring at the door, and the lock, expecting at any moment to watch it undoing itself again, and then wondering and fearing if the wedge would do its job. But nothing happened at all. And it didn't for the rest of the week. Until Thursday that is. On Thursday, he had four mates with him (two new ones). Being a stupid girl, I didn't read the signs. Two new mates, thats two new o! nes to see his sister on the toilet for the first time. Having not been disturbed at all that week, and wanting so much to believe that my ordeals were over, I actually forgot to use the wedge, and sure enough, within seconds, the bathroom was full, with five learing eyes checking me out sat on the toilet. I felt numb. But at the same time, I've never been more pleased to have the runs in my life. The first poo plopped quite loudly, but the next was just a rush of very soft mushy stuff that stank to high heaven. The next wave was like water, and all the lads chased out, two of them choking. Serves them right !

On the friday, I didn't forget the wedge. There was my brother and two friends (one old and one new) so I expected an "attack". And sure enough, the lock turned, and the door handle went down, but the door didn't budge. Ha ! I could hear my brother saying things like "What have you done to the door, bitch" ! Then to my horror, the door began to give way. It gave way enough to leave a small crack. But from the comments made, none of them could see me on the toilet. When I came out, I hid the wedge in my knickers. I was interrogated about how I had kept the door shut. And he checked my pockets. But he never checked my knickers. I suppose even my brother draws the line about feeling me just "there".

Even so, he knew I was using a wedge. And on the Monday, complete with two new mates (the new one from friday who didn't get to see me, and another one) he was ready for me. The bastard. He smiled and let me lock myself in, and get the wedge in place. Then as soon as he heard the tell tale tinkling, I saw an object that looked like a screw driver sliding back and forth under the door until it hit the wedge. Then it poked and prodded until the wedge was moved, the lock was undone, and he and his two mates were in. I didn't even bother to try and cover my bits with my knickers. I sat there, thinking over and over what Steve and Louise had said to me. But it didn't come out in words. It came out in my eyes. I stared with such hatred at my brother, as his two mates passed comments about my nice legs/bum/fluffy bit. My stare was hard and unblinking. My brother shuffled uncomfortably, and in the silence one of his two mates said "I thought you said she'd be cool about it". And! then he said "Look at her face moron. If she tells, your dead" ! And both the mates went out and actually left the house. I still said nothing, and my brother left sheepishly.

But now I was really angry. Later, I heard him go into the bathroom as well. And I was prepared. Having looked at the lock from the outside, I worked out that you could use a coin to undo it, so, with 10p in hand. I stood outside the door. Round and round in my head went my speech. "How do you like it. Have some of your own medicine. Come on, lets hear the plops then. Nice legs/bum/willie etc." I listened at the door and heard him gasp. Good, now was the time. While he had a great big turd hanging out his arse, he would be stuck, and I could exact my revenge ! My hand shook, then I got a grip of myself, and with my anger at boiling point, I shot the 10p into the slot, turned the lock, and burst in on my brother sat on the toilet. I got no further than "How do you......". The wind was gone from my sails. I could hear him cursing "What are you doing bitch, go on, f**K off before I do yer". He wasn't pooing at all. He was doing something else which I see from the FAQ can ! not be described here. But I'm sure you are all intelligent enough to know what it was. I turned and ran out. Firstly I felt elation. Then I thought, yes I can blackmail him into not looking at me, then I won't tell what I saw. Then I just fell into despair. I'm not a bad girl. And yet I had now just invaded his privacy. After all that I had felt when he invaded mine so badly, time and time again, I had just done the same to him. And I did not feel better. I did not feel better at all. I felt sick to the stomach, and had to grab my waste basket to wretch into it. As I sat on the edge of my bed spewing my guts, my brother came in. And I couldn't help myself. I found myself apologising to him, over and over. And then looking at his face, my sickness stopped, just as dramatically as it started. Instead of the horrid, contorted sneer I had gotten used to over the last couple of years, there was a look of sorrow instead. He actually took the bucket away from me. He got a hanky fr! om his pocket and he wiped the sick off my mouth and said "I did this to you, didn't I". I didn't know how to respond. And then he burst into tears on me, flinging his arms around me telling me how sorry he was and could I ever begin to forgive him. My mind flashed back a couple of years. He was 12, and I was 10. That was the last time we had hugged each other. An enormous compassion just filled me. Yes, he had done all these terrible things to me this past month or so, but he was truly sorry for them. And I was certainly sorry about doing it back to him. We talked for like an hour like we haven't talked in years. He and I used to tell each other everything once upon a time. During that talk, I was open and honest. I made sure he understood just how I felt when he brought his friends round to watch me. He listened to every word, and cried lots more. And he cried even more when I showed him this site, and made him read my posts here. He also read everyone's replies. He promis! ed he would never ever do it again. And I believe him.

To everybody who has been so kind to me, thank you so much. I feel like a great big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And Kendal, although I don't think I'll be visiting this site again, I shall never forget you and the Irish Blessing. And neither will I be forgetting Steve and Louise. Love from Eleanor.

Thursday, February 07, 2002

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