hello everyone
i am a high school student. everyday during lunch instead of eating i go and take a shit. i also like this because there are usually other people shitting and i like to listen. well anyway on friday i was taking my normally gassy shit when i heard someone run into the bathroom and stop at the sink. the girl grapped tons of paper towels wet them and ran into the stall next to my. i saw her through the crack and she was huge. well she stripped all of her clothes of and threw them on the floor and plopped down on the seat. almost immediatly i heard a wave of diarrah and she must have beed moaning and the top of her lungs. she then started grunting and talk to herself about how constipated she was she kept saying oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh come on and then a wave a shit would flow out of her. well she finish and then lowed her but to below stall level dug out the exta poop with the wet paper towels. she then farted and left the stall.

I'm in college and I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong with me and maybe I should go to the health center, but I wanted to check here and get some opinions first before embarassing myself over nothing. The problem is that I think my bladder is too small. When I go on a road trip with my friends or out to the clubs, I am always the first to need to pee (and I really NEED to pee). I can tell sometimes my friends get annoyed with having to stop so often or wait for me at parties. I also find having to go so often annoying too, but I've always been this way. I think I go a pretty good amount, but I need to measure (if I can find time away from my roommate). I tried to find on the internet how much a normal bladder holds, but all the answers are vague and don't say for women or men. What would be a normal range for those women who have measured (not totally bursting or in a contest - I'm not into pain) - just a normal range for a full pee? Below what value should I s! eek medical help? Thanks a bunch.

Sparkle girl
Today was a very big/badc experience for me. I am a sophomore in high school. Well I wanted to pee on myself one day but I had not yet figured out when and where yet. Well todaay at school we were in gym. I felt the urge to pee coming on. I usually dont feel the urge until it gets really bad. Well it was really bad. I left to go to the locker room but the door was locked. We are not allowed to leave the gym for any reason during the class. Well I went back to playing volleyball and the urge just got stronger and stronger until I could not wait any longer. I started to see a wet spot appear on my gym shorts but it was not growing any more. So I went back to playing. I felt that same urge again but it was much stronger. I finally decided to do the next best thing. I took my water bottle and went to the coaches office. He was not in there. I pulled down my shorts and panties and the minute that I did that the pee started to flow but not in the water bottle. I finally got it to ! go into the water bottle. The flow lasted at least 2 minutes straight. I mean non-stop. When I finished I started to clean up the mess I had made but the coach walked in with the principle. The coach asked what was that and I had no choice but to say that I had an accident. The principle looked at me as if I was crazy. I was so embarrsed. My coach asked me what happened when the principle left and I told hom the whole story. He just laughed at me in my face. I could not help but to cry. I do not want to go to school in the morning.

Could people please post more pee stories

Sometimes when my bladder is extremely full I have trouble getting my urine stream to start. Why?

I sat on the toilet with my boyfriend for almost an hour as he comforted me while I passed dozens of constipation balls the size of pool table balls. I had to strain and grunt real hard to get them all out. He rubbed my back, encouraged me, kissed me and kept putting lubricant on my stretched hole. Afterward we took a bubble bath. I felt 10 pounds lighter.

My friend Brittney went poo in her panties today at school, we were in class and brittney turns to me and says i gotta go like right now (she has a habit of holding herself to long)as she says that i hear her do a long smelly fart and i hear poo filling her panties.

luckily class finished and we quickly left and made our way to the girls bathrooms, brittney took off her skirt and i helped take her blue panties off POOOOOOOOOOOO they stunk, luckily it wasnt diarrea (spelling)it was that really soft poo you know kinda like soft ice cream, but brittneys bum was covered in poo, we chucked her panties away in the garbage bin and i got some wet paper towels for her to wipe her bum.

while shes doing that i go into the next stall drop my jeans and did a small pee, farted and a small poo splashed into the water wetting my bum, i wiped once pulled up my pink cotten briefs and went back to brittney (no i didnt flush guess i sort of forgot).

Finally brittney says shes done and we went home for supper.

Cory dude, could the girl you are with actually be better than Melissa, she sounds awesome. I mean you know you want to watch her and she wants to be watched. I think your missing out man, keep us posted.

John's gal
I have a story from when I was little. I used to go watch my sister's softball games at the schoolyard in the summertime. During the summer the school would be locked, so essentially if you had take a shitty, you had no options but to find a tree or a private spot and let one. Anyway, one day at my sister's game I really had to go, like REALLY had to go--poo, that is. So, I found a spot where my mom and all the people at the game couldn't see me (I used to wander around and play anyway), and that spot happened to be the school entrance steps. So what I did was pull my shorts and undies to one side so my ass was exposed, and I let a little shit come out, then I scooped the turd with my hands and dropped it on the steps. I figured people would just think it was dogshit or whatever. Fortunately it was just a turd-by-turd kind of shit and not one of those foot-long summer sausages you have after you eat a huge salad. So I could finger the little pieces of shit out of my ! undies and dump them wherever. And I didn't have to shit my pants.

My mom never found out. And never will.

Betty Poop
I've been a lurker hear for some time but I've decided to post something. I'm a 20 year old female, black hair, pale skin, a bit like Punk Rock Girl though I wouldn't consider myself a goth but I've been called that more than once. I don't have very many interesting poops but I'm intersted in what other people do. Like a couple days ago I was in a restroom venting my kidneys when someone comes in and gets into the stall next to me, pulls down her pants and sits down. She began peeing and then she stopped. I though she was done but then I heard her grunt and my heart skipped a beat. I was done peeing but I decided to wait around and listen to what she did. She farted and then I could hear that sound it makes when a turd's sliding out. It sounded like it was a long one. It didn't make much sound when it came off, propably because it was already partially in the water, just a little splash. She started unrolling toilet paper so I got out so I could see what she looked like when! she got out. She wiped herself a few times and then flushed and got out. She was a young women, 20s, looked like Nicole Kidman a little. I passed her a knowing glance on my way out.

Prude - Are you for real? Excuse me but if words like poop or fart offend you so much than what are you doing on a site like this,hell, what are you doing on the internet? Disaprove all you want to of the vernacular, the fact is the vast majority of people prefer to say poop or fart as opposed to "move bowels" or "pass gas."

Punk Rock Girl
Hello, everybody!

Scarlet- That's cool. Everyone has to follow their own thing. If you start dressing and acting a certain way because it's trendy or you think it makes you fit in, you become a conformist, which is something I hope never to be. Luckily, the office where I work has a very lax dress code, and as long as do my job well, the higher-ups don't seem to mind my style.

Here's a couple more poop stories, as requested.

One time in college, I was walking from my dorm to the theater to rehearse a play. I had been having stomach cramps, but I thought it was just gas and figured it would go away. About halfway there, I had to shit urgently. I was cutting across the park area where there were some bushes and trees, and I didn't think I'd make it to the theater. I rushed behind a bush, pulled my pants and thong down and squatted. I sprayed diarrhea on the ground for maybe ten or fifteen seconds (it seemed a lot longer than that). I was petrified, because the park was a very popular shortcut for the whole campus, and it was barely getting dark. When I was done I pulled up my pants without pulling up my thong and walked the rest of the way to the theater. I went straight to the women's room and wiped my ass. It wasn't bad at all. I pulled up my thong, pulled up my pants and had a great rehearsal. Then I shit my guts out again when I got home!

When I was in junior high (the worst period of my life) I was taunted and teased by just about everyone. I was a lot like the WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE girl, maybe not that bad. Anyway, one time I went in the girls room to take a dump and there were five or six cheerleader-type bitches in there (sorry, I have had nothing but bad experiences with cheerleaders). I thought for a second about leaving, then said f??? it. I waited for a stall, and finally one was free. I went in, sat down and tried to relax. Of course the girls didn't move. They all stayed put, talking and giggling. Finally I decided to let it rip. I pushed as hard as I could and dumped a megaton load in the toilet, accompanied by a loud fart. The girls fell silent, like they couldn't believe another girl was capable of such a bowel movement. I wiped my ass, pulled up my underpants and jeans. I opened the door and the girls all looked at me like I had taken a shit on the floor. I walked past them, ! washed my hands and walked out. I didn't care what they thought, and I think that really bothered them. I never let the bullies intimidate me, and that drove them crazy!

Once when I was eleven, my "boyfriend" dared me to pee in the boy's room. It was after school so there was no one around and I said okay. We went in the boy's room and to the urinals. I pulled my pants and underpants down, stuck my ass in the urinal and peed. He laughed, and said he bet me I wouldn't poop. Being a tomboy and a relentless one-upper, I said, "Oh yeah?" I went to one of the toilets, which had no doors, sat down and pushed out a pretty decent load with him watching. Of course, at that moment, a janitor came in. He asked why we were still in school (I assume he thought I was a boy), and told us to get out. I said, just let me wipe myself, please. I was hoping he'd leave, but he stood at the door and waited. I wiped my ass, pulled up my pants and hesitantly walked out. He yelled at me and said what was I doing in the boys room. I told him I was really nervous about pooping in school and my friend said he'd guard the door for me. I was quite shock! ed when the janitor seemed to accept this, and we walked home together. He would call me "pooper" from time to time after that.

As far as peeing goes, I peed in a urinal a couple of times in college, just as a goof. One time I bet my friends (mostly guys) I could write my name in the snow. This is very difficult, but not impossible, for a girl. They followed me outside behind the dorm. I pulled my pants and underpants down to my thighs and semi-squatted. I very roughly managed to write my name. I got a round of applause for that.

I'm sure I have more memorable bathroom experiences, I can't think of any more now. Later!



One time, in the center of a small New England town, I was privy to a rare and fantastic poop-sighting. A young couple in their mid-to late twenties, obviously not from the area by the way they were dressed, appeared to be sight-seeing at a frantic pace. The girl would ocassionally press the seat of her skirt, ever-so subtly then continue on with searching left and right. The young man seemed to have no particular demeaner except the blankfaced expression that so many young men have these days (or an annoyed/angry look-ah, the misunderstanding of youth!). The couple darted left to a small, hedge-enclosed garden area as I made my way past them picking up my pace and knowing that I could view them from the other side of the garden through a narrow space between to old buildings (I knew something was up by the occassional wiff of poop that wafted my way behind them). The girl stood with her back to me (this was too good to be true!) and lifted her skirt to reveal a small, dark ! stain in the seat of her panties. As she fussed with her nylons, a loud, squelching/"ppppppp" sound eminated from her and a sudden, giant bulge appeared at the seat of her panties, heavy enough to sag them down and expose her ass-crack! I heard her say "f*ck!" disgustedly, then stand there motionless for a minuet either in shock or fear over the situation. Her boyfriend had his back turned to her but turned around when he heard her curse, then turned back to his "lookout" and didn't make any attempt to help her. The girl pulled her panties down to exspose a very soft, sticky pile of mess all over her ass cheeks and panties. She continued to carefully slide them off and toss them aside in the bushes, then slowly pulled her nylons almost up to her ass, then walked out of the garden with a very measured sort of "unlively" gait. I left the my post and looked over in the bushes and saw the dark drown load in the seat of the panties, about the size of a softball, and chuckled to m! yself as I continued on for my morning coffee.

Hi everyone. Some quick responses.

Carmalita: Hola! Great to see you back in better spirits. We're so sorry about the loss of your friend Juanito. You have a houseful of loved ones who have been so supportive. Great story about Nu spying on you and grossing her out. It reminds me of the time a few years back, when I was cleaning the bathtub and was behind the shower curtain. Suddenly Gary burst into the bathroom, unaware I was behind the curtain in the tub. He drops his pants and sits on the toilet. I hear three big plops into the toilet. I was very silent and tried not to make a noise. Suddenly he grunts and pushes out a loud fart that started with a high pitch and ended as a booming tuba sound. I started to giggle and tried very hard to stop, but I snickered a bit too loud. Gary realizes I am behind the curtain and says, "Hey!" That's when I burst out laughing and come out of the bathtub and said, "Sorry, hon, but you came in so fast." Gary said, "Yeah, I guess it was a funny sound," and ! wiped himself clean. He got up and flushed before I had a chance to see what he pooped out. We both had a good laugh about it later.

Sarah S, Meghan, Robbie, Annie: Hey guys! Sarah, I hope you are feeling better. Robbie, if you guys were living with Carmalita and the gang and told a story about one of them behind their back, you would surely get it one way or another.

Nothing exciting happening lately. It must be my quiet period. I haven't missed a day pooping, though.

ALTHEA--The laxatives I was taking are Equate all vegetable laxatives orange flavored. Its a powder you mix with water and drink. It tasted so bad I never took more, even though I needed it. I think next time I'll try a pill of some kind...

JOHN--You asked about girls farting---I'm pretty shy about it around people, but when I'm alone, I can fart pretty good. lol As far as being as good as guys, well, I know my mom can beat my dad anyday. lol

OUTHOUSE SCOTT--Thanks for sharing with us girls about WHY having a penis isn't always fun. I knew you guys had erection problems and the danger of zipper problems, but I always thought you guys never cared if you had a bad aim, and I never thought about getting in the way when you poop. Now that you mention it, I agree. Girls do have it better in a lot of ways, not that I ever complained in the first place about being female. :)

PRUDE--My parents didn't teach me words like poop and fart as a young child. Farting was "doing a stinky" and pooping was "doing a dirty". Then I got to first grade, and I thought it was terrible that kids were saying poop and fart! But, now I think its good to tell kids that these words are not neccessarily BAD words. If you try to make it sound like they are bad, then I think it makes the child grow up thinking there is something wrong with normal bodily functions. Also, if a child is taught to say "having a bowel movement", etc. most other kids don't know what that means. So, when the child tells his/her friend he/she needs to "have a bowel movement", the other child is clueless. But, I guess if everyone taught their kids the proper words, then it would all work out. I don't know. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Did anybody watch "Making the Band" last night? Trevor, Ashley, Shelli and Jamie were in the hot tub and Trevor farted. Ashley said, "Couldn't you have waited?" Then he faced the camera and said, "I looked over and there was this huge eruption of bubble coming from Trevor's direction." lol

Well, I just got a good story about my aunt. When she was pregnant with my cousin, she had alot of diarhea. One night, she was driving home from the doctor's office when it hit her. She knew she couldn't wait, so she pulled over on the highway, jumped in a ditch, and diarhea exploded out of her. She cleaned up and went on home. That was almost 24 years ago, and I'm just now finding out.....


I am 14 and began to have trouble with morning erections about a year ago. If the erection doesn't go down, I just can't pee no matter what. The other day it didn't so I got on the school bus to go to school with a pain in my bladder which hadn't been emptied for about 9 hours. When I got to school, the erection had subsided somewhat so I headed for the urinal. When I got there, I waited a long time but finally started to pee. I peed for about 30 seconds and the erection came back. My bladder was still pretty full. I couldn't go anymore. I visited the boy's room on and off until finally about noon I emptied myself out. I have had other bad days not able to piss with an erection going. I envy my cousin who is 15. He can pee with his dick pointing straight up. No problem for him. He says he knows quite a few guys like me. Anyone else want to say something about this problem? I would appreciate it.

My poos yesterday really sensationalised the nerves in my anus.It was totally beautiful.

Hey I am sorry I haven't posted but me and my sister (who lives in Memphis) just spent about 3 days in Tunica, Ms at the casinos but now I am back in Memphis I am staying here because me and Mark are getting a divorce but I am still having a home birth in my sisters house. but while we were in our hotel somebody knocked on our door and asked if she could use or bathroom her husband has the key and she can't find him so I let her she had on a skirt and when she walked in our door shit started running out her skirt it was real watery all the way to our toilet she left the door open and crapped for about 40 minutes then she apologized and requested we got another room she was really nice though.

Gopwoller: it was mostly firm and very long we had to call maintnence to get it un clogged

tiffany: See my earlier posts telling when I was young. Many times I was sitting on the toilet having a hard bowel movement and to be short of toilet paper or worse be out.

nicole: Your mother should have not thrashed you. Accidents happen. You were just unfortunate. There are adults who mess themselves purposely.

Cory: I brought home a boy or two and they had to sit on the toilet. My favorite was a boy David, who doubled as a distant cousin. We met in high school. There was Paul, two years older than me. I was in 3rd grade;he was in 5th. He asked to use the toilet. Why not? He closed the door. I heard his Cub Scout clothes unhitch. Then I heard 5 plop/splashes while he urinated. I got curious and went to the bathroom door. Paul called out for toilet paper. He said he used the last bit left. I got him a roll, gladly. He opened the door. His uniform pants and his clean white FOL briefs were at his ankles baring his young pre-adolescence. I put the roll on the holder. He said, "Althea, one more piece is going to plop." It did with a fart. He then wiped himself three times good. He stood up turned to the bowl to urinated some more. I saw six huge brown stools. He said his stomach hurt him all afternoon at school and he could not wait to get home.

Carmalita: I saw some nice flowered Jockey hi-cut panties at a Jockey outlet store. I broke down and bought them. When I sit on the toilet in a stall, I pull them down to my ankles. I want to show I have good taste.

I like that picture(monday) looks like she peed in a bowl while posting a message here :)

I had an intresting day today i worked overtime today and i start work and like 90 minutes after i started i felt a huge urge to shit. It was so bad i started to walk away and then i said get someone to cover for me i have to go to the bathroom. i seriously thought and sorta felt like it started to come out in my pants(it was probably the gassy feeling inside of me)(im like oh no not again). I get to the bathroom and make it this time and i had a huge light brown log. Im not sure how big it was but i didn't have much time to look at it. I had to get back to work or else co-workers might think im sick again. I also maybe had to go suddenly was because i was doing the same thing the day i pooped my pants last week..and maybe it made me nervous(had a bit of a flash back i think). Then during break i had to poop again(i knew i didn't get it all out though) and i felt like last night i had to poop but only managed to push out a few balls and i went to bed. So the 2nd dump th! is morning was a bit softer and was like floating on top. I did have to wipe alot both times. It was like these kind of days where you eat so much you feel like you have an uncontroble urge to shit. and bad too.
Thats it
gotta run see ya :)

Hope everyone had a good superbowl party and enjoyed the game-I went ovr a friends place and we all ate like hogs and enjoyed the patriots victory-Antway,got up this a.m. and right away went to the bowl and did 2 really long turds with lots of farts in between.The turd must have been 10-12 in long each and came out pretty fast.I rarely poop as sonn as I get out of bed,but as soon as i awoke my rectum was bursting and i almost had to run to the bowl-felt good though
TO ROGER-Glad to hear you enjoy my stories-semms like these days I get very little feedback from them on this forum,so glad you like 'em.I can't believe you cannot find some of my nurse friend's stories,they are back in the old posts somewhere! there were so many times with her,but i'll try to remember one that I didn't post-Hmmmmmmmmm OK here's one from about 10 years ago--We used to mett a few times a week at her place in the early morning and sometimes she would call me on the phone to tell me to come by cause she had to poop soon,so I would quickly get dressed and drive to her place which was about 20-25 miles away-I would get there in about 30 mins and by the time I get there,i had to poop too,so this one morning I get there and she opens the door and she has on the nurses' uniform (the dress,not the pants)with no underwear and she says"Hi there honey,i have to poop real soon,i'm getting a lot of cramps" and I said I gotta go too" and we would head for the toilet.! she had a pretty big bathroom with a lot of room and she would a lot of times poop into a bedpan while i pooped on the bowl,so I would get undressed,but she would leave her nurse's uniform on and I would go over and sit spread-legged on the bowl and she would put the bed pan in front of the bowl and squat over it and we faced each other and started to go,well she would first pee like crazy and pass a lot of gas and at that point I would let out some of my own gas along with her.I couldn;t pee for obvious reasons!Then we would let out or loads slowly as we would look at each other's anus as I would see her's dome out tremendously as her poop would come out and it would go on and on as it curled into the bedpan and then I would strt to push out my load and she would look between my legs as my turd stretched into the water and then we would both just hold the poop there for awhile as we both admired each other-She was the best pooper,i'll tell you ! Then I usually had to let mi! ne go first cause I would get some big cramp and have to go and as I would pushe out the rest of my load and explode with a lot of farts and the rest of my morning dump,she would just squat ther,holding her poop in the same place,til i told her to go and then she would start to push out the rest of it and star to fill the bed pan and it would get so full that I would wipe my butt and tell her to come over and sat on the bowl and finish.She would get up off the pan and sit on the bowl backwards with her beautiful butt facing me with the uniform still on-Drove me nutz!and after about 10 mins she would have to go again and we were talking and all of a sudden she said " Ohhh I gotta poop honey" and lean foreward and I saw her anus dome out along with a few farts and she would push out some real long ropes of soft poop and do almost as much poop in the bowl as she did in the bedpan!She was amazing.She was about 5'7" and about 125 lbs and she could poop like a horse!then she woul! d sit there and we would talk and she would go more from time to time and then I had to poop again and she would turn around on the bowl and sit way back and I would sit between her legs and poop and she would enjoy the view and sometime she would poop at the same time,it was great.i'll tell you and the we would shower and had some breakfast and she would go of to work and I would head home a happy camper! we used to poop out in the woods in the summer alot too and we would wipe each other all the time-hope you enjoyed the story,ther were so many funs times with her! As i've been writing this story,I have another urge to poop more,so I gotta go to the bowl and let out the the rest of the superbowl food.Glad you like my stories ROGER,but check my old posts waaaay back!Gotta hit the toilet! BYE

Traveling Guy
Cory - Great post! You have a real find there in Melissa. You're lucky to have a gf to share your interest with. I once had a GF who hinted to me about being watched on the john, but I was too shy to take her up on it then. One day while she was taking a dump, she even called to me, "Hey, want to sit on my lap?" Boy, am I sorry now that I didn't. I think it's really cool that you called Mel in without making her self-conscious about listening outside the bathroom. You're a gent.

I have a similar story, but it's about two girls, and within 24 hours. I had moved to another city to take a job after I was out of college, but I had to go back to where I lived before to get some things. I went to my friend Rebecca's place to say 'hi,' and while I was there, just like you at Mel's, I had to take a dump really badly, but I was too embarrassed. That was silly, because Rebecca was a nurse. Who better to understand, right? Anyway - ready for this one? - I asked her if I could use her bathroom to take a shower. "Sure," she said with a big grin, "and while you're in there, why don't you light the candle, in case it's a stinky shower? Geesh, 'Take a shower'!" Well, now I was really embarrassed and I decided to hold it, even though I did use her bathroom to pee. I left there after dinner. (Rebecca, like a lot of girls, was a mindreader. I think Mel was reading your mind, too, when she went out to the car to "get something.")

I really hadn't planned this trip very well, so I went over to the apartment house where I used to live and knocked on my friend and former neighbor Terri's door. She was glad to see me and invited me to spend the night. I slept on the couch and she in her bedroom. (We were just good friends, nothing more.) In the morning, I heard the sound of the toilet flushing coming from her bedroom. When she came out dressed and ready to make breakfast, I asked her if I could rake a shower. As I went into the bathroom, I discovered that the bathroom door opened out into her bedroom and that she'd placed a piece of furniture in front of it. It loked as if she never closed it. I guess it was always like that, because Terri had lived alone since her roommate moved out.

Well, I figured Terri wouldn't walk in on me without announcing herself, so I took my shower and then decided to do something about that big dump that was calling to me. Terri's toilet was the farthest thing from the door, and this was a big bathroom in an old house that had been converted into apartments. Wow, what a dump I took, a long whopper of a jobbie, with some smaller ones to follow. I really stank it up in there, too. Then it was time to wipe. Oh, no! There was absolutely no TP in there, anywhere. At all. "Terri!" I called out. She came into the bedroom but didn't look into the bath, just asking me why I called. "Oh, sorry!" she said, "I'll be right back." She got a new roll from wherever and came back hesitatingly. "It's OK," I told her. "It's my fault for not looking first. C'mon in."

As she came through the doorway and walked across the bathroom toward me, it was impossible for her to hide the big grin she had on her face. I could see that she was taking some good glances at my bare butt, too, as she sauntered over. "I'm sorry about the smell," I apologized. "Hey, I've done worse in here," she laughed. It really made me feel at ease. Then she handed me the roll and said, "Here, didn't your mommy tell you to always wipe afterwards? And wash you hands, too, when you're done!" Then she headed toward the door and loooked back over her shoulder again, shaking her head and laughing softly. During breakfast and when I left, she didn't say another word about it, but I know she enjoyed the little incident. And that's the day I got over being shy about going in front of others, including women. Amazing, all that within 24 hours.

Go ahead and have some fun with Mel. I don't know if you're intimate with her, or want to be, but just don't let the bathroom thing turn into a sexual fetish - I mean having to do the toilet thing before sex. That wouldn't be healthy, IMHO. But just enjoying each other's company as you do your thing, nothing wrong with that, I think.

1: Birthday, 1991 or thereabouts. Drank way too much, and ate at a restaraunt which I don't normally do. I crashed on the futon when I got home around "closing time" and slept for about 12 hours. When I awakened, I found I'd shat all over the futon and myself sometime during the night, and it was diarrhea, not an easier-to-clean-up "normal stool". Although *I* cleaned up fine after half an hour of scrubbing in the shower, that poor futon was literally shitfaced, stunk to high heavens, and had to be thrown out. I can't begin to imagine what the garbage man thought when he had to haul a shit covered futon away. I've never bought a futon ever since.

2: This one was just a couple of years ago, and was again after a night out on the town. I didn't drink any more than usual (3 or 4 screwdrivers), but when I got home I felt the need to puke for some reason. So I got on my knees, slammed the seat up against the toilet tank and started "driving the porcelain bus". About halfway through, I suddenly got cramps and had to shit really bad too. I got my pants pulled off and barfed some more, and before I could get my underwear off I puked and squired out loose stools and water at the same time. Since there's only one toliet, one of the messes had to end up elsewhere - so I crapped all over the floor and in my halfway pulled down underwear at the same time I heaved and ralfed in the john.
After showering, I flushed the poopy underwear down the toilet and cleaned up the floor with a disposable mop. A faint shit stain is still visible, despite my best efforts with harsh chemical cleaners.

Simply put, I cannot tolerate them. If I encounter a bathroom that has no stalls around the toilets, I can't use those toilets unless I'm within a few seconds of shitting my pants. If the need is urgent but not pants-poopingly so, I'll drive home and use my own bathroom, or stop at one of two bars if either one of them is closer. (These bars have toilets with stalls & locking doors). Same goes with peeing. I'm in a wheelchair, so using a standard wall-mounted urinator is out of the question, and a regular sit-down toilet is the only thing I can or will use.

In recent memory (last 20 years) I've only shat once in an area not designated for such activity. I was caught in an inner city neighborhood after dark when my car broke down, and I had to take a dump really bad. So I found an empty parking lot with a high wall on one corner and a large tree growing directly next to that wall. Most of the bulbs in the light standards had been shot out, so it was fairly dark. I crouched down at the base of the tree on the wall side so I couldn't be seen from the street (and be at risk of getting a public defecation ticket) took a big dump, aimed my penis at the dump and whizzed all over it, then wiped with the paper towels I normally kept in the car for wiping the windshield & mirrors.
After spending the night sleeping in my car, I fixed it at first light and beat a hasty retreat.

You've got to love toilets.
Toilets are magic. Thy make shit disappear. They also kill and maim the people who depend upon them most. But we can't live without them, at least not in modern society. Besides, toilets make a really neat sound when you flush them. :)

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, all of you:
Cory: loved the story, man! I mean, it turned me on, and I am a (Heterosexual) guy! Probably, because I put myself in Melissa's position, and imagined that the lady that I have a crush on, who is w/ another-guy, did for me, what you did, for Melissa. It almost makes me do something in my pants, and it is not pooping or peeing. Guess what it is?:) Special hellos to Roger in TX (Angela's bf), Kathy, and Jane.



To Piggy Poop: I liked your story...i wonder what happened when someone went in there the next day to make a phone call?

To nicole: I liked your story...sorry you got in trouble for pooping in your story reminds me of what happened last week to me.

To jon: Cool story...that must have been fun. Id love to do that, sounds soooo cool!

To the unnamed poster: About the Dare you and your friend did, i liked your story. Sounds like you were really bored! how old are you now?

To Cory: I loved your story...BTW im 20..around your age. Are you gonna ask Melissa if she enjoyed watching you shit and are you gonna ask her if she has a fetish and is turned on watching her shit. Ask her..i dare you to :)

To Justin: I liked your story, when you used to fart in that special class...wasn't there a teacher around that would be able to smell that you are farting or atleast maybe hear something??

To NOEL: I went back to work the other one has given me a hard time about it. Every one is like asking me if i feel better i say yes! And i know they feel sorry for me. I'm almost 21 by the way, i got a few more months. Have you ever seen or heard your sons in the bathroom or been in there with them latly? I also haven't had a BM in several days. Last time i went it was Friday night(been about 2-3 days i gues). Bye NOEL

To Meghan and Sarah S: I'd love to vist that bathroom in Las Vegas Nevada they had on there..I might be visting there in the fall..maybe i will have a chance to see it

To kim and scott: I loved that story...I think im really enjoying your stories about all those huge dumps you have. Keep them up!

I like that picture up sorta reminds me of some girl i used to work with at another job along time ago..been so long i think i forget her name. Well i gotta run its late, i gotta be up very early for work tomorrow morning(one of those days where i work a 12 hr day instead of the reg. 8 hrs).

Sorry its been a while ! Have tried to post here, but it doesn't seem to get on anymore. Andrew and I have drawn the conclusion that it happens if we make any detail about Ellen, which is a pity, because she is so into our toilet games now ! However, we will stick with brief comments only about her.

UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Andrew and I were so pleased to be told your stories, we wanted to post you a special one. But it didn't get on. Basically, it was a story about how Ellen experienced her first sit-on-knees wee with Andrew. It was actually for safety in the first place, because she was so tired that she was falling asleep, and would have fallen in the toilet !! So Andrew sat her on his knee ! And it took her at least 15 minutes to do her wee, because she kept falling asleep on his knee. Her wee would start, and then dribble to a stop as she went to sleep again. Then she would wake and wee again. This weeing, sleeping, waking, weeing, sleeping, must have happened about four or five times before she finally finished and I was able to put her to bed ! No more details. Lets see if that is ok ! Love from Kendal and Andrew xx

UNCLE RIZZO: Thank you for asking after all my friends. I told you a story as well, about how Charlotte and Kirsty and I crowded into one cubicle at school, and how Charlotte went first, and then decided she needed to poo. Kirsty and I knew what she was doing before she told us. No, not because of the smell, but because of the sudden look of concentration on her face. She had a massive poo that splashed so loudly and so hard, that had her bottom not been covering the seat, I'm sure the splash-back would have hit the ceiling !! And it stuck up out of the water ! And it wouldn't flush away either !! Kirsty and I both had to wee on Charlotte's poo ! We pitied the poor girl who went to use that toilet next, and the poor caretaker as well !! By the way, we did try the potty by the bed trick, but Ellen wouldn't have it because that is only for little girls, and she's a big girl ! Andrew and I have decided to introduce her to the site. Well, her name is appearing rather a! lot now, and we are sure she would be thrilled to read her name here. She might be only five, but she can read already ! So, dear Uncle Rizzo, next time, we might just get Ellen to write a small post !! Lots of love from Kendal x

AUNTY PV: I loved your idea of a spin out in a sportscar so we could pish together outside. That would be fun ! And thanks for all your words of wisdom about my periods, or rather lack of them ! Don't worry, I'm not in any hurry to start them. I only have to see what happens to all my friends who already have them ! No, definitely not in any hurry !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

LONDON LAD: I see you want to speak with me. Well thats ok. I'm not really into football that much, although Andrew says I should try out for the girls team at school. Thats because I kick a ball about with him, and he thinks I'm quite good. Well, if you're going to Cornwall in May, you'll pass by us in wet and windy Devon ! So you'd prefer more description from me when I talk about going to the toilet ? I'll try and remember. Its just that I feel funny describing myself going. Like I'm being immodest or something. Andrew does a much better job. I'm sure most people on this site have a very good image of me on the toilet from all Andrew's (Lawn Dogs Kid)descriptions of me ! By the way, I really enjoyed your tale about your friend "Jill". I'd love to hear more. Clearly you weren't supposed to look while she went, but did you ever sneek a peek ? Go on, you can tell me ! I have quiet poos as well. They tend to slip and flop in the water rather than plop or splash. I us! ually have fairly quiet wees as well, because I sit well forward on the seat, so my wee runs down the front of the bowl rather than directly into the water. How quiet it is depends on velocity. When I really need to go, it hisses like mad !! Oh well, maybe some day I'll go to the toilet just for you and write all the details ! Would you like that ? I'll swap you a toilet visit for more stories about Jill !! Love from Kendal.

LINDA GS: Like you, Andrew and I aren't here very often now. But I do hope we can still stay bestest on-line sisters ! Andrew and I use your word "toidy" all the time at home. Actually, last week, Ellen was squirming around and Andrew asked her if she needed to go to the toidy. She said "No, but I need to go to the toilet". I laughed so much that I almost had to share the toidy seat with her to avoid wetting myself ! Andrew sends you a bunch of smoochies as ever, and hopes you'll be wearing your blue pampies next time he's allowed to comb your hair !! Lots of love to you and Cousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal xxxxxxxxxxxx (XOSXOS from the hairdresser !).

LOUISE & STEVE: Just to say how much Andrew and I admire the way you have taken dear Eleanor under your wing. The poor girl is getting very good advice from you, and I hope she is taking some, if not all of it ! Love from Kendal xx

ELEANOR: You haven't posted in over a week, so Andrew and I hope you are ok now. That brother of yours is a real pig, and we wish we could protect you ourselves. Even though Andrew and I love to watch each other on the toilet, we would always respect the wishes of others who don't think the same way, like you. Thus you would be guaranteed a private wee and poo ! And I'd make sure that Andrew didn't sneek up to the door to listen while you went either !! Seriously though, you have been having a simply horrid time, and the more I think about you, the more it makes me want to cry. We both really hope that your brother is now leaving you in peace. I can't think of anything worse than the thought of being scared to even go home, because a bully will make me use the toilet to wee, poo and wipe so all his friends can watch. In choir at the moment, we are learning a song called the Irish Blessing. Its so beautiful, I want to be Irish. Right, you'll have to imagine me singing ! it to you. "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you ever in the palm of his hand". In other words, Andrew and I hope that you have much happier times to look forward to, and that you'll somehow be looked after until you can come back and tell all your friends here that your problems have been solved. Lots of love from Kendal xxx

Special hellos to Jane and Sarsen and Simon who remember us. And also to Mr Plunging Plop Guy, who would have been so in his element watching Charlotte go the other day. She actually needed more toilet roll to wipe all the water off her bottom than she needed to wipe her poo !!!

guy with peice of crap toilet
i pooped today and my toilet is one of those that use little water to flush so it gets clogged easily, i have to flush the poop then wipe and flush that

Does anybody else do what I do here? For some reason, I like to take off my shirt when taking a dump. In other words, I am completly naked, except for the bra, from the waist up. I've even done it in public toilets. I've noticed that it gives me a little chill and the dump feels more satisfying. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I just watched the film ALMOST FAMOUS which shows Kate Hudson sitting on the toilet while teenager William Miller is sitting in the bathtub writing. Some one mentioned this scene on this site before. The kid was embarassed and started to get out of the tub and leave the bathroom. He said something like: "I should know you better before I see you pee." It would have been cool if they had tinkling noises and showed a side view of her on the seat. It was a good movie all together. After the bathroom scene, he is stuck in a room with four of the girls and they mess around all night. I like the fact that a few bathroom scenes are shown in movies now, and most TV shows about high schoolers include a school restroom scene or two. I used to love the show "My So Called Life" a few years ago and then ABC decided not to make any more episodes.

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