Punk Rock Girl
ALTHEA-- Yeah, I love thongs. They're comfy and they make your ass look sexy when you're wearing tight clothes. I always make sure I'm squeaky clean down there before wearing one, though. I don't know why I decided not to wear ont the night of my shit incident. Perhaps I had a premonition!

SCARLET-- Oh yes, I started double-checking for TP after that. It was sooooooo gross! There's like no way to stand or move without feeling that squishiness in there. Yuck! What made you stop doing the Goth thing? I don't see myself changing styles anytime soon. That's cool, though. To each their own.

I had mentioned before that I took a shit in front of a couple of my male bandmates a couple of times. One time was when we were in the same club and the women's room was overflowing with water. I went in the men's room which was more or less the same except the stalls had no doors. Our drummer and bassist stood in front of the stall to sheild me while I pooped. They were kind enough to point out how much it stank, of course.

The other time was at a party. Our drummer and I didn't know anyone else, and weren't too wild about the people there. He said he had to go to the bathroom, and said, "Don't leave me alone here!" He said I could join him, but he had to take a shit. I said, "So do I, actually." So we went in the bathroom together. He shit first, then I shit. It was kind of a bonding experience.

I'll write about some other poop related experiences for a future post. Maybe from when I was a kid.

I also wanted to say, I've been looking through this forum and am really surprised at how nice and pleasant all you posters are. I'd think there'd be a lot more raunch going on in here, but everyone seems really nice and supportive of each other. That's really cool.



Hey everyone! There are some interesting people on this site. I'm a fourteen-year-old black male, and here is my imput. Well I was at my piano teacher's house (she teaches me there on her own grand piano) last week. First, though, I have to describe my teacher, who's name is Bridget. Bridget has shoulder-length copper hair, and a few freckles on her cheeks. Her smile is really cool, too. And she has a big, round @$$. Like two big basketballs attached to her hips. Anyway, we were doing some scales, and she was fidgeting around a little. I heard a few farts coming from her direction, but I ignored them, and they weren't that smelly anyway. Then it came time for her to take me back home, and she said, "Just pack up your stuff, and I'll be right there. I have to just use the restroom." So I began putting away my stuff. I heard the door open, but not the door close. And it wasn't like she was in any trouble or anything. I glanced over and saw her walk across the room over to the ! toilet. Pulling up her skirt, and down with the thong panties, she sat her generous butt down on the toilet seat. My mouth dropped open as she started to hiss. Her head was down, so she couldn't see me. Then she stopped hissing. I turned back to the music, thinking she was done. But when I didn't hear the toilet flush, I looked back up. Bridget's arms were folded over her thighs, and her eyes were closed. The house was quiet, so I could make out some barely audible grunts as she pushed out a log. I could tell that it was giving her some trouble, and I could only imagine her ring being stretched larger and larger by this monster. She shifted a bit, to space her ample buttocks, and pushed again. This time, I saw her relax and sigh as the log came out, announcing its birth with a floomp as it hit the water. Then she let the front of her skirt fall, holding up the back while wiping. She was facing me, even though she was looking back at the paper, so I couldn't see anything. Aft! er wiping a few times, she flushed and pulled up her panties. Washing her hands, she turned to me and gave me a wave. I smiled sheepishly and resumed getting together the music. After she finished washing her hands, she joined me again. "How did you like the show?" she asked."Don't try to deny it, I saw you sneaking furtive glances at my hot bod on the throne." "It was nice," I managed to say. "Maybe next time you'll come in with me?" she asked. I just shrugged, even though I know very well that I'll be there next time. Today is my piano lesson, so, I can't wait.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post. I'll post again tomorrow with updates!

Hi guys, I am still detoxified. Tuesday, I had a close call in midtown. Thankfully, there was the main library. I was under control. I ate earlier, stir-fry cabbage in olive oil, with lemon juice and cayenne pepper, along with grapefruit. I ducked into the library to the women's room on the first floor. I lowered my ASICS tights and white briefs to my ankles. My bowels evacuated a river of brown liquid. I knew I was cleaned out. When I feel the urge, I go. I waste no time. I do not panic. In New York, we are in no short supply of parks, libraries, schools, bus terminals and department stores.

I like this cover girl. She reminds me of my cousins, even me evacuating in the morning.

cute David: That is my cousin's name. He is adorable 2y's younger than me. We have both seen each other on the toilet. We had low self closing stall doors in high school. No one bothered us. I worked in a mall where the toilets were constantly in use. It was a good afterschool job. Some women used to complain about others(me) taking to long. Girls my age were more understanding. Christmas time was always the busiest.

uncle Allen: Better that girl have it come out the back than the front. Morning sickness.

Tony: English girls and girls in general have huge bowel movements. I saw it in my cousins. My cousin, Esther spent time with us when I was age 18. She was 38. That was fun. One morning we were going out. We were in the house bathroom. Suddenly, she pulled down her jeans and red panties and sat on the toilet. Quietly, she evacuated a 12 inch piece, reached for a toilet paper and wiped herself good. She said, "Nothing like a good mid-morning jobbie. I do this at work everyday same time." She could stink up the place. But, I loved her. We've had close calls. But, never an accident. More later. It is late

It's Thursday evening and I haven't had a shit since last Wednesday morning and I feel the urge coming on real strong. I am about to pass a big, wide monster log out of my pink hole which I know is going to be stretched to capacity.

Once when I was in high school, I wet my pants. Before school that morning, I had a lot of coffee and juice, plus it was cold. Normally I piss as soon as I get to school, but on this day, I didn't. I was just sitting in class and had to let some of it go. Then, after class, I let the rest of it go into a urinal in the boys room.

I watched the top 10 toilets last night...did any one else happen to catch it. One thing i missed the # 1 toilet cause i had to poop really bad and i couldn't hold on any longer. I had like a cramp. I felt it during the show and i was hoping i could hold on till 10pm. It was really soft and mushy. I wiped alot then i had to poop again this morning at 6am and it was really soft again.

hi all.

A friend and I were visiting our friend Randy yesterday. We were messing around in his room, and we had watched a movie. Finally it was time to get going home. I had felt the need to use the toilet in the back of my mind but I had been putting it off, because a delay would have meant missing the bus home. We all walked out to the bus stops where I had to cross the street, because my house was in the opposite direction. I was really regretting not using the toilet sooner, because my bowel was giving me warning signs that the time was near. It was even nearer than I expected. As I got on the bus, I felt a piece of poop begin to push its way out of my butt. I decided to stand on the bus, knowing that if I sat down, I would mess of my briefs. When I was about halfway home, a cyclist cut in front of the bus and the driver had to stop suddenly. This made me lose my concentration, and try as I might, I couldn't stop the load from pushing into my briefs. I knew that in a few mom! ents, there would be a visible bulge in my pants, and I was beginning to smell my accident. I didn't have much choice. I sat down and tried to cover my lower abdominal region with my jacket to cover the smell. I felt the poop squish all over my backside. It was so humiliating. By the time I'd gotten off the bus, my briefs were filled to capacity, and there was a telltale circle on the front of my pants as well (I almost always pee when I poop). I got some looks while I was getting off the bus and heard one girl snicker to her friends. My face was burning with embarrassment. I managed to sneak into the house and clean up in the bathroom, putting my dirty briefs into the garbage. My dad found them and told my mom, and I got the worst spanking! I am just thankful that my friends never found out about it! Five minutes earlier and I would have had a lot of explaining to do!

Hellowe everybody!

Nice talking to you all again. Nu would say hi, but she's too busy sitting on our toilet and stinking up our bathroom. She's reekin' tonight! Baby Malita saw her daddy approach her crib and got all excited and started kicking her feet and smiling!
Uh-oh, I just heard Nu plop a big one. She's staring at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers, grunting away. She always makes such a grand production out of taking a shit.

PV: Whoa, thanks baby for the nice turd fall! We like to think of you sitting and pushing. Jake's leaning over my shoulder saying "yeah, yeah!" Sweet thing, you just go ahead and get the T-shirt. We ain't got no club, but y'all are welcome jus' the same. Yes, Jake is a good man. He saved me many years ago. I was in a very bad home situation, full of battering and worse. You could say I'm a survivor. On a night when things were at their worst, he protected and defended me and we ran away to New Mexico to his Grandpa's ranch. I'm not saying that to round up any sympathy or anything, I'm just telling you how special Jake is to me. New Mexico is where I met Carmalita and talked her into voyaging up here to the great Pacific Northwest. Jake went on to pursue rodeo without me for awhile, and me and Carmalita formed a dynamic friendship. I guess she was tired of clogging up all the toilets in the southwest, so we came up here. Carmalita is more than a friend to me, she's the s! econd half of me. So, it's no wonder that I was ecstatic when Jake proposed to her.

And speaking of Carmalita, she had major cloggage in her bowels. She's been so medicated that her body is all out of sync. She'll be up and typing soon. She's still pretty rummy from all the dope. When she heard about Juanito, she totally freaked. I mean panic attacks and the whole thing.

I'm watching Nu wiping her ass right now. She left the bathroom door open so we could watch. How thoughtful. She's now asking me if I want to come and see the "Turd of the universe", so I guess I'd better go check it out.....
minutes later...yes, it was a nice one all right. Only one, but very long and firm.

Punk Rock Girl: Welcome girl! I loved your story and look forward to more. It sucks to get stuck with butt mud dosen't it? It happened to me once. I flushed, then finger washed my ass with cold water from the toilet.

Meredith: Oh baby, you are something! I just love your tales of the restroom down the hall. How I'd love to be there with you. I could just see you in your loose pants with no undies reading your Elle. I like Elle too. I also like to listen to my own plops and crackles when I'm taking a big nasty shit. You've got all the girls in our house all fired up, especially me and Carmalita!

Kathy: I loved the way you said you grunted softly after passing a turd. My temperature is rising! Poor, poor Kathy though. Having to sit in such a horrible stink. Granted, I have been known to stink, but nothing like that. My smells are usually strong, but nobody seems to mind too much. On few occassions though, I probably have stunk as bad as her.

April: Oh girl, how awful! I don't know why people have to be so mean to each ohter. It's all some kind of power trip. Couldn't they at least send another woman with you to go across the street?! You know, as a witness to be sure you did your own specimen?

RJOGGER: Hey dude, how's my bud? You guys are at it again I see! Your group of friends and yourself is mighty impressive that's for sure. I really loved that story about pooping out in the woods. This is taking forever to type because baby Malita is feeding right now. Pooping out in snow country can be really awesome sometimes. Of course yo guys gotcher blood all warmed up from running, so you were warm I can see. I was warm reading your story. how old is Noreen anyway?
Anyway Rick, I love talking to you, you're so cool and have lots of fun with your group like we do ours. Take care.

Bye everyone!

Hi all! I am feeling much better after my diarrhoea recently. I missed a day altogether when I did not poo at all. Yesterday I just did a bit of what I call 'rabbit shit' - just about 6 hard marble sized bits. It's amazing how our bodies are made and go from one extreme to the other. Having been eating normally for two days, I knew I must be in for a good poo. As I had my breakfast this morning I could feel something happening. As I then went into my bedroom to put my clean clothes out on the bed to put on after my shower, I was getting desperate. I was wearing the T-shirt and boxers I had slept in last night. I quickly took both off and pulled out a pair of my white briefs from my dirty linen basket and put them on. I thought, "I'm going to enjoy a real good accident in my pants!" I went into the bathroom and first cleaned my teeth. Even the action of teeth cleaning seemed to spur on a good BM. Then I had my shave. As I was doing so I just let the poo go. Slowly and gently ! it slid into my briefs. (They are the kind of slip briefs that though they have good tight high rise leg openings have a lot of room in the seat). The feeling of this great load of warm poo between and against my buttocks was just so great. To make sure I had done it all I gave a final big push. As I did so some pee squirted into my briefs too. Although the poo started with a small firmer turd, it was basically all soft and malleable. To extend my pleasure I put down the hard top seat of the toilet and sat on it, causing the poo to reach my waistband as well as go further into the crotch of my briefs. I then got into the shower to clean my butt and briefs before continuing with my normal shower. I just felt I needed this enjoyable start to the day after a few days of feeling ill.

LANCS LAD: Pleased to know you like reading my posts. You ask me that when I have pooed my pants how long I hang around in them. It depends on the situation. Because I was not alone in the house this morning, what I have just written is typical of many 'intended accidents' in the house of just about 10-minutes. By the way I don't always sit down in messed pants, but like to do so now and again. If I am on my own I may hang around for up to 20 to 30 minutes in the house. It depends how smelly it is, as I don't live alone, I don't want to stink the house out!! If I have an intended accident out of doors, I first make sure I am NOT wearing my 'preferred' boxers or boxer-briefs but I put on a good pair of briefs, like the Kangol slip briefs I wore this morning. I know these are 'safe' and I will then hang around in them for an hour (maybe slightly more) before going home to clean up. I really enjoy hanging around in dirty pants. The feeling of the poo is just so great. Hope ! that answers your question. Do ask me more questions whenever you want. By the way, what sort of underpants do you normally wear? If you do decide to poo your pants again, please post. I will look forward to reading it, as I am sure many others on this forum who love pooing in their pants will want to read that post too.

JIM: I have read that you might take up my suggestion. Just a practical matter about washing your briefs in the washer. If they've just been peed in then put them straight in. If you've pooed them, do remember to wash all the poo out by hand first then put them in the washer. I once almost got found out by my mum. I put a very dirty pair of my briefs into the washer. When my mum did the next wash she could not understand what the little browny coloured fragments were when she got the washing out. I knew - but did not say a word! As far as I know, my mum never knew I messed my pants - though she did tell me I need to wipe my bottom more carefully because of major skid marks in one pair of my underpants. Washing machines do not get rid of anything too big to go through the holes in the drum. Your mum might guess you'd washed your briefs in the washer if she found specks of brown on the next wash load. Just hope my experience will save you from potential trouble with you mo! m. You may have thought about this already, and in that case I apologise for mentioning this. It's just that I am a very caring type of guy and sensitive to the situations of those I am posting to. I trust that this will be obvious from all my posts on this site. If anyone feels I am not caring or sensitive enough, please do say so.

Best wishes to all,


I like the picture of the blonde lady on today's masthead. It looks as though she's concentrating hard and means business.

Punk Rock Girl. We can all be wise after the event. My advice would be to make sure you go for a good poo before leaving home in future and empty your bladder thoroughly as well. Not having any TP to wipe with can't have been pleasant for you. Perhaps it would be wise to always carry a pack of tissues with you in case of a similar emergency (no TP) occuring again.

Tony. I liked your story about your Aunt Deirdre's big accident. My guess is she was glad it was a fairly solid one. I noticed your obswervation that she'd not been for a few days. Did she tend to fart a fair bit as a matter of course as she wasn't necessarily a 'daily' person when it came to motions?

Traveling Guy
Today's group pee pic brings back so many good memories of rural Peru and Bolivia. Long-timers here know my posts (the earlier ones under "Traveler") about joining a group of men, women, boys, amd girls to take a dump or a pee in an open field or vacant lot without anyone thinking twice about it. Going outside is the only thing to do when there are no other sanitary facilities, but being so open about it, that was something special.

One of our daughters, who turned 18 recently, has started on a special diet to help cure a chronic infection. Part of the regimen is to take an enema about twice a month. She asked me if I could get out the gear and tell her how it's done, so she could do it for herself. I explained it all, from water temperature and inserting the nozzle, to how to retain the water and what to expect when expelling it.

She excused herself and went about it, but I told her I'd be close by outside the bathroom if she had trouble. Every now and then, when I asked, she told me everything was fine. She held about a quart of water for five minutes, then started to expell it. First, just some water came out, I could tell from the sound. Then came the first of maybe seven or eight waves of loose poop exploding into the bowl.

When she thought it was over, she got dressed and I went in to show her how to clean the gear. The poop smell wasn't bad at all, but she'd been running the fan. In the middle of cleanup she said, "I still feel sort of full." I told her what to expect and, soon enough, she said urgently, "Please go out. I have to poop again." Just as soon as I closed the door, I heard another wave of loose poop, followed by some silence, and then another. Afterwards, she told me she didn't have any problems at all and that she felt a lot cleaner than before. I told her it's OK to do every now and then, but not to make a regular habit of it.

A few questions for y'all. Has anyone traveled to Scandanavia and stayed in the Hostels there ? What are the bathrooms like ? Are they more open than here in the US or the same ? Are they co-ed or separate sex ? I am thinking of taking vacation there next Summer depending what kind of time I can get. Are the people who stay in the hostels there and even in Europe in general, are they college age or older ? How are they towards Americans.

I haven't had any interesting dumping stories lately except for today. I am currently in the Library here at school (College) working on my Master's Project and I had to go take a shit. I enjoyed the pleasure of dumping with another college kid around. However, we did not talk. I talked to the kid later when I took a break and he happen to be studying nearby.

I appreciate any info on European Hostels espcially the ones in Scandanavia.

to movie fan:

i thin she's taking a dump because you don't hear anything and she's reading a magazine sitting for a long time. the movie is about a high school reunion and in the scene she has gone to her hotel room to take a dump. she's talking to her boyfriend on the telephone smoking and she gets interrupted by some people in the next room. it's a pretty good scene, hope you get to see it.

Tim (and Sarah)
DEAR RIZZO: Our dear cyberfriend. What can I say? To understand how your words were received you would have to picture me on my desk, Sarah on my lap both reading with silent tears running down our faces. You touched us deeply there and thank you for your kind words. You are right I have got a big fear of having to leave my family like my father had to, and of course there is the worry of having passed something onto our kids. I feel really silly about the beetroots episode, especially as I also scared Sarah. I was just so blinded by the shock and on top I did not know he had them, as I was not there when they were eaten. So it did not come to my mind it could not be blood. It looked horrible. Anyway to some brighter thoughts.
Refering to your last posts, I also teased Sarah laughingly about "secretly" posting while I was asleep. I thing we scared her off a bit now- no she is fine, We just had a wonderful short break in a beautiful little town in a ‘wellness’-hotel. You can be reassured we enjoyed every minute. It was planned as my birthday present for her last autumn, but then we could not go because of me being sick. I planned this secretly, "lent" our kids away and made it a little suprise break, also for saying thank you for the unbelievable support in the past months. It was a short but wonderful second honeymoon. We had a wonderful time and also lost of fun, even stuff that would be relevant for this site, but I’ll leave it to Sarah if she wants to post that. We hope very much that everything is fine with you and your family. Love and hugs from Sarah and me, Tim

So tomorrow I am back to work (a super one and a half days week!) Today I went to my doctor as he had to sign, me being fit for work. We had a funny conversation about female standing up pees! It started about him asking, if I had enough fluids. I said laughingly, I hope so as I am already peeing at least every two hours if not more. He said, but that’s good. I replied not if you are in the middle of nowhere with no toilet. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that as we are luckily men, there would mostly be some spot to be found. I enlighted him that some woman would not be very pleased by that comment and that the ladies are catching up. He said that although he was the medic, I would have to explain it. I roughly did and gave him the web address of the guide. He was amazed and said he would check it out, of course just out of professional interest..LOL. I thought it was a funny conversation.

ADRIAN: Thanks for your advice. I am of course quite knowledgeable about this topic at the moment, as the inspection of my own eliminations had to become a routine. I was, as I told Rizzo, blinded by my own fear. Our son is fine again and I demanded a big sign over the toilet should he eat beetroots or anything like it in the future... Thanks for your care and the very best to you!

UNCLE ALLEN: Glad to hear you are better. Maybe you should see another doctor should your problems return, e.g. someone who will help you figure out which food to avoid. Stay well, best wishes Tim

ROBBY AND ANNIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN: Just a quick hello and the best for all of you. Thanks for your nice words and thoughts. I also very much laughed and was very touched by your warm tale about your late partner, friend and of course mom.
My Sarah is a wonderful piano player, she also teaches; I am just a talentfree, unartistic engineer, LOL - Outch- I just got hit on my fingers and my secret suply of chocolate raisins in the drawer was confiscated. :-(. Sarah said I am going to work tomorrow, regardless if I can poop or not, LOL. She is right, as always...Lots of love to all of you from Sarah and me.

INA: Hi dear. Hopefully you aslo feel better. Does your indication, you know the pain mean, you also have or had problems? Sarah and I care and please let us know, if we can be of any help. Love from both of us.

All the best and stay (or get) healthy and fine, all of you

Tim (and Sarah)

ROBBY and ANNIE (SARAHS AND MEGHAN): hi, sweeties. Hope you are all fine. Thanks for your words, Robbie. It's nice to hear you wanted to be there for the girls. I am very sorry about your deep loss. I lost three dear people to this terrible disease last year and it just leaves you so very helpless and sad. Do you miss the singing? I don't play piano, I meant that this is one of my long term projects; you know, things you always wanted to do but in a way never get round to. I play violin though, poorly but it's plainly for my own enjoyement (and not the neighbour's ...LOL). I design sets. We visualize the stuff that you and your colleagues think up. So do you sometimes add some fun for us people in your writing or is it different areas? Are you using some here as inspiration? LOL. I find the piles really yuckie with all the hurt and bleeding. It's getting better though, I just have to watch it. Looking forward to your jet with Annie in charge of the hose...Stay well and hugs! to all of you

RIZZO: Hi dear. Sorry again for being a bit oversensitive. I know you are a kind guy and I don't know what got me so upset there. Probably rather a personal thing. Otherwise I love stories like that. Especially when you have to find a spot after a long wait and your wonderful description of the relieve when the pressure finally is allowed to let go. Please, post more stuff like it. I would like to post a similar incident today, where I had a fantastic relieve during a much,much needed pish and could not remotely desribe my feelings as well as you did...

A few years ago I went on a long car drive to some locations with a guy, whose assistant I was at the time. We had a good time and it was a very relaxed working athmosphere. One afternoon we were driving along the countryside and it was really hot and humid. We both had tons of water in order to be able to stand the heat. He feel asleep, while I was driving; it had been long days. After a while I felt a need to go. I could have gone in some bushes, I am not fuzzy about that and he wasn't either, but felt like waiting for a toilet as he was my boss and not a mate and I did not want to do it if not really necessary. Stupid thought! After a while it started to rain heavily. After the heat it poured down like mad. I had to slow down. He woke up and we both watched the road carefully. After a while he remarked that he might need a bathroom soon. I told him me too (quite bad by now). There was no place to stop and nature was not to tempting either, we would have been soaking ! wet within seconds. So we continued for an endless time. I noticed him getting as uncomfortable as me and I guess we both just about resisted, holding ourselves. I deeply regreted not having stopped earlier and wondered which way of getting your close wet was worse... After a looong time we reached the motorway. Another slow drive due to limited sight. After another desperate time passed, we finally reached a rest area. We both were like "Thank god" unisono. I drove the car directly to the little toilet building, the place was empty. We jumped out of the car and ran under the front roof for cover. I headed for the ladies and him for the gents...Can you guess it? The damn place was of course closed! We must have made a good picture, bumping into two opposite doors synchronized. I could not believe it. I was in so much pain from the full bladder, I forgot about any education I ever received. There is no way I pee my pants, if I can help it. So I said, sorry, I can't wait, I ha! ve to go. It was fairly dark under the roof due to the rain and the late afternoon. Unfortunately I did not have my tool, yet ,at the time. So I went into the furthest corner, lowered my pants and squatted. My pee started running immediately although not full flow due to the until then resisted pressure and cramped muscle. My boss starred for a moment of suprise. Then he quickly turned round to give me my privacy and to seek relieve himself. He went to edge of the roofed space and faced away from me outside. He unzipped and started pissing an impressive gusher out into the rain. I could see his stream between his legs. In the meantime I was pissing full stream as well and was nearly having an orgasm due to the unbeatable feeling of a rapidly emptying bladder and a sight I admitedly found a turn on. We both went for a long time. His urine went streaming downhill underneath the car and mine was flooding the place running in the same direction. Unfortunately (!) I could see my ! pee entering his shoe before it went into the rain. He did not notice and I was too embarrassed to let him know. So, shame on me, Rizzo, I am far worse! I actually did pee a bit on my boss. Ooops, embarrassing! I remembered and am really ashamed now. Mind you, I probably did not completely miss his when we hurried back into the car... Anyway after we finished I got dressed again and he packed away shortly after me. A moment of embarrassed silence. Then I stumbled something about not being able to wait and desperate situation and so on. When I finished he said:"Well, I guess we both just feel really, very much better and we are human, so what...' We went back to the car and suddenly both started giggling, probably a release of tension. Afterwards it was never mentioned again between us. It was a really funny buddy piss though. I nearly forgot, but I thought about it when you wrote about your urgent pee, Rizzo. Tell us some more, please!

LOUISE: Hi dear! I know, you love your method and I would probaby prefer it as well if I could handle it. I just thought this might be handy as an EXTRA tool for warm bottom pishes outside in winter or peeing in a bottle during a traffic jam or other inconvenient situations. I believe that you won't have problems once you got used to placing it correctly. As I said. It needs a few practise pees. But you have the advantage of knowing where your pee hole is. I think the reference to the flow rates on the site are meant rather if you can use the fingers and not if you can't use the device. Anyway I am keen to know how you like it. A little hint, from my experience there is always a little rest in the tube due to a kind of vacuum created by your lips. So carefully pull it away, there might be a final squish before you shake it off. But I guess that's not so far from your experiences with Steve;-). Keen to see if you'l have sword fights now. May the force be with you! Love In! ax,

Best wishes to all the others


Rich and Kathy (RJOGGER and WIFE)
We just have time for some short replies. Anne was hospitalized with what appears to be food poisoning, and Mike is not much better. What was thought to be a severe intestinal flu, has turned out to be much worse.

OK, we will try to be brief.

Kim and Scott - Hello kids, how are you? That last buddy dump of yours was one hell of a great story, and Kathy and I like the phrase that you use, Kim, "super colon", to describe your plumbing. I can't say that Kathy produces the logs that you produce so regularly, but she does so on more than an occasional basis. They are quite something to see, as my "old lady" is all of 5' 2", and weighs about 112 pounds. Be well, Kathy and I send our love, and we are looking forward to your next story.
Annie - We are glad that you liked our recent buddy dump. Like Kathy and me, Noreen and Larry (especially Noreen) drop some pretty awesome bombs. Since we run together most Saturdays or Sundays, usually at least one person who has to dump in the woods. As for my wife, yes she does indeed pass some whoppers, as I have been a witness to for the last 38 or so years. We did miss Anne and Mike on Sunday, but they are quiet sick. Take care until next time.
Jane - Hi it's Kathy. Now that my little "encounter" with Louise is over, it seems pretty funny. At the time, I thought that I might gag and vomit, because the stench was so bad. You are right, we are all human, and some humans really just plain stink out the joint (LOL!), if you know what I mean. Jane, I have enjoyed reading all of your adventures, and I am looking forward to your next story. Take real good care.
Rizzo - Hello again, Rizzo. Believe me, Kathy and I look forward to your adventures, they are funny, well written and you are definitely one of our favorites. Thanks for saying that our posts are awesome, and as far as being unique, it just seems that one or both of us get into these "situations", if you know what I mean. It also helps to have "crazy" friends, just like us, who enjoy the same activities.
Hi Rizzo, it's Kathy. I think Louise could stink up the whole universe, her crap smells so bad (LOL). Just why she smells so much is a topic of discussion at work. We don't know if it is LI, IBS, bad diet, or what, she just plain STINKS! One of the girls who reports to me was caught is Louise's perfume earlier this week, and Rita (my boss), Gail (the young lady who reports to me) and I talked about it at length. It is becoming a guess as to who the next victim is going to be. By the way, thanks for the nice comments, you are always a gentleman. Rick and I send our love and best regards.
Robby - You are one of the funniest people out here. Barbara's little adventure, plus her name for you, had us in stitches. We look forward to your next story.
Adrian - You can't believe just how bad it was in the ladies room on that Friday. A trainload of LYSOL would not have stifled that smell. Our buddy dump with Noreen and Larry was, well, not atypical of the many weekend jogs we have taken together. Noreen is another super lady logger, in fact I have never seen her produce a small poop.

Hellos and best regards go also to Carmalita and Jake, Renee and Patsy, Nu and Angie, Meredith and Mandy, Diane NY, Meghan and Sarah, Jeff A, Muggs, and Buzzy.

Kathy and I are going up to the hospital to visit Anne, we will speak to you again soon.

BRYIAN-I think you asked if the prune poop was soft or firm (can't find the post, though). It was kinda both.

A Couple of Cool Sightings-I went to Burger King and went in to use the restroom. There was only one stall and a urinal. After I finished at the urinal, I went to wash up and saw through the door gap that there was a guy on the toilet. He was right in front of the door and since he had his head down, I could see him for quite a while. He was dressed in black jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt. It looked like he was only exposing enough of his butt so he didn't crap on himself. He even had his hood up over his head. I saw as he grabbed the paper, wrapped it around his hand, and started to wipe. He only barely leaned forward and wiped from the back. He did it again. At that point, I had to leave the restroom. Didn't want to linger. He came out a minute later, still with the hood up. He was a tall light-skinned latino guy, with a light goatee. About 20 y.o. and pretty attractive as far as I could tell. I saw him join a couple of other guys waiting in a car.

At another fast food joint (no I don't always eat fast food), the restroom is one of those types that is outside and you need a token to get in. As I drove up, I saw that the bottom metal door vent had been partially kicked in and the light was on. It is located right behind the drive thru order box. I went through the drive thru and after ordering, I edged forward and glanced through the opening. I saw that someone was actually sitting on the toilet! I could only see from the top of the toilet bowl on down. I stopped and looked closer. The guy was wearing jeans and had grey briefs around his ankles. He had dark curly hair on his legs. Someone came up behind me so I had to move forward in the line. After I got my food, I went to park right across from the restroom door. The view wasn't as good, but I still was able to see him moving his legs around as he was wiping, then as he pulled up his briefs and jeans. He came out and I saw that he was a tall, thin construction wo! rker-type. He got into his truck and left.

After eating my food I went to use the same restroom and proceeded to take a dump. As I sat on the can, I could see the grassy area outside the door, and part of the cars as they passed by the drive thru order box. I just made sure I didn't stand to wipe like I usually do. It was exciting to think that the drivers might be able to see part of me on the toilet, if they were looking in the right direction.

I just wanted to stop by quickly. I'm procrastinating, but what's new? A ton of school work for sure.

Hello to Jane, Robbie & co, Malita & co, Steve and Louise and everyone else.

So, I was reading the forum for a bit and had to pee and just waiting until I couldn't hold it anymore. I went to the bathroom and removed my jeans and white panties and decided to try something different. I put up the lid and squatted on the rim facing the wall and holding onto the raised lid. I started gushing almost immediately and the pee just went everywhere!! I thought it would go straight down like when I face forward, but no, it went all over the rim both in front of me and behind me. I noticed also the stream went more forward. Anyway, I finished and cleaned up and then I felt like I had to poop. I've been going just about every day since I got back to school which is good for me. Anyway, I sat down, with the lid still raised, and it wouldn't come out. Finally, 3-4 little plipper balls came out (3/4 inch diameter) and that was it.

Having a good poop is such a relief, as those of you who, like myself, often suffer from constipation know. I try so hard to eat well, but I've got a huge sweet tooth...and no time to work out. I really want to lose a bit of weight for the summer, but like I said, I'm not so disciplined...

So, I promised to tell the plane story and since planes are now a hot topic of discussion I will. I had a connecting flight and I was very good to use the bathroom after getting off one plane and before getting onto the next (there was less than a half hour lay-over, so that's about all I had time to do). I don't like planes or plane bathrooms cause I get really claustraphobic.
Anyway, I had a soda and the cookies they gave out and was reading. I started feeling like I had to pee about a half hour into the 2 hour flight. I tried as hard as I could to hold it, but it just kept getting worse. Finally it started getting painful, so I finally gave in and walked to the front of the plane. I entered the miniscule bathroom which was surprisingly clean. It had a smell but not terribly awful. I pulled down my jeans (yea, I know I'm predictable and wear the same thing every day) and tried to balance above the seat. I had to pee so bad it wouldn't start so I had to force it to begin. Then it just started gushing for over a minute. There is no water in the airplane bathroom until you flush so I could see my bright yellow pee puddled in the steel toilet. I wiped and flushed the toilet and washed my hands then returned to my seat for an uneventful rest of the flight.

Hope all is well with everyone, Ephermal

Hey,nice pic on the masthead of a pretty blonde sitting on the bowl looking like she is concentrating on doing a good poop-reminds me of my old nurse friend-same type body and hair-nice
It was a beautiful day here yesterday morning here on L.I.(NY)Got up to 69 and I decided to go poop in the woods in the morning-it was about 60 then,so i decided to bike out to the woods at about 10 a.m and I was holding it for a bit and by the time i got out to a spot,i really had to go pretty badly.So I found a spot and cause all the leaves are gone,it was pretty hard to find a good private spot and I found a spot with a big log and got undressed and sat on the log and as i was sitting down i let out a hissing fart and before i was totally seated,a long turd was coming out my domed anus.I had to go bad!Then, as this turd came out ,it slowed down and just hung there touching the ground as it was stiil hanging out my ass.It was a beautiful morning as i sat there enjoying the morning air and thinking about how much I miss the summer and I was also thinking about RJOGGER and KATHY and wondering if you guys were pooing outdoors in upstate NY along with me!Then the turd plop! ped on the ground and I looked at it and it was a long one curled up and steaming( about 14 inches I'd say)It looked cool,steaming in the morning air.Then I just sat there waiting to go more and got up for a bit a walked around til after about 10 mins I had to unload again and sat down and farted a wet one and let out a lot of soft pudding with some gas along with it as I grunted in relief and I covered my 1st turd in a pile of steaming pudding.I think i dumped more in the 2nd wave-it was a big pile and I just sat there looking at the steaming pile and pushing out my anus to do the tail end with some squgglies and some more farts.It was a very enjoyable sitting for me,i'll tell you that as I also let out my morning pee all over the log I was sitting on and I got relieved in more ways than one and wiped my butt which was a pretty clean wipe along with some handi wipes and got dressed and took one more look at my good pile of excrement and biked around the rest of the day and! did about 30 miles.i felt soooo nice and cleaned out that I think I got a lot of energy to go out and bike up a storm on such a nice day-I miss the warm weather.Good stories all-I esp enjoyed Rjogger's woods community dump-sounded like you had to go bad yourself,RJOGGER-good stuff! BYE

To Althea: I liked what you told that camp counselor.

To Joe: I liked your story! It was really intresting about peeing in containers at the movies. Was the movie really croweded? A good time to pee in a container in the movie is during the day monday through friday cause the theater is dead.

To Rizzo: Thanks for replying and your better now. I did only take 1 dose of Imodium. Then i was fine, in fact after i had that diahreaha on Sunday i haven't had to poop since except 1 time and only a little came out(that had to be Monday) and it was more solid but soft.

To NOEL: I was gonna mention to you about my diahreah then i see you replied to me. Thanks....Im sure it was the same virus or unless it was something i ate. Your story is embarssing too, you had to ask to take a bath...i couldn't imagine doing that. How old are you now and are you a male or female? Yeah my return might be embarssing...not sure thought cause i went there a few minutes this morning to get my check. Though not many people were there cause it was their break and im off till the end of the week. Thanks for replying and your story helped

To Tony: I liked your story

Yesterday i saw the movie, Jeepers Creapers and there was a sceene of these teenagers driving an old car down this country road and they pull over and the boy is seen peeing(you can actully see his pee coming out) near a tree and the girl was squating in a field(im not sure if she was peeing or pooping). They were both in their 20's
well i gotta run bye

I forgot to mention i had a dream last night that i was in a hotel resort or on a cruise and i had to meet my party at 12 noon for lunch id asume and i had to poop and i went into the bathroom and all the stalls were really full and i had to poop luckly i got an open stall and there must have been pee in the bowl(or i may have peed) and then i flushed and i put a seat cover on and i could get it to stay. Finally i sat down and pushed my load and i remember the stalls were really low and stuff and the toilet was high cause my feet were off the ground. I think i could see my neighboring guys pooping
thats it

SCARLET - Hi girl! Yeah, it is like dear Rizzo says. Kegel exercises
(sometimes they get called pelvic floor exercises) are really good
for making you strong down there. What you do is you pretend you
need to piss and you clench yourself like you are holding it in.
You can do the exercises any time at all you want and nobody will
know you are doing it. It is really good to be able to stop when
you are peeing so I bet you will find it helps you if you try doing
Oh and there are other reasons why they help as well. I know some
women have troubles with stress incontinence after they have had a
baby. You know, that is when they cough or laugh or something and
some wee squirts out when they don't mean it.
I have not had a baby so it does not trouble me. I do have a strong
bladder I think so it may be the pelvic floor exercises have helped
me get that way.
Yeah, and well, if you make love with a guy, he will like the other
reason you should do the exercises, you know?
Love Louise x

RIZZO - Hi guy!!! Tut tut, you missed my letter? And after I thought
about you being in our virtual audience as well! Well I hope you did
not miss my latest wee in the urinal at work. Well I do think I
have a nice bum and Steve says so too, so I want you to think about
me standing at that urinal with my knickers in my pocket, my legs
with no stockings on and my skirt held right up while I had my wee!
Do you like that? giggle
Hey I hope I can be a toilet warrior as well!
Love Louise xxxx

ROBBY - Hi!!! I am happy you liked my story! Well I think the 2 other
girls were really too drunk to stand and wee properly you know. One
of them just squatted and gave Steve a very full frontal show of
everything she had and her wee gushing out! LOL The one who did
stand up just did not really see what she had to do to wee on the
wall. I am blushing just thinking about what I did when I showed
them how I do it! LOL Hey I liked when you were in Southampton.
6 girls weeing in a row? I should have been there as well!
Love xxxxx


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