Scarlet: I was a Girl Scout in camp. I hated the food. I was constipated for almost the 2 weeks I was there. We had latrines with no stalls or doors. It was "Face the Nation." There was this real obnoxious counselor. We used to argue everyday. At the age of 12, I had to curse her out. I never got her name. We called her "nose job." One night I went to urinate in the latrine. "Nose job" was on one of the toilets, four of them. Her big green shorts and white panties were at her knees. I took the seat next to her, said nothing with a smile. I pulled down my same shorts and panties to my ankles and peed for 30 seconds. Nose job was straining with all her might. I heard 2 good splashes. I wiped my vagina and left her. I told her, "Eat big, shit big!"

Punk Rock Girl: I just bought a few thongs. I am sorry for your predicament. I have never had that happen to me. But, there is always a first. When I wear one, I make sure my anus is scruptuously clean. If I am going out for the evening wearing a thong, I have a bowel movement before leaving the house. I have not had an accident since I was three.

Jill: On our older Amtrak trains, the lavatories have frosted glass which makes your shadow impossible. The New Jersey Transit Arrow series cars have no windows at the lavatory. Only thing, get to it on the first trip. Once it is used it stinks. I do not wear my best clothes on those trains. If I have to go to the toilet, I want to keep them on. So, I wear old jeans and I can just drop them.

to Bryian: How long?? FOREVER!!!! That's what it seemed like anyway. A more realistic review puts it at slightly over 2 weeks of passing nothing but hard 'marbles', 'pellets' & gas when I managed to have a BM at all.

Sunday's event was one of those GREAT ones that leave a smile on your face and put a little bounce in your step all day after you've droped the load. I don't think I've had one like it since May of last year. That other one was better actually. So good in fact that I marked the date in my electronic organizer! I also posted a message here shortly affter the event so you can look back into the archives to see what I wrote if you like.

Reply to Movie Fan: Monique van de Ven does appear in both films. The fished out turd in "turkish Delight" is visable in the European version but not the US version. It looks real, if shown. The pooping is not as audible as in "Keetje". Both scenes are great; which is better depends on what you like most. I have never heard of "Not a Scary Movie". Did you mean "Not Another Teen Movie"?

PUNK ROCK GIRL--Welcome to the forum! You sound like me in some ways. I'm very into music and I used to do the goth thing, but mostly I've given it up. I also have tattoos, but only two. I have a music note on my back and the Chinese symbol for music on my right ankle. I liked your story, but it must have been so bad for you wearing those tight pants and not having toilet paper. Bet you learned to check for toilet paper before you go! You are very good with words though. Very talented!

PIZZ--Sometimes if I see someone peeing, I need to go too. Not always, but one time I was taking my dog out, and as she started peeing, I leaked a couple of drops in my thong and jeans, but nothing too bad.

EY--Thanks for answering my question so well. I had no idea why that happened or if it really did at all. Thanks.

STEVE--I really like your stories. Keep posting!

LOUISE--Thanks for answering both of my questions. I hadn't seen Steve's previous post. Thanks for telling me and clearing both things up for me.

TO THE ANONYMOUS POSTER--Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it.

Well, I've been suffering from constipation for the past week and a half. It really sucks. So, last night I asked my mom if she had any laxatives. She said yes, and mixed up this nasty orange vegetable equate laxative. No results yet. My little sister kept saying, "Don't go to college tomorrow! You'll regret it!" But I went and nothing happened. Except that I was in art class and we were having a discussion, when my very hot guy friend gets up and leaves. This guy is a basketball player, about 6'4", thin, yet muscular, with brown eyes, freckles and cornrows. Very cute. Anyway, he was gone for quite a long time. Maybe 10 minutes. Then, he returns, sits down and whispers to me, "I had to go to the bathroom." But that's all I knew. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch or listen...


To COED: I liked your story about using the coed bathroom

To Dean: I liked your story...i'd like to hear your other stories

To Pizz: Loved your story

To Randi: Yeah i saw the ad the other day for the best toielts

To Cute David: I liked your story about that young guy walking in on you.

I saw the movie Bubble Boy last night and it made me wonder how he would poop? Any way there were several bathroom sceenes. There was one where these girls said he drinks his own urine and one ask how did the urine get in him the first place if he drinks his urine over and over again. Then there was a part where he goes outside for the first time ever and he says "Street Light"..then you hear him say something like "Dog Poo...yeah!" and he had steped in dog poo. Then hes tring to get to niagra falls from california and he meets this motercycle type dude and this guy says to bubble boy how do you take a dump in that thing. Nothing was mentioend about that. I wish it was well i gotta run(after having to type this all computer messed up).bye

Outlaw Star
Hello again everyone. I'm here showing Kai this site because he's never seen it before. He reminded me of a story that happed way back when we were in elementary school. When we were in the first grade the teacher always lined us up and escorted us to the restrooms at a designated time each day. We would then wait in the hall for the rest of the children. I remember I was standing by the water fountain when Kai came running out of the bathroom laughing hysterically. I could then hear more laughter coming from the boys restroom. I asked him what happened, and he told me that Aaron (a friend of ours) was dared by several boys to stick his foot in the hole in the toilet. The thing was that Aaron had been wearing these gray cowboy boots (they came to a point at the end, of course) which easily became stuck in the hole. The poor kid was standing on the toilet seat with one foot jammed into the hole. But Kai said he wasn't panicking. He was actually laughing at the entire ordeal a! s well. So we stand by and watch three teachers and two janitors enter the restroom in hopes of getting Aaron free without assistance from the fire department. (LOL) After about ten minutes he came hobbling out, minus his left cowboy boot and sock. We asked him if he was okay and he told us that the water was freezing cold. Shortly after his mother came to take him home, but he first had to give a logical explanation as to why he had such a curiosity with sticking his foot into the toilet.

uncle Allen
hi everyone. I have not posted in a little while and I wanted to say hello to everyone at the toilet. I am feeling much better lately and am thankful for that. I am not having as much diarrhea, but I am having very large and still looseish (not a real word, but you know what I mean) poops. I also wanted to tell everyone a story. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I am a teacher. Well, today at work/school I went down to the main office on my break. we have a secretary who is a young sweet heart of a girl. I just love her. She's the greatest. she also happens to be pregnant for the second time in a year. I tell you this because I think it may have something to do with what happened. When I walked into the office I thought I smelled something bad and pretty strong. It smelled like very strong poop mixed with disinfectant spray. There happens to be a bathroom in the office that is kind of in the middle of things. So I started talking to another teacher for! about five minutes or so when I heard some noises fromm the bathroom followed by flushing spraying and then she (the secretary) came out of the toilet. She sat down kind of slowly and was a little quiet but soon started talking. When she had opened the bathroom door the smell said right away that the poor girl took a serious poop(my guess was diarrhea from the smell). We were talking about a class trip and some paperwork when I noticed she looked pale and just not right. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was in pain and that her stomach was kind of uneasy or upset. She said it gets that way when she does too much or is upset. I said oh. I'm sorry and I felt bad for her. I told her to take it easy and take care of herself before others. I was not sure what else to say but i felt bad for her. She obviously had a bit of a bad stomach ache and I assume she may have been embarressed by taking such an urgent poop in the office. I did not want to say too much b! ecause I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable. Does being pregnant effect the digestive system a lot. I would imagine it does. Oh well, I h=just hope she feels better. I know what it is like and I hate to see her suffer.

Mr. Wizzaweewee
I was recently on a trip to Atlantic City and saw the following: i was heading to the men's room in the Trop which has a small hallway leading to it from the casio floor. As I was about to enter the hall a man, about 25, hurries past me holding his penis through his pants. I go in a little ahead of him and rush to the closest urinals for what should be a good show. I turned around and as I started to pee and saw this man rushing down the hall with his pants undone at the top and clamping off his penis directly. He ran to the first urinal (I was at the second) He unclamped his tool and nothing came out at first, Then with a moan he started to gush, it flowed for about 90 seconds. During this time he make sounds like he was having sex. This made the trip for me. (I hasd also won $1000 jackpot, almost as good). This is my first post and I am sure that with time they will get better.

Hi I am a male that is very interested in pee stories. Actually I have one for all you pee lovers.

I went to go see a movie with my best friend. It was a longer movie a while back. During the middle of the movie, I felt an urge to pee after I had finished my huge soda. I told my friend but he said just go here. I looked confused but he showed me. He dumped his popcorn into my tub and whipped out his willie. He sid he had been holding it since the beginning of the movie.He still sat there nonchaltly while he peed into the empty popcorn tub. He filled it up a lot. By that time I was bursting, so I whipped out my willie as well.I tried to go into the tub but it didn't work. My pee was splatering everywhere. He saw my trouble and told me to wait a sec. He grabbed his empty soda cup and handed it to me. I finished my pee into the cup. Later on during the movie, a young woman ran up to me and said that she saw me pee into the cup and tub and wanted to know if she could use it because all off the bathrooms were already cleaned and locked. I agreed. She unzipped her jeans and! peed through the fly like a man as she was on her knees. After reading many posts here it looks as if many women are begining to use this method. Please add more pee stories.


i want to go to a college with coed facilities... can anyone tell me a way i can find out, short of taking a tour, whether the restrooms are unisex or not? that would make for a wonderful 4 years...

Renee & Nu: Hey guys! Again, sorry to hear about the passing of little Juanito, but I'm glad to hear Carmalita is improving. Please continue to support her. Also glad to hear about little Malita continuing to be a little bundle of joy in your lives. Renee, that was some nasty dump you took the other day. I wish I would have been there to witness it, or, better yet, videotape it. Best wishes to you all.

Rizzo: That was an interesting story about your ride into town the other day after crossing the river. I also have had a few close calls after being stuck in traffic. I usually improvise and drive off to some place, like a hotel or professional or medical building rather than a McDonald's or Burger King.

RJogger & Kathy: Hi guys. Kathy, that was a hilarious story about your boss' boss in the bathroom. Yes, everyone is human.

Meredith: Those were great stories you posted the other day, especially about the one during visitation when you were talking to the two guys. When I was your age, I was a little nervous about excusing myself to go to the bathroom in front of guys, particularly ones that I liked. I hope you do well on your finals.

Robbie, Annie, Sarah S & Megan: Hey guys! You are all always a ray of sunshine here, and you are all so sweet to mention my husband Gary. He says hello to all of you, too.

Movie Fan: I think the movie you are referring to is "Not Another Teen Movie", rather than "Not Another Scary Movie."

Buzzy: Get well soon!

Philippe: LOL! I also read that story about the passenger being stuck on the toilet in an airplane, and I had a feeling someone would bring that up here and would somehow tie it to me. I used to fly more frequently a few years ago, so I'm very much aware of how the airplane toilets work. I only had two occasions where I had to dump badly, and both times I waited until I was completely finished before I flushed because I knew what would happen if I tried to flush while seated. The lady who was stuck was lucky that was the only thing that happened to her. I've seen stories of people who have met far worse fates.

It's been a little quiet toiletwise for me. I continue to go regularly, about 2-3 times daily, with small to medium loads. I had a rather gassy pooping session the other day at work, with five pieces matched with five booming farts.

Quick hello to everyone on the forum.

Ina, yes you are right about an internet site with pee scenes from movies. We can't list sites here, but it's easy to find through search engines.

But the site is only for pee scenes. I don't think there are any sites out there for poo scenes, which is what a lot of us are looking for.

Speaking of poo scenes in movies, I remember way back in the early 70s reading a movie review in PLayboy about an obscure movie in which a woman defecates on a man's head. I no longer have those Playboy issues, but if anyone has the issues from 1969-71, you should be able to find the review. I've been racking my brain but can't remember the movie title. Anyone have any ideas on this?

I went to Playalinda (a nude beach) again Sunday, but this time I brought a female friend with me.
She doesn't know about my interests (in toilet related stuff) or this forum. Well anyways, we were both sitting on the beach naked, and eventually she indicated she needed to pee. I got up the guts to jokingly say "you can do it here". To my surprise, she said "ok". I guess since we had to walk a fair distance from the crossover to get there, she didn't want to walk back to the bathroom.
We had a water jug that we brought with us for water. She poured out what was left of the water, dug a hole in the sand, put the jug in the hole (so it wouldn't be too obvious to others what she was doing). Then she sat (I suppose kinda hovered) over the jug and peed into it. I'm sure she missed the jug a bit, but it did for the most part work.
We continued nude sunbathing, etc. for awhile, then walked back to the parking lot and disposed of the jug. What an experience that was! I feel a lot closer to her now that she shared that with me. I know I'll be looking for opportunities to return the favor by letting her see me pee.

cute David
Story 2:
I had to go shit in a mall that have toilet stalls having low partitions. If you looked under, you would see from the shitters ankles to his knees. If your standing,his face would be slightly visible. The locks are placed on top of the stall door. so anyone can open it. So anyway, I went in the stall and sat down. My shit CAME OUT FAST MAKING HEAVY SPLASHING sounds. I let out a phew. THen a person tried to open my lock and then I said there's someone here. He apologized and went to the neighbouring stall. He was in a hurry. He pulled down his pants and sat down. The next few minutes were weird because there were no sounds coming out. THen after about 4 minutes a wavce of diarreah came out. He stood up and wiped while I did the same. SO we were able to see each other's faces clearly. We smiled at each other and he said, it's hard having diaareah. Then I said, I know. Then I realized I was out tissue so I asked him for some. He gave the pack and left. Without flushing the ! stall.

Hi Toileteers (Toidyers?)!

Just a few messages today.

RJOGGER, thanks for saying that you enjoyed my stories. Your posts with your poop exploits are awesome too, you know. Quite unique in fact! You are one of my favourites! And Kathy, your tale of your boss Louise’s dump almost brought the smell across cyberspace! Is she lactose intolerant to produce such a stench? When I was a child, I always stunk up the bathroom, leaving a smell as if a thousand sick cats had shat in there. T’was the milk in my diet. Parents were convinced that milk was “good for you” and forced me to drink at least one small cup of milk a day (flavoured with Ovaltine to enable me to get it down without gagging). Result, see above. Love to both of you from, Rizzo.

PV dear, I was thinking about you having a standing wee under a starry sky. It is a fantastic experience, isn’t it? Jupiter is well visible from here. When you wee the next time, face north, find Orion, then a bit to the right from its lower end (from your viewing position) you will find a bright “star”, planet Jupiter in fact.
Seeing your post alongside mine when giving Eleanor some advice made me feel like we were Toilet Warriors riding to the attack side by side! Hugs, Rizzo

SCARLET dear, at the end of my last story you will find my answer to your question about feeling the vibrations of the pee coursing through the penis. I must add though, that it largely depends on how and were I place my finger tips when aiming my stream.
Your story of a postponed pee – need felt at six pm, finally peed at about 9 pm – shows that your holding muscles cannot be that weak from a past history of anorexia! But if you want to retrain your pelvic floor muscles to be able to stop in mid pee, do so. The exercise is not only good for interrupting your pee stream! Look at Louise’s posts! Happy wees, Rizzo

Dear RENEE, thanks for Patsy’s greeting, it warmed my heart. Yes, and Jake really does know how to treat his wife. He’s a good man! And Nu, she likes desperation pees, does she now? Well, I am looking forward to her telling us all about one of those! Give Malita a cuddle, blow kisses to the whole gang, and here’s a hug for you too, Rizzo.

KIM and SCOTT, you guys are real poop athletes! Wow! May I add my applause to your superb performances! Rizzo.

BRYIAN, I hope you get better soon. Immodium helps, but do not take it for any prolonged period of time. Read the instructions if in doubt. Cheers from Rizzo

Hey KENDAL, dear niece! Just in case you can snatch a few moments to glance diagonally across the posts here, how are you getting on? How are Kirsty and Charlotte? Have you seen Thomas, Kate and Emily lately, or will that be during half term soon to come? I know the weather was verging on the atrocious in your area, but come the first spring days that allow you to go for walks to the collapsed chair (Showery Shorts’ place), think about a multiple wee on knees! You know, in theory at least, if there are enough of you, the first can sit on the knees of the last, thereby forming a weeing circle on knees!
So, bye for now, big hug (scratchy? It’s your guess), love to you and Andrew and Ellen (teach her to write on the keyboard soon) from your Uncle Rizzo.

Dear ROBBY, SARAH S. and MEGHAN. Now I don’t quite remember who said it, but you should not compare me with some of the greatest poets, it makes me go very red in the face and I suppose that it would make them turn in their graves, if they could. I have to admit though, that I enjoy writing about my toilety experiences. It feels so delightfully naughty. On top of that, the people I have met here form a community of a very special kind, one that I have discovered that I miss when away from computers. I always look forward to your hilarious bathroom adventures, love to all of you, including Annie, from Rizzo.

Dear TIM and SARAH, as you are discovering, Sarah, relieving yourself in the presence of your spouse maybe be a turn on for some, but it is the feeling of closeness generated that is the good part. I am glad for the two of you that you are dicovering the pleasure of sharing this aspect of intimacy. I can also imagine that your little boy suddenly producing reddish poop made all alarm bells jangle! That is the difficult part of having had cancer – you become hypersensitive to any slightest symptom, in yourself and in others, thinking of the worst every time. Tim is surely worried and sad that he may not be able to care for you and the children, come the day. That is why I wrote that every single day is too precious to waste. We should all know that, we all have to go one day. Usually realisation that life on earth is finite hits men when they reach their fifties –“midlife crisis”.
I think that it is now up to you to help Tim realise that he has nothing to fear, that you are there for him and that everything will be taken care of.. If I have read correctly, you are beginning to do that, and that you are thereby helping yourself too. So, believe it or not, letting him see you on the toilet or when having to go during walks in the coutryside, and showing that you enjoy his interest, will open him to you and placate his worries. Enjoy life, and that icludes what this forum is about! Hugs to both of you from Rizzo.

APRIL, dear, poor you having to pee into a small cup behind a skimpy screen in front of all those men, and then not being able to stop. Are you the April who had to pee into a cup held by your brother during a car ride, and another time being walked in on when peeing standing in a primitive outhouse like beach toilet? If yes, then you really have had a series of embarrassing moments. I hope probation does not give you any more problems, and that it is over soon. Love from Rizzo

Hi INA, sorry you were upset by my story. I wanted to say that that lady would have been very angry if I would have had the misfortune to get her wet unknowingly. I consider myself lucky that the hedge was so thick. I love your stories though, keep them coming, love from Rizzo.

LOUISE, hi gal! I missed your buddy dump with Jackie, I’ll have to go back and pick out your posts and see if I find it. And don not believe one moment that I am able to forget you!!! That is nigh impossible! Love from Rizzo.

Hi everyone. Good to be in touch again. I have not been feeling too good these last few days. I mentioned I had had diarrhoea in my last post, but had managed to avoid any accidents - which I was glad about, as I hate diarrhoea accidents. I've had diarrhoea for another couple of days, and just have felt so under the weather with it. It is the effects of a virus going around in England, I'm sure. I've had to stay home and rest up.

To BRYIAN: I really felt for you when I read your account of how diarrhoea was affecting you. You probably had the same virus - these things spread quickly from country to country and continent to continent with easy air travel. When you described your accident half way up the stairs in pooping yourself, I knew exactly what it was like for you. I went to visit Glasgow on a special cheap week-end railway ticket. I'd never been there before. I booked in at a hostel. I went out for a really good meal on the Saturday evening. I then went on to look for the cinema showing a film I wanted to see. I never made it. I got the most terrible cramps, and felt as if I was going to immediately fill my pants. Hastily I looked for a toilet. I asked people, but I could not understand their Scottish accent too well. Eventually I got directions and headed towards a particular toilet. It was under street level, and I could actually see the sign at the top of the steps - when it was toooo la! te. Whoooosh! I felt my briefs inflate like a balloon being filled from a high pressure air cylinder. A feeling I shall never ever forget! Momentarily I was glad I was wearing a new pair of white briefs with the leg openings still tight. But then the balloon deflated almost as quickly as it had filled as the pure liquid diarrhoea leaked through the cotton material and flowed down my legs. I was wearing light grey cotton trousers. It was still daylight and there was I having stopped in sheer embarrasment with people looking at me in my messed up state. I went into the toilets, but there was nothing I could do. I managed to shake loose bits of shit out of my briefs, and just pulled them up again along with my shitty light grey pants and left for the hostel to clean up. I had to travel on a Glasgow Underground train to get there. I was all stinky and soooo embarrassed. In fact I felt like crying. How I did not cry I don't know. I dared not sit down, as I'd ruin the seat, so had! to stand by the door - just longing to reach the station I was going to. I then had to tell the man at the hostel reception that I had messed myself and needed to have a bath or shower (they supplied keys for bath or shower cubicles). I got cleaned up. Fortunately I had a complete set of spare clothes in my room. I did not sleep well, as having had such a big meal earlier in the evening, it fed the on-going diarrhoea. I had to keep getting up and flying along the landing to the loo. By then my bum was so, so sore! I left the hostel in the morning, as I wanted to attend a particular church. I had known the minister, his wife and particularly his family when they served for a few years in my home town in England. I did not know where they lived, so surprised them by turning up at their church. I went to their house for a meal (hoping it would not turn to diarrhhoea as I had to take the train back home in the evening). Before I had left the hostel, I put my dirty pants, briefs! and socks into the rubbish (garbage) bin in the main hostel bathroom. I covered them with paper towels and left. My bag was lighter on my return trip! So Bryian, I know something of what you went through, although it was not in the presence of people I know. I guess your return to work will be embarassing. They probably will not let you forget for quite a time. When they say in your hearing, "Oh yes, that was the day Bryian shit his pants going up the stairs." The best way of dealing with that is to say something like, "Well, it can happen to anyone, whatever their age. So when you mess your pants I'll really know what you are going through and understand your embarrassment!" By the way Bryian, don't be too troubled that it happened to you as a 20 year old. I was 23 when I messed myself in Glasgow. I had another diarrhoea accident in my car at 25. I'll share about that one another time. As you you will gather from my posts, I have had other accidents from hard turds to soft! poo and I also love to mess my underpants on purpose. But having said this I HATE DIARRHOEA! It is so uncontrollable and nasty. You've had the worst possible experience of messed pants. I'm glad from your latest post that you feel better.

Well, I must close for now. I still have to reply to a number of you. I've not forgotten. I just felt I needed to post this for Bryian - hopefully to encourage him in his embarrassment and especially as he asks about anyone having situations (similar to his I guess).

All the best


INA - Hi! I have ordered a 3 pack of the Travelmate devices.
Denise's page says it is recommended for women with low flow rates
and the finger assist method is recommended for women with high
flow rates, so I do not know if I would be able to use one without
getting leaks.
Well I wil try it and it may be that there could be some time I am
glad I have it, but I do think I would use one in preference to
using my fingers to aim. I know I am good at weeing that way and
for me it is a lot of fun.
I mean I can just carry a Travelmate in my bag can't I even when I
know I will stand and use my fingers, so that is ok.
Love Louise x

AUSTIN - Hey guy, welcome back! Well you gave the ladies on
rollerblades a show eh? It may be they liked what they saw!

JEFF A - Are you all right, guy? We have not seen any letter from you
for a bit. I wondered if you have read about all the things I have
been doing.

This morning I was getting ready to go to work and Steve was too. He
had a bath this morning, and I got out of bed and I went in the
bathroom. Well he was there in the bath just looking cool and all
relaxed. I went up to him and gave him a quick kiss and I asked him
if he needed any more water. Well I did not run more water but I
turned around and hovered my bum over the bath, pushed my pussy
backwards a bit and I had my morning wee into Steve's bath. It was
a big gusher and he got a good view of my bum and between my legs
while I was doing it. When I finished weeing and having a good tinkle
in Steve's bath I turned around and well I saw he liked what he saw!
I said I would like to get in with him and that made his eyes light
up. Well it got a bit steamy then so I can not tell you more but I
was a little bit late for work. LOL

A bit later when at work I went in that men's room I know that is
not used too much. I took my knickers off and I put them in my
jacket pocket, and I picked my skirt up and I stood over the urinal
at the end that I had not used yet. Well I heard somebody walking
down the corridor but I had not started weeing and I ran into one
of the stalls. My shoes made a lot of noise and I thought I must
have been heard outside. Well my heart was thumping and I thought a
guy would come in but nobody did, and I went back out real carefully
and I lifted my skirt up again and stood over the urinal.
Well my heart was still thumping and I felt very excited and daring,
and I could not get my wee started. I stood there over the urinal
looking down at my pussy like looking at it would make the wee
start pissing out. Well I spread my legs a bit more and I was like
that for a minute or two before I started weeing. Well that urinal
got a good long look between my legs first didn't it? I did not do
a really big gusher, it was a gentle stream for me really and it
lasted about a minute and a half or 2 minutes. I dripped a lot at the
end for ages as well after that. I was a bit nervy so I bet that was
why I did not have a big gusher, because I did really want to go.
Well I got some tp from the stall and I wiped myself, threw the tp
in the toilet, put my knickers back on. Yeah, I remembered them!
Then I washed my hands and with a big grin I listened to my shoes
clacking on the tiled floor again when I walked out.
I bet you would have liked to have been there with me, PV. Oh yeah,
I did draw a venus over that urinal I used.
Oh you should have been there, then we could have pished together
and given the pipes a good wash out! LOL



Robby(Annie's Cousin)
Hi Toileteers!
I have a little break so Barbara and Annie have gone to fetch some take out. Hope all of you are tip top!
This story is rather recent. While Barbara and I were in L.A. We stayed in a suite. Yes, there was two bedrooms. One morning I had already finished with my wee and poo( it was a easy one), showered and clothed myself. We had a door connecting the bedrooms. I walked into Barbara's room and didn't see her. I turned the corner and saw her loo light on. I sat on the bed and suddenly heard this bloodcurdling grunt. It sounded like a dinasaur in heat!! UHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! It was awful! She then started panting and I inched toward the loo door. It was slightly open. I wasn't so much of a sorry git to walk in on her. I heard a loud splash. Barb sighed and suddenly said;"Oh shit, not again!" Another grunting performance ensued. It was a classic. She went from panting;Uh UH, UH! to NNNNNNNNNNNUHHHHHHHH! At the end of this a loud fart(trump) roared out of her arse; BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! She moaned and another loud splash was heard. She sighed and reached for the tissue role. She m! oaned;"Oh NO no paper! I chuckled a little. Suddenly she yelled out;"Robby quit being such a peeping asshole and find me some paper." I was startled but did what I was told. She wiped and flushed. The toidy smelled like death! She said she knew was out there. She wanted to give me a show and boy did she ever,WOW!

INA: Hi dear! I thought you were a writer. So you design. What do you design? Also, you told Rizzo that you played the piano? Sarah plays. In fact Meg does,too but she has mastered the cello. It is good to have music in your life. I sang opera and concerts all over the planet for about 26 years until my wife died in 1999. I decided that the girls needed me more at home. A friend saw an example of my writing and invited me to write a story treatment. It sold and I was on my way. It has been a joy. Writing for fun is also a relaxant. Now, about your poos. You said you were concerned about the piles. Too much shit, huh,LOL! Eating v?????s are a good thing. Well, take care and Lots of Lovexx and a hug from Robby

STEVE AND LOUISE: Louise, what a wonderful story!! You are still the masterful teacher of the standup wee!! Those ladies must have been impressed by the finesse! All of us were in Southampton and the girls,Sue and Annie lined up in an alley to wee. They all squatted but two other ladies stood there, hiked their skirts and let fly!! Sue and Annie stood up and tried it but Sari and Meg just stayed in the squatting position. They were mortified,LOL! Steve, Annie said that she would hold my willie the next time I wee so that is something to look forward to,LOL! Take care, Lovexx from Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Hope you and your wife are ok. I know you are busy so happy poos and wees to you my friend! Love from Robby

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: The same goes for you! Hope you are getting in some toidy fun. Take care you two and Ellen!! Lots of Lovexxxx and a squeezy hug from Uncle Robby

DEAR CARMALITA AND ALL: I just want to say that Jake is one in a million. I did that with my wife's picture so that the girls could say a final goodby to her and I could, too. It will be hard. Carmilita, have you had a big dump, yet? You have to get on that toilet, girl!!! This is from "doctor" Robby! Now, you have a great support system so get in there and do some serious grunting!! Lovexxx to all from Robby

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Great story!! Sorry that Mike and Anne couldn't join in the fun. Happy dumping to all! Robby

ELEANORE: How is everything going? Hope you are getting the privacy and help you need. Lovexx from Robby

Well, the ladies have returned with the food. If Barbara sees my story there will be one less poster on this forum,LOL!

HI TO: Adele-where art thou?, Jane and Gary, Jeff A, DianeNY, Ephermal, Todd and Diana, Adrian, DEAR PV: Keep those dumps easy, dear!, LindaGS, Diva, Marianne, Upstate Dave, Plunging Plop Guy, Elena, Sarsen, Amy(coed), Meredith and MANDY, Erin, David and Niki, Scott and Kimmie, Ellie and Little Lou-what art thou? Sorry I couldn't put everyone here. Annie and Barbara are approaching and I HAVE to get going!



Hello again from the land of the cludge (toilet) and big jobbies, that's right, Scotland.

Someone asked about being turned on listening to another member of the family doing a motion. Just look back at my Old Posts and those of CC of Australia for glowing descriptions thereof.

Now for Dallas I will describe an incident when I was about 10 and had gone out with one of my Aunts. Deirdre was a then about 32 and quite a ???? lady. She was staying over with my parents and me for a week and had taken me out to a fair in the park. Now she had said as we were about to leave that she needed the toilet, and being quite frank about her natural functions even said, "For a motion". This turned me on and I could feel the tingling and an erection forming inside my underpants as I knew she could pass really big fat jobbies, what I would now call "panbusters" having seen one stuck in our toilet pan a few days previously when I went into the toilet after listening to her doing it. It had made a lovely loud "KUR-SPLOOMP! and was one of those big fat carrot shaped turds, knobbly, with a rounded end like many women and girls do. I had buddy dumped my much smaller jobbie on top of hers.

Anyway, she stood in line for the Porta Loos, (Portapotties) but these were under heavy demand so she came back unrelieved and said she would hold it in till we got home. Fatal last words! We were about half way there when she started to fart. The smell of a solid poo wafted through her white cotton interlock briefs and her knee length black pleated skirt. I giggled as kids do but she remarked, "its okey to laugh but if I dont get to a toilet soon there will be a far bigger smell as I dont think I can hold it in till we get home" As we tried to hurry the pace home she stopped and said. " Oh no, I cant hold it in!" She stood with her legs apart and I heard another couple of loud farts then I heard a dribbling sound as she was peeing through the gusset of her knickers. Luckily we were standing on grass at the time and thus there was no tell tale wet patch on the ground. The she said, "Oh the jobbie is comimg out as well" Now this gave me a strange feeling. I knew it would! be a big one as she hadnt done a motion since the one she had passed a few days before refered to above. I heard her give a big sigh then as I listened I could her the crackling as her turd came out. I again felt the tingling and a stiffing in my underpants as I thought about it and visualised the big jobbie coming out into the seat of her knickers. She stood there legs apart and I heard the sounds of it squashing up in her knicker seat. Finally she stopped and said. "At least it was solid not diarrhea or loose so it should all stay in my knickers" We walked home slowly with the strong fecal smell wafting up. When we got home my parents were out so Deirdre went into the toilet and slipped off her soiled knickers. I could see the big bulge when she slipped off her skirt, a knobbly mass in the seat. Sure enough her knickers having ealstic through the leg bands had kept all the poo inside and when she stepped out of them I saw the big lump in the seat. As it was a firm jobbie! it hadnt squashed as much as I imagined but had folded over and been moulded by her fat buttocks, (buns) and looked like a big brown easter egg in the seat of her knickers. She had a shower to clean up, emptied the poo into the pan where, even the it took 3 flushes to go away then washed her knickers, telling me not to let my parents know. I kept her secret but found the whole experince quite a turn on.

Anyone else had such an experience with a parent, sibling or relative, especially of the opposite gender?

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

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