LOUISE--Thanks for the response and explaining how to do the for also doing them b/c a guy will like it...I think i'm tight enough already...I've had problems in the past with a "large" guy. :) And I'm not planning on children anythime soon, but you're right. My mom says she's had a harder time controlling her bladder since my sister and I were born.

PUNK ROCK GIRL--I don't know why I stopped the goth thing. I just gradually changed my style. Not that there's anything wrong with being goth. I think goth's are very beautiful.

NOEL--Nice story. Loved it. :) Will you describe yourself physically so I can picture you better? Please?

This post will be short, as my parents want to work on the computer. I just noticed this morning that my college English class is directly across from the men's bathroom! My teacher leaves the classroom door open, and I sit up front, so I get to watch the hot guys going in and out of the bathroom. One hot guy went in today and stayed for nearly 15 minutes! Too bad we can't see or hear anything...
It might be awhile before I write again, as my computer is having some real problems. I'll be posting again soon (hopefully).


has this ever happened to anyone else when you have been out at a friend of a friends and needed the bathroom ? youve ask your friends friend where the bathroom is and then youve gone in and pulled up your skirt and pulled down your panties and you are
doing your poo and its hard to do and you are grunting loudly even though your trying to be quiet and you can hear people in the hallway so they must be able to hear you and your making quite a smell and you can hear someone making a comment about it
when you have finished there,s just a small bit still hanging on to your butt and refuse,s to drop and you reach for the TP and theres only a few piece,s left on the roll and it,s taking
ages to wipe and your still not clean and you cant find the new rolls of TP and youve got your best frillies on so you cant wipe on them and hope they will flush away and your also
wearing a light coloured skirt so any poo will show up if you forget your self and sit down
well it happened to me the other day the only thing I could think of was to take my panties off and hope my skirt didnt stick to my bum , and yes my skirt was short if any one wanted to know !

Piggy Poop
I had one of my most enjoyable poop last night. I went for a walk with my BF. I had not pooped for a couple of day, and as we walked on an almost deserted street, I feeled the urge of poop. It was a very agreable night, about 1 am, and I did not want to run home. I thought, I could hold back till we got home, but the urge got more and more worse. I told him, that I had to go to toilet for a dump. He looked around, and pointed at a near phone box. Why did'nt you go there, asked me. Really, why not? My urge was almost unbearable, and there were nobody in the vicinity. I did'nt want to poop myself, so we hurried to the box, and I asked him to keep guard, and entered the box. There was a low shelf inside. Fortunately I wore no underpants, only an elastic jogging pants. I pulled down my pants, put my left foot on the shelf and took a comfortable half-squatting position. I took a deep breath, and thought let it go. I pushed hard, and feeled as a long turd slide out slowly of my as! shole. It was almost 10 inches long, and dropped onto the shelf. I farted loudly, and I pushed further, some more smaller turds came out. Then I peed about half minute, and clean my butt some tp. My friend looked my "products" with appreciation, and he went in also, pulled his zip, took out his dick, and watered my turds. A loving couple passed there, but they only giggled about us. But when we left, I turned back, and saw, that the girl went into the box with some paper in hand, no doubt she must go too... When we arrived home, we went to the bedroom, and, to crown all, we made a fantastic love...

I like my soul sister in this picture. She looks like me or my cousins.

Good stories you guys.
Scarlet: What laxatives are you taking?

Melanie: You were really sick. I had that in 5th grade. It is frightening. See my earliest posts. Sorry about your boyfriend. I was so sick at school, I chased away a class sweetheart. Once a high school girl and I(in college) were on a city bus going to morning classes and she asked the driver to let her off, saying she felt sick. The driver was my cousin. The girls took him like an older brother. Another morning, a girl asked the same driver(Keith) to let her off first at school. Her younger sis called her "a greedy pig eating a jar of apple sauce" the night before. I could imagine what happened in that school bathroom.

Jason: You are like my two closest male cousins. You have good taste.

Traveling Guy: I had enemas in grammar and high school. They were no fun. I was glad to evacuate over and over again.

problem of peeing with an erection?: It happens with adolescent boys. I saw it with my boy cousins when we slept over at each other's house.

Adrian and Tony: My English cousins would break wind about 30 minutes before a bowel movement.

I really disapprove of teaching kids words such as 'p*op' and 'f*rt'. These words are inappropriate and offensive. It is not cute to hear toddlers say these things. They must be taught the correct wording for bodily functions. Very bad example for our youth


well i was going shopping with my mom we where in the car
and i said i needed to poop.She said just hold it to the mall about 3 minutes later i told her i had to poop real bad she said shed find a gas station to go to.Soon i was wiggling around in my seat my mom told me i better not poop my panties at 14 in about a nother 10 minutes i had to go soooooooo bad you see i hadent pooped in 3 days and the pressure on my anus was horrible i clenched my bum cheecks real hard i started to whine i said i was desparate as i got out of the car and was getting out of the car i felt my anus open and i felt a huge turd a huge one rip its way out it made a loud crackling sound i felt the cleft of my bum cheecks fill the my panties started to bulge soon the the smell hit my nose it was horrible it kept coming out at this point i had no control over it i lasted a minute luckily i was wearing a miniskit so it flaten all over my ass the my mom got the key for the bathroom and she took me inside i was crying tears of embarasment and frustration whe! re pouring down my face in the bathroom my mom got wet paper towles she said "take off your panties"what i thought i dont want my mom to see my pussy but i did any way we threw my filled panties in the garbage because they had a big brown stain on them they where my favirate pair to nice light blue silk one well my mom was pretty pissed she sat on the toilet and gave me a horrible spanking witch made cry again the hole cleaning/spanking took about 15 minutes my ass was red,my nice panties where ruined,i was embaresd,and i was gronded for a hole week for pooping my panties but i still got to go shopping

I think maybe some how the word got out to all my co-workers about what happened last week when i had that diahreah and pooped my pants. This one forign co-worker said i heard you had an accident in your car, you and your car ok. I say yeah. I didn't want to tell her that it wasn't my car it was in my pants. That would have really been embarssing.

We had a judge your shit contest in our dorm at school.

The winner had to buy beer for the gang

For 2 weeks we got to see each others shits and the guy who won was the
guy you'd least expect.....the shortest thinnest dude in our pack of 12 on the floor. We took a photo of it. We were amazed at it .. and who won in the end
He dropped over a footlong 3 inch thick log and no paper needed. I still remember the event and.... the turd
It was about 3 years ago. I still see the dude....hes a good friend tho were in different housing now and we still joke of it as freshman prank
He says he has not been able to do that size shit agin since that day

If I hadnt seen it actually be him in the can....
I d never believe he was the winner

Rules said you had to have one witness to testify for you to enter
and a photo

Hola mis amigos

I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and generous hearts. I still have a tremendous hole in my heart. Sunday is my birthday, and there's a party for me at the community center. This will be the first time I've been back since I lost my beautiful little friend.

I like all the stories lately.

I have an interesting spy story today. Last night, it was really late, around midnight, but Anj, Nu and Tesa were invited to stay overnight again. I finally had to take a shit that I'd been holding for 3 days. I waited so long because I actually felt embrarrassed. I knew it was going to be big and stinky. Anyway, I must have given some sort of clue that I had to poop because Nu was hiding behind the shower curtain in the tub. I know, because I could see her reflection in the tiles of the shower. My first thought was to say "Okay girl, I know your'e in there," but I didn't. There's a gap that you can peek through, so I pretended not to know about it. I had a people magazine, and prepared myself for a serious shit. I was wearing some black and white checkered flannel PJ bottoms, and a white underwear T-top of Jake's. I was getting ready for bed, so I had no bra on and my dark tits and round, chocolate nipples were very visible through the top. My hair was also down.
I came in, lowered my PJ bottoms and panties (the same floral panties I was sleeping in earlier in Nu's report of me), and nestled my little brown butt down on the toilet seat for a big one. I sat, sort of spread-legged with my undies and pj's down at my ankles. I farted and it echoed the bowl a couple of times. Flipping the magazine open, I began pushing. Umff....umhh...umhhh.....I could feel Nu's eyes on me, watching. turd yet. It was going to be hard and stubborn. Then I felt a big piss coming. I squirted some yellow into the bowl, hot and furious, with that salty smell of urine. I felt such relief from the piss and it lasted for so long. Afterward came a little shiver from it feeling so good. Then another fart, a real long, slow zipper fart ssssppppplttttttttttttttttt....uhhh.....I pushed hard. No turd. I stood up, waddled with pajama and pantied ankles over to the medicine cabinet, pulled out a tube of K-Y and sat back down on the toilet. Lifting my h! ip and gooping up my finger, I started digging around in my ass trying to lubricate the turd. I could feel my finger pushing up and down, rotating, and gas filling my ????. After I felt everything loosening, I withdrew my finger, studied it, then sniffed it. Everything seemed so calm in the pale light of the 75 watt bulb of our bathroom. The smell of deodorizer plug ins, the warmth coming from heat vent, and the rumbling gas in my ???? all aided in the necessary relief. I pushed again...umh.......umh.....grimaced a little because this one was big! Then came the noise sslllkkk--ccrrrkkklllkkklll--sppppfffffffffffff--crrrkkkll--I could feel it. It was huge! My cheeks were literally separating. The turd crackled more, then a fat chunk broke off K-PLOOOOP! I could feel it coming out slow. The smell was very strong, floating up to my nose from between my thighs. Then came the rest of it--Oaaahhhh! I moaned as it splashed down hard. The room was beginning to reek. My ass was sti nging and burning. It stunk like hell. More turds needed to come out. I farted again, more stink, more grunts, more plops--unhhh....I spread my legs as wide as I could, peering down into the bowl. Man what a big turd I'd just plopped. But I wasn't finished yet. By now, the smell was almost unbearable. I felt more shit up inside of me, almost to my throat! The digging with my finger loosened it all up. My ???? ached with gas, more crackling and then--Oh, c'mon,....come out, come out, oh yeahhhh....Plup-plop-plop-plop-pluup--softies! I flushed the first load, which barely made it down the hole. By the time the tank had filled I grunted again--ssplllkkkkkkk--crkkklll-spluck,plooooop-spllk-plop....plop....more soft shit and smell. I figured by this time Nu was dying in there. However, she had to be punished for spying on me like that. I sat and hovered over my fresh shit for about 5 more minutes. My turds were greenish, full of used chilies and ground beef. Salt and salsa burne d my ass a little more. Then, after pressing on my ???? to make sure I was an empty girl, I began to wipe. 6 wipes total, slowly digging for oil, inspecting paper, then digging some more. But wait, there's more! The room smelled so bad that I took my time, reached for my trimmer, and trimmed my pussy while I sat on the toilet. It took a few minutes, but I got it all nice and neat. Flipping the top, I emptied the trimmer, black pubic hair falling into the toilet like black snow. I brushed off my vagina, then stood up to flush again. I love showing Jake my fresh shaves, so I stepped out of my jammies and undies altogether, shed the top until I was nude, then exited the bathroom. Most everyone else had gone to bed so I went into the kitchen for some water. I turned around and Nu's standing there smiling, saying "Nice outfit. Does it come in a 7?" She immediately followed with "You knew I was in there didn't you?! Did you have to stink so bad?!" I was laughing so hard I could h ardly stand. It felt so good to laugh like that again. We both went to our rooms to sleep after that. Jake loved the trim by the way! And I love Jake. He pulled me out of the darkness, and he's a beautiful man.


Mrs. Betty
I truly love the sound and the smell of a good meaty fart, don't you? I even got a job at a pizza shop so that I could cut the cheese. ta ta...

One night, a friend and I were bored. My friend thought it would be interesting to raid his parent's medicine cupboard. We were both interested when we found bars of ex-lax. As we both have been interested in uncontrolled pooping. He also found Sudafed. After about an hour, we got bored and decided to have a dare. I had never taken Sudafed, while he had before many times. I had taken Ex-Lax, while he never had.

I had thought of pulling a fast one on my friend. Ex-Lax, for the better part of my life, hasn't worked on me. And I considered pretending to have to go before him, only to make him lose control waiting for me to finish.

We decided to take them both, and try to stay awake long enough to use the bathroom, with possibly one person being forced to crap themselves since there was only one bathroom. Well, the Sudafed hit me quickly, and I tried to stay awake for the other medicine to kick in. My friend was hit hard by the Ex-Lax and spent a good 20 minutes in the bathroom. I fell asleep right as he was flushing. I was tiring quickly, and wasn't in the mood to mess with my friend. I just laid on his bed until I fell asleep.

Since I go about once a week, I usually have quite a stockpile when I do. According to my friend, once he left the bathroom, and returned to his bedroom, he found me sleeping on his bed. He tried to wake me up, but I just mumbled. Right as he was getting sleepy, that's when I started pooping. It wasn't runny, but was hard enough to stay in shape.

I remember waking up, and feeling the load in my underwear. My friend told me that only his sister was home, and I would easily be able to make the bathroom. Luckily, I wasn't embarrassed.

(P.S., I don't recommend that anyone mixes medications. We were stupid 12-year-olds.)

This is like the first time I've ever posted here. Hi, my name is Cory, and I'm a 19 year old college student. I've read this board a few times and now I finally have something to post. I have a fetish for seeing women on the toilet (peeing or pooping). I have actually never seen a woman in person on the toilet (I have online once on a video). But I haven't seen it in person. I've actually been pretty secretive about my own self on the toilet. I don't usually broadcast that in person. I hardly ever tell anybody whether or not I have to pee or poop. I have always been like this for my whole life. Especially since I've been playing College Basketball at the Division 1 level. When you're an athlete, and are known quite well around campus, you usually just don't go off and tell people that kind of stuff.

But here's a story that is bugging me and I must get it off of my chest. Therefore, I am going to post it on here since I'm too shy to tell anybody in person. Here's the story.

Last week, I was hanging out with my friend Melissa (same age as me). Melissa and I are beginning to become pretty good friends. Melissa has all of a sudden gotten to be fairly comfortable around me. This is a big change from the way she used to act around me. She has always had a crush on me (her friends would tell me this every day), and she has wanted to go out with me for the longest time. I have been dating another girl, though, for a few weeks now. Melissa used to be real quiet around me, but now she's become real cool. Well, little did I know that she had a fetish like I do (and you ladies and gents as well). One day last week, when I was over at her apartment (she lives in an apartment on campus), I noticed that I had to take a dump. Melissa and I were talking about my great game I had a couple of nights earlier, and it became extra hard for me to tell her that I needed to use her bathroom. We were talking about our win (we won by 2 points, and I scored! 17 in the game), about how I was the 2nd leading scorer now on the team, and about our classes and such. Then, after talking for a few minutes about all of these things, Melissa said she was going to go outside and try to find something out of her car. She said she might take a few minutes to find what she was looking for (she claimed that she may have lost her study guide she needed for her test which was coming up the next day). Right before she walked out, I asked her if it was okay to use her bathroom (she only has one bathroom by the way). She said that was okay. She walked out the front door, and then I headed for the bathroom letting out a BIG FART right after she closed the front door. Then I got into the bathroom, closed the door, and was ready to take a huge dump! I noticed that there was a small skid mark in the bowl. Melissa must have done this I thought! This brought a smile on my face, and I dropped my practice nylon pants and white underwear briefs d! own a little past my knees and sat my arse on the cold toilet seat. FFfffffaaarttttt! I let out a big fart first. Then I started to poop. The first piece of poop was kind of small and landed in the bowl. After this, I heard the front door close. Oh no, I knew it was Melissa. I then thought was the hell, I'll just try to be quiet in here. I was quiet for about 30 seconds, and then decided to proceed with my dump. So I tried to let out my next piece of poop real slow. I farted real quickly while doing so, but it was one of those air type of farts that don't make too much noise. Then my 2nd piece of poop dropped out, and it was smaller but it made a loud splash in the bowl for some reason. I then thought I heard something. I couldn't believe it, was Melissa standing right outside the door listening now? I thought I could hear breathing sounds (I have EXCELLENT ears by the way). I slowly got off the toilet without making any noise and got by the door quietly. Yep! , I could hear Melissa breathing just outside the door. I remember thinking to myself... "Geez, this girl has a huge crush on me, and is now actually listening to me taking a dump". I remember being quite mad at first, but then it occurred to me that I like listening to women going to the bathroom, so I would be doing the same thing probably. This wiped off the mad look on my face and it changed it to a smile. My good friend Melissa was probably getting extremely turned on all over her body by listening in on me while I was taking a dump. I then thought what the hell, I'll just give her a show since I feel so bad for her that she has such a huge crush on me and I'm dating someone else. I proceeded to hide the toilet paper from off the wall into a real good spot (there wasn't much left anyways), and pull an acting job that there wasn't any paper. I yelled for Melissa right after this (knowing that she was outside the door). Continued on next paragraph.

Melissa then waited a few seconds after I yelled for her a 2nd time even. She acted like she was walking toward the bathroom door, but it was quite obvious she was making those footsteps by walking "in place" right outside the door. She knocked on the door and said... "what do you need?". I said, "Oh, there you are. Hey Mel, there is no toilet paper in here and I couldn't find any when I walked in here". Melissa then said... "I thought there was some in there. Oh, maybe not I guess?". I then said.. "Nope, none in here. You don't keep your extra rolls of paper in here, do you?" Melissa said... "Well, I keep all of the extra rolls in my closet. Do you want me to bring you some?" (I could hear the excitement in her voice when she was speaking) I then said... "Please, that would be great so I can finish up" I decided to hold in the rest of my poop until she was back (which I had only pooped a couple of small pieces so far, and a ton left to do). Quickly, Melissa! was back (like after 10 seconds). She knocked on the door and said.. "Here, I've got a roll for you". I decided to be brave and I opened the door wide open. There I was, exposed on the toilet with my pants and my underwear down past my knees, on the toilet, and she could see everything (and I mean everything!). Melissa's eyes lit up and her mouth opened wide. She was in shock! She was in complete shock! In fact, the look on her, she was in heaven! She then said... "Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were going to open the door. I would of just closed my eyes and handed it to you or just rolled it into you with my eyes shut or something". I then laughed and told her to come in. I told her... "It's okay, it's no big deal. I need to make sure I get some toilet paper in here. I thought I would just open the door and you could just hand it to me. I don't really care if you see me anyways. We're good friends now anyways. In fact, why don't you just come on in and we'll! just finish up our conversation we were talking about since I have to go here in like 15 minutes anyways" (I really did have to go in 15 minutes too). Melissa then had a bright smile on her face (she still wears braces on her teeth by the way, and she is real cute!). Melissa walked in, and I told her to just go ahead and have a seat on the edge of the tub. Melissa said... "It stinks in here", and then laughed. I then said... "Yeah, well that's what happens when we take a dump. It usually stinks", as I laughed and she laughed again. I then told her that I noticed a skid mark in the bowl when I was first dropping my pants to get ready to use the bathroom and her face got red. She was like, "Oh, really?", and then she finally admitted that she had taken a dump about two hours earlier or so. I decided to proceed on with my dump now after this. I told her for some reason I thought I was finished (but I knew I wasn't), but that it had came back. I then grunted, and dec! ided to drop a big piece of poop in the bowl (for her). It made a LOUD SPLASH, and Melissa laughed. I looked at her, and I could tell her body was getting aroused. She was loving this! She was on the tub and could see my rear on the bowl actually from a side view. I decided to move slowly up more forward on the bowl. I then leaned forward more and then I FARTED really loud. Melissa laughed. She didn't know what to say or what to do. We weren't having a conversation now at this point. She was just watching and was about ready to, well nevermind. She was extremely aroused, we'll put it that way. I then grunted and knew that I had another big piece of poop that about to come out. I squeezed it out, and I could tell that Melissa was watching it from a side view coming out of me. It made a huge splash in the bowl! THUD!!!!! I then pooped out a couple of small pieces, and farted again. I then pooped another piece out and then let out a BIGGGGGG fart. I moaned in! pleasure after this, and Melissa was just about to die now. I could tell that her fetish for this was even bigger than mine. Here she was, watching the man of her dreams (I'm not all that, really I'm not!) taking a dump in her bathroom. I then grunted and let out two more pieces of poop and moaned after each one. Uhhhhhhhhhh I said (moaned). Thud, uhhhhhhhhhhh. And then one more piece of poop after that and then a big UHHHHHHHHHH, as I was putting on a show for her. This girl was about to fall over off the tub. I then pooped out my final piece, and farted one last time. I grabbed some paper off of new roll off of the wall and wiped my bum right in front of her. I showed her the piece of paper after I wiped, and she was like.... "Ewwwwwwww" (even though I knew she liked that. She was just playing it off). I then wiped a couple of more times. I asked her if she had ever pooped that much at this point. She said... "Um, no I don't think so". She was loving this ! so much! I then wiped once more, and decided that I only needed one more wipe. I grapped the paper and stood up off the seat for her. I was totally exposed now standing up! I wiped one last time REAL GOOD and threw it in the bowl. Melissa's eyes went back in forth from being glued to my naked body to being glued to the bowl in seeing what I had produced. I then dared her to put her face in the toilet (I was only joking), and she again was like... "Ewwwwwwwww". I knew she wouldn't do that, though. I was only joking to her about that. I told her to take one last good look (just to play with her), that the biggest dump she had ever seen will flush down the drain. She laughed. I flushed the toilet and pulled up my white underwear briefs and my nylon pants. There were a few skid marks left in the bowl after everything had gone down. Melissa said, "Don't worry about it", and I knew that she wanted to leave those in there so it would remind her of watching me. I figur! ed she would leave those in there for a couple of days maybe. I then told her, "Hey, how cute. My skid marks go nicely with the one you left". She laughed and said... "You're so cute. But really, how cute can that be? It's poop!" We both laughed real hard at this! I washed my hands, toweled off, and I told her that our skid marks will be happy together. I hugged her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her thanks for giving me company because I was quite bored in there. I told her that I had to leave now, and gave her one last hug and decided to leave. What's funny is that later on that night we were talking on the phone about her test again the next day. While on the phone, Melissa told me that she had to take a dump again. She told me that she would call me back. Damn, I was hoping to listen to her over the phone too. Oh well. For the first time in my life, I had let somebody watch me poop. I could not believe that I was actually turned on by letting ! a girl watch me take a dump. I think Melissa and I are a lot closer. Once I build up enough courage, I think I'm going to ask her if I can watch her take a dump sometime. I'm going to tell her that I knew that she was turned on while watching me. Her eyes were glowing the whole time.

Well, I hope everybody liked my experience. Please respond and let me know if this is normal. I went from...... A.) Being completely shy about letting anybody watch or hear me ... to ... B.) Letting my new friend Melissa watch me. Is this normal?

And if you want to email me, you can. My email address is...

Please let me know your name and your age please, so I can get an idea to who is responding to this. Thank you!

P.S. In case youre wondering. Melissa is 19. Shes about 55 and I would guess 120 pounds or so. She has medium to dark blonde shoulder length hair or so and green eyes. Shes real cute! She also wears braces on her teeth too. Im 19 as well. Im 62, 195 lbs., and I have dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Im not very strong though and I need to get stronger. I want to add more bulk, as I will need it for my upperclassmen years on the court. Melissa actually beat me in arm wrestling the other day, even though I let her win. She was surprised, but knew I let her win.

Alright I'm out,


hello everyone. i am new here, and i have been reading a little, but i would love to get to know some of you. i am 24 years old, from the NYC area. i have always been involved in relationships where my girlfriends were shy about doing anything in front of me. i think that is rather shallow of them. i think honesty is expressed in a girl's openness to fart in front of her boyfriend. i haven't really heard girls fart, and i am really curious to learn if girls are as good as guys at farting. do you girls fart loudly (or as loud as the guys you know), and do you fart as often (how many times a day?). so me being a virgin in this subject, i am just really curious to get some input from all you beautiful girls out there. all i am asking is that you be honest and open. there is definately nothing to be ashamed of. i really think that this openness is a great quality in a female, especially in today's society.
thanks veryone, and i look forward to meeting all of you.

I and four other guys worked together in a repair shop where the parts man was a retired military man who was quite a Sunday afternoon sports fan. His Idea of a fun Sunday was to gather up a bunch of garbage food and an ample quantity of booze and beer and spend the afternoon watching sports on the tube and consuming his stash. He'd usually keep on 'til he was about to pass out then stumble off to bed. This activity really raised havoc with the old bowels, let me tell you, come Monday morning he'd be parked on the toilet which was a corner stall right in the shop where we worked on equipment. The stall had a door but was open top and bottom, he also smoked like a fiend, he'd sit in there smoking, coughing, farting and blasting out wave after wave of squirty shit. Clouds of smoke rolling out the top and the most putrid stench imaginable.He'd go through about 3 rolls of toilet paper, with the roll spinning so fast on the spindle when he tore off paper that the stall wall would! rattle. This wasn't a one installment thing, he'd make about 5 trips before lunch then after eating make one more deposit just for good measure. The guy was oblivious to the fact that the smell made it almost impossible to work, let alone the fact that if you had to use the toilet you were exposed to what he left behind as he'd only flush once. hefty skid marks, bowl sprayed with shit from water line to seat, floating chinks of who knows what, you name it, it might be there.The other days of the week he was good for one trip with the same smoking and coughing but less squirting and more grunting and groaning. We'd listen to this and have a hard time keeping a straight face and to keep from laughing out loud. I've since taken another position but keep in touch with my former co-workers, I guess Lee's pooping performances haven't changed since I left.

Sometimes I like to sit and fart when I'm alone in a room. But then my coworker walks in and I'm embarrassed. When I was in junior high I was in a different math class than the others so I had to sit at the table and do my algebra while they had class. So I sat there doing my algebra and farting up a storm, and I'd fart and I'd fart and smell the fumes until I had conjured up a huge log in my intestines. Then I'd run to the bathroom and release my juicy log into the potty, and it would smell all fruity and farmish.

I did this daily.

hi, my mom stopped buying pullups she said she caant afford them anymore so i ran out on thursday. i was at school and forgot i didnt have it on and i wet my pants a little. i was wearin blue jeans and i was sitting at my desk working wheni really had to pee and ijust let a little out and then remembered i didnt have it on and i stopped. there was a big round wet spot on my pants front and my shirt wasnt long enough to cover it up so when i had to get up everyone saw it. one kid said did you pee your pants and i said no i splashed water on me at the sink. he said he saw me looking at my pants in my desk and he knew i was lying. he told the teacher and she told me to come out to the hall with her. i went out and she looked at my pants and said i thought your mom put you in pullups, i said we ran out and i forgot. she sent me to the nurse and she had a change of pants for me. everyone laughed when i came back to the class with differant pants on.
hey noel i saw your message i always try to get the poop out before i wash them. i dont like poop cause it is so gross. pee is ok cause it dries up but poop stinks and is so sticky.
our scouts is having another campout soon so is will tell everyone about that. bye

Hi everyone. I was not going to post today, as I'm busy. It's my mid-day lunch break just now so decided to look at the latest posts before going back to work. I am a self-employed electrical engineer, so I can set my own hours, though I do tend to work similar daytime hours to everybody else. Just wanted to leave the following post today -

BRYIAN: Thanks for your post to me. I am glad my story helped you. As I am not likely to post again for several days, I just wanted to say I am thinking about you and especially as you start work again next week. Just hope they don't give you too hard a time. Regarding having to ask for a bath after my diarrhoea accident in Glasgow, I tell you I was sooo embarrassed to have to tell this guy I'd messed myself and needed a bath. But I was in such a mess that I could not think of any other way of getting properly cleaned up. I was terrified of being smelly when I went to look up my old friend Peter (the same age as me) and his sister Anita (18 months younger) whose dad was minister at the church I mentioned. To answer your questions: I am MALE. I am now 45. Don't let my age put you off. I am a leader in the "18 to 25's" club at our local church. It is for those too old for our youth club. I have a really good relationship with this age group. I often have guys coming to me ! with their problems and we talk through them. They regard me as a friend rather than a leader. In an earlier post I mentioned my wife dying of a terminal illness a few years ago. I have two sons, one is 20, the same as you. The other is 18. In many ways it is like the club is an extension to my family. I have always had a heart for this sort of age group. I feel too that many on this site are becoming part of my family too - even if we don't meet face to face. Well, I'd better get back to work Bryian. By the way, I've not had a BM today yet. I tend to be a bit irregular after a bout of diarrhoea until I get back to my normal daily morning pooing routine. I do poo at other times of the day too - usually as additional poo's.

That's it for now


Buzzy - I really enjoy your posts, dude! I've noticed from time to time you make reference to a nurse friend you used to poop with. I looked all the way back in the old posts though and couldn't find much of anything, so I wonder if they got lost or deleted. Would you mind re-telling some stories about her? Sounds like she was a great pooper!


TO JASON-Cool story about your piano teacher taking a dump-keep us posted on what happens next!
TO PUNK ROCK GIRL-I enjoy your stories about you pooping-have any more?
TO RJOGGER & KATHY-Hey neighbors!Did you enjoy the warm weather in the beginning of the week?If you guys did an outdoor dump,lets' hear about it-always enjoy your stuff!
Nothing to speak of on the poop front with me,so i'm off BYE

hi all

NOEL-How old are u?

I have 3 stories from when I was younger.

I had an incident once when I was 13 or 14 when I was on the bus ride home from school and really had to take a piss and poop. I ran all the way home only squirting a couple times in my briefs. But I made it to the bathroom and I had these pants on with 3 buttons and each one was very tight and hard to get free. It made it harder cause I was hopping up and down and wetting and pooping my briefs at the same time and i just couldnt get them loose. So i just stood there and pooped my briefs completely. Afterwards, i just threw the pants and briefs in the trash.

When I was about thirteen, standing down the side in assembly (seats all taken) I suddenly got an urge to poop and in seconds it came out in my briefs! I dashed out to the toilets before anything worse happened and cleaned myself up quickly - luckily there wasn't too much of it and I just told my friends I had dashed out because I felt sick. I couldn't admit the truth! It really got to me though and I was very nervous of it happening again and school days were ruined really. Some months later I felt the need to poop a bit before the end of school but I absolutely hated going for anything other than a pee at school and so set off to go home - and pooped in my briefs on the way. No one knew but I had to tell my mom because my pants were badly affected this time - my sister found out and I was so embarrassed.

I remember at about 12 years of age, my mom gave some money to walk the two blocks to the dairy queen with several friends and get ice cream. We got there, and I was next to last in line. I had a difficult time distinguishing between gas and poop (still do sometimes). Well this time I guessed wrong. There was a crinkling sound as I went in my undies. The kid behind me said, "hey look guys Steve pooped his pants and they all laughed. I just stayed in line, and got my ice cream, Then walked home. The other kids teased me all the way home. When I got home, I walked right past mom, and was about to sit on the floor in front of the TV, when she came up behind me and felt the seat of my pants. She started yelling at me then made me go change and wash my own undies and pants.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
I loved your post, man! My heart-rate went up,just reading it! Do tell us more about your instructor. Is her name really Bridget? How old is she. When you say copper,are you saying blonde? Or are you saying medium-brown? How big is she? Is she built like a fitness-model, or is she a "plus-size"? A "bigger" lady? I can't wait, to read your next-post. See if she will let you wipe her, for Pico, will you?



Sometimes I like to sit and fart when I'm alone in a room. But then my coworker walks in and I'm embarrassed. When I was in junior high I was in a different math class than the others so I had to sit at the table and do my algebra while they had class. So I sat there doing my algebra and farting up a storm, and I'd fart and I'd fart and smell the fumes until I had conjured up a huge log in my intestines. Then I'd run to the bathroom and release my juicy log into the potty, and it would smell all fruity and farmish.

I did this daily.

To Jason: I liked your story! I guess she caught you watching her and she doesn't mind does she?

To steve: i liked your story...sorry you keep messing your self..too bad that your parents found your dirty underwear and spanked you

To SanD: I liked your story

I gotta run, gotta go to work(first day after pooping my pants there) :(

Meghan and Sarah S
Hi Friends,
We are back home for the weekend! We are studying up a storm! Sarah had a big dump this week and she now has the runs or piddles! I still have my usual. A few replies.

PUNK ROCK GIRL: Welcome to the forum. It can get a bit rauchey sometimes but as you have found we love and support each other. Your stories are well welcomed. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

MELANIE: Poor thing!! Stacy is a great friend. Most people would smell the farts and move away. Do you have this problem regularly? How did you stop it? Sarah has had diarrhoea(English version), for a day now. Annie gave her some meds when she got home. She is miserable! Take care and let us know. Love, Meghan and Sarah S

BRYIAN: We watched the top ten bathrooms last night, too. The last bathroom was a massive toilet in Japan or Thailand. It is solid gold. Even the toilet bowls!! You have to buy 200 dollars worth of stuff to even get a chance to use it. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

TIM AND SARAH: We are so glad you had a second honeymoon. It sounded so romantic,(sigh!). Meghan- Sarah, we are glad you are enlightening the doctor to the joys of weeing standing up. Most males don't get it! We enjoy you so please stay with us! Lovexx Meghan and Sarah S

JANE: WOW! We are turning red after reading your post! We never thought we were thought of that well! You have brought a ray of sunshine too with your wonderful toilet stories. They are so descriptive and funny. Say hello to Gary! Lovexx Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR RIZZO: We have felt so welcomed by this community. Do you realize we turn red every time we post? It is still a slight embarrassment to reveal our toilet or toidy experiences for everyone. It is rather naughty, isn't it,Tee Hee!! Sari is in the loo right now dropping some more liquid poo. She hasn't been right for a day now. Annie is tending to her. Well, our best to you and your wife! Lots of Lovexxxx Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR PV: Hi gal! A "bumshot" after a meal of steak and fries? Ours would be an 21 gun salute,LOL! We would fill that toilet! Oh me!! Glad you had a good time in the loo! We would have practiced our WSPC but Sari has been sick for a day now. Hope everything is ok in Aussieland!
Lots of Lovexx Meghan and Sarah S

LALA: Please tell us what happened!!

DEAR INA: Hi sweetie!! WOW! You design sets, huh? How cool!! That is what a friend of ours does at the community theater. He has a bod that.....oh well! That is enough of that. Don't sell yourself short on your violin playing or piano. As long as it is fun, DO IT!! We don't like the sound of blood in your "stool". Is this a recurring problem? We are sorry that you are in pain when you have a dump. Please let us know how you are doing. We really appreciate the storys and the friendship. Also, thank you for your thoughts for our mother. She was all British and loved an adventure in the loo! We will have more stories about her for you. Sorry to hear you lost people you loved this year. We know how you feel. Take care and be careful with your jobbies! Lot of Lovexxxx and a big hug!! Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR COUSINS KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Oh my! We do miss you! Have you had any wees or poos with Charlotte, Kirsty, or Rachel? Sari is not here to say hello. She is in the toilet having a nasty case of diarrhoea(is that right, Andrew?). She was so constipated for nearly a week and a half and now when she finally has a mega poo she gets this! Do please write when you get a chance. Lots of Lovexxxxxxxx and a mega hug to both of you and little Ellen, Cousins Meghan and Sarah

LOUISE AND STEVE: Boy, did we get red!! Annie saying that she would hold Daddy's willie while he weed. I guess we shouldn't. Steve, we would fancy a chance to watch you along with Annie! We are of age, you know.LOL! Louise, we were so drunk in Southampton that we fell on our bums after we peed! Annie and Mum just stood there and hooted. That was a great story you told and you were a good teacher!! WOW! After being around Annie and this forum we are talking more in the British venacular and our school mates are scratching their heads,LOL! We will have more poo stories about Mum. Glad you and your Mum have so much fun!! Lovexxxx Meghan and Sarah

DEAR CARMALITA,RENEE, AND THE GANG: It looks like Carmalita is slowing coming out of it. She is ready for one of her mega dumps. Medicine and grief can screw you up!! We know! We have been thinking about all of you. Nu's dump was spectacular! Lots of Lovexxxx Meghan and Sarah

EPHERMAL: Hi GAL!! Glad you are back! Constipation is a real problem with students. I have had it and Sari had it but now she is in the toilet letting go of some liquid shit!! We have been buried in books. This is Sari's last semester in Law School so she is VERY nervous! Keep us informed. Oh yes, we enjoyed the airplane pee story. We had simular experiences at Christmas coming back from England. Take care, Lovexx Meghan and Sarah S

Well we must run! At least Sarah is "running"! We will have a shorter post on Sunday. SPECIAL HELLOS: RJOGGER and Kathy-hi there, Kim and Scott, Adrian, Adele-please write, Althea, Jason-welcome, LindaGS-where are ya, gal?, Mere and MANDY, Noel, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Sarah T, Buzzy, Erin, Pat, DianeNY, Jeff A-Hi, David and Niki, Todd and Diana, Eleanore- how is everything?, Mindy, Upstate Dave, Nathan, A Male, Traveling Guy, Plunging Plop Guy, Diva, Marianne, jim, Scarlet, Kristopher, Serian, Lorraine, Jennifer L, Leslie poo, Donny, Uncle Allen, Andrea K, Tailwagger, Gopweller, Bridget, Arthur, Amy(coed), Gina, Tricia, Jasta and Mark, Elena, Muggs, Ashley, steve, Jill, Nicole, Russ, Static, Kelly-Marie, Pica Tamale, Moira, and all of the other great posters here. Sorry we couldn't get all of them written. Now I have to go to the toilet!!



Annie and Robbie
Hi toidy friends!
Well, Sari is still sick and in and out of the toilet. In fact she has just run by the office to the downstairs loo with Meg at her heels. I hear her moaning. You see there is a door from my office to the toilet so I can hear everything. I don't want to be a visual spectator. The liquid poo is running out and she is moaning. Meg, I know, is trying to comfort her. I hear more trumps, more moaning and now some poo is plopping out. Annie has stuck her head in to see if there is anything she can do. Poor thing! I hate to see my daughter in distress. Ole Dad will stay out of it. She has stopped and Meg is asking her if she is through. Well, Annie just came into the office. Annie- We got Sarah cleaned up and Meg has taken her back to bed. I don't know how she can go back to school. I will fetch her some medicine in a minute.

We have another little story for you. Sarah was 17 and Meghan was 11. Sue, the girls and I went on a little trip to California. We were driving and staying in motels along the way. We had just gotten to Arizona when Sarah said;"Dad, I have to you know what". Well, it had to be a wee or a dump. I asked if anyone else was in a desparate state. Meg said she had to wee. I looked for a petrol station somewhere. We finally pulled into a hotel. I went to the office to check in while Sarah stood there and looked like she was in shock. We finally got into the room and poor Sarah was in a heat with her jeans and knickers down to her ankles running to the loo. She went in and didn't bother to close the door. We all could see her hunched over and heard plop, plop, plop, BOOM! She let out this big sigh. She bent way over and some more poo came rumbling out. She then looked at us and gave this embarrassed smile. She wiped and came out. She went red for the rest of the day. Poor girl, ! she will clobber me when she finds TWO stories about her!
She won't because Annie will protect me, I hope!!

DEAR INA: Hi dear! Robbie- I still sing occasionally. I just got back from singing in the Brahms "Requiem". So I keep my hand in it. We writers try to make things imaginative for you designers. I'm glad you are in the profession. Annie- keep up with your music, please. Also, we are concerned about your bloody poos. You said you had pain with them. Have you seen a Doctor? Please let us know. By-the-way, I held Robbie's willie this morning while he weed and wiped it off. (HEAR THAT LOUISE)! We think a lot of you! Take care, Lovexxx and a hug from Annie and Robbie

PUNK ROCK GIRL: A big welcome to the forum. Talking about your pees and dumps isn't always easy. It is on here. This is why some of us have become like family. I'm sure you will enjoy the chat. Take care, Annie and Robbie

EPHERMAL: Hi there! Annie- Sorry you are having constipation problems. The girls are going through the same thing although Sarah is having diarrhoea problems now. I am studying, too. It does get our bowels to freeze, doesn't it? Take care, Lovexx Annie and Robbie

MELANIE: Hope you are feeling better from the loose poos. Have you gotten some medication? Take care, Love, Annie and Robbie

JANE AND GARY: Hope to hear some more toilet stories from you! You are a ray of sunshine,too!! Take care! Lovexx Annie and Robbie

DEAR RIZZO: Robbie- just a note to tell you I had to whip out the ole willie by my vehicle because I couldn't wait to get in the house. There were two neighbours out for a walk. I stood leaning on the car and they asked me if I were alright. I told them,yes, I just had to release the dam. They broke up laughing. Hope everything is tip top! Lots of Love from Robbie and Annie

SPECIAL HELLOS AND EASY POOS TO: Steve and Louise(see Ina reply) take care, DEAR Niece KENDAL and "Nephew" ANDREW - a big hug to you both!!, Little Ellen- a hug for her, Tim and Sarah- hi dear friends, Eleanore-hope you are ok, DEAR Carmalita, Jake, Renee, Pat and Nu, PV-hi gal, Rjogger and Kathy- love the stories, Jeff A, Mere and MANDY, Adrian, Bryian, Erin, Diva, Marianne, Adele- where are you?, Althea, Amy(coed), Gopweller, Plunging Plop Guy, Traveling Guy, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Kimmie and Scott- hi there!, Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, Buzzy, Muggs, Jennifer L, Scarlet, Ellie and Little Lou- hope you come back, LindaGS, youhooo! Elena, and all of the wonderful friends, here.



kim and scott
greetings all!
last friday in the morning before our college classes began my boyfriend scott and I went to our local YMCA to swim and lift weights. after our rigorous early morning workout scott and I went to our respective locker rooms to change our clothes.I tell you that not only was I very pumped up after the workout I felt like pumping out a gigantic brown log from my ass as well!! scott and I had arrived at the YMCA so early mainly just the workers were there.I then quickly took off my bathing suit and put it in my big black gym bag and walked into a stall and locked the door.I then sat my nude body on the toilet as I took a deep breath and started to push. Instantly I felt my ring expand real wide as a gigantic brown bowel movement started to come out of my ass!"ooohh"I moaned in great pleasure as my ring expanded wider as my log grew larger and larger in size!"oohh my god! it feels soo good!" I moaned pleasurably as I looked down at my log and smiled. very pleased on how enor! mous,solid.long and ooh so fat it was getting!I then pushed harder as I watched my powerful log grow even larger. this was one huge stick of brown dynamite folks!haha."ooh baby! baby!" I moaned as my log hit the water while still coming out of my ass.I then took a final deep breath and pushed really hard. as soon as I did my whole body shuddered mightily"holy toledo!" I moaned as I exploded a horse sized bowel movement into the bowl.I then looked down into the bowl and saw an enormous brown log in there . half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half went all the way past the bowls water up the bowls porcelain!I literally overloaded the bowl with enormous shit!! I then picked up my measuring tape I brought to the bathroom with me and measured my log at 24 1/2 inches long. 3 inches thick.this was one huge,kim healthy bowel movement folks!I then wiped my ass,and held the paper in my hands to throw out later. I did not flush. I wanted the next visitor to appreciate m! y work with no toilet paper blocking it from view and I am sure they would know a spectacular bowel movement when they see one!I then left the stall,threw my soiled paper away,took a quick shower,got dressed and rejoined my boyfriend scott as we prepared to go to school boyfriend and I go to the same college. we drive their every morning!hoped you enjoyed this story. best wishes to all,kim and scott
TO JASON-hello. I liked your story. lets hear more please.
TO AUSTIN-hello. nice to see you back after a long absence.
TO LOUISE and STEVE-how are you two doing!!. love ya both!
TO ADRIAN-hello there. we have both been on this site for a while now and I dont think I have ever chatted with you. I hope you like our stories. scott and I like yours. and please dont be afraid to chat with us. I am a tigress but I promise I wont bite! well.
TO RICH and KATHY-hello you wonderful couple. I am sorry to hear about your friends sickness. scott and I hope she gets better! so long all!

Whilst in Portugal last year, my wife and I were coming back from a shopping trip.We had been to a local eatery for lunch.On the way back to our apartment we were cutting across some waste ground,when my wife had stomach pains.She said that she had to go to the toilet desperately.I said , well theres no one about,just do it next to that tree over there....she said o.k. ,but you walk on ahead.I did walk on ahead but turned around to see my wife hitching up her skirt, dropping her knickers,and she was doing a high squat with her hands on her knees.Next second a thick brown stream came from her.To this day she doesnt know that I saw her, but I cant help thinking about it.

Saturday, February 02, 2002

INA - Hi girl! Yeah I will let you know how well I do with the
Travelmate. I know I will not get it right at first and it will
need a bit of practice. Thank you for the advice.
It will be a bit of fun to try it, and it will be good to just
have it in my bag if I do not want to get my bum cold, but when I
wee I will still prefer to aim with my fingers.
Love Louise xxx

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Yeah I think it surprised you when you gushed
forward when you squatted on the rim facing the wall. It may be that
it was how you were tilted that your pee went forward like that.
And your shit with the little lumps was how mine are a lot of
the time. You alwayas think you should have done more, don't you,
but it is just the little lumps that come out?
I liked your pee on the plane as well.
I had a wee standing in the shower this morning like you and PV
do a lot. I liked just letting rip. I did a good stream that went
straight and just a bit in front of me but I did not get much if
any running down my leg. I wish Steve had seen it but he had already
gone out to work.

I had a bit of an experience in the ladies this morning at work.
I went in a stall and I took down my g-string I and lifted my skirt
right up. I just hovered over the toilet and I started weeing. It
was a loud hissy one and it made a lot of noise. I was watching
myself because I was looking down. There were two other girls in
the room and they must have heard me weeing away. Well the stall
door swung open by itself and the two other girls looked in. I
bet they saw me! LOL


Greetings All.

To PV,
We really must find time to have a proper cyber 'chin-wag'. These days, you seem to post even less frequently than I do. Amazing where the time goes, isn't it?
It does sound as if you are enjoying your wees under the stars though. Can't say Louise and I have ever done it that way exactly. Definitely one for the summer - when we are on honeymoon, perhaps!
Have a hug from me, you celtic toilet warrior you!

To Annie, Sarah S and Meghan,
Ha ha, yes, I'd be delighted to put on a wee performance for you if the chance ever presented itself. Please pass a greeting to Robby for me.

To Jeff A,
Yes, as Louise said yesterday, I become a little concerned when I have heard nothing from you for a period of time. I spare a thought for you every time I train, as well as at many other times, and I have been wondering just how you are at the moment. Perhaps you could just let us know that you are okay.

To Eleanor,
As Louise said in her most recent post, we are anxious to hear from you. I very much hope this lad has been put in his place.

Hello to all the rest of the gang here. You know who you are.

I've just got time to relate a little story from Saturday that Louise has been prompting me to write up since last weekend. It is the story of the aftermath of Louise's netball match last Saturday. This is a toned down version - the original didn't make it, and on reflection it was a bit much for the forum.
To begin, after the match, the team came out of the changing and shower area much sooner than I had anticipated, and the reason was that the girls had not showered due to a total lack of hot water. Most were simply returning to their own homes to bathe separately, but Louise invited Jackie and the youngest member of their team back to our place, as we had plenty of hot water available there. I had no objections, so that was the plan.
A little while later then, at our place and still in their netball attire, looking very attractive, Louise and the other two enjoyed some refreshing fruit juice drinks I served them while I ran the bath upstairs for them. While I was doing this I wondered just when
exactly I became Louise's butler. <snicker>
Louise invited (ordered?) me to join them, so I entered my own bathroom feeling like a fly entering a spiders' parlour.
I think I will have to give the younger girl a name for the purposes of this story, rather than referring to her as 'the 17 year old'. Her name does begin with 'P' (how appropriate), and how about I use the name 'Pia'. Yep, that seems very fitting!
I was very much aware this girl had beaten Louise in the distance peeing contest they had held a while back. If you remember, Louise's mother came equal 1st with her.
A very, very pretty girl.
Anyway, Louise soon announced she needed to urinate, and had done since before the end of the netball match, so she was pretty much bursting by now. We were all still seated in the bath, washing our upper bodies, and as no objections were raised, Louise raised her bum from the seated position, and half-squatted above the water while turning her back towards me. I would like to describe the view I had, but I'm not sure there is a genuine need!
A huge yellow gusher spluttered and then surged powerfully from out of her, and 'splooshed' loudly into the water. This continued for a
considerable time, and I detected that distinctly feminine scent that wafted up from the yellowing bathwater. As her stream died, there was a considerable amount of dripping from her genitals, and when she was mostly finished, she wagged her butt before resuming her seated position. Breathtaking!
It was not long before Jackie asked, as she was soaping her legs, if it was all right for her to have a wee as well. So Jackie stood up straight, showing her narrow black stripe. She too is a very beautiful girl, such a lovely golden skin to match her glorious long dark hair. When she was ready, Jackie said she was going to start. It actually took a little while before anything happened, but eventually a few drops of urine leaked out from between her labia and ran down both her legs, but mainly her right one. A little more urine ran out, dripping from her lips into the water, more running down her legs until the pressure built up quickly and a proper yellow gusher began squirting hard and with a loud hiss, parting her prominent inner labia due to the fierce power now unleashed, splooshing in the bathwater.
"!" I ventured as a comment, and again I detected a strong feminine scent from Jackie's golden emission as I had from Louise's.
A while later, Louise prompted me. "Do you want to wee, Steve?"
I had to confess I did, as I had not urinated for nearly five hours, but the urge was far from a desperate one.
Anyway, when I was ready I stood and turned to face the women. Taking my penis in my fingers, I checked the position of my foreskin so that part of my glans was exposed and my urethral exit was unobstructed. My foreskin had not been tightly closed anyway, retracted just enough to partly expose the urethral exit, but I knew from experience that to leave it in that position would result in an extremely fragmented and erratic stream that would be very difficult to direct. The effect would be similar to that produced by a partially obstructed outlet hole in a shower head (but on a larger scale) if that helps you understand what I am saying. Once I was happy, I allowed my penis to hang naturally and aimed it at the bathwater. The girls paused to watch with interest.
There was a couple of minutes of expectancy from the girls, and I began to think I would never get started. I folded my arms in front of me, and well, in the end I had to resort to some deep breathing to relax myself enough to allow the urine to get moving. I announced it was on its way, and in my penis I could feel a moment of inevitability before the first drops found their way out and fell into the water.
Louise, Jackie and Pia were still watching closely, and I was very conscious of that. I did feel the pressure build, and a proper, gentle and regular stream began squirting from my penis and landed in the water between Louise and Jackie as I had intended. My stream surged and slackened off, surged and slackened off repeatedly for a considerable period of time, until it reached a stage where I clenched my pelvic floor muscles as Louise so often advocates for good health and control, repeatedly spurting short bursts of urine into the water until there was little left to drip from the end of my penis.
Jackie and Pia made comments that they enjoyed my performance.
We were just about ready to climb out of the bath when Pia announced she needed "a good wee", as she described it.
Well, she rose from her seated position, and I was impressed. I saw she was pale in contrast to Louise's natural tanned appearance. Petite compared to Louise and Jackie, I saw she has a very shapely figure. The narrow strip of pubic hair was very, very short, almost fully shaven in fact, and her her inner labia were smaller than Louise's and Jackie's,
and were very symmetrical and pursed together. I was interested how her stream would emerge.
After about five minutes of relaxing, shifting position, even squatting above the water, she could not produce a single drop, even though she said she knew she was full.
Louise, Jackie and I had emerged from the bath and we were drying ourselves, when Pia called to us as she stood in the bath, her knees ever so slightly bent.
Looking down at herself, a fierce jet of urine suddenly burst from Pia's genitals and made some superb sound effects as it began to fragment and spray as it hit the water. The stream was very strong, and she giggled at us. I stood only around two feet from her as I enjoyed this spectacle. She remained still in her standing position, hands out to the sides as her stream surged, then died a little, then surged strongly again, then died a little. This continued for a very long time, prompting Pia at one point to say,
"I can't stop weeing!"
Even Louise was amazed at this performance.
Again there was the feminine scent rising from the bathwater.
Eventually, Pia's stream stopped almost as suddenly as it had begun, with only a few drops falling from her as she was at last empty.
I took her hand to steady her as she stepped from the bath, and handed her a towel.
I had to comment on her stream.
"Louise needs the competition", I said, tongue planted firmly in my cheek!

Cheers All!


Hello everyone!

ALTHEA--I liked your camp story. What you said to your counselor was funny! I wish I had had the nerve to stand up to my stuckup campers and hateful counselor! I would now, but I didn't back then.

JOE--I liked your story. It does seem like a lot of women have learned to pee without pulling their pants down. I wish I was that talented....

RIZZO--Thanks for the tips and answers to my questions. I guess I'm not THAT weak, as I can hold it for quite awhile when I need to go, but once I start, I can't stop. Is that weird or what? Its like a flood gate--strong enough to stop the water, but once it springs a leak, all the water rushes through! lol I'll have to attempt the exercises. Thanks again.

NOEL--I love your stories and look forward to more of them. You're very good at expressing yourself and saying what you mean. I really feel for you with the diarrhea in Glascow. That must have been so bad. You said you almost cried...well, you're stonger than me! I would have been bawling!! Keep up the good stories!

Well, my laxatives are starting to take an effect. I pooped 3 times yestrady! And it came out easily! About time! lol My sister was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, and I was like, "Get out of here! I've got to go NOW!" She kept teasing, saying she wasn't leaving and hanging around. Finally, I said, "I'm going to poop my pants if you don't leave!" She left, and after a week and a half, I finally had a good, relaxing dump! Ahhhhhh.....

I have another story from last summer. I was staying with my guy friend and he had 2 other girls over. He has a hot tub and swimming pool in the back yard. Us girls were already in the hot tub when he came outside, and walked over to edge of the deck with his back to us. Steph asked, "Are you peeing?" He said yes, and she made fun of him. Then he started making fun of us for not being able to go outside and he could. So, Steph said "I can too!" He dared her to prove it, but she didn't. Then she started talking about farting underwater, and how her girlfriend would fart in the tub and it smelled so much worse than out of water. She also said that her girlfriend farted and pooped over the phone. She said if you were talking to this girl, you could hear her in the bathroom pooping. She was never shy about it, and always said, "Its just a bodily function! No big deal!"

Another time, I was in highschool, at the lunch table with my friends Chris and Mara. Chris said he had to pee really bad and couldn't wait much longer. Mara made fun of him and kept talking about swimming pools and waterfalls and anything else liquid, trying to make Chris wet himself. I think she was disappointed when he said thinking of water didn't affect him.

Well, those are my stories for now...until next time,

yestaday was the worst day of my life. but it was good in some ways. I woke up at 2 in the morning with serious cramps in my stomach. I realised that i need an urgent poop. the bathroom was on the other side of the corridor so i knew i couldnt make it in time. so i grabbed my bedpan under my bed and squatted over it( i am IL and i had close accidents on my bed). I let out tonnes of farts and very mushy poop then i was suddenly letting out yellow liquid(it was not my pee) and i freaked out. i was actually "peeing from my butt". Then i went to the bathroom to wipe and clean the pan. afterwards i went back to sleep with a very painful stomach but fortunatly i can sleep. i woke up at 7am with a more painful cramp then i ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet(didnt have time to close the door). i let out smelly farts and lots of liquid diarrhea and i felt really sick. my brother went passed the bathroom shouting out "EWWWWWWW" which made me quite embarassed. then after 10 minu! tes i wiped and flushed the brown water. then as soon as i walked downstairs to the lounge room i flew back up to the loo and continued the explosion. it got worst every time. it was just like peeing. i then went to have breakfast and i told my mom that i was sick and couldnt goto school but she said i must probably because she thought i was going to truant. Then i sadly left home. On the bus to school i was farting like crazy and my friends and some of them said i am like an animal but Stacey was really friendly and asked i was alright. i said i was then as soon as arrived to school i dashed for the girls room, stacey ran after me. the stalls were all full and it sounded that girls were having a constipated dump so i ran into the boys room and went to a stall lifted my skirt pulled down my pants and started letting diarrhea and fart out. there were a few guys next to the urinal when i came in but they just left. I wiped and went to my first class and fortunatly i was ok for! the first half of the day but the second half was a nightmare. at lunch time when i was hugging my boyfriend the sharpest cramp hit me and i ran to the girls room holding my stomach. I took the last avaliable stall and my butt was like a tap flowing contaminated brown water. then i wiped and went back to my boyfriend but my evil system got me again as i was kissing my bf. this time i lost control and it flowed out of my pants and it got on to my bf's pants. he shouted at me and just dumped me infront of everyone else. and leaving me in absolute embarrasement. i went to the sick bay and i got changed with some new cloths and i pooped another gallon in the sick bay toilet. when school finished i walked home with stacey(she thinks i might need help with something)then when we were walking across a park to get home i had the urge again. so i told her and she said it was too far to get to the bathroom and told me to do it on the grass. so i lifted my skirt pulled down my underpa! nts and squatted on the grass then i sprayed liquid diarrhea all over the grass and my stomach feels like it had been stabbed with a sharp knife. stacey looked at my butt hole and said it was just like my vagina letting pee out and was totally shocked. then all of a sudden i started throwing up and shitting more diarrhea. and i was also crying because of the pain but mostly how my bf dumped me. luckly there was no one in the park. when i finished which was 30 minutes she gave me some kleenex so i wiped both of my wet ends. I did my cloths and she hugged me and i was really happy that she would still be my friend after all these. i was still crying though at night i was crying all nite long in my bedroom but fortunatly no more toilet visits.

Has anybody ever had the problem of peeing with an erection? It seems every morning, I wake up with "morning salute" and have to piss like a racehorse.

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