Punk Rock Girl
I'm new here, man this is one wacky site! I'm not very self-conscious about my body or bodily functions, but I had no idea there was a whole website devoted to discussing them! Neato.

Anyway, I'm 23 years old, 5' 7", extremely pale with jet black hair. I'm a Goth Chick, as most people refer to me. Lots of piercings, tattoos, the works. I'm lead singer in a punk band. I don't have too many bathroom experiences that are very interesting. I don't know how many times I've peed in front of my bandmates (all guys), I've crapped in front of a couple of them two or three times. I guess my only really interesting story is the following.

One time we were about to go on stage in our usual club. I really, really had to take a dump. The restrooms there are really gross, but what can you do. I went in a stall and shit my guts out. I reached for some TP--none! None in the next stall, or the next. No paper towels. Not even any newspaper. My ass was really gooey, I could feel shit mashed between my cheeks. All of a sudden, our drummer starts banging on the door, telling me to hurry up.

I pulled up my underwear (thank God I wasn't wearing a thong) and my very tight leather pants (which made my ass squish the shit even more) and ran upstairs. We played about an hour set. I could feel the shit between my cheeks the whole time. When we finally finished, I knocked on the men's room door and asked for some TP. I got some and went in the women's room. I pulled down my pants and underpants--which were smeared with shit. I had to take my pants and underwear completely off. There was a massive amount of shit between my buns, almost like I'd shit my pants. I had to wipe my ass for about ten minutes, and used about half the roll of paper. I threw my underpants in the garbage and put on my pants. That was probably my grossest shitting experience. Hope you all enjoyed it!



Well, its been a bad day, as Ashley won't talk to me now, and i don't know what I did wrong. Probably nothing...Anyway, I have another story for you! Maybe telling it and reading your stories will cheer me up...

When I was 14, I went to 4-H Camp for a week. At that age, I was shy about pooping in front of other people. I still am to some extent. We arrived at Camp, and first thing, I checked out the bathroom. I was sharing a cabin with 13 other young campers (age 11-14), 2 teen leaders and an adult counselor. In the bathroom, there were 2 toilets, seperated by a wooden wall and had curtains for doors. The showers were across from the toilets, also with the curtains. There was door that shut off the entire bathroom from the rest of the cabin. I figured if I had to go, I'd just wait until nobody was in the bathroom and shut that door. Unfortunately, we had a really bitchy teenleader, and she DEMANDED that the door be open at all times and that the curtains gave us enough privacy. I thought I'd be okay, anyway...maybe the other girls wouldn't say anything. Well, on the first day, this really bratty girl named Katie that everybody hated was the first to poop. All the gir! ls in the cabin made fun of her, running around the cabin screaming, "EEEWWW! Katie's pooping! It stinks so bad!" They even told the boys in the neighboring cabin about Katie's pooping. So, through-out the week, none of us girls pooped again. We all went 5 DAYS without pooping, because we were afraid of what the other girls would think. Boy, was I relieved when my parents took me home!

About famous people pooping--when I was in South Carolina, I was in this hard rock store, and the guy working there showed me a black and white poster of Marilyn Manson sitting on the toilet. Also, the guys in Limp Bizkit demand working toilets backstage and on their tour bus...guess they had a bad experience...

Also, I've read a few posts about people's parents either using the bathroom in front of them, or being very discreet. My mom has always been very open to me about going to the bathroom. She often leaves the door open. Sometimes, I need to talk to her or ask something, and I think she's in the bathtub. I knock and she says come in, and she's sitting on the toilet, scratching the dog, who is sitting by her dog is fascinated with watching and smelling people pee and poop,
Well, I gotta go. Keep up the good posts!

I forgot to mnto this in my last post. I have a smal problem and I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. Whenever I see anyone or anything peeing, I get the urge to pee almos imediately. I sometimes must relase the pee imdiatley or my pants will become we. Please keep up the pee stories.

Hi everyone its me dallas, today at school i needed to go poo big time thankfully the teacher let me go.

i got to the girls washrooms went into a stall undid my jeans and pulled them down along with my white flowered cotten panties, sat down and let a big fart go followed by two huge smelly poos they splashed into the water (splashing my bum)then i peed, farted one more time then wiped oh that felt sooooooooooo good after.

Any other girls/guys been out with there mom and there moms had an accident in her pants? how did you feel about it--what did you do?.

Lucy: I use aloe vera, psyllium, ascorbic acid and lots of green vegetables juiced. Chemical laxatives are bad. I took them years ago. I am out of that biz. I feel better without them. They cramped me badly. See my earlier posts.

Sylvia: I will discount my mother. I spent time in the toilet with older female cousins 2x my age old enough to be my mother. It was a turn on. My cousin, June came to live with us until she married. She was 28. I was 10. One morning, June and I were sharing the same bed. She awoke and stroked her stomach. She told me she was going to the bathroom, just feet away. The door slammed shut. I heard the toilet seat
slam down, her nightshirt and panties(both pink. I looked at her in bed.)shuffle, then her voice saying, "Oh my stomach." Then there was a loud fart and three loud splashes. I lay in bed, curious and concerned. Then I heard her urinate and another piece of doo-doo splash with a thud. There was silence for 10 minutes. Then she rolled off paper and I heard her wipe loosely and flush. She returned to bed. She gave off a soft, warm, fuzzy body heat in bed.

I am on a detox regimen of 3-7-21 days. I eat a breakfast and mid-morning snack of hard green vegetables and fruits. I get a soft, almost watery bowel movement in the morning and afternoon. I feel light and not sluggish.

the boy in jr.high school: I was playing tennis in the park. This park toilet has two bowls, side by side no door or partitions. I had to take a piss, during a break. I lifted up my navy adidas dress above my navel and let down my navy tennis panties to my ankles. I would not take it off. I urinated for 30 seconds. A girl of 10 was waiting around. She seemed anxious. She then took the bowl next to me, pulled down her overall shorts and white panties to her knees. With her behind half off the bowl, she evacuated three soft lumpy waves of doo-doo. She asked if I minded sitting next to her. She said it was the first time she was in there and she saw me sitting and decided it was alright. I told her not to be afraid. We shared a roll of toilet paper, wiped and flushed. Kids are funny that way.

JW: Sometimes, some girls will talk about their bowel movements with those close to them, sometimes while on the toilet. We were open in school, college, work and at tennis camp. One Friday, after lunch, my friend, Elizabeth and I went to the toilet. The toilets were modern and clean. We took 2 of 3 stalls. Elizabeth and I pulled up our tennis dresses and let down our white panties to our ankles. I had to take a long piss, really long. Elizabeth started straining, saying she was constipated and this was going to be long. I had no where to go for 30 minutes. It took 60 secs. for the first piece of doo-doo to hit the water. I heard it. The girl said another piece was in her and she wanted it out all at once and for all. Meanwhile, as she talked she was
pressing out this monster. Then I heard her reel off paper. I then wiped my own vagina. Elizabeth said she evacuated two pieces: one at 5 inches and another 13 inches. She did not flush, rather just leave the stall.

See other earlier posts.

I forgot to tell that public toilet paper is like onion skin and rough.

JW: Further more my bowel movements in high school and college were the topic of discussion both in and out of the toilet.

Movie Fan
Hey Tike,

Thanks for the info on those two movies. I was surprised and delighted to learn that Teri Hatcher had done a movie poop scene. Teri Hatcher played Lois Lane on TV, and there's something very nice and comforting in the thought of Lois Lane having to poop. Just out of curiosity, how do you know that she's taking a dump in that scene? Was there something in the dialogue that established what she was doing? Or was there any grunting or facial expressions? Or did you just assume it because she is reading a newspaper?

For WD:

Thanks very much for the info on "Keetje Tippel" and "Turks Fruit". If I am not mistaken, doesn't the same actress, Monique van de Ven, appear in both movies? I have a question about the scene in "Turkish Delight". When the guy fishes out the girl's turd, is the poop visible on camera? Does it look real? As I've mentioned before, the only movie I have personally seen where a girl's poop is actually visible on camera is "Labyrinth of Passion", where it runs down her legs. I've heard that female poop is visible in "Scary Movie II" and "Not a Scary Movie", but I haven't seen either movie. In the scene you describe in "Turkish Delight", it would be great if the poop is actually visible on camera. Also, you mentioned that the pooping in "Keetje Tippel" is very audible, complete with farts. Is the pooping in Turkish Delight also complete with sound effects? I'm just curious as to which scene is better.

Thanks again to everyone who has posted information on female poop scenes in movies. If there are any others that haven't been listed yet, please mention them.


Yes, that Jim Carrey peeing scene in "...Irene" is hilarious! That happens to us guys when, after a romantic episode, there is some "residue" that solidifies and gets in the way of our normal stream. If we're not careful...oops!


It was my freshman year in college. I had just gotten used to the campus during orientation. I desperatley needed to go to the men's room and release my "Big Guy" for a much needed pee. My bladder was contractiong so fast. Me pee was about to come squirting out. It turns out that the only men's room was out of order, so I had to use the coed bahroom. I am a very shy pisser and had just gotten over my shyness of pissing in front of other guy in a urinal. I was so desperate that I went ahead and decided to let my "Big Guy" free. I walked in and the bathroom had mostly guys in it taking a leak in the urinals with some girls in the stalls. I thought that I was pretty safe. I started peeing. I felt so relieved. The urinals that the college had were the ones that droppped all the way to the floor so any male of any size could answer nature's call. The bathroom became more crowded and all the stalls filled up with girls as I had began my pee. A moment later, a very outgoing girl by! reputation had come into the bathroom cupping her crotch. he hobbled in because her knees were locked together. She looked like she was about to burst. She glanced around and noticed that all the stalls were taken. I guess she couldn't hold it any longer because she stepped up to the urinal next to me and dropped her pants. She looked like she was humping the urinal as she was relieving herself. Since the urinals dropped to the floor her piss went in to them. She was groaning with relief. I stood there in amazement and embarrassment. She was exposing her whole bottom to men and women, and I had just gotten over my fear. From that day foward, I felt proud and wasn't embarrassed by pissing in front of others. Th next day I even saw a few of her friends and her pissing in the urinials.

PV: Hi dear, first I get no replies and then I am your "fried"? LOL. I know it was just a typing mistake and I do hundreds, but I thought it was funny. Ok, I forgive you this ones, but only because I could not bear the thought of never again, getting a few lines from the red, hot Aussie fire extinguisher. How sad for me, I never gonna get to read your replies now. Shame we can't get together- We could hire a sports car (maybe with some other club members like SARAH S, MEGHAN, ANNIE, CARMELITA, RENEE, PATSY,KENDALL AND OF COURSE LOUISE), whizz around on a lovely sunny day, drink lots of water and mark our terriotory in so many places, they'll have to rename it 'girl's own country"...haha, wouldn't that be fun! I guess if all are attending, we might rather need a bus than a sports car and we could invite the guys as well...) Be carefull with your roadside eruptions- otherwise you might cause a traffic chaos, I might hear over here on the other side of the globe about. Keep th! e fun up and do a nice, powerfull pisher for me. I am very much looking forward to it! ...and don't get carried away, when you report it cause we all want to hear ;-).Love Ina

RIZZO: Hi dear, I think you are confusing me with someone else, as I live somewhere completely different...good guess though. I always imagine you living somewhere in the netherlands, don't ask me why...I know some Russian as well, I really like the language and I always wanted to improve it. I guess it's somewhere in the line of learning how to play piano, do more sports and learn Spanish and French...LOL.
I have to admit I was a bit disturbed by your joke at the end of your last post. I know you did not mean it, sweetie, but your comment that the poor woman would have been "pissed" really disturbed me. I know, I am known for being cheeky and peeing in some places, I shouldn't. But it's places, not human beings. I would have found that thought so deeply humiliating for that poor woman, it makes me shiver. Sorry, it's probably me, but I easily get offended by such things. It's like a guy on the internet, who claimed it was male "piss culture" to miss the bowl, as it was the women who can clean it up then. W***er! Lucky for him, I don't know where he lives, otherwise I might pay him a visit and not even remotely aim for any bowl! Sorry, I did not mean to get carried away, and I know you are not like that; but I have had quite a few experiences in my life, which upsets me ,when guys think it's funny to humiliate a woman. Don't take it personally, please. Otherwise I really! liked the story and especially the description when your "little friend" was finally allowed to spit it all out...LOL. I just thought it should be ok to give my thoughts on the ending as well...Please take good care and share some more stories with us..;-). Again sorry about being easily upset. I guess the others did not take it like me, and they are probably right. It's probably just me being in a strange state at the moment...Lots of Love and hugs from INA

LOUISE: I would be very interested on your thoughts, if you gave the thing a try. I doubt it, you would have difficulties with your stream. Once you know how to place it, which takes a couple of practise wees, it's no worries. I had a few beers the other weekend with some guys, who worked with me a few years ago. You know you drink one round after the other and chat and drink and chat. And suddenly there is this feeling like "gosh, do I need to go". I went and had a full power, pressure pish. I would be suprissed if your jet gets stronger than this one. And no problems...It's a very clever design. The company won a medical design award for it. If you ask me the can have the nobel prize, LOL. The only disadvantage: You have to aim slightly downwards, gravities law..., so for high arches, you are in better shape with the fingers. But I can offer, that I hit a narrow bottle neck from standing position, with the bottle standing in the it scores for aim, I guess! . Keep the fun up. Love Ina

SARAH AND MEGHAN: As I mentioned to Louise, I would be very interested to hear other girl's opinions on the tube. Why not just get one? You can see a picture on the net, Woman's guide on how to pes standing up. It looks rather big and medical on the site, but it's not bigger than a thick pen in real life. As I said, you spread your lips a bit, place the opening in front of your pee hole and let your lips close again to hold it...and then, you got your little 'plastic willie' you can explore all the fun with e.g. peeing your name in the snow or sand...I think the big advantage is that it can be easily placed through your zipper and it's very reliable in aiming and no dribbles. I have to say though, I did not master the other method completely, so I have no direct comparism....So, did you have fun with the guys on the party? Hope you finally relieved yourself properly, otherwise I have to come and cook some sauerkraut for you...;-). Lots of Love and hugs

ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi you dear folks. Yes, we could have some fun together, could't we? Me ,a writer for the BBC? LOL, not really, unfortunately. I am a designer, although sometimes when I read some scripts, I think I should write..ooops, I hope that was not too bitchy. .. I somehow got the impression you had written stuff for them. Anyway...Just a silly question, if you don't mind, I lost track...are you a writer or a singer, Robby? So how is the industy? Over here it's painfully slow.
It's not unusual to have Bratwurst with the sauerkraut, although it's better and healthier if it's prepared with less fat. I quite like it with boiled fish and potatoes. Sounds strange but, it's not bad if you add some curry to the kraut...German nouvelle cousine,LOL...come to the toilet site to exchange recepies..
No I don't have the collumpted ones at the moment, you mix me up there. I have got problems with piles and I don't know where they are really coming from. So I eat lot's of v????s and try not to delay any urge which leads to at least two smaller but relaxing motions a day. The big ones are nicer, but it's not worth the hurt. Have fun, all of you,love and a warm hug and a showbizz kissy-kissy

PPG: I did not want to suggest anything and I am glad to hear, you don't have any problems. That's nice. I always drink a lot, not only because I like the resulting training opportunities for stand up wees. Today I had a mild curry again, should go ok. Enjoy your dumping, dear.

TIM AND SARAH: Glad to hear your little one is alright. I can't blame you, I fooled myself with beetroots before and I understand you are nervous. Glad to hear you found an opportunity to relax as well ;-). I liked your little fun on your walk. I think you are lucky to have each other, as it seems you have got the basics of a working relationship: both willing to make things work and the ability to talk. That's nice and essential in all the difficult situations you had to go through. I know,your pain with the eating disorder, Sarah. Good to hear, you had a supportive partner on the way out of it. All the best for you and your family. Ina

MOVIE FANS: There is an internet site on which hundreds of toilet scenes from movies are listed. I can't remeber the address, but maybe try your search engine..

Stay well all of you and very best wishes to DEAR CARMELITA, RENEE AND PATSY, (you aren't the only ones who fancy PV...), THE CANADIAN GUY, WHO SIGHTED HIS FIRST FEMALE "STAND-UPS" and all the others.

Sylvia. Being 'turned on' by your mom needing to go isn't, I don't think, wrong in itself. However, you must understand that your mom might not appreciate it if she knew of your situation. At the end of the day she's entitled to privacy and dignity when she goes and you should respect that, however difficult it may be.

A Male. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am a Christian but I try not to wear it on my sleeve. Instead I prefer to apply my faith in the day to day dealings that I have with people. I certainly don't think there's any real conflict between my beliefs and a perfectly natural interest in elimination. Our bodies were wonderfully designed with the plumbing that they have and I seen nothing wrong in enjoying that.

Rich and Kathy (R Jogger & wife). I'm sorry to hear that Mike and Anne have been ill with a ???? bug and hope they're both soon better. No doubt they'll both have been needing to use the bathroom a lot but it won't have been much fun for either of them. There's been a nasty bug doing the rounds here in England too. I enjoyed reading about your latest adventure with Noreen and Larry. Give them ny kindest regards.

Best wishes


I'm 17 and the only time I've pooped outdoors was when I was 14. Let me explain. My father and I were coming back from a long trip when I asked him to pull off at the next rest area 'cause I really had to go to the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later, we were by the rest area but it was closed for renovations. Dad told me he'd pull over on the shoulder and I could run into the woods to go. I told him I didn't just have to pee but poop too. My stomach was acting up that's how badly I needed to go.

Dad said I could squat to poop and then wipe up once I got home. He then quipped our ancestors "having to squat in the woods."

I normally wouldn't even think of doing such a thing but I really, really, really had to go! So dad pulled over and said he needed to pee.

We both went into the woods off the highway. Dad kinda stood guard as I walked a little further into the woods. I've never pooped outside before though I've peed lots of times. I pulled down my pants and underpants down to my sneakers and began to squat. I didn't even have to push very hard before the first poop fired out of my butthole.

I held my penis down so I could pee toward the ground without getting myself wet. I pushed three more times and even though I was outside surrounded by fresh air and nature, the smell of my poop really reeked up the area! I left six poop logs on the ground, all of them soft but thick and curvy. I felt so much better after that.

I pulled up my pants and walked over to my father, who was facing away from me about 50 feet toward the highway. He asked me to wait there while he ran back to pee.

Dad saw my "fresh creation" and commented how he saw how much I had to go. He then reassured me that it was nothing to worry about and that I wasn't the first person to have to go in the woods. It was kind of a male bonding experience, in a weird sort of way.

I've got some stories about my experiences as a camper and counselor at an overnight summer camp, which I'll post some other time.

P.S., I had some skid marks in my underpants when I got home, but not as bad as I thought. I wiped myself really well after that

Hi! I am a long time reader but a first time poster. I am very interested in piss stories and some poop stories. I am a 14 year old male that lives in CA.
Here is my story.
I have a bad bladder reaction to lemonade and iced tea. One day during the spring I filled up on these drinks because the temperaure had increased. After school, I was on the bus and had to release my bladder NOW! My friend saw me holding myself and dared me to piss half on the Emergency Exit in between seats,stop and pee the rest when I got off the bus. I was up for it so I ran to the emergency exit unzipped and whized for what seemed like the shortest time because I had to stop mistream. I finally stopped and zipped up. I sat holding my dick for the rest of the trip. Since I live in the city, when I got off the bus I began to run to te nearest alley. Weirdly enough, there was a mini sidestreet and a fire hydrant was on the side. Since it was deserted, and my friend also needed a pee, we came up with the crazy idea of peeing like dogs on the hydrant.We stripped from the waist down, lifted our legs and pissed like crazy on the hydrant. It was fantastic. As we put our pan! ts on and began to walk away, an older man walked to the hydrant with his dog. The dog peed as the man whipped out his penis and peed with him. He said sorry boys but I needed a big whiz.
I have to go but please send in more pee stories and I'll be back with more.


Good morning toall. Boy we here in upstate New York are looking for a record breaking day as far as the temperature. Nice day to take a long walk down the bike trail.(I feel an outdoor pee comming on!)Im glad to hear Carmalita is getting back to her old self. It will take time. Jake did a great thing.

Scarlet I have a reply to your question. In my instence the urge to pee after intercourse varies in the length of time. The urge to go is quite urgent. Yes sometimes the stream has a mind of its own on wich way it wants to go. Rjogger and wife another good dump and run story.

I have a hiking story to tell. There is a large park out to the west of Albany that has many hiking trails to walk. Our family(my mom and dad and I) went to a picnic that was being held by friends of my parents. We found the spot were the picnicd was being held. My parents sat down with their friends and I joined with the friends daughter Marcie. I had not seen her in about two years. So while we ate and drank we got caught up on what had been going on in our lives.

We had finished eating except for our sliced watermelon so both of us decided to hike the trails to work of the meal. Marcie told me to grab some extra napkins for the watermelon. I grabed some and we took off for our hike. There are many great spots along the trails that give you a four state view.(ny,mass,conn,vermont) Both of us made many stops in those spots and enjoyed the view.

We had been hiking for a couple of hours and Marcie with a smile asked if I rembered when we lived near each other the fun times we had. I said sure do. Well lets have some fun now. I was not sure quite what she ment by her statement because we did alot of different things together. She leaned over and whispered in my ear and said pee. That put a smile on my face instantly. We were at that time in a wooded area so we got off the trail and into the woods and brush.

We found a spot that had good cover and the grass was nice and soft. Marcie very quickly pulled down her jeans shortsand let them fall right to the ground and stepped out of them. I dont want to get them wet she said as she squated right in front of me. Just as she shad finished saying that her stream came shooting right outand past her legs and hitting the ground in front of me splashing all over. Her stream was a light golden color. As it countinued to flow the sound of the hiss from it got louder.How bout you? Do you have to piss? I told her yes. Without stoping she reached over and unzipped me and pulled out my penis and pointed it toward where her hissing stream was hitting the ground.

My stream shot out and hit right where her stream was splashing. This went on for about 20 seconds or so and then her stream slackened off closer to her. I finished peeing and she tucked me back in and zipped me back up. She was still going pee but now was only dribbling out. She moved into a hovering position and very slowly while making a sputtering crackle sound she started to poop. She told me this is why I wanted the extra napkins back before we left. You had to go then? I asked. Yes but the urge was not that great.

With more sputtering gas and crackling she continued. She now had a very knobby light brown turd that was 6 inches long and very fat hanging down from her butt. Five more minutes had past and her poop had gained three more inches. She told me she shits every third day and today was her third day. Two more inches now had worked its way out of her domed hole. Now she was grunting slowly and pushing to get more of it out. As a result she started to pee again wich ran down off the end of her knobby poop. Two more grunting pushes and it fell to the ground. The total length was more then a foot. With a couple of more quick hissing spurts of pee she was done. She stood up and turned her butt towards me and asked. Hows my hole? Clean? No there is a small chunk still between your cheeks I replied. You want to wipe me? You remember I never really liked doing that myself when we were younger. I told her spread your cheeks and I gently wiped her hole clean. She put back on her cuto! ffs and we went back to the picnic area for more food and drink. and also for a second hike on a different trail.

Hi everyone:
I forgot to mention that the story of the "Best Bathrooms"
will be Wednesday at 9:00p.m. Central time. I hope alot of
you get to watch it.

hi all

here's my stories

One of the accidents I had in fifth grade I didn't get caught, at least not until I got home. It was near the end of the school day, and as usual, I was holding back a big load of poop. About 30 minutes before the end of school, I was desperate, so I raised my hand and asked to be excused. Usually, the teachers tended to ask if you could wait that close to the end of the day, but, my propensity for having accidents in my pants was well known by then, so she told me to go. I walked slowly to the door, pinching my cheeks together in a struggle to keep from messing my pants in school again. I made it out in the hall before I lost control, and filled my pants. I continued down the hall and into the boy’s room, with poop weighting heavily in my briefs. I went into a stall, pulled down my jeans and undies and tried to dump the poop from my undies into the toilet. I succeeded in getting a large amount of it into the toilet, getting some on the seat in the process. There was sti! ll a fair amount stuck to my bottom and in the seat of my briefs when I pulled them back up, but at least it wasn't bulging the seat of my jeans anymore. I pulled my jeans back up and went back to class. I went quickly to my desk and sat down. In about fifteen minutes class ended, and we all packed up our books and stood to leave. As I stood up, I could feel my briefs stuck to my bottom. I walked home and went inside, where my mom had was waiting for me. I sat down next to her. Soon she noticed the familiar odor of poop, and started fussing at me for messing my pants again. I don't know why the teacher didn't notice what I had done. Maybe she did, and decided it was too late in the day to take me to the nurse’s office and call my mom

Hey, I had a really weird dream last night, I dreamt I was at the movie theater and I had to take a crap, so I just let it slide out, it was probably a 10 inch log that just slid out into my briefs, I did it and sat back in my chair. Later I had to do it again about 5 minutes so I remember I stood up and pushed another big log out and a few juicy squirts. Then I woke up and to my amazement my briefs were just loaded with poop

cute David
Hello there. I haven't posted for a while because I was on a holiday in the Philippines. I have some great stories. But first I'll give a description of toilets in different places:
Hotel Toilets are similar to toilets here in U.S. they supply toilet paper.

Public Toilets: Have vending machines to supply tissues which can be used as toilet paper. Other wise we use a small container which we pour water on. The cleaner or janitor stays in the assigned restroom most of the time actually cleaning so he hears alot of shitters. The restrooms are frequented especially from 12- 2 PM.

Some toilets have locks and some don't.

Story 1:
I was going around shopping in the mall. Then I felt the urge to shit. It was about 10 AM pretty early. So I went in the restroom. THere were a few people pissing. I got my tissues and a pail of water. Then I opened the last stall and found a janitor staring at the floor while shitting. I said sorry and he smiled, followed by a few plops. Then I went in the middle stall ( out of 7) And found there was no lock. I didn't care becuase it's OK for someone to see me shit. I pulled my pants to my ankles followed my my briefs. I sat after a minute. I farted then followed by a long turd. Then I farted 3 wet farts. THen I shat some mushy poop followed by another wet fart. Then when i was about to clean up, a 16-17 year old guy opened the stall. I just smiled and he apologized. And went in the next stall. SO instead of wiping I just sat there and listened to his shitting. As soon as he sat, sounds and shit exploded. He let out a phew. And then followed by a explosion of shit. It w! asn't diarreah, he just had the runs as it sounded. He washed up so I followed. THen we came out simultaneously. More stories to come.

To CD: I liked your it felt good to get rid of all that. How long were you constipated

To A Male: Thanks for replying..I was alway curious about guys in wheel chairs. Do you like it when your parents have to help you? and what happens if you have to poop in public??

I didn't go to work today...but i feel better

Hi folks! sorry for my temporary but necessary absence. I miss all you people! Hi to Carmalita, Kim and Scott, PPG, Rizzo, Kendal , Louise, April and the rest! I have been reading your posts and I have a zillion more stories of my own to post. I've been hiking and biking a lot and have had many walk-ups while having my dump beside the trail. I have given many a fellow hiker or hikeress a grin and a giggle. On the down side, the coffee shop with the Unisex has closed down. :( I talked to the owner and she has plans for a new club in a less high rent district. Hopefully she will have a Unisex there too in a couple of months. Okay, I guess I have time for one quick post.....
I was riding on our new "bicycle autoban" that just opened up when I felt a two dayer coming on. I rode past a couple of attractive ladies on roller blades. After I felt I was safely ahead of them, I pulled over around at the top of a small hill. I bared my bum and began to crackle out a big one. I really felt my insides were about to explode. It was about that time that I heard huffing and puffing, and found the brunette rolling up beside me. "I'm sorry" I said, as she cracked a smile. She stood there waiting for her blonde friend to make it to the top and all I could do was keep that brown freight train chugging down the tracks. I had unloaded a mound of the brown stuff, while staring at the ground so they could peek as long as they wanted. About this time, a couple on speed bikes come rolling up to see what the commod-tion was all about. I found that I can handle two, but four is enough to make even me blush. I burst out laughing and covered my eyes. My laughte! r spread as the four of them rolled off giggling. It actually took several minutes more to finish my massive dump and get cleaned up. I had left a couple of 10 inchers and more. I then buried it so as not to freak out the squeemish folks and started back on my way. As I passed the girls, I could hear they were happily chatting away about bathroom experiences. And so finished a fine outing.

Oh! Also, you folks may have already heard about it but the latest new bathroom scene in a movie I've seen is in "Not another teen movie". They take everything in the movie far enough to offend anyone, but it is easily made up for by the absolutely beautiful women that populate the entire show. The naughty girl is constantly trying to get into unusual sex acts including those of the stinky kind, and in one scene the boys are suspended above a girl having a humongous poo, complete with sound effects. Of course the cieling must give way to send them all crashing into a river of poo. It's a fun show but don't take your grandma!

To London Lad: It's rather pleasant and flattering to be described as a "babe" once you are past thirty (I am 32) - so thank you for that description. I wasn't actually pooing all the way from Clapham junction to Streatham, I finished soon after Balham and then after completing the paperwork I waited until the train was passing through the next station before flushing. I did need to do a lot, and I had been holding on since lunchtime. I do tend to produce a lot of poo - I am a big eater and exercise a lot.

To Andy: I knew I wasn't the only one who gets pleasure in finishing the working day with a good poo on the train home. I used to be like you, using the train toilet every day, but now I am only an occasional commuter. I don't miss the journey, the delays, sometimes having to stand for part of the way etc. but I do love the satisfaction I get from sitting on a loo as the train takes me home, and easing out the poos that have been building up for the previous two hours or so.
Yes, like you I have wondered about my shadow showing on the train window, especially if I am sitting on the loo while the train is in the station - I don't think it matters so much if the train is moving. I suppose this is only a problem in the winter when travelling home in the dark. My train last week was mid-afternoon so I don't suppose anybody noticed me.
We have now finished our show which was each evening last week - not in London, but close to home. I had a poo each eveing before the show - it is a ritual I have developed.

BUCK - Hi guy! Yeah, I am still here and Steve is too. I still
like standing for a wee as well. Hey why do you not look back
at my letters. May be you will like them.
I thought we had not heard anything from you for ages, good
that you are back!

SCARLET - Well maybe you missed my fiance Steve's answer to
your question. He said he can feel the pee pulsing through
his dick when he holds it. I thought maybe you would like to
know that. I can feel pee pulse through as well when I hold it
for him.
Oh after we have been making love, Steve can not start weeing
for a few minutes. It is because of what his prostate has just
produced, you know? When he gets going, his stream is a bit
slow as well. Yeah, Steve can sometimes have a bit of a funny
stream that sprays a bit just after, so he does like to leave
it a while. If he wees about half an hour after then it is
like, back to normal really. A strong stream too.
It is the same whether we did it all night or not.

RENEE AND NU - Hi! Jake sounds a bit like Steve really. He
really looks out for people just like that. I am happy
Carmalita is eating again, it is not good to lose weight like
that. Hey I hope you will not try to make her shit with
laxatives and stuff. Sometimes when you have had a bit of a
stomach upset or really bad loose shit or you have not been
eating then it takes a bit of a long time. I once went about
6 days without a shit at all. I started thinking I would
never shit again because I felt nothing coming. LOL Then one
afternoon I just felt my bum really fill up. Well I hovered
my bum over the toilet and pushed out 2 big shits. I did not
know how I had been carrying them about with me. giggle
Well I think she will shit when she is ready.
Oh yeah, the games teacher we had at school was very pretty
and she had a really nice body. She was a bit of an amazon
really, she was very tall, over 6 feet, so she was about 3 or
4 inches taller than I am now. She looked very big when I
was 12. She did wee with us outside quite a lot. She just
took her knickers down and squatted just like we did. We were
really open about it as well, we did not try to hide anything
while we were weeing. It is funny to think about how she was
sleeping with my Steve then. Well I know why she was happy!
Love Louise xx

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi! Well I did not have any
time to stay with Steve after he told me I looked nice in my
office clothes. It was tempting when I looked at him, and I
thought a lot about him all day! I wished I did not have to
be at work.
Hey I bet Steve would sure perform a wee for Annie if she
wanted him to. I know what she would like to see! LOL My mum
thinks he is nice to watch as well.
Yeah my mum and I do wee together quite a lot you know?
We have a bit of fun when we have a bath sometimes, so we stand
at one end and try to hit the other end of the bath and things!
Sometimes we go swimming too. Not too much but sometimes we
go, and we like going in the men's toilets, pulling our
swim suits to the side and having a really good standing up
wee at the steel urinal there is there. My sister does it too!
Love Louise xx

APRIL - Well I am sorry you had that really embarrassing thing
happen to you. You know I bet it would help you if you did
Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor. Yeah some girls can
not stop when she starts. I have friends who are like that,
but I can usually stop when I start. It is just when I have been
really really really bursting that I can not stop and I just
piss and piss and piss until I am empty again.
Well I think they should have separate facilities for girls
as well. It is a bit mean not to really.

ELEANOR - Please write and tell us how you are doing with that
creep of a brother of yours. Steve knows what he is talking
about you know, your brother needs to be sorted out.
I wish I could do it for you really.
Love Louise x

RIZZO - Hi guy! Hey I liked your wee into the privet hedge.
And you thought your willy was hissing as well? Yeah, Steve
does have a bit of a hiss as well if he has not pulled his
foreskin back and his wee shoots off to the right. I mean I
hiss a lot louder than him but it is not just girls who make
noises then. Well now I know it is not just Steve who can be
a hissy guy!
Hey, you have not written anything to me for ages. Please do
not think that because I have Steve I will not be interested
in what you have to say!
And I hope you have read my story about me and Jackie having
a buddy wee and shit when we were at home. You did not say
anything about it! Men! Hmmph!

PV - Hi! I like what you said about the tadpole turd. LOL
I see what shape it must have been.
Steve has a little story I bet you will like. I hope he writes
it tomorrow.
On Saturday night I needed to have a wee on our way home, and
Steve did too.
Well I found an alley for us to go in and I took my knickers
off for Steve to put in his pocket. I had a short blue dress
on without stockings or tights or anything else. Steve says
my legs are very nice and I should show them. Well I was doing
that a bit. I pulled my dress up at the front and I aimed my
pussy at the brick wall and I let rip with a big gusher. It
was a good one and soon there was a big bubbly puddle of wee
running away between my feet away from us. Steve took his
dick out and he pissed a good stream as well. Well we had a
long way to go with our weeing but two other girls we did not
know came into the alley as well and they had no shoes on
because they were running in really. We did not hear them
running because they had their shoes in their hands. Well
they saw me standing weeing on the wall with my big gusher
and Steve with his dick out weeing with me. One said
"f***ing hell!" Well I think it was because I was standing
up and weeing a bit like a guy. "She's got a cock!"
"No" I said and I had a giggle. "Try it" I said.
You know what I did? I turned around a bit to show how I
aimed. Well I am blushing now remembering, but I did feel
very daring and excited when I showed them how I was weeing.
Well one just pulled her knickers to the side and it was like
she need to wee so bad she did not care Steve saw her pussy
and all her wee squirting out. Steve did not complain. LOL
Well the other girl took her knickers off and picked her dress
right up so her bum was bare and everything. She did not get
the thing about aiming, so she just did this stream straight
down between her feet that she had about two feet apart.
"I can't do it on the wall" she said. LOL



Annie(Robby's cousin)
Hi all!
I just have time for some quick hellos and its back to school.

SYLVIA: I don't think you are abnormal. When I was young I would watch my Mum on the toilet. I may have been in the tub or sneaking a peek. Don't worry about! Take care, Annie

DEAR RENEE, CARMALITA AND ALL: What a wonderful thing Jake did! He is such a sweetie. I know it will take time but your smiles and laughs will return more frequently. We know how this feels. CARMALITA, honey, you HAVE to have a dump. That first one will be a MONSTER, hehehe! Drink water and have a seat. I hope you won't send the rest of the gang scrambling for cover,LOL! We love you all!! Annie, Robby and the girls!

DEAR PV: Hey gal!!! That was some missle target practice you had! Blimey!! That loo must have been rockin,LOL! Steak, fries and alcoholic cider! Yep, that surely would do it for me! That little note you sent to Buck. Yes, our WSPC numbers are growing and you are our leader. Take care! Lovexx from Annie(Robby and the girls)

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Well, we really enjoyed yet another buddy dump story from you folks. Kathy, you must drop some whoppers, LOL!! Sorry your friends Mike and Anne couldn't come. Their problem was NOT pretty. Take care, Love, Annie Robby and the girls

I have to go!! SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Dear Rizzo-hi!, Dear Niece Kendal-Hi dear, "Nephew" Andrew- hi friend, Little Ellen, Jane and Gary, Steve and Louise, Ina- hi dear!, Meredith and MANDY, Adele- where are you!! Adrian, Eleanore-hope everything is well, Tim and Sarah, Todd and Diana, A Male, LindaGS, Ephermal, Plunging Plop Guy, Kristopher, Upstate Dave, Gopweller, Kim and Scott-good luck you two!, Ellie and Little Lou-write when you can! and all of the other posters here. We think you are all wonderful!


Monday, January 28, 2002

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