Hi everyone. I posted a couple months back about my mom. Before I left for college last fall, I was taking a bath at home, and my mom came in asking to use the toilet, since the other was occupied by my sister. Well, I thought she only had to pee, but she proceeded to grunt and pant so I knew she was going poo, something I had never witnessed before. We were both embarrassed, I think, and she whispered in a strained voice that she would try to be as quiet as possible. The worst thing was that I was shocked to realize I was TURNED ON by watching! Really, it had never occured to me before. So I left for college and started listening in the dorm bathrooms. I heard some things, but for whatever reason, nothing equalled seeing my mom go. I was anxious for Xmas break so I could maybe have another chance to watch or at least listen. Well, I got it but haven't posted my story till now because maybe...I'm a little ashamed of the fact that I enjoyed it. When I was growing up, my mom a! lways went with the door closed, period. I never listened or anything. But I don't know, maybe she's gotten used to being alone in the house since I'm in college (my parents are divorced), because one morning right after Xmas, I woke up around 6 really thirsty, and on my way to the kitchen I saw that the bathroom light was on and the door was open halfway. I heard a newspaper rattling and that's when I knew and my heart caught in my throat. My mom rattled the paper again, and so my footsteps were muffled as I crept theu the dark hallway and took a peek. She didn't see me, the bathroom light was too bright and anyway, she was concentrating heavily on her pooing. I think she had just sat down, because I didn't smell anything yet. She was wearing her big white nightgown sort of shaped like a moo moo. I don't know if I wrote in the previous post but my mom is a very heavy lady. Anyway, the mooo moo was hiked up above her big butt and in a pile on her lap. She slouched on the toi! letseat as she read the paper, gripping it, her hands turning into fists when she strained. She grunted breathily, not too loud, but enough for me to realize she was really pushing. She continued...grunt...grunt...GRUNT until finally she dropped the paper and sort of swayed back and forth. Now she was making quite a bit of noise as he panted and strained, so much that I really didn;t hear anything come out, although it must have, because after about 15 minutes of watching her, she sighed with relief and the smell was wafting out. I left before she could see me as she was wiping herself.
Well now I am back at college so I won't get another chance till Easter. But in the meantime, I would love to hear other stories about observing parents on the toilet. Surely for many people Mom/Dad was the 1st person they ever saw. I would like to know: Did you spy, or just listen? Were you ever allowed in the bathroom with them? I really hope some people share their stories. If not, I will be afraid that I am not normal! I would love some reassurance on this!
Thank upi, Sylvia

Does anybody take laxatives (sometimes) ?

Hi ya all...i don't feel so great err :(
I might have a virus...I had diahreah for 2 days in a row. Diahreah started saturday morning. I had to work this weekend so i get up early saturday for work and before i got up i had diahreah(i posted about that). It was like i was peeing out my ass. Then on break on saturday i had more diahreah. Then i was fine. I ate breakfast and dinner yesterday. Then i get up this morning and go to work i felt ok then i started working and suddenly i felt like i was gonna have to shit and bad i asked to get someone to cover for me. Then i go up stairs and someone else happened to be up there shitting too. Then i come back down and start my work and a bit later(maybe 20-25 min) i asked someone again to cover me cause i had to shit. Both times it was pure liquid diahreah. Then i felt ok. Then i had my break this morning and i ate (what a mistake). Then about 10 minutes before break was over i felt like i had go more....I started walking fast and up the stairs...Half way up it! was tooo late and i pooped my self. I was soooo embarsssed!. I cleaned my underwear in the toilet. Then i cleaned my white pants up as best as i could. Then there were some cloth towels in this bathroom and i used them to cover my self up. I called my boss i said i messed my self and i said i don't think i can stay(btw i work around food...bad idea after messing my self). Then i got more towels put my coat on and put towels on the seat. I drove home fast as i could....i was hoping i wouldn't have to go untill i got home. Then i took another shower, and washed my clothes. Don't know if i will go in to work tomorrow. Im so embarssed. Any one have situations.
To Steve and jim and others that shit them selfs : Now i know how u guys feel...some one please respond to this
Oh and i took amodium ad...gotta poop more brb..more pure liquid stuff came out of my ass....god my ass is gonna be sore by the time this day is over it's only 10am
Now i gotta finish reading the posts
To Tarheel Mike: I liked your story

To steve: I liked your story...i feel bad for you after what happened to me and im a 20 y.o. guy

I gotta poop so glad i came home early..that little urge passed for this min...reading on

Thats it...gotta poop more then im gonna get some rest

i met a guy online who wants to watch me poop. im tempted but should i let him? Thoughts anyone.

Hello again,
I don't know if anybody reads my posts but I'll keep posting anyways. At the present time I don't have any stories at the present time, but I noticed people want to know moves that there are people on the toilet. After noticing this I then noticed that nobody put Almost Famous, or The Full Monty. In Almost Famous a girl goes to pee (presumably) in front of the kid, but he stops her after she had sit down. In The Full Monty, there is girls peeing standing up near the beginning, in the mens room. Well I've got to go to get homework done, and get ready for a date. So long.

hi, i was in an accident yesterday. mymmom was driving me home from scouts when a car crashed in us. we had to wait for the police to come, nobody got hurt and i was sitting in the car, mom said stay there and i really had to pee. i didnt get to go before we left and i was trying tohold it and it started leaking out and it hurt so i let go and i peed my pants. the seat was soaked and my but. my mom came back and said we had to go with the police to get home, i guess our car didnt go anymore. so i got up and satin the police car the other people had to get in to and my mom pulled me on her lap. i got her dress wet she felt it and knew i had an accident. she didnt spank me but she asked if i peed and i said yes, she said it was ok. i dont wear pullups to scouts because we go swimming sometimes. noel i will try that it might work, i know how to work the washer so i can clean them when mom is not home. bye

To Amy (Co-ed): I've got a question about life in a woman's
dorm bathroom. Do you gals ever discuss your bowel movements?
When I was living in the dorm every once and a while the size and
difficult of a BM would be the topic of discussion in the bathrooms.
Also are you ALL aware when on of you is constipated and having
trouble going. Often your'd hear a guy realluy straining for all he
was worth...I just wondered if girls were that open about it or would
you try to hid the fact?-- JW

MPP--Thanks for answering my question. As for your question, if I really have to pee, I can feel it coming out, but if I don't have to go that bad, then I don't feel it as much. But, of course, I still feel it.

I just thought of another movie with bathroom scenes. In "Me, Myself and Irene", Jim Carrey plays a guy named Charlie, who has a split personality, Charlie is a nice guy that never gets mad, but when his personality switches, he becomes the real bad guy, Hank. Anyway, Charlie has a rude neighbor who always steals his newspaper to put in the bathroom for his wife to read and he always has his large dog poop in Charlie's yard. They actually show the dog pooping. Then, one day, "Hank" takes over Charlie's body and goes into the neighbor's yard and poops. They don't actually show his poop, but he is obviously doing it. In another scene, "Hank" and Irene were having sex all night in the motel room. In the morning, "Hank" is gone, and he's back to Charlie. Charlie gets up, goes into the bathroom, can't control his stream and pees all over the place, finally getting in the bathtub to finish. The he asks Irene, "Why am I peeing like I've been up having sex all night?" ! I know what I've just described is have to see the movie to totally

And that leads me to another question for the guys here---does having sex all night really make you pee differently? As in, you can't control your stream? I asked my best guy friend if he knew, but he's a virgin, so he couldn't answer me...

I have another story for you! When I was in kindergarten, I had a good friend named Janie. She always kept me posted on kindergarten gossip. lol One day, we were in the gym, running, skipping and doing the regular exercises. Janie came up to me, pointed to another kid...I think his name was either Michael or Matthew...I forget which. Anyway, Janie said, "He pooped in his pants! Don't play with him! Eeewww! Look! He pooped his pants!" And he had....poor guy. Janie told the entire class before gym was over...and nobody played with him the rest of the day.

Another time, I was babysitting for my little cousin, and he was just being potty trained. He took me too the bathroom and pooped for about 10 minutes. I didn't know a 3-year-old could poop that much! Then, he used about half a roll of toilet paper to wipe....I was afraid to flush or let him flush, as I knew it would clog the toilet, and I didn't know where the plunger was or what to do. So, I left it until his parents got home and let them deal with it.

Until next time,

hey canadian guy
what was the name of the movie with
mark paul gossler id lvoe to rent it
and im sure everyone on here would also

There isn't much to tell but i remember one day when i was in jr.high school i had a stomach ache. I tried to hold it but thought i should go on so i asked to go and was givin hall pass. Iwent into the boy's room and went to one of the stalls. The stalls were open[no doors]and i was'nt sure if i should use it or not as i was afraid someone might come in on me. So after i thought about i sat on the toilet and doo-dood. I guess i sat there for about 15 minutes or so and started to wipe and i remember the toilet paper was like an almost onion skinned type. Anyway i wiped as i stood and only then did a boy walk in. A minute sooner and he would have seen me on the john. Well thats about it.

Bryian: I liked your come your friend didn't flush?-- I told him not to Did he know your in to pooping?-yes he does And did he know you messed around with his poop?- no he doesn't.

This morning he had this very big shit stain yes he said it was from friday.

I've been reading other posts over time that mentioned movies and TV shows showing toilet scenes. This has led me to some discoveries. I feel I should pay something back for some of the tips and revelations in this regard that I've gained from this forum. I therefore join the other contributors with the following information.

So far, I've not seen any references that match the explicitness of two Dutch films by director Paul Verhoeven. Namely, "Keetje Tippel" and "Turks Fruit (aka Turkish Delight). They are circa 1973-75, but if anyone can get access to them, the female toilet scenes are the best main-stream (albeit, foreign)movie scenes of the type that I've ever seen. Try to get the original versions with English subtitles for the best uncensored depictions. American distribution versions exist without subtitles, but also with edited scenes to make them less explicit.
In "Keetje", an impoverished family has to share one room for all purposes. While a woman is eating at the table with her family members, she announces "I have to go!" and leaves the table to go over to the open-to-view toilet in the same room. In plain sight and hearing, she hikes her dress, sits down, and proceeds to have a very audible bowel movement, complete with farts. She continues to talk to the others in the room as she "goes". She finishes by tearing a page from a book to use as toilet paper, and we see her wipe. Afterward, she asks her father to come and lace her shoe as she continues to sit on the toilet, but with the lid down by then.

In "Turkish Delight", Monique van de Ven is posing for a painting by Rutger Hauer, her boyfriend, when she announces "I have to go to the potty Erik". He says OK, you've earned a pee-pee, and she replies "Uh-uh, must do poo-poo". Then she goes to sit on the toilet and has a BM. She draws toilet paper to wipe at the end, but bolts from the bathroom crying in fear because the paper stain comes up red. She believes it's blood - suggesting a serious illness. Rutger the goes in and fishes out one of her turds from the unflushed toilet bowl and inspects it, noting it is a normal brown color. He relieves her anxiety by pointing out the turd and reminding her that she ate beets for a previous meal, hence the red fluid in the toilet.

I hope this helps in the research data base.

canadian guy
bryian the movie is called beer moneyu
it looked like it was from one or tw years ago maybe

Hi all! It's been weeks since I've posted anything, but I haven't had anything really good to mention since last December...

The last 2 weeks I've been frustraitingly constipated. Nothing but pellets & marbles with every trip to the can... Pushing & straining for 15 or 20 minutes not much to show... Feeling 'full' & expecting a good dump but passing mostly gas. Y'know... the usual constipation blues.

THANKFULLY, that ended a few minutes ago. I was sitting at my keyboard when I got one of those unexpected 'emergency-dump' sensations in my gut. So stopped surfing and made a dash to the toilet. After quickly taking down my boxers, I passed a good 9" - 10" long x 2" wide log (not a record by the standards here, but for me very much above average.)
Oooh, the feeling was so great! After two weeks of forcefully PUSHING every little bit out, it was sooooooo satisfying to pass a load without having to put in any effort. And at last I could flushing with great pride and satisfaction after seeing what I had just accomplished!!! (It barely even left a trace on the paper when I was wiping up! Very gratifying indeed!!)

If I had known it would have taken a few slices of pizza to do it, I would have had 'em ages ago!

A Male
Greetings In Christ!

I Have Not Had A Bm Today, But I Can Feel Cramps And The Urge Coming On. I Am Going To Take My Enema In Just A Second!

Kim And Scott: Thanks For The Story. I Enjoyed It. God Bless!

Bryian: I Use A Wheelchair But I Have Near Normal Intelligence. I Pee In A Urinal And Have My Motions In A Bedside Commode. My Wonderful Parents Have To Help Me With Wiping. I Can Feel Urges To Poop, But Due To Muscle Tightness And No Exercise, I Can't Move My Bowels Well At All. However, The Lord Gives Me Comfort And Relaxation. Someday, If Its The Lords Will, When I Marry And Have Kids, If Not Before, I Hope To Have A Bidet That Will Wipe My Bottom.

Plunging Plop Guy: I Appreciate Your Comments And Will Keep In Mind What You Said. Thanks And God Bless.

Well I Better "Go To Work." Keep Responding To Me. I Like All The Comments! God Bless You All.

Adrian: I'm Glad That You Admit That You're A Christian. Thanks For Your Comment! I Will Pray For You..

In Christ,
A Male

RJOGGER and WIFE (with Larry and Noreen)
I really like today's picture of an Asian beauty (I think that she is Japanese) depositing a load into a squatter. That is a very pleasant way to open this site. It almost reminds me of my neighbor, who I watched as she squatted in the woods a few days ago.

We have some replies, then this morning's activities will be reported on.

Meredith - We liked your latest story about dumping at school. It is also very interesting that you would rather hear the sounds of your output, instead of the stereo.
Renee - Howdy again Cowgirl, it is nice to hear from you so soon. From the sound of your tone, it seems that things are somewhat brighter with you guys. We certainly hope so. You are right about Jake, he is a hero, and he is one hell of a fine young man, who has a great deal of compassion. Too bad there aren't many more like him in this world. Your stories were great as usual, especially the one about Patsy. She seems to be pooping up a storm lately, with poop the width of a baseball bat. She sounds like she is a real beauty, too. We also enjoyed Angie and Nu's buddy dump, they seem to quite an item also. Please say hello to the gang for us, we love ya, and will speak to you again soon.
Nu - It is so nice to see that you are again. You seem to really be getting into it, just like the rest of the gang out there. You must be a real beauty, since you model, and like the rest of the girls that you hang out with, your poop and poop stories are very interesting. We hope that you will post very often. Take care.
Carmalita - Hi Senora, it has been a long time since we spoke. We were very saddened to hear about Jaunito's passing; he was around the same age as our oldest grand child. We just want to pass along our best wishes to you, and hope that you are feeling better. Be well, we send our love, and hope to hear from you soon.
Robby, Annie and the Girls - Hi folks, good to hear from you again, and we love ready about your adventures. Most of them are hilarious, and it sure is fun to get a laugh from a good story. Be well folks.

We were supposed to gather at Mike and Anne's today, but both of them are sick (some kind of nasty stomach virus), so Larry and Noreen are coming over to our house later to watch Steelers beat the Patriots (we hope). We are going to have a mob here, so earlier this morning Kathy, Noreen, Larry and I went for a run. The weather has been warm in the Lower Hudson Valley, with some but not much snowfall. We had snowstorms last Saturday and Monday, but all of that is gone. Last year at this time we had tons of the white stuff on the ground and you had to pick your spots for running. Not today. It was about 26 degrees when we went out, which is quite mild for a January morning around here. Kathy and I dressed in our Gortex suits and a light hat and gloves and we met our partners just down the road from our house. After the usual greetings and warm-ups, we started out. About a mile into our run, Kathy mentioned that we hadn't pooped yet, and Noreen replied that neither had she ! or Larry. Hmm, 4 runners, none have pooped, all trying to run 6 or so miles. Never mind that Kathy and I were at our favorite steakhouse last night, and in addition to consuming a 20 oz sirloin apiece, we loaded up on baked potatoes, ???? and salad, not to mention hot sauce. We had gone about 3 uneventful miles, when I told everyone that I had to crap and couldn't wait. The rest of the crew agreed it would be a good time to do the same, so we got off of the trail and found a somewhat secluded spot for the 4 of us. We were all warmed up, so when we lowered our drawers, the cold wasn't so bad. I couldn't get my pants down fast enough, as Mother Nature was in a hurry. I noticed Kathy to my let, Larry across from her and Noreen across from me. I squatted, felt my hole dome, and a long, thick sizzler snaked out, fell on the ground, steaming. I looked up and noticed that everyone was watching. As I did so, Noreen got a look of concentration on her face, and we could here a crac! kler coming out of her shapely ass. When it exited, she grunted in relief, and I looked at Kathy and noticed that her face was scrunched up, as she was passing a large but silent turd. Larry got into it then, by passing a long snake, followed by a loud fart. "Hey, your going to wake up the woodlands, dear. Please", Noreen teased her husband with a smile. Just then I let out a ripping fart, as I peed, The girls looked at me, Noreen with mock shock, and Kathy with that Mohawk smile of hers. Larry laughed as he peed, then I passed some sloppy stuff, as the girls giggled. I was finished now, and it took 4 wipes to clean up. AS I stood to raise my drawers, the girls were both grunting and letting out more poop. "Hey, can you girls keep it down?" I said while Larry wiped his ass. He laughed, and both girls looked at me with devilish smiles, then they farted in unison. It is somewhat unusual for Noreen to fart while she poops, but Kathy is a champ at it. By now Larry had pulled his! pants up, and the girls said that they were finished. Of course the guys were instructed to wipe the girls' butts (like se really mind), so we switched, with Larry wiping Kathy and I wiping Noreen. This time I needed 5 wipes to clean her butt, as her pink hole was really soiled. AS I did the last wipe, she wiggled her butt a little bit, just to let me know what a tease she is. With that chore done, we inspected the piles of crap, agreed that we had all passed rather impressive loads, and took off to finish our run. Kathy and I got home, showered and cleaned up and in a few minutes, we are expecting our guests and family to begin arriving.

Have a great day everyone, we will speak to you again soon.

more airline stories

The SAS incident was def true
Many of you also heard it and Phillipe
you wrote about it not seeing my previous

Whats interesting was that it was an American
passenger..prompting my swedish pal to comment on the "size of our butts:) SAS of course is Swedish/Norwegian/Danish airlines.
It got press coverage there too...
It was forwarded to me in swedish..I speak swedish.

Another friend here told me his SOUTHWEST plane...
a brand new 737 900 series ( the newest)
had one lav unusable with no door

The crew admitted to him a passenger got jammed in for a whole flight
and they had to remove the door ( leaving one lav for 125 ppl)

With all that suction youd think they would work !

I came back from Florida a few weeks ago on SOUTHWEST and a young
nice lookin dude came out of the lav after I heard his flush
and a footlonger and some paper didnt seem to budge when I went in !

I hate plane lavs...
but with security often has to run to catch the plane
and you have no choice...awful if you have a window seat btw

Outlaw Star
Hey ladies and gentlemen. It's been quite a while since I've posted here. Anyway, I was driving around with my twin brother Kaillou today to pick up our younger brother Garrett (he's 14) from the mall. We were about five miles away from the mall when Kai says "Man I REALLY have to pee. Pull off at that gas station over there." So I pulled into the Chevron and watched Kai run in. The restrooms there were near the car wash apart from the convenience store. I was glad I didn't have to go because I really don't like using restrooms at gas stations. Anyway, Kai hopped back into the car and said "Man! It STINKS in there! It smells so badly of urine. I don't think anyone ever cleans it! It smells like someone pissed all over the floor!" He pulled some anti-bacterial hand lotion out of the glove compartment and practically scrubbed his body with it. I don't blame him.

Another time I was with Kai and Garrett at a local skating competition. Garrett really had to go to the bathroom, but said that the bathrooms there were disgusting and smelled terrible. He kept fidgiting on the way home, then at one point he stopped walking and just went in his pants, which he has done before. He was wearing baggy jeans so it wasn't easily visible.

A question for everyone: What is the WORST public restroom you have ever seen?

David S.
I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I haven't experience much unusual in my bathroom or that of anyone I know lately.

Eleanor: Holy crap (no pun intended)...get help. Your brother's denying you one of your basic rights. Geez...I thought my brother was a pain in the butt...

Jim, good stories - sucks you got caught. I got caught doing that sort of thing once too.

Doughboy: Wow, crapped your pants playing starcraft...I play starcraft a lot and its adicting, but I don't think I'd be able to concentrate with a load in my pants.

Yesterday, this group was on my mind while I was at the beach - I went to a nude beach
(Playalinda) for the first time. As I was there, I thought of all the stories about peeing and shitting in the
sand at the beach. After walking naked a bit, I sat down, and again thought of those posts (sorry I can't remember the names of the posters) and started to need to go. I didn't do it there, though. I got dressed, and walked back to the parking lot, where there's a bathroom. Those of you who have been to Playalinda will probably know the type of bathroom it is; for those who haven't, it's a single occupency (single toilet). I started shitting, and someone came in. He said, "sorry". I said, "It's no big deal, I was naked on the beach anyways" (who cares if he sees me naked). I wouldn't minded if he stayed in there while waiting for me to finish, but I didn't say anything, and he went outside to wait. Of course, once again I
thought of this group (or forum might be a better word). It was a nice adventure, would have been nicer if the weather was better at the time. But, I would go again if I have a chance.
I imagine thoughts of this forum pop into many of it's members' minds at times while doing things (bathroom or non-bathroom related things). True?

RENEE & NU -- Hi grrls! Oh, Renee, I don't mind at all you and Patsy having a mild case of the crushes for me! I'm honored, delighted, warm and fuzzy, and a bit tingly as well! I'll dedicate my next eruption to you both!

Speakig of eruptions, I went out to dinner on Friday night with the family, and had heaps of appetizers followed by a huge steak and fries. The next morning I launched one of my mightier missles, a real "tadpole turd," with a head 1.5" thick, tapering along the fuselage to 1" at the tail. It had a normal, healthy smell, was a foot long, preceeded by some "bumshot," followed by a couple of thinner 6" specials and a few more chunks. It felt great to unload all that, and a truly powerful whiz engendered by two bottles of alcoholic cider with dinner.

I loved your posts, and got a bit weepy too. You're right, Jake is one special guy -- rare, as I knew he was when he carved the rocking horse. I know how it is to say goodbye to one you love with all your heart, and you have to get the crying out of you eventually. I pray Malita is well and growing strong again, she has a lot of freinds who miss her and are pullig for her.

I also hope she's managed to empty her bowels, with all your affectionate assistance. I'm hope we'll get an update real soon -- I don't like to think of her in difficulty.

Nu, your contribution was super, you're definitely one of that amazing extended family -- and I envy you all! You enjoy my pee exploits? I'm flattered! I'll do a wall for you -- and as soon as the weather heats up again I'll dedicate a starlight stream in the middle of the night to you all.

Renee -- (GRIN) I might just be getting myself up on a horse soon, and I'm thinking of buying a little T-shirt with a design of a galloping mustang and the title "cowgirl!" Am I a member of the club yet?

With affection to all at your wonderful home,


BUCK -- hi there! Yes, the ladies you observed were part of the ever-growig number of women of all ages who have discovered the secret art of urinating while standing up. They are very confident of themselves to do so and either forget to lock the doors or to leave them unlocked on purpose in the hopes they might be seen. It's a profoundly liberating experience for women who learn the skill and are so "built" that they can do it reliably. Not to mention FUN!



Renee/Patsy. In answer to your question, yes I am a guy. I hope Carmalita is sooner feeling better and, just as importantly, able to have a bowel movement. It's certainly nunlike her to not go for three days. Please give her my kindest regards.

Rich & Kathy (RJogger & wife). I thoroughly enjoyed Kathy's story about the lady who made a stink in the bathrooms at her workplace. Some people can produce quite ripe smells, particularly if they eat certain foods. Also I trust that Sunday's visit to Mike and Anne's went well. I hope your friend Anne needed - and did - a good big poo while you were there.

Steve & Louise. Glad you saw the Channel Four programmes on Top Toilets. Unfortunately I missed the one which focused on Twford's as I was out that particular night. I agree with your comments about the programme on the loos in the Manchester shopping centre though.

Tim & Sarah. I can understand you being anxious about your son having passed red coloured motions. Beetroot can and, often does, result in the passing of red coloured motions. So far as bleeding is concerned, if you ever encouter it, bright red blood normally signifies an external source of the problem. Dark red is indicative of internal bleeding and should always be taken more seriously. If in doubt though, always consult a doctor.

April. I was horrified to read your story. Nobody should have to suffer such an indignity. I can only assume that it was elsewhere in the world, because in England if a probation office (or any other kind of office come to that) didn't have working toilets it would have to close until they were repaired - for the benefit of both staff and clients. Not doing so would almost certainly be in contravention of Health & Safety legislation.

Tony. Glad to see you back again. Enjoyed your posting.

To the person who asked for opinions on the subject, I think recordings or films taken in public lavatories without people's permission are wrong and a definite NO NO! Quite apart from the fact that in many countries such a practice is almost certainly unlawful it is an invasion of people's privacy. It denies people the fundamental right to give consent. Should a lady agree to go on the toilet for me in private that is clearly a different matter because her consent is part of the bargain.

Special greetings to Robby, Annie, Sarah & Meghan. Good luck.

Kind regards to everyone


kim and scott
greetings all!
TO MERIDETH-hello dear. its good to have you back after a bit of absence. scott and I enjoy your posts and we hope you enjoy ours. be well!
TO BRYIAN-hello bryian. thanks for liking our buddy dumping story. and yes scott and I had to go real bad! I tell you I had to take a MONSTER shit the size of texas that day!!it felt great coming out too!my boyfriend loves it when my ring and ass quiver excitedly and expand real wide as a gigantic brown log starts to come out of my ass!when I have a colossal shit like this... it often leads to more fun things later between us! well.
TO RENEE and NU-hello renee and nu. thanks for your kind letter back to me. scott and I love you too and we hope carmalita is feeling better!scott and I send our love to your whole gang. be well.
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-hello you two. thanks for liking our posts.we like yours too!scott and I really enjoy our time together and have a GREAT time buddy dumping together. I am glad that you and your wife have tried buddy dumping together and like it. its fun!scott and I send our love to you both.
TO ROBBY ,ANNIE,SARAH S and MEGHAN-hello. thanks for liking our buddy dumping post.and yes scott did have a massive 18 inches long. 2 inches thick dump but mine was bigger at 27 inches long. 3 inches thick.we both eat quite a bit,and lift weights fanatically to get massive- being bodybuilders and all(and dont worry we dont use steroids! we bodybuild naturally!) but I have a super-colon too which makes my logs always bigger then scotts. and yes we are in school. scott and I go to a 4 year college together thats close enough to drive to every morning! sarah s and meghan we hope that your whole family is well. scott and I send our love. take care all! more kim and scott posts a bit later!and thanks soo much for all the people who like our posts. it is very much appreciated!

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Someone (I forgetten her name)asked if men feel pee going out by their dick. In my case, I feel it only if I press hard on my dick when I'm pissing. In other cases, I don't feel it. If it was "flood waters dumping" (an giant envy), I'll feel the happiness to had emptied my bladder for a while. On your side, ladies, do you feel pee going out of yourself when your pee? If it's you pee stand up, do it will modify the feeling?

Hey all its so great to be back. Im at the last stage of my exams and will hopefully start posting frequently again. Good news too. Amanda is actually switching schools.She doesn't like her all girls school that shes attending right now adn wants to join me. Thats really exiting.

CARMALITA: I feel for you hon. It is really hard to get over someone you loved and cared for. Only a matter of time though. Cheer up. I'm always here if you need me.

RENEE: THa must have been one hell of a big shit you took. And with all the girls and attention in your house, there must be quite a lot of bowel moving ;)

BILLY: Nice story you got there. Once you see a pretty girl poop, it will change you view on them forever. My last boyfriend thought girls don't even shit, till i left him a present that is. He still teases me about being a big shitter and do I mind? NO

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Nothing feel better thatn a good shit, especially when really urgent ;)

I just had a really good dump after 2 days. I had to hold it for several hours too as for i was writing an exam. My stomach was also making funny growling noioses. It wasn't until 3.5 hours later that i was free, but I lost the urge and went to eat a massive lunch of chicken and mushroom turnovers. Had lots of salad too. About 2 hours later I felt this huge urge so I got changed into some comfortable loose pants and a really loose shirt and ventured to the toilets down the hall. It wasn't full but the washroom stereo was blazing out loud so i turned it off as i wanted to enjoy everyminute and sound of my poop. Some one had left an Elle magazine on the floor of one of the 4 stalls and i chose that as for there was reading material and i felt this was going to be a slow long comfortable shit. I locked the door pulled down my pants (not wearing any underwear) and sat on the seat which was currently quite warm. I lovesitting on a toilet seat with really loose and comofrtabl! e clothing while taking a big stinky shit. Anyway I started flipping through the pages as several small turds exited with loud plops. Then there was a pee break. I sat there reading and waiting for my load to slowly move while at the same time farting up a storm. It was then that i heard another girl enter the bathroom and stall right next to mine. I heard the door bolt and rustle of clothing. After my neighbor ????ed her as on the seat, I heard a deep rumble fart which was so slow and really loud followed by a short giggle and a sorry. I smiled and just said 'no need to apologize, it IS natural' but i did like it. My turn to fart came when she was shitting crazy turds. I heard them fall in the water one after the other until i lost count. The fart was followed by a smooth turd which came out with almost no effort followed byt another three which required little pushing. The final log was also trying to exit but took more effort as I leaned forward slightly and grunted. By! now my neighbor had finished and was washing up. I felt the log slowly inching out bit by bit unitl it touched the water and tapered off. I sat for a few minute longer to see if there was anymore but only just the regular loud brrptt fart and a little pee. I wiped and stood up admiring my product, then flushed almost stopping up the toilet too. But i knew it was fine when the water began to swirl and take my numerous long logs down the hole. I took the magazine out with me hoping to finish it in my room when I met Esme on the way back and she asked me for it. I asked her why and she said 'I gotta shit bad' and i do know when Esme shits she takes her time :).

Greets to every single person here
and enjoy your poos and pees!!


to movie fan:
yeah, the scenes in those are preety good and i'll describe what i remember:

"since you've been gone"- shows a scene in which teri hatcher is on the toilet taking a dump reading a magazine and smoking a cigarette. she's also on the phone with her boyfriend. the movie is about a high school reunion.

"flirting with disaster" this is a comedy with ben stiller and patricia arquette. in one scene they'e talking and patricia arquette is on the toilet. you don't really know what she's doing but its pretty funny.

"jimmy hollywood" a joe pesci movie where his girlfriend comes home from a trip and pees in the toilet.

"kiss of the dragon" that new jet li movie has bridget fonda taking a pee.

I haven't posted in a while. Last time there was a couple named Steve and Louise with some funnny stories about Louise standing and peeing forward. There was also a woman named PV who posted of doing the same.
Here's my story.
Several months ago, I was on a Via train in Canada between Montreal and Toronto. The washrooms have sliding doors and require to be hooked for latching, which activates a light. Also, there is one for women , and one for women, men and handicap. Ours was in the rear of the car, and I had to go. I approached the unisex one and slid the door open only to see an older lady, about fifty-five or sixty. Facing the toilet with her pants unzipped and tossing a tissue into the toilet. I apologized, and she said that it didn't really matter as she was done. She smiled and left. Then I entered and realized taht the seat was already up. All I could think of is that this lady must have stood to pee, and must have been pretty good at it as there was no mess.
O, Canada.
Later on another trip by plane, the guy next to me had had a few drinks and went tot he mid-caabin washroom. When he returned, he pointed my attention toward a rather attractive woman about thirty with shorter dark hair. "I don't know how she did it, or what she is," he said. "But she didn't have the door locked and when I opened it, she was facing the toilet and peeing."

Tarheel Mike
Hi everyone. I used to be skeptical of the posts about turds so big that they stopped the toilet, that is, until a few days ago. I was at work when this blond construction worker came in the store and asked if he could use the restroom. Normally the bathroom is for employees only, but he said he had to go real bad(he was obviously browncapping), so we let him. Several minutes passed and I was feeling the urge to pee, so I was hoping he would hurry up. Eventually the construction worker emerged from the bathroom looking much relieved and went on his way. I then went into the bathroom and boy did I get a surprise! That construction worker left bahind a "gift" for us! There in the toilet was a monster turd, caramel brown and as thick as a Coke can! This turdzilla has completely stopped up the toilet! After the other guys in the store had gawked over it, we tried to flush it down with no success. That skinny blond young (maybe 25 or so) construction worker had produce! d a prizewinner at our expense! I can only imagine the pain his asshole must have felt giving birth to that thing! Anyway, we eventually had to break it up into smaller turdlets using a plunger. It took about an hour and a half. So this is the thanks we get for our generosity! See if we let anybody use our bathroom again!

hi all

I had an accident was on the bus going home from high school yesterday. When I was getting ready to leave, I felt the urge to dump but I figured I could hold it till I got home and if I missed the bus Id have to wait another hour to get home. While I was waiting for the bus (less than 5 minutes), I was getting bad cramps. I got on the bus anyway and hoped for the best. All the way home I squeezed my cheeks. Finally my stop. I was excited I made it. I live about two blocks from the stop to I started to walk when I big cramp hit. Immediately I stopped in my tracks and waited till the pressure went away. When it did I continued home. I got to the door and dropped my keys. When I bent over to pick them up it came out just a little at first but I couldn't stop it once it started and by the time I got to the bathroom I was just about done. I dropped my briefs and threw them in the garbage, which I wrapped and threw outside after I was finished. I got dressed in clean clothes ! and just sat back and wondered what just happened. Anyone ever have an accident in a car or on the bus?

BRYIAN--Thanks for saying you liked my story and for answering my question!

APRIL--I feel bad for you about what happened. It wasn't your fault. That was really cruel that they wouldn't let you wait for the bathroom to open, or at least go acroos the street and take someone with you to PROVE there was no reason why you shouldn't leave the building. I totally understand you, though. Once I start peeing, I can't stop either. I used to be able to start and stop whenever, but now I can't. A couple of years ago, I went through anorexia, and now it seems that all my muscles are weaker, even though I am fully recovered. So, maybe that's part of my problem.

SAN D--I would hate to be videotaped pooping without knowing it and having stranger watch. I mean, if you're into watching people poop, that's fine, but I don't think you should video tape them without permission or even without them knowing. I'd be really pissed if a stranger taped me. It might be different if it was a close friend, even though I'm more interested in peeing.

ARTHUR--Yes, I saw that episode of King of the Hill just a few days ago. I was going to mention it, but looks like you beat me to it! I thought it was funny when Ladybird (the dog) was pooping in the backyard and Hank said, "Showoff..." lol

MODERATOR--Why are there never pictures of men on the toilet in the top left corner? Every time I've been here, the person is female. Is there a reason for that? Just curious, b/c I'd like to see a young man, at least once.
Well, last night was interesting. I had a ceramics class at 6:00pm, which I forgot about until I glanced at my watch at 5:48. Though I really had to pee, I decided to wait, as I'd be late for class. Class lasted until after 8:00pm. I got home and ran right for the bathroom. As soon as I closede the door, Matt called and I had to run to the phone without peeing, as he was calling long distance since he moved and I really wanted to talk to him. We talked for about 30 minutes. THEN, my little sister cooked a pizza and wanted me to eat with her. So FINALLY, around 9:00pm, I got to the bathroom and peed for all it was worth....aaahhhhhhhh

Well, I've go to go. Got several things to do today. Later!

To Arthur: I've seen that episode of King Of The Hill

To SanD: Was your dump really loose or more firm? I don't think those cams you are talking about would bother me.

To April: I liked your story

To Anthony: I liked your story

To Outhouse Scott: I liked your story about that girl coming in the mens room to wash her hands. I think id be shocked too(im a guy thought) cause i have never seen another guy or girl on the toilet before like that in the open.

To canadian guy: What is the name of that movie? is it new? how new is it?

To steve: I liked your story

To Randi: When will the best bathrooms air on the travel channel? i have that!

To Leo: I liked your come your friend didn't flush? Did he know your in to pooping? And did he know you messed around with his poop?

To kim and scott: I really loved your buddy dumping storie...Sounds like you really had fun and both of u really had to go big time! Cool!

Yesterday i posted that i was farting alot...I knew what it was from(bbq chicken) but i wasn't expecting what happened this morning. I thought eventully i would have a little bit of a softer dump cause bbq does this to me sometimes. I woke up at 4:45(in time for work) and i get up and instantly i knew i had to poop and i knew it was gonna be diahreah. I sat down and pushed all this loose stuff out of my ass. I felt like i was peeing out my ass, thats how loose and liquidy it was. Then i was on the toilet for 15-20 minutes then i wiped and after wards i felt a bit nausated but then i rested a minute and felt better and got ready for work. Then i go to work and soon after i was there i felt like i had more diahreah up my ass. I had to wait till break time. It wasn't that urgent but i wanted to get rid of it before i sneezed or something and it came out in my pants. I also thought that maybe i would see this new young guy in the bathroom. I was wrong..maybe another time. An! y way on break i still had diahreah and it was like pissing out my ass...Pure brown water coming out. Then i wiped(doubled up on paper they had and any way i figured it would be very messy). I flushed and ate something and i haven't had diahreah since. Well i gotta run(such a long post). Bye

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