Renee and Nu
Hellowe everybody!

Hey, very hot picture of the sweet asian girl! Her goodies are blurred out though! So sad.

Thank you all for your tender thoughts for that sweet child Juanito. He had a tough little life. Jake did something truly, incredibly AMAZING last night!!! He has always been there for me whenever I needed him, and was there for Carmalita too! He'd taken a picture of Juanito, and it was a great shot too. He recently had it blown up to 9x12 and framed. So, he brought it home, then gave it to Carmalita and told her to go into the bedroom by herself and say goodbye to him. Then, after she was empty and wrung out, she was to bring the picture back out and we would all hang it on the wall, get out our own goodbyes and tears and celebrate his passage into heaven. It worked! There are truly very few heroes in this world. Jake M. is one of them. Carmalita is still sad, but she's eating again and has even laughed a few times! JAKE DID THIS!!!

Okay, now for some replies and good poop stories.
Jane: 3 poops a day huh? Mmm, sounds nice. Wish I could watch. I think working out is a big factor. I think you're awesome Jane!
Rizzo: Always a genteman who's most welcome in our hearts and household. I think you're very special, and all of us just love you. Patsy sends a very special hello to you. We all do. Baby Malita is happy and growing. She thinks Jake's forefinger is the greatest toy in the world and always latches onto it whenever he dangles it in front of her. It's so cute.
RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hey dude, hope everytang 's cool wit'chu! Good to talk to you again. I'm anxious to read about more of your fun and games with your friends. Your fun is similar to ours. I've missed you guys a lot.
Kim and Scott: Oh, Kim. That was very, very sweet of you to pass condolences on to Juanito's parents. That's what makes you such a babe. I'll always love you for that.-R.
Adrian: Thanks guy (oops, I hope you're a guy!) for the good wishes, Carmalita is reading the posts as I've printed them out.
Steve and Louise: Steve I loved your account of your gym teacher gf peeing. I remember the pic you're talking about. It's my feeling however, that she was going to lay a massive log in the urinal. You and Louise are very special people and mean a lot to us.
PV: Hi girlfriend, I've missed you. I hope you don't mind that me and Patsy both have an admirable crush on you. Red hair and VS lingerie! Mmmm-mm, see? We remember! Nu has also taken a special interest in your stories as well. She gets very excited about peeing and pee stories. She should post about some of her pees because she makes them so exciting. For one thing, she holds them in forever because she loves the feeling of a desperation pee.
Sarah S and Meghan: Thank you both for your love and concern. I'm sure Carmalita will write and thank you herself. She just needs some time. I love your "collumpting"! That's so cute. You girls must have some massive movements there. You're both so sweet and loving.
Meredith: Wow, you look like Anna Kournikova huh? Y'know what? So does Angie!!! She looks a lot like her. Angie also reminds me a lot of "Jan Brady" from the brady bunch. I TRULY enjoyed your restroom dump with the cosmopolitan mag. I like the way you said you had to stand up because the turd was so long it wouldn't end. I've had to do that myself. I didn't think anybody else did!! And yes, I agree that girls do poop huge! Being around Carmalita is a testimonial to that. That little Mexican can shit logs like nobody's business! Mere, I really love your stories and look so forward to them.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....Patsy took yet another killer dump yesterday. I could hear it crackling as she shifted her afro rump on the pot. K- ????-k- ????! Aah, the sounds she made when the big ones fell. Not too bad of a stink either so I enjoyed staying to watch the show. This morning she took a 15 minute shit while reading a book. Lots of plops, and very hot! When she catches me staring, she looks up with those big brown eyes of hers and I melt! I'm so happy she's my partner. Plus, she laid a turd as big around as a baseball bat! she admitted that it hurt her ass coming out.

Angie finally came over to see Carmalita.It was great having her over again. She did give us a beautiful show. She brought a full load with her to get rid of. Carmalita laughed and enjoyed the visit. We all enjoyed seeing her laugh again. We sat around, had a few drinks and then one thing led to another. Nu was over too. She was dressed in black tights and a heavy black sweater. She pulled her pants down and squeezed out a very long but soft turd that was pretty stinky. Anj, who was wearing jeans, boots and a white sweater sat on the toilet after Nu for a huge dump. I heard her crackling, spitting, and farting before about 6 hard plops hit the water. She looked like she was having an orgasm when her turds came out. She went "Ahhhhhhh, those were big ones." They were too! I really liked Nu's turd. It was sort of light brownish-green, and about 18-20" long. Not very thick, maybe an inch, but curled and coiled. Angie's turds were reallly dark brown, super thick and piled li! ke logs. There was also skid marks in the bowl. Nu brought the tape that she and anj made recently. Besides the sex stuff, there's great pooping scenes on it, much like the kind me and Carmalita used to make. There's also a great scene of Nu bending over bare assed and farting at the camera. She does one really long fart, then laughs hysterically after.

Carmalita hasn't pooped for about 3 days now. We're all going to get her to poop tonight whether she wants to or not. If she needs her space still, then Jake will help her. She was complaining of stomach pains, so she's probably going to have a lot of painful gas and cramping, or bad diarhea. If it's gas, then knowing Carmalita, she's going to shoot out a turd the size of Montana.

Anyway, once again my love to all.

What's up everybody? I'm at Renee and Carmalita's place again. It's very cold here today. Carmalita's asleep right now in only a pair of floral panties and nothing else, and while I'm using their computer, I'm staring at a pair of lovely brown tits that rise up and down with every sleeping breath. I can't wait until we make her shit later. She's been holding onto her goo for too long. Renee wants her to go tonight for sure. I always love watching Carmalita take a shit, it's very hot. I like watching her pee too.
Renee wasn't kidding about Patsy's huge dumps! Whoa! She's been on the same diet as me, mostly protein, and carbos, very little fat. Now our turds are big, hard and usually long. My long soft turd that Renee spoke of was because i ate too much ice cream. Naughty, naughty of me. I used to have the shits so much. I remember Tesa was telling me that nothing was worse than having the shits in prison. She said everybody knew everything, but really knew it when you had the runs. She has a scar over her left eye where she got stabbed in prison. How awful for such a nice and sweet gal. Her prison poop stories border from erotic to horrible. I shiver!
Anyway, I too have a nice big dump built up. I've been farting in here, and they stink. Yuuuck! Uh-oh, Carmalita just rolled over, and pulled the blanket over herself. She must be cold.
I watched Renee take a big dump a few days ago. Man did it ever stink, my goodness! Carmalita's man Jake also took a beautiful man shit for me. I'm so happy he let me watch. It's that thing with men that drives me up the wall! He was reading newspaper ads on the pot and when I looked to see what they were he smiled. They were store ads that I modeled bras and panties in. I just did another bad fart. Patsy's waiting to see what kind of turd I do, so I guess I'd better go and have a nice poop for her.

I was on a shoot the other day, and one of the other models had to take a monster shit. She was this young, junior model, about 16, gorgeous, and when she dropped her turds, the whole place reeked. My shit took longer so everyone thought it was me who stunk up the place.
Oh well, that's it for me I guess. So long and toodles2U!


It had to be the most humiliating experience today ever. I took drug tests for jobs. I used a clinical toilet, held the cup to my vagina as I sat on toilet. Your probation department is obscene.

Scarlet: I used to be pressured sometimes by adult women who wanted to use the toilet and had to wait for me to be finished. I got to the point where I did not care.

Greetings to all my furry friends. My health is good. I am enjoying good regularity.

Meredith: Enjoy your 18th year. I did for the most part. Being athletic promotes good bowel regularity. In high school and college, the girls knew me for my bowel movements. See my earlier posts.

Markus: I used to study on the toilet in grammar and high school. I would take lift my uniform 7-8th grade skirt or jumper or take it off, pull up my slip, lower my green tights and white or pink panties to my knees. As I sat, I would read my English vocabulary. That was my favorite subject or I would study a science chapter. I used to hold my bowel movements in elementary school. It was a relief to get home. Every afternoon, I would evacuate 5 large pieces of doo-doo.

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted in a while - i've been very busy.

Not much toilet activity, but I've just had a poo. It was quite big as well, the firts one I've had in a few days. I held it in a bit too long though, and I don't think I've got all of it out, so I'll go again later.

There seems to be some of the 'regulars' missing. I haven't seen any posts from Carmalita or Adele for a while. Do they still come on this site?

JIM - You seem to poo your pants quite often. Do you do it on purpose and do you enjoy it?

NOEL - Your posts are great! I enjoy reading them. When you poo your pants, how long do you usually 'hang around' in them?
I used to poo my pants, and I usually walked around in my dirty undies for about an hour. The feel of the poo just felt great. I don't do it anymore though, I stopped when I was 14. However, stories like yours have made me feel tempted to start it again.

Anyway, gotta go now. I'll try and post again soon.

Following on what Leo posted about incidents in commercial airplane bathrooms, here is a story that will be of interest to JANE, our friend and frequent poster here who is well known for her spectacular pooping sessions and frequent flushings while seated.
I remember her reporting once that she did not flush after having filled the toilet bowl because she was on a plane and was afraid of the toilet succion.
Well, she was right.
It was reported on the radio yesterday that SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) is being sued by a female passenger because she used a toilet aboard one of their planes and flushed the toilet while still seated. She got sucked into the toilet and could not move until the plane had landed and technicians helped her out of her predicament.

Rich and Kathy (RJOGGER and WIFE)
Kim and Scott - WOW, that was a great buddy dump you two had. There is nothing like an athletic couple doing girl on guy on the toilet. It makes for some interesting positions, not to say anything for the direction of the output. In our younger years, Kathy and I tried this a few times, when of course, our children were elsewhere. The results were varied, as we tried different positions and timings, but we got the hang of it.
You kids really filled up the bowl, and you seemed to have a fun time doing it. Thanks for the nice things that you say about us, and we will second what Rizzo the Boatman says: it is better to have met here than not at all. You kids take great care, Kathy and I send our love.
Rizzo - You certainly outdid yourself this time. Just imagine that, peeing behind a bush, and discovering a nice lady doing the same on the other side. It sure was funny to read Rizzo, but we have come to expect nothing less from our favorite boatman and his amazing toilet adventures. Be well, regards from Rich and Kathy.

Hellos also to Carmalita and Jake, Renee and Patsy, Annie and Robby, Meghan and Sarah, Meredith and Mandy, Jane, Diane NY, Buzzy (feel better, Neighbor), Muggs, Adrian, and Jeff A.

Hi everyone, it's Kathy. I have a little tale about work, something that happened on Friday. After punching in and picking up my assignments for the day, I decided to visit the ladies room for a poop. I had missed Rick earlier in the morning, as I heard him in the toilet at 5:30 (he gets up very early to run before work, and he likes to run at least 5 or so miles). I got up an hour or so later, showered, had breakfast (my dear husband had made hot oat bran, and he left me a bowl of it with raspberries) dressed and went to work.
As I walked to the ladies room, I noticed my boss (she is about 40, brunette and pretty) talking to her boss (sixtyish, dyed hair, tries to look younger), so I just walked by and entered the restroom. I went into the first stall, closed the door, lowered my slacks and panties, and sat. Almost immediately, with little effort, my hole expanded and I expelled a long, fat poop that crackled as it entered the bowl and fell into the water. I let out a soft grunt of relief, strained softly, and passed 2 more smaller cracklers. I peed pretty forcefully, and as I did, I heard the door to the ladies room open. I heard heels clicking across the floor, and someone entered the stall nearest the wall. I had finished peeing, and I heard someone rustling their clothes, and sitting on the toilet. The person coughed, and I realized that my boss's boss was seated on the throne. Without warning, she released a booming fart that almost sounded wet at the end. This was followed by a long pee,! then silence. I was passing some more poop, when I heard the other woman grunt several times, the last being the loudest. After a few seconds passed, the most awful shit smell wafted over towards me, and I nearly gagged. Now mind you, my poop smells pretty ripe sometimes, but this was really bad. It was a good thing that I was finished, so I started wiping, and as I did, this woman started grunting again and again, as now noisy poop was exiting from her rectum. I finished cleaning, pulled up my pants, checked my output (about 18 or so inches, close to 3 inches thick, with many smaller pieces) and flushed. As I made my way to the sink to wash up, the smell was worse then ever. I wondered how someone could smell so bad when they shit. AS I left, I briefly looked at my work and noticed that I had to meet my boss down the hall for a meeting. I entered the room, and Rita, my boss, gave me a funny smile. I knew what she was smiling about, as we have pooped together on occasion, ! and she, like me, is not shy about toilet functions.
'Did you get a load of Louise's AM Perfume, Kathy"?, she said with a smile. "I thought I was going to faint from the smell. Does she do this often"?, I asked. "Almost everyday. If we see her coming toward the bathroom, we go elsewhere. I don't know what she eats, or if she has digestive problems, but her shit is a killer", Rita said. We both laughed, then got ready for our meeting. Louise entered the room, and Rita and I lowered our heads and tried to suppress smiles. It was hard to be serious during the meeting, as the meeting before the meeting was bringing smiles to our faces. If I ever see Louise going to the ladies, I will indeed go the other way. One wiff of her stench was more than enough.

Bye Bye everyone, be well.

Robby, Annie and the Girls
Hi dear friends!
We decided to combine our weekend posts because the girls got a call from some male friends to go to a party this evening(Saturday) so after this post they will be leaving! Please bear with us. This probably will be long!

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi there!! Here is a story just for you. A fellow cousin of ours visited us this past Thursday. Lets call her Jenny. When we were teenagers all of the families were together. Jenny had to go to the loo er toidy. She went in and closed the door. Annie and heard her grunting and moaning. Our ears were glued to the door! She panted and cullompted a big log!! She then started these wolfing sounds. Annie started giggling and I put my hand over her mouth. Jen said;"Is anyone out there?" We held our breaths. She resumed panting and moaning. We heard wee and more poo coming out. After about 25 minutes we finally heard the tissue role. We crept from the door. She never did know!! Why we were never discovered we can't say! We are glad you are so nice to dear Eleanore on this forum. She needs it! Hope to hear from you soon. Sarah and Meg- we will talk to you next weekend!! Have a great week! Give little Ellen a squeezy hug for us! Robby and Annie-Give! Ellen a big hug for us, too!. Lots of Lovexxxxxx and mega hugs, Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Cousins Sarah and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend!! S and M- we realize you are busy. Don't worry! That story you wrote! The description of the wee, the holding of the willie. It is worthy of Keats, Milton, or Byron! Yes, I'm sure that lady would have been pissed and pissed on!! Hope your dear wife is well. We will talk soon. Lots of Lovexx from Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

JANE: Good to hear from you. Glad your poos are regular! Give Gary a hello for us! Love, Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

MEREDITH: Glad to see you back. Yes, we remember you! Where is your sis? Sarah- Meg and I are back at school and our dumps are large. I am really stopped up and have to do something to relieve it. Don't want to shit on any boys this evening! Really enjoyed your 3 stories!! Take care, Sarah S, Meghan, Robby and Annie

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi there!! Louise, we are not about to ask what you did with Steve's willie after he told you that you looked great, LOL!!
Steve, Annie would let you in to the mass wee if she could see you perform,LOL!! We(ladies)thank you for you thinking we are attractive (Blush). Louise, do you and your Mum wee together anymore? Your stories are great! Yes, Annie will have a Sue story for you next time. She and I have loads of 'em! Take care, Love from Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

RENEE: Just a short reply. How is Carmalita? We hope some sunshine is entering in. We love you all! Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

KIM AND SCOTT: Hi folks! The hamburger and fries will do it for you!! Scott, you did a massive dump! Was it bigger than Kimmie's? That would be an accomplishment. Kim, your dump was the usual!! Are you two in school, yet? Take care, Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

INA: Hi sweetheart! Do you have Bratwursts with the sauerkraut? It is so American to do that. Is it usual to combine those? We know that sauerkraut can clean out the system. It has worked for us! Robby- I would love for you to come over and work for the industry. I would love to work for the BBC,also! Have you written for them? You do write so well! You have what we call on here cullompted poos. They are big! Well, hope you stay ok and keep writing! Lots of Lovexx and a hug from Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meghan

PV: Just a short note! Glad you are still practicing those standing wees!!!!!! The girls will, too!! Love, Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meghan

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hi folks! Thanks for the compliment! We enjoy your stories, too! Take care from all of us!!

TIM AND SARAH: Hi, you dear couple! Sarah,it may take awhile for you to
enjoy the toilet things as we call them here. Just take it a day at a time. Love from all of us!!

We won't write out the names this time. We consider all of you to be our special friends on here!! Also, our apologies to the moderator for making this so long.



Saturday, January 26, 2002

Did anyone see that episiod of King of the Hill where Hank was constipated and they were going to remove his colon but then was able to go on the last day before he would have needed to have surgery.I thought it was funny how his glasses fell in the tiolet and his wife thought he went lol.
Ben:I was the one who asked if anyone ever imagined using the bathroom as the opposite sex.I've always just kind of wondered what it'd be like.I'm not sure why but I always thought it'd be cool to be a girl and go to the bathroom with other girls around,in like public bathroom, even though girls have more crap to put up with concerning going to the bathroom(pardon the pun lol).I supposse I just like trying new experiences.Also I'm very interested in reincarnation and know that I'm going to be a girl in my next 7 lives and that interested me and along with that interest oddly enough was what will it be like to go to the bathroom as a girl.So i'm curious about any stories anyone has.I know I'm pretty weird espicially since I could link those 2 interests together lol.

Sara T.: I used to go with my boy cousins, David and James to the Barbizon Plaza hotel for their hobby club meetings. There was an attended women's room. It was neat as a pin. An attendant would give you a hand paper towel and there was a tray of cosmetics. I was a 17 y/o. I usually had to urinate. So, I would take a stall, lower my jeans and panties. I did not strip as usual. Jeans are my tomboy clothes.

I like this cover girl. She looks like she is finishing an "early morning." I had a roomate, Shannon, who would stir around in the bed at 5:30 every morning and then go to the toilet, slam the door, pull up her pajama shirt and evacuate her bowels with an explosion. I would hear her spray the bathroom while she was sitting. Then she would urinate. Shannon is in the Navy. My cousin, Wendy wears the same night sleeping garment. When she sleep at my house, she is not explosive. I would hear 2-3 sploshes. That is the result of bowel transit time. Another cousin from England stayed with me. She wore one of those nightshirts. I would take my bath and she would walk in. I would turn off the water to talk to her. She would lift up her shirt, pull down her panties and quietly evacuate a series of small pieces of solid doo-doo. And we would talk about what we were going to do that day. My roommates, cousins and I were and are close.

Simple night clothes are best when you have to sit on the toilet.

Hello everyone! Just thought of some more stories!

When I was about 9, I went to spend the night with one of my friends. We were in her basement, watching Fantasia, when her little sister stopped, pointed at her brother, who was about 4 or 5 probably, and screamed "Craig's pooping in his pants!" At that age, I was still kind of squeamish about bodily fuinctions, so I mentioned to my friend that we should play upstairs. I don't know if Craig got cleaned up soon or not.

Several years ago, I was in 8th grade and had to pee. The teacher let me go to the nearest bathroom. This bathroom only had one toilet inside a stall, which did lock, and the sink was outside the stall, where anybody could come in. I like my privacy when I was younger. I was about to start peeing when an older lady came in, probably from the church as I went to a Catholic Elementary and Middle School. I told her I was already in there and she said, "Well then, I'll just wait out side the stall." So, she stood there and listened to me pee. I was really upset at this invasion of privacy, so bad that I almost couldn't go. Then a few days later, my friend Marie said she had gone that day, and the same old lady stood outside her stall. Marie said she was almost in tears, as she had been on her period and had to change her pad with the old lady listening. After those 2 times, I never saw the old lady again. I always wondered if she really was waiting to go or if she! just enjoyed listening to us young girls go. It really upset us at the time, but now I've learned that nobody ever died from having someone hear them pee. We all do it...

Yesterday I decided to open up the bag of prunes I bought at Price Club and have a few. Unfortunately I had more than a few and about 2 hours later, I was desperate to dump badly. I was so desperate that I actually used the toilet the landlord installed in the water Heater room outside. My own toilet was occupied and I ran outside to use the other one. I didn't realize that prunes work so fast! Luckily none of the other tenants came around while I was crapping.

I have a question that may have already been addressed on this forum. What does everyone think about those videos/websites that have hidden camera videos of people using the toilet? They are usually taken in public areas like airports or universities. And how would you feel if you were secretly videotaped while taking a dump? Any comments, folks??

Jennifer L: examine your diet. Go ahead and eat junk food, but eat a lot of protein like meats and rice. Drink lots of soda, daily. Your troubles will be over. First, take psyllium or senna pod tea. If that does not work use chemicals like Dulcolax or magnesia. Senna works in 15 minutes or less. But,it is a start.

I had the most humiliating experience today ever. I am on probation, and one of requirements are random drug tests. I was in to see my probation officer this morning and in visiting I was informed he was needing a urine sample. I took the cup and I inquired where the restroom was and I was told that at this time it was closed and a plumber was working on the problem. I was instructed to go behind this medical screen they had set up for privacy. I protested, I told him how can I just fill the cup and not finish, once I start to pee I canít stop, in the past I would start my pee put the cup in mid stream and then finish the rest in the toilet. I donít know if it is just me or other girls canít stop their pee either. I protested again and I was informed if I did not submit a sample I was in violation and would go to jail. I pleaded my case to go across the street and come back, but to no avail, we could not leave the building if a sample was requested. Well pee or go to jail,! went to this large room where there was a line of people (all men) and a medical screen, This man emerged with his small bottle of urine and gave it to the clerk. I told the clerk I donít know if I could stop my stream I was told its not that hard everyone here had no problem. Well what the hell here goes .. I went behind the screen and first off no toilet paper, requested I have at least something to clean myself, the clerk went out and came back with a box of Kleenex, sighed and asked me if I could get on with it. This was embarrassing There were men no more than 10 feet away, I had nothing to sit on, I could not squat, because the screen was like a toilet stall, it open on the bottom for like 8 inches, so if I squatted I would have exposed my bottom to everyone there, it was bad enough they could see my feet and knew exactly what I was doing. Well I weighed the options again piss or jail, well I pulled up my skirt and pulled my pantyhose to my knees bent over reached aro! und with cup and relaxed. I was wearing heels and I almost fell over. After about a minuet I started to pee the next thing I new the cup was full and I could not stop, I cried oh no I canít stop my pee Then I heard one of the men she is pissing on the floor, my PO started yelling hold it hold I was so scared he would come back and see me peeing I heard him say go get a mop quick!!My steam shoots from the rear and I had no clue it shot out behind the screen, giving the other probationers one good show I finished peeing took a tissue wiped pulled up my hose and came out. I was so embarrassed I gave him the cup and ran out. I cried most of the way home.

My neighbor took a massive shit at my house tonight!! My neighbor's name is Mara. She is about 5'6", 125lbs. Not too big and not too small. Very pretty, dark hair and thick legs. I came home from work today and she was standing out in front of her apartment door. She was dressed in a black dress with nude hose and black high, stilleto heels. I asked her what the problem was and she told me that she had locked herself out of her apartment. She asked me if she could come in and use the phone so she could call the Super. After calling the Super and asking if he could come over and let her in she asked if she could use my toilet. I said "of course" and sat down on the couch. She got up and strutted into the bathroom. The minute the dor shut I heard her let go of a loud fart. I then heard the click of her heels on the tiled floor as she approached the toilet. I heard he lower the seat and sit down. She then began to grunt loudly. I heard her shit hitting the water! , each log followed by a fart and grunt. She must have been in there for about 20 minutes. I heard a knocking on my front door. It was the Super, Paul. I went over to the bathroom door and banged on it. "Mara, Paul is here. I heard he start to unravel toilet paper and get off the toilet. Then without flushing or washing her hand she burst out of the bathroom and headed for the front door. She greeted Paul and shut my front door. As soon as she was gone I went into the bathroom. The first thing that hit me was the stench. It smelled like something had died in here. I couldn't belive that such a pretty girl had made such a stink. I looked into her unflushed toilet and saw a bunch of toilet paper with shit stains on it. Floating underneath it were her logs of shit. She must have defecated a good ten pieces. They ranged in size from 10" long to 2" long. They were all the same color, a nice light brown. They were also very smooth. I enjoyed the sight and smell ! for awhile, took a quick polorid and went to bed. Hoped you liked the story. Billy

Jennifer L: what's the longest time you have Pooed for?

Hi folks! I've been very busy this month, so I will dash off a couple responses.

Renee: Long time no see! Good to see you back here. Thanks for the update on all of the shenanigans going on in your house. That was some nasty dump you took. I'm glad to hear little Malita's doing well. I'm not so happy about Carmalita. She must be devasted by her little friend's passing. I am sure you guys will be there for her and help her deal with her loss. Take care and God bless you all.

Eleanor: Yes, you will find many people who care and will help anyone who seeks help for their problems. I, too, was touched by your dilemma, and the strong response by everyone here. I don't have any more advice to add to what's already been given, but I'm sure you will eventually overcome this and will emerge a stronger person. Just remember that, although he's being very cruel, he is your brother, and don't do anything that will cause irreconcilable differences between the two of you.

Lately, poopwise, I've been more or less regular and have settled on a routine of having three pooping sessions a day: first thing in the morning, sometime in the afternoon, usually between 4 and 5pm, and after dinner. The loads have been usually small to medium. It remains to be seen how long I can keep up this routine. I am feeling great, eating right and working out regularly.

jon: I subcribe to an airline group and we posted that. Bryian: thanx

This is a little bit off topic but it has to do w/ toilets.
Lufthansa is being sued by a Canadian family who claim a relative who died after having a heart attack in a plane toilet was not discovered for four hours.

The family of Anil Charnalia, of Ontario, is suing the airline because they claim he might have survived if someone had checked on him.

Lufthansa disputes the amount of time Mr Charnalia was in the toilet on the flight to India.

Mr Charnalia's family said in a statement: "He died, sitting alone in an aircraft washroom, without any attention paid by the flight staff to the passenger's well-being and safety."

Bert Raphael, the family's lawyer, told the Globe and Mail newspaper: "Even if he was in pain or some sort of distress, he might well have been saved if they had gone in there before."

Lufthansa's lawyer Mr Carlos Martins said the airline would not make any further comment on the case because it is before the courts.

Mr Charnalia, an accountant who was 49, was found dead after the crew broke down the toilet door on landing at New Delhi in October 1999. A doctor on board tried to resuscitate him.

According to an affidavit from a man sitting beside Mr Charnalia on the flight, two meals were served during his absence. The man said that a line of people waiting to use the bathroom cubicle was forced to use another bathroom.

The lawsuit demands several hundred thousands of dollars in damages.

Hi i am new here. Iam a sixteen year old male, and i have a fourteen year old sister. Today when i came home from school, i was sitting relaxing on hte couch in front of the TV. My sister was taking a shower, and taking an awefully long time. Every Thursday, a house cleaner comes to clean our house. She was cleaning by the TV and complaing that my sister was taking so long. She needed to take a pee. SHe was prancing around and sitting and crossing her legs to not let the pee come out. After a while she undid her pants and sqeezed her vagina shut because it was so bad. I told her to take a pee in the pail of detergent water she was using to clean the house. She said OK. So i took the four litre pail and set it on the ground while she slid down her jeans and took of her red panties. She squatted over the pail and let it gush out. I got really close to see what was going on. I have never seen a girl peeing before. I could see the pail filling up as she peed and she had so much ! pressure that the pee was splashing in the water.

I keep having to fart..been doing it all afternoon no urge to poop!

Last night before bed i had to poop and i had a light brown turd(nice and smooth too) and it had to be about 13" and it sorta curved around into the back of the bowl(it was sorta hidden) i couldn't see it all so i picked it up and moved it around so i could have a better view. It ended up breaking in half. I wiped 6 times and flushed

To Aaron: I was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me what town in MA. you are in...see i have cousins in MA(never been there thought) i was wondering if they might be the same towns. I don't know the towns right off hand but if i hear your town it might ring a bell. Thanks

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First of all a few responses. Jon the story about the women stuck on the toilet on SAS was on Pual Harvey yesterday on a local radio station here. Scarlet as far as feeling your pee as you go for males it depends on were you are holding your penis and if your penis is in some state of erection. You can feel the sensation of the urine going through the ureatha. I remember the first time my wife(then girlfriend} held me while I peeed she almost choked it off then I told her to loosen her grip. She said she could feel the pressure as my urine flowed.

TailWagger I liked your post about the long brown tail. Like Paul I got a good laugh out of it. The story fits your post name. Eleanore Im sorry you are still having trouble with your brother. You got to tell one of your parents. I dont think the pooping in your brothers underware is going to help because he could do the same thing back to you. I hope the situation does get resolved and soon. Annie & Robby very funny post about the moose attacking. I wonder if it was all the grunting and groaning you guys were doing while going. Everyone take care. Upstate Dave

Outhouse Scott
Hey, Everyone.

Interesting experience the other day. I really, really had to take a shit while I was in Manhattan the other day. Those of you who have been in NYC should know about the vastly inferior quantity of public restrooms. I finally found a McDonald's that had no "no public restroom" sign, and went in. I went into the men's room. There were three urinals and two stalls. One stall had a door, but was out of order. The other one was working, but the door was missing. The sink was right across from the open stall, giving anyone washing their hands a clear view at whoever was sitting on the toilet.

Anyway, I was too desperate to care at this point. There was a guy peeing in the toilet. I waited and he finally finished. I went in the stall, and was amazed to see that he had managed to avoid peeing on the seat. I wiped it off anyway, pulled my jeans and boz=xers down just enough and sat. I didn't even have to push. A good sized load erupted out of my ass. Not quite diarrhea, but pretty soft and gooey. So I'm sitting there, and I hear the bathroom door open. A girl's voice says, "Hello?" I froze.

One of the guys at the urinals said, "Yeah?" The girl said, "I just need to wash my hands, is it okay if come in and use the sink?" The guys all said okay, but there was a guy in a stall. I said I don't mind loud enough for her to hear. She said thanks and came in. I guess she had no idea that there was no door on the stall, because she gasped when she saw me. She turned away and said, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." I told her it was okay, I didn't care. She washed her hands, trying not to look at me, but not being able to resist a couple of glances. She dried her hands and rushed out.

I wiped, flushed and pulled up my pants. I washed my hands and walked out. Of course, there she was on line. She looked at me, and her face was beet red. Her friends looked at me and giggled. I just smiled and said "Have a nice day!" I walked out, a little jazzed. I don't know why I get a bit of a kick being seen on the toilet, or why I get a kick out of seeing other people on the toilet. It's not even like a sexual thing. It's more like I get a rush out of NOT being embarrassed, and I get the same sort of rush when someone else is not embarrassed in the same situation. Weird, huh?

Best to everyone.


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