Hey all I havenít written here for a long time. At least what seems to be a hell of a long time. Got like four really good stories to share with you all and I hope you guys will like it. This is mainly from me too. I have no idea if my sister Amanda or Mandy as we all call her has posted or not.
Anywayz just a little info on me for all who are new here and I do recognize that there are a lot of unfamiliar names. My name is Meredith as you can see and I am about 5í6Ē and 18 years old. I am a fair looking brunette though I donít consider myself very good looking. Many of my friends say that I am quite attractive and actually say that I could be an Anna Kournikova twin though I think Iím a year younger than her. My sister is 17 going on to 18 this June and I think she is quite happy about that. She does resemble my looks quite a bit and has similar body features as me, slim with a full but that could easily attract any guy. In other words we have bodies to die for. My sister is into dancing and I am actually a swimmer as this is what keeps our bodies in shape with like 0 percent body fat. Thatís all about me and onto my stories. The first one happened after Christmas when I got back to school.

I was sad that school had started again and that the holidays were indeed over as many of the fellow toilet friends remember I was kinda whining. Anyway when I got back to my boarding school residence, I felt really gassy and started to fart really badly. My roommate was telling me that the room was really beginning to smell and that I should release whatever foul being I had in me into the toilet. I was actually building the need to but said ĎLaterí. To make things better for her, I left the room and went down to watch some TV and farted there a couple times. These werenít loud farts but they were really smelly and did however attract attention. After about 30 minutes I got up and headed for the washroom stopping by my room to pick up a Cosmopolitan. As I entered the washroom, A girl called Sarah was there washing her hands and said to me ĎYou may want to come back laterí She had this big grin on her face and I could tell she took a major dump as the whole bathroom ree! ked badly. Yet she was the only one in at the time. I took my chances and picked the end stall as I was getting accustomed to the smell. I knew this was going to be a long nice satisfying shit as I slowly locked the stall door and unzipped my jeans pulling both them and my panties down to knee length. Placing my buttocks on the cold seat, I spread them apart as far as they could go and opened up my magazine to a random page. I heard the main washroom door open and close a couple times in about 10 minutes but during this time I was farting loud BBBBBRRRRTTTTTTT farts which echoed loudly in the bowl. I felt a log drop to my rectum and a slight pain in my stomach and knew that it was time to unload. I started to push and out came a really stinky long sausage. I felt it touch the water and plop silently as another log exited almost immediately followed by two really long sausage logs in which I had to stand up for since they didnít seem to end. I wasnít done yet I pushed and out! came a hard knobby thick piece. It was moving really slowly. Looking at my watch I had spent a good 30 minutes on the toilet already and due to this log it could take another 10 minutes. Finally after what seemed like forever, it plopped silently on top of all the other logs in the bowl. Wiping 5 times I got up and looking down at my product, I realized that it wonít flush.4 long sausages each about 10 inches in length and 2.5 in width plus a huge one on top about 16 inches in length and 3 in width. All this after 8 days of constipation. A sign of relief. I washed up and left leaving the washroom condemned with my secret aromaÖ

My second story happens during school time in class. I was in the middle of class after having such a big lunch of burgers and salad that I felt I needed to go and evacuate some really big logs. So I excused myself out of class and went downstairs to the washroom. Picking one of the stalls, I sat down and pulled down my flannels and panties that I was wearing followed by a tremendous booming fart. Just then a couple of girls burst in the washroom door. They were carrying some weird conversation when it broke off by one saying Ďgod do I have to shití I suppose the two other girls had to pee because they said that they wonít wait. I guess that this girl takes long shits. Just a stupid guess of mine. I felt some poo coming down the passage so I began to push. One turd came out rather quick and made a loud splash in the water. A girl commented that it was rather loud. I said that I couldnít help it-laws of gravity. Two more pieces came out at ease and a third long one was h! arder but I did feel it coil around the bowl. I reached for the toilet paper and started to wipe. By this time I was alone with the other girl that I presume was taking a shit. She wasnít making one sound until I was ready to flush, I heard her fart a really loud one shivers actually went up my spine. I washed up and left and forgot about her until 20 minutes later when class was over. I was passing by the washroom when I heard a flush and 30 seconds later she came out and she turned out to be really pretty. I knew her name was Kathleen but didnít know her personality too well. She did have blonde hair and blue eyes plus a figure most guys would appreciate. I started to get all turned on thinking about her on the toilet shitting. She stunk a bit too but covered it up with a hell of perfume so it smelled like poop and perfume, erotic. And donít say girls canít poop cause this girl must have unloaded hell in there since many were holding there noses as they passed the bathro! om door which was currently closing. Kathleen acted like nothing happened :).

My third story happened during what we called house visitation. This is a period when guys can come visit and vice versa. Anyway this really cute guy called Mike came round to my room along with his pal Alex. We just met like a couple of days ago in the library out of pure conversation. He obviously did say I looked like Anna Kournikova and I kinda blushed. Anyway, we were talking, getting to know one another went I felt a cramp hit me. I was really stupid and made an obvious signal by lunging slightly forward and using both hands to hold my stomach. Both guys asked if I was ok and I said I was fine. I made some dumb excuse about some recurring cramp that I have. About 5 minutes later it got worse so I started to panic. Luckily, Esme who many may remember as being a major pooper entered the room. I motioned her over and whispered in her ear about my situation and need her to stay just to distract the guys. Esme has nicer figure than I do but also weighs about 20 pounds m! ore. She said sheís been a big girl most of her life. Anyway I could see bulging eyes in the both the guys so hurried to the bathroom where I picked the middle stall. I closed the door and pulled down my pants at the same time since I was literally about to lose bowel control. As soon as my ???? as felt the coldness of the toilet seat touching, a soft mushy poop much like the type Jane describes, exited fast followed by three really soft ones. It was really stinking in the stall too and I needed to hold my nose and fan the air. I pushed as for I still had lots inside of me and out came a really long piece in which I broke with my anal muscles. Pausing I pissed in the bowl and farted twice really loudly. Adjusting my hair to one side, I began to push again and two more pieces fell out in no time plus another really long one. I reached for the toilet paper and wiped about 6 times to get all the crap off and flushed. I washed up and returned. The guys asked me where I went and! I replied ĎNone of your beeswaxí. Esme couldnít help but laugh. I guess I did smell a little after the massive shit I took.

My last story happened during lunch time. There is only one washroom which is situated in the canteen and it is also right by the entrance of it. During my class before lunch I got this cramp but didnít want to go so held it in and it somehow disappereared. It was only during my meal that it came back double the impact as well. I couldnít hold it and had to use that washroom so I finished my meal quick and headed for the unisex washroom which was luckily vacant. Locking the door, I pulled down my flannels and black thong that I was wearing as fast as I could and sat on the cold seat. I tried not to make any noise but knowing that I was gassy farted about twice loud too and Iím sure people outside would have heard it. Ignoring the fact that I was audible from outside, concentrated on my dump. I pushed out one long thin log which made no noise as it entered the toilet. Pausing, I peed a long stream which was also really satisfying. Then the major load was ready to come. I! leaned forward and grunted slightly as I pushed a monster log out and into the toilet. I felt this touch the water but keep going. Eventually I had to stand up as it broke off. The second monster log was not as big but still I did feel it touch the water before breaking off and lastly a small droppling which ploppend into the bowl on top of the pile hardly making any noise. I reached for the toilet paper and cleaned up. As I pulled my pants back, I looked at the product and realized that I couldnít flush it. There were two giant snakes in there all coiling on top of each other and other turd of various sizes. I couldnít even see the hole at the bottom. The toilet was brown. I just covered the lid, washed and left a big smelly present for the next user. I also made a careful exit too as for I was in there for about 15 minutes, lunch was nearing an end so nobody was around. That was also the first time I pooped in that unisex washroom.

Anywayz greetings to everybody at the forum just to let you all know I am not dead, just tired of working.
Happy poops to everybody


canadian guy
i am lucky. last nite right before i went to bed iw atched tv. the second i turn on teh channel there is a mark paul goselaar (zack from saved by the bell) movie on. Within 3 minutes it had an amazing shit scene. with diarreah sounds, plops, and it was really good. kind of like freddie prinze jr in head over heels, but u got to see it not just hear it. go rent it just for that scene im telling u!

Hi all,
Me and Paul had a farting contest last night and guess what! Paul let a pretty good one out so I decided to go one better. I lifted my leg and fired one MASSIVE blasting fart - easily the loudest and most booming!!
We both cracked up and I was laughing so much I dropped a little sausage out of my skirt on the floor! It was tiny and looked like a small hard cigar!
Paul said I ought to smoke it later!!

your nameTom (optional)
The weather has been unseasonably mild here and my large new neighbor and I have been cutting more wood as long as we can get around so easy in the woods. The size of this guy is something else, he wears blue jeans with a 48" waste and 36" inseam. What he eats is absolutely incredible. He takes 6 really hefty sandwiches with him when we go to cut wood, he'll eat 2 in the morning when we take a break and the other 4 for lunch along with a couple of apples 10 or 12 cookies etc. He's taken about 4 monster dumps and they are a sight to behold an overall length of about 3 feet I would venture, while being 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. He shits right after lunch just like clockwork, the smell is overpowering too. I feel sorry for him as he has a quite a time crapping out these monsters.He'll grunt and gasp and strain, his face is red as a beat when he comes back to work. He eats an incredible amount at his other meals as well. His sister lives with him and she spends a lot of tim! e cooking for him, says they go through about 125.00 worth of groceries each week for just the 2 of them, she's not small either.

The girl is haveing a drink on the thr toliet. what do people do in the toliet taking a poop?


jim- i liked your story

here's mine

I was staying at a friendís house last night so I was going straight there and had bought my wash bag to school and t-shirt and shorts to change into. About 10 minutes before we went into an assembly I felt like I needed to go poop but I couldnít get permission as we were going to the assembly. I had been sat down for 10 minutes and already felt like I needed to desperately poop and pee. I sat there knowing I had another 50 minutes to go before I could go to the bathroom. I managed to carry on holding on trying not to think about it until we had about 10 minutes left to go and I farted and a spurt of pee escaped, luckily it didnít smell to much the girl sat next to me I noticed was looking at my pants so I looked down and saw a wet patch the size of half-dollar on my gray school pants, they were dark gray so it didnít show to much but I think she had noticed. I kept letting little farts out as the poo was almost touching my briefs and I was dribbling pee into my briefs a! nd at last the end of the assembly came and we were able to go home, I had a bigger wet patch on my pants and had pooped in my pants a little but was holding the rest in so I went straight to the toilet and finished my pee and poop and emptied my briefs out. Before I left the bathroom I untucked my shirt to cover my pants where I had done my pee found my friend and walked back to his house. I had left a brown stain in my white briefs and hadnít packed any clean ones. When I got back I changed into my shorts that were my white ones that were the see through ones. I was worried his parents might notice something but nothing was said until about 8.30 in the evening after we had been playing in his sitting room the door bell rang and it was my mom who called me out and gave me a bag with a change of undies in it and told me that my friends mom had called her as she thought I might need these. She asked if I did and I said no why would she say that, my mom tried to check me but I! pulled away and said I donít need them and gave them back to her and went back inside, I am now back home and still wearing the same briefs, I donít know how I am going to put them in the wash now or my mom might notice that I had an accident in them. I donít know why or how my friends mum knew I might need a change of undies and knew I didnít have any packed.

To jon: Intresting story you heard

To Scarlet: I liked your story about your boyfriend...No when guys have to pee it doesn't vibrate or any thing...i mean like you can feel your piss coming out but thats it. If my hand feels something i've never noticed it.

To A Male: I got a question you say you have Cerebral Palsy...Are you in a wheel chair or any thing? Or can you walk on your own or do you use a cane or walker. If your wheel chair bound do you ever need assistance when you have to pee or poop? I'd like to hear more stories from you.

Wow! It took me about 5 minutes to notice Thursdays(1-24)'s picture....That girl is peeing and maybe gonna poop in a urinal. Thats amazing to see! Gotta run

Hey I have an awesome story to tell you people at my part time job I am a receptionist my office is against the wall to the restrooms women's is closest there is the woman in our office she weighs about 350+lbs (no offense to anybody) but she goes to the bathroom like a lot and today she was in there a long time then I began to here her cry so I went in there and acted like I was putting on make-up in the mirror so she wouldn't be suspisious I was listening then she said Jasta is that you? I said yeah Clairabelle what ya need she said could you please help me I seemed to have cracked the toilet seat and it is pinching me in my bottom I said well how can I help you she saud just come here so I did and held down the toilet seat while she got up and for-real no joke that woman must have shit about 30 lbs. of crap.

Yesterdays picture reminded me of another incident at work (I was going to post yesterday but was busy with Tyler he has strep throat) anyway once they were remodling the restrooms in our office and they were working on the womens so everybody had to use the mens and this girl I work with named Ericka went in right before me she obviously is in no way modest because i was standing there doing my hair when she backs her ass up over the urinals and pee's in it I sort of looked at her and she said I know this looks weird but is actually fun you should try it I said actually I don't have to go right know (actually I kinda did but am a little more modest than Ericka) so then when she gets done she walks over to the sink with her oanties and pants down to about kneeish and she gets some toilet paper and wets it in the sing and scrubs her pussy she said it makes her smell better she said she had bad vaginal odor then when everybody jus about had left I locked the door and tied! it and ended up peeing all over myself luckily I was about to leave.
Unfortunatly me and Mark got into a big fight last night so he went home to his "mommy's" because the whole world knows (except me I just found out) that at Mark's bachelor party he cheated on me with the stripper (it wouldn't be a big deal except the party was after our wedding because we eloped" so just thought I would let you know plus I think he has been smoking marijuana because he smelt like it the other day and I know his brother does I think he shouldn't becuase he is a father he isn't a teenager anymore he's 27 does anybody agree with me or am I wrong?

Hi everyone:
I just saw on TV that the Travel Channel will do a story
on the Best Bathrooms. Might be worth watching. Been enjoying
all the stories.
Jennifier: Please take heed with what every one said and drink
lots of fluids so you can get your bowels moving.
That's all for now.

Well today i had my friend over again. We went to IHOP and we both got the Chicken fingers and french fries. When we got home we went on the internet and we chatted and i had to take a shit so i held it in and a few minutes he's like "i gotta take a shit" i was like is this a joke he's like no i gotta go and when he went in i heard him pulling down his pants and sitting when he was done he let me in then i messed around w/ his shit and then flushed it. I'd say it was about a foot. i went and it was about a nugget.


Hi,all-haven't been around lately cause I had really nasty bout with the flu.I rarely get cold let alone this flu,Man,it really just knocked me out for 5 days!today's the 1st day I'm feeling a bit better,but i'm still a bit woozy,but,i've been reading the forum and the stories are entertaining-some responces-TO RENEE-So Sorry to hear about 'melita's little friend passing away-it may take awhile for her to ,come around.Hope she will be Ok-please keep us posted on her progress and BTW really nice story about the gangs pooing lately.Esp Nu's Boy I wish I had a copy of those poop tapes!
To ME2U1TIME-I always enjoy the full feeling of a full rectum and I always try to hold it as long as I can!that's half the fun for me and then when I fanally sit on the bowl and let out a few long pre-poop farts and just relax my anus and let the turds come out on their own-there's nothing like it,my friend except when one is sick.Liquid poop are no fun for me!Whe I feel that Full feeling in the morning,i really look foreward to sitting on the bowl!
Since i've been sick,i haven't been eating.I went 3 days before I pooped and I was taking thses anti-biotics called Zimfermax where you take 2 the first day and for the next 5 days,you take 1 a day,but i wasn't eating much at all and when I went,it was vary pastey,long and hard to push out and really wasn't fun with a lot of hissing gas and I just felt binded up probably from the cough medicine with codeine too,but yesterday a.m I got and after about 30 mins I felt like I really had to go and went and sat on the bowl and like the days before I just let out a lot of gas and real long,this pastey turds thatjust hung ther til i had to wipe them off-messy,yuuch!Well,i'm sitting there pushing out these really long pastey turds that just kept ozzing out my very domed anus and the last one just hung out my anus jsuy about touching the water and I decided to just wait for another urge rather than wipe the mess.So I sat there and after about 10 mins I got a strong cramp and wait! ed til the urge got real strong along with the cramp and just pushed realy hard and the rest of this turd started to move ,it then sped up and I just exploded into the bowl with a lot of soft stuff and chunks and alot of gas and then I pushed again and all this loose,watery stuff came out like a hose was turned on and what a relief that was.that lasted about 10 seconds and then I just groaned in relief and sat back against the tank and just let out little bits of squgglies.I guess the dam finally broke!Man did I start to feel better and then I wiped my messy butt and jumped into the shower and when I got out<I felt sooo much better-that felt great This morning I haven't gone yet.I'm probably cleaned out for awhile.I hope you all stay healthy and don't get this FLU-it's really bad news ta ta to all BYE

Movie Fan
Hey Tike,

I've seen "Something Wild" and "Doc Hollywood", and those are definitely good scenes. Can you describe the scenes in "Since you've been gone", "Jimmy Hollywood", and "Flirting with Disaster"? Are these pee or poop scenes?

There are tons of pee scenes in movies, and we've talked about several here: Leaving las vegas, Psycho 3, Tie me up tie me down, Love Crimes, are just a few. There are literally hundreds more. There are also a lot of poop scenes involving men. But there are very few good poop scenes invloving women. Not a Scary Movie is one of the few recent movies with a decent female poop scene. Others we've talked about here include Senseless, Patch of Blue, Car Wash, Homage, Caged Heat, the Shooting, Labyrinth of Passion (maybe the most explicit female poop scene ever, since you actually get to see the poop), and probably a few others. There are also movies where you can see a woman sitting on the toilet reading or just sitting for a long time (such as AI - Artificial Intelligence, Twenty-One, the Drifter, etc.), and you can infer that it's poop, but there are no explicit sounds or other cues to really prove it.

If anyone knows any other movies with good female poop scenes, please list them. Thanks!

hi guys this is the first time i poisted i cant stay long cause peeps is still up at my place .hmmmm this one time i messed myself purposly cause i was playing star craft on my computer and i dident wanna get up cause i was feelin lazy so i leand forward and let it all come out it was alot and it wasent solid it was mush so after i did that i sat back and it all smushed into my butt i diddent care thoe so i just continued to ply star craft when i went to clean it it was liturly a pain in the @$$ so i took a shower instead. and a week ago i had a dream christina agulara pooed her pants and the was whering a shirt and she was in tight underwhere id love to see that happin in real life.well later

Ugh. Iím not feeling well again. I just suddenly came down with this virus. This thing is pretty bad. I got a 107.3 fever, a terrible ear infection, in both ears, nothing but diarrhea, horrible stomach cramps, and a pounding head ache. I went to my Doc and he gave me all this damned medication. Having this medication was like the equivalent of drinking scotch. This stuff I made up of alcohol mostly. So I am out of order.

Well let me tell you about my race weekend. Had a very interesting crap out in the woods. Well I went out to race and had to do a 5 hour event. I had nothing to ear or drink so I wouldnít have to use the bathroom. Well I was quite upset because there was no competition. (high heels donít make good driving shoes, I had blisters the size of Alaska) I won waaaaaaaay too easily. Well after I won the race I joined all the other racers in the mess. Being the winner I had to cut the roast. Well I did the ceremonial cutting and began to eat. The food there was awesome. I had a lot of egg salad. Then an announcement came on the pa system. There has been a sewer overflow and the toilets were rendered inoperable. Sorry for the inconvenience. Well we I heard this I new there was going to be some interesting shits in the woods. I had to stop eating the egg salad because this stuff was giving me the shits. I left the mess and went out to the woods joined by Alex and ! Tina.

Well I found I nice spot in the woods and lifted up my skirt and proceeded to squat. Well let me tell you, I wasnít the only one doing that. A massive flood of people soon joined me. I see a lot of people struggling to get the racing suit down in time. ( I was smart, I just wore a business suit. I plan ahead) I see This one persons suit go completely brown. Then this whole group of fellow racers came over to talk to me.

This was kind of odd. Iím there with water spraying out of my ass while they were shitting and talking to me. There were so many farts going around. I was about to faint. Well people were asking me how I did it. I respond Uhh what fart another wave coming out of my ass. I was giving an explanation when all of sudden, Tina made a fart so loud. It silenced everyone, including me. We all looked at her for a while then we all went back talking.

I still couldnít believe I here talking and shitting with complete strangers. Well I felt empty and stood up. And carefully made sure I wouldnít step in shit. There was a lot on the ground. I later found out the egg salad was bad. I knew it had to be food poisoning.

I have to go now and I tell you Part 2 later.

Hi dear friends of the Toilet!
Hello to you friends!

Hi RENEE dear horse woman! Good to read from you again, but what sad news about Carmalita grieving for the loss of little Juanito. Please go to her, ask her to lie down on her stomach and gently massage her neck and shoulders. Therewhile she should try to imagine me playing a soothing melody on my flute. The tune becomes more and more agitated with a screaming cadenza, to soften into a sad lilt and end on a dying high note: Offertoire by a guy called Donjon. Go on, Rizzoís orders! Love to all of you over there!

To SARSEN, I do not mind you disagreeing with me about my advice to Eleanor. You know, I think that you are right; I did actually get carried away and go a bit over the top. But in my defence I wish to point out that I did announced that it was Old Rizzoís nasty streak and that she may laugh. I had assumed, or rather, jumped to the conclusion, that it being so obvious for Eleanor to ask her parents for help, and she not having done so in the first place, she must have had her reasons. Maybe I made the matter more complicated than it is. I just hope that she asks for help and that she gets it. Thanks anyway for giving her very good advice. Cheers to you from Rizzo!
P.S.: I have just read her post, and I must say that there is something very wrong in the atmosphere of her family. A kind of brutality reigns. Poor Eleanor!

KENDAL, dear cyber niece! I had already prepared a message for you guessing what could have happened to you. I scrapped the my post because I had guessed right. You know, I am very happy for you that you have so much to do and such fun helping Ellen to settle down in her new home. From what you wrote I wonder how many children wet their bed for the simple reason that they are too scared or intimidated to get up at night to go to the loo. I remember when my sister and I were little, we slept in the same room and imagined that at night all our toys and the furniture came alive, and that ghosts were about. We wouldnít have dared to go to the bathroom, which was down stairs. So we were supplied with a chamber pot to pee in during the night.
Now about the WSPC junior emblem; I would be thrilled to let you have it, on the condition that knowledge about this forum should not leak out to those who are not supposed to know. This means that getting the emblem to you would need some preparation. I would first want to have a chat with Andrew to conspire and plan the details. To do this I would need to know where to find you, and of course this forum is not the place for exchange of addresses. For me the pleasure I had by making such an emblem for you is reward enough, but I would be over the moon, if you could just have it, gloat over it, and maybe even wear it!
I send you one of my special scratchy hugs. Love to you from your Uncle Rizzo. PS, give Andrew a hug too.

Hello TIM and dear SARAH,
Ha! I see Sarah, that you are slowly catching on to the spirit of this forum! I have the feeling that you are already one of us! With a history of eating disorder, you too have a reason to be here! Anyway, I am glad that you are beginning to find toilety aspects amusing, even funny. I try to make them sound funny, and from reactions I have read, I seem to have succeeded in some cases. Anyway, I hope you two enjoy every minute you are together and say good bye for today with fond hugs, Rizzo.

Hi SARAH S. and MEGHAN, you donít need to miss me, I am still here; maybe not as often as in the past, but I will try to post once a week. The thing is, I only have a few minutes about every other day to glance at the posts and write a comment on to floppy disk. At the end of a week I post it. Thereís not much time for lengthy stories. If I have more time, I write a story for later use. By the way, your wee on knees was perfect, I must say! Soon you will be crossing streams Ė water fencing - standing in the bath tub or in the shower. Have fun you two wild girls, and love from Rizzo.

Hi INA dear! How did I guess? I cannot say, it is just the impression I had when reading your posts, and I thought you had written that you lived somewhere in Germany in the Frankfurt a. M. area. Or am I confusing you with someone else? About myself; well I have lived on the European continent practically all my life, but in very different areas. So whatever it says in my passport, I consider myself European. Language-wise I have no problem when travelling around. OK, there are limitations. I donít speak Greek or Basque or Gaelic or Hungarian, neither any of the slav languages, although Iíve had some lessons in Russian. So itís a total mix-up! Donít worry, I pee and poo like everybody else ;-)
I still marvel at your progress with your tool! Weeing your name in the snow! Marking your territory! Ha!Ha! Have fun, let us know about your exploits, I find them very entertaining, love to you from Rizzo.

JENNIFER dear, read the excellent advice of Ross! If you have no prune juice, get hold of California dried prunes and soak these in water in the evening to eat for breakfast the next day. They work well. I hope you have success, happy poops from Rizzo.

It is now some weeks ago that the following happened to me. I thought that I had already posted this, but apparently this is not the case. So here goes.
It was very early when I had to get up, about six in the morning. After my usual coffee, O-juice and cereal (special mix without milk) I had to drive into town to collect my business visitor at an hotel shortly after seven. I wanted to take him to our client on the other side of the river via one of the bridges before the big morning traffic jam began. On the way to the hotel the roads were busier than anticipated, I was about ten minutes late and already feeling that tingle in my willie signalling the need to let the coffee out. Iíll just leave the car in care of the porter at the hotel entrance, I thought, and dodge in past the reception desk to the toilets at the back on the left before having my business visitor paged. It was not to be. The man stood there in front of the hotel looking at his watch. Well, the urge was not too bad yet, so I thought. In half an hour, traffic permitting, I would be at our clientís place and use the loo there. So we were off. Traffic was! bad. I remarked to my visitor that at this rate we would be late. It would be much quicker under the circimstances to drive down to the ferry and cross the river with that. The ferry would take us almost to the door of our client on the other side. And I could have that now much needed wee in the public toilets just next to the ferry station on our side, I tought to myself. So I changed plans and headed through the city to the ferries. With every red light the urge got worse. We talked about our products, about technical problems, to take my mind off more important things happening down below. At one of the lights I had to discreetly put one hand in my pocket and give my dick a good pinch to stimulate my holding muscles! The mechanical gear shift helped to hide my predicament, I changed gears more and more often, which enabled me to move my legs around, earning some curious looks from my visitor. Then I found difficulty in accelarating the car smoothly, my foot did the pee-! pee dance on the accelarator, making the car go with hiccups. I also started to use the brake with exasperation, giving my visitor a somewhat rough ride. We finally arrived at the car park next to the ferry station. It was still relatively empty because of the early hour. All cars seemed to be still on the move. I drove right up to the side bordered by a thick hedge and nearest to the public toilets, which were plainly visible, and parked the car. To my intense dismay the doors, usually open and the lady attendant standing next to them, were shut, and the toilets deserted. Drat! The toilets had not yet opened! And I just saw the ferry starting to produce churning white water under the stern and leave the quay, taking itsw toilet with it! What now! Alarm! Hand in pocket holding dickie, I finally had to admit to my visitor, that I needed the toilet, that the toilets were closed and that the next ferry was due in twenty minutes. Would he please prepare the brochures. I needed a! little time-out behind the door on the driverís side. He obliged with a knowing grin on his face. I dashed between the open door and the hedge, ripped down the zipper, plunged my hand into the depths of the labyrinth of my layers of pants, yanked out my willie and let loose, pointing it into the green leaves of the privet hedge right in front of me. Aaaaaah! The exquisite relief of diminishing pressure on the bladder, the warm vibrations at my finger tips of wee rushing through my little fleshy tube, were a godsend. With a disinct hiss my stream disappeared into the leafy thicket. HISS? Itís not supposed to hiss! I looked down in alarm. Was my foreskin caught over the pee hole making a hiss, and was I peeing on to my trouser legs? No, everything was working as it should. The hiss came from inside the hedge. Must be hitting twigs and dry leaves in there, I thought. Well, my stream and the noise died down after what seemed ages. I squeezed out and shook off some last droplet! s and started to put my instrument away, when I jumped in surprise! Right in front of me, on the other side of the hedge, not six feet away, a head and shoulders rose into view! A ladyís head with dark brown hair tied to a pony tail with a pink elastic band and large gold hoops for earrings. She was wearing a muted pink cardigan to match, and her back was towards me. Then as she rose, her elbowsstuck out as she drew a pair of vanilla ice cream coloured panties over her pale half melons of her bottom. Fingers with dark brown-red varnished nails of her hands were inserted and led around her waist to smoothen an inch wide lacy waist band of her panties. She ducked out of sight, then rose again, this time pulling up dark brown tailored trousers. Hands fumbled a blouse into the trousers, then disappeared to her front to buckle a belt. Then she bent down again to reappear slinging a leather rucksack-type hand bag over her shoulder, and marched off never once turning around. I just! stood there with what must have been a very stupid expression on my face, realising, that it had been her pee stream doing the hissing part. We had both been cought short and peed unisono, so to speak. A good thing she had not turned her head; it would have been very embarrassing for both of us!
Oh my, what if the hedge had been less deep? I would have wet her backside! Wouldnít she have been pissed!

Bye folks, sorry but I wonít list all dear friends for especial hellos, because it would fill another half page. You are all wonderful people. Rizzo

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