There is nothing like the satisfied, mischievous look of a lady seated on the bowl, who has just done her business. The latest picture on the masthead is quite good. Some quick replies, then on to other issues.

Luc - We are so glad that you liked the last post. Trust me when I say that this young woman is beautiful, athletic and a real treat to watch in the woods; although I will never have the heart to tell her. As things usually go, she will probably come upon me someday while I am dumping my brains out behind a tree, and that will be payback enough. Now, to answer your question: I almost always poop a load, pee then poop some more. It is very rare for me to pee first then poop later. I hope that answers your question.
Hi Luc, it's Kathy. I will answer your question by saying that I also usually poop first then pee. Sometimes, I do both at once, but I seldom pee first. I will, however, pee first when Rick is watching, just to sometimes stir him up (giggle). Bye.
Robby and Annie - HA! HA! HA! We just read that last little bit of yours, Robby, and both of us almost fell off of the chair, we laughed so hard! Talk about short and sweet, your story was that, alright. That was some show that little actress put on, and to call you "horses bottoms" was very funny. Glad you liked our latest story, thanks for saying hello.
Renee - Hi dear, Kathy and I just finished reading your latest, and it started with some real juicy stories that the naughty little cowgirl delights I writing; then we got to the sad part. Kathy and I were wondering why you kids had not been out here lately, and now the reason is tragically clear. We are very sorry to her about Carmalita's little pal passing away, from stories past we knew she was very close to him. We are at a loss for words, so please, when you see her, give Carmalita a hug from us, tell her we love her and that we send our condolences. Hopefully, the next time we speak it will be on a happier note. Take care, Renee, bless you and your little girl, and please say hello to the gang.
Eleanor - I never knew that siblings could be so predatory and cruel. What your brother did to you, AGAIN, is to say the least, dastardly and very warped. Is there something wrong with him? Have you told your parents about this, because your brother seems like he will stop at nothing. He needs to understand that no is no, that you want your privacy during bathroom time, no exceptions. You poor kid, please do something for yourself before your brother strikes again.
Annie and Robby - Chased by a moose, while you were having a woodside poop party? You guys are very funny, what a story.

It has been very quiet here, with nothing to really shout about. That may change shortly, as we are going over to Anne and Mike's for the games this Sunday. It might get interesting.

We will see you all later.

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi guys and gals!
We are back again. Hope this gets in the queue. Our week has been busy to say the least. Our story is in a reply.

DEAR CARMALITA: Oh you poor, poor dear! We are shattered to find out that you are so sad. We do understand and send our upmost sympathies. Our toilet has been busy this week. Meghan- On Wednesday morning I got up and staggered to the toilet. I sat down and let out a huge fart. I bent WAY over and started the grunting process. UHHHHHHHNNNNNNOHHHHHHHHHH! It sounded like a wild donkey. A large log started inching its way out of my butt. I strained and strained. Finally it dropped or cullompted into the bowl!! It looked like a snake. I pushed out several more and peed a bunch. I was so relieved!! Sarah tried but she is still constipated! We have to do something!! We hope this will make you smile a little. We love you and Jake, Pat, Renee, Tesa, Nu and the sweet little Malita! Lovexxxx Meghan, Sarah S, and (Robby and Annie)

BIG R: Sarah drops the biggest logs now. She take the longest to shit because she waits the longest to go. Sarah S and Meghan

ELEANORE: We are so pleased you got some relief from those blokes!! We hope you can get more private poo time. We can understand the fear you have that you might be taken into care. May we ask what part of England you live(district, county). By-the-way, Kendal and Andrew are our online cousins. We feel as close to them as our biological cousins. They are indeed caring and loving. Keep in touch. Lovexxxx Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR INA: So you are another "Kraut",LOL!! We loved the story about the sauerkraut. We have eaten this before and we have had to poo shortly afterwards. Now, you explained to Louise what the peebuzz was. Is is just a funnel to channel the wee to the ground without getting you wet? Please tell!! Big hugs and Lovexxxxxx Meghan and Sarah S

MARKUS: Sarah- I read my school notes when I have a long dump in the toilet. It usually takes 15 to 25 minutes depending if I am constipated. I am NOW! Take care, Sarah S

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi dear cousins!! We are thrilled to pieces that you are posting again. Sorry that some of them didn't get through. We also understand that you can't post as often given your added responsibilities to dear Ellen. Glad you found our recent knees wee acceptable. Meghan- I've had to rub Sarah's ???? this week because she is frightfully constipated. I think the next trick will have to be laxatives or an enema, YUCK!. Sarah- Yea, I am getting a bit sulky about it. That Ellen is a bright and observant little girl. She learns very quickly. Your experience in the old home is like one we had in our old home after Mum died. We were cleaning up and I needed to poo and Meg went in with me, given we were still a little weepy. I sat down on the toilet and she sat on the tub rim. I weed a bunch and we giggled. I then dropped a big log and it stunk up the joint(eh Andrew!!). I held her hand and wouldn't let go. Finally I let go and reached for the tissue! and wiped. We have had fond memories of that place. Now, you two keep tending to Ellen and we hope you have time for a little adventure. With Lots of Lovexxxxxxx and big, big, hugs!! Cousins Sarah and Meghan

We know this post is running long but we couldn't go without saying hello to: Dear Rizzo-we miss you, Dear PV-love ya!!, Dear Louise and Stave-talk to you,soon!, Rjogger and Kathy-hi y'all, LindaGS-toidy,eh!, Ephermal-started school?, Jeff A, Amy(coed), Tim and Sarah-HI!, Plunging Plop Guy, London Lad, Adrian, Jane and Gary-hi there, Erin, Mere and Mandy, Jake and Mark, Mina, Alana, Althea, Ellie and Little Lou-please come back! and all of the other great posters here!
WELCOMES TO: Josie, Jennifer L, Cammy, Kristopher, John B, Alyssa, Will, Spy, John, Andrea K, Lesliepoo.



Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT!!! Eleanor: I can't help but wonder if maybe those assholes got their idea from my post the other day. So much for privacy... If that is the case I really feel for you and I'm really sorry. Well, I guess it's back to lurking for me...

Sarah and Tim
Hi dear people,

Today itís me, Sarah, posting. Tim is falling asleep on the sofa with one of the drawfs (our kids) on each side. He is probably exhausted from the last one and a half days which where, like so often recently, an emotional roller-coaster. Yesterday night we both, and especially him got a huge shock due to a silly misconception, which showed that the current situation is deeper in our bones than we want to admit:
I came home from a late lesson to find my husband on the couch, pale faced and deeply upset. I was immediately worried. When I asked him if he was alright, he told me to sit down and tried to tell me as calm as he could: He had helped our son on the toilet (or rather potty) and had seen, what seemed like a big amount of blood in the pile. Tim was of course worried sick. He asked our little one about ???? aches or anything but he seemed to be fine, so Tim decided to wait until I got home. Our kids were sleeping peacefully when I came in. Surely the news hit me like a kick in the stomach. We were sitting there completely panicing, trying to seem as calm as possible to the other one. We went like: Stay calm and no early judgement and it might be something he has eaten. Suddenly I remembered: He had beetroots (!)at my sisters place, when I was there with him! It wasnít blood, it was the beetroots that made it look like a bloody poop. Tim believed me with relieve. It was obv! ious, but his immediate panic blinded him for that thought. We both started to laugh and cry out of relieve but there was also a remaining worry. Still, THANK GOD it was just us, loosing our nerves.
This morning Tim and me went for a long and nice walk.There is still so much worry, that we denied and that was brought out by this incident. So we tried to talk as far as we could go and then had to let it rest a bit. There was so many heavy thoughts in the air, we just needed to relax, a bit of fun and being silly... After a while we both had a full bladder, due to lots of tea in the morning. Tim was getting really uncomfortable and excused himself and indicated shyly he needed to disapear for wee. We were close to a huge pile of wood that had been cut and was waiting to be collected. I suggested to go behind it. He went and I did not let go of his hand but followed him. I thought to give it a try. He looked at me suprised and uncertain but also of course delighted. He found a private spot stood there and unzipped. He pulled his penis out and pointed it at the wood. Then things needed a tiny moment. I stood very close to him, stroke his back and cute bum and watched. ! Soon he started with a thin stream that quickly became thick and powerful. He streamed onto the trees for a long time, he had drunk a lot (good boy, itís important). I really have to say that I liked to watch him. Not so much because it is deep interest of mine, but itís nice cause it feels a bit cheeky and like being really, really close to each other. Tim says that this exactly what he likes about it. I can understand that. To me it means accepting the other person completely and (suprisingly for me) to be not even disgusted by his or her eliminations. Like you are not really disgusted by your kids poop or pee or when they throw up. As I said before, in a strange way, Timís confessions are helping me with accepting myself as well.- So on with our little fun in the woods: After he finished, I gave him my coat to hold, pulled down my pants and squatted. Tim turned away, as he was unsure. I told him that he could take a look. He happily did and I started to let go, leaving ! a big yellow spot in the snow close to his. Tim had his really cute, boyish smile on his lips and I guess he was excited. After I finished I quickly got dressed again and was shivering. Yes, itís very cold for a Lady...maybe I should consider the alternatives ;-). He rubbed me to warm me and we huged. It was cute and I liked the excitement of being a bit silly. I carefully said though, when we were back at the car, that I canít promise to not demand my privacy again in the future. Tim explained to me that he saw it like being intimate: If I want it and he wants it, great, but just because we have done it before or we are married, it does not mean one can demand it from the other one at any time. I really liked that comparism.
RIZZO, I thought you might find this story also helpfull, as I was trying to explain they way I am starting to understand this. To me itís not very much a turn on to watch just anybody on the toilet. But I am starting to understand that it is nice to share the most private moment of a person with your partner. I would however not be able to do this with anybody, I am not so close with.. Well, thatís just my personal thoughts. Take care, hope you are doing fine Love from Sarah (and Tim)
ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Thanks for your nice words. I was interested to hear, you were in a similar situation before, telling Annie about this site. Nice to see you both are enjoying it now. It seems from Annieís tales, as if she was never so uneasy about her body or itís products like me. I laughed a lot about your story out in the wild. It also deeply touched me though and I very much feel for you for loosing your partner and a very close friend. Itís nice to see you are remembering the great times.
Gosh- Annie five kids, like Ina, I am impressed. I have to admit, I already thought two are a handfull...:-).
My very best wishes for you and SARAH AND MEGHAN and love and hugs from Timand me
INA: All the best back to you. How funny you had a similar story with the Sauerkraut. Yes, it was a scary night and after last nigh,t I remeber it even more. Itís the worst if your kids are in danger. Good to hear your mom was also alright. Keep having fun and love from us
NOEL: Hi, I just wanted to say hello as I read a bit of your posts. I was very sorry to hear about the early death of your wife. I can at least very much relate to the fear of lousing your spouse; my very deep sympathies. I have to admit that the thought of soiling my pants is very strange to me, but I guess if I tell you, that a few years ago I compensated every small and big crisis by stuffing myself with food and then throwing up, you would not understand this either. I have to say though, that at least for me it turned from comfort into discomfort and later selfhate. I donít know if you feel completely fine with what you are doing? In case you do, I guess itís no harm and I certainly do not want to judge you for it. It sounds a bit though ,as if the comfort you are seeking is revealing some problems you might think to seek help about. Itís just a thought, donít get me wrong. If I can do anything to help...Donít be ashamed. You just donít sound completely comfortable.! I just wanted to tell you, I care. The translations you wanted are:"Ich habe mir in die Hose gemacht."(Iíve done it in my pants) and "Ich habe mir in die Hose geschissen" (I shat in my pants). But, please, do not quote me on it, I am a bit embarrassed. I first wanted to tell Tim to write it, but then I thought itís a bit silly. Take care, dear, Sarah

Very best wishes to all the others, I am sorry, I donít know all the names...Sarah and Tim

Traveling Guy
Scarlet, it's nice to see a female ask a "guy question" here. It's usually the other way around. OK, you asked if guys can feel the pee going through the penis in their hand. I can't speak for every guy, but for me, no, I definitely can't sense the flow in my hand. In fact, there's very little peeing sensation in the penis itself, just enough to let you know whether you're still going, or it's finished. There's certainly no vibration. The only way you could feel the pee flowing with your fingers is to press the penis between thumb and fingers and constrict the urethral passage. Think of a garden hose: you can't really feel the water going through unless you squeeze it.

Some of the femmes here post about peeing while standing. I'm guessing, in that case, that the peeing sensation would be about the same for both sexes. It's odd in a way, I guess, considering what a super-sensitive organ the penis can be at other times. [Moderators: please feel free to delete that last sentence if I've gone overboard.]

Eleanor - You are a real trooper, as they say. I'm glad to see you are standing up to this situation emotionally. I think you'll be able to deal with this between you and your brother, when he sees that you mean real business. Yes, keep us posted and ask for all the help you need.

I like the masthead today. I wonder if it is a case of a lady bravely going where no lady has gone before?

Eleanor. Having read your latest post, my advice is to tell your parents immediately! Whatever you do, don't delay. You have a right to use the bathroom in private and your brother must be made to understand that. If he is hassling you, it must be stopped.

A Male. Yours was an interesting post. I too am a Christian but I can't say that praying when I'm on the loo has helped to get motions out - not that I've ever really tried it. Sometimes, though, I've found that thoughts about liturgical revision have somehow triggered a reflex in my gut that's moved me. I wonder why.

Renee. Please pass my condolences on to Carmalita. Bereavement is never easy to deal with and we all have to cope with it in our own way.

Did anyone see 'Top Toilets' on Channel Four on Wednesday night? Lasst night the focus was on some toilets in a Manchester shopping centre which were heavily used but very well maintained and cared for.

Jennifer L. Hope your constipation is soon sorted out.



SCARLET - is Ashley a young teenager? It could be that you made his hormones go into overdrive... so he may not have gone to the bathroom to use the toilet.
In answer to your other question - yes, I can feel the pee coming out.
Not so much as to vibrate my hand, but just a small sensation as the force of the pee flowing expands the wall of the pee tube a bit.

ELEANOR - You really have to tell your parents... and NOW!
I was the first Simon that replied about how KENDAL and ANDREW enjoy watching each other. You have said that watching each other isn't for you, fair enough.
For something to happen once and distress you, can possibly be written off as a prank, its consequences not thought out.
BUT for it to happen twice, and quite obviously planned, is in no uncertain terms an invasion of your privacy which has got to be stopped right now, or things could get worse.
If your bathroom door opens inwards, then for "insurance", try and obtain a rubber door wedge from a hardware store. That'll prevent the door being opened even if your brother does manage to unlock the door with a coin.
Trying to force the door past the wedge would result in damage to most normal doors, so your brother would REALLY have some explaining to do, forcing the door while you were on the toilet. Especially after you'd made your parents aware of his unacceptable behaviour.

I hope you get this mess sorted out soon.


I'll tell you this, if ever you require a "regular" movement, come to one of the fast food shops in my town in Scotland. It is actually really bad, the food if rancid, over cooked, left lying in trays for hours, then reheated and loaded with preservatives and coloring. Shocking.

Anyway right now I'm paying the price for choosing to go to that Deli instead of staying out in one of the clubs. I've been farting like fog horn all night and about an hour ago this morning unleashed something that Sadam Hussein would be proud of.
I should actually mention that I also had 3 lagers and 3 Guinness' which as everyone knows make you regular for sure!

Still in my dressing gown I headed for the bathroom, lifted up my robe and plop, two big jobbies. Er, the thought is making me sick right now. I almost puked. Took a good 5 or 6 wipes to clean myself. I would have opened the window but it's snowing very heavily now and freezing as @$%&.

Here's a question for you all, ever had to take a dump in the snow? What was it like? Can't say I have.

Also are there any girls here who drink Guinness? or Heavy ales? If you do I'm sure you can recall tales of the old Guinness shite!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, everyone and great to be able to talk toilet again!

INA, Hope all is well with you, as it certainly is with me. You mentioned my having to avoid too much spice in my diet, but I can't recall having a problem with spicy food.
What I have had to avoid is pulses as I was eating a LOT of different beans which had the effect of clogging me up.
Now, I am really well and having good sized, easy, clean and satisfying shits on a regular basis, with no urgency!
Perhaps as so many have said; the most important thing to go well and comfortably is to drink lots of water, which I now do.

Hi, there to A MALE, the Christian guy who wishes to share his interest in BMs.
I'm glad you don't find a conflict between your belief system, and your enjoyment of using the toilet. I'd imagine the latter is a subject you'd not be able to discuss with many of your fellow believers!
My perception of adherents to any followers of any institutionalised Spiritual philosophy has been that only a very conventional heterosexually intimate lifestyle is acceptable, and that any other form of interest, closeness or enjoyment of one's own or others' bodily functions would be irreconcilable.
I'd be interested in how you've been able to avoid such a conflict of interests that many might find too pressing.
I DON'T see why that should be the case, as long as you don't follow a fundamentalist view of Old Testament teaching, but how you've been able to overcome what other people would possibly want to impose on you would be very interesting.
I can personally feel a sublimely spiritual quality to sharing the intimate act of defecating with another male, and I hope whether you feel attracted to being with a male or female, that it is an experience that you feel to be beyond mere curiosity, but an intimacy to be savoured and venerated as many of us here do, whether we profess any particular faith or not.

Had a good time in the public toilets the other day. I heard a guy walk into the toilet on my right, and as it was quiet in there, heard him pull down his jeans and quietly grunt until a lod plop dropped into the toilet. He then took a long time wiping himself, and eventually flushed and came out, and I met him at the wash basin as we discussed the lack of soap in the dispenser. A fit guy in his mid-twenties, I'd think with long hair and tight black jeans. I wished I'd looked at him over the partition as he sat there, and I also wished I'd been privileged to wipe his arse! Perhaps it had got soaked as the water splashed up, and the paper would have disintegrated on contact!
Anyway, I went and sat on the toilet seat where his bum had been sitting, or so I thought, but it was stone cold! He must have hovered over it, so I didn't feel that superb sense of sharing something very personal and tactile with him after all.
However, we both had a loud shit in there that day, we both felt relieved and satisfied( I hope!) after, and my feeling towards him were respectful and fascinated.
I'd like to think that nothing of what I thought would offend anyone's understanding of the purpose and nature of existence, although I think many people are not nearly as enlightened as many of us here!

Good toileting to you all! P P G

Tony from Scotland, hello to all on this Burn's Night, birthday of Scotland's greatest poet.

Yes, Me2altime. I have enjoyed the sensation of a nice big solid poo, or as I would call it a big jobbie, both in my back passage (rectum) and then actually doing of it, the sensation as I pass it out, ever since I was a child, even of pre-school age, over 4 decades ago.

From being toilet trained out of nappies, (diapers) I found that I was given a great thrill when I did a nice big solid motion, consisting of one or two big turds or jobbies as I like most Scots called our BMs as kids and I still do to this day. I also found even as a young lad that I would get an erection and a tingling sensation when I did a nice big fat poo as it was coming out of my rectum, I now know this is common for males and is due to the solid stool pressing against the prostate gland. Nevertheless, I found then and still do that this was a very pleasurable sensation. By association of ideas I also found if I saw another persons motion unflushed in the pan, as long as it was a solid one not loose or diarrhea, and especially if it was a big fat turd, I would have the same tingling sensation and erection. Listening to someone else, especially a girl or woman doing what sounded like a big solid poo has also turned me on since childhood, hearing the rustle of her ! skirt being pulled up and knickers (panties) pulled down, the farting, the tinkle of the wee wee being done, the straining "OO! NNN! UH!" indicating that she was doing a solid, firm motion, then the PLOP! PLONK! PLOONK! of the first smaller turds to come out then the more intense straining "OO! OH! UH!" followed by the KUR-SPLOONK! KUR-SPLOOSH! KU-PLOONK! as the bigger turds were passed. I almost felt as if were doing them myself.

Look back in Old Posts here for more detailed histories of my toilet adventures in defecation.


kim and scott
thursday night my parents went to dinner with some friends. so I decided to call my boyfriend scott to come over and have some fun with me. when scott came over we went to kentucky fried chicken to eat. scott and I ate the meal there. we had chicken,mashed potatoes,macaroni and cheese,biscuits,and soda to drink. after the meal we got back into scotts car as he started to drive me home. on the drive to my house I felt an enormous,solid motion coming on strong inside of me. I told scott about it."I have to take a dump too kimmie!" he laughed."thats great scott. why dont we buddy dump together at my house since my parents will be gone for a while?' I asked. "that sounds like a great idea kim" scott replied as his car sped to my house. when we got to my house scott and I immedietly went into the bathroom. once inside we both stripped nude as scott sat on the bowl first and I sat on his lap facing away from him with my back resting on his chest.I then heard scott groan as he star! ted to push his log out.I then took a deep breath and pushed really hard as my body rocked in pleasure as I felt my ring open up real wide as a big brown log started to come out of my quivering hole!"oohh it feels soo good!" I moaned in pleasure as my ring stretched out wider and wider and my log grew bigger and bigger!I then heard scott groan again as I looked down and saw a big brown quivering torpedo growing fast from his butt."wow baby! look at the size of your log your blasting out of your ass!' I cooed. "thats nothing kim. look at the size of yours! It looks like your birthing a huge brown watermellon from your ass!" scott said as we both laughed. when I was laughing my body shook again as my log grew still bigger! I then heard scott groan "omigod!" as he blasted his log into the bowl. "way to go baby!' I said softly. " thanks kimmie" he replied. I was happy scott banged out his log but I had some work yet do do on my own as I pushed harder as my log grew some more. "h! old me tighter scott while I blast this humongous beast to the moon!" I said. scott then held me tighter around the waist as I pushed harder and my powewrful log jumped more out of me. I then took a final deep breath and pushed with all my might as my body shuddered mightily "oohh baby! here comes the big one!" I cried out to scott as I exploded an elephant sized log into the bowl.and at the sametime I did this I shot two long powerful jet streams of piss clear across the bathroom floor.boy did my log feel fantastic coming out of me.scott and I then got off the bowl to look at our logs. I must say that we lost complete control over our bowels,because we totally overloaded the toilet bowl with gigantic shit! scott then got the measuring tape and measured his log at 18 inches long. 2 inches thick and my log at 27 inches long. 3 inches thick. I was surprised how much shit was in the bowl but scott and I are bodybuilders and we eat a pretty lot, and with the super-colon I have ! I can shit gigantic!now thats what I call a super buddy dump. scott then got a stick and chopped our logs up,then he wiped himself and threw the used paper in the bowl. while I then knelt on the bathroom countertop sticking my butt out at scott as I wiped myself clean in front of him,moaning pleasurably as I did so turning scott on. I then hopped off the countertop threw my paper in the bowl and flushed.we then got dressed and scott left shortly before my parents got home. that was a fun night buddy dumping with my boyfriend scott!hoped you liked the story.bye!
TO JON-hello. interesting story of the lady stuck in the toilet on a flight. thanks for sharing.
TO A MALE-hello. what a coincidence you wanted a buddy dump story and we have one ready for you. I hoped you liked it and god bless you too my friend.
TO JUANITOS PARENTS,CARMALITA,and RENEE-scott and I are so sorry about the death of little juanito.
TO SCARLET-hello girl. thats cool that you went to disney world recently one weekend.I take it your a southern belle from florida? scott and I have been to disneyworld a few times and loved it. have you ever dumped in any of their toilets?plus thats great that you can go to a funpark in the wintertime in florida. scott and I live in new jersey and all we got is snow here.we have a great adventure here too but you know what we mean.
TO SCARLET AGAIN-hello this is scott(kims boyfriend) to answer your question the penis is very sensitive and a man whos peeing can surely feel the urine vibrations inside ok? be well.and by the way you sound like a cute girl. why dont you ask ashley out?
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-hello you two. love your are such a sweet couple who always say the nicest things! its a pleasure to have you both on this site! and like our dear friend RIZZO says its better to have met you here then to have not met you at all! to sir with love! and to his lovely wife kathy with love!take good care you two! bye everyone!love, kimmie and scotty

MARKUS: When I was at uni, lots of guys would head for the toilet after lunch in the library or in the dorms, and take a nice long dump while studying. I remember lots of times myself just sitting and highlighting, then pushing out a log, then highlight some more, then another log etc!

A few guys would even leave the stall doors open so they'd get more light as they read. I remember peeing at the urinal with these two guys sitting behind me, doors open and farting and plopping as they studied.
Ciao, Daniel (UK)

Hi all hope your all having good toilets
Jill thanks for trying but my fathers condition means i have not been at work for 11 working days now but it was very nice of you to respond.
Wow Clapham to Streatham that must have been a long one what 8-10mins?
have you always gone this bad?if you dont mind me asking.
To Steve, good advice to Eleanor especially pointing out the illegal voyeurism aspect of her brother & chums ( although understandable)
good luck to louise and yourself congratulations.
To Eleanor I think for what it's worth Steves advice is worth following i've seen some good advice for you but this is the best so far in my humble opinion, although what advice you take or follow is up to you the very best of luck.
Someone a while back mentioned a Jackie Chan film with a female poo scene, i cant remeber who it was but if they are still posting or some body remembers could the name of this be repeated please.
Now if i may make a request could i please hear from other posters aswell, Jill is great and i want to keep posting to jill if she does'nt mind but i would like more than a two way chat but Jill is fab very good at this but i'm beginng to feel like iv'e upset the rest of you I hope not if so though please tell me ( i do acknowledge others have welcomed me) but jill has been my only chatter i'm not complaining about that, please keep it up Jill.
In order to instigate a repartee Kendal i love your posts and i dont know if you like football but the groundhoppers weekend ( a weekend of solid football visting severall grounds) brings me to cornwall, I hear alot about how lovelly it is and look forward to my first jaunt down there in the last weekend of may. In case people are wondering lots of girls are into football these days so i did not presume as to wether Kendal likes football but do you Kendal?.By the way any chance of more of your pooing details noises, smells as i've been reading alot of your posts and am very impressed with the maturity with which you write.
Well thats enough from motor mouth me for now, sorry if it's been a bit of a soap box and if i sound a bit paranoid it,s not like me. A toilet quicky to keep up with the subject I cant remember if i've mentioned this one but i don't think so' when i was in junior school there was a girl a few months older than me i'll call her Jill in honour of the Brighton to Balham babe on this site sorry jill hope you don't mind but i think it has a ring to it ( not being sexiest though)but as you were my first responder this is for you, to protect the innocent to-wit the girl in question.When we were 7 or 8 she was modest about admitting she needed a poo but after holding it and squirming for a while ( much to my
eximent) yes even though i was young this always did something for me
( the female toilet thing) she would go making excuses or saying she needed the loo no mention of what kind most of the time, but when she went mostly 1-2 hours after school she always left the door wide open so i'd eventually go out and talk to her as long as i didn't look straight at her or stared she didn't seem to mind. Although i would often flit in and out of a near by room whilst talking as it ambarressed me a little.Jill (in honour of btbb see above)always took a long time 10 - 15 mins and stunk the toilet out worse than anyone i've ever known (not drawing any sort of similarity with whom this is dedicated or making any comparisons or insinnuations) but the funny thing about this girl is she pee'd really loud, like a bath running and farted even louder, but her turds did not seem to make any real noise i may of heard a few plops but most times nothing but the smell never varied (a stench every time) i could give stories if you like or re-name her if jill wants bu! t it's so strange how her poo was quiet but her wee and farts were so loud and her quiet poo,was so smelly. Especially as she never admitted her need but kept the door open. Any comments are welcome. Any way thats it for now all my best to you all.
London Lad

To Jill

I like you love to use the train to have a good poo on the way home from work out from Waterloo, I usually wait a few minutes before searching out an empty toilet then usually take my seat and unload a good poo most nights, it usually takes until Clapham Junction to really finish off sometimes longer, I'm sure my silouette has been spied many times as the train passes through the station. Yesterday I had a nightmare, I was on a train with no toilet and more and more seem to like these days, I had to jump off at Vauxhall and hunt down the nearest toilet, they were dirty and had no locks, I hovered above the stainless steel bowl and squeezed out a large turd, I was there for about ten minutes and in that time three guys interupted me, I wasn't put off though and proceeded to wipe with the lovely British Rail TP which I'm sure was used as tracing paper in a previous life. Anyway try out the WC's at Waterloo, pay 25p and have a safe, secure, peaceful poo at any time. Great a! fter a hard day on stage!

Hi all! I had a big accident this morning. While I was in the kitchen having my breakfast, I was conscious of the need to take a poo soon. However, it was not too urgent. Then as I started to go upstairs, I felt the end of a stiff turd push into my briefs. Just enough to 'touch cotton'. I then went into the bathroom to clean my teeth and shave before having my morning dump on the loo and then getting into the shower. The bit of turd was still sticking out into my pants. I was not bothered, because I'd be putting clean underwear on after. I always put clean underwear on each day. Only on international flights do I wear the same pair of underpants longer than one day. As I was shaving, I was conscious of a lovely warm feeling under my butt. My briefs had filled with a great load of very soft poo. I had felt some movement but thought it was the turd moving out a bit more. In fact it was almost as if the stiff turd was like the cork in a bottle. It was far enough out to let the ! contents ooze out. I put my hand to my butt and the load was enormous. I looked in the mirror and it had actually pushed the elasticated leg bands of my briefs away and I could see the shit beginning to ooze out. In fact I had to get some TP to wipe around my leg openings as I did not want to poo on the bathroom carpet. I could not blame the dog or the cat - because we don't have either!

I do feel a bit worried that so much poo filled my pants without me being all that conscious of such an enormous load exiting my anus! I had just felt what I thought was the original turd moving further out. Am I beginning to lose control? I've not had an experience quite like this. I have always felt "all" the poo leave with other genuine accidents. I'd be pleased to hear of other guys who may have not been "too conscious" of filling their pants with a huge load. It may be quite normal on the odd occasion. Please do let me know. Anyway, before going into the shower, I dropped the load out of my briefs into the toilet. It went into the water with a HUGE SPLOSH! A great round ball of poo that stood above the water level. It had slidden down the inside of the toilet, so had to get some wet TP to clean it down to water level. I then flushed. I was amazed that the whole lot went in one flush! I suppose because apart from the relatively short stiff turd, the rest was so soft ! the flushing action mashed it up and pushed it on its way to the sewer. I then went into the shower wearing my very dirty underwear to shower all the poo out of them before showering my dirty butt swilling it all down the drain, before carrying on with my normal shower. I am now all lovely and clean in my fresh underwear (Calvin Klein hipster trunks today).

JIM: Thanks for explaining that pullups are like diapers for big kids. I can appreciate you not wanting to go in them, as it makes you feel like a baby. I would have hated that if my mum had made me wear pullups, making me feel like a baby. The only alternative I can think of is for you to buy a pair of your own underwear to go in, providing you can keep them hidden from you mum. You'd have to wash and dry them when she was not around, like I did with my dirty underwear when I was at school. However, I don't want to get you into trouble with your mum, so you'd have to think very seriously of the implications of my suggestion. I could never forgive myself if your mum punished you because she found your own 'secret' underwear. So Jim, just do take great care.

That's all for this time.


Eleanor - I'm so please that you came back to give us an update, though I wish it could have been better news. While bathroom doors have to be able to be opened from the outside for safety, that does leave you vulnerable.

I know that you don't want to involve outsiders for fear of being taken into care, but why not tell your Mum? No one should be forced to suffer the abuse that you are being exposed to, and I'm sure that your Mum would step in and sort your brother out. Perhaps he will be the one not sitting down for a week!

Do keep us "posted" with how you get on. I'm sure everyone here wishes you well and will be thinking of your.

INA -- I'm so sorry, my fried, it looks like postings in which I included messages to you didn't make it to the board. Heartfelt apologies! I have been absolutely delighted by your adventures, especially the latest one where you used your gadget behind a trash bin outside that party! A tall redhead taking a standing whiz before climbing aboard her bike -- that sounds soooooo much like me! (I used to fantasize about going on a roadside, like men are known to, after stepping out of my sports car... Ah, sweet ramblings!) I'll dedicate my next standing eruption to you!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- That was great story about Sue -- I can see why you miss her so much. My dad had the big C as well, he's been gone a few years now. And last year my dogs passed away, one of them the big C too. It's too much... But on a brighter note, yes, I'm still practicing the stand-up-and-be-counted! A couple of times lately I've take a wonderful whiz before showering. We have a shower that falls into one end of a bath against the wall, and I've found I can stand by the bath, aim high and not wee just into the bath but clean over it and spray the wall. It's heaps of fun!

ELEANOR -- I'm so sorry your brother is such a maniac. Your parents sound like decent folks, surely your mom is approachable on this? I mean -- mine would have raised the roof on anyone in the whole world if I'd breathed a word about being abused. Surely she can help? If your dad is into spanking, it's your brother who has the bruising coming. I'll be very sad if this situation backfires in any way and you end up on the receiving end. My fingers are crossed for you.

RENEE -- Hi thar, cowgirl! It's so great to hear from you with updates on that whole wonderful family of yours. Hot as ever, spicy and all! I'm so sorry to know Malita's favorite lad passed away (I remember her mentioning him before) and I surely know how it feels to lose one who is so very special to you. You're hollowed out, and it takes time to come back from that. But she has a large and special family all around her, filled with love, and I just know she'll be okay. Please give her a hug from me, and tell her I'm thinking of her.

Sorry to hear about Angie and Tesa breaking up, but it sounds like they're still friends, and still enjoying that other kind of action we all love so much!

Cheers to all my friends, and special hellos to Steve & Louise, Kim & Scott, Kendal and Andrew, Sarah S & Meghan, Diane NY, Rizzo, Jeff A, Ephermal and many more!


Steve & Louise
Louise and I are both short on time today, so we have decided to combine our postings into one.

I love today's masthead picture of the girl about to urinate in the urinal. She has chosen to reverse onto it, bending her knees so as to be halfway between standing and sitting, while supporting herself with her hands on the top of the fixture. That is a very, very appealing picture for more than one reason. The girl strongly resembles the girls' sports teacher I used to go out with when I was 19-20. A couple of times I dropped by to see her supervising her classes outside, and as we were out of sight of all but the girls when she came to me, she casually squatted and urinated as we talked. This caused me one or two problems when walking away afterwards, something she became very aware of, and it did intensify the physical side of our relationship.
In a bizarre coincidence, a 12 year old Louise was among the girls in one of those classes. I'm constantly amazed at how small the world seems sometimes.
This is Louise speaking.
Yeah, the picture is a lot like our teacher. We knew she
was er...doing things... with someone nice and I did
fancy Steve when I saw him back then.
Our teacher used to shower with us and wee standing up,
so it was not just like my mum was the only woman who
did it like that.
Steve speaking.
Yes, indeed, she did enjoy a stand up wee, I remember it very well.

Now for something a little more serious...

To Eleanor,
I think you need to deal with this brother of yours as soon as possible. Louise and I are appalled at his most recent behaviour. Just as Kendal is, you are obviously a lovely girl with so much going for you, and I have no doubt that you will grow into a beautiful young woman. I hate to think of you being cheapened by these invasions of privacy by your brother and being exhibited on the toilet in front of his friends. He also seems to be advertising to his friends the fact he is doing it.
Many people in our society hold the view that sharing toilet activities with anyone else is by its very nature wrong and also degrading. It is not at all degrading if it is a consensual, open and friendly experience, and therefore not harmful. Louise would never say I degrade her by watching her wee, but it is her decision that I should be intimate with her in that way. In your case it is your decision to keep your bathroom activities private, and I respect you for that. But your brother is denying you your rights as a human being, and it is that that is truly degrading. He has no business at all doing this.
I have to say that I fear for the welfare of any women who come into contact with him in the future. He is developing a strong sadistic streak, one that seems to give him no regard for your own feelings at all beyond an apparent need he has to inflict suffering. I have no children, but if I had a son like him and I discovered he was behaving in this way, I would be thoroughly ashamed of him.
Sweetheart, you must stand up for yourself here. I think you need to forget about playing around with pranks that some people have suggested in some kind of tit-for-tat exchange. I do not think that having done this will help if and when your mother becomes involved. So-called 'revenge' pranks might make it look like just another little argument between a brother and sister. Do you see what I mean? It might make your problem _look_ like nothing serious in your mother's eyes, and she might just dismiss it. "Oh, don't be silly, Eleanor", or however your mother might phrase it. No, your case must be one that can be taken seriously.
Now here is what I want you to think about... I am very glad you have a caring mother, by the way ...
I think that when you have a chance when you are alone sometime with your brother, you need to settle yourself for a minute, and gather determination from within yourself. Just think of what he has been doing and think of the word "No". Over and over a number of times. When you feel ready, go up to him and tell him, really tell him that you will not put up with his behaviour toward you. You will not need to shout, but your voice must be firm, firm so he will know that you mean it! Say that you will not be treated that way. One more incident, just one, will be enough for you to tell your mother what he has been doing and that it is upsetting you. This must not be an empty threat. Your voice must carry the certainty that you really will do as you say, because if you are just saying the words when you in truth you have doubts about whether your mother would be told, then your brother will detect it, and he wouldn't believe you. You must really mean it! Be as good as your wo! rd! And be determined to win! You can do it - and you will, won't you?
This is Louise here!
Eleanor, do not poo in his underpants. You really
would not want poo getting on your private parts
because you could get an infection. It would not solve
the problem anyway would it? Yes please tell us what
happens. I do know how lucky I am to be with Steve.
I hope you find a guy a bit like him one day.
Steve speaking again.
Ahem, yes, thank you, Eleanor for the compliment!
The best of luck, and support, from both us us. Take care, sweetheart.
Love from Steve and Louise.

To Scarlet,
Speaking personally, yes I can feel the urine passing through my penis and my fingers can detect it also. Very often when I am about to finish, I squirt out short bursts of urine which can be felt like a strong pulse.
I hope that answers your question.

To Ina,
This is Louise here! Well so you get your lips to snuggle
around the device do you? I would have to have a practice
with it in the bath to see what I thought. I do have a bit
of a fierce wee and really I am a bit afraid that maybe
there would be pressure that would make the wee escape at
the sides. I guess I could try it though.
Hey I liked your story about the party, and yeah you do
see how a marking of territory is different from just
having a wee to get your bladder empty.
I bet your friend would be amazed I stood weeing at a wall
with my two best friends. LOL
Love Louise. xx

To Robby, Annie and Family,
I'm sure the 'mass-wee' proposed for the night of Louise's celebration of her life as a single girl would be overwhelming. It would be good to see it, I'm sure Annie, Sarah and Meghan must be very beautiful women. Just who would I prefer to watch? Oh I forgot, it is meant to be a girls-only night, so I wouldn't be allowed. <snicker>
Sue certainly sounded a girl who was very open about all things toilet related. It was a quite amusing and entertaining story about you all fleeing from the moose. I guess he must have been offended, all of you weeing and dumping on 'his' territory.
Annie, it seems I'm in demand. I do not have time today to do it, but soon I will have to perform another urination again for you and tell you all about it.
This is Louise speaking. Yeah, I liked that story.
Are there any other stories of Sue?
You would like seeing Steve have a wee. I got up
before him this morning, and I was just going to
leave for work when Steve got up. He went to the
bathroom and he had no clothes on. Well I could
not help but go upstairs again and help him have
his wee. I saw us in the mirror, me all dressed
up for work and Steve not wearing a thing. Well
I pulled his foreskin back a bit and I pointed
his dick at the toilet. Well he did a little
burst then he did his proper stream. It was good, I
bet you would have liked it. I liked moving his
dick around and playing with where the stream went.
When he had finished his wee, I squeezed his foreskin
at the end and I wiped it for him with some tp. He
said I looked lovely in my office clothes but I still
had to go to work and I could not delay the way he
wanted! LOL

To Renee,
Our sympathies to Carmalita with regard to Juanito. I hope her resulting withdrawn mental state does not continue, and Jake will have to play a big part in bringing her out of it.
You will need to be there for her as well - she may want to talk about it.
We are glad your baby is doing fine. That is good news!

To Adrian,
Yes, I saw the 'Top Toilets' Channel 4 programme you mentioned. I don't know if you noticed the same thing I did, but did it strike you how none of the people who worked in that building made references to any gents' or ladies' facilities? Also there was not a urinal in sight, unless I blinked at the wrong moment. Possibly there were actually urinals, but of a design so radical that I just did not recognise them as such!
I never saw an example of a unisex room in England, but maybe in such
apparently trendy workplaces it is the way things are going. Personally I would not be too impressed at being denied urinals (and probably my fiancee wouldn't be either, come to that), but those people seemed comfortable with it.
Perhaps you saw the previous edition, which was a short celebration of the long history of the manufacturers Twyfords, and how not much has changed during that time. Indeed why should something be changed that is so successful, just because it has been that way for a long time? A cynic might say that it is time then to largely automate the production line so as to cut the workforce and save money, but to me it is comforting in a way to see the traditional methods continue.

To PV,
Yep, the bath was a little short of space for all three of us, and some effort went into working out where our legs would go. It was all part of the fun. I'll tell you one thing I did notice, that up to now I really haven't been consciously aware of. I really don't know how it has escaped me for so long, and that is the feminine scent that rose from the bathwater after both Louise's mother and Louise herself tinkled into the water. As visual spectacles, both women standing and urinating into the bathwater were stunning. Good sound effects as well <snicker>, but I think it must have been your discussions of 'she-wee' smells that must have made me take notice and detect the difference. Yes, there is one! Definitely! I really have no idea why I've failed to pick up on this before. Amazing.
I did have a good time, yes!
This is Louise here.
Did you read about how we got on in Scotland? It was
a good time but I had a surprise when I was in the
bathroom and this little boy and dad came in!
Love Louise x
Steve again.
Take care, and I hope to speak with you again soon.


Steve and Louise.

Friday, January 25, 2002

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