A lot of people are telling you here that you need to change your diet. The truth is that for most people it is VERY difficult to change their diet overnight. I'm not going to suggest that. Other people are saying go to the doctor. Again, the truth is that some people are just too embarrassed to do that for a problem like this. Besides, you can't always get to the doctor right away.

You need very quick relief, and here is a solution that is safe, effective, works fairly quickly and won't cause you a lot of stress or embarrassment. Start drinking prune juice. You can stay with your regular diet, but drink at least a full glass of prune juice with each meal. That should start correcting the problem. If you need to drink more, increase it to two full glasses per meal. Drink as much of it as you can stand. If you can't stand the taste of prune juice, drink apple juice instead. It doesn't work quite as well, but it should eventually do the trick.

I agree that your diet is contributing to the problem, but the most important thing right now is to get fruit juices (prune or apple) into your body in fairly large quantities.

If that doesn't work for you, then you will have no choice but to go to the doctor. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT take any laxatives without a doctor's approval. Laxatives are very dangerous and may cause you more harm than good. If you absolutely have to take something over the counter, I would start with Metamucil. I do think, though, that if you just start drinking the juices in large quantities, it will solve the problem without need for laxatives or other over-the-counter stuff.

No one should have to go through the kind of pain and discomfort you're feeling. I hope you feel better soon...Let us know.

Iam a first time poster.heres my story of the time I pooped my dress in hischool.In science I felt the urge to poop and asked If I can go but the teacher said no I said it was an emergency and couldent hold it she said fine.I ran accross the hall way poop slid rigth out my but, but and when i got to the bath room witch had only 4 stals it was all each girl was pooping in there it smelt prety bad i waited awhile but no one finshed my panty already had a turd in it so i ran outside pulled up my dress and pooped in the bush a long 13 inch poop slid out m friend came out and said are you ok i said no i went back inside to wipe and toss my panty and went to rest of the day pantyless

Hey everybody!
I have got a curiosity question: Do any of you like to study or do any type of homework while on the toilet? Sometimes I like to study a vocabulary list or notes on the toilet.

Jackie: Urine is relatively sterile and clean. The body needs to get rid of water and this is it's process. The average composition of urine is as follows:
95% water
2.5% urea
2.5% other substances
This can vary depending on if the body has toxic substances in them ex. a disease, but these substances are not harmful unless there is an infection of the kidneys, bladder or urinary system.
My friend once told me she had a bad cut on her foot and her dad told her to turn her head for a minute, while he peed on her cut. It's supposed to clean it out pretty good. Who would have thought!! Feces on the other hand is composed of a lot of harmful bacteria.

anyone ever have to pee sooooo bad when you wake up that when you get out of bed and stand up it starts to come out, yet you can't even feel it? that happened this morning. felt pretty good. Have you ever had to go so bad at anytime that when it comes out you don't notice until your pants feel damp? man thats such a rush!

did you guys hear about the woman who in flight
got sucked into the toilet seat and was stuck there
for the whole flight ! Mechanics had to free her !
It happened on an SAS ( Scandanavian Airlines System)

true story !

Hello! Well, I had a big dissappointment this morning. I finally got Ashley (the guy I like) to come over. Trust me, that was the good part! We had been watching TV for awhile, when he asked where the bathroom was. I showed him, and as our bathroom is off the side of the TV room, I planned to listen to him. Well, it turns out that he's one of those guys that runs water while peeing, so I couldn't hear anything. That's the bad part...Then again, I kinda knew he was shy about peeing. One other time, I was telling him about Mickey (the guy in my first post that peed in the motel parking lot) and Ashley said that was weird and he'd never do it b/c he'd be too embarrassed. Then, we went up to my room a few minutes later, started making out, then he stopped and said he had to use the bathroom again. What's up with that?

Ok---question for the guys here. I've always wondered--when you are standing to pee, and holding your penis, can you feel the pee coming out? I mean, does it vibrate your hand or anything, or does your hand even feel it at all? Just curious about that. Thanks to all who answer!



Here's a question I have not seen here before and is sure to induce some discussion. I am most curious about girls opinions, but all are welcome.

"Do you enjoy the full feeling of having to poop and also do you find the feeling of the passage of you bowel movement pleasureable? (I am only referring to normal, healthy poops, not when you're sick, etc.)

I'll start by stating that I enjoy the full feeling and find pleasure in 'holding back' on a poop as long as I can. The feeling as it slides out of my body is wonderful and I enjoy it a lot.

Let's hear from you! :>)

To Alexa: I liked your stories about those guys from the boybands...thats really cool!

To Leo: Cool story about your friend letting you come in and see his poop!

To nathan: I liked your stories

I saw Scary Move 2 last night....i think someone had posted about this when the movie came out, about the bathroom sceenes. There were 2 bathroom sceenes right in the begining there was a little girl about 11 standing in her pajamas and she started peeing on the carpet. It kept coming and coming, she must have peed for 2 minutes and it was bright yellow. They had called a priest over to have prayer for this girl and then the priest is sitting on the toilet pooping and it was like diahreah and he was farting. There was one part where ever one started throwing up all this green stuff.
After the movie i had to poop big time! I hadn't been in like 3-4 days prior and i was sick the days before. I still had a huge load...i was sorta suprised i had all that shit up me after only eating 3 meals before and after i was sick. I wiped several times and flushed. The log must have been 9 or 10 inches. Gotta run


to movie fans: here are some othe toilet scenes in movies i haven't seen listed here before: :since you've been gone", "something wild", "jimmy hollywood", "flirting with disaster", and "doc hollywood". if anybody has anymore let me know.

A Male
Hi There. I Am 21 Year-old Male Who Has Cerebral Palsy. I Want To Be A Witness For Jesus Christ To All Those Who Suffer With Kidney And Bowel Problems. I Pee Okay, But Sometimes I Have Trouble Getting My Stream Started.

I've Always Had Bowel Problems. I Have To Take Enemas To Get My Bowels To Move. Sometimes My Stool Is Hard, But Now That I Watch What I Eat, It Stays Soft.

Before, I Have A Bowel Movement, Prayer Helps Me Relax. I've Learned That A Good Laugh While On The Toilet Will Help You Get Your Business Done. Try Praying And Trusting In Jesus And That Will Help You.

I Like To Hear About Clean, Fun Buddy Dumping Experiences, So If You've Got Any, Please Let Me Year Them. God Bless You All!

Hello girls and boys,

Thank you for the nice letters and thanks to all for some of the great stories.

RIZZO: Hi, you kind guy. Hope you are doing ok. You are right, indeed. I am another "Kraut" invading this site. You have to tell me the trick, how you guessed?
Talking about that dish, that gave us the name and that some of my fellow posters have already refered to: Avery similar thing happened in our family like that sharp thing that TIMís son had swallowed (thank god the little one was alright). Many years ago, my mom was decorating some dresses. As people do, she had all the pins and needles in her mouth. Suddenly her boyfriend at the time came and gave her a suprise hug. She swallowed all the needles and pins out of shock. Of course they were in panic and rushed to the doctor. He said the same thing: Eat lots of "Sauerkraut" ...She did and it seemed to have all come out the natural way with no hassle. I donít know if swallowing sharp things by accident is a typical German thing, or why we are so famous for that remedy...LOL. I usually only eat that stuff about once a year, but it can surely cure constipation.
Thank you again for your compliments. I feel flattered. As I said I always look forward to some of your stories, especially the pees from the boat and outside. I lived a few years in England and studied there. I was struggling a lot as well with the essay writing. I usually prefer to think in images. When I was going to school I also still learned that you do O-levels in England... So you are British, but live abroad now? May I ask in which country?
Hope you are posting again soon, I always look forward to it...Love and hugs from Ina

A little wee story for the meantime: Last weekend I went to a party and drank lots of wine and even more water. Suddenly I felt like leaving right away, otherwise my mood would drop imensely. There was a long queue in front of the loo and I felt like I could wait a while. By the time I had everything ready and was about to mount my bike I started to feel uncomfortable. I hesitated but thought, "oh, well I guess a guy would find a spot" and of course so would I...I looked around for a bit and then went behind a big rubbish container. I quickly placed my 'peebuzz', which does not take me longer than it does for a guy to pull it out and relaxed. Sweet relief! I felt so happy again to just be able to stand there fully dressed and relief the pressure on my bladder. There was a loud splitter-splatter as it hit the bin and the concrete. I am still suprised by that, as I always forget itís coming from a bigger height. I had to go much more than I had realised and enjoyed forci! ng and relaxing the stream from more to less forcefull. I always thought before that it is a typical male thing to want to mark your terriotory, but I fully understand the fun now. Cause if you can pee standing up and are in full control to direct the stream it feels so much more powerful. Itís peeing at something, as an active thing rather than passing water...Well itís fun and sooo practical, what more can you ask for. Happy pishing everyone!

LOUISE: Well, thatís exactly the thing! Using the device is already like peeing with a willy, you donít have to place a rubber tube on it! Itís not like a funnel, but is placed directly in front of your peehole with your lips snuggling around it and holding it in place. I then just hold it in one hand like a penis and can direct it how I want. They also sell rubber tubes there, but they are for peeing seated e.g. in a car or a wheelchair. Itís fun, but I donít have to mention that, do I? As always I very much like your recent stories. My friend already thought it was strange I went to a sex shop with my mom...I think your stuff would knock her out. Take care and hugs from Ina

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Thanks for your compliments, sir. Do you have a job for me? LOL. I also often work as a freelancer in the media. Maybe weíll meet one day (e.g. at the urinal in the BBC menís room... LOL). Glad you are doing fine and having fun.
Oh yes, as I said to Rizzo, I speak German as my first language but lived in London for a bit (nearly five years). I also enjoy working with Brits and Americans occasionally, itís usually quite funny. I once had an American boss. What would strike me, is that he would always say; "I just got to pee, Iíll be right back" when he needed to go. I was suprised, as I thought Americans are usually much more prudish than Germans and even here you would not usually say that at work (not to your boss or vice verca). I thought it was rather funny (and have to say I would have liked to see him do it...although I did notwant to do other private things with him). Annie, five kids? I am impressed. You surely seem to have good nerves. You all seem to be such sweet people. Lots of love to all of you, Ina
SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hey sweeties, are you having fun at college? Seems like it. Nice wee on knees! You all seem to be so open; I am suprised you are saying you are not. Enjoy yourselves and take good care. Hugs from Ina

PPG: I donít know if the spices were the problem for me after all, as my problems continue. I used to live with girls from Malaysia and India, so I am quite used to it and have a big cupboard full of spices. But it seems you sometimes have problems as well?
Happy poops and plops...Ina

PV: Not even a hello, after several long posts I have written to you? To tell you the truth, I am offended, fellow redhead...

Lots of love and best wishes to TIM AND SARAH.

Stay well, all of you, Ina

Hi all,
I came home from work yesterday and changed into a t-shirt and a little blue denim miniskirt (very little! - more like a belt!!). After a bit of housecleaning I felt to urge to fart so I let out a bit of a blaster and almost immediately a long brownie started to come out. Within seconds it had reached below skirt-level (not difficult!) and wow it just kept coming out in a long straight line! Paul came home and watched in amazement at me trying to walk carefully with this brown tail dangling out - it nearly reached the back of my bare legs and felt just great. I got as far as the toilet door when it suddenly dropped onto the floor. Paul was in hysterics and he left me to dispose of my sausage! Charming. I wiped my bum without taking my mini down cos it was so short and it was clean! Amazing.

Hellowe everybody!

Hey nice pic of the babe in the slip! Wow, some really great stories. Sorry I've been absent for so long. Baby keeps me busy. Me and Patsy have been reading the stories like crazy. Patsy's been a regular log queen for awhile now. I don't what's up with the girlfriend, but she's been shitting huge, monster turds for the last week now. She also flirts with me on the pot when she's pooping and I'm diggin' that! We make great moms too. Baby Malita is doing great, just past her one month birthday! Jake is really helping out with her. I freaked when I came home and found out he'd held up a snake for her to look at. He said he didn't want her to be afraid of anything in life. She wasn't either! She's a tough kid.

I took a huge dump this morning, man it was a big one! I think I must have crapped about 5 pounds of shit in three flushes. I burnt my butthole and stunk up the bathroom, but it was a much needed and very healthy dump. Jake talked with me for awhile while I pooped. We talked about the old days, horses, Texas and rodeo and all. He always manages to make me smile. He heard about three big plops and was impressed. The smell finally drove him out though. I did have a really nice long turd that was really thick. It was pretty gross, but impressive! One time, back home, me and Jake were riding and I had to take a big shit out on the flat. After dismounting, I jerked my Wranglers down, squatted and plopped a big pile. After I finished and we rode off, Jake turned and looked over his shoulder and said "Ya outa mark the grave. That pile's big enough t' bury a man under."

Nu has been over a few times, but we haven't heard too much from Angie. Nu took a beautiful, classic shit at our house. She was wearing a black dress with heels, was really made up nicely, and when tipped her ass for us, a huge log pinched out and splashed loud in the toilet. It was so hot and crazy watching her grunt and push. I could see her ???? flexing from the workout. Her turd was a real fattie. A few days later she let me video tape her for three of her shits. One, she had a bad case of the runs again, but it looked very hot on tape! I'm telling you, the way she grunts and grimaces is soooo hot! But the last dump was perfect because she shitted a really long one that looked like it would never end! It was a smelly one too. Nu brought some fresh "her and Angie" tapes over for some great girl action. Apparently, Angie and Tesa are no longer an item. The tapes were sex tapes, not pooping ones. Am I in trouble for mentioning that? Oooops! Oh well, they also had lots ! of poop scenes in them too.

And speaking of Tesa, she came by to see the baby. Man, that girl is really looking good these days! She's bubbling into a very spicy latina. She even treated us to a similar long, and very smelly dump, much in the Carmalita tradition. What I like a lot about Tes is that she pees a fountain. Patsy can spray pretty hard, and fill a good sized bucket, but Tes just pees and pees and pees some more! She spreads her legs so you can watch it squirt out from her black, hairy puss. Then, she plops turds, and I mean big ones too. In fact, all of us girls shit pretty good sized turds. Carmalita does the biggest ones, and is the smallest runt in the house. Go figure. One time, Carmalita sat on Tesa's lap and took a dump while Tesa was on the toilet. I'd give anything to talk those two into putting on a show like that again!

Sad news for Carmalita: Her favorite child at the community Center, Juanito was taken by pneumonia five days ago. The boy died in his sleep. He'd just turned six. His poor parents. Carmalita has not been the same since. She isn't laughing or smiling. She barely comes out of her room. She's losing weight because she's not eating. If this keeps up I'm going to get very worried. I never knew how much he really meant to her. Little Juanito was an angel and I adored him as did everyone. There was a special service on Sunday for him. That's all I'm going to say before I start bawling, because I can see his face in my mind.Too late, I'm bawling anyway.

I need some more girl stories. We all in this house need something to cheer us up. When Carmalita is down, we're all down.

Anyway, my love to all, and special hellowes to RJOGGER (hey dude,) and Kathy (hi babe,), Rizzo, Jeff A, Kim and Scott, Steve and Louise, Robby, Annie, Meghan and Sarah S., Amy co-ed, and so many more I'm forgetting I'm sure. It's been such a great year with you all! You saw me through my pregnancy, and now I have the most beautiful gift in the world.


I have been reduced to tears now I have come back to read this site. I had no idea how very many kind and wonderful people there are at this site, and I am so grateful for all the replies. A very big thank you to you all.

I was particularly pleased when Kendal wrote to me. I had read a few old posts, and its quite obvious what a kind and caring girl she is, and I am so envious of her having a cousin who looks after her like that, although I still think its a bit peculiar why people would want to watch each other on the toilet. I mean, its just something we all have to do to relieve ourselves. I don't get any enjoyment listening to hisses, tinkles and especially plops, and as for smells, yuk ! I suppose that maybe actually seeing the person sitting on the toilet with their knickers down might give some blokes a cheap thrill, like my brother and his mates. But its not for me. Just my opinion anyway. But when I read Kendal's experience of being looked at with a mirror, it sent shivers down my spine. I think being able to see my brother and his mates in the room with me is bad enough, but being looked at using a mirror where you know they can see you, but you can't see them, except for their! eyes spying, makes me feel sick.

I thought you all deserved an update as to what is happening, and now that I've come back here, I know you all deserve to know. After the last time when he made me wipe while he watched, I managed to wrangle going to a friend's house straight after school for a couple of nights, and got to have a nice private poo and wee. The night after that, I really dreaded going home. My friend was picked up from school because she and her Mum were going out, so I couldn't go to hers. I remember shaking as I put the key in the door to let myself in. In fact the fear almost made me poo myself. But when I got in, the house was silent, and my brother wasn't home. I dashed to the bathroom and with much relief locked myself in safely, and had the happiest home poo and wee that I've enjoyed in days. The next couple of days, he was home, but didn't seem concerned and wasn't in the bathroom spying. It was just like he'd had his fun and would now leave me alone. Unfortunately, last night was ! the worst of all. I got home and he was home with three mates. One of them was one of the originals ( not the 'nice' one ), the other two were new. What happened was I got home. They weren't in the bathroom, but when my brother saw me on the landing heading for the loo, he rushed to try and stop me, but I was too quick and got in and locked the door. He called me all the names under the sun, and I took great delight in teasing him back, telling him how I was really going to enjoy my "wee and a very, very big poo". He then said they would all stand outside and listen then instead. So I said "tough luck" and feeling pleased with myself at this idea, I turned on the shower, which makes a lot of noise to hide my tinkles and plops. As I settled on the toilet to relieve myself I could hear them mumbling things to one another, and I couldn't help but grin to myself, thinking "yes, I've won". Unfortunately, that wasn't to be the case. I don't know whether I'm just thick or something! , but I had no idea that even when I was locked in the bathroom, someone could still get in from the outside. I heard my brother shout "Prepare yourself Ellie, we're coming in". I froze, and the poo half hanging out of my bottom froze with me. I expected to see the door crashing inwards as they broke in. Instead, I had to watch in horror as I saw the lock magically undoing itself. Then the door just opened and they were in. I screamed, and grabbed my knickers from round my knees and tried to pull them up to hide my fluffy bit, but sitting down, they snagged on the toilet seat and prevented me from completing the job. They all laughed and pointed and my brother said "There you go guys, I told you I'd be able to show you my sister with her knickers down" ! Bastard ! The first thing he did was turn off the shower. Now not only could they all watch, they could hear everything as well. Fortunately, I'd finished my wee, and I had only one plop to finish off, but I knew no amount! of tears was going to prevent them from watching me wipe this time. So I just did it to the accompanyment of wolf whistles etc. And that is why I'm back here again.

Wish I'd read some of your replies before. Like throwing my pooey toilet paper at them !! Still, I'm going to think about all of them. But I'm definitely not going to do anything dangerous. I thought the laxitive idea was great, but not when someone else here explained how dangerous it could be. And I couldn't possibly poo on his bed, otherwise my Dad would leave me with a sore arse for days. I also don't want to involve any outsiders. Steve said that might mean getting taken into care, and I don't want to leave my Mum who is very nice to me. (You are right Steve, my brother is 14. I just want to say that I think Louise is very lucky to have you. ) I liked Toni's idea of pooing in his underpants ! I could get a pair, put them on, go to the toilet, not pull them down, and then poo inside them, as much as I could. Then empty it down the toilet and put them in the wash basket ! Yes ! But then he might hit me. And also, the thought that my poo might "invade" my other pr! ivate bits down there ( or not so private it seems now ) makes me feel sick as well. I don't know. I will think about it very carefully, and once again thank you so very much to everyone for your sympathy, which has made me feel so much better at the moment, and I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, that I will come back and tell you what happens. Thanks.

Lots of love from Eleanor xxxxx

PS Kendal, I wish I lived in Devon, then I could ask your Andrew to go out with me !

hi, i think noel was your name, pullups are like diapers but for big kids, they help you to not mess your pants if you have an accident. i dont like going in it because it makes me feel like a baby and its no fun. i sorta like to see if i can get away with going and nobody noticing. sometimes i walk home instead of the bus cause my house is close, i only take the bus if its bad weather ouside. and i poop my pants before i get there, this was before pullups but i always got caught by mom when i got home. she always checked my pants whe i walked in, she would pull the back and look down in them to see if i pooped. sometimes she would pull my pants down and see if i had a yellow spot on the front of my underwear. this is why she makes me wear pullups cause i always have accidents. when i am at camp i do not wear the pullups and i always seem to have accidents there cause we are in places with no bathrooms. well bye

Just a quickie tonight before I go to bed.

NATHAN: Thanks for your posting sharing your pants pooping stories. It was great reading. I really loved your question and answer, "... would I? And then I did it. It was sublime, I poop a huge amount, it kept coming as my underwear sagging low with the weight. It felt insanely good, the ultimate taboo, soiling oneself." I think you have described my own experience better than I could have myself. Certainly, no judgement from me. I hope others will not judge you or me harshly either for our soiling fetish. I have found nothing like it. I too LOVE to poop my pants (and pee them too). Hope to read a lot more posts from you when you have time to write.

BEN IN IOWA: To answer your question Ben, I have often messed and peed my pants on purpose in shopping malls and in the street. I have also messed and wet myself in the stalls of public toilets to see what reaction I got from other guys when I came out. I planned to do this on one occasion when all the stalls were occupied. I purposely gasped out loud, "Oh no! I'm going to mess my pants!" I then pushed my huge load out into my briefs as they then sagged low inside my jeans with the weight, with all these guys looking at me. "Oh no, I'm wetting myself too!" I cried out, as I then purposely peed myself. I was in a seaside town on a short 3-day holiday break on my own, as I just needed to get away from some of the pressure of intense study at that time. No-one knew me there. I don't think I would dare do this where I was known. I mess my pants only (no pee) where I might be known - and only then if I think it is going to be pretty firm turds. There is nothing like the feeli! ng of loaded underpants. Only those who love it can really appreciate it.

Bye for now.


To: London Lad
Yes I used the train loo today (Wednesday), but unfortunately I did not flush when expected. I needed a good poo and it took a while to find a working toilet. I usually try the flush as I have been caught out before. Consequently I didn't get sat down to start doing my business until we were at Clapham Junction, and I was still pooing as we passed through Balham. I flushed as we were passing through the next station (Streatham?), but I guess you didn't get to see it? Ah well, it felt good, and there was plenty of it. Sorry I can't write too long as I am very busy - on stage every evening this week.

Annie and Robby
Hi all!!
Sorry we post so much but we really enjoy this forum!!
First off!

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hi, my dears! We are so glad you are back with us. It looks like you and Andrew have been attending to that sweet girl, Ellen. The fact that she trusted Andrew enough to let him take her to the toidy(teehee) was a breakthrough. She,obviously is a very bright little girl. Mind you, she has two very bright and caring teachers, too! The story about the wees at your old home was very special. I'm sure it brought back wonderful memories for both of you and the fact you could share this with your new sister and cousin was an extra plus. Robby and I are trying to get back and add to our toilet,er toidy adventures. We have been too busy! We will have a story just for you next time. Kendal, you better start practicing for the standing wees!! Below for a story about Sue. Lots of Lovexxxxxxxxxx and squeezy hugs!! Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

LOUISE: Hi gal! You asked for more Sue stories. Here tis!
When Sue found out she had the big C she told Robby she wanted all of us to go on a vacation together. Our whole clan came over. We took a huge motor home to the state of Wyoming. It is beautiful. Well, one morning we were all in a huge field photographing the moose and the mountains. Sue yelled out in her strong voice;"Who needs to pee or
grunt"? This embarrassed the hell out of her kids and ours. All of the girls, except Liz, dropped their jeans and knickers. We all squatted and started weeing and pooing. Sarah dropped a huge pile and Ellie was sounding like a moose trying to get a giant turd out. Well, Sue and I were looking at each other and trying to outdo the other in grunts and moans. It was a scream. Well, I had a long piece coming out of my arse and Sue had little balls dropping out of hers. We were laughing so hard we nearly fell in our own poop. Then we heard a shout. A large moose was coming on the run towards us. We tried to pull up our jeans. Sarah and Meghan took off on the run with their jeans half pulled up. Ellie and Liz were frozen. They had never seen an attacking moose before. The guys came running and they had a park ranger with them. Sue and I took off and sprinted to beat the band. Mind you, this was while poop was still trying to exit and wee was running down our legs. The ranger f! inally shewed off the animal. We were wet, dirty and the girls were mortified. Robby suggested that we all go back to the motorhome and get cleaned up. After all of this Sue and I were sitting around and she started to chuckle, then started roaring with laughter. She couldn't stop. I joined her and our families thought we were going starkers. We did get to see more moose and other wonderful things. Yes, she was a wild and adventureous woman. This is one of the reasons I miss her so much.
On the subject of the mass wee. Of course we all would be honoured to perform. By-the-way, the girls and I would be properly impressed to see Steve "perform". STEVE: May I say that your appendage will be a legend here on the forum. I don't mind speaking about it! Yes, Meghan would turn the brightest scarlet but turn into giggles, too! Take care, Lovexxxxxxx Annie and Robby

PV: Hi, you wonderful Irish redhead! I am glad your blood was up for Eleanore. All of our's were!! Are you doing standing wees? We have to practice you know,LOL!! Lots of Lovexxx Annie and Robby




Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Sara T.
To answer your question, publicloositntester, the best public restroom I've used was at a restaurant in New York City called La Nonna, now called Nipotino's. Clean as anything, with cloth handtowels. Really, really tiny, but gorgeous.

The runner-up is a Dunkin Donuts in New York. For a fast food place, the bathroom was great. They often ran out of toilet paper but it was clean and pleasant smelling... except for one time someone got the bright idea to smear their shit on the walls. What the hell?! I was shocked.

Outhouse Scott:

Your advice for eleanor was right. I forgot who it was who told that school picnic story. One of the best I ever heard. If anyone can give advice about this type of thing, it's you.

Outhouse Scott

First of all, you have nothing whatsoever to be embarrassed about! Do not hesitate to tell your family, especially your Mom or Dad about your problem. Everyone gets constipated sometimes. Sounds like you may have a serious medical problem, though. You really should think about going to a doctor. And remember whether your doctor is a man or woman (you might have to see a proctologist, and they're more often men)--your ass is nothing they haven't seen before!!! So don't be ashamed!

In the meantime, here's a suggestion. First, don't take laxatives--prolonged use of them could really screw up your guts. Try using one of those Fleet enemas. While the idea of squirting water up your butt may not appeal to you, it does work, and cleans your colon out in a healthy, natural way. Give that a try.

Once again, don't be ashamed about telling your parents or your doctor or even your friends about your constipation problems. Everone poops and everyone can relate.

Hope you feel better.


To Jennifer L

My name is Anthony, I'm 28. This is my first time posting, but I have been checking out this site for a while. Jennifer, I know just what you mean. I am always constipated. I dont know what its like to have a normal poop. Well, I cant say that, but most of the time I'm constipated. I know I dont eat the best food, and I dont drink enough water, so it mostly my fault......but its still a pain. I subscribe to 8 different magazines a month, just so i always have somthing to bring in with me.
Oh well..just wanted Jennifer L to know she is not alone.

Jennifer L-
Maybe you should eat more rice to make your poop easier to pass. If that doen not work put some vaseline in you butt before you poop so it will slide out.

Ben In Iowa
Hello every one at the toilet.

I got a question. Has anyone messed or peed thier pants on pupose in public like in a mall? Or has anyone ever wet or messed in a public stall and come out to see what people would say.

And to the person who asked if anyone ever imagined using the bathroom as the oppisite sex I have. People should give detail of what its like to walk in sit down stand up etc. I hope people start doing this. Well I post a story later.

More Later

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