Hi everybody! Did ya miss me? I couldn’t write for a while because 1) nothing that interesting happened, just me doing the same runny stuff that I was doing before, and 2) my net connection was down. But now, both of those conditions are gone, so I’m back! And with a more solid poop story for you guys. I was with my friend Tina (who had on the cutest little plaid skirt, barely covering her ample round bunnies) at a gas station yesterday in the evening when I felt this one coming. I knew that I would have a big load that day since I had eaten a lot of stuff before. But Tina was in worse shape than I was. A couple of minutes later, Tina held her stomach and said, “Oh my gosh.” I said, “What? Do you have a stomachache?” Then she said, “I think it might be worse than that.” So we were going to head over to the bathroom, but they were all really disgusting. Like horribly disgusting. So we headed over to Tina’s car, and I drove since she was in no condition to drive. We were about! halfway there when I felt my logs knocking a little more urgently at my back door, telling me they wanted OUT. But I clenched my ‘tocks together and drove on. Tina, however, was getting all red, and I said that maybe we should pull over, and I’d hold a bag for her behind her, since it was kinda dark. She gasped out a little “okay” and I pulled over. “Make sure it doesn’t hit the car or anything,” she said between gasps. As soon as I stopped the car, Tina just opened the door and hovered over the side. I had about enough time to get halfway around the car before I heard a sputtering fart like a lawnmower. I got over in just enough time to put the bag under Tina’s sweet pink @$$ and see her unload. Holding her cheeks apart, she groaned as a pile of hot creamy mashed potato-like waste came pouring out of her. It wasn’t so much runny as it was mushy. Her hole closed momentarily, but opened again as she groaned again and unleashed another brown dragon. I cringed, as I knew the ! feeling well. She let go of her cheeks and said, “I think I’m-” but was cut off as she was gripped by another wave. She quickly cleared away the backdoor as more crap came out. After about fifteen more minutes of this (and a lot of fidgeting from me) she was done. She wiped using some Wet One’s she had in the glove compartment, then tossed them into the bag, pulled up the panties, sat back, and sighed a sigh of relief. Relief that I hadn’t gotten yet. So I handed her the back, and without saying anything, but hoping she got the picture, I turned around, unzipped my very tight jeans (that, by the way, seem like they should need the jaws of life to get my mammoth butt out of) and pushed. I saw Tina’s eyes light up as my hole domed. I can assume that it was widening a lot, because the turd I was passing felt like a 20 oz. Bottle stuck in me. It joined the mushy stuff in the bag. Then I pushed again, and sighed with pleasure as I felt the second one start out. “What a Kodak mome! nt,” Tina joked. I loved the feel of the poop sliding out of, at this point, my very large hole. It landed softly in the bag. I wiped up and pulled up, then tied the bag. “Kind of like a role reversal,” I noted, getting back into the driver’s seat. One that I was pretty happy about, excluding the whole Tina-is-a-poop-geyser thing.

Well, I hope you guys have some happy pooping!


I've been reading here for a few months, but this is my first post.

Some of the places I have peed:

Into innnumerable cups and glasses, empty soda cans, empty 2 liter soda bottles.
Into one of those wheeled mop buckets that schools and businesses use.
Into a locker at school.
Onto a shelf in a classroom.
Into an air conditionaer's vents at school.
Into the corner of a locker room at school.
Onto numerous bathroom walls.
Into many sinks.
Onto numerous bathroom floors.
Into drains in bathroom floors.
Out of a bedroom window.
too many outside places to name.
Onto the glass beside doors at schools.
Into the corner of a friend's shed
Into floor air conditioner vents.
On a bedroom wall
On a bed/behind a bed/under a mattress
out the bathroom window of a moving charter bus
on many floors

interesting shits:

Into a garbage can that had a brown grocery bag in it. Later took the bag and put it in the outside garbage.
Same scenario as above but putting the bag in the firepalce and burning it.
Into a black trash bag and taking it out and throwing it in a ditch.
In my pants in kindergarten and the turds would eventually find their way out and drop out of my pants legs.

Can't think of nay others right now, but I know there are still some i haven't mentioned.

I love stories of peeing in public, especially Silke's. I also liked Louise's stories of peeing on the beaches.

Well that's all I have to say for now, maybe I'll post again.

Hi I am Jasta's cousin the one she has been telling you about since about New Years she came down to Ft. Lauderdale where I live If you haven't noticed she is naming her baby after me!

anyway today I had an embarrasing situation I was driving with my 2 year old in the backseat and of course we was jammin to some r&b and I was on my period (gurls you know what i'm talkin bout) when I felt a little stream go into my pad I didn't really have to pee that bad but my flow is quite heavy so I thought it was lot of blood so I kind of relaxed and pushed it out come to find out it was pee I was very freaked my baby (whom I am trying to potty train) said mommy you wet your panty's what a naughty bad girl.
I also have another story in about June I was at home chillin with Andrea (my lil girl) when I went into the bathroom to change my tampon so I was in the regular position with my foot proped up on the wall when Andrea came in and saw she went and called 911 they couldn't tell what she was saying but she was so freaked they thought something bad was wrong so they came out and I had to explain to them I was on my cycle and was inserting a tampon when Andrea walked in they totally understood.
One more story while I was pregnant a few years ago the doctor asked me to bring in some samples of my stool so about 2 days before my next apointment I had to have a bm so I decided to use one of them tupawear bowls so I backed my ass up over it and did my business needless to say when the doctor opened it it was very fresh smelling scuse my grammar I was raised in the ghetto

Jennifer L: examine your diet. Eliminate junk food. Eat lots of protein meats, raw vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water, daily. Your troubles will be over. First, take psyllium or senna pod tea. I was the same way in college at one point. Use natural remedies. Do not use chemicals like Dulcolax or magnesia. They are bad chemistry. Senna is brutal. But,it is a start. Then use psyllium with Vitamin C/ascorbic acid.

Mindy: Some days our high school toilets were not clean nor there was toilet paper. I had keys to unused toilets. They were clean and well stocked. Some days were unbearable. At gym, I and a two other girls(they turned out to be lesbians)would purloin toilet paper from the gym teacher. The gym toilet was the cleanest for the money.

Jennifer L, I had a problem with constipation when I was taking an antidepressant. I had to visit a doctor to remedy the problem, so that was the end of the pills! The amount of time between your poops is too long, and I suggest taking Metamucil(orange-flavored, sugar free), drinking regular coffee, or having fruit milkshakes. Although I don't recommend the high caffeine intake that coffee provides, it may be worth trying to see if it helps you. I have found those items to be the best laxatives. Also, I'm curious about your diet. Make sure you're getting enough fiber--fruits, vegetables, oats, cereals--and drinking water. I exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet, and I often go two days between poops. And then when it's time, it's time to go immediately. Please post your stories.

While bowel habits vary greatly among people -- that is, the length of time food takes to pass through the system -- your 4-7 day cycle sounds way out of the ordinary. It could be diet, exercise (or lack thereof) or a combination You could also be alergic to some foods. Constipation may be a symptom of lactose intolerance (i.e, your body has trouble digesting milk and milk products). Anyway what do I know? I'm not a doctor, but I am a father so here is my fatherly advice:
First, do not fall into the American trap about being SHY about your constipation (see earlier posts about this topic).

Second, you need to talk about this to somebody who is professionally capable of helping you. When did you last have a full checkup? Get to a doctor. If you can't talk to your own parents, see the nurse at school. They've heard it all and can be very helpful. Or go to a woman's clinic. Hopefully that will lead to your being able to regale us, like the many regular female posters here, with tales of your many satisfying, regular (and large) big jobs. :) Be healthy!

Jennifer L. Constipation can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Like other bowel function problems it can stop you living life to the full and doing the things you want to do as well. We all get "bunged up" occasionally and most of us can live with it - so long as it's short lived and only every now and then. If constipation is an ongoing problem which it seems to be in your case, I would advise increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some dried fruits are also good such as prunes and dates but you don't want to 'overdo it' with those. One poster (Carol) told us some time ago that she found a wineglass full of olive oil helpful if constipated, although I have to admit I've never tried it myself. Certainly you want to avoid over the counter laxatives from the chemist (pharmacist) if at all possible, because your bowels can become dependent on them to keep moving and often the more you take, the more you need! Try changing your diet first but, if that doesn! 't work and the problem persists, consult your doctor. He or she is there to help.

Luc. In answer to your question I often do a combination of (1) (2) and (3) when having a motion, ie I pee before, during and after. I think most people have a wee at some stage when they go for a motion. It would be interesting though to hear from anyone who can do a motion without weeing whilst they're at it.

Did anyone see the short programme on Channel Four last night (Tuesday) about the office loo of the year? It featured an office which had all kinds of interesting loos for the benefit of the staff. One of them had broken mobile phones actually moulded into the seat so that 'staff could sit on the job.' It was really interesting.

Special greetings to Annie, Robbie, Sarah & Meghan, Tim & Sarah, RJogger, Kathy & friend Anne, Anne (housewife).

Jennifer L

You need to change your diet, girl.If you are relatively thin, I hope you don't mean anorexia. But if you are doing great big poos, it seems to me you must be eating enough. Your diet must be balanced. You need to eat more vegetables and fruit. Also more starchy food such as bread (try wholemeal with grain)and potatoes. Cut down on: 1) the McDonald's and Kentucky Fried type foods and 2) most takeaway food. The best remedy though is to each much more fruit, particularly the stone fruits, such as plums, peaches nectarines. Perhaps drink more water as well. You will have to experiment with different food types and see what works best for you.

KIM AND SCOTT--Thanks for the welcome! Scarlet is a nickname. My mom started calling me Scarlet because, like Scarlet O'Hara, I am crushing hard on a guy named Ashley. lol I didn't want to post my real name. :) wanted more stories:

First of all, I read where some people wanted stories on celebrities. Well, I'm a big fan of boybands, so I've read several things. I know a few are true because they were printed in official books and magazines quoting the guys. BACKSTREET BOYS-- In one of the official books, it said that as a prank, Nick Carter pooped in a sock (which Brian held for him...)and hid it in one of the drums before the concert. Then the smell got so bad every time the drummer hit the drum that they had to stop. Somewhere else, I read that Howie has a terrible aim and always pees in the floor. In a magazine, they were doing and interview im which AJ was absent, and Kevin explained that he had a stomach virus and was "burning the candle at both ends". Also, the tour bus bathroom is often occupied, so Brian has asked the driver to pull over and let him pee on the side of the road. NSYNC--In some magazine, I read where the guys had eaten caviar (sp?) and all but Joey took turns having dia! rrhea and throwing up in the tour bus bathroom. O-TOWN--Dan once ran offstage in the middle of a concert because he was on the verge of peeing in his pants. On "Making the Band", the guys all have to wear body microphones at all times to record every move they make. Dan said his most embarrassing moment was asking what to do if he had to use the bathroom. I don't know what the answer was...ooohh....Just the thought of getting to watch or hear Trevor peeing gives me chills!

No good stories on me lately. I went to Disney World over the weekend...that's why I wasn't posting. I guess I ate too much pizza and cheese (my fave foods) because I've been so constipated! And to make things worse, my parents and sister loved making fun of my Better to laugh than cry, I guess...


He Jennifer, i think if you have such troubles by pooping, you need to go to a doctor. i go pooping twice day, and i think thats normal or? I would love to hear some stories about you and other women pooping. have you watched others or did they watch you? have you seen your best girlfriend pooping as well? do you go shitting at school? i hope you reply my post. Gotta go, Lukas

Has anyone heard of a movie called "Star" with Madonna in one of the roles? I am told it has a great bathroom scene. Can anyone verify?

Did anyone catch the scene in Ally McBeal last night where Ally sniffed Bon Jovi's butt and made a really nasty face? That was prettty unusual, even for Ally. I haven't seen all the Ally episodes, so maybe someone who has can answer a question for me. The show has many great bathroom scenes and many references to people using the toilet. Has there ever been a scene on the show where one of the women on the show clearly needs to go to the toilet to poop? Have there ever been any specific references on the show to a female character pooping? For that matter, does anyone know of any other TV episodes that clearly refer to a female character pooping? Thanks!

I saw an old posting here where someone said it was safe to drink your own urine. I don't understand that. Since urine is waste that your body is trying to get rid of, how can it be safe to drink it? I would think that if you try to put something in your body that your body tried to get rid of, it would have to be harmful.

Jennifer L: my suggestion is to try an enema thaey work real well for me even while I am pregnant if you read my past posts you will see the trouble I was having in my first term of pregnancy the doctor put me on special laxitives and have weekly laxatives

anyway the doctor was trying to cut back on my enemas so i hadn't had one in about 9 days so i has not pooped i had to go but it was very hard to go so i held it i had major cramps so bad I had trouble walking so I had to sneak into the mens bathroom so Mark could give me an enema so I bent over the toilet and he slipped one in and squeezed it but he insisted that I go back to the womens so i am walking and it starts to come out and It starts running down my leg it was totally gross and it got all in my mustang on the seats and everything luckily they are leather so it didn't stain anyway got to go Tyler is hungary.

but good news for me and the baby my father gave us enough money to have the homebirth of my dreams and we are naming the baby Alyssa Anne Karror post back! Always~ Jasta, Mark, Tyler, & Little Alyssa

John B.
Hi! I'm new to the site, but I thought I'd share my pooping story.

I was on my way to Washington D.C. from Columbus, OH and only an hour into the car ride I felt the urge to have a movement. Now I only poop about once every 4-5 days and it's not uncommon for me to poop only once a week. So when I go it's usually a large thick log or explosive diarrhea.

I stopped off at an exit where only an old style gas station was available. I walked back to the restroom which was in complete ruin. I didn't know it at the time, but the toilet wouldn't flush and there was no hand soap or paper towels. Any ways, I got started and, man, did I let one rip. It was explosive and I sprayed the entire back section of the toilet. It looked like a land mine went off in a mud puddle. Also, flies were landing on me because the place was so unkept and it was a hot summer day. Well, right after dropping the brown bomb I heard a knock on the door. I assumed it was my buddies playing a prank on me. I answered with a sarcastic "Occupied!" Then, I finished my duty. It was at this moment that I realized the toilet didn't flush. The toilet paper just sat in the middle of the toilet surrounded by brown buckshot. Talk about gross.

Well, I walked out of the bathroom only to see a very cute black girl waiting to use the bathroom. As I walked by she caught a wiff of my job well done and gave me one hell of a nasty look. She had no idea what was else was in store for her. Remember, when she walked into the bathroom she saw a shit sprayed toilet, flies hovering, smelled the crap and couldn't even wash her hands. There may have even been some ass sweat on the toilet still present.

I don't know what her feelings were towards white people, but I guarantee you that I made one hell of a case towards re-segregating public restrooms.

Today ()i was at my friends's house and he announced that he needed to take a shit and he was in there for like a minute and he let me come in and see. It looked loose and about 3 inches long and a few small ones too

You can't go on in the way you describe. You URGENTLY need to change your diet. Start eating a lot of fresh fruit, and fiber-rich foods like wholemeal bread. Get a fiber-rich breakfast cereal. Start to eat more vegetables. Drink more water.

To Jim: Liked your story

To Crazy kid: Are you a male or female and how old are you? I liked your story. Did thay boys parents find out he messed him self?

Im feeling better...I haven't had to poop in like 3 or 4 days and of course i've only had 2 meals so that might be why i haven't had to poop. Gotta run bye

EPHERMAL -- Congratulations on your hands-free stream -- it feels wonderful when it goes anywhere but on your leg, doesn't it! You know, I seem to wee whenever I start to do my hair in the shower -- whether combing it through or doing shampoo or conditioner, lately I seem to not feel like a wee until I start, then it just flows! Conditioned reflex!

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- Maybe a bit of the mad Irish helps, it certainly turns down one's regard for the social consequences of our passtime! ("Yeah, well, we all gotta go -- begorah!") And whe the likes of Eleanor are getting the rough end of the pineapple at an age whe they shouldn't have to tangle with things like this, it brings the total "redhead stereotype" into focus!

LOUISE -- H gal! My word, what a delightful event, a triple bath! There can't have been much room at all, but Steve must have been in seventh heaven with two gorgeous women in the tub -- both of whom stream beautifully to warm up the water prior to his own contribution. Hmmmm -- as I always say, I envy you two! (Three?)

KEDAL -- Hi grrl! Hey, no bother, we're only 12 once, and periods are with us for good and all. I wish I could have been there, I dunno, take my neice for a birthday spin in a sports car or something. We could probably organize a pish in the great outdoors somewhere on the route... Be happy, be safe, and enjoy the process! Oh, BTW -- I posted a reply concerning your great revelations over Christmas and New Year but it was too far off topic and did't make it. Suffice to say that I am so sorry it was a traumatic time, but overjoyed that your family has grown by another in a totally uexpected way. You're a girl with a good-heart twice her own size, and that's a wonderful way to be. HUG!

Well, the other night I repeated my starlight performance. It was 3.30am, and I was out in the back garden, standing totally naked in the warm silence, looking up at the depths of space, and delivering a bladderful to the lawn from a casual standing posture. It was very ... delightful! Very much a connection with ones roots -- downward to the earth one way, outward to the universe the other... Profound, really.

Cheers all (sorry if I missed specific replies, I'll try to keep up better in future),


jim and Crazy Kid-I liked your stories

I went back to school today after a long weekend. It was a good day and at the end of the day I had P.E. I was wearing a pair of white shorts and white briefs, and during the P.E lesson I farted and a little poop came out. Later in the changing room before we went home I pulled off my shorts went to put on my pants but somebody had hidden them, I walked up and down in my briefs looking for them when somebody noticed that I had pooped in them, they all started shouting and laughing that I had pooped my pants. I didn’t find it amusing but I found my pants and put them on and went home with my friend. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too bad but some people will remember what I did. I didn’t play out either this evening because of what happened. I emptied out the poop when I got home and my briefs weren’t too bad so I don’t need to change them

I've been reading the posts on this site for about 2 weeks and I find that many people feel the same way I do. I would have posted earler but I dont' have the time usually between school and work and contract work... It sucks... well anyways, I'm a 16 year old guy, dyed blond hair... ehh that's about it. Well, anyways... It might sound odd (well not to all of you) but I've always wanted to go in my pants or on the floor, or had somebody watch me or watch my girlfriend, but it never happens, nor do I think it will happen any time soon... I wish I had the guts like some of you all do. The only remote closeness I had was when my gf (before she was my girlfriend) asked me questions about things like, "What does it feel like to guys?" and things like that.. that's about it... Well I'll post again later right now I don't have the time I have to go do a project, have a nice day everyone : )

I want to tell you guys something I've never talked about before. I'm 23, generally happy and healthy, people say I'm cute. I LOVE to poop my pants. I'm not sure why, but I always have, not that I get to do it that often. The thing is, growing up it seemed like I wasn't alone.
In 4th grade I accidently peed my pants at school. I was really nervouse about gymn I think. In those days I would involuntarily squirt when I was very tense, usually it wasn't enough to show. After several squirts that day I looked doun to find that I was definately wet. Loren was sitting next to me, and asked suspiciously why I kept looking at my lap. I told him I was sharpening my pencil. I was mostly dry an hour later for gymn class.
In 5th grade, home "sick", I wet my green sweatpants on purpose and loved it. I peed tiny amounts and went about my day wet and happy.
6th grade was intense. All of us boys sort of went crazy with all those hormones. Poop and pee dominated our humor. There were "accidents". Sean couldn't come to my birthday party because his mother had found him out playing in pooped pants. Aaron took a dump in his shorts during a boyscout campout, and got so much attention, that he did it every time we went camping after that. He would do nothing to hide it and would laugh right along with the other kids making fun of him. Ryan pooped his pants at a boyscout meeting, only noone laughed at his "accident", he was very embarassed. He reeked SO bad that it freaked everybody out. Noone said anything about it.
In 7th grade my brother went away, wich ment that I was alone everyday after school for 3 hours. I peed in my pants constantly, I got so bold as to start on the bus, peeing hard into my pants walking doun the stairs. I peed in condoms, in self made diapers, I had plenty of time to explore my love of the "accident". That same year Mike got very stinky during a video game when I spent the night at his house. I first noticed him kneelig in a strange way, shortly there after the room smelled like poop. He played on until I asked him why he smelled so bad. He just got up and went to the bathroom and came back a while later, in new cloths but still stinky.
Before I continue, does it seem strange that so many boys had accidents? I've never gotten to talk about it with anyone before. Does this happen alot, or was it just my own unusual experience? Anyway
8th grade was the breakthrough. Once again home "sick" on a chilly fall afternoon I hiked up into the woods behind my house, with a full pack of cigarettes. I smoked as my heart pounded, would I? And then I did. It was sublime, I poop a HUDGE amount, it kept coming as my underwear sagging low with it's weight. It felt insanely good,the ultimate taboo,soiling oneself. I hung out for a while before I realized I had to clean up.
That same year Jason pissed his soccar shorts during a game. To my utter delight. He did it so casually that it was bearly noticable, but his shorts did not lie. Aaron kept on pooping his pants at camp-nothing new, and Mike did it again at the fair. The boy spent hours in pooped yellow shorts. It wasn't a hudge accident, but after an hour or so, some of it had definately stained through, just under his butt. It was apparently no big deal to shit your pants once in a while. I had done it, but never with people around.
So is it that boys are too lazy sometimes to just go, or is it somehow sexual or both? I'd love to know what you all think. Please don't judge me too harshly for my soiling fetish, I am still a good person. Thanks for listening.

Hi everyone. Not been in touch for the best part of a week because I have been so busy. There is so much I want to share, but I'm going to have to split it and share the rest next time. So, to those who might have expected a response from me in this post and have not receieved it, I will hopefully respond to you in my next post.

MATT: Thanks for your comments about me enjoying a good dump in my pants (page 804). I cannot think of a more rewarding experience and I'm glad you enjoy doing the same. I really loved your tale of having a fart you could not control and filling your briefs with poo.
Yesterday I had diahorrea. Thankfully I did not have an accident - getting to the toilet in time for each burst. Last night I was a bit scared to go to bed in case I had an accident in the night. [That happened to me once in India when I caught "Delhi Belly". Having been to the squat toilet a few times before bed, I did not feel I needed to go again until it was time to get up. Then I discovered I was wet and smelly. I'd had done more diarhorrea during the night I'd not known about. I was sleeping in an old pair of WHITE boxers. I had to make my way out of the house to the outside toilet wearing just these very wet, stained and dirty boxers. I got caught my my young Indian host. He said, "Ah, you have motions"! He laughed and laughed. He thought it was hilarious. I do now, but not at the time! I had a bucket shower after. Those who have been to Asia will know what I mean]. Back to last night now. I alays sleep just in a pair of boxers or with a T-shirt as well in cold we! ather. I decided to put an extra pair of boxers on just to help absorb any accident I might have. I thought it would not be much anyway after all I had done yesterday. Thankfully, I did not have an accident. When I went to take my shower when I got up, I needed to pee badly. So I sat on the toilet with both pairs of boxers on and let it all go. It thorouly wetted the front and ran underneath and saturated my bum too. I let it all drain through the material and stood up to shave before getting in the shower. It was fantastic shaving in two pairs of wet pants at the same time! By the time I had finished shaving, the pee had gone cold, so it was nice to take both these wet boxers off and shower.

KAMPKOUNSELOR: I really loved your story where you could not hold your beer on the camp bus resulting in you helplessly wetting your pants. I'm sure if I'd been with you having sunk a few buds I would not have held on as long as you. There would have been two of us on the bus in wet pants! I love a drink, but my bladder doesn't! I remember going out to have a drink with a friend of mine. We'd both had several pints. Walking home, we parted company to each of our respective homes. I was getting more desperate, but was sure I'd make it to my own bathroom. I was in sight of my house when suddenly the dam burst! I helplessly and absolutely wet my pants. My boxers were stuck to my thighs and my pale blue jeans clung to the lower part of my legs. My trainers also got pee in them and my socks and feet squelched as I completed my walk home. Thankfully it was late at night and dark. I got into the house without disturbing anyone sleeping and took a shower. Asked why I had had a s! hower at that time of night, I said it was a hot night and I was sweaty. Thankfully it was a hot summer night. No-one ever knew. I never told my friend either. I would have been so embarrassed.

JIM: I loved reading how you had pooped your pants at the baseball try outs. I just wish I'd been there to see your bulging baseball pants. Sorry you got caught when you peed your pants in the school library. It was some pretty awful punishment you got - especially as it made you cry. You say you are not going to do it any more. Why give it up if you enjoy it? What you need to do is to be a lot more careful as to where you choose to pee or poo your pants. I've always made sure I'd never get caught. I've come close to being caught. To be honest, the school library was a rather stupid place to pee your pants, even with BLACK jeans on. I write this not to be critical but out of my concern for you. So do try to take care! It's always better to abandon a proposed intentional accident than to get into trouble. I've abandoned many myself. Always play safe.

You mention that you were not wearing your "pull ups" that day, and this was part of the reason for your punishment. Also Bryian suggests you poop in your pull ups so you don't get grounded for doing it in your underwear. I am mystified as to what "pull ups" are. That's because I'm English, and it's not a term I'm familiar with here in the UK. I've have tried to think what pull ups may be - but please could you explain what they are? Thanks.

I find this forum being international is quite exciting as I'm learning new words and phrases. I've always wanted to know what the German expression is for "I've shit my pants" or "I've shit my underpants." I have seen some German on the site. If one of you German speaking people could give the exact translation I'd appreciate it. I've got stories to tell of some of my big dumps in German toilets some time.

Well, it's 23.25 hrs here now (), so I must close this post. Before I go, may I say thank you for your welcome. I feel I'm starting to get to know some of you who write regularly.

With my love and best wishes to you all,


Jennifer L, I cant help smiling that of the people who post here there are many, such as the one who has suffered permanent diarrhea for many years, and a lot of others who probably envy you passing such big solid poos!

On a more serious note, to ease your constipation whilst NOT exchanging it for diarrhea, I suggest you drink more fluid, be this water, or soft drinks. Eat brown rice, bread or pasta not white. Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil to US readers), is a gentle lubricant laxative and in normal doses merely makes it easier to pass a still solid stool, it doesnt make it loose or watery. A word of caution, if you do take Liquid Parafin it can leak through the anal sphincter and as it picks up the brown colour of the stools and can make a brown stain in the seat of one's knickers (panties) if one farts. Also as has happened to me the lubrication can make the jobbie slip out into your knickers. This happened to me once when I was a teenager. I had been constipated for 4 days, it being my period, and had taken some Liquid Parafin the night before to ease things along. On the way home from school I needed a motion but thought nothing of it. However as I walked along I felt the turd start t! o push its way out of my back passage and it slid out into the seat of my knickers, making a huge lumpy bulge. As it was a hard poo it didnt squash up and my knickers (panties) being a big pair of white cotton briefs with elastic through the leg openings it was all safely kept in till I got home and got changed and had a shower.

Anyway, it does work gently. As an alternative if you take Metamucil or its equivalent this makes the BMs softer and easier to pass but again not runny.

I also block the toilet with the size of my big fat poos. This doesnt bother me, if you read back through Old Posts youll see a lot of stories about me motions and it turns on my Husband George and other very close friends who I allow into the toilet to watch when I have a nice big fat BM.

crazy kid
Hello, today I me and the kid I babysit went to the park, I let him play with the other kids for about 3 hours, I was sitting on the bench reading, again I was not about to remind him of going potty, I made sure he went before we left and 3 hours is not that long. So I finished my book and looked at my watch and 3 hours had gone by, I went to find him. He was on the merry go round. I yelled to him its time to go and he gave me a whine "already" and I said "yes". He jumped off and ran over to me, I bent down and inspected him, he was wet. There was a big round wet spot on his crotch area extending partially down the left leg. I said "what happened" He said "nothing" I said "looks like you had an accident" he said "oh that, i just couldnt hold it" I said "the bathrooms are right over there I showed you where they were" he said "sorry" and started to sniffle and draw some tears, I picked him up and carried him to the car, he is a pretty skinny kid but tall for his age. I had my! arm under his but and it was damp as well as the front. He went while sitting I guess. I strapped him in the car and we went home. He said he was really sorry when we were on our way, I told him its ok accidents happen but you need to try to make it to the toilet. He agreed. Well This ends my experiments.

To The Moderator,
I realise that the bulk of this post is dealing with Eleanor's problem in a broad sense beyond the confines of the bathroom, but I ask that you please bear with me. Thanks.

To Eleanor,
I have been meaning to write to you since Sunday, when I became aware of the problems you have been having with your brother and his two friends. I am Louise's fiance, and I know she has given you some good advice with regard to telling your mother about the problem.
Louise is quite right, your brother has no business treating you like this. You have every right to privacy in the toilet when you want it, as many other posters have already said.
I do think though that the matter should be handled within the family as much as possible, as if outside agencies are brought in, things can become very messy indeed, and one of the worst possibilities is that you and your brother could possibly end up in care away from your parents. I am not trying to frighten you, sweetheart, but I just want you to know where it can lead you if you take this problem in the wrong direction.
So yes, if you need help, your mother should be the one to provide it, but first, make it very, very clear to your brother that this behaviour will not be tolerated, and that if he refuses you any privacy in the bathroom, your mother will be told the whole story. If you do need to tell your mother, keep to the facts and do not say anything, even the smallest thing, that isn't the absolute truth. Do not try to cast your brother in a worse light than he is in already, because it's pretty bad now!
One thing you didn't tell us is the age of your brother and his friends, but I suspect they are perhaps a couple years older than you. Am I correct? At around 14 years, his hormones will be raging within him and deeply affecting his thoughts and behaviour. Although his
spying on the woman next door is voyeuristic and unacceptable, I think it is an unusual boy who would (or could) refuse a peep at her at that age. However I do hope it is not the only contact he he has with girls other than yourself so he can learn how to relate to women in a mature and responsible way instead of seeing them as a separate species. Then he would not be driven to voyeurism the way he seems to be now.
When I was his age I had girlfriends. I treated them with respect, and presumably they enjoyed my company as well. When I was older than that, bathroom activity was a shared thing between girls and myself, something that was based on respect for each other. From what you say, it does not sound like your brother and his friends can say the same. What concerns me about your brother is that he seems to view females as objects existing for his own gratification. Exercising control over the other person (especially when he has his friends there to back him up - what a brave young man), humiliation and mental cruelty seem to be acceptable behaviour to him. His friend who was there the second time sounds just the same. The third boy, the so-called 'nice' one who was not there the second time, may not be beyond redemption. In his position, there was little he could have done on the first occasion even though he knew that what happened was wrong.
Your brother though has to change his attitude to women. If this does not happen then his relationships with them will be blighted, and he could eventually finish up doing something which will take him to prison for a long time.
I hope everything goes well for you from this point on.

To Thomas R,
I'm backing up PV on this one. Forget any pranks to induce diarrhoea. Just forget it, okay?
Administering a noxious substance to a person is a criminal offence in Britain, and I would expect it is in the USA also. Apart from that, it most certainly is NO JOKE!

To Robby, Annie and Family,
Ha ha. Glad you enjoyed my account of a male wee. Meghan, I am sorry if I made you go red. Having said that, I suppose I am quite flattered that I could have that effect. Perhaps I will have to make you go red on another occasion quite soon <snicker>
This is Louise here!
Oh yeah, Jackie and me are used to weeing and even having
a shit with each other. We are on the same netball team.
We do like teasing Steve.
Steve speaking.
Annie, I really don't mind you mentioning a certain part of me, provided it is connected with the subject of urination. It doesn't embarrass me, honestly. If I embarrassed easily, Louise and her friends would be quite merciless when I go for a wee. I have enough trouble
with them now! <snicker>
I have had it mentioned to me enough times to be used to it by now at my age, and there have been a few women who have been in my life making comments about it with regard to its other use, but enough about that! <snicker>
Robby, Haha, yes perhaps it would make interesting reading in a medical journal. Well, it is good enough for me if it enlightens the opposite sex as to how it is for us when we urinate, and if it was interesting as well, then I've done what I intended.
This is Louise here. Oh yeah, Robby, it would have been
fun if you had wiped us! LOL

To Kendal,
Hello to you too. I hope you and family are all well!


Steve, with contributions from Louise.

Eleanore -- Its been said many times on this forum, but I'll say it again. Your brother and his friends have no right to invade your privacy in the bathroom. You should immediately tell your parents about this or at least warn your brother that if it happens again, you will tell on him.

Definately do NOT -- I repeat do NOT slip him laxatives or something like that in his food. I know it may be tempting, but its a VERY BAD idea and its very dangerous. Likewise, I don't think its a good idea to throw pee (or worse!) at him and to use his bedroom as your toilet. That will only serve to get you in trouble.

Like I said, your best course of action is to tell your parents. But if you really feel like you have to retaliate, here's something you can try. I think that you said in your post, that you had no choice but to go in front of them because you had to go very bad and your parents would punish you if you messed in your panties.
I would assume then, that your brother would also get punished for messing in his underwear.

You could retrieve a pair of his underwear from the dirty clothes pile (preferably) or even his underwear drawer. When you have to go and do have the opportunity to be alone take his underwear into the bathroom with you, lay them down on the floor, squat over them and do your bowel movement into his underwear. For a lesser effect, you can try simply wiping yourself with his underwear. Either way, it will look like he messed his underwear -- either very badly or just a little streak.

Then take his underwear ahd hide them. The only thing is, you hide them very badly. Put them someplace where it looks like he tried to hide them but someplace that your mother or father will surely find them. Then sit back and wait for the fun to start. Before its over, he'll likely get punished not only for making the mess, but trying to hide it (they'll be a real bitch to clean after the mess dries a bit) and then for lying about when he'll surely deny he did it.

Yes, its cruel but what he did to your was even more cruel

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

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