Jennifer L
Hi, this is my first time posting here. I am a 16 year old female. Brown hair, relatively thin and attractive. I have a big problem with being constipated. I cannot seem to have a pooping session more often then every four days or so. That is just on a regular basis, so when i become constipated on top of that, i will sometimes not poop for 7 or 8 days. So, even when i go on my regular fourth day, my poops are very large and hard to pass. They also take me a long time to get out because my logs will get stuck part way through. My poops are usually in one solid piece, and are quite thick and big. This also cuses a problem because i usually clog the toilet, so i try to use public rest rooms, to cause less trouble at home. When I become constipated for 7u or 8 days, i really start to hurt. What usually happens is i will tell my mom i am going to my friends house, then i will go to the mall to use the toilet there. Somethimes it will take me up to an hour to get the whole thing ! out. When i don't go for 7u or 8 days it hurts a lot when i poop, and sometimes i have started to cry because my poops are so thick and big. As far as a know, nobody in my family knows that i am so constipated, and i think one of my friends know because i had to poop at her house a couple of times. I have had bowel movements like this for about a year and a half. I hve lot of stories of me and other women pooping if you want to hear any of them. Please post if you have any suggestions, and espescially if you have any constipation stories of your own.

- Jennifer L

The other day I was in the car with my friend Jack. He was driving and complaining that he really needed to use the toilet. The traffic was moving pretty slow and I could see jack was squirming around in his seat as he tried to hold the poo in. Eventually the traffic ground to a complete halt and I could see he was getting desperate so I suggested he took a crap on some news papaer then he could just dump it out of the window. This seemed like a good idea so he pulled down his pants and half sqatted over the seat. Anyway just as he was half way through the traffic moved suddenly and people were sounding their horns behind to get him to move off. Jack had to do the only thing he could and sat in the pile of shit so he could drive off. He must of thought it could not get any worse as he continued to finish his shit where he was sitting. He smell was over powering so when he got the chance he pulled over on to a side road and found a stream where he could clean himself up. I mu! st admit he looked quite amusing waddling down to the river with his backside caked . I did not show him that I found it funny though as he has witnessed me in some pretty ambaressing poo related accidents.

I saw steve's post and i know how he feels,i also hate my school bathroom,they smell and are dirty and even though the stalls have doors everyone can see what your doing because they don't close right and there's a big space.
Well today i had no choice since usualy do a #2 before i leave for school in the morning but i couldn't get it to start and i was late and by lunch time i was doin sbd's so i headed to the bathroom nearest bathroom and as usual people are hangin out some i knew some i didn't and i went into the very last stall and the door didn't even have a lock but by now i didn't care and i quickly pulled down my pants and panties to just past my knees and as i sat i let out a loud fart and i heard someone laugh but i didn't care.
My poop started out with no trouble and my first log ploped in the water and someone went in the stall next to me on my right and i could see a pair of pink sneakers and white socks and hear her rustleing with her clothes and as she sat she went uhhhh ahhh and i could hear her poop drop in the bowl followe by a fart and i farted at the same time and both of our smell's were not very nice and i guess we chased some of the others out since it got quiet as the rest of my logs came out along with some more gas and i started to feel real good and when i lifted my ass to wipe the girl next to me was still grunting so i gues she was doing a hard one and i looked at what i left and it was my typical load of fat light brown logs all about 5-6 inches or so and as i was washing my hands i heard a flush and the girl who was in the next stall came out and said boy do i feel better,and i said yea me too.

RJOGGER and Question for All.
Thanks for your latest jogging story about your neighbor and your ususal excellent details of your neighbotrs al fresco poop. It got me thinking about the following question for our posters:

When you poop, do you (1) pee first; (2) pee during; or (3) pee after.

Having thought about my own habits I would say that unless I have recently pee'd, I pee first and during, rarely after (although it does happen about 20% of the time, usually because the urge to poop is dominant). Because I often pee while I am pushing out my big job, I have to be careful particularly when I am out in the woods to aim my penis down and back -- unless I have taken my pants off (a la Jane).

By the way, has anyone seen the commercial -- which I just saw yesterday on the "Education of Max Bickford" (great literate show) so I suppose it is fairly new -- of the various ladies in clear p-distress?
One lady is seen crossing her legs on a putting green, another excuses herself from a table. The commercial is for some bladder control medicine. My wife asked why no men were shown. Does anybody know whether the medication is only for females? Anyway, to show her annoyance at what she saw as a sexist commercial my PC lady ripped a fart at the TV which, had we been playing fart baseball at the time, would have gone for a triple.

Spy:I used to be the same way. I was afraid to make #2 at school for three simple reasons the smell, the noise of evacuation and the sound of flushing the toilet. I, too, learned better in late junior high and high school. Girls were not cruel as boys. I used to hear boys talk about teasing other boy in the school toilet. Girls had more privacy. The stalls had doors. Boys had no privacy. There were girls who made #2 at grammar school. I just did not. In college, I was more mature. I could take a stall and let my bowels evacuate with all the noise I wanted. Some made more noise than me. Men and women's toilets share the same wall sometimes and same plumbing. At home I live alone, sometimes when I do not have a roommate. I can stink and fart as much as I want. However, I do my best numbers at work, movie theater or at the tennis court.

I like this masthead girl. I have a cousin who was afraid of sitting on public toilets. So, she would squat and straddle. I see a lot of Spanish girls do that in the park toilets.

Jane: High-cut briefs are nice.lody: Lay off the Pepsi. Too much of that will be lethal. Your father's illness could be, not necessarily, a genetic predisposition.

constipated and hurting: Once again, I am happy to dispense advice. Drink lots of water, take an herbal tea laxative and your troubles will be over.

rocky mountain lisa: After I graduated high school, I spent time in Boston with my kid cousin, James. We ate two pizzas with everything on them. James said "we were going to have the craps." The next morning I woke up and called for the boy. He was 12 y/o. He yelled out he was sitting on the bowl. I heard these little "plip" sounds. They were numerous. James said that pizza did it. I opened the door and he invited me in. His pajama pants were at his ankles.

A Guy With a Question: a woman sitting on the toilet is a work of art.

Meredith and AMANDA, Carmalita: My bowel movements used to be very slow in the morning. I have noticed that in many people. I was in elementary, high school, college, work, camp with relatives, hosts, guests. It would take a long time to get going. I had a summer job in 11th grade and I had to go as soon as I got to work. I got the urge on a subway train. I was 2 days on the job. I lifted my navy jumper, white slip and lowered my rainbow FOL briefs to my knees. It took me 30 minutes start to finish. I pressed out 5 baked potato sized pieces of doo-doo. Each took a full minute. It was endless. As I finished, a new girl entered the women's room, took another stall and let her trousers and pink bikini briefs to her ankles. She moaned with each plop I heard. They were loud and she let out a rippling fart. Later, in the afternoon we met in the bathroom again for an afternoon piss. She said at the sink later, "This morning was tough." I agreed.

1/1/2002: The masthead girl is wearing nice underwear. That says everything.

My lone experience with uncontrollable diarrhea, was when I was a kid. I was constipated, and my mother needed to go to a friend's birthday party. My mother was going to drop me off at her other friend's so I wouldn't be bored. I didn't want to go, so the whole trip I pleaded with her, but she said I had to, and that she couldn't change her mind. My sister was going to stay with me.

My mother gave her a large bag of my clothes, and said she'd be back to pick us up later. My sister (11) went to hang out with the women's son, who she had a crush on. I went out back and played in the woods. Before getting in the car, my mother had gave me a spoonful of a clear liquid, and said it would make me feel better. At the time I had no idea what it was, and didn't mind.

While wandering through the trails in the woods, I suddenly got the urge to poop. My stomach started to gurgle, and I stood there, clenched as tight as possible. I contemplated pulling down my pants, but the action would be counter productive. After what seemed like eternity, the pangs went away. I started walking, and about 100 feet later, I stood there, clenched, hoping it would pass again. Usually, as long as I didn't move, I would be fine when the urge would hit me (hence my constipation). But then something happened. It started coming out. First a little, and then it stopped. I pannicked, and let loose and just stood there in utter embarrassment in the woods.

After returning shamefully to the house, the woman cleaned me up and was very nice about it. Even mentioning to me that it was 'alright' and 'not my fault'. So I returned to the woods, and was playing again. After about an hour, pangs hit me again, and again, I knew I wasn't going to hold back. I stood frigid, and cried when it started forcing its way out again. Much less than last time.

Again, I returned back to the woman, and she told me to stay in the house for a while. After about another hour, I felt the urge again while standing in her living room, with her in the kitchen. This time, it didn't even give me the chance to fight, just enough to mess my underwear.

The woman told me to sit on the toilet. I had used both pairs of underwear and shorts that my mother gave me and she needed to wash them. [Note: At the time I didn't realize the connection that this was meant to happen] Anyways, I sat there and nothing happened. For about 40 minutes. While sitting, she offered me koolaid and a sandwich. I ate it and waited. Still, I hadn't gone. Finally she returned with my clothes and I put them on. She then let me up to go play outside again (apparantly thinking I was done).

I went outside and ran at full speed. About 100 yards into the woods and back to the main path, my stomach started gurgling and I knew this was gonna be the big one. I stood there, and held on strong, but the pressure never went away. I stood there, trying not to move, and in one long goosh sound, it forced its way into my underwear. I stood there, thinking it was over, and let out the most innocent fart. That fart was followed by more gas and a lot of shit. It filled my underwear, stained my shorts and started running down my legs.

I went back to the house one last time. I was tired, and I wanted to lay down. When my mother picked us up, I felt so humiliated. If only I had known I was expected to poop several times...

Infantry PFC
Well I went to NYC to compete in a track meet today. On the bus ride down from Albany, I had to pee badly. I'm not afraid of the restroom on the bus so I went in clsed the door, locked it and set up to pee, I guess it could be easy for a woman because you all sit but for us guys, it can be tough peeing on a moving bus! I was more concerned with not peeing on my warmup uniform or my hand or even the floor, as well as keeping my self from being banged around in the little cell they call a bathroom on those things. Well I managed to not make a mess ( or else I woulda been seriously embarrased it would show real well we wear purple ) and went on to run very well at the meet...

AMY(coed)- Nobody said girls couldn't poop, but more like not in front of signifcant others. My girlfriend can't. She can barely pee in fron't of me. On the positive side she is ver open with talking about it.

Eleanor: what a story indeed!! That was a very cruel thing for those guys (especially your brother!!) to do. In the immortal words of Sass Jordan, "Tell Somebody!"

I know I don't post nearly as much (although i do read the stories every day) but Eleanor's whole experience reminded me of some stories myself. A few years ago, my younger brothers were just reaching that "curious" age and they did hang out with a few girls. Since I knew they were old enough to not need a babysitter, I stayed away from them. One such friend came over one day and had to take a dump. She used the downstairs bathroom. I soon heard a very feminine scream from downstairs and apprently they had jimmied the door open with a screwdriver and there she was perched on the toilet reading the funnies and her skin was a deep shade of red. That was enough for me. I angrily forced them out of the bathroom and closed the door, leaving her in peace. She came out shortly after and thanked me for the help. She then proceeded to get ready to go home, but I guess my brothers did something funny and she forgot about it. However, since then every time she needed the ! bathroom in our house, she asked me to stay outside the doorway to give them second thoughts about entering.

Of course, I was no angel at that age either. I had tried some similar things (no screwdrivers) but never got to see anything. Some examples include hiding behind the bathroom door when somebody entered and then being told to skoot. I'm much more mature now seeing as how that happened several years ago. Anyways, that's my story for now.

Some Guy
Diva- You were right about a lot of things you told eleanor, but I am a little troubled about what you said. I am a non-white (exotic?) male who appreciates this site's masthead of diverse women (white and non-white) using the toilet. I also don't think that exposure to pictures that illustrate what most of the men here have fantasized about make any of us more likely to do what Eleanor's brother has done to her. I don't have a sister, but I would never spy on her in the bathroom, let alone make her defecate in front of my friends and me. It surprises me very much so that a boy would do this to his sister. I generally try to ignore the bathroom habits of most people in real life, except for a special few.

Thanks for the post, Purnell.

John, sounds like a great roommate. In "Not Another Teen Movie" (a movie which I went to see because of the pooping scene, but was impressed with how funny it was), three of the boys crawl through the air vent to spy on the girls in the girls locker room. They end up above the toilet stall of a cute girl. There is a mixture of arousal and disgust in the boys as she pees. Then she farts and has a bout of massive diarrhea, although it sounds more like wet farts than the actual act itself. Of course, the vent cannot hold all three of the boys (if you look closely in the previous scene, you will see a sign on the vent that says, "Maximum occupancy: two adolescent boys") so the vent, with them inside, comes crashing down on the girl, and all four of them fall into the floor below the girls room, spilling her fecal matter all over the classroom. It's a pretty nice scene.

any other guys out there ever at the piss trough and farted accidently shitting there pants it hapenned to me

Uncle Allen
Hello everyone. I have a little time to post so I thought I'd share some stories with you all. First of all, I had a diarrhea attack last night when my friend was over. It was very loose- the kind that looks like a million tiny pieces of poop mixed with liquid in the toilet. My biggest concern though was that it had a bright orange kind of color to it. Does anyone know what that could be from? Well, I think I'll call the doctor that I went to, but I have to say that I didn't think the doctor was very helpful. She just said it looks like i have IBS. Does anyone on the sit have IBS, too. If so, should the doctor be doing anything for me- medication, etc. Or is there really nothing for it. Maybe I should goto a different doctor.

well here is a story I will start for you all. On Friday night I went to a good friend'ds house. A bunch of us had dinner together and drank. There were about 4 couples in all at the party. Before the party, my friend said I hope I don't have to use the bathroom tonight. everytime I throw one of these parties it seems like I get diarrhea. He was havung is girlfriend over that night and was a bnit shy as I could understand. The bathroom is in a place in the house where it does not offer much in the way of sound privacy. well as it turned out I was the one eho got diarrhea and it was explosive. I told my friend before hand that I felt it coming on. He said go ahead and he will get the party into a noisy mode. I went he amde noise and it worked. Later his girlfroiend went to the bathroom She was in there for ten minutes. She did that twice that night . My friend and I were talking about ti and assuming that she must have pooped. I'll post more another time

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - LOL yeah I bet your dad would have liked to
watch and wipe both me and Jackie but I do not want to strain his
heart too much. Jackie said it was fun to have an imaginary audience
when she was weeing and having a shit, but she does like doing it
when Steve is there to really watch. A few times she has had a
bath at our house before we have gone out and when Steve has been
in the bathroom she has stood up and weed so that Steve could see!
I liked Steve's story of his morning wee as well. I will try to get
him to write more like that one because I think there are some girls
here who will like it.
Love Louise xx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! I am happy Scott was pleased I took him into the
bathroom with the other guys in my virtual audience. He treats you
like a gentleman does so well I thought he deserved a little treat.
For gentlemen we can do that.
Oh yeah you could have been involved as well. One of our men would
have had to break up your log with a stick though! LOL our toilet
will not flush 2 feet long logs in one piece!

EPHERMAL - Hi!!! Oh yeah it sounds like your standup peeing is
getting better if none of it hit your legs. Well it is like I say,
sometimes getting it right is about making those fine adjustments,
so it maybe that leaning back a bit is what does it for you. Please
tell me whe you do it again. That was very interesting!
I think I am a bit lucky because one of the things I like to do is
stand a little bit bent forwards so my pelvis is tilted a little
bit backwards and the stream shoots down between my feet. That is
fun to do but it may be that leaning back is the best way for you.
Love Louise xx

MARTIN - Yeah it may be you would like it in Spain. You know I think
it is luck that we have seen people weeing when we have. When we go
again this year it may be that we will not see anyone at all or very
few, we do not know! I mean Steve said yesterday that he has not
seen any women weeing in alleys for ages apart from when it was me,
but he knows it is happening because we have sometimes seen the
puddles. LOL So a lot of it is down to being in the right place
at the right time and all that.
Hey I liked your story about when you were with Azumi on the beach
and she watched you wee. So she saw your willy and saw you doing it
did she? I bet she liked what she saw!

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!! Well I am glad I helped you, Sarah! Yeah I
looked at the women's guide to pee standing site a while ago and it
says a lot of what my mum taught me. Have lots of fun with your new
skill when you try it!
Love Louise xx

ANNIE - Yeah if all the girls line up for a big standing wee then
you know I would think it was a great honour, you know?
Do you have any more great stories about Sue? I bet she would have
had a lot of fun with us!
Robby would have been welcome to wipe us! Please say hello to him
from me and Steve too! Yeah, martial arts are good for you
physically. My legs are a lot stronger now than 2 years ago and
the warm up exercises I do for Aikido that Steve showed me has
made me more flexible too with all the stretching.
Hey if you need to say something about Steve's nozzle then say it.
It is a lot of fun. LOL You know when Steve went to the toilet once
when we were out at night there was a woman who went into the gents
asking him if he had seen her man who was wearing a suit. She saw
Steve's willy when he was having a wee and she watched him while
he was doing it. LOL I can not say what she said about it! LOL
I really liked Steve's description of a male wee as well. Well I
like it better when I get to see him do it, but it was a really
good description Steve wrote. It is right about the colours as
well. Oh and those little squirts of wee he does just when he is
finishing - they are very powerful! I bet you and Sarah S and Meghan
would like to see him do it. You would like what you saw!
Hey how about I get him to describe himself doing a wee fountain
in the bath?
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! Steve and I did not go out at night this weekend, so
I have no new story to tell you about that, but that does not mean
we did not get up to anything! My mum came to see us on Saturday
night, and well Steve and I were going to have a nice bath together
that night until my mum rang us to see if she could visit.
Well my mum came and had a bath with us, which was nice but there
was not a lot of room for three people. We had a can of beer each
just relaxing in the water. Well I think that beer went through my
mum real quick because she stood out of the water and she was going
to get out to go to the toilet for a wee. Steve just said she should
just do it in the bath. Well she just put her right foot on the
edge of the bath and stood there. I saw from the back and Steve saw
from the front but she did this big gusher into the water near where
Steve was sitting. LOL Some wee went down her leg as well. When I
wanted to wee I stood up as well but I let Steve watch me from behind
while I bent over. I bet he liked what he saw. Well I know he did!
I did a nice big splooshing wee into the water. Steve was ages
before he needed a wee, he waited until he was bursting. Then he
stood up as well. My mum took his foreskin back a bit so we could
see his pee hole and then he had a good long wee into the water
as well. It was a little bit like when we were in Spain but with
no beach!



Im really sick...i woke up in the middle of the night really nasuated and then i had to throw up. Im not doing a think today. Right now i feel pretty deicent. I don't wanna eat any thing. I haven't had any diahreah. I thought if i had some it might look like whats in the picture up top on monday.

To canadian guy 17: I liked your story, cool!

To jim: I liked your story. When you poop your pants why don't you just do it in your pull ups so there isn't much mess to clean up and so your parents don't ground you for pooping in your underwear?

Gotta go, see ya

THOMAS R -- Definitely NOT cool. You expect help from us to provide you with the means to mortally embarress someone by inducing a diarhoea accident in your "target" for your entertainment? You have a peculiar idea of fun, kid. If you targetted *me* and I found out who was behind it, you'd live to regret your sense of humor, I guaratee it. Do yourself a favor, and do your "target" one too. Your comments to Eleanor were right on the mark and entirely correct, but with regard to your proposed prank -- GROW UP!


PS: To all my good friends here, I'm so sorry I've not been able to get to the board as often as I should -- I still read and think of you often, and promise to post a good big letter very soon!

Traveling Guy
I've squatted over the bowl, as the young lady in today's masthead pic is doing. If you don't have access to a squat-type toilet - which I like to use when I can - then this is the next best thing. It's not as comfortable as a genuine squatter, though. Keeping your balance on the narrow rim can be tricky. I've seen a good compromise in So. America: it's a bowl type toilet without seat but with a wide area on each side of the rim where you can plant either your butt cheeks or your feet. I know that some of you have also tried this position, but does anyone use it regularly, on a bowl toilet, I mean?

Also, I live in the US and I've noticed that in areas where there are lots of people from countries where squat toilets are common, it's not unusual to see a guy's feet disappear in the next stall as he climbs up onto the rim for a dump. This happens a lot at the university here. Anyone else notice this, too? It's interesting to go into a stall, find the seat up and shoe scuff marks on the toilet rim. Maybe our newest immigrants and guests will eventually popularize squat toilets here. People should at least have a choice in places like major airports, don't you think?

Outhouse Scott
ELEANOR-- What your brother has done to you is reprehensible. He and his friends should be punished severely for it. You should tell your parents immediately. Or perhaps your guidance counseler. Even your friends (ones you can trust, who won't get a big laugh out of this).

I'm sure your brother and his friends don't think it's a big deal and think you're overreacting, and that is even more horrible. A person's privacy is a sacred thing, and no one has the right to invade it, unless they are invited to.

You should really think carefully about how serious this is. While your brother and his friends did not take advantage of you physically, this is the sort of behavior that can lead to that or something worse. If your brothers friends think they have the right to watch you on the toilet, with or without your consent, they may begin thinking it's okay for them to do other things as well.

You should be able to go to the toilet inm your own house without having to worry about being spied on or watched. I am a guy who enjoys seeing women on the toilet. But I would NEVER voyeuristically spy on a woman or look at pictures of women on the toilet taken without their consent or knowledge. That's creepy, but far more, it's immoral, degrading and as close to assault as you can get without actually getting physical.

One time, some guys played a prank on me by having some girls bring me a roll of toilet paper into the bathroom while I was on a toilet with no door or anything. This happened when I was around your age. I never did anything about it because it happened at a school picnic, and I really didn't tke it too seriously. I just took it as what it was, a school prank. But it wasn't my brother that did it to me, and it didn't happen while I was at home and I didn't feel threatened in any way. It was just a joke. What your brother and his friends did WAS NOT A JOKE. It was a serious offense.

Please seriously consider telling an authority figure--your parents, guidance counseler, teacher) or good friens you can trust. Maybe you could tell another relative such as an aunt or uncle or cousin.

While what your brother and his friends are doing may not technically be illegal, it is morally indefensible, and should be dealt with harshly.

One more thing--DO NOT TAKE ANY SORT OF BLAME FOR THIS ON YOURSELF. People who judge people for their behavior in a situation never most likely have not been in a similar situation. If your parents somehow blame you for your brother and his friends, you must make it clear to them that it was WITHOUT your consent, and that they bullied you into it, which is a fair assessment. If they tell you, why didn't you just go somewhere else to use the toilet, tell them, it's your house, too! You shouldn't have to feel threatened or bullied in your own houes, especially by your brother.

I hope this turns out okay. Don't feel like you're alone in this situation. You're friends and family should be more than happy to help you.

All the best to you,

Hi Everybody. Andrew and I are kept very busy by Ellen now, so we don't visit here so often. Also, when we have, our posts don't seem to get on anymore. We think we have talked off subject to too many people from all the old posts. We also think the moderator has objected to some of the things said about Ellen because she is so little. So this post is going to be more on subject, with just a few specific replies (again) and a story or two we don't think will be objected to.

LINDA GS: We both must have a sixth sense with each other, especially as I pick today to read the site and find that you have posted !! That is a groovy new word as well, toidy ! I shall adopt it in your honour ! Glad to hear that Kendal is full of fun and laughter. And you're forgiven for being away a long time. I know just what it is like being busy with little ones now that Ellen is living with us. (see old posts if you don't know about her, about seven or eight pages back). I loved your welcome to our bathroom sign ! A teddy with her pampies down !! And that must have been a major poop you had if it never made any noise going in the water ! Andrew (sorry, Drew !) is thrilled to discover you have some blue pampies. He also returns your hugs and smoochies in an equal amount of tons !! Take care my dearest on-line sister. xxxxxxx (XOSXOS, sigh, he made me do that just for you !)

AUNTY ANNIE & UNCLE ROBBY & SARAH & MEGHAN: You are all wonderful to keep remembering us. Andrew and I thought it was wonderful that you have tried a sit on knees wee again. That's something we haven't done in a while, something we haven't introduced to Ellen yet you see ! Take care all of you. Lots of love and hugs from your niece/nephew/cousins xxxxxxxx

UNCLE RIZZO: I just have to say a huge thank you again (last post deleted) for my wonderful WSPC junior emblem. I'm just so touched at the effort you put into it, and all for me. I wish you could give it to me as well. Thanks for being there and for caring so much xxxxxxx

GENERAL: A very big thank you to those who showed concern for Andrew and me over our absence, and for the welcomes back. I'd also like to thank all those ladies (especially Aunty PV of course !) who tried to put my mind at rest about not having my periods yet. And to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

Now for toilet news and stories. I explained in one of my deleted posts that we had problems with Ellen wetting the bed when she first came to us. But that has now been cured. I suggested that she slept in my room with me. There was one wet bed after that, but I discovered that it wasn't in her sleep. It was just that she was afraid of going to the toilet on her own in the dark. So after we talked about it, she now wakes me up to take her in the night if she needs to. She didn't like Andrew to see her on the toilet. But that all changed when I went away on my birthday to a sleep over at Kirsty's. Kirsty was 13 on the same day that I was 12. Ellen was not happy that I was going away for the night, but she was happier when Andrew volunteered to sleep in my bed so she had some company. And low and behold, when she needed a wee, she woke Andrew up to take her. So he got to see his little sister on the toilet, twice in the same night no less ! Mind you, it had helped when sh! e found out from me how Andrew had taken me to the toilet when I was seven (Ellen is 5). She then thought that if it was ok that I let him see, then she would be ok about it as well. She now joins in our toilet fun together, especially now we know we can trust her not to blab to Aunty and Uncle !

We went to my old house at the weekend. The people who were buying it took longer to sort things out than we thought. So Andrew and Ellen and I volunteered to go round and clean the place up a bit. Now this was too good an opportunity to miss, so Andrew and I decided to share with Ellen that first occasion when he saw me on the toilet at my house, by recreating what happened, except that Ellen was now there to join in as well !! Just to remind those of you who don't know, my old bathroom has these shiny black tiles which provide an excellent shadow reflection of the person sitting on the toilet to anyone stood outside the partially opened bathroom door. Ellen watched very attentively as I went in and shut the door, but left it open enough to show off my reflection. I then got down to business, lifting up my dress and downing my pampies to sit on the toidy (LINDA !) While I began my wee, I watched, just as if I was seven yesterday, as Andrew got down on his hands and kne! es and moved himself around to get as good a look at the reflection of me on the toidy as he could ! Ellen thought that was very funny ! But she thought it was funnier still when I announced that I could see what he was doing and that he could peep round the door and see me for real, which he then did. Ellen thought it was so good, she decided that she wanted to go to wee and have Andrew (and me) try to see her shadow sat on the toidy as well ! It was very exciting watching her shadow. She stood in front of the toidy for ages, I suppose waiting to see if we would cheat and look at her before she said we could. But we made sure that she understood that that was something that Andrew and I would never do. However, we thoroughly enjoyed her shadow show, even if she did finish her wee and sit for several seconds longer ( making us think she was pooing as well) before saying she could see us watching and would we like to see her on the toilet for real. When Andrew and I both p! eeped together under her invitation, she shrieked with laughter and kicked her little legs too and fro so much that her pampies fell off onto the floor !!

ELEANOR: I have just read your very sad post. Let me say I know exactly how you feel. I once had a boy do that to me. He was the cousin of my old best friend. He pestered me to let him watch, and when I wouldn't, he spied on me anyway using a mirror he poked under the door. When he lifted it to a certain angle, he could see me in all my glory sat on the toilet. And I was having a poo as well. And he watched me wipe. Somehow, it seemed even worse than if I had let him watch me in the first place. I don't know what to say to you. I just wish you had someone to protect you like I have my dear cousin Andrew, someone who would stand up to your bully brother and his mates. Perhaps you should see if you can go to a friend's house on your way home or something. I know what it is like to be regular. I always have my poo when I get home from school as well. I really hope that things improve for you soon and that going to the toilet doesn't become a nightmare thing for you, always! remembering what your brother did to you. I noticed SIMON mentioned Andrew and I, and how much we like to watch each other. But that is clearly not for you. You should be in control, and I'm so sorry that you're not. I'm sending a big cyber hug, and there is one from my cousin Andrew as well. He really is one of the nice boys, unlike your brother and his mate. Love from Kendal xx

Hi to SARSEN, JANE, & STEVE & LOUISE as well. Love from Kendal xxxx

oops, i got caught, i wore black jeans to school and i was in the library looking at books and i was behind one of the bookshelves i thought no one was looking and i started to go, just a little at a time and there was a kid on the other side and he could see through the shelves and saw me getting wet and he was from the 3rd grade and he stood up and i stopped going and he looked at me and yelled he peed his pants real loud, everybody looked at me and it was real emberasing. the librarian took me to the nurse and they called my mom, when she found out i didnt wear my pullup she spanked me hard and it made me cry. my but still hurts i think its red. she used a wooden paddle and pulled my pants and underware down, it really hurt.she said if you ever do that again she will spank me even harder. im not going to do this anymore. well gotta go before mom see me in here, bye

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