Robby and Annie
Hi Toileteers!!
I'm back! The trip was long but I made some bucks to keep me afloat and the girls in school! Here is an experience I won't forget.

I was presenting my script treatment for the writers and actors on a well-known sitcom. Well, in the middle of this one of the actresses got up and started moving towards the loo. Most of us were unconcerned. Barbara, my assistant nudged me. We were right by the toilet door. The actress went in and nothing was heard. Then a loud fart(trump) sounded from within. We were astounded because this girl was small and rather dainty. Then we heard her grunting and moaning. She started singing some ruddy song and more farts were heard. Then she yelled;"Oh shit, whew!" We heard the toilet tissue role turn and we tried to go back to our business. She came out and said;"I hope you enjoyed the performance, you horses bottoms." One of the guys started smelling the air and wondered if the place had to be condemned. This actress is English and would be familiar to all of you in the U.S and the U.K. It was a magical moment. Now some replies.

Dear Eleanore: I just want add my voice to the outrage of your situation. Please tell your Mum. You have to take a stand! Please keep us informed. Love, Robby and Annie

Tim and Sarah: What a wonderful thing to do. Being honest was the right thing. I was hesitant to tell Annie about this site. At first she was angry and then hesitant. Sarah: you are a sweetheart to try to understand Tim's "secret". Annie and I are cousins. We are the only children in our families. I have 2 daughters and Annie has 2 daughters and 3 sons. Speaking of toilet experiences is something many people can't do. My girls still find it difficult to tell some things. Take care and we are glad you are here. Love, Robby and Annie

Louise: You were such a sweetheart in letting me watch you and Jackie in the loo. I would have volunteered to wipe both of you. Now, Rizzo probably would have been as gallant. Please let us in anytime, LOL!
Steve: You have the wee explanation right on the nose, mate!! What a dissertation! It should belong in a science mag. Take care! Love from Robby and Annie

Ina: Hi dear! We really love your stories. What is your first language? You write so well. Keep with us! Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie

LindaGS: Hi there! We have heard the word toidy so many times. We live in Central Texas. You live down on the coast, right? It will have to become a mainstay of the forum. Wonder where your on-line sis Kendal is? Take care, Love from Robby and Annie

Rjogger and Kathy: Hi guys! You sure have some marvelous dumping adventures on the jogging path! We ride bikes so our adventures have been far and in between. Loved the story!!! Take care, Robby and Annie

Dear PV: Hi, gal! Hope you are doing well. I have some celtic blood in me, too. It boils everytime I get mad and have to poo!! Annie's father was Irish! She has big, Cullompted poos when she is mad!! Take care! Love from Robby and Annie

Dear Rizzo: My dear friend! Good to hear from you. Yes, this month was hard. There are only good memories. The Brahms went well. The soprano raced back to the loo and said she had to poo something terrible. I didn't lurk around. You were a randy school lad? So was I,LOL! We will have to swap navy stories. My poos are of the cullompted kind, finally. No, Barabara didn't see the results. She is a happily married woman and her husband is a find lad! Well, take care!! Lot of Love, Robby and Annie

Dear Kendal and Lawndogs Kid: I have just heard of the calamity that happened. I am so glad there was an addition to the family. I read the post that Sari and Meg wrote about the wees-on-knees. Have you done this lately? I won't dribble on! We miss you, greatly. Lots of Lovexxxxx and a mega hug!! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

Welcomes to: Carol, Will, Spy, john, Andrea K, Lesliepoo

Special Hellos to: Jane and Gary, Carmalita and Jake, Ephermal, Jeff A, Adrian, Nu, Buzzy, Meredith and AMANDA, Pat, Renee, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Ring Stretcher, Tailwagger, Diva, Marianne, Plunging Plop Guy-thank you, Sarsen, Godweller, Erin, Tricia, Bryian, Melanie, Ashely, Jasta and Mark, Upstate Dave, Sarah T, Julie, Muggs, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Gina, DianeNY, Tina, Althea, Alana, Kim and Scott, Mina, Mindy, Mandy, Amy(coed), JohnVT, Flaxie, Erin, Laura, Outhouse Scott, Elena, Kara M, Jacob G, Joanne, Alison, Bridget, Noel, Arthur, Kelly-Marie, Alexa, Pica Tamale, Static, Annie(Housewife), Tarheel Mike, Kamp Kounselor, Serian, Logger, Lurker, Curious D, Lorraine, Yachtsman, Kathleen H, Michelle(the flesh), Dot, Russ, jim, Nicole, Wetgirl, Giovanna, Too Tall, Scarlet, Question Guy, CanadianGuy, harold, Lala, Mattymat, Traveling Guy, Uncle Allen, purnell, waldo, Simon, oraldude, Martin, Snake eyes, Donny, Steve, Jill, Hendrik and Ellie and Little Lou-where a! re you? I know I didn't get everyone. Please accept my apologies.



to lala
my friends log was about 40 centimerters long and 15 centimerters wide. After that he was even looking as if he had given birth...

Crazy kid
Hello, I really like this site, one day I was babysitting my neighbors kid, he is 7 and I decided to do an experiment. I wasn't going to remind or tell him to go to the bathroom while I was watching him, I wanted to see if he would just get up and go if he needed to. Well it was 9 in the morning when he came over and he slept a little while since he had to get up early. About an hour went by and I started to play nintendo and he heard me and got up and came in to play. He sat down next to me on the floor, I have harwood floors, and grabbed a controller. Another hour went by and he was squirming around, I saw him grab himself a bunch and was constantly getting on his knees or sitting indian style and rocking back and forth. We were playing a fighting game and he didn't want to stop playing, then he held himself again and didn't let go this time, he dropped the controller and used both hands and stood up and said "I have to go". I said "O.K. you know where it is". He ran acros! s the floor real fast, I could see a stream running down his legs and dripping on the floor, he made it to the bathroom and reached for he handle and let it all out, it puddled on the floor under him. He looked around to see if I was looking and I pretended not to see him. He went in the bathroom and grabbed a towel and wiped up the puddle. Then he flushed the toilet like he went in it. He came back and sat back down and continued to play. I could clearly see the wet pants since he had on jean shorts, the stone washed kind. I could smell the pee too. I knew this would happen but I was not expecting what happened next. It was lunch time now and we went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. He was still showing real wet but it was beginning to dry, he never said a word about his accident. While I was making the sandwiches I saw him sticking his fingers up his but, on the outside not inside, like he had to poop. He was really pushing hard and walking around. Then he went in the ne! xt room where I could not see. I took my time with the food, about 15 min. I went into the living room and found him squatting on his feet, his butt was off the ground, I could smell the odor of fresh poop, I sat down next to him and the odor was strong, I kinda looked at his butt when he wasn't paying attention and I could see the big bulge. We ate and then played more games, he finally sat down on his load and played. I sat back on the couch watching him play. He was squirming again and holding himself, then he stopped and sat still and continued to play. I got up and I could not stand the smell any more and I turned off the game and asked him "Is there something you need to tell me?", he said "what", I said stand up, he stood and he was soaked again, there was a wet spot on the floor where he was sitting. I said "did you have an accident", he said "yeah I guess", I said "you guess, you are soaked and smell of poop, do you do this at home?", he said "no" and he started to ! cry, I said "its ok I didnt mean to yell". I hugged him and told him we will throw his clothes in the laundry, he did not have a change with him so I gave him one of my large shirts, it covered up all his privates.
Well the experiment turned out just like I thought, if noone is there to remind a child to go, he will just hold it forever till its too late. I will continue my experiment again next time I babysit.

Monday, January 21, 2002

Eleanor, I would like to add to the people who have expressed sympathy to you in the situation with your brother. A brother is supposed to be protective of his sisters, especially an older brother. I agree that you should tell your parents or a teacher or guidance counselor or other adult (priest, girl scout leader, whatever) that your privacy has been violated. This is harassment and even abuse and no one should have to put up with it. You could try hiding and watching him or throwing urine at him or leaving a poo in his bead, but I would not give him laxatives. This is a terrible thing to do to anyone (it happened to me at a cast party as a revenge act on several people in a production) and it is not a good solution and might lead to something worse.
However, it doesn't surprise me that there are guys that would do this. Just reading the posts of guys here, I see how many are turned on by women on the toilet (a lot more women than are turned on by men) and how many women here oblige them with the kind of stuff they post, not to mention the pictures which feed fantasies about non-white, exotic women to mostly white men and I could go on forever (if the moderator doesn't take exception to this and edit out that is) but it's about time women and young women especially realize the power that we have and use it. Honey, go for advice somewhere else besides a toilet forum as well, and do take care of yourself, OK? Sending love and hugs your way, Diva.

OK, two more stories about peeing in the car.

The first one is from a couple of summers ago. I went to the beach with my man, which was about a 3 1/2 hour drive. We spent a beautiful, warm day in the water and on the sand. Then in the evening we went to visit one of his friends who was camping nearby in a camper. We stayed a couple of hours and had a barbecue. Then around 10.30 pm or so, a bad rain and thunder storm started up and we decided to leave and drive back home. Before leaving, I had to pee and had to use an outhouse. We then got in the car and drove off, but after a few minutes, the rain got so bad, there was no visibility, so my man, the driver, decided to pull over and wait for the storm to pass. After sitting there for about half hour, I began to feel the stirrings of a need to pee again, having had a lot to drink (non-alcoholic) at the barbecue. I was also sleepy however, and the rain was hypnotic, and so I fell asleep. The next thing I felt was the car moving. I opened my eyes and about three and a h! alf hours had passed. My man had also fallen asleep and woken to see that the storm had stopped, so began driving. Now I needed to pee worse than before, and I mentioned it to him, but we were in the middle of nowhere, and so we both realized that unless I wanted to go by the roadside with no cover and lots of cars, I would have to hold it. We also had to drive slowly because the roads were so wet, and so it would take us much longer than normal to get home. Well, I tried everything I could to hold it. For the first hour or so, I crossed my legs tightly and jiggled around a bit. Then I took off my shoes, drew one leg up under me and pressed my heel into my crotch, rocking a little. My man kept sympathizing with me, trying to distract me and encouraging me to hold on, as well as frequently pulling over so that I could go by the side of the road, but cars kept coming by before I could, and even a couple of police cruisers. Finally, about three hours after I had woken up,! and still over an hour from home, I was so desperate that I began holding my crotch. I was bending over and rocking and my man said "You're not going to make it, are you?" "I think I can," I said bravely but at that moment, I felt the first hot spurt. I grabbed my crotch harder, but another still came. "Hold on", he said, and pulled over. But instead of getting me to make another attempt to get out and pee, he walked back to the trunk and rustled around while I rocked and lost more pee. Then he came back with our picnic cooler, now empty, and said "I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier." I wasn't in any position to protest. He held up a bleach blanket and I put the cooler on the car floor, squatted down, took off my shorts and underwear, and peed into it. I was so desperate that pee began spurting as soon as I got my underwear off and let go of my crotch. My boyfriend could hear the loud sound of my urgent pee splashing heavily into the cooler and going for at le! ast two or three minutes, and he said, "Wow, you really had to go." I felt so relieved and when I finished I couldn't believe how full I had made the cooler. After, he poured it out by the roadside and cleaned it with some water, and I changed back to my bikini bottoms because my underwear was so wet from the spurts that I had lost. I had to go so bad that about half an hour later, I had to go again, but I held that one till I got home, although I was bursting and lost another squirt unlocking my door.

The other car story happened when I was in college and visited my boyfriend at his college. He and a couple of friends were taking me to the opera in D.C. and I was really excited. My boyfriend and I were in the back seat of the car all dressed up. We were running late and then we got caught in rush hour traffic on the Beltway. Sure enough, while sitting there, I had to pee. It got worse and worse and we were later and later and after about an hour of trying to cross my legs and hold it, I whispered to my boyfriend that I had to pee. He asked me if I had to go bad, and I said "Yes, kind of." He whispered back that he didn't see anywhere to stop. So I sat there getting more and more restless, jiggling around and sliding up to the front of my seat, and my boyfriend's friend commented from the front seat about how I semeed restless because I really wanted to see the opera. My boyfriend put his arm around me and stroked my hair. I could tell he was concerned but also re! ally worried about me having an accident in his friend's car. Finally, once again, I had to use my last resort and hold myself, a difficult feat in a full, starched skirt with underlayers. I think this was the first time my boyfriend had seen me do this, because he got a surprised look on his face when he saw, and I whispered that I was absolutely bursting and that if I didn't hold myself, I would pee, and that I already had peed a little. At that, he put his hand up my dress himself and held it for me, much tighter than I could. Thanks to him, I was able to hold most of it until we got to the Kennedy Centre, though his hand was a little damp. (hope this isn't too explicit.)

big r
Sarah and Megan: who takes longer to shit?

canadian guy 17
thanx to everyone who welcomed me, it's been really nice.
on friday at school,. i had one experience. i was in the bathroom and i saw a stall door shut and so i wated at the urinals and out came this guy brent, kinda nerdy but athletic and solid. so he doesnt flusha nd hes about to walk out but then he sees me so he walks to teh sink turns on the water sticks his hands under for .3 milliseconds and then leaves. he left like 10 squiggly little turds and some bunched up tp.

another time in this athroom, a grade 9 guy walked out just as i was walking in and left without washing and flushing. he had left like 5 pretty loose turds.

hi, i pooped my pants on purpose again. on weekends at home i dont have to wear the pullups. i was at my scout meeting and we were working on our pushcarts for our race and i was squatting down hammering some nails in when i felt like pooping. when i am squatting i feel i have to go more. so instead of getting up and going to the bathroom i just went in my pants, everyone was busy hammering and i just kept woking too as the poo just came out. i had jeans on and i felt my but and it was big. when we were finished for the day. we had to go to our meeting and change into our uniforms. they lets all of us change in a big room and i stood in the corner and pulled my pants down and got the other ones on quick. my scout pants are almost to small for me and they are real tight. with all my poop in there it was hard to button. someone smelled it and said who farted. when i got my clothes on the smell went away. we went in to the hall and sat in our seats for our meeting. the poop sma! shed in my but. whent it was over i got in my moms car and went home. i went to the bathroom when we got there and cleaned myself. no one noticed that i did it again, this is kinda cool. i will try peeing next time. i wil have to wear some black pants or something so it doesnt show up. Bye

hi all

I hate the bathrooms in school. I wont use them for #2. I live about 2 miles from school and walk home when the weather is good. Last week I needed to poop badly after sixth period. I waited until school was over. As I walked to my locker, I pooped in my pants. I pooped a lot and there was a big bulge in my pants. I went into an empty room and sat on a chair to flatten the bulge in my pants. I carefully walked outside making sure no one saw the back of my pants up close. Then I walked home. My parents both work, so there is no one home until about an hour after I get home. When I got home, I took a shower and washed my clothes. Then I put the clothes in the dryer for a little while and took them out before my mother got home

Meghan and Sarah S
Hi Everyone,
Our last post didn't get into the queque we guess. We only post once a week now. We hope this will get in. We enjoyed the story of Annie's about Mum. We miss her. She was one a kind.

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hi Cousins! We hope things are fine at your place. We miss you. Meg-Now, here is the wees-on-knees report. It was Thursday morning and I took off my clothes. I sat on the toilet. Sarah did the same and sat on my spread knees. She let out a strong stream and so did I. We weed for about 20 seconds and then my stream stopped. Sarah bent over to get the last drops and she let out a big, booming trump, right on my knees and nearly in my face. I said;"Oh really Sari!". She apologized. We then wiped and re-clothed. We hope this was ok. You are the experts. Give us guidance. We also know that you both are taking care of that sweet little Ellen. We have to go. Please write us! A big kiss and a mega hug to both of you and Ellen. Lovexx Cousins Sarah and Meghan

LOUISE AND STEVE: Louise, that was a wonderful buddy wee and dump you had with Jackie. We would have been there for support. Dad would have been thrilled to watch and assist. STEVE: What a description of a male wee!!! Meg turned red!! We really enjoyed it. Take care! Lovexxxx Meghan and Sarah S

EPHERMAL: Glad you are back, girl!! We started school this past week. A great story to start, too. Our dumps are huge. Sarah is beginning to get constipated again, UGH! Talk to you, soon! Lovexx Sarah S and Meghan

AMY(COED): Welcome back, too! We missed you. Your story is so like ours. I guess students, especially women have huge, cullompted dumps. Take care and good luck! Lovexx Sarah S and Meghan

ELEANORE: Welcome to the forum! You poor dear! We are angry at your bother and his friends. You have to take a stand. Tell your Mum or someone. You could talk loud in the loo so it would spark the attention of adults. Whatever happens, please let us know. Lovexx Meghan and Sarah S.

DEAR TIM and SARAH: That was a brave thing you did telling Sarah about your "secret" and this forum. SARAH: Thank you for your kind words. We are still working through this ourselves. Talking about pooing and weeing in our family has always been taboo. At least ourside our immediate family. We look forward to you both on here. Lovexxx Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: Just a short note to tell you that we have done the wee-on-knees and have been having Cullompted poos!! Also WE MISS YOU!. Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx Meghan and Sarah S

We have to be off to church and then back to school!! See ya next weekend!!

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Dear Carmalita and Jake, Rjogger and Kathy, Jane and Gary, Mere and AMANDA, Kim and Scott, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Plunging Plop Guy, LindaGS, Erin, INA- Hi sweetheart!, DEAR PV-hi gal!!, ALthea, Alana, Adrian, Aaron, Ellie and Little Lou!!, and all of the other wonderful posters we have to leave off because Meghan and I have to go to the toilet!! Report next week!



I suppose I could call this post "Three Job Night"

I had been constipated for a few days, last having a motion on Wednesday of this week, a nice big fat turd of about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches fat.

Yesterday, Saturday, I felt bunged up knowing I needed a big poo but when I sat on the pan only farting. I wasnt too worried about this as it will all come out in its own time but didnt fancy it making a sudden move as has happened to me in the past and it all ending up as a huge bulge in the seat of my knickers. When I got home and Keith came in from driving his Taxi, having made enough with a couple of good trips to the Airport, he asked me if I had done a motion as he knew I was constipated. I told him that I hadnt had a poo yet although I had sat on the pan after doing a wee wee but although I could feel a big turd up there it wouldnt come down. After our meal Keith asked me to strip down to my knickers, a big pair of white cotton briefs for those who want to know. I lay on my back as he gently rubbed and pushed my belly. After about 15 minutes or so I felt things start to move and we went together to the toilet. Pulling my knickers down to my knees I sat on the pan.! I did a wee wee with a loud hissing tinkling then felt my sphincter open. "OH! NN! PLONK! NN! PLOOONK! PLONK! AH! OH! NNN! KAPLOONK! PLONK! PLUNK! I passed six fat balls the largest the size of a goose egg the smallest like a golfball in size. "Are you finished love? Keith asked. "NO! I replied, there's still a big lump up there!" but although I sat on the pan for another 5 minutes and did another short wee wee nothing else came down. Keith wiped my bum and I pulled up my knicks and we both went to bed.

A few hours later I woke up feeling the need to do another motion, and woke Keith who accompanied me. Pulling my knickers down again and sitting on the pan I did another wee wee then felt this big lump open my ring. This was going to be a big one I could feel and with Keith rubbing my ???? and encouraging me to do a nice big one I tried hard and with an NNN! UH! OH! NNN!" I felt this fat jobbie slowly but surely slide out of my back passage. Keith was looking between my legs and said, "That's it Carol, its a nice big fat one, keep it coming, try to get it all out in a oner!" I kept up the pressure and I felt it taper off and fall into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" ( a real "Collumpton" as someone called such a jobbie). I got up off the pan and we had a good look at the dark brown jobbie about 12 inches long and 3 inches fat and very lumpy and compacted. Needless to say it didnt flush away with one pull of the handle so we left it till the morning. Now this morn! ing when I got up I again felt the need to do a poo, and called Keith. I slipped my knickers off as I was going to have a shower afterwards anyway and sat on the pan. This time as I did my wee wee the jobbie, which was easier than those I had done before, started to slide out under its own steam and the wee wee stopped tinkling as it was running down the big jobbie. This was a long smooth one and slid into the pan on top of the hard jobbie I had done a few hours before with a "FLOOMP!". My wee wee sarted to tinkle again until it finished. I farted a couple of times then stood up and Keith and I admired the long fat sausage I had passed. It was also about 12 inches long and 2.5 fat but was curved and smooth and the last few inches stuck up out of the water. This jobbie was toffee brown in colour and a bit smellier than the others I had done earlier. Keith and I got in the shower afterwards.

That was Carol's three job night and I feel a lot lighter after doing that lot I can teel you!

I think a virus or the flu is going around...i haven't felt good all day. I woke up and was nasuated and i had bad indigestion. I thought i either gonna maybe throw up or poop(and it would be diahreah). i haven't had an appaptite all day till tonight and then i felt like i could poop after i ate but it sorta went away and it felt like cramps were brewing.

To john: Your right there is a pooping sceene in the movie"Not Another Teen Movie" and these high school guys were in the locker room one day and decided to craw up a vent to peek on the girls and they find this gal sitting on the toilet and stuff and shes on there for the longest time. Then finally the vent gives away and they all fall through and so does the toilet, it fell into a class room

To Spy: I loved your stories...I also sorta like to spy when in the restroom . If im in a public restroom i will try and hold my poop and wait till someone else comes in before i let loose and i like to see if there are any young guys coming in to my age.

I like that pic today...looks like she is gonna do something either in her panties or right on her bed. i can't tell which gotta run

Hi Everybody,
I Have been Reading the posts here for over a year and finally decided to post myself. I am a guy in my late 30's and have been fascinated by female pooping since my earliest recollections when i was 4 or 5 years old and i would hang around the bathroom door and try to hear the sounds of my aunts or older cousins taking a shit. Over the years i have racked up quite a few "victories" in my quest to either see or hear members of the opposite sex defecating and i will share some of them with you all in due time. I really enjoy the stories here about women's toilets. How wonderful it would be to be sitting in a stall and hear a woman come rushing in and take a big noisy shit right next to you, as in Tina's post about the cute blond waitress.
The posts here are really outstanding and this is a great forum.

HENDRIK: Damn! That was an amazing log your friend passed. How big was it after it dropped out of him? I like the feeling of passing monster logs but if it took an hour I'd be in trouble. Well, passing a monster log for a guy is the closest they can come to giving birth.

Mattymatmat: You should see a doctor! It almost sounds like you have crohn's disease. Good Luck!

AMY(Coed) There are quite a few silent loggers. I've done it myself a few times.

To whoever wanted to know about the best public restroom. In Dalts of Indianapolis each toilet was in its own wooden stall with sides and a door that went from the floor to the ceiling, like a phone booth. It gave alot of privacy so nobody could see or hear if I was crapping.

Linda GS
Tell you parents or guardian!! You shouldn't have to do your business on the toidy in front of anyone you don't want to. It's a girl's private quiet time and if you don't want company then you shouldn't have to keep any. It's not fair.... it may not be the same.. but my older sisters used o do the same thing to me.. and because of it..I used to hold it and it did cause a number of problems. You SHOULD feel comfy enough to go in your OWN home..geez. Sorry just it upsets me.

YOW!! Sorry on-line sis, I've been busy. I've been babysitting the baies a lot lately..not that i mind.. they are a joy.(Snicker)Kendal likes to laugh out loud..I mean really.. she'll just let out a squeal of delight out of the blue. My cousin says'What's wrong with that crazy girl?" well happy belated B-day Kendal..hope you got lots of make it up to you..I got two things. can wait weeks after my B-day(In 2 months)to wish me a Happy B-day. And two.. when nature call, you can drag my cousin off for a hair grooming. least HE can do. Hee hee. Today I had to hold off on a huge poop, I was helping move furniture around in my room and I need to go since this morning. My cousin came in an was putting up a picture in the bathroom that i thought was cute.(I picked it out has a teddy bear in a pretty dress and her pantaloons down around ehr ankles and it says WELCOME TO OUR BATHROOM.. BEAR<BARE> BOTTOMS WELCOME) As he did that i closed the door! , lowered my short and BLUE(Oh yes Drew.. BLUE) pampies to the floor and sat. MAN.. was that one poop that was ready to come out. I just relax and it started out of me like somone had fired a starting pistol. I sighed sitting there with my elbows on my knees and my head resting in my hands. My cousin turned around and said You okau? I nodded. As it came out on it's own..we talked about poor Eleanor, he agreed that her brother was just being a whole other type of bully. He has no right doing that, she already has grounds to kick him out. He suggested a bit of blackmail as her saying if he didn't quit his antics.. she should threaten to tell their mum about him spying on the girl through the window..and if that doesn't work..spill the beans to them about everything. It's just not right.. people here who have company in the bathroom ALLOW people in and wel.. there should be force involved. I told my cousin good.. NOW BEAT IT!!! He made a sad faced and walked off.. I told him ! I was joking. but he said I'm old enough to be left alone. so I finished my poop in private. Man.. it just kept comng and coming and well it made no sound at all. Amy that's probably what happened to your stall neighbor.. sometimes when it's long and big it's already in the water when it come sout so there's no sound at all. Happens to Elena lots. speaking of which I asked her what a lot of people here did..if having a baby was a lot like having a MAJOR poop. She looked at my funny and said yes.. kinda.. but it's as different as someone throwing a bullet at you.. and having someone fire a bullet out of a gun at you. They're the same thing pretty much.. but one hurts a LOT more. Silly girl. Well I best be off. Hugs and smoochies to all my on-line family..and tons more to Drew. hee hee.
P.S. What with that woman on the masthead? I see her jeans down around her ankles.. but is she going to go on her bed.. with her pampies still on?!?!? Silly me I perfer the toidy.(New cute Linda word folks.. learn it) hee hee

Tim and Sarah
Dear Rizzo,

Thank you for your nice words and we were glad to hear, you seem to be doing fine. We were very happy, in case we could be of any help with our thoughts. In case you are deciding to tell your wife, we would like to send our very best wishes. Please make sure though, that this is really your own, careful decision and you do this at your own pace. I would feel terrible, in case I might have stirred too much up there and you might feel unconfortable with it later. I do not want to discourage you, but neither encourage you, I hope you understand my thoughts. Itís just a very personal decision. You sound though, as if this was something, that also had been on your mind for a long time. In case you talk, I would like to add that for me it is a great thing, you are visiting this forum, as you, along with other posters, helped me tremendously with advice, caring thoughts and by just "listening". Thank you so much. There is fun and playing around here, which is great, but also h! elp in situations, when you might not even want to talk to your best friend or partner, as itís easier when itís not face to face. Chating about the unspeakable made it possible for me to actually say it in the end.
Thinking about your pun with the digestion: You know, every kind of digestion in thoughts or physically produces some shit. You have to get rid of that then and we all know, it can feel great to do that. But every digestion also produces energy and provides nutrition that keeps us alive. So we keep those products and gradually use them...So use the valuable stuff that comes out of your thoughts and enjoy dumping the useless shit, which is usually the stuff that drags you down. These very valuable thoughts came mainly from Sarah of course, she is the philosopher in the family.
Hopefully things are not nagging you too much. Thank you for your good wishes and all the best to you and your family, if we may add that.
Love from Tim and Sarahxxx

A few days ago we were lying on the couch and watching a Bond like movie on telly. The pretty lead actress looked a lot like my wonderful wife, although she denies it. I had bad winds cause I had not pooped for a while, so I now and then had to pass some stinky, loud ones. I excused myself each time with lots of Ďsorriesí. Sarah was stroking my ???? while we were cuddling and told me to stop excusing myself. I had to let another big one go and went "ooops, sorry". So Sarah gave me the "licsense to fart", no more apologizing. A few ones needed quite some effort and I felt not too good. So Sarah went:" Oh dear, Mr Bond, better clean your riffle, uh?" At a break she came in with a mini enema tube, this glycerin stuff, and asked if agent OO could complete the mission on his own or needed a gadget. She offered the Bond girl could insert the gadget. She helped me and I soon could very successfully completed the mission. Next morning I was shaving and Sarah came in and had a ! wee. I think she tried to do more, but could not, while I was in the room. So I twinked her an eye and asked "secret mission, Lara?" (sorry for borrowing your stuff, Ina...). She thankfully smiled from the toilet and nodded. So I left, to give her her privacy. It is very nice to be so playful at the moment though.

Very best wishes to all you nice people, more replies later
Tim (and Sarah)

Anne (housewife)
Hi again, folks. I just thought you'd like an update on my 'toilet diary' again for the last week.

Wednesday morning. Woke about 7.50 with a full sensation. Cutting a loud fart in bed I realised that I needed to go for more than a pee. I got up, went to thw bathroom, pulled my Sloggis down and sat on the loo. After another loud fart a crackling sound followed and pushed out a real monster 'jobbie' that must have been about 15 inches long and 2 inches wide. Two shorter turds followed, each about 8 inches long. I peed, wiped and left my product for Hubby to see before taking my shower. As I'd not been since Sunday I was well ready for it and felt very relieved.

Friday. Went to have morning coffee with my friend Wendy at 11. We had coffees and talled for about forty minutes. At about 11.40 Wendy farted and said she needed to go to the loo. Neither of us wanted to break up the conversation so I followed her into the bathroom. She pulled down her jeans and sat on the loo, letting out some really loud farts. Then she pushed and out plopped a number of turds before peeing and wiping. As it happened I was taking Hubby out for lunch on Friday and I'd promised myself that I'd have a poo at Wendy's before going home to pick him up. Wendy was about to flush when I stopped her and asked if I could go next. Well, it wasn't the kind of big buddy dump I'd have liked but I managed to plant two six inchers on top of her output before wiping myself and flushing our combined motions away.

Today. Round about noon I felt the urge come on and went to the bathroom as soon as it happened. It was rather a runny bowel movement with lots of small turds but I felt better for it all the same. Hubby took me out for a romantic lunch in one of our favourite haunts at at one o'clock and was glad I'd made plenty of room for it. Asapagus soup followed by roast lamb and mint jelly with trifle for pud. All washed down with the finest Merlot. So far it's not made me want another motion but, in the next day or so, who knows?

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Harold, your post is like 5-6 pages back.

i haven't had a solid poo for nearly 6 years. evry time it's just like dirty water.

is this normal?

Amy (Co-ed)
Hello to all my long lost friends!!!!! I have missed you all very much since being home from college for Christmas break! I am back at school now and have certainly picked up where I left off. I didn't post at home over the break, didn't want anyone to discover my history)-: Just after moving back in to my dorm, I had to take a really big poop. I returned to my dorm after parking my car and didn't feel like going all the way back up the stairs to my floor so I chose to poop in the dorm lobby restroom. It is actually bigger than the restroom on my floor because it also serves as a restroom for a cafeteria. I picked about the 10th stall of the 20 available and locked myself in for a big dump session. I dropped by tight biker pants and purple thong to my ankles and had a seat. With little effort I ripped several deep echoing farts and could hear my asshole crackle wide open. I was surprised to hear another girl enter the stall to my right. She lowered the seat with a! loud drop on her toilet and dropped her jeans and panties and had a seat as well. She didn't make any noises for a long time. I made up for that though with several lound grunts to push my first log out. I am sure she could hear my butthole crackle open and close as I struggled to push my poop out. Finally I pushed as hard as I could and my big log began to slide out very very SLOWLY. After a few minutes it dropped, no where done, I pushed again only to release some more farts. I pushed out 6 medium turds, about one every 5 seconds with splashes to follow. My neighbor suddenly wiped and left without flushing, I didn't even hear her go. I finished up over the next few minutes, pushing out one or two smaller logs. All in all, I felt much better and flushed my big load away. My neighbor left one REALLY BIG log in her toilet, it was about 15 inches long and 2 inches wide. Who says girls can't poop!!!

To Andrea K.: I liked your story about you and your bf pooping together

To Hendrik: I liked your story it was great!

To Thomas R.: I liked your story

To everyone that last post of mine got messed up for some reason my name didn't show up and it starts with "Before" it totally got messed
moderator...why did that happen
gotta run


Traveling Guy
Eleanor - I'm with the others here who think your brother and his mates went way over the top in watching you, even once, against your will. And then again?! You have every right to your privacy, if you want it, when you use the loo. Just a word of concern, though, about Simon's post: be careful about putting laxatives in your brother's food, or anyone else's. You could harm the person, especially if they have some digestive condition unknown to you. Also, here in ths US, at least, we've had people - boyfriends or girlfriends and such - who have been convicted of assault and battery for doing that. I think that finding a way to put the shoe on the other foot and surprise them while they're on the loo is the best. They have it coming!

Hello everyone!!!! This has long been one of my favorite sites. I have read and enjoyed for a very long time but now I want to contribute and join in the fun like everyone else. Like most others, I will describe myself. I am a 29 year old male, college graduate, short brown hair, weigh about 260 also 6'1". For as long as I can remember I have loved the subject and practice of taking a good shit. Like most males, I am also intrigued by anything related to females, their restroom habits are no exception, specifically that of pooping. I have many stories I can and will share about pooping over the years, both myself and some pretty cool instances of times I have been so fortunate to be privy to a girl taking a dump. I must admit, I prefer to take a dump in a good public restroom. You get to hear others, others get to hear you, and it doesn't stink your house up! Most of my years growing up I would have NEVER done #2 anywhere but home. I saw at school how some kids ma! de fun of the kids who had to go at school. I didn't want this to happen to me, so I held it. But as you get older and wiser, you discover that going when you have to go is often not possible just at home. I can recall finally my senior year of high school when I finally went at school. I picked the only restroom that had doors on the stall and let a good one go. I admit it was easier because no one came in. My hesitations changed in college however. They had to. For most of my college years I lived in the dorms. My best friend was my room-mate and we shared a restroom with two other guys, who lived in the other room. Our dorms had two rooms joined by a shared bathroom. Most of my college dumps took place here. Then again I made another important discovery. After being walked in on numerous times, after having to sit on tiny seat that was barely big enough for your anus much less your butt, and then discovering that the university actually kept its public restro! oms cleaner than we kept our own, I became a full-fledged public pooper! Not to mention, the cost saved in toilet paper! For the last 7 years the transition has been most fun. I take pretty big shits. Most of the time I do not leave a nice smell either! On average I have at least one foot long or longer turd followed by quite a few smaller ones. As has been the trend as long as I can remember, I only poop about 3 times per week. Even though I am no longer a college student, I live really close to my old university, so I often make the trip to take a good one in my old favorite places. Several days ago I had an opportunity to do this and it was great as usual, although I have taken better dumps. I like to call myself "the Spy" because I like to spy on what others are doing in the restroom. At my old school, there are two restrooms which are great for this purpose. Reason being, in both restrooms the toilet wall of the mens room shares the toilet wall of the ladies ! room and you can actually hear what the girls are doing next door! As I was taking my dump I could hear someone enter the ladies room. After several seconds a stall door shut with a bang and clicked shut. I could hear this girl pulling off several sheets of paper, maybe to cover the seat. For about 15 minutes there was nothing, just the sounds of a few people walking down the hallway outside. I had almost forgot she was in there when I suddenly heard the sound of toilet paper being pulled off. I knew she had took a dump because she pulled off toilet paper about 6 times (never mind that she also took 20 minutes). I too finished up at the same time and hurried up to get out and see who she was. As I exited the men's room she exited the ladies room. It was a very pretty co-ed probably 21 or so with short dark hair. She was wearing wind pants that showed her butt off very well. I hope this does not seem intrusive, its just a hobby! I have plenty of stories to share a! bout pooping girls have done where I was not intrusive, during future posts I will try to recollect some memorable poops from the past, mostly about these girls!!! As I finish this post, I feel the need for a big dump coming on, guess this one will have to be at home! Oh well, take care everyone, see you later.


ELEANOR - Your brother and his so-called friends are behaving in a totally unacceptable way. As many have already said, you are entitled to privacy when you want it. However I have to say some replies on here have been over the top. I strongle suggest you don't follow Rizzo's advice (sorry Rizzo, I hate to disagree with you) because I fear your brother will tell your parents and you will get into trouble (after all he will have the 'evidence' you will not!). And as for the suggestions that you tell a teacher/your school's child protection officer (it will have one)/social services/police, hold on! Yes, what he is doing is wrong but consider the consequences for you and your family... this should be a last resort if you can't sort this out at home. Also don't change your life (going to toilet at school etc) just to avoid your brother.

So here is what I suggest, next time he is in the toilet when you need it ask him to leave. If he doesn't, go and tell your parents "Mum/Dad [brother] is in the toilet and he wont come out to let me use it". If your parents are not at home when this happens... phone them up and tell them. Also make it clear to your brother that, if he gives you any more trouble over this, you'll tell your parents why he and his mates go in there together (to spy on your neighbour).

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