hi everyone this is my first post im male 21 years old and live in the uk i have been reading this forum for about 6 months and finally decided to post. i have some great stories about this 20 year old female student we have staying with us she is about 5'9 average build,very sexy with dark curly hair. well last night i was watching tv when clare come home from a night out on the town, she was very drunk when she burst in my room and said "john there is no toilet paper and i really have to poop" so i told her to just go and i would find her some. so i went down stairs and come back up with some tissue, as i knocked on the door she just said come in so i did and there she was with her jeans and panties around her ankles elbows on her knees with her hands on her chin. as i passed her the tissue she farted and let loose another load of mushy poo at this point i just turned and left. there was nothing strange about this because she has done alot of things with me there i will te! ll you all about these in other posts well for now bye

p.s. i heard some were that there is a poop scene in "not another teen movie" if so can some one please tell me about it
see ya

Uncle Allen
Hello to absolutely everyone at the toilet. It's been a while since I posted, but that's because I wasn't feeling well and then I became very busy with work. I am the guy who had a problem with a lot of stomach cramping painful diarrhea. The doctor ( I went to the doctor based on everyone's advice here) thinks I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
Well There seems to be no real cure for it, and the doctor didn't give me much advice except to say do not try to hold it if you have to go just go asap. I am still having some bad diarrhea on and off.Must go I'll write more later

Hello all,
I hadn't been to the loo for a few days and this morning I FINALLY dropped my contents! Wow it must have been the biggest firmest pile of brownies I've ever left - it just seemed to keep coming! What a pile. Good job I used the loo this time - my knicks would never have taken it!
Was that Victoria Beckham on the masthead yesterday?

There is an awesome pee scene in the movie Jeepers Creepers. Theres a guty and a gurl pissing on the side of the road but they only show the guys stream.Check it out!

To Some Guy:
I remember having a dream of Alicia Silverstone pooping her panties. This was six years ago and in the dream, I dreamnt Alicia was in my house. She had long blond hair, a white nightgown that was just above the knees and was bare foot with her toe nails painted blue. Alicia came out my bedroom with her hand on her butt and ran to the bathroom. When she tried to open the door, it wouldn't open as if it was locked. She kept trying to open the door but it wouldn't budge. Alicia then said "Oh my God" with tears in her eyes and let out a juicy fart that echoed through the hallway. Alicia then said I pooped my panties. Then she raised the back of her gown up and showed a large green bulge in the back of her white panties. Then thats when I woke up.

there is nothing worse than flimsy plastic seats

Hey everybody *update* I have gained 11lbs so far wiyh this baby I am up to 143 with Ty I went up to 151lbs anyway

tonight me and Mark went out to celebrate our baby girl we went to a movie the theatres were really crowded and being the small town we live in there is only 2 stalls for 5 screens all sold out when we got there I had to poop but we were running late so I figured I could hold it so I waited but I couldn't so I went to the bathroom but the line was incredibly long so as I was walking back to our screen (Vanilla Sky) I felt it coming out so I just let it go out I had on white pants so It really showed but I had to the little boy behind me said mommy she pooed in her pants the bulge stuck out very large then it turned to diareeha and it started leaking out my pants i was peeing out my butt! I told Mark and we went home that is the most embarrassed I have ever been I probably ruined the carpet to bad that is the only theatre in town does anybody know how the movie ended?

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, people:
Tina, I echo your sentiments, when it comes to Faith Hill. Heck-yes! That is one of my biggest-fantasies, is to see her bursting to poop, raising the seat, and lowering her sweet-butt down onto it! I would want to experience all of it. I mean, her facial-expressions, the sounds coming out of her butt, as well as her-mouth, the smells, all of it! I would love to wipe her, when she is done, as well. That Tim McGraw, is one lucky son of a gun! I wonder if she , ever, uses the fan, when she is taking a dump? Do you think that she ever thinks of all the guys (and girls, apparently) that fantasize about her taking a dump, when she is actually doing-it? Talk about a queen, on her throne. I love you Faith, and your bathroom-habits interest this young-fool, greatly! Roger is a lucky-sog, as well. That's-right, Roger. I haven't forgot about you, and your "Anna Kournikova look-alike" g/f, Angela. I remember all about the time she ate the cheesecake you made for he! r, and how she allowed you to watch her dump the whole thing out of her "other-end", approximately, 48 hours later! Lucky-guy. Special "hellos", to Jane, Roger, and Yew. Where are you, Yew?

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)

OK, another week goes down the drain, and another weekend of the NFL Playoffs is upon us. We are having Anne, Mike, Noreen and Larry over to watch the games on Sunday (I have a tournament today, snow or no snow), and it could get interesting here. Anyway, here goes nothing, just some replies and a little extra.

Kim and Scott - Hello dare devil, and yes you are a mischievous sort alright! Those creative ways that you come up with to blast out those monster poops are certainly fun to read about. I shouldn't be surprised that you decided to launch missles from your weight bench, but the size and volume of the load were, well just what we expect from the lovely blonde bombshell who poops a trainload. When I called you a mischief maker, it was in fun, and I know that you do it with a little girl's glee and to excite your boy friend, the lucky guy. You are a very sweet and yes, very normal girl and every one of your adventures brings us much reading enjoyment. Be well, young lady, Kathy and I send our love, and look forward to your next exciting episode.
Annie(Robby's Cousin) - A very funny story, about the cruise ship, and the purser entering the room while you 2 girls relieved yourselves. Kathy and I think that you are another of the wonderful, prank pulling ladies on this site that we enjoy reading about so much. Be well, and please say hello to all of your gang for us.
Lorraine - That was an interesting description of how one relieves oneself on a boat with no head. It also says a great deal about the lady, who is not inhibited about going in front of a male crew, and it says even more about you, since you had to poop in front of them and none of the guys had done that. You are a gutsy young woman, and you wrote an interesting story.
Jane - SHE'S BAAAACK! Just when you want to crap in peace, here she comes, ready or not. Whoa, Christine sounds like she has something wrong with her. In junior high school, there was a kid who would always be "on the alert" if someone went to the head to crap. He would walk in on whomever and try to strike up a conversation, not only annoying whoever was using the head, but making a complete fool of himself. That Christine, at 19 is still hung up on this stuff, well, you can fill in the rest. I really feel for you, Jane, you deserve some privacy while you are in the john. Great story, though.
Rizzo - You are welcome, good sir, and believe me when I tell you that Kathy and I really enjoy reading about all of your different adventures. You are definitely one of the best out here. Be well, we look forward to your next story.

Kathy and I also want to say hearty HELLOs to Carmalita and Jake, Renee and Patsy, Buzzy (How are you Neighbor?), Jeff A, Muggs, Sarah and Mehgan and Diane NY. I hope that I didn't leave anyone out.

Today, I was up at around 7, and I went into the head, as I felt a real load backed up. Kathy was still sleeping, no need to wake her, so I just pulled down my shorts, and sat on the "His" head. As soon as I sat, my hole expanded, and I felt a large, bulky poop exit, and it burned as it did. The old lady and I had hot Mexican food yesterday, and it was now making its presence known on the way out. I passed 3 smaller burners in succession, peed a long stream, then wiped. There wasn't much to clean, so I stood up to admire my work, and noticed a turd about 2 feet by 2.5 inches in the commode. It had 3 companions of about 5 inches each, and since it didn't smell too bad, I decided to leave it for Kathy. I just washed up, put on my running suit, stretched and went out for an 9 mile run. The weather is supposed to get bad here later today, so I don't know how far I will run tomorrow, and I decided to try to run as close to 10 miles as possible. I got going, knowing that I wou! ldn't have company, as Noreen has a mild ankle sprain, and she is not going to attempt to run until next week. I got into a good pace, although the ground was hard, and some spots were slippery. Eight miles into my run, on the homestretch, I started up the hilly trail that I like to travel on the way home. Near a somewhat secluded section, I heard what I thought was an animal. There are deer, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes in the area, so I turned to my left to see what had moved. Not seeing anything, I stepped off the trail, and ran a short distance towards what I heard. Boy, was I in for a surprise. It was no animal, it was my neighbor, the one who lives about 2 houses down. She also runs, and she had gone into a semi secluded area to relieve herself. She is of Asian extract, about 35 or so, real pretty, and with a very athletic body. I moved over a little to the right, to get a better view, and to be out of sight. As I looked towards, her, she had already lowered her drawer! s and was squatting.It looked like she had gooebumps on her butt, since it was quite cold outside. Her somewhat long black hair was pulled towards the front, and her pretty ass was pointed downward, in the position so to speak. After about 10 seconds of silence, her dark hole domed outward, a light brown poop started out, curled in a little, then gained momentum and started on its journey to the ground. The turd had to be a good foot and one-half long, and about 2 inches wide. As soon as it "floooppped" on the frozen ground, another poop appeared, slithered out, fell, and then two more came out in quick succession. Then my neighbor peed a real strong stream, adding to the steaming mess on the ground. When done, she reached into her jacket, pulled out some tissues, wiped twice back and once front and pulled up her pants, She got her clothes settled, looked at he ground with a slight smile and took off. I just had to look at her output, and it was a very athletic pile. Soft, ! formed and not to smelly. This beautiful and very friendly lady and her husband have lived next to us for about a year, and while we move in different circles, she has come over at times to admire our gardens, and sample some of our raspberries. I just never thought that I would see her in such a compromising position, but you never know. As soon as I calmed myself, I finished my run. I went in the house, took off my running clothes, and went into the master bath to towel off. I noticed a foul smell, and wondered if the load that I left behind was ripening. As I walked to the head, I noticed that Kathy's toilet was opened, and inside, was a queen sized bomb. "I just figured that I would return the favor", I heard my wife say, then she giggled and walked over to give me a kiss. "Let me get rid of this" I said, and I mashed up the contents of both bowls, flushed, washed up, and accompanied Kathy into the shower. What can I say, all's well that ends well.

So long everyone, it could get interesting here tomorrow, with a playoff party at our house and the usual crew of crazies coming over. We

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone again,

I was really shocked and disgusted at the treatment you received, ELEANOR from your brother and his friends when you wanted to use the toilet. Something you should have been proud of doing was turned into an ordeal of humiliation for you.
I think like any sort of bullying and intimidation, the perpetrator depends on the victim suffering shame, and they obviously knew how much you were upset by it. If you'd pretended you didn't care whether they watched you or not, they'd probably lose interest, but that's not the point; they violated your need for privacy and taunted you as you did exactly what they have to do on the toilet.
Don't put up with it! Tell your parents, your friends at school who will support you, teachers, anyone who will respect your personal rights to privacy and comfort.
Along with Rizzo and many others here, we all urge you not to give in to this, and so let us know what has happened since.
I wouldn't suggest putting laxatives into their food or anything; that would be in a way acting as badly as they were, but I hope you find yourself in a position to embarrass them in a similar way, your brother especially who should have shown the most respect for you; his friends were just following his disgusting lead.
Perhaps you could invite some close friends from school to occupy the bathroom with you when he's in the house, and refuse to move out!
Don't forget that lady next door; She might like to know what they were upto as well! Good Luck.

HENDRYK, Your young friend's monthly(???) shits of enormous dimensions were fascinating to read about and made me envious, except where you describe seeing his anus virtually hanging out of him. YEUUCHH! Hope he didn't suffer damage, but I can't imagine turds as wide as that, nor such infrequent shits.
Was he quite resigned to it, or did he wish to be more regular and his turds less collossal? You described it all in vivid detail! I think I would remember something as traumatic as that in great detail too!

BUZZY, telephonic buddy-dumping sounds great! Glad that you were both able to produce loud plops together. It's an area of companionable shitting we've not heard much about before, hope you and he can coincide again! One very good use for mobile 'phones!

SNAKE EYES, Re your question as to how much paper to put down the toilet to avoid splashing. My answer is NONE!
Just sit down on the toilet, drop your turds into the water which is what it's for and either enjoy the water splashing up, or just accept that it happens; it won't harm you and if you're embarrassed about being heard, be proud and thankful that you can go!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a minority within a minority as regular readers will probably know from my posts, how much I enjoy getting splashed by my turds dropping, and hearing of others getting drenched while sitting on the toilet.
Using a search engine recently and using the word Toilet, I came across a website of an american guy researching toilets in Europe
There were some pictures of german toilets with unflushed, and un-submerged turds on the shelf of such toilets, and you could almost smell the stink! Apparently, those wash-out toilets are becoming less popular in Germany with the stink factor being the worst feature.
He then investigates Scandinavian toilets and is shocked to discover they are as deep as traditional British toilets and people frequently get their bums splashed when sitting on them!
He says he doesn't believe it possible to get one's bum splashed on American toilets as it's never happened to him, and he asked what Scandinavians do to avoid it happening, as though it's a terrible problem! We've had that type of toilet in use here for ages, and even though not everyone finds it a turn on, most people I've heard don't put paper down to avoid the splash; they just let it happen!

PUBLICLOOSITNTESTER, (Interesting name!),You ask what's been anyone's bad splashing experience in a toilet.
My answer to Snake Eyes will give you my opinion on splashing, as far as I'm concerned, I want to use a clean toilet with clean seat, where there's paper, nice deep toilet to plop into, and no-one bothering me.
Smelly ones that are dirty, dark because of either no light or window, no paper, men hanging around looking at me from the urinals, and a door that won't lock and is too far away from to put my foot against it when someone wants to come in to try to engage in "activities" with me are the types I try to avoid.

ANNIE AND ROBBY, You always try to mention us all personally when you sign off! That's really thoughtful especially when there are so many new people here! all best wishes to you too!

That's it for today, seems I've been in somewhat "soapbox" mood!
Have great and undisturbed times in the toilet, P P G

Sorry, I aint got anything to report at the moment. I might be able to post a story later.

ELEANOR - your brother & his mates should not get away with embarrassong you like that. There are a lot of solutions, but I suggest that you take revenge. They embarrassed you, so why not embarrass them? Your brother wanted you to poo in front of him, so why not let him get to see more of your poo? When he's out, sneak into his room and take a big dump on his bedsheets or other stuff? That way he will have to put up with the smell, and if he gets caught with poo on his sheets, then he's sure to get the punishment he deserves!

kim and scott
hello all!
TO ELEANORE-hello there. I read your post about your brother and his pals making fun of you on the toilet. my goodness girl if hes your brother hes got to give you more respect than that! you should tell your parents immedietly about this dear to make him and his friends stop this behavior. please tell us how it all works out!your caring friend-kim
TO SCARLET-hello you are a good writer . post more stories please.just curious were you named after vivien leighs character in "gone with the wind?" be well dear.
STEVE-Hello there. its good to hear from you again! nice story.
LOUISE-hello girl! love your stories. my boyfriend scott is so flattered and excited that one of the men you chose to watch you on the toilet was him!scott and the other males would actually get a double treat by watching you and jackie on the toilet. seeing attractive women on the toilet is right up scotts alley! the way I'd hate to miss out on all the fun may kimmie join in? be well my friend.well thats all for now. more posts,kimmie and scotty

Saturday, January 19, 2002


Hello Again. I had another great experience in the ladie's room
the other day. I was at Applebee's with some friends. We had this really cute little blond waitress who was probably no more than 17 years old. Anyways after dinner I excused myself and went into the ladies room. I went into the middle stall. I pulled my jeans and white panties down past my knees. I started to pee when I heard the door open. I hope this is something good I said to myself. This person went into the stall right next to mine. I heard her undo her pants. She dropped them almost down to her ankles and sat down. Instantally I heard a huge, relly loud "sploshhhh" Ahhhhhhhh" she said. By now my heart was beating and I could'nt wait to see who was going to come out of the stall. I was at the sink washing my hands when I heard her wipe her butt and flush. Out came our cute little waitress. She smiled at me and asked me If I enjoyed my meal.(I had a fajita wrap) I said it was very good but thought to myself not as good as what I just heard you do. Another celebrity! I would love to see on the toilet going poo would be Faith Hill and Sharon Stone.

CARMELITA: Have you seen that co-worker of yours poop lately at work?

Tarheel Mike
To Bryian; I live in Raleigh, NC now. I lived in DC back in 1988 where I became acquainted with Greaseman's morning show. He had the funniest, most outrageous bits frequently involving sexual and scatalogical themes using his own vocabulary to get past the censors. For example, his term for taking a shit was taking a "massive". I understand he is back on the air in DC after a little "controversy" a couple of years ago.

Eleanor - You poor thing, what a terrible thing for your brother to do to you!! what I would suggest is getting revenge, that is if you feel you can't snitch on him and tell your parents. Maybe put some laxatives in his food, or get some of your friends round to do the same to him.


To: Wetgirl age 18

Your panties are damp probably from a perfectly normal feminine discharge. I have seen it on many undies with many females. A lot of them wore panty shields to absorb the discharge rather than have the panties get wet. It is nothing to worry about.

To: Eleanor age 12

Have you tried speaking to a parent about the invasion of your privacy? If not, why not? If you receive no help there, trying peeing into a paper or plastic cup when they force you to go in front of them. Then hold it out and tell them you'll throw it at them if they don't leave now. You will have to carry out the threat if they don't leave. Wearing your pee should be enough to make them leave you alone. My little sister let me watch her on the toilet when she was younger than 12. Probably 8 as I remember. I would have loved to see her go at 12 so I'm envious of the guys in some ways. You should not be forced however.

Eleanor--My suggestion would be to talk to your mother. You should NEVER be forced to do something you do won't when it comes to your body. They are completely in the wrong and I'm sure your Mom will support you. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Wet Girl--Don't worry. The wetness is a combination of sweat and normal female discharge. Nothing to be concerned about unless it is colored, "chunky" or painful. If the wetness is uncomfortable, just wear a panty liner. And it is wetter when you need to pee because you're sweating more out of desperation. No worries :)

So, I have a few stories I can tell from vacation. We were driving in the car and my grandmother had just peed before we left, but she was desperate again and started whining and almost crying saying "I have to go to the bathroom" over and over. She has alheizmers so she often acts like a little kid, it's sad. Anyway, she finally said "Stop at Wendys" so we did. My grandfather told me to go with her to make sure she made it and I did. She peed immediately and for a long time. When she came out, I had to remind her to wash her hands, and as she was I noticed a wet spot on her pants, so she must not have been able to hold it completely.

Another time we went somewhere on a bus and we couldn't get off quickly as we were near the back and she said "I'm going to wet myself if we don't get off soon" but she didn't. She always goes to the bathroom like 3-4 times an hour.

I also had to pee on the plane which wasn't so fun, but at least it didn't stink in there. One thing I noticed is that there was no water in the toilet until after you flush it.

Okay, remind me to tell you my amuseument park story next time.

Oh, and for PV, Louise and Steve---I was in the shower the other night and I was in the middle of shampooing my hair (it's long, halfway down my back or a bit more) and had to pee *now* so I just leaned back and did. I couldn't really see the stream, but it didn't hit my legs at all so it must have been going straight ahead or down. That's a good sign. A lot of times I'll try to pee before getting in the shower but don't have to and as soon as the water hits me I have to go desperately.

Hello Jane :)

I'll try to post over the weekend when I'm back at school.

Stay safe all,

Tina ( Diane's Friend)
Hi. Yesterday Alex and I were walking through the park. I announced that I needed to crap so did she. Since it was early out and not many people there, we both went into the bushes. We both pulled down our jeans when we were unexpectedly joined by another young and pretty Hispanic girl. Her name was Jennifer. She told us she was just eating at this restaurant having some enchiladas. She told us the toilets there were broken and the toilets at the park were also closed. She looked around for a suitable place to poop and thatís how she stumbled upon us. She squatted down low and fated. Then these large and steamy logs came out of her ass easily. Then Alex farted and had a lot of soft poop. I pushed and knew I had a lot of shit inside of me. I felt that if I pushed I would come out. I pushed and pushed and I felt the tip. Then it inched its way out by itself requiring no assistance from me. I then had to stand because it was already touching the ground below me.! It finally landed. I let out a loud fart and pushed again. I let out another smaller one with some piss onto of that. She gave us tissues to wipe with and she gave us her phone number because we all became great friends. Well Diane is gone and I will be attending her race tomorrow. And I hope to have a large poop in the woods also.

Good morning to all-been busy with work and really haven't had much time to post anything,but been reading-some nice ones from the ladies(Nicole,Jane KIm) I like 'em ! I done a few dumps at the gym,but nothing worth talking about other than it's always enjoyable,but yesterday a.m.I had a sort of "buddy Poop' with a friend of mine over the phone.I had just got in from food shopping and had to dump,but the phone rang and when I got it,it was an old friend whom I hadn't spoke to in awhile-he's like a childhood friend I've known for years,so we're talking away and i hear what sounded like the plop of a toilet seat and he then said"hey,I gotta take a pretty bad dump and I don't want to have to hang up,i hope you don't mind" I laughed and said" I just got back from the market and i have to dump too" and he said " hey let's make it a duet and we can still talk while we do our business,it's will be cool to do.i do this with some of my buddies at work sometimes" I said " sure,OK,I'm ! in" and headed for the bowl myself and I get undressed and sit on the bowl and he says'Ok I'm ready" and I hear him let out a big fart and he said" Ahhhh' and then I heard a lot of crackling and ploping as he was really doing a good one,so I said" Man,you wern't kidding" and laughed and we started to talk about stuff and I'm still holding my BM and he is talking to me and grunting every now and then and then he says " boy you are a quiet shitter,I don't hear anything and I'm raising a ruckus and that's not fair" I said" well,i haven 't started yet, I'm kinda waiting for you" and he said" hey forget that<i thought we were going to do it together,go ahead -go" and then i heard him fart again and some more ploping and he said "ok there,i'll give you some inspiration" and he laughed and then I relaxed my anus and let out 2 tight farts that echoed in the room and he said " thatta boy,now I don't feel alone' and then we both started to poop and no one was saying anything,so I s! tarted to push out my 1st turd and it cracked out with some gas and I could hear him just listening to me go and it was kind of a turn on in a way.then just before my turd splashed into the bowl i heard him let out a wet fart and a groan and a lot of ploping.then I had to wait for awhile to poop again and we started to blab again about when we were kids and how we both did poop in the woods when we were in the boy scouts and as we are talking, i let out another fart and he says" Oh you're not done,Huh" I said"Nope" and then once again the talking stopped and I decided to put the phone down towards my stomach a bit closer to my butt and pushed out a buch of soft stuff and some more farts and then I put the phone to my ear and I just heard him just listening to me go and I think he was really enjoying listening to me unload-then he said " hey sounded like a good one" and he laughed and then I heard him fart and do what sounded like the tail end of his dump and then I heard him! say' well time to wipe my messy ass.this was a messy one,how about yours?"I said as I too started to wipe my butt"Nah,mines a pretty clean one"then he said " hey that was like when we were kids again,huh It was fun i have to say'I said"i used to do this to those sales people when they would call it I used to really get a kick out of pissing them off" he said"wow that's cool to do" and then ew talked for a bit and then he had to go and said" hey,great talking with you and it was cool doing my business along with you" and I said' yeah it was kinda fun and we said so-long and as I hung up the phone,i thought hey that was fun as we both sat there dumping over the phone and it was kind of a turn on for me,anyway-i guess i really am deminted!Question-anyone else enjoy this sort of activity?I outta here BYE

Eleanor:I am sorry for the cruelty at the hands of your brother and his friends. I could imagine. You told that one right to "f--- off". I only had boys in the bathroom if I wanted to.

Jane: So, your friend is back in town?

Andrea K.
Hello I am andrea Iam 14 years old and I hear you folks be liking stories involving male/female toilet relations so here it go

The other day my mom Marley and my boyfriends mom Caroline went shopping together Dusty my boyfriend stayed at my house with me and he told me bout this site so we decided to try it so I took of my little mini and thongs ands sat on the toilet while Dusty dropped his briefs and cakis he sat on top of my legs and dropped his whacker down between my widley spread legs and we pissed at the same time it was fun but it wasn't a big deal because he has seen me nude before but I encourage you to try this I will probably never post again because if my mom found out i came here she would wet her knickers!!!!!
Love always Andrea K.

Wet Girl, I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm a 19 year old girl and the same thing happens to me. I go to pee or change or whatever, and the crotch of my panties is wet. This dosen't happen every time, but enough that it's a regular thing. I too have examined it and you're right, it's clear not yellow like pee. (well, sometimes it's yellow too, but I think that's more from peeing in a hurry and forgetting to wipe then from leaking.) I've noticed that it has the same smell as my natural vaginal secretions, which is very different from a pee smell. I think it's just that I'm naturally a very "wet" girl. All it seems to be is the normal fluids my vagina makes to stay lubricated. Some girls just make more of it than others, and I guess for those of us who make ALOT of it, it will of course end up in your panties. I don't think you have anything to worry about, it's just the way nature made you. Of course, it can be a bit messy sometimes, especially if you get a bit t! urned on for whatever reason during the day. As for having more wetness when you have to pee bad, I think it's bacause as you squeeze your bladder muscles shut, it must somehow trigger more hormone production which of course leads to more wetness. Well, that's my thought on it at least:)

I have a poo story also for you all. Yesterday, I was out buying some clothes at the mall, alone as it was right when they opened and I had to work in 2 hours, and I got a big urge to poop. I hadn't gone in almost 4 days and I knew it was going to be a big one, as I had that "really full but still can hold it" feeling in my behind. So I headed for the bathroom and let out a few silent farts as I was walking. I got there and it was deserted, as the mall was still pretty empty. I pulled my jeans and undies (purple cotton bikinis) down to my ankles and sat down on the seat, spreading my cheeks as far as I could. I then bent forward to assume my preferred pooping position and rested my elbows on my legs. I started to push hard, and first peed a pretty good stream (the rest of my morning pee I guess as it was really yellow.) Then the crackling noises started, and I could feel my bum open up and my poopies start to come out. Let me tell you it felt like the widest poo I had! ever done! It was so wide that I'd push and a bit would come out, then it would get stuck till I would push hard again. This happened for a few minutes until I'd gotten it all out (and I admit, it felt EXTREMELY good) and then I looked between my legs and saw a MONSTER poop, about 12 inches long and mabye 2-2.5 wide. I then pushed hard again and two thick but short oval shaped turds shot out of my butt like a cannon and splashed into the water. I then let loose a very loud fart, hehe. I pushed again, but nothing came out, so I figured I was done. Thats when I reached for the toilet paper, and...there was none!!! Since I was in a hurry to get my shopping done, I just pulled my undies and pants up without wiping. (oh well, I was showering before work anyways.) I finished my shopping and went home and jumped in the shower. Of course I inspected my panties, and they only had a little brown mark on the back, much less than I thought would be there, and a decent amount of yellow ! in the crotch. Well, that's my story, sorry if I was too gross for you guys...later!


I had an interesting experience today. I went to the local shops to buy a magazine and when I came out to walk back to my car, a girl appeared out of the bakery. She had an apron on so I knew she worked there. She walked over to a nearby toilet block just next to the shops. It used to be a public toilet block but was changed some years ago to service local shop staff (therefore you need a key to get in). I kept walking trying to look discreet and stopped behind the block underneath the windows at the back. I was hoping to hear something as I stood flicking through my magazine. All I heard, unfortunatly was the stall door slamming shut and what sounded like the toilet seat going down. A couple of cars drove past so any sounds were drowned out for a few seconds. I heard her flushed and walked over to my car and watched her walk away. She was quite pretty and I must admit, the fact that she had just gone to the bathroom was quite an exciting one.

hi, i poopedin my pants on purpose yesterday, i just wanted to see if i could get away with it. i was outside playing at school and i had to poop but not bad and i just decided to go. i squated down under the slide and just pushed it all out, my friends were playing under the slide with me and they didnt say anyhing, i felt my but and it was big, i did lots of poop more than i thought. i got up and walked around and it wasnt bad, no one noticed. when we went back inside i stopped in the bathroom and went in the stall and dumped my poop in the toilet. it was a little mushy so alot stuck on my pullup, i still have to wear those things for now, my mom dosnt trust me. now i would get in trouble at home when mom checks my pullup cause it has poop all over it. i got home and mom didnt check me, she just went in her room so i went to my room. i had to pee so i just did it in my pullup, it felt kinda good. i threw it away before mom found out. this morning i woke up and i was wet al! l over. i had an accident in the night. my sheets were soaked. i have not done it in my bed since i was little. i hope it dosnt happen tonite. bye

MATT - I am 16 and will be 17 in a few months. Like you, I sometimes wet my pants when in private, but i dont dare let any out while at school! However, i have had a few accidents relatively recently, some that i've already posted here and some not. So i look forward to more posts from you on this topic!


Wet girl. I think it's true to say that nobody's completely 'dry' in the sense of being leakproof. If you're genuinely concerned that you might have bladder problems though, I'd discuss it with your doctor. If he or she thinks it needs investigating you can be referred to a urologist. Bladder control problems due to weakening of the pelvic muscles are not uncommon but they tend to affect older people more.

Eleanor. I was very concerned to read your post. Privacy in the bathroom is a basic right to which you're entitled. Nobody has the right to take it from you and your brother should have the good sense to see that. However, if he or his friends insist on doing what they've done, you should tell your parents. If that's not possible for any reason, please talk to a teacher or an adult you trust about it. Good luck.

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age old question how much toilet paper should one drop into the loo to avoid splash without annoying the tree lovers

Wet Girl - Maybe the wetness is mucus from your vagina and/or sweat. To find out, put in a tampon and see if your underpants stay dry. If you stay dry, then that is the problem. Your pee comes out a seperate hole right above your vagina hole. If it is a problem you can always wear panty liners like my girlfriend does. When she runs out of pantyliners she keeps some toilet paper in her underwear.

Hi everyone! I've posted here a couple of times before - I'd like to post more, but often don't have the spare moment it requires. I really like this site, especially Louise and Steve's posts about their trips to Spain. I really want to go there one day! Thanks everyone for putting the time in to write the posts here.

I wanted to tell everyone about a trip to the beach in Brighton, UK last year, with a Japanese girl called Azumi. We were really good friends: I wanted us to be more, but that never came to pass. Anyway, I must not digress...

We were walking along the beach, a long way from the main piers and crowds, and eventually I really needed to pee. Azumi suggested I did it near the wall at the end of the beach near the road. It was about 60 cm high, and there was nobody about, so I gave it a go. Azumi waited a couple of feet behind me, and continued to chat, while I tried to get on with my business. After a minute or so, I still couldn't pee (I was feeling a bit shy). Suddenly Azumi asked, "Martin, denai no?", which meant, "Martin, isn't it coming out?", and in the blink of an eye, stepped forward to check what I was up to!!!

I was a little taken aback, but I tried not to show it, and answered, as casually as I could, "well, not yet."

Azumi sat down on the wall, just to my right, and started looking inside her bag. She pulled out her cigarettes, lit one, and sat watching me. She didn't say anything while sitting there: she just sat, completely relaxed, gently puffing at her cigarette.

Shortly after, I eventually started peeing. It was a real torrent, and lasted for about a minute. The stream was strong for the whole pee until the end. Azumi calmy watched the whole time. After I finished, I zipped up, and we resumed our beach stroll.

Although we never became lovers, and I never had a chance to repeat the pee experience since, we've remained really strong friends - perhaps because of this bonding.

Does anyone else have any toilet experiences with good friends of the opposite sex to share?



Elanor: Your brother is pretty sick to do that to his own sister, even more so if his mates were watching too. Its a serious invasion of your privacy and you shouldn't stand for it. Have you told your parents about it yet? If not I seriously reckon you should. If you let your brother and his friends carry on like this, who knows what it could lead to and where you could end up.


matt-i'm 16 almost 17 and I'm from the U.S.

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