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In response to Too Tall and Harold's posts:
I have actually had a dream of Jennifer Love Hewitt crapping her pants. In the dream she was staying with me and my family while we were on vacation. She was wearing a short navy blue skirt that would always ride up to show her navy panties. As she bent over to tie her shoes and I was nonchalantly staring at her butt when I saw her panties tent out towards me. A lump was formed in her panties with the sound of a rice krispies treat being squeezed. I "accidently" brushed against her butt and apologized to her. But she didn't realize I knew what she had just done. The dream ended shortly afterwards.

I guess the celebrities I'd most like to see pooping their pants at the moment are Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

has any one had a bad splashing experience on a public loo or a roll runout or worse a sticky seat or a stall door that just won't shut

people whats the best public loo you have ever used and why

Guy who is getting an "A" in business law
I posted earlier.

Eleanor- Your brother and his friends are sick weirdos. You should tell them that. If they don't stop, you should tell someone in authority, like a parent, teacher, favorite aunt, Drunk Uncle Otto from London, anyone. What they are doing is an invasion of privacy. Don't be embarressed about telling. Oh, and by the way, does your brother ever take a shit at home? If he does, invite YOUR friends over and have a little show. See how much brother-dearest likes the shoe on the other foot so to speak. Hope some of this helped you, and get the help you need. Please sister, don't let them do this to you.

If anyone saw that movie,"Where the heart is" with Natalie Portman,do any of yall remember when she was in the bathroom and was fidgeting because she had to pee so bad? A little girl was in the stall and Natalie was banging on it because she was about to piss herself? I sure wished she had just lost control of it and pissed all over herself. Better yet I wished she had pooped on herself in that scene!

To Outhouse Scott:
I do remember hearing about Britney Spears pooping her pants onstage at a concert and I think it was VERY TRUE!

Some Guy
Eleanor, I think the best thing to do is just tell your mom/dad/both about what your brother's doing. If you're bigger than your brother, kicking his ass when his friends aren't around would be a good idea.

before i went to bed and it hurt at the start. And i pushed and pushed. Then i sat a bit and i felt a little gas come out then a bit of softer poop came out. I flushed all the loose stuff down and i held onto my logs. And i looked at it and it was a good sized log i'd say 12 13" maybe 14 the max. and i wiped then i flushed and im like ohh oh and it didn't go all the way down and i had to get a plunger the get it uncloged. I haven't had a huge dump like that in such alog time and nor have i stopped up the toilet in such along time. I think this will be one of my memorable dumps.

To Jim: I really liked your story about your friend wetting him self on your moms couch. Too bad you got blamed for it. Way to go for doing something to your friend since you got blamed for it. Did you beat him up. Maybe you should go to his house and mess your self on his couch.

To TOO TALL: I liked your story...did you give your girlfriend a pair of your underwear too??

To Aaron: I liked your story again...No you aren't weird. I wish i were like u...i wish i had a buddy i could dump with. Thats y i like to poop in public to see if any other young guys are pooping.

To Candian Guy 17: I liked your stories about other kids pooping at school.

Lorraine: In Melbourne last year during a World Championship series, just before the start of one of the races, one male member of the crew had to do a poo very badly. He just couldn't wait till after the race (2hrs.). So he pulled his pants down and pooed off the transom, hanging on to the runners. The only problem was that another boat sailed nearby and the only female crewmember on board had a good view of the brown tail as it came out. It was hard to socialize with her later on that day in the club bar. But a good talking point for days to come.

To Eleanor I'm sorry but your brother and he's freids are little shits( pardon the pun) i hope that does not offend you but if you normally go after school could you hang around for a few mins and poo there? depending when you usually go. Abit more detail on when you normally go,
and how long it takes would make finding a solution easier also how big are your poo's if you don't mind, how long can you hold it for?
Of course you can always tell him to piss off or tell your parents or go when he isn't spying with his mates ( how does he know when you poo)
i hope you solve this more detail might make it easier good luck

Eleanor - I'm really sorry that your brother and his friends humiliated and embarrassed you like that. I think that you should tell your mum. They deserve to be busted for what they did, and you need to be protected.

Go easy on the guy who was sorry though. OK, he still looked, but at least he had the decency to admit they were wrong and to say sorry.

kampkounselor, I really liked your story about wetting yourself on the bus. I also like the video store person's stories about the little kids wetting themselves in the store while playing games. I wish there were more stories like that. There are so many more poo stories, and I skip over most of those. I'm not trying to denigrate anyone who is into that, but those stories (especially when they're about diarrhoea or accidents) make me feel physically sick. Someone wrote that they were at a loss to understand why anyone would want to have intentional accidents, and I have to say that I feel the same way. I think for me the interest is in someone who genuinely has to pee and would go to the toilet if they could, but can't or feels they can't because of circumstances. It's interesting whether or not they make it to the toilet because of what they do beforehand. It is the desperation more than the accident, in other words. I guess there is no way to categorize these stories so w! e could all find what we want to read and disregrad the rest?

Anyway, here are the pee stories I was going to tell about accidents I had in the car. (That's today's theme.)

One time about a year ago, my man and I went to the home of one of his friends from music school. I very rarely drink (I'm a cheap drunk and it's not good for the voice, nor do I approve of drunkenness) but I had nothing coming up that week so the five of us that were there polished off three bottles of wine. I had two glasses of water to every glass of wine to avoid drying my vocal cords. After a while, I felt like peeing, but I was in a really mellow, hazy mood and everything seemed hilarious so we were laughing at everything and I stayed where I was until I had to go really bad and started laughing and felt a gush of pee try to come out. I squeezed my legs tight and stopped it, then got up and hurried to the bathroom and had a nice, long pee. Not too long after that, my guy decided it was time to leave (he hadn't drunk much as he was leaving.) I had to pee again and so did everyone else, so we all lined up for the bathroom and by the time they got to me, I was burstin! g and shifting around and almost peed my pants. I had another big long pee even though I had gone probably half and hour ago. We then said our goodbyes and got in the car. We got literally down the block when I felt like I had to pee again - and not a pee I could hold for half an hour until I got home, but a desperate, have to do it now pee. I told my boyfriend, and he said that I just went and could I wait till I got home. I said no, I was bursting, so he suggested turning around and going back to his buddy's house, but we'd have to turn left against traffic and I was embarassed about that and suggested we just stop at the next gas station or fast food place. So we drove on and I crossed my legs and bent over. Then I saw golden arches in the distance and I was so relieved! But.. a red light came up. It was long and as we sat there, a hot spurt came out. I grabbed myself and began bouncing up and down and told my boyfriend I was going to pee my pants. He told me to hold on, ! we'd be right there. Another spurt came out. I used both hands to push it in and the light turned green. We began moving and I relaxed... but there was still another red light. I asked my boyfriend if he had any newspaper or plastic bags. He didn't. He was very nice about it and told me that he was sure that I could hold it, but if not, not to worry about it. I sat there holding myself as tight as I could and wriggling around like a child and almost crying because I had to go so bad, it hurt and I was dribbling a little still. Finally we got to the McDonald's (it must have been less than five minutes, but it felt like more.) He drove right up to the door and I shot out of the car and ran to the door... and it was one of those McDonald's that closes at midnight! I stood there crossing my legs and crying. My boyfriend called to me to hurry and get in the car, there was a Burger King across the street. I never considered going outside as there were way too many cars. We had ano! ther light during which I lost some more, then finally we got to the Burger King and it was open. I ran in and got into a stall and then I remembered I had on a bodysuit. I stood there crossing my legs and wriggling and trying to get it off while holding myself and losing more little spurts all the time. Finally, I was on the toilet and I hissed and peed a thick stream for ages even though my clothes were already soaking. I sat there for about fifteen minutes to get it all out, as I would stop, then feel urgent two minutes later and tinkle a little. Then I tried to dry myself. I took so long my boyfriend didn't believe I also didn't have to poo. I had left a little wet stain on the seat which he cleaned later.

Another time I had a full-fledged accident in my car by myself, about two years ago. I went for a vocal coaching out in the country about two hours from home. I got there and did the coaching for about an hour and a half, then left. As I was leaving, it occurred to me that I had to pee, but I didn't ask the coach if I could use the bathroom because I figured I could just stop somewhere on my way back.
Well, I didn't pass anything until I got about half a hour from home and saw a fast food place, but it was on the other side of the street, so I figured I'd wait until I got home. I was pretty urgent but not at the peeing my pants stage, so I wasn't worried. Then I turned onto a street and all but one lane were closed for construction, and traffic was at a standstill. I sat there, inching along, and after about an hour, I was desperate to pee and wishing I had gone to that fast food place, which was still really close, but there were cars all around me so I couldn't get out and I couldn't walk there and just leave my car either, so I knew I had to tough it out. I was listening to the radio and reviewing my music from the coaching and making calls on my cel phone and trying to distract myself while crossing my legs tight and shifting around, but it was getting worse and worse. I sat there for another half an hour and had to pee so bad, I was going through various options! . I couldn't get out of the car because everyone would see me and there were no trees or anything. I thought of peeing into my water bottle, but the neck was way too narrow and I knew I would miss. I had a newspaper in the back seat and I reached for it but couldn't figure out how to make it useful. So I sat there rocking with a hand down my pants holding myself. Finally the traffic began to move just when I thought I would lose it. Then I saw a portable bathroom for the construction workers and was thinking of going there, but as there was only one lane of traffic and we were now moving, I couldn't. We stopped for a traffic light and I lost a spurt of pee. I took one hand off the wheel to hold myself. Another spurt came. I squeezed and stopped it. Then I saw a gas station up ahead. Hallelujah! But - disaster. There was a traintrack right before it and just as I approached, the barrier came down for a train. I sat and rocked and hoped it would be a short train. It wasn't. ! I couldn't stop the little spurts and at the point when the train stopped and began backing up, my bladder exploded. I quickly grabbed the newspapers and sat on them and pushed what I couod of my skirt away, and watched in horror as my urine flooded the papers, ran on the floor, ran down my leg and just wouldn't stop. I felt so relieved and so ashamed and so glad I was alone. When the train left, I drove home and managed to sneak into my place without anyone seeing how wet my skirt was. I learned my lesson though - always go when you need to if you can.

When I was a little kid, I also had accidents in the car (there are two other car stories - coming from the beach and going to the opera) that I'll save for next time as this is already so long. (I'm trying to give lots of material to the other people who like pee stories in hopes that they'll share with me!) One memorable little kid story is from when I was 7. My dad was performing with his orchestra and he picked me up from some school activity or other to take me there and watch. I remember him sending me to pee before we left, and I went. But by the intermission of this concert, I had to go again and was beginning to get restless and uncomfortable, but as a kid, I was too shy to tell anyone that I had to go, so I tried to find the bathroom by myself. I walked out into the lobby and saw the door with the lady on it. Seeing no-one around, I pushed the door open, but all I saw were chairs, a mirror and a table with flowers. Telling myself how stupid it was to have tha! t instead of a bathroom, and assuming there was none, I resignedly went back out into the lobby, where my father was relaxing and gave me a glass of juice, which I felt I had to drink, and which did not help my bladder. I went back to my seat for the second half (I was sitting alone) beginning to feel urgent. A black lady saw me however, and because she saw that I was black too, she came over and began talking to me before the music started. I remember hoping that she wouldn't notice me squirming. I remember enjoying the second half a lot less than the first half because I had to go so bad I couldn't concentrate on the music. I discovered that if I grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled every now and again, it would hold my crotch for me and alleviate some of the pressure of my bladder. I also found that if I sat at the very edge of my seat, the seat could do the same. I consciously decided that I would not hold myself with my hand, as I naively thought that only ! then would anyone be able to tell that I badly had to pee. Finally, the concert was over. I had to go meet my dad and I remember walking very carefully so as not to pee myself. It was a long walk to the car, but we finally got there. However, home was over an hour away. I am sure now that if I had told my dad how urgently I needed to pee, we would have stopped somewhere, but my pride wouldn't let me. He was in the front and I in the back, and so I finally gave in and held myself, feeling very ashamed, because it was the only way to stop the pee. After a while, though, that didn't even work, and I began to lose it, spurt by spurt, still holding and rocking and talking to my dad. I would lose a little, stop it for a few seconds or even a minute, then lose more. For the last half hour, I kept on losing spurts, until I realized I didn't have to go anymore. That's one of the slowest ways I've ever peed my pants. Of course, I was wet, but my dad didn't see the car seat nor did he ! or anyone seem to notice my wet dress in the brief time I was in the house before escaping to my room completely embarassed, but I got away with it. . The next time I went to that concert venue, maybe 2 years later, it was with my mom, and at intermission, she headed for the ladies' room and I was shocked that, beyond those tables and chairs, there were actual toilets. I remember being mad at muyself for that accident two years ago.

Hey everybody how are ya well let me start off buy saying that I went to the obgyn on the 15th and it is a girl we are thrilled this will most likely be my last child for obvious reasons day care is high we only have a 3 bdrm house so that will be good also the idea of having 6 kids has never excited me. also my cousin Ashley had a homebirth she peed while pushing and the midwife never said a word that is the birth I want but unfortunatly it doesen't look to good insurance does not cover it renting the tub is quite high and my mom who has a good bit of money won't help us because she said it is too big of a risk so it looks like I will be spending another 2-3 days in the hospital here shortly (due May 15) but I do have a new obgyn a 30-35 year old woman with her own kids which I think is a good choice but here is my story today we had my baby shower and the guys went out and did "guy stuff" but anyway Mark's brother Roy was very very drunk while they were walking into the ba! r he stops whips "it" out and whizzes on a tree in front of at the least 20 guys plus who knows who else Mark was very embarrassed and he was so drunk him and his dad had to actually put his penis back in his pants (gross!) but anyways us women found it very funny.

ELEANOR, I'm sorry to hear that your brother and his mates caused you some distress when you wanted to use the toilet.
If you've been reading over some of the posts here you will have found that there are a good number of people your age that do actually watch each other on the toilet, but in a way that respects each others privacy.
Take a look at posts by KENDAL and ANDREW (LAWN DOGS KID) as an example.

I'm sure you will think of some way to "punish" them for what they did to you, "what goes around, comes around" as they say.

All the best,


Did anyone see 'Sex and the City' on Channel Four last night? There was a good scene where Miranda's boyfriend walked in on her whilst she was taking a wee - and I think she was weeing for real. There was another scene where he took a poo and left the bathroom door open. He was cutting some mean farts and she didn't appreciate this so decided to 'dump' him for it! Later there was a scene where another of the ladies was on the loo, taking a wee. All within the space of about half an hour.

I was in the loo at work today, when I heard a phone ring and then someone answered. There was a woman in one of the cubicles chatting away to a person who, no doubt had no idea she was sat on the loo. This reminded me of something that happened to me last year. I was on the loo at home, after dinner one evening, listening to "The Archers" on the radio. (I do that most evenings, being a regular person). All of a sudden, my husband walked in with my mobile phone and handed it to me. It was my boss, and he was late at the office, as usual, wanting me to make a decision on a case I had been preparing. We had a discussion, and I am sure he had no idea where I was - it's just as well smells don't travel down the phone! The end result was that we came to a decision which had a direct impact on someone else's life, and then I was left to finish my poo in peace. I suppose this sort of thing must happen every day.
To London Lad: I am expecting to be in London next Wednesday, so I shall be passing through Balham at some time on Wednesday afternoon. I will try and remember to flush! I only worry about noises in the train loo if the train is in the station and quiet. Once the train is moving I can't imagine anyone outside the toilet door hearing anything - the trains on our line are rather old rattletraps. Interesting observations you made about hearing the woman upstairs using the loo. I don't think I am particularly noisy on the toilet.

Hello to all of you friends of the Toilet!

I find it ever more difficult to keep up with the sheer number of posts here as I cannot visit this site very day for time being. I just see that within the last year 300 extra pages have been added!

Dear Tim and dear Sarah,
I was delighted and surprised to see that you, Sarah, had taken the initiative and egged Tim on to “confess” to having come here. I bet that you were glad it was nothing more serious. You are certainly the loving wife and partner Tim needs, and I hope that you will be able to get used to the idea that there are people like us. We are all here for some reason or other, be it fascination by the subject, seeking advice or feeling lonely in a way. I also quite agree with your opinion about the pictures in the mast head…. a bit too one sided. I would like to see something like a couple on twin toilets sharing tp or a magazine for a change. But your kind words gave me a load of food for thought, which I too will have to digest! (I hope the result will not be shit) And what is more, your long messages gave me the material which I will be able to use when I will let my wife know, which I will certainly do some day. It could be any day from now on. Thanks to you, I am prepared.!
As I have already said before to Jeff A. and to others, it is better to have met you here than never to have met you at all.
I hope that eveything goes well with Tim on his road to total recovery, but it is prudent to remain alert.
Thanks again, love to both of you from your friend Rizzo.

Dear Eleanor,
You can write very well and therefore I gather that you are an intelligent girl. So here is what I would like to say to you:
It is your right to use the toilet in privacy when you need to go. Your brother and his peers have no right whatsoever of depriving you of the use of the toilet in privacy.
You should not tolerate such behaviour of your brother and his friends, whatever their motives may be. I am not saying that you need not tolerate it, I am saying that you should not do so.
Look at it this way: your brother’s friends will probably start gossiping about the fact that they saw you in a state of undress on the toilet. If you do not do anything against this happening to you, hoping that they will get bored, then the danger is that you will be seen as permissive. If you have the bad luck of living in a macho orientated environment, this might even be an argument used against you, it could even be said that it was your own fault.
So don’t let them repeat humiliating you.
I suggest the following: Because you have to go when you have to go, and your brother and his cronies are blocking the bathroom, ask them to leave. If they do not – now here comes Old Rizzo’s nasty streak, you may laugh – quietly leave them doing whatever they are doing in the bathroom and leave them there. You may tell them that if they won’t let you have the bathroom to yourself, you will be forced to go elsewhere.
Don’t go in your knickers!!! That would only subject you to ridicule and trouble with your parents as well. Grab some kitchen towel or some paper tissues and go on the floor!!! Preferably in your brother’s room. Poo, pee, the lot!! Wipe yourself and leave the tissues there too for all to see.
Of course hell will break loose, but as I said, you had been deprived of a basic human right and had no other option. Going in front of those boys had been so humiliating, that you would not repeat it, will be your argument.
More, and this is where you have to raise your voice: announce to your brother that you will not tell your parents, the school counsellor, the social services, the minister or the reverend and the police if need be, and not necessarily in that order, on the condition that
a) he will let you use the bathroom in peace in future,
b) he remove the mess himself. If he does, you may offer to help him.
If he is not willing, then hell will break loose when your parents come home. Tell them the simple truth and your brother and his friends will find themselves in very deep shit.
Phew, I had to get that off my chest!
I wish I could be there to back you up!
Love and best of luck to you from Rizzo.

Hi Jane,
Great story of yours meeting Christine again. I liked the last words, the made me smile!
It is always a pleasure to accompany you when you go/run/rush to the ladies’. Your avid reader greets you with cheers! Love from Rizzo.

Carmalita dear!
What a way of waking your husband! Was it Nu who said that you were a goofball? A real prankster with certainty! I laughed heartily! Great! Love to all of you over there from Rizzo!

Lorraine, dear sailor pal,
Peeing from the deck of any sailing boat irrespective of size is always hazardous. Men can only hold on with one hand while standing in a wobbly stance leaning against the life lines with their lower thighs, the other hand being occupied :) Ladies have both hands free to hold on to the boat, but in what a position! (My boat is different, it is “old fashioned” and very comfortable and very safe for a woman to pee from deck). To many men have been lost over the side while peeing, and especially at night, never to be found again. When you read somewhere that so and so was lost over board, then the chances are that this happened while having a pee and not wearing a harness clipped to a pad eye on deck. However, you need not bare your bottom to the elements and to the stares of your crew if you would proceed as Ina does. Think about it. I believe using the “tool” would greatly enhance safety and comfort while peeing on a boat. Just imagine the advantages when wearing all tho! se layers of foul weather clothing!! Or use a bucket. Happy sailing to you, Rizzo.

RJOGGER, thanks for your flattering words! Keep up your super poop stories too! Love to you and Kathy from Rizzo

Dear Annie,
You and Robby certainly have been through hard times recently, but I see that it helps you to come here and share your memories with us. I laughed while reading your story of the room service being surprised by Sue having a major discharge into the loo pan and you busily filling the bath tub! Ha! Ha!
So Meghan can be very brutal, is that so? Well, her trumps certainly seem to meet that criterion, if they can almost be heard over here on the other side of the pond! I have not yet asked scientists if they had encountered sudden hitherto unexplained blips on their seismometres!
It is always a pleasure to read your posts, love to you from Rizzo.

Hi Ina,
I am still thinking about your poem. You certainly must be well capable of thinking in words and playing with these in your mind. And to think that your first language is German (am I right?), this is quite a feat. My mind does not work that way, although writing about my pee and poo memories and posting them here has given me more practice than I have had since my GCE O-Levels (that’s what they were called so many years ago). I only just managed to pass English Literature, basically essay-writing. Everthing else was easy. Well, if there would have been computers, the internet, and this forum then, I would probably have got better marks!! So keep us informed about those ever more daring wees of yours, and cheers to you from Rizzo!

I have no more time at the moment, the dog is pestering me to be taken for its evening walk and widdle. Bye to all from Rizzo

ELEANOR -- As many folks on this board know, I'm a person who stands up for kids in just the kind of situation you're in right now. I'm British by birth, living in Australia, and my Celtic blood gets very hot when things like this happen. You're 12, that's the beginnig of young-ladyhood, and you deserve and are entitled to every shred of privacy you need and want. Your brother's actions are despicable and also, incidentally, AGAINST THE LAW. And where is your mother while all this is happening? I kow you're probably too ashamed and embarressed to tell her about it, but if she's got a shred of maternal decency about her she'll make sure it never happes again in no uncertain terms.

My dear, this is a form of ABUSE and you are not required to endure it. tell someone -- a school counsellor, perhaps. Your brother cannot be allowed to get away with this! If I was there I would be between you and him and he'd regret trying to pass me. He's making a habit of it, and it must NOT continue.

Please don't think that all boys or men are like this, the decent chap who was ashamed the first time is one who will be sorry for what he did for the rest of his life, but there's no way he can undo it. Yes, he was wrong, but he's sorry, and he's learned a lesson in shame that your brother can't. As his younger sister, he feels you are his to exploit, and he has to learn that this is not so. It may be up to you to teach him, and I know this is terribly frightening. There's nothing I hate more than a bully. Be brave, Eleanor -- I wish I was there to stand up for you.


I also have a story to tell:
When I was about eleven Years old I had an experience with a boy who of my neighbourhood. We were playing in the garden when he asked me whether he may use our toilet. He went inside the house and after a while - about 15 minutes - he came back and said that our toilet must be broken beacause he didn't manage to flush his shit. I couldn't believe that because I had used the toilet some hours before so we went inside to see what we can do to solve the problem. In our bathroom I found a big surprise for me. I our toilet was lying the biggest log I've ever seen before - it was about 30 centimeters long and 10 centimers wide, dark brown and with a knobbly texture. I couldn't believe that it was him producing this monster, but who else should have done it? He laughed when he saw my astonished face. We tried to flush it down the toilet, but it won't move. It was a german toilet and the flushing water was supposed to push the load into the drainpipe. But this topedo shaped log ! was just lying there and did not move at all. I feared what to tell to my parents when they come home and see this lying in the toilet. So I decided to push the log with the toilet brush inside the drainpipe, and then try to flush it again, but unfortunately is was too big to fit in the pipe. The situation turne more dramatical by that moment - even my fried didn't know what to do by then and I hoped that he had a solution becaus he might be used to such situations. Finally I took the Log out of the toilet and we wrapped it into a newspaper. Aftewards we buried it in the garden at a place where I knew that my mom would not work on her
flowers. It was the first time I touched shit to carry it around and we felt like criminals going in the garden to hide this monster in the earth. His shit was hard like stone and was not smelling at all. It did not break when I lifted it and my hands were not getting dirty - It was wet on it's surface but it left no brown colours on the skin of my hands - I got fairly amazed by that. For some weeks we feared that one of the adulds my find this thing by accident working in the garden, but the happening never came out. I began to admire this boy for his ability and he began to be proud of what he could make. So he showed me his
productions every time I was with him. I dind't know how he managed this at this age - he was about eleven years old and make shit that could fill up all his belly. He was slim with slim arms and legs - but his belly was fairly thick - especially when he was close to emerge such a shit. only once I saw that he could also make soft shit - all the other times it was hard and in one piece. His logs were always shaped like a torpedo - we called them so due to their form and even as they seem to consist of many smaller pieces, these pieces were always pressed together that the shit rested solid in one piece and the surface was every time smooth. the torpedos never smelled. He needed to go to the toilet only about once a month and he could tell me several days before that he could show me some big thing when I would visit him within one week! In His house the toilet was flushing more powerful and the drainpipe was bigger - so he preferred to go to the toilet when he was at hom! e. We went to the same school and for about five years I was kind of his audience for his special creations. As he grew bigger his logs became even bigger and finally it happened to pass that he was not able any more to flush them down the toilet at home. So he began to use the toilets at school and left his shit just lying there for the poor cleaning service... When I was about sixteen years old we were
on a tour with backpacks when he told me that he had to shit - we were in a forest and nobody was with us. So I asked him whether I may watch him shitting, that I have nerver been able before. After a short moment he gave his O.K. and we went into the bushes. he pulled his trousers down and sqatted down. I was sitting behind him waiting for the things to come. As he was still very slim exept his belly I could easily see his asshole between his small cheeks. For some minutes nearly nothing happened - his asshole seemed to get a little bit bigger, but nothing came out. after about five minutes I saw his asshole open up a little bit and the sphincter got a little bigger. Very slowly his hole got more and more bigger as his asshole muscle also got bigger an
reddish. Another five minutes later I saw the shit in his hole - it just stuck there and nothing came out even as his asshole
has opened up that much that would have been able to put my hand in it when it was not filled up with that 'stone'. Suddendly his asshole closed and he stood up. He said that he is not able to make it in this position and got back in his trousers. He had nearly made no sound during the whole time, but he had pearls of sweat when he turned to me. I was disappointed not seeing the thing come out, but at the same moment I was very exited - for me he was kind of a worldwonder...
We went on walking and after some hours he said that he would give it a second try - we went back into some bushes and we found a tree with a horizontal knot just at the ideal height to sit on. He sat on this knot and I was sitting behind him on the floor having a good look at his ass. The performance started again. His asshole relaxed and began slowly swelling up while it opened. It also seemed to move out of his ass as it opened up more and more. For me it was unbelieveable, but when it finally was big enough to let the shit pass by, it was so swallen up and big that it was outside of his cheeks and the hole was nearly 15 centimeters wide. I heard him grunting quietly and i saw sweat running down his ass. Ten minutes after be began processing this the shit began to move out very slowly. Again and again he took a deep breath and pressed for a long time. Every time he did so the log came out one or two centimeters more and it seemed that it was not gliding out but that ! he was pushing his whole bowel out. His asshole began looking like
a big red flower that was birthing a big piece of polished wood and I began fearing that he might injure himself by that, that he might be bleeding badly or so. He was working on and on and I was totally amazed about what I saw happening before my eyes.
After an endless time he finally made it - the monster torpedo fell off his asshole shortly before it touched the ground an fell to the floor with a dull sound, was standing there for a short moment and then it fell to one side like a three when it's cut off. His asshole was hanging out of his ass, swallen up to a big red rose sized like a volleyball and I asked him whether everything was ok with him. He took a deep breath and said that he's ok - just the situation doing it for me was a bit funny for him - during he said so he pushed the monsrous big red rose back ito his ass with his left hand. I asked him if it hurts to do so, but he said that it is ok - It's not easy doing this, but it does not hurt - I hardly couldn't believe it. He took his clothes on and we went on. It took him nearly an hour to expell his shit and he seemed a bit pale afterwards - he was sweaty all over his body and I think it was very hard work for him to push his monster out. I never forgot this! happening and I was lying awake a long time that evening thinking thinking about the show I've seen in the woods.
I thought that he's a kind of shit heroe but I was not jealous that I couldn't do the same - It hurt me in my stomach seeing him working so hard on his shit.

Eleanor, dear, make those blokes let you watch THEM going to the bathroom and tell them to quit acting so natty.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, everyone,

Having troubles with my internet connection, so this will be a bit hurried so I can hopefully submit it before it goes offline.

Hi to the new guy in Canada aged 17, and great to read of your toilet observations at school through the hole in the cubicle wall.
The good-looking guy who plays football sounded fascinating to hear about as he sat there with a variety of different sounding plops!

Today I had one of my most enjoyable shits I can remember!
Sitting on the black plastic seat on the stainless steel toilet at the public toilets, feeling a good but not urgent shit ready to get done, and when someone was in the cubicle two doors away sitting very quietly, I decided to start doing it. I started grunting and as I was about to drop the turd, sighed contentedly as the loud plop could be heard by him, with the effect that I've noticed before many times: he immediately starts to wipe himself, flushes and leaves, as though when he realises why I'm on the toilet, he wants to get out!
Anyway, there I was dropping these loud, arse-splashing turds until I look down and see the shit's nearly upto the water level. I flush, then see if I've got any more to do, and did I! I dropped an equal amount again with more splashes and the great pleasure of tingling in my arsehole as these well-formed turds get pushed out.
What a load! What a great feeling! After I left I wondered how something as pleasurable as that could possibly have to go unmentioned, How many of us secretly enjoy such satisfying bodily functions and have to keep it all to ourselves?
Again, I looked at people in the street and wondered if they'd had as good a shit as I'd just had!
I also thought about the discomfort and soreness I was having quite often some while ago, and how much pleasure I'm having now, and wondered if perhaps I have more sensitive nerve endings in my anus and thus am more aware of all the sensations more than many people are.
Perhaps all of who post here and especially enjoy the same sensations are endowed with greater anal sensitivity, and that has developed our interest in others getting the same degree of stimulation out of it.
It realy amazed me that one friend I mentioned this to feels absolutely no pleasure at all from shitting. That may of course be due to rather loose stools he passes, but I just thought he's missing out on SO MUCH!

Good times to you all, P P G

hey all i was at home yesterday and i was with my sister. my sister is okay she is sexy and has large tits. well yesterday afternoon she came to me and knocked on the door cause i was sitting on the dunny hanging a shit when she knocked. she told me to get off ASAP so i told her i would be about another 5 to 10 minutes cause i only just started. when she herd that she told me that she couldn't wait she had to pee really badly. well i told kelly thats my sister that she had to wait. then i asked her if she bougth any friends home she said she bought home katie, amy,samantha and kylie. ok then do any of them need to pee. kelly said that all of us have to pee really badly except kylie who really has to girls go to katies house its only a 5 minute walk so they left me alone. when kelly came home that night she said that she peed her pants cause of me.

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