Tim and Sarah
ADRIAN: Yes, my friend, I realise it! More than you might imagine! Thank you for your caring thoughts also in your last post. I hope all is well with you as well. All the best from Tim
Hi there, itís Sarah: thank you for your very kind words. I would just like to add something, if you donít mind. It may sound as if Tim had a very understanding wife. I do not know about that, I try. But as I indicated in our last post, I also owe a lot to him when we are talking about love, care and understanding. I hope I may say that here, but he supported me to overcome quite a few personal problems. I had to sort out an eating disorder a few years ago which I developed in my teenage years and brought into the relationship. My husband went through this with me with unbelievable patience and it was by no means an easy time. He helped me accept myself a lot more and feel comfortable about my body. I still feel strange when he discribes me as his "beautiful" wife, but he helped me a lot to halfway believe I am attractive. He was the first man I felt relaxed enough with to really enjoy being intimate with him. I hope I am allowed to post all this here. In a way I feel q! uite sorry, that he did not dare to tell me about his wishes and thoughts earlier. He also hesitated a lot, as he knew I am such a Ďtender soulí.LOL. No honestly, he really was afraid to embarrass, hurt or disgust me and knowing my problems of self acceptance he just wanted to be careful. Having thought about it , it may even help to more overcome the embarrassment about the own body if we openly talk about these things. I still will need my time though and being the sensitive man he is, Tim has made very sure, I donít feel under any pressure. Thank you very much for your nice words. The very best to you. Take care Sarah
Hi itís quickly Tim again: I just need to add something. Sarah is not "halfway attractive" she is a stunningly pretty lady! Excuse me, this had to be said.
Clean your glasses!-Sarah

Sorry, after being so silly, we would like to add something a bit more serious:
DIANE: You do not have to justify yourself in front of anybody, but maybe take a quiet thought for yourself: Are you sure, loosing weight does not give you a big kick? Donít you feel sooo much better, when you feel really slim? Donít justify yourself, just think maybe about it. I may be oversensitive to the issue, but I met many women, including myself, you get or have gotten so much satisfaction out of it, health became second nature. Taking pills to loose wait is not good no matter for which reason! If you thought it was so important for your run then maybe you took the run a bit too seriously. Even if you donít really have a problem, this will only cause youíll gain even more weight in the long run. I know the feeling, dear, but I learned there are more and better things to life.
We just wanted to add this caring thought, as it can be a more serious problem then you might realise. If not, we are very relieved, ok. Otherwise If I can be of any help...All the best from Sarah (and Tim)

ANNIE, ROBBIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN: You all seem to be so lovely and kind people. Thank you for your welcome. I can not promise to stay a permanent poster, but I do understand what Tim and Rizzo and many others seem to feel. Itís like meeting people who are just so friendly and nice you just want to continue hearing how they are doing. Interesting how open you all seem to be. How old are you girls? I was very touched the way you talked about your late friend and partner. May I ask if you are a couple? Tim says he recalls you being cousins but does not know otherwise. You seem to be a very nice family in any case. I am glad to hear Robby has recovered alright! We would love to hear him singing. All the best Sarah
Love from me as well, Tim (thanks for you invitation to your wee in line, Sarah and Meghan...;-))

LOUISE: Thanks for the advice. Tim showed me the womanís guide to pee standing up. Iíll have to think about it. You seem to be a very free and self confident young woman. Great for you! Sarah

ELEANOR: Under no circumstances let this continue, sweetie! Tell your parents right away! They hopefully will sort this out immediately. If your brother was our kid, we would have a very serious conversation with him. Itís a completely differnt story to let somebody watch if you like it, but not if you donít want it and feel embarrassed. Donít take this as a silly game, itís not. If you canít talk to your parents go to another adult you trust and ask for help. Sweetie, never let anybody do this to you, again, please. Good luck from Tim and Sarah

LAD FROM LONDON: I was sorry to hear you lost you mom at such an early age. I also lost my dad when I was a very young kid. You sound as if you are more caring and emtional than you are wanting to admit (even sober ;-) ). Keep posting, I guess we all like to hear your tales from around the globe. Take care, Tim

PPG: Thank you for your nice words. Good for you as well, you found the courage to tell a good friend. I could not say if I could have done that. All the best to you Tim and Sarah

INA: Thank you also. Yes, we do agree that it is the most important thing in a relationship to be able to talk about things. We do not know, if we would be too scared if our daughter turns out like you. You seem to be a sweet young lady. Look after yourself, Tim and Sarah

Last but not least RIZZO: Best of wishes to you. Hoping you are doing fine. Love from Tim and Sarah

Greetings to Kim and Scott (thanks for your good wishes and the same to you), Jane, Mike and all the others (hopefully we did not forget anybody).

Eleanor: Your brother is pretty sad if he has nothing better to do with his time than humiliate you in front of his friends. If you didn't mind them watching, then fair enough, but it's obvious from your posting you did. I have two ideas for dealing with the problem:

1) Find a toilet in school or on the way home that you're comfortable with using. His mates will soon get bored hanging around only to find you're not going to use the toilet.

2) Hide in the bathroom to watch him or his mates, then surprise him in the middle of the moment! Since you have one bathroom, you could refuse to leave just as he did. He might not want to do it again!

Can you talk to your parents about it?

Hope this helps.


Just saw your post. I saw the program - it was quite disappointing - nobody shown using the toilet! But it is a series, the next one is on this Sunday so I'll watch it and give a report for all people outside the UK or who don't have digital TV! All that happened in the last one is that they showed the best and worst toilets in the UK - as well as some clips such as "the one" from Trainspotting (if you've seen the film you'll know which one I mean). There was a 24-carat gold bathroom shown - it's in a jewellers - and you have to spend a certain ammount in the shop to use it!

Hi Friends!
I am back from school. Yes, I have to go, too!. The girls will be back online tomorrow and the "old man" will be back on Monday.

NICOLE: What a terrible experience! In some Mediterranian countries I try to be careful what I eat. It is not easy. Robby's girls have had bouts of the runs, too! Glad you are here! Take care, Annie

GIOVANNA: Girls pooping together are great. I think that early in life it is curiosity. Then it is downright pleasurable. Sue, Robby's wife, and I used to poo together all over Britain and the Continent. Enjoyed your story. Take care, Annie(and Robby)

LORRAINE: I have a boat and it does have a loo but when there is a family aboard I've had to hang my bum over the side more than once. Unlike you, we didn't have any extra crew. I'm glad you are comfortable with it now. Take care, Annie

SCARLET: Welcome! Glad to have you here! Keep with us! Take care, Annie(and Robby)

JANE: HI GAL!! Well, I guess it had to happen. Christine coming back for a visit. I have had women chat up when I was on the toilet. Sometimes I can talk but like you, if I have a big dump coming on then ,I usually like to do it in silence. Well, As much silence as can be taken with the farts and the plops sounding about. Great story! You and Gary take care! Love, Annie(and Robby)

ELEANORE: Welcome to the forum! What a beastly thing for your brother and his mates to do! I would have bopped him. I think I would have protested most strongly to Mum. I know that it would have made things worse for you with the chaps but you have to take a stand!! Take care, my dear and let us know what happens! Love, Annie(and Robby)

INA: Hi, dear girl! Your peebuzz2000 must be the thing!! I have accessed the standing wee site. It is very good. I have suggested to Louise the possibility for an all girl standup wee, online, a few days before she gets married to Steve. We will leave it up to her. We enjoy your posts and think you're dear! Lots of Lovexxx from Annie(and Robby)

LOUISE: Hi there!! Dear Sue was a character! She got to where it didn't matter where she weed. It would embarrass the hell out of the girls, LOL! Your virtual wee and dump with Jackie was marvelous!! I know I would have peeked around the corner to see if the guys were behaving themselves!! PV probably would have insisted on making a documentary,LOL! Now, Robby would have gallantly offered to wipe you. Then again, Rizzo probably would have tried to out bid him for the pleasure,LOL! I have finally found time to get back into the martial arts here in American. I have found a school just a few miles from us. Robby thinks it is a jolly idea. I need firming up!! Take care, dear! Lovexxx from Anne(and Robby)

STEVE: I know it is a nice rememberance. Now, I won't comment any further on your bodily parts, LOL!! What a wonderful description of a male wee!!! You should send to the British Journal of Medicine!! Girls across the land would marvel at the exercise! They would think you were something of a "Jack the Lad",LOL! Sorry, Louise, only kidding! Take care my friend! Lovexx from Annie(and Robby)

DEAR RIZZO: Hi, dear friend!! The cullompted poos are the norm for me these days. The house is empty so I can get some studying done. Robby and I haven't had a wee or a poo together in so long! I am starting to feel it is abnormal at our age to want to do that. Also, I feel the guilt of bringing the girls into this. Maybe it is some of my English/ Anglican upbringing coming back. I hope these feeling pass, soon! Well, hope you and your dearest wife are ok. Talk with you soon!! Lots of Love from Annie(and Robby)

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID(ANDREW): Hi, my dears!! You didn't think I would forget you!! I hope everything at the house is ok and no more startling news will explode onto these pages. Sometimes I hold my breath. How is little Ellen doing? I know she is surrounded by a loving family. KENDAL: Are you back at school? I know you enjoy your daily wees with your 3 friends. ANDREW: Are YOU back studying for those "A" levels? A huge cullompted poo in the morning is good for a satisfying day at school. Sari and Meg have been regular with mega poos these days. Also, I have started daily tea(at 4pm) and it does make me want to wee a lot in the evening. Well, take care!! The girls will have the result of their wees-on-knees tomorrow! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a huge hug for both of you!! Aunty Annie(and Uncle Robby)

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy-Hi folks!, Dear Carmalita and Jake, Dear PV, Kim and Scott, Mina, Alana, ALthea, Adrian, Mindy, Mandy, Pat, Renee, Nu, Tina, Jeff A-hope all is ok!, DianeNY, LindaGS- please write, Gina, Amy(Coed), Emphermal, Mere and AMANDA, Melanie, Ashley, Todd and Diana-hi, David and Niki-Hi!, JohnVT, Flaxie, Tricia, Erin, Bryian, Buzzy, Laura, Amazon, Gurli, Tim and Sarah-Hi there!, Jasta and Mark, Bry, Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, Ring Stretcher, Elena, Diva, Marianne, Kara M, Sarah T, Julie, Tailwagger, Plunging Plop Guy, Sarsen, Gopweller, Muggs, Jacob G, Joanne, Alison, Bridget, Noel, Arthur, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Kelly-Marie, Alexa, Pica Tamale, Static, Annie(Housewife), Tarheel Mike, Kamp Kounselor, Serian, Logger, Lurker, Curious D, Mersey Kid, C'est Moi, Yachtsman, Kathleen H, Mac, Michelle(the flesh), Dot, Russ, Linda14yrs, Too Tall, Canadian Guy-WELCOME, Harold, Wetgirl, Question Guy, jim, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you are out there! ! WHEW! I hope I got most all of you! WISHING YOU ALL EASY POOS AND WEES!!!


Thomas R.
Eleanor -TELL YOUR MOTHER!!! That sod of a brother and his mates have NO BUSINESS watching you (or that poor, unaware lady next door) in the buff! Let them spend some money on a nudie mag! Tell your mother the whole story and then sit back and watch him get a stiff repremand... Subjecting his sister to such humiliation... If it continues, I suggest you find a locking door in the house and a small container to poo in after school. What a bunch of wankers! (Moderator: edit as you see fit. Being american, I'm not sure as to the amount of allowable content in this post by way of british slang/curses).

(M/16/US)I've not posted on this forum for a long, long, long time. My first and latest post was when I wrote about sneaking into a girl's restroom at my school and being taken short with a poo (luckily, i was sitting on a toilet already). I'm not sure what page that post rests on right now... Anyway, I have a story and a question.

A few nights ago, I had my first run in with alcohol (in sizable doses, anyway). What kid doesn't take a sip of chanpange at an adult party here and there? I, personally, envy those kids who brag about how at a wedding, they get to drink as much as they want...
Anyway, The core is: I finally found out what type of drunk i am.
One with terrible bladder control. I was out with two of my friends, one guy and one girl, sharing a bottle of manashevitz (sp.???) and waiting for the buzz to kick in... about 15 minutes after the bottle was drained (approx. 2 liters), we were all stumbling around pretty spiffed. Then the cops came. I suspect they knew we were drunk, but we had tossed the bottle out into the field of the park we were in, and each of us were careful not to breathe in any cop's face. Well, anyway, the cops gave us each a summons for trespassing in a park after ours (it was about 11, and the park closed at 10... not that any of us really knew that). Anyway, we left the park and then it hit me... An urge to piss so strong that i hadn't felt anything like it since grade 2. I crossed my legs and stopped dead at the edge of the park. One of my friends, the guy, asked if I needed to whiz or something and I told him that it was a dumb question. I told the both to continue walking and that I woul! d catch up. I half-ran to a telephone pole across the street and barely made it. When i got my member out of my pants, it was already squirting warm pee. I looked down and discovered that in my haste, my shirt had fell back over my fly and i was pissing on the underside of it... It was freezing out, and the shirt that i was wearing was too thick to tuck it into my pants, as that would have been the easy solution... And all the while, in the back of my head was the thought of the same unmarked cruiser pulling up behind me and issuing another summons for public urination or indecent exposure... It didn't happen, but I did have to deal with the ridicule of being taken so short in a public place in front of my friends. I had to pee 2 more times that night and once, s***e, the guy friend i was with, also had to pee, but his girlfriend, j*****e, urged him to wait until we got to the diner where we were going. When we got there, steve didn't use the toilet for about a half hour. I ! guess it was the cold playing tricks on his bladder. Too bad, though. I would have liked to have some pissing company that night. As for the girl, she didn't piss once, but felt nauseus the whole night through and threatened to throw up on the next person to bother her. I remarked that my clothes were ruined enough (the piss spot on my shirt had dried by the end of the night, and although they teased me about having to go outdoors three times in one night, they didn't remark on the piss spot.).

I hate it when I'm the only one in a group who has to piss constantly... but it's the trend with all my friends... They seem to be able to hold it forever, whereas I have to go about 9 times in any given day i spend with them... and I definately consume less fluids than they do. They're all what I call "status drinkers". They buy a soda and only drink half of it. It's like a status symbol. "Look at me, I can afford to buy the whole thing and only drink half!" This leads to my vast under stocking of good piss stories. My friends never pee!!! And forget about pooping... My friends act as if the bodily function either doesn't exist or doesn't apply to them.

Anyway, I chalked that entire night up to a combination of intoxication, nerves over nearly getting busted for being intoxicated, and the temperature which was causing my already active bladder to shrink.

QUESTION: Pranks involving induced diarrhea... cool or not? Stories? Suggestions? I have a target, but what works best, particularly the fastest?

*I saw a post involving a girl who took a homemade laxitive that her boyfriend gave her, and she ended up pooping her pants within the hour... can I have that recipie?

ELEANOR - Well I think your brother and his friends were really
horrible to you. I do not think they should have made you go to
the toilet in front of them if you did not want to and they are
bullying you very badly.
No, you must not put up with it because I bet they will not get
Before you go home from school, can you not have a wee and a poo
there so you will not need it when you get home?
Are you and your mum really friendly with each other? You know,
do you get on and can you talk about stuff with her? You know I
really think you need to tell her what your brother and his
friends have been doing so she can make it stop. And you have got
the right to tell your mum about it but they do not have any right
to say that you should not have told, because it is wrong what
they are doing!
They are just weak bully boys who need sorting out. I bet they would
not like it if they had to go to the toilet in front of bullies
like that!
Tell your mum! If she does not listen or does not believe you,
tell a teacher who you think will listen!
But it *must* stop!
If you need to write to me for more help, please do and I will
try and help you.
Love Louise x

INA - Well yeah I could give a gadget a try. Hey what would be fun
is to fix a rubber pipe on the end of a funnel and pretend I had a
willy. LOL
Oh yeah, we are not just all the same. Sometimes our bits are
bigger than what other girls have just like some mens' dicks are
bigger than what other men have. My clit is not too small, I can
see it in the mirror if I open up but it is not big enough to
stop me weeing forward. You know it may be that is it. Your wee
could be running around your clit and getting the stream spoiled.
Steve said to me once he knew a girl who had a clit that stuck out
over an inch like a willy. Well I have never seen that but I bet
that girl can not wee forward like I do because her clit will be
in the way.
Love Louise x

LOUIS - Hi guy! Well I am glad you like my openness!
Yeah I thought it must be prostate trouble the older guy must have
had. I did not think his wee would run out of him so slow if it
was not that.
LOL I am just having a naughty thought. I do not think my American
friend has seen a man with a foreskin. I bet she would have seen
Steve's is nice and not horrible, but maybe Steve would be too shy.
Oh your cousin's was a jewish wedding was it? Oh well now I see.
Yeah it was brave of him to have that done.
what did you think about what Steve wrote about 1 boy in 350 having
his pee hole on the underside of his dick? It sounds really nasty
doesn't it? Did it make you cross your legs reading it? LOL So it
may be some boys need to sit to wee if they can not get a good
stream. They would need to lift their dicks right up, wouldn't they?
Love Louise xxxxx

Hey I liked Steve's story of when he had his morning wee 2 days
ago. I thought it was a bit thrilling to read. I do not think any
other guy has written about it quite like that on here before.


Friday, January 20, 2002

Melanie: this reminds me your story in the bathtub. A few years ago I was on holidays with my sister in a mediterranean country. One evening we must have eaten something wrong as in the middle of the night I woke up with a terrible somachache and an even more imminent urge to poop. I quickly ran to the bathroom when I realised that my sister was already sitting on the toilet. I asked her if she was alright and she told me no, she was sitting on the toilet for almost 20 minutes with horrible diarreah. I must have had the same problems as I also felt chunks of liquid diarreah come up. There was no way my sister could leave the toilet, and there was no way I could hold in any longer, so I quickly pulled up my night skirt, squatted down over the shower (we didn't have a bathtub, unfortunately) and let out a stream of diarreah which lasted about five minutes. It was like peeing out of my ass. My sister was having diarreah during the whole time, too. After 10 minutes my sister was! done so I could change to the toilet and finish there. However I couldn't sleep anymore that night, having waves of diarreah every 20-25 minutes, like my sister. Whenever she was first on the toilet I had to squat over the shower. We had the runs all night, this was the most terrible night of my life.

hello, my friend came over and was playing games with me and he was sitting next to me on the couch and he kept moving around and i said stop moving and he kept doing it and i saw him grab his pants and squeeze hard. i said dude do you have to pee and he said yes and right after i said that a wet spot started to come out of his pants and it ran onto my moms couch. he didnt even get up he just went. i said your peeing all over the place and he said yeah i had to go. so i said you better go home and change before my mom comes in. when he got up his but was soaked and it was dripped while he was walking. while i was opening the door he dripped a little puddle on the floor. he left and i had to try to dry it all up. the couch was a light tan color and there was a big wet spot. my mom came in and i sat down on it real fast to cover it up . i felt my but getting wet, she asked what i was doing and i said playing. but the tv was off and she said it would help if you turned the tv o! n, when i got up she saw the spot and my but and thought i did it in my pants. i tried to tell her it was my friend and she did not believe me and she spanked me and made me go to my room. that sucked. i will beat my friend up later at school. bye

Wet girl
I have a problem I'd like to share with you all.

I'm an 18 year old girl and for the last couple of years I have been embarrassed and frustrated with this problem. My undies always seem to be damp when I take them down. It happens more so when I have been waiting a long time to go to the toilet, although I am not near desperate enough to have an accident and I havent felt that I've peed my pants. Also, the moisture in my undies usually seems to be clear while my wee is usually a bit yellow.

Does anyone else have this happen to them? I've thought long and hard about it. I am worried that there is something wrong with my bladder muscles but I have also had accidents in my pants in the past and in those circumstances I could feel it coming out at the time where I cant usually feel this.

Also, I wondered whether maybe it was sweat from that area. But then why would it be worse when I am busting for a wee?

I dont understand it and I am a bit worried so does anyone have this problem too or does anyone have any advice on the matter???

wet girl.

Past summer one early morning I was walking in the forest with my cousin Silvia and I suddenly needed to poo very bad - I hadn't done my morning poo at camping. I decided to poo behind a bush as I'd never make it. I'd done this 1 or 2 times before and there was Silvia next to mine so I could go behind the bush. I looked around to see if anyone was coming, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties and squatted. After a loud smelly fart, I could feel a sizeable poo coming out. It took about 2 minutes for this big poo to come out and in this time Silvia went by. The first smelly poo that fell to the ground was about 11 inches long. I had the second poo half way out of my bottom and thought I'd gotten away without being seen when Silvia appeared from nowhere. At first she looked shocked and said "are you OK?" I replied I was but couldn't wait. Then she started a conversation and watched me continue my poo. I felt odd squatting and pooing while my cousin watched me. Then she sai! d incredibly "you know I'd planned to take a dump here too, but I think I'll wait until I get camping!" These were smelly poos and I kept farting a lot so I think she liked the idea of squatting next to me. She do it. While she was pooping grounted and breathed and i could smell her poo and her morning breath both. After her poo came out I told her that I had one more to do and she was fine about it. Then we wiped with a kleenex, adjusted our clothing and we both got in the forest. I love my cousin and her perfect body. And her smell. Ah ah ah.

Briyan, we had the bathroom and the toilet separated. i am 14 and my brother is 13

I remember last year when I had my girlfriend Michelle over my house. She's 23, got long blonde hair. This special night she had on a blue blouse, tight blue jeans and flip-flops. Michelle is very comfortable farting around me and I don't mind it. But I know this one night she wished that she didn't fart. Anyway, we was playing UNO and in the middle of the game, she told me she had to fart. I said,"Go ahead". She got up from the couch and took 2 steps back and cut one loose. Michelle said,"That feels good". Then she said,"I gotta fart again". When Michelle farted the second time, it was louder than the first and it was juicy. I knew that wasn't just a fart. Michelle said,"Oh brother! I just pooped my pants!" And then she told me to come over to her to feel it. There was a huge bulge in the back. I felt it and it was warm and she was stinking. Then Michelle told me she was only wearing a thong. I told her she could wash up in my shower and I'll give her a pair of pants to wea! r home. And that was it. She wore a pair of my jeans home.
I thought it was funny and arousing.
There are two actresses I would like to see pooping their pants.
One is Tara Reid and the other one is Jennifer Love Hewitt. I always envisioned them in tight blue jeans and just completely pooping in them. How about anyone else?

I posted this yesterday but the first part was lost somehow.
Yachtman- as a 23 year old yachtswoman who usually sails on small yahcts with male crew and no toilets I can empathise with the female skipper you describe. Iíve tried tried a few different positions but I can't pee standing up and send it forward very well so I somehow have to get my bum over the side or point it backwards; after I inadvertantly sprayed my shorts the first few times I also resorted to stripping from the waist down. This also seems better because balancing over the side there is a risk of falling overboard and I don't want to be struggling in rough sea with shorts and knickers round my ankles. I found it intensely embarassing the first few times particularly since the guys made no pretence not to watch and made jokes about it particularly when I ended up spraying my shorts. They still make jokes but we've all got used to it by now because I probably have to go three or four times in a day's sailing so most of them have probably seen me go more than a hun! dred times. Sometimes we get a new crewmember though; one or two have looked a bit embarassed. If the sea's very rough I have to ask one of guys to hold my legs while I'm going. I've also had to poo over the side a few of times something which none of the guys has ever had to do

Sorry I aint posted for a while, I've been very busy.

Just a bit to report.

Last week I needed a poo badly, so I decided to do it another way for once. I just laid some old newspaper on the floor and did it on that. I did a big pile as well. I made an idiotic decision to put my poo in the toilet with the paper and flush it. It didn't flush down, so I flushed it a 2nd time and it looked like it would block it up - but amazingly it didn't and it all flushed down in the 2nd flush!!!

Today, I did another great poo. I did it over the toilet this time, but just 'hovered' my arse over it and I then preceded to poo. I did about 2 logs both about 12 inch long.

I don't need to poo that ofetn. The most time I go in a week for a poo is only twice, but most of the time its just the once.

to Melanie, I once done a turd in a buiscit tin after a night out
I was desprete. The tin was placed under my bed. The bathroom was busy. See you all

I took a right stinky shit this evening. I could tell from the SBD I dropped and then quickly made my way to the toilet. I dropped quite a few small turds less than an inch and it stank! Its just came on all of a sudden as well

Question anyway. Has anyone been in the middle of a seriously big dump or had a long turd sticking out at work and then had a fire alarm go off? I expect your natural reactions might stop it but never been in this situation

concerned lurker
Diane- glad to hear it, 'm happy you won't be taking that stuff anymore...but remember, until the FDA proves something is harmful, that company can say whatever they want. look at ephedrine, that stuff is worse than speed, and "safe and all natural." Just watch out=)

Hi! I'm new here, I've been reading for awhile, and it seems there are some really nice people here. I'm 18 (almost 19) female. Anyway, to start off, I have a few stories involving peeing.

Last year, I was a senior in high school, and I went to a lot of parties at my thrown by my friend Mara. One night, I was at one of the parties, and there was only one bathroom in Mara's house, and my friend Mandy had gotten really drunk that night, so she was in there with her b/f constantly throwing up. I had drank alot, and I was to the point that I REALLY had to pee. I asked the boyfriend if he could leave and Mandy if she could pull away from the toilet for a minute. So, he left, and Mandy laid in the floor crying as I peed for what seems like forever. It was my first experience ever going in front of a friend. Then two other girls came in and peed in front of me.

My other story about peeing happened at my 18th birthday party that Mara had for me at a motel. There was this really hot guy there--Mickey. He was about 5'9" and really thin, with spikey brown hair and big blue eyes. Alcohol just ran right through him! He had been to the bathroom several times. Then, Mara, Mickey and I went out to my other friend's car to get more to drink, when Mara forgot the keys and had to go back in. Then Mickey turned to me and said, "I gotta piss NOW!" So right there in the parking lot, Mickey turned his back to me, unzipped and peed ALOT, as I tried not to be too obvious about staring at him. Another time, Mickey wanted to pee off Mara's roof in front of me, but our other guy friend said that was disgusting and he shouldn't...I was disappointed!
Those are all my stories for now! Maybe I'll get some others soon!

Outhouse Scott

I've never heard anything about Paula Abdul shitting her pants, but I did hear a rumor about Britney Spears shitting her pants ONSTAGE! It's probably an urban legend, but who knows? We're only human, and Britney has bowel problems just like everyone else.

The only story I know to be true regarding a performer shitting their pants on or off stage, is Screaming Jay Hawkins. He was locked in a coffin and was supposed to burst out of it at the beginning of his set, but the lid got stuck. He was claustrophibic and he got so scared, he shit his pants. That one is true.

Another true one is GG Allin, an insane punk rocker who used to piss, shit, vomit, cut himself, masturbate and spit, often throwing the resulting excrement at the audience. He's been in and out of jail, his concerts are illegal and are usually performed in abandoned warehouses. He's threatened to kill himself on stage one day. I honestly don't even know if he's still alive.

I'm sure singers and actors have shit themselves on occasion while on stage in the past, but I don't know of any other true stories/rumors except for what is mentioned above.

Take care all.


Quick hellos to Robbie, Annie, Sarah S, Meghan, Carmalita & the gang, RJogger & Kathy, Rizzo, Buzzy, Ring Stretcher, Adrian, Althea, Alana, Pico Tamale, Meredith & Amanda, Ephermal, Kendal & Andrew, Bryian, Tim, Todd & Diane, Diane NY, Kim & Scott, John VT, and everyone else.

This is about the return of Christine. For those who didn't know, Christine was a young intern who worked with us over the summer. She had a penchant for "dropping in" on people in the bathroom, especially when they were pooping. She stopped by the other day to say hello just before going back to school. When she first came in she was told I was in the ladies room and would be back in a few minutes. I was moving my bowels and just flushed the toilet while seated and started to wipe when suddenly she rushed in and banged on my stall door, saying, "Yoohoo, Jane, guess who?" I mumbled to myself, "Uh-oh", and said, "Hmmm, I wonder who? I heard someone got loose from the funny farm." She said, "Ha ha, that was funny. No, it's your pal!" I finished up and came out of the stall. Christine gave me a bear hug, but I said, "Whoa. Let me wash my hands." After I washed my hands and dried them, I said OK, and Christine gave me another bear hug and said she missed us.

We went to lunch. Everyone else declined except Rachel. From the time we started heading to lunch, Christine was just non-stop chatter. She told us about all of the classes she was taking, all of the parties she went to, and just about everything that was happening on campus. Of course, her number one topic was her boyfriend. She talked about practically every minute they spent together. Rachel and I just smiled and listen to her. Toward the end of lunch, Christine asked us about our work and asked about all of the projects she was involved in during the summer. She even asked us about our husbands. Even when we went to the ladies room, she continued to chat while we were all in stalls. Christine left Rachel alone while she was pooping, but she continued to talk to me. Thank goodness I was only peeing. She talked about the first time her boyfriend saw her pooping and how a big thrill it was. Then she talked about how long it took to convince him to let her s! ee him poop, and she was thrilled when she saw him poop for the first time. As we were washing our hands, Rachel let out a loud grunt, loud fart, and a cascade of plops of soft poop. I asked her if she was OK, and she said she was almost done. We waited for Rachel in front, while Christine continued to chat away.

Christine said she didn't know if she would be working with us during the summer. She would have a better idea once her boyfriend finalizes his plans. She said her goodbyes as she headed back to school. Afterwards, Rachel said to me, "You know, Christine never stopped smiling the whole time. She is in love. I recall someone else who was the same way when she met up with some guy, I think his name was Gary."

Hi Bryian, I usually post in the late afternoon, after school. It is now 4:10 on Wednesday afternoon and I took a dump about an hour ago, just after I got home from school. I normally don't take a dump immediately before or after I check this site.

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks 'cause I've started going out with this girl, Margi. Pronounced like "Margie" but spelled without the "e" FWIW. Of course I've thought about her going to the bathroom, but nothing has come of it yet.

Jason and me have shared a couple of dumps since I last posted. Yesterday was Tuesday and he and I went to my house after school. We were the only ones home and nobody was expected for a while. I of course asked him if he needed to go first since he lets me go first if I'm at his place.

He sat down and began to piss. Soon after I heard a crackle and then smelled a major shit. He "crackled-and-plopped" on and off for a few minutes and got up. There were 2 long turds and several little pellets; several of the "plops" sounded like "drips. That'd explain it.
Jason wiped his ass several times and told me "dude, you're gonna need more asswipe."

The toilet paper roll was almost empty, so I got another roll while Jason flushed his mess down.

I then sat down while Jason washed his hands. I didn't have to go as badly as he did, only one long turd. FWIW, I also let out one long turd today. I had to wipe three times, twice with the old roll and once with the new roll.

I'm glad nobody here thinks I'm weird for liking to buddy dump with my best friend.


To Tarheel Mike: I liked your story..where do u live now? i listen to DC 101 sometimes.
never have heard that on there

To Outhouse Scott: That was an intresting story...i've always wondered what someone would do in that situation.

To Ring Stretcher: I live on the east coast...been to phily one time. I don't think i have been there if i have i don't remember cause i was like in 5th grade at the time.

To Static: I liked your story.

To jim: I liked your story about messing your pants at baseball tryout.

Yesterday i went to the mall and to the movies...when i arrived i went to the main bathroom cause i had to pee really bad. Then i go in to sears and i had to poop suddenly then i wiped and walked out with out flushing and went into the next stall and like 2 seconds later some guy came in to the stall i was in to poop and he flushed my log away. Then when i went to the movies i saw "Orange County". There was a sceene where this highschool kid's brother was a drug addict and he asked his brother for a urnine sample cause he didn't want to give his cause he was always high. Then there was a part where the little brother has company from Stanford University and his brother comes out in his undewear looking for his urine sample and i think he ended up spilling it on the guests. Well i gotta run, time to go to work.

Hi. I'm 12 years old and from Lincoln in the uk. I have a problem at the moment and would appreciate any advice.

Last friday when I came home from school, I was positively busting for a poo. We only have one toilet at home, and unfortunately my brother and his two friends had got home first. All three were crowded into the bathroom with the window open and the light out trying to spy on a woman next door who never closes her curtains when she gets changed.

I came in and switched the light on, and I got a big telling off for blowing their cover for them. They were mad as hell at me for spoiling their fun, and shut the window. Then my brother said "well, what did you want", and I said I needed the toilet. So then he grinned and said to his mates "I know, seeing as we didn't see the undressing next door, lets watch Ellie undress and see her on the toilet". His mates all agreed and despite all my pleas, they refused to leave. So I had a choice of pooing my knickers or going to the toilet while they watched. Knowing that I would get told off by Mum if I pooed my knickers, I decided that I would have to let them see me go.

I undid my school trousers and let them fall down around my ankles. They all grinned at me. Then, trembling, I reached underneath the tails of my school blouse to try and pull down my knickers without them getting to see my fluffy bit. Normally I would pull them down to my knees, but I only pulled them down just enough to get the job over with, and used them and my shirt tails and my hands to block the view of my female bits. It didn't stop them all wolf whistling at me though. I hoped like mad that the fart I knew I would be letting go of would be silent, but no such luck. It sounded like an orchestra of trumpets playing. One of the mates then said "Oh man", and laughed out loud. My brother said "You're not going to shit are you" ? I said yes, and the other mate began to look embarrassed, but not as much as I was farting in front of them. I was desperate for my poo not to splash loudly, but there was no such look with that either. I tried to poo it out in one long piec! e, but it kept breaking off of its own accord, with very loud splashes. All the boys were laughing and pointing at me now, calling me names like monster pooper, and smelly Ellie. I wanted to cry, but I bit my lip to stop myself. After four plops my poo was finished, but then I needed to wee. I tried to do that quietly, but it sprayed out of me with loud hissing and tinkling, and my brother then called me Hissy Sissy, and his mate called me Ellie Tinkle Drops. The other boy didn't say anything now. I think he could see that I was on the verge of crying. When my wee was finally finished, I demanded to be left in peace so I could wipe myself in private. My brother refused, egging his mates on, saying "now for the full revealing" . It was then I lost it, and began to cry and sob. The mate that had gone silent and had noticed me getting upset said "we should leave her alone". So my brother called me an " baby" and said "Come on, lets go". The same mate then turned round in! the doorway as I dried my eyes and blew my nose on the toilet paper and said he was very sorry for the part he had played in all of this, but I told him to "f... off" anyway. Well, he had watched the whole time while I did my poo and wee.

At least I got to wipe in private.

Roll on the summer when they can't hide in the dark of the bathroom.

Anyway, on Monday, it all happened again. I couldn't believe it. The only thing was, that without the "nice" mate being there, my brother and the other mate made me wipe in front of them as well.

I feel very upset and miserable. I just know that they will do it to me again today. Should I just put up with my embarrassment and let them watch, hoping that they get bored with it ? Please help me.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all on this snowy day. I ve been quit busy with my work and building a new website. Ive got a few days to catch up here. I still see that some of the regulars are still having some fun moments. Im glad that we have mpre new people and a hearty welcome to them.

Let me get back to the camping trip with my wife and daughter. I made another big breakfast that morning. J and I ate everything that I had made. My daughter ate well too. My wife cleaned up and I played with my daughter. A couple of hours passed and my daughter wanted her morning nap so I put her down. My wife had finished camp kp and changed into her swim suit and wanted to get some sun on our private beach.

We walked down to our spot on the lake and got our towels laid out and I turned on the radio low for some music. J said to me I have to go. I replied back ok. So we went into the brush in back of the little beach area. There was an old stump which I sat down on the edge of with my shorts pulled down. J pulled her bottoms down and off and sat facing me sitting on my legs. She started to pee at once. Her stream shot out hard and hissing. I was getting quite wet between my legs and crotch.

Her stream stoped suddenly and she let out a low long braaaaap of a fart. With a loud crackle she started pooping. I started to pee myself. I was having a little trouble getting my stream downward but got it far enough down that it was hitting Js hanging poop and splashing off it. She had a nice light brown fat knobby 12 tail hanging down between her cheeks. I finished peeing and J slid foward a liitle bit and started peeing hard again hissing loudly. She got me good and wet again.

She pushed out 4 more inches and her turd then landed below her on the ground. She continued topee for another 20seconds and then stoped. I slid foward on the stump so my anus was clear of the edge and I started to poop. Mine was a darker brown and snmooth. It moved very quickly and floped to the ground over hers. Then I peed again to finish the job. We wiped each other and got our swim suits back on and went back out to enjoy our spot on our beach.

Hello everybody. Posting the last message was very therapeutic, because I thought I was kind of sick and wierd. I still think I am, but so are you all and there's safety in numbers!

I suffer from diverticular disease which quite often results in very wet BMs. Has anybody got any dietary advice on this? I could have more fun if I knew that I would produce nice solid manageable logs. I quite like to shit into my hands, or to lie face-down and shit over my bum and legs, and this is not so good if you get a load of diarrhea all over you.

POSTMAN asked recently about our Top 5s. Here's mine.

In an empty beer can whilst in a train.You have to be careful when throwing it out of those tiny windows!
Topping up a glass of cider.(My own glass, though I fancied doing it to my mate while he was out of the room, but didn't think that would be very nice. ) I've only done this after a few beers when the pee is nice and clear.
I like to lie in the bath and piss over myself.
Out of the window when staying overnight in a tower block at Reading University.
A friend and I sat on a bench in a quite busy shopping precinct and he got his dick out and just pissed a great arc, I wasn't so brave so I just pissed thoroughly my pants, so much that it was dripping through. We were pretty drunk at the time!

I once did it in a waste bin whilst on the phone to a girl, I didn't want to put the phone down on her so just shit in the rubbish bin. I don't think she guessed!
I had a bedsit on the 4th floor and the toilet was in the basement so I often did a shit in some newspaper and threw it out the window.
When we were little, about 10, my sister and I used to shit together in the garden shed. (I'd sure like to start this up again!)
On a hotel balcony.
I once, when I was a teenager and much less worried about getting caught, went into a public toilet and instead of going into the cubicle I dropped my trousers and did a big log into the trough urinal.

DAVE - how was the TV show? I can't get BBC CHOICE, being non-digital. Did you get to see Claudia on the crapper?

MELANIE - I too like doing it in places other than the toilet, though my style has been cramped somewhat since getting married. I now and then use a newspaper to line the bin in my office and then I crap into that. I use the sink in the bathroom, and I have also used the kitchen floor which is lino and easy to get clean. I once was a bit drunk and was in the attic and did a shit out of the attic, which made a bit of a mess when it hit the carpet six feet below. I had to blame that on the dog!

NOEL - I admire you for filling your pants so often. If I could guarantee solid logs I would do this more often, but quite often my shit is runny and it's not very nice. I last shit my pants about a year ago, I had locked myself out and was waiting for my wife to get home so I could get in. I needed a shit and was toying with the idea of going in the garden, but thinking that I would be seen by the neighbours I put it off and put it off. I decided to walk round to the pub and go there, on the way I had to keep stopping just so I could squeeze my buttocks tight together and force my hole shut. Liquid stuff was starting to come through and my pants were getting damp. Eventually I turned back home because I didn't think I was going to make it to the pub. But before I got back, the shit had forced the issue and was in my pants. Fortunately it was of the solid sort, and felt nice rather than all slimy and horrible. I then had the brainwave of getting into the car, where the n! eighbours wouldn't be able to see quite was going on, in order to shake the turds out of my pants. I suppose I should have gone in the car in the first place!

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