DEAREST PV: Now I am really sorry I might never have kids or even grandchildren, cause otherwise I could tell them the tale. The tale of when the great godess of the yellow rain cloud one special night demonstrated her mighty powers peacefully to her great sister the moon and her brothers the stars. And mother earth stood still for only a fraction of a second, so no one would really notice, but so she could feel the playfull tickle of one of her favourite daughters, when the stream hit the grass on her back...yes, you are right, a true magical moment! Thank you for saying it was especially for me! The thought will make me smile for days. Yesterday we had a very clear night here as well and I looked up at the stars and asked them if they have really seen this wonderful sight. And I truly believe that some of them twinked...
Sigh, shame I missed that.
I found out already I was mistaken a bit about your height. Anyway...And then I learned in the ever so informative old posts you are an, so you are really our Lara Croft here. Only you use the far more elegant weapon of the mighty pee stream instead of unzivilised guns in order to scare of the baddies. Fantastic! Maybe we can do an alternative movie, where Lara in search of the great ancient urinal pees her way trough lots of picturesque settings... You would probably make a pretty lead. I liked RIZZOíS suggestion you could use your abilities in your job e.g. as a high pressure cleaner...LOL. But seriously, If you work a lot outdoors and in far away places you should additionaly give the gadget a try. Cause it gives you very easy way to discretely pee somewhere outside plus you can even use it kneeling and sitting e.g. peeing in a bottle (better than a guy cause the end is smaller) in a tent or a car. Did you ever post any adventures from your trips h! ere? I also sometimes have jobs with lots of driving or location work and thatís why I got the gadget in the first place. I did not know then it would turn into such a time consuming hobby...LOL. Lots of love XXXX Ina

LOUISE: Hi great girl, no offense, I know what you meant. I did not want to start a war here like in Liliput, where they started their war over the question, whether to open an egg on the round or the more pointed site..LOL...letís just all pee out the burning palace together with a joyfull splatter...I just wanted to suggest that as an extra fun you might also like to give the gadgeta try, as you can easily pee your name in the snow or pish outside with a warm bum in the cold. You know, as an extra winter equipment. Thatís all. But as you said, every woman to her own pleasure....The main thing is you keep having fun and like to share it with us. A hug from Ina
Oh, the anatomy lesson. I always get a shock when I take a look down there, cause I am afraid I have got something of the female equivalent of your boyfriends equipment. I tried to pee with the mirror and just spreading my lips does not all do it. I am bit embarrassed now, but I thing I have got a weird, big clit which seems to interfere with the stream. Now I am really a bit red. But I guess itís alright as lotís of the guys where very open to share things as well. Another red faced hug from Ina

TIM AND SARAH: I am really touched, you two seem to have a great, loving and understanding relationship going on. I agree, itís the greatest chance, when both are willing to talk and try to find a solution. All the best for you two and best wishes for a happy and healthy future.
Oh and TIM: Nice story in the barn and I donít want to scare you but I was probably like your daughter that age. No worries, she might grow out of it...

RIZZO: I was sorry to read about your little dilema regarding sharing it with your wife. I know such feelings. I donít think those thoughts were for me anyway, but if I may say so I would also be very, very sad if you would not post anymore. You are such a nice and caring guy. And I feel you treat me and the other girls as well as the guys with lots of respect. I always get the feeling you want to help people. I appreciate you wanted to promote the standing up pees. I guess itís even more difficult for a man to tell women. I already feel weird talking to my girlfriends, although I would love to spread the news and let them share the fun. But many are very grounded in the stupid education that girls just donít do that! Itís so silly! So I take it your wife does not want to know about it either? I personally do not understand that, but everyone as they like, I guess.
Well, I heard before that the traditional models can be as unreliable in the cold as a very old car...;-). I am glad I am using the Peebuzz 2000, or should I call it Nimbus 2001, as I learned Nimbus also means Ďraincloudí. The less traditional models donít suffer from that shrinkage problem and if you fancy you can get it with different adapters for different purposes, if you knoe what I mean...;-). Donít be jealous; I am very jealous for all the fun you had since childhood and I would love to be able to use my skills more , as itís still only acceptable for males to the generall public...Thanks for liking the poem. Itís great to talk to you now and then and I am always looking forward to your stories. Itís a bit of a shame we canít all meet for a club weekend and maybe beat the millenium fireworks with a mighty midnight pish by all club members, letting the water under your boat gloom llike daylight. Love and hugs from Ina XXX

LORRAINE: Go to the internet site "Womanís guide to pee standing up". If you still have no sucess, like me, order the device they sell there. Youíll never look back!!! Itís really fantastic, great promise! And I guess the jaws uf your mail sailing buddies will drop, whe youíll happily pish out of the zip of your pants or over the top without even having to show your private member like those poor ones....if I were you itís the first thing I would do today. I hesitated for a long time and regret not to have got it earlier. But I am equipt now and hardly ever not pee standing apart from home. All the best Ina

MEGHAN AND SARAH: Sweet girls, great hugs to you. Iíll answer you post next time I have to go now, sorry, Iíll promise to write very soon! Love to you and ANNIE AND ROBBIE!

Greetings also to LOUIS, also a promise for a later answer and all the others.
Take care Ina

ANNIE - Hi! I liked the story of the cruise! Sue sitting and
shitting her brains out and you weeing like mad. LOL I bet that
purser did not get that sight out of his mind for a bit after
that. I bet Steve would have known Sue was going on an emergency
dash to the toilet. He always just seems to know!
Love Louise xx

JEFF A - Hi guy! I hope you are all right. I have a little story
for you now!
Last night my friend Jackie came around and Steve was not home
yet so we just had a little chat. Well after a while, we both
wanted to go to the toilet for a wee. I wanted a shit as well, I
was just going to go and then Jackie rang the doorbell.
So we went upstairs in the bathroom. Jackie said how Steve should
have been home then he could have had a show to watch. Well we
pretended we had a few guys watching. She liked that too. I
thought I would have a lot of the guys here in mine, so there was
you, Rizzo, Louis, Robby, Kim's Scott and Andrew as well. Adrian I
do not know if you would like to be there but you were welcome too
if you like that.
Well I took off my trousers and knickers and Jackie took her jeans
and knickers off as well. I put the mirrors there so I could watch
myself from the front and back. So I hovered my bum over the toilet
and Jackie stood waiting for me. Well I started weeing a lot, and my
pussy hissed. It was not one of my really big wees, but it was a
wide twisty sheet that made the water in the toilet go yellow really
quickly. I bet all the guys in my virtual audience liked what they
saw. It sure felt nice doing it. I finished it off with a lot of
drip drip dripping. Still dripping I started to push out my log.
Well I thought it was a log. It was really more than one piece.
There were 3 lumps about 3 inches long that just plopped out of my
bumhole. they did stretch me open a bit when they were coming out
and they did feel good but I was a bit disappointed there was not
a big log. Jackie had a giggle at my pieces of crap dropping in the
water. Well I asked my virtual audience if one of those kind men
would wipe me. Nobody spoke up! Well are you afraid? So I had to
wipe myself. Men!
Well Jackie hovered her bum over the toilet. She looks very pretty
in a bikini, like Steve said she has a really nice glamourous
figure. She has lovely long very dark brown hair and clear golden
tanned skin. Just so you know guys, she trims her pubic hair like I
do mine and she keeps it shaven at the bum end of her pussy and a
thin black stripe at the front. Well she started weeing a gusher
and it was a strong one, not like mine but then it went twisty
like mine was. she had a giggle imagining being watched. I bet the
guys liked what they saw! Her wee did not last a long time and she
drip drip dripped as well for ages. She was still dripping and she
said "hang on" and she looked like she was pushing. She said
"ok guys watch this". Well I saw her bum in the mirror and her
bumhole started opening up with this log she was pushing out! Well
it grew and grew and she had a brown tail soon. I went to have a
proper look at it and it looked huge and stretching her wide open!
"I didn't say I needed this did I?" she said and it was a giggle
for us both! Well she pushed it out a little bit more and it
plopped out of her and splashed in the water. Well Steve was not
there so I wiped her bum for her and that was a giggle as well!
I hope you like that one, Jeff! I hope you did not mind sharing what
you saw with a few other guys!
Love xxxxx


kim and scott
greetings all!
TO BRYIAN,LOUISE,AND ANNIE-hello. thanks for liking my last post when I had my super-logs while kneeling on my weightlifting bench. I appreciate it.I like your posts too! be well.
TO CURIOUS D-hello. thanks for liking my stories so much. you are such an enthusiastic fan it makes little kimmie blush!!plus the sizes of my gigantic logs are real! no joke. I have a super-colon that causes me to have abnormally huge logs. and yes I do give stool samples to my doctor. sometimes the doctor will give me a stool pad where I rub 3 different sections of my log with my finger and put them on 3 different sections of my pad so the doctor can check how healthy my log is. I have even banged out a 25 inch log at home. then put it on a protective platform and put it in the most gigantic pickle jar that you have ever seen in your life, and drove it to my doctors office so he could examine it. plus a few months ago when I was getting an overall examination I felt a gigantic motion coming on strong inside of me and told my doctor and nurses, we then all immedietly went into this special examination room where I squeezed out a gigantic 24 1/2 inch log into the huge e! xamination container. the doctor and nurses could not believe the size of my log as they took it into another room to examine it far I have gotten clean bills of health everytime my doctor examines my logs.which Im greatful for!and even though I am only 5 foot four and resemble the actress chery ladd from "charlies angels."I have a startling ,eye-popping physique I maintain thru swimming,running,pumping iron and a very healthy diet.. plus my anus does close again after birthing my 3-4 inch thick logs but it takes awhile to close since my ring stretches out so wide in delivering I have used lubricants when I have difficulty banging out a log. usually my boyfriend puts some jelly on his finger and loosens up the area aound my log and before long I blast a gigantic kimmie bowel movement to the moon!I usually have a log every day or every other day. I have kept my log in for several days on purpose. when I do this I usually blast out gigantic bowel movements t! hat are as solid as the rock of when I push out a log my butt is sore sometimes but it only lasts a few minutes.I tell you my boyfriend scott loves to see my pink butt-cheeks quiver out of control when I squeeze out a log. this really turns him on!haha. plus scott does camcord many of my gigantic log events but not all of them.scott and I have a growing library of me blasting out my humongous torpedos in different poses and places. we watch these videos over and over again and often find then more enjoyable to watch then regular tv shows. well thanks for the questions and loving my posts. it is greatly appreciated! take good,kimmie and scotty

Hi thanks to Jill for responding once again i'll wait with baited breath for your next trip via Balham.I once read you were concerned with
someone else hearing your noises as they past by on the train (this i understand if you don't mind me asking are your noises usually loud and what sort of sounds do you make and is people nearly or actually still a problem for you? I make just about the full range of noises at various
times and too feel akward with people hearing even though everybody does it. Any response from noise problems from anybody would be greatly appreciated.By the way Jill I may not be making my journey much longer as I may have to give up work again to care for my elderly father whom has chronic Emphysemia so the Balham connection betweeen us may be broken but i hope not as this would mean an improvement for my father,and a job i can keep as well as something in commen with a fellow
(or should that be fellowess ) poster, but father comes first and a home would break his heart and i would rather look after him as he loked after me after mum died ( and widdowed men got sod all help in the 70's) so I owe him alot.
OutHouse Scott That was a cool story poor Woman to have a fire alarm go off whilst in the middle of a dump, I often thought whilst in public or work toilets what would i do, it hasn't happened yet but i suppose making a run for it ( or brisk walk as running is dangerouse) is the only real option. Not quite the same but I wonder what happened during an air raid during the war if (1) someone was having a shit when the siren went off& (2) if some one needed a shit whilst stuck in an Anderson shelter maybe someone can answers or has comments.
Thanks to Sarah S and Meghan for welcomming me to this forum (and anyone else who mentioned me or read my posts I'm no auther i know,but i'm still getting used to posting on this toilet topic and hope to improve in time.
I must to admit to liking to hear females poo(yes it is abit conterdictory as i'm so aware of my own logging noises) but a few months ago a young couple (the woman is 25 I think) moved into the Maisonette above my father and I ( who has no interest in toilet activities well he is 86yrs old) and the noises from above come through the ceiling so when she poo's i can hear it all.I can't remember her name ( I know it's awfull but i don't speak to her often and i'm bad with names as you have all probably noticed or will most likely)but she is blonde and ???? with a huge bum (i'm a bum man) about 5ft2inces tall. she makes alot of plops but lets go some real big ????ers.
She normally only takes about 2mins inclunding wiping ( I can hear the toilet roll being pulled) 3 to 3.5 mins at the most, amazingly quick as I take 3.5 to 8 mins depending on how big the required shit is at the time. I'll try to think of more stories there are many but it's a case of remembering details. By! for now London Lad.

Steve - I am 17 - and going to college in the autumn.

Noel - good to hear of omeone ho enjoys a good dump in his pants.

I liked your tale of the doorstep mishap. If I have a true accident it is most likely to be a follow through. I mentioned my brother going in his pants the other day when reaching up for something on a high shelf.

I followed through a while ago when I needed a pee like crazy. I got to the toilet, having rushed home and started to pee on the way into the bathroom. I started, and then a fart I could not control, and briefs full of poo. At least I was in the right place.

Sometimes when parents and brother are out I like to wet my pants, best sitting down and the warmth oozing all around. Sometimes at school I just sit and let some out now and again when there is no PE or changing going to be involved. All for now - I am sat in wet pants, need a po and mum will soon be home!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

MAC, That was a great time in the toilet with you and your mate and the other guy next door. You certainly had a good loud session with your mate and that other guy in the next stall! Great bonding.

LOUIS, I'll have to wear some thermal underpants won't I?
Perhaps that's the reason some men put a pair of socks down their fronts, not to impress, but to avoid shrinkage!
I've never pulled my foreskin back to piss, compared with a lot of guys ilook like I've been circumcised anyway. It's only when it's cold, it retreats like that!

SERIAN, I was fascinated in your account of the young guy trying to shit into the pool in the cave. I wish I'd been there, it must have been brilliant for BOTH of you when he finally droppedit with that resonant PLOP that echoed off the rock!
I heard a recording on the radio recently of a regular dripping of water in a cavern which sounded so beautiful and clear as it resonated with no other extraneous noise.
To hear, as you did, that guy grunting and putting everything he'd got into pushing out his reluctant turd, then the almighty PLOP that must have sounded more powerful and distinct than any you'd previously heard is something I'd love to hear!
You've heard a lot of grunting and straining by men and boys on the toilet, and I hope that none of them suffered from working so hard on their shits.
I asked the advice of a nurse on this topic as I've sometimes had haemorrhoids due to straining. She said simply, don't strain!
I asked what the alternative is, and she said just drink lots of water and eat fibre and It'll eventually come out!
If you're trying to drop one and you can feel it there, I can't accept that you should abandon the attempt if the going gets tough, but keep on till it comes out. What I think you shouldn't do is to keep straining to do one that doesn't feel ready, and to try to work one down that only feels small. That's probably what led to my problems.
Like several people here, I do find the grunting and effort into pushing out a big turd, either my own or listening to others, extremely exciting. I bet the guy in the cave felt very proud of his efforts after such a loud sound as it splashed in the water, it's a pity so many are embarrassed by such things!

TIM and SARAH, I was moved to read of Tim's "coming out" to Sarah about your interest. It took courage and sincerity to do so, and it would naturally be a load off your mind to have told her, even though you weren't sure of her reaction, but it was great to have Sarah's positive and reassuring response posted here, and I wish both of you well.
I remember plucking up courage to tell a friend once, and as we were close friends, there was no difficulty in telling him. He was rather amused and wasn't embarrassed about going to the toilet if I was nearby. Also another close friend found it no problem and we eventually went to the bathroom as I watched him on the toilet.
However, I'd prepared to tell the guy lodging with me about my interest one day. I decided to tell him when he returned from work but as soon as he came in, I bottled out and it just never happened.
It seemed that if I told him at that time, it would have come out as though I was making some terrible confession, when i just wanted it to come out casually as we did sometimes make passing humorous references to the subject.
I think we instinctively know when the time's right, and I'm glad that it was for you two.
It's sometimes said that death is the last taboo, but I'd say that toilet matters are regarded as being much more unmentionable to many people. It's quite ironic that when gay people reveal their inclinations, it's referred to as "coming out of the closet", whereas many of us like to go into the closet!
BTW, Closet in Britain usually means water closet rather than cupboard as it does in the USA.

Best wishes to all my many friends here, P P G

Candian Guy 17
Ok...i have been reading posts here for a few years (I am now 17) but i have never before posted. I Hhave tons of stories about friends, a peephole at school, guys in public places, myself, skidmarks, ect ect but i never felt complelled to write anything. But today i thought i just had to.

My school has 3 bathrooms, 2 decent sized, one smaller. In one place there are three holes, not very big in between teh stalls. Now, the stalls are made of i think brick, and they go down to the floor. The doors go down very close to teh floor as well so the only way u can see feet is if u lie on teh ground and look under. In this bathroom there are 5 stalls. Half the time i go in just to see if anyoen is in a stall. It doesn't matter what stall theya re in because alot of guys don't flush and i like to go look at their logs in the bowl. Anyways so thsi morning i was in a stall and this guy comes into the one beside me. Through the hole i can see his shirt and i know twho that shirt belongs to. It belongs to a guy who just came back to my school this year, after being around in grade 7 and 8 (im in grade 12). he plays football and he's a really goodlooking guy. So he lays tp downand sits. He lets go a tight fart and then grunts. his music is playing really loud but eve! ry 30 secondsa or so u can hear him let out a low throaty grunt. Then theres a plop, kind of dull sounded liek a very large log. then more grunt then a plop a loud one, really loud. then grunt plop, grunt mini plop, grunt mini plop. so then he tears of tp and i dont knwo hwo he wiped cuz he didnt move at all and nmormally when guys wipe u can see it thru the wall. Then he stands (i saw his butt for a sec) , flushes, and washes his hanmds and leaves. I was shocked he washed his hands cuz most guyus dont. Anyways the toilets suck so half the time theres some leftovers after gusy flush so i looked and there were 3 VERy small turdsand tp. But i know he made ahuge log, i wish i copuld have seen it. Ok thats not all i still have 3 more occurences today!

um...this guy hes like in grade 11 i think. hes kinda nerdy looking but not smart nerdy, just looks like a loser. anyways, he has liek a mop of hair and he doesnt shave for a few days at a time. so hes in there when i go to a urinal to pee and then he coems out and washes his hands, but he didnt really wash, just rinsed with water for one second, and he leaves. so i go look and the leftovers were like 8 balls of tp. (he flushed0) which were very fdirty.
then in anotehr bathroom, i went to fix my contact later on and saw a stall shuit so before iw as done the guy came out and i was very quiet so he wouldnt knwo i was there and he didnt flush or wash. he saw me on teh way out tho. there were 2 HUGELY THICK logs in there that stunk. and 2 smaller ones. with no tp, cuz there was none, and a fluid that i cant say here on the seat.
Ok then this guy who used to be nerdy, and really still is but hangs out with druggies now (he still loosk nerdy just dressed diff) came out of a stall and didnt flush. there was 4 tiny little strands of shita nd so much tp!

anyways thats all for now. like i said i have tosn of stories of guys not flushing their turds and me looking atthem

and do u notice that alot of guys dont wash their hands? i do , but i must admit that the idea of guys having smelly hands all day does turn me on a bit.,

To Annie (Robby's cousin),
Ha ha, yes, it does seem as if part of me has become a subject for discussion. It's not embarrassment exactly, but it's more of a reminder of how somehow word got out to a small group of girl students my age when I was at college. Let's just say I got to know one of them very well before that happened, including a much needed wee in a park one sunny afternoon when she stood watching! Ah, what a memory!
Please say hello to Robby and the family for me. Cheers!

To Louis,
Well, I have to say this discussion is certainly different to the usual 'how I have pooped today' threads that dominate this forum. Rizzo and PPG have added their contributions to Louise's research, and I know she has been entertained by that. Anyway, I said I have more things to say on the subject of foreskins and urination.
The first thing is an observation about myself. I don't know if it applies generally, but I have found that if my foreskin is fully retracted (not just a little, I mean all the way back so that the glans is fully exposed), I find that my urine stream is directed further downwards instead of the usual angle that directs it away from my body even when my penis is only slightly lifted upwards. I think this must be due to the foreskin's position under the rim of the glans that causes the urethral exit to be pulled downwards by a few degrees. Perhaps other uncircumcised men find this. It actually took me by surprise when I discovered this for myself - I almost missed the target! <snicker>
The other thing that might be of interest to you concerning foreskins is their use in the surgical repair of a congenital condition called Hypospadias. This is an affliction that is supposed to be quite common, affecting something like 1 in 350 males. It is a condition where the the urethral exit, the meatus (I assume this is pronounced 'mee-atus' - Louise is still doubled up with laughter at the other possibility!), is not in the correct position but can appear anywhere along the underside of the penis as far back as the scrotum.
Obviously this is a real social handicap if a direct stream cannot be achieved, and I believe it can require up to four operations to correct it, and for many reasons it is something that is done at a very early age.
Guys who are squeamish can stop reading at this point!
Apparently, the foreskin of a boys suffering from Hypospadias is used in the redirection/construction of the urethra, which of course will require some cutting along the underside of the penis. So a boy with Hypospadias should not be circumcised, as this robs him of the materials to repair his problem. Apparently this sometimes does occur!
I am very glad I did not have this condition, I can tell you that!
I don't believe there is a known cause for Hypospadias, but I understand it can run in families. Since I read somewhere that as embryos we start out as 'female' but males 'transform' according to their chromosomes, I suppose when you compare normal female anatomy with normal male anatomy you have to say that in Hypospadias, the transformation is not quite complete.

To Carmalita, Kim, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan,
I've been persuaded by Louise to describe an early morning bathroom visit, and to describe it in the same level of detail she often does.
PV, Louise thought you too may be interested in a detailed account of what I do, so here goes!
Well, on waking this morning, Louise was still soundly asleep in bed to my right. Looking contented with life, I saw no need to wake her unnecessarily early, so I silently eased myself out of bed and walked quietly to the bathroom, closing the door behind me.
As I was about to shower I had not dressed, so I stood naked in front of the toilet. My foreskin was still tightly closed, so with the fingers of my right hand I gently drew it back far enough to expose my urethral exit. My glans is just a shade darker pink than the foreskin, and the urethral exit itself is a little darker again in colour. Anyway, with my foreskin withdrawn sufficiently, I did not need to take hold of my penis and I allowed it to hang naturally while standing in the correct position to aim my stream 'hands free'. I could feel the urine on its way, and after the split second of inevitability when I knew it was about to find open air, a small quantity spluttered forth from the tip of my penis and landed in the toilet before more urine emerged and formed a proper, focused stream. The stream was several millimetres wide over almost all the course of its travel from the slight twist just after emerging from my penis until it started to spread into a 'rainstor! m' just above the water at the bottom of the toilet. Hitting the back of the toilet and dipping into the water with a 'sploosh' on occasion, this continued for some time, probably in the region of 30 seconds before the stream started to die away. That was when I needed to hold my penis once again to avoid missing the target, so directing my penis centrally in the toilet I started squirting out short bursts of urine to completely empty myself. A clench of the pelvic floor muscles (as Louise has so often described) produced each spurt, a series of 6 before all that emerged from my urethral exit was a few drops. Closing my foreskin and squeezing between forefinger and thumb wrung out any remaining moisture, and with a brief shake (or possibly two) dislodging a drop of urine on the very tip, the job was done.
So with a flush of the toilet, end of story and it was into the shower for me.
I don't know if you will find this entertaining to read or not, but there it is.

Bye for now,


Hi - my second post today. After I logged off to have a quick rush to the bathroom mum rang and said she would be late home so whilst she was talking I decided to have a good non accidental poo. I sat down and let the pee go into my already quite damp underpants. It soaked all over my lap and bottom and up to my belt. Knowing that I would not be caught out today seemed to make it even more pleasurable and I started to get a bit excited. The poo came out in three separate pieces, quite good and stiff for the first two that coiled in the crutch of my briefs and the last was my usual moist finale that always makes a mess of my pants. Some people seem to be able to get away with almost clean pants but it is rare for me. I went outside and did a few jobs that mum had mentioned but I had to stay round the back of the house. My pleasure today was getting the better of me and I ended up about an hour ago cleaning up in the shower and whilst the shampoo was good and thick I ha! d another traet that I was not quite expecting! It was great. I don't expect to do any more posts today!

I see post on here all the time about people having fantasies of female celebrities pooping or peeing. I remember having a weird and arousing dream a month ago. I dreamt I was on a date with Mandy Moore (for any one that doesn't know her, she's a 17 year-old singer). I have the biggest crush on her. Anyway,in my dream,we was walking into my apartment building. She was sexy. She had long blonde hair, a white blouse(exposing her naval) with a red heart on it, tight blue denim daisy dukes, and thong sandals. We were holding hands walking towards the elevator and Mandy told me she had to use the restroom. So we were waiting for the elevator(to my apartment)and she was fidgeting telling me how bad she had to go. So the elevator door opened and we hopped on. I live on the ninth floor and while the elevator was going up, the elevator got stuck between the fourth and fifth floor. Mandy said "Oh No"! So I went over to the emergency phone and it wouldn't work. Then Mandy started fidge! ting and panicing some more. She said desperately(like a little girl),"I gotta use the bathroom!" I asked her if she had to pee. And she told me,"No, I gotta poop!" I said,"oh oh". I ran over to the emergency phone again trying to get it to work while Mandy began holding her butt and letting out pre-pooping farts. I hung the phone up and Mandy broke out in tears saying with a crack in her voice,"I can't hold it anymore". Then she said,"I'm gonna go in my daisy dukes!" Mandy then began to squat and let out a loud,juicy fart and began to fill up those daisy dukes. Mandy kept pooping and pooping. It seemed like forever. She was crying and after she was pooping,she started peeing. Peeing so much that she made a puddle on the elevator floor. By the time she was done, she stunk up that whole elevator. Mandy finally got up and I held my nose. She gave me a mean stare and she started to waddle to the upper left corner of the elevator. The front of those daisy dukes was almost see th! rough. And the back of those daisy dukes was brown, and so full of poop, that it look like she had a duckpin bowling ball in them. She even had a couple of turds peeking out of the leg part of the shorts. Mandy went to the corner and sat down. I could hear the poop smushing. Even a couple of turds came out of the leg part of the shorts and got on the floor. Mandy started crying hysterically. I looked at her in amazement while squeezing my nose. And thats when I woke up. I was like "WOW!" One actress I would like to dream of doing that is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Louise - a bad girl, you? No! Your openness is a real breath of fresh air. Youíre probably right about the older guy you saw in Spain having prostate trouble..... something a lot of us males have to Ďlook forward toí unfortunately. As you say Steve and I have a bit of time left to keep on peeing like racehorses!

As for your American friendís opinion ... itís just thatís what most Americans are used to, thatís all! I think if you asked many Aussies youíd get the same response but most people in England or Spain or other European countries would be horrified at the very idea of circumcision unless thereís a real medical need or some other significant cultural reason.

My cousinís fiance, ahmm, well yes. Her branch of the family is quite religious and she wanted a Jewish wedding but managed to get herself a non-Jewish boyfriend! Her parents were OK about it and her fiance didnít have any particular problem about changing religion .... except of course that he had Ďthat little bit extra downstairs' like Steve! That was the reason why. Unfortunately Iím not close enough to the guy to ask him how he finds the difference or whether itís affected his peeing style!! (Sure it must have). I thought it was quite a brave undertaking for a 27 year old even though he had it done in hospital under anaesthetic.

Now Noel. Thank you so much for explaining the origins of your fascination with pooping your pants. So it goes back to childhood? I was in no way denigrating your activities, simply saying that the idea does nothing for me .... each to their own as long as it hurts no-one else is my motto (I must say you came close with your friend Colin!) I donít think I have a single significant poop incident in my early childhood .... I never had an accident once I was toilet trained, never experimented with friends, never had severe constipation or needed suppositories or anything like that so I guess thatís why the idea doesnít interest me. I like the pleasure of passing a good load myself of course, but only either into a toilet or else out of doors on the ground or over a log on occasion, and enjoy reading the stories of others who feel the same. Sound effects from others so engaged (either sex) are also great but I have no real desire to see them in action.

Peeing now ..... well thatís another matter and I suppose you are right, it does develop in childhood. I can remember being thrilled from the first time I learnt to pee standing up about all the things I could do with my Ďnew toyí, where I could spray the pee and so forth. We lived in a suburban/rural fringe area so there were lots of woods and open space and as I got older my cousins and friends and brother and I would go off playing together and yes, peeing often did come into it. Everywhere boys can pee, we peed and the girls who accompanied us didnít hold back (when I first discovered there was a crucial difference down there!) This place gets ever more like therapy doesnít it.....


Kerry - Yes its true, women used to wear long skirts and would pee in the open under their skirts. When the railways were first built here in the UK (mid 19th century) there were no ladies toilets, nor were there public conveniences for women generally. It would be normal for a victorian lady to take a walk to the end of the station platform, stand and 'admire the view', in other words have a pee. Women's underwear at this time consisted of 'draws', two legs with an open crotch literally drawn together by ribbons and held with bows.

I doubt your victorian ancestors had any technique which you don't know. Where your experiment went wrong is that you didn't have the many under garments worn in victorian times, several layers of skirt for example. The under garments would get wet but the top skirt would remain dry. This, of course, raises the question of smell but I guess standards of personal cleanliness were different then (victorians, after all, had few changes of clothing).

As for your daughter's problem, in the past a former girlfriend found a wide necked fabric conditioner bottle (easily available here in the UK, not sure where you are from) very useful when camping. I posted about this before.

Welcome back Kendal & Andrew, you two never fail to surprise us! Also good to see you back Tim, I hope your recovery continues. Hello to all the other regulars.


Wednesday, January 17, 2002

Question guy
Is it true some years ago, that Paula Abdoul had a pooping accident in her jeans backstage at one of her concerts? I heard this from somewhere.

hi i am a very naughty girl and i like to poop all over the place. so far at home i have pooped in the bathtub, shower, in a bucket, on a piece of newspaper and an empty container.

Where do you like to poop other than the toilet in your home?

Tarheel Mike
Hi everyone. This morning I was sitting at my computer checking all my usual web sites when the urge to shit came on suddenly. Over the next few minutes the urge grew so intense that it felt like a zucchini was truing to come out my ass! I was seriously browncapping (a term I learned from listening to the Greaseman on DC-101 back when I lived in Washington). I had to drop what I was doing ans run to the bathroom NOW!
I made it just in time! I dropped my briefs, sat down on the toilet, let loose a hissy fart, followed by crackling sounds as my asshole opened up and let it out in one smooth continuous motion that seemed to last for an eternity. I moaned a sigh of relief, then got up to look at what I had given birth to. It was a snakelike coil, medium brown about an inch and a half in diameter and at least 15 inches long. O blessed relief, althouth I had to shit 3 more times that day (eating 2 or 3 large Bosc pears every morning will do that to you). By the way, I would love to see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck do a buddy dump in the woods, in fact I would join them! Bye

Outhouse Scott

A friend of my wife's was over this weekend and told us about a very emarrassing incident that happened to her in college. She had just gotten up and was in her pajamas (a t-shirt, sweatpants and socks) and walked into the women's room to take a shower. First she had to take her morning dump.

She was constipated that morning, and her dump was very hard work. She said she had a huge log hanging about halfway out her ass when the fire alarm went off. She figured it was a drill or a prank, and went back to working her shit out. But then a girl ran into the bathroom and shouted that if there was anyone in there, it wasn't a drill, and there was smoke in the hallway.

She pushed and pushed but it wouldn't budge, so finally she clenched her ass muscles and broke the log in half. She yanked up her underpants and sweats and rushed out. About halfway down the steps to the main entrance, the urge to shit came back in full force. She tried to hold it, but the bouncing up and down from running down the stairs was too much, and the rest of her BM squeezed out into her underpants.

Once she was outside, she thought about finding a bush to squat behind and empty out her underpants, but the RA immediately wanted a head count. She stood outside for almost a half hour with a load in her underpants. They finally let everyone back in (a boiler had overheated and was smoking), but she waited until almost everyone had gone back inside. She went back to the bathroom, went back in her stall and carefully stepped out of her sweats and underpants. She dropped the log (which she said was HUGE) into the toilet. Her underpants just had a faint brown stain on them, because the shit was so hard it barely even got squashed.

She peed, showered and threw her underpants in the hamper. She says she doesn't know to this day whether or not anyone noticed. She'd been eating a lot of vegetables so it didn't really stink, her sweats had managed to stay clean, so there was no spot or stain. She said there must have been a pretty noticeable bulge potruding from her butt, though. If anyone noticed, they never mentioned it.

I thought it was a pretty good story. Thought I'd share it with everyone (minus her name, of course!).


Ring Stretcher
BRYIAN: Yea, I noticed that carrots sometimes turn my big fat turds an orangish color. Do you live on the east coast? If so have you been to the Mutter Museum in Philly? It's full of medical oddities. They have the colon of a man who died of severe constipation--his turd was about 40 LBS I think!!! His colon was as big around as a human. Your stories are fun to read. Hope you like mine!

People have talked about pooping scenes in movies. When I was travelling abroad years ago me and some friends watched a foreign movie. There was a graphic 10 minute scene where a constipated girl was straining, grunting, moaing and sighing away on the toilet as her pal curled her hair with a curling iron in the mirror. They were chatting, but every so often you could hear loud splashes. Me and my friends thought she was having a real movement; a scene like that would never be shown in America, fake or real. It was pretty shocking but cool to watch. The girl curling her hair told her constipated friend to lay off the pasta and cheese. After the exhausted girl flushed her friend held up a box of what we presume were laxatives then handed her a plunger(she had already flushed but we presume it didn't go down).

To the concerned lurker,
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Itís not like that at all. You see, I had to lose some weight to improve myself for this long race. Being a lot lighter would work to my advantage. I had no time to lose it the old way. I needed some ďartificial assistanceĒ to reach my goal. I sure did, and I will have to stop taking these because I finished all of them. I will get some sleep tonight. But on the label, its says they arenít harmful. So that means no damage to me. And Melissa didnít taking any pills or drinks. I think she died of stress. Me on the other hand Iím not really stressed. Just hard worked. I really am touched and I really appreciate your concern but Iím feeling fine, feel great, and even though Iím no longer as muscular and strong, I feel great. But after the race I start to bulk up again and regain the mass I lost. Take Care.

Today I had a long piss. I stop working out and dragged myself to the toilet and I had a long piss. It lasted a long time. Next time Iíll have to time it. I wonder what my bladder capacity is?

When I was 13 (I'm 26 now) I went on a camping trip with the boy scouts to another state. There were lots of other scouts there (and I mean lots) and there were lines of porta potties scattered around the area. I have always hated those, though, but not too far from my campsite was the shower area, and next to it was a fully-functional bathroom.

The bathroom itself was interesting. It was mostly a big tent, but there was a trough area against the wall with some sinks. There was a
divider wall about four feet high that ran down the center of the room, and on one side of this wall were about fifteen toilets side by side, and fifteen toilets on the other side so there were about thirty toilets in all. The toilets themselves had a divider partition that only extended out to your knees or so (thus they were doorless) and the partitions only went up about four feet as well.

Now, I was pretty inhibited, and we were there for a couple of weeks, but it only took two days of using the porta-potties for me to become used to using the toilets. Before long, it wasn't at all uncommon to see me sitting there taking a dump surrounded by other kids doing the exact same thing. It made for some interesting conversations.

I remember one incident there where a friend of mine and I were going to go off somewhere and he said he had to take a dump first, so he went into this bathroom while I waited outside. I could see his feet from outside, but that was about it. I also had to go but figured I could wait until later. In later years, sometimes I kinda wished I had asked if he would have minded company as it seems I have missed out on this whole "buddy-dump" experience that I've read so much about here.

Oh yeah, there were also several outhouses, but I never used those. They were a room with something like a box sitting in the middle against the wall, and the box had four toilet seats on one side of it and four against the opposite side so it sat eight. I went to one at one point but decided against using it when I saw nobody else in there. That may sound strange, but I would have been more inhibited about being in there alone and somebody coming in than I would have about being in there with another person or persons and somebody coming in. I have always liked outhouses but seem to live in a state that is trying to "phase them out in the name of progress." Go figure

That's all for now, see you guys later.

hi, i had baseball triouts on saturday and i was waiting in the dug out to take turns batting and i had to poop real bad and the toilets were on the other side of the field so i just tried to let a little out and it all came out real fast. i was wearing my baseball pants from last year and they are white and strechy, they fit me real tight and i felt my but and it was a big bump everyone would see it. then it was my turn to bat and everyone was like what is that bump on you but, i said nothing and went to bat. the catcher was behind me and said gross you pooped your pants and he went and told the coach. the coach said go clean yourself up and i ran to the toilet, it was one of them johnny on the spots and i went in and pulled my pants down. it was a big round ball of poop, the toilet was real high and when i tried to dump it out of my underwear it fell on the floor. i just pulled up my pants and left, there was no paper in there. i had to go all day with poop on my butt, it ! was all crusty when i got my bath and peices floated to the top of the water. well gotta go my mom better not catch me on here. bye

I've seen a lot of talk about women in the old days wearing long skirts and no underwear, so they could pee convieniently while outdoors. I decided to try out this theory, so I put on a skirt that went just below the knees, took off my underwear and put on some thigh-high tights. I waited until my bladder was good and full and took my dog out for a walk. I stopped at the end of a dead end lane next to some woods and made sure nobody was around. I moved my feet shoulder width apart (to avoid peeing down my legs). I didn't adjust my posture much trying to simulate what women would have done. It took a few seconds to get started and I wanted the stream to flow out without any pushing. All went well for about 3 seconds then the stream moved forward and landed against the inside of my skirt just above the knees. I tried to slow the stream, but I already wasn't pushing. Eventually the stream returned more downward (but not before soaking the entire front of my skirt. Also th! e sole of my shoes were sopping wet from the puddle I was standing in. Did women really go like this or is there some trick??? The whole concept sounds useful - I could wear a skirt and take a much needed pee at some of the outdoor summer concerts.

Also, I need some advice about what the best homemade urinal for girls/women that is for use in a car. My daughter doesn't feel the urge to pee until her bladder is almost completely full and then she needs to go soon, usually before the next facilities. She's too shy to be squating along busy roads (and its embarassing) and her bladder is shockingly big for her age.

tried a few different positions but I can't pee standing up and send it forward very well so I somehow have to get my bum over the side or point it backwards; after I inadvertantly sprayed my shorts the first few times I also resorted to stripping from the waist down. This also seems better because balancing over the side there is a risk of falling overboard and I don't want to be struggling in rough sea with shorts and knickers round my ankles. I found it intensely embarassing the first few times particularly since the guys made no pretence not to watch and made jokes about it particularly when I ended up spraying my shorts. They still make jokes but we've all got used to it by now because I probably have to go three or four times in a day's sailing so most of them have probably seen me go more than a hundred times. Sometimes we get a new crewmember though; one or two have looked a bit embarassed. If the sea's very rough I have to ask one of them to hold my legs while I'm g! oing. I've also had to poo over the side a few of times something which none of the guys has ever had to do

here's my story

Today I pooped my pants. I thought it was a fart and then I felt something heavy and warm and moist making the seat of my briefs sag. I immediately raced back into the restaurant I was at and used their bathroom to clean up as best I could. I considered taking off my briefs and pulling up my pants and washing my underpants in the sink but there were too many people in the bathroom and I couldn't decide. So what I did was after getting as clean as possible I lined both my bum and my pants with a lot of toilet paper to protect my pants and the car seat from any possible poop contamination. I was feeling pretty clever about that until later when a piece of toilet paper (which was fortunately clean) managed to make its way down my pant leg and out onto the floor of a drug store where a clerk noticed it and (luckily for me) thought that it was just a piece of toilet paper that had got stuck to my shoe. When I got home I immediately washed all the clothes I was wearing and! took a complete shower of course.

Kathy & RJogger and friends. Hi! I'm keeping well thank you at the moment and hope you are too. Hope to hear more stories from you.

Tim and Sarah. Tim, I'm glad you were able to tell Sarah about this forum openly. Obvioiusly she's got a very keen sense of when you're apprehensive about something. You did the right thing though. Sarah, you sound like the most wonderful understanding wife that a man could have and Tim is very lucky to be your husband. Hope he realises it.

Sarah & Meghan. I enjoyed you post. Best wishes to Robby and Annie too.

Anne (housewife). I liked the account of your accident and the big motion you did the other day. It was great.

Regards to everyone


To kampkounselor: I liked your you have any poop stories from the conselors or campers?

To Mac: I like your story...How old are you and your buddy? Have you ever dumped with your buddy before and are you guys pretty open about pissing/dumping together??

To Kim & Scott: I loved that was great

To Tarheel Mike: I liked your buddy dumping!

Thats it for now..bye

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi Rowdy Toileteers!

The story in this post is a tribute to Robby's late wife, Sue. I ask the moderator to allow this to post through. She passed from this world 3 years ago Wednesday(16th). Robby is singing that night so it is rather appropriate. She and I got pretty wild in the loo. In 1991 Alan, my husband, and I, Robby and Sue were on our second cruise together. As luck would have it we were both given a suite. We were out sunning on the deck and Sue and I were being silly. Suddenly Sue got wide-eyed and clutched her ????. She whispered;"I've got to shit something terrible." Well, she got up and started running through the sea of people with her hand clutching her bum. I was running after her. Robby and Alan didn't know what was going on. Mind you, our staterooms were way across the ship. I've never seen a woman move that fast!!! I unlocked the door and she rushed into the loo, dropped her swim bottoms, sat down, and let out the most raucious fart I have ever heard. Some soft poo start! ed running out. She said;"Thank god". While she was shitting some more soft poo I pulled off my suit and stepped into the tub. I started weeing a steady stream. Those two daft sods Robby and Alan thought we were being funny and ordered drinks and food to be brought up. Well, they staged this entrance! The poor guy bringing the stuff was in front of the idiots. They opened the door and Robby sang out;"Room service". There was Sue sitting on the toilet shitting her brains out and I was weeing myself silly. The expression on the purser's face was total shock. Sue looked up and though her pain and shits and said;"Put it over there, those bloody bastards will pay you"!!! It wasn't funny then but it is now! Sleep on, my dear! See you later! Love, Annie

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hi, you two! Is that precious girl, Ellen, getting used to living there with you? KENDAL, you were wonderful in opening your arms to her. You will have to set an example, especially in the loo. The proper way of holding your dress up and pulling your knickers down to the knees. The proper holding of the shirt over the nose to muffle those stinky trumps and poos of Andrew!! I seem to see that you are having more Cullompted poos lately. They are very healthy ever so often. ANDREW: I know you will be the wonderful person to Ellen as you have been to Kendal. I am looking for more stories from you involving your girl friends on the loo. Also, please give all of the love and understanding you can to your Mum and Dad. They need it more than ever now! Take care!! A big kiss and a hug to both of you(and Ellen)!! Lots of Love, Aunty Annie

DEAR RIZZO: That story about your school days was a hoot. You were quite a rowdy lad in school, weren't you,haha! My poos are of the cullompted variety and have been ever since I entered the U.K.! I don't know what to do except go with the flow, so to speak. As you have eloqently told Tim, there may be people hurt if our secret ever got out. I use my first name for business. Annie is my middle name. It is a shame we can't meet and talk but it is better this way. I would miss all of you if we had to leave. It was good advice to Meghan about what to do to win the weeing contest. She can be VERY brutal,LOL! Robby called me and asked me to tell you that he heard a well known actress take a wonderful dump. He didn't see it but he said she strained so loud and her trumps were deafening. I am proud to say she is English. Take care my dear friend! Lots of Love from Annie

SCOTT AND KIM: That was a mega dump, my dear. WOW! You can push them our, can't you? I am impressed. Take care, Love, Annie

STEVE AND LOUISE: Yes, I am a part of Louise's devilish mind and behavior and proud of it, LOL! My dumps are getting like yours, Louise. I have to see what I am eating. I am drinking more water! You know what that means!! Steve, don't be embarrassed about your willie being talked about from country to country. It has already become a conversation "piece". The girls are going to practice the weeing for distance in the gym shower at school. I just hope they don't get thrown out!! Take care, you two. Love from Annie

PV: Hi sweet gal! Is Aus going to the dunes or the wees? I was branded by certain parties as a partial judge in the weeing contest. I won't say who(Megs),hehehe! Take care, dear! Love from Annie

TIM AND SARAH: What a wonderful post! Tim, you were taking a risk in revealing this to your wife but I am glad Sarah was so understanding. SARAH: Welcome to the forum. You will find that we are just normal folk who aren't embarrassed to discuss their toilet habits or adventures. We do keep our identity secret so we won't be known to the "general public". It is regretable because I would love to meet so many friends I have made on here. This is how it should be. Take care, Love from Annie, Robby, Sarah S and Meghan.

WELCOME TO: Static, Tarheel Mike and Serian.

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Jane and Gary, Rjogger and Kathy, Mina, Alana, Adele, Althea, Adrian, Mindy, Mandy, Ephermal, Jasta and Mark, Dear Carmilita and Jake, Pat and Renee, Nu, Tina, Jeff A, DianeNY, Sarah T, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Flaxie, Ina-hi sweetie!, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Ashley, Gina, Amy(co-ed), Erin, Laura, Meredith and AMANDA, Melanie, Amazon, Gurli, Tricia, Bry, Bryian, Julie, Ring Stretcher, Tailwagger, Kara M, Elena, LindaGS, Plunging Plop Guy, Sarsen, Betsie, Kelly-Marie, Diva, Marianne, Alexa, Yachtsman, Anne(housewife)-welcome back, Noel, Bridget, Arthur, Ellie and Little Lou and others I have neglected to name!


KIM AND SCOTT - Hey girl I liked that story. It may be all that exercise
kind of shook the log out of you. It happens to me sometimes, that. I
went to Aikido and then I came home really needing a good shit. I just
went in the bathroom and dropped a lot of pebbles in the toilet as well
as a 6 inch long log.
LOL yeah I will try to get Steve to write again this week. He is very
busy with work and a lot of other things.
Yeah I do not think the dad who walked in when I was shitting needed to
have a wee himself like his litle son did he? Well I did not look at the
front of his pants or anything because I would have blushed a lot more.
Love Louise xx

LOUIS - Yeah I do write a lot of letters right now and I can write about
things we have done at the weekend and all that. I had time last week
because Steve was away working. I did not had a lot to do but a little
bit of housework and practice my kung fu alone each night and I had
been to Aikido classes twice last week as well. I had not done a lot
of interesting toilet stuff really but I had done a bit of hovering
my bum over the toilet and some standing too, and a wee in the bathroom
sink, and a couple of wees standing in the shower but not a lot more.
You know for years I thought most men's willies were about the size of
Steve's and he never said it was any bigger than most and he is not a
conceited man so I did not realise. It is like I said, I never saw a willy
before his weeing or not! Well you know I have not measured him but I bet
my last post did not get on because I tried stating his size. It is
really only the last 3 years when I have been to the beaches in Spain
and seen a lot of other men and boys that I found that Steve had a
bigger one than most. My mum said so too!
Well I know Steve has seen a lot of women weeing because he had a lot
of girlfriends before me and we have been to the nude beaches and
stuff, so he knows how girls are different how we pee, some fierce
a bit like me, and some who just do little trickles and things like
that. You know I think I am getting a bit like that with looking at
men. I am getting a bit of a bad girl aren't I? LOL
Well I thought about how thick Steve's stream is and yeah I think you
are right, when he is completely relaxed his stream is quite thick
but it is thinner a lot of the time.
Well yeah I read a bit about how mens' prostate glands can get bigger
when they get older and I thought about that when we were in Spain
and I saw a guy who was fifty something with wee just running out of
his willy very slowly and it kept stopping and going again. I thought
maybe he had prostate trouble because I read about how it can cause
men problems! Steve is all right yet but he only 35 LOL. I am 28 if you
wanted to know that.
Yeah it does like most uncut men do pull the foreskin back when having
a wee.
When a friend I have from America was here we got talking about men
and having a laugh and things, and I can not remember how we got
talking about Steve not been circumcised but we did, and she was
saying he should be. Well I did not agree, he had no reason to have
it done because he can wee all right, he can pull his foreskin back
well and he really does keep it very very clean. That is what is
important isn't it you know? If he can wee all right, and the other
things then he can keep his foreskin.
I thought about that because you said your cousin's fiance had it
done. Did he have trouble weeing and was it too tight or something?
Oh I liked what Rizzo said as well. I know what his is like now. LOL
Steve's does shrink a bit when very very cold but not small like an
acorn or anything. In the cold he is still quite long really.
Hey yeah I will get Steve to write again but he is very busy.
Love Louise xxxxx

RIZZO - Hi guy! Yeah I am still a bad girl! Oh yeah what you said told
me what your foreskin will look like. I have seen them like that. I also
know how your stream comes out because Steve's stream is a little bit
twisty just when it has come out of his pee hole and it goes a bit more
settled. You know I never thought about wee as being central heating for
dicks. LOL I do not really know if Steve is the same like that. You said
that when you were little your stream was difficult to aim. Was it that
it shot off to one side like Steve does if he does not pull his foreskin
Hey I liked that story from your university days. I never did that and
mistook a guy in a stall for a girl but I had a dad and his son hammer
on the bathroom door when we were in Scotland. Did you read that?
Love Louise xxxxx

ANNIE, SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi!!! Well I hope I do have a little bit of a
bachelorette party but it will be about 3 nights before the wedding
because I want to look nice and feel good when I marry him. Well I will
try and round up my friends and get a good long line of girls wetting the
floor. It would be fun.
Oh yeah please say how your shower wee goes!

INA - Hi girl! Well if you are very happy using your method then well it
is not up to me to tell you that you should not use it. I mean that is
what I have said in my letters a lot of times. You know, that we have
choices and that. No, you must enjoy doing it your way if it is what you like.
Love Louise xx

SARAH (TIM'S WIFE) - Oh yeah, yeah, of course we can wee standing! Why
should we not? Because our mums tell us we can not? My mum was never
like that and she taught me some real good ways to wee standing.
Hey why don't you try doing it in the shower or your bath? Just stand up
and do it and not worry if it goes down your legs or anything because it
just does not matter first time. If it does not work to well then it
does not matter, because if I help you learn to spread the lips and lift
then you will be able to aim your stream and join in the fun!

PV - Hey girl I liked your nude wee under the stars. Well I do not think
I ever did that exactly but when we first started courting, I liked it
when we sat down and Steve pointed out the stars when it was a clear
night. It was very romantic. We still do that sometimes. Did you not feel
so very small?



Hi everyone:
Steve, thanks for your story about your exam room experience when you pooped in your briefs. I really enjoyed reading it. I had a similar experience in school (not during an exam) when the teacher refused to let me leave the class. I was desperate both to poop and pee. I ended up doing both in my pants. I too had to walk home after - wet and dirty. More about that another time.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly): Thanks for your response to Jane. You ask, ' don't you hate how pooping is deemed so "dirty", and "so bad", by all of the prudes in this American-society?' My experience is that it is just as bad in society here in the UK. I was brought up to regard the toilet as a dirty place that you should never mention. I remember when we had company when I was about 7, saying, "I need to go to the lavatory." My father replied, "Just go, we all don't want to hear about 'that'!!" At that sort of age I remember questioning in my mind a sign on a door along the corridor that linked the Church with the Sunday School rooms in our local Methodist Church. It said, "Minister's Lavatory." I thought a minister was so pure and holy that he'd never go into such a dirty place. Obviously, not thinking of the biological implications at that age, I thought minister's would never pee or poo! That sign troubled me till we studied biology at school! Last year I thought my b! est male friend of nearly 20-years standing should know that since before I first met him at a youth group, I have loved filling my underpants with poo or peeing into them or doing both at the same time. He no longer wants anything to do with me. I was always "Mr Nice-Guy" to him. Now I am "Mr Nasty and Revolting Guy"! I feel really sad about his response!

Louis: You write, "I'm at a loss to know what so many people seem to get out of making a mess in their pants that then has to be cleaned up." I think so many people think along these lines. I share something of my own initiation to "making a mess in my pants", hoping that it will not only help you to understand, but others too. When I was 4-years old, my brother was born. Having had the undivided attention of my Mother until then, I now had a competitor. I am told I used to do many bad things around that time. I do know that on this particular day my Mother was very angry over something I had done. I went to the bottom of the very long garden we had and hid among the ornamental shrubs and hedges. I felt 'safe' there. I remember squatting down and stayed like this for a bit. I was conscious of the need to poop. I did not want to go indoors because Mother was angry. I held off until my little underpants just suddenly filled with soft warm poo. I was both terrified, as my M! other would be even more angry, but also had such a great feeling of "comfort" from the poop against and between my bum cheeks. Well, Mother was very angry. She knew what I'd done and grabbed the seat of my shorts to confirm her suspicions. As she did so the poop squelched in my underpants. It added to the earlier bliss I'd felt in the garden. The word "comfort" is key here. When I was about 8 I was sad over something. I wanted "comfort" and still remembered to greatest comfort I had ever experienced in the garden about 4-years earlier and in subsequent poo and pee accidents in school. I wanted to re-enact the experience. Knowing I dare not mess my pants, I used this terrible hard toilet paper we then had (like tracing paper) to spread across the toilet seat to form a sort of web, which was very strong in the middle where the four lengths all crossed. Gently easing myself onto this I then pushed out all the turds. Sometimes it was hard turds, other times it was a soft poop t! hat shaped itself to my bottom. I got away with it. I got told off for using too much toilet paper! By the time I was 10 I was experimenting in my underpants. The trouble was washing them out and getting them dry again. Changing schools at 11, I made some new friends. During the holidays, I spent a lot of time at their houses. I discovered one friend had his spare underpants in an airing cupboard in the bathroom. The other had his spare underpants neatly stacked by his mother in the chest of drawers in his bedroom. I really felt like a thief now. I would borrow a pair of their underpants, stuffing them into my pocket and then going into their respective bathrooms I'd strip off my own underpants so I could put theirs on and put my own back on over the top. I'd them use their pants to poop in. I'd even be in school wearing one or other of their pants with big skid marks in as a result of my pooping them. Little did they know!! Later, having washed them as best as I could, and ! dried them in our roof space (adjacent to our attic). I had loosened a side panel to get into the roof space, which was never noticed. I then at an appropriate time smuggled them back to where I had got them in my friend's homes. One day I was so desperate to poop in Colin's house, that I stripped off in his bathroom and taking a pair of his underpants straight out of the airing cupboard, put them on, and sitting on the loo let out this enormous load. I was 14 by then. It so distended the pants that when I stood up it seemed I had got a melon in them. It was sheer bliss. The sense of comfort was overwhelming. Then I did something very bad. I realised I had been enjoying my comfort for a while. Colin would wonder what I was doing - so I took his pants off and folded them up, squashing my load fairly flat, and pushed them behind the bottom of the 6ft tall hot water cylinder standing on the floor of the airing cupboard. At least the water was always cold right at the bottom. I ! remember my cheeks were not too messy and cleaned up quickly, got dressed and rejoined Colin downstairs. He never ever mentioned these pants. Whether the aunt he lived with ever punished him I do not know. She was a nice lady. Quite likely, she may have thought, "Poor Colin, he must have been so embarrased to mess his pants at 14" - and said nothing so not to humiliate him further! I just don't know! I got away with it!

Well, I have continued to fill my pants ever since. I've tried to "give it up" often, and may have gone 6-months or more or several occasions. But in a number of trauma's in my life, including the death of my wife from 'Huntington's Disease' at an early age, I have never been able to completely give up doing it in my pants. It has always been when I have really need comfort. I have often felt guilty of doing this as a practising Christian. I know I have comfort in the Lord - and God has been good to me and my family - but often I feel the need for that tangible comfort in a good pair of messed up and/or wet briefs or boxer briefs. Cleaning up is much easier these days with our shower. I lower the pants to my knees and carefully lifting the loaded part above the waistband tip the bulk into the loo. I then pull them up again get into the shower. I am them able to drop the pants to knee level again, and shower out all the remaining soft poo with the shower head. Taking them! off, I hold them under the shower and rub good quality Imperial Leather soap into them and throw them over to the sink. After I shower all the poo off me switlling it all down the drain - and then proceed with with my shower as usual. Finally I give the underpants a final wash in the bathroom sink. I then put out to dry. I do not wear them again until they have gone through the washing machine with a normal wash load first. I've never needed to throw dirty underpants away for many years now.

Well, there is much more I can share. But there will be plenty more posts to do so. It is such a relief to share things on this forum that I cannot share with anyone else. I hope too, Louis, that that gives insight into how I got involved. You write, "But maybe I should try it one of these days and see if it does anything for me??" My guess is that it will probably not do anything for you. I am quite happy to be proved wrong on that.

Until my next post . . .


Monday, January 14, 2002

Hi Kim- the log queen from New Jersey. You stated in an earlier post that you give stool specimens to a doctor every so often. I'd love to hear about your last visit in detail? and
what size of a container,etc. do you give to him/her? I Can only imagine!!! THANKS

That was quite a load you pumped out for Scott! I bet you can qualify for the landfill, your logs are so HUGE! Every time I read these stories, I try to imagine such LITTLE females pushing out these MASSIVE logs- but I tell you that even my imagination has trouble visualizing such MONSTROUS logs coming from a human being! I'm just curious- Does your anus close again after birthing one of your 3 or 4 inch diameter giant torpedoes? Do you use any lubricant? What's the longest that you've "held in" one of these monsters? How long does it take for your butt to stop hurting afterwards? Does Scott film all these "special events" for you? Sorry for all the questions, Kimmie!
Please keep up your "Great" work! We do love your stories!

Hey everyone. I am an employee at Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston, TX. One of the first things I noticed is that in the South end of Terminal C (Gates C-43 thru C-48) is that there are 3 women's restrooms spaced out over a few hundred yards before there is a men's room. I noticed it when I saw a guy deplaning and running down the terminal and into the men's room. I thought that there was supposed to be an equal ratio of restrooms. Doesn't bother me any, though, if I had to go that badly I would go down one of the jetways and hang it out there onto the tarmac below. Anyone who has flown into IAH ever noticed this? Also I like to load my pants sometimes and tonight after work I got a package of brief-style underwear (I usually wear boxer-briefs), put one of them on and took a big dump then emptied it out into the toilet, it felt good.

I'm a college senior. Each summer during college, I've been a couselor at a boys' summer camp in the North Carolina mountains. Swimming, sailboating, hiking, horseback riding, crafts, the usual stuff. The kids are ages 8 to 15; those of similar ages stay in cabins together, with one counselor assigned to each cabin of 10 to 14 boys.

Couselors are required to show up the week before the opening of camp each summer for orientation and training. At these sessions, one point of emphasis is how to handle bedwetting and wet pants, the object being, of course, to minimize the embarrassment of the kid in question. And believe me, it happens. Wet bunks are common in the 8-year-old cabin, but it's happened in the older cabins, too. And one time, a 13-year-old peed his jeans on horseback when his horse suddenly bolted for the barn with the kid hanging on for dear life.

One thing the orientation sessions didn't cover, however, was what to do when a counselor wets his pants! My first summer there (I was 19), one of my fellow counselors snuck a 12-pack of Bud into camp after returning from a drive on camp business to the hardware store a few miles away. Alcohol inside the camp was strictly forbidden, of course, but the kids were getting on our nerves, and we were getting ready to leave with a busload of them to go higher up into the mountains for a two night tent campout. A real nightmare: the camp director driving the bus, three counselors, and about 20 kids in the "older" age range of the campers (12 to 15). Clearly we three "lucky" counselors assigned to this duty needed to settle our nerves, so we ducked into the kitchen of the dining hall and quickly polished off the 12-pack as the bus was being loaded with the tents, cookout gear, and so forth. We finished the beer by the time the kids began boarding the bus, and we went to pi! ss before we departed. In my case, however, the beer hadn't yet reached my bladder, and I only produced a few ounces.

Midway through the bus trip (which would take just over an hour), the beer was making its presence known in a big way. I considered running up to the front of the bus and asking the director to pull over for a minute, but I knew I had beer on my breath, and I couldn't risk it.

And I couldn't tell either of the other counselors, who were up toward the front of the bus, my plight without being overheard by some of the campers. Anyway, they both smelled of beer too, and wouldn't want to ask the director to stop. I had no choice but to tough it out. Fortunately, I had no seatmate; I was beside a window near the rear of the bus, and the aisle seat was piled with my backpack, and those of two of the campers. I pressed my legs together. I rocked back and forth in my seat. I wiggled my feet. I sucked in my breath. Finally, I put my hand between my legs and squeezes myself through my shorts. But it was no good. Here I was, 19 years old, a role model for the kids, and I was about to wet my pants for the first time in a decade. Well, the first time by accident in a decade, anyway.

I grabbed my backpack and put it in my lap. I leaned forward, pressing the backpack with my chest, which in turn pressed against my crotch. By this time, my legs were bouncing rapidly, my pulse was racing, sweat was breaking out on my forehead despite the cool mountain air, and I felt myself on the verge of losing control. At that moment, the bus turned into the gravel parking area of the campground, and the volume of exited young voices increased. We were here! And I was going to make it! I "sucked it up" and contracted every muscle I could manage in order to make one last stand. Only a few seconds, surely...

The bus came to a stop, and I started to stand, as did many of the boys. Mr. Sullivan, the director/driver, stood and turned around. "Keep your seats a moment, gentlemen!" he called. "Before we set up camp, a few announcements..." My heart sank. I could no longer hold it. I felt a hot squirt. I shut it off for a few seconds. Another squirt. Again I was able to shut it off, but I felt the wetness in my boxers now clinging to my thighs, and I knew, even though I couldn't see them, that my khaki camp shorts now had a dark spot on them. Mr. Sullivan droned on, saying what I have no idea, and I sat there and helplessly wet my pants.

Finally, the campers were permitted to leave the bus. Two of them grabbed their backpacks from the seat beside me, oblivious to my plight. The bus emptied except for me and one other counselor, who then walked back toward me. "Damn, I thought ol' Sullivan was never gonna finish! I gotta pee like a racehorse," he said, grabbing his crotch suggestively. "Tell me about it," I said, lifting up my backpack to reveal my soaked shorts. "You tell anyone about this, and you're dead," I added. And as far as I know, he never did. I snuck off into the woods to finish pissing (still had an amazing amount left), and to change clothes from my backpack, and then I returned to the bus to dry off the seat. The incident was never mentioned.

Been a little busy latly...haven't posted a message in a few days cause i've had to work overtime alot latly.

I was at work today and i had lunch at 12:30 and on top of it i had eatten such a huge breakfast around 8:30 this morning and i ate some carrots along with my sandwich and pasta salad. Does any one ever notice when they eat carrots it brings on a strong urge to poop? And they turn your turds light brown or maybe slightly tinted orange?? And its like you had to strain. After i finished my lunch today i've had a slight urge to poop(think its from that carrots). Im gonna hold it till i can't hold it any more. I love these kinds of dumps!!

To Melanie: I liked your when you hung your butt on the side of the tub was your brother on the toilet(were you in the same bathroom as him??)?? How old are you and your brother?

To Tom: I liked your story about your friend having to take a huge shit while out in the woods

Special hello's to Aaron, Kim And Scott, Steve and all the others keep the storys coming...gotta go, bye


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