Hey, nice pic...this is how I imagine one of my friends looks on the pot...

NU: What kind of diet are you on? Some of these diets have dairy in them, so may be that's what's messing up your system. Sometimes you find out you are lactose intolerant the hard way...That's how I found out I was LI, when trying to down Kahlua and milk-mixed drinks (e.g. Black Russian)...I'm Asian too...some of you can guess that with the handle used...

My mom keeps telling me I should try slim-fast but I told her I didn't want to have to run to the bathroom all the time. Actually it probably wouldn't be terrible...cheese is the only thing that will consistently make me need to dump load. Even with the lactaid. But a lot of other stuff makes me fart too.

They say Asians are more likely to be LI. Well, I saw some small evidence of this on a recent flight I was on. They decided to serve fettucine alfredo, lasagna, and chicken with mashed potatoes. Often the potatoes are made with a milk base, too. I had the lactaid so I didn't suffer too much. But this pretty Asian girl not far from where I was "disappeared" for a while. Later on, another Asian girl walked back to the bathroom and released a SBD fart while walking past our aisle. A woman next to me had to fan it...the Asian girl disappeared for a while too...

Of course, I didn't talk to either girl, but hey, the evidence speaks for itself...
happy dumping...


Hi all,
Not a lot to report lately. Still preening over my tail-growing success! I left a fairly small pile of goodies in my knicks the other day and when I farted one of them dropped out onto the pavement!
There was an old chap walking behind me - he was probably admiring my little red miniskirt and my black tighted legs - so he must have had a shock when a little brown sausage dropped out!
It was a cute little sausage though (a bit knobbly too!)!!.

concerned lurker
Hi, I have been lurking for a very long time, and am just concerned about someone on this board.

DIANE! stop eating all those weight loss pills, get sleep. stop working so hard...look, i can tell youre not one to take advice, but please, i beg you, stop taking anything even remotely affiliated with weight loss and for gods sake stop working out so hard. these exact actions are the kinds of things that i would bet my life savings on killed your friend. please, i would hate to see you or anyone suffer the same fate. just i am just concerned for you, i always try to help people any way i can, and i see what youre doing is highly unhealthy, and could without a doubt result in death. i know you are very intelligent, please heed this warning...


RJOGGER and WIFE (Rich and Kathy)
The picture of the spread legged blonde pulling the joyroll is exciting. You can only guess what she has deposited in the bowl, so the picture is intriguing. Some quick hellos, then we are outta here.
Jane - Whew, so real spicy food does a number on you also? Have you ever tried taking dairy free acidophilus, a bacterium that turns milk into yogurt, and will also populate the colon with friendly flora? It may also remove some of the poop odor. Kathy and I take the stuff daily, between meals, on the advice of a naturopathic physician that we have consulted over the years. It seems that once you get going you are a real pooping machine. Great story though.
Pico Tamale (The Butterfly) - Hi, it's Kathy. I must have missed something, as I did not see your last post. I'm sorry, I usually try to reply to people who comment on something that I wrote. But I did finally find it on page 798. In answer to your question, I eat 4 or 5 smaller, but balanced meals (protein, complex carbs and a fruit or vegetable) per day. My diet include about 30 to 35 grams of fiber, but the reason Anne and I had to go so urgently was the olive that we consumed on the bread we ate at lunch. So you wish that you had been in the ladies with us? Who knows, we may have invited you, but you would have been expected to control yourself, ie doing something other than poop in your pants.
Tina - A stuck zipper, then you fall in the bowl onto your poop? You seem to have crazy toilet adventures also. Kathy and I enjoyed the story, and it made us laugh.
Nu - Hi, it's Kathy. Thanks for saying that you love our stories, and let me tell you that we love yours. Rick read the first one and called me over to read it. He only said it was a friend of Carmalita's, and wow, it was a great story. Your latest story was cool too. Watching Angie shit the way you did reminded me of when Anne and I would watch each other while we were in high school. And watching Jake was even better. He sounds like a real hunk, Carmalita is a very lucky girl. I have been watching Rick poop since we started going out almost 38 years ago, and I would rather see a guy poop then a gal. You be well, Nu, and please post often.
Adrian - It's Kathy, Adrian, how are you? I guess you could say that my crazy runner of a husband was very lucky to get to watch all 3 of us go. We did kind of hold it somewhat, as we knew that Rick was finishing up some repairs in one of our bathrooms. Just to reward him for his effort and hard work, we decided to buddy dump our brains out before he could escape. Be well.
Rizzo - Yes sir, you are the king of the pee stories. Great story about Gladys and Marion peeing in the unisex, it was very funny. Take care, good sir, hope to speak to again soon. Rich.
Carmalita - You little prankster, you, oh boy did you get Jake but good. Kathy and I laughed our heads off reading that story! Then, your poop story was, well classic Carmalita, a wonderful little description of a beautiful little lady plopping out a monster load. That Jake paid you back with his dirty socks was cool also, in fact the whole story was terrific. But that is what we have come to expect from our wonderful little Latina dynamo. Be well, Carmalita, we Love ya! Rich and Kathy.
Robby, Annie, Sarah S, and Meghan - Cool, so you know some folks here in the Metro NY Area, specifically our home county; or, as Noreen is now calling our neighborhood, Poop Central. She is getting out of hand lately, and Kathy and Anne are going right along with it (LOL!!). You folks also provide some great stories to this site, be well, we look forward to your next adventure.
Hellos also to Renee and Patsy, Diane NY, Kim and Scott, Buzzy, Muggs, and everyone else out here.

That's all we have time for. We will speak to folks again soon.

this amazing thing happened to me today I was at a community concert indoors when I had to piss so I went to the ladies room which was of course a long line I waited when I finally got close the woman infront of me walked over to an empty spot in the bathroom still in view though she pulled her pants and thongs completely off she was wearing a tampon she first peed then she wiped with a box of kleenex on the sink then she stood up and pulled her bloody tampon out threw it in the garbage then stands up with her pussy obviously showing and starts asking the women in line if the have a tampon some one finally gave her one and she raised her leg proped it against the wall and inserted it I guess she wasn't too modest.

I love Saturdays. A day for nothing but messing around. My buddy & I were at the mall shopping for jeans & shoes. We hit the food court & got drinks & burgers before we hit the stores. Getting what we needed
we took off for home. That afternoon we were tossing the football around in the park. I got a sudden demanding urge for a shit & since I already needed to piss we took a break. (Oh by the way I hadn't had a shit in 2 days) The bathroom in the park has 2 stalls with no doors. There was a dude in 1 & a couple guys taking a piss at the urinals. I went into a stall & my buddy waited for the other guy to finish so he could crap too.. Sitting on the can I let a good hard ripping fart out & the guy next to me was wiping. He said "oh good one" he elft & my buddy took his spot. He began to piss as I farted a few more times. I had a cramp & my first turd began to emerge. It continued to come slowly. As I'm doing this one my buddy starts dropping smaller turds with lots of plopping. I drop my log & let out 4 more in quick succession. My buddy lets a wet fart out with a shit explosion & begins to wipe. I'm letting a few more farts & my next log op! ens my ass wide for a BIG one. I push hard to get it going more. My buddy asks if I'm done & I say not yet. I drop a few more logs & finially feel done. Just a little piss comes now but not much. I clean up but my toilet won't flush. Someone's gonna get a surprise. We start walking back to my place & after a couple blocks I now need to piss. There's still several blocks before I get home but I know I won't make it. We take a shortcut down an alley where I can take a piss without being seen. I stand behind a dumpster & pull out my very fat/full dick & begin to piss like crazy. I go for about 2 1/2 minutes. Whew that felt great.
Jason--yea having buddies to go with is great. We went to high school & played football together. You get to know each other pretty well in the locker room. Those tight pants & all that padding lead to a few mishaps too.

Curries really make you go!!!!!!!

I had a curry last night and some beer and it all wanted to come out today. I went about 11 and it was reasonably firm. It slid out very easily. Nothing huge, well not compared to others on here but probably 8 inches and 1 inch wide and a few other poops.

Then about 40 mintues I felt another load drop and I quickly got the toilet sat down and it all just flew out. The Term softscoop I think is quite apt :) Boy did it feel good once Id done it though. Took a few sheets to clean up and left quite a stink

Does anyone else often go and then shortly after have to rush back. Apart from when they've got the runs?


I just thought of another story I remember. I was about
10 years old. I was at the store with my mom when I needed to use the bathroom. AS I was sitting on the toilet with my feet dangling in the air and my little pink panties down around my ankles, I heard a strange sound coming from the next stall. The women next to me was making these loud straining noises. I then heard 2-3 "splooshes." I then heard her sigh in relief. I got done doing what I was in there for (just peeing)
and went to wash my hands. I heard the toilet flush and out walked an older lady in her mid-thirties. She was relly pretty.
Another celebrity I would love to see on the toilet straining out some logs would be Sandra Bullock and Amanda Peet. Bye for now!

kim and scott -fun in the basement
greetings all!
last friday my parents went out with some friends so I called my boyfriend scott over my house. when scott came over my house we went to the international house of pancakes to have dinner. at this place you can have breakfast,lunch and dinner. hey maybe since its international maybe our friends rizzo,steve and louise,pv,lawn dogs kid and kendal will be there!haha just kidding. no such the way is there an international house of pancakes in england? just curious. anyway when we ate dinner scott and I both had steak,potatoes, and peas on the side. we both drank soda. after we ate we drove back to my house where scott and I tried to work off our big meals by pumping iron and doing many sit-ups and push-ups down in my basement. when we were doing this I felt a massive motion coming on strong inside of idea then hit me as I got some old newspaper and put them on the basement floor next to my weightlifting bench. I then slipped off my clothes and knelt my body on ! the weightbench with my ass sticking out towards scott. I wanted to have a log on the weightbench and have it fall on the papered basement floor.I already had logs while kneeling on the toilet and kneeling on my bathroom countertop so this was a change for me. I then pushed real hard as a big brown log appeared out of my ass. I then pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and ring expanded wider."oohh!' I moaned as my log grew still bigger.each push I did rocked my body in pure pleasure. I then pushed harder as my log grew to a ridiculous size!there was no stopping my gigantic beast from escaping its cage now as I pushed really hard as my long,thick piece of brown dynamite grew still larger. I then teased the living hell out of scott by wiggling my ass in his direction when it was filled with elephant sized shit!I smiled over my shoulder at scotts unscrewing eyeballs as I pushed real hard and blasted the rest of my mighty log out of my quivering hole. my log landed on! the newspapered basement floor with a big crunch."OMIGOD!" scott cried out surprised as he then said "OMIGOD!" again as he saw my pink ass quiver excitedly again as another big brown log appeared out of my ass. I then pushed harder and harder as my log grew bigger and bigger! I then pushed really hard as this log too grew gigantic in size.I then teased scott again by wiggling my elephant sized log at him like some tasty carrot stick. "OMiGOD kimmie I dont think I can take much more of your monster log teasing!" scott said excitedly. I then took a deep breath and blasted my second log out of my throbbing hole. this log landed next to my first log on the papered floor.scott then got the measuring tape upstairs and measured my first bigger log at 20 inches long. 3 inches thick. and my second log at 16 1/2 inches long.2 1/2 inches thick."wow kimmie you sure can pass humongous torpedoes." scott said happily."yes and I love it!" I replied. "you and me both kim!" scott answered ! back as we both laughed. scott and I then went up to the bathroom where scott dumped my two logs in the toilet while I then wiped myself,flushed and put on my clothes again.after this scott and I then watched a movie on my vcr. hoped you liked the story all!
TO KRISTY-hello girl. loved your post about your 20 inch log.
TO ROGER P-hello. thanks for liking my stories. lets hear more of yours. especially with you and your lady buddy dumping together. be well.
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello girl.nice to hear from you again.
TO PV-hello there my friend. thanks for liking my post.I tell you it feels so heavenly passing the gigantic logs that I do.I hope your well red headed beauty from down under.
TO ROBBY-hello.thanks for liking my posts. scott and I are back in school now. we both go to a four year college together where we can drive there every day.take care robby,annie,sarah s and meghan
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-hello you two. thanks for liking my last post. scott and I like yours too. and your right rich I am mischevious in toilet matters but I want people to know that I am a sweet girl and would never hurt a soul either. and I hope people understand that about me! be well you two! have lotsa fun in your lives!
TO LOUISE-hello girl. I love you and your posts. I miss steve ! drag him on here when you can girl ok? I also loved your last post with the boy peeing on your log. I tell you girl- you can pee on my gigantic logs anytime!!plus I think the boys father would be too turned on to pee on your log even if he wanted to... if you know what I mean!!!haha. be well louise and so long all. plus please post soon nicola,muggs,john (VT) and sundevil, I miss you all!bye now. love,kimmie and scotty

Tarheel Mike
Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have a buddy dump story. About 12 years ago I was at a naturist retreat that my friend Chuck had invited me to. I was a beautiful river setting far away from civilization (alas, no longer true thanks to developers!). Chuck and I and about 20 other people were having a picnic, throwing frisbees and just generally socializing butt naked. Then at one point Chuck hinted that he had to go to the bathroom. Since we were all naked and he could have simply peed in the bushes, I asked him if that meant he had to shit and he said yes. I asked him if I could accompany him, since I was starting to feel the need to shit myself, and I had never done it outdoors before. He was a little hesitant at first, saying he usually does this in private, but he agreed since we had beel close friends for years.He grabbed a roll of toilet paper out of his backback and we started up a hill away from the crowd. As I watched his naked ass in front of me! I got excited at the thought of seeing my friend take a dump in front of me. Finally we reached a clearing with a great view of the river below and we squatted in front of each other. I let loose a few farts and a dark brown snake slid out of my anus. Any embarassment I might have felt about shitting in front of my friend vanished when I looked over at him. There, between his spread thighs and behind his dick and balls, was a huge log coming out of his ass. It had about the consistency of toothpaste and was light brown, almost yellow in color, but it was so long! If it hadn't broken up upon hitting the ground it would easily have been a foot and a half long! Then he gave me some tp & we wiped and he said ww'll have to do it again sometime & we rejoined the crowd. That was my 1st and so far only buddy dumping experience. I enjoyed it very much & would like to do it more often.

I was sitting on the couche watching TV when mother left the room to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later I could hear her grunting very hard unable to poop. She justv sat and grunted even harder without any results. She came out and said harry I can not go and my enema bag is broken. She then went back in and strained even harder. Finnaly she took a preperation H suppository and went to bed. In the morning I heard her go ton the bathroom and bear down, I thenheard her expell several turds . She said that she felt very much relieved.

I have been reading this site since about 1997 or 98, and I have just gotten around to writing my first entry. I think it's really cool that so many people are open about what is just a simple body function.

When I was once at work, I went to the restroom. There were two urinals and four stalls (one handicap) and I went into the one by the handicapped stall, pulled down my jeans and underwear to just below my knees, and sat down. This other guy takes the first stall, and then a few minutes later, I saw a black guy wearing slacks and a shirt with a tie (I saw this through the gap beside the door when he walked by) take the handicapped stall next to me and he quickly sat down and opened a newspaper.

I was in the process of passing my first turd when I heard the guy in the next stall start grunting "unnn..." as he passed several small pieces which splashed into the bowl. He breathed out a semi-strained "Ahhh" as my turd finally dropped with a splash but I could tell he wasn't finished. He then started straining again..."uhh...nnnnnnn...huhhh..." and I heard quite a few small pieces splashing into the bowl. I started on my second turd and grunted a little myself, but this guy just kept grunting and straining and dropping these rocks. Must've been constipated.

I passed a little gas with a couple of more small turds (I had a moderate dump) and peed some more before wiping and leaving. As I left I could hear him drop a few more small turds into the bowl with a very loud sigh.

More later...keep up the good posts, everyone. =)

Good Sunday morning to all-Just got up and read some of the posts-some real good stuff here the last few days-
TO JANE-I,too like you really enjot thai food alot,but it really does it's thing to me the next morning and sometime before that!that dump you took sounded like one of mine after ingesting that food!you and I should go to a Thai place and eat and go take a good buddy poop after!Always enjoy your stuff,Jane
TO NU-Glad to hear you enjoy seeing guys poop too!I'd lie to buddy poop with you too!good stuff!
well, I feel the first inklings of my morning poop coming on and I want to get to the gym to do it-i had some spicy chinese food last nite and I think I may do a good one,so I'm off to the gym to do my morning dump,got to go-later BYE

It has been a while since I last posted. I have a few items.

1. For BAB, I remember "Married w/ Children". Good & funny show. I don't remember the Ferguson but I do remember one episode when Peggy was taking a decorating class and decorated the bathroom in a pink color. It made Al faint. The ending was spetacular. Al had a massive taco meal and "demonstrated" the toilet when Peggy was showing off her bathroom. Al wante the bathroom returned to "original condition".

2. I was out of town over Christmas. I was at Disney World on New Year's Eve and had to take a piss. After I entered the men's room on the way to a urinal, I heard a couple of good farts from a stall. I then heard TP and a kid walked out and two of his friends met up. They laughed about his farting. I did not chime in, just observed.

3. I had to work yesterday. Where I work at, they have a cafeteria. I had lunch there and went back to work. The group at work bring in food and I had some penuts. 20 minutes later, I had to rush to the bathroom for a shit. It was good with a lot of farting. Before I left, I had more penuts and about 45 minutes later, more shit. Down side, no one to enjoy it with.

I went out to eat today and i was wating for my food i noticed this waiter(not my waiter) went back to the bathrooms(they are single person bathrooms 1 for the female and 1 for the male). I saw that he went in there. That guy must have been between 16 and 20 or so. He was in there for like atleast 5 min id say 7-8 min max 10 min. I see him come out and i wanted to check out if i could see/tell what he was doing in there. Sure enough i think i could tell he had to dump cause the toilet seat was down and it smelled in there and i didn't see any skid marks or any thing. So while i was there i just peed. It was excting though cause i knew what he was doing well gotta go

This is a story about an article that was published recently in a newspaper in Hobart. The Sydney-Hobart yacht race boats all tie up in Constitution Dock, from when they arrive after they finish the race, until after new Year's Day when they set sail for their home port, usually Sydney or Melbourne. Well, the local council sent down SCUBA divers on New Year's Day and a couple of days afterwards. On New Year's day the bottom of the dock area was clear. But, when they went down a couple of days later, guess what they found. The bottom was littered with faeces along with a lot of used toilet paper. That's right. When they celebrate new Year's Eve in Hobart, it is one HUGE party that goes all night. The police control it much better than they used to. There are not so many injuries to people or broken glass around. However when people relieve themselves they use the boats' toilets (or heads, as they are known) to poo, rather than go and find the shore facilities, which is not s! o easy when there are thousands of people milling round the harbour. Alcohol stimulates the poo urge as well, so there is a lot of pooing going on. In any case the local council (the poo police) objected to this faecal contamination of Constitution Dock, and will now look at ways of preventing it happening next year.

I did a poo this morning in the toilet at home that was not so big, but boy, was it sticky. I have a hairy arse and had to use tons of toilet paper to clean it, and poo went everywhere as I tried to wipe my anus and that made it worse. I had to have a shower straight away to clean my butt properly. Has this happened to anyone else?

On another note,last year I was in a sailing regatta in Germany. The type of boat I sail has no toilet facilities.It is easy to piss off the back or side of a boat if you are a male and have a full bladder. However it is a different story for females on this particular type of racing yacht. On the boat next to mine the female skipper (good-looking, about 25 yrs.old) undressed her lower half completely and leaned her bottom over the transom while she pissed, so her bottom and pubic hair was visible to all, including the male members of her crew. It was an extremely pleasing and stimulating sight!

I like this forum very much, paticularly the stories about females pooing.

Melanie - yes, just like you I have in the past had to use the bath tub in a diarrhoea emergency though luckily there was no throwing up to add to the clean up. Also had to use a bucket when the sole toilet was occupied (yuk!)

Tom - sounds like your woodcutter companion’s ‘heap of logs’ was directly proportional to his food intake. The smell could be down to the hard boiled eggs - when I eat a lot of those it does lead to rotten-egg-smelling poop. He obviously wasn’t concerned about privacy but I hope he had the courtesy o wait till you’d finished eating before dropping that load only 3 feet away.

Ina and your ‘gadget’ - good for you! Have enjoyed all your posts .... why should it only be us males who get to water the bushes whilst the females are expected to ‘grin and bear it’.

I do indeed remember the scene from Gulliver’s Travels, where he pees out the fire at Liliput palace! I too always loved that scene when I was a kid. .. is that what set me off with my interest in peeing - LOL!!

However, to both you and Jane. Always puzzles me when folks here post that eating so-called spicy food causes them problems. I eat a generally very highly flavored diet at home, lots of Indian and Thai spices and garlic is most everything we cook and I suffer no ill effects. Even chilli doesn’t seem to disrupt my insides. I think it’s just a matter of what you’re used to and if you normally have a bland diet your stomach will complain if you suddenly introduce it to liberal quantities of chilli peppers or cumin or galangal.

Rizzo - what a brilliant description to Louise of “floppy dick” and the ribbon shaped pee stream. Couldn’t have put it better myself .... might be describing my experience - with one obvious exception (g). Also goes a long way to answering PPG’s question about cold weather shrinkage.

PPG, anyone who says it doesn’t is lying! Try thicker/warmer pants but you do have an extra layer of insulation already!! Not had the experience you describe due to the cold but have got ‘it’ wedged under the seat a few times when I woke up desperate to poop (you can use your imagination as to why that might happen early in the morning!) and, half asleep, managed to spray pee most of the way across the bathroom and all over my shorts. Moral of the story, remember to hold it down in the mornings.

Back to Rizzo. Never heard of those little “pisseuse” figures before but it reminds me of all those carvings you see on really old buildings all over Europe of little medieval figures squatting over a big pile or peeing. There is a particularly wonderful statue on the corner of an ancient wooden house at Goslar in northern Germany of a man with extremely oversize ‘equipment’ hovering over a pile of logs which have all been carefully picked out in gold leaf to highlight them!

(Louise’s) Steve - (as we seem to have another one as well) Sorry to have mentioned “cut” and “penis” in the same sentence. Louise tells us you won’t like that!! Interesting thoughts . I would agree with you that constriction due to clothing may have more to do with the difficulty of 'emptying' the last drops out of the 'pipework' than size. Also fascinating to hear that you had to adapt your style at age 13/14 as Louise said. I would NEVER even have thought of it ...... with no foreskin, sure ‘it’ got a whole lot bigger and a marginally different shape but there was no need to change my style of peeing. Will be very interested to read anything else you have to say on the subject of foreskinned peeing! A fairly casual question certainly has elicited a lot of response here and sure got me thinking about this subject again.


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

Glad you like this forum, NU, I was interested in you seeing and hearing your brother's friends on the toilet! I, for one would like to know the details!
I once lived where the bathroom led from the back bedroom, so that it was virtually an "en suite" bathroom, although the only other toilet was outside so the bathroom was used by anyone in the house.
I liked it in the summer when my friend was on the toilet as I noticed that there was a crack in the panel on the door so a slight view of the toilet was visible, but in the winter the crack would close up as the air was more damp.
However you are able to watch or listen to someone on the toilet, the main thing is to be certain not to step on any creaky floorboards or make any other noises!
My young lodger was once on the toilet and he'd left the bathroom door wide open, and his bedroom door open, so that I could stand in my own bedroom and watch and listen as he sat there shitting. He really used to take his time!
He didn't hear me creep upstairs, but when he was wiping up, I realised he'd see me going back downstairs as he was standing up to wipe and therefore in a more prominent position, and he'd probably notice me going down, so I could hardly creep!
I decided it best to make a lot of noise as I came out of my bedroom and went down, so carried something down with me (that I didn't really need) just to make it look that I was actually doing something, and to prevent me appearing to notice him.
I had the distinct feeling afterwards, that he was trying to puzzle out how he hadn't heard me go up, and I think he felt uneasy about it.
I never tried to do that again but I did hear him quite a few more times, but I could listen much more safely with that bedroom door closed to, and the bathroom door open!

Just had another brilliant shit, my turds seem to be consistently bullet shaped, not large but very satisfying to drop!

Several guys here believe that sitting down on the toilet with one thigh raised is the best and most natural way to wipe up.
I've always stood up, faced the toilet and watch the progress of the TP getting cleaner. However, I'll try sitting down to do it, I get a buzz out of thinking of other guys wiping their arses that way, but I've always felt that my wrist is restricted by the seat, and I'd not see the TP unless I keep holding it out to look at.
I'll give it a go for a few days and try to get into this method, as I'd love to see another guy wiping himself like that.
Even though I've seen guys on the toilet, I've only ever seen my biker friend wipe himself.
His method is to stand up and wipe if it's been a dry shit, and stay sat down if it's been a dirty one.

That's it for now, Enjoy your sessions! P P G

Hi all,

Before I have a chance to write a proper post to several respondents, I just wanted to post this, especially for INA:

On enjoying a wonderful pee outdoors, and particularly in the vertical format -- a couple of nights ago we were in a very hot spell and in the early hours of the morning I found myself out in my back garden -- completely naked -- standing in warm, still air and looking up at the most brilliant stars imaginable. It was the most wonderful feeling to stand in the silence under the night sky, and I parted my legs a little, relaxed, opened my lips and let my water go. There I was, streaming peacefully onto my back lawn, the quiet splatter in the grass the only sound, while I looked up and outward into the universe...

It was a magical moment!



SERIAN Hello,this is Serian:the girl with the noisy on the toilet father.You last knew me as Ava,that's my middle name,but I think I'll stick with my proper one now.Right!HAVE I GOT LOTS OF STUFF TO TELL YOU ABOUT BOYS AND MEN HAVING CONSTIPATED MOVEMENTS ON THE LAVATORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has happened to me so often in my young life,it must be some kind of odd cosmic destiny of mine.I'm always seeing guys and boys struggling to do their poos!!!!!!!!!!!!Without meaning to!!!!!!!!!!
I must have seen at the very least nine or ten extremely intense images and sounds of these kinds;and many episodes almost as vivid.Since I was just a tiny little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
First it was my father,of course.And then a time I shall NEVER,EVER FORGET AS LONG AS I LIVE when I saw my brother's and my male friend REALLY DREADFULLY,HARROWINGLY CONSTIPATED one time,when I was 6 and the male friend(Alex)was 8.Jesus,that was raw.....................
His face was just a complete picture.I could barely believe it.He was incredibly pink and he had very obviously been holding his breath down for ages;to push.He had this strange pasted,frozen big grimace on his face and looked as if he were pushing as though his very life depended on it.What it was was that he clearly was straining unconchonably hard to try and get an extremely large and dry,rigid poo out,and could not allow himself to stop,even through his embarrassment of my stumbling apon him in the bathroom like that,because if he did he would seriously risk his huge,constipated poo slipping up back inside him;or getting jammed only half-way out.Poor old Alex!
I could SEE the poo that was causing him so much bad trouble,too.It was like a megalithic monument.I'm not joking.
He had to push and push and push and push and push.He was quite a slim and delicate-boned boy;and his legs and butt were small,so Icould even make out part of his poor,over-dilated crimson anus .He was rampant with desperation to try his very best to poo and just push and hurl himself at it as hard as he possibly could.

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Everybody,
We are writing this post today because we will will not have time tomorrow morning. We have to catch an early service and then high-tail it back to school. We know the moderator usually takes a well deserved break on Sunday. We will be posting once a week again.

COUSINS KENDAL AND ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Hi there!! Sari- We know you are busy fussing around trying to take care of that precious new little girl. We are so thrilled that something good came out of a very trying time. On to the subject at hand. Do you know Meg always looks at her poo after she finishes? I don't! Meg just hit me, that looney girl!! Meg-It is a habit. My Mum told me to do this years ago so KENDAL, don't be embarrassed to show your poo. Be proud. Here is another Christmas loo story. Annie's house in Manchester has two loos. One in the back and one upstairs. The loo in the back is rather large. One morning Sari got up and rushed to the upstairs. She sat on the toilet and a rush of poo tumbled out. She was in much distress. I had to wee so I took off my T-shirt and panties, stood in the tub and weed a bunch. While this was happening there was a knock on the door and our cousin Liz yelled; "I have to grunt, badly." We told her to use the back loo. She ran do! wnstairs and a few moments later a loud trump resounded in the house. Liz had the sonic boom of trumps. Annie's Mum was heard to say;"What on earth"? Lizzie's grunts are VERY loud. She is such a prude so we can't understand this. So while I was trying to soothe Sari, Annie was downstairs yelling;"Push, Push, for god's sake" and Lizzie was screaming back;"It won't come out"!!!! Well the rest of the family was in general hysterics. Even Annie's Mum was chuckling a bit. It was one for the books. We all laughed about that. All except Lizzie. She was stomping around for days in a sulk saying;"You all are so beastly", LOL!!! Now KENDAL, you will have to take the lead in showing your little cousin the proper way to wee and poo. ANDREW, we know you were very surprised and hurt about your father's actions but we know that forgiveness is good for the heart. We've had to do it. It is hard. It might take awhile. We are here for both of you. We are writing this on your birthday, KENDAL!! We hope you have the greatest party in the world. Lots of Lovexxxxxxx and several mega hugs to you both!! Sarah S(Sari) and Meghan(Meg or Megs)

STEVE: Glad you are back!! Yes, we have been brought in as consultants to Louise's scientific research. We have been doing some of our own research,(BLUSH). We are not tarts, just curious,LOL! We think the length doesn't help for better weeing. Enough of that. Now, we thought we could get all of the WSPC members, senior and junior, online and join Louise in a huge, squatting, buddy wee for part of her bachelorette party! You and Dad could be on the ends and cross wee on the wall. Could we ask Rizzo to join us? Maybe Jeff A or Tim. LOUISE: we are planning a shower wee when we get back to school. We will give you all of the "gory" details. Take care and big hugs to both of you!!
Love, Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! We read your recent post and you have such an eloquent way of speaking and the use of the language. We were greatly moved. We agree that it would be nice to talk to each other outside of this forum but all of us can see that someone might be hurt by it. Annie's Mum doesn't know about this forum and we don't dare tell any of our friends. It is our secret. We also have grown close to you, Kendal, Andrew, and all of our cyber friends. We would miss you greatly. Meg- do you know I HAVE weed in several sinks in my short life? One time I got so mad at a dorm mate that I went to the toilet, sat my fanny down on the sink and weed and weed. I let out several trumps just to seal the revenge,hehehe! We are going to try the wee-on-knees when we get back to school. Hope it works this time. Well, just to tell you Dad has been feeling rather blue lately and we are greatly worried about him. His poos are getting to be the Cullompted kind. We are glad of that.! We will try to let you know a little more later. Oh yes, we have asked if you could join Steve and Dad in a huge WSPC wee online for Louise's bachelorette party. Take care! Lots of Lovexx and a big hug from Sarah S(Sari) and Meghan(Meg or Megs)

INA: What a sweet girl you are! We all think you are wonderful. You have what we call CULLOMPTED dumps. These are of the large, mega quality. Your poem was eloquent. May we ask what your primary language is? We are proud members of the WSPC and you are correct in getting coaching from PV or Louise. They are the grand mistresses of standup weeing!! We stand up and pull the lips aside to get the maximum strength and length of the wee! This helps! Take care! Lots of Lovexxx from Sarah S(Sari), Meghan(Meg) and also Annie and Robby

DEAR PV: Hi gal!! We are trying to get all of the WSPC members together to form a huge squatting wee online for Louise. We hope this will be in conjunction with her bachelorette party, if she has one. Hope you are weeing up a storm. We are practicing the length and strength of our wees. Also we are starting back with our martial arts again. Sari- I don't know how I can fit it in. Megs- I had the most comfortable mega poo I have had in many a day. I sat down this morning with a book and started pushing. Damn if it didn't come sliding out. It was shocked and amazed. Well, keep warm in Aussieland! We are freezing in the states,LOL. Love ya!! and a big hug! Sarah S(Sari) and Meghan(Megs)

DEAR CARMALITA: Hi sweetie!! Big hugs to you and Jake! We are having those big dumps like you. Meghan's was really stinky this morning. We start school on Monday!! Good luck on your studies. Lots of Lovexxxxx Sarah S and Meghan

Well folks, we have to go. We will talk next weekend. SCHOOL STARTS!!!!

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy-hi guys!, Tina, Nu, Jane and Gary, Melanie-welcome back, Kim and Scott, Pat and Renee, Adrian, Mina, Alana, Adele, Althea, Mindy, Ephermal, Mere and Amanda, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, JacobG, Jeff A-come back!, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Kate, Gurli, Sarah T, Tim-love ya!, Mandy, DianeNY, Laura, Amazon, Elena, Diva, Marianne, Julie, Ring Stretcher, Jasta and Mark, Tricia, Bry, Bryian, Kristi, Alexa, Kelly-Marie, Sarsen, LindaGS-write girl!, Linda14yrs, Gopweller, Erin, Jill, London Lad, Lancs Lad, Plunging Plop Guy, David, Bridget, Arthur, Noel-WELCOME, Tailwagger, Ellie and Little-please write! If we missed anyone we are sorry. We try!


Another guy struggling-to poo story.I saw a boy of 18 frantically trying to get his poos out in a dark pool in a cave at a pretty beach once.Man,those images have stayed imprinted on my memory for ever after;and for ever more,I shouldn't wonder.

He was a pretty guy;blond and suntanned and kind of shy-looking and nervous.I could tell that he needed to do his poos so bad;but couldn't.I couldn't see his asshole,but I could well imagine it!!!!!!!!!!
The way he was grunting was very sexy:soft at first, and shy, but strained and shamed.This was emphasised by the quietude of the cave;it was so hushed and desolate.He'd go,"..........Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrr-HUH.............".....HHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHR-HERH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" IT WAS WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He didn't actually see me.After I'd got over the initial shock of seeing him,I went back outside the cave and listened,instead.He looked so shy and shocked himself!He was VERMILION to the roots of his hair as he was trying so gallantly to push that poo out of his bowels.It was obviously an exceptionally tough,bulky,dry load for him to try and get his anal opening to widen and allow clean exit for.HE WAS PUSHING AND TRYING SO HARD;HE WAS ABSOL
UTELY DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard a GREAT deal more panting,whimpering and some piercing sorts of grunts and extremely heavy,laboured breathing in between,before an earthshatteringly loud plop slammed the walls of the cave and I heard him shrieking in grave relief and after-effort.My God!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad used to grunt and whimper a LOT when he pooed,and the first time I heard it all was quite by accident when I was about four.It was absolutely so extraordinarily GORGEOUS!!!!!I was just mesmerised,I do not mind telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M A GIRL.

He used to poo quite a lot at night;which was really sexy.All the better for me to hear him straining so beautifully.He also would be on the toilet for AAAAAAAAAAAAGES:waiting and pushing;pushing and waiting,and all punctuated with these gorgeous little pants and heavy breathing..........EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bye for now,
love Ava

Just a quick note for UK readers - there is a series starting on Monday 14th on Jan on BBC CHOICE (so you need to be on Digital) called "Toilets" - to discover what really goes on behind closed doors. Should be very good. It's presented by Claudia Winkleman who looks quite nice too!

Tim and Sarah
Dear Rizzo,

I told my wife yesterday and now I feel really guilty. Not about posting here or what else I had to tell her but about ever assuming or even indicating that she was too uptight to be understanding. She listened so calmly and reacted so great, I was really ashamed I ever doubted her reaction. Of course she was quite confused in the beginning and is not overjoyed, but the main thing is we talked! We talked and talked deep into the night and in spite of all the embarrassment and certainly unconvinient situations it was exactly what I had hoped for: Finally being able to being completely open and honest about it.
I did not make the final move completely by free decision though. I just thought about it so much, Sarah easily sensed that there was something wrong, especially as we spend so much time together at the moment. I am useless at concealing things. After I denied a few times that there was something to talk about, she finally sat down on Saturday evening and told me that she wanted to know about it , whatever it was, even if I had an affaire. There was so much uncertainty and even hurt in her voice, it made my stomach cramp. That was it, there was no way out of it now, I already started to hurt her, what was exactly what I wanted to avoid. So I told her about everything and that there certainly was no other woman. I was so afraid she would hit the roof or be shocked or disgusted. When I told her she just listened for a while. Then she asked if I also was into stuff like peeing into women’s faces. I was like, what??? Good heaven’s no!!! She said she was glad about that. I! explained that I was not into watersports or even scat (Yuk!). In my opinion that is humiliating. I said that the thing is, that I probably just never grew out of the phase, our daughter is in now, being curious about others having to go, well, especially attractive women. We talked about it a bit more and she was very calm and also calmed me down a bit. Then she asked me to show her the forum, as you assumed. I brought the laptop and logged on and she read and read. She went through lots of pages to build an opinion. She occasionally asked me questions. I sat next to her, had about five cups of camomile tea, four tablets against stomach aches (I was so nervous) and let one of my legs rapidly bounce up and down, like kids do when they got to go to the toilet, but are too involved into other things. After a while Sarah put her hand on my leg, stroke it and said (with a twink): "If you have to go for a weewee, go , otherwise calm down. I don’t see anything we can’t talk abo! ut." Then I knew it was ok! I was so relieved!!! I gave her a kiss and then really ran for a wee as the large amount of fluid had reached my bladder and I was so relieved, I nearly peed my pants out of pure happiness (LOL).
After she read enough, she said, she found it strange to talk about that topic so much, but found many posters very lovely people. Then she asked me for time to think about everything, but I should not be worried. She appreciated my honesty and felt treated respectfully all the way through. The only things she did not approve of very much, were my indications she might be too uptight to wanna hear about it and me talking about our accidental buddy dump, where I described what she had done. She had to admit though that she also needed to confess something; she told a very good friend of hers about an accident I had last year shortly before my tumour got diagnosed. It was a terrible moment, I never wanted to talk about again, when I started to feel unwell in a rather intimate situation. She only told her friend cause she was so worried, but felt guilty afterwards to probably have embarrassed me. So we decided we were even in that respect. We talked a lot about our feelings! and why we sometimes are afraid to talk. I can only say that for us it was a very freeing experience, although it certainly was not easy and had inconvinience and embarrassment coming with the openess. However, please, do understand that I DO NOT want to advise you about dealing with your situation. I found it very important to tell you about my rather positive experience. There is still a lot of work in front of us, now the confessions have been made, but the main thing is there is will to talk on both sides. If you should rather choose to leave things the way they are, I would very much understand that. You are the only one who can be the judge of that and who can estimate, in how far you wife is willing or able, for whatever personal reasons, to talk about it. There is no one who could understand your hesitation better than me. As I mentioned last time, it is only my special situation that gives me an overproportional desire for openess at the moment. As long as you don’! t feel the desire to talk to your wife, why should you? There is no need to talk about everything, especially if you are afraid it would hurt more than do good. I think that’s fine and nothing to feel bad about. It was just my very personal decision that at the moment I just wanted to talk, as I was feeling uncomfortable not to be able to. Thank you so much for your honest thoughts on this! And, please, if things are not to disturbing with your personal life, keep posting! Kendal would not be the only one, who would be very sad not to hear how you are doing anymore. I certainly would feel VERY awful in case I stirred anything up there, that makes you want to stop sharing your caring thoughts and funny stories with us.
As you can see, we also talked about me still wanting to read and post here and Sarah understood. She even would like to post as well today. So I would like to say goodby for now with another manly hug and introduce you to my lovely wife...
All the best Tim

Hi Rizzo,
So now I am sitting next to this rascal we moved from ‘uptight" to "lovely"...I see. LOL
Hi I am Sarah, Tim’s wife.
As you can see from me posting, Tim has talked to me. Well, I am not so much into the topic, but I did not regard it as such a shock as he was afraid I would. I was just a bit concerned about the fact that my husband seems to think I am very uptight... So I wanted to post myself to get things a bit clearer.
When he told me about his interests and his posts here, I was suprised and admittedly confused but not really heavily disturbed. I would not know, how to react if he was into stuff like "watersports" (I heard about that) but I read a lot of posts here and most of it seems to be rather harmless. I first was a bit irritated, I have to admit, but was also overwhelmed by the kindness many of the posters seem to radiate. You seem to be a very nice and lovely men, Rizzo; if your spouse would be able to understand, that you might just want to discuss things here, you are not able to share with her for whatever reason, she would probably be also very proud about the amount of care you bring up for people you never even met in person. All I can say from our situation, is that Tim is a loving husband and father and if he admits something to me that I find in fact difficult to understand, I will still try to understand, why these things are also a part of him. I think I owe that t! o him for being a good partner. Maybe your wife feels the same way, as I am sure you are also a a caring partner and father. But as Tim mentioned, we do not want to advice you on it. You might feel it’s better to leave things unsaid. And also from my point of view it is alright to have your private thoughts. As Tim said, he just really wanted to talk in his current situation.
One thing I also liked about the forum was that it’s not solely male fantasies, (apart from the picture, I find a bit...well that's me personally) but also lot’s of women enjoying their freedom. I have to say that I never knew about woman who can urinate standing and it is not quite clear to me how this is supposed to work...?
I was indeed raised to be rather embarrassed about my bodily functions, but I did always rather envy than condem others who where not. I remember being as curious and experimental as our kids are today, but was given the deep impression by my parents that that is very shameful and was punished for such behaviour. I try not to pass that shame onto my kids though; and as Tim already talked about our daughter here, who really is a sweet but wild young lady, it seems to be working alright.

I am always very embarrassed about having to defecate and have only in the biggest emergencies been able to relieve myself on a public toilet. I am not disgusted about others on the toilet. I just feel very uneasy about having to go myself. This shame is probably what Tim meant, when he thought I would be completely shocked to hear about his thoughts. I find this forum rather interesting in that respect, that many people seem to not only be not embarrassed, but take great joy out of it. When Tim "confessed" to me that not only was he not disgusted by what has to leave my body now and then, but is instead rather fascinated by it, I was very, very suprised and puzzled. I think I will need some time to ‘digest’ the news (excuse the pun) and think about it.
I am easier about peeing though. Watching somebody poop is a bit strange to me personally, but my husband having a pee is not a completely unattractive sight. I can understand to be interested in it. I did not see an adult man urinate before I got married. I had other relationships before, but was always to embarrased to really take a look. Even now I rather turn away, if he uses the toilet to give him privacy. I have to say that inspite of his interests, Tim has always respected my privacy as well and that is how we wanna keep it for the time being.

My parents are indeed very strict and especially my mom gave Tim a hard time last year. As he mentioned, there were lots of argumets. I did however never ever feel shocked or enstranged by his behaviour, even when we did not know yet, that his ‘emergency’ had maybe to do with his sickness. It did not really matter! He is a very kind and loving man and a wonderful father and I knew, if he had to pull down his pants and go in front of the kids and me, he just had to. Unfortunately I do still feel intimidated by my parents myself, so I reacted maybe a bit stiff at first due to my own uncertainty. Tim is a very intelligent and professionally very confident guy, but when it comes to private things he seems to be always scared to do wrong.
So many misunderstandings: I can only relieve myself when the house is empty or everyone is asleep, cause I am afraid to disgust anybody, while my husband secretly hopes to maybe just see exactly that. On the other hand he is scared to tell me cause he is afraid, I might be disgusted by him then. Weird isn’t it?
I am glad my husband sensed that, inspite of all his inhibitions, there is a way for us to talk. And in the light of all we had to go through in recent month, I am just relieved that it is just this rather harmless thing, he was so worried about. And Tim is right: As a lot of his unfortunate condition means dealing with all kinds of problems of elimination, we both loosened up a lot.
So RIZZO, ADRIAN, ANNIE AND ROBBIE AND ALL THE OTHERS: Thank you for your kind words of support to Tim, when the sweet, silly thing was too afraid to talk to me. He is a very kind and caring person as you all also seem to be. I am rather glad he finally told me about the stuff that was on his heart. I consider it to be a true proof of love that he overcame his fear and embarrassment, as he did not want to be dishonest with me. I could also have understood if he did not want to share it. I hope and guess you all also have such loving partners as you all deserve it.

With very best wishes


Anne (housewife)
I haven't posted for quite some time as I've been rather busy. Anyhow, it's been an eventful week for me on the pooping front. On Wednesday I got up and peed in the shower as per usual before getting Hubby his breakfast and running my son to school. From the moment I got up, I had a slightly full sensation in my bowels and, with hindsight I'd have made time for a quick poop. As I'd not had a motion since the previous Sunday it was perhaps not surprising!

However, I needed to go on to my local market town and do some shopping and, as I was running late, decided not bother with a poop. Somehow I figured that I'd be alright until I got back early afternoon. Big mistake! In the event I got into town alright and got most of my shopping done. At about quarter to twelve though I was feeling thirsty and in need of refreshment so I called at my favourite coffee shop. After drinking two cups of delicious filter coffee my thirst was quenched and I felt fully refreshed. Unexpectedly though, once I'd paid up and left the coffee acted as a stimulant to my sluggish and already full bowels. I hurried to the nearest public toilets only to find that the 'ladies' was closed for cleaning and the 'disabled' appeared to be occupied. I needed to poop really badly by then and knew I wasn't going to last. Unable to control the urge I just let go and filled my Sloggis. Fortunately it was a fairly solid passsage and I didn't need to pee ! much at that stage.

Uncomfortable at messing myself but feeling strangely better that it was finally 'out' rather than 'in' I hurried back to my car. Fortunately I'd got some old newspapers in the back and used these to protect the driving seat as I drove home. Once home I got cleaned up, showered and threw my soiled knickers away. Hubby was out at the time and I've not told him about it. I don't think he'd be too impressed.

On Friday evening I had an important meeting to attend and memories of Wednesday were still fresh in my mind so I broke my own rule about not generally going for 'precautionary motions' and went for a poop at lunchtime to make sure I'd be alright. In the event, I didn't do much as I don't eat a huge amount and I'd still not filled up completely after Wednesday's accident. I think it was the right thing to do though.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had friends for lunch and I cooked a larger than usual meal - roast beef with all the trimmings washed down by a large bottle of Claret and followed by cheesecake and cream with coffee. A big meal always sends me, particularly when I've not been for a day or two and, sure enough, once the meal was over and our friends had left i found myself hurrying to the bathroom and taking one massive poop. No sooner had I finished than Hubby was banging on the door. It turned out that he needed to do the same thing. I wiped, pulled up my knickers, adjusted my skirt and washed my hands before leaving as quickly as I could to make way for him. Then I got on with the washing up while he dumped on top of my pile.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

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