The other day I went to lunch with office mates Carol and Rachel to a Thai restaurant. The dish I had was a bit more spicy than I expected, but I managed to finish it. A few hours later I was feeling the effects and building up an urge to poop. As I got up to go to the ladies room, I felt a cramp in my stomach as if someone punched me, and I almost pooped in my pants on the spot. I held my cheekbones together until I regained control, then made my way to the ladies room.

I managed to get into a stall on time. As soon as I pulled down my black pants and white panties and sat, I let go a massive wave of soft gooey poop. I farted a couple of times, paused to pee, and pushed out another nasty wave of soft poop that lasted 15 seconds. I flushed the toilet while seated immediately after that, but the poop smell was horrible. I pushed out two more huge waves of soft chunky poop before I flushed the toilet again. The waves kept coming, and after three waves of soft poop I flushed the toilet while seated again. Three more waves of soft poop, and another flush. After that, I began to push out a solid motion of soft poop like a soft serve ice cream dispenser. It went on for a few minutes, during which I flushed the toilet while seated twice. I sat for a few more minutes until I felt completely done. I wiped a few times, flushed the toilet a final time, and saw a small poop stain at the bottom of the bowl, plus the usual lingering smell of! poop. I felt much better after that.

hi i haven't posted for a while. yestaday when i was using my comp i felt a sharp cramp in my stomach then i got off my chair and headed to the toilet ( we had seperated toilet with the bathroom ). My brother was in the toilet.My stomach was cramping severely so i asked my brother when will he finish. he said probably 30 minutes.(he doesn't know how desperate i was) then i begged him and he refused to go. now i know i will poop in my pants if i don't go fast. so i quickly ran to the bathroom and sat on the bathtub hanging my butt from the edge. liquid diarrhea squirt straight out of my butt. i cried quietly because my stomach was hurting badly and the liquid diarrhea was flowing for 15 minutes. suddenly mom came in(she was getting some cloth to wipe the table) and she saw me crying with torrents of brown water behind me on the tub. she was nice and asked me if i was sick. i told her that i felt really bad then finally my brother came out and laughed at me then ran away to hi! s room. mom got tissues for me to wipe and she actaully wiped my butt and vagina for me. then i suddenly threw up on the floor and i really felt sick so i got into my bed and rest.i felt better the next day.

Did anyone used anything other than the toilet when the toilet was occupied and is going to have bad diarrhea?

A couple of months ago a guy who I was acquainted with that lived in a nearby town moved to the village where I live. The house he bought has a wood burning stove as does mine. I ran into him down at the tavern one night and we got to talking about wood, he had a little bit that came with the house but said he needed more. I told him he could come up in my woods with me and we could cut wood and split and haul it together, one load for him one for me and so on, he thought this was ok so we set a day to cut wood. I usually go to the woods for the day and take along a lunch, coffe, soda etc. along with chain saw, fuel, oil, tools and other things that are needed. We started early in the morning and had a good load cut and split my mid-morning which we hauled to his place with my tractor and trailer, we went back up to cut another load for me. We got a good start and it was lunch time, we sat down and ate in the woods talking all the while. This dood is a big fella to say the l east, I had 2 sandwiches along and he had four along with hard boiled eggs, cookies, candy bars and soda. After he ate he said he needed to shit, he grabbed the roll of paper towels out of my tool box and without saying another word dropped his pants and sat his ass across the tongue of my trailer, I tried not to watch but the guy was 3 feet away from me and not concerned at all for his privacy. He would take a deep breath and push out a huge log, he did this about 6 times, the pile of shit was incredible as well as the smell, he finished up, stood up and wiped his ass about 4 times took an enormous piss and then was ready to go back to work, I took a good look at his pile of shit then moved the tractor and trailer out of the way to another spot to load wood. I have never seen a human being shit as much as this guy did.

matt- how old are u?

here's my story

The teachers were not allowed to let you go to the toilet except at breaks at my school. Today we had our mid terms and I was late on the bus and I couldn’t get to the bathroom so at school I had the ultimatum - exam or toilet - I had to go to the my exams. So I had to hold back my poop. I knew it would be stiff but I did not want to do it in my pants in the exam. At the end of question 4 I had no option and raised by bottom off the chair and the some of the poop went into my briefs - not boxers thank God. I stood up at the end of the exam the rest went into briefs. The final bit was moist and went up to the top elastic of my briefs. I had to walk home! Which was bad.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, all of you:
Jane, thanks for the compliment! You are too-kind. You sound so-hot! Gary is one lucky-man, lemme tell you. To all of you: don't you hate how pooping is deemed so "dirty", and "so bad", by all of the prudes in this American-society? It is pretty-lame, that's for sure. As if some of the kinky forms of sex aren't any worse than pooping is! I have go to admit, though, the thing about (other-people) pooping, that does it for me, is the "invasion of other's privacy" that it is. Taht is what makes my heart-race, and wish for the world, that I could just get a glimpse of the person behind the door, who is doing it. Guys don't really turn me on, though. It is the women on the pot that turn me on. Such as my cousins, and my ex gf's. None of my ex's would allow me to watch them. Not one! That is why I envy all of you, especially my "friend" Roger, so much. What I wouldn't give to see his girl, Angela, in the middle of one of her pooping-sessions! Also, how many of ! you have heard what is going on in California? About the artist(s), who did some figurines, of the pope, and other (I am assuming Catholic) clergy, defecating (pooping)? Whata is so wrong, w/ that? Not like they don't. Lemme ask any of you, especially Catholics, like I am, how many of you are offended by this work? I would sure like to know. I find it fascinating. Almost as fascinating as the idea of a hot-woman taking a dump, after she consumed a stomach-full of food, to produce that dump. Not sure why Rjogger's wife Kathy did not reply to my last-post, whereas, Jane did. I appreciate you, even-more, for that, Jane. Kathy, don't-worry, Maam, I forgive-you. Until later,

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)

In the TV show, "Married, With Children" does anyone remember what the name was of the industrial capacity toilet that Al Bundy had installed? That's right; it was the "Ferguson"! Well, after the experience I had today, I'll put the performance of my master bathroom toilet up against the "Ferguson" or any other fixture.

Upon getting home today after my hour long commute, as many times happens, I had the urgent need to defecate. As I removed and hung my dress trousers up, I was already "touching cotton." I waddled to the master bath, dropped my white boxer briefs to my ankles and sat. Immediately the action started. About midway through the process I could tell that it was a huge one. I had to tilt up onto my right cheek and pull on my left cheek to widen the passage. Upon completion of the bombing I looked to see the outcome. There in the bottom of the bowl was coiled up a monstrous brown snake. I had no idea what it could measure. Now, I'm 6'4" tall and weigh about 240 lbs. and have been known to do some whoppers, but this was one of my best! Usually when a load of this size is produced I flush twice; once to dispose of the initial deposit and again to flush away the resulting "paperwork". But today, for some reason, I decided to go for it and put my commode to the test, with ! one flush.

Four or five efficient wipes later there was a considerable amount of paper atop the brown snake. Pushing the flush lever, I watched. The water started rising and kept rising. Oh no, I had plugged it! As the water rose to about 2 inches from the rim, my mind was racing with thoughts as to what to do to stem the impending flood. Suddenly, there was a gurgle and, miracle of miracles, the dam broke! With a great swishing and swirling sound the bowl was emptied of the snake and its accompanying items. There was not even much of a distinguishable skidmark in the bowl!

Heaving a sigh of relief, I washed up and then is when I thought of Al Bundy's "Ferguson". But today, I'm so proud of my commode, I'll think I'll name it "Ferguson II", or "Fergy", for short.

P.S. Please come back, Gruntly Bogwell!

To London Lad:
Yes my train does go through Balham, and I have flushed the toilet there in the past, but not this week. I used to be a daily commuter and I would probably go for a poo on the train home at least twice a week. Nowadays I am based local to home, but I have to go to the London office quite frequently. Sometimes, if I really need to *go* I go straight into the train loo when I get to Victoria, but we are not supposed to flush the toilet in a station (although no one has told me I shouldn't have done that after I flushed!) At other times I wait until the train is moving before going to the loo. When I have done my business, I like to wait until we are passing through a station timing the flush so that my poos end up on the tracks in the station - as you noticed at Balham. I will try to let you know next time!

Tina (Diane's Friend)
Holy Shit. You guys should see Diane. SHE LOST A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT OF WEIGHT. IN JUST A COUPLE DAYS! Them weight loss stuff really work. Her huge muscular bulkiness gone. She is like a totally different person.

A few days ago, Diane dragged Alex and me to the Supermarket. We had no choice. It was her way or the highway. She bought the store out of weight loss pills and drinks. Now I see why she made us come. There was a whole shit load of weight loss thingies. Damn she rang up the register above 300$. Well we left and when we got home (with her driving, very quickly). The need for me to shit arose. And pretty damn quickly too. Well I proceed to the bathroom and I unbuttoned my tight jeans then I unzipped them. But one problem, the zipper was stuck. The only thing I could say was Ah F—k! I keep tugging and tugging struggling. I keep cursing and cursing and cursing some more while I struggle. Well luck wasn’t on my side today. I felt my rectum was about to explode. I let out a loud fart and I knew time was definitely running out. I keep tugging frantically and I’m able t get it free. Well I get them lowered and before my butt lands on the seat shit comes out ri! ght away. I thought that would be the end of my trouble. Wrong. Diane left the toilet seat up and I fall in my own shit. I call Diane into the bathroom and I told her look what you’ve done. Diane said oh, sorry about that, didn’t mean it. Believe it or not I forgave her cus’ I know it’s not her fault. The toilet seat is way too small for her. So I lift my self out with my jeans still at my knees and waddle over to the bidet. I give my ass a good cleaning. I go back over to the toilet but this time the seat is down. I push and a lot of soft poop flows out of me. I keep doing this repeatedly. Then I feel this large one so I pushed and it seemed to be stuck. So I started to shake my ass and luck has it Diane and Tina were just passing by when they saw me acting weird. They stared wide-eyed with there eyebrows raised. They both thought I was possessed. In my defense, I said it was stuck. They both left extremely confused because Diane was scratching her head. ! Well It landed and I made a big blooop sound. I looked in the toilet and saw lots of soft shit and this one large shit about 20-22inches. I wiped my ass, flushed, and made my way over to the bidet again. It nice Diane put the bidet in, I like it, but unfortunately it’s only in one bathroom. But she plans to put more in later.

Diane is so skinny now; I don’t believe my eyes. She lost all that weight in a matter of DAYS. She hasn’t been to sleep yet, just been working out. I remember when Diane would run, she would run like hell but she didn’t have the stamina to keep going for anytime. Now it seems like she could run forever. Yesterday at breakfast she had this drink with some pills and gulped the whole thing down in a matter of seconds. Now there was about a half-gallon in that bottle. She has been drinking all these drinks and taking these pills like there is no tomorrow. 20hrs. Out of 24, she is working out. For 2 hours she watches t.v. For another 2 hours early in the morning she is prepping her car for the race. I tell you she has been pissing like a racehorse. Now she is all the way in the basement and we could hear her pissing cus’ there is a metal toilet down there. (now how many houses have metal toilets?). Early in the morning while I’m asleep. I go down and I see her ! seated on the toilet pissing like a racehorse. I ‘m wondering what her bladder capacity is. Its gotta be large to contain all the stuff she is drinking. I go in the bathroom and ask her if she is ok. She says she is fine, just that she has been drinking so much her bladder fills about every 5 hours. And when she pees it seems to last an eternity. But she has lost a loooooot of pounds. I guess these diet things really work. I don’t even recognize her. She is really serious about winning. Hope she does. But I tell you I have never ever seen such long piss, ever.

Hey thanks to everyone for being so frindly to me! i was scared to write here. I think you are all such cool people, and I'm happy you made me feel welcome. Angie said she might write something here, but is awfully busy. I watched her yesterday morning take a killer shit! We'd worked out some, and after drinking some water she needed to go. She was on the toilet and we were talking and in the middle of a conversation I heard a hard crackling sound and Angie going "urrhhh!" Her turds were fat and smelly, and when a big turd plopped she said "Oh, that was a big one." I was really beginning to smell her poop when she plopped two more turds. She said "Oooh, those turds were so big they made love to my asshole!"
The gorgeous Carmalita has promised to poop in front of me later. I don't why, but I get a major buzz from watching her go to the bathroom. I think it's because she's so pretty. I must be pretending that I'm watching Selena take a crap, huh? Carmalita looks just like her sometimes! I'm staying over tonight at their house. I'm at her computer now. This was cool, but about an hour ago I got to see Jake taking a shit! He is such a HUGE guy! He's like taller than anything, and big shouldered. Lots of muscle. I guess he and Renee are ex-rodeo riders. Anyway, he was wearing jeans, and a heavy sweatshirt that was covered with dirt from working on their car, and a Yankees baseball cap turned backward. He's very handsome and has a cool bod. I'm not used to watchng guys take a shit. He dropped his jeans, then tucked his cock down between his legs, then reached for a magazine on the clothes hamper. I heard a hard piss coming out, then some gas. His legs are so muscled, and hairy a! nd long! Pretty soon he went k-plop-k-plop! Then Malita stuck her head in and said "Want some coffee hon?" and he nodded at her smiling. (great smile he has!) Well, soon I heard a couple more turds and he was finished. He was reading some kind of art book. Oh well, didn't mean to ramble on like this. It was awesome and sexy seeing Jake taking a shit though. I'm around girls all the time, so it was cool to see a man for a change. I really like men when they're shitting. I don't know why, but I do. I always have. I used to try and spy on men when they pooped. I even made a peephole in our bathroom door and got to see glimpses of my brother's friends. I get very excited about the guys stories in here. Go guys, go!
The baby is so cute!!! Tesa says she might have Carmalita write for her because her english is bad, so maybe you'll all hear from Tes. Something really weird is going on with Angie, and she's been staying away from here. Hmm, I don't get it. I hope Tes fills me in soon.
Meredith, Jane, Louise and PV, and Kathy (Rick's Kathy) I love your stories!


Hello girls and boys!

PV: Thank you, thank you, thank you, gorgeous. I am at least as impressed by your adventures. I do my secret little pees when I think nobody can see me, but walking into the gents and do a steel wall is quite something! Well done! I hope you made a loud and proud feminist splatter for us ;-)! I would have loved to join you though. You are right, if you use the ‘gadget’ you can easily do it trough the zip and don’t have to expose anything. By the way, it is not uncompfortable at all, rather nice...and I like it when you feel the warm pee gushing through while you hold the tube. I also liked it when you called it "gadget"; it sounds like something out of a Bond movie LOL. I heard they are doing Tombraider 2 now. Maybe I should call at the production and suggest a little addition to the script: Maybe they could add a good pee scene of Lara with or without gadget, maybe hanging from a rope in the middle of a giant cave to fit with the rest of the movie. I have to say the s! ight of Angelina Jolie making a good gusher would even tempt me to watch another one of these unfortunate movies.
I went through some old posts as well, a while ago, and if I recall it correctly, you are a tall redhead? I hope I remember that right. Well, I am certainly a tall redhead (well dyed, but proudly since over fifteen years). Shame we can’t team up and become the two red firehose twins. LOL. I wanted to suggest you could help with extinguishing the fires, but did not know if a joke would be appropiate. Do you know the scene from gulliver’s travels, where he pees out the fire at Liliput palace? I always loved that scene when I was a suprise, he?
I have to confess I have been a cheeky girl again today. I sneaked into the basement and looked for an interesting place to let go of an urgent pee. There was so much junk standing around I was finding it difficult to make my choice. I went for an old rusty iron door, that was leaning against the wall. It was my hommage to your steel urinal! There was a funny thing in the middle of the door. It looked like a drain in the door, probably some weird ventilation system. I spreat my legs a bit and relieved myself with great fun, directing my stream through the whole in the iron door. Some went trough and some ran down on the door leaving a nice big stream on it and a good puddle on the floor. Shame you weren’t there to do a second stream next to me. Then it would have been perfect. I promise to better and not peepee in the basement anymore, it’s not nice! After I got into the flat I had to poop as well. I did not look particulary forward to it, as I have piles at the moment! . Sob, sob, poor me! It hurt like hell for a while and there was lots of blood, but I got myself some cream and it’s getting better. I first thought they came from too many standing up pees, as I can’t drop the occasional one when it’s ready...but I learned from the description, that came with the cream, that spicy food can be the cause. There I had my explaination: I basically lived on Indian and Thai food the past week...Well, what can I say but you are certainly also a "gal after my own heart". Lots of love Ina XXXXX

CARMELITA: Thank you so much for calling me a sweetie! I went red all over. You seem to be a very hot lady with a big heart. What a combination! Your husband has certainly hit the Jackpot. I was so flattered about your compliments on my poem, especially as English is not my first language, so I am a bit hesitant. I also very much like your desriptive style. It would be nice to hear about some (standing) wees from you as well. Did you do any good ones recently? Yes I also like to do the outdoors. As I said, I especially liked it when you and Nu gave freedom to a few turds in the woods. I somehow like the thought of leaving your deed behind in nature, in a spot where it does not bother anybody. I have had quite a few outdoor pees recently since I am using the ‘tube’ for standing up pees. You keep a warm bum, don’t expose anything and can happily wet some trees. Plus you can pee your name in the snow exactly like a guy! I did it! I think the slight disadvantage of your hor! se stance method is that I guess you have to take your pants of, which I imagine to be rather unpleasant when there is snow! Or did I get that wrong? I am sorry to Louise also, but just I love my method, as there is no more advantage for the guys, total equality, think about it! Anyway it does not matter, as long as we all have our fun, does it? I usually don't have the guts to poop outdoors, unless there is no other place around, although I really like it! I remeber a really good one, I had nearly ten years ago...The first girl from school got married and I was invited to the wedding. It was all very ‘individual’ and they had the reception in a public park with a picnic. There were no toilets near by. So after a while, the guys went pissing into the bushes and the women suffered in silence. Oh, I hate that!!! Why are we girls educated so unfairly? After a while I desperately needed to pee and as we all pigged out on the picnic, I felt some other need as well. I bravely hel! d it in. When we walked back to the cars, I was not prepared to wait any longer and went a bit into the forrest that was next to the carpark. I squatted behind some bushes and pissed (excuse me, there was no other word for it) in a serious way, I felt my rectrum also wanted a go. I did hesitate, as I knew it might take longer and I was embarrassed, as the people who gave me a lift were waiting. I gave in, as the urge was quite big, and started pushing. I think the fattest and longest turd I did so far, very slowly, but easily pushed itself out of me. I still remember, although it’s ages ago, as I usually do many smaller ones. But this was just one fat and long thing, that was lying on the ground, after I finished, with almost a look of selfsatisfaction. Wow, it took a while to come out and I was a bit embarressed to have disappeared so long, but did it feel good to have done that! I was feeling a bit embarrassed, but also cheeky and in a weird way proud when I left that w! hopper behind the bush. I think I drew from that incident when I found inspiration for my poem LOL. Have good ones and keep the fun up with your lovely family there. Love from InaXXXX

ARTHUR: Sorry, I appreciate your thoughts about wanting to use the bathroom of the other sex, after all, many girls here do or would like to use urinals as well, but it’s not cool to have to stand in line and wait! Sorry, but I find that rather cynical. If you would have had to queue up at nearly every public event for ages, while the other gender can go and relieve themselves, you would not think it’s cool anymore! I know you did not mean it, but it sounds rather cynical. Best wishes in any case

REX: Thank you for the compliment. How very nice! As I already mentioned to Carmelita, as a non-native speaker I feel especially flattered. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again.

TO LOUISE, RIZZO AND TIM: I am so sorry! I got carried away writing to Carmelita and PV. I want to send each of you my love and the promise for some longer lines, but I have to go now. TIM, I am glad you are feeling better and thanks for your nice words. Maybe you should think about talking to your wife, if you feel so bad about it. It’s hard to give advice when you don’t know the person. Good luck anyway. RIZZO, thanks for your sweet words. Hopefully we can share some more thoughts about our equipments and how to use them the next time ;-). I did my homework and peed my name! LOUISE: I also did my homework on the anatomy course. Progress reports next time...I would love to write more but it’s too late. Hugs for excuse, if you don’t mind.


Best wishes to all


RJogger, Kathy, Anne, Noreen & friends. Wow what a great story. It sounds as though Rick really was in luck, having three wonderful ladies - Noreen, Anne and Kathy - save their big dumps for him until they geot back from shopping. It's a small wonder the unflushed loo could cope with three loads all buddy dumped on top of each other. Terrific story though. Lucky man!

Earlier this week I chanced to purchase a copy of a new magazine, Adult Sport, from my local newsagent. I was surprised and delighted to see a couple of pages devoted to pictures of glamorous ladies on the loo. I got the impression that some of them were just posed - it was obvious which 'number' each lady was doing if, indeed, she was doing anything at all. As with the mastheads here their modesty was gently safeguarded by the angle of the shot or the positioning of hands etc. However, it was great to see such pictures in a fairly mainstream magazine.

Lawn Dogs Kid, my dear friend,
I’m glad that you and Kendal are ok. I have learned in the past that silence from your part of the world comes before startling news. I just felt that there was something afoot over there. When your dad had this affair you must have been about ten and still the only son. In this age of birth control Ellen is probably not an unwanted child. So do not judge your dad too harshly. Remember how he contributed to uniting Steve’s family with yours in May. And referring to what you said about your mum fussing over Thomas as if she wanted another baby, there may be more truth to your words than you realise. Kendal did the right thing by giving Ellen a most heart felt welcome. Excellent move, Kendal! Now it is a bit up to you, Andrew, to help soothe your mother’s frayed nerves. You being her only and most precious son have quite an influence on her decisions! There is a good side to all this: the hubbub surely distracted Kendal from any depressive thoughts around Christmas. She ev! en managed to get some standing pee practice in the bathtub! So my little present for her – I think it is described on page 796 - is not premature. I suppose she will soon start to “toilet train” Ellen. And as from now you have another little girl to take care of. No wonder you both sounded so excited. Take care, my friend and love to you from Rizzo.

Kendal, dear niece,
Happy Birthday to you again, - on time, I hope! You are experiencing exciting times! I congratulate you on your standing wee in the bath tub when you equalled Emily’s output! So you fully deserve the WSPC medal for Junior Members I made for you! PV already suggested that I should go into mass production! So far yours is the only one I made. Big birthday hugs, smooth today, from your Uncle Rizzo

Hi Louise,
so you are still a bad girl, how lovely! You were wondering about willies with or without foreskin. Well with mine the foreskin reached forward and covered the “pee hole”, actually a vertical “pee slit”, when I was little. This made peeing rather hazardous, the stream being difficult to aim. As I grew up, willie increased in size too, and now the foreskin does not cover the pee hole any more. But my willie is not of constant size. Hey wait a mo’, I didn’t mean the obvious! I mean that is varies in size in its floppy state, when it could be called a “floppy dick “. This depends on how cold I feel. If I have been for a swim, I am usually cold, even if others think of the water as “warm”. Then Floppy tends to shrink to a size that I can only describe as “tiny”. In such a state the foreskin is too big for its contents, it is wrinkly and covers the pee hole. If, however I have had a warm bath, or it has been a hot day, or if I am hot from exercise, then Floppy is actually qu! ite big. Then there is the effect peeing has on a cold tiny willie: the hot pee coursing through the willie warms it up from inside to make it a bit larger and automatically pull the foreskin back out of mischief. Talk about central heating! The foreskin is generally a nuisance if it covers the pee hole. Then, as you have certainly observed, the stream is not round in section, but like a sort of narrow, if thick ribbon at the outlet. This tends to twist around its axis, depending on the hydrodynamics of the stream. Ok, ok, I think this is enough for the time being. Any questions? A big LOL from Rizzo

PV, dear,
somehow I always had the sensation that there is more to you than meets the eye! Thinking of forging your own sword! Wow! Even if it was only a day dream from your past, I am very impressed. But do not overestimate my metal working capabilities. It is something I taught myself the hard way. Now about peeing with a device: do you think that this could help you further in overcoming the last vestiges of AP? Ina seems to be becoming more and more adventurous with her wees. You know, I almost envy you girls!!!! I envy you for your thrill of discovering the fun of peeing wherever and whenever you want in places never thought possible before! Keep it up, hugs from Rizzo.

Ina, dear,
you are not only becoming an expert when it comes to peeing, but you are an artist and a poet too! Great rhymes about the snake wanting some future brothers and sisters and receiving a shower in the end! Keep it up, you are fast becoming another pee queen here to join the ranks of PV and Louise! Love from Rizzo

Hi Bridget,
good to see you post again! Now about those porcelain figurines in defecating positions you read about. I remember having seen small clay figurines (about 4 inches high) of squatting bare bottomed peasant girls with a hole in the back. A pellet of some sort was pushed in and lit with a match. The result was a half inch thick dark grey sausage of ash which kept slowly snaking out like an enormous turd (in relation to the size of the figure) until it reached a length of two to three feet! Such shitting women were sold during Carnival/Mardi Gras.
Then there were “les pisseuses” during the nineteenth century. Little porcelain figurines also about four inches high, of girls in different poses such as a squat, a horse stance or just standing and lifting one leg, holding up their dress in front with one or both hands to show their nakedness underneath in perfect detail, and with a nozzle between their shoulder blades. There a rubber bulb full of water used to be attached. When the bulb was pressed, water squirted out of a little pee hole in the right place. Peeing dolls for adults! Post again, love from Rizzo

you asked how it would be like to go to the bathroom for others in their stead as a sort of nine to five job. I think that in such a case you would be peeing and shitting for so many hours at a stretch, that it would eventually take all the fun out of the business, and that you would need “non-toilet breaks” from time to time! And your “clients” would be deprived of pleasant moments too!

David S.,
Cancer Child Julian’s death was tragic, and I agree with you that Jeff A.’s post to her was very touching and beautiful. Tragic was also the death of Heather, an eleven year old girl in a wheel chair, who was involved in a car accident towards the end of January 2001 and died abour a week later from her injuries. See pages 515 to 520 or thereabouts. Because I played a piece by Bach in her memory, my thoughts always go to her when I hear or play that piece of music. The incident sure did rattle me, and this site was no joke any more after that.

Hi Tim,
thanks for your long message. I see that you are in a similar dilemma as I. I found this site looking for other people who are lactose intolerant because of my intense dislike for dairy products, which make me very sick and give me diarrhoeia. When I found this site, I thought of it as a lark, a joke. I started to post some stories from my earliest childhood about a year ago. I didn’t want to tell my wife, thinking that I would soon have had enough of this. Then Heather died. After that I got involved in taking care of Kendal, which gives me much pleasure. I had never intended to stay with the people here for so long, but now I realise that I would miss them very much. It would make me feel terrible to think that my leaving could make Kendal sad. And like your case, my wife is not into this too. She would not go through the roof though, but her discovering my little secret would cause me to feel extremely embarassed. I always try to tell myself that going to the bathroom! is nothing to be ashamed about, but talking about it? I have my doubts. Here is the place where I can discuss these things in a way, which would normally be considered outrageous! I shudder to think that it may hurt my wife’s feelings if she discovered that I was discussing how to pee in a sink with PV and Louise! One day I am going to tell my wife though. I want to do this without showing her the forum directly, if possible; just telling her about some people I met here here. She would want to see the correspondence though, and therefore it would make things much easier if I could exchange “off-topic messages” outside this forum with one or the other, like with you for instance. Now if you are thinking of trying to look up “Rizzo”, don’t, the net is teeming with Rizzos, and I am none of them. I am sorry not to be able to give you any more useful advice; and I knew you would not misunderstand the manly hug! Wish you the best, Rizzo

Hello Meghan, hello Sarah S.,
Annie wrote about your weeing contest and that you, Meg, didn’t win anything! Meg, the others won for anatomical reasons and because they may be a bit less inhibited (are by far more outrageous?). Now the next time you take part in such a contest, play to your advantage. You being taller may suggest weeing into a sink without sitting on it, and without standing on anything to give extra height! Just swing one leg over the sink, like taking off for a high jump scissors fashion, so that your pussy is perched over the basin, and let rip. And see if the others can beat that. Then you can also see or better listen who makes the most silent wee, the noisiest wee, the messiest wee, the neatest wee……….until you do win something! And if you still do not, then you will have won as the best loser! Hugs, Rizzo

Here’s a story from my university time.
We had been out at a pub for a pint before moving on to a the next pub that one of us had suggested. By “we” I mean a group of student friends who have already appeared in my posts, such as the barbeque at night and the pee off the roof. Because we were out for some drinks, we had decided to walk. The next pub was a twenty minute walk away, and as we were approaching it, I was beginning to feel a certain weight in my bladder and that tickle in my willie. One of the girls, let me call her Marion, was by now stopping in her tracks every two minutes or so, screwing her shapely legs together, bending forward abruptly - thereby showing her bright red knickers under her very short black skirt at the back - and exclaiming: “How far is it? I have to pee something fierce! Oh! I could make a puddle big enough for all of you to swim in!” She made a real show, and, as we knew from experience, that although desperate, she would make it easily, it was only another minute. The other ! girl wearing jeans who was very shy when it came to toilet matters when boys were around - let me call her Gladys - just sucked air in through her teeth, going “ffffff” from time to time. But we made it in the end. With a rush Marion, who was familiar with the pub, headed for the toilets at the back, ignoring Gladys’s imploring looks. It was only after a minute or so that Gladys ventured to follow. The rest of us reserved some seating space at one of the few tiny tables, which was easy, because it was still early and the place half empty. Just as I was about to go to the loo myself, the two girls came back, Marion giggling, Gladys very pink in the face. Apparently Marion had run in there, found one of the two cubicles occupied and gone to the other one, the door to which was behind a corner and not visible from the entrance. Gladys who followed later and seeing nobody, just saw the one occupied cubicle from which a loud tinkle of peeing was very audible. Assuming that i! t was Marion, she banged with force on the door with the flat of her palm and called out: “Hey! Don’t pish so loudly in there!” Whereupon the sound died away, and shortly after the door to the cubicle opened to reveal a man exiting, and giving the zipper of his fly a finishing touch! He glared at Gladys. She was dumbstruck, so embarrassed, that she had felt like hiding under a sink or crawling into a drain! She had at first thought that she had gone into the mens’ by mistake, had not realized that these were unisex facilities! She went out again, looked at the sign on the door, went in again because she was on the verge of wetting herself, and dodged into the cubicle the man had come out of. Only when Marion had finished and called her, did she dare to show herself. She wanted to leave, saying that she could not face that man if he were still around. We just laughed and tried to explain that the chap was probably just as embarrassed as she was! She decided to stay in the e! nd.

Have a good weekend everybody, Rizzo

I have to appologies for posting to cancer kid in my 1st post i have just read more archives and realised that she didn't make it unfortunately i did not notice the dates of the previous posts and how long ago it was the news though old now ( new to me as i've just read it)sadanned me i'm sorry if that caused anyone who posted to Julian offence i genuinly did not notice ( more haste less speed for me sorry)
thats all i'm posting this time bye.

A Happy new year to All.

I've just skimmed through all the postings for the past nine days, and I've greatly enjoyed doing so.

To PV,
Glad you are well. I hope your time is not taken up by anything related to the bush fires. It's a nasty business, and I despair at how some sick individuals have been deliberately setting such fires. Irresponsible vandalism is one thing, but what has happened is reckless endangerment of property and life on a large scale.
Back on topic, I'm glad you have enjoyed Louise's latest postings. Her obstruction of the toilet (obviously one of the 'low flush' trendy units that actually defeat their own purpose by requiring repeated flushes if they are at all successful) was a superb tale. It isn't often that she passes a log when we are out in the evening, but it was entertaining to read how she attempted to clear the blockage and had to abandon the log unflushed.
Our spell in Scotland was very relaxing - it was a very good break away from the usual routine. I can't really add anything to Louise's accounts of what happened, other than to say that her friend was much less inhibited than our previous visit when urinating in the bucket. I think Louise forgot how her friend stood on the edge of the pool, trying to urinate into the water. It took her a little while to get started, but she did produce a yellow arc that landed in the water. It was quite good to watch her imitate Louise that way.
The second day was also very good, and as you will no doubt have read, it involved Louise disappearing to the main bathroom to have a dump. There were some other visitors at the house, and they were only around for about four hours, but still they managed to want the bathroom at the same time as Louise. I'm not sure the father's behaviour was entirely appropriate, mind you. After the boy walked in on Louise in mid dump, perhaps the father should have removed him from the room and closed the door to spare her embarrassment, but apparently he just took in the view. As you may have gathered, Louise's exhibitionist tendencies meant she viewed the encounter as quite amusing, but I can think of many former girlfriends who considered such things to be for my eyes only, and would have been extremely unamused. I believe he made no effort to offer an apology either.
Anyway, sweetheart, I always enjoy talking to you. Have a hug.

Bringing Louis, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan into this, I really cannot go away for a few days and expect Louise to behave herself, can I? It seems she has joined the greats of science.
For such a long time we have had Copernicus' theory on the movement of the Earth, Einstein's theory of relativity, and Darwin's theory of evolution.
In addition to all of those, following a few years of study and research, we now have Louise's theory of penile growth and urination efficiency!
This new ground breaking theory is based on evidence I have provided through answering all her questions of my personal experience, and also her study of my 'style' of urination and comparison of that with the behaviour of other males of various ages, shapes and sizes. According to Louise, the size of the penis is an important factor when considering the difficulty of 'emptying' the last drops out of the 'pipework'. I can only speak for myself, but I don't think any variation in penis size is significant enough to make any practical difference. I would think any fluid retention in the urethra at the end of a single bladder emptying would be affected more by the trousers, and whether any narrowing of the urethra towards the base of the penis would be caused by that. Certainly I have found that a loosening of the trousers can cause some further urine to be expelled that would otherwise have leaked out into my underwear when I put my penis away. I do not think the overall l! ength of the urethra will make a difference in much other than distance contests, in which the longer urethra will probably lose <snicker>.
I've been reading how Louise has been discussing my own penis size. See what she gets up to when I'm not here? Well, yeah, I think I have to recognise my penis as being larger than many, but not frighteningly so. Louise's statement of my dimensions is accurate enough.
Some former girlfriends have commented on it, including my beautiful friend 'M' who I have mentioned before on this forum. Just to remind you, when I was 25 and she was 45, I acted as her 'toilet guard' when she had an unaccustomed late night wee in an alley when I was escorting her home, and I think it was that that made her invite me to stay. I kept doing so for weeks! We were great friends for years before, and we still are, but not that way! I think having had a physical relationship has enriched the friendship, if you understand me.
Louise occupies all my time now though, and I consider myself very, very lucky. Anyway, a few times I've seen her studying me during urination, thinking analytically, and mentioned size in relation to urination as well. Can't say I've ever thought taking a tape measure to myself and having exact figures would make any difference to my life at all, so I've always refused to do it. This forum is more about turd size than penis size anyway. <snicker>
The 'cut' v 'uncut' debate is interesting, I have to say. Again I can only make comments about myself, but at around the age of 13 or 14, I adapted my style of urination to cope with what I noticed as 'untidiness' in how my urine stream emerged. I dealt with it my partly drawing my foreskin back just enough to expose my urethral opening on the glans.
At around this time, I think, was the start of a period of about two years when my penis grew significantly. At the age of 15, at its mature size it must have been three times as long as when I was 12. Obviously my testicles grew also, but they are pretty average in size.
It does seem as if most small boys can get away with leaving the foreskin tightly closed and still be able to achieve a good urine stream, whereas a large number of adult males do as I do and pull back slightly before starting. When I finish, I always close the foreskin back up to squeeze out any remaining moisture that would otherwise be retained.
Louis, there are other things you may wish to know about foreskins that I will have to post another time. Right now I am going to spend the rest of the evening enjoying the company of Louise, which I have been denied for over four days.

Special greetings to all our other usual friends on the forum. I'll try to respond to some more of your postings soon.



)Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to you all again,

JACOB G. Good to hear from you again!
I can imagine your acute frustration when your visitor arrived just as you were with your mate as he was talking to you while he was on the toilet! It's certainly difficult when we can't say how we feel in such cases, you weren't just listening, but positively invited in with him while he was on! And waiting to hear him drop his turds!!
Let's hope you soon get the chance again, or perhaps you'll feel able to chat to him in the doorway next time he's on without it seeming presumptive of you.
When I had a lodger living with me once, I never had the chance of being in there with him, but I think if I had been and anyone interrupted, I'd have pretended to have answered the door and gone back to the bathroom to join him again, but it would have been difficult to keep up the pretence!

LOUIS, Regarding the stream when pissing.
I'm "uncut" but my foreskin isn't as long as many guys I've seen, but even though no guy wants to admit to having a short one, during the recent very cold weather, I've sometimes found it very difficult to piss without it spluttering everywhere as my dick has shrunk so much!
Last week I was on a toilet for a shit and as I sat there this very cold day, without realising it I was starting to piss and it was going all over my underpants and trousers until I tried to direct the flow downwards instead of horizontally. Being so shrunk with the cold, there was not enough flexibility and I almost had to cup my hand to deflect the piss downwards!
Not only embarrassing and inconvenient to have a wet stain to show, but a dent to one's pride as a man to know the reason why.
I wouldn't have wanted to be using a urinal and be seen by anyone in its shortened state and so perhaps I ought to consider insulation during freezing weather! Anyone admit to the same problem, now I've raised this issue?

LAWN DOGS KID & KENDAL, I was wondering what terrible news you were going to reveal, then I read about your surprise family addition so glad you're both very happy with this new member to the household, and I wish her well.

Good to know you, Andrew, had an appreciative audience as you sat on the toilet and dropped some loud plops! Any idea what you'd eaten to produce bigger than usual turds?

Two days ago sitting on the public toilet I love using, I had what must be described as an ecstatic shit! Just pure pleasure as I kept dropping these medium sized and VERY satisfying turds with inevitable plops. I wished I could ask people afterwards if they'd had a really good one that day, and I hoped that they all had.
To know I'm doing something as good as I'd hope to be able to hear other guys doing it makes me feel I'm a really good shitter again!

Looking forward to sitting on the toilet again tomorrow and pushing out more well-formed turds, this compared with a few months ago when I had such problems, I'm really so relieved in both senses of the word! Happy toileting, P P G

Hi everyone! I'm a new guy! I've been reading the posts on this site for a couple of weeks now. I am really impressed with the way everyone communicates and where someone has problems in their lives that there is a real sense of support and sympathy, as well as sharing the joy of the happy times. It is like community or family. I trust that my own posts will be a welcome contribution to the site. I use my middle name of Noel as I've not seen anyone else with this name - whereas my first name is already in use.
I was prompted to write after having an accident this morning. Although it is winter, I do like to wear shorts in the house while I have breakfast and see to other practical jobs before taking my daily shower (as it is warm in the house). I was needing a poo but thought I could hold on a bit longer. I just needed to get the daily milk delivery in. I stepped outside our front door and bent down to pick up the milk. As I did so my sphincter suddenly relaxed and a big soft turd exuded into my Kangol briefs. Fortunately, these briefs have plenty of room in them, and are a good fit around the legs, which meant my shorts remained clean - even if they did smell as a result of my huge load suspended in my briefs inside them. I never wear those unhygienic shorts with 'sewn in' briefs. I am very particular about personal hygiene and all the more so after an accident or intentional accident.
A major accident I experienced was in the large Marks & Spencer store in Manchester in 1995. (This store was destroyed as the result on an IRA bomb in 1996, and an even bigger store has now been built on the site). While I was doing my shopping I felt the onset of the need to poo. However, it did not seem too urgent and I mad my purchases. I thought I'd make it home (30 minutes away) before I'd really need the loo. As I stood in the check-out queue I suddenly felt I'd have to go as a matter of urgency in the store customer toilets after I'd paid for my goods. The queue (line in the US, I believe) moved so slowly. The pressure was building. I let out a deadly silent smelly fart. Poor people around me! Horror or horrors, as my transaction was going through I could feel a big stiff turn beginning to slide out. I did not want to have an accident as being hot weather I was in beige light cotton trousers and loose-fit style boxer shorts!! As soon as my purchase was complet! e, I started hurrying for the customer toilets. However, the turd which had stopped with about 2 inches hanging out at the check-out now suddenly took off like a rocket! It distented the seat of my boxers and suddenly lurched sideways. Before I could do anything about it, it dropped down my left leg, and lodged momentarily on the top edge of my trainer shoe. I stopped dead. Looked around and saw no-one near me. I shook my left leg and the turn dropped on to the floor (a tiled walkway between the carpeted sections on which the displays stood). I took a quick glance. People were beginning to come both ways - so I left the turd there and hastily left the store. It was about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide! No wonder I could not hold it! I went into a public toilet to inspect my boxers and trousers. Just a very light evidence of where the poo had been and had travelled. I've got lots of stories to tell of my genuine accidents and intentional ones too, both poo and pee.

To CC. With reference to the clear wet patch on the back of your boxer shorts - at mate of mine had the same happen. He thought he'd pooed himself - but hadn't. He had no odour either. He is still mystified as to what it was.

The boxers or briefs question. I generally prefer my underpants to have legs, whether they are described as boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks or hipster trunks, as they are recommended by the medical profession. I have quite a large underpants collection which includes all of these. I also have a fair number of briefs. If I think there might be any possibility of an a genuine poo accident, I always wear briefs. The Kangol ones I have are excellent and I know I will be secure in those in the event of an accident (except for diarrhoea, obviously). Guys, what are your thoughts? It would be good to hear.

Well, I must finish my first (and rather long) posting.

Friday, January 11, 2002

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