Kristi, have you ever needed to poop any where else interesting?

Hi sorry for not posting but weve been to flordia and Texas to visit family but I got a nice story for ya we ( me and my cuzin Alyssa) and I needed to go poop but we were a long from her house and the bathrooms were locked there were a few people on the beach about 5 and I really had to go so I said com here so we went torwards the other end of the beach I dropped my bottoms and let out this long coiling log it was kinda creamy she was watching guard I had diarehha so we decided to leave on the way up the long trail I had to go again so I took off my bikini bottom (yes amazingly I'm still skinny enough to wear one) and sat on the garbage can and dropped one then on the way home she has an adorable vw beetle 2001 I had to go so I wouldn't ruin her car I piled up all the towels we took and pooped foing along hwy 16 then I through out the towels who ever finds those... I feel for them.

KRISTI: like your story its hilarious

Going back through old posts and keeping with the top 5 theme, how many people have peed or pooped:

1. On a city bus or train with no bathroom
2. Somewhere in a mall or large store like Walmart or Home Depot when no one was looking
3. In a bucket when the bathroom was unavialable or broken at home.
4. While using their computer
5. On newspaper

Hi everyone thanks for your concerns regarding my feelings towards my mom after she pooped her self at the mall.

iam fifteen years old, and i admit i love to watch other girls go for a poo in the toilet or there pants, i like to poo myself sometimes too, its just when my mom did it--- i guess you dont think your mom could/would do such a thing.

Today coming home from school i had the urge to pee and poo, by the time i got to my house i was busting to go, i couldnt hold it in any longer and i begun to wet my jeans my jeans had wet streaks down both legs and i left a puddel on the ground, then i suddenly farted and a big smelly poo filled my jocky for her briefs.

i walked into my house (luckily no one else at home)with my legs apart and waddeled upstairs to the bathroom to clean up, my poo dropped into the toilet and left very little stain in my panties, glad no one found out. Dallas P.s dallas is my name-- not where iam from as some people seem to think.

Hi, as you know i work in a retail store and we sell video games, anyway i was in the game section stocking again and a boy about 8 came in by himself and started to play the ps2 demo. The demo is on one end of a row of shelves and I was directly accross from it stocking the end cap. The top of the demo is kinda wide with the screen and the bottom is one peg kinda thin and I could see the boys legs clearly but he did not see me. Anyway he was playing the game and would take one hand off the controller to hold himself and then continue playing, then he had to use both hands a couple times and once he put both hands holding it and turned and walked a foot them came back, he was crossing his legs constantly. Then he started hopping on both feet and grabbed himself, he came around the other side of the shelves not knowing I was there, he was trying to hide. I was blocking the isle where I was with a cart of product so he could not pass, when he came around the corner he saw me ! and I looked at him and there was pee gushing out of his pants and through his fingers, he had on blue jeans. He stood still in front of me and I said, You really had to go huh? He said in a quiver, Yeah. He managed to stop peeing, he had a big round patch where his hands were, a little down the legs. He then said, My mom is gonna kill me. I said where is she, he said at home and I asked how he got there and He said he rode his bike. I told him he better go ride around for a while and let it dry then you will be ok. He said, Cool thanks.
I seem to be seeing this alot in kids his age, not going to the bathroom, or even stopping to ask when they are playing games.

To Kristi: I liked your you have any stories that involves your boyfriend watching you or him pooping etc.??

To Carmalita: I liked that little story about jake...after you finished pumping did jake have to poop or any thing?

To Betti and Lucy: I liked your story, where are you from? Are you from the us? i think that might be illegal but im not sure. Did your parents say any thing about you girls swimming nude, did they even know?

To Outhouse Scott: I liked your story about having to shit in that single unisex bathroom in the coffee shop. Must have been a huge log, bet it felt good!

To Matt: I liked your story

Last night i went out to dinner i came home and about an hour later i had this huge urge to poop. So right before bed i pooped and it was really soft and mushy and i wiped alot. I flushed and i noticed that it didn't go down all the way and there was a single pea in the toilet. I had eatten peas the night before and it didn't get digested.

Carmalita: Hola! What's going on in your house? First, there's Renee and the Aqua Velva incident, then there's Jake and his smelly socks under your pillow. What did you do to them to deserve such pranks to be played on you? You can't help nature's call, right? In any case, those are among the most hilarious stories yet. I even dragged Gary to read your stories, and he thought it was funny, too. I'm sure you will get back at them someday, and I don't mean by your usual poops.

Pico Tamale: Great name! I don't usually pig out, certainly not to the extent that Alana does. Gary and I were away for the holidays, so we did not have total control over what was served. I don't have a rational explanation why I end up with such massive pooping sessions, but it is not because I'm constipated beforehand nor do I purposely hold it in to build up to a massive poop. Last year I would experience a monthly cycle, like the period, where I would go regularly for most of the month, then would have a few days of large poops. Recently it seems to be doing it on a weekly basis, much like my college days. By the way, I'm not a big woman, just 5-7 and 128 lbs. Just ask Buzzy.

Speaking of Buzzy, my pal, I'd like to buddy dump with you, too. I'd like to check out that gym of yours, especially that men's room. The only thing is that Gary would have to go, too.

Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid: Happy New Year to you both! That was some buddy dumping you guys and Emily did over the holidays. Your story regarding Andrew's dad and newly-found sister, as well as his stepmother's cancer, is very poignant and certainly puts things in perspective. You guys are young but very mature for your age, and great writers.

Robby, Annie, Sarah S & Meghan: Hi guys! Thanks for liking my posts. Gary still gets a big kick out of it when you say hello to him. This might loosen him up and get him to read the posts more often and even post here again. You think my poops will get bigger? It did the other day, but that is another long post, and I don't have any more time today. Sorry.

Hi to everyone else.

matt- i liked your story

My other story is from today I went to my grandmas with my family, on the way in the car I felt a small urge to wee and poop so I started to fidget a little. When we got to my nanas I was fidgeting a little more because I did need a pee and poop my mom told me go to toilet when I got out the car in front of my nana and sister and dad, I can't stand being told to go to the toilet and my mom knows that, so I said that I didn't need to go so she told me to stop fidgeting. The problem was that I did need to go. It was a hot day and we all went out into the back garden, there is nothing much to do at my grandmas so I started sun bathing on the back lawn with my sister. We were wearing jeans, I didn't realize how hot it was going to be and my sister probably didn't either so my mom said we ought to take our jeans off and tan our legs. My nanas back garden is secluded so I did take my jeans off but my sister didn't want to, I got my jeans off just in time as when I did a little! bit of pee and poop in my blue briefs leaving a wet spot on the front and a little bulge in the back so I rolled on my back, luckily it was so hot that my pants didn't take that long to dry out but it did leave a slight stain on the front of my briefs. By lunch I put my jeans back on because they were dry. After lunch I remembered I needed to poop so I used my grandmas toilet this time and I had skid marks on my briefs from the earlier poop. I must go now, keep up the posts as I enjoy reading them.

Ring Stretcher
JANE: You always seem to run into kids with mouths on them, LOL.

CARMALITA: How are things goings?! Keep up the good stories.

KIM & SCOTT: Hey log queen!

ELENA: Is birth like taking a mega poop? Take care, good to see you back on here.

I was sitting in the doctor's examining room ad noticed a drawing of the intestines and rectum. The bottom of the rectum/anus is tiny, so no wonder we people with wide poops makes such grunting sounds trying to get them out! It's capacity to stretch is simply amazing!

When I was at a university many years ago me and some friends were walking across campus early evening and this girl who appeared somewhat drunk was wearing a white micro mini skirt with a 12-inch poop tail hanging out the back as she suddenly stepped in front of us and was frantically looking around. We couldn't believe it! She evidentally had no panties on, either. We watched her walk up on a grassy landscaped knoll and drop her log off. Then she started vomiting. Weird.

Annie, Sarah S, and Meghan
Hi all,
Our last post didn't get in! Oh well, we have been posting a lot lately. We will have another go at it.

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID(ANDREW): WELCOME BACK our dear niece, friend and cousins. We were so worried about you. We are extremely sorry that yet another situation clouded your lives. We are glad that you had a great time in the Lake District and the arrival of a precious sister and cousin named Ellen. My oldest girl is named Ellen Anne. We call her Ellie. Robby's girls and I were in Manchester over the holidays. Your stories about your buddy poos and wees were outstanding.
KENDAL: Fancy you showing your poo, you naughty girl, teehee! It sounded like the cullompted poos the girls and I have been having lately. Sari- ANDREW, your dump was the ultimate,LOL! We pictured Emily and Kendal pulling their shirts over their noses when you went plop, plop, PLOP!!! I had a poo so big that Meg was repulsed. It looked like a coiled up cobra. I had to concentrate so much I thought my eyeballs would fall out. Meg- it must have been a treat to see Emily do her big poos. Your description of it was outstanding. Her concetration, her CULLOMPTED PLOPS!! KENDAL, we were suprised when we read about YOUR poo. Wow! That must have been a mega jobbie for you. Of course it didn't fill up the bowl like Emily's did, we gather.
Don't worry about Kate. When a girl starts her period she is really embarrassed to have anyone in the toilet with her. We know! Annie- Please read our past posts when you get the time. We had some nice stories for both of you. KENDAL: WISHING YOU THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!! Take care! Lots of Lovexxxxxxx and a big, big hug to both of you! Aunty Annie, Cousins Sari and Meg and Uncle Robby(in absentia). PS: Please give a hug to your new arrival, Ellen for us!

DEAR RIZZO: Hello dear friend! Sari- we discussed some things with you in our last post that probably got it sacked. Lets just say we are extemely worried about Dad. It was off topic. The recital went very well and Meg had to have a mega poo afterwards. It just kept coming out and Meg was in much distress. THE CULLOMPTED KIND!! I just weed. Can you believe it?!!! I haven't had to poo much this New Year and it is rather distressing. I have tried drinking more water and other remedies. We go back to school on Sunday the 13th. Annie- Robby's poos have been more cullompted lately and he is with his assistant Barbara in LA. I sent her to watch over him in Canada, too. As for the girls worries we will try again to tell you. I will have another story for you next time. Lots of Lovexxxx Annie, Sarah S and Meghan(and Robby)

LOUISE: Annie- It wouldn't have to be an alley. It could be a football stadium,LOL!!! Sari- Megs and I do have boys we go out with and some of them are on the "large" side but we agree that that is not the only measure of a man. Meg- it took me a minute and a half to wee this morning. I think it was the beer from last night. Take care, Love, Annie, Sari and Meg

We hope this post gets in! We have to run so Hellos to ALL OF THE PEOPLE ON THE FORUM!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone.

Had to take a shit in a garbage can today. I was at our warehouse filling orders when I really had to shit. There's no toilet in the place, so I finally decided to use the can. I pulled my pants and boxers down past my ass and squatted. I didn't even have to push--soft crap squeezed between my cheeks and landed in the garbage. Once I was done, I realized I had NOTHING to wipe with. Not even any note paper, besides what the order was printed on. It was really gooey down there, but I decided I'd wait until I got back to the office to clean up. I pulled up my pants and underwear, being careful not to give myself a wedgie and finished my work. I drove back to the office and went in the bathroom. It took me about five minutes to wipe my ass clean, but somehow I had managed to not mess up my boxers. Go figure.

Happy crapping!


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Great story Carmilita! I had that one pictured in my mind. Both of you got each other but good. Welcome Kristi good desperation story. I have a desperation story to tell.

The last post was the camping trip up at Raquette Lake. Well the story continues. I got up early and got breakfast going. I made bacon and eggs and coffee for myself and tea for my wife. J my wife awoke and came out in her long t shirt yawned and stretched. She lifted up her tshirt and spread her legs apart and took a long hissing pee. She does every morning.

She went and got our daughter and we all enjoyed breakfast. I did camp kp and then J took my daughter over to the camp playground and I decided to go fishing right from our campsite. I gathered my fishing pole and worms and walked down to the shore. I casted out my line and sat down to wait.

I was sitting there for twenty minutes or so when this nice boat comes by with three girls in it. They are about 30 feet out. The motor quiets down and I can hear what the girls are saying. Go over in front of the island I hear one of the girls say. There is a small island off to the left which hides the lake from the highway. The girl puts the boat just off the island but I can still see them because they are only 50 feet or so from my spot.

The one girl that said go over by the island stands up and drops her gold bikini bottom. No tan lines on her bottom. I thought maybe they were going skinny dipping. No she squats her bottom over the side of the boat and starts peeing a torrent. A wide golden stream flowed outward and was splashing in the water and hitting the side of the boat.
She peed like that for a good minute and then slowed and dribbled to a stop. She stood back up and pulled back up her gold bottom. I heard a whos next come from the boat.

The girl that was driving the boat got up and she pulled down her blue two piece bottom. She hovered her bottom over the edge. I noticed on her she had lines in her tan. She let out a very short pee and then a tan turd emerged from her cheeks. This was one of those long rope jobs. This one just kept comming. She started peeing again and it was running right of the end of this rope that was hanging 18inches long. Her pee stoped and with a grunt that I could hear the rope broke and fell into the water. Boy I just made that. Boy all that beer and food from two days ago must have made that number. She pulled up her bottom and got back in the drivers seat and the boat took off. That was the only thing that I caught that day.


Hello, I'm back. Thank you all for your responses so far. I hope to hear lots more. Anyway, I remember one time I was at the library. I was studying for a test when I felt the urge to poop. So I got up and went into the bathroom. I went into the nearest stall. I pulled up my skirt and dropped my black panties past my knees. I started to push out a log when I heard the door open. It was the sound of two young teenage girls. They were talking loudly when I heard one of them say,"Man that lunch earlier got to me." The other one said"yeah, me too" They both went into the stall. I sat quietly and listened. I felt a suden rush as I knew what was to follow. I could only see the girl next to me. She had her pants pulled down to her ankles. I then waited for that wonderfull sound. I then heard about 2-3 ploops come from each stall. One of the girls said, "oh, that's so much better." After about 5 minutes they both wiped and flushed. By this time I was already done with my busines! s and washing my hands. The stall doors opened and out came two really cute teen girls. They were both probably 16. They did'nt say anything and just washed their hands. Boy was that awesome.
I think i would give just about anything to see and hear Jennifer Love Hewitt or Mena Savari(American Pie, American Beauty) on the toilet pushing out some big ones. Bye for now!!

To Kristi: I liked your you have any stories that involves your boyfriend watching you or him pooping etc.??

To Carmalita: I liked that little story about jake...after you finished pumping did jake have to poop or any thing?

To Betti and Lucy: I liked your story, where are you from? Are you from the us? i think that might be illegal but im not sure. Did your parents say any thing about you girls swimming nude, did they even know?

To Outhouse Scott: I liked your story about having to shit in that single unisex bathroom in the coffee shop. Must have been a huge log, bet it felt good!

To Matt: I liked your story

Last night i went out to dinner i came home and about an hour later i had this huge urge to poop. So right before bed i pooped and it was really soft and mushy and i wiped alot. I flushed and i noticed that it didn't go down all the way and there was a single pea in the toilet. I had eatten peas the night before and it didn't get digested.

Sudden Urge.
The other day I was in the office at work and a secretary/manager was rushing around answering phone calls, it was a very busy day. As I got up to leave her office the phone rang and before I could make it to the door she said "would you please get that for me I've really got to go take a poop". I couldn't believe it, just out of the blue she told me this. I said "sure" and as i went over to her desk to answer the phone she walked into her office bathroom leaving the door cracked a little bit, I don't think she meant to leave it like that I just think she was in a bit of a hurry. The phone call was brief and after I hung up I sat there and listened, You could hear every move she made in there. I heard the familiar soft grunts and the crackling of a turd that seemed to go on forever. Midway through her turd she asked me in a strained voice if the call was important. I told her that is was just a sales person and she said "good" and as she said this I could hear a "flooooo! p" into the toilet. It had to be a long one. After a few more "ploops" I heard her wipe and flush. As she walked out she said "shewee, I needed that". I did'nt expect that either. As I left the office and passed her bathroom door I could smell the familiar poop smell.

Matt - That was a cool story about how you pooped yourself in the parade

Bryian - I drank some kind of juice that mixed bad with my food to cause that

unnamed poster - I usally wear boxers over my briefs to get the best of both

Jacob G in Florida
Hello to everyone again! I have not posted in a while, but I?m here everyday.

LUC: Your story about being shy of pooping in front of others, being interested in watching others, and adept at getting others to go in front of you, is very similar to my own story. I remember when I was about ten years old, I would on occasion give away my Matchbox and Hotwheel cars to my friends if I could watch them poop. Other times, I would dare them to go. They would always be more than happy to perform. Sometimes, they would let me come into the bathroom with them. Other times, they did it outside. Once, I remember one of my friends pooped in the woods across from my house, then wiped his butt by climbing a tree and sliding his butt along the trunk of the tree. You had to see it to believe it. Something about watching them poop always seemed to make me have to go really bad. I was too shy to do it in front of them. I couldn?t even let them know I had to go. I would just find an excuse to go home.

The other day, I had an exciting experience turn into a very aggravating experience. I had just come home from work and was going to check my e-mail. As I rounded the corner to go into the room where I have my computer, I looked to the left and saw my roommate sitting on the toilet with the door open. That is not at all unusual, so I spoke to him and headed toward the computer. But then ? and this is unusual - he called me back and started telling me about something and asking my opinion about it. He normally does not have conversations with me while he is sitting on the toilet. Every now and then, he would let out a little grunt. I talked to him for about a minute. Our conversation seemed to end, so I started to walk away. But, he called me back. Intrigued, I asked him if he was okay. He responded that he ate too many cookies and had a stomachache. He said he though he better try to take a sh*t, but wanted me to stay so we could keep talking. My heart was r! acing. This sort of thing is a dream come true for me. We talked for about a minute. A couple of times, I could tell he was pushing hard. Then . . . THEN . . . my good fortune came to an abrupt and rude end. I heard the all too familiar sound of my friend?s loud obnoxious Mustang pulling up in front of my house. I started swearing and cussing and screaming in my head. Within 20 seconds, he was banging at my front door and ringing the doorbell nonstop. My roommate told me to go and answer the door and that was the end of that! #%&@*

Rich and Kathy (RJOGGER and Wife and Friends)
Where do I start, I am usually never at a loss for words, but I think that my brain is fried. Oh well, here goes anyway, some replies to some good stories.

Jane - And you have yet another encounter with a child. You poor kid, it seems that every time that you really have to poop badly, a child, or someone else is there to "get in the way", and you end up, well, having everyone around know your business. The story was great, though, but unfortunately at your expense.
Diane NY - I still think that what you did in front of the doctor was great. I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. Anyway, the story about Tina and Alex with the chili poop, and your large dump in the woods was fun to read. Get well soon, Diane.
Adrian - Hi, it's Kathy. Yes something did not agree with us, it was the olive oil on all of the bread that we ate. Anne and I each ended up taking very large shits, one at the mall and one at home.
Carmalita - Hello, Senora, how are you, sweetie? Yes, we say nice things about you girls because you we adore you, we love all of your exciting adventures, and there is passion and humor in your adventures. Every time that you write about yourself or one of your gang pooping, I get a complete mental image, almost as if I am there with you. Oh yeah, I got stunk out good by the girls, but they couldn't help it. If I had fixed the sink when I was supposed to, I wouldn't have gotten a show, and would not have been stuck in the head while the girls blasted the bathroom with their aromatic perfume. Anytime you want to come over and stink up our house, just let us know. Sounds like you did do the shit of the year, whew, you girls take some of the wickedest craps. Be well, dear, Love ya like crazy.
Hi, Carmalita, it's Kathy. So you also made large poops as a little girl? I think big ones are more fun than the alternatives, and they do turn on the guys. Oh, it would have been great to have you here to help us give Rick the royal treatment. He loved every minute of it, despite his protests about the smell, and yes, he was dishing out his comments about "Kathy can can", and "Annie the fannie". Oh, he never stops, sometimes I wish he would, but then he wouldn't be my Rick. Thanks for saying that I am wonderful, but I am not surprised, because you are truly a very wonderful young woman. Bye, love, Kathy.
Rizzo - And a happy new year to you, dear boatman! Long time no hear, we hope that the holidays were enjoyable for you and your wife. Yeah, Noreen cooked up a real gasser, if you know what I mean. The Sunday after the party was an experience that Kathy and I won't forget. We're glad that it split your sides, but we are glad that you didn't shit your drawers. That was some shit you passed in the bowl, though. Be well, Rizzo great to hear from you.
Kim - Wow, you dropped a large one in your drawers, you are one crazy lady. I had to laugh at that one, Kim, it was funny, but I get the feeling that you are a mischievous sort, who lives to do these things. As always, yours was a very entertaining post. Oh yes, our friends know about the site, and they have no problem with the "reports" that Kathy and I have been supplying for the last year. I am going to try to get the other girls, Noreen and Anne to contribute some more. They along with Kathy were huddled around the computer yesterday, looking over this site. Since we are the only ones with DSL service, we do the posting, but Noreen and Larry are getting the same thing soon. Look out if that crazy lady decides to participate!

Hellos also to Renee and Patsy, Jeff A, Megan and Sarah, Annie and Robby Muggs and Buzzy.

OK I was off yesterday, Wednesday, so I got up late. Kathy, Anne and Noreen were off, and they had gone out early, so I slowly crawled out of bed, went into the head and sat on the bowl. I have been eating quite a bit of whole grains, fruits and vegetables lately, more than usual, so this felt like a big one on the way. I felt my ring push out and a thick snake came out and curled around the bowl. I pissed for what seemed forever, then, 2 wipes finished the job. I looked into the bowl as I got up and it looked like a 20" + log, about 2.5" around. At least it went down without incident. I washed up, put on my running gear and went out for a 7 miler. Nothing exciting on the trails, so I got in a good run, in spite of the somewhat icy conditions. I got home, had a hearty breakfast, showered, then went into the hall bathroom (yeah, the one where I fixed the sink last month and got gassed out in the process!) and got ready to finish tiling the wall by the tub. After about 2 o! r so hours, I got the fan going to clear the smell form the cement, and I heard Kathy pull into the driveway. I started to put some of the tools away, when I heard the girls come in, and Noreen said "I am going first". Huh? Go first? Oh no, what the hell wereÖ. "Oh hi Rich, how are you sweetie", Noreen said, as she entered the bathroom, and planted a friendly kiss on my cheek. "Great, how are you Red" (Larry's nickname for his wife). "Just fine, and in a few minutes I will be even better", she answered with that sly smile. I noticed Kathy and Anne by the door, smiling, then Noreen removed her shoes, pants and panties, exposing her red pubes, then, she raised the lid on the bowl and climbed onto the seat. I was in for it now, I guess the girls didn't go and they saved it for me. "Aren't you running late", I asked Noreen. "A little, I just didn't go yet today", she said then she giggled. AS she squatted, spreading her shapely ass, a little gas escaped, just a low almost silen! t type. Unlike Kathy and especially Anne, who really is noisy, Noreen's crap doesn't make much noise. Her pink hole domed, and sure enough a large shell quickly and quietly made its way into water, plunking as it fell. "Whew, that is better", Noreen exclaimed, then she started peeing forcefully. Meanwhile, Anne let loose with a tremendous blast, Kathy and I laughed and Noreen almost slipped off the toilet when she laughed. "Sorry, I almost did my pants", Anne laughed, and Noreen looked at her and said "If Rich will wipe me, I will get right off". "Let me wash first, I was fixing that wall and I don't want cement any on you gals". So I washed, then 2 wipes were enough to clean Noreen's ass. I went to flush, but Kathy pulled my hand away. OK, so they were going to fill the bowl, great, I thought, as Anne, who had removed her pants and shoes, was squatting over the bowl. She passed another winner, then a load of soft sloppy poop flopped out noisily, followed by more gas. After ! a slight pause, Anne passed another soft wave, said she was finished, and would I be kind enough to wipe her. Sure, why not, but I had to pinch my nose, as the smell was ripe. I needed 6 wipes, including 2 wet ones, to clean Annie the fannie. But she does have a real pretty ass, with some freckles no less, so I didn't mind. No sooner did Anne dismount, then Kathy, without her drawers, stepped up and squatted over the bowl. My wife's dark hole opened wide, and out crackled a thick brown bomb, that fell on the mess in the bowl. Our house is equipped with fairly large toilets, so there was room, but 3 loads were filling it up. Kathy peed, plopped out 2 more turds, then I wiped her ass. The stench was bad, so I washed and opened the windows. Then I noticed Noreen, holding an old hanger. So now I had to mash the mess and flush it. I did so as the girls exited giggling, and I cursed but laughed a t the same time. The 3 of them had really crapped, and I wondered at how these 3 midd! le aged gals continually produce such voluminous bowel movements. At an age when many are having problems pooping, Kathy, Anne and Noreen are regularly producing massive loads of poop on an almost daily basis. OK, I cleaned up, washed up again, and headed into the den. As I did, the girls, in unison, shouted "Thank You, Rick", and then I noticed that they had their pants down, and were all flashing their moons. "Hold that pose", I yelled, as I retrieved the digital camera, and shot 2 pictures. "Just One more', I said, then I put down the camera, and gave each of the girls a playful slap on the butt. "Hey not so hard", Anne protested with a laugh. Hey, after the bombing they gave me, the pictures and playful slap was the least that I could do. I can't imagine what they are going to do next. The 3 of them are acting like 3 college kids on a prank rampage. Stay tuned.

So long for now, folks.

CARMALITA - Yeah I bet if you had a wee on your lawn while doing a
horse stance that your neighbour would stare a lot more LOL
No I know what you mean about staring like that. It does give you
the creeps.
Hey if you like men who are peeing I will get Steve to write to you.
Love Louise xx

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi yeah I will pass on your love
to Steve. Well the alley would need to be a very long one of all the
WSPC was there watering the wall and Steve and Robby there with
their dicks out weeing on the wall as "bookends" as well. LOL

KENDAL AND ANDREW - Hi! Steve and I care as well. Well what a tragic
letter it was really. You had some fun there but it was really sad too.
So much you have been through!
Hey I really liked how you stood in the bath and weed to the other
end. That is really great. I bet in a peeing distance competition I
would be afraid I could not beat you! That was very well done!
Oh yeah I bet PV will be as proud of our pupil as I am.
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi!!! I was a bit worried about you!
Yeah, I had a lot of fun with Steve in Scotland. I know he enjoyed it
as well and my friend liked our company. I bet you like picturing all
the fun.
Well on the second afternoon we were there we were at the pool again
and we were alone because my friend had some other visitors that day.
She said we would not be distrurbed and we could do in the pool
whatever we wanted. She knew what we would be getting up to.
Well we had been having drinks earlier and when I wanted to wee I
got out of the pool and I stood by the side. Steve dried his hands
and got his digital camera that I bought him for Christmas. Well he
took some pictures of me while I aimed a big gushing wee about 5 or
6 feet from the side of the pool. I was in a good strong horse stance.
Steve took some real good pictures you know. You can see the water
on me they are that good and my yellow wee stream showed up really
well. Steve likes them as well so they are a nice souvenir of when
we were there. I took one of him standing there holding his willy
while he pissed in the pool. I like that one and I bet Carmalita
would like it too. Steve really liked what he saw!
Well I had another standing wee like that and I got a bit more
distance I bet with that one. It was a giggle.
Well a bit later I felt I needed a good shit. Well we did not have a
bucket and really I would not have had a shit in it if we had one.
Well I dried off a bit but with my hair still wet I put a towel
around me so even if I did see the other visitors I would not scare
the little boy who was one of them LOL and I went to the bathroom
to have my shit. Steve thought about going with me but he thought
may be it was better really if he stayed at the pool.
Are you reading my letter Jeff A and Rizzo?
I was really needing this shit. My bum felt really full, and only
wearing that towel I went out and up the stairs to the bathroom.
The towel was not a very big one and really it was only just big
enough to cover what I needed to cover. Well not really because I
knew it was a bit short but it was all I had.
Well I hoped I did not meet the other visitors but I did see a man
and the little boy. Well I was a bit shocked and I had to stop my
towel slipping off my boobs. I was blushing a bit really and I just
said hi and I went in the bathroom and I shut the door. Well I did
not hear them go away but I needed to shit really badly. I just
squatted near the toilet waiting for them to go away and I felt how
my urge to shit was real strong. Well then I heard the footsteps
go away and then I thought I could have my shit. Well I do not know
why really but I was a bit shy of shitting with my friend's other
visitors near. Well maybe I did not want to embarrass them really.
Well I lifted my towel up over my bum and I hovered over the toilet.
It was a big enough toilet and it had a good flush so I knew I could
do a big turd and still get it to go away. Well I did not need to
push very hard and my virtual audience will have seen it when my
bum started opening. I did not have my mirrors because I was not at
home. Well I pushed and my bum was stretched open around my turd.
Well I liked how it felt and I rested just like that for a minute
still hovering my bum over the toilet. It did feel nice and really
I wished Steve could see me and I could look in my mirrors.
Well there was a knock on the door and the man was asking if I was
going to be out soon because his son wanted to use the toilet.
"Yeah" I said, "I won't be long". Well the boy just came in right
then! Well I did have my towel on but and I was bending over with a
brown tail sticking out of my bum and they both looked! Well I pushed
and pushed and it felt good when my log dropped out and in the toilet.
It was a bit exciting because the feeling of the log stretching me
open while being looked at was a cheap thrill.
Well the little boy did not know he had to wait until I came out.
His dad took him outside but the door was stilol open so I
was there wiping my bum (it was a good clean one) and I had a lot of
trouble keeping my towel on when I was washing my hands. I do not
think they saw my pussy but my towel slipped off my boobs once but
I covered them up again but it maybe the dad saw them, I do not know.
The little boy got his dick out and started weeing on my log!
I blushed a bit because I did not know if the dad was embarrassed
because his son saw me like that, so I was embarrassed too. LOL
It may be they liked what they saw, me bending over from the side.
Well I do not know why these things keep happening to me. I bet
they just stop suddenly and then it will be a bit boring really if
nothing unusual happens.
When I went back to the pool I told Steve all about it and it did
make him laugh a bit. He looked a bit serious when I first told him
this guy came in but when he heard I was a bit embarrassed but quite
liked it he saw how funny it was really and he did not mind because
I was not upset about it.
Well my last wee of the day I really needed to go and I just lay
down flat on my ???? with my boobs squashed flat on the edge of
the pool with my legs down in the water. Steve liked what he saw
when he looked at me weeing just like that. I mean I could not see it
but it felt like a good gusher splooshing in the water. LOL
Steve had a wee just when we got out of the pool to go, and I held
his dick pointing up so he did this big arc. It was a lot of fun.
LOL yeah Steve was joking how you and me should have been given a lot
to drink and taken up in helicopters over the bush fires! He does
care you know, but it is that black humour that he uses when things
get a bit serious.



Hello all. Thanks to Jill for replying to my first post but i wonder if the victoria to Brighton train goes through Balham. I ask because on my way home from work (well to football) i noticed some poo on the track.
It was the first time i have ever seen this 1 was broken into three pieces with 2 or 3 smaller one's, not alot of paper though this was Jan 10. Of course i thought of you Jill.
Regarding films with toilet scenes i saw sensless which i bought, great
unfortunately i don't think scary movie2 has a release date in Britain yet. There was a film in the 80's called Berzerker where a creature kills people every opportunity, i think it was some sort of hell hound
type thing. Anyway there is this lovely blonde teenage girl ( i was a teenager myself at the time) who very modestly excuses herself and goes into the woods as the cabin did not have a toilet. You do not see anything but her pull up her trousers (or pants in the USA where it's set)and eventually dies in the jaws of the beast but she is clearly along way from the cabin and with the way she walks out ad her expression i'd say she shat. There is also another seen where police are at a gas station where someone was mutillated in the toilet' you don't see this buti have always wondered if the film was cut.
Speaking of cut films and i have only seen the cut version of Drop Dead Fred in the original un-cut film Rick male watches girls shit as he's invisible(this was originally shown) this i know as he admited it in an interview about the film solucky the poster who gets a un-cut copy,noti condone piracy well maybe it will be re-released uncut oneday.
This happened on my fist trip to Africa 2 years ago safari-ing fron Vic falls to Kenya. We was in Malawi (Candy beach ) which is a great place
and i had developed a few stomach problems, but so far not to bad.One morning Whilst walking along the beach where we were camped i got a sudden un-controllable urge to shit NOW! i squeezed my arse as hard as i could dashing for the toilets (Which were like showers with doors, only toilets in them that opened straight to the outside world. I got about half way 30yards then whollop shit pured straight into my pants uncontrollably, when i'd sorted my self out i.e shat the rest of my load into the so called toilet i pulled up my shorts and casually walked to a bin hiding my ruined undies ( they were well beyond saving)
and dummped them in the bin( rinsed of course just to stop it being to bad and unhygienic) although i felt guilty for doing so but the bins were emptied every day.Bye the way i only remembered about lancs lad after i posted for the first time so sorry if the names are a bit similar it wasn't intentional or copying.
Good toilets to all bye for now. London Lad

Hi all

Outhouse Scott - your experience in that tiny coffee shop bathroom sounds almost as Ďpublicí as mine in the store last week. There certainly are some strange facilities out there.

I am never constipated and never need laxatives though I do occasionally get real diarrhoea as opposed to the soft stuff I usually produce. Tends to happen either when Iím having a Ďdairy dayí and overdose on the cheese, yogurt, etc. and it all comes out just the same consistency as it went in or else when I overdo any one type of food. The moral of the story must be Ďeat a balanced dietí! I just love Sauerkraut and can sit down and eat a whole bottle of the stuff at a sitting but then watch out, the gas created is LETHAL and the diarrhoea the next morning explosive. Guess it has that effect on a lot of people from what I hear from my German friends and past experiences in German bathrooms ..... especially in traditional restaurants and beer halls .... and those Ďinspection platformí things they have in older German toilets only serve to make the Sauerkrauty-poop smell even worse.

Luc - you are absolutely right about Europeans being less uptight about bathroom matters. Americans are definitely the most worried about what others may hear or think or say and I think the Brits and other Anglo countries are a close second .... though the Aussies seem to have got over it a bit! I lived in Germany for a while and toured around a lot of Europe and there certainly wasnít the same embarrassment factor you get in the US, little old ladies letting rip great thundering farts in public, families all peeing together by the side of the road and so on. Iíll have to write up some of my stories and post them here.

Buzzy - did I enjoy the old fashioned toilet? Well in retrospect I suppose it was a new experience at any rate! At the time I was too desperate, then too embarrassed about pooping literally in front of a complete stranger and then just plain worried about where it could lead. There are some strang people out there!

It was just the fact that he was a stranger that was so peculiar really - having shared a bathroom in college and then lived in a shared house with 4 other guys and just one tiny bathroom, pooping in the presence of another guy I already know isnít anything new. Wasnít unusual for 3 of us to be in there at once, one in the shower, one shaving at the sink and one sitting on the toilet so the other day was a bit like old times! Problem was if 4 of us came rushing back together and everyone needed to pee ... choice of out the window or in the yard in full sight of the neighbors or in a bottle. Even seen us .... sorry this is pretty gross ....with one on the can, one peeing in the sink and two peeing in the bath tub, or one desperate and peeing into the tub whilst someone else was showering! The joys of youth!!

As for diet, well as I said to Outhouse Scott, if you eat a lot of cabbage and salad and pasta and bread you never need laxatives and the dumps are real Ďpan bustersí as our British chums say!! I often have to be careful and flush the toilet half way through or risk blocking it up.

Chris - no you arenít alone in never having pooped in your pants. Iíve been close to an accident once or twice but have never once done it since I was a little kid ..... must be 25 years now! As itís also 23 years since I last vomited I guess I just have a lot of control! My brother jokes that I have the insides of a waste disposal unit - LOL! Iím at a loss to know what so many people seem to get out of making a mess in their pants that then has to be cleaned up but then Iím more into peeing anyway .... you can do it in all sorts of interesting places at a moments notice and no major clean up usually required. But maybe I should try it one of these days and see if it does anything for me?? Iíll let you all know!

BTW, interesting what you say about being Polish. I guess that, aside from any religious requirements, family tradition has a big part to play in the to cut or not to cut debate. You know itís VERY unusual in Europe ...... when I lived in Germany I was usually in a minority of one in the locker room at the local pool (no I wasnít trying to see but you canít help noticing!) and the little kids particularly did tend to stare and point! I overheard the comment that they thought I must be Turkish. (Wrong!!) Glad no one has ever made comments to you anyway.

And last but not least Louise - Hi there! Donít know where you find the time for such long posts so regularly. And always so much to tell.

Sure Steve wonít mind you writing about him and giving the world dimensions .... doesnít sound like heís anything to be ashamed of!! Glad the kilts thing amused you too. No Scots here are there who can tell us how itís done? George and Moira and co. seem to have left us! My Glaswegian second cousin got married in a kilt but unfortunately I wasnít at the wedding so never found my answer and the Scottish side of the family is SO conservative, even more than the way I was brought up, not really something I could ever ask.

The changing shape of willys at puberty. Yes, I guess so but again, having no foreskin, never occurred to me one bit could grow a different shape to the other. That must be alarming if it happens!

Sounds like you are about ready to write your thesis on the mechanics of guys peeing from all the study youíve done! Lucky you that you get all those chances to see (thatís us guys isnít it, whip it out anywhere!) whereas those of us keen to study the mechanics of the female pee have to be satisfied with the odd distant sighting most of the time, willing partners excluded!!

As to the width of mens streams ....another observation for you ..... I think a lot depends on the state of play down there, if you catch my meaning!! In *certain cases* the prostate will have contracted the urethra and the stream will therefore be really thin whereas if youíre *relaxed*, pencil thick is quite possible (normal even?)

From the answers on here, it seems that 80% of uncut (sorry Steve but it IS the usual term for it) guys do pull back, most saying they have to or else theyíll splatter, and the remaining 20% donít, saying theyíll splatter if they DO, and funnel (?) the pee through their foreskins. I guess (and this is mostly based on talking to my college roomie again - one of the first uncut guys Iíd seen and certainly the first time Iíd dared discuss the issue of circumcision) that Steve is not alone in not liking the words "cut" and "uncut" near the word "foreskin"!! What youíve never had you never miss but I can see the thought of scalpels and scissors down there would have uncut guys crossing their legs. My cousinís fiance was apparently uncut and was Ďdoneí before the wedding but only after a great deal of heart searching, persuasion and convincing that it wouldnít be SO painful!! He went ahead and married her so I guess he came to terms with it?!

I was going to post a couple of stories but no time now. Next time!


Thursday, January 10, 2002

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