Hey, I'm new, I'm a 19 year old 110 lb 5'8 short black hair female, I have a story that might make my new appearance be a good impression. :) I have a boyfriend which loves to watch my poop come out of me, he just loves it.

Well it was Christmas day, after we woke up and shared our presents, we went to the mall to watch a little christmas show. It was fun. We had eaten burgers before it started. The bad thing was, I hadn't hadn't crapped in 4 days! And 15 minutes into the ceromony, I knew I couldn't make it the rest of the show(50 minutes) while standing up! I had to go NOW! I told my parents I'd be back, I had to go to the bathroom. Well, lucky me, the bathrooms were closed because they were cleaning! I was about to go all over myself. Well, the closest bathroom would be the old navy store in the mall, which is all the way to the other end of the mall! I suppose it would take about 15 minutes to get all the way to the other side! I couldn't, I'd never make it. My anus starting to twitch as the pressure was building. There were somewhat 40 different people walking by me each minute(It IS a mall) so I started to think. I could maybe go in a store and no one would know! I was desperate! So I ! knew the perfect place. The biggest clothes store in the mall was a few feet away from me, the desk was up at the front, and not many people were in the back of the store. I went in and tried to act casual. I walked to the back and saw a room where you could try on things! I rushed in. I pulled down my dark blue jeans and white panties and just WENT. My anus widened immediatly and I did my business. My first log was 20 inches! The second was 4 and the last three were 1 - 2 inches. I counted. It smelled bad. It's good no one was even in the back of the store. After that, my anus closed. It wasn't very bad, so I wouldn't have to wipe if I could! Lucky me. I came out of the room as if I was just trying on clothes. I walked out and continued to watch the Christmas show in the mall. To think, this little problem only took around 15 minutes! Hope you like it!

Yesterday i was walking home from school i sudenly got an urge to poop i started to run, when i got home i ran to the bathrom in the basement when i got to the stairs i felt the soft poop coming in my panties.

When i was younger i was playing in the mcdonalds play place with my friend. As it turned out, we had to go pee at the same time and we had a race to the bathroom. She won. There was only toilet and she got there first. I went in after her and I sat down. I was in such a hurry to pee i didn't realize that she didn't flush the toilet. She also apparently didn't sit down. As a result some of her pee splashed on the floor and I stepped in it. The worst thing was that it went through my socks (as i said before i was playing in the play place so i didn't have my shoes on) and I felt it on my feet. That was nasty. There was a woman that came in and had a disgusted look on her face from seeing all these kids in the bathroom in thier socks. I remember this experience well because that's the reason i don't let my daughter go to any public bathroom in her socks (except at pools)

Hola mis amigos!

I'm glad everyone likes Nu so much. Believe me, she's very flattered. They don't have a computer at home so she can only post from our house. She promises to answer everyone when she comes over next.

Jane: Hi hon! Yeah, everyone thinks I am a mental case. I forget how slippery the woods can be in the winter and fall, or after lots of rain which were getting here! Hey, I had an incident happen to me just like yours. It was in a grocery store, only a little girl remembered me from a smelly session in the ladies room and said to her mother at the checkout stand "there's the lady that went poo-poo!" Embarrassing! I think it would be really interesting to have a nice girl-shit with you. I wouldn't have to be self-conscious about my smell at least.

Diane New York: Yes, it is indeed fun at our house. Your friend Tina sounds like she'd fit in quite well with us.

Louise: I agree that you'd have to hop around a bit doing that horse stance thing. I'm not into martial arts, but Jake is. Maybe if I tried that same stance, peed like a fountain, then moved my hips forward and back, I could water our lawn for our neighbors to see. I think I'll try that this Spring. I'll call it "Neighbor appreciation week." We have a neighbor guy who prefers to stare at me constantly. He's married too, which really creeps me out.

Ina: You're a sweetie, but I'm not the most popular girl in the class. I loved your poem! Especially about the 'warm shower'. You are quite good with words! Keep on-a-writin' hon!
I'd love to hear more from you. Do you like to do outdoor poops and pees? I love it myself, and do it all summer long.

Meghan and Sarah S: Hi honies! I love ya' both! So far, I've been loaded down with homework! teacher is pouring it on! Kiss your dad for me.

This is funny, but last night I got home, and Renee and Patsy were having cocoa in the living room. Jake was sleeping on the sofa. Well, we sat around gabbing quietly for a few minutes, then I had a brainstorm! I took a party balloon, stretched it over the air nozzle of my bicycle pump, then stealthily unzipped Jake's pants. Renee began snickering so hard she had to cover her mouth. "Shut up!" I whispered, "You'll get us all busted!" Very gently, I tucked the balloon into his pants. He barely even stirred. I then got down on my knees and began pumping the handle, inflating the balloon. The fuller it got, the more he squirmed with an uncomfortable look on his face. I was snickering myself. I could see a big lump forming in his pants. With the pressure of the fabric, I knew the balloon wouldn't last much longer. I pumped faster and faster, Renee and Patsy starting to laugh out loud now, my arm was getting tired, pumping more and more until finally --K-BOOOOM!!! Jake sat up! quickly, wide-eyed and said "What the f---?!!" Unfortunately, it woke up little Malita.

Now, for another story. I retired to the bathroom with a magazine. Everybody knows to stay away when I have a magazine becuase it's going to be a long one. So, they all went to bed, Jake included. I'm by myself, all alone on the toilet grunting and going. I'd taken off my sweater and sat only in my black bra and matching VS panties twisted around my thighs. My jeans were around my knees, and my hair dangled down, tickling the tops of my thighs. flipping pages in my latina mag, (I need to find something new to do with my hair), I decided to get comfy and take off my bra. Doesn't it feel great to have a real, long, slow shit with hardly anything on? My turds were very soft and creamy. One came out with lots of crackle, followed by another really, super long one! When my turds are creamy they're not very thick. My ???? was really full and I had to do a major poop. After a few minutes, piss came out, splattering into the bowl for what seemed like forever. I grunted softly,! turned a page and listened to more crackling sounds. "spprrkll.....spffffff......spfff........" This one was a big one! I could feel it, tight and inching. The smell was pretty nasty (gee, what a surprise, huh?) It started off big, then began getting softer, and creamier. It fell with a "Spluuuccckkk". PEW!! I leaned forward more, my boobs hanging down as I flipped pages. One more turd was coming. It was stubborn. I leaned forward even more, setting the mag down on the floor. I was so far forward that I could feel my tits flatten on my thighs. I grunted..."mmmhhhh.....nnhhh..." It came out slow, then k-plop! After I pooped I needed to pee yet some more so I relaxed, leaned back a little and let it flow. It was a nice stream. Okay, nobody has to guess that by this time, our bathroom was not fit for humans! In the toilet was a pile of soft turds, one so long it was coiled and halfway down the hole. I had to wipe 6 times. After my wiping, I washed my ass with a warm washcloth! , brushed my teeth and went to bed. I sleep nude, so I needed to have a clean butt. I tiptoed into the bedroom, crawled in next to my honey, laid my head down on my pillow, and Yuck! There was this horrid smell, I can't describe it. I sniffed, but couldn't find it. Laying down again, I realized it was coming from my pillow! I reached inside, only to find, two of Jake's work socks! Oh, he got me good too! No more balloon jokes for me I can see.

I love you all!


Southwest Mike
Hello everyone I frequent visit this site. I enjoy reading
all the stories. Today I had a interesting day. I took 2 tblsps
of MCT oil. It is medium-chain triglycerides. It is a readily

To aboy4: I liked your story....what did you eat to have a stomach ache and what made it green? I guess you couldn't make it to the toilet to poop.

To Jane: I liked that comment about the little girl about what she said. I once remember going into the wrong bathroom one time(i went into the ladies room) i was only 9 at the time and i remember a mother and daugher coming in and the daughter said to the mother something like this..."do you have to poo-poo?, i do" I had to wait to exit when the coast was clear. It may have been a grandmother and grandaughter, don't remember.

To Luc: I liked your story...Why couldn't you poop in the woods like your friend? Didn't you get every one to poop in the woods? Are you a male? How old are you? Sounds like your friend had a huge log, cool!

To the unnamed poster: Re:Lake.... I liked your story, was that guy pooping at all too? or just peeing?

To Jason: I liked your story about meeting your friend in college and becoming really friendly...and open with him especially changing and :)

To Chris: Liked your story...thats funny about peeing in a shampoo bottle and giving it to one of your friends. What did he think about it? How old are you?

To John: I liked your story about helping that 10 y.o. boy cleaning his underwear up after he pooped his pants.

Yesterday i posted about seeing a show the other night and i said i forget what it was that i saw i remember now. There was some show on the other night on UPN or was it the WB network, don't remember and these 2 ladies where in the bathroom and the see a toilet and a bidet and they turn it on to see how it works and there was a butler or maid outside and hes like is every thing ok in there. The ladies couldn't get it turned off...that was funny. Then after that part i changed the channel.
I pooped last night for the first time in about 2 days it was 8" long and fairly soft..alot of farting. Gotta go, such a long post today and alot to read too bye :)

Elena- Nice to see you're still around. You post about pooping big and
laud with lots of straining got me to wondering. Did all that straining help prepare you for birth? Was it really like taking the "biggest poop of you life"? That's what Susan Summers once wrote in her autobiography. Say hi to Linda for me. --JW

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Hope you've all had big, satisfactory post-holiday pooping sessions. I, myself have passed some pretty impressive ones which is kind of unusual for me...
DIANE NEW YORK- Your story about letting your doctor watch you submit your stool sample was outstanding! From his reaction, I'd bet he wished he had more patients like you... Sounds like you gave him a lot more than the required amount he needed! Kind of makes you wonder how many doctors there are who have a poop fetish...
CARMALITA- Thanks for introducing us to your friend Nu! Your poop shows are always so descriptive and all of you always seem to produce the most pefect turds. Really enjoyed the post about how you and Jake watched her grunting out her huge turds and then being treated to the videotape of her and Angie. Also, the outdoor pooping incident with the couple and the dog was hilarious! I'm looking forward to a lot more of your "group poop" stories... Welcome to the forum Nu!
TINA- Loved your story about your going into stalls in the hopes of listening in on attractive girls as they are pooping. And don't worry, you're not weird so just enjoy it!
In our local newspaper a couple of days ago, there was a rather interesting article. It was about how some religious groups were protesting against a museum because of one of its exibits... It is a food, wine and leisure museum and one of its exibits displays ceramic statues of the Pope, as well as several nuns and angels all depicted in the act of defecation. All the figures were described as being in a squatting position and displayed in glass cases. There are also displays which contain bedpans and chamber pots. While the religious groups found the exibit offensive, other visitors all thought it was quite amusing. I found it to be quite an enlightening article to read especially with everything else going on in the world these days that you have to read about in the newspaper. Just thought I would share since it might be of interest to everyone here. Sounds like a great museum to visit!

Betti and Lucy
For christmas this year, my family went on a vacation. We stayed in a hotel. One night, My sister, who is 17 and me,15, went to see a movie. We drank a lot of coke. When the movie was over we walked back to the hotel. It was a bad walk. We both had to Pee very bad. We could hardly hold it. We got to the hotel, we ran to the room, got in and noticed that the bathroom door was locked. My parents were in the shower. So we took of our shoes and walked downstairs to use the public washroom. When we got there we couldn’t find one. So we turned around and ran to the swimming pool. As we were going her I couldn’t hold it anymore. I slipped a hand down my panties to squeeze my vagina shut but it was too late. I peed in my pants a little bit. We ran to the showers and my sister undid her jeans and slid down her jeans and panties. She squatted over the drain and peed. I also pushed down my panties to pee the rest. As we were peeing my sister noticed a wet spot in her panties too. When ! we were done we didn’t want our parents to know that we peed ourselves, so we decided to clean our panties in the swimming pool. I took of my shirt and my sister took off her shirt and pants. We were going to tell my parents that we planned to go swimming and that my sister pushed me in before I got my pants off. We dove into the pool and swam around for a bit. Underwater, I took off my jeans and made sure they were clean. Then me and my sister took off our panties to scrub the yellow out of them. As we were doing this, a family came in with the parents and a son and daughter of about 6 years old. My sister and me quickly slipped our panties back on and acted as everything was fine. The family took off their clothes, and stood in the nude under the shower. They came into the pool, and asked us why we were wearing our white underwear in the pool. We told them that that was all we had along. The then directed our attention to the sign that said “Nude swimming after 11:00”. I! t was 11:30 so we got out of the pool realizing it wouldn’t make a difference if we were naked or clothed because of our white underwear. So we got naked and played around for a while. After this we just told our parents what happened because we were gone for a long time and we had left our shoes in the room. They knew something was suspicious.

I also asked the same question about a girl being able to hold her poop in and someone told me sometimes they have trouble holding it in when their sitting to pee.
I have some questions for the people on this site.Who here who use a unisex restroom or would like to see them installed more.I think I'd be a little shy about going to the bathroom with girls around.I've never even gone #2 anywhere but home before.
Also has anyone here ever fantasized about going to the bathroom as the opposite gender.I've always wondered what it'd be like.I always kinda thought it'd be cool to be a girl and be desperate to go but have to wait.Also I'd also like to be teased and bothered by other girl while I tried to go.
And one final odd question.If there was a job where you could go to the bathroom for other people as your job would you do it.LIke if it was somehow possible to go to the bathroom for someone.Like whenever that person would normally have to go to the bathroom you'd have to go instead for them.It'd be an easy job.Like would anyone do that as a full time job like where they go to the bathroom for others for 8 hours a day as a 9 to 5 job so to speak.Ok I know that sounds weird but let me know what you think.

David S.
It appears there's another David here so I'm adding my last initial to avoid confusion. I'm the 15-year-old David who started posting here in November and my first post was about my girlfriend's accident in the car.

Anyway, I was reading through the old posts and I read a really heart-breaking one on page 232 (toiletposthx.htm). An 11-year-old child (Julian), sick with cancer, wrote her last post to The Toilet. She said she'd make sure to post again before she died, but she didn't make it another day. On page 234 her cousin wrote that she died, August 1999.
Jeff A, I really like what you wrote to her on page 233. I never knew that such a tragedy haunts this site's past. I'll never think of this place the same again.

Marion (new)
Weirdest places where I peed and pooped:


On my husband's hand: He was tinkering in my panties while I was cooking.
At my first pop festival through my panties sitting on the ground (I could not walk to the restroom because I made the mistake of wearing a short skirt)
Through my panties in the rear seat of a car: We hitched a ride (me and a friend), he kept assaulting (trying to reach between her legs) my friend. I wet his seat through my panties to take revenge (wearing a short skirt)
The usual child accidents and teenage laughing accidents


In my panties at school: I could not sit still because I was desparate. The (very tough) teacher thought I was not paying attention and called me at the blackboard. While standing there I lost it. Poop slid out of my panties down my legs on to the ground (age: around 10)
On purpose while at the table: My mom kept me at the table to finish my plate. I used having to go as an argument to be excused. When she did not let me go, I deliberately pushed a load into my panties. My mom said: well young lady, now that this problem is solved you can stay at the table until your plate is finished (age: 11 or 12)
Having diarrhoea in a bucket: both toilets were occupied at home

To Kim: I loved your story about the bomb you dropped in your pants! It's a great feeling, isn't it? You know, you don't have to wait to have an accident to enjoy it. :-) I load my pants frequently and never get tired of it. I especially like when they come out big and firm like yours. Too often mine are soft, but that doesn't stop me from filling my pants. You should have seen the one I did after Christmas. It felt like I had a melon-size bulge in the rear! I certainly look forward to more of your stories and I'd love to hear from any other women who enjoy making big poops in their panties.


Outhouse Scott

I had the worst bout of constipation since I was on morphine last year after breaking my leg (you have no idea what it's like having to strain your eyeballs out while sitting on the toilet with your leg raised up on a footstool).

We were in Manhattan last weekend and I really had to shit, which I hadn't done in a couple of days. Normally I take a dump at least once a day, so that was unusual. I thought about buying an enema or taking a laxative, but eventually figured it would work its way out. Well, it didn't. So, we're walking down the road, and urge to shit becomes overwhelming, like I was going to shit my pants. We went into this little coffee shop and ordered cappuccinos. I went into the single unisex bathroom.

This bathroom was tiny! I mean, there was barely enough room for the toilet and the sink. Another thing that sucked was that the door was barely a door. It was more like a stall door in that it didn't come all the way to the floor and didn't go all the way to the top, and it latched on the inside instead of having a doorknob. I was too desperate to care if the dozen or so people in the place knew I was shitting or heard me. I went in, latched the "door" pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat.

I fully expected to have my bowels erupt, but they didn't. I relaxed my ass and nothing but that same feeling of intense pressure happened. I pushed a little. Nothing. Finally, I pushed hard. Some movement, but not enough to really get it going. I put my hands on either wall and pushed as hard as I could. Slowly--VERY SLOWLY--what felt like a huge log started to come out. It hurt! I stopped to catch my breath, which usually causes my ass to clench and break the shit in half. Not this time, my ass stayed wide open with the mother load hanging out.

I pushed again, and a little more came out. Again, and a little more. Four or five intense pushes later, and the log finally dropped out into the bowl, causing my to grunt loudly. I know everyone within earshot, which was pretty much the whole place, heard me. Big deal, I was done. No gas, no liquidy follow up shit. I wiped my ass and the paper was clean. I normally don't look at my bowel movements, but I had to this time. I was amazed. It was about a foot long and about three inches wide. It must have been majorly compacted in there, because it looked hard as a rock. It took three flushes to finally get it down. I pulled up my pants, washed my hands and went out.

My friends asked if I was okay and I said yes. My wife told me I'd been i there for twenty minutes. I believe it. I felt like like I'd just worked out.

Man. I guess I'd rather have constipation than diarrhea, but sometimes constipation is a pain in the ass too. Ha ha.


Yesterday I almost had an accident. After dinner I usually go for a walk. Anyway my Mum says to me that her and Dad were going now if I wanted to go so I did. I soon found that I needed to wee and it was too far to walk back just for that. So I thought I'd hold it. It soon turned out that I need a poo aswell. I let out some silent farts to relieve the pressure which helped but at about 5 minutes from home I could feel the poo queing up near my anus and I started to get desperate. We kept walking and I knew that I would find relief soon but it was very uncomfortable holding it in. By this time my urge to wee had subsided. I finally made it home and I dashed to the toilet. I hurridly got my pants down and sat. I knew by the cramps I'd had that it would be soft and it turned out to be very soft. It splattered out of me for about 15 seconds. I felt like I had more which eventuated into a few drops. Something odd I noticed was on the back of my boxer shorts. There was this small ! clear patch which upon investigating further, had no odour. I'm not sure what it was.

That's the last time I go for a walk without going to the loo first!

Aboy4, Luc And John I liked your stories.

I usually poop before school most of the time. The other day I did not have to go which I thought was odd but I shrugged it off. My first class is gym. In gym I got the urge to pee and poop but there is very little I could do between gym class and my second class so I waited. During second class I was in trouble I needed to pee poop and pass gas. I don't like to ask the teacher to the bathroom other kids always have some smart thing to say. I thought I would try and pass some of the gas slowly was I wrong the fart came out with a bang along with the tip of the log naturally everyone laughed so I sat there with the fart and a small log in my briefs while the rest of the class was fanning themselves. At the end of the class I went to the toilet and finished the job.

Question has anyone messed themselves while sleeping or while in the process of getting up?

At school my best friend always wore boxers and one day he and I had a farting competition at his house. He did a really superb long one that I was jealous of and then he starts holding the back of his trousers and went a bit red. He said he had messed himself and as we walked back to his house a piece of poop dropped out of his pants leg. He shook his legs some more and then the rest fell out. It was all quite stiff and he got away with it that time but I am always a bit worried when wearing boxers and prefer the security of a nice standard pair of briefs so that if you have an accident they have good fitting legs and space to hold a reasonable quantity without it all forming a big and obvious bulge for all the world to see.
Has anyone else had this problem with boxers and briefs?

Last year I went on holidays with my father. We stopped off at an old friends place which was a pub/hotel. It's fairly crappy accomodation but anyway, away from the bar there is a hall with rooms off it. At the end of the hall was a room with two separate, smaller, rooms which were mens and womens bathrooms (with a shower, toilet etc). I wasn't too happy to have to use these dirty old bathrooms (as well as sharing with other guests) but there wasn't an alternative. There was, however, an upside as I would find out the next morning.

I awoke early and went to use the toilet and shower. There was someone in the mens taking a shower as it sounded (they were one-person-at-a-time bathrooms) so I waited outside in the small area in front of the two bathrooms. The door to the womens was open with a direct view of the toilet. It had a wooden seat which was down but the lid was up. My mind imagined all the women who had sat there and done their business. Suddenly a women came into the waiting area. She looked at me and went into the womens and closed the door. I recognised her from the night before as she was the daughter of the pub owners partner, visiting. She was fairly attractive with shoulder length blonde hair. I was standing directly opposite the door, hoping that the guy taking a shower would take his time. It was fairly quiet and I listened intently. After about 20 seconds I heard the familiar tinkling sound start which then went into a real gush. She gushed away for what seemed like a long time and! then her wee slowly died down to a trinkle then stopped. My heart was skipping a beat in anticipation, would she go no. 2? I listened and listened but there was only silence. klup...plonk....ploonk.....kersploonk!
She urinated a weak stream...
I then heard toilet paper being teared off, she teared off 3 times. A few moments later she flushed and I heard the shower being turned on. I couldn't believe my luck.

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