Hi Rizzo,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I was great to hear from you again. Your words touched me in strange way ( donít worry I did not misinterpret your manly hug...LOL). I always took life as a great gift and am thankful for every day on which my loved ones are fine and healthy. I learned that from an early age ,as my father died from a brain tumour when I was very little and I never took things for granted.
I find coming out of hospital is like eating after fasting. My wife and I are usually fasting this time of the year (I am not allowed this year). Itís only drinking for a week and cleaning your system out with enemas. When you start eating again after that, everything tastes so much more intense, you canít stand stuff with too much salt or artificial flavouring or sugar. I donít want to get to cheesy, but I did understand exactly what you meant; at the moment I am tasting and smelling every aspect of life so much more intensely.
The stuff that touched me in an uneasy way though, is that I do feel very unconfortabe at the moment about my Ďsecretí postings here. I feel like not being completely honest with my wife and I donít know if I want to keep that up. On the other hand I do like it so much to come back here. I donít know if I should tell my wife about it, but I am not sure if I can take possible consequences. I feel guilty talking about stuff that she might find embarrassing. It even gave me a rather sleepless night. My poor wife thought there was something wrong with my health again that I did not want to tell her, as I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning. I kept reasuring her that everything was alright but was not brave enough to tell her about my real reason for tossing around, which improved my feeling of being dishonest. Sorry for asking, is your wife open about these things? Do you understand me? I am very sorry to come up with this personal stuff again. Maybe I should rather ! get myself a psychiatrist...I hope you donít mind the question, cyber friend.
Back to the main topic. Thanks for reminding me not to look at my turds with a magnifying glass! LOL. The only time I did something similar, they werenít even my own turds: About a year ago my son swallowed a very sharp little figure, a tin soldier from his grandfathers collection. My wife and I were completely freaked out. We rushed him into the emergency room. The doctor there told us to calm down and only prescribed him to eat a pound of pickled cabbage (Yes, David and Niki, the good old German remedy...), as it would wrap around the sharp edges and then be easy to pass out. We spent the rest of the afternoon feeding pickled cabbage to a crying and refusing child and had a rather sleepless night (the parents only..). The next morning my son did his morning poop with great satisfaction in his nappies. Like nearly always at this time he grunted happily away, squatting by the window, watching the birds in the garden. This time he only grunted a bit louder and took a bi! t longer with loud farts and probably wondered why his parents where standing behind him as if he produced a nappy full of gold nuggets. As soon as he stood up he was carried towards the changing table and his mad parents went through the big, stinky pile like two strange gold diggers. I was so happy and relieved to find that damn thing, I got it out with my bare fingers to check if nothing had broken off. Luckily no blood, nothing! The poor kid Ďjustí needed to poop a few more times that day and was feeling a bit bloated but was completely fine otherwise.

My very best wishes to you and your family. Hope you are all fine.

May things be great for you this year and let us all still enjoy your lovely cyber company. I am looking forward to some more of your boat stories.

A very manly and thankful hug back

INA: I really enjoyed your poem! You are very talented. I look forward to reading more of your work. I hope you post more poems...

Yesterday I almost had an accident. After dinner I usually go for a walk. Anyway my Mum says to me that her and Dad were going now if I wanted to go so I did. I soon found that I needed to wee and it was too far to walk back just for that. So I thought I'd hold it. It soon turned out that I need a poo aswell. I let out some silent farts to relieve the pressure which helped but at about 5 minutes from home I could feel the poo queing up near my anus and I started to get desperate. We kept walking and I knew that I would find relief soon but it was very uncomfortable holding it in. By this time my urge to wee had subsided. I finally made it home and I dashed to the toilet. I hurridly got my pants down and sat. I knew by the cramps I'd had that it would be soft and it turned out to be very soft. It splattered out of me for about 15 seconds. I felt like I had more which eventuated into a few drops. Something odd I noticed was on the back of my boxer shorts. There was this small ! clear patch which upon investigating further, had no odour. I'm not sure what it was.

That's the last time I go for a walk without going to the loo first!

Hi all,

Sorry I've been off for a while, I'm catching up with folks as far back as p795, so replies will be in ascending (ass-ending?!) order, as usual, oldest first...

LOUISE -- Hi hon! You've had some rare fun, what with those marvelous bucket-fillings during your too-brief stay in Scotland this year, alley-adventures, and the tail of the too-tame loo that clogged on your womanly output. It's always such fun to hear from you and I can always picture your exploits so clearly, the squats, bends, and proudly upstanding fire-hose impersonations! Your teasing with that alley unburdening was very cute, and I really enjoyed your standing demonstration over the bucket for your surprised friend -- she really did seem surprised! Gosh you have fun that's the very spice of life. And your advise to A Girl about Kegel exercises is spot on -- they serve an excellent purpose.

INA -- I am so tickled! You watered a tree in my honor, from the standing position, in a carpark! Now that's a courageous lady! One of these days your Mom will know all about it, and you can say with pride that you have done a very avant garde thing -- you've breached a male preserve, that males never had any right to hog! Yes, I did a gents' recently -- I'd gone to the mall really early and had the place to myself, so I gave it a shot and got away with it. Steel wall type, with a separator partition -- it was fun. Jeans open and pushed down a bit to get clearance -- but if I get a gadget I should be able to go through the fly! And I love your comments to Rizzo and Louise -- writing in the snow, watering those ever-so-tempting rustic brick walls -- you're a gal after my own heart!!!

Oh, and apropos of your later post and your inability to get a clean stream yet without the device -- it turns out about 30% of women are engineered in such a way that they just can't wee a symmetrical stream no matter what they do. Don't worry about it -- from my perspective you've already achieved something more important -- the ability to release your bladder on command and at will, in unusual places, and to delight in the process. This is special and marvelous, and you're already a winner!

NU -- hi grrl! I loved your story of our dear Malita and yourself pooping in the woods. I can just see Malita dancing half-nude in the forest -- she must have seemed very much what Jake said to that hapless observer -- an escapee from somewhere! SNORT!!! Love you all!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- Thanks for your concern my friends -- luckily Adelaide is upwind of those terrible fires. We have some VERY hot days coming up soon, but not many of them, and hopefully we'll get through them without mis-hap. It occurred to me that it might have been of help in dousing the flames if Louise and I, plus the rest of the membership of the WSPC, had been poised in the rear ramp of a Hercules transport, patrolling over the conflagrations, doing our mightiest... Every little helps, I suppose!

JEFF A -- as always my friend, you are a prince who can put a smile on a lady's face! I shall dedicate a stand-up to you on the morrow. It's so nice to be acknowledged as a thoughtful person who takes a stand on important things -- and compliments of the other sort never fail to massage one's feminine core!

MALITA -- Hugs and holas, senora! You've had far too many adventures for me to comment on them individually, but let me return that kiss with gusto. I've missed you too! Too long since we had some fun story-swapping. I am so glad that Louise and I have provided good tutelage in the standing technique, and that it's been of really practical benefit, especially to Renee. I've heard of pregnant gals hoisting themselves on and off the loo every hour because the weight of the baby presses down on the bladder and they can't tolerate much contents, and their lower backs take a lot of strain. Relieving upright can be a way of offsetting that problem. And it's undeniably heaps of fun too!

Tesa and Angie's strip club -- ohhhhhhh. If I ever make it to the Pacific Northwest, we have just GOT to have a gal's night out! Oh, and that was some fantastic dump you took that morning, even if Renee's Revenge was chemical warfare...

KIM & SCOTT -- Oh, dear, the car got a dousing in Eau de Kimmie, but that was okay! Amazing, hon -- another absolute"bog-blaster," but this time there was just no holding it back. Here's a venue I'd say you'd enjoy -- straight out the porthole of a boat cabin...

RIZZO -- The pendant you made for our dear KENDAL sounds gorgeous! I would venture to say that all members of the WSPC might have such a symbol, worn openly or close to the heart, as sygils of their esoteric sisterhood... you might be the official maker -- you certainly have the artistic temperament and technical skill. I'm very interested in metal work, and appreciate art in all its forms. (Would you believe I once researched smithing with the crazy idea in mind of hammering out my very own sword?!)

SARAH S & MEGHAN -- I LOVE the weeing contest! You gals did great (Megs too!) and you were really cool about it! I'd love to have been there and done a performance with you, or been mistress of ceremonies or something. GREAT GOING!

DIANA NY -- Hi grrl, sorry to hear you've been unwell lately. It's great to chat again. You ask how hot an enema should be -- no more than warm to your finger. I think the warmth is probably so that your bowel doesn't cramp from the shock of cold water, rather than the heat playing a part in the clearing action. That hot enema you were given was absolutely unnecessary, and actually cruel. It's supposed to be as comfortable as possible, in every way! Next time, fix it yourself, if it feels neutral to your finger, the water's just right! Happy erupting!

Stories and news from Australia soon -- 'bye all!


To London Lad. I don't travel into London every day but when I do, I use the Brighton Line into Victoria. I always have a pee on the train, and quite often, a poo on the way home.

There was some gossip in one of the UK national papers yesterday about a certain actress who likes to do a poo in the bed while she is having sex. Sounds very messy to me - anyone know who it might be?

Hello,all-Some responses
TO DIANE(NY)-Coolstory-there's nothing like 2 ladies eating big bowls of chili-a great combination-i would have liked to have seen that BM!
TO LOUIS-Interesting story in the old fashioned toilet-did you enjoy it?
Must have felt a bit strange that close to another guy while pooing-sounds like you and I have the same kind of diet and do the same kind of loads-must have been fun in a way
TO JANE-Man, can you poop-I'd love to buddy poop with you,madam!
For the last few days i've been tape recording my morning poos-I got the idea from someone on here-soory can't remember who,but Its' kinda interesting to listen to with the farts and the crackling and the plops and stuff-I may try to bring the tape player to the gym on a busy morning the tape not only myself ,but all the other guys as well-I really wish I could sneak it into the ladies room-Now that would be fun to listen to,but it's kinda fun to listen to yesterday's dump as I have to poop the following morning.I first listen to the previous dayspoop as I hold in todays dump and then I sit down and turn on the tape player and unload and it's fun to do-anyone else try this?have to get to work-BYE

kim and scott
greetings all!
hello there.
DIANE from NY- scott and I hope you feel better soon. thanks for liking our last post where I dump in my pants. and yes the shit was thick and heavy in my was the snow recently huh diane?scott and I live next door to you in the garden state of new jersey. bye sweet neighbor.
TO BRYIAN-hello there . thanks for liking my post. I do prefer to dump in my own toilet,kneeling on my bathroom countertop and have my log fall on the newspapered floor,or dumping in the woods then dumping in my pants. but when I was dumping in my pants the relief of it was heavenly.
TO TIM-hello. all the best to you and your wife. be well always.
TO CARMALITA-hello there sweet girl. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too. thanks for calling scott a gentleman. him and jake both huh? along with louise man steve ,and kathys hubby rich among others here. be well carmalita. I love ya girl.
TO TINA-hello. there. I like your look at some of kim and scotts back posts...because I have had some gigantic logs in the mall bathrooms before. be well girl.
TO LOUISE-hello there.thanks for liking my post. scott and I like all of yours too!and yes your powerful wees could flush my great big logs down I think! either that or a super-high powered flusher haha. be well honey!
TO RJOGGER AND KATHY-hello you two. you are very nice in the things you say to me and scott.and dont be so modest. you two add greatly to this site also. be the way do you tell your pals this site exists? they sound like they love dumping also? just curious.
TO JEFF A-hello there. thanks for liking my posts. and saying the nice things about me. you are another sweet man on this site.I hope that you are feeling have suffered a tragedy that scott and I are very sorry for but tommorow brings on a new day! just think about the happy times you had with your loved one. It could help. be well dear. and so long all! love always,kim and scott

Jane. I liked your story about cutting a really smelly fart and having to go for an urgent poo whilst in the Burger King. No doubt you felt very relived to get it out.

Tim. I would say that your daughter's interest in bodily functions is perfectly normal and nothing for you to worry about. She may well grow out of it sooner than you expect. Even if she doesn't entirely grow out of it, that's nothing really to worry about unduly. The important thing is that she understands society's rules about such matters when in public and appreciates that not everyone takes the same view about toileting or wishes to discuss it openly. I would not encourage her to use the loo standing, particularly in the light of the previous misunderstanding which occured. If she wants to do that, I'd leave her to train herself or let her mother do it. I enjoyed the post about you and your wife buddy dumping, albeit unintentionally. No doubt you enjoyed the experience a great deal. Hope you're soon better and the cancer treatment works. Good luck.

Dallas. Don't let your feelings towards your mother change simply because she had an accident in the mall. Most people have accidents occasionally during adult life. The important thing is not to make a drama out of a crisis. Be kind, loving and loyal to your Mum. It pays dividends!

luc. I think some people are coy about bodily functions whilst others are more open. It's not really a gender thing.

Did anyone see "Footballer's Wives" on ITV1 last night? There was a lovely bathroom scene where one lady flushed the loo whilst still on it. No peeing or pooping sound effects though.

Special greetings to Sarah, Meghan, Annie, Robbie, RJogger, Kathy and her friend Anne.

DIANE NEW YORK - Hi, yeah! I do bet my fiancee Steve would have liked
seeing you crapping in front of the doctor LOL
You know I think you were real gutsy for doing that.

INA - Hi girl! Yeah the bucket was a plastic one and it drummed a
bit but I bet it would have been loudder if it had been metal. LOL I
know Steve liked seeing and hearing my friend have a real good wee
into it.
Oh I am sorry you are still having trouble standing and weeing
without your tool. Hey I do have an idea for you to try. I do not
know if you are opening your lips when you try standing and weeing
but it may be you need to get them right open. Girls are not all
the same down there, we are different just like men are different,
so maybe you have more problems weeing standing than me and a lot of
other girls.
Hey try this - lay down on your back and get a mirror and put it so
you can see your pussy. Now use your fingers and spread your pussy
lips open enough so you can see your little wee hole. If you get
enough light you will see it above your vagina. Why I am saying do
this is that maybe your pussy lips are giving you trouble but if
you get used to opening right up then your pussy lips will not get
in the way of your stream. You know if you get used to opening up
then you will get to wee straight out standing up without that trouble and I
bet you do a good stream then. Please tell me if that helps you.
Love Louise xxx

MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi! So are you saying in the peeing contest that
Liz put her thong on and pulled it to the side and weed? She can not
have done it through her thong can she? LOL Ellie did it right,
didn't she?
Oh yeah, you are right, we did have some fun with our guys when it
was their turn for a wee. I did not look at Steve's friend doing it
and I do not think his girlfriend looked at Steve either but we
had some fun with our own men.
Well you have not found large men yet? LOL Well really there is a
lot more than what a man has in his trousers that makes him real
nice but I think I have had luck LOL! I bet you will meet some nice
men soon and you have been unlucky so far.
Love Louise xx

ANNIE AND ROBBY - Hi! Yeah I understand how the contest went now.
I bet it was lots of fun. Hey I wish I was there to join in! You
are so right, it was all to have fun and that is what was so
important. Sarah and Ellie did really well but will they be able
to defend their championships? LOL Did you enter too or were you
like, in a different "class" and unfair compettiion for the girls?
Steve is away from home this week and he rang me last night to say
he was missing me already. I did not tell him that I have been
telling about his willy being a bit big and how it makes him wee.
I do not know what he will think about it LOL! Yeah he makes me
happy you know? giggle
Please say hello to Robby for me!
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! I have to say this for Steve because he is not at home
this week. Are you all right because you have not written any letters
this year yet? Steve was thinking that it may be you have some
family near Sydney and you were worried about them. He is too often
right when he thinks things like that but he hopes he is wrong.
If you are all right do you like my latest letters and have you had
any fun yourself?
Love Louise, Hugs and stuff!


INA - I forgot to answer your question why I squatted in the icy alley
to have my wee when I could have stood. Well I was wearing trousers
so I had to bare my bum anyway, and I think Steve's best friend's
girlfriend is a good girl and always sits or squats to wee. LOL I bet
she has never done it standing up. I do try to behave when Steve's
friends are about really and I did not want to embarrass anybody.
Well I am just thinking about that. It may be I could stand and
water the wall you know if Steve says it is all right. I do not think
Steve's best friend will mind. Well maybe I am a bit more confident
now but I was always a bit shy and nervy with Steve's friends around
than I am now. I will tell Steve you say hello!


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone again,

Been continuing having good BMs except today when I had one of those smelly flaky jobs that give me a sore arse! Twice!
And they tend to float and look like they've been flattened on their way out.
Soft floaters as being a healthy sign? No thanks, I'd far rather do well-formed sinkers that plop and don't make my arse sore!

Someone recently described his sessions on the toilet as being a sort of religious experience, or a meditaion.
That's exactly how I see it, and to be shared if possible with those who truly appreciate what I would regard as the quitessence of satisfaction of the body, that is transcendental.
Pushing out my turds yesterday, I thought the sensation most applicable to the act of shitting a satisfying turd isn't so much the size or shape of it,as much as the sense of HEAT from a firm turd.
Would anyone else agree a firm turd feels hot?

LOUIS, Interesting experience you had in that toilet with the other guy and yourself having urgent shits! Pity about the stink, though!
Yes, good to know it was one of the good old bum-splashing toilets with a long drop underneath, I didn't realise you had any of those where you live (USA ?) Now I have the satisfaction of knowing that there ARE toilet pans in USA where guys can drop their turds and (hopefully) enjoy getting splashed buttocks in the process!

I had a good session in the public toilet the other day, after which, when I came out of the cubicle, noticed a guy at the urinals looking at me as I went to wash my hands.
Nothing too unusual about that, but I couldn't help wondering why it is that such men always look so serious rather than having a more friendly look about them!
Anyway, I find being stared at by someone exuding such ernest interest rather unnerving, and imagine being followed.
Another reason I want to let others hear me having a shit so as to dispel any doubts as to why I'm in there.

All best wishes to all my friends here, and welcome to the newcomers. Happy times in the toilet everyone! P P G

Robby, Annie, Sarah S, and Meghan
Hi fellow toileteers!!
Thank goodness I am here to post for myself for a change!!! We decided to post this together because I am leaving Thursday for the west coast on business for a week and then it is off to Canada to sing the Brahms "Requiem". Got to make a little money, folks!

DEAR KENDAL: We hope your absence is due to happy times. We await your return! Now, Sarah is on piano, Meghan is playing the cello, I will do vocals, and Annie is sitting on the downstair's toilet with a song and a poo in her heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR KENDAL!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOUUUU!! And many more!!! Annie just let out a celebrational trump(fart)!! It was glorious! We wish you were here! Our present to you is the girls and Annie standing in the tub weeing and giving their all for the WSPC!! They are waving and saluting you!! I took a picture of the group! My dear, hope your birthday is a happy one and the fact that you will be 12 is an important time! Please have a gentle poo with Andrew assisting for us! Take care! Lots and Love, a gentle kiss, and a BIG squeezy hug from all of us!! Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Cousins Sarah and Meghan

DEAR ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Hi, dear lad! As we told Kendal we hope your absence is due to happy times. Sari- I can see you lurking around the corner when I am doing my cullompted poos, haha! Meg- Sari is just jealous. I have bigger trumps and poos than her. Actually the day she did have the largest poo I have ever seen from that girl. It looked like a large cobra in the bowl!! We always think of you and Kendal when we are in the loo. That is meant as a compliment. We DO think about you outside. Annie- Have you seen your friends on the loo lately? We await stories from that area! Take care and swing Kendal around a few times for us!! Lots of Lovexxxx and a hug from Robby, Annie and Cousins Sarah and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: WELCOME BACK, our dear friend! Glad you are doing well. As you can read above, I did sing to our dear niece Kendal. I could visualize you sitting on the loo with your flute and playing along. I am having more of the semi-cullompted poos now. They are getting better. As I travel the next two weeks those poos will certainly become very cullompted. Sari- we are glad to have you back. Yes, we would love to have you at our recital. We are no longer jet lagged, just school logged!! Meg- that goes for me, too! Annie- we had a wonderful time in Manchester and London over the hols. Robby- you having to go for a poo during a forum reading says something about this site. I've had to go myself. See what reading posts about poos and wees can do for a fella! Take care! Annie and the girls will be on here again, soon! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meghan(a hug from us!)

INA: We think you are a sweet girl, too. Standup peeing is the easiest for a girl to do. If you wish to join the WSPC please talk to Louise or PV on this forum. They are the coaches. Lovexx Annie, Robby, Sarah, and Meghan

CARMALITA: Hi sweetheart!! My dumps may get a bit noisy but I know that I would be beaming when you told me how well I did!! We are so glad Nu came on the forum. She really had to have some fortitude to stand there while you were having the dump of death!! It was glorious story! A big good luck on your studies. Keep us informed! Love Ya!! Robby, Annie, Sarah, and Meghan

TIM: The girls weren't embarrassed. Your daughter seems like a wonderful child. It reminds Annie and I of the times our children were that age. It is common for children to be curious about the bathroom and their bodily functions. It is also common to want to see others on the toilet. I thought Sari looked cute on the toilet. She still does but I rarely invade their territory now. That may be the same for you some day. You have time, though. Glad you are healing well. Please keep us up to date. Take care of yourself. Love, Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meghan

LOUISE: Annie- Hows this? All of us of the WSPC and your girlfriends squat in a line and wee. On top of that Steve and Robby can be as bookends with their willies out and weeing on the wall! Just a thought! Robby is going to LA with his assistant Barbara. She will keep an eye on him. I told her to send me emails on what he eats and his loo habits. She just about had a stroke when I suggested THAT! She is a true friend! Give our love to Steve and we will have a story, soon, I hope(just the girls) Love, Annie, Robby, Sarah and Meghan

RJOGGER AND KATHY: We have enjoyed your adventures!! We have friends living in Westchester county. Keep 'em coming, folks! Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

KIM AND SCOTT: Those dumps you have will be the champion of the board. WOW! When do you start back to school? Take care, Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

JANE: What a time in the toilet. You just can't seem to get away from little children can you, LOL? Loved the story. Your dumps will get bigger I assure you. Mine have. Give Gary our best! Love, Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan

DALLAS: If we may ask, how old are you? My girls were always embarrassed when I liked something they did. They didn't think it was cool. Now, about your mother. Is there anyone that you would be comfortable talking to in your family? Since we don't know you it poses a question of how would your mother feel if you sat down with her, in private and discussed this. No one else would be involved. It is a troubling thing for a young girl, we know. Please keep us informed and take care. Annie, Robby, Sarah S and Meghan

Sorry about the long post!

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: DEAR PV, Alana, Althea, Adele, Adrian, Mindy, Mere and AMANDA, Mandy, Renee, Pat, Sarah T, DEAR Jeff A, DianeNY, Tina-you are NOT wierd!, Erin, Laura, Buzzy, Melanie, Ephermal, Amazon, David and Niki, Todd and Diana, Elena- good to see you back, Diva, Marianne, Jasta and Mark, Tricia, Ashley, Amy(coed), Mina, Julie, LindaGS-hope to hear from you, Upstate Dave, Ring Stretcher, Bryian, Gurli, Tailwagger, Lancs Lad, Louis, Alexa, Sarsen, Kelly-Marie, Gopweller, Luc, Ellie and Little Lou!! and all of the other wonderful posters here.



I was 14 and in the Air Training Corps at school. It was a big parade day and being tall I was the right marker. We went through a drill rehersal on the square and then had to wait for the Commander to come and do the inspection. I had the feeling I needed a poo ad it was getting worse and not better. We were given the news that the guy was going to be late and we stood easy - I could do nothing but squeeze my bottom as the feeling got worse, and move around and discreetly hold my dick to ease the feeling of wanting to pee. I let a few squirts go to see if that would ease things and I could concentrate on not pooing. It helped but was still agony. We were called to attention about the time I farted and poo began to touch cotton. As we started to perform the parade I lost control and three stiff and sticky turds followed one after the other into my briefs. I began to feel and march better - even though the shit was rubbing betwen my thighs it was better out than in a! nd I lnew my briefs were secure. At last we marched off and I went straight over to my mum and told her I had to get home to change - piss began to gush through my fingers and down the legs of my trousers and mum just burst out laughing. My brother had to hold himself he laughed so much and he got a bit wet as well. At home it took me a long time to clean up. I had pulled my pants over my shirt tail when I dressed and so all that was coated with shit as well. Now I try to remember not to do that but I still get caught out sometimes.It was the poo that could have been most embarrasing of all but I got away with it.

I've only had time to have a very quick flick through the messages. I'm very sorry Andrew and I haven't posted for a while. There is a very good reason, which I won't go into now, otherwise this message won't get posted. I posted on the friday before Christmas, and that didn't get posted either !


We finished up unexpectedly having Christmas in the Lake District, and it was lovely, especially after the snows arrived ! I've found out that Kate does have her period, because it happened while we were there, which was bad news for Andrew because she wouldn't let him in the toilet with her then ! But Emily was fine. She was quite the entertainer, and had the most magnificent post Christmas poo ! She made so many plops that I lost count, and Andrew was most enthralled at all the plopping and splashing going on ! She also had Andrew and I come in the bathroom with her before she had her bath, and watch her do a stand-up wee. Kate was not happy with her because she had stripped naked before doing it (ready to have a bath after) and Kate didn't think it was appropriate for Andrew to see her like that. Perhaps not, but then that is up to Emily ! And Andrew certainly didn't mind !! It was wonderful to watch her do it, because her wee shot forwards so far it very nearly! wet the front of the bath even though she was stood at the back of it !! I was so amazed, I took off my panties and socks and lifted my dress up high and joined her in the bath to have a go myself, and with some aiming, I got my wee to go as far forwards as hers did !!! Aunty PV and Louise, you would have been very proud of me ( and Emily as well ) !

I have to go now, but I know that Andrew will write later about what has happened. None of you will believe it. But then so many unbelieveable things have happened to this family, this new incident is nothing more than just another trauma to deal with. And we are all doing very well, thank goodness ! I say trauma, it was to start with, but now it has become the most wonderful gift ever !!!!

Lots of love to everyone. Love from Kendal xxxxxxxxxx

PS: We will find time to make replies to posts, but there are so many to read, so please be patient with us. And the reason it will take time will be very obvious after Andrew's post !! ( I hope his post makes it past the Moderator, otherwise the mystery will deepen for everyone ).

Lawn Dogs Kid
Sorry we haven't written in ages. I know Kendal has set the scene for me in her earlier post. Just when you think nothing else could possibly happen in this family, it does, and big style !

Kendal wrote the friday before Christmas, just before we set off up to the Lake District to visit Kendal's step Dad Steve, and her step sisters Kate and Emily and her half brother Thomas. We were to come home again on Christmas Eve. In the end, we finished up not coming home again until Wednesday the 2nd January !

I'll try and keep this succinct. On the Saturday after we left, Dad had a visitor. He wasn't in, so Mum invited the lady in the house. She knew who she was, an old work colleague of Dad's. When Dad returned home, all hell broke loose. Apparantly, Dad had an affair with this woman around six years ago ! When Mum found out, she packed her bags and left my Dad. Kendal and I found out when Dad phoned Steve to ask if we could stay with him. Now, even though I know my Dad has done something very wrong to my Mum, I couldn't stand the thought of him being alone for Christmas, so I insisted on going home to be with him ( Mum was staying with friends ). In the end, I finished up staying with Kendal in the Lakes, because on Christmas Eve, Mum came home again, and it was decided that they could do with the time alone together to try and patch things up. Thankfully that has happened. But that is not all !! On Friday the 4th January Mum and Dad went out, and when they returned, they! had one hell of a surprise for Kendal and me. I think Dad's exact words to me were "Andrew, I'd like you to meet your sister, Ellen " !!! Kendal took one look at her, burst into tears on the spot, and swept the little girl right off her feet in a huge hug ! Ellen was born in September 1996 as a result of Dad's affair. He knew nothing about her, and the only reason he knows about her now is because her Mum, when she visited, was seriously ill with the big C, and knowing she was going to die, had decided that she wanted her little girl to be brought up in a loving household, with her father, and not to be left to be taken into care. Her Mum died on the 30th December, so now Ellen is living with us. Enough said. I hope the moderator will permit this digression from the forum, so everyone here will know who Ellen is. I'll feed more titbits on over the course of several posts.

Like Kendal, I haven't read the posts, so I'll send my love especially to Sarah and Meghan, Robby and Annie, Rizzo, and Jane, and last but not least, my little babe Linda GS.

Now, on topic, there was plenty going on over Christmas. When we arrived, Emily was dancing up and down. Even her Dad told her to "stop jigging about. Anyone would think you were dying for the toilet". She turned a little red ( Kendal and I just couldn't help but grin ! ), and said she was excited, and could she take us straight upstairs to our rooms. Steve told her she could, and she did, but not before diverting via her bathroom so we could watch her wee !! Even Kate had one as well !! Then Kendal had her turn, on the basis that she was desperate after our very long journey (while Kate was on the toilet, I saw Kendal hold herself !). And finally, I ensured that the toilet was full of froth and bubbles by adding my tank full as well !! That done, I was disappointed to discover that this was the first and last time on this visit that Kate would let me or anyone else into the bathroom with her ! The next day she announced she needed a poo, and would prefer to go on he! r own. So respecting her wishes, we left her to it. However, I just couldn't resist trying to listen hard over the sound of the tv outside the bathroom. Kendal tried to help me by turning the sound down, until I pointed out in a series of hand signs and shaking fists that doing that was going to make it obvious to Kate that we were trying to listen to her, so she turned it back up again, but not as loud as it was before !

Kate was in the bathroom for at least 20 minutes, which certainly made my ear hurt with all the pressing up against the wall in Emily's room, which is the wall that the toilet is next to for maximum listenability ! Now if we had been watching tv in Kate's room, I would have had the perfect chance to listen in. With both bathroom doors shut, I would have been able to listen with out the tv noise interferring ! But such is life ! Anyway, for my aching ears, I managed to make out a lot of puffing and panting noises, all breathy, no groans, moans, or grunts. I also managed to hear two distinct plop noises and three or four Plymptons ( I think ). That was the prelude to Kate getting her period. And once she started, the bathroom was completely out of bounds !

I know Kendal has told you all about Emily's stand-up wee in the bath, but the best day was Boxing day, when we all at some point needed to ablute the extravagancies of the previous day. I was the first to fall, in the morning, straight after breakfast. I told Kate she could come in, but she decided that was unfair when she wouldn't let me watch. I told her not to worry about that, but she was having none of it. Of course, a pack of wild horses was not going to keep Kendal and Emily from accompanying me ! After settling on the toilet, I broke a fairly decent fart before I felt my load preparing to descend. I decided not to push, but just let it come of its own accord in order to increase the anticipation of the girls. However, after a minute of no movement, and Kendal saying "Crikey, this is a long time for you !", I decided I'd better get going before they began to yawn with boredem !! I gave a good push, and once the end was out, there was no stopping this motion. It ! snaked out of me in wonderful firm pieces, about five in all, with plenty of loud plopping to accompany its exit. Kendal said "Oh Andrew, that is a nice poo, much better than your usual stinkers" ! She spoke too soon. After the initial firmness, the mushy took over, and plop-plop-plop-plop-plop, I was back to normal, accompanied by t-shirts being pulled over noses !!

Kendal went in the middle of the afternoon. It was an excellently timed trip, coming shortly after Steve announced he was going to take Thomas out for a walk, leaving us all playing MouseTrap. Again Kate didn't come in. But Emily did, and she sat on my knee as I perched on the edge of the bathtub. Kendal took a deep breath and said, "I can feel it. This is going to be a biggy" ! She lifted up her dress and pulled down her panties to the poo position ( three or four inches above her knees ), and then delicately sat on the seat. The poo wasn't that urgent, because she managed to complete her whole wee first, a beautiful gentle sssssssssssssssss, with tiny sprinkles hitting the water so lightly, it sounded like a harp was accompanying my little angel on the toilet ! As the harp dripped to a halt, there came the Kendal look of concentration, where her eyes meet yours, and rather like a snake, once she has you in her gaze, it is hard to tear yourself away. Not that I want t! o mind. Somehow, her trance-like stare seems to concentrate all my senses, and my hearing seems to increase two fold. A small Plympton was almost immediately followed by three large CULLOMPTONS. Her eyes broke into a smile, delighted at how ploppy her poos were today, and although she had four more floppers and one more splish after that, nothing could dampen her contentment at the fine sounding poo she had managed earlier ! She even did a most unKendal like thing and invited Emily and me to look at what she had produced before she wiped herself and covered it up in toilet paper. Emily, mouth open, marvelled that Kendal's poos had filled the toilet up until they poked up over the water, explaining the last splish noise, not much water for that last poo to fall into !!

Now Emily didn't go all day. Indeed, she had gone to bed. Then around 9pm, she appeared in the lounge downstairs, and told her Dad she needed a drink. Steve said, well you know where it is, and then continued watching the film. Before leaving, Emily nodded her head upwards at Kendal and me, sparking a concerted round of loud yawning over the next couple of minutes, and both Kendal and I announcing we would go to bed. Steve made an exclamation that we weren't at school and didn't need to go to bed at 9pm if we didn't want to. But we insisted we were too tired to stay up. Kate just grinned at as both, knowing exactly what was going on, and stayed with her Dad down stairs. Once we had dashed up, wide awake of course (!), and knocked on Emily's door, we were greeted with a red face. "Oh thank God, I'm almost pooing my pants here" ! She rushed into the bathroom, lifted her nightshirt up and pulled down her panties (Honda blue !). She grinned at me wickedly knowing how much I! loved those panties. Then sitting heavily on the seat, and Kendal sitting on my knee this time, we heard her take in a deep breath, which she only held for about three seconds before she let it out with a whoosh sound and exclaimed, "My God, this is so fat my bum feels like its going to split in half". Kendal and I couldn't help laughing, and as we did, there was a rush of crackling and two hefty CULLOMPTONS followed one another into the toilet water. Emily then blew through her lips so hard, upwards, that it clean lifted her fringe away from her head. What followed then was a large number of assorted plops and several final splishes, which, proudly for Emily when she lifted her bottom up for Kendal and I to look, also meant that she had filled up the toilet to over the water line. And coming from such a little ????. Shes barely nine years old !

So despite what was happening at home, which occupied much of my mind over Christmas, for obvious reasons, Kendal and I still had a fantastic time ! More later !!

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

To A GIRL: Start reading on page 13; there are posts from a woman named Brielle i think, who wore diapers because she was the pilot of a small plane making long flights and she describes her experiences.

Hey. I'm back after lurking rfor a while. I liked matt's stories a lot. But steve your story reminded me of what happened to me after school one day. I have a weird stomach where if I drink or eat something it makes me have to poop real bad. On day after school I had to stay to take a test. My stomach was hurting really bad from something I ate earlier and I knew I had to poop real soon. I finished the test and went to the bathroom. My stomach was hurting really bad. Once I got near the bathroom it started hurting so bad that I let go and pooped my briefs. It was filled with a soft green-brown poop. I then had to decided what to do. So I had to quickly and carefully take them off and throw then behind the toilet. I then wiped myself good. And got out as fast as I can. When I was leaving three kids came in. I'm just glad I didn't get caught by them.

I had another strange encounter with a little child the other day. I had lunch at Burger King and ordered the same burger as the one Papaya mentioned before. Unfortunately, a couple of hours after I got back to work, I started to feel the effects just like Papaya. I felt a lot of gas and an urge to poop. I made my way to the ladies room. I had to pass through the elevators before getting to the ladies room. A mother and her little daughter were waiting for the elevator. As I passed them, I started to pass some gas. The fart wasn't audible, but a lot of gas squirted out of my butt, and immediately the strong smell hit my nose. I was close by to the little girl when I made the silent fart, and she immediately yelled, "Ewwww! That stinks!" She saw me heading to the ladies room and told her mother, "That lady is going to poo-poo!" There were a couple other people waiting at the elevator, and I glanced right before entering the ladies room and saw them smiling.

As I was heading to a stall, I could feel it coming out, but it was poop this time. I pulled down my black pants and white panties and started pushing out a couple inches of poop before I even sat down. Once I sat, I pushed out the rest of what was a large banana and another such piece before going into soft serve ice cream dispensing mode. After a minute, I had filled up the toilet bowl, and the smell was very strong. It was time to flush the toilet while seated. I pushed out three incredibly long and fat semisoft pieces of poop before I was done. I wiped a few times, got up and saw three Kim-sized pieces. I flushed it down, and the three pieces made a couple of skidmarks in the toilet bowl. I felt much better after that.

Meredith: During the holidays, when Gary and I were out of town staying at relatives' places, my pooping sessions were small and fast, just like yours. I would push out a couple of pieces and that was it. Of course, there were a couple of exceptions, but I went regularly. I usually take much more time at home than I do in other homes or in public restrooms.

Carmalita: My, how clumsy you can get! At least you didn't fall into your poop. That would have been even more hilarious. That was a great touch about being a mental patient.

TO A GIRL yes i wear diapers too not because i have to just because i like wearing them.

My mom had me when she was only fifteen, because of that i grew up with everyone thinking she was my older sister (iam fifteen now)all the other kids thought it was cool because she liked the same music as me, but let me tell you its embarassing.

Anyway this one day just before christmas we were at the mall, when mom suddenly said she needed to go to the toilet big time, allmost at once she let a big fart go you know one of thoes long raspy ones and pooooo did it smell. we had barely gone a few yards when mom said oh no iam doing it, she stopped walking and put her hand on her bum (shes very skinny). mom was wearing tight blue jeans but you could see the bulge showing around her bum. we got to the ladys room but there was such a line up mom just said oh never mind lets just go home.

Now heres my problem, i love my mom of course but i was soooooo mad and embarassed at the thought of her pooping her self in public, i mean every one knew she really smelt bad, when we got home she went straight to the bathroom to clean up, while she was in the shower i looked at her white cotten panties, it was a big light brown mess not runny but the soft poo kind.anyway how do i deal with this issue, i really feel different towards her now. dallas

Diane- New York
Hey guys how are you doing? Hope youíre all doing fine. I am not. I am sick, feel horrible and to add insult to injury, itís snowing. Good grief.

Louise- Hey Happy New Year to you too. And yes he definitely did like what he saw. But I suppose a lot of other guys would have reacted the same way. It was noticeable he liked it. Iím just glad I was able to turn in my stool sample even if what I gave was way more than adequate. Talk to you later.

RJOGGER- Hi! I wasnít ashamed or embarrassed to do it. I mean we all do it right? So I told him watch since he knew what was going ton happen. Take care.

Buzzy- Hey neighbor! Nope. His enormous erection didnít bother me one bit. And yes Ben could be a real character at times.

Carmalita- How are you doing? Wow its seems like you are always having loads of fun over there. So everybody is ratting you out. Ah but I see you were able to get some retaliation. You know you seem a lot like my friend Tina. She can get pretty crazy also. But she is loads of fun. Talk to you later.

Kim and Scott- Hello. I loved your story having a large shit all confined in your panties. I could only imagine the load that was in there. It must have been really heavy. I hate traffic lights, especially when no one else is coming, its like theyíre stuck on red for an eternity. Talk to you later

Logger- And yes when I took that dump in Germany, it seems a dog got a hold of it and dragged it and left it on the sidewalk. I acted with total surprise, when I saw even though I knew I did it. We all thought there was some wild horse on the lose somewhere that did it. You asked how big I am, technically Iím 6í1, but I always say Iím just exactly 6í0 to make life easier. My weight fluctuates but itís around 310-315 range. I have been putting on a lot of muscle lately but when Iím sick I lose it.

PV- How are you? I have a question, when an enema is being administered, what should the temperature be? I still remember the last time I got one, my insides were like nearly burnt out. Take Care.

Jeff A- You asked me If I could do Kung Fu a while back since Iím a bodyguard. I cant, Iím to big and heavy. It would be impossible. But I am professionally trained how to avoid attacks and how to overpower people. And I know many wrestling techniques and I can run extremely fast. Hope this answered your question and I sorry Iím late in answering.

Here is my story. Last night when I was watching TV, Tina and Alex were making chili. The first thing that popped into my mind was this is not going to be pretty. Sure enough it wasnít. They both had huge bowls and joined me watching the tube. They offered me some and I told them I would get some takeout.

Well after Star Trek finished they both finished their chili. Tina sat and looked like she was going to blow so she goes to the restroom. Then Alex joined her and they both had another buddy dump. I couldnít tell who looked worse. To me they both looked pretty bad and in pain because they were moaning and groaning.

They farted, and I hear nothing. I hear a log drop and It landed with solidity. Then I heard another. And another. One after the other just dropped into the toilet. Alex lifts up a cheek and blows a fart my way and starts to laugh. Now please note, my nose was stuffy, but this cleared it up in an instant. So I put on the fan. Then I hear a loud wet and bubbly fart and another solid log dropping.

Then I hear another and another dropping in the bowl one after the other. To be honest, I lost track. Then I hear nothing but diarrhea splattering and Tina complains her ass is on fire. Alex had extremely soft shit. It just kept coming out like an ice cream machine. Itís a good thing I have a large toilet. Or else this would have come over the rim long ago because of the significant amounts. Then Tina has another wave of the runny stuff while Alex kept pushing out soft stuff like nobodyís business. Then Alex tops it off with loud sounding wave of mush.

I inspected my toilet to see what they did to the poor thing. It was full of shit. Literally. I pushed the lever and the mighty system pushed it all the way down without a hitch of trouble. You canít clog the toilets at my house, itís impossible, it doesnít give a shit how large the shit is. (excuse the terrible pun) its awesome.

Now about me. When I was coming back from getting take out to eat, I had the urge to go 1 and 2. I drive around looking for a suitable area and I spot a park with no lights on. I walk over and the toilets are closed. No problem. There were a lot of bushes. So I ducked inside and lifted my skirt and squatted. I let out a long stream of pee that took forever. I pushed and I left two easy 15inchers behind. I took some leaves and wiped my ass clean and left. I walked back to my car and drove home.

Next week Iíll be going to this track which is in an excellent area for a dump because this track is surrounded by lots of forest. Iíll be racing. After Iím done racing, Iíll be looking to relieve myself in the woods. I wonít be posting for a couple days because Iím going to be concentrating on losing weight.

Wish me Luck!


An anonymous poster asked a question about why guys seem open about their toilet habits while girls are shy. This got me thinking about shyness. I think Americans are generally shy to the point of obsession and the sex of the person doesn't matter. For some reason in my experience anyway, Europeans don't have that hangup.

In my own case, during my youngest years I was very shy about pooping. I couldn't go in a public restroom until my teen years. But I did have an interest in seeing others go. When I was 6 or 7 and lived in a suburb surrounded by woods, I was adept in encouraging my kid friends to have their BMs when we were out playing on the woods and I saw several of them who obliged me. I was fascinated by the way the size and the way their fat poops squeezed out. One day I talked a boy 2 years older than me to do his number 2 in the woods across the street from my house instead of going home which he easily could have done. He thought it was funny. He dropped his short pants and stuck his rear out and without another thought produced a healthy turd about 8 inches long. He then, laughing all the while, did a 180 degree turn and dropped another one just as big. While he was doing that I felt the need to go BAD. I think he knew it. I just couldn't do it in front of him. I told him I had to get home for lunch and started across the street to my house. I made it to the front door and felt the knob of my turd start out. By the time I reached the toilet, walking with my knees locked, my white BVDs were bulged out behind me, and I had to dump a healthy piece into the toilet before I sat down and let the rest of my jobbie plop into the bowl.

I didn't get to the sharing stage until my cousins came to live with me when I was 12. Earlier posts describe some of the buddy-dumping experience which followed.

So I guess folks can grow out of an early reticence, but many never do.

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