To answer the mystery posters question. I don't know really. MY reason is.. I poop big..and I poop loud. There's lot of straining and groaning.(The groaning happens when it's on it's way out) And well it's a bit embarrassing..but why..I don't know. Maybe it's the stereotype..we had boys believing for a long time we didn't poop..maybe we started to believe it too and we tried very hard to keep the secret. But I've slowly come out of this as I can comfortably sit and take my time pooping with my husband around.(Even if I have to strain my brains out and make lots of noise..he makes me feel comfy and that's helped. That and I used to go in front of him when I was little) And thanks to many of the women here I am not ashamed..but rather proud of"creations" Thank you so much ladies. I'm so touched and "moved" I'm inspired to create something. I'll be in the office if anyone needs me. I'l be doing a important task which will require paperwork at the end. I'll let you know! if everything come sout all the end. <snicker>
Okay okay I'm "going".

I haven't ever posted on here before, but I have been thinking about my experience a lot lately. I am 16, and I was at the lake with my family right after I turned 16. Well, I was just standing around when I felt the sudden urge to pee. It hurt. I looked around but the bathrooms were pretty far away, and even if I had decided to go in the lake, it was pretty far off to. I ran to the bathrooms, pee dripping into my panties. When I got there I saw that the girls bathroom was out of order. So I looked in the boys. I didn't bother to see if it was empty. I went in the first stall, one with no door, and began to relieve myself. That's when I looked up. There was this really hot guy standing at a urinal, holding himself and splashing all over the bowel. He grinned at me while I hurredly wiped and pulled up my shorts. I left. Later I saw him eating with his family and he waved at me. I was so mortified.

Windows XP
Hi all...Just got off the toilet and i feel happy for once.
=)) Remember when i had that terrible smelling and soft crap that wouldn't ever go away? Well finally I got my wish..two five inch pieces fell out of me finally that didn't stink not even 2% of what that terrible smelling soft crap i had earlier in the month of december.

Came out nicely too...soft but firm pieces and no blood for a change....(used to shoot out golf ball sized crap in tight compact balls but that's over with for now anyway) =))

Well that's my story for off to bed.
Happy crapping and peeing everyone lol

Mac: I agree with Kyle. Your stories are just great! I hope we will get more from you. It's real cool how you have buddies who are comfortable being with you while you take a good shit as in both of your posts. I've always enjoyed having a buddy with me while I take a shit. Last summer, I got real friendly with a dude in my college dorm with the name of Dave. We used to head for the local surfer's beach every weekend. On our first outing together, we spent the morning surfing at the beach and then had had had a fast food lunch at a beach side place. We decided to go to the restroom to change out of wet suits after lunch before heading back to the dorm. The restroom was small and real busy and we both went into the same handicapped stall to change. I told Dave that I had to shit and asked if it was OK if I went ahead. He grinned and said sure and continued to change while I sat on the crapper. He talked to me while I dumped my load. He waited until I had wiped my ass and flushed and then took a piss into the bowl. After that we went to the same beach every weekend and we always ended up the day with changing together in a stall and me dumping while he changed. Once, he had to take a shit there and I got to see him do it. It was real cool!

There was some show on Comedey central last night...i forget the time it was either 9:30pm or 10pm EST and i think it was called the Man Show
and this guy was at the urinal peeing and wanted some guy to take a picture of him peeing at the urinal and he wanted some guy to pee in a jar. I thought i saw another show last night about peeing or pooping don't remember

I haven't pooped since Saturday 8am eastern time on Monday and i've yet to poop...its been like 2 days

one night i stopped to see my sister in law to get a hair brother was working.i walked in and my sis didnt realize i was there while she was in the bathroom.she was going pee and then she threw her close out. i noticed her panties were bloody so i figured she was having her period.she opened the door and turned and she was inserting a tampon.

To Larry in Arizona: Funny story that someone checked your bag of shit out

To Kim and Scott: I liked your story...sorry you messed your self, hey did you enjoy it? or would you rather dumped in the woods or in the toilet or something

To: CC I liked your story

To: Steve i liked your story too

To: Aaron I was wondering what time(s) of days do you check these boards out and do you say ever have to take a dump at those time(s)Any new stories?

gotta go, see ya

Hello dear folks,

Thank you SO MUCH for all the nice wishes and welcome backs!

ANNIE AND ROBBIE (SARAH AND MEGHAN): I hope I did not embarrass the girls. I did not mean to. They seem to be lovely young ladies, but itís no suprise as they are brought up by such nice people like you. I was thrilled by your kind words. Thank you.
Our daughter is four, almost five. She is a very sweet, very confident girl. I spend more time with my kids than usual cause I am not back to work yet, still recovering at home. Recently I noticed more than before, how much my daughter is interested in toilet topics. I hope this is quite normal for her age and nothing that might come from me being too liberal. She e.g. likes to cover the topic in her games. The other day I was peed and pooped upon by some smurfs. LOL. I was lying on the sofa and taking a nap when a smurf family discovered me as a mountain range and took a hike from my shoulders to my feet. By the time they arrived at my knees they all needed a toilet break. So they found a private spot at the back of my knee and all did their wees (with a loud hissing). The smurf dad even had to poop very urgent (oh dear, I think I funktioned as a role model there...) and left behind what in a different world might look like a few raisins coming from a bowl of fruit on t! he table...
I also noticed that my daughter seems to be frustrated about not being able to pee standing up like her little brother or me. I "caught" her getting undressed and weeing standing with her legs spread apart. She already said she thought "itís not fair" meaning her having to sit down. I know from this site that there are possibilities for girls to be as free as men but I would not want to teach her that. Not only because my wife would hit the roof and my in-laws would have me put into prison, but also I do not think a father should do that. I am just sorry that she is frustrated about feeling she has got a disadvantage towards the boys. As I recall it all the women in your household are taking their freedom. Am I right? How did your daughters learn about it, if you donít mind me asking?
I guess it is better to wait until she is a bit older and can make the decision herself. I sincerely hope this does not give the impression that I do get a kick out of the sight or the thought of my daughter on the toilet. I just read lots of posts here and learned about how liberating many woman find it to have the same opportunities than guys. I am very proud that my daughter seems to be growing up to be a self-confident young lady and I am just sorry she seems to feel restricted there. I hope you do not mind I shared those thoughts with you.
I liked the story of Robbie doing a poop on the bedpan with Annieís assistance! I know the feeling, friend. I was so glad when I was able to withdraw to the toilet again, werenít you?
I sincerely hope I can post more regular now. I just disappeared for such a long while as I have been in hospital the whole time.
Good luck to you all and I hope the girls concert goes well. Stay well xxx Love from Tim

INA: Thank you for your kind words. I like your stories and find it very interesting how liberal you see, as you can see from what I wrote to Robbie and Annie. You should not worry about that. You seem to be a very creative woman. I guess you are right in your thoughts, that you might want to catch up with the stuff that males usually do when they are boys or young men. Well, I guess we still like it today now and then...When I was a boy I had a very best friend, who is still my mate today. We often climbed up to the top of the barn inside and let it rain full stream into the hay several meters underneath us. Just a few years ago, when we were both grown men already, we spent a night of long talks on his fathers farm, who died shortly before. We just talked and talked and had loads of beers sitting on a bench outside. Finally he got up and asked if I needed to pee as well...we both knew. Without further explaination we climbed up towards the top of the barn and celebra! ted our friendship from childhood by letting two arching streams splatter into the darkness of the barn at night...Keep the fun up. Very best wishes from Tim

RENEE: Congratulations on your baby and very good luck for the future! I hope you do not mind me asking, but I would be interested if you are planning on teaching your daughter that she can also urinate standing up from an early age? I read about women who learned that from their mothers even as kids. Again I hope you do not mind the question. Best wishes to your little and the extended family. Tim

JANE: Thank you so much for your caring thoughts!
I try to raise my kids so they would not give you a hassle in your private moments. On the other hand who can blame them? I guess a lovely lady like you doing a fine motion is probably a tempting sight...Hope you do not mind this comment. I did not mean to be cheeky. Kids are curious I know that from my own.. .Thank you again for your good wishes. Take care Tim

KIM AND SCOTT: Thank you for you nice thoughts! I always was keen to see a good Kim log. Well, last week I had the chance to see something that must have come quite close, done by my own wife. I just saw it by accident, as my wife is not open about these things, but it was very cool. You are a lucky guy, Scott. Keep having fun, you two. All the best Tim

Very interesting incident I had with my wife last week. We Ďbuddy dumpedí by accident:
Due to my diet and the medication I am taking, I poop quite a lot. I am able to easily pass a convenient, soft pile without pains or struggle at least two times a day when I do not have slight runs. Itís a real pleasure after all the struggle. The only problem is that, if I feel the urge, I have to go now and then, otherwise it getís pretty unpleasant.
On Friday some friends came round and we played a bit with the kids in the garden, building a snowmen and stuff. Suddenly I felt a very urgent need. I said, I have to go inside and we decided to all go, as it was getting cold. In the corridor I quickly got out of my boots and jacket and rushed to the bathroom. I froze in the doorframe cause my wife occupied the toilet. For a second I did not know what to do. Then I went inside and closed the door behind me, as I was exposing her towards the people in the corridor. I knew my friends would take care of the kids. My wife looked suprised and disturbed. I could smell and tell by the situation that she had used the quiet house to find some time for relieve. I said: "Sorry, honey, but itís extremely urgent! Could I wait in here?" I had to hold my ???? and sat down on the bathtub. She really knows my situation at the moment and was understanding. She said she would hurry. I closed my eyes as I had cramps now and had to concentr! ate to keep it in. She grunted a bit and after a short while there was a soft flump and a pee tinckle. Good thing I was concentrating so hard on not messing my pants, otherwise there would have been the danger of my excitement showing. My beatiful wife relieving herself, of course excites me. She tried flushing still seated but did not seem to be succesfull. I would see in a second why: We have got one of these toilets with a little tray, on which she laid two huge logs. One was really thick and knobbly, the other one thinner but very long. She mumbled being "sorry" cause her shit did not flush (would she have known how happy I was, it did not...). I half whispered: "No, I am sorry to disturb you, sweatheart, but ,PLEASE, can I go now? I take care of it later." She quickly got up and I got a good glimpse of the big poop before I dropped my bum on the warm seat as quickly as I could. I closed my eyes again and let go. With the noisiest crackle you can imagine a big, soft loa! d came out of me covering my wifeís artwork. A big fart and another load followed. Wow, would I have been embarressed a few month ago; but now I am so used to going in front of others, I simply gave up being bothered. I just went "phew, sorry, sweatheart..." Shame I closed my eyes in order to concentrate. I missed the sight of my wife whiping herself right next to me. Well, I guess she felt better that way anyway. She tossed the paper in the toilet between my legs and washed her hands. I guess she also took the situation much easier than she would have before. Thatís probably one of the only good things about an otherwise very unpleasant sickness: There is so much unfortunate shit to be dealt with, you simlpy have to forget about the embarrassment after a while...So she even came over again and stroke my hair while I was still sitting there and asked me how I was. I took the risk and went: "Fine now..., probably just as relieved as you...". She just smiled a bit embarrass! ed and left. Just to poke in her head again shortly after she went out. She told me not to feel rushed but the kids needed to wee. I quickly finished and flushed. As I nearly hoped, my soft stuff cleared of first, so I could take another good look at the impressive product that my very slim, attractive wife had left. Wow, would I have loved to see her doing it. Now I know why she likes to have her privacy...
I gave it a bit of a push with the brush during the next flush and everything cleared away. I quickly washed and left the bathroom for the kids. I feel a bit guilty about telling you all about it, but I was feeling like sharing it with some people, who might understand me...

UNCLE ALLEN: See thatís exactly it. We all know itís easier to somehow anonymously share your thoughts in this forum. Why do you think I post my very private family problems here? Cause it is easier than discussing it face to face with someone. But as I pointed out before, if you got health problems there is nothing to be ashamed of! Hope you feel better soon. Best wishes Tim

Very best wishes to everybody else as well. Tim

I like the picture of the lady hovering in readiness to perform on today's masthead (Monday).

Kathy. Thanks for the story about when you and Anne were shopping before Christmas. It sounds as though the lunch you had made you both need to dump pretty bad and you were lucky to get to the stalls in time. My guess is that there was something in what you ate which disagreed with you both. Good story though and much appreciated. Keep them coming!

Drew in South Carolina
I've lurked here, but never posted. I'm a straight single male, 31, if it matters to you.

If you're like me, you tend to take life's conveniences for granted, until you don't have them. I was without running water for five days, and it was quite an adventure. We had a significant (by local standards) snowfall here last week, about 8 or 9 inches. Unusual, but not unprecidented. The night after the snow, however (or, probably around dawn the next morning) it got down to 8 above, which is pretty close to a record. And my pipes froze. Well, that's happened before, too, and I figured I'd be without water for a day or two until the temperature rose. Wrong: I had a burst pipe, which I discovered only after it began to warm up. And, of course, mine wasn't the only burst (or, as they say in this neck of the woods, busted) pipe around, so I had to wait my turn for the plumbers.

I gathered snow and melted it for the dog to drink, and I microwaved bottled water so I could at least brush my teeth, shave, and wash my face and pits. Peeing was no problem, as I frequently whiz over the rail of my back deck; I'm far enough from the neighbors that they'd have to be looking close to see what I was doing, and if they did see, I doubt they'd be scandalized. One of the joys of living in a semi-rural location. With the snow still in the ground, I could engage in a little distance competition with myself (since the previous evidence was still visible once the snow had stopped falling), and, on one occasion, fueled with ample Budweiser, with a friend (first "sword fight" I'd had since I was about 12). My deck is about 10 feet above the yard, so the stream was leaving about 13 feet above ground level. I managed about 18 feet, but my friend claimed it wasn't valid because it was wind assisted.

But then, there was the problem of shitting. I'll admit that the first time the need arose, I drove a few miles to my regular bar for the primary purpose of relief. But, like many on this board, I'm not terribly fond of public places for that particular function, particularly when the facility lacked a stall. So when the need next arose, I resolved to handle it at home.

Squatting in my yard was out of the question. With all the leaves off the trees, I could too easily be seen. Plus, there was (in fact, still is) snow on the ground, now melting into a muddy mess. Plus, though it had warmed somewhat, 38 degrees was still a mite chilly for al fresco pooping. What to do, what to do. I have to admit, I came pretty close to having my first shit accident since early childhood (wet pants accidents were something else; I had them into my teens, but I digress) while I was pondering how to deal with my problem. I had been subsisting largely on mass quantities of homemade, fiber-rich vegetable soup, heavy on the beans, carrots, corn, and cabbage, and pretty good if I do say so myself, plus whole wheat bread and apples and pears), so I had one hell of a load built up, and wanting out.

With time running out, I put the dog outside (I didn't need any distractions), took off my boots and jeans, and spread several layers of newspaper on the bathroom floor. I grabbed a plastic juice bottle to pee in (I always piss when I take a dump, even if I don't previously feel the need), and I straddled the newspaper. From a standing position, bombs awaaaay! Sorta fun, I have to admit. And what a massive load. The pile was about the size of the medium head of cabbage I'd used in the soup. I added used toilet paper to the pile, first dry and then moistened with bottled water. I then rolled the whole mess up, and triple bagged it in plastic grocery bags, each one tightly tied, and then finally a heavier plastic trash bag. I was trying to have some mercy on the garbage crew; as far as I could tell, no oder escaped, but then again, I've been accused of thinking that my own shit doesn't stink.

I repeated the performance the next two days, and as I said, it was rather enjoyable. But it was also a bother, and I'm glad to have my toilet back in operation.


Hi, I am a first time poster. I found this site to be quite intresting.
A little about me. I am 23 years old. I'm about 5'2, 130 lbs. with blond hair. I really get turned on when I hear other females poop. Especially when I am in a public bathroom and I don't know who it is in the next stall doing it. Then as soon as I hear the toilet flush, I exit the stall and see who comes out. Sometimes I'm disappointed like when it's an old lady or someone not very attractive, but sometimes I get quite a treat. Let me tell you about my first experience like this.
I was in high school. I was sitting on the toilet with my pants and underwear down past my knees. I find this the most comfortable position. I was just peing when I heard someone enter the bathroom. This person came in the stall right next to mine. I was done but for some reason I wanted to hear what this person had to do. I heard her pull her pants down. I could then hear her sitting down. She took a deep breath and let out a soft fart. I then heard a crackling sound. She started to strain a little bit. "ughh" Uhhhh ohhh!" she said. I then heard about three splooshes. She again sighed with relief. I heard her use the toilet paper. It smelled a litle bit but knot too bad. I then pulled my pants up and exited the stall. I started washing my hands when the toilet flushed and the door opened. To my surprise it was one of the most popular, hottest girls in school. She was short with long dark hair. She kind of lookes like Jessica Alba from "Dark Angel" I couldn't believe it. The thought of that pretty little thing on the toilet pushing out a couple of terds really exited me. From then On I would make it a point to catch this whenever I could. I have plenty of other stories I will post at a later time. By the way My favorite story so far was from CARMELITA's about her at work seeing and hearing a co-worker taking a big, smelly dump! Ladies, tell me some stories of being out in public like the mall or something and having to
go poop. Well, see you later !!
Guys, Tell me what you think. Am I WEIRD???

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Pico Tamale (The butterfly)

Hey, people:
Roger, how's it going, bro? Glad to hear that Angela is putting out her "usual" output! Tell her I said hi, will ya? Jane, how often do you eat, a day? Also, when you do eat, is it always until you are "full"? It seems that that is what seems to stimulate the bowel to function, is filling the stomach. That seems directly-related. I think that those two things go hand in hand. A full-belly, ensures a full-bowl, shortly-thereafter. Of course, the load that would be coming out, @ that point, is not the same load that just went into the person's stomach. It would, @ least in my case, be the load of food that the person had eaten, about 48 hours before. Kathy, (Rjogger's wife), how about you, maam? How often do you eat, and is it always a "full" meal? Sure sounds like that last one was. The one that made you and your friend almost have-accidents, @ the mall! Wish I could have been in the restroom w/ the two of you. I would have probably done something in my pants, as well, if I was there, but it would not be poop, I assure-you :). Ain't that right, Roger?

Until later,

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)

I had another strange encounter with a little child the other day. I had lunch at Burger King and ordered the same burger as the one Papaya mentioned before. Unfortunately, a couple of hours after I got back to work, I started to feel the effects just like Papaya. I felt a lot of gas and an urge to poop. I made my way to the ladies room. I had to pass through the elevators before getting to the ladies room. A mother and her little daughter were waiting for the elevator. As I passed them, I started to pass some gas. The fart wasn't audible, but a lot of gas squirted out of my butt, and immediately the strong smell hit my nose. I was close by to the little girl when I made the silent fart, and she immediately yelled, "Ewwww! That stinks!" She saw me heading to the ladies room and told her mother, "That lady is going to poo-poo!" There were a couple other people waiting at the elevator, and I glanced right before entering the ladies room and saw them smiling.

As I was heading to a stall, I could feel it coming out, but it was poop this time. I pulled down my black pants and white panties and started pushing out a couple inches of poop before I even sat down. Once I sat, I pushed out the rest of what was a large banana and another such piece before going into soft serve ice cream dispensing mode. After a minute, I had filled up the toilet bowl, and the smell was very strong. It was time to flush the toilet while seated. I pushed out three incredibly long and fat semisoft pieces of poop before I was done. I wiped a few times, got up and saw three Kim-sized pieces. I flushed it down, and the three pieces made a couple of skidmarks in the toilet bowl. I felt much better after that.

Meredith: During the holidays, when Gary and I were out of town staying at relatives' places, my pooping sessions were small and fast, just like yours. I would push out a couple of pieces and that was it. Of course, there were a couple of exceptions, but I went regularly. I usually take much more time at home than I do in other homes or in public restrooms.

Carmalita: My, how clumsy you can get! At least you didn't fall into your poop. That would have been even more hilarious. That was a great touch about being a mental patient.

Hi everyone,I guess everyone wants to know about my Christmas poopoo,well the fact is I havn't taken a shit since before christmas.I am saving it all up for a new years megadump!so stay tuned,I'm eating enough for six people every day,and should soon have an enormous bowel movement to tell about and oh yes I am going to take pictures.see you all you all ALANA

I don't have conversations while I'm on the can, but that might be just me. Most of the time if I'm at home I read and if I'm at work, cause I like to take my morning dump there, I do it in silence. Taking a shit is like meditating for me. Kind of like my own Religion. And if its a messy one I take a quick shower and wash it all out. Luckily its pretty quiet then and no one is there to see.

I took a nice one today. My girlfriend was having a friend over so I had to get the toilet brush and clean it off the bowl just to be nice. Normally I'd leave it as like a gift. I think it is funny when you use the brush and all the shit gets all flaky and you flush it down again. I had Burger King just like the other guy in here. Probably what did me in. I have never poop in my pants I must say. Not since I was a kid anyhow. I don't see why anybody would want to. Am I in the minority on this one here?

Louis, there is really nothing to it. You just peel it back if you have to go. If you dont your in trouble. I only know a few people who are not cut. Because my family is Polish nobody is and at work and with my friends there are only about two or three who are not and they are all Polish too. Nobody has ever said anything to me.

In high school there was this one time during an assembly I had to go and we weren't allowed but it was so bad I got up anyway and just barely made it to the toilet. I had a bit of dribble on me. My best HS pee was in a shampoo bottle that some of us wizzed in and gave to this one guy. I feel bad about it but I can't do anything about it now.

Hola mis amigos!

I'm so happy you all like Nu, she is just the sweetest gal, and I'm crazy about her! Tesa tends bar in a strip club where Angie is a stripper, and Nu is a friend of both.
RJOGGER AND KATHY: Again, such sweet things from you both! You've made me gulp back a tear. What can I say? I'm flattered that you like our adventures here. Trust me, everyday you never know who's going to come over, and what's going to happen. So, you got stunk out trying to fix the sink huh? I know how us ladies think, and they did that because they still get excitement from being around you. I wouldn't mind doing the same thing for you hon!
KATHY: Hola mi amiga. Yeah, when I was a little girl I used to take really huge poops. One time my mom was in the bathroom with me. I guess I was about 7. I'd just taken a healthy one, she heard it plop and said "Let me see it honey," then gasped at the size of it! I loved your story about you and Anne. It was very vivid, and I could just picture it. I wish I could have been there. Annie the fannie, huh? That sounds like Angie. Angie has the greatest ass I've ever seen before, one that I'm highly jealous of. Of course, she's tight all over. Has an awesome bod. Poor Rick, you girls stunk him out but I'll bet he liked it. Kathy, you are soooo wonderful!
MEREDITH: I just think you're the sweetest thing! Don't get depressed hon. I'm starting winter term myself and don't look forward to working and going to school.
JANE: Thanks hon, yeah it is fun living in our house. I watch Renee breast feeding. I've never seen her look more radiant than as a mother. It's a beautiful thing to see.
JEFF A: WHOA!!! I've replaced Jennifer Lopez?!! Run that by me one more time! Who could ever replace j.lo? Don't worry amigo, your little chili pepper didn't get all scratched up. Just embarrassed as hell. Jake rescued me. I'm not worthy enough to be entertaining those brave guys and gals fighting for our country. Unless I could poop for them. Maybe I could say "Something brown for our people in green."
KIM AND SCOTT: Oh honey, you are the champ! Scott does sound very sweet and gentlemanly. Kim, I know that feeling of waiting for the light to turn green! I've had poop accidents before, but you are still the queen of the poops! Awesome story Kim!

Nu stayed over night last night and we were watching a marathon of movies. She's in love with Edward Norton so we watched a few with him in it. Well, this morning I had to take the shit of the year! I had excused myself to go potty and Nu got up to follow. I said "It's gonna be awful hon," she said she didn't mind. She looked strangely exotic: Her hair was mussed a little, and she was wearing a beige slip with black panties and bra underneath and her black lace up boots. It was a weird combo, but it worked! I was wearing tan cargoes and my green U of O sweatshirt. My hair was tied back into a ponytail and I was barefoot. Pulling my pants and white cotton panties down, I lowered my brown ass on the toilet seat. I began singing an old Mexican song to make Nu giggle. "Ay-yay-yay-yay, I'm doing a big poopito!" It worked, she giggled. Then I felt my ???? rumbling. I leaned far forward, clasping my hands together, elbows on my knees. A long, slow zipper fart happened. "Ssssppppllllltttttttttttttt.....and now a word from our sponsor." Nu covered her mouth, giggling hysterically. After a few seconds, I was grunting softly. Nu said "Can you feel it yet?" "Not yet," I replied. Then came a hard pop, a splffff, and some crackling. I could feel the turd, it was soooooo fat! I grunted again and said "Nu, it's a big one. I think it's gonna hurt." She kneeled on the floor in front of me, rubbing my wrists with her hands. "Just push on it girl," she said. Mr. Turd was very hard and firm this morning! He was hurting little Carmalita's butthole on his way out! However, it only hurt for a few seconds, then began sliding out easily. "Oh, it's coming now....oooooh yeah!...." PLUMMMP! Then came a scent that was not for the meek. Nu says she likes the smell. She then reached up and scratched my back gently with her fingernails. Man it felt so good. I crapped and crapped while she massaged me. The turds were just rolling out. I had to flush because so much was coming out. By this time, the bathroom was reeking. I don't see how Nu could stand it. I think she began breathing through her mouth. I then called for Renee. She came to the door and asked from the other side "Before I come in, does it smell like your usuals?" "No, it dosen't stink at all today," I lied. The door opened and I got to see Renee's beautiful face pinch up like a prune. "OH GROSS!!" she said, slamming the door shut. "Don't leave Ren, I missed you," I said, and Nu started laughing. I could hear Renee telling Patsy about how I stunk up hte bathroom again. I couldn't help it. Last night's burritos were torturing my ????. I sat for quite awhile and Nu stayed with me. My guts rumbled once more, I felt a quiver, some bad gas, another fart, and then a sloppy "sssspppluuucccckkk". Some rice and beans finally found their way out of the tunnel. Ooooh, they stunk too! Finally, Nu said "Sorry babe, but I can't take anymore. I've gotta get out of here." I had such a major shit going on that I was a prisoner to the toilet. Then, outside the door, I hear muffled giggles. Something evil was being conspired behind my back, as I sat helpless and half naked on the toilet. I knew that my best friend Renee was concocting her sweet revenge. I heard footsteps trying to sneak up to the door. "I know you're out there," I said. Suddenly, a peice of plastic pvc tubing, 1" in diameter was being pushed under the door.
There is an extremely vile, cheap men's cologne called "Aqua velva." I want to vomit everytime I smell it! I told Jake it was automatic divorce if he even so much as looks at a bottle of it! So, mis amigos, guess what my dear friend Renee had purhased at the store? You guessed it, Aqua velva! I think it costs 10 cents a gallon. She was squirting it into the pvc tube, then blowing on it from the other end, pumping fresh Aqua velva into my toilet chamber! She showed no mercy. I heard constant sprays, sick, fiendish laughing from the other side of the door, and the horrid, deathlike gas of Aqua velva mixed with pure, undilluted latina shit! Not a pretty combination. I had a final turd coming, sticky and tight and I had no choice but to endure the torture. From outside the door I hear "fttttt--ftttt--fttttttt--" the Aqua velva atomizer doing its sinister duty. Then puffs of human breath, pushing it through the tube. I hear Renee's voice barely able to talk through the laughter "How ya' doin in there sweetcheeks? Still miss me? Take deep breaths, it'll all be over soon!" Well, let me tell you, when that last turd finally fell, I wiped my ass like crazy in a rush to evacuate that bathroom. 10 wipes altogether because I had a lot of turd tar in my butt. Quickly, I pulled up my panties. They snapped against my ???? as I reached for my pants. Then the door wouldn't open!! the tubing had it jammed! I was trapped in a hideous nightmare world of fresh Carmalita poop and Aqua Velva. Finally, like the fifth horseman of the apocolypse, Jake came to rescue, and pulled it out. I stomped out of there saying "Okay, where is she?!!" It's funny, but Renee was nowhere to be found. She'll have to pay for this somehow. I have the perfect plan for her! Still, it was a very good poop, I got a lot of junk out of me. It was nice having Nu there, massaging me, and smiling with that gorgeous asian face.
Anyway, my love to you all. Me and Nu are going to run a few miles now in the rain.


Just a short post (might post a longer one later).

Just had a poo on the toilet but it weren't much. Just a couple of medium-sized pieces.

TAILWAGGER - I'm glad you finally managed to 'grow' a tail! Good luck with all your future poos!!

I have come across this site from another on a related topic.

Can someone answer a question which has puzzled me for ages? Is it more difficult for a female to hold in a motion than for a man?

Most men, (I know there are exceptions having read back through OLD POSTS), stand to pee so if they have a poo in their rectum, unless its a loose or diarrhea stool, they can hold it in. A female on the other hand sits to pee so if she has a jobbie in her back passage she is in the firing position and will be more likely to do her poo as well as a wee wee even if she wasnt to hold it in. Can anyone either confirm or refute this?

As for myself I do really big panbuster motions, long fat jobbies which stick in the toilet pan and wont flush away easily.

I work in a retail store, one day I was restocking the video games when a boy about 10 came in, he had on tight blue jean shorts and a white pokemon t-shirt. He came over to me and asked if I had a particular game in stock, I said lets check, as we were looking at the games he was constantly holding his but with one hand, he was pushing his fingers in the crack of his pants, I could tell he had to poop. We were still looking for the game and we were both bent down on our knees and I heard a silent fart come from his but, you know the kind that only sounds like air. And he jumped up real quick and said I will be right back, and ran through the isles somewhere else in the store, he was not headed to the bathroom because it was on the otherside of the store. Well I found his game and went loking for him. He came out of one of the isles and walked toward me, he was walking real funny. I said I found your game and he took it and said thanks. I am a real blunt guy and I usually speak whats on my mind and I asked this boy, did you have an accident? He said, no. I said but I can smell that you pooped your pants. He started to sniffle like he was about to cry. I said come on lets go to the bathroom. He actually let me help him clean up. I pulled down his shorts and found a big turd smashed up in his underware. luckily it was hard and i dumped it in the toilet. The front of his underware had a big yellow stain on them, I asked him when did he pee his pants, he said while I was riding my bike here. They had dried up before he got here. His jeans were still a little damp though. I dressed him back up and said there you go big guy. He said thanks and ran to the registers to pay for his game.

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