Hey people

I did a small poop today. it wasn't very big. I've been having really weird bowel movements these few days most are small and aren't my usual. I haven't really done anything different but anyway I was talking to my friend on the phone when i felt this urge to go. It wasn't very big but i just decided to go instead of it becoming a situation like the mall. So i walked to the toilet, sat down and almost instantly a turd snaked out followed by another. This was probably one of the shortest and smallest dumps i've had in a while. I didn't even fart during my 1 minute period of relieving myself. I'm kinda depressed right now cause i have to leave for school tomorrow night and exams are in 2 weeks. that really sux for me cause i got a hell of a lot of studying to do.

NU: Welcome to the board!! Heard so much about you and your experiences at Carmalita's house. You must have had a fun experience pooping outside with a little dance show for entertainment ;)
You gotta recommend your diet to me as it seems like you are really enjoying it.

BUZZY: sounds like you had a nice dump there in the gym. I always take nice shits after a workout. it feels so refreshing


A GIRL: I've seen a lot of old posts about diapers. Try looking through the old post pages. One that I really like (I wrote about this one in an old post review earlier) is on page 133 (toiletpostec.htm), by Donny, about an 11-year-old kid going to the bathroom in a diaper. Hope this helps you out. I also enjoy posts about diapers.

Hi I'm Jasta's Hubby there is another Mark here so I'll include my last name Jasta and me are out of town we are my laptop were at her fathers here is the story

Jasta is scared to tell her father shes pregnant I dunno why she says something bout he gets mad cause shes to young to be so active in her sex life she 25 geez pops anyway earlier the ol man was in the bathroom for what seemed like 4 hrs I had to piss bad so I ended up goibg in this weird wide neck (so I thought) beer bottle from bout the 40's I stuck my penis in and it felt so good to piss but my penis became stuck so I called Jasta Tyler thought it was helarious she pulled and I pulled but it wouldn't come she paniced because my dickie started changing to a bluish color so she called her dad in and pops had to pull the bottle off big embarassment then hes said dam thats a long weidle (I guess thats a penis)

bigc to flip
flip i am extremely interested in girls farting. You said that you are a gassy girl, so please send some fart stories. this site keeps getting better

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. The girl in yesterdays picture with the #10 shirt I reconized. She has been on other sites on the net. Nu great story! I can see Carmalita doing that dance. I got a good chuckle when she got caught in the act and the result of her haste. Teneseepee you had a good story too. Louise sounds like you had a good time on holiday. I dont mind a women standing while going. My wife does it on occasion.

A number of years back We went on a camping trip up north to Raquette Lake. It was myself,my wife and daughter. My daughter was not quite a year old. Raquette Lake is a state campsite that has a main campsite and single campsites along the lake away from the main site. I got one of the sites along the lake outside the main area.

We got our tents setup and got lunch out of the way. My wife put my daughter in for her afternoon nap. Each one of theese sites had their own outhouse for a toilet. They were a chiemical type toilet inside a wooden shack. They smell to high heaven. Ours was even worse because it was in a clearing and the hot summer sun shone on it all day long. So we used the outdoors when needed.

There was plenty of cover around our site so we could go anyplace that we wanted to. My wife and I got changed into our swimwear after she got my daughter to sleep and went down to the lake to our own private beach. I had to pee and so did J (my wife). So I unziped and she reached over and held my organ and a peed a torrent. I finished and she had to go. She was wearing her blue bikini so I pulled the bottoms down and she kicked them off and let go with a long arcing hissing golden stream of her own. She actually peed longer then I did. Boy you really had to go I told her. She replied back;I have not gone scince we left from home. That was true. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and sunbathing. There is alot more to this trip to tell another time.

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who liked my last story. I appreciate it. I dont have anything new or interesting to share now, but hopefully soon!


Meredith: It's refreshing to see a new regular join our group. It must be my darndest luck to have little boys in the ladies room at just the wrong time for me. That was some buddy dump you and your sister Amanda had at the mall the other day. Happy New Year to you both and looking forward to hearing more from you guys.

Carmalita: Hola! You are definitely starting off the new year with a bang. It must be fun living in your house. Happy New Year to you, Jake, new mommy Renee, Patsy and the whole gang. Welcome to the forum, Nu.

Tim: Welcome back and very good news about your improving health. I will pray for your quick and complete recovery.

Sarah S & Meghan: Happy New Year to you both. I'm glad you are enjoying your holiday break. Enjoy the rest of your time off before going back to school.

poop guy: If you must know, my pantyhose is usually sheer light black, nude or suntan, and all solids, no patterns or fishnet.

Robby and Annie: Happy New Year to you guys, too. Thanks for making Gary an "honorary" member. Maybe someday he will loosen up (he has tried before and even posted twice a long time ago). Glad to hear you got to see your favorite team in action, Annie.

I went back to work the day after New Years. All of the New Years celebration was catching up with me, as I had a major urge to poop after lunch. As soon as I went to the ladies room and sat on the toilet, I began to push out a series of long thick pieces of soft poop like a soft serve ice cream machine. I filled up the bowl before I was done, so I flushed the toilet while seated before starting to wipe. I didn't have to wipe too much. I flushed the toilet a final time and saw that I didn't leave anything behind except the usual poop smell.

Happy New Year greetings to Buzzy, Althea, Jeff A, RJogger & Kathy, Rizzo, Kendal & Andrew, Ephermal, Alana, Mindy, John VT, Stargazer, Upstate Dave, Kim & Scott, and everyone else.

this one is for sue. im a 16 yr old male and i have never found a girl interested in letting me watch her.i really enjoy watching girls use the bathroom and the girls that i meet usually dont share the same interests as me. im happy you found a person who is. i wish more girls were like you.

Greetings all and a very happy 2002 to you

tennesseepee - great story. Had many a peeing contest in the past but I have quite a small bladder so I never can win on duration! As not everything is as small however (BG) I'm better over distance and especially height. Any guys (or gals .... PV, Louise...!) here have good peeing contest stories?

Louise. - no I have no 'e'!

Glad to hear you and Steve had a good time in Scotland. I have cousins over there in Glasgow and indeed in Manchester which I think is a lot nearer to you (and to Lancs lad) judging by your past stories.
Tell me ..... sure you've been asked this a thousand times before ..... what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? Did you find any evidence at 'Hogmanay'?!!! I always wondered how they pee in a kilt, do they sit down or do they hold it up at the front? But I bet you'd need three pairs of hands for the latter!!!

And thanks for adding to my knowledge about the mechanics of weeing with a foreskin! I really have learned a lot I didn't know thanks to this site!! Also guess we all have slightly different anatomy as I don't ever seem to get a much of a dribble at the end, three or four good shakes and it's pretty dry. I had no idea that there was any difference with uncut males before or after puberty .... as I've been foreskin-less since I was just a few days old and neither my brother nor any of my cousins or friends (with whom I played "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" when I was 6) had one either!! Most interesting.

Oh, and on behalf of other (Aussie) rellies of mine in the north west suburbs of Sydney - we've been frantic as the fire front has not been that far away from them - thanks for the wishes of good luck. Yes, as you see my family is spread across five continents ..... or should that be in-continents - LOL.


Kyle--thanks for replying. First let me say I made a typo..I didn't pee for 4 more minutes (that would be a LOT of piss) but it was in fact that little involuntary piss you mentioned. Also, I didn't have a kleenex or tp so I had to use my handkerchief than tossed it into a nearby trachcan. My load was mostly firm with a bit of loose stuff at the end.
Someone else asked about my diet. Nothing special I'm just a big dude & I eat a lot.
Rocky mountain Lisa---great story. sounds like you could keep up with me. Do you always fart a lot? I love it when chicks fart.

Another story---for New Years eve I partied with friends. We drank a lot. I didn't get totally drunk but pretty buzzed. Well before leaving the party I really needed to crap & piss (again for piss--I'd already gone a few times) but there was quite a line to both the bathrooms. Well i'm standing in line trying to wait my turn when I ripped out a really loud fart. My friends are laughing & so am I. Suddenly I a few drops of piss come out & I reach down to squeeze my dick. My friend is like "gotta go bad huh?". I said you have no idea how bad. By now the line has moved forward a bit. He says I do too..hope we make it. I fart a couple more times & get a major cramp in my stomache. I can feel the turd starting to come out. I squeeze my ass cheeks together real tight & am still holding my dick. I can barely walk when it's finially my turn. My buddy behind me says he anly has to piss & can he come in to piss in the sink. I said sure. He closes the door ! & heads for the sink while I'm ripping my pants down to get down before I crap my pants. The second I sit a hard fart pushed out a huge turd. I drop 3 more long turds & then begin to piss like crazy. My buddy has finished pissing & turns to me. Dude you still crapping? Man you can really go.
I'm still pissing as i crap & fart like crazy. I finially finish & we look at what I did. a pretty good load even for me.

kim and scott
greetings all! last friday my boyfriend scott and I went to a young peoples club to dance. we had a lot of food and soda to drink(this club was young people friendly. no alcohol served. just milk,juice and soda.which was fine with us we dont drink. plus all the exercising and swimming that we do it wouldnt be good.) after scott and I had enough of the club we got into the car and started for home. when scott was driving me home I felt a gigantic,solid motion coming on strong inside of me.. my body then shook automatically as I felt my ring open a bit from the huge log begging to come out inside of me."omigod scott! I am going to have a gargantuan log right here and now in my panties" I said. I was in my red sweater and black dance leotards while scott wore a blue sweater and blue jeans"dont worry kimmie.I will pull over to the side over there so you can dump in the woods." scott replied. scotts idea sounded good but we hit a red light that took forever to turn green before w! e hit the wooded area.. "I dont think I can hold in my log much longer scotty!"I said. squeezing my pink buttcheeks tightly together. "the light will change green soon honey, try to hang on." scott answered back. scott was right the light did turn green but at the same instant my body shuddered massively "oohh baby! here comes the big one!" I moaned as I felt my ring stretch open real wide and a gargantuan bowel movement started to come out of my ass. I then pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and ring expanded more."forget pulling over scott. its too late. I am having a massive log in my panties now. lets just drive home ok?' I said. "Ok kimmie" scott said driving on."oohhh' I moaned again as my log grew even more.I could actually feel my panties quickly fill up with huge shit and start to slip off my ass and start to fall down my legs. my pants were started to slip off my ass to from my powerful log I was pushing out.scotts car had a powerful smell of a huge hea! lthy log being passed. but he didnt mind. scott loves the smell of my huge logs and didnt mind I was pooping in his car. hes a great boyfriend.I then took a deep breath and pushed really hard."OMIGOD!" I shouted as I exploded a super brown missile into my panties making them fall down near my toes."are you ok kim?" scott asked. "yes" I answered. " a bombshell drops a bombshell!" scott laughed making me laugh too!when scott and I got to my house we were thankful my parents werent home as we got out of the car. I had to hold my pants up because they were so heavy and bulging with humongous shit as I waddled inside my house like a penguin while scott followed closely behind. when we got to my bathroom I took off my pants and panties and saw a collosal log in my panties that was fully intact and as thick and as solid as hell!I took out my measuring tape and measured it at 26 inches long. 3 inches thick. my record log is 28 inches long. 3 inches thick. I tell you with the super-c! olon I have along with my high fiber diet which includes total cereal. and a super chocolate protein bodybuilding bar I eat-I can shit outta this world!!my logs tend to get abnormally huge but I love it and my boyfriend loves watching me push em out!"wow kim what a gigantic sausage you pushed out" scott said. I smiled at scott as I dumped my log in the toilet,wiped myself and flushed. and after I changed into some new clothes,put my soiled clothes in the laundry , and scott drove home-my parents arrived home."how was your evening out?' I asked them. "Fine thanks kim. how was your evening?" my parents asked. "oh it was ok" I replied as I walked upstairs to my room with a secret smile on my face. In fact my evening was fantastic. I had a great time at the club and pushing my gigantic log out in my pants later but I couldnt tell my parents my log story because they wouldnt be interested or approve of it! hoped you liked the story my dear people. bye. love,kim and scott.
TO TIM-hello.Its good to see that you went to see a doctor about your problem .scott amnd I hope you get fully better!
TO LOUISE-hello. happy new year girl. welcome back from scotland. I missed ya. you know we should travel some and give guys from different countries a weeing and log show. you can provide the great gushers while I supply the elephant sized logs! and scott and steve can go with us for protection.thatwould be pretty cool huh? say hello to steve for us. love ya girl.
TO NU_-hello. loved your post and your a good writer. dont knock yourself.
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-hello. love your posts. lets hear more.
TO TENNESSEEPEE-hello. loved your post. so long all!

Yesterday I was in town with Mum having a look around. We separated to go and look at different things and while making arrangements on where to meet I knew I would have to poo. My first stop was the library which was temporarily in another building that usual so I thought I'd use the toilets there. The only problem was that I was getting desperate and it was a two block walk away. I could feel the poo was ready to come out.

I finally made it over to the library and went downstairs to the toilets. I went in and took a stall closest to the wall (I must admit, I also wanted to have a listen). I undid my belt and jeans and sat down. There was no one else in there at the time so I let go with confidence. Sploonk! Phwarr, relief at last. I started to wee as another longer turd slipped out, broke off and landed with a loud 'ker-sploonk'. I then proceeded to let out some smaller poo's. I could hear the door in the ladies opening so I put my ear up against the wall. She took a long wee.

I wiped up and had a look in the bowl before pulling my pants up. The paper covered most of the turd but I could see the top of it and it looked fairly comprehensive. All in all a good dump.

Have a good one!


It seems that all my friends are tattling on me, telling the most stupid stories about me! First Renee tattles about the hershey bar incident, and now Nu gets me with this one. I must seem like a real idiot to most of you! Oh well, maybe I am. I did fall into the bushes, but I beleive that could've happened to anybody.
JANE: Honey I loved your restroom story as usual! Little boys certainly are curious aren't they? Then they grow up to be big boys, and the curiosity dosen't stop there either! I did love your story though, and only wish I could've been peeking through the cracks! I also wear the same hi cut panties that you were referring too. I also like hipsters and thongs occassionally.
MEREDITH: Yeah, we do have a lot of fun. I wish you could join us, I'd be down for that! We do other things too as a group, like going out to movies and dinner, or hiking. We're going to try snow boarding too. I liked your buddy dump!!! I'd love to do it with you!
BUZZY: Hi babe, glad you like to hear about me and Nu pooping together. It is fun because she's so pretty for one thing, and she really likes it.
INA: Hey I like the idea of you peeing your name in the snow! It's easy really, just take kind of a horse stance like they use in kung fu. If you don't know what that is, just spread your legs about a shoulder's width, then squat a little as if you were on a horse. I'll bet you could pee your name nicely. Me and Renee also do a lot of standing up peeing. Thanks to PV and Louise, who really helped us out with it. They are the queens here! Especially for Renee who was pregnant.
PV: I missed you, and now I just kissed you! How've you been? So you like VS undypants too? Hmmm. You give me a nice picture to think of. Jake likes the video a lot!
UNCLE ALLEN: Hey sweet thing, what'cu been eatin'? Maybe your diet is doing it to you. You should still see the doctor though. Especially if it's been going on a long time. Usually, doctors will ask you if everythings working okay, like bowels and urinating. That's the perfect time to tell her, or him about your problem. Otherwise baby, you need some of my tostadas and chicken tacos, or my chili relleno to get the ol' system to pushing hard guys again. Anyhow, you take care, ok?
LOUISE: I loved what you wrote about your poop in the ladies room. The thing you wrote to Jeff A. That was very hot! I also loved what you wrote about the alley, and the guys with their dicks out peeing on the wall. I LOVE watching men pee! Especially Jake because he has a stream as thick as a pencil! He's been rather "blessed" and has more than adequate equipment. I've always loved watching him pee though. Sometimes I'll hold it for him, and I can feel the pee pulsing inside his dick as it comes out.
ROBBY AND ANNIE: Thanks for such a sweet note. I love those children at the center so much. Especially one boy in particular. His name is Juanito and is so precious! Hey bud, I'd love to sit on your lap while you pooped. Instead of reading poetry and poopisms, how about if I just put my arms around your neck, and listen while you go, then tell you what a nice load you did after? Kiss your girls for me, I'm crazy about 'em!
GUY WITH A QUESTION: I'd be happy to take a nice, juicy shit while you watched! As for your gf, ask her gently. A lady likes to think she's attractive to her man. Tell her how beautiful you think she is, and how sexy she is when you see her like that. Who knows, it might lead to good things! I'm hoping!

Okay, retalliation time! Nu's diet wasn't working for her this morning. She had the runs big time, and is now resting on our sofa as I type this. Patsy actually tapped on the door asking if she was alright because she was moaning so hard. She really stunk the place up bad too. I'm off work this week, so we've been sitting around watching a ton of movies, and playing with the baby.
Well, I start school next week, so I'll be up to my ears in homework I'm sure. I probably won't be posting as much, but I'll always have great adventures in what we all love so much!
Take care mis amigos!


matt-nice stories especially the one about your brother. How old are you and your brother?

Here's my story

This happened last year. I was in high school. It was my sophomore year and I was walking home with my best friend Randy. I was complaining to Randy how I had to use the bathroom. I knew eating a cafeteria corn dog probably wasn't a very good idea and I was about to pay for it. Randy being my best friend in the whole world begins to heckle me. "EHHHHHH! PLOOOOP PLLLOOOOOP PLOOOOOP gotta take a shit huh?" I was able to ignore him for a while but his taunts were starting to wear away on my endurance. I could feel my sphincter begin to open uncontrollably. After about five minutes I was beginning to waddle. By this time we were crossing this field that doubled as the playground for this elementary school. If it weren't for those damned brats having
recess I would have pulled down my pants and shit right in the middle of the field. I will never forget the smile on my friends face. He was so happy to see me uncomfortable. To make a long story short I shit my pants. And oh was it a shit. I wanted to cry. My ass cheeks were plastered with chocolate. I could feel the mess inside my ass cheeks. It was terrible. My fruit of the loom briefs where hanging with a full load of poop. I doubt any of those grade school brats knew I just deposited a load in my briefs. I guess that's worth something. What I did next I think helped shut down the almost bankrupt YMCA near my house. It was a delicate operation as I recall. First I had to sneak into a bathroom and hide the evidence. I went to a stall and quietly took off my briefs. It was tricky because of the amount of shit balancing in them. I was trying to be careful not to get shit all over my pants because I was going to have to wear them home. Once I got my briefs off I had to f! igure out what to do with them. So I stood there in the crapper with my reeking and heavy pair of undies, pondering and gagging. Finally I decided the only thing I could do was to leave it in the paper basket and cover it with brown paper towels. Now I had to clean my ass. I was too frightened that someone would walk in as I washed my ass in the sink so I decided I had to get to the shower to clean up. This was going to be tricky because I was going to have to pass the front desk to the shower room and I was going to have to put my pants back on and somehow not get shit on them either. I was starting to feel like a thief. I put my pants back on and let them hang, holding them up with my hands and making sure the pants didn't rub my ass. I practice walking around and took a deep breath before I made my dash/waddle to the shower. I was home free once I got there. I stripped and used the communal shower clean my rashed ass. I itched in relief as the shit ran down my legs and in! to the drain. I was almost done. All I had to do now was dry off. I wasn't stupid enough to get my hair wet so I just had to dry my at the time hairless body. Being without a towel I went to the stall and used excessive wads of toilet paper to do the job. All the while I had my best friend wait outside. My efforts to get clean were only a partial success because my pants were shitty even though I was so careful not to get them shitty. He walked about four paces in front of me the rest of the way home. I think I was feeling sorry for me. Now that I look back at that day walking back from school I can't understand why I was so embarrassed to shit my pants. If I could turn back the clock I would have just shrugged it off as said "ALRIGHT! I just shit my pants! Sucks to be you BEST FRIEND." I'd make off like I was glad I did it.

To tennesseepee: I liked your story about those peeing contest...that must have been cool

To Matt: I liked your story about your brother farting...and poop coming out

Today we stopped at a Burger King and I had ttheir new burger with sauce and cheese on it (don't remember the name, they all sound similar). It wasn't bad until about an hour later when I suddenly got the urge. It felt like my lower intestine was about to fall out. I got to a bathroom in another store and just got my pants off. When the turd came out I thought I was passing a boa constrictor. I looked in the bowl and was surprise by the size. It was about 15 inches long and maybe 2 inches wide. Sure felt bigger! The stench was as large as a boa constrictor. When I got outside the door, people were making comments like What Was THAT. Pew it really smells! People stayed away from the bathrooms for about 5 minutes. I won't eat that stuff again.

Jeff A
Hi all,
Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Steph: It sure was great to hear from you, and about the old gang!

Louise: Oh my! Such wonderful delights you wrote to me! I can almost feel the ladies room after you left such a wonderfully feminine treat behind. The ambience of stall doors banging shut, toilets flushing at random, and a most exquisite Louise, hovering her precious bum over the bowl! And a former model too! It was a great story Louise, thank you so much for thinking of me.

Muggs: It was most excellent to hear from you again! I've really missed you here. I thought you added so much fun to this forum.

Kim and Scott: Thanks for the info you gave me awhile back. I've been reading your stories, excellent as usual. You're a good reason to keep on living! It just amazes me how much poop you produce! How lucky Scott is!

Jane: Excellent ladies room story, again! Such lucky little boys to sneak a peek into a cubicle that I'm sure most men want to be! Thank you as always for such vivid descriptions. I love your trips to the ladies room!

Carmalita: Ah, my poquito chili pepper! My favorite latina who has now replaced Jennifer Lopez. Your stories, and the ones about you are both exciting and hilarious! You should be in the movies! Better yet, entertaining the troops! I'd love to have seen the woodland dance act. Hope you didn't get all scratched up in those bushes mi amiga!

Renee: Hi mom! How are you, taking care of the baby I'll bet. I'll bet you're feeling so much better these days. I am so very happy for you, and read about your antics. I agree with RJOGGER,that some of your shenanigans are "vintage Renee". You are such a delight!

Nu: My goodness, my heart's racing! Having read so much about you, and then whammo, you post!I hope you make it a habit in the future! Talk the rest of the girls into posting too! I have lots of clipped stories that are about you from Carmalita. Angie too!

PV: I just wanted to say that I think of you as a very intelligent, beautiful, and thoughtful woman with important views. Somoene who is indeed worth listening to. (plus, you're very exciting!) I imagine that Patsy is very much like you too. Sensitive and concerned. Renee's Patsy of course. PV, I hope you had wonderful holidays.

I'll try to get on more often. Take care everyone.

Traveling Guy
Lizzie - Well, if you really want your guy take a dump at your place sooner or later, I still say you're going to have to do it first. I think you're imagining that your bf would think you are gross for pooping while he's there. What's he gonna do, dump you for dumping? As we say a lot here, "Everybody does it." You're only human, like him, even if he's one of those bfs who thinks you're an angel or a goddess. Look at the up side - he might just think you feel really comfortable with him if you take a dump while he's there. C'mon, give it a try and keep us posted.

A GIRL - Hi girl! It must be really hard for you if you have trouble
with incontinence. My mum got me started in pelvic floor exercises
when I was very young, and if you do them then it may be that they
will help you with your weak bladder. Do you know what I mean?
I always had a strong bladder but my mum knew best and she knew
what she was talking about to help me when I got older.
What you do is sort of clench your muscles just like when you are
holding in your pee, but you clench when you do not need to have a
wee at all. We all have a lot of muscles down there and they need
help to keep in good trim, you know? I do not know how old you are
but if you have a boyfriend and you know, you get close to him
then I bet he will like your pelvic floor exercises as well.
I bet the exercises help you with your trouble!

INA - Hi! Happy new year! Well I hope you read my latest letter and
the stories. Hey I liked your story of what you did to have a pee
in the basement of your block of flats! I bet you thought it was
exciting and daring standing up and doing the wall like that.
Thank you for dedicating that to me! Yeah, I will say hello to
Steve for you as well.
Have you tried standing peeing again without using your "tool"? I
mean did you try it in the bath with your feet more apart?
I am happy you like my stories. I have more to tell!

DIANE NEW YORK - Hi and Happy new year! LOL your doctor friend liked
what he saw didn't he? It would be the best dare ever to have a live
piss for a doctor if I ever had to do it and to shit too!

RIZZO - Hi guy, happy new year. I was not a good girl over the
holidays, so I hope you are reading my newest stories of what we
got up to! I had better not wee off a lot of bridges because I know
you have a boat and I do not want you to feel it raining when the
sun is shining. LOL
Love Louise xxx

NU - Hi! Your writing is better than mine is! I like what you said
about Carmalita's butt choking a turd! LOL That is very funny and
I wish I thought of that one when I was writing about how my bum
looked when I looked in the mirror when my bumhole was stretched
tight around a big log sticking out of it.
Maybe you would like to know when I was 19 I did modelling of
bikinis and swimsuits.

PV - Hi girl! Well when we were in Scotland I really enjoy that
indoor heated pool. On the first afternoon I was there with Steve
for a bit and we had the poolside alone sitting on these recliner
chairs. My friend had given us a bucket to wee in like she did
before but we did not need to use it before my friend came to be
by the pool with us. She had a bikini on but we didn't go with
anything so we did not have anything on. We talked for a bit while
we had some fruit juice drinks there and I know Steve liked the
relaxation. Well my friend wanted to wee before we did and I bet
she felt a bit silly with the bikini on because she took it all off
and squatted over the bucket. LOL she was a bit shy and she squatted
with her back turned and started pissing in the bucket. Hehehe we
could hear her piss making noises on the side of the bucket. Steve
got a bit excited LOL! When she had done it all she was still going
drip drip drip a little bit on the floor and she wiped herself with
her towel.
Well Steve went next and he looked at my friend's wee in the bucket
and he pointed his cock and aimed it. Well my friend watched him
weeing and his wee stream was a bit strong and he overshot the
bucket before he got his aim right. My friend giggled at him and
she said it was all right, he should not worry LOL I giggled too.
I got him to wipe his willy on the towel and my friend thought it
was real funny to see!
I wanted to go as well in a bit and I got down in a horse stance
over the bucket. Are you reading this too, Jeff A? Well when I
was ready to go I let rip and pissed a good twisty yellow sheet of
wee into the bucket. It was real noisy and Steve and my friend
were watching. It was a thrill for me to do that and it was a lot
of fun. When we had some more drinks we did do a bit of swimming.
I got out of the pool and I stood up over the bucket. I got my aim
right with no fingers and I had a good piss in the bucket. My
friend told Steve I was peeing standing up, like she thought Steve
did not know I like doing that! LOL Well Steve wanted to wee when
we got out the pool and we finished swimming. My friend stood near
him drying herself when he had his wee in the bucket, and it was
hard for Steve to do. LOL When he finished I hovered my bum over
the bucket and I had my other wee that afternoon. There was quite
a lot of wee in the bucket then so it was a bit noisy.
You know I really enjoyed that afternoon!



RJOGGER and Wife
Another re-cycled picture today, but there were some really good stories to read. Kathy and I read, I don't' know, how many pages, but it was worth it. Now, here are some Hellos, and comments.

Carmalita - You dear, sweet girl, now I know why I come out here as often as possible: to get my Carmalita "fix"! Kathy and I really do consider you girls like our own daughters, and every adventure from you and your gang is read 3 or more times, as they are sooo good. That you ladies were touched by what we said and that our goofy adventures make you happy touched us, and made us very happy. And, of course, the latest from you, your bath inducing poop and Nu's follow up dump, was, well classic Carmalita. I could ramble on some more, because I love chatting with you, but Kathy wants the keyboard, so I'll just say be well lovely Senora, I love ya, and I look forward to our next chat.
Hi Carmalita, it's Kathy. Yes, it has been awhile since we spoke. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday, and that you and Jake are enjoying married life. Now, about output from us "little" gals: I don't know why, but since I was a little girl, I have done, on a somewhat regular basis, large and very large poops. I think it's the type of food that I consume, which includes a lot of bulky, high fiber foods. I usually go quite a lot in just a couple of minutes, and yes, my poop does often crackle. Rick really enjoys that, he says it sounds like someone is really having a good dump if it crackles. Usually, I produce 2 or 3 large, cracklers in my early morning dump, and they do come out rather easily. I hope that answers your question. Be well dear, my love to you and Jake.
Nu - So you are the lovely lady that Carmalita has written about. Welcome to the site, and believe us, you do write a good story. Kathy and I enjoyed the description of the outdoor pooping, then we nearly fell off the chair laughing, when the part about the dog came along. When we read what Jake said about Carmalita being a "mental patient" out for a walk, we roared. We hope that you will post more often, as the "Carmalita Gang" just keeps on growing and providing great entertainment. Take care, we hope to speak to you soon.
Jane - Happy new year, Jane, it has been some time since your last post, but we see that you are still having those "adventures", the ones with the urgent poops being interrupted by nosy kids. You poor thing, trying to poop while being heckled does not sound like fun, but the story, as all your stories, was most entertaining. Be well, and keep those stories coming.
Todd and Diana - I guess reading while dumping is a delight for some and a bore for others. I also think that how long one sits on the crapper is directly related to whether one reads or not. My wife and I usually take no longer than 3 minutes to crap, so reading is not something we indulge in, while on the can. But could you please explain how it helps you guys poop? When my wife or I get the urge to go, we just do that, without any assistance.
Diane-New York - WOW! What an idea, giving your doctor a stool sample, making him watch while you do it, and giving him something else (arousal) as well. Nice story, Diane, Happy New Year, to you, be well.
Meredith and AMANDA - You girls are a laugh riot. Both of you have a very healthy colon function, which should please your dad, but he gets upset that you girls clog the head. And, of course, it's OK that he stinks out the joint when he goes. It sounds like my dad and my youngest sister, who to this day (she is now 46) still clogs the toilet. She was lectured for that as a child, but it was OK for the old man to go in the head with his newspaper and stink out the house. Be well girls, we enjoy your adventures.
Kim and Scott - Happy New year, you little blonde bombshell! You are welcome anytime, and yes, you and Kathy blasting out gigantic logs would bring down the house. That would be a sight and I'm sure Anne and Noreen would want to participate. Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea, now if I can get the gang from the Pacific Northwest here also, forget it, it would be the poop party of the century! You got me started again, Kim, you are another inspiration here for an old man, who is reminded of his own blonde daughter everytime he speaks with you. Be well dear girl, Kathy and I send our love.
Adrian - It's Kathy, and since you are a persistent fella, I will write about a Christmas shopping adventure that Anne and I had about 3 weeks ago.

OK, we had gone to the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY, about a half hour from where we live in Westchester County. Anne and I shopped all morning, then we went to the top level to have lunch at the Macaroni Grill. We ate heartily, and we consumed a great deal of bread, with olive oil, as they serve bread like the Romans used to. Well, by the time we got the check, the oil was pushing rather hard on our ????, and we paid up and made a mad dash for the ladies room, which was just down the floor. We ran inside, and I do mean run, for we both felt accidents waiting to happen. Luckily, there were 2 adjacent stalls, we each took one, our shopping bags shoved in tight. We barely got our pants down, hit the seat, and both exploded with a massive wave of noisy, smelly loose poop. Anne grunted hard, I laughed, she asked what was so funny, and as I laughed again, I let loose a noisy fart that made someone at the sinks laugh. Meanwhile, Anne was blasting out another wave, the s! mell was sickening, so I flushed, and passed still another wave of stinky poop. After about 10 minutes, we finished, wiped, washed up and went home. It was a good thing that the southbound NY thruway and Tappan Zee bridge were not clogged with traffic, because as we pulled into my driveway, Anne bolted for the hall bathroom, which is closer to the driveway, encountered Rick, who was fixing the sink, dropped her drawers and pooped yet another smelly load into the bowl. My husband, of course, had to make his usual snide comments, about the smell, joking of course, but he was concerned about Anne. After a few minutes, she wiped, and I buddy dumped another smelly load on hers, just to aggravate Rick. I figured that since he had put off fixing the sink, we would let him drown in the smell of our runny poop. So he starts making cracks about our behinds, the same things that he has been saying about us for the last 37 and years. I can't blame him though, because Anne and I do sti! ll have good looking asses, especially Anne. Most women would kill to have an ass like hers, which is why Rick is always calling her "Annie the Fannie", or "Annie with the killer ass'. Anyway, that was our near accident over the holidays, thank God it didn't happen in our pants.

Ok that's all for now, Hellos also go to Buzzy, Muggs, Rizzo, Jeff A, Annie and Robby, Eric in Chicago, Meghan and Sarah and all of the other wonderful people who post here.

Stay well everyone, until next time, so long.

lody: Lay off the Pepsi. Too much of that will be lethal. Your father's illness could be, not necessarily, a genetic predisposition.

constipated and hurting: Once again, I am happy to dispense advice. Drink lots of water, take an herbal tea laxative and your troubles will be over.

rocky mountain lisa: After I graduated high school, I spent time in Boston with my kid cousin, James. We ate two pizzas with everything on them. James said "we were going to have the craps." The next morning I woke up and called for the boy. He was 12 y/o. He yelled out he was sitting on the bowl. I heard these little "plip" sounds. They were numerous. James said that pizza did it. I opened the door and he invited me in. His pajama pants were at his ankles and his legs together. Then a soft wave of doo-doo evacuated. He stinked the place good. We smiled at each other. I pulled off toilet paper for him to wipe.

A Guy With a Question: a woman sitting on the toilet is a work of art.

Meredith and AMANDA, Carmalita: My bowel movements used to be very slow in the morning. I have noticed that in many people. From 10th grade thru college, I had slow and hurting bowel movements. I used to eat a lot of junk food. One morning in college, I was 19. I had to go before clases. I took a stall, hung my woolen skirt on the stall door hook, lifted my aqua slip, pulled down my white panty hose and aqua panties to my knees. I started squeezing out these murderously thick pieces of doo-doo. The first was 13 inches long and 2 inches thick. I was straining quietly to release. It hit the water quietly. I let out a long fart of 15 seconds as then two more thick pieces of doo-doo relased with two splashes and another fart. These were six inches. I waited a short time before I urinated a gusher for 10 seconds. Then I felt the urge and 2 more baked potato pieces of doo-doo evacuated. They felt hard. I then relaxed myself for awhile, reached for toilet paper and wiped mysel! f both front and back. I straightened my undergarment, flushed the toilet, put on my skirt and left.

1/1/2002: The masthead girl is wearing nice underwear. That says everything.

Good mornin-Had one of those take-my-time-feel-good dumps this home.Got up and had some Oj and in about 20 mins i started to feel of that impending poop feeling in my gut,so i went off to the bowl and took out my mirror to go the scenic route and out the mirror in position and sat down spread legged and waited for the stuff to fill my rectum-now I didn't have to poop yet,but i just sat there pushing out my anus and doing a few tight farts and looking at my anus which was starting to dome out.I enjoy the mirror thing once in awhile to do-I have a hairless anus and a tight butt from all the biking i do and I have to say in a strange way,I have the perfect anus with no piles or anything and when I was a kid I used to look at my anus when I would poo and try to imagine it was a pretty girls butt( hey I don't want to sound erotistical-i'm not at all! I'm just an average guy with a good butt).Anyway,so I'm sitting there feeling my rectum fill up and some cramps and looked a! t my pretty anus and I let out a hissing fart and right away I saw my butthole open up and I stopped pushing and just let the turd come out on it's own and it grew and grew and it was smooth and shiny and i let it go to the water line and just before it got there i let out a small fart and the turd sped up and spashed into the water and I saw it wrap around the bowl and then I looked at my anus which was wide open and waiting to let out more stuff-I enjoy the disipline of keeping my anus open and relaxed as I wait for pt 2 of my BM.Then I felt another cramp and I looked and saw my anus dome out about half an inch and open up and another smooth turd came out and right in the middle of it coming out i let out a long hissing fart as the turd was coming out and then a bunch of pudding followed it.I guess that was the inner most part of my BM finally coming out and it felt and looked great.Then I sat there just pushing out my anus a few times to get anything else out and just a f! ew squgglies and 2 wet farts and I was done.I can tell i'm done when I look at my anus and it is now closed and it's not doming-it was an easy wipe and then I peed for about 20-25 seconds and I was done-well that was fun to do once in awhile.Does anyone else do thsi and enjoy it?
TO NU-I really liked your ladies glee club poop in the wild-boy would I love to join you ladies out there some morning as we all have to poop real good!I love oriental women-wish I could see one poop sometime-meanwhile,your stories will be good enough-great stuff!well, got to run-hope you all enjoyed my scenic poop-i sure did! BYE

Annie and Robby
Hi all!!
Well, the hols are over and its back to work and school. The girls don't go back until the 14th. I have to go back next week for conferences. Robby is working with his assistant, Barbara.

JANE: Hi girl! We really loved your story as always. I can picture those white shorts on you. Glad you and Gary had a good holiday. Take care, Love, Annie and Robby

NU: Welcome, dear! Its great to have new posters especially from that crazy group of Carmalita's!!!! You tell descriptive storys just like your friends. Stay with us and have some pooping fun!! Give Carmalilta a hug for us!! Love, Annie and Robby

LOUISE(and Steve): HELLO!!! Glad you are back! All of my brood and Robby's girls were in Manchester over the hols and it was cold, too! What a great story about the alley pee.LOL!!! I can remember when I went to a club with a few friends and all of us had to wee. It was like all pretty maids all in a line weeing! Did your friend's bum get stuck on the ice? I can see that would be most painful!! All of the girls stood in the shower and had a weeing contest!! It was an exciting event. I felt so patriotic,LOL! My girl Ellie won the event. She was so embarrassed, though. By-the-way did you fill up that bucket,LOL?? Lovexx Annie and Robby

PV: Hey girl! Robby and I were on pins and needles when we saw the devastation around Sydney. We know you live away from there but we are always concerned about our friends, especially you! Robby's two girls and my 2 had a weeing contest in the shower! It was a sight to see.
Tell more later! Hope you are peeing up a storm!! Lovexx Annie and Robby

DEAR KENDAL AND DEAR LAWN DOGS KID: Hi, you two! Sari and Meg have been marching around the house singing;"Where is Kendal?,Where is Andrew". I don't know the music to it, though. My daughter Liz has plympted poos like you, Kendal. She is a proper lady. She went absolutely red when she had to wee in the shower with the other girls. It was a contest. My other daughter Ellie is the rebel of the two. She will poo or wee anywhere she needs to. She wants to be a pop singer, sigh!! Andrew, my twins peeked around the corner and saw Meghan on the toilet. She just smiled and waved. They turned a solid red and ran off. These boys are 19. Well, hope you come back, soon. All of us miss you! Lots of Lovexxxx and a squeezy hug to our niece Kendal and a big hug to our daring friend, Andrew!! Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

TIM: Its wonderful to see you here again. The girls will go all red when they read your post. They do have good hearts and love people. We know your daughter will grow up to be a caring person like yourself. How old is your daughter? It has been so long since we have heard. Again, thank you for your kind words. Stay with us longer this time!
Lovexxx Annie and Robby

MERE AND AMANDA: Wow! If you didn't write that story then we have a "Phantom" poster here. Well, Robby never writes his own material. Hope you have that mega poop you need. Glad you are here! Lovexx Annie and Robby

INA: Thanks for your hello! We really like your peeing and poop stories and hope you will stay with this forum. Lovexx Annie and Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Hello dear friend. We need to tell you that the girl's concert is next week. They are practicing up a storm. The girls and I were in Britain for the hols and we had a weeing contest in the shower. The girls were great. Streams of wee cascaded down the walls! Between the giggling and the shaking the streams did stay in a straight line,LOL! We miss you and hope you and your wife are tip top!
Lots of Lovexx from Annie and Robby



Streetwise: stories about stalless toilets? plenty of them see my earlier/est posts.

I like this masthead girl. I like to know what garment she has around her knees. She is adorable. She looks like a girl in my high school senior class.

Saturday, January 06, 2002

Anyone have good stories about public toilets w/o stalls?

I once worked in a fairly large office in a new building where I was told there were originally no stalls in the bathrooms. Our company had moved in before the building was finished. A woman joked, "We all got to know each other real well back then!" The men's room had 3 or 4 urinals and maybe five stalls, and a girl I worked with told me the ladies' room had probably a dozen stalls. I can only imagine people lined up side by side doing their business. I could probably pee in that situation, but not take a crap! There WAS one smaller set of bathrooms at the other end of the building where the men's only had one commode and I assume the women's did, too. So people probably crapped there.

Back when I was in high school, I ran track for a few years. The locker room has a bunch of showers, three urinals, and three toilets, all out in the open. They were arranged around three walls of a big room. So you'd be showering and dudes would be sitting on the toilets crapping and talking right there in the same room. It was all very odd, I thought.
I never had to go at that time of day, so I never worried about having to do the same thing.

a girl
Ive been visiting this site for for about a year now and I am quiet disappointed that I haven't heard any stories about peeing or pooing in diapers. I wear diapers because my bladder muscles are week. I was wondering does anyone else have the same problem, or if anyone else wears diapers lets her some stories.

Sara T.
Todd & Diana,
Oh you got it all wrong lol! I read on the toilet all the time. In fact I cannot go without reading while taking a poop!!
It was just the fact of seeing a familiar face while I was in such a vulnerable position. I love the Boss, but the idea of him "watching" me poop is kind of odd :)

Uncle Allen
Hello to everyone at the toilet and thank yuo all for your advice. The diarrhea I had has eased up a lot but i still have some loose bowel ovements and I am still left with soreness after going. Even though I have gotten somewhat better i realize that I should go to the doctor and am making an appointment. Since this forum is not face to face and since I have read the posts here for so long I feel comfortable wrtiting about it on this forum, but am still embaressed to taslk to the doctor about pooping face to face. I guess I am a bit afraid of the testing/ examining that they may do, but I'll have to get over it and be sure that I stay healthy. By the way, I am 26 years old and have been interested in bathroom/ pooping for a long time anf have read the posts on this site for a long time. I have a story of when I had to take a diarrhea poop in my backyard many years ago. Let me know if anyone is interested in he=aring it and I will post it
Bye for now all

Thanks everyone for the advice about gettin my bf to ake a dump at my house. there is a little problem,though. i am too embarassed to go when he is around, too. i just feel like he would think i was gross. especially since he never does it around me.

My name is Chris, I'm 20 and I live just outside of Pittsburgh. I was reading some of your funny poop and pee stories. Prolly my most famous dump was at this camp I was at when I was a kid. This mean dude on the site next to us went ballistic on me and my buds. I went back when he wasn't there and let one go on his park bench. Sometimes when my girlfriend is on the can, I'll come in and have a pee while she's going. And pissing in your hood is fun like I read that some people have done here. I work at a paint factory so we have to take showers after our time shift. This one time when I didn't feel like walking all the way back to the washroom I thought I'd do one in my foreskin and let it drain with the water. I had to wait until everyone left but it was fun. I'll keep updating you on my crap.

wetguy, I like your stories. Also into piss here, mostly. I'm in my 20s. Thought you'd like this story, from when I was about your age, that I've posted before:

I was 15. We lived well out in the country (north Florida at the time), and my parents usually drove me to and from my small private school, since it was too far for a bike, and there were no busses. However, they went to Europe for their 20th Anniversary, and made arrangements for Blake, who attended a nearby community college, to drive me both ways (for a modest financial consideration). I'd known Blake for years, but not well. He was 19, sorta prep, nice but rather serious.

His last class at his college ended about 90 minutes before I got out of school, and I'm sure he drank a few beers each time before picking me up in the afternoon. For one thing, I could smell it on his breath. For another, he always pulled over at a wide spot in the road just past the drawbridge over the canal to take a piss, behind a few scraggly palmetto trees. In fact, a very long piss. I was fascinated with how much the rather skinny Blake could hold, and after the first day, I began to join him in his roadside relief. He pissed about 30 seconds longer than I did the first few days, so I decided to see if I could match his duration. I began tanking up on Gatorade and water at school, and holding off on restroom visits all afternoon.

Blake noticed, and on Tuesday of the second week, he made a comment something like "wow, you really had to go." Even so, he kept his stream going considerably longer than I did. But an unspoken competition had begun. Wednesday, I avoided the restroom all day, not just the afternoon. I had to let my belt out a notch (I had a 29-inch waist back then, sigh) because my bladder was so distended. When we got to our regular roadside stop, just in time, I cut loose a heavy stream which crossed Blake's, and confidently waited for his stream to ebb first. Alas, I had underestimated him. He must have had an extra beer, because he outlasted me again. I thought I detected a smug look on his face as we zipped up. I was pissed, no pun intended.

Thursday, there was no real change, except that I had to squeeze the front of my pants as we approached our stop. "Forget to stop at the boys' room?" teased Blake. He showed no sign of urgency before we assumed our positions, but I clearly heard him sigh in relief as he unleashed his stream. And yes, he "won" again. But only by about five seconds. I would have one more chance, and I was determined to make the best of it.

On Friday, I took what would be my last piss for almost nine hours in my morning shower. I tanked up all day: coffee at breakfast, water in the morning, two cartons of milk at lunch, and Gatorade between afternoon classes. I was seriously concerned I'd wet my pants in my history class (last of the day), but I held off. As I waited in the parking lot for Blake's car, I had my hand thrust deep into my right pocket, squeezing. I bounced up and down on the balls of my feet.

Blake swung his car into the lot right on time, and we were off. Thank God, only about eight minutes (I had timed it!) till we crossed the canal, and reached our goal. We rounded a curve, and then began ascending the bridge approach. Damn old biddy in front of us was going 15 mph; WHY couldn't she step on it? And then it happened: the red lights began flashing, and the gate came down. The drawbridge was opening! I knew from experience that on the rare occasions it opened to accommodate a tall-masted sailboat, it took ten or fifteen minutes. The sailboat, fighting the current, made glacial progress. No way I'd be able to hold on!

Involuntarily, my hand clutched the front of my khakis. I pressed my knees together. I bounced my legs. "Problems, big guy?" asked Blake. I looked over at him, and noticed that he, too, had tightly grasped his crotch, and was kneading it. "I gotta pee bad," I admitted. "You and me both, bud," he responded. "Sure wish I had a jar or something." I looked around. Getting out of the car was out of the question. We were high up on the bridge approach, second in a line of what had quickly become a dozen cars. It would be a long walk back to the shore, and even there, there was no privacy to be had. I looked longingly toward our usual stopping place on the other side of the canal. So near, and yet so far. We had no choice but to tough it out.

A couple of minutes passed. It looked like the sailboat hadn't moved. "You know," Blake's voice was now actually quavering, "you could hurt yourself holding it like that. Maybe you should just let it go." Well, I knew what was up with that remark. Blake didn't want to be the first to lose it. In a way, the contest was still on. "Oh, I'll be OK," I lied; "How are you doing?" Blake stomped both his feet, squeezed his crotch tighter, and stammered, "I'm, uh... I'm..." He stopped, sucked in his breath, and began again, "I'm, uhhh, I'm gonna, uhh...", and then he fell silent, unable to articulate a thought. He opened his mouth one more time to speak, then looked at me, and removed his hand from his lap. I heard the hiss, I saw his jeans glisten and darken, I heard him murmer "oh, God," and I saw the dark circle rapidly expand from baseball size to basketball size as he released his bladder. Still it kept coming, drenching his entire lap and even wicking up into his tee shirt.

There was no reason for me to prolong my agony, now that I'd "won." I let it go, and felt the warmth spread. "Relief" doesn't even begin to descibe it. The last time I'd wet my pants, in 4th grade, I was mortified. Now, in 9th grade, with my older companion already having had a spectacular accident, I felt a sense of absolute bliss. And upon our return to my house, Blake and I gave each other a different kind of relief. So for two reasons, it was a day of "firsts" for me, and one I relive often.

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