Hi! I guess some of you know my name from Carmalita's stories. I'm the vietnamese girl. I met Malita through Tesa. Angie, the other girl I'm sure you've read about, is a stripper and makes pretty good money at it. Tesa works at the bar there. I'm a sometimes model. I model juniors. Mostly I work as a temp. I get very excited watching Carmalita poop and smelling it. Her poop has a very delicious smell. She says it stinks, but I like it. It smells kind of like the food she eats. Isn 't that wierd, but I can smell the Mexican spices and seasonings in her shit! Of course, I've found that if she holds it too long, then it stinks pretty bad.
I like all these stories in here, especailly the girl stories. I love being over at Carmalita's house. There's never a dull moment there. She lets us use her computer to read these stories. She is such a goofball, but a loveable one that the minute I see her I just start smiling all over! When I first met her I wasn't prepared for how beautiful she really is. Yesterday I got to see her butt choking a turd. It was so nice here yesterday, and me, Carmalita, Renee, Patsy and Jake all went for a short hike in a wooded area near their house. They live in a very beautiful area. Well, about halfway on the trail, Malita says she needs to shit, and so did I because I'm on this new diet. I'm shitting all the time because of it, about 3 times a day. She's described me so, now it's my turn. I'm not a good wirter like Malita, but when she dropped her panties out there in the woods it was el magnifico! What a little fireball, so damned gorgeous. All black hair and white teeth grinning! and grunting. She squeezed off four large turds that made a steaming pile. Carmalita shits huge turds for such a small girl. They're always really fat, I don't know how she does it. Anyway, after she pooped, she stood up, and started dancing around with her pants down. She was singing and shaking her booty and waddling around with her belt buckle jingling. We were all laughing so hard, I felt my own poop coming from laughing and immediately dropped my jeans and squatted. Riught when I got squatted, 2 really long turds plopped out of me. One was really sticky and just hung out of my butt for a few seconds. Just then, out of nowhere, a guy and his girlfriend and dog came around the bend of the trail. When he saw me his eyes just bugged out like crazy! Then their dog came over and started sniffing my ass and the girl just yelled "Roxy!! Come here girl!" They said they were sorry and quickly left. The funniest part was that Malita was still dancing around and when they came out! of nowhere, she tried pulling her pants up so fast, she lost her balance and fell in the bushes, pants down and all!!! Then Jake said to the guy "It's okay, she's a mental patient, and we're just taking her outside for awhile." That Jake is about as big as one of the trees in the forest! I feel very safe with him around. That new baby is so cute too and looks just like him! Oh well. Happy 2002 to everybody! I really wanted to say hi to you all.


I must say that our NYE was the best. We went out with our friends to the city hall to celebrate the countdown. I Haven't done a big one since my last post with Mandy in the mall. I guess after that experience she'll never buddy dump with me again. Anyway i thought that was quite enjoyable. I haven't really been keeping up with whether or not Mandy has actualy crapped since our last post. Hopefully she will post by herself sometime.

CARMALITA: You girls must be having a wild time always having house guests and poop shows. I bet you are also enjoying the video taping. I guess I should try that sometime.

JANE: Seem like little boys are always catching you in your most private moment... I bet you felt so much better after that big load

STEVE: That must suck crapping in your pants after holding for so long. I remember it once happened to me when i was really young but thanks to my strong rectum muscles i'm able to hold it nowadays

Just to let you guys know my dads name is not Grant. His name is actually Brendan. and no his shits aren't stinkier than ours. I have no idea who posted under our name but it wasn't us since I know for sure i haven't shat since new years.

I like the pic today of the girls in the jersey cleaning up. Looks like she did a big one under all that tp!!

Happy Poopings in 2002

Hello boys and girls!

I hope you al l had a nice season and I wish everybody a lovely new year. I could not post for a while as I spent the holidays with my mom at her place. Don’t worry, I did not forget forget about all of you but made some nice weewee’s for some special friends. I sneaked off now and then and have been a naughty girl on some occasions, of which I would like to dedicate some to some great people:

PV: Hello lovely lady. I am looking forward to the weather changing in your area and we can finally hear about you watering the beach. So you have peed at the gents? Wow! I would like to hear about that. I did not dare to do that, yet. I am far too afraid that somebody might walk in.
I would like to dedicate my very special christmas pee to you. I had been drinking lots at the family christmas dinner. My mom and I first took the train towards home and then took the car from the station. On the car park I really felt a big need. I told my mom that I needed to pee and she said just do it. She assumed I would squat and said I should do it next to the car. I was not ready yet to present my new, wonderful posibilities, so I went a bit further towards a big tree. I thought if she sees me fine, if not as well. I let out a good relieving, forceful stream splattering against the tree. My mom did not watch but reversed the car. I knew she would have asked if she had seen her daughter letting out a forceful gusher, standing against a tree. I felt so good and free just to be able to do that. Wish you had been there to join me! Love Ina XXX
P.S.: My belated, virtual christmas present for you would be a rucksack so you do not need an extra hand! Happy streams

Rizzo: Hi, you see to be such a nice guy. You seem to be one of the fewer men who do not seem to feel intimidated by a woman peeing like a guy. I appreciate your nice words, I loved the suggestion of peeing my name in the snow. I have not done that yet, as I am still a bit afraid of messing myself when I wiggle around too much. Remember I have not had as much practise as you yet. After all you have been playing your instrument for so long now, that I am sure you could do the high art of caligraphy for us with your stream. I had a really nice pee after jogging in the snow though. It was on Christmas day and there was a lovely snowy landscape and bright sunshine. Perfect. I climbed of the trail into the bushes and found a perfect little clearing to myself. I went for colour composition rather than caligraphy: I pissed a nice golden stream, that was glittering in the sun against a white birch tree. The sream was hitting the tree and splashes were flying around, looking lik! e golden, shiny drops in the sunlight. I had too think about your special pee in the water one night on the boat in the moonlight and thought this one is definately for Rizzo. Lots of love

Louise: The peequeen! Always love your stories especially the ones about you or Steve having a good piss. I thought for a while about one I could do for you and I decided you might like a quite naughty one. I just came back from a jog this afternoon. When I came back I checked the basement of our block of flats as if there is a good space for my bicycle, which is parked in the yard at the moment. Let my desribe you the little film scene that happened then: We see a very meesy basement that is mostly used to dump old furniture in... Suddenly our heroine, who has a good need to pee after jogging in the cold is standing in front of a very tempting, rough brick wall. Very tempting! Close up to a little pocket on the jogging trunks in which she keeps her "tool". Very, very tempting! Ooops, too tempting.... The audience just hers the sound of a "splittersplatter" tinkling noise. Close up to the wall, that is getting wet from a peaceful stream sprinkling against it. Close u! p: Big grin.-"The end" plus titles: "Dedicated to Louise". Big hug to you and greetings to Steve.

Also a special hello to Annie and Robbie, thanks for all the hello’s.

Also lots of good wishes to Tim. I am glad you are back and feeling better. Sorry to hear you had such a though time. I very much liked one of your old posts about the pee in the bus. Very cool story. Take care

Have a good year everyone. All the best

All these questions and comments about wiping (wet wipes, showering afterwards, dry wipes) make me want to say again "Get A Bidet". I would not have a house without one. When you think about it, it is kind of gross to reach your hand up your ass with a wad of paper and smear poop all over and get it on your fingers. With my Kohler bidet, I just perch over the sprayer after dumping. The velocity of the spray can be adjusted to be very strong. It will hose out the nastiest mess from your anal region in just seconds. The chunks swirl away down the drain. One wipe to blot excess water from up there and I'm done. No muss, no fuss. And what a paper saver! A roll of T.P. lasts for months at my house. I highly recommend one.

To poopy girly: I liked your story...why didn't the dude just go to the bathroom and take a piss? I could see if he had to poop or something cause some guys don't like to poop in public.

To Eric in Chicago: Cool story....about eating beets enjoy your pisses and dumps dude

To wetguy: I loved your was cool

To CC: That reminds me..i had a toilet dream last night...I dreamed that i was in this bathroom that had 2 urinals and 3 stalls with out doors and each toilet had a huge log of poop in it and i was decding which to look at first and i pick one to look at and some guy comes in to pee at the urinal and i stop what im doing and i run to the urinal and i pee in the urinal with him. I woke up right after that and had to pee.

I like that pic today, well gotta run

TO STEVE-I you want some good woods dumping stories check out some of RJOGGER"S and my old posts-we have some good stories and BTW I miss those outdoor dumps a bunch!
TO CARMELITA-If it's 1 thing I'd love to see is NU doing her thing next to you doing a duet! Boy,that would be something-Nice story-you ladies did some good unloading!Nice stuff
TO DIANE NY-That doc sounds like a real character!Funny story-didn't that make you feel a bit uneasy with his reaction?
TO GYROPOKES-I shower all the time after taking a gym dump and it's the best!I feel really clean too-even when I'm home and I dump a messy one I always shower after-somehow I don't quite feel totally clean unless I shower-I'm just like you cause I shower about 98% of the time after i poop-It's the only true way to feel clean
Took a good dump at the gym yesterday-I was there doing my routines for about 30 mins and I felt it coming on slowly and I held it as long as i could stand it(which was kinds fun)and them walked downstairs to the stalls and took a stall and got undressed and just as I'm cleaning off the bowl,a guy came in the next stall and sat down and let out a moan and a 10 sec long fart and really started to unload a bunch of crap that went on for quite a I decided to sit on the bowl and start myself and I let out a loud tight fart myself as i hear this guy still doing a bunch of stuff and I pushed and my anus pooched out and I let out a long snake turd that stretched to the water line as it was stiil coming out as this guys was still shitiing and probably filling up the bowl.It was amazing! I just couldn't believe someone could poop like that!Then My snake fell into the bowl and I farted again and by now the guy seemed to be done or taking a break and then I did pt 2 of my d! ump which was pretty soft and gassy and felt wonderful as I pushed it out and then this guy started to go some more and it sounded real loose and for about 10 sec we were both dumpin'and fartin'-boy,we were doing some serious shitting!i really enjoy pooping along as someone else is doing the same thing,Then we both stopped about the same time and he started to wipe as I just sat there enjoying the moment-then I had to go more and let out the tail,end which was squgglies and 2 farts-=then I head this guys flush and then he had to flush again and again-it was almost funny to listen to.then I heard him mutter" Ahh the hell with this" and walked out.I guess it all didn't go down and I'm not surprised.Man this guy did some real pooin'I saw him walk by my stall and he looked in at me for a second and continued on.He was about 35-40 in pretty good shape-boy did he have to go and I did a good dump myself too as I looked in the bowl aand saw 1 long smooth turd about 14 in long and an! other long turd that looked like toward the end got really soft like shreadded wheat and a bunch of pudding-it was a fun one to do too( as just about always at the gym)then I wiped my anus which was a bit messy and took off to the showers and really got clean-that was fun! Good stories all-BYE

Mum and Dad were on the early shift and I was in the kitchen getting some coffee when my brother Paul came in - he was in his boxers and shirt. He reached up high for a packet and as he did he let out one hell of a fart and clutched his bottom and said - hell I've followed through - it was obvious - and it was not just a little watery fart - it was the works and quite wet and little brown runs were oozing down the inside of his legs - he had totally lost control and peed as well. It was extra funny because he is usually very clean - could wear his pants for a week without a skid mark - he often has a go at me for having yellow and brown stains so I really enjyed it. He has pooped before but not very often. It took him ages to clean up!

To Wet guy - I have had a few genuine wet accidents and a few that were not! Once on the way home from school I could hold it no longer and went in a phone kiosk - my legs were crossed. I pretended to make a call and the piss just gushed into my pants and down my legs - into my shoes and all over the floor - it was ahot day and I steamed all the way home but I got away with it.

Another one was when I ran out of the house to catch a bus without having the much needed pee before I left. I was going into school early to do some revision before an exam. Soon as I got on the bus I knew I had to pee and I did - a real hot flood. I was sitting down and I sat well back and kept my legs high so all the pee stayed in the upper part of my trousers and did not run down the legsof my trousers. I got off the bus a few stops early and went and sat on a bench in a park and did my revision there whilst I steamed in the sun. By the time I had to go into school my trousers looked ok but my pants were really damp.

Another day ona crowded train I was standing - there was a lad about my age - then about 15 - sitting in front of me and I was looking down on him. I noticed quite soon that he was not comfortable and was holding himself discreetly. This went on for a while and then I noticed a stain spreading all over the front of his tan trousers. He had no way to cover himself so I passed him my newspaper that he lay accross the front of his trousers. I knew he got off at the same station as me and after that we became good mates.

As for Lancs Lad - just fine a time whem Mum and Dad are out - put on a pair of nice briefs with plenty of space in, a pair of old trousers and let it all go - pretend you are a crowded train - just enjoy yourself - why not take a walk and do it when you are in a shop or just walking along. If it turns you on then enjoy it!

Happy new year everybody!
We are back home now. We did not stay in Scotland for very
long because of all the snow and ice that was forecast, so
we went for 2 days just after Christmas. We have been visiting
a lot of other people, so we have not had any chances to write
letters until today.

LOUIS - Happy new year! I nearly put an 'e' on the end of your
name. Sorry!!!
I can not beat your 300 feet up wee but a few days ago I went
walking with Steve and we went to this bridge over a river.
Well I took my pants down a bit and I weed through the railings!
I bet nobody but Steve saw me do it but it was like a storm of
yellow rain falling about 100 feet! LOL
Thank you for answering my question about circumcised guys and
wiping. I thought it may be the tip would be a bit wet or damp
after peeing but you say you do not have that trouble. Steve
has tried weeing with his foreskin right back and right at the
end of weeing, he got the underside of the tip still damp
because of drops running out. He does check that all the wee
has run out so he does not get the same trouble your roomie
had. Yeah I read something about circumcised guys not feeling
as much as if a foreskin is there, and I bet it is why you can
stand the paper and Steve can not.
Steve told me he was all right weeing without pulling back his
foreskin until his dick grew bigger after puberty, you know?
It makes me think that it is like that with a lot of men,
because when we were in Spain I saw a few smaller boys weeing
who did not pull back but those few grown up guys I saw did pull
back their foreskins a little bit. Well that is what I remember
and I hope I am right.
Love Louise xx

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi! Happy new year! Yeah, I
see why maybe it is easy to wipe around the head of Robby's
willy if he is circumcised, Annie. I also understand why you
have given it a little squeeze so any drops still inside can be
made to come out. I was just a bit curious, because Steve does
not like the tissue on the head of his willy but it is all
right on the foreskin. Steve does not make a lot of stains in
his underpants because he makes sure his willy is empty and he
squeezes the drops out of his foreskin before he puts it away
in his pants again. Steve's willy is a little bit on the big
side and I do not know really if that makes it less easy for him
to get all the wee out, but it is like PV says, it will not help
him wee as far as we can. LOL
When the girls weed in the shower, did they stand? Please do tell!
Yeah we did go to Scotland and we visited my friend who has a
big house with a heated indoor swimming pool. I weed in a bucket
that was at the side of the pool. We had lots of fun there and I
will write more about it.
Love Louise x

SARA T - I just love that first pee of the morning.

RENEE - Hi! Happy new year! I bet Steve will like reading about
when you peed in the bathtub. He loves letters like that. He is
right too about resting, and do a lot of pelvic floor exercises
to get everything tight again. I have read about stress incontinence,
how having a baby can make you squirt wee when you cough sometimes,
so if you do the exercises, as if you are holding your wee even
when you do not want to go, I bet it will help avoid all those

JEFF A - Happy new year to you, you kind gentleman!
I bet you will like this story I have for you. Last Saturday I was
out with Steve at night with his best friend and girlfriend. We
went to a nightclub we had never gone to before. I went for a wee
and in the ladies' the toilet bowls were really narrow at the bottom.
Well a lot of toilet bowls are narrow and do not use enough water
when they flush anyway but I did not think about just yet. I was
wearing some black trousers and a bright blue top that was a bit
small for the weather really. Well I pulled down my trousers and
black g string and I hovered my bum over the bowl. I had a nice
wee that was not really strong but it did feel nice. I bet if you
were watching from the back you would have liked it. I was hissing
a bit when I was doing it. I wiped and flushed but it was only
just enough water to make the tissue go away. Next time when I came
back in I needed a good shit. I had not had a shit for 2 days and
it just seemed to get me all at once. My bum felt really full and
again I took down my trousers and g string and hovered over the bowl.
I thought about you then like you were in the stall with me. There
was not a lot of room LOL but you were watching my bare bum when I
started pushing my shit out. Well I had 3 little brown lumps that
plopped out and then I felt something a lot bigger. I pushed and
pushed and I felt my bumhole opening up. It felt good being
stretched open like that and my log just kept growing for a few
inches. I had a brown tail with my hole stretched tight around it.
LOL I looked down at that little S bend in the toilet and then my
log just dropped out of me. It stood up out of the water and well I
did not think it would flush. Oh no! Well I tried stuffing the brush
down when I had wiped but I could not get my log to go away after
4 flushes. Oh no! LOL I told Steve I blocked up the bowl and when
his best friend's girlfriend had been in the ladies' she said how
there was a disgusting lump of crap stuck in one of the bogs! LOL
I just pretended to be surprised about it like it wasn't me! LOL
Steve turned to look at me wearing a real serious face trying to
make me laugh!
Love Louise xxxxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Happy new year! Read my letter to Jeff A. I had to
leave a log in a toilet a bit like you do a lot of times!
I liked your letter about dumping on top of the log from that
11 year old girl. I know Steve will like it as well!
Love Louise xx

PV - Happy new year girl!
Oh yeah we had some fun with that swimming pool at my friend's
house in Scotland. We were just there for 2 days so we had just 2
afternoons to have fun. My friend was with us for the first
afternoon but she left us alone for the late afternoon on the
second day. I will need to tell you about all that on Friday
because in a minute I will have to go and make Steve's meal for
when he comes home.
On Saturday night when we were going home I needed to wee like I
do a lot and so did Steve's best friend's girl. Well so did Steve
and his best friend too! I was really desperate then! I do not
know if it was the really cold weather we have got just now in
England but I felt like I was going to burst. Twice I had my pants
pulled half way off my bum but I had to pull them up again when
people came near. Steve and his best friend had a giggle to
themselves, those naughty boys! The other girl was in trouble too!
Well no, Steve and his friend were real gentlemen because they
looked after us and got us into an alley so we could take our
pants down and squat together. The two guys waited around the
corner for us. Well it was very cold to bare my bum but I squatted
in this icy alley with the other girl and we both pissed like mad
and held our pants forward so we did not wee on them. LOL her feet
started sliding on the ice when she was still weeing and she went
sideways away from me. She stopped weeing and she fell on her
bare bum on the ice. Steve's best friend looked round the corner
because of his girlfriend making noise because her bum was cold
on the ice. LOL He must have seen me from the side when I was
still weeing but it was all right because he was very nice about
it. He is a lovely guy just like Steve, and when he saw his girl
was all right but for a cold bum, he went back around the corner.
I heard them having a giggle like naughty little boys!
Well when it was the guys' turn to piss, we stayed in the alley
with them. We stood behind them when they got their dicks out and
weed on the wall. I looked over Steve's shoulder when he was
doing it. "Finished yet? No" I said to him. His friend's girl
did the same with him.
Oh I should not end my letter and forget to tell you about how
we have been thinking about you when we heard about the bush fires.
I know Adelaide is a long way from where the fires are but it is
like Steve said, we should wish good luck on our friends.



This is my first post in 2002!!

Nothing much has happened in toilet terms so far. I pooped on new years eve, which was only a small load and I didn't have to wipe much. There isn't much to report in terms of pooping.

I am a rubbish shot when it comes to peeing!! One of the hinges on the toilet seat seems to be broken in a place, so we can't keep the toilet seat up, Anyway, when I aim my dick at the bowl, I still manage somehow to miss and hit the toilet seat! I do this everytime, and sometimes I don't bother wiping the seat afterwards, which I should really do!

Anyway, here's one of my stories:

About 2 years ago when I was 15, I went to Blackpool for a day out. We were going swimming at Blackpool Sandcastle. After I got changed into my swimming trunks I needed to pee. It weren't much and I weren't desperate either, but I decided to go anyway.
After being in the pool and going down the slides for about 20 minutes I needed to pee really badly. I just got out of the pool and went to the men's toilets and I peed quite a lot. I then went back into the pool. About 3/4 minutes later I had to pee again! I then just went to the toilet again and came back. 5 minutes later I had to pee yet again!! I was beginning to wonder why I was peeing so much, considering I only had a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning. This continued for about an hour, and in the end I just thought 'sod it, pee in the pool instead!'. I started peeing in the pool, the next time I needed a pee, and it felt great as it was really warm! I then went on one of the big slides and just as I was about to go down I needed a pee again, so I 'went' as I was going down the slide! Afterwards I went for a drink at one of the snack bars, and that seemed to do the trick. I didn't really need to pee for the rest of the day after that. That day I! peed the most I have ever done in my whole life.

TAILWAGGER - I hope you have more luck growing a tail. I can't offer much advice i'm afraid but I hope this little bit helps: It might depend on how often you poo. If you poo, say once a day, try holding the poo in for a few days. There will then obviously be more poo to let out so this could allow you to make a great tail. When letting it out, try starting in a squatting position, and as it is coming out, slowly stand up. I hope this helps!

ADELE - How have your christmas & new year poos been? I pooed my pants on purpose last week, just to see how it felt. How long do you leave your poo in your knickers for? I didn't leave the poo in my pants for long, I just cleaned up after I had done it.

ANDY - Great short story about your girlfriend pooping herself. Did she do it on purpose or by accident?

Thats all from me for now. I'll post again soon!

Thursday, January 03, 2002

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