The five most interesting places I've peed:
1. In an empty coffee can in our kitchen because my dad was in the bathroom and I couldn't hold it any longer (age 8).
2. In my pants, at school, in third grade.
3. Behind a tree at the local park, many times when I was between 5 and 10 years old.
4. In the toy aisle at K-Mart when I was 7 (in my pants, of course).
5. In a pair of pants I had borrowed from a friend when I was 6. I split the seat of my pants while we were playing at her house, so I borrowed a pair of pants for the rest of the day. Then I wet them that afternoon and had to borrow panties and another pair of pants to go home.

The most interesting places I've pooped:
1. In my pants on the swings at the park, age 6.
2. Behind the tree at the park, again at age 6. I actually started to go in my pants at the bottom of the slide, but managed to stop after only a couple of turds slipped out and finished the job behind the tree.
3. In my pants on the school bus in fourth grade - it was a 45 minute bus ride, and I just couldn't hold it all the way home.

Hi, i wanna know the weirdest places anyone has ever peed b4. Like give me ideas!

A Guy With A Question:

I feel exactly the same way you do. i find the pictures that show less skin (such as on the mastheads) more appealing than scatology and watersports. especially today's.

i don't know about any of you, but after a dump, i always try to take a shower. i usually wipe once to get the main bulk taken care off, then clean myself off in the shower. it's quick, it's easy, it leaves me clean, and it saves tp for halloween and teachers i don't like =P. i don't even have to get my hair wet. it's great. i want some of you to try it, if you can, save your morning shower until right after your morning dump. don't wipe, but clean your butt in the shower. let us know how it goes.

wetguy: i'll try to think of a pee desperation story for you.

Tough situation, you might try a glycerin suppository..they work well and are less hassle than the enema. Give it a try, let us know how you make out. I'm 27 and use them to keep regular at times.

Hypothetically, if someone was in a cell with watery and chunky shit on the floor for a week or two, besides being uncomfortable, what other harm would this cause? And if someone laid in their own diarrhea in a bed for a few months, what would become of the waste? would it thin out? harden? would the heat of the body keep it moist? what would it do to the body? and how did people in dungeons survive in the middle ages when they were chained up and forced the deficate of themselves? were they alowed to clean up? what became of the waste and their skin? please help, i'm very curious. thanx

poopy girly
One day I was in Target just picking up a few things. Not very many people were in there since it was about 30 minutes till close. I was starting to go down the razor and shaving cream aisle when I saw this really young hott looking guy with spiked brown hair, he looked about late teens early 20's. He had on a plaid blue shirt and faded blue jeans. He looked around nervously and I backed up so he didn't see me. I saw him turn and start to go toward the check-outs, I still had shopping to do but my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to follow him. There was only one check out open and there were about 10 or so people in line when the guy got in line. I got in line right behind him. The line barley moved and it had been about 10 minutes I started to see him fidget and cross his legs back and forth. About 5 or 10 minutes go by and i saw him turn around holding himself not thinking anyone was around. I smiled at him sympathetically and he sheepishly smiled back." wow, s! ometimes these lines never seem to end." he said immediatly taking him hand off his crotch. "Ya I know...its been forever" i replied. He turned around and kind of smiled thinking he was gonna make it i guess since there was only one person in front of him. All of a sudden one of her items would not go through and they had to call a price check. The guy started bobbing his legs around and 5 more minutes had gone by and I knew he couldn't hold it for much longer. All of a sudden he stopped fidgeting and had this look on his face. Then I started to see the back of his jeans get wet and he practically looked like he was gonna cry. I had my jacket around my wait and I felt so bad for him I took it off and tied it around his waist and told him it's ok. He looked really embarrased becasue I knew he'd peed his pants but greatful. He payed for his stuff and sort of waited at the door. I finished checking out and io went over to him...he thanked me for the jacket and when we walked ou! t the door he gave me it back and asked me for my number. I have been dating him on and off ever since. He's a sweeti.

Hi, I'm a 39 yr old female in Phx, AZ
I am a gassy gal. Always have been. As I am getting older I need to take pepcid AC for my heartburn. I have noticed it makes me even gassier. My co-workers think I'm sick and most make fun of me. I don't really care cuz farting makes me feel good inside! Sure, sometimes I can stink up an entire floor but I can't help it and I'm not ashamed of it! Sometimes I poop for hours at a time. It starts out all nice and easy, but then it turns into constipated runs and it stings my anus. Most times I push too hard and wipe too much and I get hemroids. I hate it when it bleeds!! It hurts VERY MUCH!! I use Tucks Medicated Pads for the stinging but, they don't always work that great. I go through this hell about every other week or so. The rest of the time I poop just fine. OK, thanks for listening!

Rocky Mountain Lisa: liked your story about the work dump wow you must have good flushers where you live I think if you would have dropped that load in Detroit there is no way that would have gone down I don't know if this is true or not but I heard that low pressure commodes are all that is allowed in Detroit. I would'nt know for sure as I live in Minnesota
Constipated and Hurting: my advice is try a suppository or take the enenma

CHAN: I had that when I was a teen back then I was embarassed about having a bm so I wouldn't go but now as an adult I also have it but if I haven't gone in a few days I'll just sit on the toilet and push a lil and it'll come

Well i was the first one to take a piss and shit on 1-1-02! I took a piss at 12:02 and a shit at 1:00

Eric in Chicago
Last night I ate six big steamed beets. Today I'm pissin and shittin purple, dudes! My piss went from yellow to orange to pink to red to purple and now it's *real* strong purple, like you can see the color in the stream before it hits the toilet or cup! And I'm gonna have a couple pairs of briefs with *big* purple stains in the seats!

her. Its a sister thing. Well, we went to a party on New Years eve and got a bit loaded. Thank goodness for our friends! The next morning we slept until noon and finally got up. We had an easy and hard time in the toilet. Both of us slid out 2 to 3 logs and weed a bunch. It was hard because we both had hangovers.

MERE AND AMANDA: We had an experience like yours in the mall. We were shopping and both of us had to shit badly. We went to the ladies room and dropped our bums on the seats. Meg- I farted a huge one BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and a long, large log came tumbling out of my butt. Sari- I had to strain so much. I grunted and farted a bunch! I finally pushed out a monster of a log. It was at least 23". I didn't measure but it was all twisted up in the bowl. We really stunk up the joint. Dad(Robby) thinks its great to see another sister team on this forum. We do too. Hope you will stay. We also hope you can meet our cyber cousins Kendal and Andrew. They are really cool. Well, take care! Sarah S and Meghan

We welcome all of the new posters and hope for many more in the coming year. Also we miss our Cousins KENDAL(you've got a birthday coming up,girl) and ANDREW(hi guy), RIZZO, STEVE AND LOUISE, PV, LINDAGS, EPHERMAL. Hi to: KIM AND SCOTT, RICH AND KATHY, TODD AND DIANA, JEFF A, CARMALITA AND JAKE, JANE, ADRIAN, BRYIAN, PAT AND RENEE, ERIN, DIVA, MARIANNE, ELENA, UPSTATE DAVE, ADELE, ELLIE AND LITTLE LOU! All of the other fine posters we neglected to mention!



Happy New Year to all!

I wanted to make a comment about the picture in the masthead appearing on New Years Day, with the girl wearing the white high-cut briefs. Those panties look similar to the white cotton high-cut briefs that I often wear and often mention in my posts.

We were out of town most of the holidays. Poopwise, it was relatively quiet, except for one time. We were picking up Gary's cousin from his work to go out to dinner. He was an optometrist whose office was in a medical professional building. I was building an urge to poop over the course of the day, as the effects of the holiday dinners were finally beginning to take its toll. By the time we reached the office, I was ready for a major pooping session.

I went into the ladies room and saw a mother with two young sons. As I rushed into a stall, I heard a toilet flush and a girl yell, "I'm finished." I yanked down my black pants and white high-cut briefs and sat down. Immediately I pushed out a 10-second wave of soft poop. I paused for a bit and pushed out another nasty wave of soft poop, this one lasting 15 seconds. The poop smell was unbelievably strong, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out soft thick pieces or globs of soft poop. Suddenly I heard one of the little boys shriek, "Ewww! It smells like ca-ca in here." Before I know it, I see two sets of feet on both sides of the stall door, as if the two boys were trying to sneak a peek through the cracks. Suddenly the mother yells, "You boys get out of there and leave her alone! It's not nice to do that." She says to me, "I'm sorry, ma'am." I said, "That's OK." As they were drying their hands, I flushed the toilet again while seated.! As they were leaving, I heard one of the boys say, "Mom, she must have a stomach ache." I could have told him he's right as I let go a nasty massive wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet, pushed out yet another massive wave of soft poop, and flushed the toilet again while seated. I pushed out a few more pieces before I was finally done. I wiped several times and flushed a final time. I saw a skidmark and a few other poop stains in the toilet, plus the usual lingering poop smell. I felt much better after that.

A GUY WITH A QUESTION: Iam a woman and I don't think you are a pervert my hubby Mark also likes to see me but he likes to watch me pee in the shower he also likes to wipe me I'm not sure if you should tell your girlfriend if she's the polite and bashful type don't but if shes open about the bathroom go ahead and tell her

Mark has been reading hear often (not ready to post yet) but has became of likeing using the bathroom last night he even video taped my bathroom session he wanted me to piss in the sink first so I slip of my thong and pj bottoms and I squat with my vagina facing the video and relax and let out this long 3 min. stream of hot piss I then go ly on the bed (on video) while Mark does my enema he made me ly on my back with my legs spread wide so the tape could see my anus and vagina then I stand up with my ass facing the video in the shower (I like to go standing) and let a bunch of little squirts then a couple of harder logs I love it when Mark gives me the enema then we watched it it was incredible I loved it

To A Guy with a Question: I feel the same way about seeing guys sitting on the toilet as you do about girls. I undestand how you wouldn't want to touch it either. and i also would be more attracted to seeing a guy with his shirt on than a naked guy on the toilet. I don't know what it is about it...but it is just something i like..and have for awhile. I think it might be something to do with how personal a thing going to the bathroom is. Seeing someone on the toilet is like seeing them doing one of the private things they do.
I don't think I would ever be able to tell my boyfriend how i feel about this. We have been together for only a year, mybe it would be easier for you to tell your girlfriend since you have been together for so long.

Wet Wiper
Just discovered the joys of wet wiping. I have always liked to finish up wet wiping (I use baby wipes) after dry wiping. Recently, I was out of normal TP so was forced to use the wet wipes alone. What a difference!!! My poos are usually very sticky and messy and required many dry wipes to the point of irritation. But with wet wiping alone, I can get super clean with two wet wipes. I'm wondering why wet wiping hasn't caught on. I understand that there is a new toilet paper out, it's wet and it's meant to hang with the dry roll, but I haven't seen it on the market. I believe a major manufacturer of tissue, like Kimberly Clark or Proctor and Gambel, has come out with it. Anyone have any information on this, and does anyone have any comments on wet wiping in general? It's so far superior to dry wiping.

Eric in Chicago
Lody: Does this excessive peeing happen only after drinking regular Pepsi, or also after drinking diet Pepsi? Is it a lot of pee each time, or just little bits? If it happens only after drinking regular but not diet, you need to see a doctor *soon* and get your blood sugar checked, since it could be caused by your blood sugar going high after drinking the stuff, and it has to be *way* too high (enough to damage your blood vessels) in order to make you piss.

Wetguy: Though I've pissed my pants deliberately lots of times, I've never had an accident that I can remember. However, here's my favorite irrational toilet behavior story: one time about 15 years ago I was playing in a pickup soccer game and it was *pouring* rain. We were all soaked and the rain was coming down so hard we could hardly see each other. I had to pee *real* bad but for some absurd reason I didn't want to go in my shorts, so I just held it until the game was over and I drove back home. Pissing my soccer shorts would have been so much easier and more fun.

Lancs Lad: You need tips on how to crap your pants? Just kidding, here are some: wear briefs, not boxers or boxer briefs (you'd think boxer briefs would work, but the one time I tried it, some shit ran down my leg). I like wearing gym shorts over my briefs when I do it. I just bend my knees, not really squatting but more like a wrestler's stance and let it rip. I like to pee right before I do it because I usually don't want to piss my pants while I'm shitting them, though sometimes I've deliberately done both at the same time. You can grunt some awesome pantsloads if you take at least three doses of Metamucil or a similar fiber supplement a day for a few days before (you can actually go above the recommended dose as long as you make sure to drink plenty of water with it; each dose is 3 grams of fiber, and most people should be eating at least 30 grams of fiber a day but most don't. The water is important not just to keep you from choking, but also to get the big du! mps; the fiber mixes with the water and forms a goop, which turns to poop). Fiber dumps are real easy to clean up.

Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
SARA T, Hey we read your comment about reading while on the toilet. What is so wrong with it. It is so soothing and helps us do our business. Try reading a magazine or a newspaper and then let us know how it went. I am sure you'll like it. You know a lot of peole read while there on the toilet. We are not against you, we want to help you, so PLEASE try it. Talk to you later, Lots of Love, Todd and Diana!

We have a new story to tell, but Diana is sleeping right now so we'll tell you later.
Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

Guy with a Question: I enjoyed your post about how you get turned on by watching women peeing or taking a dump, but not going further than that. I agree with you - there is something erotic about seeing in my case my boyfriend on the toilet with his boxers and pants around his ankles and hearing him grunt and listening to his turds plop into the bowl. I also enjoy watching him wipe. He is not interested in seeing me on the toilet, but he knows I enjoy watching him and he does not mind at all. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not a pervert- you just have an unusual fetish, like many others at this site. I had to go through several boyfriends before I found Jason - incidentally he is 23 and I am 25 years old. He is a real cute guy and I sure enjoy watching him take a good dump. Most of my other boyfriends would not even allow me into the bathroom with them. The problem with the fetish is that it's real difficult to find someone who appeals to you and who will ! let you watch them on the toilet even though they are not interested in bathroom activities. I hope you find someone - I'd love to have a boyfriend who enjoyed watching me "go." Let me know how things turn out for you!

Mac: You added a great story to the many on this site about taking a shit out in the open. It's real cool of your friend to stand guard while you took your shit and to watch you doing it. You did not mention whether you had any paper to wipe your butt. Did you wipe it or did you just go unwiped? I'm 23 years old and like dumping out of doors. I always carry some kleenex or tp in my pocket in case I have to take a dump out of doors. You mentioned that you are a good eater and have massive dumps. Do you have any special kind of diet? I'd also appreciate a description about the size and firmness of your logs. In your post, you described having to piss twice, once while pinching your loaf. Was the second piss the sort of involuntary kind that gets kinda squeezed out during a good dump?

Diane-New York

I had to go to the Doctor who is also my good good friend on 12/23/01 and give him a stool I owed him. For the record his is 44 and single. He gave me this plastic container and he left the room and he said he would give me privacy. I said “Stay man, like you don’t do it and haven’t seen it before.” He sat down on the counter and I Lifted up my skirt (I wasn’t wearing any panties, I enjoy the cold NY breeze) and hovered above the poor plastic container. I push and let out a stream on piss and let out a loud stinky fart. Now I felt sorry for the poor guy, I could see a huge bulge forming in his pants. Oops didn’t mean to do that to him. Who could blame him, It was a sight I know a lot of people would have loved to see. Well anyway, I push and this easy turd eases its way out. I was long. I had to stand because it was already touching the bottom of this container. I just push and it lands with a thud. And I give him an identical turd about the same length but ! a tad slimmer. I turn around and give him a smile and thumbs up. :-) I hear him muffle “tight ass” and I reply why thank you. The doc forgot I have superior hearing. He went: “ahem oh uh I said striped bass not tight ass.” What a character. I hand the container to him and he said “this would be more than adequate, even though I saw it come out of you, I still don’t believe you did it alone.” I give him a hug and I told him “how do you like the Christmas present?” He said: “Huge.” I ran out to my car and bring up his other present. A pair of Michelin snow tires. I’m a car nut, I can’t help it! He said thanks and he gave me a present, a nice bottle of booze. God bless his soul. Well I left the docs office with a sense of accomplishment. I wish everyone the best for 2002 and the best for many years to come. I will reply to some posts on Friday because I will be in my office working all day Thurs. and will be back on Fri. Well if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to ! sleep now.

Hola mis amigos!

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hi sweeties! Hey, we're all very happy to be like daughters to you. You know Rick, you really touched Renee and Patsy's heart with that. Me and Renee don't think of you two guys as geezers. I'm glad you liked my christmas poem. We still really enjoy that party of yours too. I love you Rick, you and Kathy and all your friends have made us all so happy. Happy new year to you my beautiful friend.
KATHY: I haven't spoken to you for awhile, but I have to say that I admire you so much, I wish you were closer to us. It sounds like you do some pretty big poopies yourself there girlfriend! How long does it take for you to go poop? Is it a long time, or short? Also do you do lots of crackles and noises? I love you too Kath.
SARA T: Hi hon. Yeah, I always imagine when I'm reading a magazine on the toilet, and see someone who turns me on, that they can see me. I don't know, but it really lights on my pilot light!
MEREDITH AND AMANDA: Yes, I too love my morning poops. Weekends are usually when I get to take time.
TODD AND DIANE: Hola, que tal todo? I'm glad you liked my morning poop, but I have a question for you: why do you get excited thinking about a person reading on the toilet? I'm just curious as to why you like that. I often read when I'm taking a big one and I'm by myself. I like "people", or any fashion mags. I also read latina magazines. Renee reads a lot on the pot, usually books, but mostly grocery store ads from the newspaper. She's a pooper-coupon-clipper! If you see her heading to the bathroom with her newspaper and scissors, you know she's going to do a major shit. Renee also says that the smell of her own poop makes her hungry. She's such a wierdo. One time I caught her taking a big poop while eating a bowl of ice cream. That was funny. Patsy reads too. She's the intellectual of our group and is always reading. Jake reads sometimes. He's a speed pooper. 60 seconds, and that man is gone!

New years eve was awesome! Tesa and Anj were invited out of town, but Nu came over to celebrate with us. I called it "Nu year's eve." Before she arrived, Jake had fixed up a room in the basement for her so she could stay over night. It's really nice, he turned our basement into a party area. It's got carpeting, and is very warm and cozy. We spend lots of time down there. We've moved our TV and stereo down there too. It also gives Renee and Patsy some privacy.
Anyway, it was about four o'clock and Jake had gone to the store for some last minute stuff. I was taking a bath when I heard Nu at the door. Quickly, I threw on a robe and answered. Using the toilet as a chair, Nu sat down gabbing with me while I bathed. Man, she looked hot! Wearing a black, form fitting slip dress, her hair mathced it like strands of silk dancing on her shoulders with thin bangs sprouting upon her forehead. Her face is so gorgeous, ornamented with classic asian featues: almond eyes, angular face and full lips like mine. She leaned forward studying the bathwater. "You have little bubbles all over you," she winked. "Yes," I agreed while she eyed me even more. "I have a secret for you, Malita." "What?" I asked, watching her shift, raising a hip ever so slightly. She pulled her dress up enough to expose her red panties and emitted a little fart. "I've been on a new diet, mostly fiber, and I'm shitting huge, thick turds." Just then we both heard Jake coming! home from the store. He wandered back to the bathroom, surprised to find Nu there. Both smiled at each other while I sloshed in the tub. I was taking a mineral/bubble bath to loosen my belly because I couldn't poop for two days. After awhile it worked, and I stepped out of the tub, toweled off quickly, then set my naked brown ass down for some bowel therapy. I no more than got sat down when out of my butt came a rather loud sound "Sppruuukklll-kkrrrkkklll-plop-plooop-plop-plop-K-pluuuuuummpp!" I was exhausted, breathing heavy, and taking in a wicked aroma. I pulled my hair back behind my ears, then peered down between my legs and pussy at a big brown log smeared up against the porcelain. Man did it ever start stinkin' in there too! Pure, 100% latina crap. Female compost made up old beans, flour tortillas, green salsa, potatoes, rice, ice cream and cheese sticks. I leaned forward, my little boobies dangling free, and GRRUUUNNNTTTT--plop-pluuup-plop! More shit. I looked up we! arily at Jake and Nu. Nu was smiling, then jabbed Jake in the arm and said "What'cha' think there husband? Pretty hot, huh?" What a lousy stink I made. Yucko! It took 4 flushes, and 8 wipes to finish me up. There was a good turd pile going on, but one fat boy was probably a good 20" long. I was finishing up with my vagina when I looked up at Nu and saw her smiling, holding her nose. She giggled and said "It's really bad in here Malita. You took a nasty one baby."
We let the bathroom air out for about a half hour before Nu took her evening shit. Inviting me and Jake in for company, Jake sat on the counter, and I sat very near her on the edge of the tub. We watched as Nu pulled her dress up to her waist, jerked her panties down and sat on the toilet. She leaned forward, elbows on her thighs with lithe, ganly arms dangling between two widely spread legs. Her ???? pushed in and out with effort. "Unnnhhhh....." We watched her face grimace with pain. Obviously she had some gas pushing this stuff through. "Oahhhhhh....uhh...uh..." She grunted and puffed more until finally we heard the crackling. The first turd popped out of her ass, then began getting wider. "Ohhhh!!Nnnngggg...It's a big onehhhh!" More grimacing, grunting, puffing and holding her belly. This turd was a tough one. "Ohhh, heeeere it comes Malitahhh..." and man did she crap some stuff out! It was pure animal excitement, for she was grunting, biting her lip, and dropping h! uge, brick turds into the toilet, filling it up. The smell was poopy, but not too horrible. I could almost smell her food. "What did you eat last night, girl? I smell pork in there!" I said. Poor Nu, she couldn't answer. Her teeth clenched, her eyes shut, then her mouth opened, almost in ecstasy of squeezing off a fresh turd. It was just like she was having a big "O"! Finally, after several hard grunts, rock hard plops, and some ripe, poopy, girl scent, little Nu hung her head down, exhausted from birthing her giant turds. Now, for a girl who usually has soft serve, or the runs, she had four hard logs in the toilet. Upon study of them, one was about 18" long, super thick, and the others varied from about 6-8" apiece. Me and Jake watched as she wiped her ass. One pass and the toilet paper was practically clean! It was really cool! Later on, around 10 o'clock, Nu showed us a tape she brought. It was of her and Angie pooping, but at the end of the tape was a very explicit seg! ment of her and Anj going at it like crazy! I said to her "are you sure you don't mind us to seeing this?" Nu just smiled and said "Happy new year!"

Later, we took our revenge on Renee, and videotaped her taking her evening shit. It was a real long one, and she was in there with a magazine reading it from cover to cover. It was actually a very hot tape. Renee looks just like a cross between Anne Heche and Gywneth Paltrow. She acutally looks more like Anne Heche, and has got her hair cut like her too. So, it was very hot to see her crapping turds in her supposedly "private" moments! she farted a few times too. When we hooked up the camcorder to the TV, she got this sick look on her face and said "Oh no!! Tell me you didn't tape me!!!" I nodded, laughing, and poor Renee said "I just hope I didn't pick my nose!"

Anyway, I love you all mis amigos!



I like todays picture

to mac: Cool storie i really liked it...that reminds me of something i was at the mall the other day and i had to crap and some guy came in the next stall to pee and it seemed like he was peeing nonstop for like a minute or 90 seconds

To Superman(my real name is taken): I liked your was cool that you guys both wore diapers...That reminds me of several net friends i have that are into it all the time..They don't even go in the toilet

Oh BTW i had a shit last night...a little while before the new year so really i haven't had my first dump of 2002. Thats it for now..bye

Hi to Bryian and Annie. Bryian, I mean I live in a town in Massachusetts which isn't too far from Providence, in Rhode Island.
It's like there are some towns in New Jersey which are considered
suburbs of New York City.

I have a 16 year old cousin named Jennifer, and I hope I don't sound sick in writing this, but she is quite a hottie! She was hanging out with us [a few guys, another girl, and myself] at my house when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. The guys were trying to flirt and hit on her, and she took it in stride.

Jen, as everyone calls her, went to the bathroom and came out a while later. She called me aside to another room and said she was so embarrassed. "I just went to the bathroom and left behind a major stink. Is there anything you can do to cover it up?" I told her I'd use some spray and light a candle. She gave me a pat on the shoulder, said "thanks," and went back to the living room where everyone was hanging out.

I went into the bathroom with one of those scented Yankee Candles.
I also went in to the closet and got some "odor neutralizer" spray.
Okay, the bathroom did have a poop smell, but it was by no means a "major stink." I have done worse and have smelt worse, from males and females alike. I was quite turned on by Jen's poop smell, just the same.

After I lit the candle and sprayed some spray, I went back to join everyone else. We were hanging out and about half an hour later, Jen went over to change the CD which was playing. She bent down to get another CD, and, looking at her tight, jean clad butt, I immediately thought of what came out of there some 40 minutes earlier.

Jen was quite embarrassed about her relatively minor poop smell, and out of love and respect to her, and I mentioned nothing about this to her or anyone else, even though I thought about what she did many times since then!


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I hope that everyone had a safe fun Happy New Year. I did. Hello to mac, Papaya Ymano,Chan,and Mike. Look foward to you guys to keep posting. A Guy With A Question, no you are not perverted. There is many different reasons for being turned on. There is your reason as you stated, some others by seeing or hearing. Others by the feel. Its a personal preference. Check into the past posts and you will see many reasons.

Nice buddy dump story there Meredeth and AMANDA. Mike please continue wth your early school days. Those days were alot of fun. Welcome back rocky mountain lisa. Good descriptive story. Right down to the cold splashback! Big water temperature differences in the cold counrty areas.
I was down to Barbie Ss house one Saturday morning. She told me that she found a new outhouse right in her own back yard. She wanted to show me where it was. She quickly got dr

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