Had a pretty interesting experience a few hours ago. My family hosted a New Years Day party and my brother's friend, who's 13, was here (i'm 16/m). We were watching a movie and when the commercial came i mentioned that i needed to pee. He said "why dont you just use your pants?". Needless to say, i didnt let that comment go unexplored, but all i could get out of him without seeming too interested was that he sometimes pees his pants when at home and not in public. I dont know if he was joking or not, but i intend to find out if possible. By the way, in case you're wondering, i did not pee my pants, but since i spent that time talking to him i didnt go to the bathroom and was squirming my way through the next segment of the movie. But i made it.

Another story: A few days ago, my neighbor and i went to a college hockey tournamnet for the day, an hour away from home. He is a senior at one of the participating schools and decided to take me along. I was wearing black baggy nylon athletic pants and a sweatshirt. Well, we certainly had plenty to drink with the hot chocolate and a large (and i mean large) coke each. He was the first to need to pee, but took care of it while we were still at the arena. By the time we were ready to leave, i had gone 9 hours without peeing, and my 16 year old bladder was demanding relief. However, as we left the arena he was talking to me and i was too embarrased to mention that i needed to pee. So we got in the car and started the trip home and i had to pee sooooo bad that i thought i was doing serious damage to my bladder. However, it was the type of need where there wasn't really a stinging but just an ache from my bladder telling me it was full. So we got about a third of the way hom! e when i realized that there was no way i would make it home with dry pants unless we stopped. I waited for the conversation to stop, and told him that i needed to pee. He asked how bad, and i said really bad. He immediately began looking for a spot to pull over, but there was not going to be one for several miles. (To make me feel better, i guess, he told me a story of how after drinking one of his friends had to pee so bad he was curled up in a ball in the backseat.)

Anyway, he pulled over at a picnic area, but even though i was nearly peeing my pants i told him that i couldnt go there-i didn't know what might be living there. So we drove on, and i now had to start a scizzoring and squeezing motion with my legs. I couldnt really squeeze my dick if need be b/c of the losseness py pants. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, my neighbor finally managed to pull over at a gas station. He told me to hurry in and he would be right in-my dedsperation had caused him to have to pee also. So i ran in and at this point was starting to squirt into my pants a little at a time. I didnt want to look like a fool so i didnt really react to this. Well, i finally found the bathroom and took one of the longest pisses of my life. I then surveyed the damage-my boxers were soaked and my pants were wet down the leg. However, since the pants were black, nothing showed. Walking out was pretty uncomfortable b/c of the wetnesss against my leg. My neighbo! r then peed and we left. I was so scared that he would find out about my accident-i didn't think he'd find it too cool that this 16 year old guy in his car had pissed his pants. But he didnt find out, luckily for me.

Sorry about the length of this, but i hope some of you enjoyed it.
Stay wet and happy!


P. Doody
lody: I wouldn't worry about it. You probably just have a small bladder. If you are really concerned, see a doctor.

Superman: That is messed up, dude.

i gave myself an enema with a hose and filled up a bucket

Meredith and AMANDA
This morning both of us ended up (following New Year's) with MONSTEROUS CRAPS!! Mere almost over flowed the toilet. Dad was really disgusted with us.
But we don't know where HE gets off being disgusted! We have to evacuate the whole house after he's been in the bathroom. Our Mom has said more than once, "Grant, you should open your own fertilizer factory!"
Oh well.
Happy New Year.

Dear all,

I would like to wish everybody a very happy, fortunate and especially healthy new year!

I got out of hospital just before christmas and things are finally improving.
The tumour in my bowels turned out to be cancerous, but as it was discovered and treated early enough I have got good hopes of completely recovering quite soon.

UNCLE ALLEN and everybody else who have got problems or thoughts that there might be something wrong: Please go and see a doctor, like everybody is telling you! It is very, very important, if these problems persist. I do not want to scare you and I hope it turnes out to be completely harmless in your case, but my sympthoms were like what you discribed. Do not worry, it will probably not be the same, but make sure! And for goodness sake, do not be embarressed! There is no need. People in the medical profession deal with this everyday. I have been in some awfully embarrassing situations recently but I have always been reasured by people , whose job it is to help with these problems, that there is no need to worry. And believe me I had it all: I had nearly everything examined that was leaving my body, not speaking of the rectal examinations themselves. I had to poop in front the guy who was also lying in my room and in front of male and female nurses. I shat in my pants tw! o times with diarrhea; once when the nurse did not bring me the bedpan soon enough, as I could not get up. The other time I was able to walk but did not make it to the loo in time. I have also had something called "bowel paralization" which is like a serious case of a stuck load with awful pains. A nurse had to get some out with her gloved fingers and opened my anus and massaged the rest out until I could shit on my own again. I do not mean to moan, but I just wanted to point out, what I mean by really embarrassing situations. I swear to you, noboby ever made be feel like I have to be ashamed. Itís everyday buisness for them. Each visit from the doctor there was conversation about my performances on the toilet (or wherever I had to do my buisness) as it is due to the nature of the sickness. After a while it really is like talking about the weather to your doc. Always remember that everybody needs to relieve themselves and if you got problems then see someone, please! Go! od luck and do not worry!

I am glad to have some time today for posting. My wife went to see her parents with our daughter. I was supposed to go as well but our little son has a cold and I did not feel too well either. I was stupid enough to drink some champagne last night, as I had been doing very well the recent days. It probably did not agree with my medication (I did not have very much) as I ended up throwing up into the sink shortly after midnight, while sitting on the edge of the bathtub not making it to the loo in our friendís house, whose guests we were. As my luck would have it, the drain of the sink blocked and the water did not drain away anymore after I washed my mess away. Great! I was hoping to start the new year with something a bit less embarrassing, but as mentioned before, I am getting used to it. Instead of being able to help fixing the drain, I was lying on the sofa feeling sick and to top it, I got cramps and had to ask to use the toilet. I stunk up the room and desper! ately tried to fix the sink myself afterwards. I ended up sitting on the floor with everything spinning around me. Our friend Axel came to look after me and told me not to be silly and finished the job. I kept apologizing for my vomit in the sink and the stink from my poop. He just told me not too worry. We got into a conversation about embarrassing moments and he told me a hilarious one. He told me while he fixed the sink and I stayed sitting on the floor not too far from the loo, just in case. Our friends were really lovely. It feels good though to be on my own, in my own property and should I mess anything up it will be just my own problem.

Back to the posts. I read through a fraction as itís a lot to catch up with. It was great to see, that many of you still have lotís of fun with some pleasurable pees and poos and there some real masters of the high art posting here. LOL

DAVID AND NIKI: Thank you for your nice thoughts. You two are a cool couple and itís great for all of us you are having so much fun and like to share it with us. I enjoyed your stories about the poops in the forrest and the gents and also the tales from the old flat. Keep posting and stay well.

RIZZO: My dear friend, if I may say so. I missed your posts. You are such a nice and caring guy. I was so sorry to hear about your job difficulties. I hope things have improved. I thought about you whenever the young guy at my room in hospital talked about his boat trips with his friends. He was very much into sailing. He had had a serious motorcycle accident which completely smashed one of his legs, leaving him unable to walk for several month. He had to pee and poop in bed the whole time but was very easy about stuff like this. He told me that him and his friend like things like pissing into the water from the boat and are completely relaxed about pooping in front of each other. He never did mind to use the urine bottle in front of his friends or his girlfriend . I had the impression he only asked my visitors to leave the room when he needed to pee cause he thought they would be embarrassed rather than him. Once his mate was watching a film with him. He asked him to! shove the bedpan under his bum and then happily dumped while they continued watching telly. The nurse gave them a strange look when she came in to help him off the pan and did sent his mate out...Seems like you loose your inhibitions when you spent times on a boat. Maybe I will invite my family for a boat trip this summer. That might be fun. LOL. Rizzo, please stay the wonderful guy you are and and hope to hear from you again soon. Best wishes to your wife. Love from Tim

EPHERMAL: I am so sorry I forgot to say hello to you the last time. Shame on me, you were always so helpful and caring. Forgive me, there was so much stuff on my mind. While I flew over some post from recent weeks I discovered you had problems with your digestion as well. Hopefully things are fine again. I wish you a very nice new year with not too much stress in your studies. I remember being a student can be also very stressful. Good luck with your exams!

SARAH S AND MEGHAN: Thank you also for your thoughts and views on openess towards children. It was interesting to hear some young personís ideas. I want to try to find out, how open my kids want to be themselves without forcing restrictions or too much openess onto them. I have to say my daughter is very interested in the topic and we have to keep her from embarrassing others and maybe herself in public. She was so curious during her visits in hospital. She especially found the urine bottles fascinating and wanted to see a bedpan. She understood that my problem had to do with the bowels. She often did carefully rub my ???? and said she hoped I could do a "big pile " quite soon when I had pains, as she assoziates making a pile with the relief of ???? aches from her own experience. Isnít she a sweetie? The other day she walked into the bathroom after I left a stink. She saw me leaving, sniffed and went "Phew, did you make a pile, daddy? I went:"hmm" to say yes. She tol! d me she could not poop yesterday, "not even a very, tiny sausage", but made an "extra big pile" this morning. "Oh man, daddy, after that I was very glad". I smiled and gave her a kiss. She ask if I felt glad as well now. I twincked her an eye and said yes. She went into the bathroom saying: "I am glad as well then, although it really stinks..." I bet and hope she will be a lovely girl like you one day. Take care and I was relieved to hear your dad is doing fine again. ROBBY AND ANNIE: Best wishes to you as well and may the forthcoming year be healthy and happy.

ADRIAN: Thank you so much for your caring thoughts and good wishes. How nice of you and I found it very supportive. Thanks again.
Also lots and lots of thanks to MARK, ERIC IN CHICAGO and ALTHEA. I appreciated every of your thoughts. May you all have a fantastic new year.

I have to go now as my little one woke up. He just has gone for a wee and I already promised to read him a story when he comes back.

So take good are all of you and maybe I can tell you some funny incidents from my last weeks (luckily they were there as well) soon. Look forward to my friend Axelís most embarrassing moment, I found it so hilarious I ended up throwing up again, cause I had to laugh so hard. I know this sound pathetic, but it is really funny.

My very best wishes


Happy 2002 to all!some responses-
TO GUY WITH A QUESTION-Well, i'm not a woman,but i'll throw my 2 cents in if you want another guy's opinion-First,you are not a pervert,so get past that-I like you enjoy seeing a pretty woman sitting on the bowl,but I enjoy the audio as well-I really don't care what she is wearing while she sits there,it's more the act is what I enjoy.I,too like you,just want the audio-viaual benefits,but I want nothing to do with any contact with it (i.e. Scat stuff,etc) later for that!So if I were you,don't worry and try to find a willing lady-it may be a bit hard to find,but believe me,when you do,it will be great,so hang loose!
TO CONSTIPATED AND HURTING & CHAN-Hey,both og you,don't mess around,go see a doctor-you could get pretty sick if you don'\t have this checked out!!
TO ROCKY MT LISA-Hey, good to hear from you!It's been awhile-I enjoyed your poop story-sounded like it felt great too.Those kind of poops always do are great with all the pooping and farting cause I do those kind alot myself !! let's do a duet!You are my kind of lady pooper!I always enjoyed your stories and it's good to see you back! More stuff!
well,i have to get going to the gym to do my routines and take a good dump there too-if it's anything worth reporting,i'll post you guys so Later and I hope you all had a good new year eve time! BYE

Happy New Year y'all! Here's another story.

Last summer I went to an amusement park with my friends. We went to the part with the water rides and spent several hours there. Then the water park got closed down. Why? Someone took a crap in the pool! The water all runs through the same system, so it all got contaminated and they had to empty the whole thing out and refill it. My friends and I were almost to the top of a water slide when we heard "Everybody get down! Somebody pooped in the pool!" On the way down everyone was shouting "Somebody pooped in the pool! Yuck! Gross!" We thought it was pretty funny. I wonder who did it.
I know this sounds kinda weird but it's 100% true.

Amanda (10 yrs): where'd ya disappear to?

I had such an accident today. I was coming home from my friendís house, which was about 10 miles from my house and was holding my poop all day. I was driving and got caught in some traffic. I knew I couldn't hold so I decided to let a little out, hoping it would like relieve me a bit. I was wearing dress pants, the khaki kind of pants. I let a little out but not enough to touch my briefs. Then of course I had to pee. I was in so much pain my body was shaking. I just couldn't hold it. I let my pee out into my pants for like 30 seconds. My stomach growled and I knew I was going to poop. I lifted my butt off the seat a little and I farted a few times and then exploded into my briefs. It went everywhere. I felt it come up around my balls too. I exploded about 2 more times before I sat down. I wanted to cry when I sat because my load was so huge. But I couldnít to because I had to drive. It smashed all around in undies. I continued to drive home and got another wave of pain. I co! ntinued to drive and once again, I exploded into my pants, but never lifted my butt off the seat. It all went to the front of my briefs around my balls. When I got home I was a mess and so was my pants and underwear.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to everyone and sorry this such a short post but I'm going to very busy for the next few days.

I hope you've all been able to enjoy eating more than usual and had good sessions on the toilet the folowing day!
Mine have all continued to be very satisfying and some loud splashing plops are virtually guaranteed when I sit on the toilet these days!

TO A GUY WITH A QUESTION, I doubt whether anyone here would ever consider using the word "pervert" to describe your interest in your girlfriend on the toilet. Having read the posts displayed here, can you imagine that sort of word for you?
This forum is for people such as yourself who share an interest in such matters so please feel reassured that this is the place to discusss them.
Many people, myself included, have little if any interest in actually seeing the stuff come out, or in too close detail, but to enjoy seeing someone on the toilet and in the process of using it is of great interest to many of us.
Feel free to share with us, and don't worry about what others may think of you if they knew.
It's for exactly that reason that we don't talk about our bodily functions to those who neither appreciate them or find it disgusting!
I think of it as being extremely fascinating and also natural.
Perhaps you might find that your gf is happy to discuss the subject with you sometime!

CONSTIPATED AND HURTING, That sounds like you really ought to be taking some advice very soon about your constipation.
Think of the relief you'll get when you get rid of all that shit!
Enemas aren't as scary as you think, so I hope that by the time you read this, you've either had one or you've got rid of it.
Then check you diet, or ask the doctor's advice for fibre in your diet and whether you're drinking enough water. (5 pints per day minimum, I believe is suggested by the medical profession.)
Let's know how you get on!

Hoping everyone else goes with no trouble, Best wishes, P P G

Hi, happy new year to everyone! May it bring much peace happiness and excellent toilet related activities to you. :)

I had a dream last week where I was living in an apartment with two friends. The toilet, however, was located in the bedroom along with the sink. In the dream I went in to use the toilet and closed the door, hoping that no one would come in while I was in there. One of my friends did enter the room and I felt embarrassed but kept on shitting. I said something like "Hang on mate I just have to shit" after which I felt more relaxed and my friend didn't mind. It's the first dream I've had where I'm shitting in front of someone and not trying to look at females going!

I quite fancy the current masthead with the girl in her underwear, my imagination is running wild!

I was reading recently on a Dr Who website that in one episode a baddie character, female, had to get assistance when she went to the toilet because her costume was tights with long sharp fingernails. It said that she couldn't get the nails off easily and her costume would rip if she tried to take it off. Apparently one of the female crew helped her. (I wouldn't mind watching Peri, an assistant to the Dr, take a nice poo and wee)

Last night being new years eve, I wondered if it was common to see people going to the loo outside? For example at a street party with inadequate toilet facilities. A couple of years ago I went to one of these and saw a few men up against the wall taking a wee. I would have preferred to have seen women but it's harder to be discreat I guess! Any stories from this year?

Happy New Year fellow readers. A quick story for the pee fans. Out last night I was reminded of a sighting I saw a while back with an ex-girlfriend. Walking past a group of youths we were amazed to see a lad of about 15-16 with his fairly large penis in his hands pissing up the side of a telephone box... and what a flood he was causing. He was standing there in froont of everyone, not trying to hid himself so clearly he was not pee shy.

To A Guy With a Question: No you're not a pervert, people get turned on by all sorts of things. For me a woman squating to pee is the gretest turn on (and that's led to other 'bathroom intersts'), for others it may be seeing a woman wearing boots for example. Whether you mention it to your girlfriend is something for you to decide, you know your relationship. If you do I'd suggest you say something like "you look so cute/sexy sitting there ....".

To Mike: A nice story from France, please share some more. Britain and the US seem far more concerned about the bathroom than other Europeans.

JASTA -- Hi honey. I'm so glad that terrible impaction was cleared without major mishap. As for thongs causing birth defects, I think your Mom's been reading too many garbage tabloids while waiting in line at the supermarket checkouts... I know she means well but there is no way in the world the cut of your undies is going to damage your child!

UNCLE ALLEN -- take some Immodium ("Gasdtrostop") -- it'll stop the problem in one day, or should. Use a healing ointment such as betamethazone ("Betnovate") to soothe your anus every single time you have a motion. Wipe with a wet-wipe or even just saliva on the paper, as this lubricates the wiping so you don't pull at skin already inflamed. I went through the same thing several months ago when antibiotics left me with thundering diarhoea for a week! I was bleeding for days, not much but always there...

CONSTIPATED AND HURTING -- Bad situation, guy, you have my sympathy. Having an impaction cleared in the emergency room is not necessarily the trauma you might imagine -- my Mom went through the process a few years ago and it turned out to be the use of extremely powerful small-volume "enemax" squeeze-tubes that are just popped into your anus and vented inside, producing a major purging action. The doc won't release you until he's sure you're clear, and the worst part of it is the sheer embarressmet factor... A home enema might be effective, but you need to be sure -- so be kind to yourself, and be healthy. Hoping you're better soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends here! Nothing particular to report, the weather in my part of Oz is uncommonly cold, today is 19C, when 1/1/01 was 39C! No outdoor fun to be had! My system seems to have reset a touch, I've been dumping earlier in the morning lately, and dropped a nice 11" primary the other day, followed by secondaries to the tune of 24" or more. Peed in the sink a few, and in the bath and on the floor... Did a mens'room too!

CARMALITA -- exquisite performance, senora! I trust the tape will be played with reverence for many a year to come. Oh, I wear VS things too -- great sense of style we got!

Cheers from Oz,


Robby and Annie
Happy New Year Toilet friends!!
It is New Years Day and the house is bustling. It was Annie's turn to have a huge poo this morning. I walked by the downstairs loo and she yelled at me to come help her. I went in and she was all hunched over and looking miserable. I sat on the edge of the tub and started rubbing her ???? and humming to her. She grunted and let out a nice trump(fart);BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! We started giggling a bit. A thick log started out of her bum. As I rubbed and she strained, it crackled out. It cullompted(plopped) into the bowl with a loud splash! It had to be over 20" long. She then dropped several small pieces on top of the monster. She weed and wiped. A huge sigh came from her!! We hugged each other and she thanked me. I gave her a kiss on the forehead. The girls are up ready for the football bowl games. We hope all of our friends have a safe New Years day.

UNCLE ALLEN: Welcome! We don't know how old you are but PLEASE get to a Doctor soon!! Glad you are here. Robby and Annie

LIZZIE: Why don't you go into the toilet do your wees and dumps with the door open and invite him in. That way he can see you are comfortable with it. It may take some time so be patient. Take care, Robby and Annie

KIM AND SCOTT: Hope you folks had a great holiday. Annie's twins go to college in New Jersey. Isn't that where you said you and Scott live? That buddy dump was sensational. For a small girl you can sure drop 'em!! Take care, Love, Robby and Annie

UPSTATE DAVE: We love your stories. We have friends in Buffalo and it is quite a sight! Seven feet, WOW! It would have been something if all of the toilets were outside!!! Take care, Robby and Annie

NURSE CARMALITA: Robby-Hi Sweetheart! I would love to have you sit on my lap and read your poetry and poopisms whilest I poop! I would have such an easier time of it. Also, all of you are doing such wonderful things for those children. Annie and I are very moved by this. Speaking of movement. I would love to see that video! Your dumps were the usual, stinky kind!! Keep 'em coming!! Love to all of you! Robby and Annie

MEREDITH AND AMANDA: That story in the mall was a jewel. My girls have had simular experiences. Sarah S and Meghan are my daughters. They are thrilled to have both of you here. Do you both go to the same college? AMANDA: I would suggest you use a middle initial as Sarah does. That will separate you from the other Amanda. You could use Mandy and an initial for we have another Mandy posting here. Take care. Love, Robby and Annie

JASTA: Annie- It is great to see Mark helping you with your toilet times. Not any man would do this. I took laxatives to help my constipation. It may not be for you. Love, Annie(and Robby)

CONSTIPATED AND HURTING: Welcome! TAKE AN ENEMA!!!!! You would feel SO much better!! Let us know! Robby and Annie

CHAN: Welcome! Try an enema. Then you might see a Doctor to see if it is a chronic condition. Let us know. Robby and Annie

LODY: We are sorry about your father. Since you have a family history of this you might see a Doctor to find out. Soda does make people pee more often. This is common. Let us know! Annie and Robby

ADRIAN: Hi there! For the first huge poop of the year please read the above story! Yes, we are having more large dumps than usual. Hope your poos are of the pleasurable kind. Take care, Robby and Annie

TODD AND DIANA: Hi dear friends! It seems most of us are having large dumps these days. I guess it is the hols. I've seen Meghan reading "Playgirl" on the toilet!(she will kill me, hahaha!). We are looking for more great stories from you in the New Year. Love, Annie and Robby

DEAR NIECE KENDAL,"NEPHEW" ANDREW, DEAR FRIEND RIZZO, LINDAGS, ELLIE AND LITTLE LOU: Please write when you get a chance!! Lots of Lovexxxx, Robby and Annie

WELCOMES TO: Sophia, Anon, WindowXP, Little Poo, WOW, English Boy, Mac, Papaya Ymano! Keep Posting!!

SPECIAL HELLOS: Steve and Louise, Rich and Kathy, Jane, PV, Mina, Alana, Adele, Althea, Mindy, Mandy, Renee, Pat, Sarah T, Jeff A, DianeNY, Tina, Erin, Laura, Buzzy, Muggs, Melanie, Ephermal, Amazon, Gurli, Tricia, Bry, Julie, Ring Stretcher, Diva, Marianne, Ashley, David and Niki, Bryian, Ina, Kelly-Marie, Alexa, Sarsen, Mersey Kid, Kathleen H, CD, Tee, Gopweller, Nancy, Linda14yrs, Kate, Rocky Mountain LLisa, Lancs Lad, Aaron, Superman, Danny, JohnVT, Tailwagger, Mike, Cory, and Gruntly Bogwell(wherever you are!!!) and to all other posters we didn't get on the list(sorry)!


Earlier this morning I had my dump of the New Year and it did feel good - lots of it and medium soft consistency.

constipated and hurting. I would consult your doctor and have done whatever he advises. Enemas aren't pleasant but sometimes they're a necessity. In the meantime you could try drinking a glass of olive oil as that might help to move you.

lody. Some drinks make some people want to wee a lot. Maybe pepsi has that effect on you! If you're genuinely worried though I'd discuss the matter with your doctor.

A Guy with a Question. It sounds to me as though you're perfectly normal. I'm interested in bodily functions and how often people have to go and to do which number etc. However, I dislike material to do with people handling or eating their waste products or that have erotic overtones. Recently I saw a programme which featured a guy in the US called Jonah who claims to have the biggest penis going and he has a website. I checked it out and there was a certain amount of information about his member but nothing, so far as I could see, about his toilet habits or how often he has to go for a wee wee. Given that he will use his endowment primarily to wee out of, I found that rather strange.

Mister Peebody
I'd just like to know if anybody else had my kind of experience as a child....age 12-17.

My mother was very abusive: both physically and emotionally...sometimes she'd get so drunk she "play" sexgames w/ me in my bed, when she thought she was "doing it" w/ her husband.

We were all terrified of mom...the MONSTER, so we obeyed her in everything, even the "games"...this unfortunitly was also the occaasional sex play w/ her "boy toy? me. I hated these part and still feel guilty and ashamed.

BUT, the part I felt most ashamed and guilty was when mom got into her "toilet" "Her THRONEROOM" as she called it, (we had only one) and when I had to go (which was sometimes after she gave me an enema or laxatives) and I'd scream and plead to use the toilet...most of the time she forced me to mess/wet myself in the hall. Bad part was I still got punished and humiliated by my dad..."that I was a baby, and still needed diapers.

Many times at night when I haad to pee, I was to terrified of a horrible chaance meeting of the "MONSTER" mom and dad, that I'd wet the bed , again age 12-17. Of course I got the "typical lecture" fro my dad, about babies and diapers, but this was better then a beaating from mom in the night...or worse...her drunken"sex games".


ps: this messing/wet thing from 12 -17 caused me to start an OCD of purposely wetting and/or messing myself in my clothes or just underware either on my way to bathroom or just as I got into shower/bathtub.
I also sometimes did these in diapers on purpose.

My therapist says thaat since I could not stop the "accidents" I took control my way by deciding to...well...this way of thinking: IF I WAS GOING TO MESS/WET MYSELF, THEN I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS GOING TO TO DO THE MESSING/WETTING...IN, WHEN, WHERE, AND WHAAT I WAS WEARING.

PLEASE RESPOND TO "Mister Peebody". I will give email only if someone asks...i'm still guilty and ashamed...even though i love this "accident" game i do.

Hey ya'll nice posts but can someone plese very please post some new celebrity accidents.Preffered female hot one.Bless ya'll

What's the best way to break your fetish to a girlfriend??
ie: Keep her open to the idea without completely making her think your a weirdo! Please answer because I want to see her go!

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

rocky mountain lisa
Hi everyone. Happy holidays to you all. I have a quick lil pre xmas story for you.
The day before xmas I bought pizza for my staff. Tried that new pizza hutt with lots of meat & cheese. We ate hardy between helping customers. A couple hours later i was felling a need to shit. It was very busy though so i put it off. I began farting evry few minutes but they didn't smell (at first). finially we had very few customers in the store & i was staning next to a oworker when i let out a pretty loud fart. he looked over at me & we kinda laughed. I said i gotta take a crap be right back. As i'm walking to the bathroom i begin to fart nonstop. When i reached the bathroom I quickly dropped my jeans to my ankles & sit. fter a looooooong fart ithe first turd beginsto emerge. it eases out easily & makes no noise going into the toilet. i begin to pee as the next turd starts out. it takes forever to end & i know its really long but i don't have time to check it as i'm still shitting. next comes a whole lotta smaller turds with a ton of plopping.! (for those interested yes i did get slpashback. i didn't mind but wow was the water cold) i haven't had to go this bad in a looooooong time. i continued to crap & fart (lots of farting) for about 15 minutes. when i finially finished it only took a couple wipes to clean up. checking out my production i'd filled the bowl to just above water level. glad our toilets are all went down in one flush. when i get back to the sales floor my coworker came over to me. he asked if everything came out alright. we kinda laughed. i noticed that a little later he headed for the bathroom & was gone for quite a while. it was his turn.

i'll be back soon with a story about an oberservation i recently had.

i'm a new poster but been reading a while. i'm 25/male/6'2.
yesterday i was hanging out with a couple of my buds when i need to piss & crap. it had been building for a while but i put it off. now i'm walking thru the park with these guys when i can't wait anymore. now my friends know when i say i gotta go i really gotta go. i'm a good eater & i tend to shit a LOT & piss a lot too. the bathrooms are closed for renovations so i have no choice but to go around the back of them. i whip out my willy & begin to piss like crazy. as i do my turd is starting to poke out. by the time i'm done pissing it's starting to come out. i quickly drop pants & as i squat the turd eases out more. with a loud fart its pushed out. i drop a good pile & take 10 minutes before i'm done. once i'm done i need to piss again. i go for 4 more minutes of peeing. meanwhile one buddy goes on home & the other stands guard. he can't believe the pile i've done. what a relief.

Papaya Ymano
Hi! New poster here. I have a story to share with everyone. I was in Wahlmart with my mom for the after Cristmas sales last week. There was a little girl about 4-5 with her mother who was buying lots of things. She told her mother a few times "Mom I gotta go potty". Her mother told her "Okay" but just kept shopping. The little girl starting grabbing herself and squriming and said "Mom I gotta go bad right now." Suddenly she kinda stiffened up, bent her head down and had an accident in her pink sweats. She left a large puddle and from looking at her butt she pooped a big load in her underpants as well. She was crying and siad to her mom "I went in my pants! I couldn't hold it." Her mother told her its okay we'll go buy some clean clothes. Her mother picked up a package of underwear looked at the price and said "I'm not gonna pay THAT price for underwear you'll just have wait until we get home." This made the little girl cry even harder. What a bitch! I hope the l! ittle girls dirty pants stained up her Lexus seats.


Hi this is my first time posting.

I am really glad i found this site because for the longest time i have been suffering from long time infrequent bowel movement. My parents tell me its something like lazy bowel or something. At first I never believed it but now I'm starting to

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


constipated and hurting
Hi Guys,

I'm in some pain here. I have been constipated since Christmas Eve. I don't know if it is all that sweet potato pie or what, but anyway, I tried metamucil and ex-lax to no avail. I called my doctor and he wanted me to come in and do an impaction. I said Hell No and I was wondering what my next step should be ? I hate the idea of possibly having to take an enema but it looks like that's the way I'm headed

Help Me Please !!!

Superman(my real name is taken)
I was spending the week at my friends house, cause his folks and bro were outta town. We both found some diapers in his bros room. We're both 17, and he's 13. He apparently is still having accidents. We both made bets with each other. We would both wear diapers and drink a lot of laxative, so we would have big diarrhea, watery dumps. And whoever wears their diaper the longest wins. We had 15 dollars at stake. We both drank about 3 doses of laxative, and sure enough, within two hours, my friend had to go. I told him to go, and he said he'll hold it. I didn't blame him. Who would want to sit in a stinky, watery, gooey, messy, hot, steamy, chunky diarrhea filled diaper longer than they had to? So he waited, but he couldn't hold it. He went, and it was so nasty. You could hear a crackling sound, and you could hear the diaper filling up. He goes "ugh". So I started the timer until I would go, and about 15 minutes later, I went. It was so nasty! I had never gone in! my pants before. I felt it go up through my crack, around my legs and into my privates. It was so gooey and nasty. UGH! And it smelled terrible. Well, us being both very stubborn, continued on with our lives, thinking the other one would give up. The thing is, he went twice more that night, and I three times. We held out for a day and a half, not going newhere, just watching movies and playing board games. He was the first one to quit, cause it was leaking. So we took them off and cleaned ourselves. Mine was packed to the brim with shit, so when I took it off, some spilled out. It was a 15 bucks that I earned very hard. It was the nastiest thing I've ever done.

hi to allllllll ,i have little problem:
when i drink 330 ml of pepsi soft drink i pee five or six times
every 10-15 minutes/is that means i have urethra problems?is it regulare?pleas till becuece mu father dead befor 10 years ago with urethra cancer.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Well a year has come and gone. It does not seem possible that today is the last day of 2001. There has been many memories of this year that I will never forget. I want to thank everyone here for their wonderfull posts and stories. I hope you guys will be able to continue into the new year with more posts and stories. Happy New Year to all. This also goes to the moderator of this site.

Welcome to Uncle Allen,Sophia,Anon,Windows XP,and little poo. I hope you guys become regular posters to the forum. Uncle Allen you should get your problem checked by a doctor. Others here in the past have had similar symptoms and had it checked out by a medical person and as a result had the problem taken care of and felt much better as a result for doing it. Carmalita great post! Im sure you and Jake had fun making your video. From your post and your descriptive details I felt like I was right there with you guys. Catch up with everyone after New Years. Have fun but dont get hungover. See everyone next year.

Uncle Allen,
This may sound silly, but it works for the runs.

Take one tablespoon of Gatoraid or any sport drink. One hour later, take two tablespoons, one hour later take three. You get the idea... What this does is build you electrolytes slowly. After about six hours, you should be able to drink a cup or so, and keep it!!

Sara T.
Carmalita- Loved your story as always- about the magazine thing, that kind of creeps me out! I know one time I was in the bathroom and I was reading this book about Bruce Springsteen while I pooped. I put the book on the floor so I could wipe, and it was too weird to see his face looking back at me while I was on the toilet! I moved it to the other side of the bathroom and wiped myself in peace! LOL!

Meredith and AMANDA

YOUR NAME: That must suck getting busted by a policeman while pissing. I hope that will never happen to me.

CARMALITA:I love those morning poops that are so slow and take their. time. I never know how long i take but usually it ends up that I'm late for class since i enjoy them too much!! Looks like you put on quite a show too for the household.

FLAXIE: Wow that friend of yours must have taken an incredible dump. Did it all fit down the toilet in one entire flush?

KIM & SCOTT: I loved that buddy dump story of yours. the toilet must have been full up with two huge long turds!! I can't even imagine what the bowl looked like with two monstrous logs, one produced by the queen of pooping!!

Onto our story, Amanda and me were out with a bunch of friends mainly window shopping in the mall today when we both had to take a massive dump. This happened after our huge lunch of salad. Anyway after lunch we carried on walking around for a while when I noticed that my stomach was making strange noises and started to hurt. I didn't really think much about going and even if I did, not in the mall since there was going to be such a pile up for stalls. The pain subsided a little until we were looking at cosmetics. My stomach produced a sharp pain and I started to fidget really bad. I noticed that Amanda had her hand on her stomach and ass at the same time. I just said to our friends were really into the shopping 'Guys we have to take a huge dump' I didn;t realize how loud I actually said it cause some hot guys I didn't know were looking at us in a weird way as if we did not shit at all. So we made a quick meeting time back at where we were in 45 minutes even though i th! ought we wouldn't be in there that long. It was not until we got to the ladies that I realized we would be needing all the time we were given. Amanda told me that her stomach was really hurting and I said that mine was too. My guess was that the salad we had was really high in fibre. The line was moving quite quickly so I figured not to worry until there came a huge smell of poop hanging in the air. Amanda was really grasping her butt now and was really tempted to go into the mens no matter what anybody thinks. She has really weak rectal muscles and therefore could not hold on very long. There was only one stall and my guess was everybody was taking their long afternoon dumps as I could hear newspapers, farts and small grunts in the room. So I decided to go into the same stall as Amanda. We had around 20 minutes remaining and had to make it a fast dump. Both Mandy and me pulled our pants down as fast as we could and sat on the toilet seat as fast as we could. It turned out ! we were dumping together. I could feel Amanda's breathing start to relax a little as she farted a loud brraaaaapppppttt fart echoeing in the toilet bowl and vibrating my buttcheeks. I was just like 'man you really need to go' and she just nodded as I heard loud crackling and plops in the toilet. I started pushing my self as to rid the stomach ache I had. Since I had not gone for a while, I expected this to big a monster dump. The huge log was coming out slowly and I was oohing and aahing to every inch of it. I looked to my left and saw that Amanda was still deep in concentration even though she had dropped like 20 turds already and was still going. Looking at my watch I realized that 10 of our 20 minutes was up and we might need more time. My turd dropped on top of Amanda's since it didn't make a plop sound. I farted twice but they were just windy and didnt make any noise. The second turd came out and was much easier to exit but was also alot longer than the other one as I ! felt it coiling in the water. I broke it off with my ass muscles. Then all was quite for a while. Amanda dropped another turd as I heard a small plop. during this 20 minute period we did not talk to each other at all but were deep in concentration of relieving our selves. My guess was we weren't too comfortable buddy dumping together. I exited my last piece which was quite hard and required some effort to push. I started to wipe but noticed that Amanda was not done yet. I asked her if she was okay since its been half an hour now. she said one more log until she was done but it was taking its time. I was standing and waiting for her by the time it plopped in the water. As she began to wipe, I heard Jen one of our friends screaming our names in the bathroom and why we were shitting for so long. Amanda went slightly red but continued wiping. As she stood up the toilet was full of turds and was impossible to flush. I could identify mine since they were longer than Amanda's but s! he definitly produced shorter ones but more of them. We washed up and left without flushing. On our way out of the bathroom Amanda told me she enjoyed the experience but not so much with her sister!!

Greetz to: Mindy, Amy(Co-ed), Carmalita and the crew, Rjogger & Wife, Meghan & Sarah S, Kim & Scott, Ringstretcher, Alana, Jane, Upstate Dave, Flaxie, Diane, Muggs, Jasta and everybody else we both forgot to mention (sorry)

Happy New Year!!

Mere and Amanda

Uncle Allen:
In this day and age, with all that is going on around us, you are EMBARRASSED about talking to a doctor -- who has seen it all -- to discuss what you just told 1,000 (or more) people about your bowel condition? Listen Al, we love you. WE want you to live to post the really good stuff about your many daily healthy BMs in the future. We also want you to have a happy and healthy 2002, so see an internest NOW. Get serious man.

To jim: I like your stories too....That sucks you got grownded for coming here and messing your self. too bad

To wow: I liked the story about the boys you were out with

To Aaron: I loved your story...thanks for telling me where ur from...Im a bit south from you in a suburb of Maryland. And what do u mean a suburb of Mass if u say you live in Providence Road Island? Is mass. near you?

I haven't had to poop in nearly 3 days...thats it
every one have a happy new year and i guess i'll talk to you next year(by the time everyone reads this it will be next year).

outdoor shit lover
me and my girlfriend Helen were walking through the woods together when Helen suddenly ran in to a near by bush and had a diareah explosion .She came out very shaken and wiped the tears from her eyes I carried he home that night and we kissed under the stars.....

Traveling Guy
Happy New Year to all! Just back from a trip, with a story to tell. First, though...

Lizzie - Set an example for your shy guy. Start by telling him when you have to poop, and then telling him afterwards how much better you feel, "Wow, that was a big one!" - etc. You don't have to go over the top, just stuff close friends might say. Watch how he reacts to that and keep getting more open with him about your own dumps. If you feel really close to him, you could try saying, "Hey, guy, don't you ever have to take a dump? You must be full of it." You might even try teasingly daring him with, "I'll bet you (whatever) that you can't take a dump at my house." I hope he loosens up for you. Don't forget to praise him for it when he does. "Hey, you must really feel at home here to take a dump in my bathroom. I like that." Good luck!

I stopped at an Interstate highway rest area in Ohio during the trip. It had an unusual design. The entrances to the men's and women's rooms were at a 45 deg. angle to each other. Each had only a door frame, but no door. Inside each, there were two toilet rooms, back to back. This let the janitor clean one half of each restroom while keeping the other open for needy travelers. A clever feature, I tought.

My wife and I had packed a lunch, but the freezing weather was way too cold for us to eat it in the car, so we took it into the rest area's shelter lobby and sat on a built in bench, near the rest room entrances. I noticed right away that I had an effortless view right down the front of three stalls on one side of the women's. As we ate, several women came to pee. Some went into a stall on the side I could see, some on the other. The heater fans made it too noisy to hear anything, except for the flushes.

Then, a petite woman of about 22, with a lovely face, rushed in and made a beeline for the side I could see into, quickly disappearing into one of the stalls. Not long after that, there came a really loud "BRRRRAAAAAAPPP" of a long fart, followed by some silence, and then another loud one. There was no other woman or girl in either side at the time, so I knew who it was. My wife, with her quick sense of humor, whispered to me, "Wow, she should have saved some of that gas for her car." Then there was nothing more to hear, but there wasn't any flush, either. Several minutes passed and three or four other women came and went. One of them went into the right side, where our damsel was presumably taking a dump, then quickly turned around, with her face screwed up, and headed for the other side. It must have been ripe in there, although we couldn't smell anything out in the lobby.

Finally, when no other women happened to be in the facilities, we heard the dumper's flush. I wondered how the john was coping with what I imagine was a pretty copious load. The young lady emerged, looking quite relieved, but also a bit shy when she saw that my wife and I were still there eating. She walked straight past us, without a glance, then out the door and to her car. Wow, that was the nicest dessert I could have had.

A Guy With a Question

This is a very interesting and very cool forum. I'm not really obsessed with my bodily functions or anything, but I guess I get some pleasure out of taking a big shit after holding it for a while.

I've got a question, and you people seem like the right ones to ask.

First, I'm a guy in my late twenties, with a steady girlfriend of eight years (we might as well be married). She'll sometimes sit on the toilet while I'm in the bathroom, but only if she's peeing. She at this time, is not aware of what I'm about to say.

I find the sight of a woman sitting on the toilet to be intensely erotic. Especially if she's wearing pants and a shirt. I actually find a naked woman on the toilet less enticing. But the sight of a woman, wearing like a sweatchirt or t-shirt, with her pants around her ankles gets me extremely turned on. The weird thing is, I'm not at all into what they call watersports or scatology. In fact, I think that's pretty gross. Just the act of peeing or pooping doesn't gross me out, but people eating it or touching it does. I don't like seeing a woman with shit hanging out of her ass or pee trikling out of her crotch. Again, it doesn't gross me out, it just doesn't appeal to me.

And yet, to see a woman on the toilet obviously engaged in these activities turns me on enormously.

Here's my questions: Doe this make me some sort of pervert? Is this a really outlandish thing to be turned on by? And should I ever tell my girlfriend about this?

Any help would be appreciated, and you people seem like the experts. It's really cool to see so many women freely talking about their bowel functions, as that is a subject most women I know seem to shy away from. I'd be interested in a woman's opinion on this.

Thanks a lot to everyone and Happy New Year!


kim and scott
hello all and happy new year.
TO SARAH S AND MEGHAN-hello there. thanks for describing yourselves. scott and I had a great christmas and I hope you did to.
TO BRYIAN-hello. thanks for loving my huge log story.haha. that would be interesting if I had one of my gigantic logs in the popcorn box (and it would have to be a jumbo box to hold my logs!haha) plus when I buddy dumped my log on top of the girls the toilet was starting to overflow but I used my hands to help get down the huge logs.I tell you bryian my logs are so gigantic the toilet cant hold em any longer. I should just go in my woods in logs are growing and getting thicker all the time!be well bryian.
TO UNKOWN POSTER-hello. thanks for saying their will be a market for the shit illustrated magazine. Me,john (VT) and others sure hope so!be well.
TO MIKEY-hello. "shit illustrated magazine" is a made up magazine by poster John(VT). I have gigantic logs all the time and look like cheryl ladd from "charlies angels" so john suggested I pose and shit for this magazine.and you can get copies once john and I ever manage to get together and finally do it. ok mikey?. be well
TO RJOGGER AND KATHY-hello there you two. thanks for inviting scott and I over your place. wow! what fun we would have! working out with you,having that poop party,and racing hot sport cars. kathy and I can even have a buddy dump in front of everyone and bring down the whole house when people see one gigantic log coming out of her and one gigantic log coming out of me at the same time.woweee huh? scott and I are there. be well you two! love ya!

oh and how can I forget! logger-thanks for loving my and some other male posters on this site say the sweetest things to us dont worry I will leave my gigantic logs in the bowl unflushed for all to see. that time was the exception though. I tell you the bowl was so full of shit I had to flush it all down! plus yes I have left some of my monsters in other places other then the toilet. I have had logs in the woods.even knelling on bathroom countertops and pushing my logs onto a newspaper on the floor. stuff like that is fun and I will continue to do it.nothing has changed logger! take care! its nice to hear from you again!

Todd & Diana
Hey Everyone,
Carmalita, Hola, Como Estas? We really liked your story. Diana and I get excitied when we read other posts that involve bathroom reading. Do you read a lot on the toilet? What kind of magazine do you prefer? Does Jake read on the toilet too? It is soooo relaxing! Diana and I can't go unless we are reading something. Please keep us posted, we are eager to hear from you. Lots of Love, Todd and Diana!!

Hey All- We are going to a New Year's party tonight, so hopefully we will have a story to tell you later.

Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

TO LIZZIE: Hi Lizzie, i know how he feels. I never go at my gf, I am way too embarrassed. But I think what would help, if you just come out and tell him you would love to watch him poop. Because if I knew my gf wanted to watch, I would do it for her. Cory

Just after I was born we moved to France where my father got a job in Paris. We lived in a suburb and I went to 1st grade there. Coming from the US it immediately struck me how relaxed the French kids were about the bathroom. Before lunch we would all line up before a number of stalls without doors and boys and girls would do their thing as they saw fit. Although it is now many years ago I still clearly recall the teacher correcting some of the girls who had a habit of peeing with their legs wide open, often causing a stream to go over the seat and on the floor. Hilarity of course but the teachter could not appreciate it. It is probably at that time that my interest was born and I still have vivid memories of us boys playing in the field behind the school and sneaking into the bushes to have a pee. On one such occasion I caught Nathalie, who was then about 8 years old, with her dress under her chin and her nickers down. Having been in that school for 2 years I had become fam! iliar with the "habits" so I just stood there and smiled at this little girl with her black hair and her dark brown eyes. She finished up, pulled up her pants and (in the absence of toilet paper I guess) casually pushed her clothing against her damp crotch. "Maintenant je veux que tu le fasse aussi" she said ("Now I want you to do it too")and I happily obliged. We both giggled for a moment and then we ran back to the playground.

I remember a few more of these encounters and would be happy to share them with you if there is interest.


I like the lady on today's masthead. It looks as though she's really crouching low to get a good motion out.

wetguy & your name. It's a pity there aren't more stories specifically about wetting (#1) but I guess that in a forum such as this #2 tends to take precedence.

Nina. I expect you can generate some enourmous poos eating that egg recipe every evening.

Uncle Allen. It is important that you overcome your fear of going to the doctor and make a priority of seeing one as soon as possible in the New Year. The likelihood is that there's nothing serious wrong with you but it is still advisable to get checked out as you've been having the runs for some time. The doctor will need to know whether you've been passing blood or not and whether it was bright or dark red so you need to take note of that. My guess is that it could well be Colitis or IBS but you need to see a doctor to be absolutely sure. Good luck.

Tailwagger. I enjoy your posts but I'm sure you'd be much more comfortable and it would be less hassle for you too if you went on the toilet for your big motions.

Annie and Robby & family. Hi there! I enjoyed your post about Sarah trumping on Christmas Eve. Did any of you have good poos over the festive season.

Kathy & RJogger. Thanks for answering my question about Anne, Kathy. I thought she'd probably have had an accident somewhere down the line. It would be good to hear about some of the biggest motions she's ever done when with you and whether the two of you have ever had any long pre-poo farting sessions followed by close calls - barely making it.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Best Wishes


Monday, December 31, 2001

As some of you probably know by now, i am 16/m. I am straight and love to see both females and males desperate to pee or wetting themselves. I also enjoy wetting myself, but only in private. I would be so embarrased if i pissed my pants in front of my friends or something like that. But maybe in time i will grow to not mind that either. The whole point of this message is to urge fellow posters to try and post more stories about desperation and accidents related to peeing. I know and understand that most of the posters are into pooping, but all of you and any lurkers out there must help make the board more of what it is, which is a board dedicated to both peeing and pooping. So, break out those peeing stories, expereinces, adventures, etc. and make a few of us pee fans really happy. Thanks!


I went the other day. It was good.

i think my boyfriend is scared to take a dump at my house. we have been together for a year and he practically lives at my house bt he has never taken a dump here. he pees...but that's it. i sort of wish he would..but i feel like he just goes home whenever he has to. what should i do?

your name
i don't know about other men, but i am a man who loves to piss. I will do it anywhere anytime.i read the thing where someone asked 5 most interesting places you've peed. here's mine. the top of my house while putting christmas lights up a condom. i was drunk a bucket along with 5 other guys at the same time. i get turned on watching other guys piss and pissing with other guys
4.when i was 5 i hid in one of those circular close racks in wal-mart and pissed on the floor in there. it ran everywhere 5 bud bottles at once filled them all to the top too.

well i have a story

2 days ago i was getting ready to come home from work and i had to piss.i figured i could wait till i got home.was i wrong.i was goin down the road when i had to go extrmely bad.i reached one had down my pants and clenched the head of my penis to try to stop myslef from going in my pants.i get about a half mile and see a i pull off and dash to the restrooms.both mean and womens were closed.then i saw a gas station 2 blocks down.i figure maybe i could make it.wrong again.i get back to my car in the parking lot and i couldn't stand it anymore.i just wipped it out and felt great.i leaded against my car and just relaxed.all of a sudden a police car pulls in.i try to stop myself but i just keep going full steam.the cop comes up and asks me what i'm doing pissing in the parking lot.i said i had to go real bad and i figured i'd use the restroom but both are locked.i then told him i thought i could make it to the gas station but i couldn't stand it and now i can'! t stop.he goes well let me see your license.i'm standing here pissinfg and trying to get my bilfold. i handed it to him and said it's in there.i wasn't about to try that.3 minutes has passed and i'm still going full steam.he hands me a slip of paper and my bilfold while i'm still going(i'm known for thaking very long pisses).luckily only a warning.5 minutes passed and the lst bit dribbles out.i had left an enormous puddle in this parking lot.

well that's my story

men PLEASE post more pissing stories

hope you all had merry christmases!

A short story about pee. Sometimes me and my friends, when we were younger, would hide in tree branches and piss on the people passing by. One time we hit a small child in a stroller. It was then we decided to stop. The memories are still there though. When we get together, sometimes we go back and visit old times.

I get very hungry at night so I boil 6-7 eggs and mix them with mayo, mustard, and relish(eat 1 yolk). Then I drink a big glass of water with Metamucil. You will feel like your stomach is full and it should really help w/ hunger, if you are hungry. (not to mention your system will get CLEAN!)I am a fitness-model, btw. Any of you do this routine? If so, would love to hear from ya!


Uncle Allen
Hi everyone on this site. I have been reading the posts on this website for years , and I have a lot of interest in bathroom outings. I am posting today because I have a problem. I have been getting awful diarrhea for many dyas now and I can't stand it anymore. The diarrhea has been explosive and accompanied by bad stomach cramping. It's been going on for almost a week now. I have always had many bowel movements in a day and they are typically loose but not at all as bad as they have been lately. I am afraid to go to the doctor. I just hate to get exams and I am embaressed tot ell the doctor the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Well happy New Year to all. Oh, When I finish going diarrhea I have been left with a sour opening and have even deen some blood on the toilet paper. What can I do to help ease the soarness. Please tell me because that is the worst part. When I want to let out diarrhea and feel better I have to deal with some serious soarness.

I'm 23 and a first time poster. People/friends often say I look like Kirsten Dunst. But anyway, I remember last year on my 22nd birthday I had gotten so drunk that when my friend took me home,I got inside my apartment and just got in bed with my clothes on. That next morning I woke up and I smelled a very foul odor. Then I felt something warm and gooey in my pants. It turned out I had completely pooped my jeans. I got up and waddled to the bathroom with my hands on the front and back of my jeans. I had on these tight blue jeans so none of the poop slipped down my leg and got on the floor. I slowly took off my jeans and my butt as well as my front area was covered with shit. And it smelled like rotten eggs. My jeans and underwear was full of poop. So I took a shower and took my soiled clothes and bed linen to the laundromat. Now, I think its funny. But back then I didn't because I had a monster hang-over.

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