Upstate Dave
Good morning to everyone. I hope that all had a pleasent Christmass.The story I have this time deals with the summer kitchen in our old house when I was younger. What a summer kitchen was in colonial times was a larger kitchen with windows for cooling during the warmer months of the year. I had turned it into a recreation room witha dartboard,pingpong table,couch and and old radio for music.

One day some of the nieghborood girls were over and we were outside playing when a thunderstorm quickly came over and it started to pour.We all quickly ran into the summer kitchen to get out of the rain. I turned on the radio for some music and Barbie S, Genie Barbie H dried them selves off with some towels I had given them.

Barbie S had sat down on the couch and had noticed the trap door in the middle of the floor under the pingpong table. Whats that for? I told her it was an old cistern used for storing water for the old summer kitchen. Whats it look like?, she asked. Here Ill move the table out of the way and you can look. I moved the table and lifted the trapdoor open. It was stoned lined and it was about twenty feet to the bottom.

Genie and Barbie H walked over and took a peek down inside also. I started to close the door but Barbie S said wait a minute dont shut the door. I have to pee from getting wet from the rain. Can I pee into the the old well? Be my guest I said. Genie and Barbie H started to laugh and said leave it to her to go to the bathroom in another odd place.

Barbie stood next to the edge pulled up her skirt stepped back and straddled over the hole opening. At first a few drops fell from her vagina then slowly a golden colored stream started to flow. Her stream picked up pressure and her hissing got louder. When her stream hit the bottom it was splashing noisily. She continued peeing hissingly for 30 seconds or so longer. Just before she finished she gave a little extra push on her abdomen and she let out a braaap of a fart as the last of her pee hissed out.

She droped her skirt back down and said anyone else have to go before Dave shuts the door? Genie and Barbie H looked at each other and they both said yes. Both of them were wearing shorts so they squated over the edge back to back. Scince I was standing right next to the door I had a good view of both the girls. Barbie H started first. Her stream started strong and arced over and splashed against the side wall and ran down it. Genie was doing short bursts of pee,starting then stoping.

Barbie H finished but stayed squating. Genie was still stopping and going but was also at the same time a brown knobby poop had started to poke out between her cheeks. It was doing the smae as her pee stream. Going in and out of her anus. Barbie started to poop too. Her poop was tan in color and quite knobby. It was moving right along with a crackling sound. The first one was about 7 inches an length. Then she did one that was 4 inches. Both landed with a thud when they hit the bottom. She stood up and pulled up her shorts and looked at her poop in the bottom of the well. Boy that was a relief.

Genie was still going. She had stoped peeing but now her poop was hangig down now about 6 inches. She pushed some more and this time it was the fatest part of it because after that it moved rapidly and narrowed right down to a point. Then it fell from her hole and with a thud hit bottom. She started peeing again. She peed for twenty seconds or so then finished. She pulled up her shorts and took a look at what they had both produced. Boy I did more then I thought I had to go. Feels good. Can we use this again? they all asked. I said back to them; Any time when needed. This got used by them and others many a time in the future.

my first high school dump...

i am a sophomore and was in the sophomore play. about half hour to show time, after school, i felt like i could either go then or during the performance. i went up to the second floor, and it was deserted aside from one teacher. the men's room was on the opposite side that she was on, but she still made me uncomfortable, so i checked the third floor, and the bitchy janitor was on it. i didn't want to be seen by her, as she's already chewed me out (during rehearsals) about wandering the building. so i returned to the second floor, and after much hesitation, went into the mens' restroom. (i wanted to try the ladies', but it was on the same side of the building as that teacher)

i went into the one stall, and pulled down my pants and underwear to my ankles. i was about to sit down, then remembered to wipe the seat with paper. the bathroom had already been cleaned, it was a meaningless gesture, but i did it anyway. i sat down, and considered pulling my pants up a bit, but didn't, since no one was on the floor... i pushed, and a small poo came out, followed by a wheezing fart. i sat for a second, then pushed out the bulk of my shit, about 6 pieces of small misshapen poop. then i wiped, and, unused to the crappy paper, got shit on my hands. i thought about using the sink to wash myself thoroughly, but the thought of being caught made me scurry back into the stall. i wiped 5-6 more times, then pulled my pants up. i debated whether to flush or not, and perhaps attract the attention of the teacher. then i remembered the janitor would probably make a final sweep of the restrooms, and that my shit would be discovered, not a pleasant thought. ! so, i flushed the toilet, and RAN out of the bathroom and down the stairs, hoping the teacher (who i love dearly) wouldn't catch me with a flushing toilet, so to speak.

i hope everyone liked my story, i sure love all of yours.

I have been a lurker for a long time. So here's some places I have gone to the bathroom.

Outside on a fence at a party
Beside my car in the country beside my car in the country (car's happened to pass by it wasn't fun)

Sorry I know it's lame but it's my first post and as I get more comfortable posting I'm sure I will think of better things to post.


That was a great story about about Amy and Michelle keep them coming. I was curious what part of the country or state do you live in? If that is too personal just let me know.

Windows XP
First time poster here.....been reading all your posts and they are quite nice....especially the girl pics on the top of the site. =))) I had the stinkiest crap of my life tonight...ran to secondary bathroom sat down and ahhh easy crap slightly squishy.....but sooo smelly....that outside the locked bathroom door my father was looking for instructions to his new cd disc player he got for christmas....when all of a sudden he yells Holy S??t what are you doing in there? Flushing a dead skunk that's been dead a week? LOL.....i almost laughed right off the toilet bowl....i used 7-10 wipes to get all the crap off my butt....then i had to use 5 handfulls of wet toilet tissue to clean up better....flushed and it stunk in there so lasted for a good hour even with the window open lol....took a shower afterward but i still have smelly farts.....although for some reason....i haven't had those started i think 4 days ago and still is there....when is the crap g! oing to get hard again and crapping will be enjoyable again instead of a nightmare to get off my butt?

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Its a cold morning here in upstate N.Y. We are still looking for some snow. I heard from my sister who lives out in the Buffalo area and they are fine but buried in snow. I cant imagine 7 feet of snow on the ground. Boy you could have fun with that though if you had to go outside!

I remember in third grade in Miller hill school going in the boys room to take a pee and "The Hunter" a friend of mine named Gary came in after me and went into one of the stalls to poop. He said hello to me and I said hello back to him. All of a suddun he started to laugh uncontrolably. Whats up Hunter? I asked. He said come here and look. He opened the door and I looked inside. On the floor beside the toilet was this big long fat poop laying on the floor. Somebody in their hurry had missed the toilet completely! I burst out laughing myself. That one got spread around the school at recess. Nobody ever found out who had done that though.

hi,i got caught on my computer going to this page, my mom grounded me for a while but i snuck on anyway. the other reason she grounded me is cause i had an accident in the living room. i was playing nintendo on the floor and i gues i didnt know i had to go that bad because all of a sudden i started going and i tried to stop it and my mom came in and saw me going i stood up and it was dripped all over the place and she was real mad. i said i tried to stop it but it just came out. she said go to my room and i did and she found me on this page. i like everyonse stories they are cool, i will have some more after my scout camp this week, bye

odd poster
please send me stories about big poos and soft poo

I have a hilarious story to tell you all my frind Gina came over to my house today Mark and Tyler were at his parents house and she asked me to give her one of my enemas because she had been constipated for about 8 days and was starting to feel sick so we went into the bathroom and to my surprise she had on no underwear for she bent over and I was about to put it in her anus when she told me to stop she was scared it would hurt I tried to calm her fears of this so I told her it was almost time for my weekly enema she could watch Mark do mine she said that would help but first she would go try to squeeze some logs out she asked me to come with her she said she knew I had plenty of experience what is weird (I ve never watched my friend poop) is she squeezes her tits while she pushes I have never seen anyone do this when I questioned her she said they help her let go so anyway she managed to get only 2 tiny little logs about 1 inch so she would still need an enema Mark came hom! e and put Ty down for his 4:00 nap and I explained to him Gina's situation he said he didn't care If I didn't actually I did not want her to watch because I'm modest but I know what it is like to be constipated so I let her fisrt Mark filled the tube then he stuck it in my anus it only hurts when he first sticks it in and he kept squeezing till I was ful then I made a mad dash for the toilet and emptied myself Gina said she wasn't scared and I could give ger an enema now she bent over and I inserted the tube she said that it hurt badly with her she said she could hold the water for a minute suprisingly she held her cheeks so tight nothing came out for about 2 mins she then pushed out about 4 flushes of poop.

Hey i have a ? to ask you all including a story

Today we (my mom, me and Ty) were out shoping for maternity clothes because mine are starting to get a little tight I gave all my old ones away thinking I wouldn't be pregnant again and her and Ty came in the dressing room with me because she said she wanted to make sure they fit (she was buying) so I pull down my pants and my mom goes "Jasta,! I can't believe you" I said "What" she said "your wearing a thong at 4 months of pregnancy" I said yeah so?" she said "that causes birth defects" she went into the store and purchased these big granny briefs and made me wear them home does anyone know if this is true my mother has this weird finatic about underwear until I was 13 she would only let me wear briefs then after that she would only let me wear bikini briefs and if I got stains in them I had to buy new ones Please answer I need to know but I don't know who to ask I asked Marks sister she said she didn't think it would but she wasn't sure .

a few years ago when i was fourteen i used to do this questionare where i asked women i saw around my apartment and other places. the questions were about having upset stomachs and after awhile i would ask them about having diarrhea. i remember asking this one lady at a store once and i asked her when was the last rtime she had diarrhea she said she had it right now and showed me the pepto bismol in her shopping cart. it was fun doing it cause i would just go up to complete strangers and ask them about having diarrhea. of course i would have to tell them it was for school. anyway i know it wasn't much but if any1 wants,i might have some more stories later. bye for now.

Hi, I'm a newcomer to posting though I have been reading this message board for some time now.

When I was a little boy I had the usual ups and downs with toilet training and although I had the usual reverses with wetting myself or poo'd pants it was very rare that my mother got angry about it, although I occasionally had my legs smacked when she'd had a very trying day.

However, it became more of an issue when I was about five or six. Whether I was just a bit lazy or genuinely struggled I don't recall, but the fact was that I wasn't very good at wiping my bottom after I'd been poo. The result was that my underpants often had a big brown mark on the seat at the end of the day when I went to put them in the family washbasket.

Mummy tried her best to get me to be a clean boy, even to the point of coming in occasionally to supervise my bottom-wiping (which I didn't much appreciate at that age LOL).

She must have been at the end of her tether, because after I stripped off for my bath one Friday night, and put all my dirties in the basket, mummy informed me that we were going to have a "pants inspection" once I'd been bathed. She'd apparently put each pair of my pants (underpants) to one side that week, and I was going to get a "smack-bottom" for every pair that was dirty.

That bathtime seemed the longest on record as I tried without success to recall the state of my undies for the past seven days. Eventually I was hauled out, dried off, and ordered to get into my pyjamas.

While I was doing this mummy came in with a plastic bag in one hand and the slipper she kept for smacking our bottoms in the other. I was to get three smacks for each pair that was dirty.

She was quite forgiving in her assessment - one pair that just had a bit of a brown shadow on the seat where I'd "trumped" were passed as all right, and the pair I'd been wearing that day were almost spotless. But the other five pairs of pants all had a distinct skidmark on the seat, therefore I was to receive 15 smacks.

Mummy took down my pyjama bottoms and put me over her knee and duly administered the punishment. Each smack was very hard (well, it seemed like it to a little boy!) and I was finally put to sleep on my ????, with a bottom that seemed twice its normal size.

These inspections (never announced in advanced) went on for about a year and a bit off and on, I'd say, until I was finally wise enough to make sure that I wiped my bottom thoroughly all the time and never scratched it when it itched! But in between I got maybe half a dozen slipperings for my trouble.

Has anyone else on the board had similar experiences, I wonder?

Is it true that small petite gals can poop out big long thick poops?

Ben In Iowa
To Amanda:Yes I have used a diaper to pee in before on many ocasions. And so has Ashley. Can you tell use your experience about using diapers?

Ok here is my story. My mom was watching Ashley during winter break as usual when we made a dare. She dared me to wear a diaper today and I said I would if she would. So we snuck 2 diapers from my mom and put them on. Then we went for a bike ride. Well about half an hour later I told Ashley I had to pee BAD. She said she did too. So we counted to 3 and we both started wetting our diapers as we peddaled. When we came to a port-a-pottie we took of our diapers and threw them away. Then we went home.
Also I have worn them to bed when I have had dirreha and woken up to find I had let a lot out. Also I wear 1 to bed when I have frineds stay over incase they try to put my hand in warm water.
Does anyone else have any diaper experiances?

Sorry for not posting but its hard to get on my computer now that its in my little brothers room.

More Later

Bob from NJ
two more words;
culo=ass or anus
culito=a small ass

sit down man
My sister had a sleep over last night and so we all ate dinner and i felt the need to dookey so i went in to the bathroom and sat down an started to go when one of the girls opend the door and saw me on the toilet and insteed of leveing she closed the door until i was finished and so later on that night we got a chance to talk an she told me it was no big deel.

I met my girl friend in town yesterday and she looked good - tight light trousers and a short zip top. I could see her pants outlined through her trousers. She said she needed to go to the toilet - we went towards the Mall and she farted - she pulled me into a shop door and said it was no good she was going to do it. She put my hands on her bottom and I felt her pants bulge and bulge. She laughed and I took her home and helped her clean up. It had been quite a stiff load but she was still marked on her trousers. It is the first time I have seen a girl poo her pantis.

My aunt bought me some really gross boxers for Christmas - the front by the fly has a transfer of the back of Santa's head and the other pair have a picture of the back of a reindeers head - how can I wear them - anyone else had anyrhing like that?

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. One of the local high schools collected and baked 4 turkeys for migrant families at the community center. They also had toys for the children, donated from various dept. stores in the area. Dolls, action figures, walkman's, things like that. The children were so excited, and the families so happy. Other people prepared food. I brought mashed potatoes. Jake was so cool, he played with the children and kept them giggling. Renee made little cupcakes for the children with little faces on them, and Patsy made three fruit pies. It was great seeing the children so happy with their new toys.

For Christmas, Jake must have had a charge account at Victoria's secret, because guess what I got for Christmas?....Very festive! Panties and bras, (his favorites of course). Who were these gifts really for? LOL! Just kidding, he also got me other stuff too.

Okay, here's some Carmalita poopisms:
To poop:
make a snake
pinch a pound
launch a loaf
bin laden wants to go swimming
fill the well
fumigate the bathroom

BB: If I saw a turd that big, I would faint too. Especially if it came out of me! You should read some of Kim and Scott's posts. Kim could probably do one that big, she's one of the absolute queens here! We have lots of great female poopers, but I suppose Kim holds a record.
MUGGS!!!! So happy to hear from you again! I was all excited when I saw your name! Thanks for the beautiful wishes. Sounds like you're a DeNiro fan. Me too. Tesa, Anj and Nu already know about this site. Tesa could write wonderful, hot stories, but dosen't speak english too well. Nu said she might contribute here. Hey Muggs, let me say first, that I loved your story about Amy and Michelle, BUUUTTT---You are not a pig for getting excited over watching Michelle! These are natural feelings hon! Go with them. Obviously, the girls were getting a tremendous buzz knowing that you were excited over them. I know, because that's how me and Nu, Angie, and Tes are when we know Jake watches. He also gets very aroused, but we don't get jealous or upset. Amy and Michelle planned this for you, and they wanted you to get one up. It's great. Enjoy these things while you can. Just by mentioning what you did shows you're a real special guy and your gf is soooo lucky!
SUDDEN URGE: Thank you for saying such sweet things. Yes, I do soft little grunts when I poop too. Jake says I puff and frown when I'm pushing a big turd. So you don't mind a little latina perfume huh? What a guy!
ROBBY: Hi hon, I'm glad you liked my little Christmas poem. I'd be happy to repeat it for you while sitting on your lap as you poo-pooed for me.
MEGHAN AND SARAH S: Hi sweeties! Cool story about the ladies room! Sounds like you girls did some nice poopies with your cousins to hear. Isn't it great to get four stalls togehter like that? I remember once at a mall when me, Tesa and Renee got three stalls together. Tesa plugged hers up!

Okay, for a nice post-Christmas crap, I had all sorts of left over goodies stored up inside of me. There was turkey, and mashed potatoes, cupcakes, rice, beans, and even some of Patsy's fruit pies. I'd just come home from work when I felt the log wanting to come out. I was wearing a white angora sweater, cut low in front with a string of matching pearls. (faux pearls that is.) I also had on my black leather mini-skirt, with black hose and matching gold buckle pumps. My hair was full and straight, and I'd fluffed my bangs in front to accentuate my round, wide-nosed, full lipped latina face. Jake loves this outfit. Anyway, I had to poop so BAD! He'd just opened me a beer and I said "Hon, this girl's gotta' potty big time." Jake said to me "Can you hold it for a few minutes?" and I said I'd try. About two minutes later, Jake comes in with Renee's video camera on its tripod, then ushered me into the main bathroom. In order to get distance, he had to set the camera up in the ! tub, then flip the screen around front so he could monitor everything. I could even see myself in the tiny screen. "Okay senora," he says, "Make it caliente!" (which means hot in Spanish). So, I was performing. I lifted the leather skirt up to my waist, revealing a bit of brown ????, and a pair of black panties with little bows on the hips (one of my Christmas presents). I pulled them and my pantyhose down to my knees, then sat down very elegantly on the pot. At first, in typical Carmalita fashion, came a long, slow zipper fart which echoed in the bowl. "ssssppppllllltttttttttttt." Then, three soft girlish grunts. "unh..........unnhh.........uh....." Suddenly--ssspffffffffff--crackklll-krrrkklll-spff-krkkl--ooooh, it was coming out now! Hard, long, fat and crackly. However, this time my poop had a very mild odor. It smelled like a fresh dump, but not very strong. Actually, I have lots of non-stinky days. I then straightened up and arched my back in typical centerfold fashio! n, lifted my right hip to display my butt, as a long rope of chocolate squeezed out. Man, what a chunk! A nice turd that was about 12" long, and fat as my wrist. I could feel it stretching my little hole. I could feel every crack, and lump while it crept out of me. Meanwhile, back on the toilet, the turd was slow. Very slow. It spliffed and crackled, got wider, and heavier, then fell with a heavy flump! I grunted, grimaced a little, which later Jake said was "the sexiest face he'd ever seen." I grunted again, and two more fell out. "Plop-plop!" Oooooh, big fatties! I gently clutched both thighs, digging in with freshly painted fingernails, and peed a firehose stream that thundered into the bowl. I threw my head back and sighed exotic pleasure as the long stream of piss flavored the water. From between my thighs, I smelled poop and pee. Not very strong though. Knowing I was on camera, I wiped my pussy very meticulously, showing a generous portion of my little gulf of Mexico. ! After that, I tipped my ass, and wiped slowly, 4 times. I then stood up, stretched my panties and hose around my crotch and waist, straightened my leather skirt, then Jake picked up the camera, and zoomed in on the bowl, and my turds. They looked like they filled the bowl because they were so fat.

That was then, this is now.
This morning I woke up with a stockpile of turds inside of me that needed to come out. I took a magazine with me and went to the potty to relax and poop for awhile. I was wearing my green flannel jammies that are oversized because I'm such a little runt! I lowered the bottoms to my thighs, then leaned forward and started a hard pee. Flipping through pages, I felt the hot pee shooting out hard, heard it splashing into the water, and relaxed while the final drips echoed in the bowl. Just before some nice turds came, I came across an ad for Tommy jeans. The girl in the photo looked just like Nu. Now, I don't know if anybody else does this or not, but I pretended that the girl in the photo could see and hear me poop. I really love being around Nu when she has to potty, and I love it even more when she's with me while I go. Jake says he dosen't care about that, so it's cool. I stared at the smiling asian girl in the photo when out came turd number 1. It was thick, but kind of! soft, and felt real good pooping out. Oh yeah, it was pretty smelly too. Soon, "Pluuuck!" My ass was feeling good by now because it had been stretched nicely with that big turd. Next came two more, soft and creamy, and very stinky. I grunted a little painful gas while they plopped. My butt took a little break while I scanned my magazine. It was a big, slow dump, perfect for a morning poop. I must have been sitting on the toilet for about ten minutes, pooping a succession of turds. Sorry, I can't really describe them because I had to flush often to keep from clogging. But, I do know when they are huge, I can feel my ass stretching, and some of these were quite fat. One turd was really long too, because it kept inching and inching while I grunted. I lost track, but I must have pooped about 10 bombs, not to mention squirting hot piss at random. Our bathroom, as you all might have guessed, smelled bad! Muy stinky! It took six wipes altogether to get the mud out of my butt.

Oh well, hope ya liked my stories today. Baby Emmy is sweet, and growing day by day. Jake is so proud, all he talks about now are OUR kids. He's very excited about having latino children. Nu is coming over tonight, and I can't wait. She's promised not to poop today so she can bring "a full ???? load" with her to decorate our bathroom with. She's been on a new high fiber diet and has been pooping firm, monster logs. I'm fixing my famous 4-wheel drive margueritas and making nachos.


Well my tailgrowing skills still aren't there yet but they're getting better! I felt a pile coming on so Paul got his camera ready and we went in the bathroom. I was wearing an orange sweatshirt, trainers and a short white miniskirt without tights or knicks. OK so far so good. We put the paper on the floor and I stood up and slightly bent my knees - keeping my hands on my skirt level and gently pushed. Yes a light brown tail was beginning to appear and I could just see the end peeping out from under my mini - oooh it looked great!! - when I let a fart go and it dropped out onto the paper. DAMN!! I had a small brown stain on the bottom of my skirt and the smell was pretty bad. We had to spray the bathroom, my skirt and my bum!! It started off quite nice and medium-hard but after I dropped the fart it went a bit softer.
Oh well back to the drawing board. Any advice on how to grow a nice long brown tail would be appreciated.....

Just to let you know Im Meredith's sister. Not to get confused with the other amanda, i'll but my name in capitals. i might change in future though to Mandy since thats what everyone calls me.


happy poopings to everyone!!

Todd & Daina
Hey Toilet Friends,
Hope that everybody had a great Christmas! We did! A new story for you. On Christmas Eve, Diana and I were on our way to her parents house for their party. Well we got in the door and I told Diana that I needed to go to the bathroom. She said to come and find her when I was done. So I grabbed a magazine and went into the bathroom. About 20 minutes later, I was walking out of the bathroom when I noticed that Amber- Diana's good friend was trying to get into the bathroom. She asked me if I would come in there with her and I told her that I wouldn't miss that for anything. She asked me if she could read the magazine that I was using because it helps her do her business a lot smoother. So 20 minutes later we both walked out of the bathroom and it did not smell like flowers. Diana asked me what took so long and I told her and she said "Wow, Why didn't you come and get me?" I hope that I can get another experience with Amber. So tell us what you think. Well have a Happy New Ye! ar. We love you all! Talk to you later.
Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

Meghan and Sarah S, Hey how are you? Meghan, I heard that you tried reading on the toilet! Did you like it? Please tell us! Sarah, Have you read much on the toilet? Keep us posted!

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