I love the rainy season. Lots of water everywhere - so going shopping, and leaving a puddle in the grocery store, doesn't leave me anxious or embarassed.

I went to the store this morning. First, I stopped for coffee at my favorite shop which we all know - S@@@@@@ks - and got a tall mocha. This always works on my bladder. This morning was no different.

Got my coffee and walked across the parking lot to the store. Halfway there I felt the coffee working, so relaxed and let a nice flow run down the inside of my trousers leg (black so pee stains are indetectible). The small puddle in the parking lot was quickly washed away by the rain.

Into the store, and thru the produce section. Just as I got to the fresh vegetables counter, the bell sounded and the sprinklers went on. Water splashing everywhere - supposedly washing the vegetables, but some on the customers too. And I left a small puddle of water on the floor there.

Here and there, thruout the store, little drips and puddles. Never any more than left by the other customers, from the rain (who knows maybe not all rain).

Stood in the checkout line, behind other folks in black. Long lines as usual and a few other customers dressed in black (does everybody wear black just for fashion, am I the only one that wears it for its other quality?). Watched some women, squirming for a while then mysteriously relaxing. Of course I imagine why they suddenly relax, and look for telltale puddles which occasionally show up under their carts.

Chatting with the lady checking the groceries, she discusses the rain and manages to hint that I should carry my groceries out myself - this store in the dry weather insists in accompanying the customers to their cars, to prevent the abandoning of carts in the lot. In the wet weather, of course, the customers are trusted to return the carts themselves - and most do. That's one of the reasons why I shop there. That and the S@@@@@@ks at the other end of the lot.

I left a small puddle in front of her counter before walking out the door. Into the lot, and the pouring rain, and I just relaxed and let it flow. Then put a towel on the seat, and one on the floor to catch the drips from my shoes. Drove home further wetting the towel.

In the dry weather I tend to shop at night. That's another story.

To steve: I liked your story

To kim and scott: I loved your story about pooping in the movie theaters bathroom. I thought you were gonna say you pooped while watching the movie(say in to an empty popcorn container). Did all that poop go down? Did it over flow any??

To Eric: I liked your story, how old were you when you dumped on the sliding board? How old are you now, im just wondering Thanks

I did poop 2 times last night, i think it was still from Xmas dinner coming out. It was a bit softer this time.... yesterday morning i was at work and had a stomach ache and then suddenly i had an urge to poop...i was temped to get someone to cover my work for a few but then the urge went away and my stomach ache went away....i ended up holding it till i got home last night
thats it for now, bye

Happy new year from Essex, England!!
Well my Xmas dinner finally came out! I felt the old familiar rumble so I decided against a tail (not too good at it) and went for some more 'mini-filling' instead. I had on my tight black leather miniskirt (ultra-tiny) and knicks (no tights this time). I stood up and gently strained. A short but loud fart followed (causing my boyfriend to crack up!) and then I started to poo. 2 days of long hard sausages dropped into my knicks and the weight was pretty heavy. I looked in the mirror and my knicks were well drooping below mini-level! The heaviest logs I've ever piled up! The smell wasn't too bad so I left them in for a while till they were even harder. It felt great walking around the flat with them bouncing against the top of my bare legs. It made me feel dead cool and vulnerable!! Well, about 2 hours later I had to drop another log so I let it go and you guessed it - 2 5 inch sausages dropped onto the carpet. The miniskirt was bulging!! They were hard so I picked them u! p and flushed them (sadly cos they looked so cute!) and then emptied the rest of my knicks. Wow what a day!!

Hello again! I hope you've all had a great Christmas and have a great New Year! How's everyone's christmas poos and pees been? Mine have been great!
Only yesterday I did a big pile of poo in the toilet - it easily filled the whole bowl! I was really desperate for a poo, so I just ran into the bathroom, pulled down my boxers and sat down and immediately started pooing. It felt so good coming out.

I have a short story to tell about a time I peed myself. I am sure everyone has heard of the term 'pissing yourself laughing'. I actually did it once! It was in Primary School and I was about 10 years old. My class were given 'duties' to do during lunch hours we had to take turns at, it was just basically looking after a 'quiet room' where the younger kids could go into to pray (I went to a Catholic school, being a catholic myself, but I weren't really religious!). Well anyway, it was my turn to do this 'duty' along with a girl who I didn't really get on with. Surprisingly during this duty we did get on and we were talking all the time. She then started making me laugh hysterically, and then suddenly I felt a pee coming on. I thought 'oh no, please stop making me laugh!'. She didn't stop though, and I laughed so much I eventually peed in my pants! Lucky enough she didn't notice. I went to the toilet to try and dry myself. I managed to do this, and I went thr! ough the rest of the afternoon without anyone noticing!

Something has crossed my mind recently. I said in a recent post that I used to poo in my pants when I was younger. This was a problem I had until I was 14 when I grew out of it. I am considering pooing my pants again sometime, although doing it on purpose. I have spoke to many people who do it and they said it is really enjoyable and that the poo feels good. Can anyone else offer me some 'tips' on pooing yourself? If I do decide to do it I'll post my story on here, definitely!!!!

KRISTA - I'm sorry to hear about your new friend's pooing problem. I hope she feels more comfortable now.

Anyway, thats all for this post, i'll post again soon!

DIANE--NY: That was an incredible mega poop you had! When you pulled it out did you keep pushing? Hard poops can make for hard times!

KRISTA: Cool story about the very constipated girl in the stall next to you. She's lucky to have a friend like you.

KIM: I know there would be a market for Shit Illustrated. Go for it!

JASTA: Glad you are feeling better! Did you have any bleeding or torn skin after those huge logs came out of you? I've gotton frustrated when big logs have become stuck in me. Not fun but it happens to the best of us.

I was pissing while talking on the phone the other day. When the guy at the other end realized what I was doing he laughed but I also think it turned him on. He asked if I had to poop but I didn't.

i am a counselor for a kids day camp, i will tell you a story about what happened to one of the kids and me. i took my group of boys all about 9 to climbing on some cliffs. i had to help each one by picking them u and lifting them to the next ledge. i noticed one boy kept grabbing his crotch alot, looked like he had to pee, then he was constantly holding it and kinda bouncing around to act like nothing was wrong. well it came to be his turn to lift up. i picked him up by putting my hands under his to arms and lifted, once i did this his crotch was near my face, well it started to get wet, and he was trying to hold his pants while I was lifting him, well he slipped out of my hands and landed on my stomach , luckily we were not real high up so I didnt fall far. he was laying on me now face down, his crotch was on my crotch, i felt myself getting real wet, i lifted him off me and he was peeing all over the place, he got me real wet and it looked like i peed. he was embarrased a! nd so was I. he tried to stop the pee and was jumping around but no luck, he went all over. that was sad because all the kids made fun of both of us.

I would like to poll contributors to see how their experiences compare to mine. When I was in first grade a girl in my class had a memorable accident. We were walking out of the classroom at the end of the day and this girl was walking about 20 feet in front of me. She had taken a big dump, which caused her panties to visibly sag down below her dress. The funniest thing was that as she was walking along, the poop bounced up and down quite a bit. I followed behind her until she got into her mom's car and they drove off. Prior to that day I had never given girls' panties a second thought, but the sight of her sagging panties was strangely exciting. Of course I hoped to feel that excitement again, but that was the only time I ever witnessed a girl with a big dump in her panties. I would like to know if any other guys or girls out there ever witnessed an accident and felt the same way.

It's great to hear from you again! I LOVE your stories! Post some more, PLEASE! You always seem to take a wicked delight in scandalizing a bunch of prudes! I like how you make all those erotic moaning noises while birthing one of your humongous torpedoes! It must make the people who hear you CRAZY with curiosity. Witnessing one of your huge log events must be akin to attending the launch of a ballistic missile submarine- big splash and all! I have NO idea how you can pass one of those HUGE beasts, though. I can't even IMAGINE a hole stretching as big as some of you girls describe your dumps to be. The feeling must defy description! Also, you should use men's rooms more. I can assure you that your escapades would find LOTS of admirers there.
NEVER flush your monsters, though. You're denying the rest of us a glimpse of "greatness". I'd LOVE to see one of your masterpieces left in an unsuspecting toilet! I suspect that was JUST what the 11 year old was doing. BTW, have you ever left one of your monsters someplace other than the toilet? I was just curious.

Diane N.Y.
The neighbors must have been looking for a giant animal on the loose, after you left those MONSTERS in your friends back yard! Again, I cannot fathom passing turds that size and length- it blows my mind! It reminds me of one of our dear friend Melissa's stories. I'm very glad to hear that you are carrying on the tradition. You must be a really big girl, in order to accomplish what you do. I do hope you are on the mend in regard to your terrible losses. I always love to hear your anecdotes!

I suppose if anyone could be arrested for pooping too much, it could be you! Ha! The sheer volume of turds that you describe must be amazing to witness!

That thing you passed sounded like a football size!

I always love reading the stories that all you "huge log" ladies post!
They really DO brighten my day!

DAVID- I am 16/m and also into peeing. Just to let you know a little about me, i am not "brave" enough to publicly wet myself on purpose yet, would be too embarassed. However, i have pissed myself out of desperation while in the car with my parents a few times, and a couple other times with friends also. I'd be interested in corresponding with you on this subject if you are interested.

KRISTA- Do you have any interest at all in peeing. As i mentioned above, that is mu turn-on and i love to see girls (guys too, why not?) desperate and wetting themselves. It's great. If you have any stories on this topic, please don't hesitate to post them. Many of us here would love to hear them.

I hope to post a short story next time. Until then...stay wet!


English Boy

Well ive posted a few times but my name never appears despite me adding it

So did everyone have a good xmas? I did. Lots of smelly farts and a few good trips to the toilet. Nothing of any major size though :(. I just don't do big ones. Sometimes though you feel like a good shit and it comes out really nice and smooth and then other times its really sticky and no matter how much you get out it is a bugger to wipe. Anyone else experience this.

I was in Crete a few years ago as well and over there you have to put the paper in the bin! took a bit of getting used to. I think a group og girls clogged there's and had to use a bucket of water!

Sarah S and Meghan(Robby and Annie)
Hi friends!
We know that Annie told the story of the singing dump! There is another one that we want to share. Annie's twin boys and her mother came over with us. We all had to share that house in Manchester with her other 2 daughters and son. On the last leg of the visit we made a day stop in London. We were out shopping(Harrods,woohooo!!). As we were drooling our way through Annie said;"I have to go to the closet". For us Americans that is the bathroom. Meghan said she had to wee, too. So we all marched to the "closet". Meghan and I were shocked how big and gorgeous that bathroom was. We each got in a stall and Annie's mum just needed to wee. She finished rather quickly. Of course Meghan HAD to let out a mega fart. I was even embarrassed. She quickly dropped 2 logs and wiped up. I had more a problem. I was constipated. I hunched over and strained with all my might. I think I broke my ribs in the endevor. I grunted UUUUHHHHHHHH! Annie said; "What on earth?, I think we will wait out! side". Meghan stayed,(that sweet girl)! She didn't dare come into the stall. All she could do was to encourage me to PUSH PUSH PUSH!! Finally I dropped a WHOPPER of a piece. I felt sooooo much better. I peed and wiped. There were some strange stares as I left the stall and all of our cousins(young ones) were sniggering when we came out. We did get a smile and pat from Annie's mother. That was our mega dump in the famous Harrods. By-the-way, we dropped some serious money in there. Dad said;"You didn't need to go back to college did you?" We are halving the expense with Annie. Will have more, soon.
A SPECIAL NEW YEARS greeting to our really cool cousins, dear niece, and dear friend(nephew) KENDAL AND ANDREW!!!




Abba fan
Check out this funny-play on an Abba/Erasure song:
"Don't go wasting all your motions, lay all your logs on me!"

Lemme know, what you think, about this!


Hi all!
Well, I am tired but glad to be back. The girls are still in bed and Robby is in the kitchen so I thought I'd catch up on the posts. I know Sarah and Meghan told you the story about the football game. This is one that happened at home. My 5 kids and Sarah and Meghan were all sitting around the tree on Christmas eve. We were singing carols and having a jolly time. Sarah got up and left the room. Then Meghan went, then Alan, then the rest of my brood. I couldn't figure out what was going on. It was quiet for a few minutes and then carols filled the upstairs. I rushed upstairs to see what was going on and there was Sarah sitting on the toilet, straining to beat the band and ripping out mega trumps. The rest of them were standing in the door singing the most vulgar lyrics to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". I about had a stroke. I was choking because I was laughing so hard. Sarah would rip a fart, drop a log, and the rest would shake their fingers at her for being naughty. T! hey HAD to have practiced this. Finally Sarah took some tissue and wiped. They all marched downstairs to the tune of "I'm Dreaming of a poopy Christmas". My kids said they had done it on a dare and were somewhat embarrassed about it. I told them not to worry. We discussed this and Sarah and Meghan told them about this site. They DIDN'T tell them about their recent adventures in the loo. I won't encourage my kids into this unless they are very secure with it. God knows they are old enough! The important thing is; MANCHESTER UNITED WON!!!

JASTA: I did have constipation problems with all of my pregnancies. It was rough going. Alan, my husband, was very understanding and kind. I am glad Mark is as understanding, too. You might tell your son Tyler when he is old enough that leaving the door open is fine at home but some people will not approve of this out in public. Take care, Annie

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hope you both are having a jolly Christmas in Scotland. I wipe Robby's willie from the slit then the head. I give it a little squeeze before I drop the tissue into the bowl. Since he is circumcised then this is easy to do. All of the girls weed in the shower over the hols. It was funny. Take care, Love, Annie

PV: Hi gal! Hope the hols are keeping you merry. Hope you are at the beach weeing up a storm. Love, Annie

KRISTA: Welcome! I am glad you have found a friend to join you in your toilety adventures. Be careful about the watching. You will enjoy this forum, I'm sure! Take care, Annie

RICH AND KATHY: What a story!! (Laughter)!! What a buddy dump. You have some wonderful friends in Noreen and Larry. I can hardly type I am laughing so hard. Keep the adventures coming!!! Take care, Annie

JANE: Hope your holiday dumps were the usual performance! Give our best to Gary! Love, Annie

STEPH: Welcome back! Isn't it great to have buddy dumps!! Take care, Annie

DEAR KENDAL: Hi sweetheart! Hope you are having a great Christmas. I hope you got to go to the Lake District to visit your sisters and brother. It was a bit nippy up there. I was in Manchester. COLD! Well, write when you get back. Lots of Lovexxxxxxx and a huge hug from Aunty Annie

DEAR LAWN DOGS KID: Hi my dear, sweet friend! As I was telling Kendal I hope you got to see all of your relatives and friends. I also hope you had some ripping adventures in the loo to tell us when you get back. Take care! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a hug from Annie

DEAR RIZZO: I couldn't forget you. Hope your Christmas poos were easy and your sons were with you and your wife. I can't wait for you to regale us with some navy stories. My father was in the Royal Navy.
Lots of Love from Annie

Welcomes to: Fenu and Eric. SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Scott and Kim, Sarsen, Bryian, Aaron, Adrian, Gurli, Flexi, Mina, Alana, Althea, Adele-enjoy your stories. Mindy, Mandy, Nurse Carmalita and Jake, Pat and Renee-how's the baby?, Sarah T, Jeff A, DianeNY, Tina, Tricia, Erin, Gina, Ashley, Ephermal, Meredith, Amanda(sister), Amanda, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Julie, Diva, Marianne, LindaGS, Elena, Amy(co-ed), Melanie, Amazon, Upstate Dave, Buzzy, Muggs, Mercy Kid, Kelly-Marie, Ina, JeffVT, Alexa, Michelle(the flesh), Dot, Tee, Laura, Ellie and Little Lou and all of the other posters!


poop guy
Jane: It's great when you tell us during your stories when you're wearing pantyhose. Can you kindly tell what color they are too? That would be WONDERFUL! Thank you!

Hello. I have a question for kim (of kim and scott).

Just what is this "shits illustrated" you're referring to? Can one actually get a copy of this?

Thanks in advance!

Kim Fan (Basinger, not Mathers)
I have heard the rumors about rapper Eminem, apparently, being an item, w/ actress Kim Basinger. Lucky-guy! (If it's true). Sounds like he gets to hear her on the toilet. Crackling, grunting, splasing, etc. If they are, truly-together, I am assuming that that has to happen, sometime. Who-knows, maybe the lucky-devil will even get to see her while she is "going". That's if he hasn't, already. How many of you think that she would allow him to watch, and, maybe, wipe-her butthole, for her, when she is done? Sure is fun to think-about, though.


Hi Jasta and Bryian. Bryian, I live in a Massachusetts suburb of Providence, RI.

I was hanging out with Jason today when I asked him if he and Jeremy often see each other go to the bathroom. He responded with "not all the time, but we have no inhibitions about it, either." Jason then again made his remark about having the "same equipment."

Unlike many of you, I have never had an accident since I was trained to go to the bathroom, though I've come close a few times. I have also never taken a shit in any "taboo" places, though I have pissed in the woods or behind the bushes. The latter is not routine for me, however.

I am off from school this week and, although I have taken a shit every day since Christmas, my "big dump" finally occurred this morning. I woke up at about 10 and went in to do my duty. I was wearing a long t-shirt and pajama bottoms. I pulled down my pajama bottoms and my green boxers [I have several different colored boxers, for those who've been observant] and pulled the back of my t-shirt up so it wouldn't hit the crack of my ass.

I peed a little and then went to push out my turds. They came out very easily and even the first one royally stank up the bathroom! My shit usually has a little stink to it but this one reeked!!! I'm glad nobody else was home because they would pass out from what I let out.

The turds were 4-6 inches long and 1- 1 1/2 inches wide. I had to wipe my ass 7 times to get it clean; the turds were a little softer than usual. I flushed and then washed up.

I had to piss about 90 minutes later and the smell of my earlier dump still lingered in the air, though not as badly as before.


Greetings all.

Thanks to all our uncut members (lol) for sharing with the rest of us whether or not they pull their foreskins back when peeing. Something I often wondered about but it’s not really a question you can just drop casually into conversation is it? And close observation in a public restroom isn’t really a great idea - could lead to a nasty misunderstanding! Thank goodness for this site so we can find answers to these vital questions ;)

Some Guy - looks like you’re in a minority in not pulling back. I would have thought the stream would be MORE likely to go everywhere if you don’t.

Sarsen - your comment about eliminating the need to wipe and improving aim makes sense to me. Certainly what my college room mate found and boy was I glad to get rid of the pee splatters all over the bathroom floor. Either he had a foreskin with more twists than a corkscrew or he was peeing freehand because I could never figure how you can get so much pee on the floor with a target as big as a toilet bowl to aim at.

Eric - I never knew uncut guys were “supposed to pull it back while your having a piss” . Is there some foreskin owners manual somewhere with rules (VBG) that us cut guys never get to see? Must say the idea of peeing in your foreskin sounds interesting and I’ve seen other folks here describe the same. Must be messy though. And I will admit to being jealous about your story about whizzing in a bottle with your whole foreskin over the end. Be like having your own hermetic seal. Know from past experience that the old peeing in the bottle trick requires a very steady hand if you’re cut, not always easy if you already drunk the (alcoholic) contents of the bottle!

Now a pee story for you from over the holidays. Was out hiking with a group of friends and friends of friends on a forest trail near where I live. After a couple of hours I was desperate for a pee and thought I’d just duck behind a tree but there were just too many other walkers about so I was sure I’d get caught. Well, by the time we got back to where we left the cars it was starting to get dark and I was virtually walking with my legs crossed but luckily there were facilities provided by the side of the road. Unfortunately, of course, they were locked! Well I just couldn’t wait any longer and ran round the back of the building, whipped it out and began to water the wall. Judging by all the streams down the wall, either the fire service had been having hose practice there or I wasn’t the first one that day! Why DO they build public facilties and then lock them?

Well of course, mid stream, the inevitable happens and three young women (early 20s and quite attractive) come round the corner, see me and what I’m up to, burst out laughing and then apologise as they dive into the bushes further back. Then three guys appear (boyfriends/partners I guess) and two of them can hardly get their zippers down before they too are letting rip at the wall next to me. We chat a little about the good weather and having drunk too much over the holidays to cover the desperation and embarrassment of the situation .... and I resist the temptation to check out if either of them is uncut and whether or not they pull back :)

Meanwhile the third guy is hopping about holding his stomach and then announces to all of us that he “Really has to shit bad” (the holiday food I suppose?) He looks desperately at us in hope that we have a kleenex but no. Then we hear a voice from the bushes that xxxxx has some paper and why doesn’t he “Come in and join us” because they are all pooping too. He didn’t need asking twice and the whoops from the bushes made me think someone was getting quite a show. Sadly, we three pissers at the wall could only hear and not see.

By this time I’d finally finished my enormous pee, shook off and put it away. Left the six of them to it with a smile on my face. Maybe it wasn’t the first time they’d all pooped together in the bushes but I bet they all had a good time that night!


Hi everyone, it's Rich and Kathy. We hope that everyone enjoyed Christmas, and is looking forward to, what we hope, is going to be a better new year. With that said, we will send some replies to some of the terrific stories we have read over the last few days.
Kim and Scott - A 25" by 3" on top of a 13" by 2"? That must have been a sight to behold, Kim. I would have loved to see that go down the tubes, as well as seeing the whole load in the bowl. Hey, anytime you and Scott want to come over, we will race the 'Vettes and the 'Stang, work out like crazy, have one of Kathy's famous home cooked meals, and then have a poop party. We may even invite our gang over to join in. Imagine, you, Kathy, Anne and Noreen all blasting out monster torpedoes, it would be something else. Take great care Kim, Kathy and I send our love.
Meghan and Sarah S - We just loved your little foursome poop at the stadium. It sure sounded like fun. Thanks for saying hello.
Muggs -Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, young fella, it is great to see you back. Not having heard from you in some time made us worry, I guess that is just the way we are. But back you are, and those latest adventures were great. Michelle and Amy crapping on the newspaper was awesome. Imagine the pile of doo doo those girls made. Don't feel ashamed about wiping Michelle. It seemed that Amy was fine with it and she was present, so you shouldn't worry. You handled it with class. Your story about the 4 girls in the car was great. I used to get to watch Kathy, and maybe one of her girlfriends when I was your age, but never 4 at once. You have some really great adventures, and we are happy that you like our last group poop story. Take good care.
Diane NY - How are you, dear, it has been a while since your last post. You certainly had a massive holiday dump, that was some load you passed, young lady. We hope it didn't hurt too much. Take care, Diane.
Amanda (Mere's Sis) - Wow, you crap like your sister, that little adventure in the downstairs W.C. was very interesting. I guess that you and Meredith take turns stinking each other out. That reminds me of my siblings, and of various friends and their siblings. It seems many people engage in the joy of pooping and stinking each other out.
Robby - Hey Robby, Happy new year, it's nice to see you writing again. We (all 6 of us) are glad that you liked our colossal buddy dump. You should have seen that poor tub after we got through with it. Please say hello to Annie for us, and we will speak with you again soon.
Renee - Howdy, "Mama" Cowgirl, I guess we have to add "Mama", now that you have a beautiful little girl of your own. How are you Renee, we hope that everything is well with you and Malita Jean. I guess some things don't change, as you are up to your usual tricks. The story about you peeing in the tub while Patsy passed a nasty load was vintage Renee. Then, listening in on Carmalita and Jake while you pooped was the icing on the cake. It's funny, how all of you youngsters enjoy the same crazy stuff that we "old geezers" out East enjoy. We are glad that you enjoy our wild outings, the only things missing are your gang and some others on this site. And, we have absolutely no problem with any of your comments, ie, that we were naked, etc. That, believe me, added to the fun. That the girls got you excited is great, they got us old guys going to. You are a sweety pie, calling me "dude', "babe' and saying the ladies love me, you are too much. Kathy is also very flattered by the! sweet things that you girls say about her. We feel the same way about you, Patsy and Carmalita, we love you 3 girls like you are our own daughters. Anyway, the party before Christmas at Larry and Noreen's produced some of the biggest poops that we've seen, considering that all six of us crapped the proverbial yard or more. Not to mention the smell. I've probably rambled on enough, take great care, Renee, we love you, please say hello to everyone, and please give Malita Jean a kiss for us.
Carmalita - Ah, Senora, you who wrote the wonderful little poem about the holiday poop, but that is what we expect from a most entertaining and lovely lady like you. It was a novel idea, and it was enjoyable and funny, as it kept us glued to the screen. Kathy and I hope that the holidays were great for you and Jake. We are also glad that you liked the post about Noreen's and Larry's party. It was something else, Sunday morning, as all of us had to really go, and everyone produced some mighty logs. We would have loved to have had you and the gang there for the festivities. We will speak to you again soon, Carmalita, Kathy and I send our love.
Buzzy - Neighbor, there is always an open invitation to come and join us for a "community poop", as you called it. That sounds like a good description, as there were 6 of us, all in our birthday suits, and all crapping out monsters. The video came out pretty good, considering that we are by no means professionals. The sound on the video captured all of the peeing, pooping and farting noises, and Anne caught some hell when she let loose with that gasser she blew at us. Boy, was her face red! Take care Buzzy, have a Happy New Year!
Jeff a - LOOOng time no hear friend, how are you and the wife? Kathy and I are so glad that you liked the Christmas party, and yes, it was nice that the "other" members of the gang wrote their own pieces. I insisted that they do so, and they had no problem. That you especially liked hearing about the girls' (Kathy, Anne and Noreen) large movements is, well, that is where my interests lie also. They are the ones who keep us guys interested. Take care Jeff.
Adrian - Hi, it's Kathy. Glad you liked the super poop party we had, I must admit that it was unusual and fun. Oh yes, we stunk out the joint, as the saying goes, and Anne, especially, as she hadn't gone much the day before, and she was full of ripe gas. AS for accidents, Anne and I have been friends for about 50 years, and the only accident that I remember was in high school, when she couldn't get her panties down fast enough and crapped on them and the toilet. Carol and I got her cleaned up and Carol had a spare pair of panties. I hope that answers your question.

Hellos also go out to Jane, Mina, Meredith and Rizzo The Boatman.
OK, there is really nothing special happening today, Saturday the 29th. This morning I took my usual large, pre run crap, then went for a 7 mile run in 22 degree weather. I caught up with Noreen, we had a nice run, and at the end, she had to hurry home, as she had to poop, and it was quite cold. I feigned mock disappointment, she gave me her sly grin, and said that there would be more opportunities coming. I am sure of that. SO I got home, took off the gortex suit, cooled down and got ready for the shower. Just then, Kathy walked by, dropped her panties next to my feet, and climbed onto the toilet marked "HERS". As she squatted, I noticed that her hole was already doming out, then a long, thick light brown snake slithered and crackled its way into the waiting water with a splash. Another smaller missle followed, then a strong pee followed. I was beckoned to wipe, which I did with pleasure. The poop measured in at 23.7" and was 2.60" wide. Not a bad load, for a lady of 5! ' 2". OK, with that done, we flushed, showered and, well that is where we end this story.

Kathy and I, along with Noreen, Larry, Anne and Mike want to wish everyone on the site a happy and healthy New Year. Take care everyone, we will speak with you again soon.

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Bob from NJ
to Sara:
in German;
popo=bottom or heiney
pissen=to piss

in French;
merde=shit(a strong cuss word in France)
fesse=ass or bottom

hope this helped answer
your question.


Here are the words used in french:

to shit: chier
shit: merde
to poo: faire caca
poo: caca
to defecate: defequer

I have school story from when I was younger

I remember once, about 5 years ago when I was about 11 or 12, I was at school in a French lesson. Our teacher was really mean and never let anyone go to the bathroom during a lesson. When I was that age I often held in my poop for days, sometimes up to a week. I never went during school because there was no privacy. This was the first lesson after lunch, and we had to sit a two-hour test. At the start of the lesson I felt the need to poop, as I hadn't been for about 3 or 4 days. I thought I could hold it in as I always had in the past. About half an hour into the test the urge began to get worse and worse. I had eaten a big burger and chips for lunch and now it was trying to come out. I was shuffling around in my seat and trying to hold it in. I kept on like this for about another 20 minutes. Then I started feeling the need to pee as well. I was still wriggling in my seat and had one hand tightly gripping the front of my pants to try to stop my pee coming out. My stomach! was cramping and I was in real pain. I lifted my butt of the chair to try and let a small fart out to relieve the pressure. I got out one small fart and quickly stopped as I could feel the poop coming out as well. I looked over at the clock, I still had over an hour to go and I didn't think I could make it. I couldn't sit properly on the chair as my stomach hurt so much. I put my hand up and called the teacher over. I told him I was desperate to go to the toilet, but he said I should have gone at lunchtime. As the lesson went on, my need was getting worse and worse. With half an hour left, my stomach was killing me and I thought my bladder was about to burst. Finally at the end of the lesson, we had to go up to the teacher one by one and hand the test in. I was one of the last. I walked up to the front, one hand on my stomach. Trying desperately to hold it all in. I put the test on his desk and ran out the room. I ran down the corridor to the toilets as fast as I could. I f! elt a few squirt of pee and some poop go into my briefs as I ran. I ran into the boy’s toilets. Before I there more poop came out. There was no one else in there. I ran into a stall. I closed the door, but there was no lock and it swung half open. I pulled down my trousers and pants, the second I sat down I started to pee. I peed non-stop of over a minute, while I was peeing my poop started to come out, it was so big that it hurt my butt as it came out. It was about six inches long and 3 wide. It dropped straight out and hit the water. About three smaller logs followed it out, what a relief. When I was finished I sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. The poop was really clean and I hardly had to wipe. I got up and flushed. It didn't flush away. I washed my hands. I was about to go back and flush again when some smaller kids came in. They instantly grabbed their noses the smell was awful. I quickly left as they walked in.

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