happy holidays everyone! my name is krista and im 16 yrs. old. im new to this site. i get constipated a lot and usually carry laxatives around with me. they seem to help me most of the time, only sometimes giving me diarreah.i guess ill just tell you about something that happened a few weeks ago. this is the story of how i met one of my bestfriends in the bathroom!
i get pretty turned on by watching people poop for some reason. in our highschool, if you're in the bathroom stall on the toilet and you lean back and look through the side crack between the side of the stalls, you can get a good view of the persons back and butt and what theyre doing. one time there was a girl in the stall next to me. i looked through the crack and i could see her sitting on the toilet leaning way forward so her ass was almost in the air, grunting and strainging and farting, and i could even see her anus opening a little as she pushed. i wanted to watch her, so i just sat on the toilet and leaned back and watched, and made a few noises hear and there so she would think i was going to the bathroom too. she spread her buttcheeks apart with her hands and bent all the way down so her ass was in the air and her butt wasnt even on the toilet, and made really loud strains and constipated sounds. i saw the beggining of what seemed like an absoultely huge, hard ! poop with a very dark brown color start to poke out, but then it slid back in. she made some more strains but nothing happened. i couldnt see her face, but i started to hear her make little noises and sniffle, like she was crying. i then said "are you ok in there? whats the matter" then after a pause she said "ive been constipated for days and i just cant doodie. i know i have to and i feel like i have to but it just want come out." then i told her that i had laxatives in my bags and offered her some. she said thankyou but that shes taken them before and theyve given her such bad diarreah that she had to take Immodium for the diarreah. i felt bad for her, but i was pretty excited and i slowly and hesitantly asked her if she wanted me to come in the stall with her. she said yes so i went in and she sat on the toilet. i told her how ive suffered with constipation before and offered to help. i just kinda told her to sit on the toilet and relax and she did. she started pushing a! little more but nothing happened. i told her to sit there and kinda let her anus open up. after 15 minutes nothing happend and she thanked me and said there was nothing i could do. i stood there a little longer and she took her finger and stuck it up her anus and tried to poke around for the shit. she said she knew it was up there and shes been clogged up for days but she just cant go. i sat there and just talked to her (we both had free for the rest of the day) a few times she made some pretty big farts. then finally she told me she would take the laxatives so i gave em to her and she took it and we left the bathroom. then she told me to meet her in the bahtroom at the same time tomorrow. the next day i went in the bathroom but she wasnt in there. i had to poop anyway so i sat down on the toilet and went. i farted twice and then a soft log slowly slid out for about 7 inches. then 6 more little round turds, and another 5 inch log which turned to s squirt of diarreah. i felt! i had to go a little more so i sat on the toilet and she (melody) finally came in. she said that last night she sad diarreah from the laxatives but she was relieved and glad to have the shit out of her. she sat on the toilet in the next stall and proceded in talking to me. i farted and pooped out 2 more turds. i didnt flush because i didnt want her to think i was done because i wanted to watch her. i leaned back and saw her sitting on the toilet. she pushed a little and along with a loud fart came out explosive shots of diarreah. i rally felt bad for this the course of 5 minutes i farted once, while watching diarreah shoot out of her ass. she asked me how i was doing and i said i was almost done and then i asked her if she was ok. she said not really but it would pass. she told me her mom was going to take her to the doctor in a few days.
a few days later she told me the doctor told her she had to change her diet. her bowels were very sensitive to the way she ate and she would have to stay strict when it came to what she ate in order to prevent diarreah or constipation more frequent then other people get it. now, a a few weeks later, melody isnt having many problems with her bowel movemtns. i invited her over a few days before christmas. we were watching tv and she said " i have to make a doodie. wheres the bathroom?" and i led her to it and we went in together. she asked me if i wanted to watch her and i said yes. so she sat on the toilet and i sat on the floor across from her. she opened her knees so i could get a good view of her poop. after a minute of straining and grunting a lightish brown log started to make its way out. it came out about half way and was just hanging between her legs. she pushed a little more and it plopped in the toilet. she wiped her ass with a smile on her face, flushed, and we! left the bathroom. i have to say i think this is the start of a good friendship :)
so long eveyone. ill update you in a few days

Midnight Mary: The nurse put on some gloves and some how got that part of the log out then she gave me an enema told me to raise my gown get of the bed and bend over with my but in the air which was kind of embarrassing because my mom was in there it didn't really hurt that bad but then I got real ful and it started running out I am now on a prescription to help and I have to get an enema evry week Mark gives it to me

Aaron: It is fun to wipe people isn't it I sometimes wipe Mark's penis for fun only right on the tip it gets me and him aroused he wipes my vagina sometimes too.

Its weird cause I know alot of friends whode never be caught dead
shitting in public...yet others don't care at all. I wonder what the
difference is and what percentage of guys fall on which side of the issue?

Like I said Ida been soooooo embarrased if any friend caught me

Postman: I was on Dartmouths campus 2 years ago when a town water main broke in sub zero temps one afternoon leaving the campus and town without water. I went through several restrooms and each bowl had shit in it....and once or twice youd see a student leaving a stall after trying to flush...unaware the town had no water...

I gotta admitt that after I saw the dude, Id look in the bowl after he left

A few toilets looked as if more than one person had used it


This was weird.

My uncle lives in Nashville and while visiting him just a few days before the terrorist attacks and school started.... He got me a VIP
pass backstage at the Grande Old Opry. Im no country fan....but what the heck..when in Rome....

Backstage all the performers have open dressing rooms and there is
one 'public' restroom for everyone stars and others with passes like me. All in all there were 30 or so people backstage.

I do know a superstar when I see one...

and I followed Vince Gill into that restroom.
He sat down and started farting and grunting !

and then went out and sang before the whole audience and country !

I cant believe someone as famous as that would not have more private facilities to use !

alicia - you should wear a diaper to bed if you have runs. I do - it is MUCH easier to clean up that way if I had an accident. I am 30, by the way.

The last time it happened to me was a couple of months ago. I was taking some antibiotics, and was having accidents daily. It was not diarrhea, but I could not hold it for too long. I was wearing pull-ups all the time.

To Jasta: Thats funny what your son said about your private parts(where is it LOL) It sorta reminds me of a movie...Look Whos Talking 2.

To Muggs: I enjoyed your story about you having an urge to poop and your girl friend(s) having to poop after christmas day. Sounds like the one girl really had to go!

To Owen: Great Story Man!! I really got a buzz out of that one. Never heard about a guy cleaning someones elses ass after a shit by pissing. Loved hearing about your girl friends poop. Cool!

To Aaron: I loved that story about you and your friends having to poop after eating Wendys. Im just curious, where are you from? I know your from the North east...Im from the North East too.
keep the good stories coming!!

To Kyle: Loved your story about taking a dump in a doorless stall, cool and seeing those youngish dudes on the can

I like that picture up top today...looks like she had a good load

Last night my Xmas dinner finally came out!..i was online then about 7pm an urge to poop came on and i was alone so i went into my bathroom grabed a hand held mirror, a chair and some toilet paper. I stood up on the chair and positioned my self so i could see my ass hole and i went in my sink, i begain pushing...i was watching it come out. At first a huge log came out and it was dark brown and it must have been 7" then on top of that i had a few smaller turds and they were light brown with pieces of corn in there. I belive it was that color because i had carrots w/ my xmas dinner. Then i pushed even more turds and farted a bit then i was empty then i had to clean my mess up and i wiped like 15 times. I flushed several times too

I had a pooping dream last night something about pooping in a urinal with alot of water and seeing some doorless stalls and i go in one and a girl comes in to poop...she said it was ok...i was hiding from her. thats it for now

I am a security gaurd, part of my patroling is checking the toilets
after work hours. I will be honest, I would say the ladies make the most mess. Last week someone left a turd in the sink that was full of water. I was not ammused. The Cleaners only come in to clean in the mornings so I had to clean it up myself. It was a stiff, long and thick one about 9 inches long and stunk. So people if you are a bathroom abuser, think of other people who have to use these facilities and
most of all think of the poor ones like myself who have to clean it up.
All the best evryone.

Hi guys! A special "hello" to Jeff A. and all of my old friends on "The Toilet."

I am back on the east coast, visiting family and friends, for the Christmas-New Year period.

I've happily shared a couple of buddy dumps with my dear friends Alex and Eric (sister and brother, as some of you may remember.). Eric made an especially good *performance* for me yesterday, the day after Christmas. :-)

I'll be going up to Vermont with my friends Alex and Laura, just like old times, for the New Year. I wish Jodi could come along with us, but she had to get back to her job near Chicago. :-(

Wishing everyone a belated Happy Holiday and a peaceful 2002. I hope to write again after our mini vacation.

Steph XOXOXOXOXO......

Hi again folks!
How are you doin' after a looong holidays of eating a lot ...
Eating it has been for sure. And a lot of food makes a lot of work for the bowels, leading to some pretty nice business done in the bathroom as well.
I had one of my nice friends, Lara, and her 10 years old daughter, over for a nice brunch yesterday. Lara and I are very close friends since our schooldays, and I had not seen Lara since last Summer, as she lives in another town far from here, but now she had been at her parents' over the Christmas holidays with her daughter, and we had planned to meet and spend some hours together. I let her daughter play some fun computer games in my little study, while Lara and I played cards in the living room after eating a very nice brunch. We had some hot coffee and a nice chat while playing cards and talked about our schooldays and all the fun we had back then. As I looked at Lara, she seemed to enjoy herself, sitting on my couch with her big buttocks digged deep down into the very soft cushions that covered my couch. Then without a warning, I heard a deep and long bass sound ripping from Lara's butt, and even if the soft cushions took some of the sound, it was still very we! ll heard. 'Ooops, sorry' Lara said. But Lara and I had always had a relaxed and open attitude to farting, so we did not make any more notice of it .... until I saw Lara squirmed on the couch and looked a little restless, and that told me that more was expected from her behind. And then she said 'oh, my goodness' followed by a looong and nasty pffffffft and a loud prrrrrrrrrt..... and a whole series of little pop pop pop's. How this woman could break wind. I knew it from before, and I bet she could have won some farting contests for sure if she tried. The smell that followed her butt concert on my couch was incredible, and it was a good mix from all that she had eaten the last days. She told me that she felt constipated as she had not been on the toilet for 4 days, and said that she would go to the bathroom if the tooting would continue. And after a few minutes, thunder from her butt broke the silence, and I truly felt the vibrations from her gassy farts. She told me t! hat she better go to the bathroom, as she would like to try to do her business on the toilet. And while walking towards the door, she ripped some squeeky farts that made us laugh. As she didn't come back after abt. 10 minutes, I went to the bathroom door and asked if she was allright, and she said that it would take some time, and that she would like me to stay with her there, and I went in and sat on the bench next to her. She had done nothing but farted, she said, but she felt some stomach pain and could need to have a good bowel movement to relieve herself. She strained and grunted for some minutes, and I saw that she worked hard on doing her business. I talked calmly to her, and she took a deep breath and pushed all she could, and then a cracking sound was heard as the first and very hard turd came out. It was a long one, as it took a while till it broke and ploooped into the bowl. Then after some more farting and straining, many more and softer turds came out, on! e by one, I couldn't count them all. And she stroke her belly as there was a lot more poop coming from her butt. I thought she was finished as we had talked for 5 minutes without anything more happening. But she said that she was far from finished yet, and she was right about that. After a couple flushings and a couple more rounds of relieving herself, farting and pooping greatly, she felt good and wiped herself. A great work was then done by my friend for sure, and she said that she felt greatly relieved. When we went back to the living room, the smell of her many farts was still in the air, and I opened a window for some minutes. We had some more coffee and played cards again ... this time with some nice little toots from us both at times.

Bob from NJ
to Sara:
in German;
popo=bottom or heiney
pissen=to piss

in French;
merde=shit(a strong cuss word in France)
fesse=ass or bottom

hope this helped answer
your question.

kim and scott
holiday greetings all!
Recently my boyfriend scott called me up one night and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. I said "yes!" as we made plans and hung up the phone.not long later scott came to pick me up in his car and we took off for the movies. In the darkened movie theater scott and I shared a jumbo popcorn. we each had our own soda to drink. as scott and I were watching the movie I felt a huge,solid motion coming on strong. I whispered in scotts ear that I had to push out a gigantic log as I handed him the nearly empty box of popcorn to hold. when I got to the bathroom all the stalls were taken(this new theater had a good amount of stalls but were all filled) then I saw the center stall door open up and out came a cute little brunette girl of about 11 years old, we exchanged hellos as she walked past me and washed her hands and left the bathroom. what a cutie she was. I had also noticed that she forgot to flush the toilet. I could smell the faint odor of poo that she had ! left behind.I then quickly entered the stall.locked the door . I wanted to see what she had left behind. and what she had left behind made my eyes pop! I saw a huge,log in there with toilet paper all around it. I then quickly yanked down my blue jeans and panties and sat on the bowl.I was really turned on by the sight and wanted to buddy dump on her log. I then took a deep breath and started to push. I let out a great long fart as a brown log appeared out of my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger and my ring expanded wider and wider!."ooohhh!" I moaned as my log grew even bigger. I knew with all the moaning and groaning I was doing I was putting on a show for all the other ladies in the bathroom. they all knew I was having a huge log and loving every second of it! I then took a breath from pushing and admired my log for a moment. then my body shuddered automatically as my log grew bigger. my body then shuddered automatically again with more foce this time"h! ot diggity damn!' I said as my log grew larger even pushing the little girls big but smaller log out of the way and into the corner of the pink butt was throbbing mightily trying to push this log out. I looked down and saw my thick piece of brown dynamite quivering like mad ready to blast off at any moment. I then decided to let my log come out on its own free will. I did not have to wait long as my body went into a massive shudder and I exploded a gigantic,horse sized log into the log made such a splash I knew all the ladies there heard it! I even heard a faint "ohh my god!' from a girl in the next stall from me.I then got my measuring tape out of my pocketbok and measured the little girls log at 13 inches long. 2 inches thick and my log at 25 1/2 inches long. 3 inches thick.since both of our logs were huge I wiped myself and flushed them down saving the next person the trouble. when this was done I yanked my pants up,left the stall,washed my hands and rejoi! ned my boyfriend inside the movie theater. after the movie was over I told scott my bathroom story. he enjoyed it and I hoped you all did too! bye now. love,kim and scott
TO JEFF A-hello there. I always clog up the toilet with my huge logs. thats why I always use a stick to chop em up and get them down. plus thanks for wanting to see me in "shits illustrated magazine" I will make sure I look my most beautiful for you!!! take care sweetie.
TO RJOGGER AND KATHY-hello there you two! I was thinking. since you both love to exercise like scott and I do.maybe we could come over your place and exercise with you? scott and I are just fanatical bodybuilders and swimmers. we also do a bit of running too!plus when I come over I can show you my 20 plus inches logs!haha. how about it!take care you two!
TO MUGGS-hello there. welcome back. I always enjoy your adventures.
plus thanks for your kind letters merideth,ringstretcher,BB,and reneee I like your posts also. take care all. kim and scott signing off for now!

hi everyone!!!!i'm back!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!last night i went for supper at a nearbye food centre with my brother and some other people.i needed to go and pee so my brother accompanied me to the toilet.i saw in a toilet,there was a blob of hard poop there the person must have been constipated.sorry the story is not that interasting.i'll post more next time.later...

Some Guy
Louis- "Through the elephant's trunk." Otherwise, the stream could go anywhere.

MERSEY KID, Hello all, I have been reading these posts for some time.
I think it is time I introduced myself. I am from the city of Liverpool
and a lad of 20. I have an older brother has said he will send some in. He is O.T.T over the top. He is alot straighter than I am. I will send some in myself. See you all I have to go. Goodbye evryone

Hi, well i wanna tell 2 histories my english is not good but i hope you understand. I had a girlfrien when i had 17 and she 14, one day i was in her home, she was sick about an infection in the stomach, all the morning she was in the wc, and when i went to her home she take a shower and go down stairs for eat, my Gf and I, where eating when she take som vegetables and said -"oh good, i poop myself" she stand up and go to the bathroom near of the kitchen (on the way she poop more, she had diarrea), i tell her "Can i help you?" she answer yes, i will take a shower don´t look at me" and she go upstairs then she came back to following eating but my dick was very hot that time.

3 months later, we where playing in her room and then she said "i have to go to the Bathroom" i said "go" she answer "later" i insist and told her " you will have an accident" the she told me " Fenu i thing that i have incontinence" i said what? she anwer, "yes the other day i was waiting my mom and i felt my leg wet and i toched and i was peed, but i dón´t feel nothing" i said " Vianne, you need to see a doctor" she answer," no, i will use diapers for young people" Wow! it doesn´t like, but well she was the owner of her life, 1 month later we finished

All the strange places people have peed and pooped reminds me of something I saw on TV a while ago. It was a programme about a Stately Home in south weat England which is a major tourist attraction. One attraction the had a few years ago (may still have it) was a tethered helium balloon which carried about 20+ passengers. One day the whinch gear broke and this balloon full of people was stuch several hundred feet up. They had to fly an engineer from London to fix the thing and the people were stuck up there for something like 5 or 6 hours. When they eventually got down they were given a hot drink and something to eat but the narator made a comment about everyone rushing for the toilet. I've often wondered how many were to desperate to 'hold on' up there and what they did. It was a pretty crowded basket with a metal grid for the floor, so no chance of privacy and any pee/poop would fall on the tourists below!

Hi Adele, love your stories. When you say you poo on your bedroom floor is this deliberate or an accident? Please tell us more. All I wish now is that I could help you clean up those dirty knickers. lol.

Muggs - I don't think you should feel bad about being aroused by Michelle's poop show with your g/f Amy in the room. I bet they did it to turn you on. You're a very lucky guy, not only does Amy want to share here intimate moments with you but she is also confident enough about your relationship to include another girl. Go with it, I'm sure the three of you will have a lot more fun together (and you can always tell us all about it).

Louis - As an uncut guy I always pull my foreskin back when peeing standing, it does eliminate the need to wipe and improves my aim.

Happy New Year everyone,

I was just surfing around here and came across this place. I had no idea pooping and peeing could be so interesting. I knew farting was, but of course. I feel like I need to contribute a story. Do I have any? I once took a nice dump on a slide at the local park. I feel kind of guilty about it now. But that was a long time ago. I think the strangest pee I ever took was in a plastic bottle. I put my whole foreskin over the end and wizzed in it. And to the person who was asking, you are supposed to pull it back while your having a piss. Unless you want to piss in it which is fun to do.

I'm outtie.

Meghan and Sarah S
We're baaaaaaack!
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. It was really cool to spend the holidays with Annie in England. We hadn't seen Annie's 2 older daughters and son since last year. We had so much fun. We received Manchester United Sweatshirts, Jerseys and Caps. On the 22nd we all went to the match against Southampton. The United WON! Annie was beside herself. This leads to our story. When the game ended naturally we all had to go to the toilet. All of us girls waited on line for the next stall. On a stroke of luck we got 4 stalls. Annie let us go first. It was so funny. Sarah let out the biggest fart and she started grunting up a storm. I let fly with a good one shortly after. Ellie and Liz, our cousins were horrified we were so open with our grunts. I dropped a huge log and it cullompted into the bowl. Sarah followed with 5 little balls plopping one after another. Ellie finally regained her dignity and dropped a short log. It didn't make a big splash. English to the core, Liz refused ! to be so common,LOL! She pliffed a little trump and we heard a soft splash into the bowl. We all weed and wiped. After we all finished Liz said; "Blimey, you both sounded like wounded cows!" We roared with laughter. They don't know about our newfound experiences. We don't know if we will tell them. We have other stories for later.

MEREDITH: We enjoyed your stories about your sister. We have tons.
We see she has joined you on here. AMANDA- welcome! We are glad to have another sister pair on the forum. We are still feeling our way though this. This still bothers us. We sit down and talk about our feelings about being open about our toilet habits. We'll catch you later. Meghan and Sarah S.

KIM AND SCOTT: Hope your Christmas was joyful. In a past post you asked us to describe ourselves. Meghan- I am 5'8" and 135 pounds. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 19(nearly 20). Sarah- I am 5'5" and 125 pounds. I have light brown hair and hazel eyes. I am 25 yrs old. We enjoy your posts very much. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hi cousins!! Hope you got oodles of gifts. We also hope this Christmas was ok because of the events of this year for both of you. Please write when you get back. We await the juicy stories from the loo,haha!! We are so tired from the trip back,UGH! Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxxxxxx and a mega hug from Cousins Meghan and Sarah.

DEAR RIZZO: Hi, dear sir! We hope your Christmas was fun. We enjoyed England so much and Meghan enjoyed and loos,haha!! We hope you return soon. We love your loo stories and your loving advice. Take care!! Lots of Love, Sarah and Meghan

We are SOO tired from the trip so we will stop here. We send special hellos to all of you especially: Louise and Steve, PV, LindaGS, Ephermal, Rich and Kathy, Carmalita and Jake, Erin, Jane, Jeff A, Adrian, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Adele, Ellie and Little Lou. We hope the others not named won't be offended. We love you all!!


Thursday, December 27, 2001

hey everyone. i hope u had a great christmas yesterday. me and madison (friend who i live with) had the runs all last night and this morning. we did some drinking at a christmas party. my usual morning dump turned into a wet and messy 15 minute long ordeal! anyway ill tell u about my experience last night. i woke up in the middle of the night with bad gas. i went down the hallway to use the bathroom and i found madison in there, pooping away. it was nasty too. we both had diarreah. i figured i go back to sleep for a little while. about an hour later i woke up and i felt wet and mushy stuff on my butt, back and upper legs. i thought id wet my self..i turned on the light and lifted the covers to find that id shit my self and what made it worse was it was diarreah. and i didnt even realize but i was still going. i darted to the bathroom with it pouring down my legs and sat on the toilet for half n hour. the smell was pretty horrible and i went back to my room to an even worse s! mell. i took off all my clothes and cleaned myself up and i went and slept on the couch. it was a pretty gross experience and its never happened to me before! now i still have to go but i dont want to let it out because i know it will be all messy and sticky and gross!

pooing, auf deutsch

Dnnpfiff -(n) The runs ("thin-whistle")
Dnnschi- (n) The runs ("thin shit")
Furz- (n) fart
Kacke -(n) Crap
Pisse -(n) Piss
Scheie- (n) Shit
Scheidreck- (n) 1. Shit, junk 2. Bullshit, nonsense
scheiegal- (adj) indifferent ("shit-equal")
Scheihaus- (n) Shithouse, crapper
Scheikerl- (n) F????r, asshole ("shit-guy")

I live in a big city and hear about people who live in the city but have had their utilities cut off for nonpayment of their bills. Some people have no heat or electricity. A kerosene heater or fireplace isn't much good if it is 10 degrees outside. If you live in a house with no running water and no heat, where do you go to the bathroom when is below freezing INSIDE the house? What do you do with the resulting ice cube it when you finish?
has any one heard of anything like this?

In Reply to Sara:
Hi Sara, my name is Lukas and I`m from germany. I can`t tell you how Asians say "poo-poo", but i can tell you, how germans name ist. To shit means in german "kacken,scheissen,furzen,blhen". Small children mostly say "gross machen" or "kaka". If you want to say " I have to poop" in a nice way, you gotta say " Ich muss einen abseilen" or " ich muss mal gross" or "Ich muss mal aufs Klo". I`d would like to know how often women poop and how often they poop at home, at their job or at school. Ok, gotta go, Cya Lukas

hi to all,hope you had a great christmas
AMANDA 10 yrs..interested in the places you have peed,,i like peeing and pooing in places other than the toilet eg beedroom floor ,in my bed and in my knickers[ i do this quite often] my mum lets me do it in my knickers if i am constipated cos it doesnt hurt as much. what other places have you gone for a poo your age i wore a diaper every night..

we went to my nans for christmas i didnt poo for three days but ate like a pig,so i am now very constipated,ive just been on the toilet for an hour straining so hard but all i did was fart,i am wearing plastic knickers at the moment in case it comes out suddently,i keep getting waves of stomach cramps so when ive finished posting i am going back on the toilet, ive decided if i dont manage to poo on the toilet this time i will try to go in my knickers later..

must go now post again later
xx adele xx

Hey everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Today my little boy Tyler took a wee in the toilet for the first time today he is now potty trained thank goodness! but now there is another one to potty train on the way yesterday or the day before I felt the baby kick for the first time I'm 4 months along but I'm not showing yet. Tyler is becoming very curious about private parts today while me an Tyler were in the shower (he takes a shower with me or Mark so we can clean him at the same time I squatted down to pee in the shower and he said mommy where is your dinky (penis) did you break it off?! we laughed for hours.
Renee: we are still amazed that you are hiding bodily functions from your child me and Mark openly relieve ourselves in the shower or in the toilet it is the best way to help a child pottytrain why do u hide it?
Ps Mark is actually starting to like posting here and I think he is having more fun on the toilet because he just told me he wanted to post next so see ya Jasta

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