hey everyone. its 12:30am right now. i got some cool stuff for christmas. i got some new audio equipment and some cool DVDs like Casino and Goodfellas and Taxi Driver. And another cool story as my gift to everyone here. Tonight i had a big dinner of turkey and ham and stuff with my family then i went over to amy's where she was having a small get together with her parents and michelle. whilst there i ate some more turkey which was more of a mistake b/c i really didnt think of how this could possibly affect me later. not more than about an hour later (10pm) amy's parents went off to bed and we just sat around and watched Raging Bull. About an hour into it i began to feel a crampy feeling in my stomach but didnt do anything about it because i dont like to poo at other people's houses....its just not cool for me. So anyway we're sitting there and michelle stands up and farts really damn loud..(brrrrrrrAAAAAP-- DAMN!)and says "well...i gotta go." Then amy gets up and whispers so! mething to michelle while they look at me and giggle. i slowly begin to wonder what they have planned. I see michelle grab a newspaper and head to the bathroom while amy follows her. i hear the door shut and about a minute later i hear them call me from the bathroom. i walk over not expecting what was about to happen. i open the door and amy pulls me in by my arm and shuts the door and locks it. The newspaper is laid on the floor and michelle squats over it and cuts a soggy fart and without much effort like usual i see a 2" thick log poke out and slowly snake its way out crackling so loudly it must have coiled over itself like 5 least 30-35 inches long, smooth, light brown and smelly. she then pinched out a smaller turd like 1 inch thick and 4 inches long. she then farted once more and got on the toilet to pee and then got up and leaned against the sink and i looked away...(cmon my girlfriend was in the room, i didnt know what to do) and michelle says "im waiting"! and hands me a wad of TP and i look at Amy and she nods approvingly. so as gently as i can i press the paper between michelle's tight butt cheeks and feel some sticky crap and wipe it as best i can. i throw the TP in the toilet and come up with another wad in my hand and she spreads her butt giving me a complete view of her anus in which i noticed she had some hair growing around it. i saw some poo left and wiped it away and tossed it into the toilet. i figured i was done with her till she took my hand and placed another wad of TP in it and guided my hand under her vagina and my eyes damn near bugged out but i didnt pull away. i just went with it.i softly wiped her down there and got rid of the paper...whats worse is that i got aroused and like a half erection occured...luckily i had a long shirt that covered my crotch area....i felt SOOOOOOOOO ashamed, i mean what kind of freakin pig like me could get turned on in the same room as his girlfriend by another girl?? i didnt c! hange my face though...i didnt want to ruin the mood of the room i guess. but this thing wasnt finished yet, oh no. now Amy decides to go. she takes down her pajama bottoms with no panties underneath and squats over michelles rediculous turd. she farts but not loudly and she starts with a 20 second long wave of soft poop that covered michelles turd almost...a mountain of poo. i could hear the soft sounds of crackling and splattering as she pooped. when she was finished i just grabbed a TP wad and got ready for her to ask me to wipe her. she peed in the toilet as well and leaned against the sink like michelle did (good sized bathroom) and spread her butt and i dug in there with the 1st 2 wipes b/c there was a lot of crap there. then as i got through with her i just grabbed another wad and assumed on wiping her vagina (luckily she wanted me to anyway b/c i dont like doing things that make others uncomfortable) so after we flushed the piss and TP we just looked at the pile....f! or why i get into these things is still beyond me. ill never forget this night we got rid of the crap and finished watching Raging Bull and i said goodnight and left. i just got home a little while ago. my heart is still kinda pounding from it. ADVICE welcome especially.

Merry christmas to everyone. i am your friend and i hope everyone has a happy holiday. thanks everyone.

Peace to the bowels...the tension is rising.


Old Post Review
I find that some of the most fascinating old posts I read have to do with girls wetting themselves out of convenience. It's quite harmless and has an interesting sort of practicality to it. Here are a couple I've read recently:
Donny, page 133 (toiletpostec.htm) near the top (about maybe 5-6 posts down). I like his description of the 11-year-old girl's pee leaking down her leg.
Debbie page 154 (toiletpostex.htm), about 2/3 of the way to the bottom. Her mom was inhibited about her exposing herself, but definitely not about her going to the bathroom all over herself!

A warm welcome to Amanda! I wholeheartedly encourage your interest in peeing in places other than the toilet. It sounds like you're having fun with that. Please, post some of your pee stories! I'm a 15-year-old kid & like hearing from younger kids around here.

sara, the words shit, poo, crap... in portuguese are fezes,merda, cocô, bosta and the teens also call it barro that is mud in english.
it's cool to say: i'm going to toilet to make a mud :-)

hey yall! im new to this site. i'm 14 yrs old and quite frankly im just interested in this stuff. some of yall had some interesting stories. anyway i just wanted to tell you about something that was really embaressing but quite funny at the same time.i have a close relationhip with my parents and i dont really get embaressed about things like this with them. i can easily talk to them about stuff like this. even my dad, and my friends think im crazy when i tell them that. when i dont have a BM atleast every 4 days i get really sick and bloated and sometimes have to stay home sick in time last year i was constipated for 2 weeks and i was so sick i got to the point where i couldnt eat because i would puke and i just had to stay in bed. my mom called the hospital and they said to bring me there. when we got there the nurse lead me and my parents into a room and she told me to take off my pants and underwear. she told me to lay down on my stomach and i did. i wasnt emabre! ssed about my parents being in the room but i was just embaressed about the nurse although shes probly dont this millions of times. my parents held my hand and the nurse came in with a thermometer and a jar of vaseline. she spread the vaseline on the end of the thermometer and inserted it in my anus. it was quite painful because id never had anything inserted there before. my temp was normal then the nurse told me id be recieving an enema. then she came back with a combination kit. she used a squeeze bulb syringe. my parents left the room and the nurse told me to remove my shirt. she put lubricant stuff on my anus and then told me to lay on my left side. i was told to raise my right leg and bend my knee and hold it up. she filled the syringe and slowly inserted the tip into my anus and squuezed in the water and would refill intul i was filled. then i fel cramps and she sorda massaged on my stomach and led me to the bathroom. i sat down on the toilet and i did what felt like! expelling my guts. there was no lock on the bathroom door and the nurse just barged right in wth my clothes. it was emabressing because i had massive messy explosive diarreah with a horible smell. she brought my parents into the room and explained the process to them. the bathroom was in that same room but i ahd that door closed. so anyway im on the toilet and i just kept ging and going and i tried to stand up for a second and it shot outwards all over the back of the toilet seat and the floor so i was like O SHIT and i sat back down. i was farting prertty loudly too and i guess my parents could hear what was going on and my mom knocked on the door and came in and i cud tell by her face she saw the mess and was pretty shocked but ignored it and she sat by me and hel my hand. i dont know how she dealt with the smell. my dad asked if he could come on and i said ok so he came in and both of my parents were talking to me and reassuring me. i was so emabressed but i guess i th o! ught the whole situation was pretty funny. after almst 35 minutes of sitting on the toilet , the floor had shit on it and the toilet seat was totally covered. my mom told the nurse and she said not to worry and she brough me towels to clean my self up with. that was a pretty relieving experience i must say. talk to yall later

Hello Oggy and everyone,
Haven't heard from you for a while Oggy. Are you still posting. Nothing constructive in my dumping recently. A couple of big xmas piles left in the loo but a bit too soft for a nice tail yet! Have a green miniskirt on at the moment and black tights (which have a slight ladder in them Oggy!!).
To Sara: shit in French is merde, in Spanish it's mierda, in German it's scheiss and in Arabic its sort of pronounced 'ha-rra' (guttural 'h' and rolled 'r' s).
Just let a smelly fart out. One of those quiet ones that sort of sound like a 'hsssss' and it pongs! Pheeww!!! Ever notice that quiet farts smell like eggs? When I lift my skirt up it smells even worse!
Keep in touch all.

Slayer Moon
In Japanese, the "proper" word for shit is "daiben," or "big excrement," while piss is "shouben," or "little excrement." These words both come from Chinese loanwords, which Japanese uses the same way that that English uses Latin and Greek words. The native abrupt words are "kuso" for shit and "yubari" for piss.

Hey ya'll! I've read stories here for a while so i thought i'd submit one. Where I live they have built a nature hiking trail out by the woods near my home. One day my girfriend and I decided we'd go for a walk there. Why we were walking she informed me she had to shit. The next outhouse was a mile down the trail. She said she wasn't sure if she could hold for that long. So we ventured off into the woods off from the trail. I found a nice big round tree so noone would see her. She pulled down her shorts and panties to her ankles exposing her nice hairy pussy to anyone looking at her. She leaned against the tree in a sitting stance. I walked behind her and she grunted a little. Finally she pushed out 2 little soft looking ploppers. She grunted a little more and a big nice round looking turd expanede her anal hole and came out. It looked to be around 7 1/2 inches long. It was followed by some lighter ice-cream looking peices. She grunted a little more and pushe! d out another 7 inch log it was followed by a 4 inch one which was followed by another one about 7 inches. She finished. And I said I had to piss. She said oh good you can clean my ass then. She pulled her shorts and panties of around her shoes and lay them over a little ways. She bent over and pulled her shirt tail out of the way and said ok. I unzipped and pulled out my dick. I pissed a nice warm yellow stream on her cute little ass removing all the shit she then stood up and i turned around and continued my pissing on top of her nice pile. She then put her clothes back on i dribbled out the last bit zipped up and we continued our walk.

Hope you all had a very merry christmas and keep the stories coming!

Hello Sara:

The word in French for shit is Merd. In German it is Scheise
pronounced Schiiiiza, and in Greek the kids say ca-ca. A big turd
in Greek is a Crother, and shit is Scata (of course written with
Greek letters) with the accent at the end -- scataaaa

Hi folks! This is my first contribution to this site. I am a women in her thirties who has a rather relaxed attitude to the body functions and body sounds and don't mind sharing a little story with you guys.
A little story that came to my mind today while having a nice little tooting concert followed by a great bowel movement. What a great relief I really had today, and I surely took my time.
The little story is about what happened a couple of years ago while hiking with two other girls, which are very good schoolfriends of mine. It was a lovely day for hiking, and we hiked in a rather mounty area. We would spend many hours out for the day and had packed our little backpacks with some good food and water and juices to drink. After a couple of hours walking, one of my friends started to break some foul wind, and she ripped off so many in a row. 'Oh my goodness, I think I will need to go soon, she said. I have not been on the can for some days, and I am sorry to say that this is going to be a nasty and big dump that I will have to take.' And she was right. As we were out in the nature, I digged a little hole for her to squat over and also one for myself, as I felt an urge myself. We squatted, and what a dump, what a volume that came out of her after some time. I farted and pushed out a couple of turds, and thought that was it. She strained for some minutes fir! st, as her first stools were pretty hard, but they softened after a couple of hard turds. She grunted again and out came a great lot. She took a little break, or should I say windbreak, as she passed a lot of gas and made quite a concert. I joined her, as I am truly a great farter. We understood that there was more to come, and truly it was more that was pushed out by us both. It was a good relief for us both, and we wiped and went on. We had a great day out for sure. The other friend of mine, she passed so much gas, many many squeeky ones did she rip, but she did not take a dump that day.

Hi to Althea. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate that holiday, hope you had a nice day off.

It is 4:45 on the day after Christmas. Jason, his younger brother Jeremy, who will be 13 in January, and me went to Wendy's for lunch. Jeremy and I had the chili, which is "high in fiber, low in fat" (according to the description on the cup) while Jason, who doesn't care for chili, had a burger combo.

The three of us were walking home when my stomach began to rumble. I had a feeling the fiber was working its way through my intestines. Jeremy soon said, "I'm gonna run ahead of you. I have to go to the bathroom." I didn't ask and he didn't say anything, but I had a feeling that the chili worked its magic on Jeremy.

Jason and me got to his house a few minutes later. The bathroom door was slightly ajar and Jeremy was sitting on the toilet. Jason began to invite himself in on Jeremy when I said "I better wait here." Jeremy responded "you can come in Aaron. I don't mind."

We went in and the bathroom stank. Jason said to his brother "dude, that chili has done a job on you!" Jeremy replied that the chili, plus everything he ate yesterday, is coming out big time.

I said I needed to go after Jeremy was finished. Jeremy said he'd be getting up in a minute and I told him don't rush, do what you have to do.

Jeremy got up to wipe and I glanced over and his poop was reddish, much like the chili he just ate. He wiped several times and then flushed. I'll admit I was a little excited to see Jeremy naked and on the toilet, though he doesn't have any more or less in his pubic zone than Jason, I, or any other boy does.

Jeremy went over to wash up when I sat down to go. Jeremy said he'd leave as soon as he finished washing and I told him he could stay in here, "we all have the same equipment." Jason, who used that line on me when he first took a shit in front of me at the pizza parlor, got a good laugh out of that.

I had mild diarrhea and many of my little, loose turds were reddish, just like Jeremy's. I had to wipe five times afterwards.

Jason then said he had to go. He sat down and peed for a few seconds and then plopped several turds. I heard his turds plopping into the toilet bowl. Since Jason didn't have the chili, his turds were more "normal," a few inches long and about an inch wide. He had to wipe several times.

Let me tell you, the bathroom absolutely STANK after the three of us went, with a each of our turds blended together.

I'm sure Jason and I will poop together again many times, and I hope Jeremy and I can also share some buddy dumps. Even though he is my friend's kid brother, he's also my friend in his own right.



Foreign words for poop, poo, shit etc

I know that the French for shit is ‘merde’ but I guess that’s a pretty unacceptable term in polite conversation. Maybe a fluent French speaker can tell us what the French (and the Quebeckers of course) say instead of poop?

In German the verb ‘to shit’ is ‘scheissen’ and the single word for shit/poop/crap is ‘Scheisse’. It’s quite an acceptable term in adult conversation and really isn’t very rude at all. A small child might use ‘Ka-ka’ instead - that would be the German equivalent of the English ‘poo-poo’.

In case you are interested in terms for peeing too, you have basically a choice of 3. The verb ‘pissen’ is obvious to an English speaker - the noun is also ‘Piss’ and both words are pretty rude in German. Pinkeln is the everyday term “Ich geh’ mal pinkeln” = “I have to go pee”. Baby talk is ‘Pipi’ and the verb is ‘Pipi machen’ = ‘to MAKE a pee’ but only a very little kid would say “Ich muss Pipi machen” rather than “Ich muss pinkeln”.

Hope that answers some of your questions.


Midnight Mary
JASTA: How did that doctor pull the poop out of you? Please tell the story in detail! Hope you feel better.

Hi I'm sure Jasta told you about our son Tyler LOL! Anyway about 2 weeks ago Jasta told me about a post she read here and I decided to try it ( the post about a man tying a bag around his penis and peeing when he felt ready to) so I put a bad around my penis and left my underwear off so we left Christmas shopping while we were walking I had to go so I pushed a lil and out came a stream of urine it felt nice and warm but it made quite a large bulge visible from outside my pants. Thanks please tell me who sent this!

Also Jasta has a new experiment at the same time it also worked she put an overnight max absorbancy maxi pad in her panties and pooed while walking in the mall she also says it was quite enjoyable so try it I have not but plan to

Diane- New York
Happy Holidays to you all. Diane here. How are all of you doing? Well I hope all of you are fine and let me tell you of a story that happened while I was in Germany.

First let me be blunt, I overdid it. Ate too much. My 315lb body was severely plugged. Here it Goes.
Well I took of and everything was fine on the flight. FYI: It was a Boeing 747-400. Well I was here on pleasure not business. (Hard to believe a business person like me needs to take a pleasure trip, cant help it.) Well I was going to stay with my friend, Kimberly. So I get a taxi to her house. Oh Boy! Food Galore!, Heartburn for Sure! Lots of food. Well I had a feast. And you guys know me, I can over indulge but this time I had a whole shit load of Steak, potatoes, macaroni, and biscuits. A whole lot of food boy. Well after I ate, I went to a Rental Car place to rent a car. Now after I took possession of a SL600 (temporary of course). I drive back to Kimberly’s place, and I walk back in the door. I feel extreme discomfort so I excused my self and went to the bathroom. Oh great no door. I asked her where is the door she told me: “Well you see I got stuck so I decided to get rid of it.” Great I thought, this was the only restroom in the house. So I wa! lk in and I lift up my skirt. (She has an inspection shelf. Good God. This cant be good.) And place my ass on the toilet. I push but nothing would budge. I pushed and pushed but nothing would come out. Nothing would come out. After wasting about 45 minutes time. I decided to go take a drive on the Autobahn Yahooooooooo! Well, I though excessive speeds might be able to loosen up my bowels but, When I returned to her house, I went and sat on the toilet. I pushed and pushed. But I felt uncomfortable using her toilet and stinking her place up since there was no door. I decide to take my dump outside. She had a large yard with lots of trees and bushes. I walked into a bush and squatted. I pushed and breathed extremely deeply. Nothing was coming out. But I felt something, something big, extremely big. I pushed and this painful turd started to emerge. The tip was wide and I was in extreme pain. It was sooooo sloooooow. I looked around and I took a leaf and p! ulled it out. This was solid like a brick. I had to stand because it was extremely long. I keep pulling and it lands on the ground with a stud. I take out my keys and take my tape measurer and It measured a full 42 inches 5 inches in diameter. Then I got another sharp pain and pushed out a very easy 32inch 3.7 inch in diameter. Then I had Another 31incher but this was 2in. in diameter. Then I top it off with a long piss. I wasn’t feeling well so I went to my room and went to bed. Then was probably the most difficult dump I took ever. God I hate hard dumps. Well luckily I didn’t have to use the inspection shelf toilet. ALRIGHT! Well talk to you later and Happy Holidays!

Some Guy
mierda is spanish for shit. That's all I know.

Every time I get erections to much I always seem to have to poop. I hit puberty when I was ten (now I am 13)ever since then when i get erection Ialways have to poop.

John, Calgary, Alberta
This happened to me in 1994. I was riding my bicycle on a rural bike trail near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was a Sunday evening and the weather was cold, windy, and lots of rain mixed with wet snow was falling. Anyway, I felt the urge to poop. I realized I did not have toilet paper. Also I was dressed to the max. The nearest gas station in Chestermere was approximately 3 miles away and would involve having to go back and ride against the wind. So, I had no toilet paper, was dressed to the max because of the weather, had no facilities and had only these options I figured. First I could risk asking a nearby farmer to use his facilities. or I could hold it till I got home or I thought also then of doing it in my pants. At about 7:30 PM that night, I pulled my bike of the trail by a boating portage and just simply relaxed for about 10 minutes and seriously contemplated doing it in my pants. I then rode of relzxing for about 10 minutes. at 7:45 PM that night, I stood ! up on my bicycle while pedaling, pushed against my buttocks and completely pooped my pants. I then sat down in it for the rest of my bike ride. 2 hours later I arrived at my home in Calgary.
What a mess I had to clean up. From now on, I always take toilet paper along when I drive,jog,bicycle ride, or walk long distance. I learned my lesson

Amanda (Mere's Sis)
Merry Christmas to everybody!!

This is my first time posting on this site. I have however been reading about the various body functions here for a while and have gained some curiosity to what exactly my sister Meredith is interested. Anyway I'm kinda interested myself now. We just had a major Christmas dinner with many of our family friends and cousins over. I'm still waiting for the big shit to evacuat my body soon.

Anyway, the day Meredith made a huge stinker in the washroom, I apparently made a large one too. But I did however have to wait since Mere's logs clogged up the toilet and poor dad had to unplug our toilet. He was sweating too. I couldn't hold it so i ran downstairs to the washroom right next to the front door. I grabbed a times magazine which apparently was lying on the coffee table since I knew it was going to be big. Locking the bathroom door, I unzipped my jeans that I was wearing and pulled down my black thong and place my firm butt on the cold toilet seat. I felt a shiver go up my spine before I opened the magazine and let out a few smelly whispers. After I guess about 5 minutes of reading, I slowly pushed out my first turd which felt soft and gooey. It slid out fast and plopped in the bowl. I felt my bowels moving. As I flipped the pages, another turd fell into the bowl this one was thinner and i felt that i had to grunt slightly. There was a slight pee break as i! was reading up on some black hole information that really did not interest me. as I felt some more pressure building up in my anus, I pushed gently and farted loudly three times back to back which went pppfpfpffffbbbbttttbbtthhhhbbbddd. It echoed so loud in the toilet bowl I felt my face go red. This fart really caused the little bathroom to reek too. Anyway I just continued to push cause I wasn't done yet and out came a fat turd which stretched my a hole. I felt it touch the water before tapering therefore leaving me feelling empty inside. Yanking at the toilet paper I started to wipe. It took like five full wipes before i saw no skid marks on the tp. As I pulled up my jeans, I looked down at my product and saw two long sausages coiled on top of each other and one fat banana type shit lying over everything. I flushed and ran upstairs to annoy my sister.

Thats all for me now.


Jon and Zip: Jon, it's too bad that you felt so embarrassed about taking a shit in a doorless stall at the mall. I'm more like Zip and kinda enjoy a good public dump. Our big mall here has a restroom with urinals and sinks near the entrance and two doorless stalls further in. I was out doing my Xmas shopping last Saturday and had to take a shit real bad. When I got to the restroom it was real busy with the Xmas crowd. The two stalls were occupied by youngish dudes taking a crap. I just stood there in the narrow hallway in front of the stalls and waited. I could see the dudes straining and heard them farting and grunting. I also heard their turds plopping loudly and watched them wipe. They were both leaning forward and looking down while on the crapper so I guess they could not see me staring. The one dude stood up to wipe and I could see real large logs floating in the bowl. The other dude wiped sitting by reaching behind. When the one dude was done, I sat in the! first stall to take my shit. Several guys came up to the stalls to see if they were occupied. Some went away when they saw both stalls were occupied, but others just waited in line outside the stalls. I kinda took my time and one smartass teen said to his buddy: "This dude has been there forever." I eventually wiped my butt with them still there and then left. Jon, you gotta learn to relax while taking a shit in a doorless stall. Most guys won't hassle you, but teens can be a nuisance.

I like today's picture (Wednesday). She looks like a very oriental lady on the loo.

Sara. I'm sure there are plenty of non-English speaking equivalent names for a bowel movement and we all have our likes and dislikes. I don't like 'shit' for example and I prefer 'poo' to 'poop.' Crap and 'dump' aren't too bad but i prefer to not use the former unless replying to a specific post which mentions it - as in my reply to Kathy & RJogger the other day.

I wonder if anyone's got over full during the festive season and needed to take a big dump or, like me, been rather constipated. I'd love to hear whose done what.



Hi everyone and Happy Holidays!

Long time since I posted but I’ve been lurking.

5 most interesting places I’ve peed

1. On a crowded beach in a sea fog! There were certainly other people quite nearby because I could hear their voices through the fog but no one could see me whip ‘it’ out and water the sand.

2. Off a cliff into the ocean about 300 feet below. Anyone better this for height?

3. In my shorts at the beach. I was standing in the water but not quite deep enough so the pee shot straight through my shorts in an arc down into the water. That was quite embarrassing because I’m sure other people noticed.

4. Off a roof when I was in college. There were a lot of us up there - must have been like rain if there was anyone below, he-he! (It was the middle of the night and there were no complaints so I guess we didn’t pee on anyone!)

5. Again with a group of other guys. We were at an outdoor event at night in a country area and there were no bathroom facilities provided so we were standing at the edge of a field aiming over a fence. It was so dark that we couldn’t see anything until l suddenly everything went light. We all looked down to see it was a car turning its lights on, illuminating a dozen streams of pee gushing down onto the roof of another car parked in front ... a police car ..... with 2 cops inside!! We could have been is serious trouble but luckily the cops were OK about it . One of them even joked that it was a good thing they didn’t have the window open!

Now for my namesake (nearly) Louise. Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

You were asking what it feels like for guys who are circumcised to wipe after a wee. Well I’m cut and I have to say I don’t usually need to wipe after I’ve peed ...... do ANY other cut guys bother? Actually I don’t think wiping the head with paper would be a problem anyway because I don’t think we’re as ‘tender’ down there as uncut guys.

When I was in college my roomie was uncut and I know he ALWAYS had to take paper and wipe his foreskin dry after he’d peed. He still used to dribble into his underwear though - they were always stained yellow and the smell was pretty gross - guess the foreskin acted like a sponge and it then oozed out after he thought he’d finished and put his dick away. This isn’t a problem those of us who’ve been circumcised have and I for one rarely have any pee stains. In the end I suggested to my roomie that he pull his foreskin back before he peed and that certainly improved the pee smell in our room .... and his aim!!

A question for any other uncut guys here. Do you always pull the skin back first or pee “through the elephant’s trunk”?

All for now


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