Hello all,

I'm new here.. Well, strictly speaking, I'm not. I've been "lurking" in this place for goodness knows how long. I felt the time was finally right to actually put finger to keyboard and contribute something.

To give you a bit of info on myself - I'm from Glasgow, in the wonderful(?) country of Scotland. Being a teenage guy, my many interests include girls. As you'd expect - I love them! :-) I've recently became interested in girls farting and pooping. Not necessarily in a sexual way, its' just something that fascinates me for some reason. (I hope I'm not considered to be a weirdo because of this - I'm not! Honestly!)

I've a couple of things I'd like to contribute.

This incident happened in the 1st Year of High School. It happened at the end of a sports class one afternoon. I can't remember what sport we were playing at the time (It's not relevant anyway!) The teacher called us all round at the end of the lesson, and we all sat on the ground in a group in front of her. I was sitting immediately behind the girl who I had a crush on at the time - she was so beautiful, she had long blonde hair and blue eyes. I noticed she was squirming a little bit, but didn't pay attention it. I assumed she was just uncomfortable about sitting on the ground. Then, totally out of the blue, she let out a long, loud, powerful fart. I was completley dumstruck - I'm 99% sure it was her who farted, but I just couldn't believe it! Nobody else made any comment, although I'm sure they had all heard it. I guess they were just keeping quiet to avoid getting her embarassed. She briefly turned round a minute or so after the fart, and I noticed her face was a litt! le red - probably from embarassement!! (poor girl)

Now, another story from school - This happened during the last few weeks of 2nd Year High School. It was during a Spanish class and, since it was the last weeks before the break, we weren't doing much work. Halfway through the lesson, an attractive brunette girl called Vikki was swinging on her chair quite close to me. I was looking at her (as I kinda had a crush on her at the time!) After a few minutes of watching her, I suddenly heard her do a "pop" fart - it was pretty quiet, I don't think anyone else really heard it. She went "oh" and immediately stopped swinging on the chair. She then got up, and asked the teacher if she could go to the toilet. The teacher let her go - she was then gone for a LONG time. It must have been at least 10 or 15 minutes, probably more. Eventually she came back and, I have to say, she smelled REALLY badly of shit. I dunno what had happened in the toilet, but she had a real strong smell of shit coming off her!! The teacher looked up as she w! alked past, on the way back to her seat (I guess the teacher must have smelled it too!) She then sat back down, and started talking to her friends again. I overheard a brief part of the conversation - one of her friends asked "Why were you gone so long?" to which she replied, "I was doing a shite". - I was completley dumstruck by that too!!

I've got loads more stories from school, and other places, which I'll share with you all at a later date.. but I'll leave you with this one for now:

A couple of weeks ago, I was over in Ireland, staying with cousins. One afternoon while I was over there, one of my younger (female) cousins, another girl and me were all player "Twister"! That morning, my young cousin had eaten a whole tin of beans!! We started playing and, halfway through the game, my cousin starting laughing hysterically. She nearly stopped breathing she was laughing so hard!! The other girl asked "What's wrong with you?" - to which my cousin replied, "I was farting on your leg! I had a whole can of beans this morning!" - then she started laughing hysterically again.

Ok, that'll do for now.. I'd be very interested to hear of any stories of girls farting in class (either delibaretly, or by accident) and also what the reaction of the class was.

Happy seasonal bowel movements, everybody!

Mike W
I watched Sunday's repeat showing of Hollyoaks, and there certainly was a good shit scene. One of the girls at the party (the tall redhead) was in the bathroom looking anxious as she repeatedly flushed the toilet. We never actually saw inside the pan, as the scene was cleverly shot from a low angle. Then some of the other girls started banging on the door asking what she was up to, and eventually she came out, and they all went in and looked. The next thing we hear is all the exclamations and shouts of disgust as the other girls see what she has left in the toilet. Then one of them says "this is a mans job", and the next scene we see is a guy busy trying to unblock the toilet. Finally he announces that the bathroom is back in action. The redheaded girl continues to enjoy the party, but it is not clear to me how she came to block the toilet in the first place. Does anyone know?
Good stuff for British TV, and especially good to note that it was a woman that blocked the toilet - realism at last!

Hi all!!
Whew! I am back from my father's place. It was a nice, quiet, visit. My aunt was also there. This morning I had the dump of dumps. I hadn't gone in two days and had eaten a ton. I got to the toilet and started grunting. I wished Annie was here. The first log came inching out and I strained with all of my might. It finally dropped. It must have been 20". I unloaded 3 more shorter pieces and some soft poo. I felt SOOOOOOO much better. I peed and wiped. It is real quiet around here. Annie and the girls will be back tomorrow. They will have some neat stuff awaiting from their grandpa!

ALICIA: Welcome back! My wife used to barge in when I was on the bowl and wee in the tub or in the sink. I thought it was funny. Take care, Robby

ALTHEA: My Mum and father used to say the same thing to me when I took a dump. I was embarrased at the time. I took the lysol and sprayed to beat the band. Take care, Robby

JON: I think most of us have been frightfully embarrased to have a dump in a public place at one stage of our lives. I have. You just have to ignore those gents and get on with it. Take care, Robby

MUGGS: Good to have you back. You must have a had a cracking good time with those 4 girls and the back-to-back dumps. Wonderful story! Take care, Robby

AMANDA: Are you Meredith's sister? Glad to have you here. I think that Sarah S and Meghan will be glad to see other sisters on this forum.

NURSE CARMALITA: Hi sweetie! I'm glad the holidays treated you fine. I love the twist on the "Twas the Night"!!! I copied it! It is more than outstanding. I tell you that if I made the recipe you gave us I would have had the biggest shit I've EVER had!! WOW! Give my greetings to Jake, Renee-hows the baby, Pat and all the rest of your family! Love, Robby

MEREDITH: Glad your sister decided to post on the forum. I think that Sarah S and Meghan will be glad to have another sister duo to talk to. We love your stories. Take care, Robby

LOUISE:(STEVE too) Hi there!! Hope the hols were grand for you and Steve. Didn't you go to Scotland? The answer to your question of wiping the willie; Susan wiped the slit and then down the head. She then wiped the whole thing. Well, I won't go on. Annie wiped the slit and head. I do have wee stains occasionally. I'm old, LOL! Loved your story, dear. Annie and the girls will return tomorrow. Love to you, both, Robby

RJOGGER, KATHY, ANNE, KEITH, LARRY, NOREEN: WOW, that was the buddy dump of the century!! What a story!! I LOVED it! I wished I could have been a witness!! You have wonderful friends, guys!! Take care, Robby

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Hello my dear niece and my dear friend Andrew! Hope the holidays were a joy. We hope you both received loads of things you needed. All of us are anticipating your return. We hope it is soon. Our thoughts were with you. Hope your poos were easy. Take care and write when you can. Lots of Lovexxxxx and a great big squeezy hug! Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Cousins Sarah S and Meghan.

DEAR RIZZO: Hello, my dear friend. Hope your hols are a joy. Were your boys with you and your wife? Hope your poos were of the plympted variety. I will have some navy stories for you when you return. Also I know the girls will have some new loo adventures to tell. Love to you and your family! Robby

I HAVE TO GO TO THE LOO!! SPECIAL HELLOS: Jane and Gary, Kim and Scott, PV, Alana, Mina, Adele, Ashley, Adrian, Mindy, Mandy, Sara, Sarah T, Jeff A-You are special, DianeNY, Tina, Erin, LindaGS, Buzzy, Laura, Melanie, Ephermal, Sarsen, Gurli, Upstate Dave, Amazon, Tricia, Bry, Jasta and Mark, Ring Stretcher, Erin, Linda14yrs. Amy(co-ed), Gina, Diva, Marianne, Julie, David and Nicki, Gopweller, Kelly-Marie, Mercy Kid, Alexa, Bryian, Elena, Todd and Diana, Tee, Ellie and Little Lou-please write!, and all of the other new and old posters!!


Althea-Thanks for your reply. I too, am interested by a person's choice in underwear. Most of my favorite "sightings" of guys on the toilet include seeing the kind of underwear they have on. Usually these are guys I either accidentally walk in on (unlocked door), see through a crack in the wall, or see their underwear under the stall partition. My best sightings are when I walk in on a guy taking a dump, with his dark pants and white briefs at his ankles, squeezing out a few. Or light-colored pants with dark briefs. I Like the contrast.

Jon-I used to feel the same way as you. Now I enjoy taking a dump where people can see me. Next time, try to keep your head down and not look at who is coming in. Just concentrate on the task at hand. Act like it's the most natural thing in the world, because it is. Chances are that the only people who would really notice anything would be someone from this board. Everyone craps. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Hi Tailwagger,
Are you still filling your miniskirts with goodies? You must have a very tolerant boyfriend (unlike poor Shy Little Babe) if he doesn't mind seeing your peeping knickers filled with those whopping great sausages that you leave in them!
LOVE your farting story! How can anyone look like Liz Hurley, wear micro-minis and share such great accounts of trumpeting blow-outs and tiny little skirts filled with poopies!!
What a babe!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Hi everyone, I have a question. We all know the various English words for poop: poop, shit, doo-doo, feces, ca-ca, excrement, crap, etc. My question is for people who speak languages other than English. What are the words for poop in other languages? Like Spanish, French, German, etc. Also, small children often say poo-poo for poop because it is easier to say. I have always wondered if children who speak languages other than English also say "poo-poo". For example, would a Spanish or French child say "poo-poo? I'm also very interested in Asian languages like Chinese or Japanese. Does anyone know how to say poop or poo-poo in those languages?

hey everyone. i hope you all had a great christmas! ive been a long time reader but i havent submitted in a heres my story for today..
a few nights i went out to dinner with a few friends for the holidays.
if been pretty plugged up for a week and was feeling sick. although i felt sick, i ate a pretty damn good amount of food. i was fine until toward the end of the meal i started getting gas and cramps.i knew what was coming.since we were almost done and id be home soon, i figured id could hold out. we ordered desert, and then i knew i would not be able to wait. i went to the bathroom and there was only one stall (small resteraunt) with a lady waiting on line. we stood there and then i felt a fart coming on, but i knew if id let it out id crap right with it. i clenched my butt as hard as i could, but i coudlnt stop it and along with a loud, wet fart,there was a shot of diarreah. (its happened before, whenever i get plugged up, i get massive diarreah when it finally comes out)this whole thing was actually probably the most emabressing moment in my life, if not, one of them. the lady turned around and saw me holding my butt and i guess because i farted she knew it must have b! een an emergency and said i could go infront of her. i thanked her a thousand times and when the woman in the stall finally emerged i darted in. i barely had my stockings down before i started farting, followed by long shots of diarreah. it was pretty mortifying.
the lady in there could obviously hear. i would have about 4 second farts, followed by squirts of thick diarreah that each lasted about 6 or 7 seconds. it sounded like someone was dumping a bucket of water into the toilet.i was so embaressed but i couldnt stop it. after around 2 minutes of this i started getting impatient with myself but i just kept going.i just kept thinking 'thankgod theres only one person in here.' i figured i would go enough so it was at the point where i could hold the rest in until i got home, but i coudlnt even stop if i wanted to, not even to stop and flush the toilet. it just kept pouring out like my anus had a pipe leak or something. after 2 more minutes, i could finally hold it in.(or so i thought)i wiped about 7 times and looked in the toilet, when i realized flushing was going to be a problem. and i still badly had to go. its like, you think your done and you stand up and theres more. so i just had to sit back down and i kept going. then th! e lady in the bathroom said "are you alright in there?" and lol i said "no" this point i wasnt even thinking of how emabressed i was..i just wanted it to end so i could leave. finally i got up, wiped about 5 times, and it took 3 flushes to get it all down. i darted out of the bathroom..i was to afraid to even look the lady in the eye. i went back to the table and my friends were waiting and they asked me what could have possibly taken so long. i said there was a long line..anyway, we paid, then said our goodbyes. i drove home and as soon as i opened the door i darted to the bathroom. i must have been in there for 10 or 15 minutes. i live with a friend (madison) and she gets impatient when i take long in the bathroom (we only have one, were in the process of adding another one)and she barged in and peed in the sink. hehe, what can you do?
happy holidays all

MERSEY KID,hello all, I once proposed to one of my ex girlfriends while she was peeing. This was at my place after a romantic night out.
I just had the urge, she looked so cute. we finished a year later.
Anyone had simuler experiance.

To Ross: I'm not sure what the actress's name is that is sceen sitting on the toilet in that movie. I think she had dark brown hair and it was at the begining of the movie

Happy Holidays to every one...i hope you all enjoy that post holiday dump! I know i will cause i ate alot today and the last few days before that and i haven't had to poop yet!

Guy who is getting an A in Business Law
No problem Alana, glad i could be of service to ya. Love your stories. They are great. As for the advice, my legal fee is $100. Just kidding ;) My teacher Mr. Fuzy would be so proud...well maybe not, but anyway, merry Xmas and happy dumps to all.

I like this cover girl. It reminds me when I stood on a toilet seat to talk to a classmate in the school girls room. It looks like she is in the womens room at work.

Please guys and girls, be prudent where you urinate and defecate. Not on public transport facilities, or lakes, streams where your neighbors partake. Let's be good, clean citizens.

Zip: I have always had a fascination with people's taste in underwear. Macy's, Gimbel's and A&S used to sell their own brand underwear. I had a situation like yours in summer high school. We had doorless stalls at school. Every morning, I had to go before class. It was a simple small girls room with two stalls and a sink. I went in and a black girl like me was sitting on the toilet in front. I took the rear. She had gray khaki slacks down to her ankles and beige briefs stretched over. I pulled down my khaki slacks and pink band leg briefs to my ankles and evacuated three small pieces of doo-doo. The black girl was evacuating piece after piece of doo-doo. We started talking about why we were in summer school. I asked her if she was hurting. She said normally did not move her bowels until afternoon. I wiped myself, pulled up my clothes and flushed. She then did the same. I was slow in doing so. When I went to the sink she was pulling up these lovely band leg briefs. I ! asked her where she got them and she asked about mine. My pants were still open at the waist and zipper. We both liked them.

Meredith: My father would always catch me if I did not flush the toilet completely. Plus, I would leave behind a good stink. Once, I left behind two short chunks of doo-doo after a massive evacuation. I was pulling up my light blue panties under khaki dress as I walked out of the bathroom. My father walked in after me and screamed, "ALTHEA, look behind you when you flush and spray this place!" I thought it was funny.

Aaron: That is nice to go to the toilet with your friends. That was the joy of my grammar and high school days. I used to go home with my classmates and have my bowel movements. See my earlier posts. I once brought home a girl, Debbie in 11th grade. There was a toilet paper shortage in the school. Debbie told me she had to go bad was holding it in all day. I told her I had to do so. When we got home, Debbie had to go first. She lifted her dress, pulled her white panty hose and pink panties to her knees, just like our friend and was seated on the bowl. Her stomach evacuated with three plops that sounded like boulders being dropped in a lake. She evacuated a fart and then four more pieces dropped into the water in rapid sucession. Debbie moaned with delight. While she sat, she urinated after. While she sat, we talked and she opened her legs When she finished, she rolled off toilet paper and wiped herself front and back. She pulled up her hose and briefs. When we looked, we! saw 7 pieces of doo-doo in the most unusual sizes. She flushed and I took off my blue pants, exposing my navy panty hose and white panties and sat on the bowl. I pulled them to my knees. I evacuated a gut-wrenching wave of thick gooey brown doo-doo. The place stinked good. I felt a sting in my rectum as it evacuated. My friend and I had a good giggle. We agreed it was a disgrace for the city to deny us toilet paper. She reached for the paper to give me. I wiped behind me good with to wads and I flushed. My friend thanked me for having her over.

Im a 19 year old guy who is totally embarrased by shitting in public
Last week I had no choice at a mall with no stall doors

I just sat there and passed a huge log while about 30 other guys
all pissers , came in and out and many looked my way

The worst part was standing after wiping with my shit exposed
( and other parts of me) and people looking right at me!

Well it felt as if every one was looking at me ( like the dude at the paper towel machine he kept looking toward me as my log was passing out of me

anyone else feel this way?

I did it only cause I had to and if anyone I knew walked in
I would have died

I just had a wonderful shot experience. I've been constipated for days now and had to have some re;ief on this Christmas morning. I pulled out my trusty enema bag and bardex nozzel that inflated to hold into my anus securely. I mixed a bag full of very warm, soapy water and hung it on the closet door bracket by my bed. I layed on my left side, lubed up my hole with K-Y and slid the nozzle into my anus. I had an instant erecton in mu penis, but it subsided quickly. I inflated the bardex nozzle and let the water slowly by releasing the clamp. I had cramps and had to stop the water flow for a bit. Finally I had all of the enema bag's contents instilled deeply into my bowels. I closed the clamp and layed on my left side with my left leg drawn up so enema could do it's trick. Bardex nozzles are great because they prevent accidents. GI clinics use them for barium enema studies. That's how I discovered them. After about thirty minutes, ny bowels ached and churned and the bubblin! g I heard in my gut told me it was time to dump. It had been over a week since my last BM so I was quite ready. I went into the bathroom, crouched over the toilet, deflated the bardex nozzle plug and pulled it out allowing the cascade of the most god-awful semi-liquid shit water you ever saw in your life escape from my ass. It poured out for about fifteen minutes and the relief was incredible. I kept flushing and pulling my dick out of the way to look at my domed, throbbibngly sore anus. After I had been on the toilet for about 45 minutes, I stepped into the shower to clean up only to discover my bowels erupting again while I was showering. Fortunately, the shit just went down the drain. The enema turned out to send me going several more times before I left my house to go to my mother's that evening, but I truly felt beter. If anyone else has ever had an enema like mine that just wouldn't quit working, please tell me about it.

Sudden Urge
CARMALITA: You seem so nice and open. I love all of your stories and especially the Christmas story. I would love to sit on the edge of the tub and talk with you while you took a good poop and to hear your voice slightly grunt as we had our conversation and hear some delicate "ploops" into the water. We wouldn't even acknowledge the smell, lol.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Welcome to Amanda. If you check past posts there are many posts dealing with pee and poop posts from many posters when they were your age. I have a short post about one Christmass day happening.

It was one of the last Christmasses in our big old colonial house that I grew up in. My sister Judy and husband Mike and my nephew Syeven who was about two years old at this time came for the holiday. It was after all the presents were opened and dinner was being prepared Myself, Mike and Steven were in the living room.

Mike was changing Stevens diaper. Mike went to get a diaper out of the bag and Steven was butt naked walked over to where Mikes presents were put under the tree and stood there looking at Mikes new sneakers. All of a sudden Steven started peeing. His stream arced up in the air and landed right in Mikes new sneakers. Not a bit landed anywhere else! Mike and I started laughing. Judy came in to see what was so funny. Steven was still going when she walked in and she burst out laughing.

Steven finished and Mikes new sneakers were christened but we threw them in the washing machine and dried them out in the drier. So they did survive. That is one family story from Christmass past.

Good evening everyone. Its been quite some time since ive posted. School has just been kicking my ass lately but i have a couple of cool stories i think everyone might like. This 1st one happened last saturday while driving back from this huge party for my friend that was joining the air force academy. The gang was with me- michelle, amy, selma and laura. I was planning on taking them to their houses but they all wanted to come over. I said "ok but we're watching Scarface." So we're on our way home and on the highway we see a HUGE line of cars and i was tired enough so i pulled in this empty parking lot till the line dissapated. I was driving a van by the way. At this party the theme was mexican food. Now, mexican food dosent affect your bowels does it?? (yeah, right) it had been, i guess, 4 hours since we all ate. So now i had time and substance against me. Sure enough about 20 minutes later i see michelle holding her stomach and shuffling about in her seat...gee i wondered! what she had to do? Then amy, laura and selma starting complaning at the same time. how do i get into these situations all the time?? I just have to be thankful. Anyway it was too cold outside even for me b/c i had to make peepee so heres what i do...i look around in the back space for something these girls can relieve themselves in and what do i see... A BUCKET! 12" in diameter and 12" high. Savior of the day. The carlight was already on and michelle never cares about this sort of thing so im sitting against the backdoor and selma, laura and amy are looking over the backseat and michelle hurriedly undoes her pants and sends her blue thong down in a big big hurry and holds the bucket while squatting over it with her butt facing towards one of the side windows so we all got a good view. Soon enough i hear 'ssssssssspppph' and see a 2.5 inch light brown log poke out and from what she looked like, it wasnt going to involve much effort as she pushed like one time and this log t! hat crackled loudly squeezed from her ass. There was the faint sound of gas passing by this log This log continued for about 8 or 9 seconds and shook the bucket a bit and stank like shit. (...wait a minute :-/) She didnt even pee but i looked in the bucket and the son of a bitch must have been like 35" uncoiled. The thing just laid there in the bucket....not a friend in the world...yet. I always get surprised by michelle's turds...why?...because theyre big. So here comes selma sliding over the seat into the back of the van where im still sitting. "aight here comes a fatty," selma blurts as she slides over the seat and michelle crawls back over it. "youre gonna love this one," selma says to me with a smile as she takes off her black skinnypants and red thong and points her ass as michelle did. she pushed kinda hard and out, i see a 2 inch log spliff (as carmalita would say) and kinda come out about 10 seconds it was about 10 inches long and just kept on coming...! it hit michelle's turd and was still coming....after 30 seconds or so it broke off...then without warning she farted really loud and released 3 thin and really soft turds came out and plopped into the bucket...she kept on pushing but nothing was coming out ...i figured she was done until a moment later a large amout of thick liquid shit squirted from her butthole for 5 seconds straight. There was no longer the bottom of the bucket...crap was filling this bucket fast. like 4" high. Hot damn laura comes over the seat and takes down her pants and black undies and puts her round butt over the bucket and farts a few times and grunts and begins to push out a fat log that crackles out a foot in length before dropping into the bucket. She makes a squeaky fart and out pokes a thinner but longer turd that coils about 3 times before breaking off. so she wipes and goes back over the seat. And in comes amy with her contribution. Her red hair looked so beautiful even if only shimmering be! neath a carlight. she pulled down her black leather pants and set herself over the bucket which now had to be at packed with at least 5 or 7 inches high of pure shit. she pushed pretty hard and then i saw a 3" thick log head emerge and crackly so loudly as it grew to about 10 inches before breaking off and landing in the pile. And then she let out a really loud soggy fart which made me laugh and pushed out a load of soft poop that splattered over the rediculously large pile in the bucket. after she wiped and re-dressed was over. the smell damn near melted my retinas and i opened the back door of the van carrying the bucket of crap that didnt have a handle so i had to hold it in my hands and it was heavy and hot as hell. I ran over to these bushes and saw a fence with tall weeds beyond it. with all my strength i threw the bucket over the fence and heard it break when it hit the ground. Then i ran back to the van and by then the line of cars had let up. we arrived at my! place and while i was looking for my scarface DVD i felt a cramp in my stomach. "shit, ill be back" i said and i hopped over to the bathroom and took off my pants and boxres and easily pushed out like a 20 inch log into the toilet. It was smooth but 2.5 inches i guess. i flushed it and i ran into amy in the hallway and she gave me a kiss and we held each other while walking into the living room. we then popped in Scarface and watched Al Pacino kick some cuban ass. hehe. The next story i will post next time. Questions/comments/defamations/comparisons welcome.

Carmalita- Hey cute stuff. its been a long while since ive talked to you. congratulations on your marriage and i wish you thousands of happy years together. have a merry christmas and tell jake i say whats up. you ought to tell angie, tesa and nu about this site. ill bet theyd like it. tell them i say hello.

Patsy and Renee- im so happy for you two. having a baby is truly a blessing even if i may say so being 17 years old still. i cant wait to have a child of my own one day. Keep those BMs coming and keep impressing us with your amazing stories.

ALANA- good evening ma'am. your stories are probably the most impressive that ive ever read. i wish you well and hope you will think of me and have a good BM for me as well. hehe.

RJOGGER, kathy and the gang- my god you are some of the most crative people ive ever read about. i really enjoyed your story about the group buddy dump in the tub. that was pretty cool. ill probly end up getting involved in something like that with my friends. they do crazy stuff.

Jeff A.- i took some time and read that one post you did on p. 113 and realized that you and i kinda handle certain things the same way. i sit down when i pee. im not that tall but its a bit more relaxing and theres no chance for missing. im kind of a self-conscious guy but not all the time. have a merry christmas.

Sorry to cut this short but my Technics turntable just came in the mail. More to come soon.

Peace to the bowels...the temperature's rising.


hi, this one time in scouts we went on a field trip to the fire house and when we got there i had to poop, i didnt ask because i was embarased to. we walked around and they gave us a tour and i couldnt hold it anymore and it all came out, it was hard not mushy but it was real big. i felt my but and it stuck out real far. i pulled my shirt out and it sorta covered it up. i could hardly walk right with that much poo in my pants. i was behind everyone else and my leader said keep up. it didnt smell so noone new i did it. i saw another kid in my group grabbing his but when we were walking around. then it got a big bump on it, i new he pooped. he looked around and saw me looking at him. he said dont tell. i showed him my but and he laughed. we both did a poop. i felt his but and it was mushy, mine was hard. he had on shorts and while we were walking it startd running down his leg. then i looked again and noticed he was peeing, it was mixed with poop and brown running down his leg! s. i guess he realy had to go. i sorta had to pee but not bad. we had a bathroom break and i pulled my pants down in the toilet and put my poop in it. my underware was brown streaks in it. then i flushed it and came back out. i forgot to go pee when i was in there, i gues the poop made me forget and i really had to go when the tour was over. we were in the place where the firetrucks are, its like a big garage and we got to get in the fire truck. i climbed in the back and i couldnt hold it anymore and went in my pants. i was sitting in the seat and it soaked in it real bad. luck i had on a long shirt because it covered most of my shorts up, they were blue, i looked down and could see a wet spot between my legs, my but was soaked. but my shirt sorta covered it all. no one noticed. we got back in the van to go home and the other kid sat next to me and we both has wet pants. he still had his poop in there because i could smell it. it stuck up the whole van. the leader pulled ove! r and asked who did it. no one said anything he made all of us get out and stand next to the van. he said lift up your shirts and he saw me and my friend with wet pants. i looked around and i saw two other kids that wet to, i could not beleve it. then he told us all to turn around and he looked at our buts to see who had a bump and he found my friend and another kid, i looked at his but and it had a real big bump, he really went. it was bigger than mine was. us that peed did not get in trouble. only the ones who pooped and got caught. it was real embarresing though because the cool kids made fun of us all the time now. Bye

Holiday greetings to all, especially Alana and Jane, as I believe you two are the poop queens. Jane, you hold the honors for soft-serve, and Alana, your specialty is eels and snakes, I believe. You are both amazing.

Alana--I absolutely loved your last story! And please don't worry; the police can't touch you. You had the woman's permission to use her (rather poor quality) toilet, so you weren't trespassing, and there's no law against plugging up a toilet that I know of. I believe that the toilet you were stuck using was a so-called "water saver," and except for peeing and very light pooping, they are WORTHLESS. What we really need are more industrial-grade toilets for industrial-grade poopers.

Alana, what you should get now is a citizen-band radio, the type that tunes in on police broadcasts, because they'll probably be chortling for weeks about the lady who complained about the plugged-up toilet. Again, it's her problem, not yours, but you probably don't want to go near that place again. (I'm still laughing; I wish I could make a film about this little incident; but no studio would touch it!)

I, too, hate water-saving toilets, and so many people hate them now, that it was actually making the news (e.g., the McLaughlin Report did a segment on them (of all people!!)). I understand that better ones are being manufactured now, as word has REALLY gotten out that "water-savers" are so shoddy, that any floating turds will just swirl around, and the centrifugal force of the flushing action will actually PREVENT the waste from going down the hole. Thus, they don't save water at all; they waste it. A light shitter like myself might have to flush one of those things three times for one small load, and for the Janes and Alanas out there--Ooooooh dear!!

Which brings me to another personal story. Years ago, I was hiking in Mount Rainier National Park, and I drank water out of a stream without taking any precautions. I came down with giardiasis. In other words, I had the runs for about a week, and I was miserable the whole time.

(Wilderness fans like myself should take note that many parks and wilderness areas now have warnings posted about giardia contamination, and that's true all around Mount Rainier, probably because of all the mountain climbers who poop on the glaciers, which then gets into the water supply.)

The point is: before I had recovered, I found myself spending the night with a friend who had one of those blessed "water savers." I had to get up in the middle of the night to cut loose with liquid shit, and when I flushed, part of it WOULD NOT go down, even after five flushings: there were undigested particles just floating on top. I was embarrassed, and I really did not want to leave such a mess to gross out other people in the morning. Finally, I noticed a plastic waste basket beside the toilet that was empty, so I put it under the bathtub faucet, filled it with about two gallons of water, poured it fast into the toilet, and voila! That stupid invention worked for a change, and my little mess gurgled merrily down.

I have used this trick many times. Just another survival technique for modern living, I guess.

Happy holidays, everyone.

Hi everybody,Merry Christmas,and Happy New Year to everyone! First I'd like to thank guy getting an a I asked my cousin who's a cop and she said I could only get in trouble if I didn't ask to use the washroom.Apparently this had happened to someone before.BB,I have a very large appetite and I have been diagnosed with a condition known as megacolon,my bowels have the ability to hold an incrediable amount of excrement.People never believe it unless they see for themselves.When I get a scanner I will ask the moderator if I can send in a picture of a bowl full of my bowels so everyone can see them.I am not as brave as some of the girls who send in their pictures,but I would send in a picture of a big beefy bm.Meredith,Clarence gave me a ride home it took 45 minutes.Before he could finnish parking the car I had bolted for my front door slammed it shut behind me and ran for the bathroom,all I could think of was getting to that pretty comode,and sitting my pretty ???? rump down on! it and unleashing the rest of the shit pent up inside me after I was so rudely inturrupted.I just about ripped my slacks and panties down to my thighs sat and wow! the ride home must have given my bowels time to gather because I literally pinched a loaf of creamy shit that looked like a loaf of french bread.You know the kind of bread you get when you have a beef sandwich.The first one was about a foot and a half long and the second one was thinner maybe 2.5 inches thick but rolled out and folded up and over on itself four times.I waited a few minutes and I could feel more stuff inside me,so I clapsed my hands together,grunted,pushed and out comes four one foot long banana turds.I flushed it all down,sat a while longer and four more banana turds came out then what felt like a coil of shit but it kept breaking off at about three inches,after about fifteen of these turds about four more banana turds,and I am wondering where is all this shit comming from?Just then three more ba! nana turds and I was done.Thank God!I wiped and it took a lot of paper because a lot of this shit was real creamy like bread or cookie dough it takes a lot of tp to clean up after a shit like this one.I don't know why or how I can eat so much without gaining a lot of weight.I mean I gain weight and then I loose it and go back to 237lbs.BB,I feel perfectly healthy eating like a horse.The biggest eating day I could remember was a few years ago when I went on a binge for two weeks,I would eat breakfeast three times a day,lunch twice and then eat dinner three times.I could do this because I would eat breakfeast at my moms house,go to my dads house eat again, then go to a resturant and eat again.I was working at a resturant at the time so it was no problem eating at work and when Eddie the chef was working he would make sure I got huge heaping helping type portions.Eddie always said I was a healthy growing girl and I needed to eat healthy portions.Only thing is he didn't know I w! ould leave there go to my dads house eat then go home to my moms house and eat again.I'mtelling you this because I can eat alot, and I enjoy it.well I hope I cleared everything up for you.Love you all ALANA.

Hi everyone! Many holiday pees and poos to you all!

AMANDA: I have often thought of peeing in a diaper but as I am 12 and don't have any siblings young enough to have diapers, and my parents would like, disown me if I asked for diapers, I have never actually done it.

Merry christmas eve to all!
TO RENEE and CARMELITA-Nice pre-christmas dumpimg ladies-can't wait to hear about your post christmas dinner poops!Hope you all have a great holiday filled with joy and fun pooping along with all your frineds!
Took a nice dump this a.m at the gym thought i'd report to you all-I pretty much had to go almost as soon as i got there,but I decided to hold it for awhile and do my cardio-stuff and I thought I may run into my female poo-buddy again,but she wasn't there-too bad-anyway-after about 20 mins I really had to go so down the stairs I went to the atsllsa dn on my way down I run into this oldee guy whom I talk to alot at the gym-he's a college professor who is now retired I gues he's about 60-63 or so in pretty good shape and we say merry christmas and stuff and as I get downstairs and start toward the stalls he says"Oh you hitting the toilets too.Mind if I join you,I have to go too"I said "Hey c'mon and we can continue our conversation" which was pretty interesting cause we were takling about the state of the world and that stuff and I really learn so much from highly educated people like this guy-Anyway,I go into a stall and he takes the stall across from me and we are still talking and it's kinda slow in the toilets this morning-i guess a lot of folks are out doing last minute shopping and it was just him and I in the bathroom and as I'm cleaning off my bowl and I left my shirt on and my stall was still open cause I close it after I clean the bowl and he goes into the stall across from mine and just sits on the bowl without closing the door and lets out a long fart and right away starts to let out some loose stuff as he still was talking to me and grunting every now and then,but he still had the door wide openas I looked at him and he looked totally at ease and for some reason i felt weirdor rude if I closed the door on him as he talked to me so I left the doo open and sat on the bowl and I had to go pretty bad at this point and when I sat on the bowl I was looking right at him and as soon as I sat down I let out 2 tight farts and he was looking at me and said" sounds like you have to go pretty good to" as he was still letting out some more loose poop and then I felt my anus pooch out and the turd started to come out slowly cause I didn;t push,i just let it come out on it's own whe I sit on the bowl I always sit with my legs open a bit and I didn't think about it till I looked over at him and he was looking diplomatically down betwen my legs and I didn't want to let him know I saw this and close them so I continued to let out my load with my legs open and in a way,it was kinda fun to do.His legs were closed so I couldn't see anything,but i think he could see he pretty good and we continued to talk a blue streak both him and I did our business and he was doing a pretty good load and I was waiting for pt 2 of my BM and he started to wipe and I could see his load in thebowl and it looked like a pretty good poop as he comtinued to talk and wipe and he wiped for quite a bit and I had to go again and farted and let out some loose stuff and as he was wiping he looked over at me as I was going and I'm sure he was looking at me poop and I think we both enjoyed the moment and then I started to wipe and he flushed and still stood ther talking to me as I wiped and I just did my thing and wiped my butt and he looked in my bowl and saw my mess and said"I guess we both had to go pretty good huh" but it was not weird at all and I think we both enjoyed the moment and I have to admit ,it was kinda fun and I would do it again.then we both went to the staem room and blabbed away without dropping a beat and then we went our separate ways and I got dressed and that was that,but it was a bit of a turn-on I have to say-I kinda enjoyed the moment-I think we both did!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and looking foreward to some good poop stories after christmas! BYE

Hi Shy Little Babe and all my fellow poopers,
So sorry top hear that your boyfriend doesn't like your log-laying stories. He's pretty narrow minded. I think you're a dream and lots of lovely dumps for the future.
Tried to grow a tail tonight but instead I just did a very smelly fart and left a huge pile of dark brown sausages in the bowl. Maybe I need practice. Can anyone advise me - pleeeeaasse!!
If you're interested Oggy I have my red miniskirt on again (defumigated after last night's trump!) and black tights cos my legs are cold.
Love you all.

your name (Russ)
Hi: I was on the subway and sitting across from a lady who kept crossing and uncrossing her legs.She kept her legs spread and I saw a yellow spot on her panties, like she had to pee read bad, We both got off the subway and I followed her to the parking lot. She turned and said "Oh I have to pee so bad, where can I go, do you know any place" I said I had a bottle of water,maybe she could pee in that. She said fine if I did not mind, so I finished the water and gave her the bottle. I told her I had to move my bowels somewhere, and would probably go in the shopping bag after I took the clothes out. She said "oh I will hold the bag for you if you watch out for me when I pee" I said fine with me. So we went behind a shed in the parking lot and she started pulling her panties down and told me to look out for her. I turned around and was looking around for her, I could hear the pee running in the bottle I turned around and looked at her as she was kneeling down and peeing from her ! vagina in the bottle. When she finished she said oh I have nothing to wipe with,so I gave her a napkin and said use this,it was small but she said it will work she was only a little wet between her legs. Then I said I have to do a BM and she said oh I will hold the bag for you, so I pulled my pants and underwear off, it felt good having the cool air against my ass and my genitals also. I held on too my penis and kneeled down, over the bag, I stated to pee a little but my penis was getting aroused so it stopped too. Then I pushed down a little and oh out plopped a big round ball of feces and it dropped in the bad, then a little log dropped out and it all fell in the bag. the lady turned around and I said I am almost done and she said hurry up too she was in a hurry. I slid a finger in my anus and did not feel anymore feces so I started to wipe pretty well and it felt smooth and clean. I told the lady I was finished so we wrapped the bottle in the bag and left it by the shed. ! She asked if I would like some coffee and I said yes I would so we took a cab and went to a nearby club for some coffee. While we were there she said she had to take her panties off because they were still a little wet,so she slid them off and put in a bag she had, I felt ok and I had wiped myself well for sure. So to make a long story short,I went home with this lady and spent the night with her and now we are dating and seem to be getting along pretty well so who knows what may happen. She is a pretty girl about 25 and nice figure so hope we can become good friends for a while. It sure was a strange way to meet someone but it turned out ok so far.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Sure we will have lots of toilet stories to tell next year. One thing for sure we will never stop
peeing and having BM's so lots to post about anyway. I have to go pee now so take care friends, your friend Russ.

Mersey kid,hello all,ill tell yeh what lancs lad, youve got some
have you all, i dont think i could be as brave as you people but i do ha
ve some intresting storys to tell

Monday, December 24, 2001

Places I have peed:
1) On a cruise in Miami, where there were 200 partiers and only 4 restrooms (2 female, 2 male). Most of us ended peeing off the side from the upper deck until those on the deck below complained about pee blowing in the windows. Then we peed into the trash cans up there.
2) On BART (SF commuter train) where there are no bathrooms. I filled a plastic newspaper delivery bag with discarded newspapers and peed into the bag. I had to go bad - it was the last train of the night.
3) In the outdoor shower beside the swimming pool where I live. Apartment management got the smart idea to lock the pool bathrooms at night to prevent vandalism. Real smart.
4) In my trunks at the beach. No restrooms nearby, lots of beer, what'll you do?
5) In my bathroom sink. Saves water.

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