Hi, I'm new here. I'm a ten year old girl.

Top five places I have peed...

1. On my carpet in my room
2. In a diaper
3. In a bucket
4. On a wood floor
5. On some newspaper

I like peeing in different places when I get the chance, especially like places inside besides the toilet. Does anybody else have stories of purposely peeing in places besides the toilet as a kid inside the house? Also, has anyone else here ever tried a diaper as a kid?

Sara T.
Ring Stretcher- I also fart a lot during my period. A lot of girls do as far as I know.

Kendal- On the subject of periods, I got mine when I was ten! I was a very early starter and although I was embarrased at the time, I have come to love and accept that it is a part of me and it makes me a woman! Don't worry about starting, your time will come :)

Last night I had such bad stomach cramps from all the shit building up inside of me. I didn't think I'd have to go that bad since I really didn't eat much all day. But there it was. I sat on the toilet and let it come. You all know that I don't like to look at my turds, but I could feel them coming out sticky and gloppy. They kept getting stuck and I had to bend over far and strain to get them out. I do look at the toilet paper after I wipe though, to make sure I'm totally clean, so I could see that their color was light brownish-green. I didn't have to wipe much at all, but it didn't matter because I was on my way into the shower.

I showered again this morning as soon as I got up and peed in the shower while standing. Usually when I do that I like to use my fingers and aim at the wall like Louise and some of the other gals, but I was so desperate to go that I didn't even bother. As it was the first pee of the morning, it came out a deep golden yellow, and there was a LOT of it, I guess because I had a few drinks last night at a Christmas party.

Has anyone else gone to a public restroom and peed and done a BM on the floor? I have and do sometimes, not if anyone is in the cubicle next to me.
I sometimes go into the bathroom with one of my friends and we watch eachother go, it's really fun.


Here are some (not so) strange places I have:
1. Outdoors with people watching.
2. Down a slide
3. On a public restroom floor
4. In an elevator. I was the only person there and there was a button you could press to keep the doors closed
5. School locker room

1. Public restroom floor
2. Park
3. Trash Can
4. Sink
5. Garden

LOL, Jack

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I want to wish to all a very merry holiday season. May your yule tide logs be big ones! Upstate Dave.

I was reading the strange places different peeps have peed, I have about the same places as many of others, in a waste basket at school, in a sink, off a bicycle while riding, in a tin can while driving and so on, but there was on place that stands out in my mind and I thought Id pass it along. It is a true story, anyone who worked at the office site for the company knows its real if they read it, hehe.

I was offered a job with a new company that had sprung up in my area, and having been in the same field, I applied. My present company had been sold, and there was strong indication it would be liquidated soon.

I drove to the office/warehouse complex to meet the owners for the interview. I had just driven from home, about a 45 minite drive and pulled into the parking lot. I walked thru the warehouse and right past some toilets, but I was running about 5 minutes late and I had this interview and didnt want to be any later. Also the toilets appeard to be really nasty as it was used by the warehouse workers and smelled as you walked by.
I went upstairs to the 3rd floor to the office complex and found the office of the President and other Co owner. I saw the receptionist and she said they were still out to lumch as she got up and went on her luch break. They were the ones who were late actually as I sat down on a chair in the hallway. The office was at the far end of a hallway, then near the presidents door the hallway took a sharp right turn going someplace.
I sat and waited, the coffee I had for lunch at home and coke later was making my bladder fill quickley and I was starting to get uncomfortable. I sat and squeezed my legs and put one hand in my crotch and waited.
After a bit, I though, there ought to be a bathroom someplace here. I didnt want to leave the area on the floor and miss out the interview just lookin for a bathroom even use the one downstairs now.
I got up and strolled up the hall, and peeked around, nope, nothing. I peeked in a few office rooms where the girls were very busy working but saw nothing like a bathroom, No one to ask either, so I walked down the all the other way and turned that corner to the right and took a look.
Here the hall became a dead end after about 20 feet. There was some items stored there including some old filing cabinets. Again, I walked back to the main hall, waiting for the "bosses" to return and having to piss like a racehorse now. I had to do something quickly now as it was getting painful just to sit and walk.
I walked again up the hall, then turned back to the dead end corner and noticed the file cabinets again. Im so desperate now, I unzip my fly, took out my willy and opened a file drawer. I let go a hot hard stream of piss into the drawer for about a minute. Nary a drop dripped out from the drawer. I shut the drawer, now releived and felt a lot better and went back to my chair waiting again.
About 10 minutes later, the owners showed up and I got to do an hour's interview. I got the job and started in about 2 weeks.
Now the funny thing was, I worked for the company in several stores and visited the offices many times and never noticed the file cabinets again.
I was there for several years until one day, Christmas Eve, they sent people home from the stores and closed early.
The day after Christmas, the stores were "closed". Padlocked. Bankrupt.
Eveyone one was out of a job instantlly. Needless to say, customers lost money deposits on merchandise, shop service items though returned months later were held. No one got paid for the month of December.
I was a rotten thing that happend to all of the employees.
Needless to say, I never regretted pissing in the filing cabinet after that. I probably should have peed and walked out and went home.
Strange how things work out sometimes

I did find work again in a month, but in a way, I like said, Piss on you to that outfit.

I have always wanted to see someone wet themself. I have also wanted to have the guts to pee myself (In private) but would be way too embarrassed. Some day I am gonna stand in tight jeans and pee myself!

I was in school one day and I noticed I had to pee real bad I had about an hour till the next period so I went to the ladies room finally I thought so there was a long line and I didnt get to go next period I wet my pants and accidentally peed all over mr smith(my teacher)

Hi Shy Little Babe,
Oh I LOVE your name! You sound really sweet and cute!
I'm so envious of you producing such a large tail like that! Must have a go sometime but I just love leaving huge piles in my miniskirts. My boyfriend said he'll take a photo of me in my leather miniskirt with a brown tail if I can keep it dangling long enough.
Tell you what Babe. If you (or anyone) can give me advice on the best way to produce a nice tail then I'll pass on the best way to let off a monstrous fart without leaving a stench or following through!
Incidentally I've just farted while typing this (red PVC miniskirt on today by the way and my long legs are cold!) but the smell is a bit eggy! Have to fumigate my mini later!
Love you all.

Remember Lauryn Hill and the Fugees? The verse that goes "Defecating on your microphone!" How about Eminem:"Sh!!on you!".
Remember the time that George Clooney pooped in a friend's catbox, and tried to pass it off, as the cat? Simply-hilarious!


JASTA -- I've been following your chronic defaecations for a while and I am so sorry you're in such difficulty. I do so hope the doctors can help you, as it seems your faeces is abnormally wide and youre anus is being punished terribly. I pray you're well and resting comfortably now, and that an end can be found to this awful condition.

All my best,


Hellowe everybody!

Hey, thanks everybody for your good wishes to me and Malita Jean. You're all so special to me, and all of us at our house. It really means a lot to have your support. Thank you Jane, Kim and Scott, Sara T., PV, Steve and Louise, Jeff A, Rjogger and Kathy, Diva, Robby and Annie and Upstate Dave!

Upstate Dave: I am taking it easy. Everybody takes turns waiting on me, and it's so nice. Little 'Emmy' has certainly brightened up our household. Everybody around here just smiles all the time now.

Jeff A: Thanks for saying you admire me. The feeling is definitely mutual! I hope you have a beautiful holiday, though I know you don't feel like celebrating. We send our very best wishes wrapped in love. I very much agree with what David said about you. You and Jake should get together, you're just like each other.

I woke up this morning having to pee so bad. I rolled over and reached for Patsy, but she wasn't there. I looked over toward the bathroom that joins our room and saw her sitting on the toilet reading a magazine and taking her morning shit. I came in, then stepped into the tub, lifted up my long T shirt and started to pee standing up. First it came out in an arc, spraying th etile like a spray nozzle on a hose. My stream was so powerful and strong, and the yellow pee ran down the tile, then eventually into the tub around my feet. There was so much pee too. It felt so good my back was tingling and even my breasts got firm which is really weird. I remember aiming myself, and then pissing and pissing like crazy. Patsy watched from her throne. She was taking a real nasty shit too. Yucko!
Then, after my pee, I needed a good morning dump myself, b ut Patsy was still doing her big business. So, I went down the hall to the main bathroom that's right across from Jake and Carmalita's room. From behind the door I could hear them doing their love thing like crazy, putting more miles on their mattress. I could even hear them making love as I pooped behind a closed door. After I finished, I flushed two nice sized turds down the hole, then sprayed a bit of deodorizer because it smelled pretty nasty. One turd was pretty big, and kept swirling like it wouldn't flush, but finally sucked down, leaving brwon stains all over the bowl. I then checked on little Malita Jean, and crawled back into bed. I called for Patsy, who was still shitting! I said "Hurry up and pinch your loaf and come back to bed, I'm lonely." It still took about five more minutes, but she wiped her butt, washed her hands, and came back to bed. First she stopped at the crib to gently rub Malita's littl! e ????. I then snickered and said "Baby, what did you eat? It stinks really bad, close that bathroom door okay?" It was a nice, cozy morning.

To David: Thanks for posting that peice about Jeff A. I went back and read the old posts on that page 113 and saw what he wrote which was very beautiful. If you and he think alike then I am proud to know you. There are very few good men in this world. Jake is a good man too, and he calls guys like htat "testacle heads" which always cracks me up. Anyway David, you sound cool, and thanks for posting.

To the RJOGGER gang: All I can say is WOW!!! You guys are so wild I just love it! You're all just like we are. Rick: Hey dude, I know you're a babe, and the ladies love ya. It sounds like you do some major poops. You're my buddy and I love you. I just love the way you have fun with your friends, and those cool games you all play. I loved the rules, and how everybody had to be nude. I hope it's okay to say that here, I'm not lurking or anything, just talking. Kathy: I'll admit it! You get to me in a good way. I loved your "crackling" poop between the two boards in the bathtub. It makes a mental vision that I never want to forget. Especially the big pile you made. Anne's big poop was also very exciting. Noreen, you sound so sweet too. I just love reading about your adventures. Me and Patsy read it in bed, than had some adventures of our own.

Last night the 3 amigas came to visit. Angie shitted out the biggest turd I've seen in a long while! She's such a honey and looked so good on the pot. I loved watching her grunt and push. However, she stunk really, really bad. Nu did a pretty small load of average sized turds. Not very runny though which is good. Poor Tesa! She was plugged up bad, but Carmalita and her magic finger helped out. I have an old pic of Carmalita that I took last year that I should send in here to put up on the forum. She was taking one of her nastier shits and I came in with my digital camera and took a picture of her. It's really cool.

Oh well, nothing new to report except that Emmy is sleeping right now and doing great. Carmalita loves to watch me feed her. Jake came in and watched too. I can see it in his eyes when he watches, all the pride he has of being her father.

Merry Christmas to everyone here, we all love you very much!


Hello everybody!

Con todo mi corazón, espero que usted todo tenga una Feliz Navidad muy y un buen Año Nuevo. (With all my heart, I hope you all have a very merry christmas and a good new year.)

I am sooooo happy about our baby!!!! She is just so beautiful! However, now Jake looks at me and says "I wonder what our children will look like?" Gulp!!!! I'm not ready yet, I'm only 23!
He and Renee have been working on a photo she took of me on the toilet last year. She wants to send it in here, but I 'm still thinking about it. I don't look very good in the pic. I remember when she took it. It was a really smelly dump I was having, plus monthly cramps.

Emmy is such a sweet little princess. I don't mind her waking us up at night, though her crib is in Renee & Patsy's room. She just wants to eat and make little poopy in her dipies. I told Renee yesterday that I honestly believed that Emmy is a much better name than Malita. Mine is a Mexican name and would be good for a little latina angel, but Emma is also sweet and nice like our little one is. Renee says she'll think about it. It's not too late to change her name. Patsy also told me that Renee's morning pee today was quite spectacular. A regular fountain she was.

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Most excellent story! I read it to Jake when Renee was finished with it. Man, it was sooo cool! You guys are just the best! I'd like to party with you all! I love the idea ot two boards. I 'd like to try that. Especially with Nu, because she has an absolutely knockout profile on the toilet. She is so pretty.
JEFF A: I got you a christmas gift. A giant sized Hershey bar. I suggest you fall asleep on it! Just kidding mi amigo. You have a wonderful holiday, and please know that I will be thinking of you. We all will. You're very special to me.
JAMIE SUN DEVIL: My special amigo. I have a lot of love for you, and want you to be happy. I'm wishing you the best holiday with great comings for the new year. There's a special somebody out there for you I just know it. You should meet my sister Luisa. She's single and looking and an absolute doll!

Merry Christmas to everybody on this forum! I thought I'd share this little poem I wrote, and a story about some killer yule logs of my own.

'Twas the poop before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was breathing, not even a mouse.
They could not breathe, nor away could they slink.
For what sort of creature could survive such a stink?
I needed a poop and I needed a pee,
so I pulled down my pants and my panties with glee.
I first felt a tingle, and a turd did slip.
And pee from my pussy was beginning to drip.
From between my brown thighs there arose such a smell
As turds plopped to the water, an aroma from hell.
One was fat and was was thin, and one was so big,
it was pulling me in.
Then "whoooosh!" went the door, and who was looking at me?
But jolly old St. Nick who needed to pee.
Santa I said, "you're making me blush."
"Please little girl, give the toilet a flush."
On the roof I heard a cloppity-clop,
and from my ass came more turds, ploppity-plop.
They fell like the snow, drifting to the ground.
Sloppy, and stinky, with crackly sound.
He dipped into his sack, what toy could it be?!
A can of lysol, especially for me.
I love old Santa, even though he did snoop.
For on this Christmas, he was watching me poop.
I wiped and he watched, and what do I percieve?
That I stunk Santa out on this Christmas eve.
Now I am empty, and my ???? is flat.
Oh, such joy, to poop turds like that.

Okay, here's a holiday recipe for you: Mix one hot blooded latina with a plateful of fresh homemade taquitos and tacos with medium salsa and a six pack of Corona. Blend carefully, simmer for two hours. Wow, what a dump! Wooooo-weeeeee! Not for sissies, that's for sure! I let out a fart that was horrible and Patsy suggested I go take a serious shit. I told Jake that it was going to be a really big one, and really foul smelling so I decided to do it outside in the dark. So, we bundled up, me and Jake, and headed for the back yard. It was dark, freezing out, and very windy. I slid my pants down to my thighs and squatted. Jake held a flashlight on my ass, watching. It was a fast dump because I was freezing! I grunted, pushed, and fffffffffffttt-lkkkkrrrkkkkkkkrrlll out came the first yule log. Jake was blown away. He said "I can't tell where you stop and the turd begins! It's just as brown as you are!" "Don't make fun of me!" I said, cold and irritable. Anyway, I shit pretty! hard, and made a serious pile of turds. We didn't think much of it until this morning when Jake began howling. He called me to the window to see a bizarre sight: A mound of turds in our back yard, huge, fat, very thick logs, four of them piled on top of each other. Later, Jake was in the back yard and our neighbor pointed to it and said "A man did that, no animal could have. You must have had somebody in your back yard last night. Either that, or big racoons."

Merry Christmas my beautiful people!

Love from all of our hearts to yours,
Jake, Carmalita, Renee, Patsy, Tesa, Nu, Angela, and little Emmy.

Hi I'm new to the posts. I've recently been to the toilet and it's really cool if you do ur business standin on the toilet seat. I jsut had a large meal so I needed to poop real bad, so I stood on the seat, and just went.

I've also been in the shower too, I was like sitting down. I havent really peed or pooped newhere interesting.

I havent had that many accidents since i was like a baby, but there are always times when you get caught short. I was at a wedding in France and I needed to pee so badly, so every so often I kinda did slight "ejections" of piss!

Bye for now. Jack
If anyone wants to contact me my emal address is

Hey all!

I took a poop at 3:00 at the library brown and medium now it's 8:15 and i gotta go again. It's now 8:19 and 16 pellets came out.

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