Hey Rizzo -

That wasp nest peeing story made my hair stand on end (if I had any to stand HA HA).

When I was in grade school my sisters and I were playing in a field beind our house. Both of them mentioned that they had to pee, and I decided to do so too. There was an old shack at the edge of the field, maybe a tool shed or something. We went in there to pee. as I had done a few times previously.

My sisters went inside and I followed. They went to the far side away from the door, lowered their pants, and squatted. I stood inside and watched, then took out my willie and started to hose the wall, which made them giggle. I aimed higher, and hit a wasp nest on the wall. That was not a good idea.

My sisters and I then noticed that there were nests all over the walls of the shack, including inches from where they were squatting. As the wasps started to fly around the room we all ran out - my sisters with pants still down, me with my willie hanging - we didnt even think of those details until we got well out of the shack.

I only got stung twice. My sisters several times each, one sister in a very inconvenient place between the legs. I got one on the arm which was bad enough.

We never went in the shack again. That winter we tore it down and burned the wood in a big bonfire.

I have always hated wasps and other flying insects (bees, hornets, yellowjackets, ...).

I needed to poo really badly today so I quickly slipped my
white panties down and held my skirt up almost imeadiatly I
began to poop it came out steady landing in the loo with a plop
then I pushed again and made a loud fopp and a splattery sound as a load of soft
rice pudding like poo came out really quickly

guy who is getting an A in business law
to alana- honey you can't get arrested for taking a shit in someone's toilet, regardless of how big it was. She offered a contract, i.e. the use of her toilet. It is one sided, i.e. you never promised anything in return. The contract was resolved, i.e. you took your shit, therefore the contract is complete, game over. She cannot sue because the contract was resolved as stated, and there is no law against shitting. Just cause you burried her toilet is not relevant. Hope this cleared it up some for ya.


RINGSTRETCHER: Oh I liked your story alright. I really detest people who complain about the dirty things a person has to do yet they do it themselves. If its alright for them why can't it be alright for others. It's as if the world revolves around them or something. Glad that happened to Candy. Must have really embarresed her. I hope she's changed her attitude.

ALANA: Wow that was an incredible dump you took at Clarence's aunt's house. I so do hate pooping at other people's houses too, just don't like to stink up their place. You are so lucky that the toilet water didn't tip over the bowl too other wise it would have been chaos. How much more did you have to go after you left?

ROGER: That's what everybody tell's me about the Anna Kournikova look alike thing. May as well dye my hair blonde then i'll look then same :)

PETE: My sister takes shorter poops than i do but occasionally has the pan buster like my average 2 times a week schedule. She is a more frequent defecater than me though ranging between 3-4 times a week when i go between 2-3 times a week.

RENEE: Congrats to the arrival of Malita Jean. Must be proud to be a mother now!! I can't wait to be a mother myself since I love kids.

My sister Amanda was really pissed at me yesterday because apparently after I took a shit, she came in to do her smelly share and couldn't flush away properly as for some of my logs must have stopped up the toilet passage. Dad actually did complain about me being the elephant of the house while my mom and sis were laughing and making jokes about me being a pig and having a smelly ass. Oh well I'm used to it. Amanda recently found this site and has become quite interested in it. Expect some posts from my sis. Otherwise yesterday's poop was the highlight of the week.

Merry Christmas to everyone


Hey Bryian! I haven't seen "Not Another Teen Movie" yet. Do you happen to know the name of the actress who plays the girl who shits? Does she have any part in the rest of the movie? If you don't know the name of the actress, can you descibe her (blonde, brunette, etc.) so I can be on the look out for her when I see the movie..

Does anyone know if the HBO series "Real Sex" has ever dealt with pooping? Are there any other TV shows people can think of which deal with pooping, especially by women?

Ho,Ho,Ho everyone! It's been so crazy with work that I haven't had a chance to post lately,but been reading all the great stuff on here-seems like a lot of you are doing some serious pooing this time of year! Some responses-
TO MEREDITH-Boy,you really do some good ones,honey-I enjoy your stories!
TO JANE-Another monster dump-WOW-Poop on,poop queen!
TO ALANA-That was some poop you did at your aunt's house-i liked the way you discrbed "looked like intestines in the bowl" I can relate to that remark-I too do poops that look like they flew out in the shape of my descending colon-Good one!
TO RJOGGER& KATHY-WOW,WOW-great story with the bathtub-comunity dump!!I really enjoyed that one!I printed that and took it with me to the bowl yesterday to read asI took my morning poop-Boy would I like to see that videotape!How much fun that must have been to do naked with just Christmas hats on!LOL-That was one of your best,guys!Hey I'd like to come over some morning and join you?(wish I could!)We would do some serious pooing i'll tell you!-Great stuff!great discribtions too!Merry christmas guys!And the 5 places I pooed that were out of the ordinary
!-On the beach in the sand
2-In a work bucket,beside the RR tracks as the train was going by and giving everyone on board a good view!
3-Pooed from 15 feet up in a tree in the woods-fun!
4-Pooing in a stream upstate NY some years ago and seeing the poop float downstream
5-Dumping out in the woods with some joggers anad other bikers(both women and men) Di that quite a bit this year and it was truelly fun!
Had an interesting poop at the gym the other day-I was on a treadmill and was talking to this girl I talk to once in awhile and we mention pooing outdoors cause she too bikes alot-she is about 35 and in great shape and we are talking and I feel the urge to poo building up as I jog and I'm just holding it till I'm done and she says"Glad I'm almost done cause I got to go to the ladies room soon" then I said" Funny yyou mention that cause I have to go too and I guess I'l finish reading this paper in the bathroom" then she says "You have to BM,now? So do I" and my heart raced a bit as she said that!So I said " hey. lets do a duet" and she said" tha's a fun idea" and we both laughed and I said"I think the ladies toilet is back to back to the mens room,how mant bowl are in ther?" and she said"eight of them" with is the same as the mens' room and I said " Ok take the last one down on the end" and she said " Cool,but how will I know you will be acroos from me"I said after thin! king for a bit "I'll knock softly on the wall and then we can go at the same time" and we both laughed and she said " hey this could be fun, I really have to go,can we go now?"I said" me too" and we walked to the toilets and as I'm going downstairs I'm hoping that the end bowl will be open and that time of day it wasn't too busy and when I got there i went to the end bowl and there were 2 guys dumping in the other stalls( and doing some good pooin' too!) and I went into the stall and locked the door and got undressed and knocked softly on the tile wall and waited--in about 5 seconds I heard a knock back and I decided to put my ear against the wall and I heard her sit on the bowl and then there was silence for about 5 seconds and then I heard 2 short loud farts followed by a loud exhaling and then I heard -plop plop plop plop plop and it sounded like soft stuff and then I heard another fart and a grunt and thats' when I knew it was her!Man was this great-needless to say I was! in heaven as I was listing to this pretty women do her thing as my urge was building up to poo too!You really had to listen good thru the walls,but I could her pretty well except a few time the guys would flush the bowl and It would drown out my show.Then I heard her just sitting there,so I decied to dump then and I turned around and sat on the bowl and right away let out and long dry fart and did 2 really long snakes that crackled loudly into the bowl-it was one of my good dumps-2 really long smooth turds abut 10 inches long each-_i wondered if she could hear me pooping too as I just sat there and waited for more I heard another fart from her side and more ploping of what sounded like the tail end of her BM wich sounded really loose and then I heard her start to wipe and I had to poop again and did a bunch of soft stuff that ended in a loud explosion as I grunted in relief and then started to clean up and I heard her bowl flush and then I flushed and headed up to the gym ! room and when I got there,she was waiting for me and when I walked up to her she said"Feel better,I sure do I said " I have to say that was fun" she then said"Could you hear anything?" I said " well did you "? and we both were sort of hesitant and then I said " well,i have to say I was listening a bit and I could hear you pretty good" and she said" I hope it wasn't too gross,i really had to go pretty bad" as she looked a bit red in embassarment I right away said" No I enjoyed it cause it sounded like you were relieved to go" and she said" I have to confess I was listening for you too and for the longert time I didn't hear anything and then anfter I was just about done I heard you pass some gas and start to go-I enjoyed hearing you too in a strange way" I said " no I feel the same way,I never did that before(which I hadn t!)But I was not about to tell her I was really into it in case she wasn't!Then she said " that was fun,we'll have to do that again sometime" I said " sure ! I really enjoyed it" as I laughed and then she had to leave to pick up her kids(yes she's married) too bad but I hope she approahes me again-maybe next time we can have a real buddy poo cause we have talked about pooing outdoors a lot and I think she may be into some buddy-pooing-I don't see her very often cause she goes ther real early in the morning,but maybe I'll try to get there to meet her! wow was that fun!Let's see what happens-very pretty girl too!MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my poop buddies and hope to post soon ,but I'm soooo busy right now,but i had to post that story,BOY was that fun!BYE HO HO HO !

ALANA - Again, that was one of the funniest story I have seen on this forum. It simply takes the cake. Calling the police on someone because they have to take a shit is beyond words. I hope you were able to finish your bowel movements in private somewhere where there weren't any old ladies to bother you. Although your stories are great, you really should stop eating so much because you are doing damage to your visceral organs (kidney, stomach, intestines, so forth). Continue to post though. I just cannot imagine eating that much food.

RING STRETCHER - That story with the pest falling in her own mess was a classic. That was so funny. I would have died laughing if I was there to witness that. Keep posting

KIM - Great job stories, Keep up the good work.
MALITA - Great job story working with the Mexican children. I have done at least one turd in my life that was bigger than belief. My friend Ned (Phillipino) from Atlanta told me when I went to college there (Georgia Tech)that he saw a turd in restroom of the football players dorm (He was a tutor there) that came all the way out of the commode and was bent at the tip. It was as big as a small lamppost around and about 30-35" in length in one log (not broken up)! If I saw something that big I would faint. I am sure one of the Football player linemen did that turd.

My sister recently pooped out on the shoulder of highway (I-57 in Chicago). She had to go so my friend stopped the car and she poked her booty out the door and just let the big turd fall. Then she laughed and she said she felt so much better. I heard the thing fall in the back seat of his car. We were on our way to a wedding (Another friend of his)
I haven't had any good poop stories to tell about myself but I do eat well for a big stocky guy.



Jeff A
Merry Christmas to everyone.

David: I'm very flattered that you even remember me. Thanks for your generous words. Have a great holiday.

Steve and Louise: Happy holidays and have a good vacation. Louise your story was just as fun as any of the others. You always know how to brighten a fella up!

RJOGGER, KATHY, & FRIENDS: That was a really cool story about your bathtub party. It was great to hear from all the people I've read so much about. You and Kathy are always good for some sensational action, but still, I loved hearing about Kathy's large movements, and especailly Anne's. Good stuff you guys!

Happy holidays to everyone. May the new year be the best for you.

The local Kmart has the first (of 3) stalls missing a door. I went to use the toilet today and the doorless one was the only one available, so I went in and proceeded to take a crap. It got pretty busy in the store and during my 5 minutes on the can I had about 10 guys walk by and check to see if the other stalls were occupied. It was pretty cool to be seen by so many people. I was somewhat noisy today. As I was just about finished, the janitor came by to close the bathroom for cleaning. He left the door propped open, blocked by a cart, so everyone knew it was going to be cleaned. I wiped and went to wash my hands. The restroom is located by the food court and I went to get a drink. I looked towards the restroom and noticed that since I was in the first stall, everyone could easily see that my stall was occupied while I was in there. It was kinda exciting, knowing that if anyone was interested, they could have seen my jeans and white jockeys down around my ankles, seen that ! I stood and faced the paper dispenser while I wiped.

Downtown has a public toilet that is open 24hrs a day and has someone in a booth outside it, to keep the weirdos at bay. It is just a large room with a toilet, urinal and sink. I went in to use it yesterday and saw that there was a guy sitting on the toilet. He looked to be a construction worker or something. He was wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and boots, with a ball cap. Kinda skinny, but not too bad. He had really stunk up the place, and was still squishing some turds out when I walked in. He looked up and was actually kinda handsome. Sharp features, like a Native American, probably 34 or so. He said that he's almost done, and it was no problem, I said. He had his jeans up at his thighs, so only the side of his butt was really visible. He took some paper and started to wipe while I was standing there. He leaned forward and wiped from the back. He apologized for the smell, but said that he wasn't feeling too good. Must have been the crap he ate from the "Roach Coach". He! just hopes he can leave me some paper, he said, jokingly. He seemed pretty nice. That's cool, I told him. He stood and pulled his underwear up from inside his jeans. They were bright orange, like Home Depot orange, briefs. Cool orange, where did you get those, I asked. He stopped and looked at them and said Macy's, I think. He pulled up his jeans and went to wash his hands as I took my place on the toilet. Still warm. Later on, he said, as I was merrily crapping away and he left.

Hi everybody I'm home from the hospital it really hurt when they pulled the log out of me so the doctor is making me take these special laxatives for pregnant women It doesent make me have diareeha but it makes me really have to go alot about every 3 hours! but I am taking them because I can't go through all that pain again story....

I was in the mall doing last minute shopping and I had to poop but I had my hands full of bags so I just decided to finish my shopping because you can't take merchandise into the bathrooms but I was starting to get bad cramps so I had to go I had on black pants so I just pushed a little and out I pushed a whole load full of crap! It felt good doing it I continued to do it while shopping because there was so much I couldn't stop It was really messy but not wet when I got home Ty was in bed and Mark said he wanted to have sex I tried to explain to him what I had did but he wouldn't listen and started pulling of my clothes he was real grossed out when he got to my panties

Does anyone else enjoy pooping in there pants I love it! except it was hard to clean up!

RJogger, Kathy & friends. I really enjoyed your story about your weekend buddy dump and it was well worth wairing for. My guess is you really stank the place out between you. I particularly liked the bit about Anne being barely hold her crap in before hand, letting out a fair amount of gas and finally producing the biggest pile out of the ladies. Hardly any wonder if she hadn't done anything much solid the day before. I'd love to hear if she's ever (as an adult) had any major accidents.

Ring Stretcher. Thanks for clarifying the point about Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke. I'm surprised they ended up using special effects for the weeing scene though.

Mark. I hope Jasta is soon feeling better. It sounds as though she had a pretty rough experience. Is she often that constipated?

Renee. Congratulations and best wishes.



Hi Tailwagger and Lancs Lad,
Sorry pals but this is my last posting. My boyfriend doesn't like me using this post so I'll keep him happy and sign off. I might do a Shirley Manson and leave a pile of goodies in his cornflakes for him one morning!!
Love to all.

It was just a wee one, says Foxe

Sunday 23 December 2001

Socceroo defender Hayden Foxe admits he has been fined for urinating at the bar of a nightclub during West Ham's Christmas party, but described the act as "a discreet, quiet little one".

Speaking for the first time since he was revealed as the player fined two weeks' wages (about $39,000) because of his actions, an embarrassed Foxe said yesterday it was unfair he had been singled out.

"A few incidents happened but I wouldn't go as far saying as I was pissing at the bar in front of a thousand people and showing myself," he said.

"It was a discreet little quiet one and obviously my name got chucked around. That is the story.

"We were on a lads' night out for Christmas. We all had fun.

"It is unfair that I have been singled out. It doesn't help that I'm the only player in the squad with ginger hair."

Foxe's behaviour was preceded by Leeds' Jonathan Woodgate being found guilty of affray, teammate Robbie Fowler being detained for criminal damage, Ipswich's Titus Bramble spending a night in police cells, and Blackburn staff being interviewed over a sexual assault complaint.

Australian Robbie Slater, who spent the 1995-96 season at West Ham, said: "I have rarely been at a Christmas party in England where there hasn't been a problem. There is no excuse for what Hayden did but he is a young kid in a culture that opens the door for that behaviour.

"Hayden has been silly but we have all made mistakes. He knows it's not acceptable behaviour, especially at a time when he's trying to win a place in the West Ham team and establish himself with the Socceroos."

Foxe, 24, has long been identified as one of Australia's most promising players but has yet to realise his potential.

He joined the prestigious Ajax Amsterdam youth academy at the age of 17. A spell in Germany with Arminia Bielefeld was wrecked by a foot injury before he left Europe to join Japanese side Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

Foxe was signed by former West Ham manager Harry Redknapp this year after spending nine months trying to get a work permit.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

Another great and slow satisfying job on the toilet again for me today,
Loud plops, and splashes and it looked great down the pan when I'd done!
Such a contrast to earlier this year when I was constantly having bad times and asking people here for advice!

Whether on not I'll be able to post again before Christmas, I don't know, so I'll wish everyone here a great time in whatever way they observe this time of year, and to those who've lost someone close in recent months, I wish you Peace and comfort.

Many thanks to all those who send in such interesting, fascinating and enjoyable posts, and to the moderator who has to sort it all out from whatever else is submitted, so as to maintain the high standard of these wonderful site!

JUSTIN, DAZZ and DREW, Haven't heard from any of you in a long while; I hope you're still there and hope to hear from all again sometime soon.

Love to you all P P G

The bathroom door closed with a latch so there was about a 2 inch space that I could see into. Mother would go into the bathroom with a newspaper and sit on the toilet trying to go and would fart. Then she would get up and take a enema in a kneeling position sometimes taking it standing up and counting. I got turned on when she passed what sounded likes rocks.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Ring Stretcher
ADRIAN: In Holy Smoke Kate drank alot of water and Tea so she could urinate on cue to make it look like an accident in the movie. For some reason the director was never happy with how it was looking so they faked it, probably using a container and plastic tube that can release liquid when a switch it pushed.

MEREDITH: Glad you like my story! She used to walk in the bathroom and if somebody was pooping she would ask why they couldn't do it at home and go into a lecture on how gross it was. Uh, hello? That what bathrooms are here for.

ADVOCATE: Excellent advice for JASTA! Hearing her story makes me want a home delivery. Plus they don't give you all those unecesary things like pitocin. Why can't women in this country be allowed to labor naturally!?

JASTA: No doctor has the right to get mad at you for having accidents. They should expect that sooner or later.

I was once having a pap smear done and I was very nervous and let out a fart. Doctor pretended ot to notice but he had to have, LOL!

Another time during Rush in college I let out this tremendous fart before meeting some potential groups. It was very loud and almost 10 seconds long!!!

I fart alot during my period, for some reason.

Does anyone have any accident stories they would like to share?

Traveling Guy
Something really nice happened this morning that many of you will appreciate. While I was in the shower, there was a knock at the bathroom door. It was my daughter, who just turned 18. We're pretty close as a dad-daughter team, but I didn't know how just how open she could be. She came in and said a few things to me, just small talk, and I heard her taking a pee. (We have a heavy cloth shower curtain with a solid plastic one behind that, so I couldn't see her.) After some silence, though, she started humming to herself and I suspected she was there for a long one. She talked a little to me while she was pooping, not much. I heard the toilet flush when she finished, after about two or three minutes, and then a slight poop smell reached me, not too strong, but noticeable. Then she said, "Bye, dad, I'm off to school." (She's in the last year of high school.)

You long-time regulars here know that my wife would never do that, much to my disappointment - except for the one emergency I can remember. But I'm really happy that my daughter feels open enough that she can have a dump while someone else is in the room, although out of sight. I hope she keeps that attitude with others all her life.

True to my handle, I'll be away traveling all next week, so let me wish all of you, long-timers and newcomers alike, the warmest Season's Greetings. You're all very special e-friends to me. Happy Holidays!

Hi all! It's 4:42 CST and I'm here holding in a poop. I think that it is time to release it. I have aluminum foil covering the pot so it actually feels like there is more in me but it is on the tin foil. Well time to go poop! I'll tell you what it was like when I'm done. K? K!

Be Right Back!

It's now 4:55 and it's done it was medium sized medium brown very fat at the end I'd say about 2.5 inches.


Hi to Sarah S. and Meghan, Robby and Annie, Plunging Plop Guy, and Wetguy.

Wetguy, no I have no unusual peeing habits to tell about, but I do have something to write about a piss I took at school this past Wednesday.
My friend and classmate Travis and me went to the bathroom between periods. There are 3 urinals in this bathroom, the far right one was being used when we walked in. Travis and me stood next to each other at the vacant 2 urinals. About 10 seconds after we started standing by the urinals, Travis let out a couple of gigantic firecracker farts. As many of you know school bathrooms are pretty hollow and his farts definitely echoed.

I also felt the need to pass gas, so I let out 2 or 3 quieter farts like 20 seconds later. I was just finishing my pee when I farted again. This time, Travis and me farted at exactly the same time and it made quite a noise, and stink! We laughed at this and the kid who was peeing when we walked in, now at the sink washing his hands, laughed with us!

Yesterday was Thursday, and Jason and me went to his house right after school. Now normally when I go to his house he lets me go first (shit or piss) and I let him go first at my house. Just as we walked down his driveway he said "I have to go really bad. Can I go first?" I told him sure.

We got into the house, put down our backpacks and other stuff, and went toward the bathroom. Jason pulled down his baggy jeans and red and white boxers as we walked into the bathroom; he didn't even bother to wait until we were in there. He plopped down on the toilet and, holding down his weener to pee, said "aaaaaaahh!." I asked him if he had to piss or shit more and he said "everything dude!"

Jason let out a few wet farts and the bathroom began to really stink. He farted and pooped severl times, every 20-30 seconds or so, for about 3 minutes. He yanked about 3 feet of toilet paper off the roll and then got up to wipe. We both looked in and though he didn't have diarrhea, he definitely had the runs. There were several turds with a very "flaky" consistancy and a bunch of loose little pellets.

Jason wiped his ass with that first roll and then flushed that down. He grabbed some more paper and wiped again, repeating, with smaller lengths of paper, 4 or 5 times. He then flushed again.

Now it was my turn. I was wearing jeans, but they were tighter and more traditional. Jason and I are about the same weight and height and have borrowed each other's clothes. I pulled down those jeans and my grey boxers and sat down while Jason began to wash his hands.

It was a pretty chilly day and the toilet seat was definitely warmed up by Jason sitting there for 8-9 minutes or so. I had to pee a little bit, though not as much as my best friend. I then pushed out a first turd and then three more, though not all at once. I probably spent about 5 minutes on the toilet.

As I was sitting there and Jason finished washing his hands, we had some small talk. I said I'd love to see Kristin on the toilet. Jason said something like, "yeah dude, I'd love to see the turds which came out of her fine ass!" Kristin is this very pretty and popular, though not stuck up by any means, girl who Jason and me, and half of the other boys in our 10th grade class, have a crush on! He also said "I'm sure she has stunk up the bathroom like most of us." We got a good laugh out of that.

I was ready to wipe and I had to do so three times. My turds were a lot firmer and smaller than Jason's and everything went down in one flush.

Happy holidays to everyone,

Hey, yall:
Meredith, loved your story! What really peaked my interest, though, is that you say that you looked like Anna Kournikova (proper-spelling). Why? Because My girlfriend, Angela, looks a lot like her, as well. We just sat on the toilet together, just a couple of hours ago. Lemme tell you, heaven on earth, man! I pity those of you guys, who are missing out on this. May the Lord provide you w/ women, who are open about these kinds of things, such as myself. Pico, where you @, man? It's been awhile!

Take it easy, yall,


Hi I'm Mark Jasta's husband she is resting and she asked me to post for her so here goes tonight Jasta had one of the roughest poops ever (yes worse than the other night) the last one was about 7-9 inches wide It got so bad we had to call her mother here's a time line to kind of of summerize a story
6:00pm-Jasta gets home from college Ty is staying at a friends house for a while she said I'm gonna go poop
6:30-I here massive screams from the bathroom she at this point wasn't actually hurting but was very frustrated
7:00 she suggests getting in the tub so at first I sit outside the tub and hold her hand
8:00 I get in the tub to try to help her
8:30 about 5inches of the log comes out again gets stuck
9:00 she is in so much pain she askes me to call her mom her mom tells her to get in the tub but when all fails she comes over
10:00 mom arrives when she gets there Jasta says she has a headache so she asks me to get her some asprins I hesitate because I don't want her to see my penis but for the sake of Jasta I get out she never comments
11:00 we've tried putting her on the side of the tub and pulling weve also got her in the bed she just can't get it out so we had to take her to the hospital I am at home now with Ty her mom is with her the doctor is doing some tests tomm. to help her if you post about this please direct it to Jasta I do not come here often Thanks Mark

Jeff A, my man! Your reply to "Too embarrassed to tell" [page 113, about 1/4 up from the bottom] was probably the best post I've ever read. A certain humanity was shared, most definitely! You and I think very much alike. I agree 100%, "Too embarrassed"'s boyfriend was a complete asshole (and still is, unless the earth has been relieved of such scum). I was very pissed off when I read her post.

Does your younger sister also use the toilet as long as you do??

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