hey everyone! I've been reading these posts for a while now so i decided to post myself. Some of the things i've read that you people do i would like to do to but i'm never in the situation. The only post that i can actually relate to is the one about the ice skating rink. What happened to me was that i was ON the line to get the rentals and i had to go pee really badly, so i dropped my shoes and ran to the bathroom. I ran in and sat down in the nearest stall. Not only did i pee but i pooped too. The stall door was a little open because it was broken and wouldn't close, and someone came in. She must have thought there was nobody in there because she had already started to pull down her pants. The sight of her made my poop come out faster and harder and made me pee more. She ran into the next stall and didn't bother to even close my door a little. So i was sitting there with the door open. A group of teenagers passed by and the all went into the stall next door. I was stil! l pooping and i decided to look under. I thought i was the only one in socks there but all those girls in the next stall were in socks too. That was an....interesting...... experience. I never let anyone see me on the toilet and all these girls were just looking at me. It felt good though. I want to do somthing like that again :)

I went to the movies today and saw "Not Another Teen Movie". There were lots of pooping sceens in the movies. There was one part where these freshmen guys(9th grade) were spying on these girls in the locker room and they found a vent and crawed up there and they were spying on them in the locker room then there was a girl on the toilet and you could see her sitting heard her pee then she farted then she started pooping. Then she's pooping and farting alot and then with the weight of the boys up in the ventalation system it gave way and the toilet fell through to a class room and it was spraying the kids/teacher with all this liquid poop. There was a refrence on there about a girl wanting a guy to shit on her chest(i think someone mentioned this before here). Then after the movie i had to pee really bad from drinking a large soda. I peed, then i walked around the mall and i had to poop so i went to the main bathroom to see if any other guys were shitting while i w! as in there. One guy came in to take a dump while i was in the large handicaped stall. I pushed out this light brown log about 8". Then i flushed and went on my way.

To Ben: I liked your story about having to have a huge dump in the middle of no!

To jim: How old are you that you pee your self? I liked your stories too

To Plunging Plop Guy : I do that too...go in a stall and wait for others to come in before i start shitting. In fact i did that today, had a great load(see up top to hear about it).

Thats it for today...bye

Hi all,

Everybody else is getting in on the act, so I might as well -- the five most memorable places I've taken a leak:

1: My first great dam-breaker -- in a wall-mounted urinal in the men's room at my local city hall.
2: My first great pish with an audience -- in the men's room at my local cinema complex when the ladies' was out of order and a group of desperate women took over the gents'. (I used the urinal, I couldn't wait for a stall.)
3. Urinals beyond counting, including several at my college -- regularly.
4. In my back garden, by night and by day.
5. In my bathroom sink!

STEVE & LOUISE -- I adored your descriptions of the during- and post-party action, and the morning-after action as well. That's classic Steve & Louise! Yes, an easy sit-down job is often relaxing, especially if you've had a variety of possible knee-trembler's beforehand! (A jar or two is a usual reason to sink with dignity upon the throne and relax with a sigh as one's bladder erupts.) Oh, and that extra anecdote from Spain makes me yearn to visit those beaches, we see nothing like that here, I'm afraid (I pray I speak too soon!) and it would be delicious to partake in such fun!

As for Lara Croft-ing it (!) round sunshades and a ponytail are an easy "look" to get! Twin Beretta 45s are not so easy...!

Merry Christmas, my friends -- have fun in Scotland, and I expect to hear that a certain swimming pool was witness to all manner of fabulous, far-arching fun!

KENDAL -- Louise was pretty young when she "began" -- I was in the order of 16, and my periods were very light until I was in my 20s. Sigh -- let it happen, honey, it's part of who you and we are. Hope you're well, and have a lovely Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all -- peace and delicious functions!


JEFF A - Hi guy! Just got a minute to write to you again. Thank you
again for saying such nice things about me! I know Steve likes me
writing letters to you because you are a gentleman toward me. LOL I
do not think Steve would want to koshi nage guys like you!
Well I am happy I got you interested in pees. It is like I said to
Rizzo, I am not a good girl yet, so keep reading my letters. I hope
I have more things to write about after Christmas time!
Steve speaking. Best Wishes from us to you and Denise, and if
Barbara does put on another toilet show for you, enjoy the moment.
Such entertainment really is quite special, isn't it?
I'll speak to you again at greater length in January. Cheers!
This is Louise again! I just had a small shit this morning. Steve
had already gone to work, and I just went into the bathroom and I
had my shower. When I was showering I just stood and had my wee.
I did not keep my feet apart very far and some wee went down my
leg but most of it pissed out in a twisty sheet like Steve likes
to call it. I did not use my fingers to aim and open my lips up so
it just went a bit wild. I bet it would have been tidier if I had
opened up a bit first and then let rip, but I hope you did like that.
When I was drying myself I felt the shit coming on, and when I
was dry I hovered my bum over the toilet. I knew it was not a big
shit, and when I pushed, a lot of pebbles popped out of my hole
and went plop-plop-plop in the toilet and there were lots of splashes.
So no log today, just a lot of little lumps! I hope that was not
Love Louise xxxxxxxxxx extra x under the mistletoe for Christmas!

ROBBY - Well I hope you liked my story for today! You know I was
thinking about what it may be like for guys who are circumcised if
you wipe after a wee. I mean I like to wipe Steve but he likes me
just to wipe his foreskin really and not what it covers especially
right where the little slit is. Do you just get used to it, and also
do you get wee stains in your underpants? It was just a thing that
makes me curious you know.

Right we really have to go now! Happy hols everybody!!!



Hi Lancs Lad,
Glad you liked my brown tail!! I'm 24 and I'm a bit like Tailwagger I think because I love dropping out piles when I have my miniskirt on! I'd love to fill my knicks with a big dump like she did - especially if I have my mini on. Bet it feels great to have a miniskirt full of hard sausages! Love for xmas.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Ringstretcher: I found that story of the Candy person rather hilarious. I bet everyone hated her guts. I was laughing so hard as it reminded me of someone I once knew. Not quite in the same situation though

Jane: That was a mega dump that you had. Im still wondering how much you have to eat to let out a load requiring so many flushes.

Kim & Scott: THat was a massive U that you passed in the toilet. you must have felt a hell of a lot lighter after it all came out.

I just took another monster shit today. I am actually home from school and beginning to enjoy my christmas holidays too. I just got home from a long car ride with my dad and also a huge lunch at Wendys. At first I did feel a slight urge to go but didn't really pay much attention as for I wanted to chat to my friend on ICQ. Anyway as I was doing so, I started to fart like crazy and my room started to stink up really bad. My younger sister came in to apparently 'spend some time with me' when she almost suffocated in the smell that was in my room. She was like 'what died in here?' and I was just said smell my ass. She gave me a weird look. For all the guys out there, my sister is about 5'5, 17 and around 120 lbs with an incredible body as she is a hardcore gymnast. Lets just say she's got breasts and a hell of a behind too. Her eyes are blue and her hair is brown just like mine. She looks almost like me too, and some (guys) have told me I look like Anna Kounikova (spelling?! ) though I doubt it. Anywayz, excusing myself from the computer, I ran to the toilet and closed the door. I didn't switch on the fan since i love to inhale my own smells and that arouses me for some reason. I stripped naked and sat on the cold toilet seat warming it up. There was a window next to the toilet and I didn't bother closing the draps so anyone next door could have seen me take my dump. I wanted to enjoy all possible. Settling down, all was quiet. As I stared at the shower curtain, I let out a small whisper from my butt which added deep fresh aroma to the bathroom. I started to push lightly as for I felt the tip of my turd asking permission to exit. As I did so, loud crackling sounds were made. I felt my ass slowly expand and a large log exit. It plopped silently as another large log started to exit my bum. I was enjoying every moment of my defecation since it was coming out on its own time. I felt the second piece touch the water but still keep going so I needed t! o stand up. Finally it tapered off and added to the brown collection at the bottom of the pan. I sat in silence for a while as I heard footsteps outside the bathroom door and the occasional 'you stink' from my sister. I felt movement inside my bowels and started to push lightly as a fat smooth textured turd exited my hole. I continued to push out a couple of smaller pieces which just plopped loudly into the toilet bowl breaking the golden silence. I sat on the toilet for about another 3 minutes when I heard my sister saying something about me shitting for 20 minutes. I had lost track of time since I was so into my pooping. I wiped around 3 times and stood up to look at my creation. I saw one long log at the bottom which was about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, a huge coiled up snake which could be about 12 inches long and about 1-2 inches wide. And a final smaller log about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. I stood there admiring my prodoct for I have no idea how long when ! I heard my sister banging on the bathroom door. I flushed the toilet and luckily the poop was all pretty soft so it broke up on the way down. Otherwise my dad would be comlaining that I'm and elephant.

Oh well a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do right?

luv you all and happy poopings,


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First congradulations to Renee on having a new member to your familly. Steve im glad you liked the ski story. Ive enjoyed the great peeing posts from everyone. Ill contribute to the most unusuall placeses Ive pooped.
1. 30 feet up in a tree.

2. In an alley witha girl that also pooped as I was going.

3 In an old bathtub in the bottom of our barn.

4. A toilet made from an old stovepipe in a fort when I was a kid.

5. In a hoarse stall in my grandfathers barn.

The Crank
If any of you read the graphic novel 100 bullets, you'll find lots of women peeing scenes. One of my favourites were of the girl (Dizzy) using a french WC, the squat type, but you only see her half pulling her jeans off, as any more may render the comic pornographic. Another is when you see a beautiful girl enter a delapidated stall and you only see her feet when she pees, but that's enough for me.

One really clear one was a black girl who has her panties around her ankles as she pees while her boyfriend talks to her. He also drops something near her feet and we see a closeup of her panties around her ankles as he picks it up.

Some of these girl's pictures are scary - they look so much like me or my family members!
OK, my next singer story is about Beethoven's Ninth.
The soprano solo in that symphony was one of my first professional gigs, (it was with a regional orchestra when I was still in school.) If you know the work, there is a vocal quartet in the last movement only, with the choir. I performed it at an all-Beethoven weekend where they were doing all nine symphonies in 3 days. This program was 7, 8 and 9. They did 7, intermission, 8 and 9, and for some reason, even though the soloists and choir were only in the last 20 minutes or so (if that), they had us all sit there on stage through the entire 8th and 9th symphonies (at least an hour and a half or so) instead of coming on at the beginning of the ninth. We all thought that was stupid. Well, I was very young, not that experienced, singing with much older, more seasoned performers, excited to show off my fairly new-to-me-at-the time fuller sound and glorious high notes (the soprano definitely shines in that ensemble) and I knew I was looking good in my new, slim-fitting, tissu! e-thin gown. The climate was very dry and my throat felt a little weird so the water was pouring before the performance. I made sure I peed every 10-15 minutes the hour before we went on, and put on a couple of pads just in case, because I had the feeling I might have to go (I had to squish them into the thong underwear I was wearing because my dress was so thin.) Then I felt confident that I would be OK.
Well, we got on stage and I sat and sipped water and sat and sat and sipped water. Near the end of the second movement of the 8th, I started to feel the urge to pee already. I ignored it (a good way to deal with it on stage is to be VERY involved in the music you're hearing - sing along in your head, count beats, whatever, or to be VERY interested in the audience - count the number of red shirts, number of people wearing glasses, and so on.) In this way, I got through the third movement and most of the fourth, but by the end of it, I was having to go worse and worse and was having a hard time ignoring it. By the time we got into the 9th, all that water was starting to leak into my pad. I shifted around on my chair getting more and more worried, trying to enjoy my big moment and smile but really wishing it was over and feeling very uncomfortable. By the time it was our movement, I was desperate! When I stood up to sing, urine began gushing and I had to squeeze my legs an! d butt tight to stop it. As I got into my singing, the urge dissipated a bit, but as soon as we were done, I felt it again, and all I could think about was getting to the toilet, but after all the bowing, it was quite a walk, and it was agonizing. Several people I knew were backstage but I pretended not to see them and just zipped past them. I finally made it to my dressing room and was able to pee and was very relieved. I noticed the pads were soaked. Then when I stood up I realized that there was a wet spot on my bum (my dress was so thin, everything showed) and I had walked in front of the conductor and other singers, choir, musicians and audience with my back showing! I don't know if they saw or not, but I was humiliated. I didn't want to go out there with my dress like that but I also couldn't change into street clothes so soon as that would be weird, so I had to use the hand drier to dry it off, which soaked the urine into the thin fabric. I dry cleaned the dress later! but I still don't wear it much.


I read your post, but what got my attention was the part that you posted about having your baby. I have never had a child, nor have I ever been in the delivery room, but it appauls me the number of stories I hear of women being treated like they are some sort of intruder.

I think the doctor was stupid for making a comment about your bowel movement during the delivery, especially with this being your first child. The nurse should not have been so rude to you just because you had diareha because there are A LOT worse things that can happen during labor, especially for someone that had been in for over 20 hours. Like she had never been shitted on before...please. If she hadn't been then welcome to the damn club. You can't be in the medical profession and expect to be clean all the time.
Especially if you are going to be a delivery nurse!! What was she expecting? Tea, cream, and Melba Toast?

I hope you put these people in their place at the proper time.

I would like someone to tell me why hospital tend to treat women so badly when they are trying to have one of the most important moments in their life. And your story is not the worse I have heard. Midwives and home delivery is beginning to not look so crazy to me.

To doctors and nurses who read this board, please try to be a little more compassionate to patients, male or female. You might deal with these sorts of things everyday, BUT WE DON'T!!!

Hi everyone,I had really been making a pig of myself recently,my grandmother made turkey hash and asked if I wanted some to take home.She had a scale so I weighed the tupperware bowl it was in six pounds four ounces.I ate it all in one sitting just to see if I could do it.Wow!was I full.Anyway,I got into a little trouble yesterday.I was seeing this guy Clarence,nothing really serious,and we stopped by his aunts house so he could pick up some things for his mom I guess for Christmas.Well I was sitting in the living room and all of the sudden I felt my ???? churning and knew I had to take a shit but figured I could hold it till I got home,then the cramps got really strong and I knew I had to take a huge serious shit right now.I excused myself and asked if I could use the washroom.Clarences aunt said "why sure honey the bathroom is right down the hall on the left." I went down the hallway and was thinking I hate going to the washroom in other peoples houses.By the time I made ! it there I had just enough time to close the door pull down my slacks and panties and sit down.She had one of those newer style toilets the ones with what looks like a glass of water in the bottom real little too.Well, I sat down and bam!I began to pee a stream and as the first turd came out which was a good thick rich smelling long length of cable,I clapsed my hands together rested my elbows on my knees,and began to shit my brains out. I got up to look at it.The first massive turd sucked up the water and coiled around four times on top of itself. I flushed,sat back down then the motherload came out,with a bang a deluge of hot creamy light golden brown shit ice cream dispenser type but thick and heavy and it looked like intestines there was a ton of it I tried to flush but there was way too much volume.The water came to the top of the toilet and seeped back down.I was not finished going to the bathroom yet.A! nother wave of banana turds began to come out big long ones about five each about a foot in length.then more farting,really loud farting,bbbrrrrraaaappppttthhhhhppppffflllrrrrrpplll....all of the sudden my bowels exploded and soft creamy chain turds began to pour out and God did they smell bad!All of the sudden I hear footsteps comming down the hallway and,"Here here,what's going on here.""You'll have to come out of there young lady,I won't have this going on here." It was Clarences aunt and she was mad. "This smells awfull in here get out." "I'll call the police." She went back to the front of the house and started yelling at Clarence.I had to shit some more but I wiped and got up looked in the toilet and it was packed with shit coils,snakes,Ice cream,bananas,you name it.Needless to say I ran out of the house and waited for Clarence in the car.He came out and a police car pulled up just as we were leaving,and his aunt came out on the porch pointing her finger and throwing h! er arms up in the air.I'll have to call Clarence to find out what happend. does anyone know if I can be arrested for something like this,I'm scared. love you all ALANA

Gary and I wish the best of the Holidays to everyone here, particularly Renee (congratulations on your precious gift), Carmalita & Jake, Patsy, Kim & Scott, Althea, Buzzy, Robby & Annie, Sarah & Meghan, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Ephermal, Ring Stretcher, Jeff A, Mindy, Amy (co-ed), and everyone else (forgive me if I left you out).

Renee, again congratulations on bringing little Malita Jean into the world. She is lucky she will be in a loving home, with three Moms and a Dad.

Althea: I have chased away many bathroom users, or at least hastened their departures or quickened their stays. I normally don't get chased out of the bathroom except when someone starts to vomit. Curiously, I know a couple of instances when someone has actually hung around to listen in while I had one of my massive bowel movements, and I'm not referring to the many little kids peering through the door or my young friend Christine.

About the massive dump I did the other day, I made a return trip to the office where I had the cups of coffee. I was told it was an exotic blend directly from Brazil brought by one of the managers, but the batch that was brewed on Friday was a little too strong. Of course, I didn't drink any coffee this time. Also, I did flush the toilet 12 times while seated, but some of those were not full loads. I flushed because the smell was getting so bad. Still, it ranks up there as one of the biggest poops I have ever done.

Here's wishing to all the best of the holiday season and a prosperous new year, which will hopefully bring peace in the world. I'll be back next year.

Yesterday i was at work all day and i was farting smelled. I came home and was still farting then a bit later i got this huge urge to take a dump. I must have held it an hour or 2. I went to the bathroom finally around 11pm last night. I Had a huge dark brown log about 9" and a few squigly pieces(they were a little softer) on top of that. I wiped 7-8X then i flushed...I hadn't been in about 2-3 days. Then i got up this morning and i had to poop again right away. I had a big log and it was really soft wiped alot though then i flushed.

Most unusual places I've peed, well none are particularly unusual but here goes:

1. In my wash basin in my univeristy study-bedroom while drinking home brew with friends. The room was full of male and feemale friends, I must have been drunk!
2. In an empty beer can while camping. It was 'pissing down' outside and the beer can was the only thing I had to hand. Had to aim carefully and take care with the sharp metal edges!
3. In a wide necked plastic bottle, again while camping with my girlfriend. She also peed in the bottle, which was fun.
4. In the shower while hugging my girlfriend. Enough said.
5. On the floor of the school swimming pool changing room (when I was about 10). My so-called friends dared me to do it (they were going to do it too) but then they told the teacher and I was in big trouble.

Hi to everyone but especially Lawn-Dogs and Kendal. Haven't heard from you lately which is a pitty as your stories are great. Hope you're both ok.

Old Post Review

This time I went back to the REALLY old pages, from over five years ago. On page 2 (typo at the top: it says page 1) at "toiletpostb.htm" there are several good stories. The whole page is pretty good. Here are my favorites:
By far the best one was from Kris, right in the middle of the page. I wonder, did she have a medical condition or just really lousy control?
Two other good ones were Kate (a few posts above Kris), and Anna (at the very bottom). Anna's post reminds me of my experience with my girlfriend that I posted here a while back.

Sorry about the tags in my last post. I don't know how to get that to work.

To Briyan:My dad would have probably killed me if he saw me coming out of the women's bathroom.

5 most unusual places I've peed
1:Womens bathroom
2:My pants
4:A baby potty

5 most unusual places I have pooped
5:In a baby Potty

Well heres my story. I really needed to pee today during school. I was grabbing myself secretly under my desk. I would have asked the teacher to go but there was this girl I like sitting next to me and we were taking a timed test. Well when the period ended I made a quick dash to the bathroom but had to wait because some kids were taking a crap and all the urnals were full. A little pee shot when someone finished. I went to the urnal and let loose with a 2 minute pee. I felt 10x better after that.

Heres my other story. Its been unseasonably warm here in Iowa. So I decided to go bike a trail. Well it was a big trail and I need to crap halfway through. So I pulled over and went to find a good place to go. I found a clearing a few feet from the trail out of site. So I droppped my pants and started to push out this huge turd. It was really big and hurt when it was coming out. It finally came out and it was huge. Then a few little turds started coming out. I pulled out some kleenex and wiped and left. Well I started biking again and I found a pair of messed pamties next to the trail. Guess I wasn't the only one who has to go when there in the middle of nowhere.

Sorry for the long post. And Merry Cristmas.

More Later


I am a first time poster.( acculy not but havnt posted for a year
Im male, 5 feet 9 in tall
im 20 years old.

I reallt have never had an accidnet and congrats on the baby RENEE. I am very happy for you.
I am frequenly constipated.

Really not much to say


your name (Russ)
Hi: When I got to work today,I felt like I needed to move my bowels,so I decided I would try just going in a cardboard box in my office like I did once before. So I locked the door and closed the curtains,took my pants and underpants off, I put some newspaper in the box and then I bent over the box and beared down a little,sure enough a nice long piece of feces dropped from my anus in the box,one more grunt and another small piece fell out, I spread my smooth cheeks and wiped my anus with some paper towels, and checked my anus out with my finger,it felt ok, and with a mirror it looked pretty clean. So I got dressed again and covered the box and threw it in the dumpster,made sure it was buried deep so no one would discover it. I sort of enjoyed not sitting on a toilet,I will try it again sometime I am sure.
I heard on a radio show where they were having some girls either pee or dump in a sand box like used for a cat. Did not hear how it went but would have been interesting to view,hope they could scoop up the dropping from the box like we do for a cat. So anyway keep posting and keep moving your bowels and peeing and we will all survive for sure.
thanks, Russ.

I had an embarrassing experience today I peed on the doctor I knew I had to go but decided to hold it because doctors office restrooms seem to germy so with my last child I had trouble with my vagina widining so they cut me and she wanted to see if the stitches were in a place where I would have to have a c-section so I was told to take off my pants and underwear I was really embarrsased because I wore some really old thongs with many holes and anyway I had to wait along time with my winkie exposed to anybody who came in and the doctor brought in a student doctor a young male she then asked me to spread my legs so he could see better when I did piss shot all over "Dr. Green"

Renee: congratulations on your new baby girl! We are also hoping for a girl me and my husband do not usually go to the bathroom with each other so we leave the door open when either of us go the only thing we do not let little Ty watch is sex.

Hi there.

My name is dot (Danish Outdoor Toilet).
I love the stories in here, especially the ones including female using the nature as toilet.

About the sizes of some of the turds - hmmm i would love to se a photo, otherwise I would say it's impossible ;o)

Top 5 I've peed:
1) In a McDonald Coke can in my car at a crowded road.
2) In the wood behind a tree.
3) In the sand at the beach.
4) In the sink at at toiletbuilding, the toilet was out of order.
5) Behind a car in a parking lot.

Top 5 I've pooped:
1) A garbage can at at train station, the toilet building was closed.
2) At a parking spot by the side of the road.
3) In the sand at the beach
4) Beside the toilet in a toiletbuilding, the toilet was so dirty.
5) In the water out on the deep during a swim.

Stories to follow later.


Anyone have stories about celebrity poop accidents? There was one posted here a few years ago about the singer Suzi Quattro pooping her pants during a performance. There was also a story about Deborah Norville having an accident during a news broadcast, but I've never seen it verified. Any others?

I saw boys urinate in the sink in the AV room in high school. They were well hung. One of them was my distant cousin.

I like this masthead girl, simple clothes and underwear. Perfect for sitting on the toilet, no muss or fuss.

Ring Stretcher
JASTA: I read all women poop during childbirth unless they've had an enema. Does pushing out a baby feel like taking a giant poop? That log you had at home was enormous!!!!!

KIM and SCOTT: Thanks for liking my office party poop story!!! Serve her right. We were still laughing about in on Monday! When she came in to clear out her desk Tuesday the guys kept making mock grunting and farting noises while waving their ands as though they smelled her poop again. HA!!

Michelle (the flesh)
I'm back! It's been awhile but . . .

Jasta: I did a poo while birthing twins.

Rikishi: your grandfather's shoe????!!!!!

Outhouse Scot: Peed "Between my cousin's legs" That's creative.

Anjela: I once backed up a toilet at a gas station. Me and my hubby were coming from a business luncheon. Then I felt a fat one grating my rectal walls. I told him to pull into the nearest station. I got to the bowl and squatted over it. BBBLLAAA-FOOOSSHH!!! Waves of soft poop oozed out of me. After 10 minutes, I flushed and the water came back up and ran all over the floor!!! Ran out as fast as possible!!!

Donny: the window thing is very arousing.

Note: I noticed that Chinese food gives me nice long, firm solid poops. I've been ordering General Tsu Chicken and any kinda "Foo Young".

one time i had to go to the bathroom really bad and this toook place at the mall.well i went in the mens room and used their urine holes.well this one ugly biker dude was right next to me and kelt on staring at my dick he was smiling to so once i was done i got the hell out of there.i think that guy was gay or something

Jeff A
Hi all,

Renee: Congratulations on the arrival of little Malita Jean! I am so happy for you. That is so great to hear. I was wondering if you were about due or not. I really enjoyed your hilarious story telling about Carmalita. You all have such wonderful adventures in your household. I admire you for your views about your child and how she will be raised. Good for you! I always thought you were very special, now I know it for sure.

Carmalita: What a treasure you are! Falling asleep on a Hershey bar, then thinking you pooped in your bed. Wonderful!!! I could only expect that from you and your zany roomates! Any more toilet shows for Jake these days? I think you're overdue for a good story!

Jane: Such a wonderful account of stinking out the ladies room. I wish I could have been there to be blessed with your exotic scent. But I particularly loved your latest, pooping out melted chocolate. That was a very lovely image indeed. I would have loved to have been there, but then again, which guys here wouldn't?! You're a sweetheart Jane. Thanks for all of your vivid descriptions. That multi-flusher is all I need for Christmas. Take care.

Rizzo: Thanks for the special note. It came at a very needed time and I thank you. Was that LIzst's Consolation in D you were playing? On the flute no less? Wow, you must be a well trained musician because I know you play piano too. Would that also be "Consolation in D minor for flute and throne"? I'm glad there's a man named Rizzo who lives in this world, and shares his life with us here.

Steve: Thanks for all the great notes. You're right, Louise's post was a beauty, much like her! My wife Denise has always been very shy, but very understanding about my interests, or should I say needs? I think it's because we are very open and honest with each other. It helps that we're also best friends as well as being married to each other. I never push the issue with her. It has to be natural, or not at all. We've been discussing video performances, but she's not sure yet. I was told by Denise however, that Barbara is interested in another "letting me peep" session. She seems to be something of an exhibitionist, and enjoys having a chance to be spied on. I love that term "Minx" as you said to PV. I haven't heard that for a long time.

Louise: Ah, my little princess! I hope Steve dosen't mind me saying that, I wouldn't want to risk a kosho nage after all! Great story, as expected. I'd forgotten that you were a fashion model. That really helps with the imagery. Yes, I am, and always will be your special virtual audience. I love your pee stories as well as the poop stories. I was never interested in the old number one until I started tuning into you and PV's posts. As much as I like the excitement factor in your stories, I also love your heart as it is very huge. Happy holidays to you and your fiance!

Kim and Scott: Kim, thanks for your notes. You seem to always be able to push out the monsters! Do you ever clog your toilet on a regular occassion? Any more ladies room stories from you too? You have your own way of bringing holiday cheer. I love the idea of the Shits Illustrated magazine. Hurry up so I can see you , okay? Have a good holiday.

RJOGGER and Kathy: My friends, I love you both. Your stories are wonderful, and I always like to read about your upstate adventures. With you two around, I'll bet you have the most verdant woodlands in all of the east!

Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan: Happy holidays to you all. Robby you sound healthy which is good. Your girls are wonderful, and definitely a bright spot here. Annie, you sound like a real charmer too. I hope you're lovin' Texas!

David: Yes, I am the same Jeff A that was posting back in 1998. There are certainly some treasures back in those old posts all right.

Anyway, that's all for now. We're not so Christmas spirited around here this year. I guess I'm waiting for the new year to come.

Diane in New York: Lastly I wanted to speak to you. A special thought and prayer goes out to you this season. You have my best wishes, and I think of you often. Here's to hoping that your life is good and the new year helps to heal.

Merry Christmas everybody.

this one time in school we went to gym and were learning karate, i was sitting down and i had on some gym shorts, the real slick kind and i peed in them i made a puddle on the floor and when we got up a kid slipped on it and fell down, it was so funny. no one new i went until after gym we got back in our regular clothes and it made a wet spot on my but everyone found out it was me. they call me peepee pants now.
another time i was in gym and we had to run a mile around the school and i peed my pants when i was running and it went all over my legs and in my shoes. i was wearing swet pants and they were grey so they were real wet and i had to wear them al day for punishment, the teacher would not let me change. it sucked cause i had to walk around school with wet pants all day.
this is kinda embarasing but my mom bought some pullups for me to wear now, because i still have accidents sometimes. they are thick and hard to hide. no one knows at school yet but i can go in them and not get wet i guess thats kinda cool. bye

this crazy thing happened tonite, i came home from school and took off my pullup and put regular shorts on and was playing in my room. my mom came in and said lets go to the store i need to get some things. so we left and we got to the store i said can i ride in the cart and she picked me up and let me get in. my mom is real strong i cant beleve she lifted me. she only got a couple things and we went to this line for the meat and i had to go pee bad, i said mom i have to go to the bathroom and she said i cant leave the line, i said i have to go bad and she said just go in your pants. i cant beleve she said that so i let go of my front and it gushed out and splashed all over the floor and mom said what are you doing. i said i peed like you said and she said where is your pullup i thought you had it on. i said i changed it when i got home from school. she was mad and everyone in line was looking at me. i felt like a baby. my mom left the line and picked me up out of the cart a! nd made me walk thru the store, i driped all over, sme little kid saw me and pointed at my pants and called me a baby. then they said over the speaker to clean up a wet spill. i was embarased. but that was kinda weird thing because my mom told me to go in my pants, she never said that before.

Tailwagger. I liked your story about having a big solid poo accident under your miniskirt. You'd have been better off on the loo though. I've always equated mini skirts with wanting to go to the loo. Maybe it's because I think the wearers must feel chilly - and feeling chilly almost invariably makes people want to go more desperately than would otherwise have been the case. If I don't post before then, have a Happy Christmas & New Year.

Best wishes


The 5 best places I have had a wee. Well there have been a lot
more really!

1. Standing up at the steel urinal in the men's room at our local
swimming bath with Steve, my mum, my sister and my best friend
with me.
2. Lots of times weeing on the nude beaches in Spain with Steve
and my mum.
3. Standing at the urinals in a men's room where I work.
4. Lots of wees in alleys with Steve after nights out.
5. When I had a squat wee in the park on my way home from work
and a young boy discovered me and had a shock when he saw
absolutely everything from the front! LOL

I have a lot more that I could have put on that list, any with my
fiance Steve really.

KENDAL - Hi girl! PV is right, you know. Two of my friends were 14
when they started having their periods and some girls can be like
15 or 16 before they start them. I was 12 when I had my first one,
and I think my sister was too! I am not sure about when my mum
started with hers. Do not worry.
Love from me and Steve to you and Andrew.

PV - I felt a bit sick when I got up this morning after last
night's party. Steve came to get me and take me home, and all the
other girls went to him and chatted him up when he arrived! He
thought it was quite funny really because everybody had a lot to
drink, and my boss would not let him go until he had a dance with
her. I do not know if she will be a bit embarrassed when he next
comes to get me for lunch. LOL
Well it was also a bit of a night for weeing and toilety things
as well. I mean we all went for a wee a few times and I was
wearing my long black dress with a halter neck and a slit down
the side, so I had to big it up and gather it around my waist
while I pulled down my black g string and hover over the bowls.
My boss can wee a bit as well when she has had a drink. I mean
I know that from when we had a wee in an alley together when we
were away on a business trip.
Well when we went home and Steve stopped having his bum felt, I
needed to wee as soon as we got in. Well Steve reached under my
dress and pulled down my g string for me and he gathered my dress
up while I had a standing wee in the toilet. He wiped my puss for
me as well, and then I took my dress off ready for bed. Steve said
I was already asleep by the time he came in! LOL
I did not do much wee first thing this morning. I think I was a
bit dehydrated so I have been drinking a lot of water today. I
had a good wee about an hour ago, it was a straight sit down one
on the toilet which I liked. You know it is AGES since I did
that. All my wees have been hovers, squats or stands for ages.
Hey I liked the virtual audience wees you told dear Rizzo about.
I think it is good that you picked us to be there! Thank you!
Hehehehe Yeah it may be I *am* another Lara Croft in the making.
I bet Steve will like that. Hey maybe I should tie my hair back
and wear a pair of those little sunglasses eh? LOL Well I am
blonde but if you forget about that... LOL A girl who trains with
us who is a cop is more of a Lara Croft than I am and I think she
will be doing her Aikido black belt soon. She is very good.
Steve says guys will not have known I had just weed in the urinal
because of the smell of the tablet in there. I think he is right
because I think you get this sweet smell rising up instead of a
wee smell. So it may be you can not tell.
LOL No I do not think we should put any wreaths on the toilet
seats. Hehehehe That Steptoe and Son is really funny television
and no I will not want to puncture my bum or Steve's bum. Well we
could decorate the WSPC toilet but it may be should stick to
some tinsel and stuff eh? LOL
My mum has a bath with me quite often and we have always liked
doing that.
Well maybe I will be able to write a letter on Friday but then we
will be very busy. It is like Steve said, we will be around for
Christmas time but we will be very busy, and then we will be going
to Scotland to visit my friend there before the new year. It may be
we will have more fun in that swimming pool again!



Regular Morning Guy. I don't think it would be advisable to try taking anything to make you go for #2 when you first get up. If having the coffee brings on a motion a little after you get up, I'd stick with that. Do what's right for your body.

Diva. My advice to Marianne was indeed well meant but I don't see why it should be all that impractical. I wasn't aware that singers had to drink large amounts of fluid in order to keep their voices in order. I'm sure it ought to be possible to sing at concerts and avoid an unnecessarily large fluid intake beforehand. If not, perhaps discreet incontinence pants might be the solution to any possible desperation.

Ring Stretcher. Are you saying that they had to simulate Kate Winslet's accident with water in the "Holy Smoke" film? It wasn't altogether clear from your post.

Kathy & RJogger. Looking forward to hear about your weekend adventures. Also, I'd love to hear if you've any more loo experiences with your friend Anne sometime.

Robby & Annie. A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you both. Hope you don't get too constipated over the festive season.


Hello again!

Just enjoyed a great poo on the toilet. It came out really quick and it was a big pile as well. It felt good afterwards.

I once did a poo in the bath once. I had just got out and I needed a poo. I looked at the water in the bath and I found it very tempting, so I just put my ass over the side of the bath and pooed, although it weren't very much.

I like many other people on this board, enjoy pooing on paper on the floor once in a while. I mainly do it on the toilet, but sometimes on the paper if I feel I've got a big load.

There seems to be a lot of girls that like pooing their knickers on here.

SHY LITTLE BABE - That sounds like some log you let out there! Do you usually do big poos? How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? and do you prefer to poo in your panties rather than on the toilet?

Anyway, thats all for now. I'll try and post more soon!

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