Kathy, Anne and Noreen; with Rich (RJOGGER), Mike and Larry
This is Rich, RJOGGER. First, one comment on today's picture (12-19-2001): That is one nasty looking snake that lady popped into that little potty. And does she ever have a somewhat satisfied look on her face.
OK, now onto the next issue. Last weekend, Noreen and Larry had a party, and Kathy, Anne, Mike and I spent the night. We had written it to a floppy late Sunday morning, the disk got lost, we found it, so what comes next is the actual unfolding of Sunday's events as written. There are 6 of us contributing, so I am going to let Noreen begin the dialog, as she is the one who planned this whole thing.

Hi folks, this is Noreen, Rich's longtime running and sometime pooping partner. This is my first trip to the site, and I must admit, it is even more interesting than Rich described it. There are so many wonderful, uninhibited folks out here, that it is almost unbelievable. I know that Rich has described me here before, so I will skip all of that and just tell you what we did last weekend. Larry and I threw a Christmas party for some friends, and afterwards, we invited Kathy, Rich, Anne and Mike to sleep over. Little did anyone know that Larry and I had cooked up something for the "morning after". We had recently removed an old bathtub from the basement bathroom., and before disposing of it, I wanted to have a group of us poop in it, just for fun. Larry and I positioned the tub so that it was about a foot from the wall, then my husband placed a pair of 2 by 10 boards lengthwise over the tub. At both ends, we placed a step stool, so that getting into a good pooping positio! n would not be an issue. We also lined the tub with a plastic tarp, so that disposal would be somewhat easy. OK, with that done, I told Kathy and Anne about it during the party, and they roared with laughter, while acknowledging that they loved the idea. After the remaining guests had left, we told the guys. Rich looked at me in mock disbelief, then broke into that devilish Cheshire cat grin of his, pointed a finger at me, and said, "You, dear lady, are out of your mind! But I love it, what an idea". We all laughed, and decided that we get up at 7 AM, have breakfast and see if we could execute our plan. Now mind you, we had all eaten like horses at the party, and Anne mentioned that she had hardly pooped on Saturday. At breakfast, we ate well again, and I made sure that everyone had 2 cups of strong coffee, even Rich, who is quite caffeine intolerant. Then, as we cleaned up, one by one, everyone said they had to go. Larry got the video camera, we went to the basement and all! stripped naked. Oh yes, the rules. 1) No clothes, only the Christmas hats we provided. 2) Spouses could not poop on each other's pile or wipe each other's ass. 3) Guys pooped first, unless there was an emergency. We drew lots and Kathy picked Mike, Anne picked Larry and I picked Rich. Since I had the low number, Rich was the first to go. He climbed up and got into position, then squatted using the wall for leverage. His muscular frame looked good, as he squatted over the tarp. It didn't take much coaxing, as Rich's butt hole spread out, and he passed a very long , smooth light brown poop. It made no exit noise, just a light crash when it hit the tarp. Three smaller poops were next, followed by a hard stream of pee, that Rich directed to the side of the poop. The first poop was about 18 to 20 inches, maybe 2 inches around, and the entire load may have been over a yard. Then I carefully wiped his ass. When that was done, I cleaned my hands and took the camera from Kathy. Tha! t's my little piece, here is Anne to continue the story. Bye bye, everyone.
Hi, this is Anne, I have been Kathy's best friend since we were about 3 years old, so we have been watching each other on the toilet for almost 50 years. Right now, I am trying to hold back what feels like a huge crap, while I describe Larry's turn over the tub. He is the tallest of the 3 guys at 6' 3", so he had to duck a little as he walked to the center of the beam over the tub. He squatted, displaying his well developed back muscles (Mike, Larry and Rick are workout fanatics, and it shows), and started pushing. We all watched as his light brown hole opened, letting out a turd that finished at about 15 or so inches long and maybe 2 inches thick. Larry then peed hard, and squeezed out 3 more smaller but solid poops. I wiped him, and passed some wicked gas as I did. That drew a bunch of laughs, and I had to squeeze my cheeks hard! There were 2 man sized loads in the tub, the smell wasn't that bad, except for the gasser that I just blew out. OK, here is my best friend, K! athy, and she is going to do the honors with Mike.
Hi all, it's Kathy. I can't believe that the 6 of us are doing this sort of thing, but Noreen is a real instigator, and of course, the whole thing sounded like fun. Like Anne, I am holding back a large poop, as I wait for Mike to go. He is climbing into position on the left side of the board, as Rick and Larry deposited their goodies on the right and in the center. Mike is about my husband's height, a slighter build, but muscular. He owns an auto body shop, and he lifts weights. Believe me, all 3 of these 50 something guys are well put together, and watching them go is a treat. OK, Mike is in position, and his pink asshole is starting to dome outwards. Whoops!, that was some load of soft poop that slipped and slopped out of Mike's hole, whoa, there goes another round of soft stuff, with some real good poop noises. Mike is peeing, and he just passed a juicy fart. He turned around after he did that, and flashed everyone that Huck Finn grin of his. Like this is all a big jo! ke already, he is just increasing the laughter level. Mike said he was finished, so now I get to wipe a mess, as his ass is soiled. Six wipes did the trick, he is getting down, and since the girls are going in inverse order, I am next. Wait, Anne says she can't wait, and is running up the on the board. Mike told her she is out of turn, and that she should get a cork from one of the wine bottles and stick it in her ass. Oh well, here is Larry, as he is "assigned" to Anne. I'll just wait and hope that I can hold it. Bye everyone.
Hello, this Noreen's husband, Larry. I don't have much time to amble on, as Anne couldn't wait, she is on the board, and Rich is getting behind us with the camera. Anne is starting to squat, spreading her well built, freckled ass, and exposing her rosy pink asshole. As she is squatting, her hole is opening, and here comes the express, a thick, long, light brown bomb, that is crackling like paper being folded. CRUNCH, it landed on the tarp, Anne grunted with relief, and she is peeing a nice stream. Rich is mouthing WOW at the size of Ann's dump, which has to be about 2 feet long and about 2.5" wide. I guess she really had to go, as we are watching 3 more plops hit the tarp. There, she says she is done, and I am wiping her. There is not much there, it was a clean poop, now here is Mike, as Kathy is up on the platform.
Hi there, this is Huck Finn, no only kidding, it's Mike, but since I am always being accused of having a devilish grin of that character's name, I think that maybe I will adopt the name. Anyway, Kathy is getting ready. She is the shortest of the 3 girls, and she is also the only girl with dark hair and brown eyes. This is going to be a treat, because she is not only well put together (what an ass and boobs to boot!), but she usually craps a ton. Kathy is squatting, exposing her dark asshole, as Rick zeros in with the video. There is a slight crackling noise, as her hole pooches out, then a medium brown, and very thick (close to 3") crap crackles its way out and down onto the tarp. Kathy grunts with delight, farts, and starts to pee. Rick is filming a close up of a 2 foot snake, while Kathy pees and poops out another good sized one. She points to her ass, says she is finished, and I start wiping her. Noreen, meanwhile, is holding her stomach, as she walks onto the platfor! m. Rick hands the camera to Larry, as I finish wiping Kathy, and now here's my buddy Rick, or RJOGGER, as he is known out here.
Hey Folks, Rich here Whew, it is getting intense in this area, with 5 piles of smelly crap in the tub, 6 naked bodies and the lady of the house about to do her business. Larry is manning the video, Mike is standing with that grin on his face, and Anne and Kathy are watching and waiting for Noreen to get into action. The tall red headed beauty is squatting her shapely fair skinned ass into place, and as she does, her rose pink asshole is starting to expel a fat light brown shell. Here it comes, oh boy, it is still coming, now it flopped into the tub, Noreen grunted loudly, and another bomb is on the way. SPLATTTT, on to the tarp it fell, a foot long turd to accompany the almost 2 foot long bomb next to it. Her comes Noreen's pee stream, long and vocal. Ok, she is turning around with her sly grin, so I guess that I have to wipe her. Like I really mind, I would wipe her lovely ass anytime. Two wet ones did the trick.

We are all finished pooping, the place stinks, and it looks like Anne did the biggest bomb, with Kathy and Noreen tied for second. All six piles are impressive, as there isn't a small turd in the tub. Now, the guys have to get dressed and dispose of the mess. But it was fun. Noreen is a schemer, and the rest of us are quick to engage in nonsense of this sort. I guess it keeps us feeling young.

That's our little party story, we are all going back to my (Rich and Kathy's ) house later to watch some football.
So the six of us will say so long, and wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will all be back with our pranks and stories in 2002. Be well everyone and enjoy the holidays.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone in the Toilet!

I had a great one today. I was sitting on my favourite toilet at the public conveniences, waiting for someone to listen to, when I eventually decided I'd waited long enough.
Anyway, someone walked into the cubicle on my left, and I heard him having a piss, then dead silence. I decided to start dropping my load at this point, thinking he may hear my plops briefly, and I had a really great session shitting some very pleasurable satisfying, loud bum-splashing turds. I was probably on there for about 5 minutes at least regularly dropping these turds, during which the guy next door made no sound whatever. I therefore made the most of having this audience by sighing ecstatically after each plop, and grunting as I pushed them out.
After I'd finished, he flushed and went out. Whether he was turned on by it I don't know, but I suspect he was or he wouldn't have stayed in there so long.
I really enjoyed knowing I'd had such a good session and that it had been heard so well. It was better to have been heard on the toilet at my best than to hear another guy going! Like I was the winner of the Best Shitters Competition!

A few days ago, I was walking home knowing I'd be due for one when I got in, and had the feeling already I'd got a load to do.
With over 10 minutes to go until I reached home, the feeling was getting quite strong, as I realised I was starting to walk very quickly, but with a tightening of the buttocks as I held it in.
Unfortunately, there was no-one else around as I walked down these empty streets, longing for a few people to be about as that usually makes the feeling go off a bit; the equvalent of avoidant pareuresis when standing at a urinal.
Suddenly I heard voices and as I turned a corner I saw a group of about 10 people on the other side of the road. Immediately the urge went off as I literally felt the shit that had been "knocking at the back door" move back up my rectum.
I was then able to get home with no further sense of urgency, and sit on the toilet and take my time and have a leisurely shit.
I suppose it's logical that if other people's presence should make it difficult to piss, then the same can apply to shiting, but I certainly have no problem doing it when I'm on the toilet, even if I'm being watched! It's just out in the street where this useful anal control takes over!
Anyone else find that walking brings on the urge to go to the toilet for either function?

Regarding a question about training oneself to go at a certain time each day.
Sometimes, or perhaps I should say, quite often,I have an urge for a BM when I have a piss in the morning, or when as I said before,when walking.
If I'd rather go a bit later, or if I think I'm not ready yet and it might just be a small turd that's got left behind and I'd rather wait intil I really want to go; I usually find that by resisting the urge if it's not too urgent, the feeling will go off and I can control exactly when I go.
Like today in that toilet, I went in there feeling ready to go, but decided to wait, and with absolutely no urgency sat there and when I wanted to do it, I just pushed gently and had a contolled satisfying comfortable shit.
It seems that if you ignore nature's call to excrete, the body can often obey and the need goes. I don't recommend this to people with constipation, or who deliberately want to delay a BM for a long period or on frequent occasions, as this may well cause problems.
It could be irresponsible advice for me to suggest ignoring the body's demands, but if someone doesn't prolong avoiding excreting, and doesn't feel uncomfortable in the meantime, and doesn't find it hard to go later; then it might be the way to train the body to go at a certain time.
When I was at school, it was always at dinnertime for me, and still is late morning, only very rarely do I want to go as soon as I wake up.

Whatever time you all go, Enjoy yourselves! P P G

Hi fellow Merry toileteers!

Just a short one whilest I pack for my drive to my Father's home. I got a call yesterday from Annie and the girls. They are safe and sound in Manchester,UK. I miss them but I know the girls will have fun.

LAWN DOGS KID: Hi dear friend!! I haven't heard from you nor Kendal recently so I gathered you were busy preparing to sit for your exams.
Before they left Meghan and Sarah talked to me about letting their male cousins watch them in the loo. I know they have already let you in. I told them they will have to see if the boys are open to it. A little advice from you would carry a long way. When the girls were younger we were on holiday and were staying in a hotel. They got up and Sarah was sitting on the toilet. She was pooping up a storm. I think they were 10 and 4. I'm not sure. Susan or I would give them a big kiss on the forehead if they did their wees and poos. Meghan came waddling in and sat on her little potty. She has always been the rebel of the two. She sat there and demanded a kiss, too. We told her to start her wee wees and she blew this tremendous trump out. Her chin stuck out defiantly. Mind you, she was only 4 at the time. She did do a little poo and got a nice kiss. Now both of you know that Meghan's loud trumps have been with us a LONG time!! Hope you have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Lots of Love! xxxxx and a hug from Robby

KENDAL: hi dear, sweet, niece!! I'm sure that Andrew has been busy on that computer. Hope you are out getting ready for Christmas. The above story is for you, too! I also hope you will get to see Emily, Kate and your step-brother, Thomas. I wager he is getting bigger. Hope you have a grand time and your poos are of the "plympted" variety. I will throw my 2 pence in here. As your other friends, Aunty and Uncle have told you; don't be in a rush to have your period. My girls were late, also. They probably will expand on that when that write to you. Well, take care, my dear and have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a big squeezy hug from Uncle Robby

RENEE: A BIG CONGRATULATIONS my dear!! What a wonderful Christmas present. She is a marvelous addition to this forum family!!! Love from Robby

DIVA: Hi there! Yes, I was very blessed and lucky in my career. Still am. Your stories strike a chord because every one of them has happened to me or to one of my fellow singers. I will help you with any career problems if I can. It seems that singers have larger dumps than anyone else. I guess we have active constitutions. Have you noticed this? Take care and have a Marvelous Christmas. Love from Robby

SPECIAL GREETINGS: Dear Rizzo, Steve and Louise, Rjogger and Kathy, Jane, PV, Mina, Althea, Adele, Adrian, Mindy, Mandy, Nurse Carmalita and Jake, Pat, Sarah T, Jeff A, DianeNY, Jasta, Gina, Amy(co-ed), Ephermal, Erin, Kim and Scott, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Ina, Meredith, Melanie, Buzzy, Amazon, Upstate Dave, Gurli, Tricia, Bry, Bryian, Julie, Kelly-Marie, Betsie, ToiletGirl, Alexa, Sarsen, Kathleen H, Ring Stretcher, Gopweller, Marianne, Renee(student), Kim(student), Laura, LindaGS, Linda14yrs, Ashley, Tee, C'est Moi, JohnVT, Alana, Outhouse Scott, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou(Happy Christmas to you, dears)
I know I missed some!



Steve & Louise
This is a joint post from Louise and I, and I think it unlikely we will
be here again until after the holidays.
Anyway, this short tale is from this morning. Louise both urinated and defecated when we went to the bathroom. It was quite interesting watching her sit naked on the toilet, and I stood watching as she squirted a huge yellow twisting gusher against the front of the bowl. It was quite impressive. When she was nearly finished, she hovered over the toilet while I looked up at her ass from the side. Her anus bulged, opening up and a brown tail appeared. I did enjoy one of her recent descriptions of her anus stretched tight around the shape of the log, and it would be appropriate here as well. Urine continued to drip from her labia, indeed trickling at times. She continued to expel the log from her body, and the remaining seven or eight inches easily slid out and the mass splashed in the yellow water below. I'm sure Jeff A would have appreciated this excellent performance. I did the honours with wiping her (front and back).

This is Louise speaking. Well I was not going to let Steve have all
the fun, and he wanted to wee and shit as well, so I watched him.
He held his dick and pulled his foreskin back a bit and he aimed it
in the toilet. He did a nice stream and it was his usual morning yellow.
He soon stopped weeing, and he shook his dick dry at the end after
squeezing his foreskin to get rid of the drips. I got some paper and
wiped the end of his dick for him. Well he hovered his bum over the
bowl and I had to wait a bit but I saw his bumhole stretch open and
his log came out really fast like a torpedo. LOL It was about 2 inches
thick and about 6 inches long. LOL Well I got some paper and wiped his
hole for him but it was clean really.

To PV,
Steve here. I've read what Louise said about her work Christmas party, and I think it was a slight exaggeration. I think about three or four women said hello to me and that's about it, apart from her manager who wanted a dance and wouldn't take no for an answer. Ha ha, I'm not too sure I'm worthy of much more attention than that, though it is
flattering for Louise to say so.
This is Louise speaking - well you would know I am right if you were
there to see those girls all over him! LOL
Steve here. I'm not sure she would allow me to have the last word on the subject, so I will leave it alone for the moment. I did have an amusing end to the evening, I do have to say that!

I am not certain if I have told this story before, but it is from our
most recent Spain trip.
Departing from the beach up a slope, we looked down at a group of girls who I judged were aged around 20 years. Good figures, quite nice looking.
Obviously drinking alcohol, I noticed a few damp looking telltale patches in the sand near to their position, and I think we were in the right place at the right time. One of the girls picked herself up from lying on her back, and moved away a few feet in our direction. Next she got down on her knees and rested on her forearms with her ass in the air. She had her genitals facing away from the rest of the beach, but we could see from above! Without much delay, a sparkling arc of urine sprang from her crotch and carried around three feet before landing in the sand. It was an unusual position, and I found it quite charming.

Just to finish, I know I really must keep the promise I made when I said I would tell the toilet party story. I have made some rough notes to ensure I do not lose my memory of the occasion. It really was quite
special, I think, and I hope to cover that early in January.
The Christmas period will probably be a time for a few more toilet related adventures, and I hope I will have as much opportunity to post the stories as Louise usually gets.

Take care now, and if you get any chances to visit the beach, happy pees and poos!

Best Wishes to All,

Steve and Louise.

Hi Kim & Scott,
How are you? Yes as you've probably gathered I LOVE to pile up my miniskirts with poopies! It just makes me feel good - especially when I'm walking with the cool air blowing up my mini and the weight of my pile gently bumping against the top of my legs! Ooooh lovely!! How about Shy Little Babe's long brown tail hanging from her miniskirt? Think I'll try and grow a tail like that when I next wear my leather mini! Love you both.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Ring Stretcher: We estimated the log was about a 25 inches which is the biggest ever for me my longest before that was 9 inches but we also estimated about 10 inches wide Thanks for the tip we can really use it
Annie & Robby: Did your husband help u when u had to poop a lot? Mark isn't very intrested in it but has been very supportive
The top 5 places I have peed (Jasta)
1.In the floor of a crowded public bathroom (hey I was about to wee myself)
2.In the shower
3.On Mark during sex
4.On myself on purpose
5.I n a male urinal (quite difficut I got it all over me)

Top five places I have pooped (Jasta)
1.In the bathtub (read prev. story)
2. During Childbirth with my son Ty
3.In the shower
4.In a garbage can
5.On myself purposly

My story
On March 29, 19?? I went into labor with my son Tyler I decided not to go to the hospital yet since it was my first child so I got in bed until around 12:30 March 30 I got scared when I went to pee and felt the baby move down plus I was in tons of pain I first decided to move my bowels but was totally empty so we headed of for the 45 minute ride to the hospital which I was in so much pain I was sweating I ripped of my clothes including: shirt, shorts, panties, & bra! and sat panting in the backseat of our explorer people were look at me as if I was some kind of pervert but when I got to the hospital I was quickly put in a room and told to push as hard as I could I beared down and that very second this huge log started to come out the doctor sarcastically said oh you had a log! ha ha I'd been in labor for 20+ hours and he wants to joke with me, not! then the nurse came with a bedpan and continued to hold it as a med size log came then all of a sudden It turned to diar! eeha and squirted all over the nurse she wasn't pleased.

The top 5 places I have peed other than a toilet are:

1) My grandfather's shoe when I was young
2) My other grandfather's bed on accident
3) While piss drunk in a booth on 42nd street where you could view exotic dancers (one of the girls watched in horror as I made a giant puddle on the floor).
4) Again, piss drunk in NYC & took a leak against the glass wall of a bank with an employee knocking at me from inside.
5) In the worst port-a-potty in Memphis during May festival

Back that ass up....

Sara T.
Hey Renee! Congrats to you & Patsy. {{{{hugs}}}}

Lancs Lad- I prefer to poop at home too. I have only gone in public bathrooms a handful of times- once as a young girl while out to a buffet-style restaurant with my mom- then last year, and I remember posting this here, I visited a friend at her college and me and our other friend had had a lot of bran and we were shitting all morning in the locker room off of the pool area. hehe my rear end was VERY sore after that, I think I went at five-seven times that morning alone. I guess it was the bran combined with the coffee.

Just coming out of lurking to make a small request. I read a post that I believe was on here a while back about some girl waiting on some airline flight and didn't want to lose her place on line and ended up pooping and peeing in her overalls I think it was. If anyone could point me to the general page area of that post, I'd really appreciate it.


Outhouse Scott
Hi there!

First, in response to the five strangest peeing spots:

1. In the snow, with a group of about fiteen other men and women
2. In the sink when the toilet was stopped up
3. Between my cousin's legs as she was sitting on the toilet (also peeing) when we were little
4. Same cousin and I once attempted to pee like each other, again as little kids: I pulled my pants down, pushed my penis between my legs and squatted; she pulled her pants down just to her thighs and attempted to pee standing up, going all over her pants instead.
5. Not so much unusual as embarrassing: when I was a little kid, I used to pull my pants all the way down to pee, even when standing. Once I was peeing in my grammar school bathroom (located right there in the classroom) when little Shelby Fitzsimmons (fake last name) opened the door, exposing my bare butt for the whole class to see. Got made fun of for about a month after that.

Actually, I think I've crapped in more unusual places than I've peed. How about that for a poll? The five most unusual places you've taken a dump.

1. In front of a group of girls (involuntarily) at a school picnic
2. Over the side of a little bridge into a creek.
3. Into a paper bag being used as a makeshift toilet while shooting a movie
4. Into a portable toilet while backstage during a play I was in (got walked in on twice, both by women)
5. When I was a little kid, in a flower pot: I really, really had to go, stuck my butt into the flower pot so it was hidden by plant (a fern), and let it rip in full view of at least twenty people, none of whom seemed to catch on.

The other day, I tried something I'd never tried before: taking a dump standing up. I heard someone say it was easier than while sitting. Well, it wasn't. I had to push twice as hard, and it ended up being twice as messy! I stood over the toilet, just barely crouched, and pushed. It took several pushes before a good sized log finally squeezed between my cheeks and fell into the toilet. I had to sit to get the rest out, then had to wipe my ass for about five minutes. I guess it's easier for people with no ass!

Happy Holidays to all!


Eric Y.
Hi Toilet friends,

I'm a long time visitor to this site and never have anything "juicy" to add so I haven't posted before, but enjoy reading everyone else's posts (I'm pretty mediocre as far as my own dumps go, dammit!).

Well there was one time, huh, huh... I was working the midnight shift at a gas station and had to clean the womens restroom and was treated with a rock-solid "batting cage baseball" turd left in the women's restroom. It wouldn't flush, so I had to pick it up and thus can characterize it as a "batting cage baseball".

Anyway, I just wanted to say, in this holiday season, that the regulars on this site are a class act. Thanks to the moderator, too, for keeping this site on the right track. There are many people interested in this subject, yet our society's backward religious roots stifle most expression. Scott (of Kim and Scott) recently eluded to this (I think) and I agree with him 100%.

Best regards,

Eric Y.

Hey, I've posted here a few times, and I read the site every day. If anyone remembers me, I'm the guy who was so nervous about telling my girlfriend about my bathroom interests. Just thought I'd like to update you on what is going on. When I first told her, she tried not to make a big deal out of it, but couldn't help it cause she didn't understand it. As time has gone on, we've talked about it more, and she's more comfortable with everything. Every now and then I get a wave of guilt over my interest, and I tell her, and she always apologizes over and over for not being able to fulfill my interests....she's so Anyway, I told her she doesn't have to worry about it, and I just always want to reassure myself that she's ok with it. Well, something somewhat interesting happened today. I was talking to her online, and I was mad about something that happened at school, and I told "I have to go....relax" and she said, "Ok, call me tonight." So I sat at my comp! uter and relaxed my bowels. The rest of it is not to be discussed here (and I fear that already I may have included too much for the moderator to allow). Anyway, when I called her tonight, she asked what I did to relax. I told her that she didn't want to know, and she kept pestering me, and I told her it was embarrasing...well, finally, she said, "Baby, you know you can tell me anything, I don't mind." So I told her what I did, and she was so...good about it. She was totaly supportive of me and said she doesn't mind at all if poop or pee in my pants, and she was actually interested in knowing how everything worked, althought not in experiencing it. Anyway, I thought it was neat that she was so supportive. I now know that she really isn't bothered by my interest, and that is an immense relief. I feel like everything will be normal now, no matter what she finds me doing.

Thanks guys, I might post again soon, I never know. keep up the great posts!


I was at walmart and I had the worst urge to crap. I went to the restroom and only one stall was occupied. I went in sat down and it exploded in the tolet with a rip fart and lots of gas. when I was finished I flushed and the toilet backed up and started running in the floor. All my crap went into the floor.

Some of the top places I have peed are:

1. In my doll's bath in my room when I was little & the only bathroom was occupied for a long time when I woke up bursting in the morning & stopped being able to hold it

2. Against the door of my bedroom at about 8 years old... I got home after holding it for a long time and was really desperate, but again the bathroom was occupied (my grandmother & one of my brothers took long dumps) and was standing behind my door waiting for the bathroom to become available, holding myself and jumping up and down urgently, when it shot out horizontally like a man's pee, soaked the door for ages & didn't even touch my clothes - they were perfectly dry, because I was so desperate, it was under so much pressure it somehow shot through my clothes too quickly to wet them.

3. In a child's potty in front of my entire family when I was also about 7 or 8 - we were on vacation in some old hostel place that only had an outhouse that was a fair walk away and so my mom brought the potty for emergencies. I again woke up desperate and had to get on the potty right away, but I misplaced my bum and had to go so bad and so much that it all ran onto the floor and no one could stop me.

4. In the men's room twice. Once I was with an old boyfriend - I was about 20 and had been drinking and had to go bad but couldn't walk well enough to go by myself, so he snuck me in the men's room and helped me.
The other time I was driving long distance with another boyfriend a couple of years later and I was desperate once again (me and my small bladder) and we couldn't find anywhere - finally we found a gas station but the women's bathroom was so dirty I got him to let me in the men's.

5. While touring Europe with the Magic Flute in college, I peed in a back lane in Germany and a canal in Venice (that one while standing up) when I was out by myself, desperate and lost.

6. The backseat of my car a few times when I was little, and an airplane seat when I was 16 (those were accidents. The time when I was 16, I woke up from sleep bursting, but they were blocking the aisles serving dinner. I ate dinner holding myself with one hand under a blanket, but I still felt pee leaking out, so I spilled my drinks into my lap, making it look like an accident,and peed, and no one knew there was pee as well as water and juice as I rinsed out my clothes as soon as I could.)

7. On horseback when I was about 12 - the bumping of the horse made me more and more desperate, and I couldn't hold it any more, so it came out. I then made the owner of the horse furious by galloping the horse several times through a water sprinkler to hide the evidence.

As to male and female holding capacity, from experience/observation I would definitely say that men seem to be able to hold their pee longer, but perhaps women can hold their poop better, especially while sitting.
I have had times where I knew I had to pee badly but didn't feel like dumping until I sat on the toilet.

Renee, congratulations on the baby! That's fantastic!

Kendal, I didn't get my period until I was 15. I was a late developer & I'm still small (well, not my measurements, but my height and build.) I barely needed a 32A bra when I was 15, but by the time I was 17, I was 34 B and a year or two later, 36 C. Enjoy your freedom, and keep some pads in your purse/backpack/locker all the time. I didn't get cramps until about a year after I started, by the way,and my flow was usually very light and infrequent.

As for the discussion of performers needing to go:

Ephermal, you said you were worried about having to go when on stage. It will probably happen at some point! The thing is not to obsess about it beforehand, and if it happens, deal with it (you have no other choice.) A lot of singers, me included, sometimes wear pads or even full diapers if they think they might need to, especially in something long. (I haven't always, but maybe I should...)

Robby and Annie - Sounds like Robby had a great career, and thanks, Meghan & Sarah, for the encouragement about mine. I have got a fairly full schedule and a lot of auditions and competitions, but there is still work to do. Yes, doing the chorus is important. I started out with chorus and still do some chorus work. I think oratorio chorus is especially important, but the chorus also has a big role in a lot of opera and musical theatre.

Marianne, I sympathized with your St. Matthew Passion story. I have sung that, and I particularly love "Blute nur", however, I don't get hired much for Baroque these days because my voice is developing into a full German, operatic lyric soprano and up (one coach told me I should be looking at the JD rep soon) and unfortunately most people in North America don't cast that type of voice in Bach and other Baroque, though there's no reason not to.)
Anyways, I feel your pain and I agree that we should share audition and performance stories. I have plenty let me tell you! The next will be my story of a rehearsal I did as a back up singer for a popular crossover artist (hey, it pays the bills.)

Someone mentioned that singer's breathing technique might make it harder to hold it. I don't think so - I think in fact because my abdominal muscles are well developed and that part of my body has to be neither tense nor relaxed but strong and functional, it might be the one saving grace for holding both pee and poo.

Adrian, I appreciate your suggestions to singers but some of them are not practical... for instance, limiting fluid before would not work for a singer. To keep our voices healthy, we should be having up to 12 glasses of water a day, and a little more in the couple of days coming up to a big performance. You are right that drinking a few hours before will not have any effect, BUT I find that having more water helps me to stay moist while warming up, keeps away the dry throat and mouth you get with pre-performance anticipation (I won't call it nerves because I don't get stage fright, but those who do will have an even drier mouth), helps reduce any phlegm I might have, and is effective if I have a little bit of a cold or allergies or am in a drier climate or indoor space than I'm used to. Psychologically, it also helps relaxation and a feeling of being in good vocal health.
When sitting for long periods, as in oratorio or concert, water also keeps your chords awake.
Going to the bathroom beforehand is obviously a good idea, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes you can go all you want but there is just so much water (not to mention anticipation or nerves) that you still have to very frequently.
Your suggestion of it being unhealthy to hold for too long and that the audience should not judge you for having an accident were no doubt well meant, but again, unfortunately impractical. We have no choice but to hold it, and there is NO WAY we could have an accident on stage. It would be unprofessional, distracting to the audience and the other musicians, absolutely humiliating, and would probably mean you would not get hired back. Singers are judged by everything from weight to what they are wearing to every detail of their technique and personality to if they look right for a role - even more so in musical theatre, followed by opera. Having an accident would be a terrible idea. If I REALLY thought I couldn't hold it (and I have been tempted to) I would rather leave the stage during a chorus and come back. Not that that's a good idea at all, but better than an accident!

Anyways, I will give y'all some more singer stories later (they are endless, let me tell you!)



The first accident I had in school was in the first grade. I had to poop, but since it was my first week in school, was uncomfortable about asking to go, and didn't remember what the teacher had said to do if we had to go to the bathroom. I sat there squirming in my seat, and waited until a boy raised his hand and asked to be excused. He left, and I raised my hand and asked to be excused. The teacher told me I had to wait until the other boy came back. After about 5 minutes, I felt like I had to fart. I raised my bottom off of my seat, and pushed. I pooped a large load in my briefs. I eased back down in my seat, feeling the poop squish itself against my bottom as I sat. In a few more minutes the other boy came back in, and the teacher told me I could go. I hesitated, and she said thought you had to be excused. I got up and walked towards the door, feeling the poop in my pants with each step I took. I guess the teacher noticed my poopy pants as I got to the door, because ! she came out right behind me, and took me to the nurse’s office. The nurse called my mom, and she came and got me. My mom didn't drive back then, so I had to walk home with messy pants. I’ve pooped my pants at school, on average, every year until now 11 grade except 9th and 10th grade. As I remember, my mom had to come pick me up twice more in first grade, once in second grade, at least three times in third grade. And about on thru to junior high, about once a year. I guess, all these accidents were because I didn't like going to the bathroom at school, I usually held both my poop and pee (even at home) until it was almost too late. I also seemed to have a difficult time sometimes telling whether I had to fart or poop. (Still have that problem sometimes) It seemed that about 75% of the time I would guess wrong. Most of the time by going to the bathroom, and winding up with nothing to show for my efforts but a few noisy farts. But every now and then by going in my pants, when! I thought it was nothing but gas. My worst accident in school was in the 7th grade. I had a cold, and was coughing a lot. I had to piss and shit too, but was holding it as I always did. I started coughing, before I realized what was happening, I was pissing and shitting in my briefs at the same time. It was back to the nurse’s office. At play, I often had accidents in my briefs, from trying to hold it. I think that my mom may have contributed in part to some of these. After I had run in and out of the house a few times, she would tell me if I came in the house one more time, I would have to stay in. I would wait too long, and wind up shitting in my pants, often in front of my playmates. Then I would continue playing until mom called me and made me come in, and then I would be in trouble again. If my playmates noticed, I would deny it. I never had very many wetting accidents, because, being a boy, I could just go behind the bushes and pee, but I had some kind of phobia or so! mething about pulling my pants down outdoors to shit. Also, then as now, I guess I figured, that once I had shit in my pants, I might as well finish what I started.

One of the accidents I had in eighth grade I didn't get caught, at least not until I got home. It was near the end of the school day, and as usual, I was holding back a big load of poop. About 30 minutes before the end of school, I was desperate, so I raised my hand and asked to be excused. Usually, the teachers tended to ask if you could wait that close to the end of the day, but, my propensity for having accidents in my briefs was well known by then, so she told me to go. I walked slowly to the door, pinching my cheeks together in a struggle to keep from pooping my briefs in school again. I made it out in the hall before i lost control, and filled my briefs. I continued down the hall and into the boy’s room, with poop weighing heavily in my briefs. I went into a stall, pulled down my jeans and briefs and tried to dump the poop from my pants into the toilet. I succeeded in getting a large amount of it into the toilet, getting some on the seat in the process. There was s! till a fair amount stuck to my bottom and in the seat of my briefs. I pulled them back up, but at least it wasn't budging the seat of my jeans anymore. I pulled my jeans back up and went back to class. I went quickly to my desk and sat down. In about fifteen minutes class ended, and we all packed up our books and stood to leave. As i stood up, I could feel my underpants stuck to my bottom. I walked home and went inside, where my mom was waiting for me. As soon I sat down she noticed the familiar odor of poop, and started fussing at me for messing my pants again. I don't know why the teacher didn't notice what I had done. Maybe she did, and decided it was too late in the day to take me to the nurse’s office and call my mom.

OK, so this rehearsal I did as a backup singer for a popular crossover artist was interesting! We started rehearsing at 3.00, but we got there earlier. At about 2.50, this girl I knew said she had to pee and I went with her, to pee "just in case." We found that the bathroom was actually in the room we were rehearsing in. She said she'd drank this tea that always made her pee and she hoped she wouldn't have to again. We started rehearsing and at about 4.00, she whispered "I knew I shouldn't have had that tea. I have to go again." It was funny because I was just realizing the same thing too, and I told her so. Time went by and we both had to go pretty bad. I could tell because I was sitting with my legs crossed tight rather than in erect rehearsal position and she was sitting on the very edge of her chair with her legs straight out in front of her and her hands in her lap, jiggling up and down. By about 5.00, we still hadn't got a break and I was urgent. She whispered in my ea! r "I am going to burst" and a few minutes later "I am going to wet myself." I had to go bad but not as bad as her by the sound of it, so I whispered to her to just go while he was running a section with the men, but she wouldn't. At about 5.30, he announced that we were going to rehearse on stage and we both breathed sighs of relief, realizing that we would get a break, but no, we were going to go on stage right away. Walking up to the stage was awful. On stage, we were both uncomfortable, shifting around, trying to cross our legs subtly, swaying to the music (hey, it was pop type stuff) and so on. Finally, at around 6.00, we went back to our rehearsal room. Walking was agony. We were both holding ourselves part of the way (by now, I was as desperate as her.) The director said we would run music for a few more minutes and then take a break. Well, I crossed my legs hard and prayed. Finally, he said "I guess you're all ready to stop, aren't you." My friend shouted "YES!" got ! up and literally sprinted to the bathroom. I was trying to be more dignified and so I got cornered by the director and asked a question. By the time I got to the bathroom, I was the last in line (it was a unisex bathroom and I guess everyone else wanted to go too.) I could hear my friend's pee still hissing away for ages and her sighing in relief. Everyone was laughing, saying "Boy, you really had to go." When they saw me desperately squirming and crossing my legs, they thought that was funny, too. I wasn't laughing with about 20 people ahead of me in line. So as not to pee my pants, I had to make a joke, saying "I have to go PEEEE" like a little kid and jumping around holding myself. A couple of the guys must have realized I was serious and let me cut them (thank God.) The minute the stall door closed behind me, I began peeing my pants and had to grab myself and gain control. When I sat down, I hissed even louder than my friend. I decided to time my pee and it took almost 4! minutes! Of course everyone laughed even louder. I had to sit there for a while after just breathing. Later people were asking me, "Do you feel light now?" (There was a weight limit on each singer and so there were a lot of cracks about how I had dropped a few pounds off it.) It was a great pee! Next story... Beethoven's Ninth.

Amen to Asama in the toilet!!!!!!

heres my other story about peeing
I was trying to think of something different to do so
I took of my red shorts and put a plastic bag on my penis
and tied it on and then I put on my grey flannel shorts
the ones I wore for school they where a little longer in the leg than my red one,s
I then wen,t to a local shop in the village and whilst I waited to be served
I started to pee in the bag as I was handing over the money it didnt leakout
it felt quite good and warm next to my leg I don,t think anyone noticed but the bag was quite full I had to hold it by keeping my hand in the pocket of my shorts I managed to empty it out in the toilet but I had to pull my shorts down a bit difficult if you have your
hand in your pocket

When I was a kid, whenever I had to pee at home, I opened the window on my second story bedroom and let it fly. My friends would do this also when they came over. One time I got caught by my sister and her friend who were in the backyard below. This was a turn on for me.

Did any of the UK posters watch Hollyoaks?? Great toilet story ther today!One of the students blocked the toilet with a gigantic log that wouldn't flush!Although we didn't see the poo the rest of the members of Tony's household saw it!When Tony tried to flush it the toilet overflowed and although you only saw the reaction for the actors and actresses it was ground breraking viewing foe Uk viewers! If any of you did miss it it is repeated on Sunday morning! Let me know what you think!?

Aaron-I am 16/m and also live in northeast U.S. () I am more into peeing/wetting. Have any stroies or experiences on that topic?

your name (Myself)
Hi Guys

for those of you who frequently suffer from constipation as I do and are wondering what is the quickest way to deal with it, I reccommend
Fleet Liquid Glycerin Suppositories. It comes in packets of four and in a mini-enema bull type thing. You use it in the same way as an enema, but it works much faster--in less than three minutes in most cases. It's less intrusive than an enema and a solid suppository and does a better job. I should know. I was constipated for three days before using it and since then I've been shitting regularly for over a week now


RENEE -- Oh, darling, I nearly started to cry with delight when I read that little Emmy is now part of this amazing world of ours! I was so hyper when I read your first paragraph! CONGRATULATIONS on a job very well done! Phew... be still my heart. Oh, and I heartily agree, let your little one make her own discoveries in the time comfortable for her. You probably don't need to be too closed-doored (is there such a word?) for as much as two years, but you never know I guess -- little tykes have eyes and ears and absorb what's around them. I know she'll absorb the love of a large, fun-filled and very wonderful family! And she's got so many Aunties and Uncles right here you could field several football teams from our ranks!

RIZZO -- Thank you so much for the decoration, I'll wear it with pride between my very appreciative whatsits! I've had two more virtual audience wees recently, just like that one. In the first, I was on the nude beach, this time with Steve and Louise and Louise's Mom! I was drying my hair after a swim, standing up by the towels higher on the beach, and just lifted my left leg and let a stream go. Everybody smiled and thoroughly enjoyed it! The second time was a simple bathroom sit-down with a similar group all busy in the bath or doing makeup or whatever -- fun both times! I've had a few setbacks recently, closing up annoyingly, but I persevered and managed to go after a minute or so.

KENDAL -- as Rizzo said, don't worry about your periods starting late, honey. Mine started VERY late, and given the nuisance they can be, I wasn't complaining! Hugs and fun to my favorite niece -- and a Merry Christmas too!

DAVIE -- I had a DRE when I was about ten years old, I was backed up solid with a giant python-head turd it took a course of suppositories to move. I was pretty darn mortified, I can tell you that...

LOUISE -- Well, you had fun in the gym loo with an audience anyways! GRIN! Hey, that was a stunner in the ladies' at that bar, and after all, the other gal set the standard by sitting on the sink. Leather trousers and coat, black halter and G -- oh-ho, another Lara Croft in the making! I say another, as I'm heading in the same direction -- heee-heeeee! That's a good point about guys being less sensitive to subtleties -- maybe it *is* only us who can tell the difference in the odor, or what it means! (Evil grin!) And I'm delighted to know you and I share the same bath experiences as little ones -- I remember Mom soaping me until eight at least! And the stand up wee was always fun, just like making yellow fountains out of the water! You still share the bath with your Mom? That's a beautiful thing, you know! Unfortunately that's not something mine did -- and she's over 70 now, so it's too late to start!

Hugs and Christmas smoochies to everyone here from Australia! We're starting to break up and go our ways for the festive season, but I at least shall be diligently checking the boards over the hols.

Oh, Louise -- are we decorating the kasi at the WSPC for Christmas? How about a bright little wreath over each urinal? I won't suggest wreaths in close proximity to the toilet seats...!



Shy Little Babe
Hi Tailwagger,
Wow what a great story and what a log! Bet there aren't too many Liz Hurley lookalikes with filled minis like yours!! Last year I came out of my work experience (a travel agency) during my break and needed a poo, so I went to the loo and took my pants down (couldn't really fill them as I was at work!). I had a little black miniskirt on too and after a short push out came this massive light brown log. It just seem to keep coming out and then stopped! I looked in the mirror and I had a massive brown tail hanging from below my miniskirt. I'm quite small (a bit like Winona Ryder) and it looked fab. I wanted to go back into work with it dangling but it wouldn't have been too popular! Eventually I had to pull it out myself and flush it cos it wouldn't let go of my bum.

RJOGGER, Kathy & Co.
OK. We are just going to send some quick replies. We have a story about the "festivities" at Noreen's and Larry's last Saturday and Sunday, but the floppy with the WORD Document got clobbered, so we are going to try to get it in later this week.

Renee - Howdy again, Cowgirl, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on the birth of your daughter. Kathy and I are very happy for you, we know you will be a great mom, and that Jake, Patsy, Carmalita and the gang will be very helpful and supportive. You are probably smart to take your "toilet" activities private, now that you have a little one. When Kathy and I have the grand kids over, all goofy stuff is off until they leave, as we do not want to expose them to anything. If they develop an interest on their own, and with their own friends, that is different. Again, our heartiest congratulations go to you and the proud papa.
Meredith - Nice poop in the ladies room at school, although it sounds as if you had a little difficulty. Hope the next time is easier. Thanks for saying hello.
Kim and Scott - 18 x 4 inches of huge, Kim brown dynamite? You are just an amazing young lady. Four inches in diameter, wow, I am surprised that you didn't suffer a fissure. I can just imagine the large "U" sitting in the bottom of your commode. I have seen my wife and other ladies pass long and fairly thick poops often, but I have never seen a turd that is 4" in diameter. How that comes out without injury is just amazing to me. Take care Kim, be well and please say hello to Scott.
Annie and Robby - I must admit that I have been fortunate to see some nice ladies poop, while I am out running. Noreen and I go back about 24 years, and like Kathy and me, she and her husband Larry are not shy about bodily functions. Yes, Noreen, like Kathy certainly can produce some monster poops, as I have observed over the last 20 or so years. She and Kathy do not mind pooping in the open or in front of the opposite sex. Be well, folks, please say hello to everyone, we will speak to again soon.
Meghan and Sarah S - Enjoy your time off from school, girls. I think that most everyone, with some exceptions, looks for some privacy while dumping in the woods. Even I do, as you do not know who is about. If you are discovered, it is usually by chance. As for Noreen, she and I have been running together since 1977, and had a chance encounter 4 years later, when we "observed" each other dumping in the woods. An earlier post of mine detailed that incident.
Special hellos to Carmalita and Jake, Renee and Patsy, Jane, Diane NY, Mina, Buzzy, Rizzo and Jeff A.

We will try to post our weekend story, but if it does not make it this week, we just want to wish everyone out here who celebrates Christmas, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Rich, Kathy, Mike, Anne, Larry and Noreen!

To Upstate Dave,
Your story about the ski-girl sliding down the slope with her pants around her ankles and leaving a yellow urine trail was most entertaining. It isn't exactly the first time I've heard of that happening, apparently it is quite common.

To Renee,
Yes, I'd very much like to welcome little Malita Jean into the world, and I'm glad that she is healthy and doing well. I trust you too are well after the birth. I understand that looking after a newborn will be time consuming and tiring, but be sure to give yourself a chance to rest and recover physically from the trauma of childbirth, won't you?
Ha ha. Just for clarification, in the story I told of the boy who crapped himself in school (Boy K), Boy K himself sat motionless on his chair while it was Boy W next to him who had the desire to educate his classmates on the nature of the substance emitted by Boy K. Couldn't have happened to a nicer chap.
Take care, all of you!

To PV,
Hi, and thanks very much for the invitation to be a member of your virtual audience. It very much makes me feel honoured! Rizzo's suggestion for WSPC medals is a good one, don't you agree?
I did enjoy Louise's morning wee today.
Crawling out of bed together, we headed for the bathroom, Louise commenting that she was 'bursting'. Suddenly seeing the opportunity to put on a display for another virtual audience, a mischievous grin crept onto her face.
"Coming into the bathroom with me? I'm bursting for a wee, do you want to see that?" she enquired in a soft voice.
In the bathroom, she looked at her surroundings, coming to a decision on how and into what she was going to urinate.
"Do you want me to do it in the toilet, the bath or the shower?" she asked.
"Well, come on boys, if you don't tell me, I might get cross and not let you watch!"
At that point, I decided it might be a good idea to tell her what I (we) wanted her to do.
"Er, how about a wee into the toilet, and without using your fingers", I (we) suggested.
"Please", I respectfully added.
"Well, okay, if that is what you guys want to see", she replied with a sneaky glance at me (us).
She stood over the toilet while I (we) sat at the side looking up at her genitals as she positioned her feet as she wanted. She ran a finger once along the centre where the inner labia were tightly closed and pushed over a little to the right, so that they were now opened up a little before she commenced urinating.
Resting her hands on her hips, she looked down at me (us) and announced,
"All right, boys, are you watching? Here it comes!"
There were a few drops from her genitals, a brief splutter, and then there was an inch wide, twisting yellow sheet of urine spraying out, hissing loudly before she adjusted her labia again and the sheet settled into a more concentrated heavy stream that splooshed (I like that word, Louise. Splooshed! Yes, that describes it perfectly) into the water in the toilet bowl.
After some time, as Louise watched me watching her, the stream began to die away, she invited some audience participation.
"Can one of you kind gentlemen please wipe me?" she asked with a sweet smile.
Well, I tore off some paper eagerly and gently dried her parts down below. She said some things at this point which I can't repeat! In fact the storytelling has to end here, and I was in no condition myself to urinate at the time. Let's just say my mischievous wife-to-be had other ideas!
Take care, sweetheart, over the holiday period won't you?

Until the new year, I do not expect to post again as Louise and I will be very busy until then, and we will also be away from home in Scotland for a few days.
Enjoy the Christmas and New Year break, everyone, but please spare a thought for those among us who may find it rather painful this time around.

Best Wishes to all for a happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful new year.


kim and scott
yuletide greetings all!
TO RENEE-hello CONGRATULATIONS girl on the birth of your baby! I know that you will make a great mommy,jake will make a great daddy and carmalita will make a great aunty to it!take care honey. I will now let you get some rest.
TO TAILWAGGER-hello girl! I love your story of you doing your poo in your panties while you wore your mini-dress.I have had amazingly huge bowel movements in my panties,tight pants,and blue jeans before and I love to see them stretch out like someone is erecting a huge circus tent in them. I have even done this in front of my boyfriend scott.I just love to see his eyes pop out when my huge turd stretches my pants way out of shape and makes them fall down to my toes from all the heavy weight of my logs!!haha. be well honey!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello girl! loved your post of your office christmas party with the girl candy overflowing the toilet with her poo and everybody seeing her plight!that was fantastic!
well be well all! scott and I will write more stories after christmas is over!happy holidays all!love,kimmie and scotty

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I am a long time reader but first time poster. I hope to post more often. I love the pee stories. They are great.

My best friend enjoys peeing and pooping on newspaper rather than her toilet. She has a space in her closet especially for this. Does anyone else do this? Also post some stories about pissing in weird places and in weird containers. For example, when you answer the question "What are the 5 most memorable places you have peed?", explain. Thats all for now.
Luv ya,

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Kelly-Marrie I pee in the shower. Many of the regulars here do. Ive known several girls in my single days that did. My wife does on occasion. The warm water has to do with nerve impulses. It even effects me when I help out by doing the dishes. That gives me the urge to pee after running warm water or dipping my hands into the dish water.

I have a couple of snow stories to tell. The first one is about a trip to Mnt. Washington in New Hampshire. There are leanto shelters at 3800ft level to sleep in. At this time there were no outhouses or porti-potties to use. So everyone went outside. At 3800 feet is the edge of the treeline so the trees are kind of short scrubby pines. We had packed toilet paper with us when needed. Theese leantos could hold up to 12 people. Everyone got along fine. After supper tales of the days outings would be tossed about.

Well the topic came about the bathrooms and what people did since there was none. No one did not mind making yellow snow even the four girls that were in our group. One of the four girls said that it was kind of tough pooping without toilet paper. So the question got asked; What did you use to wipe your ass with? She laughed and said she used snow! That froze her butt off not the cold air.

Second story was at a local ski area we went to. I had been up and down the slopes all day having a good time. I decided to try a different trail. I started down. This trail was a little over my capibility so I cut through a side trail over to a easier slope. While taking this side trail all of a suddun this girl on her skies comes slidding out with her pants and panties down screaming help. She was peeing while doing this. I jammed my poles into the snow and sped up to her and grabbed her to a stop but fell down myself. I picked myself up and helped her up. She pulled up her panties and pants and she was a little red in the face and said thank you. I told her not to worry. She said I need my poles so I told her Ill follow your trail of yellow back to them. We both broke out laughing. I got her poles and I told her always stay sideways to the slope when stoped no matter what your doing. She said this I will remember. So we took off together and made more runs together fo! r the rest of the day.

Some Guy
Well, I guess I gotta see Not Another Teen Movie. The recent interest in women pooping in this movie and the Scary Movie's lead me to believe the writers probably have a hidden scat fetish, like me and most of you. Two writers that (co)wrote NATeenM and Scary Movie 1 & 2 are Phil Beauman and Buddy Johnson.

Anyway, that is a huge turd that girl pushed out on the masthead. That's like my arm.

Regular Morning Guy
I don't think that it is poossible to train yourself to shit at a different time. Sometimes I want to go first thing in the morning, and I have a massive turnout of turds, but as soon as I have had breakfast, I get the message again. So all that happens is that you end up shitting twice a day rather than once.

to: Kelly-Marie

Yes ,

I frequlenty pee in the shower. I just stand there and let it go. the water from the shower washes it down the drain. I try to aim for the drain hole.

I also like to go outside in a large coffee can but only in warm weather. I have also gone in some other strange places, but #1 only.

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