I like that picture with the cute girl giving a smile to let everybody know she plugged the toilet.

That kind of reminds me of what I just did. I fact I was in for major pooping session. I had not gone for about 5 days and just recently i had a tremendous urge that my bowels were going to explode. It was also a case of my first pooping ebarresment.
It all started when I was meeting my guidance counsellor for decisions about univertisty when my stomach was giving me signals. After the meeting, I made my way to the nearest restroom which consists of 2 stalls. I chose one of them becuase the were both in between walls. As I entered, I dropped all the equipment I was carrying which was my pencil case and a binder, lowered my kilt and panties as fast as I could. As I sat, I ripped a huge bbbrrrrpppttt fart which echoed in the toilet bowl and around the bathroom walls. Soon after that I felt the tip of what seemed to be a huge monster log exit slowly. Sitting there, I decided upon taking my time and putting little effort into the straining and the pushing. I hardly grunted as the log began to make its slow exit. Boy it started to feel good as well as smell good ;). After about 5 minutes, I felt the massive log, touch the water and break off. As I started to pee in the toilet bowl, I farted 2 farts both making funny sound! s. All was then quiet except for the various people outside the bathroom that could be audible. I was waiting for more poop to come out the chute as for i could feel so much bulk inside me. It was about 3 minutes later when I began to push a long gooey snake out which just seemed to continue going and going forever. I never thought that it would stop when finally I heard a small plop. After that I continued to push out some small golf balls all making a loud sound as they fell into the water. Silence was then followed except for the random windy fart exiting my butt. It was really stinky in the bathroom now and I was starting to hear people outside complain as class was over. I continued my poop when suddenly the bathroom door flung open and I heard some janitor sounds. I wasn't too sure if he was in the bathroom or out but the door was definitly open and everybody could see who was making such a big stink. I hurried up pushing on another long poop that never seemed to stop.! Suddenly I farted a loud unexpected fart which Im sure everyone outside heard. Realizing I was finished, I started to wipe fast. I looked at the toilet and realized that i should have flushed during the mid pooping session. I couldn't flush all of it down as for the whole bowl was filled with my poop. All big and fat ones curled on top of each other.
I ran out to the sink, washed and ran away forgetting my books.\
I was so scared for some reason when the main bathroom door flung open but now I feel that it was a situation i'd like to experience again.
I don't really think anyone cared.


wow that girl looks like she's done a seriously huge shit!

It looks like there's loads in the pan and a nice big one the floor. So slim as well!

I did a nice shit today it was dying to get out and although not really soft came out nice and quick and felt really good. The term warm ice cream serve comes to mind.

Jane that was a mega poop of yours 12 flushes! I never need more than one!

So what's the longest anyone's ever continually shitted for non-stop. or almost non-stop.

has anyone ever shitted in a baloon?

I like that pic today(Monday) looks like she had a big load!

To Scurky: Cool....i really wanna see that movie! I thought i saw an ad for the movie and one of the character had is pants down...telling me whats to come.

To your name (Russ): I really enjoy your last post about your friends having to go to the bathroom while they were around you.

To Steve: I enjoyed your story about your mom giving you an enema...I liked your other stories too

Last night i was online and as soon as i got on i started farting alot...then i started getting an urge to was really strong. I ended up holding on for 3 hours before i finally let my load go. I waited till i was done on the net. I went upstairs sat down and pushed out this realy soft and light brown log. it was 8" long and it was so soft it got broken up.
gotta go, bye

Morning.all-been pretty busy with work and haven't had time to post,but I read the forum every morning as I wait for my morning dump which lately hasen't been anything to report-hope all of you are having a good holiday season! some responses-
TO JACOB G-Nice christmas present(the camera)sounds like alot of fun you're having!I would like to get one of those myself-My friend has one and maybe sometime I could borrow it and do a good dump and record it!i've used cassete tapes to record a few dumps over the years and the mirror thing which is fun,but the video camera sounds like a cool thing-keep us posted on any more "filming"
TO JANE- WOW another great dump-I really enjoyed that session-sounds like you really unloaded,now you should get a camera and record some of these good dumps of yours,or at least audiotape them!Nice story,my poop queen!
TO REGULAR MORNING GUY-Hey,there's nothing wrong with your present routine-I too like you have to be up for at least 20-25 mins in the morning before I have to dump,but once in a great while I have to poop real bad as soon as I climb out of bed,but that is rare-You want to go as soon as you get up? well try some mexican food or lots of brown rice and fruit the nite before and I'm sure you'll get your wish,but don't be surprised if you wake up at 3 am and really have to poop then!keep us posted on your results!
I'll try to post soon when I have a bit more time-say hey to all the regular poopers here and see ya BYE

Ring Stretcher
ADRIAN: Kate Winslet and Leo said when they filmed Titanic they often urinated in the tank because changing out of "period" clothing and walking to the bathroom would have been a chore. Kate said she could feel the warm water go past her after Leo went. I heard about her scene in Hideous Kinky. It was supposed to be an accident but eventually they just used water.

JASTA: You poor thing! Tryig to poop a giant log for several hours must have been a living hell. If he's gonna pull sit on the edge of the tub with your rear hanging over. That way he can get a good grip on the log. How big was it after it finally came out?

Last night I woke up about 3 am with a small bout of diarrhea. It smelled so bad I nearly gagged. It had to have smelled worse than anybody's on here! My diarrhea would kill somebody if they ever got a whiff!

Hi Oggy,
Well I finally filled my ambition (and my undies!). Off work today so I went to finish Xmas shopping - and yes, I wore a denim jacket, boots and black tights, and my leather miniskirt (which was so tight I could barely get in it - ultrashort and slit in the rear, hence the tights!). I hadn't taken a good dump for a few days so I was prepared! I finished the shopping and got as far as the park opposite my flat when I let a little fart go and felt a poop on the way. So I hid behind a bush, stooped and put my hands on my knees and gently pushed. WOW! What came out was without doubt the LONGEST turd I've ever expelled!! It must have been about 8 inches and felt like a tree-trunk! Hard and straight! It slowly dropped into my knicks - taking about 15 secs - before dropping with a plop. It was colossal! My knicks were pulled up but the weight of my sausage caused them to hang down well below my skirt level (not hard considering how micro my mini is!). With my pile just about fi! tted in and intact (it was still solid so none fell out) I ventured home - and guess what?! Halfway up the hill 3 guys walked past! They whistled as usual at my miniskirt, legs and figure - and then went dead quiet after they looked at my bum with my filled knicks dangling below my skirt level!! It felt like a rock gently hitting the back of my legs! I got home, lifted my skirt, rolled down my tights (just in case it fell out!) and inspected my pile. What a handsome little beauty! I wanted to keep it but I guess my boyfriend would have disapproved! (he loves me but not my turds!). Anyone else got a similar story of filling their miniskirts with goodies?!!

hi, i have another story. i was with my friend at the mall and we were playing in the arcade, we were playing pinball and video games and i had to poop bad that i was starting to go in my pants. i didnt want to stop playing because we were winning. it was a two player game, it just pushed all out in my pants. the bad thing was is i was wearing boxer shorts i have never worn any before now and it fell on the floor. my friend looked and said gross you pooped. we kept playing and then left. the poop was on the floor and no one new i did it. i looked at my pants when we got home and there was a little brown streak on them. it was embarasing but i am glad no one saw but my friend, he is cool because he has accidens all the time. bye

Hellowe everybody!

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I had my baby!!! Please welcome the newest member of our household to this world! Malita Jean (last name withheld) was born Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. December 14th, 2001. Me and Patsy are proud mamas and Jake is such a proud papa! What a beautiful Christmas gift Jake has given me. He cried when he saw her for the first time. So did Carmalita. Little Malita is just sooooo beautiful! 10 perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little toes! And I am so tired! Man, we get woke up about every hour now. Poor Pat, she weathers it well just like she promised she would.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my posts and wished me and baby well. Carmalita is holding her right now, rocking her back and forth. We have agreed however, from this moment forward, that all of our "fun" toilet activities will be limited to being behind closed doors. I don't want my baby to grow up having to see things that aren't necessary. She needs to make her own discoveries, respectfully. Tesa and Angie have offered to let us come over to their house for their special little "parties". They've moved in together by the way.

I've had a chance to catch up a little on stories in here. I've seen everybody posting about the five most memorable places they've peed before. I would contribute except that I don't think I've ever peed in any place memorable. Growing up around my Uncle's horse ranch, me and Jake as kids used to pee outdoors all the time. He'd swear he never peeked, but I know he always did.
PV: I'm glad you liked the hershey bar story. It was pretty damn funny. Carmalita topless and bawling with brown smears all over her back. It was hilarious. I think she was still looped from the tequila. Oh and thanks for your good wishes! Little Malita came along nicely. Me and Pat talked about calling her MJ for short, then Patsy suggested "Emmy" as a nickname. I kind of like that.

Kim and Scott: Kim honey, it's good to see you posting again, and pushing out them monster logs. That big turd that Carmalita left in the toilet could certainly give you some competition! Man that thing was huge! It's hard to imagine those things coming out of her little butt!

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Rick! Hey dude, what's up with you? Thanks for calling me "cowgirl", that really melts my heart. I miss those days on the ranch. I even did some barrel racing in my time too! Jake also used to rodeo a lot. I'm always loving your adventures in the woods, and the relationship you have with Kathy, and your friends Larry and Noreen. Cool stuff! Kathy: Hi honey, how are you? I wih you two lived near us, it would be so much fun to have you around. You'd love these great poopy sessions that Tesa and company have been providing for us.

Steve: I laughed so hard over that story about that little boy who pooped his pants in school. Carmalita was giggling as she read it, and we both just laughed when he did it and smarted off. I'll bet Jake was like that at that age!

Jane: Wow! what a great story in the ladies room! A dozen flushes? Girl what got into you? better yet, what got out? I love your stories, as do most people here. That was really good. I read it twice! I'm so bad.

Anyway, Malita's hungry, and I'm a little tired. My love to everyone.
Patsy, Jake and Carmalita all send their love and best wishes as well.


Hello to all of you valiant toileteers!

This may be my last post for a while, because the whole family will be here for Christmas and New Year festivities, and there will be little chance of using the computer to visit my favourite site. This one of course!

That girl in the picture has produced some incredible turd! I just try to imagine what would happen if she would have gone on my boat’s toilet. It would mean: tool kit plus gum boots, rubber gloves, a bucket, and an hours work under cramped conditions with all hatches wide open for ventilation regardless of the weather!

Dear Robby, yes, I am not circumcised. At school I also noticed that the majority of the boys were not circumcised. Those who were, were usually from the USA or of Jewish origin. If it makes peeing more difficult, I couldn’t say. My foreskin does not usually cover the whole of the end of my penis. So the pee hole is clear of obstructions.
And about the wasps nest I peed in; I did not admit to such to my mother at the time. I just said that I had “poked” a hole with wasps in it. She said something to the tone of “how silly can you be”, because I knew that wasps could sting, and bees too.
It is good to hear that you are on the way to recovery, poops and all! Annie and your lovely daughters kept us all informed. I’m not sure that you know that I was in the navy too. Some of my stories (not all told yet) originate from my years in service. So take care, love to you from Rizzo.

Kendal, dear niece, so you think that bums aren’t really fluffy? Be assured that some are. Mine for instance. My wife says that I have a perky fuzzy bum. The fuzz or fluff is practically invisible because the hairs are very fair, but fluffy it certainly is. It is an added hazard when using wooden toilet seats where the glued joints have started to open. If the skin doesn’t get pinched in a crack, it is the fluff that will get caught and hairs pulled out one by one. Ouch, ouch! So you can imagine that I laugh every time you refer to Andrew’s “bum fluff” face! He probably feels the same to the touch at either end! Ahem, you need not test if this is true!
You think that you are late for your first period? You won’t be early, that is certain. But late? No, not at all. Average age should be about 12 to 14, plus minus a couple of years. So there’s no need to worry now. Tackle that problem when it arrises, but “be prepared”, as the Girl Scouts’ motto says.
So here let me give you a very, very smooth Christmas hug that will lift you right off the floor! Up you go and around and back down again! Love to you from your Uncle Rizzo

Hi Bryian, you asked about what is likely to happen if someone pees into the gas tank of a car. Pee is not combustible; it is practically water. When that is drawn into a carburettor, it is liable to freeze at the jet from evaporation and block up the little holes there. The engine will stall and lose power. Or if it is a significant quantity, it will simply displace the gasoline in the carburettor and the engine will stop. The same applies to injection systems. So don’t pee in a gas tank. Should you or some prankster have done so, then the car should be stopped, the gasoline left to settle, the pee (water) being heavier will collect at the lowest part of the tank, and can then either be drained or syphoned or pumped out. If the tank is large and full, a small amount of pee might disperse into tiny droplets and pass through the system and not cause too many problems. It has never happened to me, yet. Peeing into a diesel tank is worse if there is no water-separator filte! r in the fuel line capable of handling the amount of water. If pee gets into the plungers of the injection pump, these will cease to be lubricated and will probably seize up. This is a very expensive item to be replaced. Again, small well dispersed quantities of water will go through the system. That is what I have to say about peeing into fuel tanks.

Dear Ring Stretcher, what an extraordinary story about Candy! It must have given you a load of satisfaction to see her fall so far; from a potential Play Boy (center fold?) candidate to a messed up woman lying on the floor in the middle of her poop from an overflowing toilet! Good story though!

PV, dear, so you would accept me as a member of your virual audience for mental training to get totally rid of your AP. Imagine me only listening outside the door first, when you wash a wall and trough type urinal. Then try to see me walking in on you, carrying a little box, with a WSPC medal in it resting on pale grey pearl coloured satin! An appropriate green opal with orange flashes to match your hair, set in a gold venus symbol under an inverted V, to be worn on a thong or chain around your neck, so that the medal comes to rest between your breasts. That is the least you deserve if you manage to pee in a mens’ urinal when I walk in on you!
I hope you are soon able to start with your beach wees. Here the beach is not very attractive at the moment, the weather being really awful.

OK everybody, wish you all Happy Christmas Mega Poops and a better New Year than the last one. Peace to all from Rizzo

I see there have been a few postings from chaps who've had a DRE examination from their doctors. I had to go to my doctor recently. I have been suffering from IBS symptoms for some time and he seemed to confirm that that was what it was. He asked me to lay on the couch. I asked him did I have to take any clothes off but he just said no, just undo my trousers. He felt around my ???? then he said 'Mind if I examine your back passage?' I told him that I didn't mind. He asked me to slip my trousers and pants down and lay on my left side with my knees drawn up. He put a surgical glove on with lubricant. 'This might be a bit uncomfortable' he said. But it wasn't. After a short while he withdrew his finger. I am one of those people whose rectums are never really empty. I am sure there was some soft poo up there and that his finger must have been covered in it. But with one quick movement he took the glove off so that it turned inside out, and he threw it in the bin. I wonder if h! e felt as embarrassed as me? Does anyone else get this problem?

Osama bin Laden should be in every toilet in America. Can I get amen.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone and what a pleasure it is to visit here again and respond to so many friends with the same interests!

RIZZO, I realised after I'd mentioned the precaution to be taken with pouring out acid into a container that it looked as though I was warning people about the acid content of urine!
What I should have said was that if acid could be contained by the water into which it was poured; then whatever is being poured into water should not splash up. Therefore, when weeing into a toilet, the reason for sprayback occurring must be due to it hitting the porcelain and not the water.
The only musical association I've had with using a toilet must be when listening to my biker friend on the toilet on one of his tapes.
He was listening to some heavy Rock music at the time, coming from the living room, and he seemed to wait for the quiet passages, or between tracks, before he dropped his next big plop.
When listening to the tape again, I was able to predict when the next plop would be and it was as though I was listening to a concerto with him as the soloist!
Once when I was shitting in a public toilet and I realised the guy next door to me was alternating his plops with mine, apart from how much I enjoyed that interaction, it was as though we were musicians taking our cue from each other!
In the symphonic repertoire, the two opening notes of Beethoven's "Eroica" remind me of two heavy turds dropping, after which the lyrical passage that follows represents the sense of relief!

JACOB G. Welcome back! I was interested in your first adventure in recording yourself via the computer, as that is exactly what I am hoping to be able to do! A friend is keen to fix up and connect everything for me to do this, even though he doesn't share my interest.
He thought I would need an extension for the keyboard so I could sit on the toilet and interact with others, but in the meantime I just want to see if it works. It certainly worked for you and great to know you're near enough the toilet to get a good linkage up to the PC.
It makes you wish toilets were made of glass, doesn't it!
I'll let you know how it "works out", or "pans out"!!
I might be asking you for tips as regards lighting and optimum sound.
Good luck, and hope you enjoy this new dimension to using the toilet!

AARON, Great to hear from you again, and the conversation between you and Jason. It's fantastic the way both of you enjoy the subject the same way,I hope his toilet at home is as good as yours is to use, and that you keep eating the right food to produce such satisfying turds!

An anonymous poster (female) described how much she enjoyed sitting on a toilet which had some wee in the pan and that every time she dropped a turd she got her bum well-splashed.
That would gross many people out, even if they knew whose piss was splashing up as they sat there shitting, but I thought it great she was so cool about it, and that she obviously enjoyed the splashes.
I certainly do, and love to get splashes randomly drenching my toilet parts, but have always flushed the toilet first if I didn't know whose wee was still in the pan, but if it's from a bloke I like then I love the idea of dropping my turds in to it and the opportunity of getting my arse soaked. The mention of seeing the imprint of the toilet seat on one's arse after sitting there for a while was great too, so if you post again- let's know what country you live in as I always like to know where toilets as good as the good old British bum-splashers are to be found!

I've sometimes gone into a cubicle immediately after another guy has come out and noticed how wet the back of the seat is. I assumed it was due to either splashback or that he's weed afterwards and some hit the seat.
Recently, when having sat on the toilet for a while and getting up to see how much I've done, I've noticed the same wet patch on the back of the seat and realised it must be my sweat. Even on a cold day!

It's sometimes thought that turds that float are a healthy sign. If a diet is high in carbohydrates, the fat that is eaten has less chance of being burnt off by the body as the carbohydrates are used as fuel instead. Therefore the fat is either stored in the body or is excreted. If excreted, it causes the turds to float.
That is the way I understand it, and there are radical theories that suggest that a healthy diet is very high in fat- as long as it gets burned off by the muscles. If someone is utilising their fat efficiently, or consumes very little, then there will be less to pass out.
Strangely, I've recently been dropping turds that float sometimes, then after about a minute, they slowly sink!
Does that happen to anyone else, or any comments on fat in the diet?

Enjoying my shits every day; firm, controllable and with enough effort to make it a labour of love but with no straining! Almost perfect, but they could still be a bigger!
I wish everyone else success in attaining their own type of "designer turds"! P P G

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, nothing much has gone on.

The top 5 places I have peed other than a toilet are:

1. In the garden
2. In the park (behind a tree)
3. In a tin box
4. In my bedroom (when I was very young!)
5. Against a wall

Anyway I did my weekly poo on saturday. It was long, thick and smooth that poked out a bit at the top.

I don't usually poo in public places, only at home because its more private.

TO EVERYONE - Where do you prefer to poo, and where is the most strangest place you have pooed?

I prefer to do it on the toilet, and the most strangest place I have done it is in a kids play area when I was about 6/7 (I did it in my pants).

Has anyone pooed themselves and actually felt good about it afterwards?

ADELE - I have been in situations like yours before. I used to poo my pants up until I was about 14 (it was a problem I was trying to get over for ages) and if my dad ever found out I had pooed my pants he would smack me. I got over my problem on hoiliday when I really needed a poo. I just went to the toilet and pooed and it felt good afterwards! I also did another poo later that night on the toilet and that was a bigger one and also felt good. When I used to poo my pants sometimes I did it on purpose, but it was mostly by accident.
Do you prefer to wee or poo? I have always preferred to poo because it always feels good when its coming out. Have you ever pooed your knickers on purpose while at school? I pooed myself a few times while at school on purpose and nobody even noticed the smell (my poos don't really smell that often). If you ever saw the toilets that were at my school you wouldn't blame me for pooing myself! (I left school in May 2000 - for my exams)

Anyway, I'll post again soon - I promise!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, and happy peeing and pooping over Xmas!!!!

I have found a video clip which is a pilot of a British TV show (I'm in the UK) but I'm not sure if it was ever aired. It's called "The Poo Show" and it sounds like my idea of a great program!! Basically it was a gameshow where people had to do a poo, and the person who did it the fastest won the ammount of money that was left on this board. The way it worked is there were 10 £ signs, and each £ sign represented £100 - so there was £1000 to start with and they "flushed" the £ signs one by one.

The show was presented by Davina McCall - who presents Big Brother in the UK. It appears that there were cubicles, you couldn't see anything so I don't know how they registered if people had pooed or not. Apparently the three players on this pilot were male :-( but there may have been females.

Web searches have brought no more info about this program, but I assure you it's true, I've got the video clip to prove it!

Annie and Robby
Hello Toilet friends!
Annie- This will be my last post before Christmas. I am flying to England to visit my other children. Sarah S and Meghan are coming with me. Robby is going to visit his father. He may post again later.

KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID(ANDREW): Hello dear niece and dear "secret" nephew. We have a Christmas story for you. Robby was still living with me in Bath. We were 13 and 14 years old at the time. My parents were at a party so we were alone. As we were watching the tele Robby said;"Since your parents are gone lets have a go". I brightened and quickly agreed. We walked to the back loo. I told him I would go first. I lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down to my ankles. Robby was riveted. The wee started coming out and I let out a soft trump. We started giggling. I weed for about a minute. I didn't have to poo so I wiped and got up. Robby peeked at my bits when I was pulling up my pampies, naughty boy! He then pulled off his trousers and sat down. He trumped LOUDLY! I said;"Oh blimey, you knew you had to poo, you wicked thing." He just winked and started his business. He started to wee. I tried to peek at his hanging bits. He turned red,haha! His log started coming out. ! I rubbed his ???? and he reached for my hand. He strained and finally the log plopped into the bowl. He weed a bit more and then grabbed some tissue. He wiped and pulled his trousers back up. He hugged me and gave me a peck on the forehead. We went back to the parlour. It is a wonderful Christmas memory. Now, we know this Christmas may be a bit hard for both of you. We wish we we were there to give you tons of gifts. Please give each other a big squeezy hug and a gentle kiss. This is our gift to you with a wish for a wonderful holiday. I will be coming back on 27th of December. Take care and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Lots of Lovexxxx Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Robby- Hello dear friend. Yes, my poos are of the "plympted kind", thank god! I am ready for the holidays. I will miss Annie and the girls but the time with my Dad will be special. Singers do have to hold their bodily functions with vigor. Brass players blow so hard sometimes the air is filled with trumping people, haha! We wish you, your wife and your whole family the most wonderful Christmas. Lots of Love from Robby and Annie

KELLY-MARIE: Annie- I like peeing in the shower myself. There is a slew of women on this forum who love it. Robby and I both have dropped the warm water on each other's hand. Yes, we did pee ourselves. It is a cruel joke. You don't need those girls for friends. Let PV and Louise know you are game for a shower pee. They are in charge of the cyber lineup. Take care, Annie and Robby

JASTA: Annie- I had to poop a lot when I was pregnant. I have 5 children. It is nice that you have your hubby there as a support and a willing partner in the loo. We enjoy your stories. Take care, Annie and Robby

JANE: You are having those wonderful gigantic poos again. WOW! We know you were really glad when you got cleaned out. My late husband Alan never believed I had huge dumps until I led his ruddy eyes to the toilet and showed him!! You and Gary have a wonderful holiday!! Take care, Annie and Robby

NURSE CARMALITA AND FAMILY: Feliz Navidad!!! Love, Robby and Annie

EPHERMAL: Hi there! Glad you finally got through. The girls are simply exhausted. Robby- I was a performer for years and you don't have to be nervous about your bodily functions on stage. If you have the slightest tinge that you need to go suddenly while you are on stage then try to hold until you get to the toilet. It has happened to all of us. I nearly shit in my pants during a performance. If you worry about it, it will happen. Concentrate on the business at hand. By-the-way, the chorus is the most important group on stage. There wouldn't be opera or musicals without a chorus. I'm sure Diva and Marianne will back me up. Take care and have a great rest. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a big hug from Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO: Steve and Louise(hugs), Rjogger and Kathy, Adele, Alana, Althea, Scott and Kim, Buzzy, Meredith, Melanie, PV-Hi gal!, Tricia, Diva, Marianne, Ring Stretcher(funny story), Bryian, Mina, Mindy, Mandy, Adrian, Aaron, Kate, Jeff A, DianeNY, Elena, LindaGS, Linda14yrs., Amazon, Upstate Dave, Gopweller, Tee, Ellie and Little(Big Hugs) and all of the other great new and old posters here.



Well Steve is at his office Christmas party tonight so he is
not going to be able to write a letter today. I know he does
not want to go, because he is tired and he thinks some of the
younger ones will be silly and drink far too much. I will stay
up and wait for him, I know he will not be too late.

When we went out on Friday it was cold, so I did not put on
one of my little dresses or anything like that. I had my
black leather trousers on and my black halter neck top which
Steve says is very nice, and my very long black leather coat.
A lot of girls go out without coats and then expect their
men to give them theirs which is not fair and I do not want to
do that to him.
It was very busy and I bet there were a lot of Christmas
parties and things going on. When I wanted a wee, Steve looked
after my coat for me and I went into the ladies' toilets
like that because with such a long coat it would be difficult.
The first time was easy because there was no queue, and I went
straight into a stall, pulled down my leather trousers and
black g string and hovered my bum over the bowl. It was a
nice wee I had and there were two other girls each side of me
and there was a lot of tinkling. I bet Steve would have liked
being there to hear it.
It was harder to get into toilets later and there were a lot
of girls queueing. There was a girl two in front of me late
on who was really really needing a wee. She was doing a lot
of leg crossing and dancing and stuff. Well when she was at
the front of the queue she just could not wait and she did not
care that both the doors to the room were open and she pulled
her knickers down and climbed on the sink and sat on it. Well
I heard her wee splashing in the sink and it was like she
turned the water on LOL. You know I thought should I go in
the sink too but it was hard with my leather trousers so I
thought I would not. Well I had been having a drink and I do
not know if I would do this normally but I took off one shoe
and my right leg of my trousers and g string and I threw my
right leg over one of the sinks. I aimed my puss with my
fingers and I really did a good squirt! LOL Other girls
could see my bare bum. It was a silly thing to do really
and it makes me blush thinking about it.
When we were going home I wanted to wee again and so did
Steve. Well I let Steve wee first and I watched him do it.
Steve held my coat and bag for me like a gentleman and I
pulled down my pants again. Steve was behind me watching
while I squatted and held my pants forward so I did not wee
on them. Well Steve looked at my bum and my pussy as I had
another wee that felt really good.

RIZZO - Hi guy! I hope you like my story today, it is good
that you liked my story about nearly being caught.
Yeah I like squeezing Steve's foreskin dry when he has just
had a wee. Hey guy, just because I do not have my own it
does not mean I can not have fun doing it with his! LOL
Sometimes I can not pull it long and squeeze it! Blush!
Love Louise xxx

KIM AND SCOTT - LOL yeah we could have had a buddy dump
together. Steve would sure have liked that and I bet the other
guys would too. Maybe you should have hovered your bum over
the toilet and done your turd first. Steve would have liked
watching you wee as well. Then I could have come along and done
my business!
Love Louise xx

ROBBY AND ANNIE, SARAH S AND MEGHAN - HEhehe yeah, when it was
the first time I held Steve's willy he said not to hold it
too tight! You know I thought a circumcised one would be
easier to aim really but may be it is not. I mean I have seen
a few circumcised guys at the beaches in Spain and I saw
about 3 have a wee I think and it looked easy. I do like
Steve with his foreskin, it is fun drying him.
Our wedding still feels along way away to me. I really can
not wait.
Love Louise xxxx

PV - Hehehe I do not know if guys will consciously know that
may be she-wee will smell any different. I mean it may be
that they smell it but don't know what is different. I do
not know if guys are that sensitive to smells.
We are finished now in netball for Christmas, and we did not
get to have any weeing fun on Saturday. I was still recovering
from Friday night really and I do not think we played very
well. There was another team sharing the showers with us and I
beat some of their girls to the toilet. I had 4 of them
standing outside watching me hover my bum over the toilet
while I had a wee.
I think I made Steve wake up with my standing wee in the bath
when he came home. I like how you weed in the bath with your
mum soaping you when you were little. I liked standing in the
bath when I was 9, because my mum had taught me to stand by
doing it herself in the bath. She liked having baths with me
and we still do sometimes when we want to talk. We are like we
are sisters really.
I have my office party tomorrow and I will see if I get a
chance to have some fun then.



Monday, December 17, 2001

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