Does anyone here pee in the shower? I like doing that because it's feels nice, like peeing yourself, only you don't have to be embarrassed like you would if you did pee yourself. And has anyone here ever had their hand put in warm water when you're asleep and wet the bed? How does that work? It happened to me a few weeks ago at a sleepover. I was so humilliated because there were 5 other really popular girls there who I were hoping to become friends with.

Kathrine H
The other day I went to a friends house. I was wearing tights and a skirt which I woldn't normally wear.We wet out and It was really hot at this leisure centre we were at. After an hour I REALLY needed to pee. There were little shots coming out and I made a break for it and dashed to the restroom. I sat down and peed for about 3 full minites. After 5 minites the pee was really gushing. It was then that I realised I had forgoten to pull my tights down! After about five minites of gushing pee I had to go to my friends mom, with my croth dripping everywhere and tell her! I was so embarrassed!

Hey! Anyone pay attention to the annonymous post about the ice skating rink story? Well i did anyway. I had the same experience with a few differences, the toilet was clean, it did flush, there was no pee in it, and i stepped in puddles but not of pee.
Now my story. This happened when i was WAY younger. It was at a McDonalds. Again i was VERY VERY little when this happened. I was playing in the playground area and i felt a sudden urge to poo. I ignored it and just kept on playing. In a little while i felt i couldn't hold it anymore, so i ran to the bathroom. (like the ice skating story, i was in my socks because you have to take your shoes off to play) I was almost to the bathroom door but it was too late. I had already pooped in my pants. To make things worse, pee was running down my leg. It was really embarresing because all those people were staring at me. I guess that to them it was a little girl standing in her socks a few feet away from the bathroom door with poop in her pants and pee down her leg. Now that i look back i find it kind of funny. LOL
By the way, at the time you never saw a kid go to the bathroom in his/her socks, but now i see it all the time. But then again times have changed.

Bill and Kaven L are you here?

Althea: I must tell you. I like the story of you and your friend. I had such experiences in high school. I must confess. I have two male cousins and they told me of their bathroom and gym locker room stories. That is nice.

I like the girl on the masthaead. She looks like a kid in college.

Jane: I have one for you. I was at a computer seminar in Connecticut, conducted by a lovely woman. Anyway, I was finishing my early morning piss. The hostess entered and took a stall. She lowered her beige corduroy slacks and aqua blue panties to her ankles. She evacuated this gassy, buzzing fart and I heard a crackling and a series of soft stools being evacuated. She stinked the bathroom good. Then, I heard paper being rolled off in huge quantities. I just had to get out of there. I did not want to think what she made.

Hi guys. Not much time to post, let alone read the other posts. Some quick responses:

Kim & Scott: I wish I could see you in your cheerleading outfit, Kim. Unfortunately, your school doesn't get national TV exposure. Maybe if your team makes it to one of the tournaments at the end, you may end up on ESPN.

To all of the students: I hope you did well on finals, and for those who still are taking them, good luck.

Here's a quick story from Friday. It was another site visit to the same office I went to the other day. I usually don't drink coffee, but I had about five cups that day. After a big lunch, I was feeling a strong urge to poop. Since I knew the hotel was on the way back to my office, I planned to drive over there and use the ladies room. As I came into the hotel, the front door receptionist said hello. I remembered her as the girl I talked to that one time I had to come back to the hotel because Rachel and I left some books in our room. I said I would be back and hurried to the ladies room. My stomach and butt were raging so much. I knew it was going to be a major pooping session, approaching Alana-type proportions.

I went into a stall, yanked down my black pants and white panties and sat. Immediately I pushed out a series of clumps and globs of soft poop that felt like melted chocolate. One wave lasted ten seconds. I paused to pee, then pushed out a nasty wave of soft poop that lasted 15 seconds. I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out soft poop with no sign of stopping. Sometimes it would come out piece after piece, with an occasional massive burst. Other than having an occasional stomach cramp that was followed by a massive wave, I was very comfortable. Of course, I was flushing the toilet while seated frequently. At one point, I made a call to the office on my cell phone and said I was delayed in coming back to the office. I held it in while making the call, and as soon as I hung up and put the phone away, I unleashed a very nasty wave of soft poop that almost displaced all of the water. I flushed the toilet immediately after that.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of almost non-stop pooping, I was done. I lost count as to how many times I flushed, but I figure it was at least a dozen. I happened to bring a small leftover roll of TP from home in case of emergency, and I thought it would be a good idea to use it now. It was much better than the cheap rolls found in public restrooms. I used the whole roll and had to start using the cheap roll, but I was almost done at that time. I flushed the toilet a final time and saw that I left a few poop stains in the bowl, but the poop smell was still strong. I felt so much better after that. I think this was one of the biggest poops I have ever done. The poop was soft but still too thick to be considered diarrhea, and I didn't need to poop for the rest of the day. Because I used good TP, my anus didn't feel sore, though I cleaned it out with soap and water after I got home. I told Gary about what happened, and he thought I was crazy for driving to a ho! tel just to use the bathroom and almost didn't believe I had pooped so much. He did say he wished he would have been around to witness it.

I work in a school as a coustodian. I sometimes have to pee or poop in a womens restrrom

Infantry PFC
Tina-What about your Un-holy smelling dumps?Can post about those sometime?
Todd & Diana- Good story about your Neighbor!Talkabout being in the right place at the right time.
Well, all is good at UAlbany.I've got one new adventure to talk about.Three weeks ago I was downstairs with two other girls in their room when I heard the bathroom door slam. They have a feud going on with their suitemate. She is not the must beautiful of faces, but oh well. It must have been fifteen minutes before The Toilet flushed and she came out.all the while I was building up an urge to pee. she came out and quickly moved back to her room. I went in to go and, Wow did it smell! she left massive poopstains in the toiletbowl too. I am still surprised to believe that you ladies are stronger smelling than men. Well every body keep the good stories coming!
oh yeah top 5 places I've peed:
1.Out a window when I was 12
2.Penn Relays Track meet in PA. they have a greek flushing system
3. A poisonous snake pit In JRTC LA.
4. an open fire whlie camping once
5. my best friends bathroom after his stepmom took a very stinky dump that didn't flush

The other week I was at a sleepover. There was my friend and two other girls Katie and Sarah) who don't like me. They were whispering about me and I thought they were planning a trick on me. My friends mum came up with some big bottles of cola for us. Sarah dared me to drink one of the big bottles of cola, the whole bottle. I did so and was just about to go to the loo when Sarah said, "Wait a second." So I sat down again. Then Sarah whispered something to Katie and Katie told this really funny joke. I raored with laughter bu I soon stopped laughing when I felt a rush of wet warmth spread between my legs. Katie ans Sarah told everone at a school and my new nickname is 'Betsie Wetsie'. Now Katie and Sarah keep saying to me, "Don't drink cola, Betsie."

Regular Morning Guy
I have a set morning routine: I get up, pee, shower, shave and then have coffee. After two cups of very strong French roast coffee, I feel a wonderful pressure in my lower abdomen and then proceed to have a great morning bowel movement. I would prefer to be able to drop that movement as soon as I get up, without the aid of the strong coffee. This would be easier when I travel for business and cannot always have that cup of coffee, because of time constraints or whatever. Is there a way to train your body to go first thing? I think a lot of people get up and immediately have a bowel movement. I would like to be able to do that. Any suggestions? Ocassionally, maybe once a month, I get up and can squeeze out a stool or two, but it usually is only a preliminary to the main event, after the coffee. Your suggestions to "recondition" my clock would be appreciated!

here are a few places I have peed
1 up a tree
2 out of a 3rd storey window
3 down a garden hose
4 through the slats of a bench in the park
5 and whilst walking down the road just nipping the end of my penis
so that my pee comes in short bursts of a few seconds
will post another story of something I once did regarding peeing when i was about thirteen

Well hey everybody I have an interesting thing to share with ya ever since I became pregnant I have to poop A LOT! and I am so constipated I don't take laxitives because It gives me the runs for a week so anyway I can go but I have to push very very very hard and the weird thing is I only feel like I can push it out if i'm in really warm water my hubby has been so supportive of this so any way I was taking a warm bath the other night and my hubby was pooping in the toilet beside me and I was like gosh I wish I could poop so I pushed a little and it felt like I might could so I said Mark hurry I gotta poop so he jumped up without wiping or anything and let me sit on the toilet he said can I do anything for ya babe I said yeah stay here I might need you so he was standing there waiting and I pushed and pushed but it wouldn't come out so I got up and he said are you done with the tub I need to take a bath I said no but you can get in with me he said ok and continued taking off his clothes and said maybe if its warm water that makes you go you should just go in the tub we can always clean the tub I said ok good idea so we are in the tub and i feel the urge to go I said Mark get out I gotta poop he said no I'll stay here with you and help I said u don't mind he said no so I held on to him and pushed and pushed and it was so big my ring felt like it was about 6 inches stretched it hurt a lot it was so big it felt like giving birth then I could feel my ring stretching and it burned and I started to cry because like a 4 inch long log was out of me and i could feel lots more in me Mark didn't believe me but he said maybe its because i was lying down maybe I should get on the toilet I figured since it was already out it wouldn't go back in so I was gonna but then I remembered the 4 inch log hanging out of me so I said I can't the log was too long but he said I needed to so I got up and told Mark to look and with my cheeks closed he could still see it hanging out the back of my butt so he then believed me I pushed for several hours now it was 1:00 am I started pushing around 10:00pm so I was becoming very tired and we were desprite to get this log out of me so Mark decided to pull on the log while I pushed but he couldn't reach it well while I was on the toilet so Mark went and got a bowl and I squated over it and I finally managed to get it out it was a bout 3:00 then does any one else have this problem pregnant or not p.s. the pulling method doesen't work I had to push it out but thanks Mark for trying! see ya Jasta
Hey I'm Jasta's hubby and I have a funny story to tell you me and Jasta were traveling to her family for the holidays and I had to pee but we were already late so she said we couldn't stop so I tried to hold it but couldn't (I was driving) so Jasta found a plastic tupperware and said I could go in it so I un did my pants just enough I thought to pull out my very large penis but couldn't so I continued to struggle to pull it out and I started to pee I just couldn't control it and this ediotic van kept riding beside me so I couldn't stand up to get it out so finally as the pee kept coming slowly I was doing all in ight to keep it slow I stood up quite a bit and yanked at my penis and right then i came out and I had it sticking up in the air and pee shot out of it and the people in the next car started laughing by the time I had it out there was no pee left!

I also have another story if you read my last story u can see I have trouble manuvering my penis because it is so large once I was pooping and forgot about my penis and I always pee continuly during poop sessions and my oenis was sticking up and I pissed all over my face.

Later me and Jasta are going to do a session together

The movie "Not Another Teen Movie" has a great poop scene in it. Some boys are hiding in a vent above the girls' bathroom and this girl walks in and starts to pee. Then she starts to poop, with lots of nasty sound effects like she's having tons of wet farts and diarrhea. This goes on for like 2 minutes, and the boys are disgusted. Then the vent collapses and the boys fall on her, and the floor collapses and the toilet falls into the classroom below, spraying everyone with liquid poop.

Also at the end of the movie, a girl asks a guy to "take a dump on her chest," and he accepts. You don't get to see that, though.

Havent been up to much lately. Just the usual pee, fart. No dumb since my last post. Haven't felt the urge yet or haven't eaten as much I guess

Tina: Wow Joe must have surprised you with all that explosive shit. Glad you loosend up

Ringstretcher: The two logs in my last dump were about 13" and 2" wide. And also 7" long and 2" wide also. Quite a big one for me.

Sarah s and Meghan: School's not out yet until next thursday. Can't wait to clog up my toilet at home ;)

Thats all for now hope to post a really nice dump story for you guys soon.

Happy dumps to everyone and Merry Christmas


your name (Russ)
Hi: Had a nice experience at a parking lot of a shopping mall recently,my friend and his girl friend were with me and she said she had to pee and did not want to use the womans bathroom because it was so crowded and not clean toilets to use either. I told her she could use the female urinal in my SUV if she wanted to. Then her boyfriend said he had to move his bowels so he would go back with her and just leave a load in the parking lot. I said no he can use the metal bedbad I also have for use in my SUV. So we all went back to my van and I got the female urinal out and the girl had already taken her pants and panties off already. She took the urinal and placed over her vagina and I could hear the pee flowing in the urinal she smiled and said she felt so much better now. I handed her some toilet paper and she wiped her vagina and dropped it in the urinal,I told her I would empty it when i got home. So she seemed to walk around for a while without her panties and I told her sh! e should put them on and she said oh she forgot she is so used to being nude she had forgoten she was still half naked, then she bent over and slid her sexy panties back on. I gave my friend my bedpan to use to move his bowels he was undressed also,just watching his girlfriend pee and her sexy figure. So he kneeled down and grunted a little and out dropped a big long log of feces into the bedpan. It must have been 10 or 12" long. He smiled and said he really had to go and felt better to. Because he was erect he peed on the pavement and a stream was draining down the pavement. I handed him some toilet paper and he turned to me and wiped his ass,it was nice and smooth and no pubic hair either,just a nice anus that looked very clean. I put it all in a plastic bag and put in the trunk of my van. I will empty when I get home into the toilet, then we went back shopping and everyone was happy and no bathrooms to bother with. So it was a nice afternoon and I was glad I could help t! hem all out too. Hope you enjoy this and I love the postings for sure. Take care friends and keep posting. Russ.

Jacob G in Florida
Hello everyone. It?s been a while since I posted. A few months ago, some of us were reminiscing about making audio recordings of ourselves shitting. Well, I just bought myself an early Christmas present ? a digital camera that attaches to my computer. It?s nothing fancy, but it does make decent videos with sound when attached to a computer. I?ve been having lots of fun with it. In fact, I just got finished making a video of me shitting and thought I should describe the video for you all here. Since it must be connected to my computer to record sound, I had to position the camera facing across the hall and into my bathroom. I turned off all the lights in the house, except the bathroom light. The effect of this is that all the surroundings in the scene, except me on the toilet, are blacked out. Okay, here goes: I?m walking away from the computer, having just started the video recording. Into the bathroom I go. I pull down my faded jeans, flip up the back of my shi! rt, sit down, and lean forward. Next is sound of me taking in a deep breath. You can actually see the muscles on my side tightening. Then, I exhale loudly. My muscles relax. Next, I inhale again and start pushing. At this point, you can actually hear the familiar crackling sound. Then, I exhale, take another deep breath, and push again. I lean so far forward that my head is near my knees. This causes the back part of my rear end to lift off the seat. Amazingly, and unexpectedly, you can actually see a long turd come out of me, then hear it kerplop into the toilet. I exhale loudly. Then, I inhale again, push hard, and a few small pellets kerplop into the toilet. I think I?m done, but to be sure, I push one last time. GRRRR. Nothing. Okay I?m done. I reach for the toilet paper, tear off some, and wipe from the back forward. Then, as usual, I clean up really well by wetting the toilet paper and putting liquid soap on it. After I?m completely clean, I pull up ! my jeans, walk towards the camera, and the video ends. Wow, that was a lot of fun. Has anyone else done something like this? If not, you should try it, then post about it. This is the first time I?ve been able to actually watch myself take a dump. It really beats using mirrors and tape recorders. Next, I?ll make a video of me sitting sideways on the toilet, so my rear end will be exposed to camera. That should be fun too. BTW, for some reason, the experience of doing this made me feel less inhibited when thinking about using public toilets. I don?t know why.

It seems i'm getting all kinds of different answers to my holding capascity question.THe conclusion I've come to is that there won't ever be a definate conclusion.There seems to be a great variation from person to person so it seems gender doesn't really make a difference but I have heard of more girls who claim they have small bladders and more guys who claim to have large ones.Also though girls do seem to go to the bathroom more than guys at least from what I've seen and heard which may be another reason there are longer lines for the ladies room than the mens.I have another question.Has anyone here fantasized about going to the bathroom as the opposite sex?Or would that bother you to have to go to the bathroom as the opposite sex?

Ring Stretcher
Poetic justice was served! This Friday was our Christmas party at a small mansion and everyone was invited, including this bitchy co-worker who complains if she's in the bathroom and somebody is pooping. She also back stabs, makes snide comments and brags how she was once asked to pose in Playboy.

Anyhow, after alot of food, Boss was going to let us hear his sound system in this music room he had built. I had already gone upstairs and was flipping through his huge music selection(he plays in a local jazz band) when I saw the blonde bitch Candy run into a bathroom just outside the room. She didn't see me so I walked past for a listen. As she peed like a racehorse she began moaning. Thinking that's all Miss perfect had to do I started to tip toe away when I heard her start grunting and straining up a storm. This went on for several seconds, followed by bouts of long gassy farts. I peeked into the keyhole and saw her face all scrunched up with effort as she was cussing and gripping the side of the toilet. She was taking the mother of all dumps in there!!! Not wanting to get caught I stepped back but could easily hear her strained efforts to push out a massive dump from down the hall.

After a few more minutes I heard a very loud grunt followed by a loud moan of relief. Then silence. Minutes later, just as the others were coming down the hall I heard the toilet flush, followed by a loud scream, the overflowing of water and the sound of someone falling on a bathroom floor.

We rushed and opened thew door, she was lying on the flooded floor soaked in urine, stool and toilet water, part of her skanky dress was ripped, her stockings were torn and near her was the biggest, fatest log!!! She screamed when she realized we could see it. Most of us covered our mouths in shock and secret humor. Then the boss's 7-year old said out loud, "Mommy, I can see her big poop! She pooped on the floor mommy." She was quickly wisked away, as as she was leaving she said to one of the guys, "that lady has big stinky poop." Priceless!!

By then Candy was bawling and hysterical. The guys just stood there in shock at her 25 inch long poop which had creeped by the doorway, floating in shallow water like Noah's brown Ark on the flooded plains, while somebody got some trash bags, towels, rubber gloves and blankets.

Candy the office bitch ended up with a sprained ankle, a knee injury but best of all she was so embarrassed about her mega log causing the toilet to explode she quit while she was in the emergency room. HA!

This will be my last post for awhile as I'm heading home tomorrow for a month-long vacation. Much needed, I assure you. I've worked terribly hard this semester and just need a break.

I do a big sibs program and my little sister was over the other day. We were reading a book and all of a sudden she jumped up and said "I gotta go to the bathroom." Lo and behold, someone was in there and taking their time. So my sis sat back down for another minute or so and read, then said "I've got to do the pee dance" and started jumping around the room. It must have been two more minutes before my housemate emerged from the bathroom and my sis ran in. I could hear her pee very loudly and then she was in there for another 5 minutes or so before I heard her flush and wash her hands. She's 10 so this helps to prove the theory that kids won't get up to go until the last possible second. I know I do that at times too, usually when I'm doing homework so I don't lose my focus.

Anyway, I owe lots of people responses, but really have to pack and sleep now. So hugs to Robby and Annie and Sarah and Meghan (all done, thank goodness) and Kendal and Andrew and Rizzo and Jane and Malita and Louise and Steve (I really like that bath story you each told from your own perspective. That's a really interesting way because you read the same event from both points of view) and PV and anyone else I'm leaving out. Your replies to me were much appreciated.

As far as who can hold it longer, I'm definately going for girls holding pee longer. Both my dad and best guy friend are notorious for hitting just about every bathroom. It's really funny cause when I go out with this guy friend (we used to date, but not anymore, but we're still very close. We actually talk abstractly about toilet matters, but never in the this is what I did way, although he's the only one of my friends I could *ever* imagine discussing these things with) he's always got to pee and will go wherever--a tree, standing in the brush, etc. Me, I'll go once, twice if it's a long day unless I've got my period heavy but that's for other reasons. Yes, flying home tomorrow will be fun because of that...

Steve--I'm doing okay. It's mainly stress right now. Some days I'll go and others I'm running around crazy and don't have time to think straight. My body is very sensitive to stress and traveling (Thanksgiving, and now), so it really throws everything off. I do try to take care and I think it will be good to be home and have no work for a few weeks.

Arthur--It's not a problem for me to go to the bathroom as a girl. I find your comments quite amusing actually. Having to pee and having to poop are very very different feelings. But I guess sometimes it is true that I won't have the feeling to poop until after I pee and then I'll have to go a little and that probably wouldn't happen if I was standing. The only thing that's harder about being female in terms of the bathroom is the whole period thing. That just makes it a huge ordeal, but that's only about a quarter of the time, so you'd get used to it and no big deal.

Oh, I do have a question for those performers. Your stories are starting to scare me a bit. I'm going to be in a play next semester and the thought of having to go to the bathroom while onstage is scary. I mean, what if I don't have to pee right before it starts...I don't know how many scenes I'll be in cause I'm just in the chorus, but it's my first performance ever.

Have a happy chanukah, merry xmas, good kwanza and peaceful new year. Safety, health and peace to you and yours.

I have just a few minutes for some comments.

Hi Louise, yes you are such a delightfully bad girl! That wee in the urinal, chasing the blue tablet around, (HA, HA!) and then forgetting to put on your black knickers, all that plus listening and peeping at the other guy having a wee (a pity it wasnít me) was a pleasure to read. You know, when I shake the last drips out of my willie, I sometimes pull it long and squeeze out the very last drop, like milking the teat of a cow! That works quite well. At least that is something you cannot do!
And I am enjoying to be your virtual audience, love from Rizzo.

Dear Meghan, dear Sarah S., I somehow missed Meghanís desperation while playing the cello. Only read about it in Divaís post. That must have been awful. I believe that if such a thing would happen to a wind instrument player, the accident would be unavoidable. But then again, Diva and Marianne who are singers, use a very similar breathing technique to hold the tone, and they managed to hold their pee with superhuman effort!
My wife has recovered remarkably well, and I am busy refurbishing an office in our home. I am also glad to hear that your dad is recovering from his fever, even if his toilet productions are still of ďPlymptonĒ format! Iíll post to him soon. Give him my love, and hugs to you both from Rizzo. Give Annie a squeeze from me too, when you see her!

Plunging Plop Guy, what you remember about not to pour water into acid refers to concentrated acid, especially concentrated sulphuric acid. If it were otherwise, just drinking a glass of water would let you puke steam like a geysir! That is of course not so. And pee can be alkaline or acidic. If you happen to have an infection in the bladder (I hope you never do), drinking orange juice turns urine acidic (the value of ďphĒ goes below 7), which in turn provides an hostile environment for bacteria. Hey, I am not a chemist, itís just general knowledge dating from school days! Ceers to you from Rizzo

Hey all,
My story might be a little off subject, but it still deals with going to the bathroom. Two weeks ago, I spent the weekend with a friend and didn't go to the bathroom the entire three days I was there. I have this thing about using other peoples bathrooms and totally ignored the urges. By the time school had let out that monday evening I felt like I was going to burst. My mom noticed that I wasn't my usual happy go luck self and ask me if I was sick? I was a little embarrassed about expressing my feelings to her but finally told her what was wrong with me. She just laughed and said I have just what you need in the bathroom and I immediately knew she was talking about an enema. I had never been fond of enemas and always put up a big fuss when I had to have one. But this time I knew I needed one to get relieved of my constipation and told her that I would take one. This is proof that even a 17 year old teen-ager need a little TLC from mom time to time.

A short time later, mom called me to the bathroom where the bag was ready and hanging on the towel bar on the shower door. The moment of truth arrived when she ask me to take my Levi's and undershorts off and get down on my knees on the floor which I did. She lubed my anus with k-y jelly and inserted the nozzle and began the enema. During the process of taking the enema I didn't think I was going to make it but mangaged to take it all. When she was done,I got up off the floor and sit down on the toilet quickly and the Relief came fast each time ther was an expolsion of water. The most embarrassing part from getting an enema from my mother was that when I flushed the toilet the turds floating in there were so big that the commode back over wetting the carpet on the floor. I haven't had to have an enema then since then and really don't want another one.

I hope no one get to offended about this story!

Take Care,


two more stories

One time I pooped my pants on a dare. I was 13 years old and hanging out with some school friends of mine. I think we were playing a game of truth or dare and I kept letting off some silent farts. My best friend, Matt, who was sitting next to me told me I stunk. I was embarrassed because I really felt uncomfortable about farting in front of people. Everybody laughed and told me to use the bathroom. Matt told them that I was too embarrassed to admit I had to poop. I argued and said I didn't care who knew. He said, ok, if your not afraid I dare you to stand up and crap your pants right now. There were only four of us there so I decided to show him a lesson. I stood up and started to push. This time I let out a loud fart; my face turned beat red. I pushed some more and everyone could hear the poop coming out. My jeans were tight so the seat of my pants bulged out. This was a hard solid poop if I remember right. The guys laughed hysterically. I kept pushing until it was all ! out. I can remember it stinking so bad. After it was out I just stood there feeling guilty with a wet stain in front from peeing and a lump in the back. After they kept kicking me in the butt to smash the poop. I went and changed and was really never harassed about that again.

The other day I was at a friend house watching TV and before I even thought what I was doing I sort of leaned to one side and did a bit of poop in my briefs, I knew I needed to go and without even thinking just pushed some out into my briefs and carried on watching the TV, then I suddenly realized what I had done. I wasnít worried because it was only a little and my briefs were black. After about a minute my friend said did you fart. I said no then the urge hit me and I farted and pooped some more out. My friend said that I couldnít lie about that one. I got up to go to the bathroom to clean out my briefs and my friend must have seen the bulge in my pants because he started to laugh so hard. He was laughing for a minute then his face went red because he farted. I then heard crackling sounds. He was pooping his pants. I told him not to laugh at someone pooping their pants when you have to go yourself. He said ok and we cleaned up.

kim and scott
seasons greetings all!
TO LOUISE-hello. thanks for liking my post. and I do like your dream of jeff A,robby,andrew,jake,steve and scott watching you on the bowl. with pv peeking over your mum to watch. real funny!I think I might of squeezed my way thru the crowd and joined you in a female buddy dump. we would really give those guys something to talk aout huh?hahaha. plus the total cereal I eat makes my already huge bowel movements come out even bigger!! if you can believe it!I love the way my logs look in the pan!gigantic,brown and knobbly. my logs are usually 18+ inches now. you and steve take care. and by the way I love cornflakes too!especially kelloggs corn flakes. we got both kinds in the us of A. be well my friend. love ya!
TO RIZZO,BRYIAN and RINGSTRETCHER-hello. thanks for liking my post. scott and I like yours too!
TO SARA S and MEGHAN-hello there you two. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too. plus thats nice that you played soccer and were a cheerleader in high school.and are now in law school.(wow! I am impressed honey!!)by the way I am majoring in business and scott is majoring in criminal justice. be well you two sweet girls!by the way you may of done so already but what do you two look like. can you please describe yourselves. thanks!
TO JEFF A-hello jeff. I hope you and your wife are ok. scott and I are always thinking about you!I guess you know that I am ok if I am still pushing out my enormous logs in the pan. be well jeff. and happy holidays all! love,kimmie and scotty


Cacophanous applause for Louise -- you did a masterful (mistressful?) job in there! I've often wondered if men can *smell* any difference when she-wee is in the urinal, but that guy would have been probably flabbergasted to find you... Makes the heart go pitter-patter just thinking about it! Wow! I've been walked in on twice, but both times I was in pants and shirt that were androgynous enough to somehow get away with it -- looking back on it I can hardly think how I got away with it on one of those occasions!

And I've had the devil's own luck in *not* getting caught -- so far! That was absolutely delicious, darling -- the only thing you forgot to do was "Venus" the wall over the urinal! Oh, and I'm so honored to be in the virtual audience, standing back with your Mom as one who "knows how it goes!"

Yes, Steve, that was absolutely first rate -- I agree!

Hugs to you both,


MEGAN & SARAH S -- quick hello! The weather's drying out a bit now, keep your fingers crossed, we could be into beach weather by New Year or after. Agter that, the Great Outdoors is fair game!



hi to all, not much to post about,havnt been constipated for nearly two weeks,layla and i made an agreement to keep regular, sort of a competition to poo each day in the presence of each other,so it had to be at school or evenings,the looser is the one who cannot poo each day.the longest it took layla was 1 hour 10 mins to produce 1, 8 inch log and several loads of bullets,the quickest was 5 mins to produce a pan full of mushy poo that, the longest was in two separate sittings--the first for 45 mins,no poo just farts,then we went out after we got back i went again,it took me 30 mins to produce 1 rock hard torpedo 6inch long but thick[it split my bum]followed by 2 shorter,softer logs,and bullet like bits.the quickest[and illicit] poo was befor school i had the runs.3 lots of soft smelly stuff,i still managed to poo again that eve.
KENDAL--sorry to hear about your parents..
mum smacking me i am used to,it happened to my older sister,and now to my younger one aswell--mum is understanding most times,but sometimes thinks your messing about.when i was younger you got smacked if you got off the toilet without doing a poo when you had been told to go
ANDREW LAWN DOGS KID it isnt about controll,i enjoy pooing and wetting my knickers--sometimes its better than holding it--that makes me constipated--i have been dying for a poo,and have held it for ages then when i get on the toilet i spend ages trying to strain it out,and it wont budge.i like doing it in my knickers or on paper on the floor when i know its going to be a big hard one. as for wetting,i never have been good at holding it[i wet the bed until i was 13,i wore nappies and plastic pants each night,my older sis wet untill she was 12]if i have lots of drinks and or sleep heavily i still do,or when i get very constipated[mum makes me wear pads/plasti pants when this happens]there is also another reason,but the moderator will not let me mention it.

to the poster who threw up when she strained---i have not done this-but layla told me that a friend of hers,daniella does that quite often,apparantly caused by a weak muscle in her stomach..

xx adele xx

Robby and Annie
Hello all!
Annie: 5 memorable places I have weed:
1. In a sink at school
2. In the men's loo at a football game(soccer)
3. In my toilet on the boat.
4. On Robby, hehehehe!!
5. In an alley(close) in Southampton with Sarah and Meghan.

TINA: Welcome! We guess it is rather awkward and unpleasant trying to make conversation while someone,especially someone you know, is splattering the toilet with diarrhea. Glad you saw Joe, though. How is Diane doing? Take care, Robby and Annie

JASTA: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sarah and Meghan have had the experience of having to dump back-to-back on the toilet. Keep us up to date. Take care, Annie and Robby

AARON: That was a great minute-by-minute, blow-by-blow account of your dump. It is good to have a friend like Jason. Take care, Robby and Annie

MARIANNE: Robby- Welcome to the forum. I know what you and Diva are going through. I sang opera for 30 years before semi-retiring to write and teach. For the sake of the story I will name the opera company. I sang with the Metropolitan Opera for 20 years. In the late 70's we were on tour in the spring. I was booked to sing in "Il Trovatore" and "Tannhauser". One Saturday we had a matinee performance of "Trovatore". During the second act the soprano and I were waiting backstage to go on and she said;"I need to shit real bad". Well, I had to pee, too. It was the last scene before intermission, thank god! At the curtain she hightailed it to her dressing room and I to mine. When we came out she said;"Robby did you have a good piss?" I told her I did and she then said;"I clogged the toilet, hahaha and it stinks like hell in there!" We both screamed with laughter and then spoke of other things. Annie and I really enjoyed your story. We look forward to more of your experiences! . Take care and good luck! Robby and Annie

DIVA: Great story. Meghan is my daughter. As I have told Marianne, it is great to have performing people on this forum. Please keep posting. Take care and good luck!! Robby and Annie

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi friends!! That standup pee you did for Steve was absolutely outstanding, Louise!! It sounded like a flood!! I am honoured to be included in your virtual audience. Annie is a little miffed she didn't get to have a look in, hahaha! For your information I am circumcised. Susan, my late wife, used to hold my willie and then wipe it off. Annie didn't. She first held it in a deathlock, Ouch! I told her to ease off. Annie- I was nearly ready to tell him to bugger off!! I aimed it towards the toilet and he let fly. It sprayed all over the place. We finally got it under control. He truly was a baby about it. "Point it here, point it there!" DRAT! Oh well, I love him, anyway. Robby- SHE was culprit!! Her aim was bad! We did have a giggle about it! We are glad the wedding is getting nearer. Take care, you two! Lovexx Robby and Annie

PV: Oh you dear girl! I am so honoured to be included in your virtual audience lineup! I am seeing your performance now and am applauding and throwing roses!! Annie- We need a all girl virtual, too! Robby- Hope you are doing well down there in Aus. Take care! We love you, too! Annie and Robby

DEAR RIZZO: The story of the weeing on the wasps was a killer. We have had simular experiences. We are looking forward to the girl's concert. They are finally resting after finals. You and Steve(Louise's Steve) are not circumcised. I wonder if it is a practice of British doctors to refrain from circumcising males except when there are religious questions. It seems to me weeing is alot easier when one is circumcised. Also, we both pictured you sitting on the loo with your flute. Robby- I have sung while I pooed. The breath action does help you with the action of the dump. Hope you and your wife are ok. Take care, Love from Robby and Annie

NURSE CARMALITA: HOLA!! What a wonderful story about the chocolate. Also, I am doing ok. We are ready for Christmas. Isn't it about time for Renee to have her child? We love you, Senora! Robby and Annie

DEAR KENDAL: Hi to our dear niece. We don't have much to say today. Did Andrew have one of his stinky poos this morning,tee hee? We read about you having to hold yourself with one hand and type with the other. That has happened to your Aunty Annie just recently. Fortunatly she can type rather quickly with one hand. Well, we will have a longer chat, soon. Take care my dear!! Lots of Lovexxxxxxx and a squeezy hug!! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie PS: Uncle Robby- thank you for the gentle kiss better

DEAR LAWN DOGS KID: Hello dear friend! We read about your amusement at Kendal's predicament. The same problem presented itself to Annie recently. I was amused but didn't say anything. Didn't want my head pinched off. Annie- Robby likes to stay in bed, too. I have go in his bedroom and nearly peel him out of it. I know you love to tease the girls and Kendal. The girls love it. Meghan had one of her stinky poos this morning. She is so damn proud of it now, too, hahaha! We look forward to more of your experiences with Kendal and your other girl friends. Hope you did well on you exams. You are dear to us! Take care! Lovexxxxx from Annie and Robby

SPECIAL HELLOS: RJOGGER and Kathy- hi guys!, Jane- great story!!, Mina, Meredith, Althea, Adele, Bryian, Adrian, Mindy, Mandy, Pat, Renee(poster), Kim and Scott, Kim(new poster), Ring Stretcher, Sara T, Jeff A- we are thinking about you, DianeNY, Upstate Dave, LindaGS, Erin, Laura, Gurli, Amazon, Buzzy, Melanie, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you come back, and all of the other wonderful friends here.


Marianne. it can't have been very pleasant for you sitting through that concert and utterly desperate for over 3 hours. I think, however, you can learn from the experience. Maybe in future it would be a good idea to limit your fluid intake and make sure you go to the toilet (preferably in both senses of the word) before a performance. As a one off, I don't think it will have done you any harm. However, as a general rule I would strongly advise holding your water for so long. It soesn't do you any good. I can't vouch for those who were present at your concert but I certainly wouldn't have thought any the worse of you if you had had a major accident during the performance. Accidents happen and nobody can help it. Nobody would have the right, morally, to condemn you for it and I certainly wouldn't.

This morning I saw an article in a newspaper supplement about Kate Winslet. It mentioned the incident in "Holy Smoke" where she weed herself. Although it didn't say so explicitly the implication was that Kate's 'accident' had been a planned part of the scene. I'd always wondered if it had been a genuine accident during a particularly long film shoot (no doubt taxing on the bladder) and the film makers simply decided not to edit it out. It appears though that that may not have been the case. Perhaps someone who knows more about it than I do would like to comment.

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi friends,
This probably will be our last post before the holidays. Annie is flying back to England and we are going with her. Her mother and her twin boys are coming, too. Dad is going up to his Father's. We will have New Year's plans later.

KENDAL AND ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Hi cousins!! We have a story for you. Sarah- Our two bedroom apartment isn't that large. We have one bathroom. One morning I was in the shower when Meghan stumbled in. She laid her bum on the seat and let out the seediest, loudest, and worst smelling trump I have ever seen from her. She rocked back and forth muttering to herself. I heard a log crackle from her hole. She was bent over so much I thought she was going to fall off the seat. I heard the log cullompt into the bowl. Suddenly I got the urge to wee. I thought ok. I stood there and the stream started to come out and it was like a firehose. The stream came down to a trickle and then I felt a sharp urge to poo. I yelled for Meghan to get off the toilet. Unfortunately she was in mid-poo. I bounded out of the shower and told her to scoot over. We are average sized women for our height but our bums were too big for the bowl so I had to grab the waste basket and squat over that. Dear co! usins, Meghan and I must have won the city championship for large poos because there was at least 12 logs between us. We had to dump the poo in the toilet and try to flush it. It did after a few tries. Then we hit the shower to clean up. You have told us that you don't poo at the same time. You are truly lucky!!! Meghan- we went shopping for our family and wondered what you two would want. We saw some royal blue panties in our sizes(not Honda). We said Kendal would like these and Andrew would love to see us in them, in the loo, of course,hehe! Kendal, we don't want to upset you but we realize that this will be the first Christmas without your Dad and Mum. Our thoughts will be with you, Andrew, and your family. It is still hard for us because we don't have our Mum with us. Our gift to you both is the biggest, squeeiest hug and the biggest kiss. Please convey this gift to each other. We will return on the 27 December. Have a HAPPY, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! We love you! Cousins Sarah ! S and Meghan!! PS: We want a report on the hoilday loo experiences!

DEAR RIZZO: This is to send you the biggest hug for the holidays. Take your flute into the loo and play some Christmas songs whilest having an easy poo!! Lots of Love, Sarah S and Meghan

We want to wish a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and EASY HOLIDAY WEES AND POOS to all of our Special friends: Louise and Steve, PV, Rjogger and Kathy, Jane, Kim and Scott, Carmalita and Jake, Adele, Mina, Pat and Renee, Renee(New poster), Ephermal, Melanie, Meredith, Erin, LindaGS, Althea, Adrian, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Diva, Marianne, Aaron, Jeff A, DianeNY, Tina, Tee. Sarah T, CD, Tricia, Amazon, Elena, Bryian, Ellie and Little Lou and all of the other posters we neglected to mention.


Monday, December 17, 2001

Ever fart, and find out the hard way, "It wasn't gas". I was playing with some friends when I was 12, and one of them farted. We all laughed. Then another did it. I felt like I had a good one coming on, and as I felt it getting near, I gave a quick hard push to expel the gas as loudly as I could. Guess what, it wasn't gas. I pooped a fair sized load into my pants. I just stood there. One of the other kids said man, that stinks, did you just poop your pants. Of course I said no. We continued playing, but I soon went home to change. My friends knew I pooped, even though I denied it. I got a new nickname, "Poo" after that.

Hello there everybody. My name is Tina. Iím Dianeís friend, the one who is in her stories. I stumbled upon this site, when looking through the history folder. I really like this site and I have something Iíd like to share with you. Well I suppose I should do the proper thing and describe myself. Iím 5í3, 110 lbs. (to Diane Iím nothing, she is extremely, amazingly, absolutely, strong. She can take out the trash and then some) very attractive, long brown hair, stupendous ass, and green eyes. I can take pretty large and un-holy smelling dumps. Let me get on with the story. Early yesterday morning, Diane told me I should be expecting a visitor before she left for work. Well about 5 p.m., I couldnít believe my eyes. Its was Joe. I havenít seen him in ages. Well before I could dispense the greetings, he instructed he had to use the bathroom. He said I was welcome to come. So I showed him where the restroom was and he undid his pants and sat his butt on the toilet. ! Feeling a little awkward, I try to make some conversation. He handed me a bottle of champagne that was a present to Diane. Well I was still feeling weird, but overtime I loosened up. He complained he ate something today that just with co-exist with him. He let out a couple farts, and had nothing but diarrhea splattering all over the toilet bowl. Well he was telling me how things are at home and he says there fine. He was telling me the experiences he had with his wife Melissa (I still miss her) and all the good times they had with each other. Then he is splattering diarrhea all over the bowl again. He farts again and had another explosion. I left to give him privacy when he wiped and but then I hear him yelling that it came back. I told him Iíd give him some Imodium stuff that should get rid of his diarrhea. He finished and washed his hands. I handed him the Imodium he took it. We both went downstairs and waited for Diane to return home. When she did, we just t! alked for the rest of the night. Funny how Joe stumbled upon Diane like that.

Its been nice talking to you and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

<U>OId Post Review</U>
I have been reading the old posts for a while now, and I want to share some of my favorites with y'all. I haven't seen anyone else doing this, so I could be "old post review guy".
My <A HREF="toiletpostdh.htm"> most recent favorites </A> are from 7-year-old Linda. I believe her first post is almost exactly in the middle of page 112. Her posts are cute and fun to read. She's obviously a really bright kid.
<A HREF="toiletpost26.htm"> Another great post </A> is Aqua's story about his friend "Karen" (fake name I think) wetting herself. He described the episode in vivid detail and reading it really turned me on.

JEFF A: Are you the same Jeff A that was posting on here back in 1998?

To your name (Russ): Loved your story about going to the doctor and giving him a stool/urine sample and an anal check

not much to post on today, gotta go, bye

Hey thank u to all of you who posted asking questions bout me!
To answer your question me and my friend didn't sit on each others lap we sat sideways on the toilet with our backs to each other.
Hey I just wanted to let yall know I just found out I am pregnant with my second child 2 months along I will continue to post about the bodily functions of 25 year old pregnant woman.
please post!

Annie, a special hello to you, too! Plunging Plop Guy, what you wrote is right on target. Jason and me have become closer since we have "bared ourselves," so to speak. We've changed in front of each other like in gym class and stuff, but it's not the same.

Ryan S., there were 6 turds in the toilet. 4 of them were really big. Not only were they 5-6 inches long, but they were also around 2 inches wide! Like I wrote before, I could really feel my anus stretching as I moved those bowels.

Bryian, I am 15 years old and live in the north-east part of the United States. FWIW, I am white, have brown hair and blue eyes, and am 5' 6" and weigh 125 pounds. To answer your other question, I don't like to shit in public bathrooms, including at school. I know it's something we all have to do, but I prefer to go at home or in another private bathroom.

It is about 9:00 on Friday night as I write this. I have another story to tell, but this has a different twist.

I was on-line at 6:30 or so this evening, exchanging IMs with several friends, mainly Jason. I ate a little earlier and hadn't had to sit on the toilet since yesterday, so I was due for a shit. Around 7, I felt like I had to go so I sent this IM to Jason.

Me: I gotta take a shit. Be back in 10 min.
Jason: Dude, don't overload the plumbing LOL!

I went in to the bathroom and sat down. I took a piss at about 5, so there was no need to pee. Within 15 seconds I pushed out my first turd, which took about 10 seconds to come out. I waited for another couple of minutes and plopped a couple of baby turds. I didn't have to go anymore so I got up to wipe. I flushed and washed my hands and went back on-line. I think this transcript of our IMs will say it all.

Me: I'm back. That felt good!
Jason: Dude, it hasn't been five minutes! How much did you go?
Me: I didn't have to piss since I went earlier. I let out 3 turds.
Jason: Were they thick? They didn't fill up the toilet like the other day, I hope.
Me: No, just one turd about 4 inches long and an inch wide, plus a couple of baby turds.
Jason: Oh, that's good. How many times did you have to wipe?
Me: I wiped three times
Jason: I took a shit at 4:30. I pissed a little and let out five turds and they were all long and skinny. I had to wipe six times.
Me: How long did you spend in the bathroom?
Jason: 'bout 10 minutes.
Me: Our intestines are all cleaned out LOL!
Jason: Yeah dude, all cleaned out!

So, like you can see Jason was very interested in my bowel movement. I'll post more as they come along.


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