TO Carmalita: Sounds like Angie made your day for you stinking up the place with her own big baby!!

TO Amy(Co-ed: Reminds me of a few years ago when i had a roomate that was really into dancing. She shat wild. Memories.
To: Outhouse Scott: Interesting reading what your opinions are towards women and whether they shit or not. But you know, nobodys perfect, we are all human accept the fact that both sexes do the same stuff dirty or clean

Didn't take a shit today but I just stumbled upon my girlfriend who was taking a wild one during class time as well. It all started during lunch time when both my girlfriend Esme and I loaded our trays with a plate of 2 large burgers and fries, salad, chicken sandwhich and 2 glasses of milk. Its funny both of us are almost exactly alike and could be called twins though we aren't related. That's why we are the best of friends and shall never do wrong to each other. After lunch we literally could not move because of all the food and just sat in the cafeteria for about twenty minutes talking to some friends. Class time came and both of us were in the same class together. I noticed Esme was squirming slightly. About 30 minutes into class when we were working on an inclass assignment, Esme excused herself from the classroom, my guess was to the washroom. She was in a hurry too. I continued my work for about 5 more minutes when i noticed i needed to pee so i also had to excus! e myself. Off i went to the washroom were Essie as I call her was shitting her brains out. Anyway as I got there, all I heard at first were windy phhhhht phhhhht farts echoing in the toilet bowl. I asked if Esme was in there and she answered back Yes. I walked into the stall next to her, lifted up my kilt and peed around a 30 second pee. It began to tickle when I farted a wet fart in the toilet bowl. I flushed then went to the sink to do my face. That was when I heard Esme start grunting and a log emerge from her ass with a loud crackle. I forgot to say Esme is about 5' 10" with long brown hair down to mid back, she's got large brown eyes and breasts and a slight hint of freckles. Sometimes she wears glasses and looks prettier in those. She weighs about 140lbs and had a really athletic body. Her ass looks really nice in butt hugging jeans or track pants. Shes the same age as me 18. Anyway I heard the log really start cracklling and Esme start moaning softly. splosh it went ! as part of it fell into the water. There was a slight pause as I heard Esme take a breather. I looked at my watch. It was 1.35 when i left the classroom. Now it was 1. 45. She had been here for 15 minutes already. I heard another light splosh as a piece of shit fell in the water. 'I haven't shat in a week' I heard Esme mumble I guess all this was a weeks supply. I heard more crackle which was suprisingly getting louder followed by a thhpbbt fart. I heard Esme flush. Are you done yet? I asked and she said far from it. I said I was going to go but she insisted on me waiting. I had to hold the soap to my nose cause it really stank in the bathroom. Just then Melissa from my class came in fanning her nose. She took the stall that I peed in. I heard her tinkling above Esmes gassy farts and small crackles. Melissa flushed and exited quickly without saying anything or washing her hands. I guess it really stunk for i was getting used to it. Esme flushed again and said 'almost done' ! above the loud swirling water. I heard her grunt really hard followed by a wet fart and a loud plop in the bowl. It echoed throughout the bathroom. Rustling of toilet paper was heard. I thought Finally. As we were walking back to the classroom Esme told me she passed two 12 inchers four 8 i and one fat 5 incher. THese were all approximate and she said if she didn't flush twice the toilet would have clogged. She was happy because the hole was surrounded by staines too. When we got back all the guys were staring at us in a weird way as if we did something really bad. I looked at the clock and it was ten past 2. We were gone a long time. Class was finished too.

Happy Holidays!!!
Merry Christmas everybody!!!


I am a girl, as I wrote earlier... I don't know, whether you know the Balaton or not, but I think you do not. The lake's souther part is very shallow with reeds, you can go over 100 metres before you can swim. I prefer to poop in reeds, because its more secluded and comfortable. You can hide in them. The second best site to poop is the borderline of the shallow and the deeper water. There are not too many people there, and you can poop standing in chest deep in the water. I don't like either to poop while swimming, because it is really uncomfortable.

i dont like going in my pants but sometimes i have to. i know im to old but i always seem to be in a place that i cant go. like yesterday i went to concert with my friend. it was at the high school. i went to the bathroom before we got there so i thought i was good. i drank alot of soda and forgot that that makes me pee real bad. it was almost over and i really had to go. i was holding my self and everyone was looking at me. my friend said what are you doing. and i said i got to pee. he said ok go. i pushed through the crowd, there was lots of people there. i am real short so they were all real tall and didnt see me. someone started cheering and stuck his elbow in my stomach and i peed all over. i still tried to get to the bathroom. i was wearing gray sweatpants and they had a big wet spot now all the way to my shoes. i was going down the hall and a group of big kids came by and laughed at me and said look at the baby. i was embarased and said shut up. they punched me in the! arm when they walked by. now i have a big black spot on me. i waited for my friend outside in the dark so no one could see my pants. that sucked. bye

I was home very late last night, so Andrew didn't tell me until this morning that Linda GS had written. I had gone into his room to get his lazy bones shifted when he said he'd got a secret to tell me. So I snuck in bed with him and he whispered in my ear that Linda had written. I was so very excited I just wanted to wee in my panties there and then ! But I didn't because I don't suppose Andrew would have liked a wet bed. So I've come straight to his computer to write replies and things. Aunty and Uncle haven't left to go to work yet, so I'm going to save my wee until they have. Picture this. I'm having to type with one hand while using the other one to hold myself to stop from weeing on Andrew's chair ! He's greatly amused, still lying in bed, lazy bones !!

EPHERMAL: You haven't scared me. My Aunty and I have talked at great length about this special event that is going to happen to me. I'll be 12 in January, so I suppose it will happen sooner rather than later. No signs yet though ! I must just be a late starter. My old friend Chloe started when she was only 10 ! And Kirsty was still at primary school as well. Charlotte started in the summer holidays before beginning big school. My step sister Kate hasn't talked about it though. I've also talked with Andrew about it too. Once upon a time he used to worry about whether I would stop him from going with me to the toilet when I began to grow up. But now he is very relaxed about it and has said that he will be cool whatever I decide. He's a good boy ! Love from Kendal x

DAVID: I've got confused about who you are. But never mind. You're obviously the softy David, but are you the one who posted about his girlfriend weeing on the car seat ? That was such a good story about your friend you used to play with who was a girl. I know what you mean about getting excited. I was very excited while sitting on the toilet as a seven year old waiting for Andrew to peep round the bathroom door and see me sitting on the toilet for the first time ! I thought your friend was very good with you, because you were a bit naughty hiding behind the shower curtain and not telling her you were there so she had a choice about whether you could stay and watch her ! What actually happened when you came out from your hiding place ? She obviously didn't scream the house down ! But did she say anything to you at all while you just stood and watched her wee ? Or did she only say something when she had finished weeing ? Love from Kendal x

ADELE: Well, I'm 11 years old and I live in Devon. I live with my Aunty and Uncle and my dear cousin Andrew who I love very much, because my parents both died this year. I'm told that I look very much like the actress Mischa Barton. I like being watched while I'm on the toilet, especially if its my Cousin Andrew doing the watching. He's 16. I let him watch me while I wee or poo or both. And he lets me watch him do both as well ! I regularly share a bathroom with my best friends Kirsty and Charlotte, especially at school, although its a bit of a tight squeeze with three of us in a cubicle !! Adele, why is your Mum spanking you ? I think that is really mean, especially if you can't poo very well sometimes. I'm pleased to learn that Layla isn't poorly. Love from Kendal x
PS: Got anymore school toilet stories from Brighton ?

UNCLE RIZZO: I'm only teasing Andrew ! We do that to each other alot. Well, you have to have a laugh don't you ! I don't think his face is covered in bumfluff really. I mean, bums are hardly fluffy ! Anyway, I was pleased to get a lovely soft hug from him on your behalf. Here is a very smooth one from me ! Lots of love from Kendal x

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Even a rabbit bobby would make a cullompton at Grannies toilet in Kendal ! No, there are definitely no Plymtons there !! Love from Kendal x

UNCLE ROBBY AND AUNTY ANNIE: I felt very sorry for poor Meghan at the music concert. Fancy needing a wee and a poo badly while in the middle of a concert. And whats more, she had to suffer while having a large instrument like a cello stuck between her legs. I couldn't possibly sit with my legs wide open needing to wee and poo badly. I'd do it in my panties for sure !! I'm pleased that Uncle robby is being well looked after while he has a fever. Lots of love from Kendal xx (another gentle kiss better).

COUSINS SARAH S & MEGHAN: I'm so sorry but I couldn't help but laugh when I read about how you two were fighting about farting in each others faces ! And Sarah must have really needed a wee to begin doing it before she was even sat on Meghan's knee ! Just a little word of advice. Never have wees on knees if you need to go desperately. It always finishes up in accidents Andrew and I have discovered. Well for me anyway. Its all right for Andrew because his bits are hanging down inside the toilet and can't miss. But my bits are somewhat elevated, and a whizzer invariably results in a wet toilet seat, or a wet mat in front of the toilet !! I've not weed on Andrew's legs yet ! You say you want a toilet story. Well there will be one in a minute or two. Whether it turns out to be one of an accident variety in my panties or on the toilet depends on how much longer Aunty takes to leave for work. Uncle's now left ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

AUNTY PV: I do love the way you write "GRIN". Your latest post certainly had me GRINNING when you talked about needing a third hand to stop bags from falling off the shoulder and dangling in front where they could easily become christened !! ( GRIN ). Lots of love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: My dear on line sister !! I'm so very sorry. I'm chilling, don't worry. I never realised that you had so much study to do or I would never have turned the screws like that. I just missed you so much, and I couldn't understand why you hadn't written when Elena had said you were coming home. I hope you can forgive me, pretty please ?! Hey, Andrew's Mum is just leaving, so you can come with me while I just have this wee I've wanted desperately. Hope you don't mind if Andrew comes along as well ! ........
Ahhhhhhhh, muchus relievus !!!!
So I walked into the bathroom, flipped up my night shirt, downed my pampies half way down my legs ( no time to arrange them neatly at the top of my legs !! ). Then PAT, I plonked my bum on the toilet seat and sat with my night dress held neatly over my ???? ( I'm not bothered what Andrew can see !! ). Then PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, SSSSSHHHHHHHH, tinkle, tinkle, drip, drip, drip. Quick wipe, and then up with the pampies again !! But what is this ? Andrew has pulled down his PJs and is treating us both to a spectacular jet propulsed widdle right into the water that has turned it into a mass of bubbles and froth ! Then he told us to wait a sec, walked out the bathroom, and returned a few seconds later with one of his study books. Now he's pulled his PJs down to his ankles and sat down. His book is positioned carefully on his legs so you can't see anything Linda ! Then PPPPPRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT ( the ! whole house just shook ! ), and plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop ! Sorry girl, you're coming with me. Toooooooo smelly !!
Hey, what about the new poster called LoS. He really likes you !!! But then you always have written such wonderful and meaningful and descriptive toilet stories. You deserve the accolade of best toilet writer, because you write from the heart !!! Enjoyed your story about the wees near the fountain. Do you think that Eva and Jennifer would be willing participants in toilet games with you ? It sounds like Eva might be seeing as she accepted your dare to wee in the fountain ! Now I need to get ready for school. But before I go, give me your hand. Good girl. Now take the hairbrush I've just given you and go and say goodbye to Andrew ! ( Don't worry, I've just picked up my spare brush and Cousin is being led into Aunty and Uncle's en-suite !!! ). Lots of love my dearest friend, from Kendal xxx ( No XOSXOS from Drew, because you've already had that while you combed his hair !!)

To Simone and Oggy,
Haven't had the leather mini on yet but today I wore my red miniskirt (VERY short as usual) and boots. I posted some Xmas cards and on the way back I had to let a fart out (fairly quiet and very smelly) and about 5 mins later dropped about 3 fairly soft piles in my knicks. Boy did they smell!! They were dangling well below skirt level by the time I got home and I had to endure a few looks from guys on the way back - first because of my miniskirt and bare legs (I look a LOT like Liz Hurley) and also because when I walked past they could see a rather full pair of knicks through the slit in the back of my skirt! One poo dropped out before I got home (though thankfully nobody saw it fall out!!).
Simone, is your leather skirt a mini?

Nothing spectacular to report at the moment, as the current British weather doesn't lend itself to cofortable outdoor pooping!

Last friday, as part of the renovations on the house, I fitted a new toilet. Just the pan, as the old one had a crack in its base but was not leaking. It also had poor flush performance, as even the most dainty of poos were capable of being panbusters.
The new one has a smaller surface area of water in the trap, and the water level seems a slightly greater distance from the seat.
It seems to have a far better flush performance but as yet I haven't had a big enough dump to really test it out.

Yesterday I got back home after a weekend away and had to go and use the toilet as soon as I got in. I was really bursting for a pee and needed to poop too. I unfastened my jeans, slid down my boxers and sighed with relief as I emptied my bladder before doing a couple of 4-inch logs.
But, when I got up to wipe, there was a big puddle of pee on my new laminate floor at the side of the toilet. I was puzzled as to where it had come from. The outlet hadn't leaked, and this was pure pee judging by the strong colour.
I stood bemused for a minute then looked closely at the toilet, inside and out. It turned out that my stream had hit the rim at the front of the toilet with such force that some of it had been forced upwards and over the front of the toilet, and run down the outside to the floor.
I mopped it all up but I'm a bit miffed as I'll have to remove the toilet to clean under it, as I hadn't got around to putting sanitary silicone sealant (caulk) around the base of the pan where it meets the floor.

This sort of thing has only happened to me once before - years ago at my mum's house - but that time my stream went directly through the gap between the seat and pan, and I completely soaked my jeans and boxers!

Looking forward to a big load,


PS: My 5 unusual places to pee:

1. In an empty beer can when at the computer (Empty out and rinse in bathroom before putting can in bathroom bin)
2. In the bathroom sink. It's a convenient height and makes less noise than a regular toilet late at night.
3. Out of a train window. The old trains on our local line didn't have toilets and I was really desparate one night. I pulled down the window in the door and stood with one foot on each seat either side of the doorway. However the draught blew most of it back in so I got down, slid up the window and aimed upwards at the window in the door, so it ran down inside the door and out the bottom.
4. In the letter box of this old derelict house. On my way riding home from youth club every Thursday for about 5 years I used to stop off at this old house that I found one night when desparately needing somewhere to pee.
5. (Not done it yet, but...) my bedroom window. It's only 18 inches off the floor and the bottom opening part is 44 inches square. However it's at the front of the house so i'd have to do it in the early hours of the morning when it was raining so that nobody would notice.

RJOGGER and Kathy
Kathy and I recently returned from our little jaunt to the Steel City, and WOW!, are there some interesting stories on the site. Please forgive us if we are a little late with our replies, as there are many we want to answer. We haven't been on the site since last week, so we have some catching up to do. Our little trip did not produce anything exciting in the way of pooping, as our hosts are not into that kind of thing. Besides, we went to Pittsburgh to see our Steelers trash the NY Jets, and they didn't disappoint. Anyway, many replies and then something about yesterday's run.
Robby and Annie - Hey, Robby, it's good to see that you are back to your self, as evidenced by your last post. Poor Meghan, what happened to her is embarrassing but also funny. Your assistant Barbara sounds like a real gas, so glad that you folks enjoyed the "tailgate" post. Take care, please say hello to everyone for us.
Kim and Scott - What can we say, Kim, you are a super lady logger. And the descriptions of yourself, and the way you blast out those monster poops. Twenty-three and one-half by three and one-half, is well, a real queen sized log! Reading your stories over this last year has been great, Kathy and I look forward to everyone of your adventures. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, that you remind us of our daughter, who also is a blue eyed blonde (and a nurse, who works for , well, as she calls him "Dr. Poop!).You kids take good care, thanks for saying hello.
Buzzy - Hi Buzzy, it's Kathy. That was me, dumping at work with one of my co-workers. God forbid, if a guy came into the ladies room at work, there would be some answering to do. Oh, it was quite some buddy dump, with a nice rich aroma. Then, to have another lady come in, smell it all and contribute to the stench, yeah, it was fun. You take care, neighbor, by the way, I really like stories.
Sarah and Meghan - Hi girls, thanks for the "Bangers and Mash" explanation, and we're glad that you enjoyed the little swamp party. We are so sorry to see that Meghan was feeling ill, with the runs. Keep the good stories coming, girls, we really enjoy your toilet adventures.
Carmalita - Yow, a hot pee on towels, while sitting in front of the computer! You amaze us with the things that you do, young lady. There is always an element of real excitement when we see your name appear on the site. We hope that your follow up "stinkin and thinkin" poop was just as good. And now, your next adventure, was something else. Your description of Angie's poop was, well, just great! Then your pee and poop in the tub made the story even more exciting. And what can I say about Renee, the little devil? The video of Patsy pooping must have been a treat. You folks sure have fun out there, I only wish that Kathy and I could have seen the whole episode. Please say hello to everyone, love from Rich and Kathy.
Amy - Great story about you and Kirsten pooping and stinking up the ladies room at school. Sorry to see that you had a hard time getting out that last monster.
Adrian - Hi, it's Kathy. I'll try to answer your question, based upon my experiences. Being an early riser like my husband, I quite often poop before I leave the house for work, and often I join Rick while he is doing the same. There are some days when I do not have to go, even after a large breakfast, so I just wait until the urge hits, which is usually at work, and sometime after 9 AM. It does seem that a fair number of my female co-workers take a dump at around that time also. I guess they don't have time at home, and by 9 or 9:30 the coffee that most of them have consumed is working its way down. I hope that somewhat answers your question.
Renee - Howdy, Cowgirl, LOOOOOONG time no here! How are ya, 'Malita indicated in an earlier post that you had a little difficulty recently. We sure hope that you are feeling OK. Obviously, you are still up to your pranks, which is great. That story about Carmalita's stinky morning poop, and the melted Hershey bar was just terrific. The little Senora sure does have a sharp tongue, to boot. Now, about Patsy: that video tape sure was a sneaky little move on your part (LOL!), but it was funny. Patsy is a good sport to let you get away with that. Any time you girls want to fan Kathy's ass after she has passed one of her stinking farts, you are welcome to, that is, if you can stand the smell. Anyway, you take care, Kathy and I send our love to you and Patsy.
Jeff A - Hello Jeff, it is good to hear from you again. It seems that Denise is finally getting into the spirit of things, in regards to her toilet sessions. That must be great news for you Jeff. Your wife sounds like a real beauty, and your description of the way she was seated on the bowl was great. Take good care, hope to hear from you again soon.
Outhouse Scott - What a piece you wrote, I mean you probably echoed what goes through most guys heads in regards to female bodily functions. I must say that your post really made us sit up and take notice. No truer statements about the subject can be said, as you certainly said it all. Very well done, sir!
David and Niki - Oh, you 2 kids have some wild adventures. We just loved your woods poop and the follow up with Niki pooping in the guys stall. Outstanding story.
Annie (and Robby) - It sounds like you had to break up a different kind of squabble. It also sounded very funny.
Meghan and Sarah S - Sounds like Sarah had a major queen sized poop, with 3 baseball bat sized poops. Sorry to hear that your dad is ill, please wish him well for us.

Hellos also to Jane, Rizzo, Mina and Muggs.

OK, now on to yesterday's adventure. I got up early, as I wanted to get in a 6 mile run before work. I looked outside and noticed heavy ice on the cars, as well as the remaining snow from Saturday night (we were out of town and got a little surprise when we got in late Sunday). I figured that since it was cold, I would get my Gortex running suit out, and as I did I felt the urge to shit. I went into the crapper in the hall, as Kathy was still sleeping, and she wasn't feeling to well when we got home late Sunday night. So I went into the WC, lowered the seat, dropped my drawers and proceeded to have my usual boring AM crap. It felt like a good sized one came out followed 3 smaller poops. After I wiped, I inspected the results and there was a 20" or so log with 3 more 6" or so companions. It took 2 flushes to get rid of it, then I washed, dressed, gulped a 500mg vitamin C, and went out. It was very cold, to I stretched, walked a short distance, then started to jog slowly.! I got into it at about a half mile, I was warm and I was running pretty fast. After about four miles, on the return, I started to overtake a runner, who looked familiar from behind, but was unrecognizable because of her gear. As I got within 6 feet of her, she turned around and there was Noreen's pretty face with it's teasing smile. "Hi Rick, how was Pittsburgh", she said. "Great, we had fun and the Steelers won, so it was a good trip. How are you, I haven't seen you lately", I replied. Noreen then told me that she had been working extra hours, and had not been out running much. I guess we had gone about another mile, when she said that she had been holding a poop for some time, and she wanted to get home and go, because of the cold. However, her urge to go was very strong, and she could not wait, she said. I then told her about the day after Thanksgiving adventure that Kathy and I had, and she gave me that sly little smile, said "I heard all about it from Kathy", giggled,! and then ducked behind a bush. 'Come on, you don't need a written invitation. Besides, I need some extra warmth". I wasn't going to argue, so I went in behind the bush with her. Noreen was already lowering her gortex pants and undies, then she mock shivered as she squatted. She was not squatting very low, so I stood close behind her, to provide some cover, and to get a good view. She wasn't kidding about having to go. As soon as she squatted, her pink hole domed, and a thick light brown turd started to ease its way out. Noreen started peeing at about the same time, sending a stream in front of her, while some of the stream dribbled towards her distended anal opening and splattered on the turd. As the pee hit the light snow cover on the ground, it caused some water vapor to rise. The poop was well on its way by now, and it looked like it was over 2" thick. About 18 to 20 inches came out, fell on the frozen ground, then a couple of shorter but just as thick poops followed in! rapid succession. "Oh, that felt great, but my ass is freezing" Noreen said. "The heat from that poop should send up some warmth", I teased and I got her famous smile and a shake of the head. She pulled out tissues and started wiping her ass, front to back, 3 times, then she used a fresh tissue to wipe her vaginal area. After she pulled up her pants, she remarked that she had never taken an outdoor shit on such a cold day. The poop, meanwhile, was steaming as it sat on the snow covered ground, and it was a very impressive load. All told, there was about a yard of poop (best guess, as it was piled), very well formed and not too smelly. "I guess you and Kathy must have felt like this, when you dumped outdoors in the cold. My ass is freezing". "Better to have a freezing ass then to have all of that poop in your pants, Noreen". She again gave me her sly smile and a soft, playful punch in the arm. Then we set out to finish our run. As I was saying goodbye to her, Noreen reminde! d me about the Christmas Party that she and Larry were having this Saturday. I told her we would not miss it (me, Kathy, Noreen and Larry, Anne and Mike, just to mention a few attendees), then I set off for home. Aside form my loving wife, who I love to see poop at every opportunity, Noreen is one lady who I really enjoy watching, while she is plopping a load. She sure looked good yesterday morning, even though it was quite cold.

Until next time, Kathy and I will say so long.

Ashley. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and the doctor should have been more understanding about your accident on the floor. Hopefully experiences like yours are the exception to the rule.

Susan B. People wet the bed for all kinds of reasons - nervousness, nightmares and in some cases medical conditions such as diabetes. Bedwetting is more often caused I suspect by people drinking too much and/or not going to the loo at bedtime. It's always a good idea to make sure your bladder is well emptied at bedtime.

Robert. I'm not into pop stars and I don't know what their attitude to bodily functions is. What I do know is that needing to go to the toilet is a great social leveller as everyone from the Queen downwards has to go. I'm sure people in all ranks of society worry about varying 'outputs', problems with wiping and, of course, losing control. We've all got the same basic plumbing whoever we are.

Firefighter Bill. No wonder you were desperate after drinking five cups of coffee. It's more than I dare drink in one go, much as i like it. My guess is you probably could have put a small fire out if a supply of water hadn't been readily accessible!

Susan. What you did for your boyfriend was both kind and incredibly brave. It can't have been easy coping with the smell he made on the toilet after he'd been on the beer. That said, I don't have too much sympathy with anyone who gets drunk. I believe in staying sober and keeping in control. It's possible to do that and enjoy one or two pints of medium strength ale.

Gopwoller. I can understand your reluctance to have that anal investigation. However you were most unwise not to let the doctor go ahead. It is important to let doctors investigate your problems thoroughly if they think it needs to be done. My advice to you is to make another appointment and let them carry out the full investigation. I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as painful as you probably imagine. It's very unusual for someone of your age to have serious bowel problems but, even so, it's important to be thoroughly checked out.

Special greetings to all friends, especially Robbie & Annie and Kathy & RJogger.



Robby and (Annie)
Hi Folks!
My fever is way down and I am feeling better. I just read Annie's and the girl's posts. I know my girls can and have beaten each other up. It is something else! Some replies!

PV: Hi Gal! I knew you wouldn't forget me, LOL!! Sorry about the weather in Aus. It's supposed to be summer isn't it? The plans for the peeing contest haven't been finalized. Meghan would love me to be out of the state when they have it. Sarah is unsure and Annie doesn't care.
We'll see. We will certainly let you know when it will be and the results. Take care, Robby and Annie

RENEE: Hi There! Great to hear from you!! My poos are fabulous now thanks to Nurse Marilta! Hers MUST be the usual stinky ones. She was so nice to bake you that cherry pie!! Annie and I live in Central Texas. No, we are not natives but I have adopted this state as my own. Annie is British. She will talk to you, soon! Say hello to Pat for us! Take care, Robby and Annie

DAVID AND NIKI: Thanks for the hello. That was a ripper of a Sunday. WOW! Those poos must have been the whopper kind!! You and Niki have a wonderful loo bonding experience going! Keep it up! Take care, Love, Robby and Annie

JANE: Hi there! Glad you finally got out the big load. I'm sure Gary was a little confused when you told him about us. Annie's girls can't really accept our enthusiasm of toilety things. They are really horrified that Sarah and Meghan "came out the closet" so to speak. The girls are still on speaking terms, though. So we can see how Gary is a little amused about the whole thing. I am doing fine. Annie sends her best.
Take care, Robby and Annie

STEVE AND LOUISE: Steve, it is great to hear from you! As I told PV the peeing contest hasn't been set. We will let you know. BTW, Annie held my willie this morning whilest I was weeing. She also let me watch while she stood and weed into the toilet. Of course I applauded. Take care, you two! Love, Robby and Annie

GOPWELLER: I know how you feel. I had to have a hose stuck up my bum. It is NOT a pleasurable experience and the frightful poo you had on top of that gave me the shivers. Take care, my friend! Robby and Annie

KENDAL: Hello to my wonderful niece! I am feeling better. I know you were there in spirit. I don't know the British education system these days. Since you are 11 you must be in what in America would be the 5th or 6th year. Let me know. I got up this morning and had a nice, soft, poo! Annie was there to see if I needed any assistance. She is such a jewel. I would ask her to marry me if she wasn't my cousin! Are you having those wonderful poos at tea time? Let us know. We have started having tea at 4pm. The girls think it is great. Hot tea is nice for making poos so much easier. I have a story to tell you both. It will be in Andrew's post below. I am going to be fine. Take care, my dear!! Lots of kisses and hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

LAWN DOGS KID: Hello my dear friend! I am behaving myself. My poos are easier and I have to go more in the day than before. Therefore I get a good "cleaning out". I eat ???? and fruits. Also pasta! You asked if Annie and I have had any "tete a tetes". Well, not recently because I have been so sick it hasn't been that much fun. I do have a story from the past for you and Kendal. Here goes! It was 1965 and I was still in England. We had been to a school play and had just gotten home when Annie whispered;"I have to poo"! That lit up a light in my head. The problem was her parents were home. This was going to be dangerous. We quietly went to the upstairs loo. Annie closed the door,lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers. I sat on the tub rim. She shifted forward and strained. She started weeing. It lasted about 20 seconds. Then I saw a snake of a log start to come out of her bum. She strained and let a out a loud trump. Just then her mum knocked on the door and aske! d;"Who is in there?" We froze. Annie said that it was she. Her Mum asked;"Where is Robby?" Annie was great! She replied I must be in the flower bushes having a squat. Her Mum yelled; "I'll find that naughty boy!" and ran down the stairs. Annie giggled and dropped the first log and some soft poo came out,too. She grabbed my hand and held on for dear life. She grunted and some more soft poo came out. She relaxed and tore some tissue off the roll. She wiped and then hugged and kissed me. She said;"Thank you so much, dear cousin. Don't you need to have a go,too?" Well that is another story that I will let Annie tell. That adventure was a REAL close call. Now then, don't let my girls drive you bonkers. They are a little off center like their old man and cousin, hahaha! By-the-way, do you follow the local football team or another one? Annie and I yell for Manchester United. Andrew, take care my dear friend! Good luck on those "A" levels. Lots of Love from Robby and Annie

I have to go to the loo most urgently!!! Special Hellos to: Dear Rizzo, Rjogger and Kathy, Nurse Marlita and Jake-HOLA, Mina, Meredith-great story, Bryian, Adrian-thanks, Todd and Diana, Jeff A-glad to see you back, DianeNY, Gina, Althea, Adele, Mindy, Mandy, Ephermal- good luck on the tests!, Tee, Diva, Melanie, LindaGS, Elena, Buzzy, Sara T, Upstate Dave, Gurli, Ashley-welcome!, Amy(co-ed)-what a dump experience!, Amazon, Ellie and Little Lou-please write! and all of the other wonderful posters!! HAVE TO RUN TO THE LOO!!!


Tueesday, December 11, 2001

Peeping Tom
JIM your story reminds me of a movie(can't think of which one),I have wanted to see someone over 5 years old wet their pants all my life but haven't yet. when I was nine and ten i would look down a my buddie's pants all the time looking for wet spots.

BEN What would your dad have said if he saw you come out of the lady's room?

P>steve liked your story I'll have one for you soon.

to jim--

that's it?! top 5 places I have peed--

1. sink in dorm room (no bathrooms but thanks to the college for giving me a built-in urinal)

2. soda can

3. on the phone (ok, the interest isn't in where, but what happened) with a relative


The most interesting places i have peed are:
1. My pants at school
2. In the back of our van in a four litre pail
3. With my family on a busy beach behind some shack
4. In a plant in my bedroom
5. In the mens bathroom's urinal. (I love a challenge, like standing up to pee!!

The top five places i've peed:

1. at a cemetary
2. against a pool fence
3. my closet
4. out a window
5. in a house that had burned down.

Upstsate Dave
Good morning to all. Well we got our first snow in upstate New York. Gee we can now celebrate and make yellow snow! Lets see as far as most unusuall places I have peed in are the following:

1. off a 100 foot high telephone microwave tower.

2. while swinging on a swing at a school playground.

3. over a cliff at a local park.

4. off a diving board into a swiming pool.

5. off an old abandoned firetower on top of a mountain.

Ok, something pretty embarrassing happened recently and so i decided to cruise the Net to see if anyone else has ever had something like that happen to them and lo and behold i found this site! so i just wanted to tell u what happened...btw i'm a 23 year old with long blonde hair, green eyes, and fairly well proportioned if i do say so myself...
so i had a regular doctors appt today. it was really crowded, it took over an hour after the time when my appt was supposed to be for them to call me. i finally went back with the dr., and did all the stuff etc etc then she told me that she needed a urine sample. i started for the door, but she told my all the bathrooms were out of order in that wing and that she really needed that sample now so she would leave the room so that i could pee into the cup right there.
Well, i had been holding in a pee for a couple hours for that specific purpose since i sometimes had trouble getting started if i didnt have an overwhelming urge to go at a dr.'s office. unfortunately, b/c i didn't have a toilet to let loose in, i would somehow have to control it enough to just fill up the cup to a certain point. since by now i had to go quite badly, this presented somewhat of a problem. another problem was that i also had to poop now and had been planning to excuse myself to find a toilet to go even b4 the dr. had told me she needed a urine sample. i sometimes have problems holding in pee while i'm pooping and vice versa. nevertheless, i knew i was in a time crunch so i gave it my best shot.
i took off my pants and underwear and squatted on the floor. being slightly tense it took me a second to get started, but once i started i absolutely could not stop. the cup overflowed with golden yellow pee, spilling all over my hands and creating a growing puddle on the floor. even worse, as much as i tried the poop would not be held in and one huge turd slid out onto the floor. i looked around desperatly for paper towels and a trashcan, but there were none to be seen as this particular office was unusually sparsely furnished. i searched for anything that could help be conceal my accident but i couldnt find anything and when the dr. knocked (a female one at least) i bashfully let her in and explained whay happened. much to my chagrin, the dr., who looked quite frusterated and was looking at me like i was some sort of freak, opened the door widely so that several passers-by saw clearly what had happened. She called for the janitor who came and also looked at m! e like i was a baby. needless to say, i left as quickly as i could. i later found out that that dr. was no longer working there, having been fired as a result of various complaints filed against her.
as anything like this ever happened to anyone else???

i pee when i'm shitting is this normal. i am a male

Hey yall,
have a short story for happened today and its rather funny. Me and my friend went out and cut down a christmas tree this evening. I cut it down which means i got sap all over my hands....after we got it home i got out of my truck and jumped on the back to unload it, suddenly i felt a very strong urge to pee, must have been from all the sawing and lifting. Anyway i just turned facing off the truck and peed (3ft gentle stream) and went back to work...10 minutes later my pussy felt like i had sat in acid, i started yelling and holding myself, i ran into the bathroom and dropped my pants it was extremely swollen and red......turns out i'm severely allergic to Cyprus trees! lol

Heye It's JastA~ well I really enjoy the companionship of men not just sex but all of it we ate at Piccadily (restraunt) and we went back to my apartment only 1 bathroom! we both had to poop not runny but we had to go badly but I let him go first he was in about 7 min. when I had to go! so I went in there and told him to scoot over I had to go to so we pooped on the same toilet at the same time it was really quite enjoyable p.s. we both had long long long logs.
please reply in your stories if u like my stories I'm new here and would like to continue posting! Thanks
always ~Jasta~
My real name is Jasta N

I was 11 or 12 years old. My self and 34 of my friends were playing at one of the friends houses. We were watching his 3 year old sister for a few minutes. I was looking at her , when she stopped playing and her face reddened. Being an only child I asked, "Bobby, what's wrong with Susan"? He looked and said nothing, she's just pooping in her training pants again. He called his mom, and she came out and took the toddler inside to change her pants. We were talking afterwards, about pooping your pants, and if anyone remembered what it felt like. Eventually I made the statement that I didn't think pooping in my pants would be a big deal. Then they dared me to do it. For an 11 year old dares and doubledares were only allowed to be refused if life and limb were at stake.But I had one chance left to keep my pants clean. I told them I'd do it if they paid me to do it. I figured, this would get me out of it. Then they all started searching their pockets. "I've got a dollar"' I've got! 51 cents". When they added it up, they had a total of $2.53. I know this doesn't seem like much, but it was a lot to an 11 year old boy in 1954. I gave up ' took their money, put it in my pocket and started pushing, trying to poop. I hadn't yet gone on that Saturday, so I knew I could do it. Slowly I felt my hole open and a big semi-soft turd start to poke its way out. I strained. uuuuuugh, and it slid into my pants. I let them all feel my bottom, and tried to tell themwhat it felt like, Warm and soft against my bottom. I plaayed for a wwhile longer, having to stop and pull my sagging underpants up several times. I then told them I had to go home. I stopped at the corner store on the way home, and bought some penny candy. When I went in, I told my mom I'd had an accident in my pants. She just told me to go take a bath, and wash my underpants out. Like I said, it was no big deal

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