Hey everyone. Sorry about not posting for so long, but it's been tough. Anyway I got a nice story to tell. I was in my friend Julie's apartment. Julie's a pretty Vietnamese girl with short black hair, and a butt that rivals my own. Anyway, so I feel this huge urge to go to the can, and I get some stomach cramps. And from personal experience, I know that that's a bad sign. So I got up immediately and said, "I have to use the bathroom." And Julie says, "So do I. Can I come with you and watch?" I was slightly taken aback by her openness, but I LOVE having people watch me, as you know from my Todd posts. So I said, "okay, but I'm warning you, it might be bad," and her face lit up. So we went inside, and I don't know if I had one of these before, but as soon as I sat down and leaned over so that she could see, a phenonenon that can only be described as a "bottle o' champagne" poo happened. I had this really hard thing coming out, and then it popped out like a cork and liquid star! ted pouring out. "That was amazing,"Julie breathed. I smiled, but only for a minute, because then I started blowing out some gas and I was blushing, because every two seconds, I would blow out a really hideously wet fart. Julie giggled every time I had a blowout. I peed a little and farted some more. But finally, my cleanout was over. Julie was fidgeting a little, probably because I kept her waiting so long. So I cleaned up quickly and let Julie replace me. Her gloriously round posterior glowed, and as she bent over, her base-lips opened up. I squatted down directly behind her, and had a perfect view of her browneye opening wide as a beige head poked out. I heard Julie straining. "Uuuuungghhh," she pushed once. "Uunnnnngggghhh," twice. But the third time was a charm. "Mmmmppppphh," she said as her long brown cable started slinking out. I stared straight into her hole and asked, "Having fun?" She nodded. The first jobbie was followed by a stream of ice cream type stuff, a lit! tle darker, and her hole pinched it off at the end, but a soft ball followed. Then she was done. "Ahhhhhhhh," she sighed. "Did you like it?" I giggled a little and said, "Yes." Then she said, "We'll have to do that again sometime." I said, "Definitely."

Happy movements (and holidays)


I am a male and had the best experiebce the other day. I really needed to pee but wanted to try something different. I dropped my pants to my ankles and sat on the toilet backwards. I let the piss flow backwards into the toilet. Right when I beagn, my gf came home and said she really needed to poop and pee. So first she got half naked and pissed standing up in the shower stall. She told me to stop my stream. I did as she said even though my bladder was still going to burst. She sat on the toilet and told me to sit backwards on it and piss where her poop was coming out. She opened her legs and I pissed the rest in the v shaped opening while sitting down. That was great! Anyone else heve stories like that? What about outdoor pissing stories?

Ring Stretcher
Hi all!!

Well, I finally crapped after almost a week. When the urge finally hit I was alone. I sat my gorgeous ass on the toilet and spread 'em wide. I knew this monster turd was going to be impossible wide so I was afraid to push it out. I moned really loud as I gave a small push and felt my ring slowly stretching. Oh gawd, was it stretched! I stopped and trembled in fear; it felt like this log was splitting me in half it was so wide. I grunted and pushed some more. As my ring stretched impossibly wide I gripped the side of the magazine basket on the wall.

"ow,ow,ow..please come out..oh Gawd..uh..uh...nnnng!"

As it tapered after a few minutes it fell silently into the bowl. My throbbing hole was sore and I moaned in relief at getting that thing birthed out of me. When I stood up I saw a medium brown baseball bat size log that was lumpy and roundish at one end. Part of it stood out of the water and it was about 23 inches long, my biggest log in awhile.

Hi to BRYIAN,CARMALITA,SCOTT and KIM, JANE and everyone on here. later!

Eric in Chicago
PJ: The chief connection between pooping and farting is that there's only so much room in your colon, so if there's a lot of poop there, the gas has no where to go but out. But as others have mentioned, you can fart without having to poop, and you can poop without having to fart.

Poo: $2.53 in 1954 would be worth $16.65 now. Pretty good money just for crapping your shorts.


Hey Peeps,

Had a good poop today. Wasn't as gassy as most of the ones that i normally do. In fact I was the only quiet one in the bathroom while others were farting away. Mom and Dad came today and took me out to dinner at a nearby cafe called Railside. I had a huge chicken caesar and a large plate of fettucine. Some good real food for once!!

Anyway when i got back to school I felt a huge urge to poop so I journeyed to the washroom and chose the first empty stall which happened to be the middle one. All others were occupied. The bathroom also smelt of shit so I guess everybody was relieving themselves in a big way. I pulled down my pants and thong and laid my ass on the seat. As I did so I felt my poop slowly sliding down my passage and began to push gently as I did not intend this to be quick. I farted a small fart in the process of doing so then felt the tip emerge from my ass. It felt so good as I was pushing with my eyes closed and mouth open until it got stuck that is. I sat there and listened to the various rutles of clothing, wiping, farting and plops that were audible around me. I strained hard and grunted as I tried to get this poop moving again. I felt it moving really slowly though about 2 minutes per inch. Finally I felt it touch the water and break. But there was more. I just sat there waiting ! for the right time to come as I heard about three flushes happen at the same time. THe person next door to me was almost done as she was wiping. I was staring at the closed door when i felt my ass open again and a long snake exit my butt. I sat for a while to see if i had anything more. nothing. It took me 5 wipes to clean up my butt. As I looked in the toilet bowl I saw a huge snake coiled up and underneath a fat turd which was lying in the hole. Impressed with my creation I flushed and left. The aroma in the bathroom was tremendous and anyone who walked in could have suffoccated.

Greetz to Carmalita, RJogger, Amy(Co-ed), Outhouse Scott and everybody else who posts here


I know a friend who drank a protein shake and it gave him the runs.

your name (Russ)
Hi: I had a nice evening with my friend who came to vist me and asked for a enema from me, I was glad to give it too him and know it makes you feel better when your rectum in cleaned. My friend undressed and took his pants and underpants off,he has a trim body, and shaved his pubic hair off and that made his genital area look very smooth also. I shaved his anal hair off and washed his anus well,it sure looked good and smooth too. I inserted a finger in his wet anus and felt some feces that was firm and hard ready for exit from his anus. I got the enema bag ready with warm water and told my friend to try and move his bowels as much as he could,so he sat on the toilet and grunted some and only a little exited from his ass. So I told him to put his ass in the air and spread his cheeks too, I lubed his anus and slowly out the enema tube in his rectum,he liked the feeling and the feeling of the water entering his rectum a lot. Slowly the bag emptied and he said could not bear an! y more water,so I took the tube out and slid my finger in his ass to feel the water.I felt good, and he was going to open his cheeks soon and let the water exit. He went to the toilet and I told him not to sit all the way on it, so I could see the water coming out of his anus. So he sort of kneeled over the toilet and beared down,oh the water and some feces, some small and some big pieces dropped fast and the water was sort of brown color. He said it felt good,he had peed too as he moved the water from his bowels. I inspected his rectum and wiped his ass. Then he watched me as I had a BM, I sat down pushed my penis in the toilet and peed too,I had a nice long BM and it exited very quickly,oh I felt good,my friend wiped my ass, and then flushed the toilet. So it was a good evening and we were tired, so my friend and I got in my bed and had a nice evening together for sure. Hope you enjoy reading all this and I will have more soon. loveu all. Russ.

Amanda - I can't say I ever threw up while straining to poop but when I was in the 1st grade I sneezed so hard I pooped my pants. It was one of those soft and mushy ones because I had been sick. The teacher brought me to the nurses office and my mom came and picked me up. It was so messy she made me sit on an old towel in the car so I wouldn't stain the seat. I think she threw out my soiled pants and underwear because they were beyond hope of being cleaned. Anyone else have something like this happen to them?

Hi Simone and Oggy,
Here's a story from my youth (I'm 31 now!). When I was at school I used to wear tiny little blue miniskirts and tights - as did my best mate - and we used to sit at 2 individual wooden desks - the old fashioned ones with the lids. One day me and Alison had had a row so in our break I slunk back into our form room, stood on the chair, lifted her desk-lid and dropped a pretty large firm poo on her English book! The smell was quite bad and none of us were allowed back into the classroom until her desk was replaced (leaving me behind the only wooden desk in the classroom! Hers was a new table so it backfired a bit!). She never found it that it was MY pile that I left for her!!

I have two stories I hope you like them.

I am posting about an accident I had when I was 13. I delivered newspapers, but there very few papers and they were all spread out. Midway through delivery I felt the need to poop. I debated between going home and continuing, and decided on the latter because it was already pretty late. I finished the papers and then started heading down the hill to get home. By this time I had to go pretty bad. I decided to cut through the schoolyard to get home faster. Big mistake. I had only got halfway around the school when I lost control and a big log came out into my briefs, and there was a very visible bulge. Worse, there was a group of kids around the corner playing on the playground. I tried to turn so I would always be facing them, and it seemed to work. I did it again on my parents and then went into the bathroom where I cleaned out the briefs and put them in the laundry. They didn't seem to notice until they did the laundry. They asked me and my older brother who had done it! , and we both said we didn't know. I think my parents suspected, but didn't say. It happened again when I was 15. I was out with friends having a good time when I felt the need to poop very badly. So I said to my friends that I had to go home. About 3 blocks from home the cramps got bad so I started to run but after about a block I thought to myself that my parents and my brother wonít be home and I wonít make it anyway. So I pushed a little and a ton of firm poop filled up my briefs and more was coming out. I didnít have to worry because it was dark out by then. When I got home I went to the bathroom to clean up. Then I got clean undies on and this time I hid the dirty pair better.

Something I have noticed [happened yesterday] is many young children around 4-9 won't get up to go to the bathroom if they are into something they like. At one of my friend's houses a year ago, his little brother [7] was playing power rangers on his super Nintendo. He had this idea of standing up to play it [if he didn't I wouldn't be giving this post]. Well, he was moving around like he was moving with the game and stopped suddenly. We saw his pants bulge out about a foot and a half [thin pants, larger size than what he normally wears]. My friend, Matt, and I knew he went in his pants. We were the only people in the house, and so had to clean him up. He told us not to come near him because he still was going. In the end, he had 3 foot and a half long pieces in his pants and about a dozen little ones. He must have not gone in a week.

A while after I had seen my friend pee (see my last post), she was over at my house and we were playing computer games. She said she had to go to the bathroom. She left the room and went. About a minute later she came back and told me, "I was going to the bathroom, and I thought I was done, but really I wasn't, so guess what happened now. I'll go clean it up." And she went back. I remember I was thinking, if that happened to me, I would just clean it up right away, not come tell someone. But hey, she thought differently.

The first time I saw my friend have a full-blown accident was when we were watching TV at her house. She didn't say she had to go, and I had my eyes on the screen, not her pants, so I didn't see her wet herself. She just suddenly said, "Uh, I gotta go change," and went to her room. I glanced at the sofa where she was sitting and it was damp. When she came back she sat back down and I didn't say anything.

KENDAL: I haven't seen any other Davids around here, so I guess I'm the only one. I think I've posted three or four times. I posted about my girlfriend peeing in the car. Sorry about the confusion. I'm glad you like my posts.
You asked what happened when I came out of my hiding place. I don't recall whether she said anything or not. I know she was surprised, but I don't think she really cared that much, since she was a little kid and she knew me really well.

Aaron: I really liked your story about you taking that "elephant dump". Just how many turds were in the bowl? My friend Alex did something similar on a Sunday morning but my parents were awake and he's not into poop like I am and so I didn't get to see it. He spent like 15 minutes on the toilet and he told me when he got back (after I asked him how many turds were in the bowl) that he that there were too many to count and they were coming up above the water. It really turned me on. It sounds like your friend seems really open about stuff like that. My friend Alex isn't like that, he's let me hang around in the bathroom while he poops a couple of times but whenever I ask him to stay while I'm going he stands in the bathtub or outside the door with his nose held. And he won't let me watch his poop come out or won't watch mine come out. It's kind of annoying to have someone that resistant, but if you don't like the topic, then I guess you just don't like it. You're lucky to hav! e a friend such as Jason, I would love to have a friend as open as him. I hope you tell him about this site soon, I'd like to here some of his stories. I'm looking forward to hearing about your dumps and your friend Jason's dumps.

Well today I took a dump at school. it was kind of a late dump since I took it the last five minutes of lunch. When I walked in someone was in the handicapped stall so I thought they were pooping, I didn't know who it was at the time. So I went into the stall next to the hanicapped stall and realized who it was. It was this guy who asks me if I've looked at porno or jacked off. So I'm now really worried if he knew who I was by my shoes and pants. Anyway, he left and I started to push out gas, and a 2" wide turd started to make it way out while farting. This was a really gassy dump, I kept farting as 2 more chunks came out. I pulled up my pants and underwear and looked in the bowl and saw 3 2" wide 3" long turds. The size of my turds suggests that i probably should be on a better diet but oh well, I like to eat.

Talk to you all later


Well I have seen a few big ones left in the pan but never left any myself. My turds pale into comparison with women like Alana and others.
An interesting topic is the new pub near to where I live has a cubicle with a double toilet in so women truely can go int two's! How many would do that? I reckon loads on here would be happy.

Well I like to go and take a small mirror with me so I can see it coming out. it's amazing how quick it comes out sometimes although it;s never wider than an inch! I feel inferior to the other poopers in here.

At Work where I used to be it was quite easy to here women tinkle but not pooh. There used to be a few women with quick heel steps indicating they were desperate!

Anyway I'll write more if I have any decent poops to tell you about.

Peeping Tom
I do now recall a time i saw someone over 5 peep their pants.
I was in the second grade,we were on the playground playing chase or something. When I notice my pal had a wet spot on his blue jeans.
He was a blond boy or 6 or 7 T-shirt blue jeans with a large dark spot in the front, but it did nor run down his legs.

I yell out look he peed in his pants. we laughed for while then we when back to playing chase exept he was PP boy for the rest of the day.

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim.recently I got up early out of bed for a morning class in college(my boyfriend scott go to a four year school together. we drive there every morning) I went downstairs in my pajamas half asleep and had a big bowl of total cereal for breakfast. total cereal is a cereal loaded in fiber and protein. after I finished breakfast I had a strong urge to push out an enormous log so I quickly went upstairs to my soon as I entered the bathroom I dropped my pajama pants to my toes and sat my ass on the bowl. I then took a deep breath and started to push! instantly I felt my ring and butt-cheeks quiver as a brown log emerged from my butt. I then pushed harder as my ring expanded wider as my log grew bigger and bigger!"oohhh it feels sooo good!" I moaned in pleasure. I tell you if I was half asleep before I was fully awake now pushing this massive beast from my ass as I then squeezed really hard as I felt my ring stretch unbelievably wide. soo wide th! at it hurt a bit!"oohh wow! I sighed pleasurably.knowing full well that not only was my log massive but very thick as well.I then looked down at my log as I continued to push admiring it grow bigger and bigger out of my ass! the next push I did stretched my ring so wide I thought it would tear as I grabbed my ass with my hands widening it more so my log could exit easier. as I then took a deep breath,closed my eyes.gritted my teeth and tossed my head back as a blasted a gargantuan brown log into the bowl. I let out a long sigh of relief as my log went crashing into the bowls water with a huge splash! I then looked down at my log and saw a gigantic,thick sausage in there shaped like a capital letter U. even though I was in a rush to get ready for school I just had to measure my log so I rushed to my room,grabbed my measuring tape and measured my log at 18 inches long. 4 inches thick. 18 x 4 inches of huge,kim brown dynamite. I then chopped up my log with a stick,wiped myself! and flushed.I then took a shower,got dressed,put on my cheerleader jacket with a picture of a big megaphone in back of it,slung my bookbag over my shoulder,hopped into my mustang and zoomed off for school. hoped you liked the story all!I sure enjoyed squeezing that monster log from my ass!haha.
TO GOPWELLER-hello. thanks for liking my posts.
TO EVERYONE-hello. thats great everyone seems to be pushing out baseball sized logs! that term has caught on!haha.
TO RJOGGER and KATHY-hello. there you two. I am sure rich loved the football game were his steelers won! congratulations. love your stories and be well always!
TO JANE-hello there. nice to hear from you again jane. love your stories. so you say that you know what school I go to but want to keep it private? thats nice and polite of you.thanks!I guess you have seen me cheerlead somewhere before I take it.?well so long jane and happy holidays to all!love,kimmie and scotty!

RENEE & MALITA -- I absolutely howled about the Hersheys bar! Oh, I can see how it would happen -- it's an accident, just of an entirely different kind than you imagine. Tip -- leave the chocky in the fridge! (Gorgeous morning poo too, amazing description from Renee! Well, I was entranced by your wee on the wall over the end of the bath, Malita, darling -- your bath sounds exactly the same type as mine! You have the trick down pat, and do us proud! Don't worry about pooing in the bath by accident too -- it happens, and I don't think your audience was grossed beyond the limits of excitement! Renee -- the little one is due very soon, isn't she? All my deepest wishes and prayers for a speedy and trouble-free delivery, honey.

Oh, and Malita -- I am thrilled beyond words that Jake is a fan of my own exploits, and I would be honored so very much if he was to keep a file of my posts! I'll make 'em better and better, promise! He's a man I'd feel privileged to "go" for, as well. LUCKY YOU!!!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- Yes, it's nearly the longest day of the year down here but the outlook is still cool and unsettled for the next week. The crops are ruining -- the bees are starving for lack of nectar, farmers are putting out sugared water for them! Not much chance of getting out for some riotous pee and poop fun in the great outdoors! I forgot, of course it's winter in the northern hemisphere, and that's not so conducive to a peeing contest. Do you have a garage? You could get out of the wind by lining up in the garage and squirting as far as you can on the concrete -- then it's easy to wash away with a hose...

KENDAL -- GRINS and HUGS to my dearest neice! It's an infectious bit of fun, and brings home the joy one can have in something as simple as letting fly at the right moment! Keep practicing -- and do let us know the first time you "do" a wall somewhere!

SILKE -- that must have been a staggering exhibition, the impromptu latrine the parking lot turned into. An ocean of pee and poop, and unbridled easiness in the doing thereof! Amazing...

STEVE & LOUISE -- I tried the "virtual" audience trick today! I had a shower and about halfway through I wanted a wee. I was conditioning my hair and as I was working the lather in I closed my eyes, just lifted one leg, relaxed and visualized a great open shower block, with me surrounded with gals like a sports team, and started to wee. Not much, a gentle run of yellow, but I mentally called out to the others that I was going, and they looked and clapped, and enjoyed the moment. It was great! I enjoyed it, the encouragement was positive and the moment felt very real. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hugs to all,


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone, just a short message today as I don't have much time.

GOPWOLLER, Wow, you went through a lot with that examination, and it all sounds like you've had quite an ordeal altogether.
It still sounds like unfinished business and I understand you having had a taste of that procedure recently not wanting to repeat it, but are you absolutely certain you're better? I hope so, but if not, try finding out what other methods there may be for investigation rather than that acidic enema and the camera.

When I was sore enough to ask the consultant if I could have another means of investigation rather than the camera, he arranged for a barium enema and x rays. Perhaps that would be feasible for you, I don't know.
At least you should either be sedated or have a mild local anaesthetic, or at least not have to be dreading the procedure.
PLEASE think very carefully about what to do.
As regards having a barium enema, it's a lot easier than I expected and no pain involved. It's just uncomfortable as the gut is feeling very full and lasts about 15 minutes.
Keep us informed and I wish you the best of health. Perhaps you actually ARE cured, it's possible, but if not, DO discuss all your fears and experiences with a doctor who will listen.

AARON, Great to hear from you again and able to feel so uninhibited with Jason in the bathroom.
Probably the most satisfying thing about shitting with your mate is the fact that you know if you're both comfortable doing the ultimate personal bodily function together; then there's no secrets between you and no need for any physical expression between you, which is something neither of you wants anyway.
The word gay can mean anything we want it to mean, but in your case as in mine, the erotic aspect is that two guys are sharing a very pleasurable activity and each knows how much the other likes doing it.
If you appreciate and can admire your own body, then you can extend that to someone else who is similar, and whom you like and trust.
Perhaps gay men who seek satisfaction from sexual contact would be much more fulfilled by having a close relationship with a friend in which they can share such intimate bonding as you and Jason are privileged to do!

That's it for today, All best wishes to my many friends here! P P G

To the person who asked about male v female holding capacity. I don't really think it's a gender thing. That said, I think most men (I'm perhaps untypical)have stronger bladders on balance then women. I suspect that women are better at holding #2 in than men because the demands of their lives (cooking meals, raising children etc) often mean they have fewer genuine opportunities to sit down in private and enjoy a good poo. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

RJogger & Kathy. Enjoyed your post. It sounds to me as though your friend Noreen was well ready for a good dump when the time came!

Robby (and Annie). Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Hope you made it to the loo on time when finishing your last post. I assume it was Robby that was taken short.

On another subject, I wonder if anyone has a record for pre-poo farting of which they're particularly proud. We've all "cooked our veg" sometimes but I'd be intetrested to know if anyone's done it for a particularly long time and what the outcome was, ie whether they made it to the loo, had to 'go' somewhere else or ended up having an accident.


To jim: I liked your story...that must suck that you pooed your self and got spanked cuz of that.

To the unnamed poster: How could you pee in a gas tank, wouldn't that ruin your car? Any one have info about that?

To Aaron: I just wanna say "Hi" back and thanks. I like your story...i really like the part where u yelled out to your friend for a plunger and u told him you just took a major shit. I also like the part where your friend told you u shit more then a f- elephant. I also liked the part where u got to watch your friend poop. Thats really cool that you seem to be open with your friend :)

Yesterday morning i woke up and i got online and shortly after i got an urge to poop. It was a big urge, then a little while later i couldn't hold any more so i had to go poop. I pooped 1 big log about 8" and it was fairly hard and on top of that i pooed 3 or 4 smaller and softer logs(light brown or lighter then the first one) and they were about 4-5 inches. Then i wiped like 20 times, this was a messy dump. Then i mind my own bussiness through the day and i ate alot for breakfast, lunch and dinner so i go to bed early and i was laying in bed when an urge to poop came on and i had to poop for the 2nd time yesterday. That time it was much softer and mushyer. I had a bit of cramps too. So far today i haven't gone yet.

JEFF A - Oh dear Jeff! Well thank you for saying such lovely things
about me. Yeah I am very happy that I have lifted your spirits by
telling you my stories, and it is good you like the words I use.
I had a nice shit on Sunday that I bet you will like. I was trying to
save it until Steve came home from the dojo but I felt like I was
carrying a huge log in my bum, so I had to go and do it and I thought
of you again when I got the urge so it was not wasted. Well I went
up the stairs to the bathroom, and I kicked off my shoes and I pulled
off my jeans. I just had those little white knickers on underneath and
I pulled them down and kicked them off as well. Now I just had a white
t shirt on with nothing under that at all. Well I went in the bathroom
and I hovered my bum over the toilet. I put the two mirrors there so I
could see myself shitting again because I liked it last time. Well I
was getting the turtle's head again and when I looked at my bum hole in
the mirror it was a little bit opened up, it was not closed up like
normal. Well I started pushing and I saw my bum open up more and more,
and then my turd started squeezing out. It felt really good when my
log was being squeezed out of me. It got longer and I had a brown
tail about 6 inches long. Well I pushed more and then it just sort of
slipped out the last 6 inches or so. It was good because the turd was
about a foot long again and about 3 inches thick in the middle. It was
a big shit for me and I left it in the bowl for Steve to see when he
came home. I had a little wee to finish but it was not a big one
really. I bet you would have liked it because it tinkled in the water
a lot. I wiped myself but I wished I had some male help LOL.
Hey I liked it when you said how you got your medication from the
bathroom when your wife was having her shit. I bet she liked it too
because she giggled when dropping her turds. LOL
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY - Hey Robby, weren't you lucky to have Annie help you have a wee?
Did she wipe it properly when you were finished? I always wipe the end
of Steve's willy when I hold it for him. Do you have a foreskin like
he has or are you circumcised? I was just thinking because it may be
Annie was surprised by how the wee comes out if your foreskin is not
back a little bit.
Love Louise xxxxx

ANNIE - Did you get any problems aiming him? You know I thought it
would be easy when I first pointed Steve when he was weeing but it was
not too easy the first few times.

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hey you know I blushed when I first pointed
Steve's willy when he had a wee. You have to take charge of him you
On the afternoon on Sunday after Steve came home, he took me out for a
bit of a walk. Well it was cold, and out there it was just us two,
and he wanted a wee. Well I took his dick out and pointed it at
some long grass. I took his foreskin back a bit and then he let rip.
Well because it was cold and his wee was warm, there was a lot of steam
rising from the grass! It was a real giggle. I didn't want a wee
because I just had one before we went out.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Steve has been reading the letters here but he has
been too tired or rushed to write anything. He really hates to do
anything badly you know and waits until he can do things right.
Hehehehe what a movie it would be if we were in it. Yeah, two lady
detectives just going to the toilet in an alley. I'd wee a really big
puddle and you could push out a two feet long log like a brown
baseball bat. LOL
Love Louise xx

SILKE - Hey I liked your story about the 20 guys weeing on the wall and
all the girls weeing between the cars and all that. What a party that
was! I bet I would have liked being there with all that happening.

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Hey for that pee in the bathtub you just went
higher in the ranks of the WSPC! I bet Steve does like that when he
reads it. It is a lot better though if turds are held in during the
peeing LOL. That never happened to me. Please say hello to Jake and
tell him I will keep having adventurous wees.

RENEE - Hi girl! I bet your baby is due soon. Do you need to pee very
often now? My mum said that when she was pregnant with me she needed
to wee a lot. Well she wees a lot anyway but she did a lot more when
she was carrying me. Love Louise x

PV - Hey have I really written 100 posts? I did not think it was that
many. Wow I have been busy! Hey that floor wash bucket was handy again
on Saturday. It was really good. Every single girl on the team used it
but this time we had fun standing and aiming into it. It was a real
giggle because we did not get it on target too well. I bet Steve would
have liked it. He is afraid of us when we are all together you know but
he should be able to handle us by now! LOL
Yeah I think Steve is right about it being good for you to imagine
having an audience. It was fun to do and Steve is always telling me to
do "mental practice" of my Wing Chun because that can help you get
better at something even if you can not do it just where you are. I
bet that is how Steve is thinking about it.
Hey I liked your bath wee. It is fun to do it backwards isn't it?
I now know what to do tonight, I will have a bath with him and do a
backwards wee into it. I bet he will like that.
It's just ages since I had a wee in those mens' toilets at work. I bet
you know what I am going to do tomorrow! LOL I am not going to leave
it just up to you to visit the urinals, I am in there too!



Hi fellow toilet friends!

I know we have posted alot. I hope we don't overdo this. We love this forum and the people in it. Robby had a nice, soft dump this morning. It came out with ease. He is at the office with Barbara trying to earn some money. I have finished my first and last test from school. The girls will be back for the holidays tomorrow. My story is in a reply.

DEAR KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID(Andrew): Hi to my dear,sweet niece and my dear "secret" nephew. Uncle Robby promised you I would conclude our loo experience so here I go! I wiped and flushed. It was a bit stinky. I kissed and hugged Robby and asked him if he didn't have to wee or poo also. He got exceedingly red and said;"yes". I sat in from of him and he dropped his trousers and knickers(Y fronts). He avoided my eyes. He reached for my hand and squeezed it. He said;"It is coming out" He trumped a loud one and a fat turd came crackling out. He grunted;UUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN! His teeth were clinched and he shifted forward. I had one hand on his head and the other in his clinched hand. The log finally dropped or cullompted into the pan. He held his position and another shorter piece tumbled out. I could see his bits. He was, for some reason, shy about me seeing his bits. Well, he could see MINE! He weed for a short time and let go of my hand. You wouldn't guess what happened ne! xt. Yes, my Mum came by again and said;"I cant' find Robby outside at all". Robby answered;"I am in here, now." Of course Mum wanted to know where I was. He was such a bloody coward. He told her that I must be in my bedroom. I was so nervous I nearly weed on the floor. Well, she came back and Robby said;"I don't know. I followed her in here". Oh rot, I thought. Fortunatly my Mum took that for an answer. She went back downstairs. Robby said;"I'm sorry". He took some tissue and wiped his bum a few times. We stood there and hugged each other. I told him he was my treasure. Mind you, this is at a time when I was dating several chaps. We agreed never to watch each other again when either parent was home. Hope you liked our experience. Both of us read your post to LindaGS and your wee story was descriptive and really enjoyable. That trump of Andrew's must have shook something, haha!! Uncle Robby asked me to tell you(Kendal) that he really appreciated that gentle kiss better. It br! ightened his day. Kendal and Andrew, the question of whether you watch each other poo and wee in adults years is one you will have to sit down and talk about. It will be many more years before you will have to. Robby and I didn't watch each other privately,(just the two of us), from 1971 when I married and he went into the navy until 1990 when we snuck in a little gem. Of course both of us were married and had children by then. Our caring for each other NEVER diminished. We have had a meaningful experience with our private poo and wee adventures since I moved over to the states. I am glad that Andrew will support your decision and I know you will respect his. I hope you will find partners that understand your relationship, especially in the toilet. By-the-way, I have weed in Robby's bed,teehee! A long time ago! Lots of Lovexxx!! A big kiss and a squeezy hug to dear Kendal and a big hug to dear Andrew(hope this doesn't embarrass you too much) Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Where are you? The last time we heard you were visiting friends. Hope everything is tip top with you and your wife. Robby is feeling better and his poos are of the plympted kind these days. Take care! Love, Annie and Robby

NURSE MALITA: Thank you for your kind words. Robby is minding himself. He dropped a couple of nice logs this morning and they were of the stinky kind. We loved your story as always. Give our love to Jake! We love you, too, dear! Annie and Robby

RICH(Rjogger) AND KATHY: Hey, you two! Rick, you must have a great time jogging. That Noreen can surely put on a "performance" and drop a "full" load!! I'm glad she doesn't mind the audience. We really enjoyed the story!! We also want to hear about the party at Noreens. Hope some good experiences come out of it!! Glad the steelers won. Robby sends his greetings. Take care, Annie and Robby

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi guys! I'm practicing in the shower for the peeing contest. Really, I was too bloody lazy to get out and plop down on the toilet, haha! The girls are a bit timid about this. We won't force them. This is still "virgin" territory for them. Louise, how long can you wee? You were on a netball squad? So was I. All of the girls used to race to the loo to plop down to do their wees and poos. Steve, I held Robby's willie while he weed yesterday morning. It sort of brought a giggle to both of us. We both looked like Ma and Pa standing there at attention. You both take care! Love, Annie and Robby

PV: Hi Girl! Still rained out down in Aus, huh? Tis a shame. I practiced my aim in the shower this morning. I hit the nozzle. It was a direct hit,haha! The girls will return tomorrow! Talk to ya later! Love, Annie and (Robby)

MEREDITH: Your friend, Esme did drop a rather large dump!! I think that the pressure of finals may have something to do with the constipation. Robby's daughter Sarah couldn't poo all last week. She was in a terrible state. Glad you are here. Take care, Annie and Robby

AMANDA: I have never had to puke because I strained too much taking a dump. This is as far as I know. I will ask Robby and the girls. Take care, Annie

TODD AND DIANA: Glad to hear from you. Do you know Amanda? If you do, then it may be ok but if you don't it may a bit risky. I still read in the loo. Mostly mags! Love, Annie and Robby

LINDAGS: This is Annie. Glad you are posting again. You must have started a fashion statement here. Robby's girls went to parochial schools so they also had to wear uniforms. I think they were required to wear white pampies. You might ask them. Robby and I have enjoyed your descriptive stories. I know you are very fond of Kendal and Andrew. I wish I had someone to comb my hair when I wee and poo,LOL! Talk to you again, soon. Annie and (Robby)

Sorry about this being a LONG post. I get wordy!

SPECIAL HELLOS: Scott and Kim(hi!), Traveling Guy, Adrian, Ephermal, Renee-I am a true Brit. I love Texas, though!, Pat, Melanie, Mindy, Mina, Althea, Adele, Jeff A, DianeNY, Joe-welcome back, Tee, Erin, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Jim, Los, Lancs Lad, Mandy, Gopweller, Kate, Jane(Hi Girl!!), Diva, Linda14yrs, Elena, Sarsen, Silke, Gurli, Bryian, Aaron, Simon, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you are ok, and all of the marvelous people here!


Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Several years ago I was driving with my girlfriend (whose bladder, I swear decreases in proportion to how far we have to drive) across th Nevada desert one afternoon. She was screaming for a bathroom stop. Well in the middle of the desert there wasn't anything! finally, as she was quite desperate, I pulled off the hiway and under a bridge. No sooner than the car stopped, she jumped out, and dropped her pants. As the pickup was too high off the ground for me in the driver seat to see what was going on out there, I didn't understand her screaming. Revelation came to me in a cloud of HUGE VERY HUNGRY mosquitos that were now coming in through the open door! I told her to shut the door, but she was to busy trying to keep her exposed parts uneaten! She cut her "pitstop" short and jumped in half dressed as we raced out of there with the windows open to draw out the little buggers! These biggest and most aggressive mosquitos I have ever seen! She got bitten over 40 times in that ! brief time! We still laugh about it!

Has anyone ever thrown up because they strained too hard to get their poop out? Yesterday I had to shit real bad but it wouldn't come out. I pushed reallly really hard and then I puked all over my legs and the floor. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

hi you some times have the urge to poop and you almost poop your pants but after half an hour it goes away?that happened to me this morning.i was at school for extra classes when i had the strong urge to poop.i almost pooped my pants so i decided to go to poop.just then my teacher i could not go to poop.half anhour later at about 9:00am,the urge was gone and until now i have'bt pooped.funny.

I've got a question for the girls out there.When you sit to pee do you often feel like taking a dump and find you can't hold it in?I'm a guy and if I feel like I need to take a dump when I'm in a public restroom I can just pee in the urinal and hold the poo in.But if I was a girl I don't think I'd be able to do this because when I have to take a dump and I even squat down I feel like I gotta go and can't hold it unless i'm standing which would be a problem for me cause I don't like the idea of sitting in one of those stalls on a dirty tiolet seat.So far I've never had to use one.Are there any girls who face this problem or that avoid using a public bathroom even to pee and if so how do you hold it in so long?Also who do you think can hold it in longer(for both #1 and/or #2)a girl or a guy?Has anyone ever studied this?

To Ashley: I loved your story! Good that doctor got fired, she should have done that long ago. What did she expect if she told you to pee in a cup and do it in the exam room, not the bathroom.

To poo: I loved your story about that dare!

To Gopwoller (no internal bleeding now) :D : Glad to hear every thing turned out well and your back to normal and passing huge turds :)

I dont know if anybody remembers but I was Melissa's husband and I have a story I thought I would share. Well I ran into Diane and had a rather funny incidence. I appears she had to much to drink and When I was at a parking lot at night, I hear a sneeze and walk over and I see Diane, peeing like this was here last. I said Hello, long time no see, She said the same. She asked me for a tissue and I gave it to her. She wiped and I gave here my ph. num. and she gave me her ph. num. Now we will keep in contact with each other. I cant wait to say hello to Maranello and Diane's husband Jim. Funny how you run into old friends again when you least expect it.

this one time my mom woke me up because i had to hurry up for school. she picked out my clothes and layed them on my bed. i got up and tried to get dressed real fast and i had to pee real bad i got all the way dressed and ran to the toilet and i was going in my pants before i got to the toilet, i pulled them down quick and finished in the toilet. my pants were wet and my mom said lets go hurry. so i had to go to school with wet pants. the bus was waiting for me. i got on and sat down noone saw my pants. i didnt get to go poop, i usualy go before school but didnt have time and it started to come out. i sat on it hard to hold it in. we got to school and i got up to get off and it came out in my pants. i got to class and sat down it mushed on my but. it didnt smell much only if you got close. the teacher had everyone take turns standing and reading and i had to do it. my pants were still a little wet and you could see it, everyone laughed at me. the teacher told me to go to the! nurses room and i did. the nurse had some extra pants and she started to pull my pants down and found the poo in my pants and she said you really messed yourself and i said yeah. she helped me clean up and i went back to class. i got home and gave the dirty bag to my mom and she spanked my but real hard and made me go to the bath tub and rinse out my clothes, my hands gt real stinky, that was gross. i never had to do that before. i got more stories later. bye

The top 5 places where I have peed were:
1. a Snapple bottle under my desk
2. in a Wal-Mart on a clothing rack.
3. out my window
4. in my car's gas tank
5. in an alley

Traveling Guy
Check this out - I took a good dump this morning and then peed. Nothing unusual there. I wanted to have a look at my jobbies when I was finished, so instead of putting my used TP in the can, I put a few squares on the floor and then put the pieces of soiled TP on top of that. When I finally stood up to look, but before throwing in the TP, I got a really funny surprise: two small 2-inch logs looked like eyes and a larger 8-incher below them curved around to form a smile. Yep, it was a :) smiley face staring up at me, and the pee made it yellow all around, just like the buttons people either love or hate. That sure was a first for me. LOL!

Well, there's a little bit of the voyeur in some of us here, including me. After a dance recital at a local high school, my wife used the ladies while I waited outside. The entry door was propped wide open and I had a 3/4 view of the first stall. No one was in it until a girl came along who looked like the description Amy (Co-Ed) gave of herself recently. She hurried right past me, a little desperate, zipped through the door and headed for the first stall. Granted, all I could see were her shoes and the bottoms of her split-cuffed jeans, but it was still fun to see them drop a couple of inches to the floor while she sat for a pee, then see them climb again when she finished. She certainly didn't care that the door was open. Neither did my wife, come to think of it. Boy, if only I could get my wife to bring that attitude home. Jeff A, you can identify with that wish, I'm sure.

Carmalita - Thanks for the physical description. Ever thought of bottling that "perfume"? Let's work on a name for it.

Firefighter Bill - Yep, a "one in a million," as they say. Great post!

I was once in a Department Store and had to take the biggest piss of my life. I asked where the bathroom was but it was out of order and the nearest bathroom was 3 floors up. I ran into the nearest eleavator and bean my jorney up. I was alone. The eleavator stoped inbetwee floors and I knew I could't hold it. I unzipped my jeans and released my penis. I began to pee on the side of the elavtor. It stared up again and I wsn't even halfway done. I tried successfully to sop myselfand finally did.I had to cup my crotch and squeeze mypenis to preven te pee from leakng out. When I got upstairs, the men's bathroom was being cleane so I looked for another piss haven. I saw a secuded area that was being remodeled. I ra as fast as my crossed legs would take me and pissed on a wall. I had to have peed at least 6 cups of piss. As I was finishing, another man in dire need of a pee ran up to me andsaw m pissing on the wall. He asked where the bthrooms were and I sai either in your pants or! right here buddy. He barely got his dick out before th pee shot out of him. We both talked afterwards about our needs and joke. I saw im once again in there and h was pising i a flower plant. I just laughed.


Okaaaay Renee, I'm gonna get you for that one!!! (my roomate Renee, not the other person here.) Sleep marks?! Yes, that is brutally honest! In my own defense, me and Jake had a bit too much Tequila, and I do now remember we were sharing a hershey bar. Then I guess we just fell asleep. I really thought I had the runs in my bed though. My nose was all stuffed up and I didn't smell chocolate. Plus, the next morning I had a head and ???? ache. I'm surprised I had such solid poops though. Renee: No more cherry pies for you! I'll put a turd in a tortilla instead!

ANNIE: I loved that story of those two sweeties Meghan and Sarah arguing over a knee pee. That sounds so familiar between me and my sisters. We'd always fart on each other, then run to avoid getting punched. You all cheer me up so much and I just love you guys!
JEFF A: Hola! Thanks for the compliment! I've always wanted to be the cilantro of somebody's heart, but I'll settle for chili powder. You'd sure like Angie up close, I know she'd poop just for you, she loves to do it in front of people, especially guys. My thoughts have been with you for several days now. It was sure good to hear from you. Exercising? Eating right? C'mon now, nurse Carmalita wants a good report! I also loved your bit about Denise. I'd like to hear more about her.
JANE: Awesome ladies room poop there honey! I loved every minute of it, black slacks, white panties and all. Soft serve huh? Boy, do I know that! Remembering your description, I can just picture you in there too. You take care hon, you're very special to me.
AMY (CO-ED): Hey girl, I'll bet you have a butt that looks great in jeans. I also am thankful for your description. I'm a small woman myself, 5'1" 104lbs, so a toilet seat isn't always comfortable. I feel like a little girl sitting on them sometimes. I often have to lean forward for balance, but I do love the way it spreads the ol' cheeks.
KIM AND SCOTT: Hi hon, yes married life is very wonderful. It is nice to push out those monster logs alright, however my last super huge one was a bit much for me. 12-16 inchers are just fine with me, but mine always seem to be around 20". I'm only guessing because I have no way of measuring.

Not much happening here lately, I've been so busy working at the community center. We're getting ready for Christmas. The children are just so adorable I want to take them all home with me! This isn't much of a story, but remember the doorless stalls in the ladies room? Well, there was a teenage latina in there, very cute, sitting on the toilet, plopping away. She was really reeking the place up too, taking her time, listening to a CD player. Then, a mother came in with her little girl who looked to be about 4, or 5. The mom held her up on the pot, and then the little thing farted really loud. We laughed out loud, and the little girl looked so innocent and said "I ate chillies."
It was very cute. So was the latina lovely who wiped about ten times.

Tomorrow night Tesa, Nu and Anj are coming over. Nu's been on a special diet for the past five days, mostly protein and complex carbohydrates. She's hoping it improves her poops. Tesa has lost 18lbs. and looks dynamite! She said she wants to lose a few more pounds in our bathroom torrmorrow night. Mmmm, can't wait!
Oh well, hasta luego mis amigos! I hope the world loves you all as much as I do. Hey, I've posting here for almost a year now!


Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
SARAH S and MEGHAN, Thanks for your kind words. We are so happy. I talk about two for one deal. Meghan, you haven't read much in the toilet this week? Why is this so? So you did try it huh? Do you like it? It is so relaxing! Sarah, Have you read a lot in the toilet this week or lately? Keep us posted!

A new story for you all. Yesterday Diana were in the yard and we were walking around when we noticed that our neighbor, her name is Amanda turned on her bathroom light. She has a pretty big house and a good sized bathroom window. Anyway, she was walking over to the toilet with a newspaper tucked under her arm. Diana and I got real quiet and we hid over in some bushes close to her house. Amanda pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet. She then started to rip huge farts. Then she kept on peeing and peeing. As she is reading the newspaper she ripped a fart and right after that we heard her let go a huge log and she sighed in relief. Then she ripped another fart and let go another huge log. This whole thing happened in a span of ten minutes. When she was done she cleaned her vagina and her butt and then flushed the toilet and went out of the bathroom. Diana and I were so excitied that we got some one else do there business. I hope we can have more opportunities with Aman! da. Tell us what you think. Talk to you all later.
Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

Outhouse Scott
Hey all!

JEFF-- I almost always pee when I take a dump. I just tuck my johnson between my legs and let loose. Occasionally, I'll crap without peeing, but more often than not I do both. I think most men and women do.

PJ-- Farting has very little to do with shitting, or shit itself. A person can fart when their intestines are empty of all solid matter. Farting is, as you thought, just like burping. But where burping is gas released from your stomach, farting is gas released from your colon (i.e. intestines, rectum). The only reason people often fart while shitting is because the process by which shit is made creates gas. Interestlingly, vegetables are more likely to make a person fart excessively than meat, but meat causes more foul smelling afrts than v?????s. Some farts, if caused by vegetable matter, may have no odor at all. Believe it or not, there are entire books on this subject!

To the anonymous poster who asked how to create huge logs, and how to muster up the courage to shit in public restrooms-- I'm not too sure about the first question. I think things like v?????s, grains and rice will cause much larger dumps. As far as shitting in public, it's hard to comment on that. When I was a little kid, I was terrified to shit in a public restroom, but over the years I overcame that phobia, and now I can shit in a crowded restroom, even if there's only one toilet amid half a dozen urinals. We all shit, so why should you feel bashful about having to? Take it easy, go in a stall, drop your pants and shit to your hearts content. Anyone who makes a big deal out of it has much bigger issues than you do!

Happy Holidays!


mr me
Hey Amazon, tell us about your cemetary pee :)

Hi to Bryian, Plunging Plop Guy, and Althea. I appreciate your responses.

I really like what Plunging Plop Guy wrote about male companionship in the bathroom. Jason is like a brother to me; in some ways, I'm closer to him than my real, older brother. We've been best buddies since we were 10 (we're now 15); I hope it stays that way.

I have a story about something which happened yesterday afternoon, Monday. I went to Jason's house right after school and needed to poo pretty bad. I could tell by the heavy feeling in my stomach that this was going to be massive.

I went in to the bathroom and sat down to do my thing. I also had to pee pretty bad so I took a leak for about 45 seconds nonstop. I then began to push out my poop. I could feel my anus expanding as I struggled, not too painfully but still more than normal, to push out what was in my intestines. To make a long story short, I spent around 10 minutes on the toilet and let out so much that I couldn't see the water in the bowl, since it was completely covered in poop.

This is where it gets interesting. I was worried about flushing the toilet, especially after wiping, which I hadn't done yet. There really was that much poo in the toilet and I didn't want it to overflow.
I yelled out to Jason and asked if there was a plunger in the house.
I told him I didn't want to risk flushing the toilet because "I just took a major shit". I quickly thought this would be a perfect time to open up to Jason and share this poo with him, so to speak.

I casually asked him if he wanted to see what I just did, since it was unbelievable. He came in with the plunger. My pants were still down since I hadn't wiped yet. Jason looked in the toilet and said "dude, you shit more than a f--king elephant!" His tone was half jest and half serious. I told him I don't know how this happened; I've been eating my normal amount and took a shit yesterday (meaning Sunday morning).

He asked me to try flushing, so I did. Miracuously, most of the poo went down on the first try. There were still a couple of floaters, plus some stain marks on the rim, so I flushed again. Jason started to leave and I told him why don't you stay while I wipe. I wanted to see what his reaction was. He said okay and I wiped myself seven times. As I was wiping, Jason again referred to what I left in the toilet bowl. "That must have hurt pushing out", he said. I told him a little bit but I felt much better.

Jason told me he had to go. I asked him if I could stay with him. He said "sure" and remarked that he didn't have to go "nearly as much as you." He sat down and started to pee and then poo. Jason spent no more than 3 minutes sitting down. He then got up and, gesturing to the toilet, said "that's the way to shit." There were 3 logs, two large and one small. He wiped 2 or three times and flushed.

I told him that I really liked it when he pooed in front of me at the mall the other day and hoped he didn't think I was gay for saying that. He said no problem and something like if I can't see him nude nobody can.


Linda GS
No..I'm here in the US. I go to a Christian Academy so we have to wear uniforms. While me and my auntie went out to by me some new uniforms cause the ones I had were either faded old or I outgrew them. When we were there I saw these bloomer things.. we asked and the lady there said they were uniform panties..but they never really sold.. I liked them they seemed comfy and such so we bought some. they feel cool and such but I'm not about to go showing them to everyone!!

They feel great and I have no problem lowering them to my knees as I sit for a nice relaxing pee. or settled down for a nice long poop. No the other girls who have seen them want them too. Whoooboy. I'm a trend settter now.

You better write you silly girl.


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