Amy (Co-ed)
Hello everybody, I hope everyone is having a good weekend! My semester is almost over!!! Just a few more days of tests and I have a whole month off! I know that I will miss my school dumps though, it somehow isn't as fun at home. Special hellos to Carmalita, Buzzy, RJOGGER and Kathy and Traveling Guy. Carmalita - it sounds like you know what it means to appreciate a good toilet seat and how it makes a dump better! Buzzy - you asked about my size. I am 5'8" and weigh about 145, I'm not thin but I am not fat either! I have short (shoulder length) brown hair and what I am told is a great butt that looks good in jeans! I personally think it goes well with a toilet seat!!! I am also 20.

This morning (Sunday) was a typical day to sleep in as a college student. Me and Kirsten, my roomate in the dorm, did just that until about an hour ago when we both woke up. We chatted for a while about how our finals were going and Kirsten got up and began her morning stretching exercises, she is a Dance major and is always finding new ways to contort her body (something I am sure guys will appreciate!) We continuted to talk as I could feel the need for a big shit coming on. Usually I poop in the evenings but today it was going to me a morning dump. As Kirsten continued to stretch I got up and got dressed into some sweatpants and a sweater. I told her that I had to go to the "girls room" for a little while. She said that she would get dressed and be down in a minute. Kirsten, like alot of girls, almost always poops every morning. Usually we go down to the restroom together and while I am fixing my makeup, Kirsten shits her brains out for about 20 minutes, she i! s tiny but can poop with the best of them. I got to the restroom and went in, there was several stalls occupied and as usual this time of day, it smelt like poop. I picked a stall and locked the door. My toilet had some poop stains along the bottom of the bowl which indicated to me I would not be taking the first dump into it today. I lowered my sweatpants and panties to my ankles and sat down. I could feel alot of pressure in my butt and new I would be crapping a big one this morning. I had no agenda this morning so I planned on taking my time. I ripped a few solid farts which were kinda rank and took a nice long pee. Somewhere else in the restroom another girl ripped a booming fart. I finally felt a piece move into place and gave a little push. The crackling of my butt hole echoed into the toilet as a nice 4 incher splashed down into the water. I pushed a little more and dropped 3 golf balls followed my some more farting. Another girl entered the stall next to me, she called out "Amy is that you?" It was Kirsten, I said it was me and she locked her door and went about lowering her shorts and panties for her morning dump. Suddenly I felt alot of pressure in my butt. I pushed but nothing happened, just more pressure. I sat for about 3 minutes, hearing Kirsten PLOP... PLOP... PLOP... PLOP... PLOP... her load into the water. VERY slowly my sausage snaked its way out of my butt. I gritted my teeth as I pushed, it felt like my butt crack was turning wrong side out as I pushed. Finally the tip started coming out. I spread my legs to watch and push more. After about 2 agonizing minutes it touched the water but was still coming out! Kirsten asked if I was done. I managed to reply that I was not even close, through a very strained voice. I took a deep breath and pushed again, very sure that Kirsten could hear me strain. I leaned way forward and grapped my ankles, my butt was lifted off of the seat in the back. Very slowly my ! turd kept coming until finally it dropped. Man was that rough. It was 3 inches wide and almost a foot long. I sat a little while longer and ripped a final fart. Kirsten was busy wiping and redressing. Wiping was not fun since I was kinda sore, but I got through it and flushed my load only to have my big turd stop up the hole! Kirsten looked in after I opened the door and was amazed at how big it was, she joked that it would have split her in half! I know what she means! Anyway, happy pooping everybody!

Hi everyone, just thought I'd drop in and see what's going on around here...I've been dropping turds alot at school, some big, some not so big. Most of them are pretty big in size, they really do hurt coming out too, but that's why I like pooping so much, it hurts but feels good at the same time. Anyway, today at school I decided I'd take a dump, so I walked into the bathroom and there's a guy in the handicapped stall so I jump at the opportunity and walk into the stall next to him. I put the toilet seat down and pull my jeans and breifs down to my knees and take a peak at the guys shoes and pants, he was wears some brown shoes with jeans. While I was letting out a hissing fart he was wiping and pulling up his pants and flushing, I kinda push a little and suck it back in and he's at the sink now so while he's at the sink I do the same thing and a pellet falls out with a plop. I could see from the crack in the stall that he had a black shirt on with dark colored hair. Then I ! just sit and wait while he's at the paper towel despenser wiping his hands he left and I started getting down to business. I push and a can feel this thing emerging with a crackle and farts. Then it plops into the toilet. I then push some more and a little nugget sized turds crackles out with a nice fart to finish it off. Since this was a dry dump and there was no toilet paper in my stall anyway, I just pulling jeans and breifs up and exit the stall to wash my hands. Then I head over to his stall he dumped in and smell the area but it didn't have any poop smell, I did however see some skid marks from his dump. Later that day I saw the kid who took the dump in the handicapped stall. He was an athletic kid I'm sure, from a girls view, he was hot. well that's all for now.


Can anyone tell me if the rich and the super rich have any of the same concerns as the poor and the middle class, such as: why is my poop that color, what made it so pale looking, why is it floating, why did I have to wipe so many times to get clean, etc. If they indeed had to wipe many times to get clean are they as fastidious as their lesser bretheren? Do they start with four or five sheets per wipe and taper down to one or two sheets as they get cleaner, and maybe finish the job with a moist wipey? Do they usually flush once before they even begin wiping, thus precluding a peek? Do they often look to see how much they did? Can you picture any of your favorite pop divas looking at their fresh turds and marveling over the feat it was squeezing all that crap out of a butt hole proportionately miniscule in comparison? Do you think many of them pop a tissue covered finger beyond their rectal hole in an effort to make sure they are even cleaner than the average person or do! you think it doesn't matter to them at all if they leave a little mushy stuff just a pinky poke inside their anal orifice? As I wipe myself as fatidiously as possible I wonder if those I admire in Hollywood circles go to equal trouble or more trouble to make sure they get clean after a poop. What do you think? Extra points for those who respond who ARE pop divas. :-)

I have a question about farting for someone who knows how the numan body works.

When a person farts, does that mean that they have poop in their large intestine at that point? Or is it possible for a person to fart when their intestine is empty? My mother always told me that when someone farts, it is a sign that they have poop ready to come out and they either have to go to the bathroom, or will have to go soon. But I thought farting was somewhat like burping, and that you can fart if you just have a lot of gas bubbles in your stomach.

Can anyone tell me if farting is a sign of having poop in your intestine?

Dookey Boy and Aaron: In 5th grade, a girl and I became friends at a day camp. I was not inhibited about using a park bathroom. She asked me to go with her. So, I did. The only stall in there had no door. I stood in front of her. She undid her belt, unzipped her shorts and pulled them
down with her white panties to her ankles. She released five baked potato sized stools. They hit like rocks being thrown into a lake. Then, she broke wind and another stool hit the water and she peed. I gave her toilet paper to wipe. She pulled up her clothes and we ran out. She did not flush. We were best friends for a summer.

Renee: You were constipated from not going to the toilet in the first place. That is why, if you have to go, then GO! I hated the bathrooms in high school. I was lucky from working on the AV squad. I had keys to the school so I could use unused toilets. The gym toilet is a pretty good place. In first grade, I held back my stool movements every day. When I got home, I lifted my dress, slip and pulled down my light blue panties. It was murder to get out a six inch doo-doo. Then, I felt another to come and I strained like the devil to evacuate this next six inch monster. It was a relief.

What face you what to be painted in the toliet? My would be Osma bin Laden and a x friend of mine.

Firefighter Bill
I love all these piss stoies. They elly turn me o especialy when an man has to pee outside or a woman pees standing up.

Anyway,this is my story.

I am retired police officer. The most embarrassing moment of my life happened when I was still on the force.
On the weekends, during the early morning day shift, things were always very slow. It was customary for several of the local cops to get together at a local donat shop (where else?) and consume vast amounts of coffee.

One such morning I had had about 5 cups of the brew at the donut store, before I drove to my beat. As you can imagine, I had a call of nature. And it was urgent! Very Urgent!!!!!!

Unfortunately there were no bathrooms nearby, just a closed portion of a freeway that had been under construction for the last 10 years. The location was fairly secluded, out of public view.

There was an opened portion of a full eight-lane freeway overhead. The two opposing sides of that freeway were separated by a large open area, approximately 20 feet wide and 100 feet high. It was impossible for anyone driving up there on the freeway to see anyone down below, so I felt I had the privacy in which I could take a leak.

I parked my patrol car in the area below the opening, and with great haste I answered the call of nature. I felt such bliss as the warm yellow stream left my penis! I used to take great delight in pretending that my penis was a "fire hose." And while I was standind there, relieving myself, I was proud to see I could spray my "hose" a great distance. I was even making sounds, pretending to be a fire truck. The five cups of coffee took about five minutes to relieve. It was one of the most refreshing pisses of my life.

When I was finished, I zipped up and began to walk to my car. I heard a voice yelling: "Officer! Officer!"

I looked around, but couldn't see anyone in the immediate vicinity. I was puzzled. Again I heard the voice: "Officer! Officer!"

I kept looking around... nobody there. Then I glanced upward, and saw a young man and his attractive wife standing in the center of the divider portion of the open freeway overhead. They were looking down at me, waving!

The man yelled: "Officer, we ran out of gas. Could you use your radio and send us a tow truck?"

With all the dignity I could muster, I inquired if they needed regular or unleaded gas. I noticed that the wife had a very amused grin on her face. I realized that they had been watching me the whole time while I had been doing my "fire hose" routine! Not wanting to disturb me, they had patiently waited until I had finished playing fireman.

Normally there was no way to see me down here from inside a passing car up there, but after running out of gas, these people had leaned over the little wall of the center divider and looked down for help.

It was a one in a million chance that they had run out of gas at this location and I was down below playing Fireman Bill!

I was so humiliated! Good thing they weren't any closer or they could have seen that my face was about the same shade red as a fire truck. Oh well, it could have been worse. It could have been a bus load of Nuns.

Needless to say, I never played "Fireman Bill" again in this location.

Also, I was playing Fiefighter Bill in another location. Tis time, pisswas tking unusually long to get rid of. As I was pissing, I saw droplets of liguid fall from the overpass. I looked up as I was peeing and saw a man and a woman relieving themselves overte side. I felt embarrasd yet excited at te sam time and more pee flowed as I sw the manplaywit his penis.

I just love pissing in the outdoors.Please tell me your outdoor stories!!!!!

Been too busy for the last few days, no time to post any thing
i like Mondays pic up top.

2 nights ago i awoke at 1:30am with the worst cramps and diahreah. I pooped like 3-4 times. By the time i got up and went to work i was fine
but the day before i was at work and i had to poop and it was diahreah too. Now i haven't been since the other night.

your name (Russ)
Hi: Oh I had a accident on my way to work today,I farted a little bit and I felt a small piece of feces drop out of my anus into my underpants,I had moved my bowels before I left for work but there must have been a little left in my bowels that I did not realize. So I pulled over to the side of the road,bent over and took my underpants off and used it to wipe my ass,then put in a bag and left on the side of the road,so trash people will pick it up. It felt good not wearing any underwear,I dont wear any usually on the weekend anyway,I enjoy the freedom a lot, so I went to the bathroom and wiped my ass again after checking my anus with my wet finger. I did not feel any feces or anything left in my rectum. So I wiped with a wet cloth and paper and everything was ok for sure. As long as I dont get excited today I should be ok til I get home for some more underpants. So take care people and keep pooping folks. Russ.

Piggy poop
first of all, are you male or female? And than I want to know who how do you practice it, if you shit in the Balaton. As I wrote you, I also often pooped into the water, but I dont't like it while swimming, because you have to push very hard to work against the water pressure. I only do it when I have no other chance. And the risk of getting caught is much higher than behind bushes, rocks, or outside or inside buildings. I've tried many version- swim far out, swim into the reed or behind boats or rocks. But I was caught, I think, more then every second time! Sometimes by playing kids, sometimes by other swimmers, but mostly by snorkelers. Where do you go?
Especially for Rizzo
I wrote you some times ago, that I want to tell you a story about an open air,-but I think it had to wait, because I want to tell you what happened at this weekend. We were at a x-mas party in an old factory building. They had build up some toilet-trailers outside. But something went wrong with them, because the man with the keys for them doesn't come! So if you have to go, you have to search a place outdoor. While we danced, we saw some people hushing throug a back door and coming back some minutes later. After two hours we also had to pee, and we told our husbands that we will also go outside the backdoor, and they should wait at the bar. We went ouside the door, and we we stood in front of a big parking place. It was illuminated by many lamps. We decided to go between some cars. We looked left and saw a row of more than 20 men peeing at the wall. It was a great dick-parade.hihihi
We went to the other side and looked between the cars to find a place. Between most cars one to three girls squatted in any state of relieving. Some guys also go there, or waited for their girls. But I think some of them only want to look. There where puddles and tissues between every cars, and we decided to go between the next free ones. We went between them, pulled up our skirts and squatted down. Short after we have started a couple came along and a bautiful boy pulls down his zipper gets out his dick, and peed with big arch on the ground. As he remarked us, he was watching us doing our business and let us watch. His girl was very upset and didn't see us and went between the next two cars. She only bent a little bit over, so we had a full view of her backside. She lets out a big gusher, than she moaned and pressed out a long turd. It makes a blank smell and we heard the turds falling on the ground with loud plopps. She finished earlier than we, and went away with her ! boy. As we had wiped another girl came, and wanted to go between "our" cars. She smelled the shit and thought that we were shitting. She said hello, and that we shouldn't be embarressed, because she also had to go gross. Before any of us could say a word, she pulled down her jeans squatted down, and started with a loud fart. Turd after turd came out and fall on the ground, only interrupted by strong gushers. We pulled up pur pants or cleared our skirts and waited for her finish. She now saw us and our pee and was a little bit shocked: Oh, you only did puddles.. oh.äh. I'm sorry I will hurry. We told her that she don't had to, and that it was no problem for us that she is pooping. We waited some minutes until she had finished and went back with for a drink. Later we peed several times somewhere there, and we saw many girls peeing and pooping more or less open. Before we went home I also want to go pooping,and than I passed the only two boys we saw this evening who squatted ov! er big piles. This time I only went five cars away from the entrance. There I bent over many puddles, and pushed out my turds. Every minute another girl squatted in front of me and peed. After 10 minutes a girl asked me if I have something against it if she was doing gross. I told her, that I also doing it now and so she looked at my turds spread her legs, pulled up her skirt and started because she had no pants (I also like to wear no pants- but only in summer!! brrrrrr). She let out three or four turds, pulled down her skirt and went away. I saw her minutes later, because she works behind a bar. do you do these huge do you get the corage to go for a dump in a public bathroom.

your name (Russ)
hi" Love the posts and cheers to the women who can pee without sitting down. I knew a girl who tried once to pee standing up but she ended up peeing all over her legs and the floor. SO I had a experience on a golf course a little while ago which was a little embarassing to me, I was playing with my friend and was a long way from any indoor toilet, I had a suddend grumbling in my stomach and felt like I needed to move my bowels real soon. I told my friend I had to take a dump and would he follow me to the nearby woods and watch out for anybody who may come by and see me. So we moved our stuff over by the woods and I walked in the woods and found a spot, so I took my pants and underpants off and for some reason it felt good to stand there half nude and feel the air against my genitals and ass, so I bent down and pushed a little and nothing happened, so I grunted and my friend said whats wrong and I said nothing just hard to start, so I felt my anus with my finger and there wa! s some feces ready to exit my anus,I pushed and oh my out it came a long log about 6 inches long and very dark brown also. Oh it felt well to get it out, just as I finished my friend said oh here comes someone, oh my, I stood up and ran to a big tree to hide behind and I still needed to wipe but it would wait, So the 3 guys walked by and did not see me, so I went back and bent over and wiped anus well, it felt very clean, as I was finishing my friend walked over and almost threw up when he saw my load on the ground, he had to pee, so he peed next to my load, I still was half naked,I asked my friend to take his pants off and see how good it felt, so he did and he agreed and we both stood there with no pants or underwear on and enjoyed the good feeling of the nice warm air on our body gentitals and all,it was nice, and we talked and even bent over and asked him to check my anus to make sure it was clean,he looked and it was fine,so I felt good, We gotdressed and finshed our go! lf game and I felt good the rest of the day. Hope you enjoyed this and I will post more soon. Love u all and keep posting and keep your ass clean folks. Love you. Russ.

nym-good story

One day in seventh grade, I had to go to the poop really bad when school let out, and I felt that I couldn't hold it during my twenty-five minute walk home. Our bathroom facilities were terrible; and this day was no exception. There were four stalls in the only bathroom that was unlocked. I started to check them, one by one. The first stall was out of order. The second had no toilet paper. The third had water filled up to the top of the basin and a chunk of poop floating on top. The fourth had poop smeared all over the seat. This made me mad. So I thought about my various options and realized that there was no other way. I took a pee in one of the urinals, thinking maybe that would help my need to poop go away. It made it worse. So I took a deep breath, relaxed, and stood at the urinal as I proceeded to take a massive dump in my briefs. Luckily, it was a very firm and solid dump. There was a mirror on the sidewall and I could see my pants bulging about 6 inches as I poop! ed. Fortunately, I was alone in the bathroom. It was very embarrassing. Following that, I zipped up, walked home, and cleaned up when I got there. There wasn't even a stain on my jeans. My parents worked during the day so they didn't find out. Following that day, whenever I had to go number two really bad before walking home, I just went in my briefs. It happened about six or seven times after that. I was then able to hold it until I got home.

Susan B
Once I was at my friends house and there were 4 other girls there. I was the first to go to sleep and when I woke I found that 2 of them who don't like me had put my hand in warm wate and I had wet the bed! Does anyone know how this causes someone to pee in their bed?

Annie & Robbie. Liked your latest post. Look forward to hearing more about you big poo experiences.

Kathy & R Jogger. Kathy it sounds as if not only you but most of your colleagues needed a poo during the interval in your morning shift. Do you think there is a tendency for people in your kind of work to miss going for a poo before starting work in the morning? If I think I'm going to need one during the day I generally try to have a poo in the morning before leaving home because it's less hassle than doing #2 at work although sometimes nature calls whilst I'm at work and when you've gotta go, you've gotta go! I wonder how widespread not going for a poo before going to work is in the population as a whole. My suspicion is that most people have to go for a wee when they get up or at least before leaving the house as their bladders in most cases won't have been emptied for several hours. However, going for #2 is a different matter and it's possible that many people don't bother with that unless they have a distinct urge to do it.

IBS girl. It sounds as though your boyfriend had a rough old time of it with his ???? bug. I'd advise keeping some Imodium in stock at all times. In my experience it seems to settle bouts of the "runs" fairly easily most of the time.

Anyone here ever had to have an enema to make you shit?

Hola mis amigos,

RIZZO: It's always so beautiful to hear from you. I especially want to thank you for remembering Tesa and Malita Jean. That is just so incredibly sweet it knocks me off my feet! Men like your are so rare! The Thai food was really no problem for me, I'd eaten some ice cream earlier and my ???? was just punishing me is all. And Nu, she's always taking sloppy poops.
JAMIE: Oh sweetie, I hope everything works out in your life! You need to meet that perfect female. Great advice huh? Yeah, right. Easier said than done, I know. You're such a prince. Oh well, love you Jamie, you're a sweetheart. Talk to me though, okay? Let me know how life is treating you because I care!-C.
RJOGGER AND KATHY: Still alive and ready to whoop ass mi amigo! It'll take more than Thai food to get this loca down and out! How are my two favorite people? I is nuts about you both! Pardon my goofy writing today, I'm just feelin' ornery and giggly and in a few minutes am going to go take a major dump. Renee and Patsy send their love. Renee says she's just been way too busy to write.She gave us all a scare the other night with some horrible pains. She earned herself a trip to the emergency room, but she's fine, and getting pretty close to bringing us a new member of our special family! Jake says hello to you, he also likes everyone here on this forum.
PV: Jake especially likes you hon! He's really turned on by peeing females. When he first confided this to me, I directed him immediately to this forum, and to you! I said to him "Jeff A keeps a scrapbook of my posts, maybe you should start one with PV!"
STEVE AND LOUISE: Hola! The same goes for you two. Jake has already expressed interest in Louise's stories, and Steve, you and him have much in common for the pee thing! I'm happy Steve that you liked my computer chair pee adventure. I had really been holding that one in, let me tell you! I promise to try and tell better pee stories in the future, okay? I have one today in fact.
TRAVELING GUY: I always love it when you talk to me. Yes, working at the community center has been very good for me, getting me re-hipped on my native la idioma! Te quiero tambien mi amigo! Muchas gracias for the computer tip! Unfortunately, the girl on the pic looks nothing like me. I'm very dark skinned. When I was in school, kids would laugh and tease me and my sisters, saying we were poop colored. People constantly tell me I either look like a darker version of Jennifer Lopez, or Selena. However, my hair is about as long as the girl in the pic, only shiny black, and we wear it the same way. I have very thick lips and heavy eyebrows. I hope that helps. Certainly, I'd be happy to strike that same pose for you though hon, with a little extra something to perfume the room!

Today was most excellent. It's raining here in the Pacific NW, and me and Angie (we're becoming fast friends!) were feeling very bored, not knowing what to do. So, Angie decided to do a spectacular shit which I watched in full detail. I saw her walking down the hall toward the bathroom for her "nooner." I watched while she unbuttoned her jeans, then slid them and her panties down to her thighs. The view was lovely: a brownish tuft of pubic hair reaching upward to a soft, fleshy ???? barely veiled in a thin sweater. Her panties of the day were pink, with rosette lace, and her generous ass and milky white thighs are always a treat to see up close. Everything about this girl is muy bonita! Her alibaster skin, the blonde hair, her slightly turned up nose, and white teeth. She has that 'every-girl' look to her with a knockout body. Casually, Angie positioned herself on the potty, then leaned a bit forward to relax. She rested her elbows mid-thigh, with her knees together! , booted feet pointed inward. It was an extremely sensuous pose. A very attractive girl preparing to take a very healthy dump. Looking up at me, she smiled shyly, then pulled a strand of blonde hair back behind her ear. Bracelets gently clacked with the movement, and a hiss of air sneaked out of her ass, echoing in the toilet bowl. With almost no warning came Snap, crackle and plop!!! Oh my, it was a big one! I could hear her sighing heavily as it slid out. Angie's face turned a modest pink, eyes partly shut, and mouth open, whispering an ecstatic 'ahhhhh'. I could even smell her fresh breath when she 'ahhhed'. Then--K-PLOPPP! Another football hit the water! Touchdown! She grinned, and softly said "That was my big one." Then came the perfume. Ah, such sweet aroma of her fresh crap, very strong and lingering. The smell got stronger and stronger as she folded her arms across her ???? and smiled patiently. It smelled sort of like meat cooking. Angie sat, talking to me for! a few minutes while both of us anxiously awaited another turd. Finally, nothing more came except for a lift of her sweet ass, and four healthy wipes with toilet paper. I love the way her cheeks wiggled with each wipe. Angie smiles at me and says "wanna see my poop?" I nodded and she stood up giving me a good view. Whewy, she did a fat turd that looked like brown bread dough! It was very, very thick. I asked her if it hurt, and she waved me off saying "Nah." That hunk of female doo-doo was about a foot long too. The other poop was just as thick, but more of broken chunk about 6" long.
So, about two hours later, I'm feeling the urge. But first, I had to pee so bad! I'd been holding it for a real long time. Angie said she wanted to see me stand up and blast. I was wearing black slacks with matching satin panties. Stepping out of both, I was naked from the waist down. By this time, Jake had come home so I invited him in since he likes to watch me pee hard. I stepped into the bathtub and I was just bursting! Using my middle and forefingers, I spread myself a little, aimed, then held it until I could feel that sweet, agonizing pain of needing to piss. I held it a few more seconds...squirming, then Fwoooosh! the pee arced a little, then got stronger, shooting out of me with tremendous force! Angie was very excited I could tell, and so was Jake. Oh, PV, LOUISE and STEVE, you should have been there! I kept peeing and peeing, spraying the tile under the shower head, arching back to get higher. I then sprayed left and right, then circles, rotating my little lat! ina ass until finally--dribble, dribble, dribble...a slow down. I was breathless, and my whole body just felt so wonderful! But now, the worst part: without any warning whatsoever I said "Oh, f_ _ k!" (and I rarely ever use that word!) and a big, wet, slippery turd squeezed its way out of my ass, plopping into the tub. It stunk bad, and was a huge loaf just like one of Angie's. Then, wet soft serve started dripping out. I was soooo embarrassed! Wet turds started dripping, plopping into a gross pile. My heavy turd had to be as big as one of Jake's shoes and he wears size 13! It was slimy, smelly and disgusting. Man, I hated taking a dump in the tub with a fat loaf just plopping out of my butt like that! I felt humiliated! Now I understand how Tesa must have felt during her bit in prison having to poop on display at all times. Oh well, my punishment I guess for spying on Heather at work.
And....speaking of spying! Later in the afternoon, Renee set up our camcorder to the TV, and showed us a video she took of Patsy on the toilet reading the paper. Patsy didn't know she was being videotaped, but later couldn't resist Renee's charms and said we all could watch it. So Renee, that little, pregnant, Texas honey popped it in, and ta-da! Miss Patsy, pooping her brains out! You could really hear the heavy plops too! Patsy, the afro-american babe with the award winning smile was concentrating on her dump while scanning the want ads. I could tell by her expressions that it must have been a real stinky dump too. She also belched too, something she'd never do in front of us willingly. She and Renee are so cool, and I love them so much! In the video, Patsy's wearing some really ugly, old-ladyish white cotton panties. She frowns for a second then you hear a nice, healthy K-plop! and a sigh.
Anyway, bye-bye mis amigos, I will always love you!

Marisol Carmalita

This cover girl looks like she is happy with her load. She seems to be in a public stall toilet.

Renee and Diarreah gal: In high school and college my classmates and I had diarreah. I got it from eating too much roughage and once from a dose of Dulcolax. I was pals with many foreign girls. One girl, Janis from the Dominican Republic was on the college track team. I had to urinate. There was a single toilet stall. Janis asked me to let her go in front of her. I let her. She slammed the stall door shut and let down her red nylon track shorts and white panties to her ankles and sat in one motion. She let out a huge breath and release her bowels. Chunks rained like bullets from a tommy gun. She thanked me, telling me she just got caught short. Another girl came in an called for her. Janis told her, "I am taking a wicked shit and it will not stop." I heard her panting and then another barrage of chunks released. She called out to me saying she would be a little while longer. I was in no hurry. After another release, three in all with some watery farts, she pulled toilet ! paper off and then wiped. I saw her legs spread so she must have went thru the front. After she flushed, she came out and thanked me and I went in to urinate. I found she left a 6 inch thin brown stool floating in the water.

Another time at night classes, which I hated, I was a junior. I went to change my Kotex. A Jewish girl from my class was in a stall.I saw her leave study before me. As I was changing my Kotex, I heard six "plop/farts". Then I heard a short piss, followed by a fart. I recognized the shoes. Then, I hear, "Oh no, not again." Then a wave of diarreah rushed violently from her stomach. She was breathing hard. I heard toilet paper being pulled from the roll. She must have wiped 14X back and forth with two wads of the stuff. She flushed and came out of the stall. As she adjusted her dress and slip, she told me this was going on from early afternoon.

Linda(GS): Are British schoolgirls required to wear matching colored underwear with their uniforms? You talked about your black school pampies. I only had to wear green pantyhose with my uniform. They did not care about my underwear color.

Hellowe everybody!

Hey there's another Renee here! Me and Patsy have been very busy, but have missed all of you very much.

Robby: Take care of yourself pal! Good men are a rareity in this world. You'd like Jake an awful lot, he's such a cool guy. As for your little nurse Carmalita, she made me a cherry pie last week to make up for the fact that she forgot to flush one of her more giant sized turds down the toilet. I came home having to pee like a horse, and what do I find? This incredibly fat, and long turd clogging up our toilet! Ooooh I was so mad at her! Fun is fun, but I have to be in the mood to be looking at a huge turd. Oh well, she didn't mean bad, she and Jake just got caught up in their wild passion and she forgot to flush. They do take advantage of the times that me and Patsy are out of the house!

Annie: Hey girl, are you from Texas? Me too! You both are very adorabable and we love reading your stories. I like the girls too, Megan and Sarah. What a cool family. I think you all would be so wonderful to know in person.

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hey Rick, what's up with you dude? Long time no talk my friend. And Kathy, how are you? Any more nasty farting in the sheets? Me and Patsy will personally be happy to take charge of fanning your butt for you.

Carmalita is going to kill me for this, but I'm going to talk about her morning dump in brutal detail. First of all, it was nasty. Long, drawn out, steamy, creamy, lumpy and stinky. She was so cute though, wearing only pajama bottoms and nothing on top. Her hair was fried, sticking out in all directions like a wild mustang and had sleep marks on her face. (sorry Malita!) I come into the bathroom and she's got her brown butt parked on the toilet. She was having a bad morning, and her poop was plopping out at random. Too much tequila! First, she's leaning forward, pajama bottoms up on her thighs. From the crotch up, she was naked and brown. Her cute little boobies wiggled whenever she did.Then, she starts in with this really sloppy crackling noise. After that, we began our morning conversation. If there's one thing I truly admire about Carmalita, it's her wit. She is such a wisecracker.
"There you go, sputter butt," says I.
"I can't help it," Malita mumbles.
Then she yawns and farts, then reaches up to scratch her boob.
"Want me to make you some eggs and toast?"
"No thanks. As soon as I get off the toilet I wanna go back to bed."
"Bless you," I smiled.
Malita farted again. I guess that was her reply to me.
"Jeeez, you stink bad today!"
"Tell me something I don't know."
"Seriously Malita, it's really pewy in here."
"I know. We no longer have a mice problem."
"Maybe we should open the window a little."
"Why, so's the guy next door can watch me take a shit?"
"Well how about a courtesy flush at least?"
"How about a courtesy clog too?"
"Another big one?" I asked, (a stupid question).
"It's so big it's got a VIN number."
"Not again," I giggled, while she glared up at me in her agony.
"What're you doing in here anyway? Surely my morning shit can't be good for you or the baby!"
"I believe you're right," I said, exiting. That was about all I could take. Man, the smell was even in the hallway! I came back about ten minutes later, and she was on the couch bawling like a baby, still topless with wild hair.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I shit my bed!" she was sniffling.
So, I went in to investigate, gently pulled the sheets over a naked, sleeping Jake, then inspected the muddy brown smear on her side of the bed. It didn't smell too bad which was peculiar, so I stuck my finger in it, then brought it up to my nose for a sniff. HA! On the floor were wrappings from a giant sized Hershey bar. She fell asleep on a Hershey bar and it melted! I was roaring, it was so funny! After I explained it to her, she was still sniffling, yet laughing at the same time. She eventually punched me in the arm and said "Shut up, it's not funny."
Yes it was.

Let's see, what else? Oh, the sneaky potty cam video I took of Patsy sure was fun! Everybody watched it. She got soooo embarrassed it was classic! She kept saying "I can't believe I said everybody could watch this!" The plops were pretty loud on the video, I guess she had some heavy turds that day. Everytime we'd hear a plop, she'd bury her face in Jake's shirt, trying to hide. You could also hear her grunt a couple times, then a nice little burp. When that happened she went "Oh no, I didn't do that!" She was reading the paper though, and everytime she'd turn a page it was really loud. It's funny, Patsy can be so shy sometimes. Oh well, that's my honey!

NOt much to report, I guess I'm boring. Oh well, big hugs and kisses to Jane, PV, Jeff A, Steve and Louise, oh yeah, and hi to Amazon, hey girl! Hugs and kisses to Rizzo, those sweet girls Kendal and Ephemeral, and everybody else whom I can't think of right now. Merry Christmas one and all, and a happy new year if I don't write before then! I can't wait to deliver, I'm getting close!


Kevin: I enjoyed your post about seeing college dudes take a shit in the handicapped stall at your Library restroom. It sounds like a great setup! One of our College restrooms also has a hole in the partition between stalls, but they are both regular stalls. If you look thru the hole, you can see the dude taking a crap in the next stall but only in small parts. You don't, however, have the field of view you get looking thru the hole in the partition into the larger handicapped stall where the crapper is further away from you. Is the dude in the handicapped stall ever aware that you can see him on the crapper thru the hole in the partition? Could you give us a more detailed description of the different ways dudes wipe their butts? Also, I'd like to hear more about the dudes that hover above the seat. I sure envy your great setup!

Hey toilet goers!!!
Just took a big crap today about 2 hours ago. Been eating like crazy these last few days mainly high fibre meals and today just passed a huge whopper in the pan. I was working with my girlfriend Kate on this major seminar that i have due in 2 day when i felt movement throught my intestines. I thought nothing of it really until accedentally i let out a huge fart without knowing. Kate was looking at me like she seen a ghost and I just said sorry, I need to take a shit right now. I told her to carry on with what she was doing and not to worry if I took a long time. So off i went to the ladies and entered the very last stall situated by a wall. As I was unbutonning my jeans, I let out another fart which echoed in the bathroom and was sure anyone outside would have heard it. Anywayz I sat my ass on the toilet seat and allowed it to pull my butt cheeks apart. Just then someone walked into the ladies room and took the stall next to me. I heard some rustling of clothing and then! some tinkles in the toilet bowl. I didn't really pay much attention as for I was grunting away. the person next to me then passed what must have been a fat shit because i heard something hit the water really hard, followed by a series of small plops, then nothing but farts. I was trying to push my own shit out but it was being really awkward and wouldn't move. About 5 minutes passed when my neighbor began to wipe. By this time i had about 6 inches out of my ass, but i could still feel a lot inside of me. I also noticed that the bathroom was really starting to smell partly due to me as for my shit really stinks. As my neighbor wiped and left, I managed to break up this log with my anus muscles and let it fall with a small splash. I sat and waited, feeling my hole close. As i Started to pee, a crap hit me. I knew that my poop was gradually moving down my back passage. As I strained once more, a banana log about 8 inches exited me at about 1 inch per minute. After that everyth! ing came out pretty fast, I only had 2 4 inchers to defecate then I was done. I peed again before I started to wipe. As I pulled my jeans back up, I looked in the bowl and noticed that it was pretty full. Admiring my creating, I flushed then exited the ladies. I realized after my friend told me, that i was gone for about 25 minutes.

Thats all for now

Jeff A
Hi all,

I'm again having trouble getting posts through. I hope this one makes it.
Jane: Anymore wonderful trips to the ladies room? I still love that airplane story, and the mound of turds.

Carmalita: You are undoubtedly the chili powder of this forum! The “Heather” stories are top notch, plus all the others! I can’t keep up with you! How does Jake do it? Your descriptions of Angie are exciting, and have a certain tenderness to them that feels very human.

Louise: Your latest, with the mirrors, and pushing out that 12 incher was really quite miraculous! Losing those little white knickers and lifting your skirt up, then hovering over the bowl. Very nice! I’m glad you think of me when you have to shit, you have no idea how that lifts my spirits! I can just imagine how men’s heads must turn when you walk down the street! I also loved your latest poop after the netball match! I have to admit, I get a little excited reading your stories, especially when you say you had to ‘shit’. I’ve always loved it when women used that word for a poop. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s so natural. I like your pee stories standing, or squatting. You are just too wonderful!

Steve: It was very good to hear from you, and don’t worry about me I’m getting on okay. It’s good that you’re working with a wooden dummy, the best Wing Chun training method ever, but try not ugliness intrude upon your training. Use your chi, you know what I mean. Yes, your story was humorous no doubt! Boy K certainly sounds like a little hell raiser. When I was in first grade, I wet my pants and there was a puddle on the floor. I kept telling everybody it was peach juice from the leaking fruitdish in my lunch. Nobody believed me, but it was my story and I was sticking to it! The teacher paddled me good for it too. I got paddled several times by that teacher. She didn’t like me for some reason, and I wasn’t a bad kid either. The boy K story was funny though, especailly with his comments of “That’s shit!”
Louise is certainly one beautiful woman, is she not? I’m very happy for you both. June, that’s just a little less than 6 months from now! On your wedding day, I will be rejoicing you both! Take care my friend.

Last week, my wife Denise laid four huge logs that wouldn’t flush. She got all panicky. I couldn’t believe the size of these things!!! She prefers that I don’t come in when she’s pooping (sadly for me because she’s gorgeous), but I honor her wishes. It’s no wonder I didn’t hear any plops or anything. Her turds were too huge to splash! Anyway, I know because I had to unclog it for her. She was so embarrassed. She just shrugged and said “It’s been two days.” However, today was most exceptional! I needed some cold medication from the bathroom that she was occupying. Instead of her usual reply of “Can’t you wait till I’m done?” she said “It’s on the shelf in here.” So, I opened the door and stepped in. Wow! Denise, with her tapered thighs wrapped in jeans and panties was perched on her throne leaning forward, arms crossed and hands holding her upper arms. Her dark brown hair was all gathered up on top, and she was staring at the floor. The smell was very strong and I knew sh! e was taking a big one. I reached for the medicine and heard a very heavy “Ffflopp!” then two more turds splattering. “Did ya hear that one?” she giggled. “I heard it all right,” I smiled back. “Can you smell it too?” she asked. “I most certainly can,” I answered.

Hellos to Renee and Patsy, RJOGGER and Kathy,PV,John VT, Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan and everybody.
Take care!

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO loS-hello. great story about you holding in your log. that was one of the best holding in your log stories I have read in a while.keep up the good work.
TO BB-hello. thanks for liking my stories. scott and I like yours too! my huge logs are due to my metabolism. since I was a little girl I have always had large logs. now that I am a big girl my logs are absolutely gigantic, so huge in fact that my boyfriend scott and I have to use a stick to chop up my logs so that they will flush down the toilet. my boyfriend doesnt mind this though because he just loves to watch me bang my titanic logs out! be well BB.
TO JOHN (vt)-hello. thanks for always saying nice things about me and my stories. I hope things are going well in your life. you are a very kind I love your idea of me on the cover of "shits illustrated magazine" wearing my baseball uniform and holding a bat. thats cool john! I will forward those pictures to you for publishing!!haha. this magazine edition should be another hot-selling issue with many full color shots of me and other ladies in different poses and locations shitting our brains out! be well john.
TO CARMALITA-hello. thats great that you and jake have a happy marriage! and doesnt it feel great carmalita to bang out massive log after massive log!haha. be well my friend.
TO JAMIE(sundevil)-hello there. I am sorry that your relationship did not work out the way you thought it would. but cheer up ladies are always looking for handsome ,intelligent men like yourself. be well sweetie. love ya!
TO STEVE & louise-hello there. welcome back to the forum steve! thats nice that louise looks like caprice but I was thinking instead of louise being a caprice double she and I could be in our own movie together! it would kinda be like the american tv series "charlies angels" with louise and I as detectives but with plenty of bathroom scenes with louise weeing and me dumping out my gigantic logs.hey detective work is hard we'd have to take some time out to go potty right?haha. hope you and louise are well. so long all!love,kimmie and scotty

Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone.

I find this phenomenon of guys having a hard time accepting that girls shit to be interesting. I can remember when I was maybe twelve or thirteen and girls were suddenly an object of sexual desire and not just a pal anymore. I remember one day being blown away at how beautiful my best girl friend was, and marvelling at her great ass and perky boobs. I had never looked at her like that before. Of course, as little kids, we had always joked about farts and diarrhea. Suddenly that didn't seem appropriate. How could such a beautiful creature create a substance so gross? How could such a pretty girl fart? Some guys can never get passed that, and even when they reach adulthood, still cannot picture a woman sitting on the toilet doing anything but peeing.

I admit, I, as I'm sure many other guys do, find the image of a woman on the toilet with her pants and underpants around her ankles to be kind of titillating. But why? Is it because her thighs and butt are exposed? Or is it in some way do to the fact that under her curved ass she's either peeing of crapping? Or is it a little of both? Society has us believe that when a woman is sitting on the toilet, she's peeing. It is almost never hinted at in a movie that a woman on the toilet is doing anything else. What is it with this female-fecal-phobia?

I think it comes from a couple of sources. For most people taking a dump is not considered attractive in any way. Even if a person is not grossed out by it, they still most likely feel it's simply a private bodily function not to be talked about or performed in the company of others. It's widely considered juvenile to find it funny, and perverted to find it sexually stimulating. But people do. More power to them. So, societal standards on which bodily functions are "unmentionable" dictates to a certain extent how we feel about our bodies and their excrementary functions.

When a girl announces she has to pee, most guys think it's cute. But if a girl announces she has to take a dump, most people, male and female, will do a double take. "Excuse me?" You can't believe this pretty girl just told you she's going to shit. Of course, if a guy says it, everyone just laughs and says, "Thanks for the announcement." I think it has to do with the way many girls are brought up. American society largely conditions it's girls to be ladylike and discreet. Girls are taught to keep their bodily functions to themselves, along with their period. I guess it stems from uppity parents being afraid for their daughters to be seen as anything but an object of desire and possible marraige by male suiters. I girl who says, "Jesus, my period's killing me and thie damn diarrhea sure doesn't help," is probably going to scare off most prospective mates rather than reel them in.

Anyway, so much for societal reasons. For guys, it's more aesthetic.

The day a guy wakes up and sees a girl as a sexual being, is the day we have trouble accepting that they still shit just like us. When a guy shits, he thinks nothing of it. He just sits on the pot, squeezes out a couple of logs, wipes his ass and flushes, then sprays some disinfectant to mask the odor.

Think of a woman's ass. It is a supremely attractive part of her body, for some men even more so than breasts or vagina. To imagine that on a regular basis, a girl squeezes a load of shit from out between those perfectly formed buns is almost surreal. How can a part of the female body so cute and sexy also function as a human garbage dumper? I think that also comes from the fact that the anus is so close to the vagina. The female sexual organ, where a guy will hopefully insert his manhood someday, is barely an inch away from the hole that shit comes out of. Unthinkable.

Finally, look at a woman's face and body. Women (for the most part) have a sort of soft, untouchable look about them. Something ethereal, almost angelic. And this beautiful being...SHITS?

Britney Spears. I have no opinion of her musical talent. But she is undeniably a beautiful girl, with a great body and a killer ass. She shits just like I do. So does Drew Barrymore, an adorably beautiful woman. So does Kate Moss. So does Lil' Kim. So does Julia Stiles. So does Alicia Silverstone. So does Kate Winslet. All of them. Just because a fellow human being lacks a penis, does not mean they lack a rectum too.

I'm not saying I hope people start shitting in front of each other all the time (although I'm sure some people in this forum would be thrilled), but it would be nice to someday live in a society where it wasn't such a big deal. In France, most of the public restrooms are coed, and some don't even have stalls between the toilets. Because these people have not been conditioned to be repulsed or self-conscious about their bowel functions. Our American society is puritanical at its roots, and that has led to almost every digestive and sexual function of the human body being considered dirty and even immoral.

I hope someday, we can all just be human, and accept the fact that, while we all are unique and different in many ways, we're the same in many ways too.

The one thing we'll all always do the same is shit. If that can't bring us together in some way, what the hell will?

Happy Holidays.


Hi Simone,
I LOVE to fill my knickers when I'm miniskirted!! Makes me feel real ????. The dump I dropped lat time in my denim mini was lovely - hard and cute - and I felt really turned on feeling it brush against the back of my legs when I walked!
My leather miniskirt is REALLY mini. Can't wait to leave a pile in my knicks while wearing it. ooooh!!
Do you feel the same?

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