INA -- Many thanks for your excellent letter, I was very impressed by your virve and fun, and not least by the ease with which you've taken to the "device." I've never used one, and wondered how comfortable it might be to place against rather sensitive tissue, but it looks like those worries are foundless. I might order one just for the fun of it!

So far I've used the non-assisted method, often called the "Denise Method," which is the classic splayed fingers/upside-down V approach. Louise was right to wonder about your footwork -- each person has a different requirement due to her "design" as it were. For myself, feet about shoulder-width is often fine, I bend my knees somewhat and thrust my hips forward, which seems to help with drips. However I must admit I'm a bit of a dribbler too, as I have trouble getting the pressure up right away and maintaining it at the end. I keep a tissue for drips and hold it under my puss in the fingers of my left hand, which also keeps my thong over to the side, while opening my lips with my right hand. It's unfortunate we don't have a third hand to keep unruly shoulder-strap bags from suddenly swinging round in front! GRIN!

Please do keep posting your adventures, it's absolutely delightful to read of the fun women can get up to when they discover this amazing, liberating thing!

STEVE -- That's an extremely good idea, re Louise's imaginary audience, and you're right -- it might be a good exercise in continuing to push AP into the background. I should have thought of it myself, and something tweaked in my mind as read Louise's delicious description. And hey -- it's great to hear from you after so long! I know you're working hard and training too, but we miss you here! And thankyou for thinking of me!

LOUISE -- Well, some really sweet pees and poos, darling. I loved the team shower accounts (especially your latest comments about the time you and the team half-filled the utility bucket!), and that nice poop after work you took the other day. You might find this amazing, but I recently downloaded my one hundredth posting of yours! I've been reading back over some of the early ones, well over a year ago, and wow! did you ever have fun back then too! As you say, you've not learned to be a good girl yet -- and I hope you never do! There's too much fun to be had.

Not a lot going on poop-wise here, but a few pee adventures. I did the sink a few times lately, and yesterday I tried the bath before showering. I sat on the edge, hung my bum over it and had a wee backwards -- easy! It's a tall bath, though, my feet didn't reach the floor and I had to hold the sink for balance. What else? I did a mens'room earlier in the week at a quiet hour, took a pleasant squirt at a steel-gutter urinal. How I'd love to get together with the full membership of the WSPC for some wall action!

I might take Steve's advice about your imaginary audience, that's an excellent method for pre-conditioning the reflexes.

I look forward to your posts as ever, dearie!

MEGHAN & SARAH S -- The weather in Aus is lousy! We're a couple of weeks away from the longest day and the year hasn't reached beach warmth yet! It's still electric blanket weather at night! No opportunity -- boo-hoo! I'm equally as captivated as Louise in waiting for the results of your great peeing contest against each other and dear Annie, and am dying to read your description!

Sorry to take so long to post, everyone -- pressures and all that.

Great hellos to Robby (didn't think I'd forget you, didya?!), Kim & Scott, Jeff A, Kendal & Andrew, Ellie & Little Lou, Rizzo, DianeNY, and everyone else!



David and Niki
Hi dear folks,

Big thanks as always for the nice replies!

We will post more personal replies next time as the story is very, very long. Sorry about that, it was just a very eventful, fantastic day and we did not want to leave anything out, as we had so much fun and thought some of you might like to her about it. Just lots of love to Rizzo, Rich and Kathy, Annie and Robbie, Sarah and Meghan, Ina, Tim, Buzzy and all the others.

Today it’s about our fun trip last weekend. We had the climax and ending of the latest hard work period on Friday and so the weekend was heaven. On Saturday we did not really make it out of bed though, apart from some quick shopping, as we were both too tired, exhausted and lazy. We missed some wonderful sunshine, but we needed the break. We ate loads on Saturday evening so we just had a small breakfast on Sunday morning. Although the weather was not great at all on Sunday, we made a trip to the outskirts to go for a long walk. We drove about one and a half hours up north into a lovely area with lakes and woods. We had a wonderful, long walk for more than three hours in spite of the grey sky. We both peed out our morning coffee behind a little wooden shelter next to where we had parked the car. Then we drove to a nice little restaurant at a lake and had a huge dinner and lots of coffee and some beer. We both felt like it was finally time to unload after that (neither of ! us had properly pooped since a few days). We did not have to say much, we both wanted to go in the woods rather than use the toilets. So we quickly paid and started walking into nature. Unfortunately there were quite a few people around and we had to walk for over half an hour of the trail, deep into the woods until we felt undisturbed. We finally found a nice spot behind a big fallen tree. We both took off our coats and laid them on the tree and stood opposite each other. I pulled down my pants and underwear in happy anticipation of a good session. By now I needed to go badly. Niki pulled her thick pantyhose and underwear down and lifted her short skirt while we both squatted. She spread her legs widely and used her fingers as well. With a big grin she shot out a forceful stream of piss that was nearly landing on my shoe. "Hmmm", she sighed in relieve while she let it rip. I wanted to pay back but could only pee a small short stream as my backhole anounced it wanted to go f! irst. I closed my eyes to catch the moment. I could smell the wonderful smells of the autumn forest, the clear air and the damp leaves, mixing with the lovely smell of my sweathearts pee that was splattering onto the leaves. Then I felt the force of the load in my back passage and opened the gates. Two big farts, one from me and a louder one from Niki. We grunted and with a big crackling a long, juicy turd started slipping out of me. I stopped pushing and it continously crawled out by itself. Niki finally had finished her long pee and waddeled like a duck to my side, as she wanted to "observe the sausage machine in action". We squatted side by side, facing each other’s bum. I pooped three medium thick but really long turds that curled on top of each other like a nest of snakes. All in all a wonderful, easy to pass and pleasurable dump in mother nature’s lap. Unfortunately Niki had a much harder struggle, she grunted and pushed, but could only pass some gas. I stayed with her! for a little while and tried to support her but no success. After a while I said I was sorry, but I really wanted to get up, as first of all my balls were freezing, and secondly my legs were getting tired from squatting. Niki gave up as she was cold as well. She probably had waited to long, so her urge had passed. She whiped her pussy with a tissue and gave me a wet whipe afterwards. We got up and dressed and I had to comfort my sweet love cause she was still full and I did not dare to tell her how great I felt. She pretended to cry and and whimmered: "I wanna be able to do a big pile like you". I assured her she would make a much bigger one before long... It started getting dark and looked like it was going to rain so we headed back towards the car, leaving my steaming pile behind.

When we were back on the main trail I realized that I had not really emptied my bladder during the poop, maybe cause of the cold. I wished I had felt the urge earlier as by now we had joined the little groups of people again, who were returning from their Sunday walks. We reached the restaurant were our car was parked just as it started to rain, having to run the last few metres. I wanted to go to the loo there, but as my luck would go they were closed inbetween lunch and dinner. It started to rain heavily and we ran towards the car. I had to postpone my pee but I thought I was going to be alright for a little while. We went towards home. Niki was driving and I was reading the map. As it was raining heavily and it was dark and we did not know the area we got a bit lost. After over an hour I needed to piss badly. First I did not want to get wet as it still heavily rained; but then I reached the point were I was going to get wet one way or the other. I told Niki to stop so! mewhere suitable. She thought about a rain coat that I keep in the car boot for visiting building sites. She turned the car into a little lane of the main road that was leading into the forest and stopped. Then she climbed to the back seat and got the rain coat out of the boot, slipping a stinky fart while bending over. The poor thing still had had no chance to empty herself. She climbed back to the front seat after handing me the coat. I kissed her and thank her for saving my pants and the seat of the car. She grinned and said: "That won’t do... I want a good show for that..." I put the coat on and jumped out of the car into the rain. While thinking were to head to I suddenly understood what Niki could have meant: We watched the film "Lawn dogs" (excellent!) a little while ago and joked about the scene where the little girl pees onto the car windscreen. I had asked Niki if she could do something like that for me sometime. We thought about what I could do in return then and ! she said she would like to see me pissing against the screen or a window as well. I decided that she might like it, so I turned towards the car unzipped and got my tool out. I relaxed and started slowly to let out a stream against the passengers door. I saw Niki’s face laughingly turn up at the window as she had climbed over to my seat. She knocked against the window, gave me the thumbs up and indicated to go higher. My stream gained in speed and force as I was finally able to fully relax. I pointed upwards and pissed against the window. My water mixed with the rain and it steamed in the cold as a forceful gusher was splattering against the glass. The window started to fog up, either from my hot pee or from Niki’s breath from inside. As my stream started to die down anyway I aimed to the lower part of the door again, continuing still for much longer than I would have thought. Niki lowered the window so she could see the rest. She curriously poked her nose out and giggled. Sh! e said: "Uh, I liked that..." and remarked that she could smell my pee but rather liked it. I said, "funny, I tought the same thing when you were weeing". I had finished and jumped into the car again while she climped back to the driver’s seat. While I took of the wet coat Niki explained that that was very normal to be attracted to your partner’s smell, even that of his or her urin, as urin also contains pheromons. She loves reading about stuff like this and then lecturing about it...

We drove on and finally got into Berlin, just at a completely different part of the town than we would have thought. Actually we were pretty close to my work place and I offered to show her our new offices. She was interested and we went there and I showed her around. Nobody was working as it was Sunday evening so we were on our own. It’s one of the typical renovated former warehouses but quite nice. I fixed us some coffee and after I had shown her the office and the kitchen she grinned and said: ‘I know where you work now, I know where you make your tea, now I wanna see where you do your wee and doodoos..." We laughed and I showed her the restrooms. We went into the gents with our coffee mugs. Niki inspected the urinals with great interest and said we have to come back another weekend so she could try to pee into one, but not today. She said that today she was thinking of having a loo-warming poop in one of the stalls so I could have something to think about if I woul! d have to lay a turd during work. Of course I loved the idea. I had to choose a stall and took the one at the end (there are three) as it’s the one I like to use. I was glad to hear she felt like things were moving again. She told me to make myself comfortable as she might need a while though. The whole room had just been cleaned spot on, so I sat on the floor in the corner behind the bowl and enjoyed the show while nipping my coffee. Niki tinkled a bit into the toilet then she squatted next to it sideways towards me and started to slowly get things moving while she took a nip of her coffee now and then as well. She farted a bit then after a while the tip of a big turd emerged. She sat back on the seat and grunted out a kobbly, short but fat thing that seemed to have blocked her. I gave a little round of applause after it finally had plopped into the bowl. Niki laughed in relief; then she leaned forward rested her chin on her hands and her ellbows on her legs and I could tel! l it was time to relax. I streched out my hand and she took it reaching behind with one arm. She closed her eyes and I stroke her hand and I made sure not to interupt her. With great pleasure and relief turd after turd was dropped with ease now. We were very quiet and the only sounds were the crackling of her logs and the flumps, when they fell on the tray in the loo, along with her regular deep breathing and very quiet grunting. Just now and then a little moan of relief. The aroma nearly blinded me, but of course I liked the show and I was so happy for her to being finally able to empty herself out. I did not even joke about the stink, as I felt she wanted her peace now and enjoy this wonderful feeling we all know. She took good ten minutes to make a big pile and I knew she was empty when she did her routine pee that nearly always finishes of her "big buisness" (that’s how a poop is refered to in German). She opened her eyes after a little longer while of silence and turned! round to me. I was still stroking her hand and we were almost too embarrassed to interupt the silence while we smiled at each other. I got up, gave her a kiss and whiped her. She got dressed again (she had taken her skirt off) and I took her in my arms from behind and we admired her pile. The toilets at work have got little trays and she had laid a huge pile of sausages onto it. It took three flushes too get it all down, altough it is a quite forcefull flush. We got out of the stall and Niki ask if I could use one of the urinals for her. I did not really have to go but felt there was a bit in my bladder. So I let her hold me while I did a little wee. We washed our hands and headed home. WHAT A COOL SUNDAY!

Since then I always think about Niki’s special poop, when I use "my" stall at work. I laid a fat, long snake in there one evening when I was working late. When I got out I had a stupid grin on my face. Another guy from the office, who was at the urinals when I got out, saw me and asked if I had had taken the shit of the month in there, refering to my grin and the smell. I answered: "Nearly, but I was thinking about it...", leaving him completely puzzled...

Stay well and have good, satisfying and fun pees and poops everyone (and continue to let us all know...)

Hi All,

Well this is my first post. To be honest I've thought about posting before but my poops just don't match up to anything on this site! Some of the poops by peops seem amazing. I struggle to imagine a toilet completey full to the brim!

Most of my poops are small and never much more than an inch in width. I guess it might have something to do with only being 5ft5" and 8stone 12. I do eat quite a lot mind (not to Alana's proportions though!).

The girl in the masthead looks like she's done a nice poop as you can see it sitting in the bowl.

anyway I look forward to reading your lovely posts and may post again if I can think of anything worth mentioning.

Hi folks. I've been very busy the past two weeks. All quiet on the toilet front for the most part, except for Friday, which I will get to in a minute. First, a few responses.

Kim & Scott: What a whopper you pushed out the other day, Kim! I'd certainly like to know how you manage to produce such a long and thick piece of poop. You mentioned before you were cheering at a game your school had on Thanksgiving. I think I know what school you go to, but I won't give it away to protect your privacy.

Sarah S & Meghan: Hi girls! Writing term papers (you guys and Ephermal, too) gave me memories (good and bad) when I had to write them in college. The difference is that I did not have something like the web to go to as a diversion. Anyway, you had quite a couple of interesting trips to the toilet, Meghan. I hope you are feeling better. When you had that diarrhea and was on the toilet for 30 minutes, how many times did you flush the toilet?

Robby & Annie: Before I forget, I wanted to mention this. Thanks for always mentioning Gary. I told him one time that you guys said hi. He said, "Who are Robby and Annie?" I said they are regulars from this site, and he said, "Oh, your toilet friends." He seemed to be amused and said for me to say hi, so Gary says hello to both of you. He did say that he will try to go into this forum, and we may try reading some stories together after the holidays, time permitting.

OK, here's what happened Friday. Up to that time, my poops had been small to medium loads all week. However, on Friday my "internal plumbing" didn't feel quite right all day. I had a slight urge to poop, but not quite enough to alleviate it. After lunch, though, the urge got stronger as I started to have a stomach ache. Finally, I could no longer hold it in and rushed to the ladies room.

I pulled down my black pants and white panties and sat. I peed for a bit, pushed out a long thick piece of poop and suddenly I pushed out a quick five-second burst of soft poop that plopped into the toilet with a tremendous thud. I pushed out two more quick bursts of poop like that and flushed the toilet while seated. I felt a stomach cramp and let go a massive 20-second wave of soft but not runny poop. I flushed the toilet, repeated the same 20-second wave and flushed again. I went into soft serve ice cream dispensing mode as I pushed out pieces of soft poop, one after another. I flushed the toilet once more before I was finally done. I wiped several times and flushed a final time, leaving behind a few poop stains. I felt much better after that.

Quick hi to everyone here.

Hi, I haven’t posted for a while because nothing interesting has happened. My boyfriend suffers from constipation quite a bit, and he lets me help him out, rubbing his back and putting ointment on his hemmorhoids and stuff. But this weekend he really didn’t have constipation…

On Saturday night he went out with his friends to celebrate the birth of a baby – ‘wetting the baby’s head’ they call it here in England. At about 1.30am he phoned me to ask if I could pick him up – he sounded very drunk. I went to collect him and he was absolutely slaughtered, he’d drunk lots of beer and some brandy and stuff. He said he’d been sick in the alleyway and just wanted to get home. He smelt a bit trumpy but I thought nothing of it and drove home.

When we got inside, he looked terrible. He said he didn’t feel sick any more but needed the bathroom real bad, so I helped him up the stairs – he nearly fell back on top of me he was so drunk – and took him into the bathroom. I undid his belt and his trousers and lowered them, I hooked my fingers in his underpants too and took them down together. Then I saw why he smelled a bit trumpy – he’d pooed his pants a little bit. Well not too much, just looked like a few wet farts had stained him.

I sat him down, his head lolled forwards and rested on my ????. I tucked his pee pee down between his legs and he gushed urine into the bowl. He gave a sigh and I felt him pushing, so I rubbed his back and told him it was ok, to take his time. A long rumbling splattery trump emitted from his anus, and it smelled really eggy, I knew his bowels were upset with all the beer, and I pulled the linen box over so I could sit on it. My back was aching and I knew this was going to be a long job. He was so drunk I didn’t dare leave him in case he fell off the toilet.

He was sighing, and rested his head in his hands and pushed some more. A thin poo snaked out of his bottom and plipped into the toilet. I carried on massaging his back and I looked behind him, his bottom was quite dirty with all the trumpies, and as I looked his anus bulged downwards and a thick rope of soft pale brown poo poured out and plop-plopped into the water. ‘Ooooh, good boy’, I encouraged him, ‘don’t worry, try to do some more’. He farted and trumped a series of slurpy sounding farts, then another rope shot out of his rectum. He was full of the stuff, I thought it would never stop coming. I flushed the toilet to get rid of it in case it blocked.

By now the smell was overpowering, but I don’t mind how he smells, he can’t help it, and I’m no perfume garden when I go. He sat up and looked at me with his puppy eyes and said sorry. Oh, I felt so sorry for him. I took his pants right off, and his shoes and socks and put a towel over the cistern to make it comfy for him to lean back on. I moved my laundry box to the front of the toilet and told him to put his feet up either side of me and lie back and relax. He was much more comfy then, and I was able to rub his ???? gently and get him to finish so I could put him to bed. As he lay back his penis popped up and started to dribble so I held it down for him while he gushed more urine. Then he screwed his face up and pushed really hard, and another torrent of feces sprayed the bowl. It was getting looser, and smellier by the minute. There was no way I could put him in bed like this, he’d have messed himself. I just tried to make him comfortable till he was empty, ! I rubbed his ???? and his legs, passed him a drink of water, and stayed with him for nearly an hour. He drifted in and out of sleep during all this, occasionally trumping, sometimes the trumps were followed by a stream of poo.

Finally, some dry trumps came and I thought I would risk getting him to bed. I dabbed his anus with toilet paper and cleaned him as best I could. His crack was fairly caked in poo, so I filled the washbasin with warm water and added some shower gel, and I sponged between his legs till he was clean. He was fast asleep. Just to be on the safe side, I checked inside his rectum to make sure it was empty, and it was, he didn’t wake when I put my finger inside him, I didn’t want to embarrass him.

When I got him into bed I rolled him onto his side and made sure his bottom was dry. I put a little bit of savlon cream on his anus, it looked ever so sore, and some talcum powder along his crack, and then put some clean underpants on him just in case. I put his dirty ones in the washing machine and set it going so as not to make him feel bad.

He had a slight hangover the next day, but not too bad, he must have got rid of everything the night before. He said ‘did I have the shits last night?’ and I told him he did a little bit but not for long, and he looked a bit sheepish but I hugged him and told him not to worry. His underpants were clean when he got up so he’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Hi all,
Robby is asleep. The poor dear still has fever but is better. The girls are back at school for finals. I am trying to study for my first final and weeping because my beloved Manchester United football(soccer) team LOST two in a row. DRAT!! This morning was rather funny. The girls were using the upstairs hall loo and Robby and I was using the master bedroom loo. Well, I heard the most raucious cursing. I ran to the hall loo and Sarah was standing there nose to nose with Meghan and they were yelling at each other and about to come to blows. I separated them! Here is what happened. They wanted to do the wees-on-knees thing again. Meghan was all set on the toilet. Sarah started to sit down on Meghan's knees when she let out this trememdous fart(trump) right in her sister's face. On top of that she started to wee before Meghan had opened her legs. The wee went all over her knees, shirt, chest, and on the floor. Well, Meghan is 3" taller than her sister and she lifted her up a! nd slammed her down on the bowl and farted in HER face. That is when I showed up. I told them to shut up and get into the shower. I looked at them with those sulky faces and just couldn't help it. I started laughing. The more I laughed the more I needed to wee. I lifted my nightdress and sat down on the bowl. I let out a great trump and both of the girls started giggling. I weed and wiped. I told them;"wasn't this whole thing rather ridiculous?" They agreed and are friends and sisters again. I wish you could have seen them. It was hilarious!!

DEAR KENDAL: Hello, my dear! How are you? I know Andrew has had to study. Your Uncle and I have missed your posts. We always look forward to them. I wish you could have seen your cousins fighting it out this morning. You would have let them have it, I'm sure. Sarah is back on her regular poos. She is so nervous about finals so she should have to poo a lot more. It is nice to have friends like Charlotte and Kirsty to share your wees and poos. I wish I had friends like that. I am an "old" lady, though. Uncle Robby is better but he still feels poorly. He sends his love to you and Andrew. I have to get back to studying myself and to Robby. Post when you can. Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a special big hug!!! Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Just a note to say hi to our dear, dear, friend. I read about your BIG trump that could be heard around the house. I big that startled Kendal, haha! Your "Uncle" Robby is better. He has had a high fever. He will be ok. He went to the loo and nearly missed the seat. I had to help him. His poos are regular, thank God. Now, Sarah and Meghan think the world of you but don't you take any sass from them. They get a little crazy sometimes. Good luck on your studies my dear. We support you. Take care! Lots of Lovexxx Annie and Robby

DEAR RIZZO: How are you my dear man? Robby's poos are getting regular and loose with the change in diet. He has to "drop a few" 4 times a day, now. It has helped me, also. Hope you and your wife are tip top. Hope you read the post about Meghan's dump at the concert. It was a ripper. Well, we treasure your friendship! Take care! Love, Annie and Robby

STEVE: Fancy hearing from you, finally,LOL!! Well, we have to get the peeing contest planned out. It is cold in Texas so we don't know where we could have it outside. I guess we could have it in big loo. We'll see. As for aiming your willie, Thank you for the offer but I'm sure Louise has got the positioning down. I probably would be too timid and aim in the wrong place,haha. I can't speak for the girls. Loved your story. You and Louise have some great ones. Take care, Annie and Robby

SPECIAL HELLOS: Ephermal-good luck, Tee, Mindy, Mandy, David and Niki, Todd and Diana, Jeff A, Althea, Ina, Misty, Adrian, Buzzy, CD, Erin, LindaGS, Linda14yrs, DianeNY, Rjogger and Kathy-hi guys, Jane, PV-hi there, Bryian, Tricia, Gurli, Bry, Laura, Nurse Carmalita and Jake-HOLA!!, Meredith, Kim and Scott, Jasta-welcome, Adele-hi, Pat and Renee, Diva, Upstate Dave, Ring Stretcher, Lancs Lad, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the other wonderful posters we neglected to name.


Lawn Dogs Kid
SARAH S & MEGHAN: Being mindful of what our friend the moderator has written, just to say thanks that you dedicated two numbers in honour of Kendal and I when you played your recent concert. We were both thrilled to pieces ! Sorry to hear about poor Meghan's terrible case of diarrhoea ( I know you miss the o out in the states, another case of Brits v American spellings, rather like brit pints v american pints !! ). I blushed exceedingly when finding out how she would have liked Kendal and me to hold her hand. Now don't worry about smells. Kendal has long learned how to cope with my smelly plops. And I just know that she would have been so calming and soothing for you while you faced up to an unpleasent extended stay on the toilet. She wouldn't even have commented on the smell, other than pulling her t-shirt up over her nose !! Funny that it probably eminated from eating bangers and mash. Some friends of my Mum and Dads have a little girl aged 14 months. She had some ! bangers and mash when they went out for Sunday lunch one day. The next day when her Dad went to collect back from the nursery, he got asked what they had been feeding her the day before. She apparantly had three very spice poops in her nappies over the cousre of a two hour period !! Hope you're keeping well ladies. Love from cousin Andrew xxxxxx
PS: Bit concerned about Sarah not being able to go for a while. How about a ???? rub and a squeeze to see if we can get things shifting ?!

ANNIE & ROBBY: Now hopefully Uncle Robby is behaving himself and sticking to his diet ! Has it had any effect toilet wise ? Have you two enjoyed any recent "tete a tetes" in the bathroom ? Kendal and I would love to hear about it ! Love from Andrew.

RIZZO: Now my friend, I'm not sure if I really do see any more action than you. Lets see ! Ok, I have been so very lucky to have watched Kendal's step sisters and her two best friends Kirsty and Charlotte on the toilet. Very lucky indeed ! But then lets look at you, with all your experiences. Ladies quite happy to perform on a beach within your view while ensuring that their children and husbands do not get to see. I should say that is pretty good action ! Toilet stories on your boat, too numerous to mention ! All your college stories as well ! My experiences tend to be solely in the toilet. But then I suppose there was that triple decker wee on knees outside in the garden that time ! And the time when I had that urgent poo in the field with my Ex, Chloe, and then got to watch her add her poo on top of mine. And Kendal's wee and poo from on high in the local woods. And Emily's stunning stand up wee while we walked in the Lake District ! Blimy, I think you're righ! t after all. I have seen some action haven't I ! And then I suppose I can add a few cyber adventures with old posters Nicole and Suzie, and now Sarah S and Meghan. Oh and how could I possibly forget my dear Linda GS ?! There was once a poster here called One Lucky Guy. I think I ought to take over his handle ! Take care my friend, love from Andrew.
PS: The hug for Kendal wasn't scratchy. My hair has grown back a bit now, and Kendal says its like cuddling a mohair cushion, before gleefully adding "It still looks like bumfluff" !!

ADELE: Hey ! Kendal will tell you more about herself when she next writes in a day or two. I've been reading your stories with great interest. However, I was more than a little concerned about your mother punishing you with a spank bottom. I know you're 15, and would perhaps be expected to control things a little better, but you clearly have some sort of problem struggling to poo most of the time, and then getting such an urgent need to go that you finish up having it in your knickers. Are you sure its not a medical problem ? At least you have a good friend in Layla. I've particularly enjoyed your school stories and the one where you described Layla taking a dump while you watched ! Excellent !

BRITT: Fantastic story about the poop you had together with your friend. Your friend obviously has a very cool Mum !!

LINDA GS: Babe !! Take no notice of Kendal. I have every sympathy about your studies. They are very important. So you've taken to reading your study books on the toilet then ? Oh well, I suppose they act as another cover to stop me from peeking !! I can tell you that I'm being very good at the moment, so the good things you spoke about will happen to me !! Loved your story about you and your two friends Jenny and Eva needing desperate wees. Trust you to set the ball rolling by example ! Interesting that Eva was shy about going at first, and then really came out by happily sitting over the fountain and weeing in the water for you both to see, where she might easily have been caught doing it by someone else ! Freaky orange hey ?! Glad to see that your Aunty isn't so concerned about Black, like your cousin. Now Kendal and I will know its for real when you speak about your black pampies. (I can see Cousin picking up those boxing gloves, so I'm off into hiding now !) T! ake care babe. Lots of love from Drew x
PS: Reckon you can find any honda blue pampies ?
PPS: Kendal's out at the moment. But I bet wild horses won't stop her when she finds out you've written at last !

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

I'd just got almost to the end of my spiel, then accidentally pressed the control button? and lost the whole of what I'd typed!!!!!

So, to try and recap:
BUZZY, You showed great kindness to that old man, not only letting him watch you on the toilet, but to even allow him to watch the action taking place by moving forward so he might see the turds dropping.
It might have been very rare for him to watch a guy having a shit, with the shitter's approval, but it seems fairly inevitable that in those circumstances, as soon as we've finished, the guy who's been watching is out of there without any word of appreciation or comment!

AARON, Events like you describe where Jason was quite happy to let you stay with him while he sat on the toilet while he had his shit are really great examples of male friendship and how I envy such an experience having happened to me when I was 15!
As he said, there was nothing he'd got that you hadn't, and so with no inhibitions, he just did his thing with his friend there and you experienced that wonderful feeling of true companionship and it was a turn-on. Many, many guys here have found to be with another guy having a shit, whether a close friend or not, to be quite erotic, even if they are heterosexual, so don't be surprised.
May you have many more experiences like that. What a great time we'd all have if we didn't have to feel so embarrassed about not only our bodily functions, but could openly enjoy having people we are close to with us as we "let go".

RIZZO, It seems you've got it right as regards avoiding spraying the floor when you wee! My toilet has quite a vertical back to the porcelain, so it deflects the stream straight into the water. If I was to aim at the sloping sides; it would bounce some of it outwards.
I doubt whether weeing directly into the water would cause any sprayback, as a tap running into water doesn't seem to have that effect.
As for solid objects dropping into the water....that's a different matter!
I was told at school by my science teacher to pour acid into water as it wouldn't splash, but never water into acid as it would.
As urine is only very mildly acidic (or is it alkaline?) I presume it is just absorbed by the water, and wouldn't react with it anyway, but if the water was quite shallow, it would probably spray everywhere!

Continuing to enjoy my own shits, usually slow with lots of smaller turds, then today's was quick for some reason and rather flaky but larger. The mystery of turd formation!
Have good ones, everyone! P P G

Meghan and Sarah S
Hi, Again!!
This will be just a short post! Thank you to the moderator for clearing up some things. The only drooling our Dad does is towards the food he isn't supposed to eat. Sarah S finally had a huge dump(Saturday). She shit out what looked like 3 baseball bats. They flooded the toilet. We had to break them up. Dad was not pleased nor was Annie. Speaking of Dad. He has had a slight setback. He has a high fever and is in bed. Annie will post tomorrow or Monday.

JASTA: Welcome to the forum. Those bathrooms must have been rather seedy. We would have gone behind the building and done our poos. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

Lancs Lad: Sarah and I have to dump at least twice a day. This week Sarah has been constipated until this morning so it varies. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

Gina: Welcome to the forum. We've never had diarrhea when we had the hots for some chap. I wet myself when I was introduced to my first boyfriend. We don't know what might be causing it except nervousness.
Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

Steve: WOW! Glad to see you back. We haven't planned the logistics for the peeing contest,yet. Meghan- I am still a little skittish. As for us holding your willie, well, I would be giggling, turning red, and closing my eyes!! Now, I know that sounds rather stupid. Give our love to Louise.
Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR COUSINS KENDAL AND ANDREW: We have to get back to school, UGH! Finals are this next week. Andrew, we hope you are not peeved at us for our little teasing in the last post. Sarah had the biggest poo I have ever seen from her. She cullompted, and I do mean CULLOMPTED 3 logs that were as big as baseball bats. She has been constipated all this week. It was amazing. She still has a really sore bum. Kendal, we weed standing in the shower today. How are you doing in practicing for the WSPC? By-the-way, Please don't be upset about Dad's fever. He is feeling rather poorly but the fever will go down. He is in good spirits. He even got up and Annie held him up while he weed and I helped him with his poos. He knows you both are with him in spirit. We have to go back to the books!!! We are looking for good loo stories from you, soon! Take care and be careful! Lots of kissesxxxx and hugs from Cousins Meghan and Sarah S


Gopwoller (no internal bleeding now) :D
Eh up all... How do?

Remeber I was shitting out blood a while ago? Well it's all stopped now, in fact it stopped the day I was discharged from hospital. The oncologist said it wouldn't stop unless treated, but everything is fine now! I'm passing nice big, healthy logs with no trouble and no blood or excessive mucus... No diarrhoea either :-)

I still had to go back to the hospital for more tests though, including the massive anal probe with the camera on it. For prep they gave me an enema. I asked the nurse "So this is just water, right?" I've given myself plain-water enemas before, and she said "Well, its water, but with a few bits and bobs in it as well"

So I got on the bed, exposed my anus and she put this tube up my ass and squirted this enema fluid in and I was like... "Oww, this stings quite a bit" so she said the longer I could hold it in, the better. After about 5 minutes it went from mild discomfort to "MOTHERF*CKER THIS STINGS LIKE A F*CKING B*TCH!!!!!!"

I went into the toilet and the nurse said I shouldn't lock the door incase I passed out, as some people did when expelling the enema. I went in, sat down and boy was that the most painful and most difficult shit of my life! Passing out this bloody acid stuff they put in me. I didn't even pass out that much poop with it, just real painful!

After about an hour (with two nurses peeking in and saying "are you alright in there?") I came out shaking, sweating and with BAAAAADDD ring-sting. I went into the camera room and when I saw the probe they were gonna use was measured in FEET I nearly passed out (well, I went white as a ghost and started shaking even more)

I asked the registrar if the procedure was absolutely neccecary considering everything had been fine and there was no further bleeding and I managed to get out of it. He said "Well, you're 16 and if you decline, then we can't force you because it's your choice"

I felt pretty guilty about wasting NHS time, but I REALLY did not wanna have 8 foot of tubing put up me. If they hadn't have given me that nuclear enema I might not have been so worried, but my ass was really in pain!

So I left the hospital, my mum picked me up and she was pretty disappointed with me declining the procedure. I said "Would YOU wanna have that thing put up YOUR ass?" and I think she kinda understood.

So all that pain was a complete waste of time. Goodbye, take care, and thanks for the enema! Lol!

I'd like to give some shouts out, but I really don't know anyone on here all that well!

Carmalita - You seem pretty amazing and u do some pass some pretty decent loads!
Kim - The same to you! 28"+? That I gotta see! God willing I will some day see someone pass a turd that big!

All the people on here who have partners and you share your toilet experinces you are truly lucky people! One question, how many people in this forum actually know each other and communicate outside of the forum... Annie & Robbie + Sarah and Megan S I know u do... I ain't sure about some others gos I get confused reading some posts!

Oh well, chat laters all, and Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 10, 2001

Well, we said if we got another complaint about either of these this we would do something, especially if it comes from a respectable source. Here it is, straight out of the FAQ just like the sign in a certain expensive chain of sandwich shops. "Gentlemen Must Behave".
4.6 Hey ladies I want to talk about... also "I want to know xyz especially from the ladies" etc. Post of this nature are usually on shaky ground. There is a certain element of people who have a fantasy they want to fulfill. If the post actually makes it, very few people respond. The person will then post the same thing again and again. You can't get answers out of people by verbiage. It won't fly See also 1.1 5.54 and 5.55
4.6.1 Drooling aka. stalking. This is the extreme form of the above. It is someone, usually male who posts an incoherent post about wanting a companion. That's really not what we have a problem with. It is the guys who post the same crap over and over. This isn't a bar, you are spamming.This is your notice because, we do not post, forward or respond to these type of submissions, whether it is your first or 10,000th.What's worse is that these are grown folks. and folks under 10 are capable of carrying on a more intelligent discussion
2.4 Sweating people: "I think you are so sexy...", "I just love your...", "hey ladies...", etc Thou shalt not: covet, stalk, lust after, or become infatuated with other posters on our forums. Only grown men do this. It seems everyone else including kids, knows better. This is an item we have very little patience or tolerance for. Not only are these activities tacky, and in extremely bad taste, we simply will not fill up a forum with these kinds of posts. If this is what you want, turn the computer off and go to a bar. If those same lines get a drink thrown upside your head in real life, how well do they really work? See also 4.3, 4.4, 4.6 and 4.6.1

That's it the last 5% of this stuff that actually makes it is getting gone too.

Idle Chatter will also be changed
A post is off subject at about 45% (by volume) of content that has absolutely nothing to do with the forum as measured in relation to the window we read posts in.

Here are the exceptions and how posts will be weighted:

Multisubject posts (posts to more than one person and or divided into sections):
-Initial subject has nothing to do with the forum or is otherwise in the FAQ as something that won't go as a standalone post. Add 15% to total
-Excessive shout-outs add 10% to total

Sara T.
To the no name entered person who asked me the top 5 most interesting places I've peed- I don't have many interesting places, sorry, but:

1) the staff closet, carpeted, of a pool
2) my own closet carpet
3) a house that wasn't done being built, on the wood floor

those are the most interesting ones, but just to round it out to five, (4) an empty Snapple bottle (5) a pile of dirty laundry

the top five places ihave peed is
1. on my bike trying to get home
2. behind the bushes in the back yard
3. at school in the sand box
4. i was in a play and had to do it on stage in my costume
5. in the drain at the laundry place because i really had to go

Hello again! Some more good stories again I see!

I have a few questions to ask everyone. How often do you go for a poo? I tend to only need to go once a week, and talking of which, I haven't pooed for a week now, so I guess its time to go! When I do poo it tends to be in big pieces and I don't really need to wipe a lot.

I have pooed in many different places, in my garden, in my bedroom and behind a bush. I always tend to leave a big pile when doing it outside.

Is it true that girls poo more often than men? From my point of view it seems so, but what does everyone else think?

I'm gonna get going to the toilet now! Keep the great stories coming in!!!

Hey I am ~Jasta~ The other day I went to a store and the women's line was hanging out the door and I had to pee so I ran in the mens and then a man walked in I didnt want him to know im female so i figured i could take a leak standing up i totally missed and he said durn man u got a bad aim!!!!!!!!!1
always ~Jasta~ (that is actually my real name please reply to my stories

Let me start off by saying I have to push real hard when I poop so I was in Heber lake and of course the bathrooms were filthy but i had to poop bad so they let me and my cusin Nicole off the boat by the toilets but they were filthy she had to pee I said I guess I'll just have to go on the floor uhhhhhh! she said I said what if you wana pee u do to she said no just spread some paper towels on the floor and go so I did but I just didn't feel comfortable so I decided to squat in the shower but the shower doors were clear so this big log started coming about 12 inches right when these 2 other women came in and one of them said uew!! what is she doin? My cuz said she's taking a dump! Haven't u ever done that and they both left the bathroom

Thanx everyone great posts!!

Hey,poopers-good mornin'to all some responses
TO P P G-Interesting point about the older men hanging around the toilets and for whatever reason,who really knows.I've noticed a few times at the gym mostly when the toilets are not that busy,a few older guys and a few times I saw s few of the same guys go inot the next stall as i go in the poop and sometimes you hear them poop along with you and sometimes they just sit there and I guess get off on listening to me poop and i,like you don't care one way or the other as long as it doesn't get weird,but it's better when they poop along instead of just sitting there in silence which makes me a bit incomfortable,but I like you had something similar happen to me some years ago in a beach public toilet and I was sitting down to take a dump when a guy in his 70's or so decided to look over the stall wall and I kinda saw him in my perifial vision,but I decided to do nothing,but just continue to do my business and as i started with my pre-poo fart,he made some sort of movement wh! ich made a noise and I turned around and looked right up at him and he looked terrified and said"Sorry,I just wanted to watch you and that's all,i really don't mean anything else " and he looked like he thought I was going to get up and kick the heel out of him and he looked like regular guy and he had a friendly face and I said"Nah,I don't care,just leave it at that" as i waived my hand in non-chalance and in a way I kinda enjoyed it once I relaxed a bit and he just stayed where he was and I started to poop and I decied to lean foreward a bit and I'm sure he saw the poop dropping out my butt and he just said nothing and I said nothing and did a pretty good dump as I did a few real long turds that came out pretty fast as I sat there and then I peed for a bit and then as i started to wipe,he got down and just vanished and i a way I enjoyed the experience and I'm heterosexual,but it was cool and if it happened again,i would react the same way- I guess you are right and they ar! e probably lonely people and I figured what the heck and let him watch,but interesting point PPG and I concurr
TO RJOGGER-Nice story with you and Bea doing a buddy dump-sounded like you did quite a load yourself-nice story as always,neighbor!
TO LoS-hey half the fun of pooping at least for me is holding it till I get to a bowl-I do it alot at the gym as I work out and let the urge build up and it is fun,isn't it!
TO MEREDITH-Nice dump stories-I enjoyed the 1st one with the big poop you did-Nice stuff!
I'm starting to feel better and I'm off the anti-biotics,but still pooing soft,light turds every morning and now i'm sure i'll start to get back to normal soon-nothing new to report so I'll say Ta-ta BYE


Let me start off, by giving you a physical-description of myself: I am a European-American girl, about 19 years old. I am about 5'7", and have been told, frequently, that I look like Angelina Jolie, as far as the face that I have got. I have amber-brown hair, and light-brown eyes. I have a nice-bottom, and nice-tits. The situation, is that I have got the hots for a guy @ my university. His name is Alan. Every time I see him, I want to have-diarrhea! It has been this way, since the first time that I saw him, which was in the library, about a month-ago. All I can say, is that I think that I am so-attracted to him, that he melts the sh** inside of me! Any of you heard of this phenomenon? Can you explain it, any-other way? I have not told him this yet, of course. I am sure that he would be flattered, beyond-belief! He is single, too, as far as I know. It would be great, if we could get-together. I would love to invite him into the toilet, while I have the diarrhea tha! t he caused!


to the dude with library stories--

man, i could have written the same type of story. i did this too a couple of times at a college library that i went to. but i rarely got the kind of stories you had. i might post them at a later time...

but the best stories don't come from a real cool one happened a few years back. a bunch of us were moving a friend of ours on a hot summer day. this friend was Asian American woman and okay, not stunning beauty but reasonably pretty and petite. once we got to the new apartment, this friend (call her C) all of sudden clutched her stomach (she had a bare midriff on) and complained of an upset stomach and that she had to go to the bathroom. i was on my way out to the car to get something.

once i moved it inside, i found all of us were taking a break in the apartment, as was C. only c was in the bathroom, which was in the middle of the apartment. the other peeps were starting to joke around saying how C was breaking in the bathroom. (toilet humor is no stranger to this crew). C didn't make lots of noise, but towards the end i heard what sounded a lot of water being passed, don't know if it was piss or diarrhea. After about ten minutes she came out. the bathroom had a thick smell that you could cut with a knife (there was no fan, i guess) and i got excited.

afterwards a few of us went out to eat and it did not seem like C had any long term effects. just something that worked itself out in the end, or C's end.

To P>steve:
Yes, I have several stories of accidents had by myself and others at primary school. For example, on page 61 (BI), I posted the original story that you wrote below, without the americanisations and alterations (for example adding about 3 years to my age at the time). I then went through cheesy moniker changes from New Poster -> A. Pseudonym -> Nym, and posted more accidents on pages 62, 63, 67 (BN), 72 (BT), 74, 151 (EU) and 621 (WW) - the last one being a 'remix' of the one you just posted for someone who asked exactly what an accident feels like. Some of these were written about friends but in the first person, but the very first one was my own.

Reading through my old posts makes me realise I never posted one of the stories I promised... a rather shy friend, then aged around 8, went round to another friend's house to play one evening - he'd been needing to pooh for most of the afternoon at school but had managed to hold on. However, when he got to the house, my other friend decided that they should see what actually happens when someone goes to the toilet, and so he fetched a mirror, positioned it to look at his own anus, and sat on the toilet, inviting my friend to watch and say what happened. My friend thought this rather funny at first, but then the sight of the other kid's pooh starting to emerge made him feel the urge more and more desperately. As the friend on the toilet started dropping several large, soft turds, the other started to lose control, until he suddenly involuntarily relaxed completely and a large amount of soft pooh rushed out into his pants. He had to walk home in messy pants before being ab! le to peel them off and have a bath to clean up.

I might post some more stories later, but then my track record on frequent posting isn't exactly great...

To Aaron: Great story! I really enjoyed it that you got to watch your friend have a poop!!

To Dookey Boy: Good story..really enjoyed it!

To Ben In Iowa: Good story, sorry you pissed your self. I think all wal-marts are the same. They have a bathroom in the front where you enter at and they usally have one in the back where layaway and the employee area is.

To your name (Russ): I liked your story

To IBS Girl: I liked your story about the bug your boyfriend had

I had to poop last night for the first time in 3 or 4 days...i had 4 5" logs

Traveling Guy
Those of you who know me here know that I'm usually a "one-piece" kind of guy when it comes to taking a dump, maybe with a smaller log or two tagging along. Well, I really surprised myself the other day. After passing with almost no effort what felt like a one-piecer, I checked my production to find 11 turds of various sizes in the bowl. They ranged from an 8-incher to several of 2 to 3 inches. All were a little wetter and more porous than my usual logs. Not too stinky, though, which surprised me.

AMY (CO-ED) Carmalita said exactly what I was thinking about your Thanksgiving dumps post. Nice description of your dumps. I also liked the mention of the other girls pooping - 5 in one bathroom and 3 in the other, right? - who had already stunk up the place. And then you, adding to all that. Way to go!

CARMALITA - Mi amiga! I'm imagining that the beautiful girl on the masthead on Friday afternoon & evening might look something like you. Am I right? I still love your posts. They're so easy to visualize. Hey, you seem to be learning a lot more Spanish, no? You want the written accents, mi amor? If you're using MS Word and then pasting it into this board's window, you can get them by pressing Control + Apostrophe, releasing both, then typing the letter a, e, i, o, or u. You can get the tilde over the n by pressing Control + Shift + ~ , releasing them, and them typing n.

Great to see so many new people all the time. Welcome! Thanks for opening up and sharing.

Hello All.
It has been a while since I last posted, and to me it almost feels as if I need to re-introduce myself!
Welcome to all the newcomers to the forum - it all adds to the mix.

To Jeff A,
Sorry for the long delay in replying. It is difficult for me to keep up with events here under the present circumstances.
I was moved by your comments in your recent post as you said you thought of me most days. You have been in my thoughts on a daily basis for some time now, and I always feel a degree of anger when I think of your recent loss. I tend to focus on that thought when training with the wooden dummy I keep in the spare room.
On a lighter note, I hope the story you will find below serves to give you a laugh. Sometimes laughing is the best possible treatment.
I'm also glad Louise has been keeping you suitably entertained with her toilet activities!

To Carmalita,
Hola! It very much sounds as if you are greatly enjoying your married life, you and Jake, and long may that continue. I have to thank you for your very latest story. It was a classic Carmalita pee, very well described as always, but I do hope your computer chair survived the experience. I was wondering if the towels you were sitting on would be sufficient to soak up such a deluge. What a delicious description of the things you were wearing. I'm sorry it hasn't been possible for me to write any sooner, but that's just how things are.
Keep stinkin' those rooms out, girl!

To Robby, Annie and family,
I'm relieved to hear how you are recovering, Robby. Obviously you will need to take it easy for a while.
I can't wait for the distance peeing contest to take place. I'm sure it will be quite an event. Be sure to write it up, won't you?
Sarah S, Meghan (and indeed Annie!), if there's any time you feel like aiming someone's penis while they urinate, I'd have no objections about being the someone!
Regards, Steve.

To Kim and Scott,
Just to comment on your latest conversation with Louise, she does indeed bear some resemblance to Caprice Bouret. I often think it is a pity she did not continue with her modelling. She has the physical form for it, and the person inside is just as beautiful. Perhaps Louise could be Caprice's 'stunt double' for toilet scenes <snicker>.

Here's a little story I would like to share. I've been planning on writing it up for some time, along with the latest 'toilet party' story. I reckon I'll be able to complete this one in the time available to me, and I have a feeling it might be amusing to a few people who post here.
This story goes way back, when my best friend and I were in the very first year at school. Not yet having reached the mature age of 5 years, many of our classmates were in short trousers on the day in question.
Sitting a safe distance away at the table to my right were two boys in short trousers. I shall refer to them as 'Boy K' and 'Boy W'. Both were quite disruptive children, not the best behaved, and I didn't really count them as friends at all.
Anyway, there we all were, nothing unusual happening beyond what small boys usually get up to. There were girls in the class as well, mainly keeping quiet and diligently working.
I remember there was a sudden loud farting sound which came from my right. Heads turned in the direction of the sound. I don't recall if there was a smell (I suppose there must have been), but the seat of the chair Boy K was sitting on was now awash with copious amounts of liquid poo. The short trousers Boy K was wearing were hopelessly inadequate for the containment of such an emission, and there was an easy escape route for the liquid poo to the outside world. Boy K remained seated, shifting awkwardly, but clearly at the back, his red short trousers had turned brown.
I think the usual kind of "ugh" noises were made by the other children in the room, as the liquid poo made its way down the chair legs and onto the floor as well.
Boy W, with an admirable desire to educate his classmates in the most delicate of matters, stood up from his seated position, looked around at everyone and pointed to the site of the accident.
"SEE THAT??? THAT'S SHIT!!!", he exclaimed at the top of his voice, wearing the proud and excited facial expression of somebody who has been privileged to enlighten his peers on a matter of tremendous importance.
Boy K remained seated until the teacher dragged him from the chair and hurried him outside. Exactly where he was taken, I don't know, but I do remember his mother was sent for to take him home. The shitty chair and surrounding area was treated as a no-go area for the rest of the day. I can't be certain, but I'm not sure that chair was ever used again.
Boy K continued to be troublesome up to school leaving age and beyond. His personal honesty and integrity has been shown to be lacking on numerous occasions. I hardly think the liquid poo episode contributed to his attitude to other people as he was showing all the signs even then, but I always gained some satisfaction from remembering what I consider to be early punishment for his future deplorable actions.
Ha ha.

RIZZO - I trust you enjoyed Louise's story of her shower wee with an imaginary audience? I found huge enjoyment from her previous posting when she described her netball team weeing in the showers, and when she needed to take a dump with one her team mates waiting and watching. They actually invited me in on one occasion recently, but I declined. I'm not so brave!

PV - Hi! I've missed talking to you!
I think Louise has had a good idea when she described urinating in the shower with an imaginary audience. I was thinking it might be a psychological aid if you wanted to put your recovery from Avoidant Paruresis to a more advanced test. I mean, I wouldn't want you to do such a thing if you felt you weren't ready, so no pressure, but I wondered if you had considered it as something to do in the future, perhaps.

Best Regards to all other the regular posters Louise and I converse with. Hopefully I will be back again soon.

Cheers All.


Wassup dudz an babz? This is so kewl! Let me set the pic for all you. Im at my boy Markkys place. His rents are gone til 7 an its only almost 5 now. His puters in his room. Markky says wassup to all of you too. So Iv been holdin my load since this morning and Im about ready to bust out. Now checkiddowt Im sitting naked now on two chairs about 6 inchs apart, and theres a plastic garbage bag hangin between and my shitcrack is right over it bwahahahaha! Im gonna drop a major load into the bag while Im writing this. Its pretty freeky cause I gota admit I got a major wood, which I gotta hold down to the bag or this keyboards gonna get wet ha ha! My boy is looking pretty pissed I said that but chill, it was a joke. Okay, I gotta go bad here it comes...oh shit, its comin fast too ...its cracklin and slidin easy broke and one logh about 7 in I tyhink fell it. Another is coming fast about5 in andf some gas, maaaaaaaaaaan 5this is a stinky one! There is now some mushy stuff! it sounds like big globs hitting the plastic cause i held it so long ha ha ha ha! Markky is holdin his nose, man, but hes tryin to lpook in the bagfrom the front. Oh here comes another log owwwwwww this beest isnt so long but it feels 10 foot wide. Im done maybe but heres the pissitdhs go ing into the bag ha ha! My boy is making sure, hes holding the bag way out in front but thers no prob anymore cause I kinda lost the bone with that last turd which hurt! Im still pissing though it sounds pretty kewl hitting on the shit in the bag like if you squirt on top of a lot of paper in the bowl! This is kewl, I feel like I lost about 20 pound. Markky is handin me the paper so i can clean up cause he wants to get the bag outside. Wonder why???????? You all stay kewl as you are and keep posting! Hi to my friendz here! Later!

Friday, December 07, 2001

Sara T. where are the top 5 most interesting places you have peed?

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Everyone,
Glad to be back! It has been study, study, write, study, and NO sleep! It is driving us crazy!! We have read the past posts. First off, bangers and mash is a popular British dish. It is sausages(large,round) cooked in a fry pan and mashed potatos. The potatos can be made with onions. We make the gravy with sliced onions, beef stock or whatever we have on hand and butter. The gravy is spread over the sausages and potatos. We make it pretty often. If any of the Brits have any additions or suggestions let us know. Now that the cooking lesson has ended lets get down to business. This week has been hectic and our dumps haven't been very regular. We have eaten on the run and Meghan had a terrible case of diarrhea Thursday. Meghan- I am still hurting. We had a pizza Wednesday night and early Thursday morning I had the worst pain. I ran to the toilet, slammed my butt down and the dam burst. Waves of stinky poo rushed out of my ass. It burned and my stomach was in misery. I calle! d for Sarah and she came in and sat with me. She is such a dear. I laid my head on her shoulder and shit and shit. I wish my online cousins would have been here. They probably would have fled because of the smell! It finally stopped after 30 minutes. I was exhausted!! Sarah took me back to her bedroom, sat me in the chair, and brought me some medicine. I had two more bouts with the shits. I am being very careful what I eat here at Dad's. Of course he told me;"I told you so"! UGH!! Not a pretty time but that is my stinky adventure!

EPHERMAL: Girl, we KNOW what you are going through. God, it has a rat race this week. It will be worse next week. Finals start on Monday. NO sleep, eat, shit, and study! 4 girls and 1 bathroom. Do you get in any arguments with your roomates about the use of the shower, etc? Sarah has been constipated most of the week. I wish I had been!! We are glad we have others on this forum that we can talk to about school things. Take care and good luck on those finals!! Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Meghan will be 20 in February. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

BRITT: Glad you are here. We are finally comfortable with our bodily functions, we think. It is good that the mother was so accepting. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

CARMALITA: Hi!! We always love your stories. The last dump was a doozy!! You are a wonderful nurse to Dad! Give our love to Jake, Renee, and Pat! Love, Sarah S and Meghan

LINDAGS: We are glad you are finally back. We look forward to gossiping with you. We live in Central Texas and go to college about 50 miles from our home. I am 25 and Meghan is 19. Our Dad is Robby and our cousin is Annie. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

Rjogger and Kathy: We really enjoy your stories, too! That dump in the swamp was awesome!! Have a great time in Pittsburg! Also, the answer to the bangers and mash question is at the start of our post! Love, Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: Hi to our dear, dear, friend! The Bach piece is the Air in G( the popular one). That sounds so stupid, doesn't it. It has been arranged for piano and cello. I think it will work. We know you would like it. Wish you were going to be here. Meghan- that trump was a huge one. It would have been a symphony to your ears!! No, you are not being rude. Also our poos were the cullompted kind, not the plympton variety. Hope you and your wife are truly ok! We treasure you and your advice. Lots of Love, Sarah S and Meghan

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi there! We would like to have a peeing-for-distance contest but Meghan is so embarrased that Dad is going to be around. Are you going to have one with your mum? Give our best to Steve! Love, Sarah S and Meghan

PV: Hi Gal!! How is everything in Aussieland? We have been too busy to practice for the WSPC but after next week we will get back to it. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

TODD AND DIANA: Please add our congratulation on your special news!! Meghan hasn't read much in the toilet this week! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Hi dear cousins!!!! Our week has been busy and stressful. Meghan has had trouble with diarrhea and I have had no movement so far. Yesterday morning when Meghan was in so much trouble(diarrhea) she said she wished that Kendal and Andrew were there to hold her hand.(BIG BLUSH from Meghan,hehehe). At school we notice the stress is getting to everyone. We go into the toilets and they are full with grunting, trumping, and plopping women. It seems like they are of the cullompting kind. There is nothing soft about those poos! We read that you(Kendal) weed with Kirsty and other friends. It is so much better when you have others to assist you, especially Andrew. We are trying to loosen up to have a "real" man in the toilet with us. Andrew is the only one, so far.(we can see a blush forming on his cheeks)!! Andrew, you are a wonderfully naughty boy!(giggle, giggle). We know your(Kendal's) poos are of the plympton kind. Are you shopping for C! hristmas? We haven't started, yet! We have blabbered long enough. Your Aunty Annie is looking over our shoulders and is shaking her head. We love you both in bunches! Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and many hugs from Cousins Sarah S and Meghan.

SPECIAL HELLOS: Jane-hi!, David and Niki-great story!!, Adele-loved the story!!, Adrian, Upstate Dave, Mindy, Mandy, Jeff A, Melanie, Buzzy, Tee, Alana, Althea, Erin-where are you, Renee-stay with us, Scott and Kim-23'3/4'long,3.5 thick? WOW!, Sara T. Linda14yrs, Gurli, Kate14yrs., Too Embarrassed, DianeNY, Gopweller, Meredith, Ina, Laura, Bry, Bryian, Amazon, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou-hope to hear from you,soon! and all of our other friends that we have stupidly ommitted(sp).


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